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Follow the dark path or use the light

Crash Junction Guide

by mrkwbrtn

Crash Junction Guide by UncleSkidMark v.1.2
Updated July 31, 2006

This is intended to help give basic instructions for each crash junction. These
are the paths and cars that I find to work best. I stay between 200-1000 in
ranking ( I do have bad days and disconnects that blow the rank). If you have a
better path or car then send me an email and I will update the info. Send to
[email protected]

Special thanks to Mr. and Ms. Evil Atropos for their help!!

Thanks to my Crash buddies and online friends:
Almightyhawk, BlackCats73, blowsugarpop, chezzyisapirate, COLEMISER,
Crazeemunkee78, CRAZYC1984, David Grundy,DERKADERKA 44, DERKADERKA mass,
DERKADERKA187 x, DERKADERKAPOPS, DJ Flex 51, DMoto, Dotsy, drag0nsfyre, Evil
Atropos, Flake 2, FlambeEquation, ciarcrekrap,  Houp, GoldenChyyld, ICE
princess74, I HATE BILLY, IMAJEDI, IncessantWrath,  Jeffaroni, JUANITO M Z,
Lady of Texas, LIBRAMAN 7, Lousy360ud, LunySpider, MADMIKE6969, maggieann, MCR
Fan, Mebob, MegadetHc4h, miceboy, MrGreenbay 34, mrs gunz360crew,
MyWrldUrJstNIt, NARUTO21GOKU12, NyhtShade4ever, oAssassin Xo, pellepelland,
Primo 456, Raven Darknessa, Reapergrrl, redragonfire51, RF1, SENIORPIMP,
Sh4tteredSoul, SHADOW WARRIOR, Sins Of  A Angel, Sloppy Chicken, SneakJon,
TERRIBLE TED3, ThaBlackops, Tommyroxx, TSOL 272,UngluedSho, UniqueAdaptation,
UnjointedOrion, UPEngineer, we r hiiigh, YANDER

First you need a basic understanding of the game which you pick up by playing
the World Tour. Once you are familiar with the mechanics such as After-touch
then proceed. Remember to keep holding that (A) button down, and its not how
many cars you hit but how bad you damage the ones you hit, go for total
devastation. You can hit fewer cars and beat someone hitting more as long as
you do more damage to them!
You also need to experiment with how long you hold the crash break, the last
one is always held to 1 so that you get all of the random explosions that
occur. Most of mine run around 3 unless I need to move fast then I blow it
immediately. Definitely hold the A button while flying to give yourself better
control but remember to let off when you want to slam a tanker or bus, Yes it
makes a huge difference, you can really move them when you let off just before
you make contact just remember to get back on it quick if you get an instant
crash breaker. Experiment!!!!

Letís get on with it!

Car Wars:  Compact C185 super
Drive straight ahead for the most nerve twisting jump in the game. Make the
jump on the left most side of the ramp then veer off to the left toward the
Flatbed semi on the top level overpass, after crashing into the flatbed drop or
crash break to the next level all the while hopefully dropping debris to the
ground level road. The 2nd level overpass has the target car so make sure to
get it then crash break to the ground level making sure to block away traffic
first then oncoming traffic. Crash break again to buses or densest traffic
area. I have been told that you can switch to first person view for better
aiming after the jump but I have yet to get a better score that way, you choose.

Cars Attack: Sport C180 lite or Sport C190
Drive forward and check cars ahead of you into the semi than swing left to
block the left lane, both should be blocked now. Crash break back towards where
you started for target car but not past the first sign you passed under, do not
get under a sign, then crash to lower right parking area (looking from starting
line) for more cars or to the busses at the end. Donít forget to let off on the
A button before hitting the bus in the bottom, I can usually win it with the
total devastation of the bus and flatbed there.

Circle of Strife: Sport 180 lite or Compact C185
Drive straight ahead to check red car in right lane. Aim for the ramp
making sure to avoid the columns on your way to slam the bus. Crash break
towards the bus on your left, looking from the start area, then swing further
around the circle counter-clockwise to get the cars coming up the side road.
Then if you get the second crash break go get the buses. I use the compact
sometimes due to its ability to get around the circle on a crash break.

Crash de la Vista: Mobile Diner or Utility C150 super
First the easy way: Check a couple of cars on your way to the ramp, nose
down off the ramp into the three parked cars crashing them to the road below
blocking it. Next you crash into the other lane blocking it for the target car.
Use your second crash break to get to the buses.

Now a better way when it works: I use the Sport C190 Super or Sport180 lite and
check a couple of cars on my way to the ramp and when I jump I pull a hard left
to aim for where the main three lanes join the off ramp crashing into the
divider sliding forward to get the tanker coming off the off ramp and sliding
back to block the three main lanes. I then crash break to the three oncoming
lanes since it takes a while for them to get there. I get the target then crash
break to the busses and if I get lucky enough to get a third crash breaker I
crash break to the other buses on the far side off ramp.
 Crash of the Titans: Sport C190 lite or Off road C180 super
I drive straight ahead to ramp and veer left to three oncoming Trucks.
Crash break back to near lane trying to get the flatbed with the barrels to
block the other three lanes then crash break back to far side merging lane for
target car and 3rd crash break to get leftovers(usually a bus or the two cars
at the tunnel entrance).

Crashaoke: Sport C180 lite or off road C180 Super
Drive straight ahead to check the first car into the semi then check the
cars in the right lane down to the intersection. Switch to the left lane and
check a couple of cars and then back to the right lane checking up to the
semis. You should now blow your crash breaker back towards the three buses
blocking the other off ramp to get the two flatbeds coming that way. Use your
next crash breaker to get back to the intersection you drove through for some
tuk-tuk destruction. Use your third crash breaker, if you get it, to devastate
the surrounding cars.

Crispy Fried Truck: Off road C170 mid or Sport C180 lite
Drive straight ahead off 1st platform to second platform and jump ramp
veering left to either hit the tram coming up the hill to block the
intersection below or drive to the semi crossing right to left and try to swing
to the right blocking the right lane, a heavy car works well. Crash break in
most dense traffic.( still looking for better methods for this one)

Cry for Alp: Off road C180 super or Sport C180 lite or Sport C190 super
Check Car into semi then proceed left up the road to slam red car into
semi. Fall or crash break down to the dirt road for about nine cars. Use your
next crash breaker to get the two lonely vans, looking from the dirt road back
to the starting line.

Dangerous Swerves: Sport C180 lite
Drive Straight ahead to clip the back of 2 semis in the right lane. Try to
slide to right wall and wait for the crash breakers. Blow first crash breaker
up ASAP trying to push cars other the edge. When 2nd crash breaker comes hold
off blowing it up until the timer gets down to 1. Again, trying to push cars
off of edge. There are two buses up at the other end of the tunnel but not
worth the effort(imo).

Easy money method: Pick a car and put down the controller, fast car preferred
but not necessary.

Deconstruction Site:  You drive straight ahead to the ramp aiming for the nose
of the yellow car and let off the A button to push it into the bus and possibly
fall into the parking area in the back. If you made it down on the initial run
then crash break to destroy the flatbed and other vehicles, if not crash break
quickly down there and wait for the next crash break and devastate them.

Dock Fight: Sport C 190 super
Drive straight ahead into the car on the left pushing it into the semi and
hopefully falling into the pit, if not crash break there. If you are up top
then crash break to the bottom landing on the three cars to the right, looking
from the start line, then crash to the other three. I can get 15 mill this way.

Easy money! No Effort: Black Elite Racer
Pick the car and lay down the controller. You are guaranteed to get
12,223,000 million better than screwing the junction up working for more.

Double Crossed: Sport C180 lite or Stock C175 super
Follow path to the ramp jump and either drop down behind the sign to check
a car in the near lane to the intersection or jump the sign to hit oncoming
traffic to block the intersection. Crash break to lower level for lots of cars
but you have to get there quick. You can go over the guard rail near the
intersection for the intersection below or if you can slide after the initial
impact you can fall off where there is no guard rail past the intersection
looking form the sign you go under. There are at least 20 vehicles under
there!!! Big $$$

Double Wrecker: Sport C180 lite or Off road C180 super
Drive straight ahead to the right of the buses along side of the fence to the
right taxi.  Rear-end taxi on the right to block both lanes. (remember to not
hold A on impact, if  done correctly u can block both lanes and send car
straight down to tunnel area blocking right side of traffic). If you canít
knock the taxi off then use your crash breaker to get down to the tunnel to
block it and then use your next crash breaker to get back up to try to get a
bus or two. If you succeed in getting the taxi downstairs then use your first
crash breaker to get buses back up the roadway.

Doughnut Disturb: Sport C180 lite or Mobile diner
You can around to the right out the same path as the ďwish upon a carĒ level
but you should take the gate to the left down the dirt road to the ramp at this
point you can either go through the doughnut to hit the near traffic into the
other lane blocking both, but I have found it better to go left off of the
ramp, left of the sign to the left of the doughnut to hit the two vans blocking
both sides. Crash break back to the buses and other dense traffic areas. The
most popular path is through the Doughnut pushing down to hit the flatbed and
block both sides crash breaking into buses and any other dense areas of traffic.

Drain Damage: Sport C180 lite or Sport C190 super
Drive around blue car to go up path on left, do not hit the car and wait
for the train, hahaha inside joke. Ride the crack up the left incline and swing
right hitting the car in the drivers side pushing it across into the busses
blocking both sides( remember not to hold the A button or you can miss the
buses). Crash break back toward the two buses in the middle of the roadway. Use
your second crash breaker to get the tankers, let off the A button on impact to
get instant devastation and your third crash breaker and use it to come up the
right ramp a take out the last bus.
Alternate1: First crash break go down to the tankers and crash break up to pair
of buses and then take out the stragglers.
Alternate2: First crash break in front of ditch to get flatbeds and then crash
into the ditch for the tankers and back out for stragglers.
Alternate3: Take right path at beginning and go from there. I do not recommend
this due to lower scoring but try it and see if you can work it!

Drive Thru Destruction: Sport C180 lite Or Sport C190 super
Proceed down the dirt path to the big wooden ramp hit the small car on the
right to block the far lane. (Remember not to hold A on impacted) Crash break
to the parking lot and then back out to buses. You can crash into the bus and
do the same thing but it is not as reliable (imo).

Enter the junction: 4x4 C180 super or Sport C180 lite
Check the car into the intersection on the way to the big ramp, after
jumping the ramp aim for the semi in the intersection below. Crash break back
up into Semi and cars in far left lane, far left if facing the ramp from start
position. Crash again to intersection you blocked with the checked car to get
target car.

Eternal Flames: Sport C180 lite or Sport C190 super
Check truck in right lane and it will check the car ahead of it. Proceed to
ramp aiming for the car on right with the bus passing behind it. Let off the A
button and slam the car into the bus. Crash break into the two buses and cars
next to them then use your next crash break to get cars in the intersection or
jump to the left of the fountain, looking toward the ramps, and get a car or
two on the side road.

Exploding Bay: Classic Crasher C170 or Sport C190 super
Drive forward swinging a bit to the left and then back to the right so that
you hit the ramp head on checking the van into the Semi pit. Make sure that you
clear the pit full of trucks and land on the other side not too far behind the
right lane car, check it into the Semi and swing left head-on into the oncoming
Semi. Crash break into the pit trying to get centered as much as possible. You
should get a second crash break after the first but wait till you land for it
to get closer to the Semis. You should get 18-22 million easy.
Alternate: Black Elite Racer
Take the ramp hitting the van, which if hit correctly will block right lane of
traffic, then fly and I mean FLLLLLY over to the oncoming Semi and take it out
staying on the bay-side so that you can get to the semis on the first crash
breaker. Devastate the semis with the level 10 crash breaker. Itís possible to
get 30 million with the Black Elite. If the van flies badly you can tag the
side of the away lane flatbed and swing back to get in front of the oncoming
semi and to the multiple semis from there.

Forest Bump: Sport C180 lite or Off road C180 super
Follow road around to right check couple of cars in right lane then veer
left to check 3 parked cars down to roadway below. Crash break into oncoming
semis for second crash break over to the away lane to crash break again back
towards target getting all of the stragglers.
Alternate: Check cars and then crash into the buses slamming it off to block
the lower roadway far lane. Slide off or crash break off into pile up to
devastate as much as possible. Alternate takes a bit more practice.

Grand Master Crash: Sport C180 lite or Off road C180 super
Drive straight ahead between trams to big ramp, Do not steer at all until
you are in the air, while in the air aim for the semi crossing from right to
left and hit it on the tail end and drift over to the right inline for the
oncoming traffic their. Use your first crash break to get to the buses and land
just in front of them, the cars coming there will crash into them. Use your
second crash breaker to head back towards the tunnel exit side where the side
road meets the main road to get the two or three cars that come that way as
well. You can get a third and if you do us it to get any other big target.

Highway to Crash: Sport C180 lhite
Drive straight ahead to first ramp jumping to 2nd ramp to aim for the car
in front closet to middle let go of a before impact so you will slide to the
far lanes. When first crash breaker comes blow up and go back to the side you
first hit. 2nd crash breaker blow below to where target car comes. You will get
a 3rd crash breaker hold until it gets to one and boom good to go and you
should get between 18-22 mill
My Alternate: Hit the first ramp to the second ramp and aim for the nose of the
bus letting go of the A button to slam it into the far lane blocking both. You
crash break in far lane and then crash break in near lane using the second one
to block the lower lane below as far out as you can to get the most out of the
target car. If you get the third crash breaker devastate what you can get to!

Hollywood Spills: Classic Crasher C170 or SUV C160 super
Check the two cars directly ahead of you and then take the road to the
right of your ramp. Be careful not to adjust your car much due to this being a
prime screw up area. After jumping make a hard left to hit a bus and push it as
far towards the other lane as possible. Crash break forward, direction you were
headed before making the left off ramp, to block the other lane and to travel
down the far lane to an off ramp were the target car will be. You can also
crash break to the buses near the starting area but it can be tricky. The SUV
might be easier for starters since it always makes the jump unless you really
screw it up!

Intersection Dissection: Black elite racer Or C 180 Lite
Follow the off ramp up to the left checking the cars especially the red
one, it can block the right lane ahead. Exit the upper level through the
barriers to take out the semis below, try to crash the furthest on the right
and then if you miss the red car you can crash break over blocking the other
lane. Crash break in the tankers and flatbeds!!
Alternate: Take the lower left lane alongside the median to the bus up front
and crash there (Off-road C180 super). Try both and see what works best.

Jump on the Jam: Sport C180 lite
Drive straight ahead to the right ramp aiming for the yellow car pushing it
into far lane blocking both lanes (let off the A button before impact). Slide
or crash break to lower level and crash break again blocking both lower lanes
and dropping lower to get a couple more cars.

Jumping Jack Trash: Off road C180 super or Sport C180 lite
Drive forward to ramp jumping off the left side of it avoiding the second
ramp. Aim for cars in right lane and check them then drive alongside the Semi
to clip it and hit the bus at the intersection pushing into the parking are if
possible. Crash break at least twice in the buses then to dense traffic. Look
out for invisible walls in bus area if you get to high!

Live and Let Crash: Saloon C180 super or Sport C180 super
Follow path on Rail bridge to the markers on right and exit to road below
checking the first car and then taking the dirt path to the right. Follow the
dirt path back to paved road, check car there, and follow it to the left and
around to intersection. The Semi will cross left to right so hit it broad side
and if possible push into the parking area full of buses on other side and
block both lanes. You then crash break amongst buses and then to clogged
intersection and then towards anything left. Saloon is a bit easier than the
Sport C180 so be careful.

Mighty Docks: Sport C180 lite or Classic Crasher C170 or Offroad C180 super
Straight ahead to jump the ramp veer left to hit semi and after touch right
to block right lane. After Blue semi hits you from behind try to slide to the
cars left of the T intersection. Crash break back to the ramp to get the cars
at the ramp. Just remember the lighter the car the less force it has after a
crash breaker to push through vehicles. You can also veer right and avoid the
ramp to impact the semi on the right-of-center and then following the above
directions. Make sure to crash break into the vehicles at the ramp for good
money, always look for tankers =) !!

Mount Crushmore: Off road C180 super  Mobile diner
Drive down dirt path checking both cars veer left to take ramp over sign to
the center dirt road checking cars, especially the top right brown car checking
it into the truck and following it thru the intersection into the parking area
so that your first crash break is in the parking area near the buses on the
left. Crash break toward the side road left of dirt road, looking back towards
ramp, hitting the buses there and crash breaking again down and around the road
for a few more cars and the buses if you missed them.

Mountain the Kerb: Sport C180 lite or Offroad C180 super
Follow cars around to right checking the right car into the intersection
follow it thru to check a car into a bus further down the path. Drift around
curve to check a couple of cars and then slam the nose of the oncoming semi.
Drift right or crash break off the road down to the tanker at the bottom. You
then crash break any tanker or semi you can get to.

Noodles of Fun: Sport C180 lite Or Offroad C180 super
Drive straight ahead off the platform to next with the first ramp of two.
If you use to light of a car the wind will play hell with trying to guide your
car, go heavy! Continue forward from first jump directly to second jump veering
to the right away lane aiming for one of the two green cars. Hit and push the
one you picked into the intersection blocking them both. Crash break down to
the tunnel area for the target on the outgoing side. Then crash break again to
get a few cars in the incoming lane.
Alternate: Dive off to the right after small just over the fence to the
roadway. Avoid the buses along the way to slam the taxi on the right pushing
down to the tunnel below if possible, let off A button before impact. If
nothing falls to block tunnel then crash break down to block the lanes. Use the
next crash break to get back up and try to et a bus or two.

Off the Beaten Truck: Any SUV or Classic Crasher C170 or mobile diner
Use the Suv to make the jump over the ravine, if you jump the ravine make
sure to hold all crash breakers as long as you can.  Hit right side of parking
area pushing a car into the bus to block both lanes. Crash break into buses in
the parking area. Use the Mobile Diner or Classic Crasher to drive around the
path checking cars in the right lane all the way to the parking area, not as
easy try both to find preference.
Alternate: Use the Etnies stock car and go for a possible $11,000,000 You have
to crash break around the horseshoe parking area and get your three crash
breakers, Flambe does it often.

Pasta Red Light: Sport C180 lite or Sport C190 Super or Off road C180 super
Check car to your left into the semi then proceed up to your right
checking as many vehicles as you can, start in right lane and work your way to
the left quickly to drop off to the left thru the barriers down in front of the
three Semis taking only the far right one out, if you take out the lead semi at
the beginning and then leave the tanker to go down to the blocked area you can
get as much as 2-5 million for it. You then crash break in densest area. If you
miss the first semi use your crash breaker to go after them.

Prawn Smackers: Sport C180 lite or Off road C180 super
Check 2 cars in left lane then veer to right lane and check car there then
veer left into semi to fall down to lower left road. Crash break back up
service road to 3 buses. Crash break back to main road to buses there. You can
also stay on the main road and not fall after hitting semi in left lane. There
is cross traffic that should force debris down to block service road allowing
you to crash break to oncoming buses in right lane, then to the buses at the
end of the roadway. Your choice so try both to see which works best.
Alternate: Drive straight ahead and check the right car into the right semi
then swing left and check the car into that semi then swing back again to the
right avoiding the semi checking the car there forward and then swing back
again left to rear-end the left hand flatbed and fall into the lower service
road to make sure it is blocked. Crash break up to the two buses at the end of
the road leaving the right hand traffic alone. You crash break down to the
three buses and wait for the third to devastate anything left.

Return of the Semi: Sport C180 lite
Check car going up right incline then turn left and go up the left incline
avoiding the oncoming cars jump ramp to the middle of parking deck and take the
left smaller ramp. Aim for the yellow car, crossing from left to right,
blocking both lanes and falling to the bottom if possible for the target car.
If you canít fall on the initial run then use first crash break to push off far
side of upper deck to lower area to block both lower lanes. Then crash to lower
parking area for a couple of more cars.

Road to Ruins: Classic Crasher C170 or Sport C180 lite
Drive straight ahead to check a red van and then make an immediate left
clipping the blue van. Crash break in the densest area of traffic.
Better Alternate: Utility C150 super
Drive straight ahead into the red van pushing into the traffic letting off of
the A button and trying to get down to the buses of the initial run, if not
then crash break down and get the buses.

Rome Wrecker: Utility C150 super van or Off road C180 super
Drive forward a bit then to the right checking to red cars then follow road
avoiding buses on right to take ramp on left, be careful its narrow, try to
swing right and check car on circle to road on other side where target enters.
Crash break back to buses if possible. You can crash break to the two flatbeds
and then to the buses for some decent money.
Alternate: Instead of using the ramp some have told me to slam the bus to the
right of the ramp and push it into the intersection using the crash breaker
back to the buses, try it and see which works best.

Round the Bend: Sport C180 lite or Mobile Diner
Drive around the bus following the road to the right to collide with a semi
and drift toward the parking area as much as possible. Crash break around the
perimeter of the parking area.

Shao-Lin Tumble: Sport C180 lite or Offroad C180 super
Drive down the off-ramp to check left lane car into left flatbed then
rear-end the right flatbed guiding my car to the lower two lane blocking both.
Crash break to center-front of parking lot for 4 more cars.
Alternate: Take a slower car and check the car on the upper deck into the semi
and then make for the ramp jumping down to block traffic below, I have a hard
time avoiding the 360 or the fish tail trying this method.

Silly Cone Valley: 4x4 c180 super or Compact C185
The super is a bit tougher to get up to the top but is used by a lot of
people try it to see if you can manage with it. Drive straight ahead to the
ramp making the jump to the overpass hitting the panel-van into the Flatbed
hopefully dumping debris to the lower road area. Crash break to the oncoming
traffic if you have successfully blocked the away traffic. Then go for your
buses and any stragglers. The compact C185 slides really well after a crash
break and flies like a dream.

Smackeroni: Saloon C180 Super or 4x4 C180 Super
Drive straight ahead to the ramp without adjusting direction or you will
loose momentum and smack the buses crossing left to right. You can drive other
cars but the one I chose flies over every time and the wind doesnít affect it
that much although minor correction will have to be made due to wind speed. If
you choose a slower vehicle you will have to shoot for the gap between the 2nd
and 3rd buses. Once you make it over you want to check the traffic in the right
lane and proceed to the second intersection. I take out the grey panel-van, 2nd
vehicle right oncoming lane, and slam it to the right to block the intersection
where the 2 buses come out with the target car. Crash break in the densest

Smash My Ride: Mobile Diner or Sport C180 super
Check cars directly ahead and veer right to the incline ramp there.
Depending on what you use you can either slam the flatbed and push debris
across to block both lanes or clip the top of the trailer and let your car go
to the far lane and block it. Crash break to dense traffic areas. You can also
check both cars to the intersection and drift around it checking cars then
swerving into the oncoming traffic(off-road C180 super).

Smashed in Translation: Sport C180 lite or Classic Crasher C170
Follow road around and check cars in left lane then veer to right lane and
check panel-van into Semi pushing it and falling to lower level blocking it.
Then you crash break back to upper level and crash break back up road to more

Smashimi: Classic Crasher or Sport C180 lite
Take the lower left away lane and check the cars in the left lane till you
see the bus with a car behind it in the right lane. Check the car into the bus
and after touch to the right to block right oncoming lane then crash break back
to the away side to await your 2nd crash break to the upper level to the buses
and cars.
Better Alternate: Utility C150 super
Drive up the left side checking two cars in the left lane then one on the right
dropping off to slm the tanker into the right hand tunnel blocking it (let off
the A button). Then you want to crash break up to the buses. Use the first to
go back up a bit to get a better position to crash break other cars and get up
there and at least hit a couple of buses.

Street Car Set on Fire: Offroad C180 super
Drive straight ahead and check car into intersection and take ramp to next
car to be checked and take the 2nd ramp. Try to land just right of the 3rd ramp
and check the car there into traffic or take the ramp and nose down hard into
the bus there. Crash break into the 4 buses and then crash break back to
densest traffic area, try to take out a tram for some good money on the way
back to the intersection.

Swiss Roll: Sport C180 lite Or Classic Crasher C170
Drive straight ahead clipping car in left lane then checking cars in the
right lane. Switch lanes again and check cars in the left lane again. Clip the
next car in left lane right side into the truck ahead of it and then hit
oncoming car on right side and veer left into far left lane to block it. You
should be at the Y in the road now crash break in the densest traffic.
Alternate: You drive straight ahead and cut through the fencing and cut across
to come out behind the green suv and check it. Continue ahead and check all
cars up to the Y intersection and block it. I then crash break back towards the
pile up behind me and then forward t the tanker behind the target car.

Tramitized: Stock C175 super (aka shiny car)
Drive ahead and to the left between the tram and car to check car in left
lane swinging back to the right lane to jump the ramp ahead into the tanker
driving it into another tanker. Crash break back towards the ramp to get tanker
next to it. Use next crash breaker to go for the 6 buses or the single on the
side. To get the six you need to position yourself really well after the tanker
crash, next to the ramp. You sometimes hi the fence when aiming for them and it
shoots you up like a rocket. I f you are behind the trees go for the single bus
up the road where the target comes from.

Van Fire Strikes Back: Sport C180 lite or Off road C180 super or Mobile diner
Check cars in right lane from left side to right and back. Then aim for the
parked car on the far left knocking it to the lower level to block both lower
lanes. Crash break densest area of traffic and after-touch to parking lot for a
few extra cars.

Wish Upon a Car: Mobile Diner or Sport C180 lite
Following the path to the right and avoid the semi on the left and push a
car or cars out of the opening to block the highway below; checking the
panel-van can help greatly. Crash break to the two buses to the left looking
out the opening you fell out of. Second crash break into buses (6) on opposite
side of highway going down dirt road behind barriers. Crash break again back to
road to get anything left or use it to finish off the buses. You can use the
Sport but it is not easy but works the same way.

Won Ton Destruction: Sport C190 super or Sport C180 lite
Drive to and jump ramp or dive off the road before the ramp taking the
service road down aiming for the tanker to block the intersection. Crash break
to lower service road for some tuktuks and crash back up to get leftovers.
Target car comes late.

Copyright © Mark Barton a.k.a. UncleSkidMark July 7th, 2006
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