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by ExtremePhobia

Preface - x000x
Welcome to my Modern Warfare 3 Guide. It's still a work in progress so
please be kind. I'm working on refining it and including as much information as
I can.

Version - x010x
Version: 1.0
Date: November 8, 2011
  Walkthrough done
  Will add plenty more later

                          |                          |
                          |     Table of Contents    |
                          |          x100x           |

If you feel that I did a good job feel free to drop me a line or if you can
afford a dollar or two for someone who helped end your frustration, donations
are accepted and greatly appreciated at:

Table of Contents.............x100x



                          |                          |
                          |          Controls        |
                          |           x200x          |

X360 - x210x   |

PS3 - x220x   |

PC - x230x   |
                          |                          |
                          |        Walkthrough       |
                          |           x300x          |

Black Tuesday
After you gain control, move your way up the left side, taking out enemies as
you go. you'll eventually come to a point with a jeep in the middle of the
road. You can try and cap the gunner from here but I found that a frag grenade
works particularly well. Kill him and clean up his friends just around him,
then hug the corner to the right.

Stay on the right side and make your way towards the pile of rubble but watch
for enemies spawning in the building across the street to the left. The enemies
will keep respawning up ahead but if you move up, you can enter a building on
the right side. This is actually the direction you want to go in, not just for
flanking. Go inside and make your way upstairs. When prompted, follow Sandman
until you come out to a larger open area.

A helicopter has slammed into the wall and you'll have to deal with enemies in
front and above. You can use the area by the door for cover to take them out.
Continue to follow Sandman around the corner to the right and you'll head back
downstairs. When you get to a door leading outside with voices on the otherside
you will be prompted to toss a 9-bang which is your tactical grenade. Do so and
then kill the two enemies on the other side of the door, one coming down the
stairs and one in the middle of the alley way. Go up the stairs he was coming

Go through a couple of rooms and head down the stairs into what looks like a
jewelry store. A group of enemies will flood the room through the big hole in
the wall so you can retreat either back up the stairs or use the display cases
on the left side for cover. Either way, this is a good point to use your
grenades. Go through the hole in the wall but don't shoot on the otherside,
they are friendlies. Make your way up the street in the same direction and
take out the enemies coming out of the building to the right. Move up a little
and you'll see an enemy vehicle in the distance to the left. Switch weapons to
the XM25 to take it out. Clear out the few remaining enemies and make your way
into the stock exchange.

Inside the Stock Exchange, head up the escalator to the trading floor. The
trading floor is very busy and dangerous. Feel free to make liberal use of
grenades and make your way up the left side of the traiding floor so that you
only have to watch ahead and your right flank. Use the trading stations for
cover. When you make it to the back of the room, climb up the stairs in the
back. Once you start climbing the second flight, more enemies will come onto
the Trading Floor. Take them out and keep climbing, go around the catwalk and
up the ladder at the end.

At the top, get ready to fire because there will be a few enemies on the stairs
leading to the second tier of the roof. Hurry to take them out and go up the
stairs. If you were fast enough, the enemies in this area will be in a terrible
position leaving their flank wide open. Clear them out and head up to place
the thermite on the Jammer.

After you have your radio back, you'll be attacked by enemies on adjacent roof
tops. Soon you'll be given control of a predator drone and be prompted to use
it. Use it on the first group of enemies you see and then you'll be attacked
by a Hind helicopter. Use it again on the Hind and your ride will show up.

Hop on the chopper and you'll jump into the gunner's seat. Take out the RPGs
on the rooftop below you. You'll start moving along and then you'll be attacked
by a couple of Hind choppers. Remember to both lead them a little and 
compensate for your choppers movements. Using the Aim button can help you if
you are having trouble keeping steady on them. After you take out two, you'll
come to a building under construction and be attacked by a third. Take him out

Hunter Killer
After the fence comes down, follow your squad through it. In fact, just keep
following them for a while and the only thing you will have to watch out for
are the mines. Despite being big and red, they can still be hard to see so pay
close attention to your sonar which will beep in the direction that they are.
Keep following your squad and head down until the sub passes by. Once it's by
you, come up behind it and plant a bomb at the spot marked on the tail.

Once you've surfaced, head up the tail end of the sub but watch for the two
enemies that are going to peak over. Kill them and make your way up to the top
side of the sub and you'll see three more enemies at the far end of the sub.
Get rid of them and someone will drop a frag in the hatch then proceed down
into the sub. At the bottom of the sub, follow Sandman through a door. In the
next room, kill the two men escaping through the door and then follow where
they were going. 

Go down the stairs and through the hallway. Kill the few men here and watch
for fire from the right. Wrap around with the hallway to the right and kill the
two men at the end. Proceed toward where they were and the door ahead of you
will open with two more enemies behind it. Kill both. Go through the door they
opened, take a right and a quick left up the stairs. You'll enter the engine
room and have to deal with enemies all around. There are plenty of places to
take cover but head all the way to the left so you are under the catwalk and
try to take out as many enemies as you can, including up above you. Thankfully
you won't have to guess where they are because all of your enemies will have
laser sights which you can trace back to their source. Once the room is clear,
head through the door at the back of the bottom floor.

The next room will be much the same but with more enemies on your floor. Kill
them all but be careful as you move forward because it's very easy to let one
slip by you. After, go up the stairs at the back right and walk up to the door
to breach. If you've never breached before, the door will blow open and you
will enter a slow motion state where every shot is an instant kill. In this
case, kill the man charging you slightly to the left, and then just start from
the right and work your way left. There are five enemies in all. Don't worry
if you don't get them all but don't be surprised if you do. Head to the back
left of the room and you'll have to use a console to launch the missiles. Turn
around and head out through the ladder that Sandman climbs.

Once you are outside and on the boat, you'll have to follow a relatively
strait forward path. After a short sight seeing trip, you'll be attacked by
a boat on the left. Don't aim for the enemies. Aim for the giant red mines on
the back end of the boat by the turret to destroy the boat. After that, you
just have to follow the lead boat until you get to the point where the chopper
drops down into the water. Head right up into the belly of the chopper.

Persona Non Grata
When you take control of Yuri, head over and try to take out a couple of
enemies dropping out of the chopper in the distance. In a moment, the door in
the courtyard will be breached so prepare to drop a grenade into the courtyard
to hopeful score a handful of kills. Clean them up and eventually someone will
pop smoke in the courtyard and a few choppers will drop down. Those aren't
friendly choppers so back up into the room. The Doctor will die so you'll have
to head over to the tray of medical supplies and give Soap a shot. Nikolai will
pick Soap up and you'll head out through the door.

In the next hallway, turn right and watch for the men crashing through the wall
on the right side. Exit through the door on the left and go down the stairs to
get to the courtyard. In the courtyard, try and push up the right side so you
get some elevation and the flank of the enemies pouring through the door they
were coming through originally. Kill all the enemies and head through the door
they were coming through. Go down the stairs and wait for Price to open the

Go through the gate and head down the stairs to the left. Follow the street to
the corner and take out the men marching up the street. Move up, keeping your
cover on the left side of the street. When the street slopes down, you will
find a couple of enemies on a balcony in the distance. Take them out and then
clear the enemies that dropped into the street. As you make your way down the
street, keep your eyes open for more enemies coming out from the same building
except one balcony higher. At the bottom of the road, you'll want to turn right
but you can also enter the building just ahead to take cover.

To the right will be a group of enemies behind a row of cars. There are stairs
up to the left if you want to try to get elevation. Kill them, head up to the 
cars and turn left into the alley. You'll enter a building on the right and
come out the other side. Follow Price into the next building and head down into
the basement. This is fun.

Go over to the desk and use the computer to take control of the mini-tank.
Drive it out into the street. Whenever you see a group of enemy soldiers close
together, use grenades and then use the minigun to clean up stragglers. Make
sure to check your corners because there are a lot of enemies and it's easy to
miss one.

Use the minigun to take out the chopper and the infantry in front of you. More
will come up the road, kill them and check behind debris as you head down the
road. When you get closer to the bottom of the street, check right for a couple
of enemies and then left for more. Head to the left and watch for enemies in
the balconies ahead. Once you've dealt with them, another chopper will appear
over the gap to the right. Take that out with the minigun.

You'll want to continue forward as much as possible and then cross over to the
scaffolding using a sheet of metal to your right. As you pass by the apartment
building, more enemies will appear in the balconies and a group of infantry
will appear at the bend on the right side. Minigun the first group and grenade
the second, then head up the street. Once you get to the gate at the end of the
road, turn right and down below is the LZ for the chopper.

You'll have to clear this area. There will be this giant wave, then an attack
chopper and a final gradual wave of enemies. This will be your last bit with
the vehicle so feel free to use up your grenades spread out across the two
waves. Once they are all gone, you'll be back to Yuri. Head back along the same
path and try to get to the chopper. The ground will fall out under you and you
will slide down the hill. You will need to push left a little to make it around
the building and then back right to avoid the rocks. Once you hit the water
below, you're golden.

Follow the president, listen to the talk and then head to the far side of the
conference room. Keep some distance from the door and once you've brought your
gun back up, kill the enemies here. Take their weapons so you have something
more powerful than a pistol and head out into the hall. Walk into the next room
and take out an enemy or two. When you try to advance, something interesting
will happen. Just because you are airborn doesn't mean you can't shoot so 
take out whatever enemies you can. Once they are clear, you'll be back on your
feet. Head down the stairs.

Turn around and head through the left door into the next room. Make sure you
check right just as you enter the room to find an enemy waiting to ambush on
the right door. Take him out and clear the room. Head up into the next room.
Make your way slowly through the command area and into a small cargo room where
you'll find four enemies and the President's daughter. Clear them out from a
distance and move forward.

Soon someone will open the far door to the room. Head into the passenger
section, try and kill a few enemies and then watch the plane get torn apart.
Someone will help you up, follow him outside to find the President's daughter,
then set out to find the President. Follow him until you get close to the
hanger. Move up the right side towards the jeeps. Use grenades on the jeeps to
try and kill enemies as they are exiting. Watch out for gunners in the jeeps.
Keep moving forward and the head right into the woods but watch out for the
group of five enemies between you and the forest.

Get through them and kill the enemies further ahead by the jeep. Head forward
to find the president. A chopper will put down nearby. Go open the door for the
President and Mission... failed?

Back on the Grid
Follow Price and Soap up to the edge of the road and crouch down as instructed.
Wait for the convoy to move past and then follow the pair further to the left.
You'll be warned about a couple of enemies up ahead. One of them will be
carrying a body and will be easily noticed while the other is back a little
ways. Shoot the first one and you'll probably see the second one running away.
Be sure to take him out as quickly as possible.

Move through the blown out building and you'll see a group of people in a field
beyond. There are four people here to kill but they are hard to tell because
they are all wearing the same clothes. Aim for the one with the gas tank and
the man shooting the gun into the air first and then you'll find the other two
quickly enough when they open fire on you.

Just follow Price's instructions for a little while. Wait for him to tell you
what to do and do it promptly. You will continue to do this until you come to
a point where you're told to split up. Go up the ladder to get a good vantage
point and knife the enemy in the chair. You need to provide sniper cover from

The first group of two will walk directly toward you and past Soap and Price.
Take them out and then two more will appear from left and up. These two will
approach Soap and Price's position. Take them out and three more enemies will
appear up the road a little ways. It might be easier to see them if you zoom
out. Kill them and drop down. Follow in their tracks but when you get to where
those three men appeared, watch for two more to appear from the left. Kill them
and turn left to regroup with Price and Soap.

You'll have to make your way up an alley way. If you're quick, you should be
able to take a good portion of the enemies out before they can find cover. The
best cover is on the right side though so move up the right and clear enemies.
When you get close to the end of the alley, Soap will open a door to the right
and go up a ladder.

At the top of the ladder, walk forward, drop down and take cover there. Kill 
a few men and a truck will show up with a turret. Take out the turret quickly 
and then turn right. Start taking out the enemies at the end of the alley. 
Toss a grenade at the truck and hopefully thin the group. Hop up on the turret
closest to you and start shooting... everywhere. There will be enemies on the
building strait ahead and to the right. Some enemies will flank you on the 
left and another truck will come down the road right in front of you. BOOM!

Get up and follow Soap. Keep running and the floor will fall through on you
again. Soon as you can, shoot because you'll be charged by a man with a 
machete. Kill him and head up the hill a little bit. You'll kill two more men
and regroup with Price. Follow him for a minute and then head up some stairs to
the mortar position

Get on the mortar and start shelling the village area below. Make sure you take
out the trucks that keep coming at you. As long as you get close to the target,
it will count. Just keep shooting and eventually you'll have to follow Price
off the back side of the tower. You'll go through a sewer and come out to some
gun fire. Kill the men by the house slightly to your right.

Go around the corner and take out the three men on the roof in the distance.
You'll head into a building on the left but stay outside because there isn't
really any good cover inside. Clear that out, run inside and then run back out
the other door. Watch for enemies on the second floor of each of the two
buildings in front of you. Head up the alley to the right and then follow
Soap through the building and you'll come into a marketplace. Watch high on
the left and right side. Push forward and on the far side you'll come to the

Go inside the church and you'll be greeted by a good number of enemies. Just
let loose because they'll end up taking cover behind the benches which don't
actual provide any protection. **At the far end of the church, you'll find an
intel on a desk. Stack up and breach the door on the left side of the church.
You'll be attacked by a dog but your real focus will be on shooting the enemies
behind the dog. Shoot both and then you'll shoot the dog.

Mind the Gap
Once you gain control, turn right at the intersection and kill the man who
walks through the door. Go through the door and into the warehouse. There will
be a couple of men in the main room that you need to take out quickly. Head out
the shutter at the back left and then round the corner in the alley to find two
enemies. Shoot for the enemy on the right and a squadmate will take out the

Head through the doors that require the wire cutters and then up the stairs.
There will be three men spread over the next few rooms but they shouldn't pose
any threat as long as you take your time. Head up another floor and watch as
a friendly takes out two enemies in the next room. Hop out the window and down
to the street outside. Move up the street in front of you. Move up this street
on the right side. It'll be fairly easy to clear the left side but watch for
a group of enemies just ahead on the right by a truck and car. A grenade will
likely take a few of them out.

Open the truck at the end of the parking lot to find nothing. Then turn around
and head into the alley on the left. There will be quite a few enemies here
but take your time and just use the corner of the brick wall for cover. Head up
to the intersection, turn right and enter the building on the left. Kill the
few enemies here and head out the otherside of the building. Hop down once you
get outside and then turn left. You'll have to fight your way up this street.
Watch out for exploding barrels.

If you can make it close to the end and take cover, a chopper will come and
clear out the group of enemies that comes from the left. Head to the left
and use the large objects for cover. Push forward and down into the parking
garage to find a truck. Jump into the truck and enjoy the vehicle segment.
Shoot the enemies on the train when you get a chance, just to be on the safe
side but I'm not entirely sure it has any effect on this segment. After this
you'll end up on your feet again.

When you are back in control, follow Wallcroft through the trains and onto the
platform. There will be two enemies on the platform at the intersection. Turn
left at the intersection and move up the middle, peaking out to take pot shots.
Kill the enemies up ahead and then turn right at the end of the tunnel. Go
through the door and you'll start approaching the exit of the subway but there
will be plenty of enemies and not a whole lot of cover so use the corners for
cover. Wrap around the wall to the left and go upstairs. Watch for the enemies
at the top.

At the top, watch the snack counter to the right, you'll find a good number of
enemies there. Clear those and the enemies to the left, then head up the stairs
to the gates. There will be a few enemies up the hall fleeing. Kill them and
follow them up the hall. At the intersection, turn right and climb out of the
subway. Make your way over to the group. Wait for the truck to come around and
open fire until it tips over.

Once you gain control, stick to the left side and stay behind cover whenever
possible. Cross over with the armor until they ask you to scout up ahead so
they know if it's ok to advance. Then you'll need to cross to the right side.
Do so and follow the street to the end. The street will turn left into a group
of enemies. They aren't anything you can't handle without patient use of cover.

The road will curve back around and do a U-turn to the left. Cross the street
on the right side and take cover behind the potted plants in the area. Advance
catiously up the right side until you get to a truck you have to go around.
Get around it and then get back on the right side. Slowly make your way to
the large open area at the end of the road. Just be careful not to spend too
much time in the middle of the road, lest you get run over by your own tank.

When you are just about to the open area, there is a hole in the wall on the
right that will allow you to drop down and provides much better cover and
angles. Keep following along with the wall to your right until you get to the
west side and a group of enemies will pour out of a building just south of you.
Keep shooting and you'll make short work of them. Follow the wall along and 
you'll come to some barbed wire. You'll then be told to get into the tank's

Climb in and start shooting. Eventually the tank will have to back off but when
you get a second chance, open up on the area to the right. The tank will hop
the barrier and head into the parking garage. The tank will keep to the right
side. Clear the RPG to the left and then head forward. You'll pass a wall at
some point where there are plenty of enemies beyond. Shoot the cars near them
to clear them out quickly. If you aren't quick enough, you'll die pretty fast.
Once you clear them though, it's smooth sailing until you fall through the
ground for the third time in six missions.

Back to the infantry game. Exit the vehicle and follow the squad, sticking to
one side or the other until you get to the jeep. Clear the area and climb back
out of the garage and into the streets. Make your way around the corner ahead
and then head into anther building. Make your way slowly along the right wall
and watch left because you'll hit a point when you think you've cleared every
enemy and he'll still jump out and melee you if you aren't paying attention.
Soon the building leads back to the street.

Outside, you'll find a section that reminds me of Rainbow Six Vegas. I found
the left side was easiest side to take cover in. Move up the left side and 
then turn right to thin out the enemy. Once you're through this section, move
into the next section of street. Kill the enemies here and head into another
building. Go up the stairs and breach the next room. Clear the room and you'll
rescue the Goalpost.

Return to Sender
When you can move, head up the left side and up the stairs at the back to gain
a little bit of elevation. Get a few kills and then use the chopper gunner to
clean up as many enemies as you can. Once you regain control, clear out any
remaining enemies and head west, then north. You'll come nose to nose with
another truck but it's actually blow up after just a little bit of gun fire.

Wait for the chopper to come back and take another pass, making sure to blow 
up any vehicles you may see. Thin out the other enemies and when you are back
on your feet, head around that corner past the truck. Head up the hill. Go into
the building at the top of the hill. You won't meet any real resistance until
you meet back up with Soap. After that, you'll go through a door and have to
clear a bigger room but you'll have flanked the enemy making it an easy clean
up. Go to the door at the back and breach. When you breach, just make sure you
don't shoot the target that says "capture."

Exit through the back of the building and follow Soap and Price to a bigger
plaza where you'll be attacked by snipers and RPGs. Take cover. This next
section is a race against the clock. You'll have to push forward aggressively
to make it so try and get kills as quickly as possible. Don't worry too much
about ammo. Go to the end and take a right. Clear the roof tops here and take
a left. Again, you'll come to more rooftop and balcony enemies but don't attack
them just yet. If you take a sharp left, you can cut through an alley and flank
those enemies. Clear them out and enter the bottom floor of the building and
clear to the top. Once you've done that, head outside and follow the alley
to the right of the building.

In the next area you will need to climb a building under construction. Clear
each floor as you go and when you get to the top, take control of the chopper
gun to clean up the LZ. Once the Sandstorm envelopes you, just follow the
markers and do as Price says. Keep moving through the storm until you find
Nikolai. When you find him, you'll have to pick him up and carry him. Just
keep moving for the waypoints because you can't take damage while carrying him.
Once you go down the hill, you'll have to make your way to a jeep without
Nikolai to end the mission.

Bag and Drag
Keep following waypoints until you get to the bookstore. Stay outside and try
to clear out the bottom floor before heading upstairs and clearing the
enemies up there. Head back down and exit through the back door of the Book
Store. Follow some more waypoints to meet up with the GIGN squad. Head through
the dining room of the restaurant and in the alley, watch for an influx of
enemie from your left. Kill as many as you can before they get to cover and
then take out the RPG. Clean up whatever is left and head up the stairs.

Follow a few more waypoints until you find the a packed alley. Throw a purple
smoke grenade into the alley (aim for the truck) and you'll get some air
support to clear it out for you. Turn right and climb the stairs, get rid of a
few enemies in the street and get ready to pop more smoke. You'll see a BTA
come down the street in front of you. Throw the smoke down the street. Get rid
of an stragglers and head into the sewers.

For a good portion of the sewers, you are just following and talking but 
eventually things will get bad and you'll have to take out a few enemies.
Head up the stairs and round the corner, watch the flashbang and then you'll
have to race to catch Volk. Kill enemies as quickly as possible but don't get
yourself killed. Chase him out of the sewers and up into the streets. Get in
the van.

While riding in the van, you'll move to the back and have to fend off a few
infantry. Grab the LMG in the back and unload on the enemies since there is
likely too much smoke to see clearly. Throughout the ride, the biggest threat
will be the jeeps chasing after you. Whenever you see one, just unload at the
gunner until he stops shooting. After a handful of jeeps and being chased by
a chopper, you'll have to switch to shotgun. Once there, shoot out one of the
tires of the car and when you slam into it, kill the man on the roof and in
the back seat.

Iron Lady
Make your way to the Ospry and wait for the inevitable to happen. But after
that, you get to take to the skies. You have three weapons, the 105mm, 40mm,
and 25mm. The largest takes the longest to reload but can take out groups
of armor with a single shot right down to the 25mm which you can just rake
across infantry to clean them up.

During this mission you need to not shoot buildings at first. Later, when you
request permission to fire, wait until they say you have permission to fire
on buildings with enemy personel before you fire. Don't shoot the white
diamonds and make sure that you watch behind the squad as well as in front.

After you fire on the embassy, you'll be back on the ground. Make your way up
the long staircase in front of you. Follow the hallway, taking out enemies on
the way. At the end, you'll find a room with a sniper rifle in it. Grab it and
use it to take out the machine gunner in the middle of the courtyard. Use this
position to clear out the courtyard some and then drop down. Get to the center
of the courtyard and defend that position. Once the tank shows up, mark it
with smoke and watch it explode. Then jump into the gunship again.

In the gunship, you'll first have to clear a plaza of enemies so that the
squad can get some wheels. Once they start moving, switch to the 25mm so you
can fend off enemy vehicles. Kill as much as you can to keep them safe. Once
they get to the bridge, switch to the 105mm and drop a shell on one of the
tanks. You'll jump back on the ground.

Now that you are on the ground, grab the javelin launcher in front of you and
use it to take out the two remaining tanks. Move up the bridge using whatever
cover you can find. You can still use smoke grenades to mark groups of enemies
for air support. When you get to the end of the bridge, you need to hold it for
three minutes. Be careful when your chopper finally shows up. It'd be a shame
if you got hit by the tail while it was landing and died.

Eye of the Storm
Follow Soap and listen to Price's instructions until you split up. At that
point, Soap will be the one to give you instructions. At the first group, you
will have to take out both snipers yourself but then soap will take out the 
two on the ground.

The second group only requires you to shoot one and Soap will take out the
other at the same time. And when you get to your last group where there's
a whole group of 20+ enemies, don't actually shoot, just line the shot up.

After that you'll be thrown into a shoot out. Take cover and clear the area
to the north. Up a head a little ways, you'll find an RPG up against some
boxes. Find this because you'll have a tank to blow up momentarily. Once he's
toast, head into the building on the left. Make your way through the building
following the waypoints. Once you get back outside, you'll have to get rid of
a couple turrets on the second and third floor of the building to the right.
Get rid of them and follow the wall around the corner.

After that you just follow Soap for a little while longer. When you enter the
next building, you'll have to kill two enemies and then clear a room full of
reinforcements. Feel free to go loud. Play some more simon says after that to
finish the mission.

Blood Brothers
Watch things unfold and when you are told to find Price, look just above the
clock for a glint of light. He will repel down the side and after a minute,
you'll be instructed to take out the guards. Just keep knocking them down and
Price will breach the room. Inside will be more guards so keep providing cover.

Once you gain control of your feet, start running after Price. Don't stop, just
keep running until you set down for a moment and Price gives you his weapon.
Now you shoot. Try and keep to the left side and move slowly, clearing one
room at a time. 

You'll come to a point where a few black SUVs will pull up. Try to drop a
grenade under them to get rid of some of the enemies coming out. Head through
the building to the left and back out across the street. When they finally
put Soap down again, you'll have to hold off the enemy until the resistance
shows up to help. Go inside and tend to Soap, then leave.

The first section of this is just more Simon Says with Price. At one point,
you will have to kill someone without being seen in the spotlight. The
spotlight you have to watch is the one on the left wall. After that, follow
Price some more until he shoots out the lights. They just go through and you
can kill everyone easily. They likely won't even shoot a single shot.

Once they start using flares, get a few kills and then follow Price up the left
side. Continue following the left side wall around to the waypoint on the far
side. More enemies will pour out of that door so be ready. When the hostage
appears, he will actually get away if you wait a second and then you'll have
a free shot at the man behind him.

Get beyond him and you'll follow Price for a bit again. After Price throws his
grenade and you slide down you'll find yourself in a kitchen. Take out the
three unfortunate souls there. Make your way through the compound. If you keep
up a good pace, you can actually get a good drop on most of the enemies here.
In a lot of cases, they will still be scrambling for cover or running and you
can take a few out allowing you to keep a good pace. Once you come outside,
drop down into the courtyard and "support Price." And by support they mean take
the lead. Thin out the enemies a little bit and work your way to the far
building by moving up the right flank. Move to the building at the back left
corner and go up the stairs.

When you get there, he'll mention how perfectly the timing of the enemy was.
Just blow up the bridge, no need to wait for a cue. Hop out of the window and
make your way back across the bridge and through the gate. Try and sprint
across because there isn't a lot of cover. Once on the other side, try and take
cover to the right side behind a truck. Thin out the group as best as you can
and deal with the BTA. Price will tell you to get in that very truck and
you'll begin your escape.

Scorched Earth
Just run ahead and you'll trigger a flashback which is when the mission takes
place. Once you land, watch for enemies coming out of the door and coming from
the left side of the door. Make your way inside and you don't have to kill the
first guy in the hallway but when you get into the office, four enemies will
walk down the ramp that is your waypoint. Take them out and head up to the next
floor. Move through this room to the back left, clearing as you go. Go up the

You'll come out on a rooftop and the only way forward is to vault over some
sandbags. Hang back first and clear some enemies. Vault over and head to the
NW corner. Go prone and swap weapons. Snipe the enemies on the far rooftop.
After they are dead, the other squad will touch down on that roof and be
attacked by a second wave of enemies. Support them from there. Once the roof
is clear, they'll be attacked by a tank in the streets. Instead of just marking
one spot with this, you actually need to mark two and she will hit everything
in between.

Watch for a moment and then rapel down to the streets. Make your way through a
building and out the otherside. Head down a little ways and grab the RPG. Use
that to destroy the tank. Wait for the German tank to come over the bridge and
keep it to your left side. Watch to the right because you will be rushed by
an enemy. Clear the enemies ahead and stick with the tanks. Move up to the lead

When you are back on your feet, follow Sandman for a little while until you get
back outside and see the hotel. You will have to get through a small group
first but they'll rush forward leaving you with an elevation advantage. Make
your way into the building, kill the enemies there and make your way down the
stairs. When you hit the bottom landing, watch for enemies attacking from the
right. Get rid of them or just head strait across the room to the door on the
far side. Head up the stairs and make your way down the hallway. Breach the
door and after the explosion, kill the two enemies with your hand gun.

Down the Rabbit Hole
Shoot the enemies at the end of the tunnel and then BOOM. Use your night vision
and clear the room. Make sure you watch for elevated enemies. Go through the
tunnel into the larger room beyond. Watch for enemies from the front and try
to make your way over to the blue room on the left. This will leave you with
a fantastic flanking position. From here, eliminate as many enemies as possible
and then jump down through the window. Take cover behind the raised platform
and work your way to the left side tunnel. Empty the tunnel and wait for the
door to open.

Enter the next room which is pretty slim pickings. Again, flank up the left
side and kill the enemies in the vehicle bay. Wait for your allies to move up
and then drop through the window behind them and make your way to the door on
the left. Kill the man at the top of the stairs and go through the door. Once
outside, clear the lower area and the hop the railing on the right to make your
way downstairs. Move up to the next set of barriers and hunker down. Make 
liberal use of the Predator drone. It will respawn frequently so just keep
using it to clear as many enemies as possible.

Use the Predator to continue making forward progress and make your way to the
west side. Once there, you will lose your predator drone. Clear enemies and
move forward. Wait for the air support to knock down the front door. Run
through and rescue the girl. Go out the far side of the cave and take out the
enemies on the bridge below. Once clear, move to the bridge and repel down.
At the bottom move forward and start shooting over the shoulders of the 
President. Be careful not to shoot him but try to thin the crowd coming at you.

The doors will shut on you so take your time and be careful clearing this room.
Head up the stairs and stand above the safe room. Plant the explosives and you
will drop into the room below. There will be a few enemies to kill but be
careful because one of them has the president in front of him so aim well.
After you take them all out, head back up out of the room the way you came. You
have to hold this position for 30 seconds and then you'll have to make a run
for the far side. Use your Tac-grenades and make a run for it. Once you go down
you'll need to hold off as many troops as you can but you won't take damage.

Dust to Dust
This first section is pretty simple. You are pretty tough and you've got a lot
of ammo so just keep firing. Use your high calibur ammo to your advantage and
blow up cars to kill enemies quickly. Make your way into the hotel, upstairs
and to the back to make it to the elevator. This should take a minimal amount
of effort.

When you are attacked by the chopper, shoot it down. Just keep shooting and
eventually it will go down and take your armor with it. Jump to the next
elevator and then when you get off, you'll have to beat the clock to get to
Makarov. Keep pushing through and go up the left flank. You'll have a cutscene
when you've almost got him where you nearly fall to your death but save
yourelf, climb back into the hotel and continue your chase. Make your way up
the stairs, run and jump onto the helicopter. Melee both enemies here and then
try and gain control of the chopper. When you get up, you'll have a series of
quick time events. Do them and you'll finish the final chapter.

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