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Modern Warfare 3: Spec Ops Survival Guide

by shinydarkrai94

          Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops Survival Guide

Copyright Shinydarkrai98 (Zach Zens) 2011 all rights reserved. Permission
to host this guide is given to,

===Version History===

Version 1.0 � Basics of survival written, strategies written, most of map
strategies written, money section written, map list written, enemy list
written, equipment list written, part of wave list details written.

Version 1.1 - A few strategies changed and added to. Map strategies finished.
Added to wave list details.

Version 1.2 - Added a new strategy for the map Fallen. Rephrased several
sentences in various sections. Added to wave list details.

Version 1.3 - Added to and rephased various map strategies. Corrected and
added to wave list details.

===Table of Contents===

1. Introduction            	{01Int}
2. Basic information	   	{02BIn}
3. Basic strategies      	{03BSt}
4. High wave strategies		{04HWS}
5. Map specific strategies	{05MSS}
6. How to get money		{06HGM}
8. Lists of extra information	{07LEI}
9. Acknowledgments		{08Ack}


This guide is completely text based. If you don't like to read walls of text or
if you are confused about something in this guide, feel free to check out the
video version of this guide at:

===Introduction===     {01Int}

Hey guys, this is the first guide I've ever written so I'll undoubtedly
mess up on a few things. This guide is almost complete, though I'd like to add
on any future map strategies that I discover and I'd also like to update the
wave list. However, since the waves go on forever, I think this guide is
sufficient enough to be considered a complete guide.

You may notice that I did borrow some information from other gamers.
I've given them credit but if any of you are wondering why I did this, it's
because I had my own strategies but they weren't nearly as efficient as some
of the ones I found on YouTube. I've mainly been busy testing other stuff so
I don't have a lot of unique map strategies, but if I find any good ones, I'll
definitely add them to this guide.

If you find any mistakes or you have any good strategies for maps or if you
have information that you think would be good for me to have in this guide,
please PM me or email me at [email protected]. Thanks and I hope you
like the guide :).

===Survival: Basic information===     {02BIn}

Special Ops: Survival is a game type in Modern Warfare 3. The goal is the
same as it's predecessor, Zombies in CoD: Black Ops. You must beat waves of
enemies and survive as long as you can. When you defeat enemies or you beat
a wave, you will be rewarded with experience and money. You can use the money
to buy better weapons or other tools to allow you to defeat enemies quickly
and more efficiently. There is no limit to the amount of waves.

There are currently 16 different maps to play Survival on. They are listed
below in the maps section. The 16 maps are split into four tiers. On higher
tiers, the waves are different and more challenging. You can expect waves to
be the same on maps of the same tier.

Every few waves there is a special wave which is generally more challenging.
Depending on the tier and the wave, you will be presented with one or more
Juggernauts and Choppers. On higher tiers, you will have to fight Juggernauts,
Choppers and normal enemies at the same time. Detailed descriptions of
Juggernauts and Choppers can be found in the Enemy description section.

Survival can be played with either one player or two. If you choose to play
by yourself, you will lose if you get shot and you don't have a self revive.
in Co-op mode, both you and your partner can buy self revives. In addition,
you can revive each other even if you don't have the self revive.

===Survival: Basic Strategies===     {03BSt}

Most people complete the first few waves with the weapons from their enemies,
or by knifing. This is definitely recommended if you are a low level. However,
if you are a higher level, it may be beneficial to get a submachine gun such
as the PP901 or the P90 or an assault rifle such as the ACR 6.8. Ultimately,
you probably won't keep that gun if you get into the much higher waves. These
weapons do allow you to speed the earlier waves up a lot and they will probably
help you to get Kill Streak or Rampage bonuses more. You will lose money from
the cost of the gun and extra ammo but it will probably even out because of
extra bonus money.

If you do choose to use guns from your enemies, pick up the first gun you get
and use up the ammo from your starting weapon. When you get a new weapon 
(either MP5 or AK47), switch out your starting weapon and use the first gun
you picked up. Continue this until you decide to switch to a LMG (which is
generally a good idea at some point).

Regardless of which method you use and which tier you are on, the first few
waves are rather easy. The only case in which you may die is if you get
yourself into a situation where 3 or more enemies are firing at you at the
same time. It is essential, no matter what wave you are on, to allow as few
enemies as possible to shoot you simultaniously. 

On the easy and medium maps, beginners may start having difficulty around
wave 10 and thus I would suggest buying a self revive if you have used the
one you started with and you are on solo. On the hard and very hard maps,
it's good to always buy a self revive on solo and probably on co-op as well. 

Many people buy a predator missile for the first special wave. I think this
is probably unnecessary. On your first few special waves, you will have to
defeat one or more choppers, one or more juggernauts or both with a few
additional enemies to make it even more difficult. However, generally, the
first special waves are pretty easy using only guns and if you are fighting
juggernauts, a flashbang followed by firing at his head.

Once you get past the first few special waves and you get more difficult
enemies, such as ACR or FAD commandos, you may want to start consistently
buying sentry guns, body armor and/or flashbangs, claymores and C4. This
really depends on which map you're on. I cover what specifically you may
want to do during high waves in the High Wave Strategies section below.
If you buy these items every (or nearly every) wave, this will become very
expensive which is one of the problems with applying this strategy to
every map.

Some people also have a tendency to buy sentry guns and other expensive
things during very early round. This is also a bad idea. Air strikes,
sentries and claymores are a final resort and thus you should save your
money until you really need them if you want to aim for high waves.
If you only want to go for wave 15, then it may be a better idea to buy
these things, but that is the only exception to this rule.

As the waves progress, rather than fighting more enemies, you will fight
tougher enemies that have a lot of health and that also can run quickly. It
will probably become necessary to buy two light machine guns and either camp
in a safe spot while protecting yourself with a lot of explosives or you will
need to run around the map flashbanging enemies and taking a shot at them when
you can. The best strategy will depend on the map that you are on. 

===High wave strategies===     {04HWS}

As previously mentioned, there are two main strategies that people use during
high waves. On large maps especially, lots of people will do the MW3
equivalent of a �zombie train� (causing all of the enemies to follow you and
then taking them out). The difference is, in MW3 the enemies can hit you from
long distances. Thus, the best idea is to plan out a path across the map.
Throw a flashbang at your train of enemies and take out as many of them as you
can while they're stunned or use an air strike and use a flashbang to keep
them all in one place (this is especially useful if you reach very very high
waves, like waves in the 60s+). When you start to get hurt, find cover.
Thankfully, Juggernauts, Choppers and all other enemies do not heal health, so
you can run for as long as you like without worrying. When you heal, simply
repeat the flashbang process. When you run out of supplies, you will need to
quickly stop at the the appropriate armory to resupply.

The other strategy is to find a good camping spot. Not all maps are good for
this strategy and some camping spots are better than others. There are two
types of camping spots that I have seen players utilize on very high waves.
The more commonly used spots are places that have a lot of cover from choppers
a nice spot for sentry guns and two exits. The other spots that I've seen
used are ones that only have one way of entry. You can either camp there with
a sentry gun or have one player stay behind the other player, completely safe
and one player out in the open. The player out in the open will attack and
constantly go down, but the safe player will revive the other whenever he
goes down.

===Map specific strategies===     {05MSS}

Please remember that these strategies are almost always intended for later
rounds. Earlier rounds don't need a lot of strategy and so you can just do what
works best for you. Also, if I refer to a direction, my reference point is
always from where you spawn (ex. if I mention a camping spot north of your
spawn point, not on the north side of the map as CoD: Elite would list it).


For the lower rounds (excluding helicopter and juggernaut rounds), it's best to
camp in the south west corner, at the top of the stairs of the patio. If you
position yourself correctly, it will be hard for enemies to hit you and you can
take them out easily even when they all attack you at once. 

For juggernaut rounds (especially high juggernaut rounds), it may be best to
hide near where you start out, but only if you have two players. You want to
hide in one of the big potted plants with cases nearby and you need to position
youself so that you are hidden by the cases and so that you cannot be hit
except for by the soldiers on the walkway above you. Your partner will need to
lie down nearby. Your partner will take all of the damage and you will keep
reviving him and protecting yourself from the soldiers on the top walkway.
If necessary, put C4 on the walkway before the round, in case you get in

(credit to ImboyD20 at

It's best to camp in the top left (from the direction of the respawn point) of
the map, in the clothing store. It's best to put a sentry gun near the
entrance to the building, since the enemies will enter one by one. They will
also enter through the back so it's important to put another sentry there and
to put a lot of claymores there. 

(credit to TheRelaxingEnd and ChristianR87 at

An alternate strategy that may work better in solo would be to camp in the 
ouse in the middle of the map, setting a sentry gun in the living room and 
hiding in the small kitchen corner. It may be a bit harder to camp there 
because the house is so small, but it's worth trying if you can't get the
other spot to work.


One potential strategy that will probably work very well, especially for the
lower waves and up to the thirties is to place your sentry guns northwest of
your spawning point (a little bit west of the bridge, on the lower part of the
map). If you cover the front side with your sentry guns, very few soldiers
will go the other way and you can just leave some claymores there to take care
of them. Juggernauts will also mainly come through the front side, so you can
simply flashbang them and take them out with your sentry guns. I suspect that
on the much higher waves, however, it will be hard to hold this position, and
you may have to run across the map, flashbanging your enemies, hitting them
with airstrikes, C4, claymores, etc. One thing that's important is that you
should take out air support as soon as it comes while letting your sentry guns
hold off the enemies.

(credit goes to PrismGamingUK at


This is a map that I haven't tried out a lot, but it seems that the best spot
for sentry guns is either in the northwest corner of the map or the
southwestern corner of the map. This map is similar to village because there
isn't a great camping spot with a lot of cover, so at some point, you will
need to run around the map, trying to take out enemies one at a time.


The best spot for this place is in the tunnel, in the North/Northwest part of
the map (from the spawn point). There are only two places where the enemy can
enter, so you can place one or two sentry guns on one side and you can cover
the other. You are completely protected from choppers, so the only problem
that you'll have is with juggernauts.


In this map, one strategy that works well is going prone on the walkway on the
south east part of the map. The enemies cannot hit you very well and they can
only climb up one by one. This will not work as well on single player, but if
you do Co-op, you can cover both ladders and your only trouble will be chopper
waves. If you do solo, it may be better to use the building in which you spawn
or the building north of your spawn point.

(credit goes to PrismGamingUK at


The best spot here is on the north west side of the map. If you place two
sentry guns nearby, you can hide in the house or take out troops from the
hill. When air support comes, you should place claymores or a sentry gun near
you to prevent dogs from getting in and you should hide in the house since the
choppers cannot hit you from there. 

(credit goes to SpiderBite at


The best camping spot for high waves on this world is in the building on the
south side of the map. If you camp in the corner on the bottom floor with a
sentry gun right in front of you, that will protect from attack dogs and
grenades which become very annoying on higher waves. While your sentry gun
stays alive, only one enemy at a time will enter the building and you can
take out at least a good amount of the enemies before your sentry gun is
wrecked. You can also place a sentry gun in the building on the south west
side of the map. Because it is so far away, the enemies will not go after it

On juggernaut waves, you can go to the marketplace and jump on the ledge to
the south of the market. From there, you can jump to the top of the
marketplace stands and go prone. If you shoot the juggernauts through the
cloth that you are laying on, they will not fire back. You can shoot them or
blow them up with C4 and the normal troops will head to the building north
where you are so you will have to take them out when they start attacking you.

(credit goes to ImBoyD20 at


The best strategy that I've seen for carbon involves three different spots.
For normal soldier rounds, it's best to place a lot of C4 around the partially
covered tunnel that is north east of your position. You can camp in that area
with LMGs on high rounds and when soldiers start to crowd in that spot, you
can blow most of them up with C4.

On chopper rounds, it's best to go to the building just north of your spawn
point and jump on the machine. You can't get hit by the chopper or attacked by
the dogs, so you only have to kill the soldiers.

On Juggernaut rounds, it's best to jump on the metal container near the spot
where you went for the soldier rounds and go prone. The soldiers will all head
to the spot where you go for soldier rounds and you can kill them one by one.
After they are gone, you should either run around the map, slowly taking out
Juggernauts, or you can position yourself so that the Juggernaut cannot hit
you and shoot him. It's good to leave a sentry gun on the partly covered tunnel
because, for some reason, the Juggernaut that would normally shoot you from
there will leave after destroying the sentry.

This strategy works for both solo and two player.

(credit goes to ImBoyD20 at

You can also camp in the building with the air support armory since this
provides good protection as well.


The best camping spot on this world is east of where you respawn. There's an
entrance to another room there with a metal window that you can shoot enemies
through that they can't shoot you through. You can place your sentry guns both
toward that spot or one facing that spot and one facing the direction towards
where you spawned, in the south western part of the map.


There are several places to camp, but none of them seem terribly better than
the others. Thus, this is another map that you probably won't be able to camp
forever at. However, you can place your sentry guns in the tunnel and have
complete protection from air support, and this limits the ways that the enemy
can attack you (just make sure to cover your back with claymores, especially if
you're playing solo). You can also try camping outside of the tunnel, placing
your sentry guns so that they cover the north side, while you cover the two
other sides.


One of the best camping spots on this world is in the building just east of
where you spawn. A lot of the soldiers will then gather on the rooftop to
the north east of that building, and the window is a very nice spot for
taking out enemy soldiers. You can either cover your back with another
player or with a sentry guns and explosives.

(credit goes to PrismGamingUK at

Another strategy that works well would be to camp underneath the truck
which is just north of the building north of the building for the other
strategy. If you position yourself near the back of the truck, the soldiers
can only attack you from the two spots from the front of the truck if you
are closer to the middle of the truck or only from the back of the truck if 
you're nearer to the back of the truck. You are protected from dogs, air
support and soldiers and dogs if you stay in the correct area. You will be
harmed by rolling grenades, but the soldiers throw them very rarely.


This map has one of the best camping spots. It is on the far north side of the
map. You can use a sentry gun in the tunnel and since it's very narrow and
long, it's hard for enemies to take it out. You can also place a sentry gun on
the other side of the tunnel if you start to run into trouble. You can fight
enemies through the big window, or you can move towards the east exit and take
them out there. Since this spot has a lot of cover and it has a lot of room,
you can very easily survive here.


For co-op, the best spot on this map for high waves is in the building just
west of your starting point, on the second floor in the small room. One of you
should plant explosives all over the building and hide behind the wall. The
other player should stay in the doorway and shoot enemies with a LMG. When the
player in the doorway goes down, the other player can hide behind the wall and
revive his partner. 


During the earlier rounds, you can opt to camp behind the counter on the top
floor of the mall, or you can camp behind the fast food restaurant counter on
the bottom of the wall, though attack dogs and juggernauts can still climb

Later on, probably your best shot is to try to hold out in the back room on the
top floor of the mall as long as you can before having to run around the map
picking off enemies.


On this map, the best spot to camp is the northwest corner of the building in
the northwest part of the map. If you go prone behind the two desks, the
soldiers can only hit you through a crack (which you can attack them from as
well and they generally only attack one at a time) and you are protected from
juggernauts, choppers and attack dogs. The only other way that you can die is
if a soldier throws a grenade at you. You can simply throw back the grenades
though. This gives you an amazing advantage, especially since you can hit
soldiers through the desk, and they can't.

(credit goes to xMysticGaMe at


The best spot to camp on this map is in the building just east of your spawn
point. If you place the sentry gun near the sandbags on the second floor, the
troops will be unable to shoot at it and the gun can take out air support and
the troops easily. On later waves, it will be important to take out the
choppers, because you will probably need to move around the map a lot.

(credit goes to PrismGamerUK at

===How to get money===     {06HGM}

You get money by killing an enemy, assisting in a kill, completing a wave or
completing a bonus money challenge. Probably the best way to make money
quickly is to defeat enemies quickly without getting hit much so that you get
Rampage and Killstreak bonuses. However, there are other ways to make money
that you should consider as well.

==Wave bonus==

At the end of each wave, you receive a bonus reward of money. The amount is
dependent upon the wave that you completed, how long it took to complete it,
how many enemies you killed, how many headshots you got, what your accuracy
was and how much damage you took.

--Wave number--

You receive $25 * the wave that you completed for the starting waves and at
around wave 70 (not totally sure which wave, but it's somewhere around there),
you receive $50 * the wave that you completed.


If you take longer than 90 seconds to complete a wave, you will receive no
bonus for your time. For every second below 90 seconds, you will receive an
extra $2. For example, you will receive only $2 for 89 seconds, but you will
receive $4 for 88 seconds and $174 for 3 seconds.


You receive $10 * the amount of kills that you get. During the harder waves
(again around wave 70), you will receive $50 * the amount of kills that you


You receive $20 * the amount of headshots that you get. During the harder
waves, though, you will receive $50 * the amount of headshots that you get.


You receive $225 for 100% accuracy during the wave (you do have to fire at
least one bullet to get this though, otherwise your accuracy will be N/A) and
for every percent lower than that, you lose $3. At 25%, you no longer receive
a bonus. If you decide to knife enemies during the lower rounds, you can get
extra money by shooting the first enemy once.

--Damage taken--

If you take no damage during a wave, you receive $400. If you receive more
than 200 damage, you receive no bonus. For every damage point less than 200
that you receive during a wave, you receive $2.

As you can see, the bonuses don't contribute a ton to your total money. If you
run an essentially perfect wave, lets say with 12 enemies on wave 17,
finishing it in 40 seconds with an accuracy of 100% and a headshot every time,
you would only make $955 more than a really bad round (not including
killstreaks, etc). However, if you were to hypothetically run perfect waves
every time and you made it to wave 60 or 80 or something, it would add up.
This wouldn't work if you were to really try it since the waves get a lot
harder, but you could probably make a couple $10,000 more if you really tried
and got to a very high wave, so it's worth remembering. 

==Bonus money challenges==

There are six challenges that you can complete to gain bonus money. The
challenges reset each round and you can only complete the two challenges that
you were assigned for bonus money. If you complete one of the assigned 
challenges you will get $500. If you complete the challenge again (in
the same round), you will get $1000, and so on and so on.

Rampage � This challenge is simple. Just kill four people within a short
amount of time (or more people, if you wait too long between kills). The more
you wait before killing someone, the more the rampage meter will go down. When
it reaches the maximum, you get a money bonus.

Killstreak � This challenge is completed by killing 5 enemies without getting
hurt. If you get hit, then your killstreak will reset.

Headshots � If you get 5 headshots (it doesn't have to be in a row), then you
will complete this challenge.

Quad Pwnage � Kill 4 enemies simultaneously. You could do this with a predator
missle or with C4 (it works really well if you put C4 at the enemy's spawn

Flash Kill - Kill five enemies while they are stunned by a flash grenade.

Knife Streak - Knife several enemies to get this bonus.

===Extra lists of information===     {07LEI}

==Map List==

Tier 1


Starting Weapons: A Five Seven with 16/96 Ammo, two Flash Grenades, two Frags,
250 Armor, and the Self Revive ability.

Tier 2


Starting weapons: A USP .45, two Flash Grenades, two Frags, 250 Armor and the
Self Revive ability.

Tier 3


Starting weapons: A MP412, two Flash Grenades, 250 Armor and the Self Revive

Tier 4


Starting weapons: A M16A4 with Red Dot Sight, a Five Seven, and 250 Armor.

==Weapons armory==

-Assault Rifles-

M4A1 unlocked by default.
M16A4 unlocked by default. 
SCAR-L unlocked at level 5. 
ACR 6.8 unlocked at level 14.
AK-47 unlocked at level 24.
FAD unlocked at level 32.
G36C unlocked at level 39.
CM901 unlocked at level 43.
MK14 unlocked at level 47.
Type 95 unlocked at level 50.

-Sub Machine Guns-

MP5 unlocked by default.
UMP45 unlocked at level 4.
MP7 unlocked at level 13.
PM-9 unlocked at level 23.
PP90M1 unlocked at level 38.
P90 unlocked at level 46.

-Light Machine Guns-

M60E4 unlocked at level 12.
PKP Pecheneg unlocked at level 18.
MK46 unlocked at level 34.
L86 LSW unlocked at level 41.
MG36 unlocked at level 48.


Model 1887 for $2000, unlocked by default.
USAS-12 for $2000, unlocked at level 6.
SPAS-12 for $2000, unlocked at level 16.
KSG-12 for $2000, unlocked at level 26.
Striker for $4000, unlocked at level 33.
AA-12 for $5000, unlocked at level 44.

-Sniper Rifles-

MSR unlocked at level 7.
Dragunov unlocked at level 16.
RSASS unlocked at level 29.
L118A unlocked at level 35.
AS50 unlocked at level 42.
Barrett .50cal unlocked at level 49.


Five seven unlocked by default, starting weapon on tier 1 and tier 4 maps.
USP. 45 unlocked by default, starting weapon on tier 2 maps.
MP412 unlocked at level 2, starting weapon on tier 3 maps.
Desert Eagle unlocked at level 11.
.44 Magnum unlocked at level 20.
P99 unlocked at level 40.

-Machine Pistols-

G18, unlocked by default.
Skorpion, unlocked at level 3.
MP9, unlocked at level 17.
FMG9, unlocked at level 37.


Holographic Sight for $1000, unlocked by default.
Red Dot Sight for $750, unlocked at level 7.
ACOG Scope for $1250, unlocked at level 30.
Grip for $750, unlocked at level 19.
Grenade Launcher for $1500, unlocked at level 28.
Shotgun for $1500, unlocked at level 45.

==Equipment Armory==

Frag Grenade Refill for $750, unlocked by default.
Flashbang Refill for $1000, unlocked by default.
Claymore x5 for $1000 (10 Max), unlocked at level 2.
C4 x5 for $1500 (10 Max), unlocked at level 3.
RPG-7 x2 for $2000 (4 Max), unlocked at level 27.
Sentry Gun for $3000, unlocked at level 17.
Sentry Grenade Launcher for $4000, unlocked at level 31.
Body Armor for $2000, unlocked at level 10.
Self Revive for $4000, unlocked at level 12.
Riot Shield for $3000, unlocked at level 37.

==Air Support Armory==

Predator Missile for $2500, unlocked by default.
Air Strike for $2500, unlocked at level 4.
Delta Squad for $3000, unlocked at level 14.
Riot Shield Squad for $5000, unlocked at level 21.
Quickdraw for $3000, unlocked by default.
Steady Aim for $3000, unlocked at level 8.
Stalker for $4000, unlocked at level 22.
Extreme Conditioning for $4000, unlocked at level 36.
Sleight of Hand for $5000, unlocked at level 50.

===Enemy list=== 

Light troops armed with Model 1887.
Medium troops armed with MP5.
Heavy troops armed with AK-47.
Commando troops armed with ACR 6.8.
Heavy commando troops armed with a FAD.
Suicide troops armed with USAS-12 and strapped with C4.
Attack dogs.
Attack dogs strapped with C4.
Chemical agents armed with PP90M1 and tanks filled with green gas.
Juggernauts armed with a PKP Pecheneg.
Riot shield juggernauts armed with an AK-47 and a Riot Shield.
Claymore Experts armed with PM-9 and claymores.
Little Birds armed with dual Miniguns.

==Wave list details==

Hopefully these waves should be added to shortly. There may be some errors in
them right now and a lot of waves are very vague. Ar army stands for Assault
rifle army and Acr Army stands for army with ACR 6.8. Likewise, fad army
stands for army with the FAD. 

==Easy maps==

Wave 1 - Infantry 10
Wave 2 - Infantry 12
Wave 3 - Infantry 12; Dogs 2
Wave 4 � MP5 army 10
Wave 5 � MP5 army 12
Wave 6 - Choppers 2 
Wave 7 � MP5 army 12; Suicide bombers 3 
Wave 8 - MP5 army 13; Suicide bombers 4
Wave 9 - MP5 army 11; Dogs 2; Suicide bombers 4
Wave 10 - Juggernaut 1
Wave 11 - AK47 army 10 
Wave 12 - AK47 army 12
Wave 13 - AK47 army 12; Suicide bombers 4
Wave 14 - AK47 army 12; Dogs 2; Suicide bombers 4
Wave 15 � Juggernauts 2
Wave 16 - ACR army 10
Wave 17 - ACR army 12
Wave 18 - ACR army 14; Suicide bombers 2
Wave 19 - ACR army 12; Dogs 2; Suicide bombers 6
Wave 20 � Juggernauts 3
Wave 21 - FAD army 11; Claymore experts 2
Wave 22 - FAD army 14; Claymore experts 2; Suicide bombers 2; Chopper 1
Wave 23 - FAD army 8; C4 dogs 4; Claymore experts 4; Suicide bombers 2
	  Chopper 1
Wave 24 � FAD army 12; C4 dog 3; Claymore experts 4; Suicide bombers 4
	  Chopper 1
Wave 25 - 22 kills
Wave 27 - 15 kills
Wave 28 - 19 kills
Wave 29 - Chopper 1 + 22 kills
Wave 30 - Juggernauts 3 + 13 kills
Wave 36 - 19 kills
Wave 37 - 23 kills
Wave 86 - 16 kills
Wave 89 - 25 kills 

==Regular Maps==

Wave 1 - Infantry 11 
Wave 2 - Infantry 12
Wave 3 - Infantry 16
Wave 4 - MP5 army 11
Wave 5 - MP5 army 13
Wave 6 - MP5 army 6; Choppers 2
Wave 7 - MP5 army 11; C4 dogs 2; Suicide bombers 3
Wave 8 - MP5 army 12; C4 dogs 2; Suicide bombers 4
Wave 9 - Mp5 army 6; Juggernaut 1
Wave 10 - AK47 army 10
Wave 11 - AK47 army 12
Wave 12 - AK47 army 6; Juggernaut 1; Riot shield juggernaut 1
Wave 13 - AK47 army 10; Chemical agents 4
Wave 14 - AK47 army 12; C4 dogs 2; Chemical agents 3
Wave 15 � AK47 army 6; C4 dogs 2; Chemical agents 3; Choppers 2
Wave 16 - ACR army 10
Wave 17 - ACR army 12
Wave 18 � ACR army 6; C4 dogs 3; Riot shield Juggernauts 2
Wave 19 � ACR army 11; Suicide bombers 3; Chemical agents 3
Wave 20 - ACR army 13; Suicide bombers 3; Chemical agents 3
Wave 21 - ACR army 6; C4 dogs 3; Juggernauts 3
Wave 24 - Choppers 3 + ?
Wave 27 - Juggernauts 3 + 12 kills
Wave 30 - Choppers 3 + ?

==Hard maps==

Wave 1 - MP5 army 10
Wave 2 - MP5 army 12
Wave 3 - MP5 army 12; C4 dogs 3
Wave 4 - MP5 army 13; Suicide bombers 2; C4 dogs 2
Wave 5 - Suicide bombers 3; C4 dogs 2; Juggernaut 1; Chopper 1
Wave 6 - AK47 army 10
Wave 7 - AK47 army 12
Wave 8 - AK47 army 12; C4 dog 3
Wave 9 - AK47 army 11; C4 dogs 3; Claymore experts 3 
Wave 10 - C4 dog 3; Claymore experts 3; Juggernaut 1
	  Riot shield Juggernaut 1; Chopper 1
Wave 11 - ACR army 10
Wave 12 - ACR army 12
Wave 13 - ACR army 13; C4 dog 3
Wave 14 - ACR army 10; Suicide bombers 3; C4 dog 3; Claymore experts 3
Wave 15 - Suicide bombers 3; C4 dog 3; Claymore experts 3; Juggernauts 2
	  Riot shield Juggernaut 1; Chopper 1
Wave 16 - FAD army 12
Wave 17 - FAD army 15
Wave 18 - 18 kills
Wave 19 - Choppers 3; C4 dog 4; Chem agent 3; FAD army 9
wave 20 - 23 kills
Wave 21 - FAD army 8; C4 dog 4; Chem agent 2; Juggernauts 2;
	  Riot shield Juggernauts 1
Wave 22 - FAD army ?; Chem agent 3
Wave 23 - Choppers 3; C4 dogs 2; Chem agent 3; FAD army ?
Wave 24 - Suicide 3; Chem agent 4; Claymore experts ?; FAD army ?
Wave 25 - Juggernauts 2; Riot shield Juggernauts 1 + ?
Wave 27 - Choppers 3; C4 dogs 3; Chem agent 3; FAD army 10
Wave 28 - Suicide bombers 3; FAD army ?; Chem agent ? Claymore expert ?
Wave 29 - Juggernauts 2; Riot shield Juggernauts 1 + ?
Wave 30 - Total kills 18
Wave 31 - C4 Dog 4; Chem agent 3; FAD army ?; Chopper 3
Wave 32 - Total kills 23
Wave 33 - Juggernauts 2; Riot shield Juggernauts 1;
	  Total kills 19
Wave 34 - Total kills 16
Wave 35 - Choppers 3; Total kills 16 
Wave 36 - 24 kills

==Insane maps==

Wave 1 - MP5 army 11
Wave 2 - MP5 army 11
Wave 3 - MP5 army 13; C4 dog 3
Wave 4 - AK47 army 8; Suicide bombers 3
Wave 5 - AK47 army 11; Suicide bombers 4 
Wave 6 - AK47 army 6; C4 dog 2; Juggernaut 1; Chopper 1
Wave 7 - ACR army 10
Wave 8 - ACR army 12
Wave 9 - ACR army 10; Suicide bombers 2; Chemical agents 3
Wave 10 - ACR army 11; Suicide bombers 3; Chemical agents 2
Wave 11 - Jugernauts 2; Chopper 1 
Wave 12 - ?
Wave 13 - FAD army 12
Wave 14 - FAD army 8; Suicide bombers 2; Claymore experts 2
	  Chemical agents 4
Wave 15 - FAD army 10; Suicide bombers 3; Chemical agents 3
Wave 16 - FAD army 6; C4 dogs 3; Juggernaut 1; Riot shield Juggernaut 1
	  Chopper 1
Wave 17 - FAD army 9; Suicide bombers 3; Chemical agents 3
	  Claymore experts 3
Wave 18 � FAD army 9; Suicide bombers 3; Chemical agents 3
	  Claymore experts 3
Wave 19 - FAD army 9; C4 Dogs 4; Juggernauts 3; Choppers 2
Wave 20 - FAD army 9; Suicide bombers 3; Chemical experts 3
	  Claymore experts 3
Wave 21 - FAD army 12; Suicide bombers 3; Chemical agents 3
	  Claymore experts 2
Wave 22 - C4 dogs 4; Juggernauts 3 + ?
Wave 27 - 22 kills

===Acknowledgments===     {08Ack}

For specific maps, I borrowed a lot of information from YouTube videos because
they had better and more efficient strategies than me. Here is a list of the
channels that I got information from. If you don't understand my text
description of what you should do or you just want to thank them for coming
out with great strategies so that I could use them in this guide, please check
out their videos and subscribe to their channels. (it's also worth noting that this channel is
raising money for a children's hospital)