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Follow the dark path or use the light
Braid Pack Shot



Star Guide

by luckylime

      /*\      "Shoot for the Moon. even
  ___/***\___   if you miss, you'll land    
  \*********/   among the stars"
   /*******\    ...which is really where 
  /***/`\***\        you want to be...
  ''''   ''''   


In-Depth Stars Guide
Written By: Luckylime
Began August 11, 2008
[email protected]


Table of Contents


Version History/Legal    

World 2-2 Star              [L002]

Hub-Level Star              [L00H]

World 4-5 Star              [L045]
World 4-7 Star              [L047]

World 5-4 Star              [L005]

World 6-5 Star              [L065]
World 6-6 Star              [L066]

World 1-1 Star              [L001]

Secrets                     [L00S]

FAQ                         [L00F]

Acknowledgements            [L00A] 


Version History/Legal                         


Version 1.0: Full guide complete, all 8 stars listed: 
Submitted 9/3/08

Version 1.5: Edited some minor errors, 4-7 strat revised with easier method: 
Submitted 9/6/08

Version 1.75: Added alternate strat for world 2-2 star:
Submitted 9/25/08

~ As for legal issues, you may go ahead and use this guide for whatever reason
you may. All I ask is that you please do not change anything inside; and as 
always, please give credit where credit is due... Thank you. If you have any 
questions about the stars not listed here, or know an easier method to obtain
one of the stars, feel free to e-mail me at "[email protected]" I will
not respond to anything not on the topic nor answer any questions to which the
answer is already available in this guide.





Hello, and welcome to my in-depth guide on how to obtain the eight hidden stars
in Braid. Since there arent that many guides on this subject, and even I had 
difficulty searching the web for the answers, Ive decided to write this guide.
I will try my best to go into as much painstaking detail as I can on how to 
obtain each one. Since other guides tend to be somewhat lacking and miss out on
important points, I earnestly hope this will help. I will first tell you the 
general locationof the star in each level, then I will write the strategy; Ill 
also give you the difficulty rating out of five stars on each one (five being 
most difficult). Also, I refer to the only three monsters in the game as 
monster, crab-plant, and bunny. One final note before I continue: These stars 
are unquestionably some of the most difficult items to obtaian in all of the 
gaming universe. Its always a good idea to take a break when you seem to hit a 
wall (metaphorically speaking). The first time around Id estimate spending an 
hour on each star only because the task goes to nearly impossible without really
crossing the line... let's move on. 


World 2-2 Star (The Cloud Bridge)         [L002]


Difficulty: *----

Location: On the far left side of the level, over the cliff.

How to Obtain: Alright the first star! Its the easiest one to get, 
unfortunately... it also takes the longest, about 1 hour and 45 minutes. There
is really only one way to get it. Enter the level from the RIGHT door, (not the 
left one) this is extremely important because there is a locked door all the way
at the left that you need to use as a stepping-stool to get the star but 
entering from the left would require you to unlock the door to continue, 
rendering it useless.

So first enter world 2-3 and then go back via the door you're next to, to 
correctly enter world 2-2. Once you do, look all the way up and you will see a 
cloud platform (it might be hard to see because of the background). This cloud 
is actually moving extremely slowly to the left of the map and it is the only 
access you have to the star. So make your way along the platforms to the left of
the screen and position yourself between the locked door I told you about, and 
the cloud firing cannon right next to it. Now go grab a drink or two, maybe 
catch up on some of your piano solos and 1hr 30mins later check back on your 
"ninja" cloud. (The position between the door and the cannon is just to make 
sure that Tim doesn't fall off and die while your dog chews on the controller, 
you wouldn't want to come back an hour later to find out you made no progress). 
Anyway, once the cloud is above the locked door, jump on the cannon, then the 
door, then finally to your platform cloud. Then wait for the cloud to approach 
the cliff and..... JUMP! Your star is waiting in the alcove in front of you. Oh
and if you do happen to miss your jump, just rewind time and jump again.

(Note: If you do happen to accidentally enter from the left door and already 
waited out most of the required time but realized it too late, don't fret! 
Theres still a way to obtain the star. Rewind in x8 speed back to when the 
cloud is above the monster whos walking on the platform on the right side of 
the map. Then hop on the cannon adjacent to the platform, and jump off the 
monsters head to reach the cloud. Now you don't have to start from the 


Hub Level Star (The House)                [L00H]


Difficulty: *----

Location: Just above the left half of the World 3 Puzzle.

Don't ask me how anyone figured this out, but you can only get this star before 
you put together the world 3 puzzle (If you already put it together, you'll have
to restart the game if you want to get them all). Notice two of the corner 
pieces of the puzzle (top left and bottom right) have a mark that resembles part
of a star (it looks like one of the points/triangles/spikes on a star). You 
basically need to take these two pieces and put them together so that they make 
up the bottom part of the star. Then you position the half star you made in the 
top left area of the frame, because believe  it or not, the top part of the star
is already in the window (the horizontal black rectangle. I know, that's a 
window!?). Look closely at the window and you can see the top point on the star,
then position your half star accordingly. 

This may take a few tries though, the programmers were very strict with the 
spacing of the puzzle pieces. Even if it looks perfect it might not work, but 
don't give up.It snot a glitch. Keep trying until....

There's a floating star in Tim's bedroom... but how can you get it down? Go to 
the world 2 puzzle in the previous room and use the platform in your (hopefully)
completed puzzle to jump up over the wall between the two rooms. Just move the 
puzzle down through its frame and hop on the platform, then jump and quickly hit
B to move the puzzle closer under you. keep doing that until your close enough 
to jump on top of the dividing wall, then the star is all yours.


World 4-5 Star (Movement by Degrees)      [L045]


Difficulty: ***--

Location: Above the cannon in the top right corner of the level. 

How to Obtain: The first hard-to-get star is right here, its going to be hell 
for me explain and for you to get the star... Enter the level and make your way
to the area with the two vertical ladders toward the right. Climb the first 
ladder and then climb up the second one and drop on the platform to the left of
you at the top. Move to the left until you're under the outline of the puzzle
piece that is on the platform above you (assuming you already got that piece).
What you need to do next, you need to repeat three times so Ill only explain it
once. You have to run to the right and drop all the way down to the floor below.
Then keep running right until the crab-plant, that is closest to the cannon, is
all the way down. Now here's the hard part, the timing is tricky. Once the plant
is down, hit X then QUICKLY hit the right trigger. This will effectively pause 
time... except the monsters will still be moving. For this entire next maneuver,
keep the X button held down...

Each of the 3 times you do this, your goal is to get 1 single monster across;  
basically you want to focus on whats happening with the monster and NOT worry 
about Tim (Since Tim is safely rewinding up to the platform). So wait in your 
paused mode until the monster makes it across the first crab-plant, then hit the
left trigger (once!) to rewind. Keep rewinding until the second crab-plant is 
down, then hit the right trigger again to pause time. Wait for the monster to 
cross over the second plant then (you guessed it) hit the left trigger again to
rewind. since the monster might not have enough time to make it over the thrid 
plant before it goes down, you might need to hit the left trigger one or two 
more times to rewind faster. Anyway, after the monster safely crosses, you can 
finally let go of X. Now wait for the monster to fall down to your platform, 
then jump on his head and up to the platform above.

Right, now repeat this (getting a monster across) once more and jump up to the
rocky area on top (its a little offscreen but still visible with a small space 
for you to stand at the edge). Do the maneuver again but make sure you rewind 
back to the rocky ledge. now the monster is walking on the platform below you,
so wait till right before it falls off then jump on it from your ledge and you 
should end up jumping cleanly over the first crab-plant in your way...

Alright! The hard part's over! to get over the second crab-plant, try jumping
over it (don't worry its impossible) and GET HIT. In the middle of your death
you'll notice that the second crab-plant goes down. So hit X then right trigger
to pause at this time and let a monster pass over the downed plant. After it 
does, quickly hit left trigger to rewind to before you got killed and jump on 
the monster that just passed to get over the second crab-plant. Then easily 
jump over the third crab plant and hop on the cannon. The star is on a 
platform above you, so wait till the cannon shoots out a monster and jump on 
him to get to said platform. Then take the star.


World 4-7 Star (Fickle Companion)         [L047]


Difficulty: *****

Location: Off the top of the screen about center-map, to the right of a 
preceding puzzle.

How to Obtian: VERY hard star. Enter the level and pick up the key infront of 
you and climb up all the way up the first ladder; walk all the way to the right
to where the cannon is. Above you (offscreen) is a long platform attached to a 
puzzle, and your goal is to get up there (yes, WITH THE KEY). Just ignore 
anything the key is doing for next sequence because eventually it will end up 
with you again. Now postion yourself on the very top of the cannon and jump all
the way down to the floor to where the monster (that came out of the cannon) is,
and kill him. Then quickly rewind back on top of the cannon and wait for another
monster to pop out...

Once a monster pops out jump on his head, then wait for Tim to reach the peak of
his jump and start to fall down again. Before he starts to fall, hit X then 
right trigger to pause time. Wait for another monster to pop out, then let go of
X so that you jump off his head and higher yourself up to the plat-form. (Note: 
try to NOT turn around in midair so the key doesn't rewind back to the cannon. 
Basically stay facing forward the whole time but also don't move TOO much 
forward or you won't jump off the second monster's head at its highest point). 
Now that you're up in the puzzle area, theres no time to lose. Run all the way 
to the right and jump over the block and off the platform (yes, jump off) to the
lower area again. Quickly move left and jump over the block in your way. Fall 
down the ladder and kill the new monster that is now down there. Now make your 
way up to the platform thats on top of the ladder. You need to be on that 
platform before a new monster shoots out.

Now notice that the key you had before is back up in the puzzle area, this means
that you did everything right so far. Anyway your goal now is to get a new 
monster up into the puzzle area as well. To do this, jump off the platform and 
into the gap in front of the cannon. Then keep pressing and releasing X so that 
you basically stay in midair until the new monster pops out of the cannon. When
he pops out above you, hold X to rewind and (at the same time) headbutt him 
toward to the platform that you jumped off of, and keep rewinding to the point 
before you jumped. Now while he is still in midair, stop rewinding and jump 
under him again to headbutt him higher up to the puzzle area... This is the 
important part. Rewind to before you died headbutting him and STOP! 

The monster is now up there with the key, so just wait on the platform until the
monster walks back and grabs it. Since the monster is time-proof, when he grabs 
the key, the key also becomes time proof. Anyway to get back up to the puzzle 
area, just hold X to rewind all the way back to before you jumped off.

Great! Now on to the puzzle. (Note: you MUST NOT kill your monster until a 
certain point to be able to reach your star). First go left and climb the ladder
a bit but stop so that you are just hovering above the floor. Wait for the 
monster toapproach you from the right, then climb the ladder a bit to give it 
space to pass under you. Then move a bit down again and wait till the monster 
hits the wall and turns around. Once it gets close enough, the key will 
automatically transfer from the monster to you and its at THIS time that you 
need to climb up the rest of the ladder before either of you touch each other. 

So after you climb the ladder, go right to unlock the door, then flip the 
switch. Keep walking right and you'll notice that the sliding door at the bottom
left is moving up. This allows the monster to walk under it and go further left,
but that's not important right now. Right now your goal is to get the key to the
monster WITHOUT changing your current position. So walk left past the door and
toward the ladder and the key should teleport down to where the monster is. Wait
until the monster picks it up and then hit rewind to get back in the area to the
right of the door...

What you need to do now is get your key-wielding monster to the left of the 
sliding door using the switch, and close it (by walking left) so that you lock 
him in there. Make sure that you don't close the door on his head because that 
would kill him. So wait till he walks past it, then you walk to the left past 
the switch to close the door. Now jump down there with him (but dont kill him 
yet) and now you need to get the key back from him again. There's a different
way of getting the key than the first one I told you about but its your choice
on which method to use: Stand so that you are a little left of the ladder, and
face right. Then wait for him to approach from the right and quickly jump WHILE
moving to the right to take the key from him and grab the ladder. 

Now it doesnt matter what happens to the monster but its probably best not to
kill him at all so you dont risk losing the key. Anyway climb the ladder and 
walk right to unlock the door, then keep going right and fall down to reach your
prized star. 


World 5-4 Star (Crossing the Gap)         [L005]


Difficulty: ***--

Location: Up a flight of platforms above the cannon in the top left corner of 
the map.

How to Obtain: Upon entering the level, walk right until you reach the first
ladder. Climb up and walk to the left to climb up the second ladder. Keep going
left until you reach the switch. Now hit the switch and let the platform move 
all the way to the left and out of your way. By this time, the first monster 
out of the cannon is walking on the floor below you. Quickly fall down and jump
on his head... once you do, rewind back to when you were standing next to the 
switch and let your ghost fall down and kill the monster. This will make the 
cannon spew out another monster (because there can only be one at a time). Wait
for the monster to approach the movable platform. When it does, you must fall to
the edge of the platform below so that you are centered with the gap above you. 
Now the hard part...

Once the monster crosses the movable platform and falls off, jump so that you 
headbutt him up to where you were standing before (near the switch). The second
he kills you though, hit X to rewind back to when you were standing next to the
switch and watch as your ghost falls down and headbutts him instead... Now the 
monster is flying towards you. Now headbutt him again to send him higher then 
instantly rewind back to right before you do. Your ghost will now headbutt him 
instead... and as he does this it is important that you move back a bit. Not 
only to set up for the next headbutt, but also to prevent the monster from 
jumping off of you instead of your ghost. 

Let's hold on for a second, notice that there are two floating platforms, both 
having small gold blocks on either side; and you are somewhere between them. 
Your goal right now is to get the monster you're working with on top of the LEFT
platform, but the problem is that now you are moving him to the right (away from
the goal). Somehow you must turn him around. Basically, you need to keep 
repeating the headbutting proccess until the monster gets close to the platform 
on the right, then headbutthim so that he bounces off the gold block attached to
the left of it. This will turn him in the right direction in midair, so you can 
now "juggle" him to the left. Once he approaches the platform he needs to get 
on, make one last leap and headbutt him onto it (of course rewind and let your 
ghost do it). 

You're not done yet, as your ghost headbutts the monster onto the plaform, you 
need to quickly jump over the gap to your left, onto the moving platform, and 
run straight for the cannon. Because once the monster lands on the platform 
above, the cannon will shoot out another one (make sure you don't mess up 
jumping the gap though because then you'll have to rewind and then your ghost 
wont be headbutting the first monster anymore) Anyway, jump onto the monster 
that just came out of the cannon and launch yourself up to the small platform 
sticking out of the wall. From here its as simple as jumping onto the "golden 
blocks platform" with your first monster, and jumping off of him to an offscreen
platform just above. Now just jump up the rest of the platforms and collect your


World 6-5 Star (Impassible Foliage)       [L065]


Difficulty: *****

Location: In the left side of the map, off the top of the screen above the area
where the cannon is shooting monsters into a death pit. 

How to Obtain: Alright, this one takes some time so get ready. Start out by 
entering the level and going right. Climb up the first ladder and notice the 
really fast crab-plant above you? Your goal is to take the long way around it 
and above the level (while still keeping your ring) to get to the star on the 
left side of the level. So climb up the second ladder on your right, and jump 
the platform to get to the area with the three crab-plants. Just like with the
puzzle piece, place your ring down under each of the plants to slow them down 
until ALL THREE are basically syncronized... 

You need to get two monsters sefely across the plants so stand under the 
platform with the outline of the puzzle piece and wait till all three 
crab-plants are down. When they are, hit X then right trigger to pause time so 
that two monsters may pass. When the second monster makes it past the last plant
you can release X, at this time the first monster will now be falling down 
toward you. Assuming you are on the left, wait for him to approach and jump over
him (not on) so that the second monster has time to get down there with you as 
well. Once both monsters are with you, jump on the first one, then the second to
get up to the platform above. 

Now that you made it up here, you need to get on top of the offscreen platform 
right above you. So jump over the crab-plant on your right and then turn around
to face it. Wait till it goes down and the INSTANT it does, run left and stand 
exactly where it would come up. Then without wasting any time, hit X and right 
trigger to pause time (assuming the other two plants are also down)... So now 
the monsters are free to pass as much as they want. Wait till one monster passes
you, then another, and just before the third monster is about to start passing 
you, unpause time and jump on his head (before the crab-plant comes up and kills
him that is). After you jump on his head (but before you land), move left in 
midair and the first monster that you let pass should be coming under you right 
now. So double-jump off of his head and keep holding left to get above the 
level. If you cant make the double jump because the monster is too slow, hold X
in midair for just half a second to stall and give him more time to get in 

Great! you've completed the first section! Now that you're up there, run left 
and jump up to the platform ahead (The spacing for the jump is pretty tight). 
You should now be able to see the star right below you. Run a bit more to the 
left and align yourself between the death pit below, and the ledge to the right
of it, then drop your ring up here. Now walk all the way to the left and drop 
down on top of the cannon. Now the timing for this next part is a bit tricky 
because of the slow zone ring and all, but your basic goal is to jump off of 
three monsters to be able to land on the platform thats right under where you 
placed your ring...  

As you're standing on the cannon, wait for a monster to pop out and jump on it
(you'll have to find the timing yourself). Now quickly move toward your slow 
zone in midair, and wait a couple seconds so that you can time the next jump off
of the next monster. (Note: you MUST exit the slow zone from the left after each
succesive jump to be able to jump off the next monster coming out of the 
cannon). This process is basically trial and error so I'll show you what you 
need to do if you miss the next monster:

1. Too early (you fell before the cannon shot out another monster): If you fall
too early, rewind back to right after you jumped off the first monster and this
time, spend a little more time in your slow zone in midair than you did the 
first time. 

2. Too late (The cannon shot out a monster before you could fall): If you fall
too late, rewind back to right after you jumped off the first monster and this 
time, spend a little less time in your slow zone in midair than you did the 
first time.

So now that you know how its done, jump off the first monster, then the second,
and try to jump off the third monster EXACTLY as it exits the cannon because 
that is the peak of its height and you want to get the most bounce out of that
last jump... and you should perfectly land on the platform right under your 
ring. From here walk right (make sure you don't accidentally jump up to the 
platform above you. But if you do, just rewind) and pick up your ring while your
at it, then just fall off and you'll pick up your star as you do.  


World 6-6 Star (Elevator Action)          [L066]


Difficulty: ***--

Location: Off screen on top of a platform above the elevator area at the start 
of the level. 

How to Obtain: Thankfully we're almost done, and that this star isn't nearly as
hard to get as the others. So enter the level and go to the right side of the 
map where the grounded ladder is. Climb the ladder to the top and jump off the 
left side and onto the floating, midair platform. Place your ring here and fall
off, then climb the same ladder again. This time jump up to the platform with 
the switch and flip it. The two time-immune platforms will start to move, but 
the one below you (moving to the left) will pass under the one moving downward.
After it does, it will stop at the second floating platform a little more to 
the left. 

While this is all happening, you might want to drop down to catch your ring when
it falls because you'll be needing it later. So after you get the ring, climb 
back up the grounded ladder, and jump off the left onto where the time-immune 
platform with the ladder is. Now climb up this ladder to the top and go left to
where the other switch is and flip it. This will cause the platform on your left
to move and drop its ladder. While it does this, go back and fall all the way to
the floor below, then walk left to where the new ladder dropped. Climb up this 
ladder and go a little right to where the time-immune platform is (the one that 
passed under the other time-immune platform when you hit the switch earlier). 
Stand on it to start glowing green and hit rewind... keep rewinding until the 
ladder that you just climbed up from on your left goes back up the way it came,
and when you see that the mechanical platform is beginning to rewind back under
the ladder, STOP! Now the ladder will be just starting to fall. Your goal right
now is to get above the top of the level using only your temporary time 
immunity, and the ladder's "rewind-route". 

So as the ladder falls, quickly jump and grab it then INSTANTLY hit the rewind 
button and start mashing the right trigger (to rewind at x8 speed). NOTE: make 
sure you stop rewinding before your time immunity runs out or else you'll 
teleport back down to the time-immune platform below. Anyway once the mechanical
platform locks into place you can stop rewinding, climb up the rest of the 
ladder, and drop off to the left. Walk a bit more left and your star will now be
in your sight...

Take note of the time-immunity zone up here, this is an important part of 
attaining the star. For now though, fall off the left side of the ledge and flip
the switch to lower the elevator, then ride it down the shaft. At the bottom, 
walk a little to the left and a bunny will pop up from behind the key. To make 
it less distracting, dont pick up the key because you really dont need it, and 
make sure you DONT kill the bunny. Anyway lure the bunny onto the elevator then
quickly flip the switch and jump on so that both of you are going up. You'll 
need to do a bit of dodging in this part: When the bunny runs at you, jump over
it; and When the bunny jumps at you, walk under it.

Once both of you are at the top, lure the bunny to the right... the setup you 
need is a bit difficult to explain so Ill draw it out for you:

    star                   ledge
 ==========              =============
                     x   =============
  elevator       R       B           |

Alright, you want the bunny to perform one of his "rabbid" jumps at you from 
point B. You need to be standing at point R because that is where you need to 
drop your ring for the whole thing to work. Once you drop the ring and the bunny
jumps, you have to jump as well so that you can bounce off the bunny's head at 
point X. This bounce needs to be perfect for you to be able to get back up to 
the ledge again, so you need to jump a little before the bunny does and you need
to be at the peak of your jump as well. Once you successfully get back onto the
ledge, quickly run right to the time-immunity zone and hit rewind... 

You need to rewind back to anywhere between the moment the bunny died, and the 
moment the bunny started the "rabbid" jump. So once you stop rewinding, the 
bunny should be just starting his jump (and remember this should all be in slow-
motion because your ring should still be on the ground). From here, all you have
to do is jump off the ledge and bounce off of the bunny at your convenience, to 
reach the platform with the star. Its probably easier to have time-immunity 
while you do the jump so that your slow motion ring doesn't throw your timing 
off. So just stand in the time-immunity zone until the bunny moves into the 
perfect midair position, then quickly jump on his head to reach your star. You
earned it.  


World 1-1 Star (Braid)                    [L001]


Difficulty: **---

Location: In the top right side of the map, in the princess's bedroom. 

How to Obtain: Alright its the last star... you need to have gotten the other 
seven stars first to be able to obtain this one. I won't go into as much detail
on this star because half of getting it, is just playing the level through 
normally. Enter the final level and wait for the villain guy to shake the earth
and drop the platform from the ceiling. Jump it and continue right, Then wait 
for the princess to flip the gate for you so you can continue. Climb up the 
first ladder, then drop down the next one and climb up the one after that and 
continue right. Climb up this ladder and wait for the crab-plant to go down to 
get past it.Now you need to wait for the princess to flip the switch and lower 
the gate so you can advance. Wait till the fire-wall is just about to touch you,
then jump. Jumping any earlier would cause you to slip off and into the fire... 

Continue right and, just like with the previous gate, wait for the fire-wall to
come near you and jump into the death-pit only to be saved by the ascending 
platform. Keep going right (and DO NOT stop running because you need a lead on 
the fire-wall to make things less complicated), jump up a couple ledges, and go
down the ladder. Dodge a couple fireballs and climb up the ladder ahead, then 
flip the switch right behind you (notice that its glowing green?). Fall back 
down the ladder and go right to the area with the lattice (the climbing wall).
EFFICIENTLY maneuver your way through this part! Seriously, dont miss a beat or
you'll have a hard time with this next section! Climb up the wall, then FALL 
down the next, and before you hit the floor hit up on the control pad to grab 
the wall again and climb up the rest...

Fall down the ledge and jump over the death pit. If a monster pops out of the 
death pit as you are jumping over it, then you have done things fast enough so 
far. Quickly double jump off of this monster to get up to the ledge ahead and 
you should probably keep jumping on his ahead once you get up there so you can 
reach the platform with the switch. Notice that it is also glowing green? Here 
is the turning point of the entire game... flip the switch and instead of 
continuing, hit rewind. Rewind past the death-pit, past the lattice, past the 
first green switch, and stop rewinding in area before the firball cannon where 
you are just running in a wide-open space. Once you stop rewinding, continue 
through the level as you normally would. Except notice that the fireball and 
monster cannons close up faster which makes it easier for you to progress. Also
take note that the princess has disappeared off the top of the screen and that 
the fire-wall has receded off the screen as well... o_O what's going on here!?

After you get past the monster cannons, you'll find the princess waiting for you
in front of a switch. walk on the mechanical platform and she'll raise it for 
you. Keep walking right, jump up the steps ahead and notice that the first crab-
plant you see is down. You need to QUICKLY get past this crab plant before it 
comes back up or everything you did so far will be in vain. If you can't seem to
get past it, then you didn't do something fast enough, because this whole level
is basically a speed-run. Don't worry though, you can rewind and fix whatever 
mistakes you made earlier... Anyway, after you jump over it wait for the other
crab-plant to go down so you can jump over it. The princess should be behind you
at this point. Go right and jump over the small ledge right next to the broken 
chandelier then stop, turn around, and wait for the princess to catch up... Once
the princess starts climbing down the ladder and onto the lattice, the fire-wall
returns and the chandelier will begin to repair itself. Once the chandelier is 
fixed it will start to ascend to its original position. Now its time for the 
alternate ending so (SPOILERS!)

Jump onto the chandelier with good timing and it will lift you up to the 
princess! For the first time you can finally reach her, and Tim's life-long 
search is finally over. What will happen? Is it really her? What if she's a 
ghost?? What about the fire-wall!? You can't believe its not butter?!? ...As 
soon as you come into contactwith her, you hear a click and a siren. She splits
into four flashing silhouettes and begins spinning around you, then... *boom* an
explosion and the screen turns white. (Note: While this is all happening you 
need to latch onto the lattice so you don't fall down). Congratulations... 
you've just led Tim to the discovery of the nuclear bomb, and hundreds of 
thousands of people will die because of you. Tim is actually a nuclear physicist
and his search for the princess is actually the process of developing a nuclear
bomb. That's the whole plot of Braid... (/SPOILERS)

Anyway, after the screen returns to normal, climb up either ladder attached to 
the lattice, and go all the way right to the princess's bedroom. Atop her bed 
awaits the eighth and final star... oh and if you want an exit, just run all the
way to the left side of the level (while staying on the top half of the screen)
and you can leave via the door.


Secrets                                   [L00S]


- Once you attain all of the eight stars, the constellation outside Tim's house
will show the picture of a girl laying down in the sky. This is the 
constellation Andromeda but its also the princess, who represents a nuclear bomb
watching from a above the unharmed city in the background. This is opposed to 
the city engulfed in flames more to the left, which had already been bombed. 

- If you stand under the completed constellation and make Tim look up, the stars
in the constellation will disappear giving you a better look at the picture of 
the princess.  


FAQ                                       [L00F]


- Some of the questions are ones that I came up with myself and I think are very

Q: Does getting one star by itself change anything in the game?
A: No, besides the constellation outside Tim's house having one extra star,
nothing more about the game changes.

Q: I put together the world 3 puzzle but I havn't got the star from it, 
can I go back?
A: No, you must start the whole game over to attain it... I know I had to.

Q: I entered world 2-2 through the left door and already waited the 90 mins,
is there any way to still get the star without starting over?
A: See The Cloud Bridge section for the solution. 

Q: How do I keep track of my stars?
A: Look at the constellation outside of the house.

Q: What does the constellation show when its finished?
A: The constellation Andromeda (the chained maiden)/the princess.

Q: So, does getting all 8 stars change anything?
A: Yes, the constellation becomes complete. Also, they say the cloud near the 
castle at the end of the Epilogue seems to be outlined or doubled with another
cloud and the castle itself is missing the world 4-4 block and that specific 
level has an extra bunny flower that wasn't there before. There is still no 
known reason for these changes.

Q: Are there any achievements for getting the stars?
A: No.

Q: Why aren't there any achievements for getting the stars???
A: My guess is that the creators really wanted it to be a challege to first
discover the stars, and an achievement being there would give away their 
existence. So it wouldn't be special when you first find one.

Q: Once I get a star, do I have to finish the level to keep it?
A: No, once you touch a star there is no undoing that attainment (I havn't 
experimented with "rewinding" or power-outages as a means of losing your star 
so be careful). Other than that you can just quit the level and your progress
will be automatically saved.  

Q: What do the stars represent/symbolize?
A: Ehhh... pretty shape? Don't ask me...


Acknowledgements                          [L00A]


No doubt about it, I would have never found any of the stars on my own so 
there are a few people/sources that I must thank:

Gamefaqs/Other users:

-> Nicomicsrule of gamefaqs for posting a stickied FAQ on the boards 
which helped me get started. THANK YOU!

-> Kapkomi of gamefaqs for e-mailing me a MUCH easier way to complete the 
Fickle Companion star. THANK YOU!

-> Voltac (gamertag) for e-mailing me with the alternate solution for the 
Cloud Bridge star. THANK YOU!

-> Shinryu74 of youtube for posting a video, showing me the MUCH easier 
way to complete the elevator action star. THANK YOU!

-> And all Gamefaqs users who posted their walkthroughs showing me how to
write a proper guide. THANK YOU!

As well, Id like to thank Number None Inc. for making the best puzzle-
platformer ever! THANK YOU!

And finally, you the reader, for taking to the time to check out my guide!