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by vhayste


                               C R Y S I S   3


                            W A L K T H R O U G H

                        AUTHOR: PAUL MICHAEL (VHAYSTE®)
                          CONTACT: [email protected]


Illustrated online version of the guide is available below

                         [  C O P Y R I G H T  ]

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6:20 PM 2/28/2013 
      + Walkthrough completed up to Mission 6
      + Online guide's achievement guide not yet online
      + Online guide's dedicated collectibles page not yet online


New York 2047, 24 years after the events in Crysis 2. Players will assume
the role of Prophet, who returns to the city and discovers it encased in a
gigantic Nanodome created by CELL. NYC Liberty Dome as it is called
contains an urban rainforest with teeming flora and dense environments.
It's up to him to uncover the truth behind the mega-corporation's motives
and attempt for global domination.

This guide will assist you in completing the campaign missions and collect
all collectibles such as Datapads, Blackboxes and Propaganda Posters. This
guide will also feature an achivement guide to help players hunt and unlock

                      T A B L E   OF   C O N T E N T S

 Use CTRL + F using the codes below to jump to the topic you want to access.

MS01 ------- POST-HUMAN
MS06 ------- ONLY HUMAN

                               C A M P A I G N

Mission 1: POST-HUMAN
Datapads: 7
Blackboxes: 2
Propaganda Posters: 0

Take note that you can locate and tag collectibles too when you're in
range. As soon as the mission starts, activate your nanovisor by pressing
the UP dpad once. You should find the first datapad beside a corpse just
down the ramp.

Follow your Psycho and make your way up to the CELL platform. Once inside,
he'll ask you to put your silencer on. Press the Back button then press Y
to equip the silencer.

Head inside then take out the guard to your left. If you want, you can
activate your nanovisor to scan the area and tag targets. Take the stairs
to the right and follow the path until you reach the control room. Take the
first datapad on the terminal to the right.

Go downstairs and open the hatch to let Psycho in. There's also an ammo
cache beside it as well. Continue ahead and Psycho will give you the
Predator Bow. You can press Y to equip your normal weapons and press the
Down DPAD to equip the bow. Press the Back button to customize the draw
strength and changing the arrow types.

After the scene, head to the stairs but don't go down yet. There's another
datapad on top of the machine in the corner.

Head to the next area and dispatch the enemies in the catwalks. This is
also a perfect opportunity to test your bow. After clearing the area, head
to the mission marker to find Psycho. There's another datapad on the
console to the right so don't forget to grab it before moving forth.

Open the next door and follow the catwalk, leading to a locked door. Peek
over the window and use your nanovisor. You should see the next datapad
there. Perform a remote hack to open the door and collect the datapad

Now follow Psycho to the next room where Psycho hacks a terminal. Just
beside him is another datapad.

Head outside and tag the enemies before moving the catwalks. Once you're
detected, a CELL Hellcat will arrive. You can take this attack chopper out
using your bow's Super-Thermite tip. You need to land all three shots to
destroy it. Activate your nanosuit's armor boost to withstand the Hellcat's
hail of bullets, long enough for you to take aim and destroy it.

Clear the remaining enemies in the area and head towards the door. There's
also an arrow crate nearby to replenish your arrow stocks. Continue inside
the facility until you reach the reactor area. Open your nanovisor and tag
the enemies as necessary.

Follow the hallway to the right and enter the small room at the end to find
a datapad beside the ammo crate. Your nanovisor can detect and tag this
after reaching the first corner of the hallway.  

Take out the enemies or get past them then head to the mission marker.
There are two paths leading to it but you may want to follow the path to
the right so it leads you to a room with two robotic arms. You can find the
datapad on the terminal.

Continue forth and tag new targets if you want. Continue to the top right
corner of the map and open the door. There are two guards and an
auto-turret ahead. Kill the guards then hack the auto-turret. Continue past
the next doors and you'll find a corpse on the floor. Pick up the second
blackbox then head to the mission marker.

Enter the elevator for a scene. Mission complete.

Datapads: 3
Blackboxes: 2
Propaganda Posters: 1

Follow Psycho as he leads you to the nanosuit upgrade terminal. Examine the
terminal to get four unlock points. Spend it on whatever you prefer/ suits
your gameplay. Take note that suit's abilities are even more enhanced by
meeting conditions. Unlock the modules you want then store the set in any
of the button assignments. This will also unlock an achievement once done.
(Perk of the Job)

Follow Psycho outside. Equip your Predator Bow and arm it with the
Super-Thermite tip. There's a deer ahead that you need to plant the
explosive to. Enter Stealth Mode and get near enough to hit the deer. Wait
for it to explode to unlock an achievement. (Bang for the Buck)

The first collectible in this mission can be found in the dead-end straight
to the south. Find the propaganda poster stuck on a derelict building wall
to the southwest. You have to use your nanovisor to download it.

Regroup with Psycho in front of the minefield. Use your nanosuit to hack
the mines and disable them. Proceed to the abandoned train tracks to
trigger a scene.

Enter stealth mode and tag the checkpoints Psycho marks for you. Make sure
to stay low and cloaked as you move along. If you need to replenish your
energy, stay behind any cover before moving on. Make your way to the next
area where you'll find a Bolt Sniper. Pick it up and use it to destroy the
three mounted high-altitude guns on the tower.

Before leaving, turn around check the hills to the northeast of the map.
You'll find a datapad there.

Make your way to the next marker. Be careful of the minefield ahead. Hack
them to proceed. Clear the marsh of enemies then proceed to the marker.
Head near the warehouse and the overpass. By then, Psycho will inform you
about a CELL weapon drop nearby. Head past the overpass and continue past
the pond to spot to CELL troopers and a container. Open it to get a
nanosuit module upgrade and a datapad on the ground.

Rendezvous with Psycho and activate your Armor Boost before jumping to the
sewers. Follow him through the tunnel until you encounter a CELL patrol.
Tag the targets and have a clear line of sight so you can hack the
auto-turret in the middle.

Once done, take the stairs to the train tracks then regroup with Psycho.
Enter the next area and you'll find a decimated CELL patrol. There's also a
blackbox beside one of the corpses there.

Continue forth and open the door for a scene. Drop down to the ground and
activate stealth mode. Slowly move and pull up your nanovisor to see the
stalkers' movements. They can't be tagged so sneak up slowly behind one of
them and perform a stealth kill to unlock an achievement. (Clever Girl)

Open the next door and head to the tunnel. There's also trip mines ahead so
hack them as well before proceeding. Follow the corridor to the right and
disable a couple more trip mines. Break the next door open and use your
nanovision in front of the stairs to tag a nearby blackbox.
Continue upstairs to exit to the train station. There are several CELL
troops guarding the station so proceed as you see fit. Grab the REX Charges
on the top floor as well. Don't forget to grab the blackbox on the ground
level, in the corner beside a corpse. Use your nanovisor in case you
haven't tagged it yet.

Clear the enemies and be careful of the deployed turrets. Hack them to make
your job easier. There's another datapad in the middle of the station; use
our nanovision again to tag it. It is found in the submerged maintenance
tunnel under the tracks.

Make your way to the upper catwalks and fight your way to the zipline. Use
it to reach the next part of the station and grab the nanosuit upgrade
inside the train car on the ground.

Make your way to the exit and your nanosuit hud will be disrupted. A
secondary objective will be added. Open your map to find the location of
the jammer. Head there and repel the stalker attacks. You'll find a
platform with a small CELL transmitter. Use the panel to disable the
jammer. You'll also unlock an achievement for doing so. (Can You Hear Me

Head to the mission marker and hack the container behind you to get a new
weapon. Mount the AGL and repel the stalker attack until you get the
mission update. Once clear, regroup and follow Psycho. Make your way to the
high explosive train car and watch the scene. Mission complete.

Datapads: 4
Blackboxes: 3
Propaganda Posters: 1

Follow Psycho as you make your way to the elevator. Jump on and the
elevator will come crashing down. At ground level, tag the targets. The
area is rather large but you don't need to worry about any collectibles yet
at this point. In this walkthrough, I've chosen to go to the left entry
point. Hack the first turret by the stream then hack the second turret in
the hallway. You'll also find a CELL container here, containing a nanosuit
module upgrade. Take the elevator up to the top of the dam.

Clear the enemies and the mines before exiting the elevator. Hack the
security door and clear the path. Head to the first tower to the left and
hack the laser barrier to enter the building. You'll find a datapad beside
a rocket launcher.

Continue downstairs and grab the nanosuit module upgrade behind the
terminal. Operate the panel next to shut down the North Hydro-Electric
Generator. As a secondary objective, you also have to re-program the CELL
Anti-Air units on each tower so don't forget to hack the panel on behind
the terminal.

Make your way to the second tower and do the same thing. After weakening
the generator, exit the tower and clear the enemies along the way. Jump to
the dam and swim to the outflow. Place the C4 there and watch the following

After being swept by the raging waters, you'll be back on your feet again.
Continue forth and you'll get a secondary mission. Check that out first. A
short distance after receiving the secondary objective, activate your
nanovisor to find the propaganda poster across the gap, in the corner wall.

From that position jump down to the stream and follow the path leading to
the secondary objective marker. You'll find corpses along the way. A
blackbox is found nearby.

Continue towards the secondary objective until you encounter a cell patrol
along the way. Take them out then head to the beacon to find a crashed
chopper. Grab the nanosuit upgrade module inside the wreck and grab the
mission datapad to complete this objective.

Proceed to the main mission objective. Follow the cavern until you reach
the shallow river. Take the path to the right and follow. Open your
nanovision to locate the second blackbox and a nanosuit upgrade module by
taking the narrow path to the right.

Now backtrack from where you emerged from since there's an achievement you
can obtain here. Look at the ground to find a yellow floater. Hop on it and
press X to use it. Stay on top of it for several seconds until an
achievement appears. (White Rider)

Follow the river until you reach the base. Tag your targets then head all
the way to the left. Jump down the pit there and enter the tunnel. You'll
find another blackbox beside the corpse there.

Go to the upper level and make your way around to the central shaft.
There's an turret drone ahead that you can't hack. Destroy it and open your
nanovisor to tag the location of the ammo cache and nanosuit module upgrade
in the central shaft.

After grabbing it, take any of the lifts down and open your nanovisor to
tag two datapads in the lower facility. They're both located on top of the

Now head to the mission markers and operate the consoles to restore
pneumatic pressure to the regulation assembly. To reach the other control,
operate the maintenance crane using the console in the middle. After
activating the two consoles, two auto-turrets will appear. You can
deactivate them by hacking the central console.

Head to the central elevator and ride it to the top of Nexus. As soon as
the elevator stops, open your nanovisor and scan the area for the last
datapad in the mission. It should be located on a terminal to the  left of
the elevator door.

Kill the guards and head to the main control room to the top. Operate the
terminal to login and commence emergency shut down. Mission complete.

Datapads: 11
Blackboxes: 4
Propaganda Posters: 1

You have to avoid the searchlights and fight your way through the swamp
towards the objective. Once you get near, a secondary objective will
trigger. Open your map to know it's location. Head there and hack the first
turret to the west so you can climb up the ledge and enter the building to
find an ammo cache and nanosuit upgrade module inside.

Proceed to the secondary mission marker and disable the second turret. Kill
the two guards and find several datapads in the vicinity. Three will be
near the helicopter wreck while the other three is found in the building
ruins nearby. There are four datapads here, one will be needed for
completing the secondary mission.

Proceed to your main objective and you'll spot a heavily defended building,
beside the chinese structure/arch. There are also collectibles inside.
Proceed there and find the propaganda poster in the lower floor, on the
wall facing the archway. If you scanned the area, you would have probably
tagged and recorded it (a natural occurrence for propaganda posters if you
noticed) so if it isn't highlighted in your hud, it's already recorded.
Proceed to the third floor to find a nanosuit upgrade module and another

After getting the collectibles, use the zipline nearby then follow the
straightforward path until you kick a door open and encounter a close scene
with System X/ Alpha Ceph. There's a downed CELL trooper ahead by the
toilet. Grab the blackbox from him.

Jump to the ground and take out the Ceph infantry units. These are a bit
tougher than your ordinary CELL foot soldier but they shouldn't be that
hard to deal with. Head to the Ceph Mindcarrier while clearing the enemy
forces. Ammo is scarce so make sure to pick up and use the Ceph Pinch
Rifles or any weapons you can find. After making it to the Mindcarrier,
open your nanovisor to tag the datapad inside the building, past the
mindcarrier. Grab the datapad on a shelf inside.

Continue to the main objective and you'll see some CELL troops getting
incinerated. Pull up your nanovisor here and continue walking forth. You'll
find a nanosuit upgrade inside the building to the left. Past that is a
CELL weapon cache. You can pick up another datapad on the table in the
building ahead, next to the ammo cache and a black box from a CELL corpse
in the street, right outside that building.

Head to the blue gate to encounter a scorcher. Kill it then continue. After
going through the building, you'll be notified about a nearby Ceph Pinger
as your secondary objective. Get into recommended distance and hack it to
activate it. Once clear, continue to your next objective.

When you're near the pit vicinity, you'll find more Ceph targets here. Kill
them all and find the controls to lower the pit gate. Head to the elevator
and you should be able to pick up another blackbox from the corpse outside
the elevator. Just open your nanovisor to spot and tag this.

After picking up the blackbox, ride the elevator with Psycho. After
reaching the laboratory, continue to the observation window and open your
nanovisor. You'll be able to locate and tag the last three remaining
collectibles. Go downstairs and find the fourth blackbox beside the doctor.
Go through the curtains and move around the to the right to find another
datapad. Continue downstairs and you should be able to pick up the last
datapad and a nanosuit upgrade on the wall in the same room.

Open the next door and proceed further in the facility with Psycho until
you're able to find a cradle. Watch the next scenes and the mission will be

Datapads: 5
Blackboxes: 3
Propaganda Posters: 1

Datapads: 5
Blackboxes: 3
Propaganda Posters: 1

As soon as the mission starts, follow the red pipe and cross it until you
make it to the second building. You'll find the first datapad there and a
nanosuit upgrade in the other room.

Jump to the ground and proceed to the mindcarrier's location. There are a
handful of ceph infantry patrolling the area. You'll also find another
nanosuit upgrade in the lower floor of the building ahead. Make sure to
grab it as well before clearing the ceph infantry units. Head to the
mindcarrier for a scene.

After the scene, you'll have to take out the ceph infantry units attacking
you. After clearing the first wave, a heavy infantry ceph unit will appear.
Take it out and proceed to the main objective. While walking along the
path, open your nanovisor and check the alley to the northeast. You should
find a blackbox beside a lone corpse there.

Proceed to the next area where remaining CELL troops and the ceph are
engaged. Be careful of the several stalkers lurking in the area. Make your
way to the building to the left and climb the second floor to find another
datapad and a propaganda poster in the next room as the datapad.

Proceed to the main building until you hear Claire's distress call. Head
outside and you'll find some APCs and a buggy. Grab the datapad on a crate
near the APCs.

Ride the buggy and make your way to the bridge. Take out the few suriving
CELL troops in the blockade. Continue forth and proceed down the stairs
until you exit. In the next area, jump down the series of cliffs to reach
the buggy below. Make sure to activate armor mode when jumping to avoid
damage. Before riding the buggy, grab the blackbox beside the corpse near
the buggy.

Ride the buggy until you reach a large gate. There's a Ceph pinger and a
couple of heavy ceph infantry there as well. There's an APC in the western
side of the map that you can commandeer and use against the enemy forces.
Head to the gate and take out the enemies. There are two collectibles in
the left side of the gate. Grab the blackbox from the corpse near the gate
and a datapad to the far left, next to the container vans.

Once done, go up the catwalk and follow it to reach the gate's control
terminal. Activate it to open the gate. Grab a vehicle again and continue
forth. Take out/ get past the enemies and follow the tunnel until you reach
the next area. Proceed until you need to continue on foot. Grab the Sabot
Gauss Gun from the crate beside the burning APC and proceed to the tower.

As you reach the command center, you'll have a secondary mission where you
have to destroy the Tower Air Defense System to allow Psycho to land. Head
to the northwest corner of the map and clear both CELL and Ceph enemies.
Hack/destroy the turret guarding the defense system then destroy it by
planting a REX charge. There should be some available from the crates
nearby. Don't forget to grab the nanosuit upgrade as well.

Head to the eastern part to find the gate control for the left command
center. After the gate is lowered, head to the left and make your way west
to find the last datapad between some containers. Open your nanovisor to
know its exact location.

Make your way to the southwest portion of the commander center and go up
the catwalk to find the terminal that will lower the footbridge. Continue
to the lift and watch the next scenes. Mission complete.

Mission 6: ONLY HUMAN
Datapads: 5
Blackboxes: 2
Propaganda Posters: 1

Make your way to the first Ceph AAA battery. Take out the enemies from a
distance using your long-ranged rifles or the stealth DSG-1 you came across
along the way. Take the path to the left and a Citadel defense turret will
land. Hack / destroy it then use the zipline to the next building. Hack the
minefield ahead and destroy/hack another citadel turret along the way.
Proceed to the next building and the initial wave of enemies.

Continue to the AA battery and find the power source in the building.
Destroy it to disable the AAA and have Psycho deal the finishing blow.
Check the upper floor of the building to the west, beside the AAA to find a
propaganda poster.

You now have to head to any of the two locations to disable the defense
batteries. From your position, head to the northwest (open your map) and
find another datapad inside the head of Lady Liberty. You'll find an APC
past the head of Lady Liberty as well. You can use this to take out enemies
easier; just don't submerge it in deep water.

Ride to the north and leave it at the shore for a while so you can swim to
the isolated building to the northwest. Here, you can help clear the Ceph
forces to save your allied rebel mortar team. They should be able to
provide you with mortar support now. Grab the datapad on the crate as well.

Head out and start marking targets, especially the pingers. Take out three
of the pingers in the area to unlock the achievement “Ping Pong”. After
the pingers are down, the mortar team won't be able to provide any more
artillery support.

Proceed to Battery Bravo and take the northwestern side so you can pick up
a nanosuit upgrade on the way. Hack the weapon crate if you want then
disable the minefield across the bridge. Take out the citadel turret and
proceed to the AAA position. More enemies will be waiting inside so tag
them and take them out.

Just below the energy cell is a corpse with a blackbox. Grab it and destroy
the energy cell to disable the AAA.

Continue southeast of Battery Bravo to trigger another secondary objective.
Here you have to clear the mines around the rebel ICV. They're inside the
cavern. Just open your nanovisor to automatically hack the mines and clear
the path. Head deeper inside to find a nanosuit upgrade, datapad and some
ammo and arrows.

Further southeast is a downed helicopter, near the metal tentacle beside an
island. Head there to grab the datapad inside the wreckage.

There's a downed allied VTOL to the southwest. Head there to scout it.
Remove the barrier blocking the exit so the rebels can escape, then grab
the supplies inside, including a nanosuit upgrade.

Proceed to the southeast towards defense battery charlie and take out the
enemy VTOL along the way. Between the two citadel turrets deployed before
the battery position lie a ceph wreckage. You can find the second blackbox
underneath it.

Proceed inside the defense battery and take out the ceph units around it.
The resupply crate nearby contains a M.I.K.E weapon. Take it and use it to
easily eliminate the ceph infantry around the AAA. After destroying the
battery, more enemies will appear. Eliminate them and make your way to the
upper ledges. Wait for Psycho to land and enter the VTOL.
During this sequence, just use the VTOL's gun to take out aerial targets.
Keep doing this until you clear the skies and you're forced to make an
emergency landing. Upon landing, you have to take out the ceph ground
forces that will drop from the passing dropships. The mounted grenade
launcher's ammo is limited so take your shots wisely. It should be more
than enough to take out the enemies though.

After a short while, a new enemy called the Ceph Mastermind will appear.
You have to concentrate your fire on it, destroying some of its floating
options to weaken it. Once enough damage is dealt, you'll be pulled towards
it. Mash the A button to force feedback the energy towards it. Move around
the battlefield and take cover constantly. There are several ammo crates in
the area but it is recommended that you exhaust your clips to maximize the
ammo resupplies. There are ceph weapons and energy cells in the area as
well which you can use to supercharge your suit. Use it to gain temporary
invulnerability and infinite ceph weapon discharge. Keep doing this until
the mastermind is defeated.

After defeating the mastermind, grab the last datapad in the corner, on top
of some ammo crates. Head to the mission marker to trigger a scene and 
complete the mission.

Datapads: 3
Blackboxes: 4
Propaganda Posters: 1


This text guide only covers the main walkthrough of the game. For videos,
screenshots and illustrated locations of all collectibles, please refer to
my online guide below: