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Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2


Movie Scripts

by VOtalentOK

DEAD OR ALIVE XTREME 2 CG Movies Game Script

Written by Oliver Kong

E-mail address: [email protected]
Table of Contents

1: Updates
2: Disclaimer
3: Voice Talents Info
4: CG Opening Movie Game Script
5: CG Ending Movie Game Script
6: Credits
1: Updates

Added some adjustments to fix some errors.
2: Disclaimer

As a dedicated fan of Dead or Alive, I have strived to find a DOA game with
better English voice acting of the CG movies. Fortunately, this is the game I
wanted see with voice acting by the better-known voice actors throughout Los
Angeles. Enjoy this script for your own purpose. Always e-mail me first and ask
if you want to post this game script on your site. I will make certain that
they will be sites that are appropriate to how I see it.
3: Voice Talents Info

Khary Payton (English)
Bin Shimada (Japanese)

Kari Wahlgren (English)
Yuka Koyama (Japanese)
4: Opening Movie Game Script

[The camera shows a large piranha approaching the camera underwater. However,
the piranha slams its face into the camera, knocking itself out at the scene.
The submarine appears at the scene. Inside the submarine…]

Niki: Okay. Are you sure this is the right place, Zack?

Zack: I think so. Maybe? Probably? Definitely!

[As the submarine searches for something, the camera shows a letter “Z” coming
from the sonar.]

Niki: There it is!

Zack: Eh, heh, heh, heh! Oh yeah!

Niki: It is Zack Island. Huh, huh!

[The camera shows the submarine in first-person view that approaches the
remains of Zack Island.]

Zack: Damn, I’m good!

Niki: Zack, and you know what?!

Zack & Niki: Launch, the you-know-what!

[Niki activates the controls.]

Niki: Safeties up! Stand by!

Zack: Aye, aye, baby! Compositors charging!

[Zack activates the ceiling controls as the camera shows the submarine
activating its island revival powers. The camera shows the power gauges of the
submarines initiating.]

Zack: All systems, go!

[The handle controls appears from the ceiling.]

Niki: Range to target, 10,000 plagues!

Zack: Target locked!

Niki: 3, 2, 1…

[Zack pulls the handle.]

Zack: Say hello to my little upgrade!

[The submarine launches a missile and the missile goes out of the underwater
and then into outer space. The missile explodes and reveals the satellite. The
camera shows the Earth, which has the glittering light of the form of Zack’s
face. The satellite fires the magnet beam into the underwater and lights up the
remains of Zack Island.]

Zack: Whoa! Dang!

Niki: Look Zack! It’s working!

[As the remains of Zack Island revives, the camera shows Zack and Niki in the
submarine and as their submarine goes out of the control from the magnet beam’s
effect, the submarine clings to the beam and then, the submarine airborne out
of the underwater. The camera shows Zack Island that has now been completely
revived into New Zack Island. Then…]

Zack: Eject and re-eject!

[Zack and Niki eject from the submarine and then, they activate their

Zack: That was so fun!

[The camera shows the parachutes of Zack and Niki’s where it shows the Z logo
with the index finger pointing to the left.]

Niki: Look! You’re back in business!

Zack: I now declare, a new era in “Zack History”!

Zack & Niki: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

[The camera shows New Zack Island as Zack and Niki parachutes down towards New
Zack Island.]

5: CG Ending Movie Game Script

[The camera shows the fireworks as Niki watches it from the balcony of Zack’s

Niki: Just look at that.

Zack: They’re an honor of our wedding.

[Zack and Niki do their celebration pose.]

Zack: Let’s celebrate, baby!

Niki: Wedding? Our?

[The camera shows the champagne bottle which cork has popped out and the
champagne gushes out of the bottle.]

Niki: Uh, shouldn’t we worry about the volcano first?!

Zack: Uh, it’s all taken care of, baby!

[The camera shows the volcano which has a big rock over it tightened by a rope
with screws.]

Zack: Ooh la-la!

[As Zack tries to kiss Niki, Niki tries to resist and then…]

Niki: Zack! Zack, wait, look!

[The camera shows a big meteor descending towards New Zack Island.]

Zack: Wha…!

[The camera shows the meteor crashing into the big rock that was on top of the
volcano and the big rock came off the volcano. Suddenly, the volcano erupts and
the entire island of New Zack Island getting destroyed.]

Zack: No. No, no!! Not again!!

[The camera shows the zoom in view of Zack’s sunglasses where he sees the
various meteors descending from the sky and crashing into New Zack Island in

Zack: (holding his head) Why? Why me? This is nightmare!

[The camera shows the meteor continuously destroying New Zack Island.]

Zack: My island… My life… WWWHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYY?????!!!!!!!!

[Suddenly, the helicopter’s rope ladder appears near Zack.]

Niki: (shouts out to Zack) Hey, Zack! Don’t make me leave without you!

Zack: Niki! Heh, heh, you’re my girl!

[As Zack climbs and holds on to the rope ladder, the helicopter takes off as
New Zack Island continues getting destroyed.]

Zack: You ain’t seen the last of “me”!

[Suddenly, the camera shows a meteor crashing through the rope ladder and the
rope ladder cuts off the portion where Zack is holding on to as he falls into
the destruction of the island.]


[As Zack falls into the destruction of the island, the camera shows New Zack
Island now destroyed as this is the second time Zack Island destroyed by the
volcano, only thanks to the meteors. The credits roll and after that, the
camera shows the magnet beam firing into where New Zack Island used to be and
Zack was pulled out of the underwater as his afro wig comes off near Zack as he

Zack: Whoa! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

[Zack has been successfully rescued by the magnet beam from the Intelligence
and then, the camera shows the Team NINJA logo coming out of the water and
displaying on the camera.]

6: Credits

Thanks, goes to Team NINJA for a great Dead or Alive video game series. Keep it
going and you’ll do just fine.
Thanks, goes to Tecmo Inc. for bringing this game to the US.
Thanks, goes to the English voice actors for their spectacular performance of
the character voices.