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Follow the dark path or use the light
Dead or Alive 4 Pack Shot

Dead or Alive 4


FAQ/Strategy Guide

by Mighteyna

Dead or Alive 4

FAQ/Strategy Guide
By Mighteyna ([email protected])
Copyrighted February 6, 2006 by Ben Burnette
Dead or Alive 4 is copyrighted Tecmo and Team Ninja
Version Final

Table of Contents
 Guide History
 Helpful Basics
A.	Controls
B.	Button Mashing
C.	Selecting Your Character
A. The DWA Coliseum
B. Ninja Hideout
C. Seaside Market
D. Kyoto in Bloom (Day and Night)
E. DOATEC Great Hall
F. Temple on the Mountain
G. Gambler's Paradise
H. Experimental Playground
I. The Crash Club
J. Savannah Safari
K. Biolab Core
L. Waterfall Valley
M. Nassau Station
N. Tatami Mat
Specific Character Strategies
Brad Wong
Bass Armstrong
Jann Lee
Tina Armstrong
Ryu Hayabusa
Lei Fang
La Mariposa
Gen Fu
Difficult Throws/Moves
A. Raijin
B. Izuna-Otoshi
C. Obero
Unlocking Guide
   Frequently Asked Questions
Contacting Me
Legal Things

Guide History

February 6, 2006

Began DOA 4 FAQ.

March 16, 2006

Finished DOA 4 FAQ.

March 17, 2006

Corrected a bunch of mistakes thanks to some helpful e-mails.  By 
the way if you helped with any mistakes I will list you in the 
Credits section of this FAQ.

March 18, 2006

Corrected a grammar mistake and added a new "Best Move" for Lei 

April 20, 2006

Added some more Frequently Asked Questions and fixed a grammar 

April 25, 2006

Added a new section, "About Me."

May 4, 2006

Instead of the long "Version Final" under "Version History" deleted 
it and put accurate dates and made it easier to read the different 
updates I made to this FAQ.

May 10, 2006

Deleted the "About Me" section and added the "Future FAQs" section 
and "Farewell Notes" section.

May 12, 2006

Made the "Credits" Section a little easier to read and added a new 
Frequently Asked Question. 

May 21, 2006

Made some small changes to the future FAQs I'm going to write. 

May 29, 2006

Added a bunch of games to the "Future FAQs" section.

May 30, 2006

Added the game Fire Emblem to the "Future FAQs" section.

August 20, 2006

Fixed a statement about Jann Lee.

Helpful Basics

A. Controls

The new Xbox 360 Controller has a lot of buttons and it's important 
to know what they do in order to play the game well.  Here is a 
control list.  You may notice I don't list all the buttons.  I'm 
only list the buttons that do something.  The ones I don't list do 

X-Free Button

B. Button Mashing

Although button mashing is a popular way to win in fighting games it 
will NOT work in Dead or Alive 4.  Just in case you don't know 
Button Mashing is when you randomly hit buttons on the controller to 
attack.  If you do this in story mode or especially during online 
play you will get your butt kicked badly.  Dead or Alive 4 is a 
difficult game and there isn't even an easy difficulty setting.  
Even normal the easiest level is still very challenging.  LEARN THE 
MOVES of each character and this will help you a lot.  Trust me I 
have button mashed at this game and that time could have been better 
spent learning the good moves for each character.  

C. Selecting your Character

Dead or Alive 4 is a completely different game from the originals 
and especially from the Playstation and Playstation 2 Dead or Alive 
games.  If you new to the series then pick one character to get 
really good at.  Then from there you can move on till you've gotten 
good with everyone and have become a Dead or Alive Beast.  If you 
are an experienced DOA Player then you can pick two characters.  By 
experienced I don't mean you played a previous DOA game for 20 
minutes at a friend's house.  I mean beat the game at 100% and have 
mastered all the characters.  DOA 4 is that different from the 
previous.  Here are a few suggestions for good characters to start 
with and bad characters to start with.

Some Good Starting Character Suggestions are-

Ryu Hayabusa- Ryu Hayabusa is known as the Super Ninja.  He is very 
easy to play as and has some great simple combos.  Sometimes people 
think Team Ninja and Tecmo made Ryu too powerful.  Ryu was my first 
character and is still my best.  He has great teleporting moves that 
look hard but really aren't.  

Jann Lee- A very fast, powerful, and overall a good character.  He 
has very damaging combos that are really good.  He is quick and his 
combos are simple yet powerful.  Jann Lee is a strong and easy 
character to master.  

Eliot- Eliot's style of fighting is very basic.  He uses straight 
forward martial arts; just punches and kicks.  He doesn't have fancy 
teleporting moves and stuff like that.  He isn't fancy but is quick 
and powerful.  

Overall the best character to start out with is Eliot because of his 
simple moves, followed by Jann Lee because of his great combos, and 
then Ryu Hayabusa because he does have good combos but his really 
damaging combos aren't as simple as pressing YYBB like they are for 
Eliot and Jann Lee. 

Some Starting Characters you should avoid-

Bass- Bass is huge.  He is slow and his combos are mostly throw that 
take a long time to learn.  If you want to master Bass wait till 
your really good and have experience with other wrestlers.  Save 
Bass for last.

Bayman- Bayman is a good character with great combos, counters, and 
throws.  The reason I don't recommend him for starters is because 
his combos are really difficult and he isn't good at juggling.  
Although his throw combos are easy to learn they are hard to execute 
on the opponent so wait till your better at throws and counters.  

La Mariposa- La Mariposa is the best wrestler in DOA 4.  However her 
attacks are easy to do but are strange and that makes it hard to 
juggle the opponent.  Unless you are good at memorizing a lot of 
combos stay away from La Mariposa till you're a little more 

Christie- She may seem like a good character as she can juggle the 
opponent really well and has a lot of good punches but she WILL get 
countered.  I played as Christie when I was a beginner and I got 
countered every single time I attacked.  Wait till you can mix up 
her attacks to were she is impossible to counter.  

Ayane- Ayane is without a doubt one of the if not the best female 
fighters in the game.  The reason I don't recommend her is because 
if you don't know what your doing then you will get hit a lot.  Try 
another female Ninja like Kasumi then try Ayane.

Overall Bass is the worst to start with followed by Bayman, La 
Mariposa, Ayane, and Christie.  


A. The DWA Coliseum

The DWA Coliseum is home to Tina, Bass, and La Mariposa.  It is the 
smallest stage in the game.  It is really easy to win in this stage 
and easy to lose.  The best way to win is to knock your opponent 
against the electric walls around the ring and do combos for an easy 

B. Ninja Hideout

Fans of Ninja Gaiden should recognize this stage.  It is home to Ryu 
Hayabusa, Ayane, Kasumi, and Hayate.  Although the stage might look 
small there are a lot of secret rooms in which you can knock your 
opponent up to secret panels.  The best thing to do is to get your 
opponent to a solid wall and pummel him/her with attacks.

C. Seaside Market

In Seaside Market there really isn't much to watch out for.  There 
are lots of crates and carts that you can trip your opponent over 
for a little damage.  You can knock them down the stairs to the 
beach area and have a basically open course to attack.

D. Kyoto in Bloom

The top of Kyoto in Bloom is basically an open course of scenic 
grass and cherry blossoms.  The hard parts comes when you can knock 
your opponent over the bridge to a small creek.  That is where the 
path is kind of narrow.  Attack your opponent with all your might 
and try not to go to the creek.  If it is unavoidable then try to 
push the opponent down so he/she will take a little damage.  You may 
notice there are two Kyoto in Bloom stages.  One is day and the 
other is night.  There are no other differences. 

E. DOATEC Great Hall

The DOATEC Great Hall is a huge course when you can run around and 
bang your opponent.  For the Ninja Players there is a lot of room to 
teleport.  Try to knock your opponent over the stairs and through 
the glass.  The floor below looks the same and you can keep on doing 
it for an easy victory.

F. Temple on the Mountain

Temple on the Mountain has four stories.  Try to get to the right 
side on the top then left side on the next story down and back and 
forth in order for the opponent to take damage from falling.

G. Gambler's Paradise

Gambler's Paradise is like a recreation of Las Vegas, Nevada.  The 
only thing you need to watch out for is the cars coming by which 
will usually honk their horns to warn you.  If you are playing as 
Spartan-458 a Warthog will drive by too (as seen from Halo and Halo 
2 for the Xbox).  The Warthog does extra damage so watch out.

H. Experimental Playground

This is a fun course.  It is a recreation of Jurassic Park.  
Dinosaurs come from all over so try not to get hit.  There is no 
warning so if you see anything jump out of the way and try not to 
get hit by the opponent.

I. The Crash Club

The Crash Club is a difficult course.  It is the second smallest 
course and EVERYTHING is electric and dangerous.  Knock your 
opponent against the wall and if your Ryu Hayabusa do his advanced 
throw for extra damage thanks to the electric ceiling and ground.

J. Savannah Safari

This is a very basic course.  It is an open area at the top and at 
the bottom.  The only thing to watch out for are the running 
cheetahs that virtually appear out of nowhere.  

K. Biolab Core

Like the crash club everything in Biolab Core is electrocuted.  The 
only difference is it is a little bigger and the ceiling isn't 
electrocuted.  Try to bang your opponent into the wall for extra 

L. Waterfall Valley

You start this course on a suspended bridge.  This is Ryu Hayabusa 
heaven as his advanced throw will go throw the bridge down to the 
ground for a lot of damage.  Once you fall off you will be in an 
area with a river and a bunch of trees to bang your opponent into.  

M. Nassau Station

This is the Halo themed level and is the largest in the game.  Feel 
free to run around and kill your opponent against warthogs and 
energy shields.

N. Tatami Floor

Tatami Floor takes a lot of work to get in Versus Mode but is worth 
it.  There are no wall and no ceiling so speed characters will have 
the greatest advantage. 

Specific Character Strategies

Nationality- Japanese
Fighting Style- Mugen Tenshin Clan Ninjutsu
7 Costumes

Kasumi is a great character.  She is lightning fast, is strong, and 
can teleport.  She has fast punches and excellent kick combos.  She 
is a fun character to play and a good character to master.  You will 
find that all the Ninjas are good all around characters.  

Kasumi's Best Moves:

Sakura Parrie: Up, X.

Tenzan Renjin: Diagonal Down Left+Y, Y

Tenshu Kaiten So: Right+B, B

Nationality- Japanese
Fighting Style- Ba Ji Quan
7 Costumes

Kokoro is an amazing character with easy combos to do.  Ba Ji Quan 
consists of many low kicks and powerful high kicks plus a lot of 
punches.  Because of this people tend to button mash.  This will win 
you battles but you will lose a lot in online play and will lose a 
lot in story mode.  

Kokoro's Best Moves:

Bokuchi Rentai: Down+X+B, B

Ryogi Chu: Right, Right+Y

Shoten Sho: Y, Y, X+Y, X+Y

Shinso Kaimon: Down, Diagonal Down Left, Left, X+Y, Left+X+Y, Left, 

Brad Wong
Nationality- Chinese
Fighting Style- Zui Ba Xian Quan
3 Costumes

Brad Wong is one of the oddest characters in the game.  However he 
is also one of the most effective characters in the game.  He can 
Hop on one leg kick you without putting his leg down, do 5 
headbutts, get down on the ground to an untouchable position, and 
grab and attack at the same time!  Brad Wong is tied for my best 
character with Ryu Hayabusa and Hayate.  Most of Brad Wong's best 
moves are stances that lead off into several powerful juggles.  

Brad Wong's Best Moves:

Tenshin Hiinshu: Left+Y, Up

Ren Kohontai: Diagonal Down Left+Y, B

Lying Stance: Down+Y+B

Back Turned Stance: Left, Left+Y

Bass Armstrong
Nationality- American
Fighting Style- Pro Wrestling
4 Costumes

Bass was probably the best character in DOA 3.  Now in DOA 4 he is 
just plain old annoying.  Old Bass Masters will have to learn a lot 
of new throw combos.  

Bass Armstrong's Best Moves:

Buffalo Rage: Diagonal Down Right, Diagonal Down Right+Y, Y

Ground Throw: Down+X+Y

Knee Hammer: Right+B, Y

Power Gong: Diagonal Down Left+Y, Y

One Leg Standing Head Butt: Right, Right+X+Y

Jann Lee
Nationality- Chinese
Fighting Style- Jeet Kune Do
4 Costumes

Jann Lee is back and better then ever.  Jann Lee remains a fan 
favorite with his great annoying and powerful moves including the 
excellent move, Dragon Kick.  If your familiar with the movies then 
you will see some similarities with Jann Lee.  Jann Lee is simple 
and powerful.  He is also a great pick for beginners.  A powerful 
simple combo is K,K,K,Y,Y,Y,Y.

Jann Lee's Best Moves:

Dragon Kick: Down, Diagonal Down Right, Right+B

Sonic Spin Kick: Y, Right+Y

One Inch Punch: Left, Right+Y

Dragon Fist: Left+Y,Y,Y

Dragon Gunner: Right, Right+X+Y

Dragon Step Middle: Right, Right+B

Tina Armstrong
Nationality- American
Fighting Style- Pro Wrestling
5 Costumes

The daughter of Bass Armstrong is one of the three wrestling based 
characters in Dead or Alive 4.  Tina plays much like her father 
except that she excels more in speed then power.  If Bass and Tina 
fought then honestly Tina would win because is really easy to 
counter.  Tina in my opinion is the better choice for a wrestler.

Tina Armstrong's Best Moves:

Back Elbow Knee: Diagonal Right Up+Y,B

Low Spin Knuckle: Diagonal Down Left+Y

Shoulder Tackle: Left, Right+Y, Left, Right+X+Y

Low Kick Upper Combo: Down+B,Y

Moonsault Feint: Left+Y+B,X

Nationality- Russian
Fighting Style- Commando Sambo
3 Costumes

Bayman is a great grappler.  He has incredible counters and good 
throw combos.  He is back for DOA 2 and is looking a lot better.  
Learn at least one throw combo with Bayman and master countering.  
If you are a beginner wait till your good with countering then play 
as Bayman.  Master the roll and leg throw as well.  

Bayman's Best Moves:

Combo Twin Lancer: Y,Y, Left+Y,Y

Charging Tiger: Y,Y, Down+Y,Y

Russian Rumble: Diagonal Up Left+Y,Y

Spike Launcher: Down+B,B,B

Fire Bullet: Right+Y+B

Nationality- Japanese
Fighting Style- Mugen Tenshin Clan Ninjutsu
6 Costumes

Lets just face it folks Ayane is without a doubt one of the best 
female fighters in the DOA Series.  She has been there since DOA 1 
and is one of the easiest characters to pick up and play.  In this 
game she will require a little more practice but mastering Ayane is 
almost a must as she has incredible combos.  LEARN HER SPIN MOVES as 
it makes her untouchable and can hurt the opponent even if he/she is 

Ayane's Best Moves:

Renjin Roso: Y,Y, Right+B, Down+B

Hajin Shinso: Y,B,B

Tenmu Zeccho: Diagonal Down Right, Diagonal Down Right+Y

Ryujin Renkyaku: Down+B, B

Kiri Madoi: Left+X+Y

Ryu Hayabusa
Nationality- Japanese
Fighting Style- Hayabusa Clan Ninjutsu
4 Costumes

Ryu Hayabusa is tied for the best character in DOA 4.  He has 
changed from previous games but in a good way.  He is much faster 
and is more powerful.  If you can learn his teleport techniques and 
advanced throw then there isn't much that can't stand up to the 
title of Super Ninja.  A quick and easy combo is Y,Y,B,B,B.

Ryu Hayabusa's Best Moves:

Ongyoin: Left+Y+B

Shoryu: Down+X+B,B,B

Izuna Otoshi: Left, Diagonal Down Left, Down, Diagonal Down Right, 
Right+X+Y, Down, Down Diagonal Left,  Right, Diagonal Up Right, Up, 
Diagonal Up Left, Left+X+Y (I know it seems long but really all it 
is, is rotating the controller (LEARN THIS MOVE IT WILL PERFORM 

Senko Izuna: Left+X, Down Diagonal Left, Left, Diagonal Up Left, 
Up+X (A counter move with awesome damage).

Chisen Kyaku: Down Diagonal Left+Y, Down+B

Nationality- German
Fighting Style- Karate
8 Costumes

In Dead or Alive 3 Hitomi was introduced for the first time and 
would later appear in DOA Ultimate and DOA Volleyball.  Hitomi uses 
one of the most popular and basic martial arts, Karate.  She is an 
average character.  She has average power and a little bit better in 
speed.  Her counters aren't that great but Hitomi players will have 
fun with some great juggling opportunities that her combos have.  

Hitomi's Best Moves

Fujin: Down, Down Diagonal Right, Right+Y

Azuma: Left, Right+Y

Domawashi Geri: Down Diagonal Right+X+B,B

Enpi: Y,B,B,B

Hyuga: Down Diagonal Left+Y

Nationality- British
Fighting Style- Xing Yi Quan
4 Costumes

Eliot is the successor of the legendary iron fist Gen Fu.  Xing Yi 
Quan is a legendary Chinese martial art that is basic punches and 
kicks.  A master of Xing Yi Quan is nearly impossible to counter.  
Eliot is beyond a master of Xing Yi Quan it is like he owns it and 
invented it.  He is a great pick for beginners and is easy to 

Eliot's Best Moves:

Enshi Shosui: Down+X+B,Y

Kinkei Tenshin Oken: Down Diagonal Left+Y,Y,Y

Chikukei Hoken: Left+Y+B

Toku Koto Tai: Down, Down Diagonal Right, Right+B

Nationality- American
Fighting Style- Muay Thai 
4 Costumes

Zack, the host of DOA Extreme Beach Volleyball, is back and better 
than ever in DOA 4.  Compared to DOA Ultimate Zack is a lot better.  
In DOA Ultimate Zack was horrible but now Zack has good counters and 
great combos. 

Zack's Best Moves:

Duck Stance: Down+Y+B

Sway: Left+Y

Tropical Storm: Right+B, Down+B,B

Lei Fang
Nationality- Chinese
Fighting Style- Tai Ji Quan
7 Costumes

The Tai Ji Quan Master returns in the latest game and she retains 
almost all of her old attacks.  Her attacks are good but are very 
predictable.  If you want to master Lei Fang then you will have to 
learn to mix up combos or you will get countered in Story Mode and 
especially in Online Play.

Lei Fang's Best Moves: 

Seiryu: Y, Down+Y, Down+B

Renkan Kinkei Hogyo: Y,Y,Right+Y,B,Right+Y

Renkan Shinkyaku Gashu: Y,Y,B,Down+B

Joho Shichi Sei: Down Diagonal Left+Y,Y

Gessen Haisetsu Ko: Right+X+B,Y

Senkyu Ren Tai: Left,B,B,B

La Mariposa
Nationality- American
Fighting Style- Luchadora
5 Costumes

DOA Extreme Beach Volleyball Fans will recognize La Mariposa as Lisa 
from DOA Extreme Beach Volleyball.  She is by far the best wrestler 
in the game as she has great counters, hard to predict movements, 
and combines the power of Bass and the Speed of Tina.  Her movements 
are weird and you will get beat up if you don't know what your doing 
so I don't recommend La Mariposa for beginners.  

La Mariposa's Best Moves:

Top Spin Kick Combo: Right+B, Down+B

Shin Cracker: Right, Right+Y,B

Double Spin: Down Diagonal Left+B, Down+B

Off the Ground Attack: X+B,B 

Nationality- British
Fighting Style- She Quan
4 Costumes

Christie is a good character with good juggles and good strong 
attacks.  However She Quan is very easy to predict.  Most off her 
attacks are Mid punches so are easy to predict.  She has a stance 
which is very useful but again is mostly all low punches and kicks 
which is easy to counter and then juggle her for an easy victory.  
The best thing to do is to make up your own combos so she is super 
hard to counter.

Christie's Best Moves:

Poison Serpent Stance: Down+Y+B

Keppo Tokyaku: Down Diagonal Left+Y,B

Dokuja Ran Tsuifu: Y,Y,Y

Kaso Rengeki: (While in Poison Serpent Stance), Y

Nationality- Japanese
Fighting Style- Mugen Tenshin Clan Ninjutsu
4 Costumes

Hayate is the best character in DOA 4.  That is not an opinion it is 
a fact.  He is quick yet powerful and is hard to counter.  Hayate is 
a monster when it comes to offense and pretty good with defense.  
His counters are beyond compare.  Hayate to warp to other sides of 
the opponent with his lightning flash and has a good throw called 

Hayate's Best Moves:

Mugen Rento: Down Diagonal Right+Y,Y

Burai: Up+Y,B

Chiryu: Down Diagonal Left+Y,Y

Tenbu Byakko: Down, Diagonal Down Left, Right,Y,Y,Y

Raijin: Full Rotation of Joystick+X+Y, Left, Right, Up, Down+X+Y, Up 
Diagonal Right, Down Diagonal Left, Up Diagonal Left, Down Diagonal 

Nationality- French
Fighting Style- Pi Qua Quan
5 Costumes

Helena is one of the hardest characters to learn in DOA History.  
However in DOA 4 she is back and better then ever with her new 
Bokuho Stance and great attacks.  

Helena's Best Moves:

Bokuho Stance: Down+Y+B

Yoshi Nyurin: Down,X,Y

Sensho Rekkai Kyaku: Y,B,B,B

Enbu Kyaku: Y,Y,B

Nationality- Japanese
Fighting Style- Karate
4 Costumes

Before Hayate regained his memory he was known as Ein.  He trained 
with Hitomi and became a Karate Master.  Ein is a very good player. 
You will be using a lot of charge up attacks with him.  

Ein's Best Moves:

Fujin: Down,Y

Azuma: Left, Right+Y

Mae Keriage: Left+B

Low Punch: Down,Y

Hokage: Down Diagonal Right, Down Diagonal Right,X,Y

Gen Fu
Nationality- Chinese
Fighting Style- Xing Yi Quan
4 Costumes

Known as the legendary Iron Fist Gen Fu returns and stands up to his 
name.  He has a lot of strong attacks and good power.  He uses 
strong stances to base his attacks.  Gen Fu is the master of Eliot 
and both are beneficial to any DOA 4 Player to Master.

Gen Fu's Best Moves:

Banchu: Right+Y,Y,Y

Yokei: Down, Down,Y

Sen Shippo: Down, Down Diagonal Left, Left,Y

Nationality- Italian
Fighting Style- Commando Sambo
4 Costumes

The famous grappler is back from DOA 2.  Although he was similar to 
Bayman in this game he has a lot of his own good counters and throw 
combos.  Learn at least one throw combo.

Leon's Best Moves:

Rush Knee: Y,Y,Right,Y,B

Smash Giant Uppercut: Up+Y,Y,Y

Blast Roundhouse: Left,Y,B

Spinning Low Punch: Down Diagonal Left+Y

Cross Slash: Down Diagonal Right, Down Diagonal Right+Y

Nationality- Unknown
Fighting Style- Unknown
2 Costumes

The Boss from DOA 2 makes a special appearance for DOA 4.  Tengu was 
cheap in DOA Ultimate.  But know he is no good at all.  He has easy 
to predict attacks and stupid counters.  To get good with Tengu you 
will need a lot of work and a lot of patience.  All though I watched 
my friend play as Tengu and he shows that Tengu can leave you dazed 
and confused. 

Tengu's Best Moves:

Hauchiwa Gaeshi: Down+Y,Y

That's it.  I'm serious this is really the only effective move.

Nationality- Martian
Fighting Style- Unknown
7 Costumes

Fans of Halo and Halo 2 will immediately recognize Spartan-458.  
Spartan-458 is actually an effective character.  She (that's right 
she) has good throws including the awesome plasma grenade throw!

Spartan-458's Best Moves:

Ghost Destroyer Combo: Right+B, Y

Wrath of Reach: Down, Diagonal Left, Left,X,Y

Plasma Grenade Stick: Left, Down Diagonal Left, Down, Down Diagonal 
Right, Right+X+Y (not all that hard.)

Difficult Throws/Moves

A. Raijin

Raijin is a throw combo performed by Hayate.  It is the hardest move 
in the game and it is very damaging in battle.  Although it isn't 
one of those moves you do every fight it is good every now and then.  
If you want the Hayate System Voice and the Alpha-152 System Voice 
then your going to have to do it in exercise mode.  Here are a few 
steps to make Raijin a piece of cake.

1. Although surprisingly the hardest part of the throw is setting it 
up.  I recommend you use the joystick for this part.  Most people 
perform another throw that sends you to the other side which is very 
annoying.  Do a simple punch then start from the joystick down 
position and do a rotation then hit X+Y.  This should kick the 
opponent into the air and combo throw should light up on the left 
side of the screen.  Practice this a lot till you get it every time.

2.  The next part is Left, Right, Up, and Down.  Most people use the 
D Pad for this but the Joystick is the best once again.  It takes a 
few seconds to switch to the D Pad and a lot of the time you run out 
of time.  Practice it on the ground for a long time.  When it is in 
your head do step number one then do step number two.  Start as soon 
as he puts the opponent over him.

3.  The final step is four simple diagonal buttons.  This again is 
not that hard.  Do the commands on the ground (hit X+Y as well so it 
is in your head too) and then do steps number one and two.  As soon 
as Hayate goes up and does flip kicks start immediately.  This 
should finish the throw.  If you do it Congratulations you have just 
done the hardest throw in the game! 

B. Izuna-Otoshi

Izuna-Otoshi is a combo throw performed by Ryu Hayabusa and is very 
damaging if performed off of heights.  Do not pay attention to the 
command list as it lies.  Izuna-Otoshi isn't really all that hard if 
you know the secret.

1. Like Hayate's Raijin the hardest part of this throw is setting it 
up.  Hit Y and then do the command as listed to send him/her into 
the air.  Practice this a couple of times.  

2. On the next part the instructions lie.  All you have to do is 
randomly spin the joystick and hit X+Y this should finish the throw. 
That wasn't so hard now was it?

C. Obero

This is a move performed by Kasumi.  This is like Izuna-Otoshi.  It 
looks hard but really isn't.  In fact there is only one step.

1. Hit Y+B and hold right if Y+B miss Kasumi will slide forward at 
this time hit X+Y.  This will perform the move.  Congratulations!


There are a couple of neat secrets that Tecmo and Team Ninja put 
into the game.  Here they are:

Play as La Mariposa without her mask:  That's right you can play as 
La Mariposa without her mask.  Just beat story mode at least once 
then pick any costume with X.  On the Kitty Costume La Mariposa has 
you can hit X and she will have a Kitty mask on.  I think it is 
Costume 4, but I could be wrong.  

Change Hairstyles for Kasumi:  Kasumi has a number of different 
hairstyles.  To do so select a costume with A,X,Y, or Start.

Change Hairstyles for Lei Fang: Like Kasumi Lei Fang's hairstyle can 
be altered by selecting a costume with A,B,X,Y, or start.

Lei Fang wearing glasses:  Select a costume with X to see Lei Fang 
with glasses on.

Hitomi with blonde hair:  Select Costume Eight with X or Y.  
Unfortunately this is the only costume you can play as Hitomi with 
blonde hair.

Unlocking Guide

There are a number of unlockables in DOA 4 and here they are:

Ein: Beat Story Mode with Hitomi

Gen Fu: Beat Story Mode with Eliot

Leon: Beat Story Mode with Zack

Helena: Beat Story Mode with all characters

Spartan-458: Beat Story Mode with Helena

Tengu: Beat Time Attack mode with all characters including 

Biolab Core Stage: Beat Story Mode one time with any character

Nassau Station Stage: Unlock Spartan-458

Tatami Stage in Versus Mode: Unlock all characters, all costumes, 
beat story mode with all characters at least once, and unlock all 
system voices with all characters including unlockables

Unlocking Costumes:  There are three ways to unlock costumes.  One 
you can beat Story Mode one time for the desirable costume, two you 
can beat time attack mode one time each for the desirable costume, 
or you can simply buy it from Zack's Shop in Online Play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there really a difference in fighting styles?

A: Yes, there is.  There is actually a huge difference.  Different 
styles mean different combos and juggling opportunities.  

Q: Do you have Online Play?

A: No.  I had it but now my money is tight so I'm sorry!

Q: Can you use weapons in DOA 4?

A: No.  Although it would be a good idea, you can't.

Q: Who is your best character?

A: Honestly it is a tie between Ryu Hayabusa, Brad Wong, and Hayate.  
But if I had to choose it would be Hayate.

Q: Do you mind questions like "who is your favorite character?" or 
"what is your favorite game?"

A: Not at all.  I like hearing other gamers' opinions on things.  I 
like answering questions like that.  Just make the subject "DOA 4 
Question" or I will most likely delete it.

Q: Are you going to write any more FAQs?  If so will they be posted 
on GameFAQs?

A: Yes, I'm writing more FAQs and yes they will be posted on 

Q: Will you write any FAQs for any other DOA games like DOA Ultimate 
or DOA Extreme Beach Volleyball?

A: The answer is no.  The only DOA game I have played is DOA 4.  If 
they come out with DOA 5 or DOA Extreme Beach Volleyball 2 I will be 
sure to buy the game and write a FAQ for the game. 

Q: Do you update your DOA 4 FAQ often?

A: Yes, I try to update it as much as possible.    

Contacting Me

If you have a question or would like to contribute to this FAQ 
please send me an e-mail to [email protected]  If you do 
contribute I will be sure to credit you.  I check my e-mail everyday 
so I will get back to you ASAP.


I would like to give credit to the following people for helping me 
with this FAQ:

Prima Publishing: For helping with me the command lists and 
suggesting a few of the characters' good moves.

Amazingly Wonderful: For giving me the correct nationality for Gen 
Fu and Leon, a correction on Christie's punches, and that about 
mastering characters.

ArcHarry and Cyber Claw: For informing me of Spartan-458's real 

Apoc: For informing me of Leon's Fighting Style.

Drew Baye: For stating Jeet Kune Do is not the same fighting style 
as Jackie Chan.

Thanks a lot you guys!

Legal Things

Disclaimer: All Dead or Alive Aspects are copyrighted to Team Ninja.

If this FAQ is used without permission I will take Legal Action.  
This FAQ is copyrighted to Mighteyna.  If you want it on your 
website just send me an e-mail to [email protected]