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by omegamustard

GAME: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
By: Kenneth Stubbs (OmegaMustard)
Email: [email protected]

If you want to use this on your website or such, email me and ask first.
This Document is copyrighted by me.
The Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Walktrough FAQ is Copyright (C) Nov. 6, 2011
 Kenneth Stubbs

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*Does Contain Spoilers, so SPOILER ALERT!*
I have left a bunch of story out. This guide will mainly get you
through the actual game.  So it doesn't have many spoilers.  I
have left most of the story out but not all.  I did this to try
and not ruin the story.

*Still a work in progress.  Will update ASAP*

I. Controls
 IA - Xbox 360
 IB - Playstation 3
II. Chapters - Main Menu
 IIA - Black Tuesday
 IIB - Hunter Killer
 IIC - Persona Non Grata
 IID - Turbulence
 IIE - Back on the Grid
 IIF - Mind the Gap
 IIG - Goalpost
 IIH - Return to Sender
 III - Bag and Drag
 IIJ - Iron Lady
 IIK - Eye of the Storm
 IIL - Blood Brothers
 IIM - Stronghold
 IIN - Scorched Earth
 IIO - Down the Rabbit Hole
 IIP - Dust to Dust
III. Intel
IV. Special Ops
 IVA - Survival Ops
 IVB - Special Ops Missions
V. Achievements/Trophies
VI. Frequently Asked Questions
VII. Closing Statements, Contact.

Another year, another Call of Duty.  This is the third entry into
the Modern Warfare series that started with Call of Duty 4. This
game is suppose to wrap up everything from the first two games.
So we shall see.  I have left out main story points and such so
the story doesn't get ruined while making it through the game.
Hope you enjoy.

I. Controls
IA. Xbox 360 Standard Controls
A - Jump
X - Reload and Action Button
B - Crouch (Hold to go Prone)
Y - Switch weapons
Right Bumper - Letahl Grenade
Right Trigger - Fire Weapon
Left Bumper - Special Grenade
Left Trigger - Aim down scope
Start - Pause The Game
Back - Shows Score
Left D-Pad - Pulls out Undermounted Weapon
Right D-Pad - Activates Killstreak or special option in campaign.
Up D-Pad - 
Right Stick Push In - Melee Attack
Left Stick Push In - Sprints while holding a direction

IB. Playstation 3 Standard Controls
X - Jump
Square - Reload and Action Button
O - Crouch (Hold to go Prone)
Triangle - Switches Weapons
R1 - Lethal Grenade
R2 - Fire Weapon
L1 - Special Grenade
L2 - Aim down scope
Start - Pause the Game
Select - Shows Score
Left D-Pad - Pulls out Undermounted Weapon
Right D-Pad - Activates Killstreak or special option in campaign.
Up D-Pad - 
R3 - Melee Attack
L3 - Sprints while holding a direction

IIA - Black Tuesday
You will start in a blown up jeep. You grab your gun and climb out to see
a skyscraper being blown up.  You mission is to take out the jammers. Start
making your way up the street.  You will see some enemies behind barriers
up ahead. Take cover and start taking them out.  You will be aided with
a tank as well.  So clear out the enemies and escort the tank up the street.
The enemies will keep respawning if you don't move up. Continue to move
past the first set of barriers.  You will be attacked by a guy in a turret 
mounted jeep. Quick hide behind a barrier and throw a grenade at it. Move
up picking off any remaining enemies.  Another tank will come from the
left road.  Start escorting it to the right road.  Start shooting the 
near the blown up hill.  Move up slowly and you will be attacked by a
helicopter. Sprint fast towards the white marker and run into the building.
Run up the stairs. Sandman will kick down the door and run through.  Two
enemies will be on the other side on a slant.  Take them out and move up
the slant.  You will see Sandman taking cover shooting at enemies on the
other side of a destroyed helicopter.  Pick off the enemies. There are also
two enemies on the the floor above the helicopter and enemies on the ground
level to the left of the helicopter. After clearing them out, make your 
way past the helicopter.

Intel - The first room on your right past the helicopter.  On the floor is
a piece of intel.

Continue following Sandman through the burning hallway and down the stairs.
You will kick down another door and have to throw a flashbang.  Take out
the two flashed enemies.  Make your way up the stairwell and meet up with
your squad.  You will then run out onto the upper balcony of what looks
like a jewelry store. Take out the enemies below.  After you take them out,
you will go downstairs and enemies will start running in the front door.
Clear them out. 

Intel - As soon as you come down the staircase from the balcony. Under the
        staircase on a table is a piece of intel.

Move up to the front door.  You will see allies running from the right 
road.  Follow them to the left.  Follow them up to the crater in the road.
Enemies will attack from the other side.  Move up to the crashed tank and
shoot the enemies on the left.  One has a rocket launcher and one is on
a mounted machine gun.  Clear them out and move up to the marker and you
will then be told to run into the Stock Exchange.

Intel - As soon as you enter, it is on the left on a table.

Run up the escalator and there will be enemies on the left as soon as you
reach the top.  Clear out the first few enemies and your squad will move
up. Slowly clear out the room and move up. If you are playing on veteran,
I found it easiest to move up the left side slowly taking out the enemies
running from the stairwell in the back.  Once the room is clear, move up
to the stairwell.  

Intel - Right before going up the stairs, check the cubicle right near
        the stairs.

As soon as you move up the stairs a bit, you will be attack across the way
by enemies.  Take them out and move up to the catwalks.  More enemies will
run into the room below and start shooting up at you.  You can really ignore 
them and run to the ladder.  As soon as you make it to the roof, you will 
be attacked by four enemies.  Take them out and head up the little case of 
stairs and clear out the enemies up here. There will be a few on the right 
as well.

Intel - After killing all the enemies up here, before going to the white
        marker on the map, look to the right on the tables with computers.
        The ones on the immediate right after going up the first case of

Now run to the marker. and plant c4 on the jammer and blow it.  Take cover
because you will be attacked from the buildings on the other side.  You
will gain access to a predator missile.  You will need this to take out
the helicopter that attacks you.  After you blow the helicopter, you will
jump onto a friendly helicopter and on a mounted gun.  Start mowing down 
the enemies below you immediately.  You will then be carried by attacking
helicopters.  Shoot at the first one and you will then start being followed
by two helicopters.  Shoot them down.  You will then be carried to a
construction area and get attacked by another helicopter.  Shoot it down
while circling the construction area.  This is the end of the level.

IIB - Hunter Killer
The level starts with your squad cutting through a grate in a submerged
subway.  Follow your squad through the tunnel.  Keep following them and
you will be warned about mines. Pay attention to your little hub for red
alerts so you know when to avoid areas. Make your way through the water
and you will have a submarine pass overhead.  You will need to follow it
and plant explosives on it.  You will then head to the surface and board
the submarine that surfaces as well.  Shoot the enemies coming out of the
hatch.  Your squad will frag the hatch and then you will make your way
inside the sub.  Make your way to Sandman, he will push the door open.
Shoot the two enemies on the other side.

Intel - There is intel in the back corner of this room with the bunk beds.

Make your way down the stairs.  Sandman will knock out an enemy in front
of you.  Make your way through the leaking hallways.  Kill the enemies that
run at you from the stairs.  Go up the stairs with Sandman.  You will come
to a room with enemies with laser pointers.  Make your way around picking
them off.  There is an upstairs and downstairs and two rooms to clear like
this.  After clearing them out, you will have to breach a door.  

Intel - Go to the second floor and check in the second room in the back.
        Check around the computer mainframes on the wall.

Once you breach, you will be in slow mode and have to kill five enemies. 
Take them out and launch the attack on the console.  Now head up the ladder
and jump in the boat.  You will now have to follow the raft in front of 
you through this crazy missile launch warzone.  You will get prompted at 
one point to shoot a ship.  Take out the tail of it and then make your way 
to the helicopter.

IIC - Persona Non Grata
This level starts in a make shift operating room and then the front door
gets blown to hell.  You must now shoot the enemies that are attacking from
the lower level in the courtyard.  You will soon get an objective complete.
A helicopter will shoot the doctor and you will have to give a shot to
Soap. An enemy will kick the door down and you will see Price shoot him in
the face. Now follow Price into the hallway.  Shoot the three enemies in 
the hallway and head downstairs and start clearing out the courtyard. 

Intel - While at the front door leading out to the courtyard, you will 
        notice a tunnel on the right.  The tunnel has a piece of intel 
        in it sitting on some crates.

Finish clearing out the courtyard and move up to the gate leading downstairs.
Head down to the street and shoot the enemies killing civilians. You will
see a car explode. Start heading down the street picking off enemies. Some
will rappel from the air and others will attack from balconies.  Slowly
make your way up.

Intel - When the white marker is in the 30-40 range, you will see a car
        parked outside a house on the right side.  Enter that house. 
        The intel is inside on a table in a room.

Continue down the street and go right.  More enemies will run out of the 
houses.  You will see an explosion on the right side house once everyone is
cleared out and you will then have to take an alley to the left.  Run around
the house but you can go further because there is a gate blocking you.
Follow your team into the house on the right.  Go through the house and back
on to a tiny street.  Price will lead you into another house and you will
go down into the basement.

Intel - When you get into this basement, Price will set his flashlight down.
        To the right of his flashlight is a piece of Intel.

You will see Price open up the crate of a UGV.  You will take control of it
and start fighting off enemies.  You can fire grenade and shoot a mini gun.
Kill all the enemies and make your way down the street.  You will get 
attacked by four helicopters.  Take them out and continue on.  Shooting
all the enemies on the contstruction site.  They will be on all floors. Make
your way to the helicopter and start killing off the enemies to protect the
helicopter.  You will sit here for a few seconds killing enemies and then
your team mates will board the chopper.  The UGV will get destroyed and you
will take control of your character again.  Price tells you to run, so run
to the marker.  

Intel - You will see a playground to the left.  This piece of intel is 
        sitting on the slide.

The dock will get destroyed and you will have to slide down the hill and 
lang into the water.  This water part is all a cutscene and then you will 
make it to land.

IID - Turbulence
You will start on a plane and must follow the president to the meeting room.
You will listen to the meeting for a minute and then hear gunfire from the
room ahead.  Enemies will breach the door.  Take them out.  Pick up one of
their weapons and move up.  The next room, you have two plans for attack.
You can camp out in the hallway and shoot the enemies or you can run into
the room and fly all around hitting the ceiling while shooting the enemies.
Take out all the enemies.

Intel - After all the enemies are dead and the plane has stopped throwing
        you around.  Go downstairs and into the mini room and look on the
        right counter.

Now turn around and clear out the enemies in the room under the stairs. The
plane will jerk around a bit while you move up.  Make your way through and
reunite the president with his daughter.  In the next room, enemies will
run through the doors and attack.  You will then see the plane come apart
and crash.  You will wake up in plane rubble.  Follow Leonid off the plane.
Follow him through the snow until you come to a log.  When you jump over the
log you will see an explosion.

Intel - On the ground as soon as you jump over the log on the right.

Continue to move up to your team that is under attack. Take out the enemies
and move up. A jeep will come up with a mounted gun on it.  Take out that
enemy and continue moving up.  After clearing out on the enemies here.  You
will see a path to the right.  More enemies will attack here.  Clear them
out and go that way.  Kill the last few enemies here and run to the 
president.  Open the door to escort the President onto the helicopter.

IIE - Back on the Grid
You will be in some water.  Follow your team onto land and up the path.
You will be alerted to vehicles, lie low while they pass.  One enemy will
come looking around.  Soap will stealth kill him.  Move up to the two 
enemies.  One will be picking up a body.  Pick a target and shoot, then
shoot the dog eating as well.  You will then move up and through a door.
You will see a guy about to be tortured by fire.  Take out all the enemies.
Move up and you will see a big group of enemies assassinating people. Let
them kill them and you will be told you move up.  So run by to the left.
You will see approaching vehicles and Price will tell you to go prone. Wait
for the vehicles to pass and then run up to the building ahead.  Wait for
Price to say move up and follow him.  You will see two targets on a mini
dock.  Price will say take them out.  Pick and kill a target and move up
to the dock. Climb up and follow Price up to the shack. You will go through
a door and climb up a ladder to snipe.  Take out the guard sitting in the
chair. You will see two enemies patrolling on the left.  Price will alert
you to them.  Take them out quickly and then take out the second set that
comes out on the further left.  You will then see three enemies coming from
the left northern corner.  After you take them out, you will see Price move
up and he will say that they are compromised. Shoot down the enemies from
your position and then fall off the sniper post and make your way forward.
Make your way up the little hill.

Intel - You will see an open shack at the top of the little hill with
        grafiti on it.  Go inside to find the intel in the corner of the

After grabbing the intel, come out the house and regroup with Price and
Soap. Start killing the guys up the path and move up.  Move up so that Price
and Soap will move up.  Watch for guys in the upper rooms.  

Intel - While making your way up the path, check a house on the left side
        for a piece of intel sitting on a table in the corner. The house
        is next to a wall with WLM painted on the wall.

Finish making your way down the path and go right and climb up a ladder.
When you move up in this house, two guys will run down a path in front of
you.  Fall down out of the house and a mounted gun truck will pull up in
front of you.  Shoot the two guys in it and board the gun.  Shoot the truck
that drives right in front of you with a few enemies behind it and then
start shooting the roofs on the right and then left.  Now shoot all these
spots to keep the enemies off of you.  A second truck will come down the
path.  Shoot it and then start shooting the left and right again.  A 
sudden explosion will blow the truck up and now you must sprint following
Price.  Follow him onto the roofs and they will fall in.  Immediately
shoot the guy coming at you with the machete and the guy right behind him.
Head down the path and shoot the two guys on the roof to the right.  You
will now be back with Soap and Price.  Go around the building and shoot
the guys in the sniper nest. Run up and man the mortar gun.  Hit the truck
on the right and then the two trucks on the left.  Go back to the right
and hit the troops running on the right.  You will now get off the gun and
head down the sniper nest.  Follow Soap through the pipe and you will get
attacked on the other side.  Pick off the enemies here.  A few enemies in
the house on the left and a few enemies on the roof on the right.  Move up
and go in the building on the left.  Clear out the enemies that run in and
exit around.  Along this path, you may want to stay back and snipe off the
enemies in the windows.  After it is clear, move up and go right.  Take out
the few enemies here and move up to the door.  Soap will knock it in and
run in.  Go through this tore up house and you will see helicopters moving
the cargo at the church.  You are in a market type setting with a bunch
of enemies shooting at you.  Pick off a few enemies and then run into the
building on the right.  Pick off a few more and then run into the next room.
Once you feel it is really clear run to the dumpster on the right side and
climb up and run to the church, but be ready because the door is gonna open
with a bunch of enemies and attack dogs.

Intel - After clearing the church, run to the back and pick the intel up off
        the table.

Then breach the door and shoot the enemies.

IIF - Mind the Gap
The mission will start with an sky view of the area.  You will then take
control of your character.  Move up and stay with your squad. You will see
a target come out of the warehouse.  Shoot him and move up. You will enter
the building and shoot the two guys sleeping.  Move on through and your
team will actually kill the next few guys.

Intel - As soon as you leave the building with the two sleeping guys, you
        will see a building in front of you, go inside and the intel is
        sitting on a box.

Move through the alley and you will see your team stacked up on a door.
Let them enter then building and follow.  Go upstairs and your team mate
will say someone is moving up ahead. Wait for him to take the enemy down.
Go down the hall and your team will move ahead and take out the enemies
watching tv.  Make your way past the tvs in the hall and up the stairs. Go
around the corner and you will see a sniper shoot an enemy through the 
window.  Move into this room and run out the window down onto the docks.
Start taking out the enemies behind the crates and barrels.

Intel - You will notice some stairs leading to a long catwalk on the right.
        Follow them up and around the building to a room with a piece of
        intel inside.

After clearing the docks area, follow your squad to the truck.  You will 
then get attacked.  Shoot the enemies and make your way through the opened
fence door under the catwalk that lead to the intel.  Clear the enemies and
move forward through the mini gravel area and you will be in another big
construction area.  Start fighting off the enemies and slowly moving up.
You will get a bit of fire power from the helicopter above to help you move
up more.  You will have to head left a bit up and start going in that
direction. You will make like a bend around the area clearing out enemies.
After finishing them all off you will run down a slope and into a subway
station.  You will then hop in the back of a truck and start chasing the
train.  Start shooting the enemies on the train.  You will be swooping in
and out of tunnels like crazy until the train finally gets destroyed and
you crash.  You will get up and be all hazy. Follow Wallcroft through the
subway car and along the corrider.  You will get attacked.  Clear the
enemies and take a left to see many enemies attacking you.  Slowly pick 
them off and move up slowly.  The doors at the end of the hall will close
and you will be forced to go right. Clear out the enemies here and make
your way up the escalator.  Kill the two enemies and the top and start 
heading up.  A grenade will get thrown down and you, it won't explode 
until almost all the way down.  Go up to the top and kill the enemies
here hiding behind the counter and around.

Intel - Behind the counter as soon as you reach the top of the escalator, on
        the ground.

Go up the second escalator and shoot the enemies that are retreating.  Jump
the ticket rail.  Ahead you will see your allies taking prisoners.  Run up 
the stairs onto the street.

IIG - Goalpost
You will start out on a helicopter heading into a warzone.  The chopper will
land and you will get off.  Follow your team up to the brick wall and then
around it up to a rock.  Try to stay with your team and avoid gunfire from
the hill.  Move up slowly using the rocks on the left for cover.  Move up
off the beach up the hill.  You will be told to go right.  So move behind
the barriers and start taking out the enemies.  Slowly make your way to the
wrecked plane. 

Intel - Inside the wrecked plane in the right corner.

Alright now start moving with your team up to the brick wall.  You will see
rockets being shot in your direction.  Move through the warzone picking off
the enemies up ahead.  Be sure to kill the enemies on the buldings on the
left and inside the blown out sections of buildings on the left as well.
You will have a tank moving up providing a bit of cover fire.  As you move
up, more enemies will run out of the houses on the left.  Once you get so
far up you will be attacked by a tank with a mounted gunner on the left.
Take out the gunner and slowly keep moving up picking off enemies.  Your
tank will keep moving with you providing more cover fire.  Move up around
the bend and start going left down that street taking out all the enemy

Intel - Right before the tank gets stopped by the barbed wire.  You will
        see a brick wall nearby on the corner of the street.  The intel is
        inside it.

Your trip with the tank will be short here because it gets blocked by a 
barricade.  You will be told to get on the turret on the tank.  You will
shoot for a minute before getting blown to the inside of the tank.  You will
climb back up and jump back on the turret.  Now start mowing down the ground
troops that are on the street and retreating to the garage.  You will move
into the garage and go right.  Get ready because you are about to go right
into a bunch of enemies.  Start mowing them down and you will run through
a wall.  Kill the enemies here and then you will make a U-turn and start
heading down a righ path.  Keep shooting all enemies that attack you. You
will try going up the ramp to the next level and will fall through the
floor.  You will then exit the tank.  Move up a bit and you will get 
attacked by a few enemies jumping out of a jeep.  Kill them and move up and
out of the parking garage.  Start taking out the enemies on the right. There
is a sniper rifle sitting next to the barrier as soon as you exit the
garage.  You will see the other tank make it out of the garage. Continue to
make your way up the street picking off the enemies and escorting the tank.
You can also go in the building on the right and push up this way. Keep 
fighting your way down the street and it will head right.  Kill the enemies
in the blown out house on the corner and move down the right street.  There
are only a few enemies on this street, move on down past all the blown up
cars.  Head inside the building on the left.

Intel - As soon as you enter the building, check the wall on the right.

Grab the intel and then move upstairs to the door that you must breach.
Breach the door and then kill the five enemies inside.  You will then get
picked up.  

IIH - Return to Sender
You will start by driving into the area.  You will have to shoot for a 
minute while riding in the jeep.  The jeep will stop and you will jump out
and start firing on the enemies.  After a few minutes you will gain control
of a chopper mini gun by remote.  Take out as many enemies as you can.  You
will now gain control of your character again.  If you move up on the left
side dock, you can grab a sniper rifle.  Start picking off the enemies and 
move down the left side of the beach.  Take out the two mounted guns on the
jeeps.  Blow the jeeps up to get some checkpoints.  Move around the sides
picking off the enemies.  You will get more chances to use the chopper
mini gun while making your way up.  Kill off the enemies in windows of the

Intel - The first set of houses you come to, there will be one on the right
        and a construction looking building on the left.  There will be a
        two story house to the right of the construction building.  Go 
        inside and to the second floor for this piece of intel.  It is a 
        blue house.  It looks like it may be attached to the construction
        looking house.

You will keep getting the chopper gunner to make this mission easier.  After
clearing out most of the enemies, move up the hill and into the big mansion
house.  Pick off any remaining enemies inside that your chopper gunner 
didn't kill.  Move up the stairs and Soap will kick in a door.  Kill the
enemies that attack on the other side and move up to the Breach door. 
Breach the door and kill the five enemies inside.  Don't kill the guy you
have to capture.  He will be marked with a white dot.

Intel - After clearing out this room, it is on a table in the back.

You will talk to the guy and then go out the back door.  Follow your team.
You will come to an open area and get ambushed.  Take cover and start taking
out the enemies on the roof and on the ground.  After taking them out and
moving up a bit, you will get a timer to get to the extract helicopter.
Quickly start picking off enemies and move up.  You will come to the end of
the road and must go left.  You will see a burning car get pushed down the

Intel - The little shack to the right of the car that comes down the hill
        has a piece of intel in it.

Quickly kill the enemies on the roofs and move around the building.  Run
through the open construction yard and into the building to be extracted.
You must fight your way to the top, but the timer will disappear.  Clear
the first floor and then he second.  Now run to the roof and you will gain
control of the chopper gunner again.  Start shooting enemies until you are
shot down.  Now follow Price and jump off the roof.  Follow Price through
the sandstorm up to the first enemy position.  Take them all out and move
forward.  You will see another squad running by, let them run by and follow
them.  Keep following Price until he tells you to take them out.  Move up
and take out the next three enemies that you see.  Run up and there will
be a bunch of enemies with flashlights shooting at the crashed chopper.
Pick off a few and run up to the chopper.  Pick up the pilot and then follow
Price.  Carry the pilot down the hill and then run to the jeep.

III - Bag and Drag
You will drop out of a helicopter.  The whole area was bombed with gas so
you are wearing a gasmask. Move down the building.

IIJ - Iron Lady
IIK - Eye of the Storm
IIL - Blood Brothers
IIM - Stronghold
IIN - Scorched Earth
IIO - Down the Rabbit Hole
IIP - Dust to Dust

III. Intel
Black Tuesday (5)
Hunter Killer (2)
Persona Non Grata (4)
Turbulence (2)
Back on the Grid (3)
Mind the Gap (3)
Goalpost (3)
Return to Sender (3)
Bag and Drag (4)
Iron Lady (2)
Eye of the Storm (2)
Blood Brothers (1)
Stronghold (2)
Scorched Earth (5)
Down the Rabbit Hole (2)
Dust to Dust (3)

IV. Special Ops
Special Ops returns with two modes this time around.  You have
Survival Ops which is just how long you can last.  It is also 
co op so you can have fun with your friends and use team work to
survive for as long as possible.  There is also Special Ops that
requires you to complete special missions to get stars and
achievements/trophies. They are bonus side things to do and are
co op as well.

V. Achievements/Trophies
Back in the Fight - Start the Single Player Campaign on any difficulty.

Too Big to Fail - Destroy the Jamming Tower. Complete "Black Tuesday" on 
                  any difficulty.

Wet Work - Take back New York Harbor. Complete "Hunter Killer" on any 

Carpe Diem - Escape the mountain safe house. Complete "Persona Non Grata"
             on any difficulty.

Frequent Flyer - Defend the Russian President. Complete "Turbulence" on 
                 any difficulty.

Up to No Good - Infiltrate the village. Complete "Back on the Grid" on 
                any difficulty.

One Way Ticket - Make it to Westminster. Complete "Mind the Gap" on any

Welcome to WW3 - Save the US Vice President. Complete "Goalpost" on any

Sandstorm! - Assault the shipping company. Complete "Return to Sender"
             on any difficulty.

Back Seat Driver - Track down Volk. Complete "Bag and Drag" on any 

We'll Always Have Paris - Escape Paris with Volk. Complete "Iron Lady"
                          on any difficulty.

Vive la R�volution! - Reach the church. Complete "Eye of the Storm"
                      on any difficulty.

Requiem - Escape the city. Complete "Blood Brothers" on any difficulty.

Storm the Castle - Discover Makarov's next move. Complete "Stronghold"
                   on any difficulty.

Bad First Date - Find the girl. Complete "Scorched Earth" on any 

Diamond in the Rough - Rescue the Russian President. Complete 
                       "Down the Rabbit Hole" on any difficulty.

The Big Apple - Complete "Black Tuesday" and "Hunter Killer" on 
                Veteran difficulty.

Out of the Frying Pan� - Complete "Persona Non Grata", "Turbulence",
                         and "Back on the Grid" on Veteran difficulty.

Payback - Complete "Mind the Gap", "Goalpost", and "Return to Sender"
          on Veteran difficulty.

City of Lights - Complete "Bag and Drag" and "Iron Lady" on Veteran 

The Darkest Hour - Complete "Eye of the Storm", "Blood Brothers", 
                   and "Stronghold" on Veteran difficulty.

This is the End - Complete "Scorched Earth", "Down the Rabbit Hole",
                  and "Dust to Dust" on Veteran difficulty.

Who Dares Wins - Complete the campaign on any difficulty.

The Best of the Best - Complete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran 

Strike! - Kill 5 enemies with a single grenade in Single Player or 
          Special Ops.

Jack the Ripper - Melee 5 enemies in a row in Single Player or 
                  Special Ops.

Informant - Collect 22 Intel Items.

Scout Leader - Collect 46 Intel Items.

This Is My Boomstick - Kill 30 enemies with the XM25 in "Black Tuesday."

What Goes Up� - Destroy all the choppers with only the UGV's grenade 
                launcher in "Persona Non Grata."

For Whom the Shell Tolls - Destroy all targets during the mortar sequence
                           with only 4 shells in "Back on the Grid."

Kill Box - Kill 20 enemies with the Chopper Gunner in a single run in 
           "Return to Sender."

Danger Close - Take down a chopper with an AC-130 smoke grenade in 
               "Bag and Drag."

M�nage � Trois - Destroy 3 tanks with a single 105mm shot in "Iron Lady."

Nein - Kill 9 enemies with A-10 strafing runs in "Scorched Earth."

50/50 - Complete a Special Ops Mission Mode game with the same number 
        of kills as your partner.

Birdie - Kill 2 enemy helicopters without getting hit in a Special Ops 
         Survival game.

Serrated Edge - Finish a Juggernaut with a knife in Special Ops.

Arms Dealer - Buy all items from the Survival Weapon Armory.

Danger Zone - Buy all items from the Survival Air Support Armory.

Defense Spending - Buy all items from the Survival Equipment Armory.

Get Rich or Die Trying - Have $50,000 current balance in a Special 
                         Ops Survival game.

I Live - Survive 1 wave in a Special Ops Survival game.

Survivor - Reach Wave 10 in each mission of Special Ops Survival mode.

Unstoppable - Reach Wave 15 in each mission of Special Ops 
              Survival mode.

No Assistance Required - Complete a Special Ops Mission Mode game 
                         on Hardened or Veteran with no player 
                         getting downed.

Brag Rags - Earn 1 star in Special Ops Mission Mode.

Tactician - Earn 1 star in each mission of Special Ops Mission Mode.

Overachiever - Earn 48 stars in Special Ops Mission Mode.

Flight Attendant - Kill all 5 enemies during the zero-g sequence 
                   in "Turbulence."

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