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Bullet Witch



by lastfirstborn

Bullet Witch FAQ/Walthrough
Version: FINAL
By lastfirstborn of
Copyright Joe Barbee "the lastfirstborn"

Gamertag for 360 Live:  lastfirstborn
Email:  [email protected]

Disclaimer: Please do not use this FAQ on any other site 
than gamefaqs or gamespot.  You may email me for permission
to use this FAQ on your site, but please contact me, give me
full credit, do not alter the guide in ANY way at all, and wait
for my email response over all else.  See bottom of FAQ for more
info on copyright.  This game was made by Atari, and everything
is also under copyrrite by them (in this game, that is).

Please remember that pressing ctrl F at any time on this page 
will allow a search box.  Look in the table of contents and
put in chapter keywords to skip immediatly to the chapter you



1) Introductions and opening statements
2) Stats, Weaponry, and Magic Upgrading
3) Survival/Combat Basics
4) Walkthrough Guide
   A. Stage 1 - Clad in Streaming Black
   B. Stage 2 - The City of Screams
   C. Stage 3 - 10,000 Feet of Flame
   D. Stage 4 - Dawn in the Valley
   E. Stage 5 - The Bound Soul
   F. Stage 6 - The End of Chaos
5) Achievements
6) Beastiary
7) About the author and legal information


1)Introductions and opening statements

Hello and welcome fellow gamers!  I decided to write this guide
not because this game is overly difficult, but because there
simply hasn't been one made yet and it's been quite some time
since the game's release.  Some people do get lost in certain
levels, and/or confused during boss conflicts or certain 
objectives.  That's a small reason why this is here.  I also 
wanted to clear up any doubts that this is a bad game.  I do
find it mediocre at times, but still a blast to just sit down
and enjoy.  The levels are pretty spacious too, the detail of
enviroment interaction is great, the upgrading system is very
fun, and overall, though simple I do enjoy the characters and
plotline.  So follow me, as I lead you through a world of
black magics, demons, and a future earth destroyed by evil.
Only you can save everyone!

You can email Alicia at [email protected] .
Tell her how much you like her new costumes.  :P

Note:  If you notice me telling you to use a certain power or
skill you don't have yet, it's likely because you're on your
first playthrough.  Or, we may just differ in what we purchased,
and when we upgraded.  Don't worry about that, I'll do my best
to list several ways through certain problem sections.


2) Stats, Weaponry, and Magic Upgrading

Ah yes, the meat of any good game made in this mold.  If you 
are thinking of taking on Hard mode or worse, you'd be wise
to learn how to spend your statistical points early on, by 
playing on easy first.  Not only will you learn decent enemy
behavior, level layout, boss strategies, and more, you'll also
be building up points that WILL carry over to your next play,
even on high difficulties.  I'd even go as far as to say it's a
must to have upgraded weapons by the third level of the high
difficulties, otherwise you'll find yourself constantly being
stomped flat by the forces of evil.

See section three for hints and tips, as well as the controller
layout.  You can also access this via the game's option screen
if you so choose.

The Magic Ring

ALL LAYERS:  Y button = Cancel - Don't forget about this, it can
really save your butt if you get into trouble and need to get
the magic ring off the screen quick.

First Layer:  

A button = Willpower - A useful skill in many ways.  The primary
is of course, slamming large objects like dumpsters, debris, or
cars into Geists that are attacking you.  As you upgrade it,
you'll be able to shoot objects harder and faster, from much
great distances.

B button = Ancient Wall - Fairly useful at higher difficulties.
You basically put up a wall, and depending on how upgraded it
is, it'll eventually fade away.  This brick wall will absorb
damage from just about anything, and is a must have when dealing
with sniper Geists.

X button = Rose Spear -  This one is fun, but costs alot to use.
Alicia will throw a rose at her foes, and after a brief pause,
any geists within the radius will be impaled on tall iron spikes
that come from the ground.  As you upgrade it, you'll cover more
area with the spikes, and they get stronger.

When you press the left or right bumper, you'll head to the next
available magic ring layer of spells.

Second Layer:

A button = Element Shot - Highly useful against any grunt geists
you'll encounter.  Each weapon type in your broom (when you own
it) has a different element used when this spell is available.
You can read in game how each and every element reacts, and in
the guide I'll let you know what you may want to be using per
each section.  Machinegun has fire, after repeated blasts your
foes will ignite and spread flames.  Shotgun has wind, sends out
a shockwave with each shot.  Cannon is light element, brings
more power to your sniping than ever before!  And last but not
least, Gatling brings electricity, which hits an enemy at a
high rate and sends out spreading shock damage.

B button = Sacrifice -  Pretty simple but effective.  If you
want to save people, especially your armed back up as you
battle evil, go to the second layer and use Sacrifice on downed
friendlies.  Alicia will spew out some of her own life's blood
onto the hurt party.  At high levels it'll cost less magic and
work from farther away.  It instantly restores any harmed people
, but does not bring back the dead.

X button = Raven's Panic -  This one is fun.  When you spend 
ALOT of magic, you'll call forth a raven.  It will soar into
your foes, and soon a cloud of ravens will be scattering 
feathers and swarming.  When you are close enough to an enemy,
they will be blinded by your feathered friends (fiends?).  Use
this time to melee kill everyone off or get to cover if you
need it.

Left or Right bumper will move you onto the final magic ring 

Third Layer:

A button = Lightning - Ah, the big stuff.  You'll start the game
with this one open to you.  After it builds up in the sky,
powerful bolts come down into an area you designate.  They will
destroy everything, including certain targeted buildings and 
massive monsters.  This will use up much of your magic, 
of course, be prepared to build it back up.  The primary bolts 
will also do small damage to an area, before the massive strike.

B button = Tornado - Another full bar magic stealer.  This one
will sweep up any and every object in it's path and swirl it
about.  The rending gales will kill off many things.  You can 
also toss choppers about and stop reenforcements from landing
safely.  This can even strip the roof off of a building, and
throw several objects into foes!

X button = Meteor -  The big one.  All your magic is gone, but
the powerful rock storm from above will nuke out almost all 
opposition.  Useful, strong, draining to use until you gain
both magic upgrades.  Even then, it eats up the magic, quick.
If you like burning chaos, you'll love Meteor!  Careful though, 
you can easily kill yourself with it.  This one literally can
level buildings on top of enemies, or just plain destroy them
via flaming meteor shower.

Gunrod upgrades (different weapons)

You change weapons using the B button.
* denotes the elemental bullet ability once you have that skill.

Machinegun - Your basic starter.  Stays pretty tough throughout,
when upgraded.  Rapid fire, works up close and at medium to
long distances.  Can really shred up some foes, should be used
quite often.  Very versitle and reliable.  Holds 80 rounds 
before a reload.  *Spreads fire after a few good bursts, all
foes ignite and spread flames.

Shotgun - You won't absolutely NEED this one up front, but can
really devastate the geists in it's own right.  Any and all
things up close will feel the hurt you lay here.  Slower rate of
fire, wouldn't recommend it if you have enemies far off making
trouble as well as close up.  *Sends out a pretty nice wind 
shockwave.  It holds 16 shots before a reload.

Cannon - Any machine types you come up on will feel the pain of
this decimator.  Stay away from using it on humanoid types.  If
you do want to use it on humanoid types, you can snipe vitals 
and the head for best results.  *Brings more power and accurate
light damage.  Holds 24 bullets.

Gatling - Extremely high rate of fire and firepower, but overall
makes you move much slower and reload very slowly.  A solid
weapon, especially on giants and some bosses, but not to be used
too often when the machinegun is around and upgraded.  *Adds
ever spreading electric damage.

Pretty self explanitory, but in ever increasing increments, you
can also upgrade Alicia's health and magic (I recommend magics
first).  Fully upgraded, you'll deepen your magic pool reserve,
and regenerate health very quickly as well.  On hard modes, this
is a must have, of course.

Plan accordingly how to power up, but don't sweat it too much,
as by the end of one mode, you'll tackle another difficulty
with power to spare!

3) Survival/Combat Basics

Yes, I wanted to devote an entire chapter to hints and tips
on gameplay.  I felt it would be easier for people to read
through, rather than place the same tips over and over for each

I strongly recommend turning the turn speed (in options menu) up
as far as it can go.  Yes, precise shots will now take more 
practice, but overall it'll make the game flow much more 
smoothly for you.

Please don't forget you can jump in different directions using
Dodge.  You can jump up onto or over several objects and move
about much more easily by remembering this.

You can earn 350 Skill Points in a level by killing every bad
guy, and being as quick as possible.  Survival is also a 
factor, both how many of your allies make it, out many humans
you can save, and how often you yourself continue (I think).
But if you're quick, and kill everything, you should secure an
overall S rank for the stage, netting the maximum points.

Friendly Fire is blue as it streaks by.  Bad guy fire is yellow.

Each weapon in your gunrod uses a certain amount of magic to
reload, keep this in mind during big battles!  Your starting
machine gun uses the least amount, and others use moderate to
massive amounts of magic.  How big you upgrade them, as well as
how much power they have, dictates how much magic is used.  A 
fully upgraded gatling gun will obviously use a large amount of
magic to replensih.  After all, where do you think her gun morph
ability and all those bullets come from, anyway?

Use your surroundings!  You can throw objects, take cover, and
do all sorts of stuff with your magic.  Experiment and follow
the in-game advice on how to use the city around you!

Dodge!  When you encounter a lead Geist he'll likely have
his entire team lay down a volley of deadly fire!!  Get out
of the way and wait for them to stop shooting.  You can also,
use your ancient wall!

Don't forget your magic!!  Even if it seems like overkill, call
down lightning if you can't smash a barricade!  You can regain
your magic later.  Using the ravens to make large groups miss
you is also vital on high levels.  When facing large groups of
dumb humanoid enemies, be sure to use your roses too!

Start in EASY mode.  Trust me, if you want the achievements or
just to beat it on Hell mode, be sure you upgrade yourself in
the easy modes first.  It carries over.  Super powers are good
to have!!

Don't forget your Element Shot!  It works great on low and 
medium tier foes.

Some baddies have armor that protects certain parts of their
bodies.  If you don't see any head gear, however, always try
for a head shot, unless you're spraying heavy suppression fire
or want to use the shotgun, in which case body shots are fine.
With the cannon and regular machine gun, always try to aim for
the center mass (chest area) and/or head region, especially if
there is no armor.  Head shots in this game DO work, well.
If a creature doesn't have a head, but has an obviously 
pronounced weakpoint, plaster your fire onto it, instead.  I 
will talk more about this in the walkthrough, as we meet our
foes head on.

Enemy moving too quickly to shoot?  Try using Ravens to slow
him down!  Huge group of fire breathing zombies getting you 
down?  Don't forget to use the Rose magic!

Everything has a weakness, no matter how big or seemingly invin-
cible.  Pay attention to what the game tells you.

Try and keep your back up alive on the high difficulties, not 
only is it nice for you to do this, sometimes, even if they
aren't hurting your foes much, they will distract them away from
killing you!  

Your skill points to spend directly relate to how many times you
die and continue, as well as how many humans you save and how
well you deal out damage to the baddies while taking as little
as possible yourself.  If you *really* want to rack up the skill
points, beat it on easy, spending everything in the six levels
you get, then start again on easy.  This time, you'll gain 
enough to max out everything, as your skill point totals will
very likely be much higher than your first time through.

Some foes will actually surrender.  Yes, undead killing machines
, thinking you're that stupid.  They even say things like 
"Please let me go!  I've got a wife and kids at home!"...yeah,
right.  When they raise their arms and go to give up, plug them
in the head or chest region with whatever gun is handy.  Usually
, they will do this to draw you out into the line of fire for
a Sniper Geist to take you down.

Note:  If you notice me telling you to use a certain power or
skill you don't have yet, it's likely because you're on your
first playthrough.  Or, we may just differ in what we purchased,
and when we upgraded.  Don't worry about that, I'll do my best
to list several ways through certain problem sections.

4) Walkthrough/Guide

It is 2013 A.D.  Earth has seen wars, natural disasters, and
plauges.  Now an army of evil beings has emerged to claim 
humanity's blood and souls.  Humans number less than one
billion worldwide.  Is this the end of our civillization?

A woman emerges, with the powers of a witch and a broom-like
gun.  She is Alicia.

She alone will stand up and face the demons that plauge our
dying world.  The Darkness is a formless demon that will aid
her in her quest.

You are on Alicia's long journey.  You will battle evil, and you
will save us all.

Note:  If you notice me telling you to use a certain power or
skill you don't have yet, it's likely because you're on your
first playthrough.  Or, we may just differ in what we purchased,
and when we upgraded.  Don't worry about that, I'll do my best
to list several ways through certain problem sections.  On to
the guide!


A. Stage 1 -  Clad in Streaming Black

So we see a wall hanging of a horrific beastie, a man stumbling
into a sacrificial portal of sorts, ravens, and then we learn
what's been plauging the world for the next few years from now.

Flash to 2013, a suburb on the east coast in America.  Some
Geists are playing with their food, and then, Alicia, the Bullet
Witch steps onto the scene, clad in streaming black.

Simple enough start; this level is about as straight forward as
they come.  Take on any Geists you come upon.  If it's your
first playthrough, you'll be learning how to use the magic 
circle layers, and you'll have your default, trusty machine gun.

Keep following the street in the only direction you can go, soon
you'll be able to have some humans stop and chat.  After that,
rush forward to the aid of a downed person.  To save these 
people, you'll need to grab the attention of the Geists 
quickly, just send a few bullets into their chests and they'll
stop harming innocents briefly.  Finish them off, run up to the
croutching person, and use your Sacrifice ability.  Keeping
citizens and soldiers alike alive will keep your skill point
rewards at the end of each level higher.  This is what you use
to buy new skills, and power up exsisting ones, so this is very
good.  Keep moving forward, learn how to use your powers to 
fight, and try to learn how to use your gun for head shots and
chest shots for better kills.  Experiment with melee here too,
if you get a chance with a single Geist alone.

Some Geists are hiding on porches, but they will basically
announce their presence to you pretty fast by firing.  Just
pressing on towards the cityscape.  Soon enough, you'll
learn about using Great Magic, Lightning is your first power in
that layer.

You'll eventually learn about Walnut Heads and how they control
portals.  You'll also find a gas station, where you are 
prompted by our buddy Darkness to shoot a car into the pumps
using Willpower.  I actually just call down Lightning.

Some Geists will hide up on catwalks and in fire escapes to try
and kill you.  If you have the canon from a previous playthrough
, they're cake.  If not, just use cover and go for head/chest 
shots from a distance with your machine gun.

Now, a bit of roaming is required here to get your Walnut Heads.
When you've finally wandered the map enough you'll eventually 
open the path into the city (New York?  It does say East Coast),
a big bridge.  

Head up onto it, but get ready for several Geists, all laying
fire into you.  You can use the middle part of the bridge to 
leap back and forth (dodge button), to sort of control their
bursts, or use your Ancient Wall.  I had enough magic up for
Lightning here, and killed all but two with it.  However, if you
use it here, you can't use it at the end of the bridge on the
Walnut Head, so it's your choice.  I think it's more useful 

Moving on, using cars as battering rams, you'll encounter your
final Walnut Head of the stage.  IF you've played before, you
can snipe him with element bullets from the Canon.  If you're
new, however, simply stay far back behind cover (you can make
cover out of car chassis), and blast at the brain section.  If
cars are heading your way, either dodge, duck behind cover you
create, make a Wall, or shoot them in the air before they can
hit you (keeping the momentum in mind).  When he's down, you're
moving on.  Good job, spend your skill points wisely!


B. Stage 2 - The City of Screams

Ah yes, the big city.  Nightfall.  Another fairly straight-
forward level.  Head off the bridge to find some human soldiers
clashing with Geist soldiers.  Help em out.  When that's done,
meet the leader of the current resistance movement, and move on.
Maxwell will give you two of his men (machinegun and shotgun).
You'll have back up now (and in several levels from here on).
Do try and keep them alive, even if just to distract your
foes while you get off a spell or two.  Or a good sniper shot,
once you get the canon attatchment.  You can use Sacrifice to 
help them, but if they fall completely flat on the ground they
are dead, and you will lose Survival points towards Skill Points
at the end of the stage. 

You'll find barriers of junk here, that the Geist use to fire
on you safely.  Use Lighting or throw a car through it with

More geist troops, more walnut heads, and a new foe, the Gigas.
Make your way through the semi-maze of the city, and try to
work your way alllll the way around any barriers controlled by
Walnut Heads.  When you finally meet up with the Gigas, just
hang back a bit and use Lightning on it.  If you can't, or would
rather save your magic, look for a metal chest plate, or on
lower difficulties, a heart.  If it has armor (the plate), blast
it off with any gun that can reach that far, to show the heart
to us.  From here, continue to hit the heart with rapid fire,
until the beast is done.  When these guys drop, they can 
sometimes crush other enemies around, or your allies.  Be wary.

Eventually you'll open up a route to the harbor area.  Head
through this broad area, to the right first.  Go down into a low
section for a Walnut Head.  Head further left to find yet 
another.  Backtrack some and be VERY careful of a red laser
sight on you.  If you see it, immediately use your Wall magic,
and try to get your bearings on the sniper.  They don't miss,
you can't use dodge, and one shot will kill you.  IF you have
Tornado magic from a previous playthrough, you can overkill any
Snipers you see in this game with it.  Be prepared to drain your
magic though!  Otherwise, just keep using your magic wall and
any natural cover to slip by, back the way you came, and around
a corner to find yet another Walnut Head tucked away.  Then, go
back towards that lowered area near your start, but stay high
up and make a jump (using Dodge) towards a ledge leading to near
the Sniper's position.  Whew, good job.  Try and lightning him
or if you have it, elemental snipe him with the canon.  Or just
plain keep using Wall until you can squeak by him, he's not
vital past this point.

Head around to the side, make your way past a few more barrier/
Walnut Heads, and be wary of the lead Geists that order vollies
of fire on your position.  Kill them first if you can.

Eventually, you'll come up on a big red Demon.  This guy is one
of the head honchos, so get ready.  Aim.  FIRE!  Nope, he's got
a powerful shield, it seems to be immune to your magics AND
weapons.  Time to flee.  If you look backwards you'll see an
orange checkpoint type marker telling you where to go.  You'll
also see your allies running towards it.  Go go go!  

From here, the sewers.  Congrats on acing level 2!

C. Stage 3 - 10,000 Feet of Flame

Here we go.  The Human HQ is down here.  I highly suggest you
have at least level one of the shotgun here.  At first, use
your machinegun.  Something is wrong, Geists are everywhere 
down here!  Take em all out and follow your buddies, try to 
keep everyone standing, especially Maxwell!  He'll lead your
charge if you let him, usually.  Sometimes, he'll get stuck
behind you, and I noticed if he gets hurt to croutching, when
you revive him he'll stay behind the whole time.  Anyway, just
wind down the middle platforms after you kill everything up top,
and you'll eventually discover the HQ is taken over.

Switch to your shotgun when the tunnels get tighter, and devas-
tate your foes!  Go for the chest to be fastest, usually one
shot point blank is all you need.  If not, before they can
stand, unleash another blast.  You can often get two baddies
together this way.  

Lay siege to this entire tunnel system, and use your magic to
throw boxes and shelves at the bad guys if they get to be too 
much for your gunrod.  Then, a cinema.  We learn a bit more,
and discover Maxwell looks kinda like Paul Walker.  XD

Before your answer in the cinema, boom, more Geists.  Slam
through here, eventually switching back to machinegun, and
feel free to use your rose spears as well. 

In the tunnels, rush through and use both sides while dodging
for best cover.  Weave in and out of the trains, and get ready
to meet the abominations known as the Worm Men.  Go for head
shots with the shotgun, or use Rose Spears to get a group
together.  Beware their flame anguish attacks, and their up
close ribcage melee.  They move erratically and sometimes fast,
so keep the shotty ready to go.

You'll finally make your way to an outer area just by the 
airport, meaning you guys are almost there!  But first, there's
an open area with alot of Geists.  Uh oh, no Lightning, since
you're still indoors.  Just use the wall, keep your guys alive,
and dodge alot as you lay the pain out with your machinegun or
shotgun up close.  Use the Ravens to distract some foes up close
, and if you have the chaingun feel free to use element shot
and it to really clean up.  Progress more to see the floating
Grudge Spirits.  They're sort of harmless now, but trust me,
by the end, you'll hate em.  They turn humans into Worm Men,
and a large group can really lay the hurt on you as well.  They
CAN be shot, but at this point I just rush forward to locate the
two Screamers (bulbous headed women that, well, scream).  Kill
them with quick shotgun blasts to the head, and they'll quit
reproducing the Grudge Spirits.

Work your way outside to find there's several Walnut Heads and
barriers protecting each.  One, on the far left of you, will be
open to attack.  Kill this one to make the one on the far right
open to attack.  Do it again, and open the way!  Of course,
while you're doing this, there will be several Geist Soldiers
trying to make your life hard.  You will likely encounter at
least one transport helicopter here as well, housing as many
as twelve geists!  If you've played before, you'll have Tornado
ready to blow the heli away without incident.  If not, just
stay low, use cover, and use Willpower to blast the myriad
of objects at your foes.  Careful though, the Walnut Heads also
have alot to throw your way, and they don't play soft.

With that done, everyone boards a nearby plane (or two) and you
made it alive!  Or did you?

After some talk, one of the planes is shot down.  Lucky it 
wasn't yours, eh?  Now, you're outside the plane.  This guy,
the Drago-Bat, is one of the big Demons around town.  Get
ready for a fight.  

There are three ways to start this up.  You can rush to the
front of the plane, stay near the tail, or get on one of the
wings (left is recommended).  I don't like the wing approach,
as sometimes you can't get back up should you need to, plus
you can fall off much easier.  I stayed near the tail.  Go ahead
and call Lightning immediately.  Wait for the crosshair to turn
blue on the baddie, and unleash it.  One down, two to go.  
He'll now send out several eye balls to hit both you and the 
plane.  Protect the plane (and refill your magic!) by popping 
them off.  Just use the regular machine gun for this whole
battle.  Don't get fancy with dodges, just take your hits and 
do your best to shoot eyes in the sky as well, especially those
coming at you, as they can knock you off to your death on rare
occasion.  After killing about a dozen eyes, time to use that
lightning again.  Get a good bead on your target, and use
the spell.  When it's time to aim, hopefully he's within the 
right area for a hit.  It must be quick, or the eyes will knock 
your out of your casting.  Now, either move back to the tail
area of the plane, or remain there if you already are.  Soon,
Drago will try to eat the plane!  When you're on the tail area,
you can easily hit him with your regular machinegun.  If not,
he's too far, and you'll get the game over screen.  After you
fire into his mouth enough to make him leave, kill more eyes,
try to get a good bead on his location, and when he doesn't
seem to be darting around call your final Lightning.  Aim and
fire for the kill.

Congrats, this one is considered by some, the hardest part of
the game actually!

D. Stage 4 - Dawn in the Valley

Uh oh, down anyway!  What did you expect, throwing all that 
power about?  Heh.  Safe landing though, time to escort these
several citizens and soldiers to safety.  It's not as bad as
you'd think, at least not at first.  

Head up the slopes, killing everything and keeping your men
alive.  The civies stay in the rear, don't forget that.  Finally
, you'll reach a train track.  Just travel down it, using any
gun you deem fit (and have unlocked/upgraded), and the Ravens,
to get by.  After much ground is covered, a Gigas appears.

Behind you.  Where your people are.

Ok, rush forward.  Take out three groups of Geists, head into 
the small quarry town like place, and clear it enough for the
humans to live.  Turn around, and aim with a long distance gun
of your choosing.  Locate some barrels on the right side of the
bridge.  Shoot them and they'll chain explode all the way down
to the front, destroying the bridge, killing the giants, and
saving the day.  Oh, and trapping you too.  

You can also opt to run back after clearing just one group of
Geists, and kill the Gigas yourself on the bridge.  It 
really all depends on the difficulty you play on.  On easy,
this is fine.  On normal, possible.  But any higher, and the
Gigas is pretty accurate and liberal with his chainguns.

Move through the area, using Lighting or shooting explosive
boxes (very small and red) to kill huge groups of Geists.
Finally, dodge-hop your way up the slopes and make your way to
the airbase nearby.

After some combat, you realize there are too many helicopters
coming.  You need to get those hueys out of the sky, fast!
Darkness gives you the Tornado power here.  WAIT until you
see the choppers slow to nearly stopping, THEN use the
Tornado Great Magic to blow away the helis before they can
deploy the demons.  Clever eh?  Also, EVERYTHING in this area
is destructable, so feel free to go nuts with the magic and 
enjoy the power!  To regain your magic, seek out helis that drop
groups of six or seven Geists.  Use Ravens and any gun you need
to, and build your gauges up.  You should be able to blow away
most of the choppers before they can become a problem by 
letting a couple of them deploy troops to regain your magic.

Good job!

E. Stage 5 - The Bound Soul

This place is frustrating, and any maps I tried to draw for it
were pretty unhelpful at best, unreadable at worst.  So, 
I'll just try to explain.  You're going into the forest where
the guy sacrificed himself at the start, to put an end to the
demon portal.  This should also weaken the Big Bad's shield back
at Stage 2.  

When you begin, meet up with your troops, and Maxwell.  Keep in
mind this area is a huge circle at first.  I do mean HUGE.  And
there are snipers in a VERY wide perimeter here.  Your best bet
is to run from them, using natural cover and your Wall.  Save
everyone at first, then move right and under the arch of stone.
Press for high ground, kill off every Geist here (even the
surrendering jerks), and find some blockades.  Use your
Lighting here to break through, but be ready for several tanks
in this middle section.  If you went the LONG way around from
the start ally heli, you'll have to cross the field of snipers,
tanks, and quick moving geists in armor.  Ick.  If you blasted
the barricade and took the shorter path, simply run from 
the couple of tanks you'll see (if you don't mind losing your
allies and points for them, that is) and locate a barricade sort
of in the middle of a dirt expanse on the right of the area.  
Blast into it and Darkness will speak about the town.

Blaze through the town with your shotgun.  All the Geists here
are weak but really fast and wearing headgear to prevent any
good snipes.  Locate an open building sort of in the middle, and
head up into it's attic, then out the back, up over the enbank-
ment.  See, the bridge was out, so the only way up was through 
here.  Good job.

Enter the church you come up on and be ready with your shotgun
and Rose Spears.  Take out all the unfortunate Worm Men inside,
and head up to the podium for a scene.  Look familliar?  Anywho,
head to the second checkmarker, not ten feet to the right, and
down into the basement.  Good.

Ok, in the trenches, so to speak.  Willpower on nearby rocks,
Ravens, Lightning, and the gatling gun or machine gun are
essentials here.  You must wind your way through several
barricades and tons of Geists with various guns and explosives.
Keep refilling your magic and using Lighting or Willpower to
power your way through here.  Soon enough...

Out here, you're nearing the bound soul.  If you haven't figured
out yet what's going on, you're in for some heartbreak.  Anyhow,
head into the foggy forest with your shotgun ready.  I like
to use Ravens here as well, but they aren't needed 100%.  There
are some Worm Men here, some Grudge Spirits, and of course, 
Screamers, that have started the whole chain.  I killed two 
here, but there could be more.  I rush through, heading as
straightforward as I can.  Eventually, you'll meet an armored
up Gigas.  Just blast the plat off with the machine gun, and 
then use Lightning to nuke it's heart.  With it gone, head sort
of up and left from where he first emerged (not where he ended 
up dying, since he could walk anywhere...).  Eventually, you'll
get a cutscene, explaning everything else we haven't had
spelled out for us yet.

The right thing must be done, and everyone is better for it.
Poor guy though.

Good work!  You ready for the final stage?  Invest those
points well!  I like having upped magic, and a strong machine
gun.  But you can win doing pretty much anything you want.  So
long as you started on Easy mode, of course.  If not, some
preplanning has been needed up to now.  


F. Stage 6 - The End of Chaos

It's all come down to this.  You closed the portal, and resol-
ved some personal issues.  But you're nowhere near finished, and
if you think the opposition is going to take it easy on you in
the end, you're wrong.  They're dug into what's left of the City
and this ain't pretty.

Maxwell and crew will help you through here.  You're in the
same place as Stage 2, beleive it or not, but everything is
pretty different due to all the destruction.  Even the sky
is changing due to evil's influence.  Time to hunt down your
biggest foe.

Head left and kill all the random Geists.  Continue to wind
around the Walnut Head red borders.  Eventually you'll snake
around to killing several Walnut Heads, and countless Geist
Soldiers in between.  

When you finally reach that flat harbor area from before, you 
will form a sort of plan with your human allies and leave them
behind.  Head forward and when prompted, unleash Meteor.  It's
the strongest of the Great Magics, and can literally level all
the buildings around it's hit area.  Be very careful you don't
get yourself hit by a fireball, or worse, the crumbling debris
from the blast.  ANY time you use this spell, run away from the
direction you were facing at the time you used it, and you
should be fine.  Anyway, the snipers and all the tanks are
now demolished.

Turn around and go back to the bottleneck alleyway you started
the harbar area in.  Look left into the debris to find a yellow
Walnut Head.  He's far off, and will use ALL that debris on you
if you give him time to.  So quickly gun him down, or use
Lightning if you have the magic to spare.  Now it's time to 
sweep hard to the right, past the sunken area you left the
humans in, and kill every Walnut Head you find.  

After this, wind around to the front streets again, around front
of the harbor.  Look for openings from killing the barriers off,
(sometimes barely larger than an alleyway mouth).  Eventually,
after several tanks, Geist Soldiers, and a Gigas or two, you'll
be at the end game.  If you're having trouble fighting the tanks
off with Lighting (low magics), then simply use your Wall and do
your best to run from them.  Give everything a widebearth, and 
get by.

Now you're facing the Omega.  Tri-Serpent is the Big Bad you
ran from in Stage 2.  He has a shield that keeps him totally
immune to your magics, so you must rely on human might to
weaken his shields.  Keep this in mind for EVERY stage of your
fight with him.  Far back, he can launch huge fire balls at
you in threes or fours.  These are devastating.  Avoid this.
Stay midrange if possible, or close.  At midrange, he unleashes
several Grudge Spirits.  Kill these with any weapon you're good
with, and regain your magic like this.  It's the only way to
get it back.  Up close, he stomps the ground for small
shockwaves, raises pillars of flame under everyone, stomps at
you with a foot, or swipes with his snake arm.  If you get
gripped, you die instantly.  Also, at the second stage of the
battle, the snakes can all breathe very long torrents of flame.

Stay midrange, charge your magic by killing the Grudges, and
watch the shield.  It's purple and easy to see.  It will finally
crack and burst.  Now you can shoot all the snakes.  I recomm-
end aiming just above them all, at the main stalk so to speak.
You can also call lightning onto them if you're quick and they
aren't moving too much.  If you end up behind the boss, go ahead
and start in on shooting near the bottom of his spine and rear
end.  Keep peppering the snakes as well, and use lightning when
you can.

Eventually, the snakes will start to burst and be dead.  Finally
, you can see some progress!  It took a while, eh?  Don't worry,
it's long on purpose.  Don't let your resolve be bluffed.  From
here, with all the snakes gone, he'll start flying and really 
launching the Grudges at you all.  Kill any soldiers gone Worm
Head, kill the Spirits, and when the shield is down, get behind
Serpent and shoot that spine over and over again.  Eventually,
you'll notice the shield no longer respawns at all, thanks to
your killing his snakes!  Shoot his back as much as you can,
and call Lightning on it as well.  You *can* opt to use Meteor
towards him, but keep in mind this will probably kill off all
your buddies and it will definately put you in danger as well
from all the falling debris.  If points don't matter and you 
feel confidant you can avoid your own aftermath, go ahead and
use it when he's not flying for best results.  Stay on him and
keep shooting his back with the machinegun (upgraded is good to
go faster).  You'll finally notice him lumbering about very 
slowly.  Good.  Just keep it up.

After fifteen to thirty minutes (depending on your upgrades),
you will have toppled this colosuss.  CONGRATULATIONS!

Now you've won.  But Alicia knows her job is far from over.  
Everything is on her, and she won't rest until it's put right.
Maxwell, awesome guy that he is, must be left behind.  Darkness
is normally a wise council, and he advises against you getting
on the chopper.  However, I wonder if Darkness has his own
agendas?  If we see a sequel for this one (which seems kind of
doubtful at this point), perhaps we will explore Darkness more
as an ally or even an enemy.

You've done well.  From here, you can play the same or any
other modes you want, using the same stats and upgrades you
have gathered thus far.  Keep on earning skill points and
gaining power, and you can eventually conquer Hell mode!

Good luck, you'll need it!!

The End

5) Achievements

All Stages Cleared (140) Complete all the stages. 

CHAOS Difficulty Mode Cleared (250) Complete all the stages in 
Chaos mode. 

Easy Difficulty Mode Cleared (50) Beat all stages in easy mode. 

Full Power-Up Completed (150) Collect all the in-game power-up 
elements. (*lfb note: this means MAXING everything out!)

Hard Difficulty Mode Cleared (150) Beat all stages in hard mode. 

HELL Difficulty Mode Cleared (1) All stages were beat in HELL 

Normal Difficulty Mode Cleared (100) Beat all stages in normal 

Stage 1 Cleared (10) Beat stage 1 in any difficulty. 

Stage 2 Cleared (10) Beat stage 2 in any difficulty. 

Stage 3 Cleared (10) Beat stage 3 in any difficulty. 

Stage 4 Cleared (10) Beat stage 4 in any difficulty. 

Stage 5 Cleared (10) Beat stage 5 in any difficulty. 

Stage 6 Cleared (10) Beat stage 6 in any difficulty. 

Total Play Time of 15 Hours (99) Game was played for over 
15 hours 

Most of these are painfly self explanitory, but I did want to
comment on the last one, the 15 hour play time.  From what I
have come to understand, this is all time spent in game, but not
the pause menu.  Some have said you can pause it as well, but
I have not gotten this to work.  It IS cumulative.  If you play
on easy, normal, chaos, then hell, by the time you finish, you
will very likely have 15 hours racked up.  If you don't, when
in the last mode, find a safe corner and stand there, unpaused,
for a couple hours.  You'll definately get it by then.

6) Beastiary

Machines:  Commandeered by the enemy.  They were once human, so
it's no suprise they know how to operate these vehicles.

Tanks - It's a tank.  Has machine guns and a powerful missle
launching turret.  Lightning blasts or using the Canon gunrod
works here.  If you face more than one, kill one and opt to use
your ancient wall to run past the other one, unless you can
easily regain magic.

Helicopters - Primary transport.  Flying device, drops usually
around six to ten geists, sometimes there is one leader with 
the group.  These can be killed using the Tornado magic.  Aim


Demons:  Possessed people, undead people.  In one way or another
, the bulk of the forces are made up of former humans, now alter
-ered by evil.

Geists - Depending on who they were in life, they possess diff-
erent skills and strengths.  They are the enemies' main infantry

Geist Soldier - They took over military installations the world
over, and now have tons of weapons.  Machine guns, grenade laun-
chers, shotguns, and more.  Some wear head protection, so go for
the chest in those cases.  Some run very quickly, and prefer to
bash into you at a high speed, throwing you off balance for the
others to take advantage of.  Still others are very agressive
leader types, that can order entire vollies of fire brought
down on you.  They delight in wearing the flesh of
their enemies, so show them no mercy.  They didn't show us any.

Gigas - Formed by many dead souls in anguish.  These guys are 
quite large, living up to their namesake.  They possess chain-
guns and can stomp on people as well.  Fortunately, they are 
slow and fairly blind (sometimes).  Some wear armor, either way
their weak spot is on their chest.  Shoot the large, pulsating
heart, and they will be stunned.  Keep shooting, until they fall
and breathe their last.  For those that aren't armored, a bit of
lightning magic works wonders for a quick kill.

Screamers - The twisted forms of tortured women.  They emit
Grudge Spirits, and try to possess new victims, to turn them
into one of their own.  Aim for the bloated, pulsating head
area from a distance, use the shotgun if it's powered up for
a quick kill but watch out for the Spirits it launches.

Grudge Spirits - Ghosts of innocent victims, changed by the
Screamers.  I just ignore them, dodge when needed, and go for
the Screamers straight away instead.  They will take over any
innocent humans nearby though, so be wary of that, as they will
gestate quickly and create more foes for you to deal with.  They
are known as the Worm Men when fully grown.  If you feel out-
numbered by them and they won't stop coming (like in Stage 5),
you can easily shoot them in groups with the shotgun gunrod.

Worm Men - These men have been bonded to by a Grudge Spirit.  
They are fairly quick when they want to be, and spew forth their
anguish in the form of flames that spread out three feet wide
and ten feet long.  Aim for the pulsating head and blast away.
Shotgun works well, but when you find them in huge groups, 
use the Rose magic to spear them all at once.  When they get
very close, their ribcages are used as melee weapons.

Waltnut Heads - Big brained geists that can fly and use 
telekenisis to throw objects at you.  Be wary of them, even
when they're alone, as you may not have noticed the giant
semi-truck behind you on the way in, but be sure the Walnut Head
knows all about it and has it soaring at your back.  Tricky, 
sometimes hard to find, and able to create several barriers in
the levels you face.  You will often be hunting them down to
open up new areas in a level.  They are protected by soldier 
geists more often than not, and normally have tons of debris and
vehicles around them that they will definately use to fight you
with.  You will know one is nearby from the odd chanting and 
painful sounds it makes.  I use the machine gun, but the canon
also works.  Aim right for any part of the brain, or if you're
feeling lucky, right at where the neck stems into the bottom
of the brain.  They're physically very weak, so when you're safe
just fire away until they drop.  If they happen to get some
cars near them, you can blow them up to hurt the bad guys as
well as make the object useless to throw, most of the time at

Drago Bat - Interesting name for this flying serphent made of
bones and eyes.  He'll be attacking a flight you simply can't
lose.  As long as he lives, humanity will not travel the skies
safely.  Stay at the front or rear of the plane and try not to
fall down.  Some use the wings, see the walkthrough section for
more detail on strategies.  Fire at the eyeballs that latch onto
your plane to gain magic and hit the beastie in the sky with
a powerful lightning blast three times.  When he decides to 
bite the rear of the plane, rush over to him and shoot him in
the mouth at close range with your regular machine gun.  Again,
for a little more detail, see the walkthrough above.

Tri-Serpent - The Stage 2 and Stage 6 boss man.  He's tough.
For a detailed strategy on defeating him, see the walkthrough
above please.  Expect this battle to be epic, and to take over
thirty minutes if you haven't upgraded much.  He uses several
flame type attacks, devastating melee attacks, has a magic
shield, and sends several Grudge Spirits your way.  In the end,
the Witch, and the Humans, must work together to defeat this
great and terrible beast from Hell.

7) About the author

What can I say, not much to me.  I love gaming.  Been playing
since the NES era of games.  I'm 24 years old at the time
of writing this out.  Games are my number one passion in life, 
so I like to write guides.  If message boards are clogged with
people wanting help, there are lacking guides or a lack OF 
guides, or I just plain love a game enough to put my own spin
on it, I write.  I also love all kinds of movies and music, and
enjoy reading.  Comics are also my thing, though not as much as
they used to be.  I guess my top musical choices are metal,
industrial/electronic, and classic rock.  But I really love so
many genres it's hard to generalize like that.
But, I'm not all dork.  I don't think.  Maybe.
I've got a wonderful girl, good family, and a small handful of
friends.  I have my own place currently, and work different 
jobs here and there to get by and support my dork habits and
girl.  I'm looking into a desk job in some kind of law 
enforcement or government work, as that seems pretty stable
right now.  I did the college thing for computers but didn't 
like it as much as I hoped I would, and the computer market kind
of died off as well around here (my side was programming), and
so you find me here.  Sort of in a limbo, but happy.  I frequent more than other sites, especially gaming sites.
That's about all there is to it.  You can feel free to add me if
you want to play any 360 stuff online.  I'm open to anyone, when
I have the time to play, of course.


This guide is my property in every way, shape, and form.  It is
not to be altered at all by anyone but myself.  This guide may
be used for personal use, but not posted on any websites 
without my full permission via email or other means.  This guide
may not be changed even after I give my permission via email or
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label them as your own, as this is also illegal and forbidden by
me, the creator of the FAQ.  Illegal actions are wrong, and 
often prosecuted.

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Copyright Joe Barbee (lastfirstborn)

Closing Note:  Oh yeah, please ingnore any horrid typos.  I
doubt I will be changing much in this guide at first, so there 
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