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Follow the dark path or use the light
BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Pack Shot

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger


Noel Vermillion FAQ

by gsninja

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
Noel Vermillion Character Guide

Guide Version: 1.2
Created By: Andrea/gsninja (e-mail: [email protected])
Version Date: 7/26/2009

~A. Introduction [INTRO]
~B. Version History [VRHS]
~C. Basic Controls [BCN]
~D. The Num Pad [TNP]
~E. Why Noel? [YNOL]
~F. Noel's Moveset [NOLMST]

1. Standard Attacks [STATK]
2. Special Attacks [SPATK]
3. Grabs [GBS]
4. Distortion Drives [DDRV]
5. Astral Heat [ALHT]

   ~G. Noel's Combos [NOLCBO]
   ~H. Conclusion [CONC]
   ~I. Frequently Asked Questions [FAQS]
   ~J. Legal Notes [LGNTS]
   ~K. Thanks [THX]

~A. Introduction [INTRO]

BlazBlue is the so-called "spiritual" successor of Arc Sys' Guilty Gear 
series. It is the most recent fighter to arrive on the 360 and PS3, and 
even after one week, it has garnered high praise and reviews, although 
this game has been out in arcades for months before the console 
release. BB is a two-dimensional fighter that will remind you heavily 
of Guilty Gear if you played that series as well.
Noel Vermillion is one of only 12 yet extremely different characters in 
the game of BlazBlue. She is a lieutenant in the Librarium's Praetorian 
Guard, exhibiting highly advanced combat skills and placed under the 
eye of Major Jin Kisaragi at a young age. She is ordered by the 
Librarium to track down Jin after he deserted his post. Arriving in the 
13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi, her story begins to unravel, the 
Wheel of Fate turning...

Noel is currently one of the most popular characters in the game. Noel 
is a character that's fairly easy to pick up, but, when it comes to the 
amount of combos that need to be learned, is also tougher to master. 
Anyone can spam her Drive moves, something that has given her a rather 
notorious reputation among BB players. In order to actually be a good 
and competent Noel user, however, you need to cut that **** out and 
start using that hot body of hers to effectively combo and pressure 
your opponents, something that doesn't happen in five minutes of 
playing the game. This guide will teach you how you use Noel better 
than a scrub who only knows the Drive button.

This guide is also currently a work in progress. I'm definitely not pro 
with Noel, as I'm still learning a lot myself. As I personally get 
better as Noel and pick up more things along the way, I'll try updating 
this guide as often as possible. If any of you point out mistakes and 
lapses in strategy, or just want to offer advice, PLEASE contact me. 
I'll gladly accept any criticism and advice as long as it isn't 
something like "ur guide/noel sux". I want this guide to be as 
effective as possible for people using Noel.

As a final note before we get this party started, I play the 360 
version of the game. Therefore, any references to the buttons, etc. 
will be to those of the 360 controller.

~B. Version History [VRHS]

-July 7th, 2009; Version 1.0
Unlike my Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn guide, I didn't want to upload this 
guide until it was completely done, it is!

-July 26th, 2009; Version 1.2
Sorry, totally didn't want to wait this long to update. I had tons of 
stuff to do, mostly concerning my summer school class. Anyways, I just 
changed some wording around in the guide and added some other stuff, 
including changing descriptions around some attacks.

~C. Basic Controls: Learn Your Stuff [BCN]

Here's a short list of the basic controls used in BlazBlue. These are 
all the default controls, also the way I use them.

-Left Analog Stick/D-pad: This is your source of moving Noel's sexy 
body. Walking, dashing, jumping...all of it is done by playing with 
this stick (That's what she said) and/or pad.

-Right Analog Stick: Special shortcuts are set here. Offline, you can 
use this as an easy way to unleash Distortion Drives, but online, 
things are different. For one, in all Ranked matches, shortcut specials 
are banned. In Player matches, you have the option of allowing/banning 

-X: Weak Attack (A)

-Y: Medium Attack (B)

-B: Strong Attack (C)

-A: Drive (D)

-LB: Taunt (S)

-RT: A+B

-RB: B+C

-LT: A+B+C

~D. The Num Pad [TNP]

The Num pad is something to familiarize yourself with right away unless 
you either barely touch this game or you simply don't care. Here's why:

If you look at any BlazBlue discussion, you'll notice people putting 
numbers before button inputs. What does this mean? Simple: Look at the 
Goddamn Num pad on your keyboard:


Now to give an example...let's say some types "2C"; This means Down+C. 
If someone says 6A, it means Forward+A, and so on. Now, you might be 
asking...why use the Num pad for directions if you can just say stuff 
like "Forward+C"? Well, using the Num pad to describe moves is a hell 
of a lot easier and shorter than completely typing something out. 
Wouldn't you rather say "3C" than "Lower-Diagonal-Right+C"?

Now that you know, you'll realize it's much easier to type out combos 
and stuff using Num pad directions than longer, drawn-out directional 
inputs. Also, when someone types out something like "j.C", it means a 
midair attack ("j" stands for "jump"). When someone lists "jD", it 
means a double jump.

~E. Why this super hot piece of work (aka Noel)? [YNOL]

So...why use Noel? Why use a really popular character Drive-spammed to 
infamy when I could just use a more underused character and make myself 
feel more special? Because she has quite the body.

Well, she does, but that's not really the main reason. Noel is really 
quite a force. Although you may think her a "noob" character because 
she is easy to pick up and has a very exploitable Drive, she really 
isn't a character for scrubs if you want to get better with her. Like 
everyone else in this game, you need to know Noel's combos better than 
a pedophile knows his/her way around a child. Noel has some effective, 
devastating combos that, when used in the proper hands, will wipe the 
battlefield clean of opponents. Noel is fairly quick and her Drive 
opens up a massive array of combos to start off. Noel has several 
extremely quick attacks to poke her way through defenses and set up 
enemies for some delicious combo action. Although she's no Ragna or 
Tager, Noel can pack a punch with her more powerful moves and, given 
the chance, will rip your health points down to nothing if you don't 
take precautions.

A spammy Noel is easy to smack in the face; a competent Noel is hell 
waiting to rape your face.

~F. Noel's Moveset: The fun FINALLY begins! [NOLMST]

ABOUT TIME, RIGHT DUDE? Here are Noel's attacks, in full force up your 
opponents' butts.

1. Standard Attacks: Here come the basics! [STATK]

These are simply all of Noel's basic attacks.

Weak Attacks (A)

These are Noel's weak attacks. They are really lacking in power, but 
the main use of these moves apart from 6A is for poking opponents. 
Learn to love them.

-5A: A fast jab and a FANTASTIC poking move. Although super weak, it's 
extremely quick and can easily find its way through openings in the 
opponent's defense. This move is also great for stunning opponents to 
set yourself up for a string of more hits. The only weakness of this 
move is its small range, but it's well worth it to use this move when 
you need it. USE IT, ABUSE IT, LOVE IT.

-6A: Noel aims a fairly fast kick upwards to knock people into the air. 
This is such a good set-up for aerial combos, not to mention it can 
outprioritize and stop certain moves like Jin's Musou Tosshougeki (aka 
the Ice Car). Don't spam this move, though, because it can be punished 
by someone who knows what's up (c wut I did thar).

-2A: A crouching version of 5A. There's nothing else that 
differentiates it from its standing counterpart. It's just as good. USE 

-j.A: The aerial counterpart of 5A, this move is great for catching 
opponents midair and messing up their approach. Other than that, 
though, it's obviously weak and its range is tiny. Still, it can combo 
into j.B and further aerial attacks, not to mention it pokes.

Medium Attacks (B)

These are Noel's medium attacks. Although more powerful than her weak 
attacks, they are not good AT ALL used alone. Instead, these are more 
suited for being used in combos, and it is within that usage that these 
moves shine.

-5B: Noel performs a backhand. Slower than 5A, this move really doesn't 
have much purpose. It could be used in a combo, or maybe even as a 
combo starter, but this is really one of Noel's more underused moves. 
Not recommended unless it's really needed, but it does have enough 
priority to knock characters out of certain attacks, so it's not 

-6B: This funky little move is definitely better than 5B. It has a 
larger hitbox and can even stop midair approaches if they're low 
enough. The combo potential for this move is decent too. This move 
actually also breaks through low guards quite well.

-2B: Awesome combo potential here. Although it sadly doesn't do more 
than slip under standing guards on standing opponents, this move shines 
brightly when the opponent is grounded. Use this to combo into 6C and 
so forth.

-j.B: Not quite as good as j.A at stopping and poking through aerial 
approaches, this move can still stop them fairly well and can then 
combo into j.C for further damage. Fairly decent damage too.

Strong Attacks (C)

These are Noel's strong attacks. Totally awesome, these moves deal 
decent damage and are very important in combos. These are NOT to be 
spammed, though; they're too slow for that and anyone worth something 
can easily punish you for sloppy strong attacks.

-5C: A standing close-range gun blow. A good move that has the uses of  
6B, except it might be slightly, slightly faster.

-6C: This move is ****ing AWESOME. You will be canceling into other 
hits during combos using the first hit of this two-part move. You will 
be learning to dash into this move, as well as cancel it after the 
first hit, for sexy combo continuage. Alone, this move sucks except as 
an anti-air attack; used in combos, it takes your average steroid-
abusing wife beater and makes him CRY like a WUSS.

-2C: This is just my personal opinion, but I find this move somewhat 
useful, stand-alone and in select few short combos. It's somewhat 
awkward to use in combos, though, and stand-alone it isn't really much 
better than 5C. However, it has some fantastic usages, like comboing 
into 3C.

-3C: Noel slides under the enemy and knocks him/her down. This is an 
amazing gateway to massive combos involving 6C, 22C, and dash 
canceling. However, use this move when you know you can hit; if you're 
blocked using this, you're getting beaten. Hard. Still, this is another 
great move in Noel's just can't be used moronically.

-j.C: About as useful as j.B. Its greatest purpose is to set the stage 
for the hot aerial combo finisher known as 236C.

Drive: Chain Revolver (D)

These are Noel's Drive attacks. Unskilled players spamming these moves 
is what gives Noel a somewhat negative outlook to some people. These 
moves open up tons of possibilities for intense and damaging combos, 
but they will NOT make Noel invincible. Competent players can punish a 
Noel out of her Drive very easily if Noel's player isn't being careful 
at all. Make sure you use Noel's Drive right, and you will be a very 
happy (wo)man.

-5D: A simple jab that drags Noel forward. If not followed up, the 
opponent simply falls to the ground. This is a combo opener, and Noel 
will find a great variety of possibilities following this. Very, very 
good move.

-6D: Noel will start to move forward, then quickly duck down and sweep 
the opponent off his/her feet. Not much of a great move, and it can 
kill your combos. I recommend against using it unless you want to fake 
out your opponent and hit him while he's guarding standing up, which 
actually works extremely well concerning mindgames.

-4D: With this move, Noel steps back and shoots at the ground in front 
of her. This is a nice move, able to backstep away from attacks as well 
as combo nicely into 2D.

-2D: A Drive move than makes Noel completely immune to low attacks 
while in the animation of the move, this is definitely one of her 
better Drive moves. She can knock enemies out of the air decently well, 
as well as pass ducking guards.

-j.D: A good way to interrupt combos and avoid low blows, as well as a 
decent damage dealer. I wouldn't suggest using this move often for 
attacking, but it's a solid, reliable move. This move is extremely 
useful for something else, though. You can cancel this with Noel's 
landing recovery and begin chaining Drive combos from there. You can 
attack with air combos, cancel j.D with landing recovery as you reach 
the ground, and continue your combo from there, as an example. Credit 
for j.D canceling goes to the YouTube user guambombboy, whose video I 
saw about this.

-5A, 6A (Drive): After the opening drive move, you can start inputting 
Weak, Medium, and Strong attacks for different effects than outside of 
the Chain Revolver. 5A and 6A are quick, simple hits that do a little 
damage fast, but outside of that, aren't useful for much else.

-5B, 6B (Drive): Extremely useful, these awesome, powerful kicks are 
perfect for combos, even simple Drive-only combos. Use these in 
conjunction with some smooth combos to really, really hurt your 

-5C, 6C (Drive): Like 5B and 6B in Drive, 5C and 6C are awesome combo 
moves that flow easily into 214A. While 5C is a basic hit, 6C is a 
multi-hit gun move that can easily be one of the better Drive attacks, 
since it actually draws the opponent closely to your side, making 
further smackdowns easier.

2. Special Attacks, where things get heated up [SPATK]

These moves are called "special" because they're a bit more advanced 
that the standard moves. These moves are performed with more 
directional inputs than standard moves and are generally stronger 
and/or more advanced than the standard moves.

-214A (Muzzle Flitter): The sheer usefulness of this move is just too 
good. Not only can this be easily followed into, but it is just as 
easily followed up by a 2B, which opens the way to aerial massacre. 
Don't use this move if you aren't sure it will land, because like some 
of Noel's other moves, it's EASILY punished if it misses.

-236A, 236B, 236C (Optic Barrel): These are all one move, really. A is 
close range, B is mid range, C is long range. This is Noel's only 
option for a projectile apart from her Distortion Drives, despite her 
use of twin pistols. Use this move when it's safe to do so, as there is 
a fair amount of recovery lag after performing it. Nonetheless, being 
Noel's only projectile, Noel can use this to outrange her opponents and 
even to knock them out of the air. Overall, a decent move.

-j.236C (Revolver Blast): This is Noel's ultimate midair combo 
finisher. Beautiful in every sense of the word, this is THE move to use 
to finish up your business in midair. Multi-hit, decent damage, and 
wide range make this one of Noel's best moves.

Here's a tip from Rook the Knight:

"If you go 2369, you can activate them from the GROUND. For some 
reason, the game doesn't mind the extra jump thrown into the combo. For 
Zero Gun: Thor, 2369 236D (or 236 2369D, doesn't matter) works nicely, 
as you only have to enter HALF of the combo from the air. Low flying 
revolver blasts are also quite entertaining, especially since you can 
sometimes hit crouching opponents."

-22B, 22C (Silencer): One is rather lame, the other is super hot. Both 
of these can only be used while the opponent is grounded. With 22B, 
Noel fires a multitude of weak shots and shoots the opponent away from 
her in the process, while 22C fires one, more powerful shot and knocks 
the opponent a little in the air, right where Noel can combo into a 
mid-level move. 22B can use the first two shots to lift the enemy into 
the air enough to smack him/her with 6C, but 22C is so much better for 
that. 22C, combines with 6C's first hit much better and dash canceling 
REEEEEALLY well and can keep your opponent trapped for several moves in 
a row. 22C is, in other words, brilliant.

-236D (Bloom Trigger): During Chain Revolver, use this move to make 
Noel shove a pistol in the opponent's face and blow him/her away. 
Because of the considerable knockback this move has, it proves to be an 
effective and damaging combo finisher. Make sure the opponent's not 
blocking this, though, because it spells trouble if Noel can't land 
this move.

-214D (Follow Through): Think Yuri's Ghost Wolf from Tales of Vesperia. 
During Chain Revolver, if the opponent is close enough, 214D makes Noel 
rush quickly to the opponent's opposite side and shove him away with 
high knockback. Like 236D, 214D is a combo finisher, and a move you 
want to make sure you land. This move can actually be punished a little 
more easily than 236D, as an opponent can simply turn around as Noel is 
getting behind him/her and smack her.

-28D (Spring Raid): Yet ANOTHER good combo finisher that will be 
punished if not successful, 28D is strong with high knockback JUST LIKE 
THE OTHER TWO DRIVE FINISHERS. The only difference is that it strikes 
very vertically and knocks your opponent in the air.

3. Grabs: Get the **** out of my face. [GBS]

-5BC: A simple grab attack where Noel grabs her opponent and knees 
him/her forward. The animation of this move can be canceled into 214A.

-4BC: Noel grabs her opponent, jumps on his/her back, and knocks 
him/her away with her foot, landing on the other side of the opponent. 
Has about the same usefulness as 5BC.

-j.5BC: A grab in midair, Noel grabs her opponent and throws him/her 
down to the ground. j.5BC is a good way to end short midair combos, as 
well as grabbing opponents from the air who are guarding.

4. Distortion Drives: EVEN YOU CAN'T DODGE THIS, MAJOR! [DDRV]

Woohoo, on to Noel's Distortions! You can either use the right analog 
stick to use a simple shortcut to these attacks, or you can enter the 
usual directional inputs and buttons to perform them. Since you can't 
use the right analog stick in Ranked matches and not everyone in Player 
matches allows them, I highly suggest you learn to use Distortions 
effectively without depending on shortcuts.

Distortion Drives, most commonly called Distortions, are powerful 
supermoves each character in BlazBlue has, with varying appearances and 
effects. Each Distortion normally consumes 50% of the Heat Gauge.

-236-->236D (Zero-gun: Fenrir): A multi-hit gun attack with massive 
range, this is a great Distortion to combo into. Although it knocks 
opponents too far to follow up for another combo directly after, this 
distortion is decently powerful and is easily combo'd into. If Noel is 
close enough to her opponent that she hits him/her with her massive gun 
before she starts shooting, after she tosses that big gun away, she 
perfoms an additional move while the opponent is suspended in the air 
and fires another, powerful shot.

-j.236-->236D (Bullet Storm-->Zero-gun: Thor): Same button combo, this 
time in midair. Noel fires a volley of bullets, followed by pulling out 
a rocket launcher and firing it at the opponent. It can be combo'd into 
from midair hits early into a combo. Personally, I find this the less 
useful of Noel's two Distortions, but it's much better than ZG: Fenrir 
if you're not close enough to activate Fenrir's final shot, as Thor's 
rocket launcher shot actually does more than Fenrir's volley of shots 
excluding that final shot (Thanks to Rook the Knight for that info).

5. Astral Heat: Party in my pants [ALHT]

Astral Heats are flashy finishing moves that must meet three 
requirements in order to activate:

-It must be the FINAL round of the match. Whoever wins this round wins 
the match.
-Your Heat Gauge must be filled 100%.
-Your opponent must have no more than 20% HP.

Astral Heats are incredibly flashy and awesome to watch, yes, but 
that's all they are meant to be. They could be risky to use if you 
don't know what you're doing.

Noel's Astral Heat is fairly sexy. It involves moving and jumping 
around while shooting your opponent trapped within intricate glyphs. 
After Noel's done shooting, she smacks the hilts of her pistols 
together and the glyphs explode and finish off the opponent.

Noel's Astral Heat, Valkyrie Veil, can be a little tricky to pull off, 
but is actually fairly simple. The Command List in-game totally 
misleads you: It says "(Down) Charge (Up) + C repeatedly)". Translation 
error or whatever, the button input for this is to charge down while 
pressing C three times, then press up and C, and the Astral Heat will 

~G. Noel's Combos: Here's where the fun gets even better! [NOLCBO]

A fighting game just isn't as fun and complete without some intricate 
and damaging combos, and BlazBlue sure as hell delivers on that front. 
Noel's combos involve dealing a lot of damage through a lot of weaker, 
faster, and multi-hit attacks. Noel, used effectively, is capable of 
chipping at your opponents health extremely quickly because of the 
speed and efficiency through which her combos work. Here, I will list 
some useful combos of Noel that can help you practice. The combo list 
will start small for now, then grow as I start to grasp come better 

6C-->BC(Cancel) and 3C-->22C-->6C are two amazing, amazing little parts 
of combos that Noel can consistently repeat several times to rack up 
damage with the assistance of dash canceling as well. These are two 
things that you should hammer down as soon as you can, especially the 
first, because they're fantastic ways for Noel to trap opponents in 
severe combos.

6A, 3C, 5A poking, and 5D are examples of Noel's most potent combo 
starters. Together, these can combo into a hell of a lot of things, so 
mix and match button combinations for your own personal pleasure.



-5BC (Cancel)





~H. Conclusion: And so the end is here...[CONC]

Well, there you have it, my guide to hopefully at least help you grasp 
the concept of using Noel. Surely a vicious fighter, you can't think 
badly of her just because she's easy to pick up and has an easily 
spammable Drive. Any adequate Noel player will wreck you with quick, 
ruthless attacks if you expect any less of her. Noel is an utter 
pleasure to use, and if you were patient enough to read this guide, I 
hope you'll at least understand the joy we have maining such an 
interesting character.


~I. Frequently Asked Questions [FAQS]

A: When it comes to picking her up and learning the basics, Noel is 
easier than most in BlazBlue to use. To master her skills, however, is 
a different story.

A: If I remember correctly, Noel is currently the third most "mained" 
character online, behind only Ragna and Jin.

A: Like every spammer, Noel Drive spammers are easily taken care of. 
Because her Drive attacks can be punished fairly hard, Instant 
Blocking, then countering is a simple, easy way to destroy the scrubs.

~J. Legal Notes [LGNTS]

This FAQ is Copyright(c) July 2009 Andrea Petriella. You can always 
use this FAQ for your own PERSONAL use; it cannot be reproduced under 
ANY OTHER circumstance. If you want to share some of the info on this 
FAQ without actually posting it, at least give some credit to me. If 
you want to post this FAQ on your website or whatever, contact me via 
e-mail: [email protected] You CANNOT post this guide on your site 
without contacting me first. Not following any of these guidelines is a 
violation of copyright.

~K. Thanks [THX]

1. Me for writing this.
2. My parents for giving birth to me for the purpose of writing this 
3. Arc Sys for making this amazingly sexy game.
4. GameFAQs, for hosting this guide and being an amazing site.
5. Every other site hosting this.
6. BlazBlue message boards, forums, and videos on the 
taught me a lot.
7. Everyone who's helping me with this guide by giving me tips, etc.
8. YOU, the readers, for actually reading this. <3