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Follow the dark path or use the light

Acceleration Glitch FAQ

by petrie11111


Copyright stuff: Don't change this guide, credit me, blah blah blah and I don't


(last updated on 7/28/2011, I will only sumbit updates to GAMEFAQS so if you
are reading this on another site there is a chance you are missing out on 

Current Version 1.1 - Added Chapter 3 stuff, Shoutouts (including 
		      kuroiwahiryu's channel), and extra contact info

Version 1.0 - Basically finished.


Hello, I'm Petrie11111. And now that you know a bit about me, lets get to the 

This is a guide detailing a certian Acceleration Glitch for Castlevania: 
Harmony of Despair on the Xbox 360.

In writing this guide, I'm going to assume you know about all of the DLC 
chapters and characters. While this glitch can be performed offline and without 
DLC, it's most useful in the later, more difficult DLC chapters.


X-----What is this "Acceleration Glitch"?

It is a game-breaking glitch that alters your character's movement in such a
way that you can fly across screens, float up walls and pass through objects
completely. It is difficult to pull off, but it will save you time completing
stages, allowing you to skip large portions of a level. It is also quite fun
to mess around with when bored. If you've ever played Chapter 10 with random
players, there's a good chance you've seen the 'shortcut' to skip the majority
of the stage. This is the acceleration glitch. 

The glitch occurs most commonly when, on the last frame of recovery from a long
fall or downkick, your character shifts from being on a floor to not being on a
floor. This can happen because either you slid off an edge at the exact end of 
the recovery period, or because the platform disappeared beneath you on that 
same frame.

Once you have the acceleration going, your character will begin flying at a 
high speed across the room. If you hit a wall, you will begin 'riding the 
wall', and may fly up or down until you hit a surface. If you ride up into a 
ceiling, you may be forced out of the normal boundaries of the map, into the 
wall. At this point the game will probably shoot you to the side in an attempt 
to get you back 'within bounds'.

Whether or not any of this happens depends on many things, such as where you 
activated the glitch from, how you started it, and sometimes even which 
character you are!

X-----Sounds complicated.

At first, it is. But that's why I wrote this guide. I'm going to teach you 
everything you need to know to go where you want, and describe step-by-step 
how to activate and use it. (Additionally, I recommend you check out the youtube
channel of kuroiwahiryu. Everything will be in Japanese, however this man has 
made many videos showing the glitch being activated pretty much everywhere, as
well as some other random glitches.)

Once you've done it this few times, you'll begin to understand whats going on.

X-----So how do I do it?

There are many ways to activate this glitch, which I'm going to call the 
triggers. One is simple and is easy to nail 100% of the time. Others will have 
you running the clock out trying to get one to happen. Some are even harder.

X-----Lets start with the easiest one.

Soma can use a puppet master to easily trigger the glitch on any moving 
platform (including pendulums). What you need to do is throw a puppet so it 
will land on a moving platform, then before the puppet lands, you need to jump
kick (straight down) a certian (long) distance. If you did it correctly, you 
will switch mid-jump kick, and the glitch will activate, sending you flying to
the right. Actually, I'm going to go off on a tangent here and talk about jump
kicks for a bit. If you already know about the difference between short jump
kicks (used to triangle jump) and long jump kicks, you can skip this next 

When a character jump kicks into the ground, one of two different things
happen, depending on the distance you kicked. If you start the kick close to 
the ground, you will land on your feet, standing, ready to go. If you kick from
a higher position, however, you will have a few moments of 'recovery' wherein 
you cannot do anything. Whenever I say 'long' jump kick, I am referring to one 
where you travel at least this distance. So, back to soma puppets...

Let's go to chapter 1, since there's convienently a moving platform in the 
first room! Start by killing all the enemies so they don't get in your way, 
then what you're going to do is...

1: Position yourself on the larger middle platform, in the middle of the 
   platform, facing left.
2: Wait until the moving platform is at it's lowest position.
3: Jump and immeadiately throw a puppet.
4: Quickly double jump and jump kick straight down.

The puppet should hit the platform, and the glitch should have actiaved, 
sending you flying to the right until you hit the floor and stop. THATS SOOO

If it didn't work:

1: If the puppet missed the platform, try starting a little more to the left
2: If your jump kick hit the floor before you switched, jump/double jump 
3: If you didn't get to jump kick before you warped, you're going too slow. 
   Double jump faster!
4: If everything looked right and it still didn't work, you need to jump kick 
   sooner, since you need to have a long jump kick.

X-----Part 2: Riding a wall

"That's pretty cool," you say, "but I'm not flying up walls and going through 
blocks! What gives?"

WE'RE GETTIN THERE! When you activate the acceleration glitch, your character 
flies at high speed to the side, but is still affected by gravity. And once 
you hit a floor, the glitch is done. However, if you fly into a wall, and 
don't hit the floor for a period of time, you will actually begin to fly up 
the wall! Why? I have no idea. But it happens. 

Once again, if you have played Chapter 10 online, you have probably seen this. 
If you haven't:

1: Start Chapter 10, get to the tall elevator shaft
2: Ride to the top, facing left
3: When your platform is in the top left corner, throw a puppet, then 
   immeadiately jump-double-jump kick straight down

If you were fast enough, the glitch acivates, sending you into the wall. After
a second or so, you begin flying up the wall, until you get to the door at the 
top, where you land on the floor there.

At this point you can try to pass through the ceiling here. Activate the glitch
again, and just before you get to the floor that stops you normally, double 
jump. You'll shoot up into the ceiling, get hit by the spikes, and knocked
completely into the room above!

X-----The Next Level of the Acceleration Glitch: Learning all the Triggers

So far I've only talked about soma and his silly puppet. That's because it's 
the easiest way to trigger the acceleration glitch. However, you can only use 
it on moving platforms, so that limits it's use. It's time for the next level.

X-----Soma Puppet Master

This is just here so this list will technically contain all of them. You really
want me to describe it again? Didn't think so.

X-----Falling on a platform

This is where things start to get difficult. What you need to do is fall (not 
jump kick) a long distance to a platform that is moving upwards (or 
left/right). Immeadiately before you actually touch the platform, move left or 
right. This will cause you to slide on the platform a short distance. For the 
glitch to activate, your slide has to take you to the exact edge of the 
platform. If you get it right, on that last frame, you will fall off the edge 
of the platform and get shot to the side (opposite in the direction that you 

This is easiest to practice on Chapter 10, in the long elevator shaft. Ride to
the top, then drop straight down. Just before you touch the next platform down,
press either left or right. You want to slide as close to the edge as possible.

When trying to get this on a platform moving side-to-side, you must slide 
opposite the direction that the platform is moving. Also note that it is 
possible to get this trigger on a platform moving downwards, however 
immeadiately after the glitch starts you will land on the same platform and 
end the glitch.

X-----Long Jump Kick

This is the good one. With this you can activate the glitch off stationary 
edges AND moving ones (platforms). Every character that can jump kick can 
perform it. However, this is even more difficult than the falling trigger,
and can cause you to lose your sanity. I accept no responsibility if you 
murder some kittens out of anger from failing too many times. With that out of
the way, let's go to chapter 6...

	1: Kill the thunder demon. Directly under him is a table; stand behind 
	   the pillar on the right side of it.
	2: Jump, double jump (almost as high as possible), then diagonally jump
	   kick toward the table.
	3: Here's the tricky part. You need your slide to go to the exact edge 
           of the table. THEN, on the exact frame you go off the edge, you need
           to jump.

If you get it right, your character will pop into the air a little and fly 
backwards at high speed, before hitting the hill and stopping.

This is VERY DIFFICULT. You need the exact distance of your slide as well as 
the exact timing of the jump in order to trigger the glitch. It's going to take
a few tries (or a few hundred) before you get one.

However, once can you activate this one with any kind of consistency, you will 
be well on your way to skipping entire stages.

X-----Character-specific triggers...



However, in terms of this glitch, he's one of the best. Jonathan can use both 
his Sonic Strike and his Danger Knee to trigger the acceleration. And it's 
somewhat simpler than using a jump kick! All you have to do is aim a Sonic 
Strike/Danger Knee so that the entirety of the move takes you to the exact edge
of a platform/floor. Then, similar to the long jump kick trigger, you must 
double jump immeadiately when you hit the edge. 

The only downfall of these triggers is that you can't perform these on smaller
platforms. But once you get the distance of Sonic Strike down pat (if you don't
already know it), all you'll need to worry about is the timing of the double 
jump, and you'll be glitching all over the place!

Shanoa and Julius

Let's play a game. What do these two have in common? If you said beards...wait,
I meant...


Yes, this trigger involves the use of magnets. If you have ever used a magnet, 
you have probably noticed that upon landing, unless you jump kick, you have the
same 'recovery' delay as you do when falling a long distance. So guess what? 
You get to use that delay to slide an edge! And in accordance 
with acceleration glitch guidelines, it must be the exact edge, and you must 
double jump immeadiately. Also, you cannot touch any walls between the time 
you jump from the magnet and the time you hit the ground.

This is definitely one of the more difficult triggers to get, and there aren't 
many places where you can use this and not the long jump kick. So why do you 
need to know how to do it? One reason: Julius. Everyone's favorite om-nommer 
has a verrrrrry short recovery period after a long jump kick, making it nearly 
impossible to get the long jump kick trigger to activate. So, the manliest of 
men must use magnets.

Fuma and Maria

Let's play a game aga-


Yes, they are both very small. And that gives them a slight advantage over 
their taller companioins when it comes to the long jump kick trigger. You see,
there are a few places in the game where an edge has a ceiling at just the 
right height to stop a soma from getting a long jump kick, yet a maria can 
still get enough of a fall to slide. There's not many spots, but just know its
possible when you're about to give up on a corner because Alucard is too fat 
to fit.


Richter can use his Spin Kick on the rotating platforms in Chapter 2 and 4 as a
trigger. You must go to the exact edge, but a double jump is not necessary due 
to the platforms 'disappearing' underneath you. Not hard to pull off, and it 
can actually be quite useful on 4 if you don't have a Soma with yoricks in the 
group for whatever reason.

You can also get this trigger on horizontal spinning gears, by letting one take
you off its edge when recovering from the Spin Kick. Pretty nifty, but it's 
just as possible to long jump kick most of them.


Wait, we already did soma, right? At least his puppet master soul. There surely
couldn't be another soma only trigger involving puppet master...

The good news is that its not really a new trigger. Just an alternate method 
that allows you to get a few more edges. An edit of the long jump kick trigger,
if you will. What you do is throw a puppet so it will land near the target 
edge, then jump kick somewhere else. When it warps, you will appear next to the
target edge, and begin the recovery slide immeadately. You still need to get 
the exact distance to the edge, and still need to time the double jump 
perfectly. This can be used to get some edges that are under a low ceiling, 
but it is probably the most challenging way to trigger the glitch.

Soma has another trigger that involves the red breakable blocks on Chapter 3.
What you need to do is long jump kick STRAIGHT DOWN on top of one, WHILE FACING
LEFT. If you did it correctly, the glitch will activate. This is actually very
closely related to the original puppet master method, activating immeadiately
upon landing from the jump kick instead of after the ground slide, like most
other methods.





X-----A side note on jump kicks

Most players use the control pad as opposed to the analog stick for this game.
It makes triangle jumping easier and works better for the 2-D platformer genre
in general. However, you should be aware that using the analog stick for jump 
kicks ALLOWS YOU TO AIM THE ANGLE of the jump kick. That means you can do near-
vertical jump kicks in order to trigger the glitch on a very small platform.
(It's even possible on the 1-block wide pieces at the top of Chapter 10!) Learn
to use it.

X-----Riding Walls

So now know how to trigger the glitch anywhere. What do you do next? Start 
riding walls. Some facts about riding walls:

-The amount of time it takes you to begin moving upwards depends on what 
 trigger you used. Soma's puppet takes the longest, while it appears Jonathan's
 Sonic Strike is the fastest (not 100% on this yet though).

-When riding a wall, you can perform any action that can normally be performed
 in the air, such as attacks, skills, and your double jump (if still 

-Certian actions will kill the glitch and you will fall to the ground. These 
 include: Jump kick, throwing a puppet, Whip Tackle, Guard, Turtle Guard, and 
 getting hit by an enemy.

-You will ride up the wall until either the wall opens and connects to a floor,
 or connects to a ceiling. If you hit a floor, you will launch out at high 
 speed but the glitch will be over. If you hit a ceiling that is a small 
 platform sticking out of the wall, chances are you will land on that platform 
 and the glitch will stop. But when you hit a large ceiling...

X-----To infinity?

If you ride a wall into a ceiling, the game appears to warp you around in a 
small triangular shape, gradually increasing in size as you speed up. It 
appears the game is trying to find you a floor to stand on, while keeping you 
within the bounds of the level. It's quite impatient, however, and after a few
seconds of not finding you a floor the game will straight up shove you into the
ceiling! At this point you are 'in the wall'...this is where it gets real!

X-----In the wall

Once you are inside a wall, out of the bounds of the map, you can mostly watch
as you shoot across the map, hoping you go somewhere good. Some facts:

-You will be pushed to the left at a constant speed. The only exception is upon
 first entering the wall, you may be forced to the right for about a second, 
 then be pushed back to the left, depending on which way you were facing when
 pushed inside

-You will be forced to crouch. The only actions you can perform are your X/Y
 attacks, your RB skill, and slide kicking. However...

-Every time you slide kick to the left, your character will be pushed back to
 the right a small amount. You can repeatedly slide kick to move yourself in
 that direction

-If you are Richter, you can do the sliding jump kick, which will push you
 upwards a small amount

X-----Escaping the wall

-If at any point you are pushed into the bounds of the level, TA-DA! You're

-If the upper half of your character's body is 'in the bounds' of the level,
 simply press A to push yourself up into that room

-If you get hit by spikes/lava/other environmental trap, you will most likely
 be pulled out of the wall and appear next to the trap you hit

-If you get hit by an enemy, you will not always be forced out of the wall.
 You can, however, die 'in the wall' and be respawned at the beginning of the
 level (assuming multiplayer)

-If you do not escape the wall and reach the edge of the stage, you can fly
 infinitely out of bounds

-If you somehow manage to get yourself higher than the highest 'in bounds'
 point on the map, you're pretty much done

X-----A note on Multiplayer

When doing this glitch online with friends, you may notice players flying
across the map from right to left very quickly repeatedly. How do you do that?
You can't. In reality, those players are just flying far off the left side of
the map in their game. But in multiplayer, you won't see that. The game will 
display other players' characters as though the opposing boundaries are 
connected (left-right and top-bottom). So that means when someone goes off the
left side of the screen, your game displays them coming in from the right, when
actually they are far off the left.

This can cause some funny things to occur, such as...

-A player will appear to fly through an enemy and damage it, but no damage is 
 actually dealt

-Enemies that track players may fly mindlessly back and forth attempting to 
 track down a glitching player

-Boss fights can be started early when no players have actually entered the 

-Unfortuantely, the player cannot open chests simply because on their own 
 screen they are still far off the side of the map

X-----Places Where it is actually useful to Glitch

Chapter 4 - If for some reason you don't have a Soma with Yorick, and nobody is
	    waiting around for you to jump kick off of, you can long jump kick 
	    the small spinning platforms (use the analog stick because they're 
            small). If you get one of the top two you can ride the wall up to 
            the book nearby.

Chapter 5 - Spawn # 4 can make use of the platforms to quickly ride the wall to
	    the top. A soma can puppet this one in a couple tries. Just put on 
	    Buer so you don't get knocked off by something!

Chapter 6 - A Jonathan can go to the ledge nearest the second blue chest and 
	    Sonic Strike it. Riding the wall there will either take you 
	    straight to the boss door, or to an 'extra room'. In this extra 
 	    room you can trigger another glitch to be taken to the blue door!

Chapter 7 - On the right side of the pyramid, immeadiately upon entering, you 
	    will be greeted by a cheerful Axe Knight...If your name is 
	    Jonathan, kill that monster and Sonic Strike glitch on his ledge. 
	    Slide immeadiately when you pop into the ceiling to come out near 
	    AssTarts door!

Chapter 10 - This is Glitch City. Starting from the beginning...

	   - Soma can Yorick up to the tower beind the start. Long jump kick 
	     using the analog stick for a small angle, and you can ride the 
	     back wall all the way up into the boss room! If you are just under
	     the room and can't get in, slide into the door a couple times. You
	     will pop halfway out of the floor and can jump straight out!

	   - In the crown secret cave, glitch on the edge of the green chest. 
	     You can ride the wall up and appear in the room above, skipping 
	     the Medusa Queen!

	   - In the far top right corner of the map is a loney purple chest. Go
	     to the platform  just to the left of it and glitch the right edge 
	     to get into The Reaper's stage without killing The Creature or 
	     The Count!

Chapter 11 - Just under Ryukotsuki's boss room is a long hallway sporting two 
             good-looking hellmonts. Stand as far right as you can, and glitch 
	     the left edge. At this point you will be pushed into the ceiling.
	     There is about a 25% chance that you will be high enough to 
	     actually hit the boss! Additionally, at this height, let yourself 
	     go to the left a little and...bam! Knocked into the cloud room!

	     Its not over yet though. Run to the farthest left cloud, and 
	     glitch the right edge. Now here comes a tricky will be
	     forced into the ceiling here, but won't stay for long. You will be
	     pushed a short distance to the right, and then will begin moving 
	     to the left. As soon as you start moving left, face left and start
	     sliding. You can push yourself all the way to the pit that drops 
	     you into Ryu's chamber! 

X-----Other methods to force yourself into a wall

So this is just so much fun that you want to know if you can do it even more? 
Of course you can! Here's a couple simpler ways to get yourself outside the 
boundaries of the stage. (Note that these have nothing to do with the 
acceleration glitch.)


1: Find a door that you can manually open and close with a switch, and that 
   closes by dropping from the ceiling.
2: Have a friend stand under said door and crouch
3: Close door!

Most places you can do this are on a small hill, so you are forced out of the 
wall rather quickly. You can have a little fun on Chapter 9 at the top (next 
to a green chest), and if you're lucky you can get out of bounds on 8 at the 
bottom. Mostly useless though. 

X-----Boxes on Chapter 2

1: Soma uses Medusa Head soul to float between a box and a wall, very close to 
   the ground
2: Push box into wall

Again, quite simple, but very limited in where you can do it.


1: What why am I doing a FAQ in a FAQ?


2: Ok I can't get the shortcut to work on 10, help!

That's not a question!

3: When trying to do the Chapter 10 shortcut, I don't get the glitch. My Soma 
   just falls straight down or moves a little to the left after the puppet 
   master warp. Why?

A - Because you are not jump kicking far enough before the puppet warps you.

B - Because you did a diagonal jump kick and not a straight one.

C - Because you suck.

4: I wanna hear about other cool glitches!!!

This game has far too many glitches to make a list here. Maybe one day I'll
write a guide on that subject, but for's one of my favorites.

Do it when a Somaway is boss rushing Chapter 4. Wait until he enters boss room 
for maximum effect.



6: This sounds confusing. Can I see videos of this being done?

As mentioned in the guide, check out the youtube account of KUROIWAHIRYU.
It's all in japanese, but most videos are of this glitch being executed in
every way imaginable.

7: How can I contact you? You're so cool/I need help!

XBox LIVE GT:      petrie111111111
GAMEFAQS username: petrie11111
E-mail:            [email protected]

I gladly accept Rruffles and Reef Rurrys

X-----Special Thanks

Everyone listed here has helped in some way or another, from sitting in
a lobby for hours while trying stupid things out to helping me get items
back after I stupidly erased my data.

Xul Lux

As well as anyone that has ever revived me in the game. WHICH IS ALOT.

Copyright 2011 Petrie11111