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Follow the dark path or use the light

Dark Sector main game walkthrough

by snakespec

˙ūChapter 1: PrologueYour first objective is to plant charges and infiltrate the building. 

Before you start, you may want to lower the aim sensitivity. You can do this in the options menu. 

Head down the path and vault over the small wall. Vault through the window. In this room, grab the ammo, then shoot the lock off the door to proceed. 

In the next room, one of the pillars has a location where you can plant C4. 

Head through the door and down the hall. The next room is a shower room. Around one corner you'll see a soldier kill a infected man. Kill the soldier and pick up his machine gun. Directly behind where he was standing is another location to plant C4. 

At the end of this hall there are four men in the room to the left. There is a crate of ammo in the small room to the left of this room. 

Fight your way down the hall. There is an ammo crate in the small room on the way. You'll get to a locked door. Shoot off the lock and proceed. 

You'll see a scene with a man in a chair. After the scene, head through the hall. The first room has a couple of bad guys, and the room beyond that some more. In this second room you must go to the far end, and use the stairs to get to the elevated walkway that circles the room. When you get to the metal part of the walkway, you'll have to sprint past the windows to avoid the helicopter before it shoots you. 

In this next room is a location to plant C4. If you look out the window here, you'll see a rocket launcher in the courtyard. Exit the room and sprint to this rocket launcher. As soon as you pick it up, you'll have to deal with more infantry. If you stay in the open you'll get hit by the helicopter. So find some cover next to the building, take out your machine gun and kill the soldiers. 

 Once they're gone, you'll have to deal with the helicopter. If you run out of rockets, there are two crates where you can get more. If you die, you'll have to pick up another rocket launcher, there is always one next to one of the crates in the area. 

There is a trick to using the rocket launcher. The rockets are guided, but they have to be locked on to the helicopter. Aim at the helicopter and you'll see the target reticule become red, then get smaller. When it beeps, fire. 

It takes two hits to destroy the helicopter. 

Chapter 2: ExposureYou'll take control of Hayden on a small dock. Walk down the dock and into the building to see another scene. You'll be introduced to the Glaive. You shoot it with the right shoulder button. It has a slow fight time, so you need to lead your targets if they are far away. 

Exit the building and find some cover off to the left. Some enemies will then start shooting at you, so use the Glaive to take them out. The Glaive isn't that great at long range, so you may want to pick up a gun and use that. If you happen to pick up an enemy gun, you'll discover that you can only use it for a limited time (20 seconds) before it burns out and you must discard it. 

Head into the building on your left side and you'll have to fight more enemies. One option you have, instead of throwing the Glaive, is to charge them and use melee attacks. 

There is some money on one of the booth tables. Exit using the stairs in the back. At the top of the stairs is an ammo crate and some money. There is one bad guy in the next room. Go on to the balcony for another crate. Exit through the door near the stairs you came up. 

This takes you into an alleyway. You'll have to kill four bad guys. You'll also see a tutorial about item stealing. On the scaffolding to your right is some C4 you can pick up using this method. You'll need it to blast open the exit door. 

On the other side of the door is some money on the table. On the far end of the room is a box, but you can't walk up to it because of a hole in the floor. Item steal it and you'll get a Weapon Upgrade: Fire Rate Increase. 

In the next room you'll fall through the floor. There is a bad guy who enters through the door, so take him out. He drops a shotgun you can use to take out the guy at the end of the next hall. 

At the end of the hall is a table with some money. The next room opens into a large warehouse. There are several guys shooting at you. Run down the stairs and take cover to the left. Don't worry too much about taking these guys out, because after a minute or two a monster shows up and does it for you. 

Head outside and dodge and roll as much as you can. Don't take out the soldiers because they'll be too busy fighting the monster to notice you. Let the to groups fight until the monster goes away, then mop up any remaining enemies. 

After the monster breaks a hole in the warehouse wall, head outside. In the tower to your right is a Weapon Upgrade: Firepower Upgrade you can item steal. 

Head over to the drawbridge. On the other side of the gap is a blinking red light. Shoot it with the Glaive and it will lower the bridge. 

The next door takes you into a building. Open the grate in the first room and you'll finish the chapter. 

Chapter 3: Baggage ClaimHead down the hall. Be sure to grab the money and ammo on your right. Head out into the rain. 

When you get to the tents, you'll have to deal with a couple of waves of soldiers. Move past the tents to the gate. You'll have to use a power throw to destroy the lock. 

In the next tent is an Weapon Upgrade: Accuracy. Head down the walkway to the next gate. Around this next corner are a whole mess of guys. Don't go too fast and don't charge into them. Move back around the corner and let the first few come closer. You can then peek around the corner just enough to see the closest enemy, but still be out of the line of fire of the others. Do this and you can take them out one at a time. The Glaive doesn't work all that well at long ranges, so you may want to use your pistol. 

When you get to the stairs, be aware that more enemies will come at you from behind the chain link to your left. 

On the far side of this courtyard is a sandbag bunker with a heavy machine gun. The best way to take it out is to move all the way over to the right, and flank it. It has a limited field of fire, so you can approach it from the side without any danger. Lob a grenade inside to kill the gunner. The exit is a grate on the left side of the bunker. 

Head down this hall. To the left of the first door is a Weapon Upgrade: Fire Power hidden behind the generator. 

To open this door you must use Energy Trap. Find the sparking electrical box and throw the Glaive into it. The Glaive will come back filled with electricity. Walk over and throw it at the door. 

Head down the hall until you someone making noise. You'll encounter three infected. Use a power shot with the Glaive to take out the first one, then fall back. These are melee attackers and they will try to charge you. Back up and try to take them out at range. If they do get close to you, get away from them by rolling or dodging. If you can't do that, you'll have to fight them up close. If you do have to engage in melee combat, try to take them one at a time. Running away some helps spread them out. 

The next door is also activated by electricity. 

You'll then come to a flooded room. Climb down the ladder and the lights will go off. Press up on your D-pad to turn on your flashlight. More attackers will come at you, and it's very difficult to see anything. The goal is to stay alive and kill the attackers. There is a sparking light fixture here, and you can grab electricity from it. There isn't a door to open, instead shoot the charged Glaive at a group of enemies and they will all be electrocuted. You can only do this once. 

Try to keep moving, if you stay still the infected will gang up on you. Your handgun is good at taking them down, so use it. Stay off the stairs because there is limited room to maneuver, and if your enemy is below you, Hayden will use his kick melee attack which is far less effective than his normal melee attack. 

After you've killed several waves, a door will open. The next room has a Weapon Upgrage: Double Shot. Open the elevator with a power shot from the Glaive. 

At the top of the elevator you'll be shown how to use After Touch. After throwing the Glaive, hold the right shoulder button and use the right analog stick to control the Glaive. This improves the Glaive's long range capabilities. 

Head outside and to your left will be a bunch of enemies. Use After Touch to take them out, but watch for the ones that try to flank you by using the stairs to your right. The best way to do it is take them out one at a time as they come up the stairs. 

You'll also see some strange colors flash. It almost looks like a glitch, but it's part of the game. 

After a bit, an enemy with a shield will come up the stairs. Shooting him is ineffective. He will try to get close to you, then use melee attacks. Dodge or roll away if he gets close. To take him out, get some distance between you and him. 

There are two ways to take him out: 

1.Hit him with the Glaive. This will knock his shield away for a moment, then you can shoot him. You'll have to do this a couple of times. 

2.Use After Touch to maneuver the Glaive around the shield and hit an exposed area like his back or his foot. You'll probably have to try this a few times before you hit him. You'll have to hit him twice to kill him. 

While you're killing the shield carrying enemy, you'll also have to deal with the other enemies who come up the stairs. 

When he's dead, you'll still have to deal with plenty of other enemies in this area. It will take a while before it is clear. When you're done, head down the stairs in the middle of the roof. On the left set of stairs you'll find a Weapon Upgrade: Clip Extender. 

To exit the roof, go to the far right corner. Here you'll see a door behind a chain link fence. There is red light next to the door. Throw the Glaive over the fence, and guide it to hit the red light. This will open the fence gate. 

You'll then see a scene with your contact. 

In the next room, go down the ladder and through the next door. 

Chapter 4: Moths to the FlameOpen the gate with a Power Throw. The next area has some suitcases with cash. Head down the hall and notice on the ground is a flashing manhole cover. Walk up to this and enter the black market. 

At this time you may want to buy a second gun, like the AKS-74. You'll also want to install some upgrades on it and your pistol. 

Move into the next area. As soon as you jump down into the courtyard you'll come under fire. There isn't much cover here, so you may as well get behind one of the planters. You'll have to deal with another shield carrying enemy, but you can deal with him the same way you did with the last one. If the other enemies are shooting you up while you're taking out the shield carrying enemy, you can head all the way to the right and forward. This area is safe from enemy fire, but provides poor cover when you actually want to engage the enemy again. 

The only thing you don't want to do here is go off to the left side of the area. There is a heavy machine gun and another couple waves of bad guys. You want to be able to take this section on after you've taken care of the first. Your other option is to run over there right off and use the machine gun against the rest of the enemies here. 

There is another shield enemy here. 

Past the machine gun is a small courtyard. You'll find a Weapon Upgrade: Puncture here. Go through the door into the building. 

Use a Power Throw to open the next door. The courtyard behind it has some infected. Don't let them get close and use guns to take them out. Don't enter the courtyard until you've dealt with them. When you do enter the courtyard you'll hear some music (the Soviet national anthem) and you'll be attacked by another wave of infected. 

On the left side of the courtyard is a door with an electrical box, and on the right side is a case with a Weapon Upgrade: Reload Speed. 

The monument in the center of the courtyard has a valve. Turn this valve. Notice that some gas is coming out of the top of the monument. Head back to the room with the electrical box and gather some electricity. Shoot the powered Glaive through this column of gas to light it on fire. This also lights the Glaive on fire. Shoot it at the black mass of stuff covering the door and it will burn away. You can now go through this door. 

Head up the stairs, and move forward. You'll have another door that requires a Power Throw. Past this door is another black mass, but you can use the flame you can see the courtyard. Use the elevator. 

Move forward, dealing with the few infected you encounter. You'll have to take out another black mass. Move forward to the door and you'll end up outside watching a scene. 

Move forward until you encounter some enemies and an emplaced machine gun. The soldier manning the gun is facing away from you, so you can kill him and use the machine gun against everyone else here. It is horribly inaccurate, but has unlimited ammo. Keep firing at all times. 

Two shield enemies will approach. You can either take them out with the usual tactics or stay at the machine gun and wait for them to go up the stairs to your right. They don't change the direction of their shields, so you can hit them on the side as they go up the stairs. 

Far to the right of the machine gun is a case with a Weapon Upgrade: Stopping Power. 

In the tent here is a case that requires a power throw to open, but inside there is only ammo. Be sure to grab the cash on the table in the tent. 

Move forward through the hallway, the next courtyard has two shield bearers. Past them is a barricade manned by several soldiers. Behind them is an entrance to the Black Market. Exit this area through the small alley near the barricade. 

You'll come to a walkway over a street. To your right and below you is a machine gun. Stay on the left side of the walkway to avoid fire from the gun and cross the walkway. On the far side is a place where you can jump down, but before you do, take out any enemies you see down there. 

Jump down to the street and vault over the sandbags on the left hand side. Go to the stairs, but don't go up them until you're ready. As soon as you step on the first stair, an explosion will go off blocking the path behind you. 

The next area is a boss fight. The monster you're fighting is called a "Jackal." It is a sort of walking tank with four legs, machine guns, and heavy armor. 

Run up the stairs and grab the rocket launcher. It's on the pile of crates at the top of the stairs. These rockets aren't guided, which actually makes this fight easier. Finding rockets for the launcher is a little harder. They are spread out around this area. Some are on the crates, others are on the park benches. You'll need to hit the monster five times on the "face" to destroy it. 

The crates where you pick up the rocket launcher isn't great cover, so sprint to the crates in the corner ahead and to your right. There are more rockets here and you can peek out either side to shoot the monster. 

The machine guns tend to fire in bursts of around 10 seconds, then stop for a second or two. When the guns stop, pop out and shoot it. 

When it hides behind it's armored legs, it's about to shoot a rocket. This will kill you with one shot if you're not behind cover. 

Once the monster is dead, use the Glaive to gather fire from it's burning corpse and burn the black mass off the exit door. 

Inside the building you'll see the room to the right has a gas leak and a hole in the ceiling. Head up the stairs and enter the door to your left. Here you'll find a sparking electrical box. Head over to the hall on the right side of this area and you'll be in the second floor of the room with the gas leak. Go back to the room with the stairs and shoot the Glaive across the room to the electrical box. Then go in the room with the gas and shoot the Glaive at the gas. This will light it on fire. Use the flaming Glaive to burn the black mass in the hall. This will reveal a staircase. 

Go up the stairs and you'll see another hall with a black mass at the end. The room off this hall lead to a room above the flame on the first floor. Grab this flame and run over to the black mass. 

This takes you to an attic space where you'll see a scene. 

When you regain control, directly ahead of you is a case with a Weapon Upgrade: Fire Rate Increase. In the middle of the street is a manhole entrance to the Black Market. 

Head down the alley here and you'll hear and see gunfire. Some infected are attacking some soldiers. As usual, don't charge in. Take them on one at a time by moving forward, attacking, then falling back to the hall where you came from. 

There is one shield barer here, and two more once you get to the base of the bridge. 

A heavy machine gun is stationed on the bridge, pointed along the bridge. You can take it out by standing next to the bridge and using the Glaive. 

Head across the bridge. On the far side are some soldiers fighting against infected. Run up to the machine gun and take cover behind the sandbags. Use the Glaive to take out the soldiers, then your (or an AK off the ground) AK to take out the infected. 

Run up to the machine gun on the far side of the bridge and use it to take out the group of infected you see in the passageway. This will cause a bunch of stuff to explode around them. Keep shooting until the fires die down. 

Move forward to the flames, then take the passage on your left. There is some cash on the crate here. The next open area has what looks like a burnt out church in the center. In this structure is a Weapon Upgrade: Enferon Shells. This area is otherwise empty. Exit via the gate that requires a power throw to open. 

This will take you to a courtyard. Here you'll find the exit blocked by a black mass. There is a valve here, so go ahead and use it. This turns on some torches in the area where you can gather flame to burn the black mass. 

Head down the passage and you'll see another open area. It is filled with infected. As soon as you see them, back up into the passage. Use an AK or shotgun to take them out before they get close to you. When they stop coming, the area will be safe to move through. 


The small circles show where you can throw the Glaive to hit the torches. The green lines show where you can run with the flaming Glaive.The next area is free of enemies. You will see a monument, a gate, and two staircases, one of them blocked by a black mass. You can't use this stuff just yet, so go down the open staircase to your left. 

At the bottom you'll be attacked by a dog-like undead animal. It moves fast, your best bet is to shoot it as it's coming out of the ground. If you can't, then shoot it while backing away. 

The end of this curving passage is blocked, but there is a staircase in the middle. Head up the stairs, past the unlit torch, and into the building. When you get to the well lit room in the center of the building, run back out. Infected will attack you, and if you stay in this room they will come at you from both sides. If you run outside, the door acts as chokepoint and you can shoot them as they come through it. 

Once the infected stop coming, the room will be safe to enter. The next room has a Weapon Upgrade: Reload Speed and a valve. 

The valve lights the torch in the well lit room. Grab fire from the torch and light the torch outside. Head over to the courtyard with the black mass. As soon as you enter, more infected will attack. Run back down the stairs and into the curving passage. This lets you shoot them as they come down the stairs. Once this area is clear you can go back to the torch you just lit, grab some fire and sprint to the first area. Light the torch here. You can use this flame to burn the black mass on the other staircase. 

Move forward into this new area. It is also a curving passageway and undead dogs will come out of the ground. To the right of the area, in the center, is a torch. Light this torch from the torch you used last time, then use this newly lit torch to burn the black mass. 

The next open area shows a cut scene. You'll then have to fight a couple of soldiers in the courtyard with the flaming tree. There is a Weapon Upgrade: Puncture here. Near the fountain is a black market manhole. 

Grab one of the fires burning here and remove the black mass blocking the entrance to the church. Go inside. In the second room you'll see another scene. 

 You'll now have to fight the ape-like boss. He's going to stay of the ceiling most of this fight. He'll throw stone at you, but as long as you keep moving they won't hit you. You can throw the Glaive and it will destroy the stone if the two hit in the air. If you stand behind the pillars here, the stone will destroy the pillar. 

The good news is that his attacks don't do much damage. If you do get injured run to the wings of the church. If you can't make it that far, just keep sprinting or rolling to keep away from his attacks. 

There is no one way or trick to defeat this boss. He has a health meter, even though you can't see it. You just have to do enough damage to him, and he'll die. 

Notice in this room above the altar there is an electrical device. Every few seconds it pulses with electricity. You can use this electricity to do extra damage to him. 

The most damaging attack involves the overturned torch here. If you hit the boss with a flaming Glaive, he'll fall down. Once he's on the ground, run up to him and press B or Circle to finish him. This won't kill him, but it will do a lot of damage. 

Do not stand directly below the boss. You can't look straight up, so he'll be able to throw stones at you that you can't dodge. 

Sometimes he stays on the ground rather than going back up to the ceiling. He'll still throw rocks at you, and he will sometimes charge. Dodging to the left or right are effective defenses against both of these attacks. Stay near the torch, keep lighting him on fire and hit him with power throws when you can. 

Whet you've killed him, you'll get the Power Shield. There is a 15 second cooldown time between uses. If you haven't used it in a while, you can use it twice in a row. Exit behind the altar to end the level. 

In this first room is a rocket turret that will let you practice using the power shield. Hide behind the pillars while the shield is cooling down. You can't destroy the turret, so just run through the room when after you've tested the shield. Head forward until the hall dead ends. You'll see a metal square that you can't open. You'll want to know where this is because you'll be using it in just a moment. 

Backtrack a bit to the open metal door. Go in and see a cut scene. After this scene you'll have 55 seconds to get away. You'll have some infected try to stop you. There are two doors to this room. Don't go through the metal door you came in just yet, go through the other one. This room has a Weapon Upgrade: Upgrade Slots. Now exit through the door you came in and go back to the hall. Go through the now open metal square. Sprint through this small hallway then jump down at the end to stop the timer. 

Chapter 5: The ShipmentIn this room is a Weapon Upgrade: Clip Extender. There is also a black market entrance. 

Go down the hall and use the sparking electrical box to open the door. On the other side of the door a wall will explode and you'll see another Jackal. It's the four-legged monster you fought earlier in the game. The first thing you must do is run outside and take cover behind the truck. Your enemy will shoot it until it starts to smoke. When it does, get away because the truck is about to explode. Grab some of this fire and use in to burn the black mass on the far side of this area. This will expose a sparking electrical box. Hide behind one of the pillars and get some electricity. You'll have to maneuver the Glaive over the fence. 

Shoot the electrified Glaive at the boss a couple of times. When you see it sparking electricity, run up to, then behind it. When you're behind it you can use the B or circle button to hop inside. 

After a few moments inside the Jackal, one of the walls will blow away. You'll be attacked by several soldiers, some of whom have rockets. Use the Jackal's weapons (and unlimited ammo) to take them out before proceeding. Slowly make your way along this road. 

The road will end and you'll need to get out in order to enter the warehouse at the end. 

On the other side of the door, cross the railroad bridge and you'll receive Energy Pulse. This is one of the more fun weapons in the game. All you have to do is gather fire or electricity, then throw the Glaive again and push down on the right analog stick. This will cause the Glaive to explode and kill anyone around it. 

When you get across the bridge you'll find some soldiers. Try using the Energy Pulse against them. It is especially effective against the shield bearing enemies. 

Exit through the building on the far right side. 

When you open the door here, you'll have to deal with a room full of soldiers. Fight your way upstairs. The next area is a two level warehouse, and you start on the second level. There is a black market entrance on the first floor in the center. 

When you're done with the black market, head outside to see a scene. You'll end up on the freighter. 

Move forward until you see a lone soldier. Kill him and take a look out over the ship. If you have the VX Carbine this is a great time to use it. 

When you jump down, you'll have to deal with another helicopter. There may be one or two soldiers hiding down there, so watch out for them. There is a rocket launcher in the middle of the boat, and a crate full of rockets. 

After you've hit it four times, the helicopter will crash into the deck and open up a hole. Jump down into this hole. Move forward to a room of cages. One of them will open as you approach. Use the red button here to open the door to the next area. 

Off to the right is a Weapon Upgrade: Fire Power. Move thorough this room of cages to the next one, and you'll see a scene. 

After this scene you'll have ten minutes to get off the boat before it sinks. There is a ladder to the right of the door you came in. Climb it and you'll see a hallway. Follow it to a flooded room and the first left has a bridge of crates you can use to get to the other side. 

The door here is sealed, but there is a sparking electrical box on the other side of the room. 

The next room also has a door that is sealed. The electrical box is nearby, but you have to maneuver the Glaive through the holes in the fence in front of it. 

The third room is a similar set up, except that there are two fences in front of the box. 

Head up the stairs, DO NOT GO OUT THE DOOR just yet. At the top of the second set of stairs is a Weapon Upgrade: Upgrade Slots Now you may exit the door and you'll safely get off the boat. 

Chapter 6: The BaitThere is a black market entrance in the area where you start. If you need just a bit more cash there is some money behind the truck. In the tent just past the fence is a Weapon Upgrade: Accuracy. As soon as you pick it up, head back to where you came from. 

There are some new enemies that attack. These are infected, but they have a ranged attack that does quite a bit of damage. It looks like they are throwing handfuls of darts at you, hence the nickname "Dart-throwers." 

Exit by going into the large building. The first room is empty, but the second has a Weapon Upgrade: Enferon Shells. This room also has a black mass blocking one end. There is also a hole in this room that is filled with pipes. One of these pipes has a section that you can break (it's flashing). Hit it with the Glaive and it will spray water on the generator. This will cause it to short out and catch fire. Use this fire to burn the black mass. 

The next room has some dart-throwers. 

The next room has several waves of dart-throwers. If you have a sniper rifle, you can head back up the stairs and pick them off as they run around in the room. 

In the back of this room is a hallway filled with paintings. Go through the door. The next room has two bad guys. Exit by going out the window. When you do, more infected will attack. In addition to dart-throwers, you'll also have to deal with some melee attackers. When you kill them, they stumble for a moment then explode. 

The bad guys in this area keep coming, so this fight can get messy. The two groups of enemies have a pretty good strategy: the melee attackers keep you busy while the dart-throwers do damage. Go after the dart-throwers first and try to keep the enemy spread out so they don't overwhelm you with their numbers. 

The next area looks like a central train terminal. As you enter you'll see a bunch of enemies, but don't bother killing them. After a moment a Power Armor soldier drops through the skylight. He will start shooting everything he sees. Try to stay out of the way and let them kill each other. 

This guy with the machine gun moves very slowly, so you can stay safely out of his way. Once he's killed off the infected, you'll have to take him out. 

To kill him, you'll have to do a lot of damage to him. After you've done enough, you'll see him flash red. When he does, get close to him and you'll be offered a finishing move (B or Circle button). 

The guns, grenades, and Power Throws you have are all good ways to do damage. Activating the Power Shield and using melee attacks also works well. Just be sure to spring away before the shield runs out. 


Keep moving to your left around the crates and he won't hit you.There is another thing that you can use to your advantage: the power armor right handed. In the main part of this room is a stack of crates that is big enough to stand behind. If you do stand behind them, he'll walk up to them. You can shoot his right side before he gets his gun around the crates. Start walking to the left and he'll follow. Each time he comes around the corner, you can shoot him with your gun or Glaive before he can fire. You can keep doing this for quite a while. If he changes directions and starts walking around the other side, you can move to your right and shoot him in the back. 

On the right side of this room is a Weapon Upgrade: Stopping Power. 

After he's dead, you'll notice that he is sparking. On the far left side of the main room is a small room where there is an electrical box. Gather some electricity from his corpse and use it to open this door. Enter the elevator and you'll see a scene when you get to the top. 

Chapter 7: Industrial EvolutionThis level starts off with an entrance to the black market. The next area has a bunch of Dart Throwers. You may want to fight them from the hallway with the black market entrance by shooting through the windows. 

Go through the hall. In the next room, a train yard, is an large tank on one of the train cars. The tank is filled with coolant, and you can grab some cold by shooting in with you Glaive. Use this to shatter the black mass to the left of the door you came in. 

The next room has a bunch of Dart Throwers and Infected Chargers. There is also a Weapon Upgrade: Fire Power. 

When you move to the far side of this courtyard you'll be attacked by a more advanced Dart Thrower. It has the ability to go invisible for a few seconds at a time and can take more damage than a regular dart thrower. 

You'll also see several coolant tanks here. You're only able to use each one once. 

Head through the hall at the back of this area and into the next. This area is another train yard. It has a large coolant tank. 

As you move forward, you'll encounter dart throwers and advanced dart throwers in groups of two. The next hall has some close range infected attackers and an advanced dart thrower. 

Go through the door at the end. The next courtyard has dart throwers. 

The next area looks like a water drainage area. The first part has infected chargers and the second has dart throwers. 

At the end of the next hallway you'll see some flames and hear gunshots. You can use this flame against the soldiers in the next area. For some reason, their weapons seem more powerful than other soldiers you've faced in the past. The hardest part of this little fight is the lack of good cover on your side of the courtyard. 

Use the Glaive's Energy Pulse ability to take out the soldiers. Do not cross the street until all the soldiers are dead and no more are coming. 

When you get to the other side of the street another mini-gun battle armor boss will appear. This area is far less open then the last time you faced one of these, so you'll have to be more careful about moving. You'll want to use your power shield if he gets close. 

Do damage to him with Energy Pulse. This ability does so much more damage that this fight is far easier than the last one. You don't even need to wait for him to turn red or do a finishing move. Just keep hitting him and stay out of his line of fire. To do extra damage, trigger the Energy Pulse as the glaive is passing through his body. 

When he dies, his corpse will start sparking. Grab some of this electricity and go to the room on the far side of this area. There you'll find an electric control panel, and all you have to do is maneuver the Glaive over the fence in front of it. Be aware that the fence has hard to see barbed wire on the top, and you must get the Glaive over this wire. 

In the next room is a Weapon Upgrade: Upgrade Slots on the balcony above the door you just came in. From there move on until you reach the loading screen. 

This area has some dart throwers and advanced dart throwers. You'll be helped out by the cryo-tank and flames in this area. When you're ready to leave, grab some cold from the tank and throw it into the fire. Use energy pulse when the Glaive is flying through the flames and it will put out the fire. Move through the tunnel. 

You'll have to push a cart out of the way to proceed. At the bend in the tunnel is a dark corner. Some sort of monster will attack you from a pipe here. Push the indicated button and it will go away. 

Farther down the tunnel you'll see an entrance to a structure. Inside is an entrance to the black market. To continue, go onto the train tracks before the structure. 

In the next room you'll encounter dart throwers. Use the sparking light fixtures to power Energy Pulses to take out your enemies. Sometimes a train will use the tracks in the middle of this room. 

Move forward on the train tracks on the far side of this room. The next area has both infected and soldiers. Let them kill each other off, then go in and mop up whoever is left. 

Proceed over the train cars. At the far end of the cars is a machine gun, but don't run over and try to use it. There are some dart throwers to the right, and they will attack you from the rear if you're on the machine gun. In fact, you may not want to use the machine gun at all. Dart throwers do too much damage for you to stay in the open, and the machine gun doesn't kill them fast enough to stop them from shooting you. 

In the far left corner of this room is a Weapon Upgrade: Clip Extender. Exit through the hall or your right. 

This next room has a valve in the middle. This valve activates a cold tank. The other interesting thing about this room is the leaking water. If you hit a stream of water with cold, it will freeze. You can use these columns of ice as cover. 

There aren't too many soldiers here, but there is another Power Armor Soldier. Defeat him the same way you defeated the last one. 

To exit this area, use a cold energy pulse to put out the fire on the far end. 

Move forward down this passage to the next room. There are no enemies here. You'll need to get past the flooded section on the left, so grab some cold from the tanks on the right and freeze the water. Step up onto the platform in the spot where there is no rail, and go through the door. 

The next passage is filled with melee attackers. There is a flame you can use, but it's easier to just shoot them. They are easier to kill if you get them as they come out of the ground. When you hear a train whistle, you want to get off the tracks. A train is coming and if it hits you it will kill you. The good news is that it also kills any enemies on the tracks. 

Move forward and the next room has more dart throwers. Don't forget about the sparking light fixtures and the cold tanks in this room. 

One of the walls here seems to have a glitch. If you're standing on the train tracks the dart throwers are able to shoot through one of the walls. Stay behind the pillars if this happens to you. 

On the far side of this room, next to the third set of train tracks is an entrance to the black market. 

Go up the stairs and you'll see a courtyard with a statue in the center. There is a Weapon Upgrade: Double Shot. next to the truck. 

Go inside the building. When you go inside you'll face dart throwers, advanced dart throwers, and infected chargers. There is very little cover here, so you'll want to use your shield often. 

The next large room (with all the generators on the floor) has a Weapon Upgrade: Stopping Power. It is located on the walkway on the other side of the room, you'll have to use Item Steal to get it. Fight your way through this room. 

The next large room has a valve directly in front of you as you enter. This turns on water from the ceiling. There are two cryo tanks in this room, and you're going to need them. The room is filled with dart throwers and advanced dart throwers. They are mostly on the catwalks on the second level and are able to shoot down at you. They also use chain link fences to their advantage. You'll want to turn the valve and freeze the water into columns for more cover. Use Energy Pulse liberally, or a sniper rifle if you have it. Remember that you can throw the Glaive over the catwalks, then maneuver it down on top of your enemies. 

Exit this room and head down the stairs. This room has an entrance to the black market. If you have a sniper rifle equipped, you'll want to change it out for a rifle. Exit through the door at the end of the hall and you'll see a scene. After the scene, you'll have the boss fight. 

This boss is invisible most of the time. Look for splashes in the water to give away his location. 

On both sides of this area you'll see barrels on conveyor belts. These are cryo tanks. Use these when you can to damage the boss. 

He has several attacks. The first is a charge attack: he runs up and hits you. This can do quite a bit of damage. He also has a ranged attack that looks similar to the one used by dart throwers. He doesn't use this attack much, but it can kill you with one hit. Use your shield to reflect this attack back at him. 

There is a glitch you can use to defeat this boss. Along one wall is a dry area with a door. If you stand next to this door, the boss won't charge you. Instead he'll run around the area and use his ranged attack, but this won't hit you. After a while he'll stand on the far side of the room. You might have to move just a bit away from the door to shoot him, but don't go far. When you do shoot him, he just stands there. He's out of range of the Glaive, but you can shoot him all day long. The downside to this tactic is that it takes hundreds of shots with a rifle to take him down. If you don't want to use that much ammo, move forward just a bit and he'll shoot at you. Use your shield to reflect it back. 

After you've done enough damage, he'll flash red. Run up to him and do a finishing move. 

After the fight you'll get the ability to become invisible. Use this ability to get through the exit. 

Chapter 8: Unnatural HistoryThe room you're in is empty, so move to the next one. There are melee infected here that you'll have to fight. If they start to overwhelm you, run back into the room where you started. For some reason, they don't like to go into this room and you can shoot or Glaive them. If they do enter, leave. They don't like to leave either, so you can shoot and Glaive them some more from outside. 

Move forward to the second hallway, past the room with the tape recording. In the room with the washing machines is a Weapon Upgrade: Accuracy. 

Move forward, past the shower room. Keep going until you get to a door. 

Past this door is a large room. You enter on the second floor, and have to deal with scores of dart throwers and advanced dart throwers. There is a machine gun here, but if you use it be sure no one sneaks up behind or to the side of you. 

When you hear a voice over the loudspeaker you know that you've killed the last one. On the ground floor under the desk in the center is a Weapon Upgrade: Clip Extender. 

You'll see that the exit door requires electricity to open. The door has a window and through it you can see a sparking electrical box. To the left of this door is a blockaded doorway you can shoot the Glaive over and hit the box. 

Inside this door is a machinegun turret. Use invisibility to get around it. Or you can grab some electricity from the box and destroy it. Use the elevator. 

Exit the elevator and the next room is filled with moving lasers. Use invisibility to get past it. You could just run through, but then you'd be too weak to defeat the enemies in the next room. 

The room after this one has two machine gun turrets. Move into the room, then back out. Let these turrets kill the infected inside. If any infected get past the turrets, shoot them as they come through the door. Use invisibility to get past the turrets. 

The next room is filled with lasers. Use invisibility and run through it. This room after this one has advanced dart throwers. On one of the surgery tables is a Weapon Upgrade: Fire Power. 

Exit down the stairs and you'll see a scene. After this scene you'll have some new armor. Head down the hall, and fight the advanced dart throwers in the next room. In this room on one of the boxes against the wall is a Weapon Upgrade: Reload Speed. 

The room after that has a sparking electrical box you can use against your enemies. There are some machine gun turrets and some soldiers. Past the barricade is a room on the right where you'll find a Weapon Upgrade: Enferon Shells. Exit this room via the elevator at the back of the main room. 

Chapter 9: Threshold GuardianHead outside and jump down. At the bottom is an entrance to the black market. Around the corner is several thousand in cash. Exit by using a power throw on the gate. 

Past the gate is a large group of soldiers. Use invisibility to move forward to cover and take them out with the Glaive. If you have the sniper rifle you can use it against the guys in the back. If not, pick up an AK or two and shoot them with that. 

In the second half of this area are two shield bearers. On the far side to the left is a Weapon Upgrade: Fire Rate Increase. Across the way in a similar alcove is some cash. 

In the next building is a mini-gun carrying power suit. There isn't much cover in this room, nor is there good cover. 

One thing that's different about this fight is your invisibility ability. If the power suit is attacking you, and you disappear, he'll keep attacking that same area until he sees you again. 

There isn't an obvious source of fire or cold you can use against him. It seems the only way to defeat him is to just do lots of damage against him. The easiest way to do damage is to head back outside the building. There is a glitch where he'll stand near the door and keep shooting into the wall. You can use the Glaive over and over to hit his exposed left shoulder. When he starts to spark you're almost there. When he flashes red you can either just keep hurting him or go in for a finishing move. 

Grab electricity from his corpse to open the next door. 

This area is filled with more soldiers, most of them too far away to hit with the Glaive. There are two soldiers waiting in a room to your right, on the far wall. They will try to flank you if you let them. The soldiers in front of you and below you will throw hand grenades, so watch out for those. 

 Unfortunately for those poor soldiers there is a mini-gun just outside the door. There are no rockets for it, but you have unlimited machine gun ammo. The mini-gun is wildly inaccurate, so go for enemies who are out in the open first. 

Make sure you're behind cover when using the mini-gun; the soldiers here will gun you down if you stand in the open. 

Hold down the trigger and gun down everyone here. There is one shield barer, but you can get him easily as he's moving across the walkway. He has to move to one side and exposes his flank. When you're sure they're all dead, go through the door at the back of this area. 

The next area opens with infected chargers. The mini-gun is the perfect weapon for taking them out, so hold down the trigger until they are all dead as well. These are more powerful enemies than you've faced in the past, and some of them have a sprint ability, but the mini-gun makes them easy. 

Head forward until you get a to a machine gun bunker. Just past that is an entrance to the black market. Entering will not cause you to loose your mini-gun. 

Continue on to the left. You'll come to long straight walkway. Cross it and you'll see a scene. You'll then have to fight two power armors and a bunch of soldiers. The best thing to do is move to your left and take cover as best you can against the pillar. Don't aim for the soldiers, just go after the power armor. You should be able to take both of them out before they really start firing. After they're dead, infected will attack the soldiers. Take cover and let them kill each other. 

Move across the small bridge in front of you to a walkway. This walkway goes around the perimeter of the area. Move along it until you get to an area behind where you started. You'll have to mow down some more soldiers here. You'll also notice a black mass along one of the walls. Use the fire burning here, or the electricity from the power armor corpses to destroy the mass and reveal a ladder. Before you go up this ladder make sure you've gone all the way to the left of the ladder and taken out any enemies that appear. 

To climb the ladder you'll have to abandon the mini-gun. You'll have to fight some more soldiers on this upper walkway, so take them out and move to the machine gun bunker. Just past the bunker is an entrance to the black market. This will be your last chance in the game to buy anything, so spend all the cash you have. You'll also want to equip the AKS-74 or Korbov TK6, because you'll want an assault rifle for the last boss fight. When' you're done with the market, exit the area by entering a small room at the end of the walkway. 

In this area you'll notice six jackals (four-legged tanks), but they're not active. Move into the building. In the first room you'll see a scene. You'll then have to fight the nemesis. 

 As soon as this battle starts, he'll charge at you. The moment you get control, dodge out of the way. 

His melee attacks are very powerful; he can kill you with one hit. This is his preferred method of attacking, so you'll spend much of this fight dodging or otherwise staying away from his attacks. Your shield is useless against these attacks. Your invisibility does work and you can use this to get away from his attacks or sneak up behind him. 

After a minute or so of him attacking and you dodging, he'll summon some electricity, then immediately hurl his electrified weapon at you. You must dodge this attack. Start dodging as soon as you see him summon electricity. 

After this attack he leaves his weapon on the ground. Sometimes it ends up on the wall. You can throw your Glaive at it and pick up some electricity. Throw your electrified Glaive at him, and he'll kneel down. Run up to him and you'll be offered a finishing move. Do this move and you won't win the fight, but you will injure him. To win the fight you have to do this process around five times. After the fifth finishing move you'll know you've beaten him when the game switches to a scene. 

Sometimes after a finishing move he'll jump up to a platform above you and summon more electricity. He will again throw his weapon at you. Although this may look different than what he did on the ground, it's really the same thing. You can counter it the same way: grab some electricity from his weapon and throw your Glaive at him. Aim for his feet or ankles because they are the only part not covered by his shield. 

During most of this game you want to stay under cover, but for this fight you want to stay away from the two pillars here. You need to dodge all the time, and if you're near the pillars sometimes Hayden tries to take cover rather than dodge. 

After this fight you'll end up outside. You'll see a Jackal you can hop in, and three soldiers to take out. If your Jackal gets damaged, there is another one here you can use. Move forward in the Jackal. Use your main gun to destroy the gate. 

When you pass through the gate you'll be attacked by soldiers, some with rockets, and an armored personnel carrier. Go after the soldiers with the rockets on the cliff in front of you, then the soldiers on the ground. The armored personnel carrier won't hurt you. There is however a rocket armed soldier behind the truck. 

Blast the second gate. There are rocket soldiers on the cliff in front of you. A group of soldiers will then attack from the right. You can, at any time, hop out and attack on foot. If you have the sniper rifle this would work especially well. You can also grab the rocket launchers scattered around the area. 

Move forward and you'll see some machine gunners on the bridge. Take them out before they shoot at you. The tents to your left are empty. Exit through the bunker complex to your right. 

Chapter 10: The Dark SectorMove forward down the canyon (there are no enemies) and you'll see a scene. 

When the scene ends, you'll be surrounded. Use invisibility and run forward to the cover of some rocks. Use the Glaive to take out as many enemies as you can. You can use invisibility to move to a different location. 

When the soldiers are dead, move through the tunnel. Inside, you'll find a ladder to the right of the entrance. At the top is a control panel for the door. 

Move through the tunnel and you'll be attacked by advanced dart throwers. There is little cover here, and there are a bunch of them. Use the sparking light fixtures. 

Once they're cleared out, pick up the ammo in this room. Then go to the elevator. When you push the elevator button an alarm goes off and you're attacked again. As soon as you push the button, find a defensible position. The end of the tunnel is a good place. You can go where ever you want, just decide where to go before you push the button. 

Once all these new enemies are dead, exit via the elevator. 

At the bottom of the elevator you'll be in a small room. There are stairs leading to a sparking door and a ramp going up. Take the ramp, it leads to a room with no enemies. Use the control panel. Go back into the previous room and you'll find the door at the bottom of the stairs is now open. 

After you go through the door you'll see a scene. Go through the second door and the next room is empty. Go through the train tunnel and you'll see a loading screen. In this next room you'll see another scene. When Hayden says "I think they're going to have a long wait," the final boss fight will begin. 

The area you're fighting in is small and has no cover. You'll need to dodge any attacks. There is ammo on both the right and left sides, if you run out. There is also a sparking object above the boss where you can gather electricity. 

The boss consists of three giant tentacles. They lash out at you, and spit out some kind of gas. They also sometimes throw rocks at you. You can dodge all these dodge attacks. 

This fight has three stages. 

First Stage: 

Keep moving side to side so you don't get hit by the tentacles. Grab some electricity and throw your Glaive. Aim for the white part on the top of the end of the tentacle. If you have trouble hitting them, use energy pulse. When you hit this, the tentacle will open its "mouth." Throw the electrified Glaive again and aim for the center of the mouth. If you have a very good aim, you can go straight for their open mouths when they attack. This will kill the tentacle. Do this for all three and you'll see a very short scene. As soon as this scene starts, switch to your rifle. You'll need to shoot Mezener (the guy in the center of the monster) within just a few seconds. If you don't hit him soon enough, you'll be killed by an energy pulse. 

Second Stage: 

This is the same as the first stage, except you'll also be attacked by infected. They spawn infinitely, so don't wait for them to stop. Kill them to get them away from you, then take out the tentacles the same way you did last time. Often the infected will just stand there and each time you come near them, you'll be offered a finishing move. Don't take it because if you kill them they will just respawn. Be sure to reload your rifle sometime at the beginning of this fight. You'll need it to shoot the Mezner at the end of the stage. 

Third Stage: 

Same as the first sage, except that there are two more tentacles. One is off to the left, the other off to the right. Smaller tentacles will come out of the ground and attack you. A new electrical source appears on your right next to the new tentacle. 

Keep moving, dodge all the time, and use invisibility to buy yourself some time. 

After you've destroyed the fifth tentacle, shoot Mezner one last time and you'll win the game. Watch the final cut scene and then the credits. 

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