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Follow the dark path or use the light


by thetrufenix

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair FAQ
by The Tru Fenix (trufenix -at- wowway -dot- com)

Last Updated: 8/10/10
-Reformatted to gamefaqs specifications, maybe I'll actually get approved this
-Fleshed out all sections.  Just a matter of collecting and documenting gear and
skills now.

This FAQ is meant to fill in the gaps of Konami's rather poorly documented
Castlevania: Harmony of Despair (HoD).  I am by no means the most prolific
player, so I will be thankful for any additions or corrections that can be
offered.  You can email me, or catch up with me online.  My GT is trufenix and I
love to play.

About the Game:
HoD is a dungeon crawling experience that allows up to 6 players to
cooperatively (or competitively) adventure with some of Castlevania's most
iconic characters.  The game is broken up into multiple chapters, each one
comprised of trials and torments borrowed from previous Castlevania games.  The
game lacks any sort of story, your singular goal is to traverse the dungeons and
slay the bosses.

All in all, HoD is pretty simplistic.  In any given stage you must jump, whip,
slash, kick and cast your way to the boss and then kill it.  Each level has a 30
minute timer that stops under no conditions, single or multi play, in combat,
customizing your character, or even if you have it paused (via start or guide

Control Scheme
Attack 1      - Assigned to X by default. This is your characters most basic
Attack 2      - Assigned to Y by default. A second basic attack available to
Alucard, Shanoa, and Soma.
Hunter Skills - Assigned to B by default. Each character has different Hunter
Skills, but they all cost MP.  You can equip up to four of them.
Jump          - Assigned to A by default. Each character can double jump (Jump,
Jump) and slide (Down + Jump).  Everyone except Charlotte can dive kick (Down +
Jump in the air)
Personal      - Assigned to RB by default. Each character's Personal action
functions differently, but most of them cost SP.
Backdash      - Assigned to LB by default. A quick backward step to avoid
Item          - Assigned to LT / RT by default.  Hold LT and press RT to use the
currently equipped item.
Communication - Assigned to Back by default.  Allows you to speak with other
players without a language barrier.
Pause         - Assigned to Start by default.  Does not pause the game timer, or
keep enemies from attacking you.
Camera        - Assigned to RS by default.  Press it to peek at surrounding
areas, push it to change the current zoom.

Hit Points (HP)   - Each player has their own supply of HP.  It is lost if are
struck by enemies or hazards, but can be replenished with items and certain
abilities.  If HP is depleted, your character dies.  In multiplayer, a dead
player can continue to fight as a bone throwing Skeleton.  Skeletons have
depleted HP reserves, no special abilities, and cannot collect treasure chests
or drops from monsters.  Everytime a Skeleton player is killed, a time penalty
is incurred.  Living players can restore skeleton players with Water of Life
(RT).  If you are poisoned, you will steadily lose HP for a period of time, but
the poison itself cannot kill you.
Magic Points (MP) - MP is used in the execution of most special abilities.  It
regenerates naturally over time, but can be assisted by hearts and other items.
 If you a cursed, you lose all MP and cannot restore it until the curse wears
The Book          - Around the level are shrine like locations where you can
access The Book.  From within The Book you can change your character
customizations, and modify certain in game options mid-chapter.  There is no
cost for Book usage, but it does NOT stop the Chapter timer, nor does it protect
you from enemies (they can hit you even while you are looking at menu screens).
Communication     - During play you can press the Back button to make your
character say a selected statement.  Although it has no practical use in solo
play, you can use them to communicate ideas and intentions to multiplayer team
mates.  (Though you'll probably just use a headset)

Treasure Hunting
Treasure hunting refers to the pursuit of skills, equipment (eq) or money and is
the primary motivation for repeat visits through the 6 chapters.  Hunting is
prodimantely done via treasure chests, and collecting drops from slain monsters
but depending on your selected character you may have additional goals to

Lamps and Candles - Located all over the map, these objects can be destroyed by
most forms of attack.  They can contain money in (increasingly rare) increments
of $1, $10, $50, $100, $500, and $1000.  If your MP is less than full, they can
also contain hearts to replenish it.

Breakable Walls   - Some areas of the map can be attacked and destroyed to
reveal money and items.  Items found in breakable walls are mostly instant use,
so it is a good idea to leave the walls intact unless you need the HP.  Soma has
a soul that allows him to identify breakable walls.

Monster Drops     - Every time a monster is killed, there is a chance it will
drop something.  Depending on the monster, it could be anything from hearts to
money to instant use items (food) to storeable equipment or skills.  You can see
the Beastiary for a list of potential drops from any given monster.  Gambler's
Glasses (DEF Gear - Head) can reveal the enemies item drop %.

Treasure Chests   - Each chapter contains treasure chests that can be opened via
RT.  When a treasure chest is opened each living player gets an item, Skeleton
players get nothing.  While the contents are randomized, each chest has a
different color which (roughly) indicates the quality of whats inside.
Blue   - In solo play, they can contain anything.  In multiplayer these always
contain Water of Life.
Red    - In later chapters (and in Hard Mode) these will sometimes become
Green  - Slightly better returns than the Red chests, and guaranteed to not be a
Purple - Often requires the use of multiple characters, or some sort of puzzle
solution to reach.
Gold   - Only awarded with the bosses death, the Chapter concludes when it is

HoD allows you to select from and customize 5 different characters to explore
the stages.  Each character has a few major and a lot of minor differences from
one another.

Alucard (from Symphony of the Night)
Summary:  Alucard is (IMO) the most basic of the characters.  He can equip most
weapons and armors without restriction, earn new abilities without real
difficulty, and has no "quirks" or "catches" in his gameplay.

Basic Abilities:
Attack 1 - Swings an equipped weapon or defends himself with an equipped shield.
Attack 2 - Can equip an additional weapon / shield.  Swings the same weapon as
Attack 1 if it is 2h.
Personal - Alucard transforms into a cloud of mist momentarily.  While in mist
form, he is protected from ALL damage.
Hunter   - Alucard can equip up to four magic scrolls at a time.  Scrolls come
from drops or chests.

-Alucard can swing most weapons downward at an angle while jumping or crouching
if the controller is pressed in that direction.
-Some of Alucard's equipment has special attacks is you perform a quarter circle
forward (a.k.a. Hadoken motion) before pressing attack.  These attacks generally
cost SP.
-Each time Alucard collects a scroll he already has, it grows stronger.  Each
scroll can be leveled up to 9 times.
-With timing, you can use Alucard's Mist form to tack a little extra height onto
his jumps.
-With Hellfire equipped, Alucard can use QCF+Magic to perform the Dark Inferno
-Alucard can use his Soul Steal to drain life from ANY target he can hit,
including ones he cannot damage (Dullahan's Armor, etc)
-At equal levels, the combined spirits in Tetra Spirit do less damage than the
single Summon Spirit.

Charlotte (from Portrait of Ruin)
Summary:  Charlotte is difficult to get off the ground, but becomes
exceptionally powerful with care.  In the beginning it may seem logical to hang
back and collect gear off of team mates, but this will ultimately stunt your
pursuit of magical prominence.

Attack 1 - Attacks with a sword that emerges from her book.
Personal - Charlotte puts up a shield of energy.  If an enemy projectile impacts
on it, there is a chance she will learn a spell from it.
Hunter   - Charlotte can equip up to four spells at a time.  Spells must be
learned from enemies.

-Charlotte cannot equip any offensive gear besides her book.  The strength of
her book attack increases as she learns and powers up spells.
-Charlotte can defend herself from many attacks with her Personal action, but
attacks that can be learned make a slightly different noise on impact.
-If you learn a spell that you already have, its power will be increased.  Each
spell can be leveled up to 9 times.
-Charlotte can only learn a spell one time from a given monster in a Chapter.
If a monster casts multiple spells, they can each be learned, but again only
once.  Ex. If a level has four Minotaurs in it, you can potentially gain four
levels of Raging Fire before having to restart the level.
-Charlotte cannot dive kick.
-Charlotte only gains DEF gear and money from enemy drops / chests.  As a result
she is good for farming gold.
-Charlotte has the fastest natural SP regeneration.
-Charlotte has extra idle animations if you hold Up for a while.

Johnathon (from Portrait of Ruin)
Summary:  Between his sub weapons and Martial Arts, Johnathon has the largest
array of offensive options.  You will unfortunately need to use all of your sub
weapons (even the ones you don't like) to keep up but there's plenty of time for
that while you're grinding out his full potential.

Attack 1 - Attacks with the Whip.
Attack 2 - Martial Arts.  Johnathon does not need to "equip" martial arts, he
can use any he has collected at all times.  Martial Arts come from drops and
Personal - ""
Hunter   - Johnathon can equip up to four sub weapons at a time.  Sub Weapons
come from drops and chests.

-Johnathon has extra idle animations if you hold Up for a while.
-Johnathon cannot equip any offensive gear besides his whip.  The strength of
his whip attack increases as he collects and masters Sub Weapons.
-Every time Johnathon uses a Sub Weapon it gains experience.  At certain
thresholds, they level up and increase in potency.  Each Sub Weapon can be
leveled up 9 times.
-Johnathon can swing his whip downward at an angle from in the air.
-By holding the attack button, Johnathon can let his whip go limp and then move
it about via directional presses.  While limp, the whips damage is constant
albeit greatly decreased.
-While Martial Arts can be used the instant they are collected, you may still
need to check their motions and button presses at The Book.

Shanoa (from Order of Ecclesia)
Summary: Shanoa does not have a lot of bells and whistles, but her "less" is
better than most of the others "more".  She's got a little from both column A
and B and has the added bonus of getting around most levels without any help or
second thought.

Attack 1 - Attack with a weapon glyph, they only come from drops.
Attack 2 - ""
Personal - Shanoa activates Magnes, which allows her to cling to and propel
herself from Magnet studs.
Hunter   - Shanoa can equip up to 4 glyphs at a time.  Glyphs must be absorbed
from enemies by holding Up when they appear during attacks.

-Unlike most Personal actions, the use of Magnes is free.
-With usage all of Shanoa's glyphs gain experience.  At certain thresholds, they
level up and increase in potency.  Each glyph can be leveled up 6 times.
-Shanoa can use Magnes to navigate levels in ways the other characters cannot
via magnet studs.

Soma (from Dawn of Sorrows)
Summary: Soma's success is governed by his ability to collect souls.  He thrives
in multiplayer, where he can support the team in many ways while their efforts
add to his own.

Attack 1 - Swings an equipped weapon or defends himself with an equipped shield.
Attack 2 - Can equip an additional weapon. Swings the same weapon as Attack 1 if
it is 2h.
Personal - Turns on / off an equipped Blue Soul.  Every kill has a chance to
collect a soul.
Hunter   - Soma can equip up to 4 red souls at a time.  Every kill has a chance
to collect a soul.

-Soma can also collect and equip Yellow Souls for stat boosts and other special
-Soma gains souls from both his and his teammates kills.
-Every soul gained increases its abilities power, each soul can be leveled up to
9 times.

DLC Characters
Very little is currently known about the DLC characters, other than that they
exist.  Still, the "DOWNLOAD CONTENT" option from the games main menu cast a
pretty strong vote that they will be available in some capacity soon.

Julius (from Dawn of Sorrows)
Attack 1 - (?) Attacks with the Whip.
Personal - ?
Hunter   - (?) Sub Weapons - Knife

-Julius can swing his whip upward from the ground, and in all 8 directions from
mid air.
-By holding the attack button, Julius can let his whip go limp and then move it
about via directional presses.  While limp, the whips damage is greatly
-Julius can use his whip to navigate Chapters in ways the others cannot by
swinging from magnet studs.

Maria (From Symphony of the Night)
Attack 1 - (?) Legendary Animals.
Attack 2 - (?) None
Personal - (?) Xuan Yu

Magic ((?) Legendary Animals):
Hymn      - ?
Zhu Que   - Summon the Vermillion Bird and launch it upward.
Qing Long - ?
Bai Hu    - ?

There are 6 Chapters in HoD, each one with a different boss who must be slain
within the 30 minute time limit to complete it.  When a chapter is completed,
players can move on to the next chapter, or replay it for more loot.  In
Multiplayer, Chapter selection is limited based on the weakest link, meaning if
there is a character in the team who has not yet completed chapter 1, the entire
team is restricted to chapter 1.  When all the chapters are completed (online or
offline), you can do it all over again on Hard Mode.

Chapter 1
All players start in the lower left corner of this Chapter.  It does not feature
alternate paths to the boss, but there are a few areas that require teamwork or
magnet studs to access.

Blue Elevator     - Just outside the boss there is an elevator that requires an
additional player to lower.  Players who take the elevator down will have the
ability to wipe out all the enemies lurking below the boss before they swarm in
during the second half of the boss battle.
See-saw Elevators - Near the bottom right hand corner of the map there are a
pair of elevators that only rise when the other is lowered.  Though the one on
the left can be used with clever double jumping, you will need one player to
stand on the left to raise the right high enough to reach the upper platform.

Boss (Gergoth):
Attacks           - Gergoth primarily attacks by throwing his body around, but
he can also fire his mouth beam and fire tendrils from his chest.  Halfway
through the encounter, he will smash the floor sending himself and the players
into a chasm below, filled with additional enemies.
Stage Interaction - Prior to reaching his room, Gergoth will fire his massive
energy beam at rooms on the left hand side of the map.
Strategy          - Just wail on him with weapons and magic and whatever else
you have.  You can use a dive kick to hop over him safely if you get cornered,
but its just a matter of time and diligence.  With enough hits, you can shatter
his anklets to deliver massive damage.

Chapter 2
Players start in either the upper left or lower right corners of the map.

Boss (Puppet Master):
Attacks           - The puppet master attacks with little explosive puppets that
can curse you, or dropping straw puppets into Iron Maidens.
Stage Interaction - Once the battle has begun, Puppet Master will wander around
the Chapter in search for Iron Maidens to drop puppets into.  This will teleport
a randomly selected player inside for BIG damage.  Destroying the straw puppet
is the only way to spare yourself, or another player can jump in before the
puppet to spare his teammates from random selection.  Prior to the boss battle,
you can use crates to block these Iron Maidens eliminating PM's ability to use
Strategy          - His arms cannot hurt you, so attack his head relentlessly
while he sits still.  If he begins to summon a straw puppet (sparkles), focus
all your efforts on destroying it as there is (generally) no escape from the
damage it inflicts.  When he opens his mouth to fire dolls, focus on them as
being cursed can make it difficult to stop the straw puppets attack.  If he
starts to wander, zoom out and identify where he's headed, get there first, and
wait for him there, it is not worth scoring a few extra hits if he beats you to
an iron maiden and drops you in.

-With VERY precise timing, Alucard can use his Mist Form to "dodge" the Puppet
Master's straw puppet attack.
-If you are Skeleton'd in multiplayer, the noble thing to do is jump into the
maiden and "take the tackle" for the team.  Better to suffer a time penalty than
massive damage to a functional player.

Chapter 3
Players start in either the lower left or lower right corners of the map.
During the course of this Chapter, a near infinite supply of Little Demons will
spawn in wherever players are, generally making life difficult.  Eventually, the
supply will run out.

Boss (Menace):
Attacks           - Menace's primary attack is just being big and difficult to
damage.  He can also kick players near his feet, punch players near his chest,
and jump to get players lurking above.  He spawns an infinite supply of mouth
enemies which die in one hit, but can be rather annoying to dodge.
Stage Interaction - Menace smashes most of the platforms in the middle of the
stage, making it difficult to get from left to right after he awakens.  There is
a gigantic bone hammer that can be activated via switch to attack him.  The bone
hammer always knocks him down (leaving him defenseless for a bit), but if aimed
at his vulnerable spots deals considerable damage.  After use, the Hammer must
be "reset" by striking the gear at its base.
Strategy          - Depending on your patience (and number of team mates) it may
make more sense to just ignore Menace entirely, and focus on setting up and
delivering the Bone Hammer.  If not, use the switch on the left side of the map
to extend the yellow platform into his area, then stand on it and fire
projectile attacks into his face and chest vulnerable spots.

-The path to the Bone Hammer reset will be unavailable to anyone who cannot
navigate magnet studs after Menace awakes.  If there is no Shanoa present, it
may make more sense to just station a team mate up there to reset it while
everyone else faces the boss.
-Holding Johnathon's limp whip is an excellent means of resetting the bone

Chapter 4
Players start at either the lower right or lower left corners of the map.

Twin Paintings (Lower Butcher Area) - Left frame takes you up and to the right,
into a blue / purple room, next to Glasya Labolas.  Right frame takes you up and
to the right, into a red / blue room, next to a fried crab claw pickup inbetween
a Flame Demon and The Creature.

Twin Paintings (Mid Map, Right Side) - Right frame takes you to the Chapter's
bottom left corner, into a blue / purple room, near Lerojai.  The Left frame
takes you to the right side, into a blue / purple room, beneath the Boss.

Twin Paintings (Mid Map, Left Side)  - Right frame takes you to the Chapter's
bottom right corner, into a red / blue room, near Dullahan and Ectoplasm.

Twin Paintings (Left Side of Map)    - Left frame takes you up and to the left,
into a red / blue room. Right frame takes you up and to the right, into a red /
blue room just below another red / blue room, next to spittle bone.

Treasure Hunting:
Purple (Above a cave hallway) - Magnet users can get at this easy.  Otherwise
you will need to dive kick (sorry Charlotte) off a nearby Gurhka Master (solo)
or another player (multiplayer) to reach it.

Boss (Brauner)
Attacks  - Brauner generally stands still, but players will need to watch (and
hear) to predict his attacks in the small space.  If he "paints" on the wall
with blood, the same pattern will appear to damage the players.  If he releases
a small sculpture, one of three patterns of undestroyable objects will appear
and need to be avoided.  Lastly, if he jumps into a picture frame he will fly
about in somewhat random patterns attempting to mow the players down.
Strategy - Beat on Brauner when you can, run when you can't.  The blood is not
so bad, but you will need to clear it with attacks before you continue the
fight.  His sculptures are big and cause heavy damage, when he starts to call
one, run to the other side of the room and prepare your dodge.  Lastly, when
he's in the painting, try and stay within his flight arcs so you can jump or
slide as needed.

The food on the tables in many of the "house" areas can be damaged for free

Chapter 5
Players start at either the lower left or lower right corners of the map.

Boss (Death)
Attacks           - Once you get him in his room.  Death generally just flies
about, spraying mini sickles in various configurations.  He can also teleport up
and slash down at you, slide across the floor and slash up, or summon 6
criss-crossing blades.
Stage Interaction - Death will spend the entire Chapter flying about and
harrassing the players with mini sickles.  If he takes enough damage he will fly
away for a bit.  He can be especially damaged by flying into the path of the two
spotlights floodlights in the level.
Strategy          - Do not try to take out death while navigating the level,
there is too much damage everywhere.  Instead, get to his room and just stick
and move until he succumbs.  Anytime he performs his mini sickle spray, get
behind him and go to town.  His criss crossing blade is especially damaging, so
if he starts it, slide your way into a corner and be prepared to jump a blade.

-Charlotte's Personal Action can make short work of Death's Sickle barrages.
With proper positioning, she can absorb an entire barrage of them.

Chapter 6
Players start in the lower left corner of the map.

Treasure Hunting:
Purple (Hidden Room) - In the "building" before Dracula's staircase, climb above
the Final Guard and break the ceiling.  You will need to bounce off another
player's head to reach it.

Boss (Dracula)
Form 1 - Dracula teleports about, firing various objects from his cape.
Form 2 - Dracula stands about, jumping and firing projectiles from his mouth.
Form 3 - In this form, Dracula floats about being more of an obstacle than an
opponent.  His hands can hurt you, as can the various spells he will cast on the
entire area.
Form 1 - Wherever he appears, jump over him and hit his head from behind.  If he
goes to a corner, either head to the opposite wall and be prepared to jump /
dodge whatever he fires, or you can try to dive kick him in the head and stay
Form 2 - Wail on him without mercy while he stands still, but the second he
prepares to fire or jump, get as far away as possible.  If he jumps over you, he
will rain destruction on you, so there's no sliding under and there is no real
safe spot from his mouth beam.
Form 3 - When he sits still, slide underneath his hands and carefully attack the
exposed heads.  Don't touch them with your body, they do damage.  If he begins
glowing, or doing anything really, slide all the way to the furthest corner and
wait.  Jump, duck, or block whatever comes out, then head back and score some
more hits.

DLC Chapters
Very little is currently known about the DLC characters, other than that they
exist.  Still, the "DOWNLOAD CONTENT" option from the games main menu cast a
pretty strong vote that they will be available in some capacity soon.

Chapter 7
Players start at either the lower left or lower right corners of the map.

Character Customization (Main Menu)

Your entire collected inventory is shared between all five of your characters.
Even if an item is equipped, the others will be able to see and equip it on
their own.

OFF Gear - Weapons
Only Alucard, Soma, and to a lesser extent, Shanoa can equip different weapons.
 Shanoa uses her own selection (Glyphs) while Alucard and Soma can equip some of
the same stuff, much of it available from The Store.  Even between the two of
them, however, many weapons perform differently in combat.

Alucard & Soma:
Bastard Sword
Estoc         - Performs auto dash attack with Alucard.
Falchion      - 2h
Rapier        - Performs a rapid striking attack when QCF+Attack is used.
Short Sword

Alucard Only:
Alucart Sword
Axe Knight Shield
Hrunting          - Inflicts poison.
Iron Shield
Knuckle Dusters
Leather Shield
Tyrfing           - Inflicts curse.

Soma Only:
Axe            - 2h
Battle Axe     - 2h
Brass Knuckles
Chakram        - Has no range limitation, fires without animation.
Handgun        - Has no range limitation.
Partisan       - 2h
Terror Bear

Claymore     - Alucard
Flamberge    - Alucard
Morning Star - Alucard
Dainslef     - 2h Alucard

Book of Binding - Charlotte Only.  Increases in power as she collects and
masters spells.
Confodore       - Shanoa Only.  Can alternate Attack 1 and 2 for short combos.
Vampire Killer  - Johnathon Only.  Increases in power as he collects and masters
Sub Weapons.

OFF Gear - Hunter Skills
Every character can equip up to 4 of their Hunter Skills at a time.  Each Hunter
Skill has its own degree of mastery, though how you get it there is character
dependant.  You can equip the same Hunter Skill multiple times, but you must
have collected multiple copies in your travels.

Scrolls (Alucard):
Dark Metamorphosis - Alucard temporarily gains the ability to heal himself by
damaging/killing enemies that bleed.
Hellfire           - Alucard summons fireballs from within his cape.
Soul Steal         - Alucard drains life from nearby targets.
Summon Spirit      - Alucard starts with this.  A small spirit appears and homes
in on enemies.
Tetra Spirit       - Multiple spirits appear and homes in on enemies.

Spells (Charlotte):
Acidic Bubbles - A string of bubbles that can inflict poison.
Dark Inferno   - Demonic Fire Orbs
Deathscythe    - Spray of mini sickles.
Demonseed      - Spray of tiny seeds
Energy Flow    - ?
Featherblades  - 3-way bladed projectile.
Fireball       - Charlotte starts with this.  A small fireball that travels
Flame Shot     - Large horizontal fire projectile.
Ghost Chaser   - Red homing projectile that can inflict curse.
Heal           - Generates a rainbow pillar that will restore life to anyone who
touches it.
Hellfire       - Multiple fireballs
Ice Fang       - ?
Ice Needle     - Four icecicles.
Nightmare      - Large Demonic Ball
Piercing Beam  - Lasting energy beam
Poison Spores  - Fog that can inflict poison.
Raging Fire    - A roaring flame right in front of her.
Sickle Moon    - Miniature crescent shot
Splash Needle  - Water stream
Summon Gunman  - Summons Skeleton Gunman.
Summon Skeleton - A skeleton appears and tosses a bone.
Thunderbolt    - ?

Sub Weapons (Johnathon):
Axe            - An Axe tossed in an upward arc.
Boomerang      - A big arcing boomerang, it returns in Johnathon's direction.
Grenade        - A small explosive that bounces a bit then explodes.
Iron Ball      - A large ball on a chain, swung above the head.
Knife          - Johnathon starts with this.  A basic knife, thrown forward.
Paper Airplane - Does a quick loop then advances, does not stop on enemy impact.

Martial Arts (Johnathon):
Johnathon does not need to "equip" Martial Arts, he can use them as long as he
has them.  Martial Arts do not "level up", they increase in damage as
Johnathon's Sub Weapons do.
Block        - Johnathon starts with this.  Defensive posture, reduces damage
(and sometimes nullifies recoil) when hit.  (RB)
Danger Knee  - A forward dashing knee.
Forward Roll - A quick roll forward.  (F,D,B,F + Attack 2)
Sonic Strike - (U,B,D,F + Attack 2)
(Found in Normal Chapter 6 Solo)
Uppercut     - A rising flame uppercut. (D,U + Attack 2)

Magic Glyphs (Shanoa):
Fulgur  -
Grando  - An ice shard with heavy start up.
Ignis   - Shanoa starts with this.  A short range 3 way fire shot.
Lapiste -
Magnes  - Shanoa starts with this.  Allows her to navigate magnet studs.
Nitesco -
Pneumo  -

Red Souls (Soma):
Axe Knight      - Upwards thrown axe.
Cave Troll      - Tongue attack, increases in length as it powers up.
Dullahan        - Homing shot that can inflict curse.
Fire Demon      - Large flaming horizontal projectile.
Fleaman         - Summon a fleaman
Gurkha Master   - Spinning blade that returns to Soma.
Merman          - Shoot a stream of water from your finger tip.
Moldy Corpse    - Drops small poison spores to the ground
Skeleton        - Soma starts with this.  He chucks a small bone.
Skeleton Gunman - Fire bullets from your finger tip.
Specter         - Toss lanterns.
Spittle Bone    - Spins a ring of fire around Soma
Witch           - An electric projectile that homes in on enemies.

Blue Souls (Soma):
Brauner      - Emits a blood trail that can damage enemies.
Ghost        - Summons the Ghost Familar
Persephone   - Creates a Soul Vacuum that drains life.
White Dragon - Summons a White Dragon

Yellow Souls (Soma):
Ailorumnas   - Increases MND
Bone Pillar  - Increases CON
Imp          - Increases INT
Minotaur     - Increases STR
Peeping Eye  - Reveals breakable walls in the map.
The Creature - Health regeneration
Treant       - Increases SP regeneration rate.
Zombie       - Resistance to poison.

DEF Gear - Head
Ballroom Masque
Gambler Glasses - Displays enemy drop %
Iron Helmet
Leather Hat
Steel Helm
Stone Mask
Traveler's Hat  - Available from store after "Hard Mode" is unlocked.
Velvet Hat
Velvet Ribbon

DEF Gear - Body
Army Jacket
Biker's Jacket
Casual Clothes
Cloth Tunic
Copper Plate
Cotton Apron
Fury Plate
Gym Clothes
Hobo's Clothes
Iron Plate
Leather Plate
Mirror Cuirass   - Available from store after "Hard Mode" is unlocked.
Pitch Black Suit
Scale Mail
Silk Robe        - Shanoa
Steel Plate
Tallcoat         - Soma's starting gear.

DEF Gear - Legs
Artemis Shoes  - Charlotte
Combat Boots
Engineer Boots
Hiking Boots
Inuit Boots
Iron Leggings
Sabrina Shoes
Slick Boots    - Increases slide damage
Spiked Boots   - Increases dive kick damage
Steel Greaves

DEF Gear - Back
Hero's Cape
Cloth Cape
Cape of Invisibility - Renders wearer invisible to players (including
themselves) but not enemies.
Elven Cape           - Available from store after "Hard Mode" is unlocked.
Assassin's Cape

DEF Gear - Accessory
Astral Brooch   - Converts damage to MP
Blessed Ankh
Gold Stud
Heart Brooch    - Increases heart drops.
Hoop Earing
Laurel Brooch
Lucky Charm
Mastery Ring    - Increases rate of Sub Weapon / Glyph mastery.  Available from
store after "Hard Mode" is unlocked.
Moonstone       - Increases ALL stats dependant upon System Time (from sunset to
Neck Warmer
Pearl Ring
Sage Ring       - Increases MP regeneration.
Silver Stud
Skull Necklace  -
Skull Ring
Soul Eater Ring - Increases probability of Soul drops.  Available from the store
after "Hard Mode" is unlocked.
Turqoise Stud
White Corsage

DEF Gear - Item
Amanita           - Instant use, inflicts poison.
Bagel Sandwich
Beef Curry
Berry Cruller
Boneless Ham
Caesar Salad
California Roll
Chocolate Cruller
Chocolate Donut
Cream Puff
Cream Soda
Escargot          - Instant use.
Fried Chicken
Fried Crab Claw   - Instant use.
Gazpacho          - Instant use.
Green Tea Cruller
High Potion       - Can carry 3x.
Hot Dog
Kiwi              - Instant use.
Mango Mousse Cake
Meat Strip
Pizza             - Instant use.
Plain Cruller
Plain Donut
Potion            - Available from the store.  Can carry 5x.
Pudding           - Instant use.
Ramen             - Instant use.
Red Licorice      - Instant use.
Roast Beef        - Instant use.
Rusty Food Tin    - Instant use, inflicts poison.
Shrimp Cocktail
Steamed Mussel
Strawberry Donut
Super Potion      - Can carry 1x.
Tasty Meat        - Instant use.
Tiramisu          - Instant use.
Uncurse Potion    - Instant use.
Water of Life     - Can only be found and used within a multiplayer stage to
resurrect dead players.  Always found in Blue Chests.

1. Zombie
Soul - Yellow (****)
*** - Hobo's Clothes (DEF Gear - Body)
Chapter 1 - ?

2. Bat
Soul - ?
Chapter 1 - ?

3. Skeleton
Soul - Red (***)
Chapter 1 - ?
Chapter 2 - ?
Chapter 4 - All Along the bottom of the map
-Summon Skeleton spell can be learned from it.

4. Ghost
Soul - Blue (***)
Chapter 1 - ?
Chapter 2 - Indefinite spawn within the "Number" Rooms

5. Axe Knight
Soul - Red (***)
***  - Axe (OFF Gear - Sub Weapon)
**** - Axe Knight Shield (OFF Gear - Weapon)
Chapter 1 - ?
Chapter 2 - ?

6. Peeping Eye
Soul - Yellow (****)
*** - Monacle (DEF gear - Head)
Chapter 1 - ?

7. Amalaric Sniper
Soul - ?
Chapter 1 - ?

8. Fleaman
Soul - Red (****)
*** - Paper Airplane (OFF Gear - Sub Weapon)

9. Merman
Soul - Red (***)
Chapter 1 - Watery area in the middle of the stage.
-Splash Needle spell can be learned from it

10. Spittle Bone
Soul - Red (***)
Chapter 2 - ?
Chapter 3 - ?
-Raging Fire sell can be learned from it.

11. Bone Pillar
Soul - Yellow (****)
-Fireball spell can be learned from it.
-These things are everywhere in every chapter.
-You can walk into and stand on them without damage.

12. Minotaur
Soul - Yellow (****)
*** - Meat Strip (Food)
**** - Battle Axe (OFF Gear)
Chapter 3 - Across the entire lower corridor area
-Raging Fire spell can be learned from it.

13. Une
Soul - ?

14. Man-eating Plant
Soul - ?
-Demonseed spell can be learned from it.

15. Moldy Corpse
Soul - Red (***)
*** - Amanita (DEF Gear - Item)
Chapter 2 - Near the top and bottom areas of the map.

16. Treant
Soul - Yellow (***)
Chapter 2 - Near the top and bottom areas of the map.

17. Persephone
Soul - Blue (***)
**** - Heart Brooch (DEF Gear - Accessory)
Chapter 2 - In the "house" areas of the map, primarly in upper left corner.

18. Frozen Shade
Soul - ?
*** - Pudding (Food)
Chapter 2 - The outside and cave areas at the top.
-Ice Needle spell can be learned from it.

19. Ectoplasm
Soul - ?
*** - Uncurse Potion (DEF Gear - Item)
*** - Summon Spirit (OFF Gear - Scroll)
-Inflicts curse whenever it touches you.

20. Imp
Soul - Yellow (****)
Chapter 2 - Up and to the right of the boss area.
Chapter 3 - Indefinite re-spawn all over.
-Can cling to you and force your character to move / act against your will.
-Sickle Moon spell can be learned from it

21. White Dragon
Soul - Blue (***)
Chapter 2 - ?

22. Aliorumnas
**** - Increases MND (Yellow)
*** - Kiwi (DEF Gear - Item)
Chapter 2 - ?
-Grando glyph can be absorbed from it.

23. Yorick
Soul - ?
Chapter 2 - ?

24. Glasya Labolas
Soul - ?
Chapter 2 - ?
Chapter 4 - ?
-Acidic Bubbles spell can be learned from it.

25. Cave Troll
Soul - Red (***)
Chapter 3 - ?
Chapter 4 - ?
Chapter 5 - ?

26. Medusa Head
Soul - ?
Chapter 5 - Any of the "gear" rooms.
-Yellow ones inflict Petrify on contact

27. Witch
Soul - Red (***)
*** - Cream Puff (DEF Gear - Item)
Chapter 4 - ?
-Heal spell can be learned from it.

28. Succubus
Soul - ?
*** - Tiramasu (DEF Gear - Item)
-Can seduce male characters.

29. Fire Demon
Soul - Red (***)
Chapter 3 - ?
Chapter 4 - ?
-Flame Shot spell can be learned from it.

30. Buer
Soul - ?
Chapter 6 - ?

31. Lerajie
Soul - ?
*** - Berry Cruller (DEF Gear - Item)
Chapter 4 - In most of the vertical corridors between larger horizontal areas.
-Suprisingly dangerous.

32. Gurkha Master
Soul - Red (***)
*** - Boomerang (Sub Weapon)
Chapter 4 -
Chapter 5 -

33. The Creature
Soul - Yellow (****)
*** - Rusty Food Tin (DEF Gear - Item)
*** - Grenade (OFF Gear - Sub Weapon)
Chapter 4 - ?
Chapter 5 - ?

34. Dullahan
Soul - Red (***)
*** - Iron Plate (DEF Gear - Body)
Chapter 4 - ?
-Only the head can be damaged, but many life draining abilities can be used on
the body for free HP.
-Because she cannot dive kick, Charlotte cannot bypass Dullahan's armor without
taking a hit or help from platforms or players.
-Ghost Chaser spell can be learned from it.

35. Harpy
Soul - ?
Chapter 5 - ?
-Featherblades spell can be learned from it.

36. Skeleton Gunman
Soul     - ?
Chapter 5 - ?
-Summon Gunman spell can be learned from it.

37. Disc Armor
Soul - ?
*** - Steel Plate (DEF Gear - Body)
Chapter 6 - ?

38. Sea Demon
Soul - ?
Chapter 1 - Hard Mode Only
Chapter 5 - ?
-Ice Fang spell can be learned from it.

39. Mimic
Soul - ?
Chapter 5 - ?
Chapter 6 - ?
-Appears to be an ordinary treasure chest until you try to open it.

40. Dead Warrior
Soul - ?
*** - Partisan (OFF Gear - Weapon)
Chapter 5 - ?

41. Nova Skeleton
Soul - ?
Chapter 6 - ?
-Piercing Beam Spell can be learned from it.
-? Glyph can be absorbed from it.

42. Thunder Demon
Soul - ?
Chapter 6 - ?
-Thunderbolt spell can be learned from it.

43. Specter
Soul - Red (***)
Chapter 6 - ?

44. Malachi
Soul - ?
Chapter 5 - ?
Chapter 6 - ?
-Nightmare spell can be learned from it

45. Final Guard
Soul - ?
Chapter 6 - Guarding certain hallways.
-Takes 1 damage from ALL forms of attack, but only has 50 health.  So fifty
strikes of any type to kill him.

46. Gergoth
Soul - ?
Chapter 1 - Boss

47. Puppet Master
Soul - ?
Chapter 2 - Boss

48. Menace
Chapter 3 - Boss

49. Brauner
Soul - Blue (*****)
Chapter 4 - Boss

50. Death
Soul - ?
Chapter 5 - Boss
-Deathscythe spell can be learned from it.

51. Dracula
Soul - ?
Chapter 6 - Boss
-Transforms twice during the course of battle.
-His 3rd form can seduce female characters.
-Hellfire spell can be learned from it.
-Dark Inferno spell can be learned from it.
-Ghost Chaser spell can be learned from it.

Secrets and Unlockables
Bone Cold Justice   (10) - Whenever a Skeleton throws its bone, you can hit it
back at him (or any other monster) by striking it in mid air.
Boned               (20) - In a six player multiplayer session, enter Chapter 1.
 Have 5 party members kill themselves (easiest done via the spike pits at the
map bottom) and have one player defeat Gergoth alone.  If you like, have the
Skeletons stand at the rooms entrance and rain bones at him, do not bring them
into the fight pit as they will be unable to defend themselves from certain
attacks.  Upon completion, all players in the session will recieve the
Grasshopper         (20) - Playing solo, you can get this achievement dive
kicking onto the tall Bone Pillars in Chapter 2.  In multiplayer, you can get it
by finding a safe place and bouncing on a teammates head 30 times.  Charlotte
cannot get this achievement.
Grim Synergy        (10) - Defeat a boss using a Dual Crush, you can pick the
boss, but Gergoth is probably easiest.
Hunter Legend       (30) - Complete all 6 chapters (solo or multiplayer) on the
hard difficulty.  Unless you spend a lot of time farming and powering up your
characters, you will probably need to do this multiplayer.
Lifeguard           (10) - In multiplayer, find a Water of Life then use it to
resurrect a team mate (RT).
Pack Rat            (20) - Just keep playing.  Unlock "Hard Mode" as soon as
possible since that is the only place to find most of the truly rare gear.
Ultimately, you will need to play with each of the five characters to unlock all
of their equipment as characters do not earn drops for each other.  You can use
the Item Compendium to get an idea of what you still need to find.
Poetic Justice      (15) - In multiplayer, find the lone succubus near the top
of Chapter 2 and let her seduce a (male) team mate near low health.  Then kill
Slaughtervania      (20) - Just keep playing.  You'll get this on the way to
Pack Rat and Wicked Deep Pockets.
Slick Kick          (10) - Defeat a boss using sliding.
Vampire Hunter      (15) - Complete all 6 chapters (solo or multiplayer) on the
normal difficulty.
Wicked Deep Pockets (20) - This achievement is not cumulative, you will need to
have 1,000,000 gold on hand at one time.  Its generally a better idea to pursue
Pack Rat before this, as you will need many store bought items to survive before
you start getting quality drops and chests.

Camera Selection
This is not so much a secret as it is just handy.  From the Camera Options menu,
you can enable / disable different zoom options for the in game camera.  This
includes a 2x zoom option which otherwise remains disabled.

Soma    - Unlocked when any Chapter is completed.
Alucard - Unlocked when Chapter 6 is completed solo.

Hard Mode
Hard Mode is unlocked after the primary six Chapters are completed on Normal.
Hard mode does not present any "new" Chapters, but it ups the monster HP and
damage output, replaces certain monsters with stronger ones, and increases the
speed of some of the area traps.  The payoff is that drops and chests are
(generally) better.  The likelihood of absorbing Soma souls, or learning
Charlotte's spells, however, are not affected.

Japanese Voices
When selecting your character, you can hold RT to have them speak using Japanese
voice acting during play.

Secret Items
Each Chapter has a Secret Item in it that provides a tremendous boost to your
item score at the Chapter's conclusion.  You cannot store or use them in any
other way.
Chapter 1 - On the left hand side of the map, in the room with the flea men and
giant green bells, slide underneath the lowest bell and jump to make it appear.
Chapter 2 - ?
Chapter 3 - After Menace smashes the area to pieces, dive kick through the exact
center of the stage to make it appear.
Chapter 4 - Slide into the alcove to the right of the boss room and it will
Chapter 5 - Use the mirror at the top of the left tower, then stand in the dark
room next to the chest and hold Up to make it appear.  You will need to climb up
to catch it.
Chapter 6 - Climb the building to the right of the boss staircase.  When you're
at the top, hold Up to make it appear.  You will need to jump to catch it.

Soundtrack Selection
This is not so much a secret as it is just handy.  From the Sound Options menu,
you can tailor the music that appears in each chapter and during the boss fight,
choosing from a pool of songs that includes a few songs that otherwise remain

Koji Igarashi  - For the awesome idea
Konami Digital - For the awesome game
Me (The Tru Fenix) - For the awesome faq
Llinrac, Sean, The Don of Miguels - For letting me tag along in multiplayer and
mooch off their knowledge and findings.
ErifderX - For the awesome Charlotte Spell thread.