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Follow the dark path or use the light


by Data_Hunter

Data_Hunter's Guide to Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 for the Xbox 360
                          Version 1.0
 If you have any questions, comments, or more tips on the game,
              you can contact me at the email address below
                       [email protected]
   You must head the message referring order for me to reply.
Now you have more ways to get in contact with me live in person!
You can also contact me on Yahoo Messenger with the user name Javon56
  and now on the X Box 360 under the username XeroStar Sonic!
I'll be available after 2 pm Monday through Friday until 11:59 PM
         and Saturday and Sunday from 7 AM to 11:59 PM.
                          New Notice:
After the guide to the game is complete and posted on GameFaqs,
Any questions or added tips can be forwarded to me within 90 days after the
                            guide is
uploaded. Should I create a update on the guide, it will be extended by one
(It depends on how much I like the game. Outside of that, I will no longer
                         own the game.)
Not all the games are the same. So if you just so happen to find
 this guide useful on another system and it has the same, exact
       game content, let me know so I can make this guide
To get to certain parts of the guide, highlight the section you want
to go, copy it, press CRTL and F at the same time, press paste, and
                          click Next.

I. Contents
I.   Contents
II.  Version History
III. Introduction
IV.  Characters
V.   Controls
VI.  Mode Select
VII. Walkthrough
NewType Gundam Series/ One Year War (DW:G 1)
1. Amuro Ray Story (DW: G 1.1)
2. Amuri Ray Story: Neo Zeon Conflict (DW: G 1.2)
3. Char Aznable Story (DW: G 1.3)
4. Char Aznable Story Neo Zeon Conflict (DW: G 1.4)
5. Kamille Bidan (DW: G 1.5)
6. Judau Ashta (DW: G 1.6)

VII. Credits
IX. Legal Notice

II. Version History

May 12, 2009
5:31 PM to 7:20 PM
Started on guide. Introduction, Controls, and Mode Select are complete. The
Character Section will not be done until I unlocked every single Gundam pilot.

First Mission of Amuro completed.

May 13, 2009
3:37 PM to 6:10 PM
Started on the guide again.  Missions 2-4 have been completed.

May 16, 2009
6:43 PM to 10:30 PM
Continuing the guide. Missions 5 and 6 completed. Amuro Ray Original Storyline
completed. Secondary Amuro Ray Storyline Unlocked.

May 17, 2009
12:00 PM to 5:15 PM
Continuing the guide. Starting on Amuro Ray Secondary Storyline.
First Mission and Second Mission completed Amuro's Storyline Completed!

May 18, 2009
5:16 PM to 7:00 PM
Starting on Char Aznable's Storyline. Missions 1 though 7 are complete

May 19, 2009
10:00 AM to 2:00PM
Get a chance to work on the guide due to a developed fever blister.
I can honestly say it's not really a bad thing...
Continuing Char Aznable's storyline with the remaining 2 missions.

2:00 PM
Storyline Complete.

4:30 PM to 5:34 PM
Now staring on Kamille Bidan's Storyline. Missions 1 and 2 are completed

May 20, 2009

2:50 PM to 3:20 PM
Started on Kamille Bidan's Storyline again. Third Mission Complete.

5:00 PM to 9:40 PM
Starting on Kamille's Fourth mission. Fourth and Fifth Mission Complete.

May 21, 2009
3:30 PM
Working Kamille's Sixth Mission.
7:10 PM
Kamille's Storyline Completed.

May 22, 2009

3:00 PM
Starting on Judau Ashta's Storyline

6:35 PM
Judau Ashta's Storyline Complete. All Characters Unlocked.

7:20 PM
Characters Section Completed. Now I'm going to take a break for a day or two
and work on Mission Mode the following week.

III. Introduction

Hello once again to another chapter in my ever growing collection of guides
for everyone to gain access to. FINALLY! I got a X Box 360! It's a long story
how I got it but I'll tell you about it later. Any way, as you can see this is
my first game guide on the X Box 360. Hopefully, it won't be my last! Just
like every other person on this planet, I'm a huge mech fan! And the Gundam
series is one of my greatest source to find it! Now I wasn't that much of a
fan with the Dynasty Warrior franchise, but when KOEI decided to use the game
with some Gundam goodness, I was sold! From what I read off of,
there are a lot more Gundam pilots from DW: Gundam. So I'm really looking
forward to it and I hope you do to as we play along inside the Gundam

IV. Characters

From all over the Gundam Franchise, there a total of 21 Characters for you to 
choose from. Majority of these Mobile Pilots can only be played in Mission
Mode and X Box Live Only.

The following Information came from the website, Wikipedia.Org

From the Mobile Suit Gundam Series (Universal Century)

Amuro Ray
Char Aznable

From the Zeta Gundam Series (Universal Century)

Kamille Bidan
Emma Sheen
Paptimus Scirocco
Jerid Messa
Haman Karn

From Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ (Universal Century)

Judau Ashta
Roux Louka
Elpeo Puru
Puru Two

From Mobile Suit Gundam F91 (Universal Century)

Seabook Arno.

Please note that this part of the Universal Century storyline was a movie.
The original pilot( Series) was canceled due to production problems.

From Mobile Suit Victory Gundam (Universal Century)

Uso Ewin (Youngest to ever fly a Mobile Suit!)

From Mobile Fighter G Gundam (Future Century)

Domon Kasshu
Master Asia

From Gundam Wing Series (After Colony)

Heero Yuy
Milliardo Peacecraft

From the Turn A Gundam Series (Correct Century)

Loran Cehack

From the Mobile Suit Gundam Seed (Cosmic Era)

Kira Yamato
Athrun Zala
Shinn Asuka

V. Controls

The following information is based off of the instructions manual:

Left Bumper Button (LB):
Guard, Shift movement, and Mid Air Recovery
Right Bumper Button (RB):
Left Analog Stick/ Directional Pad:
Right Analog Stick:
Camera Control
Right Analog Button:
Lock On/ Lock Off
Left Trigger:
Until further notice, no function.
Right Trigger:
Change Map
Start Button:
X Button:
Standard Attack/ (Long Press) Smash Attack:
Y Button:
Charge Attack
B Button: 
Special Attack
A Button:

VI.  Mode Select:
After you go ahead and choose your memory storage, either on the X Box 360
Hard Drive or
your own personal external hard drive, (Jealousy was over whelmed me!) Create
your game data.

Now, you have a total of six options to choose from. Official mode is where
you start off playing
 thorough the storyline. You have to complete certain missions with selected
Gundam Pilots in
order for you to complete it. As you progress in the missions, you can select
your favorite
Mobile Suits once they are available. Mission mode has their own story lines
and once again you
 can play with your favorite Gundams after you unlock all of them. 

Versus mode is where you go head to head with a CPU or a human opponent.
Inside there are 3
 modes: War, Sudden Death, and Hunting. In War, you must meet a certain
requirement in order
to win. In Sudden Death, your Gundams' Armor are at their breaking point.
Shoot down the
opposing force to stay alive. Finally, there's Hunting mode. At random,
certain people are the 
Hunters and the others are the Targets. If you are shot down by a hunter, the
hunter gets the points. Targets can also get points by evading the hunters.

X Box Live Mode gives you the chance to battle your friends or other opponents
online. Battle
to see who reins supreme! The Gallery Section will hold of every single Gundam
and its pilots.
The Options Menu allows you to change the Game Settings, Sound, Control, and
how you save
and load your game data. If you want to delete your data on the game you can
override it or
erase it from the X Box Dashboard Screen.

Now that I explained that part of the guide, let's rock and roll on our first

VII. Walkthrough

There are so many different Gundam Pilots to choose from and a selected few
are plucked from
each incarnation of the Gundam Series. Now, this guide is different from the
previous ones
because you don't have to go in the order I'm going to go through. Just pick a
pilot and use this guide to advance to the next part of the game.
Also as a reminder, if this is you first time playing the Dynasty Warrior
series overall you might want to take it EASY ( hint! hint!) until you get
the hang of things.

Amuro Ray Story (DW: G 1.1)

Chapter One: Re-Entry To Earth

Seems like Armuro is a little nervous on the up coming battle. But he has to
sum up his courage to overcome the odds.

Now before we start, take a look at the options to choose from. The Player 
Settings is the place where you can change you skills, show info on those
skills, show you many different ways to attack, and change parts to make
you Moblie Suit stronger. If have forgotten how to change parts, here's how
it works. In battle, you will come across a lot of Mobile Suits. The more
you take down the more chances of getting those parts! You can mix and match
them or use them to create your own Moblie Suit.

Now go back to the Briefing screen. The area in red is where you have to do
battle. Keep that in mind at all times. The White Base is the one in blue.
Protect that craft no matter what! That's where your friends are after all.
You don't want to let them down. You are that green arrow on the grid.
Enough said. Now for my favorite part of the scenario, the good news and the 
bad news. The good news is you only have 1 battle condition. Protect the base
as it reaches Earth's atmosphere. The bad news is you have 3 ways to fail:

If you die, you fail the mission.
If The White Base is destroyed before or during re-entry, 
you fail the mission.
If you let the battle go over 20 minutes, you still fail the mission!

Ok here's a few tips on how to win this battle. When your target is too far to
reach for your beam saber, use your gun and blast your way towards them.
Also, pay attention to the top of the screen. Once you see the red bar
declining, that means you are taking field control. Also pay attention to the
bottom left of the screen. You have a Health gauge, a SP gauge, and a 
thruster gauge. When you see a green orb flashing, press the B button and
unleash your fury! 

Soon Crowe will show up and when he does you will clash with him. After the 
short scene, a trio of buttons will appear. Press it quickly to knock him
back. If you don't, he will knock you back! Destroy him and soon Char will
appear and with under 5 minutes left, you have to hustle and take him out as
well! Char will be a tough pilot to defeat. Most of the time, he will be
guarding your attacks and wait for the precise moment to counter attack.
When he does, it will deal a lot of damage! If your energy happens to be low,
move away from him as soon as possible. Char will follow you during that time.
Attack the Zakus to build your SP gauge and when he's near by, let him have it
by unleashing your fury of your SP attack.

Keep it up and the mission will be over. 

Once you got some mission points under your belt, it will show you the parts
that you collected. It will also give you the chance to upgrade your Gundam
making it stronger than before.

Second Mission: The Battle of Odessa

You won't have the wide open spaces of, well you know, space. Instead, you
will be placed smack dab into the mine. The only condition you have on winning
this battle is by destroying the Odessa base. As usual, if you or the White
Base is destroyed, you fail the mission. There is no time limit so pace
yourself and play to win!

Before you start, there was one more thing I forgot to mention.
You also have a aerial SP attack that fires cannons while your in mid air.
Once the gauge is full, jump and press the B button to perform it.

When you start the mission you will be surrounded by the enemy forces.
Your first objective is to break through enemy lines and get to the 
White Base before they are overwhelmed. Once you gain the field, the trio 
of Ortega, Mash, and Gala will appear and attack you at once. Separate
the three and focus on defeating each one separately. Soon, the Mobile Suit
Pilot, Ramba Rei, will appear in a blue Zaku suit. Like he said in battle,
it's not an ordinary Zaku. Its defense is high so you will have to take it
down a notch. After a while, you take on the Black Tri Stars, which were
ironically the same 3 guys you took out minutes ago. The trio will be
northeast of where you are right now. Bust through and do battle with them.
Once again, take them out 1 at a time and they are done for good!
Now on to the main course! Rambo Rai comes back one last time. Take him out
and the mission is all yours!

Third mission: Tragedy in Jaburo

Uh-oh! Looks like the Zeon has found the Federation Headquarters. Your mission
this time is to defend the base before the Zeon destroys it. If they take it
out, this will turn the tide of war. In this mission, the tides of battle has
changed. Your team will have field supremacy of the area. All you have to do
is to make sure that majority of the area are taken over by the Zeon. If by
any chance they take 80 percent to the field, and they go for the Jarburo
Core, kiss the Federation goodbye! I have no need to tell you that if you are
defeated, you lose the mission by default.

First things first, as soon as the mission starts, stop and wait for a bit.
Take out the first wave of the Zeon forces and move ahead to Area F. Clear out
the area to gain field control. As you fight along, you will soon realize that 
more and more of the Zeon forces will appear on the field. (Man these things 
are like unwanted roaches!) Anyway, you will have to be as swift as Hermes and
go to each area that has the Zakus and take them out immediately! You have to
know when and where to fight. Every second counts as the White Base gets into 
deeper trouble. In short, fight a little bit until to take control of the
field and move on! The White Base commanders will show up. 
Go towards them and provide backup. Keep fighting and sooner than expected,
Char will appear once more to do battle. If a member of your squad appears,
and you have 2 SP attack orbs with you, use them to perform a dual SP attack!
You will know when you can use them when you have 1 or more electric currents
over your heads. Once Char took enough of a beating, he will disappear once
again. The mission is over with and you are victorious again.

After everything is said and done, turns out that the White Base did have some
casualties. Well the results screen will wipe away those tears when you
leveled up enough to get the Piercing Shot. With it, you can shoot through
more enemies in one shot. You should also play as a Zaku Mobile Suit if you 
collected enough parts and the right requirements.

Fourth Mission: Big Zam's Last Stand

Looks like this time, the Federation will go for broke against the Zeon
Forces. Since they attacked us on our turf, it's only fair if we respond in 
kind, no? I thought so!

Before we start this mission, now would be the time to use the Piercing Shot
we just earned. Go to Change Skill, highlight Piercing Shot, and select it to 
equip it. As you can see you can only chose 3 skills at a time. According to
the field info, you will be surrounded on all sides by the enemy. There are
two targets for you to attack, both of them are named Musai. All you have to
do here is to shoot down Dorle. (Who or whatever that is...) Once again,
if you should die or if White Base is destroyed, you fail the mission.

This mission will seem easy at first. Keep at it destroying those Mobile Suits
and as soon as most of the Zeon Forces are gone, Dozle will bring out Big Zam.
He's aiming for the White Base! Catch up with Big Zam and battle it head on
before it fires its particle cannon! One by one each field will be wiped out,
so you must clear a path for the White Base to use their weapon. As fast as
Big Zam is wiping out each field at random, if you don't hurry up, you may
end up as space dust! However, there is still a chance to winning this battle
if you clear out the middle field. Once the White base moves in to use the
Core Booster, head east to Field K.

After the cut scene, Big Zam finally makes its appearance. Now a short
tutorial will appear showing you how to take down large Mobile Suits. When the
indicators show up, then you have the bast chance to damage it. Hold the X
Button to charge up the Smash attack... HEY! This isn't Brawl! Any way, charge
it and let it fly to knock that thing down!

A mysterious purple mist appears and with Doyle relentlessly attacking Amuro,
Big Zam is destroyed by the mist.  

Fifth Mission: The Duel in Texas

There is jealousy along the way as M'Quve decides to stop Gundam in his tracks
by setting up an ambush in the Texas Colony. What, you thought you were
expecting to fight in the Lone Star State?

As shown in the Field Info screen, you are the only person on the battlefield.
Up ahead are 3 barriers for you to break down. The only mission objective here
is to destroy M'Quve. However, I have the strongest feeling that he will not
be alone in this mission. Again, if you die in battle, you fail the mission.

Start the mission and 5 seconds into it, a swarm of Zeon Forces will pop up.
(I told you so!) Nothing out of the ordinary here, just go in and destroy
them. Soon enough, M'Quve will appear in his Gyan mobile suit. Armed with a
shield, this isn't going to be easy. Use your smash attack and SP attack when
ready to make it easier on your self. Keep yourself mobile and don't allow
yourself to be surrounded by Mobile Suits. Once you chase him away, the
barriers will open up giving you a chance to move on. I would suggest that you
stay and rack up some points before you go. Just don't get reckless, ok?

As you move on into Field B, 3 Defense Commanders show up. You can't get
through unless you defeat them all. Concentrate your attacks on them so you 
can move ahead to M'Quve again. There's also a tank of Armor Repairs behind
you. Use it if you haven't gotten to it yet. To your left, there a tank
containing the SP Gauge refill.

Going into Field C is now more of a challenge since now M'Quve and Char are
into the fray. Char has a new trick up his sleeve and it's very dangerous
once he performs it. Once he stabs you with his weapon, he swings you around
throwing you into the ground! As usual, attack him as much as you can and
attack the other Mobile Suits. The SP Attack is key in this battle and your
key to survival. Move into the next field and defeat the Defense Commanders
there in order to continue.

Field I,F, and G is pretty much repetitive as the mission alone tries to wear
you out. So, play your favorite song on your CD, MP3 Player or if you have
some on the hard drive already, play it for inspiration! Personally, the best
song for me would be Knight of the Wind by Crush 40! Heh! Heh! After clearing
the fields out, M'Quve finally shows up! It's time to put this to an end! So 
go to the area he's in and defeat him! Oh, another thing, I forgot to mention.
If you ever see a pile of rocks and rubble, I'm pretty sure you hit at least 1
of them by accident, it creates a vacuum that draws everything inside. Use it
to your advantage and use your SP attack when there's a lot of Mobile Suits
around. Once you kill M'Quve, Char will show up once more to do battle. All 
you have to do to defeat him from here and the mission is over.

Now you should've gotten the Sky Eye, a skill that protects you from most
attacks in a 360 radius. Plus you should have another Mobile Suit, DOM, for
your collection.

Sixth Mission: A Cosmic Glow

As the Federation gains more control of the war, they move in on the Zeon's
last stronghold, A Baoa Qu. However a Newtype Mobile Suit called Elmeth
shows up to ruin their plans.

It's been a while since I checked on the Action info and from the looks of it,
you can now attack up to 6 times with a normal attack. That's beneficial
since now you dish out more damage. Also equip the Sky Eye and check out the
Field Info screen. This looks very familiar from Mission 4, but don't take
into account that it's the same battle field. Char will be right in front of
you as you can see on the map. That's your main objective. Shoot down Char
and the rest of the time you'll be on easy street... unless he turns you into
space debris first...

As soon as the battle starts, charge in and attack Char to drive him away
for now. Go in Field D and F as the Zeons advance on the White Base. If you 
have 2 SP orbs use them when your around a fellow teammate to perform a dual
SP attack. Once both fields are clear, Elmeth appears in the middle section
of the battle. However, you can't get to her unless you take down the Defense
Commanders first. Follow Kai and Hayato towards the next target up ahead.
A Mobile Pilot named Johnny will show up in his red Mobile Suit, but he's no
match for you right? Attack him first and deal with the others later.

Now your true objective begins, as Elmeth appears itself, again?!
Wait a second! I thought she was already here? I guess she was somewhere
outside of the area. Anyway, go to her inside of Field I and instead you have
to face Char first. Take him down and soon the mission is over with 1 unlikely

Collect your new parts and continue with the next mission.

Seventh Mission: Space Fortress A Baoa Qu

With 30 percent of the Federation destroyed by a Solar Ray, they continue to 
advance to the space fortress, A Baoa Qu. Amruro must put his emotions on the
back burner in a final show down with Char.

In this mission, there will be a total of 5 fields for you to take control of.
Again, Char is the main objective and if you let the White Base get destroyed
or should you get shot down in battle the mission is over.

This mission seems fairly simple. All you have to do for the moment is to 
move in, clear the field, and move on! However, Field E is very important to 
this mission. When White Base starts to move, you have to clear the Defense
Commanders in the time limit or else you fail the mission. Should you
persevere, continue to gain control on the other fields. Once you gain control
at least 90 percent of the fields, the White Base will be shot down. That
doesn't mean that's the end of the mission. Defeat Johnny and the mission will
be over.

Just as the forces are disappearing, Char comes out of nowhere and attacks the
Federation! What a sore loser! I mean come on! It's over, done, finito,
no mas! The final showdown begins against these two talented MS Pilots as
their rivalry goes way beyond the understandings of war. No rush racing 
towards him and I do mean don't rush towards him! He's in a new mobile suit
and this time he means business! Before you start, now is the perfect time
to introduce the Interim save. What that function does is this, it will save
your progress at the exact point of your mission if you should decide to do
something else or if you screw up somewhere down the line. A pretty handy
tool, right? As you enter into battle, avoid all of his attacks as much as
possible. Especially, when he fire his fists to attack you remotely. When he
does that, find him, get in close, and attack him head on!

Congratulations! You just finished the First Amuro Ray Storyline.
We still have another part to his story left!

Amuro Ray Story: Neo Zeon Conflict (DW: G 1.2)

After the war Amuro stayed with the Federation as a tutor young cadets at the 
Cheyenne base. The base alone was in a remote area and was originally assigned
there due to the growing fear of his Newtype abilities. So in a way, he was
assigned 7 years with out even knowing it. Flash forward 7 years and now he
works for the Karaba, an anti-Earth Federation group as they fight against 
the Neo Zeon army. Only this time, he's in a brand spanking new Mobile Suit
suited to his abilities called Nu Gundam.

First Mission: Luna 2 Surrenders Axis Accelerates.

Your status from the last storyline will be carried over to the new plot, so
you don't have to start over from scratch. Plus with a shinny new Gundam at
your disposal, you will have to know a little something about that mobile
suit. Its beam rifle is a little slower than the other one, but, it still has 
a punch to it. Plus, you have funnels over your shoulder that can create a
shield and fire six lasers at once. It will come in handy when your in battle.
I'll have to track the different offenses later in the guide.

As of right now, your main target is Quess in the north/northeastern sector of
the map. All you have to do is shoot it down for the moment. As usual, if you
or the Ra Cailburn is destroyed, you fail the mission.

Head to Field B and start clearing it out. After clear that area, you will
have to go to the southwestern sector, Field I to save Kayra. Unfortunately,
once you clear the field, she still dies either way. Gyunei will appear and
now's the chance to avenge her death. Take him down and if you seem to have
suffered too much damage and you are in the red, get away from him and get
lost in the crowd of Zeon Forces. Fight them until you can get you SP gauge
up. Hopefully, if Gyunei is dumb enough to follow you, he will get caught in 
the SP attack and you can find some armor repairs. Once he's shot down, the
mission is over.

Second Mission: Londo Bell Reacts Axis Falls

The Axis is now at a crash course to Earth! Hopefully, you're strong enough
for this battle. If you have doubts, play the first mission 2 more times until
you are ready for this mission.

There are 2 targets waiting for you on the field. Quess just west of your
position and Gyunei southeast from where you're standing. This will be one
of the toughest yet. Your main objective is to prevent that base from crashing
into the planet. Should you or the Re Cailburn are destroyed, you fail the
mission. It also counts as a failure if the Axis reaches the Stratosphere.
It won't even show it crashing into the planet.

Start the mission and go west towards Quess' location. Once you start mowing 
down the Neo Zeon Forces, Gyunei will appear from there to attack you. Keep 
your distance and fire the SP attack with every chance you get. Soon, Quess
will appear in her mobile suit. Under any circumstances, don't attack her yet.
Finish off Gyunei first. Once, he's down yet again, go and attack Quess.
Use your Smash Attack and your SP attack to take her out. Keep in mind that
she has funnels too. When she releases them, get as close as you can and use
a SP attack to take them out. Also, when attacking Quess, the best place to
attack is right behind her back. Take advantage of it since she can't attack
from behind in the beginning. When her energy is low and a red-orange color
surrounds her, MOVE! She will use the Mobile Suit to charge you! Destroy her
and you can move on to the next field.

Move to the next area and clear it out. Soon Char will show up again. Take him
down once again and move to Field E. Clear the field here and take out the
Defense Commanders. Once you accomplish that, you're stuck with a strict time
frame to stop the Axis from falling. Go west to the next area and take it down
for good! After you clear the area turn around and head East to the last Field
and then move north with the Engineer Unit. Char will be coming from the north
to intercept the team. Defend the unit by defeating Char and then move on into
Field L. Clear out Field L once the bombs are in place. This took me a very
long time to beat the mission all because I misunderstood when it said destroy
all of the Zeon Forces. So this is what it meant by it. It means to gain the 
control of the fields within the time limit. So boost your way towards the
remaining fields and just clear them out. Once you do that, what ever time you
have left, get out of the blast field where you face Char (annoying little
gnat...) Once more for the all the marbles. Do everything you can to take that
guy down. Once you defeat him, Amruo's Story is officially done. About time!
Man, that can take a lot out of you... 

Char Aznable Story (DW: G 1.3)

Now we get to see his side of the story as the "Red Comet". Instead of the
Gundam, you will be piloting the Zaku 2. In this Unit/Field info screen, 
it's the same as the one on Amuro, just keep in mind that you are the enemy.
Your mission objective is to, and I can't believe I'm saying this to you,
destroy the White Base... (Now, I just feel dirty...)

Start the mission by flying into Field B and take control of the field.
When you get the Zaku's SP gauge up, by pressing the B button you can ram into
the enemy and move it towards your next target. Once B and C are taken over,
more reinforcements will arrive. Take over their fields too. On the last
field, Amruo will show up. It's pretty easy to defeat him. Just stick close to
him and attack. When your SP Gauge is full, let him have it!

Mission Complete! Let's start the next mission.

Second Mission: The Duel in Texas

A new mission and a new mobile suit. I have the strangest feeling that this 
storyline is going to be short... Now in this mission you have to drive the
White Base out of the Texas Colony.  Your target is the Gundam Pilot, Amuro
and you are place in the middle of Field A. If you get yourself shot down, you
fail the mission but if should you take down Amruo, then the mission is a
success. It's pretty much cut and dry from here on out and the other MS are 
a total push over! Just take control of the field one by one and once 
Amuro comes into play take him out and the mission is over.

Third Mission: A Cosmic Glow

As of this moment, you only have 1 field to deal with. Once again, Amuro is 
your target and you have to take him down again. But now you have 2 more ways
to fail this mission. If Elmeth is shot down, you lose all your fields, or if 
you get shot down, then the mission is, that's right, a total failure.

Amruo will appear in Field G once the Elemeth Defense Commanders save her.
Start clearing the field and take down Amruo! Once he's dealt with, go the 
southwestern corner of the area and fight against either Kai and Hayato.
After you take them out, move north to the final area and fight against
Amruo again. Once he's defeated, the mission will be over with.

Fourth Mission: Re-Entry to Earth

Now I know that your thinking. Didn't we do this mission already?
Yes, we have and now we have to do it again. Don't worry. This time you get a 
brand new Gundam Mark II to create some havoc with.

This mission has three different ways for you to fail this mission. If you,
Kamille, or the Argama are destroyed, you fail the mission. But all you need
to do is to survive and once again you will be on easy street.

Start by heading north to Field B to save Emma. You are going to like the SP
attack once you fill it up! It shoots a large energy cannon and its range is
amazing! Use it when you're close to him. However later on, things are going
to get dicey now that you have to make sure that Kamille survive the mission.
Under any circumstances, stick by him no matter what! Once you think he's in
the clear, go to Field L and help out the next officer. After you clear out
the field there, go south and clear Field J and K. Soon, the order will be
issued to return to the base leaving only you and Kamille behind. A large area
will show up that will be marked Atmosphere and your final targets will be
there to do battle. Take down Jerid and Kaericon and once again protect
Kamille. If you full fill those conditions, you will win the battle.

Fifth Mission: Winds of Jaburo

Your mission objective is the Jaburo Core in the far off northeastern corner
of the map. All you have to do from this point is to destroy it. If you or
Kamille are destroyed, you fail the mission.

As the mission starts, you might want to stay put for a moment. It's all
because the place you're standing in right now will be a field. Clear out all
forces so the first member falls down. Now from there, you can choose any of
the two fields up ahead, when you clear the next field out, Kamille will show
up to assist in the operation. But he's already in the next field.
Rush over there to provide assistance! Defeat Jerid again and now move into
the core. Once you're there, clear out the forces and the enemy commanders.
Now from the mouth of a captured officer, you have 12 minutes to get to a safe
area before the entire area explodes! Choose your battles carefully and get
out of there. Follow Kamille and make sure you clear a path to safety for him.

If you survive long enough, Kamille will have a chance to escape from the base
only to have his hopes dashed by Jerid showing up again. Defeat Jerid to
secure a escape route.

Mission Accomplished! You escape the blast!

Sixth Mission: The Storm Over Kilimanjaro

After all this time now, you have to team up with Amruo for this mission.
How funny irony can be sometimes. Any way, you're at the most northern
position on the map with 4 fields in the area. Your mission objective is to 
conquer the entire area. As usual, if you or Kamille are destroyed, you fail
the mission.

Your first task is to go to the Southern Base. You can take any route down
there as you please and worry about the other fields later. By controlling
one of the fields, Amruo will appear. Now you have to make sure that he isn't
destroyed in battle! He's currently south of your location heading into the 
next field. Meet up with him as soon as possible. Now things just went from 
bad to worse as the Psyco Gundam will appear soon! Help out Amruo clear the
field and destroy the Defense Commanders. Now move on to the nearest field and
clear it out. From there move east into the next area. In a clockwise motion,
clear out the remaining fields 1 by 1 until you reach Field F. This is where
the juggernaut, Psyco Gundam appears! 

Not only this will be your most difficult Mobile Suit battle yet, it can also
be the most awarding. If you can destroy it by using the weak spot indicators,
you might get something sweet in the end! Go head and use the Interim Save and
try defeating that colossal giant. By facing the Gundam head on with a Charged
Attack, you can knock it down. Once the Gundam is on its back, dish out some 
damage and get out of the way! If you have a SP attack use it! Follow these
tips and the mission is done.

Seventh Mission: Run Through The Cosmos

This is the Final mission for this storyline and from the field there are 3
fields, A, B, and C to take over. Your final mission objective is to destroy
all of the remaining Titans. You will fail if you get destroyed in battle...
No pressure, right?

Once the mission starts, conquer all three fields to gain control.
In Field C you have to fight against Dunkei and 3 Commanders.  Concentrate
on Dunkei first and deal with the commanders later. When Field C is gained
from the enemy, Outer Space Mission B is in trouble! Go down there and save it
quickly! As you can see, Ramusus is in this area, Jerid is in the field north
of your location, and Reccoa is southeast of Outer Space Mission B. First 
things first. Save the Outer Space Mission B and then save Kamille. Just when 
you're think your safe, Reccoa is on her way to the Mission B! Intercept her
and take her out quickly.  All of the Titans should be gone by now. Get to
Gryps 2 on the double! It's south of your location and by the time you get
there, Scirocco will be engaged in battle. However you will find out soon
enough that he's not alone. Haman will attack from out of nowhere to help gang 
up on you. Again, focus on one enemy at a time. Distance yourself from
Haman and defeat Scirocco. Then as Kamille comes in to assist you, you can 
both take her out.

Now that you got the Titans on the run, the crew is ready to fire the laser
cannons... OH SNAP! Get out of its blast range before it destroys you!
Now onward to the Jupitris where we find...well, well! If it isn't Scirocco!
Seems like he didn't take that dirt nap yet. Well, this time make sure he
takes it! With Kamille on your side use every chance you get on using the SP
Attacks. Once he's dead, head south to battle with Haman alone.

Draw her out by attacking the field. Once she's out, there's one rule when
fighting Haman, DON'T GET GIVE HER A CHANCE TO ATTACK! When she does she will 
clean you out in one swift and powerful attack! As of right now the only 
method I can think of is by using your gun and keep your distance until you
get your SP Gauge filled up. Then you can unleash your fury when her guard is
down. If you keep that up, the mission will be a success!

Well, it looks like this is the end of his story. Although you cleared it, in
the end, he was destined to lose from the start... Or so we think...

Char Aznable Story Neo Zeon Conflict (DW: G 1.4)

After the Gryps conflict Char took up his original identity once again to wage
war against the Earth Federation. Since humankind didn't become Newtypes as he
predicted, he decides to create his own army to pursue that passion of 
spacenoid liberty once again.

First Mission: Enemy Encounter at 5th Luna

You will now control the same Mobile Suit you fought against in Amuro's last
mission, Sazabi. Your position will be in Field A surrounded by Fields B, C,
and D. Your directive in this mission is to Rescue Gyumei and take over the 
enemy fields. Should you, Gyumei, or Rewlooa gets destroyed, the mission 
is a failure.

Start off by either moving clockwise or counter clockwise and clear out the
forces in the fields. In order to effectively clear out the Federation forces
in a timely manner, jump in to the air and then fire you SP attack to release
a large bore laser. Later on Amuro will show up along with your teammate,
Gyumei. Make sure you help him defeat Amuro in this mission. It's not as 
difficult to defeat him as you think. You might want to keep a small distance
away from him as you wait for your SP gauge to go up. Once it does, smash him
with it.

Mission Complete and you already got him on the run!

Second Mission: Luna 2 Surrenders Axis Accelerates

East of your location are the Ra Cailum, Kayra, and 3 fields to conquer.
Your mission objective is to destroy all enemy command units. If you lose 
Field A or if you are destroyed, you automatically lose the mission. 
I must advise you that if you are having a tough time beating the mission, 
go back the previous missions to get stronger. It's the same mission in the
last 2 storylines but, you're only switching roles.

When you start the mission clear out the first 2 fields east of your starting
location and soon Field A will be in trouble. Kayra will show up to take over
that field. You have to rush over there to stop her. Your forces in that area
will be overwhelmed if you don't. 

Here's an idea I'm sure you'll really like! If you stop her before she reaches
Field A you will save some time from traveling 1 point of the field to the

Now fly over to Field F and defend the area from enemy control. Now the
pressure is on as more enemy forces arrive to stop Neo Zeon on this operation.
Go to each of those fields and clear them out as soon as possible.
This is the key combo you need to get through this part of the mission:

X, X, X, X, Y, and B.

It's a combo where you attack four times, slash with a beam sword, ending with
dash attack.  The trick to it search for the largest amount of Mobile Suits to 
attack. Forget about attacking the smaller groups! Once you clear out each
field, you gain 1 extra minute. This is the time that you save after each
clearing. It's, by far, the most effective way to streamline your attacks.
Use these tactics to get rid of the time clock deadline and go to Quess for 
back up. Once that's done travel south as soon as the Lando Bell show up.

Protecting Gyunei is your main objective and fight with him as soon as 
possible. If you shoot down Amruo, you'll finish the mission successfully.

Third Mission: Londo Bell Reacts Axis Falls.

This is your final mission for Char Aznable as The Axis starts to plunge into 
the atmosphere. There are 5 targets you need to take out, the Ra Cailum and 
the 4 fields in the area. Your final objectives are to shoot down Amuro and
in sure the Axis plummeting into the Earth. Should you or the Rew Loola
are destroyed the mission ends in a failure.

Start things off by taking control of the nearby fields to flush out Amruo.
When he does show up, move to Field G and fight there until Amuro arrives.

Gyunei will help you out for along the way. With your combined might, you can
take him down. Once he's out, take control of the 2 fields filled with enemy
forces. Then he shows up once more south of your location. Get rid of him
under the time limit.  

It won't be for long because he shows up again soon after his defeat.
Race to Field E to do battle with him again. Now with the doors open inside
the Axis, move to the northwestern part of the area and regain control. Then 
head east for the next field and clear it out. Now head south after you're
done in Field J to get to the next area. ( Man! This is starting to get a
little dicey!) Now go back north again to Field K and regain control of that 
area! Don't worry, you're almost done here. When Amruo sets the explosive
charges, get out of the blast radius and try to slash your way to safety just
east of your position. Now the time has come to fight against Amuro in this 
mission. Go ahead and save your position using the Interim Save function.

Do everything you can to defeat this guy and here's a few tips to defeat him.
First off, always open up with a smash attack. That way when he recovers, you
can dash in and attack with the triple X, Y, A combo. If he recovers from
that, perform that combo again and once he's in the air, fire off a SP attack.
Now dash away from him after that and fire your rifle to gain some distance.
Block and guard all of his attacks and destroy the funnels once he release
them. Use these tactics and you will win the battle.

Kamille Bidan (DW: G 1.4)

A girlish looking guy with a girlish sounding name... I would be mad too if my
parents gave me a name like that! No doubt he was teased a lot through school 
and the academy. Just think of him as another form of Edward Elric from Full
Metal Alchemist... Oh how I missed that show...

First Mission: Re-entry to Earth

Ah, such a familiar landscape! This makes it our 3rd time battling in this
area? Not much needs to be explained here. Again all you have to do is to 
survive re-entry of the planet. If you, Quattro, or Argama are destroyed you
fail the mission. Start off by heading south into 1 of the 2 areas below.
Once the field is cleared, head up north and get to Emma. But watch out, you
have to defeat the Commanders in that area in order for you to gain control.
Keep at it and soon the Atmosphere area will show up. Defeat Jerid and
Kaericon at this point and the mission is over with.

Second Mission: Winds of Jaburo

Your mission objective is the same as the last time, destroy the Jaburo Core.
Should you or Quattro die in operation, you fail the mission once again.

Just like last time, stay in the area as it will turn into a field. Just when
you think you had it made, Jerid will show up and attack you. Take him out and
get to the other fields. Once Jerid is gone, go south and get to Field B so
the next pilot will come down.

Third Mission: Hong Kong City

Finally, a new change of scenery! On this mission, you will be fighting in
the bustling streets of Hong Kong. I'm pretty sure that the area has been 
evacuated. As of right now, there's only 1 Field on the map. The mission
objective is short and simple right now. All you have to do is to shoot down
Four and make sure you don't get killed in the operation.

Start the mission and head east to Field A. Keep in mind that once you step in 
this field, you can't escape from it! Oh man, it's the Psyco Gundam again!
If you learned anything from the last 2 encounters, use those tactics and take
it down again. There are plenty of chances for you to attack it as long as the
weak points show up. But the best time to attack it is after its
transformation. It will be exhausted for 5 seconds at that point. Use a Smash
or SP attack against it to knock it down and deal more damage. Also, don't let
that Gundam smash, kick, grab and toss you across the field or get caught in, 
what I like to call it Radius Burst Attack. All of those attacks will take 
quite a chunk of your armor. If you are low on armor or on the SP gauge, there
are 2 tanks for you to break. One of them will have the Armor Repair while the
other one has a SP gauge refill. Use them carefully, because you only get them
once every time you go into this mission. Once you get the Psycho Gundam
armor low enough, it will perform it's Radius Blast Attack more often. Pick
the right time to strike and destroy that thing once and for all.  

Fourth Mission: Cinderella Four

Ooooh! Someone's trying to get a little touchy feely with the enemy and this
poor sap doesn't even know it!

In this mission, you team up with Amuro again and he's already smack dab in
the middle of Field D. You only have 4 fields to conquer in this mission so 
this mission shouldn't take long. Your mission objective is to shoot down 
Four...Bummer! If you should lose all of your fields or if you or Amuro are
shot down, you fail the mission.

Go on and head east to the first area from your starting point. Before long,
Four appears and she's gone postal! Now rush to Field D and help Amuro before
this city becomes nothing but rubble. Once you get there, you will soon see
that the Psyco Gundam is up and running again. Use the tactics from last time
and take it down once more. After it leaves, fight the remaining forces to a
minimum and get to the Harbor A.S.A.P. This is where the Psyco Gundam will
show up probably for the last time. Use the same tactics as before using 
Smash Attacks to force open the weak points

Fifth Mission: The Storm over Kilimanjaro

It pretty repetitive at this point. The field is still the same as always.
It goes the same for the mission objective here. All you need to do is to
take over Kilimanjaro Base.

Now this is what I'm talking about! The Zeta Gundam, as you just saw, has 
morphing capabilities. To switch forms, just use the A button and hold it on 
the second press. Go ahead! Try it out!

Start clearing out the fields in a counter clockwise or clockwise motion.
After you clear out 1 on of the fields, Amuro is going to need back up.
Help him out in every way you can. Once the second field is clear, go to
Field I and take that field over to draw some attention to the enemy.
Continue to move along clearing out the fields until the most central field,
Field F appears...

Remember when I said that it would be the last time we see the Psyco Gundam?
Well, I was wrong, so horribly wrong! Now you have to fight it again! Use the
same tactics as before to take her out.

Sixth Mission: Scirocco Steps Forward

Things have been provoked as Scirocco mixes things up in the balance of power
with the Titans and the AUEG. We'll soon found out the answer after the
mission starts. This field is the same field you fought as Quattro in the last
storyline. What makes it so easy for you is that Jerid is directly northeast
of your direction. In your mission objectives, you have three targets to shoot
down, Haman, Scirocco, and Jerid. Of course it won't be in that order. Again,
if you or Argama are destroyed, you fail the mission.

When you start the mission, head east to Field F and save Emma from Jerid.
When Jerid is defeated and has flown the coop, clear the field and destroy 
The Gwadan and its Comanders. Now you have a choice after this battle you can 
either go and conquer all of the fields or you can go and attack Sarah and
Reccoa. If you want some points and EXP, go for the fields first. When you get
to the southwestern part of the area, Scirocco will pop up out of no where to
fight you! At the same time, Char will show up to fight him too! So now it's a 
fatal four way match! Use this to your advantage and take Scirocco out.
After you make him run with his tail between his legs, Char will move to Field
H and that's where the Argama is. But he will be delayed as some of the Titan
Generals show up. Help Char take out Yazan. By taking him out, the Titan
forces will be forced to retreat for now.

Three new fields will appear containing forces from the Haman. Again, you have
2 choices. You can either go for Gyrps 2 or take out the other fields 1 by 1.
You really don't need to rush into Gryps 2 yet, so go ahead and take out 
Fields J and K first. You won't be in this alone. 9 times out of 10, some one 
will come along to help you out. By clearing out 1 field, Haman will be forced
into battle. Intercept her and prevent her from getting into Gryps 2. Quattro
and the others will deal with the other fields. Taking out Haman will end the
mission right then and there!

Seventh Mission: The Mirror of Rosamia

Oh, Great! The Psyco Gundam had came back as many times as Sigma from the
Megaman X series... Plus it's a Mark II?! Today, just isn't your day, Kamille.

If you haven't equipped the Shockwave and the Hate to Lose skill, now is the 
time to do it. Rosamia will be straight ahead of your position inside of Field
B. There are other fields, C and D, surrounding you but focus on Field B
first. Your objective right now is to shoot down Rosamia. The mission will
fail if Argama or Kamille is destroyed.

What ever you do don't go into Field B yet! Go to Field C And D first. 
Now you can go into Field B and start clearing it out. But before you will get
a chance to so, the Psyco Gundam Mark II will show up. Outside of its
purplish color, it is stronger than the original but you have the advantage
because it's a lot slower than before. Again, use the same tactics as last

What do you know! That was his sister! Now go to the Argama before it's
destroyed. And just when you thought it was safe, the Psyco Gundam is back!
Once again, use the same tactics using the Smash Attacks to open her for a
barrage of attacks. By killing her the mission is complete once again.

Eighth Mission: Run Through the Cosmos

Here is it is, the final mission. You now have the Radish and the Argama on
your side. Yazan occupies Field B while Dunkei and Ramsus share Field C. 
Your main and final objective is to shoot down Scirocco and the only way to 
do that is to take out the tiro mentioned above. If you, Quattro, or the
Argama are destroyed, you fail the mission... So what fate lies in for the

Go to Field C and take down Dunkei and Ramsus. When you turn them into space
dust, intercept with Jerid and destroy him! Now keep attacking until Scirocco
shows up when that happens intercept him before he reaches the Gryps 2. Hamas
will join in too and since they pretty much hate each other you can A. Have
them to duke it out or B help one of them to take the other one down.
You can choose either or as long as you're not the target for the next couple
of moments.

Once that overbearing threat is over with, travel to Field T and help Quattro
beat Haman again. When she flies off, all you have left is the Jupitris and
Field B. You can go to Field B for some EXP points or just go straight to the
Jupitris and end the mission by destroying Scirocco. I suggest that you clear
out Field B first and then go to the Jupitris. 

Go ahead and flush him out by attacking his forces. Now all you have to do is
take him out and the mission and his story is over... But a kamikaze attack to 
his ship? What a way to go...

Judau Ashta (DW: G 1.6)

First Mission: The Burning Earth

As you have already read from the History, Jadau's sister has been captured by 
Neo Zeon and now as the new pilot of the Zeta Gundam, he assists the Argama
to take his sister back. If you wondered why you have a new pilot to the Zeta
Gundam, it's because Kamille had died in the last storyline.

Well, this is a first! You actually have dominion over the area! But it won't
last long as Neo Zeon forces will storm the field soon. Your mission objective
is to shoot down Puru. Should you get yourself shot down, or if the Argama or
all of your command units are destroyed, you lose the mission.

As the mission starts, find a tank nearby. Once you find it don't break it
until the battle starts. This area where the tank is located is now Field C.
Destroy the commanders to take over that field. Now head south to intercept a 
squad heading into the Argama. Once that's settled down, there was a previous
announcement stating that there was 3 fields for you yo find your sister in.
Leave the area and the rest of your teammates will protect the Argama for now.

It's kind of like a game of Hide and Seek as you slash your way through the
three fields. But now your friends need your help back at Field B. Defend the 
field and soon they found the area where Leina is located. Wait for Field H to
show up and take control over it before the Gwadan hit the atmosphere. This
will stop them for only a short moment as they manage to get by anyway.

Puru will show up to fight you. Not that much of a challenge here as you make
her retreat. Go on and take over Field K and J before you reach Glemy. Man,
this guy is a push over! Give yourself 30 seconds and he's a dead duck!
Now go to the newly appeared, Field M and protect the Argama as it makes it

Just when you thought you were in the clear, again, Puru shows up once more
in the Atmosphere Area. Forget about the other enemies and focus on Puru take
her out. The mission will be over once she's taken out.

Second Mission: Puru Two in Gravity

The area seems very small in this mission. Especially, since Neo Zeon dropped
a colony on it! There are only 1 field you have to deal with this time. Your
mission is to destroy the Neo Zeon... Huh?! So does this mean that this is his
final mission? There's only one way to find out!

Oh and by the way, if you or the Argama are destroyed, you fail the mission!

Now you are in the control of the Double Zeta Gundam and it's transformation
reminds me of Voltron. (If you don't know what that is, for shame!) Any way,
you are already placed inside of Field A. Which is pretty nice of them to do
such a thing. Start cleaning house here.

Head into next area where...Ooooooh Noooo! Not again! Why did it had to be the
Psyco Gundam, again!? I thought we took it out for good! Well, it's time to 
head back down Memory Lane again and do battle with the Psyco Gundam.
As before use the Interim Save when needed and Smash Attack to open up the
weak points.

After the cut scene when Puru tries to take down the Psyco Gundam, it's still
functioning.  But, due to the exposed parts of the Mobile Suit, its defense
is weaker than before. Keep your distance and attack when you see an opening.
Keep up with those tactics and you will finish the mission before you know it.

Third Mission: Vibration

Okay, this should be the last mission since all you have to do is to kill
Puru Two. Without a doubt, she will control the Psyco Gundam. As long as you,
Roux, and Elle are still alive, the mission will be a complete success.

Within the Core 3 structure, head south to Field A. As soon as Roux and Elle
show up to find you, you are now slapped with a 5 minute deadline. Clear the
perimeter within the time limit and find the female duo. Now that Puru Two
has come out of hiding, wait for Roux and Puru to show up for backup. You are
going to need it.

And my doubts where wrong! She's not in the Psyco Gundam! (Yes!) But she's in 
an entirety different Mobile Suit! (Nooooo!) When she shows up, save your
position. Now move around and attack her from behind to take out parts of her
MS. But when she's going for a wide back hand swing, move and do it again.
(Wow! That sounds kinda easy, don't you think?) It's even better if you got it
in a corner with no where to go. If you are lucky to do such a thing, unleash
your fury and go all out on that thing!

The mission was a success! 

Fourth Mission: Warriors Again (Prelude)

Go ahead and get the Piercing Shot equipped.
In this showdown, it's just you and her. Shoot down Hamas is your final
objective. If she shoots you down, you... Aw, you already know what I'm going
to say already...

Start the mission and get as close to her as you can before she starts to
move. Open your first attack with a Smash Attack and slash away! Just when you
got here on the ropes, Glemy's forces shows up to crash the party and like the 
vultures they are, they are here to fight against Haman. Go on and finish her
off. If you find yourself outside of the new field get back in side and clear
out his forces.

Moussa will open up when you clear out all of his forces and inside waiting
for you is Neo Zeon forces waiting in the wings. Clear them out as well. 

Haman will be waiting for you in the Moussa Area. Again, enter inside charging
for a Smash Attack. Well, this is bizarre... It has an actual atmosphere...
That's not the case. Clear out the field and take down Hamas using all the
moves you learned up to this point to take her down. Remind yourself to keep 
your distance and attack when you see an opening.

Fifth Mission: Warriors Again (Epilogue)

In this final mission, there's no one around. Gives you a reason to watch your
back, isn't it? Again, your final, FINAL, objective is to take down and turn 
her into space dust! Just don't let her shoot you down. Go on and get the
other skill you just recently earned, the Pilot Sense.

Start the mission and look for Haman. She's up ahead, so prepare yourself.
Sometime during the fight, she will launch her funnels to distract you. The 
moment you try and get rid of it, she'll try and attack you from behind.
Before she does, move out the way! Outside of that just keep attacking until
she can attack no more!

Mission Complete and Judau Ashta's storyline is complete.

(End of Walkthrough)

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