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Follow the dark path or use the light

How To Get Out Of Maps (Private Match Only)

by Civz

How To Get Out Of Maps
By Civz: GT: Im Too Raww

*NOTE* This only works for private matches

First thingís first, you must set the game rules so this is possible. I have provided a picture but will list the settings for anyone who canít see it.

Time Limit: Unlimited
Score Limit: Unlimited
Spectating: Free
Killcam: Disabled
Radar Always On: Yes
Respawn Delay: None
Wave Spawn Delay: None
Force Respawn: Enabled
Number of Lives: Unlimited
Max Health: Double
Health Regeneration: Slow
Perks and Proficiencies: Enabled
Hardcore Mode: Disabled
3rd Person: Disabled
Headshots Only: Enabled
Killstreaks: Enabled
Custom Classes: Enabled
After this, you must set up a custom class. I have provided a picture of the class, but I will explain it through text for those who canít see it.
This can be done with any shotgun, but in my experience the AA12 works the best. So here is your class:
Primary Weapon: AA12
       Proficiency: Damage
       Attachment: Extended Mags
Secondary Weapon: Any pistol or machine pistol
	Attachment: Extended Mags
Frag Grenade
Tactical insertion
Sleight Of Hand Pro
Quickdraw Pro
Dead Silence Pro
Any Killstreaks
Deathstreak: Juiced

Now time for actual gameplay to be explained.
First off, lets explain how to get unlimited tactical insertions. First thing is first, create a random custom class with a tactical insertion that is separate from the Default Classes created for the players. Spawn in with the Shotgun class (TIP: label this class KNOCK or GLITCH or something to distinguish it from the others) and set your tactical insertion. Hit the start menu and change your class to the custom class you created with the tactical insertion. Move away from the tactical insertion and hold your frag grenade till it explodes and kills you
When you respawn with your custom class, lay down your tactical insertion and switch back to the Shotgun class. Kill yourself again and when you respawn with the Shotgun class, switch to your secondary weapon and lay down your tactical insertion. Switch back to your primary weapon, wait a second, then switch back to your pistols. A new tactical insertion will appear in your inventory. When you kill yourself throughout the game, you will respawn at the last tactical insertion you put down, so use this as a way to Save your game of sorts. Just remember to always have your secondary weapon out when you put your tactical insertion down.

To actually get outside of the map, you must have more than one player. Have one player (P1 from here on out) stand on a ledge, barrel, etc. Basically anything that puts them slightly above the other player (P2 from here on out). P2 gets directly underneath P1 and fires the AA12 at P1ís head. This will propel P1 into the air, and if aimed correctly will land them either outside of the map or on top of barriers created by the game makers to keep people from going outside of the map. Seems ironic that we use these barriers to our advantage.

I have personally confirmed that it is possible on every default and DLC map in the game.

If you enjoyed this walkthrough, please show your appreciation or ask question by adding me on Xbox Live: GT: Im Too Raww (PS3 to come) or by following me on twitter: @jwilkes_