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Follow the dark path or use the light


by MJEmirzian

Bayonetta Walkthrough/FAQ
Revision 3
Contact: [email protected]

720p HD video playlist:
Prologue: Vestibule
Chapter I: The Angel's Metropolis
Chapter II: Vigrid, City of Deja Vu
Chapter III: The Burning Ground
Chapter IV: The Cardinal Virtue of Fortitude
Chapter V: The Lost Holy Grounds

This guide contains a full walkthrough including strategies for getting Pure 
Platinum scores.  It features 720p video, a full list of verses/alfheims, 
enemy lists, weapon/accessory advice, and boss strategies.  The text portion 
of the guide is complete but videos are still being worked on.

For a good list of collectibles try these links:
Heart/Moon/Record/Tomb Collectible Guide by Hayabusa66
Umbran Tears of Blood Guide by Yandy Kusanagi

Revision History

Revision 1 01/15/10 - Fairly incomplete.
Revision 2 01/17/10 - Added enemies section, added to all other sections.
Revision 3 01/26/10 - Added video up to Ch 5.

1. Bayonetta Tips
2. Alfheim Advice
3. Accessories
4. Weapons
5. Enemies
6. Chapter Walkthrough

1. Bayonetta Tips:

To get a Pure Platinum for the chapter you must finish every verse in a 
chapter, including the optional verses/alfheims.  If you skip any 
verse/alfheim, you will not get a PP.

Taking damage or spending time outside of an active verse/alfheim does not 
count against your medals.  If it doesn't say Verse X in the upper right of 
the screen, it doesn't count.  For Leaderboard and 'ALL'/Total Score purposes, 
idle time spent out of verse still counts against your total, even if it 
doesn't count against your medals in each verse.

You can retry most verses and all alfheims by pressing Start then exiting to 
Title Screen, then Continuing.  As long as you don't see the 
little "SAVING..." in the lower right hand corner, you are usually good to try 
again.  You can retry a few verses and all alfheims even after the results 
screen shows.  Usually the only verses that you can retry after the results 
are ones that do not block your way with a portal.  Your alfheim score result 
will not auto-save until you exit the alfheim portal, so you are free to retry 
at your leisure.  Sometimes it's possible to exit and resume boss fights that 
auto-save at different phases in the fight.

If you miss a quicktime event and/or die, you will not be able to exit to 
Title Screen via the Start button and the game will autosave your failure as 
soon as the Game Over/Continue screen shows.  There is no legitimate way 
around this.

When in doubt, take your time.  The time score is usually pretty relaxed 
(except in Alfheims), so it's better to wait for an opportunity than rush into 
a bad situation.

Use the gun (X/square) to keep the combo meter up at long range.  Press RB/R2 
to lock on if you're having trouble hitting a distant enemy with the gun or 
other ranged weapon.  If you have a good turbo controller or you mash the 
button really quickly you can get an increased rate of fire as opposed to just 
holding down the button.  This also applies to the motorcycle and rocket ride 
guns.  Keep in mind that firing your gun for damage is mostly useless in 
Climax mode since most enemies will auto-block the damage.

The PPKP (punch x3, lower roundhouse trip, then uppercut weave) move is very 
useful against Jeanne.  It will almost always hit her since she almost always 
tries to backflip away after being tripped.  Any move that contains a lower 
roundhouse trip followed by an uppercut weave will work.

Hard mode contains different (more advanced) enemies than Normal mode, plus 
more health and damage.  Nonstop Infinite Climax Mode has the same enemy 
layout as Hard, with even higher health/damage, and the only way to activate 
witch time is with the Bracelet of Time.

Usually the only difference between difficulties in boss fights is that the 
bosses have more health and deal more damage.  However a few bosses are 
slightly different.

To make the analog stick torture attacks easier, use the palm of your hand to 
rotate the stick instead of your thumbs.  Use a turbo controller to alleviate 
torturous button mashing torture attacks.

Punishes are useful, although they only exist against angels (Affinities, 
Applauds, ardors, etc.).  Press Y when an angel is on the ground and you can 
execute a punish attack.

Gates of Hell/Alfheim magic recharge - Entering the gates of hell or alfheim 
portal then leaving respawns all nearby breakable items.  This is useful for 
filling up the magic bar for a verse if there are breakable items nearby.  You 
also recharge all magic and health if you complete an Alfheim.

Enemies that are off screen will not make ranged attacks against you, 
usually.  Use this to your advantage by swinging the camera angle with you and 
only one enemy, while the other enemies have to spend time walking towards you 
because they can't attack long range from off screen.

Turn the camera speed up in the options menu.

Ways to deal with flaming enemies: Ranged weapons, fire Durga on both hands 
and feet, Evil Rosary, wicked weave attacks, angel arms, kulshedra from far 
distances (you will be repelled if you attack up close), mahaa-kalaa counters, 
activate witch time, or wait for their flames to go out momentarily after 
attacking them or being attacked.

Press the left analog stick to drop any held Angel Weapons.

You can keep your combo score up temporarily with taunting, even if there are 
no enemies on screen.

Non-enraged enemies don't usually attack more than 2 at a time.  If they are 
enraged they will attack regardless of what their allies are doing.

Enraged/taunted enemies (aka Gaze of Despair equipped) give 50% more combo 
points for hitting them.

Use the enemy recovery time from a torture attack to set up a combo that will 
hit them as soon as they are ready to be hit again.

Try to vary up your attacks.  Once you start using any type of attack it will 
show up in the upper right Combo Points list.  You will get diminishing 
returns on the attack until you switch it up with other weapons or wicked 
weaves.  I'm not exactly sure how the dimishing returns system on combo points 
works myself.

Using Tortures against almost dead enemies will reward more combo points than 
their life would otherwise allow.

AOE bombs like the Evil Rosary may reduce your combo score since they damage 
many enemies at once, but don't reward many combo points for doing so.

Killing an Affinity/Applaud with a Torture Attack will always make them drop 
their weapon.

Use Angel Weapons to increase combo points - they reward ridiculous amounts of 

Weaker weapons don't necessarily mean less combo points.  Usually they are 
balanced so each hit/damage corresponds to a similar amount of points.

Jeanne details: She can repeatedly dodge infinitely, her weave attacks are 
1.5x stronger, she can only activate WT or Evil Harvest Rosary with moth 
within (aka bat within), she has a higher WT combo multiplier.

Little Zero details: He dies in two hits, faster movement speed, gains magic 
twice as fast, can summon devils without the Infernal Communicator equipped.

Has anybody gotten all Pure Platinums on Climax difficulty?  According to the 
X360 Scoreboards, yes.  However, the majority of those were done with kilgore 
glitch/exploit abuse, as evidenced by their ridiculous combo scores.  There 
are only 2-3 legit 'all pure platinum' scores as of early 2010.  There's 
plenty of room for you to join this elite non-exploiting club!  Unless you get 
it by exploiting, in which case you can join the dozens of other scrubs.

2. Alfheim Advice:

Torture Attack Alfheims: Use a high hit low power weapon like Scarborough Fair 
or Handguns to build up magic and pull off torture attacks.  Switch to a 
stronger weapon once you've hit the quota.  Equip the Eternal Testimony 
accessory and torture as soon as you have a full magic bar so you get 2 free 
magic points to start off each bar.

Stay in the air Alfheims: Use the Kulshedra whip and pull the enemies towards 
you while mashing Jump.

Witch Time Disabled Alfheims: Equip the Evil Harvest Rosary and fight 
normally.  You may want to also equip Gaze of Despair to make up for the 
Rosary killing enemies too quickly to build a good combo score.  Or just equip 
niether and do whatever you want.

Use Wicked Weaves Alfheims: Use PKP combo, or use a charged Pillow Talk - all 
Pillow Talk attacks count as a wicked weave for the purposes of this Alfheim 
challenge (except non-weave store bought moves like RB->P).  Also equip the 
Eternal Testimony and use the <- -> P or K combo when your magic fills.  The 
moves are called Tetsuzanko and Heel Stomp, you can buy them in the Gates of 

Use Witch Time Alfheims: Use quick, strong combos that can fit into short 
amounts of witch time.  Use torture attacks just as the witch time is about to 
end.  On Climax difficulty, the Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa counter does NOT trigger 
witch time in this alfheim type, even though dodging still works.

Limited Kicks And Punches Alfheims: Use dual flaming Durga claws and charge 
attack with PKP.  You can also put on Eternal Testimony and use <>P and <>K.

Out-of-Body Battle Alfheims: Equip the Gaze of Despair so the angels focus on 
you alone.

Taunting a flying enemy will make them drop to the ground, if they aren't 
already enraged.

Use Angel Weapons: Pressing K with the staff makes a great AOE effect.  
Pressing K with the two swords makes a great long range weapon that does tons 
of damage.  All weapons respawn in the exact same place once destroyed.  The 
Rodin weapon counts as an Angel Weapon for this Alfheim.  When facing waves of 
weaker angels, put on the Gaze of Despair - this will make them stand there in 
the enrage animation for a second or two, giving you enough time to pulverize 
them with the bow or staff AOE.

3. Accessories

Evil Harvest Rosary - Good against enemies with a lot of health such as 
bosses, but it destroys groups of weaker enemies too quickly and may hurt your 
combo score.  It's also very useful against fast, high HP enemies like Ardors 
(especially flaming Ardors) Beloved, and Gracious/Glorious.

Gaze of Despair - Extremely useful for increasing your combo score, at the 
expense of making them attack faster, deal more damage, and harder to 
stagger/stun.  It's pretty much necessary for getting PP on some Alfheims and 
bosses.  There is no penalty for equipping it on bosses, since they don't 
enrage, but you still get the combo bonus.

Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa - Keep this equipped almost all the time.  You can reflect 
projectiles and deflect/counter attacks.  You need to get good at using this 
accessory if you ever want a faint hope of getting pure platinums on climax 
mode, unless you plan on being a scrub and exploiting the kilgore glitch.  The 
best part of this weapon is that you can deflect at almost any time, including 
while being hit or while attacking.  Your counterattack is based on the weapon 
equipped on your arm.

Eternal Testimony - Can be used for a variety of magic related purposes.  Any 
time you need extra magic for a torture attack/magic draining attack, bracelet 
of time, shield, etc. this can be useful.

Pulley's Butterfly - Useful if you think you are going to get hit, or you 
don't have any other use for magic at the moment.  This tends to make the game 
easier to Pure Platinum so you may want to avoid it.

4. Weapons

Scarborough Fair, Handguns, Onyx Rose - These are good weapons for dealing low 
damage while building magic quickly.  Useful for Torture Attack alfheims.

Bazillions - The best gun weapon in the game.  It can do superior crowd 
control/ranged damage with its laser beam P/K charges.

Flaming Durga - A slow weapon, good for charge attacks that deal a lot of 
damage.  These claws can hit flaming enemies without being repelled if you 
have them equipped to both arms and legs.  Each subsequent charge attack in 
the combo does more damage.  For example, PPP(charge) will do more damage than 
PP(charge).  To switch between Durga types do a full circle+P or K.  This 
weapon has limited use on arms due to its slow speed and lack of punch combos 
(you can only do up to PPP), but it's pretty good on feet.

Electric Durga - Most of its moves are the same as the gun weapons, except you 
can also do a charge attack holding down P or K.  It is faster than the 
flaming Durga and its charges detonate faster with a wider area of effect.  
Each subsequent charge attack in the combo does more damage.  For example, PPPP
(charge) will do more damage than PP(charge).  To switch between Durga types 
do a full circle+P or K.  If you have both Durgas equipped your PPPPK/PPPPP 
combo will do an extra long animation with more damage.

Shuraba - A good main weapon that is very popular, especially the PKP combo 
that deals a ton of wide area damage and knocks back.  Dodge immediately after 
the PKP to reduce the delay of the last P animation.  The Shuraba Tetsuzanko 
<>P move is also incredibly useful since it's basically the end 'P' of a PKP - 
it does take 3 magic to use though.

Unlisted Shuraba moves:
Demonic circle slash: Hold RB/R1
Air Tetsuzanko: Press <>P in the air for a downward sword slam.  For some 
reason this move isn't listed for Shuraba, despite being listed for other 

Pillow Talk - This weapon is like the Shuraba with less damage and less range, 
but it has a special feature.  If you hold down P and fully charge it, it will 
deal incredible damage (with increased sword size/range) for about 7-8 seconds 
after letting go of P.  A typical strategy is to run from an enemy, charge it 
up, dodge offset if you have to, then unleash hell on them.  You can charge 
your Pillow Talk then walk into an alfheim or verse fully charged.  Another 
trick - a charged Pillow Talk counts as a wicked weave attack for the 'use 
wicked weaves!' alfheims.  Pillow Talk is constantly charged against huge 
sized bosses (virtues).

Unfortunately it's difficult to keep a combo going with Pillow Talk if you 
want to keep charging it up.  If you fire your gun or kick after charging, the 
charge instantly disappears, so no keeping up the combo at range.

Kulshedra - The longest range weapon in the game, great for hitting far off 
enemies or pulling weaker ones towards you.  Its combo potential is 
unfortunately somewhat limited.  It does a lot of damage against huge sized 
bosses due to the wicked weave attached to each hit.  Some armored enemies 
like fairness/fearless and grace/glory can be pulled or spun around with the 
whip after you break their armor off.

Kilgore - This weapon is slow but can fire very long range rockets.  Best 
equipped on the legs with a faster main hand weapon.  Does the most damage of 
any leg weapon with the PPPPK combo (this is NOT the kilgore exploit, it only 
fires 4 rockets, not 30).

Odette - Makes you immune to floor lava, and it can make a lot of 'run from 
death' situations or quicktime events easier.  Useful in any situation where 
speed is required without needing to switch to panther form constantly.

Sai-Fan - This weapon is useful as an 'alternate' gun type weapon that allows 
you to keep up your combo while dodging.  It can be useful for crowd control 
because the ricocheting bullets will continually hit enemies at random.  The 
one cool move it has is the 'flying nunchuck' PP.P attack that sends it flying 
off while you can still keep attacking hand to hand.

Rodin - This weapon has some extremely powerful angel weapon attacks, 
specifically the horn beam and spinning fire claws attacks.  Unfortunately it 
only rewards 1/3 the combo points as a normal angel weapon, so it may be 
difficult to get a good score with it.  It can be used during the 'use angel 
weapons' alfheims, although your combo score will likely suck.

List of 'attack types', sorted by icon:

Gun Weapons
Fist - Any gun weapon punch.
Two flying fists with impact lines - Any gun weapon or sai-fan punch button 
mash sequence (PPPP'P').
Heel - Any gun weapon kick, and a few other weapon kicks (like P'K'P, and 
Gun - Any ranged gun attack, including the bazillion laser, sai-fan, and 
regular gun.
Nunchucks - Any sai-fan punch.

Whip - Any whip punch.

Skate - Odette kick.
Two Skates - Odette button mash kick.

Shuraba/Pillow Talk
Sword - Shuraba/Pillow Talk punches.
Sword with slashing lines - Shuraba/Pillow Talk button mash sequence (PPPP'P').

Kilgore - Kilgore punches or kicks.

Claw - Any arm or leg Durga attack.
Two flying claws with impact lines - Any Durga button mash sequence.
Claw with a star in the upper right - Damage resulting from the full circle+P 
or K Durga switch.

Explosion - Any attack that knocks the enemy away, any of the Rodin/Angel 
weapon attacks, the sai-fan full circle+P attack, etc.
Yin/Yang symbol - Any wicked weave, any Durga mine charge, any kilgore rocket.
Heel with impact lines - Any kick button mash sequence (PPPP'K'), any leg 
damage from breakdancing, any sequence where the legs hit in rapid succession.
Circular 'TA' symbol - Rewarded for executing a Torture Attack.
Explosion 'TA' symbol - A Torture Attack multiplier based on button presses or 
stick rotations.

5. Enemies

Affinity A (Staff)/Affinity E (Poleaxe)/Applaud B (Staff)
Attack 1: Staff spin, followed by an overhead swing.
Speed: Slow
Attack 2: Overhead swing without any staff spinning.
Speed: Moderate
Attack 3: Side fist swing.
Speed: Moderate
Attack 4: Side staff swing.
Speed: Moderate
Attack 5: Mid-air staff swing.
Speed: Moderate
Attack 6: Applaud B only. Places an AOE patch under the player that shocks 
them.  Cannot be parried.
Speed: Slow
Attack 7: Applaud B only. Body charge towards the player.
Speed: Moderate

Affinity B (Trumpet)
Interesting note: This Affinity does not fly, but like all enemies, it can 
still teleport.
Attack 1: Trumpet projectile.
Speed: Slow
Attack 2: Side fist swing.
Speed: Moderate

Affinity C (Sousaphone)
Attack 1: Laser beam that scans across the field.  Can cause friendly fire to 
other angels, which is usually pretty funny.
Speed: Slow
Attack 2: Side fist swing.
Speed: Moderate

Affinity D (Mace)
Attack 1: Mace swing.
Speed: Slow
Attack 2: Side fist swing.
Speed: Moderate

Applaud A (Bow/Sword)
Attack 1: Two handed side cleave, covers a wide area.
Speed: Moderate
Attack 2: Body charge in a straight line.
Speed: Slow to reel up, but the charge speed is fast.
Attack 3: Player-seeking ground spikes.  Easy to outrun or dodge.
Speed: Slow
Attack 4: Bow attack.
Speed: Slow

Ardor A/B.  Hitting them from behind prevents being parried.
Attack 1: 3 hit attack.
Speed: Moderate
Attack 2: Body charge.
Speed: Moderate
Attack 3: Overhead swing.
Speed: Moderate

Beloved A/B
Attack 1: Frontal swipe.
Speed: Slow
Attack 2: Overhead cleave.
Speed: Moderate
Attack 3: Foot stomp.  It will usually try this if you are to its side or 
behind, but not close enough to be grabbed.  This attack can stagger even if 
it doesn't hit.  It can also cause damage when it lifts up its foot, not just 
when it swings downward.
Speed: Moderate
Attack 4: Grab.  If you dodge into the grab attack you will still get hit by 
it.  You need to dodge away to avoid it.  Can be parried.  It can grab low and 
high on its front and back side.
Speed: Slow
Attack 5: Back fist.  It will use this attack to hit the player if they are 
attacking its upper back (aka the weak point on its back).
Speed: Moderate

Beloved C
Attack 1: Hand swipe.
Speed: Slow
Attack 2: Hand slap.
Speed: Moderate

Beloved D
This Beloved is only found in chapter 14 during the rocket sequence.
Attack 1: Fireball projectile.

Attack 1: Swing
Speed: Moderate
Attack 2: Stomp (can stagger)
Speed: Moderate
Attack 3: If there are 3 of them, they will combine into a fast Beloved-type 
enemy.  If you damage/kill one the combining will fail.
Speed: Slow

Attack 1: Projectile
Speed: Very Slow
Attack 2: It will send its group of decorations out to surround the player, 
then the decorations will attempt to close in.  Very easy to avoid.
Speed: Very Slow

Attack 1: Body charge.  If you are somehow hit by the body charge, you need to 
shake the analog stick to get it off.
Speed: Very Slow

Attack 1: Split open and body charge in a straight line.  If you parry this 
attack you will stun the enemy and you can press PK to toss it.
Speed: Slow to reel up, but the charge speed is fast.  If you parry this 
attack you will stun the enemy and you can press PK to toss it.
Attack 2: Light on fire without splitting and body charge.
Speed: Moderate
Attack 3: Lay down flat on the ground and fire projectiles.
Speed: Slow

Attack 1: Close up lunge/grab.  If you dodge into the grab attack you will 
still get hit by it.  You need to dodge away to avoid it.  Can be parried.
Speed: Fast
Attack 2: Close up swipe.
Speed: Fast
Attack 3: Jumping air lunge.
Speed: Fast
Attack 4: Body charge at range.  If it hits a wall during this charge, it will 
stun itself.
Speed: Moderate
Attack 5: Scream at range.  This can be dodged but not parried.  If you get 
hit you have to wiggle the analog stick to break free - it does not cause 
damage.  It almost always follows this with a fireball.  Hard to break out of 
on higher difficulties.
Speed: Moderate
Attack 6: Fireball projectile.
Speed: Fast

Attack 1: Close up lunge/grab.  If you dodge into the grab attack you will 
still get hit by it.  You need to dodge away to avoid it.  Can be parried.
Speed: Fast
Attack 2: Close up swipe.
Speed: Fast
Attack 3: Jumping air lunge.
Speed: Fast
Attack 4: Body charge at range.  If it hits a wall during this charge, it will 
stun itself.
Speed: Moderate
Attack 5: Long range tail stab.
Speed: Slow
Attack 6: Mouth laser that sweeps across the field.
Speed: Moderate

Attack 1: Dragon form, will lunge twice at the player.
Speed: Moderate
Attack 2: Arm Clap
Speed: Slow
Attack 3: Arm Punches
Speed: Moderate
Attack 4: Crow body charge.  Stay close to the golem so it doesn't turn into 
this form.
Speed: Moderate
Attack 5: Crow tornadoes.  It fires two tornadoes that chase after the 
player.  Stay close to the golem so it doesn't turn into this form.
Speed: Moderate
Attack 6: Centipede form, just touching it causes damage so stay away.
Speed: Moderate
Attack 7: Spider leap, will try to leap on the player.
Speed: Moderate
Attack 8: Spider fireball projectile.
Speed: Moderate

Grace (Fire)/Gracious
Attack 1: Uppercut swipe followed by an air juggle.
Speed: Fast
Attack 2: Claw extension lunge.  Does a heavy amount of damage.
Speed: Fast
Attack 3: Spinning Fire attack.  Hard to parry, but it can be dodged easily.  
A good strat is to equip the Evil Rosary and get off multiple orbs while 
dodging past.
Speed: Moderate
Attack 4: 5 hit combo that starts on the ground.
Speed: Fast
Attack 5: Claw lunge into the floor followed by a body charge.  Surprisingly 
slow considering their other attacks.
Speed: Slow

Glory (Lightning)/Glorious
Attack 1: Uppercut swipe followed by an air juggle.
Speed: Fast
Attack 2: Claw extension lunge.  Does a heavy amount of damage.
Speed: Fast
Speed: Moderate
Attack 3: Long range attack that causes electricity to go through the floor 
and seek out the player.  Cannot be parried.
Speed: Moderate
Attack 4: 5 hit combo that starts on the ground.
Speed: Fast
Attack 5: Claw lunge into the floor followed by a body charge.  Surprisingly 
slow considering their other attacks.
Speed: Slow

Attack 1: Low to the ground tail stab.
Speed: Moderate
Attack 2: 3 shot spread.
Speed: Moderate
Attack 3: Rapid fire aimed shot.
Speed: Moderate
Attack 4: Mid-air 3 hit tail swipe.
Speed: Moderate
Attack 5: Mid-air body charge.
Speed: Moderate
Attack 6: Tail backflip.
Speed: Fast

Inspired A/B
Attack 1: Bite.
Speed: Moderate
Attack 2: Tail swipe.  It tends to use this repeatedly at close range.
Speed: Moderate
Attack 3: Fireball.  It tends to use this at far range.
Speed: Moderate
Attack 4: Sometimes it will fly close to the player and you have the option 
to 'counter' for damage.

Attack 1: Drops several mines across the road.

Attack 1: 3 hit whip attack, just like Kulshedra
Speed: Moderate
Attack 2: Player seeking projectiles, similar to crow form B attack
Speed: Fast
Attack 3: Rapid fire wide shot that covers the screen.
Speed: Moderate
Attack 4: Sends a wall of lasers towards the player.  The wall can be 
vertical, horizontal, or crossed shape.  It has a fairly short range.  Does 
not trigger WT if dodged.
Speed: Moderate
Attack 5: Spinning sword AOE.
Speed: Fast
Attack 6: Sword thrust.
Speed: Fast
Attack 7: Side kick.
Speed: Fast
Attack 8: Sword uppercut followed by a juggle downward
Speed: Fast

Attack 1: Player seeking missiles.  Dodge with the Evil Rosary to clear them 
Speed: Moderate
Attack 2: Beam attack.  You can't dodge yourself off a Kinship, so just keep 
hitting dodge.
Speed: Slow
Attack 3: Fires two clamps that will hold the player down.  Can be destroyed, 
parried, or dodged.
Speed: Moderate
Attack 4: Close range chain attack that it only uses if the player is standing 
on the kinship.
Speed: Moderate

6. Chapter Walkthrough

On top of the Alfheims, which are all missable, there are also missable verses 
out in the main story area.  There are nine of these and they are marked with 
***** Missable.

There are also verses that will activate on the main story path, but you can 
still run away from them.  These are marked with ***** Skippable.  If a verse 
is Skippable, you can reset the verse even after the results screen show.

Prologue: Vestibule
720p HD Video:

Verse 1
Normal: Affinities/Decorations
Hard/Climax: Affinities/Decorations and a Grace and Glory
You will have to equip Gaze of Despair for the combo score, most likely.  Put 
on the Evil Rosary once grace and glory show up to dodge-kill them.

Verse 2
Normal: Affinities
Hard/Climax: Glories

Chapter I: The Angel's Metropolis
720p HD Video:

Verse 1
Key room inside Vigrid station.
Normal: 3 Affinities
Hard/Climax: 1 Joy

Verse 2
Statue room inside Vigrid station.
Normal: 3 Affinities
Hard/Climax: 2 Joy

Verse 3
Alfheim 1 Use Witch Time!
Location: Bottom of the key room, where verse 1 took place.  You must activate 
the elevator at the end of the hallway then backtrack.
Hard/Climax: 1x Ardor 4x Affinity, 1x Glorious 4x Affinity, 2x Ardor 1x Joy

On Hard you will need to dodge the Affinities to get witch time then go over 
and hit the Glorious.  On the third wave take out the Joy first since it's 
more dangerous, and has less health.

Verse 4
Vigrid station courtyard.
Once you've cleared the first wave of enemies before the Beloved, try taunting 
to keep your combo score from dropping before it shows up.  Enemies include 
Decorations, Affinities, Applauds, and a Beloved.

Verse 5 ***** Missable
Backtrack to the elevator behind the courtyard.
Normal: Affinities/Applauds
Hard/Climax: Grace and Glory

Verse 6 ***** Skippable
Through the closed courtyard doors.
Normal: 2 Affinities

Verse 7
Flashback sequence while running towards the bridge, vs Fortitudo.

Verse 8
Bridge Beloved C boss fight.

Chapter II: Vigrid, City of Deja Vu
720p HD Video:

I recommend clearing up to verse 10 then backtracking and doing all 3 alfheims 
in a row, so you don't end up with a bad score that you can't easily restart.

Verse 1
Flashback at start of chapter vs Jeanne.  Put on the Evil Rosary and whatever 
and spam PPKP or PPPKP.  If she starts firing her gun, panther run behind or 
next to her and dodge for a free hit.

Verse 2 ***** Skippable
Fight on side of building.  1 Dear, Affinities/Applauds.  Pick up the angel 
staff for use in verse 3.

Verse 3
Courtyard fight.  Affinities/Applauds, then 1 Beloved

Verse 4
Burning streetcar fight vs Enchants.

Verse 5
Location: Backtrack up the street the burning streetcar came from, it's 
located behind an open gate.
Alfheim 2 Limited Kicks And Punches!
Normal: 1 Beloved
Hard/Climax: 2 Beloved.  The two Beloved can cause friendly fire to eachother 
with their axe swings.  Put on Gaze of Despair and get in short combos like 
PKP while they destroy eachother.  Don't worry about using Durga charges 
because you get a ton of punches/kicks.  The combo score is very low, around 

Verse 6
Alfheim 3 Defeat all Enemies!
Location: Overpass next to burning streetcar, right before the verse 7 
Hard/Climax: 2 Dears, 5 Enchants, 3 Applaud/4 Affinity, 2 Ardor/4 Affinity, 
then 2 Beloved

You can farm the dears for combo points if needed.  Destroy the decorations 
and leave the dears alive, and they will regenerate after a few seconds.

When it comes to the annoying enchants on the ground, turn off the music and 
pay attention to the enemy sounds - listen for the shot charging noise and be 
ready to dodge, because the shots are very fast and hard to dodge on reflex.  
The rest of the angels should not be an issue to destroy with Rosary dodge 
spam and TAs.  Don't lose your combo because the score is about 210,000.  Once 
again using the evil harvest Rosary will hurt your combo score because you 
will be killing the weaker angels too quickly instead of making points off 
killing them with regular attacks.

Verse 7
2nd Courtyard fight.
Normal: Enchants and 2 Beloved

Verse 8
Alfheim 4 Use Torture Attacks!
Location: Backtrack as far as possible, past the verse 3 courtyard.
Normal: 4 TAs needed
Hard/Climax: 4x affinity 2x Applaud, 4x affinity 2x Applaud, 4x affinity, 2x 
ardor. 8 TAs needed

Verse 9
Near the raised bridge wall.
Normal: 3 Applauds
Hard/Climax: 1 Joy

Verse 10
Fortitudo fight.

Chapter III: The Burning Ground
720p HD Video:

Wear Odette or fire Durga on legs to avoid floor lava damage.

Verse 1
Normal: Flaming Affinities
Hard/Climax: Harmonies

Verse 2
Alfheim 5 Stay in the Air!
Location: In the starting courtyard up the steps, under the arched building 
overhang.  You may have to destroy some nearby objects and move around the 
courtyard to get it to appear.
Normal: Decorations/Dears
Hard/Climax: Same, except 30 secs instead of 20.  Just as easy.

Verse 3
Run from lava flow with two Beloveds in the way.  To get the PP on this you 
have to speed through while getting in a couple hits on the 2nd Beloved, then 
run away and keep firing at range until it dies.  It's easiest to do this with 
the Bracelet of Time and Gaze of Despair.  On Hard the 2nd Beloved will jump 
earlier, he may be in the air by the time you reach him.

Verse 4
One Fairness

Verse 5
Alfheim 6 Use Angel Arms!
Location: Head opposite the witch time statues down the cliff path and jump 
onto the balcony of the nearby building.
Hard/Climax: 3x Affinity, 1x Applaud, 3x Affinity, 1x Applaud, 3x Affinity, 1x 
Ardor, Grace and Glory, Beloved
Put on the Gaze of Despair and Odette here, so the angels will spend a second 
or two in their enrage animation.  This will give you enough time every wave 
to fire the bow weapon and destroy them quickly.  With Grace and Glory just 
evade them long enough to get in some shots.  If you kept your combo going 
with the waves of angels you don't have to worry about chaining the grace and 
glory and Beloved.  Remember to hit R1 to lock on when firing the bow at 
distant targets.

Verse 6
This entire area including the quicktime event is counted as a verse, so you 
have to speed through the area to meet the time score after killing the 
angels, and don't take any lava damage.  Combo is around 5000.
Normal: 3 Affinities
Hard/Climax: 3 Ardors.  They are not flaming, so this isn't too difficult.  
Stun them with harvest Rosary or just spam TAs.

Verse 7 (can restart after results, but only before quicktime event starts)
Courtyard with a Fairness and Fearless.  Combo score is around 7000 which 
means using the Rosary or using TAs too soon will not earn PP.  Kite backwards 
with the gun and use Shuraba PKP at a safe distance.  Once they are low move 
in with TAs.

Verse 8 ***** Skippable
Inside lava cave.  Under 1000 combo ok.  To make this fight easier, run back 
towards the area you started, where there's no risk of damage from lava 
eruptions.  Pick up the red/fire claw if possible.
Normal: Flaming Affinities
Hard/Climax: Grace and Glory

Verse 9 (can restart after results, but only before the portal opening 
cutscene happens)
Near Paradiso portal in Virgid catacombs.  Under 1000 combo ok.
Normal: 3 Affinities
Hard/Climax: 3 Braves

Verse 10
Alfheim 7 Witch Time Disabled!
Location: Inside the paradiso portal on a small island in the back.
Hard/Climax: Brave then Grace and Glory, Brave then 2x Ardor, Brave then 
Fairness and Fearless

The Braves always appear a few seconds before the other 2 enemies, so kill 
them quickly.  Work up your magic bar fighting the Ardors then spam TAs 
against fairness/fearless.

Verse 11
Alfheim 8 Use Wicked Weaves!
Location: After restoring the bridge, head back into the lava cave.  Just use 
Pillow Talk charge, Shuraba PKP and/or <>P or <>K.  1500 combo ok.
Hard/Climax: 4x flaming Affinity 2x flaming Ardor, 2x Fairness 1x Fearless

Verse 12 ***** Skippable
Fight on restored bridge.  Jump quicktime event afterward.  Under 500 combo ok.
Normal: Affinities/Decorations
Hard/Climax: 3x Harmonies

Chapter IV: The Cardinal Virtue of Fortitude
720p HD Video:

I suggest using Kulshedra and Odette for 1st phase, and whatever for 2nd 
phase.  Put on Gaze of Despair and Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa.

Phase 1
You start off on a platform although you will end up on the ground 
eventually.  Do not get too close to the boss on the ground as it is hard to 
avoid all of the lunging and stomping it does.  The only time you should get 
close is when it buries its heads into the ground and is vulnerable.  Get mid-
range with the boss so it starts firing projectiles - parry those with the 
Mahaa-Kalaa until it falls over for some free hits.  Once you weaken the boss 
enough it will fly to the top of the coluseum, fire some easily avoidable lava 
blasts (just keep moving with Odette equipped), then witch time will activate 
and you can jump up and tear one of the heads off.  Repeat for the 2nd head.

Phase 2
The boss will lunge at the platform edge, land on the middle of the platform, 
or fly to the other end of the platform.  It attacks with spikes from the 
floor and a mouth beam attack.  When it lands in the middle of the platform it 
won't actually do anything, so feel free to attack.

Chapter V: The Lost Holy Grounds
720p HD Video:

Most of this chapter cannot be restarted and it's quite long, so do a practice 
run or two where you aim for PPs on the main story parts before bothering with 
the Alfheims.

Verse 1 ***** Skippable
Bridge fight.  Under 1000 combo ok.
Normal: Cherubs
Hard/Climax:Grace and Glory.  Make sure to kill Grace first and pick up its 
fire claw weapon after the fight.

Verse 2
Normal: Grace and Glory
Hard/Climax: Grace and Glory, 1x Grace 2x Glory.  Immediately dodge then hit K 
to activate the spinning fire claw, if you charge into the pair you will kill 
them both in one hit.  Then just dodge spam with the rosary while using 
executes against the other 3.

Verse 3
Alfheim 9 Use Witch Time!
Location: At start of chapter.
Normal: 3 Applauds, a Grace and Glory, and a Fearless
Hard/Climax: 3x Ardor, Fairness and Fearless, 3x Joy.  Just follow every combo 
up with a TA at the end before WT ends.

Verse 4 (can restart after results)
3 Affinities then a Fearless/Fairness fight, then more Affinities/Applauds.  
This verse doesn't end until the end of the path is reached.  You don't have 
to kill everything to get a PP combo score.  Watch out for the last platform 
with 2-3 Affinities that completely collapses.  Try to end this verse with 
full magic so you can use it on the enemies in verse 5.

Verse 5
Flying portion then a courtyard fight.  Fly into the Dears to destroy them.  
2000 combo ok.
Normal: Grace and Glory then Harmonies
Hard/Climax:3 Joy then Harmonies.  When fighting the Joys, use the evil rosary 
(basically run past them while mashing dodge) and use TAs or Tetsuzanko with 

Verse 6
2x Ardor in Jormungar's Staff tower.

Verse 7 ***** Skippable
Harmonies in Jormungar's Staff tower.  Avoid using evil rosary and put on gaze 
of despair and do not drop your combo (although you can restart if you get a 
gold combo score).  PKP with Shuraba or Tetsuzanko are both useful here.

The game does not autosave between verse 7 and 8 (alfheim).  If you return to 
title before finishing verse 8 or starting verse 9 you will have to do verse 7 

Verse 8
Alfheim 10 Stay in the Air!
Location: Bottom of Jormungar's Staff tower.  You have to move up a certain 
distance to trigger its appearence.
Normal: Decoration/Dear.  Same as the previous 'stay in the air' alfheim.
Hard/Climax: Grace and Glory.  First attack Grace and Glory until all of their 
falls off (except their leg plates, those can't break off), so they can't 
parry your attacks.  This easiest way to do this is equip Evil Rosary and 
dodge spam.  Once they are unarmored, proceed to use Kulshedra and pull one of 
them towards you in the air as usual.  They will have low health and will 
probably die as you are whipping them in the air, so once that happens go into 
crow form, use the gun (it helps 'float' down), use Kulshedra P charge, etc. 
to stay up as long as possible.  Don't even worry about combo score.

Verse 9
Jormungar's Staff tower upper room with broken statues.
Normal: Grace and Glory
Hard/Climax: Fearless

Verse 10
Alfheim 11 Limited Kicks And Punches!
Location: After coming out of the tower, walk west/down the path instead of 
east/up it.
Hard/Climax: Grace and Glory, 2x Grace 1x Glory (40 Punches, 24 Kicks).  Just 
use Pillow Talk and slash the crap out of them.  Under 500 combo is ok, just 
destroy them.

Verse 11
The safest way to get up the ramp and avoid insta-death is equip Odette.  
Don't jump until near the top where the Inspired destroys the lower half of 
the ramp.  Inspired fight.  Fire at it with gunfire until it falls down and 
get in some free hits.  Once it gets up, dodge/parry its attacks.  Using 
Tetsuzanko makes it very easy.

Verse 12 ***** Skippable
Another Inspired fight.

Verse 13 ***** Missable
More Harmonies.  Backtrack to the verse 11 area where you fought the first 
Inspired.  Once again avoid using evil rosary and put on gaze of despair and 
do not drop your combo.  Try to end with a full magic bar for Jeanne.

Verse 14
Jump+up quicktime event (do NOT jump off the 3rd platform, wait for the A+up 
prompt).  Then a Jeanne fight followed by another event where you have to use 
beast/crow within to reach the far platform. Below 700 combo ok.  I recommend 
evil rosary and gaze of despair, and just spam Tetsuzanko with a full magic 
bar while dodging.

Chapter VI: The Gates of Paradise
720p HD Video: 

This is a very easy chapter to PP, since it only has one alfheim, it's short, 
and the main verses are not difficult at all.

Verse 1
3 triangle passageway.
Normal: Ardors
Hard/Climax: Flaming Ardors/Affinities.  Equip dual Flame Durgas and take them 

Verse 2
2 Inspired

Verse 3
Angels in spiked hallway after pulling lever.  Taking spike damage at any time 
will count against you.

Verse 4
Alfheim 12 Use Torture Attacks!
Location: Near witch statues.
Hard/Climax: Gracious and Glorious.  Very easy Alfheim, just get a TA kill on 
one of them.

Verse 5
Normal: 2x Grace and Glory on stairs and Affinities/Applauds on bridge.
Hard/Climax: Gracious and Glorious on stairs and Affinities/Applauds on 
bridge.  if you fall into the water it's instant death.

Verse 6
Protect Cereza from Affinities/Applauds.  Cereza taking damage does not count 
towards score.

Verse 7
More Affinities in courtyard (pick up the lamppost to damage them), then run 
from the Beloved.  Cereza taking damage does not count towards score.  Just 
keep tossing things at it while breaking down the gates ahead.

Verse 8
Fearless/Fairness in courtyard, then a Beloved.

Verse 9
Chase the fake Bayonetta/Joy.  Damage while chasing counts towards your score, 
so don't get hit.

Chapter VII: The Cardinal Virtue of Temperance
720p HD Video: 

Phase 1
The boss will fire projectiles at Bayonetta.  It will either try to smash the 
platform with projectiles or its fist - just dodge, fall down and you'll be on 
a new platform.  If it reels its fist up and tries to smash Bayonetta, you 
have to smack the other hand hard enough that he gives up the attack, or hope 
that you can dodge the extremely fast punch.  Eventually it will reel up 
slowly and try to smash bayonetta (his fist will have a blue spiral around it 
and the PK prompt will show up) - dodge this with PK to activate witch time 
and end up on some platforms.  You can jump towards the boss and optionally 
jump towards a tanker that you can throw at him.  Once you're on its arm, run 
up and destroy the shield and Climax it.  The shields have a pulse attack and 
air projectiles.

With one arm left it will sometimes throw the platform in the air and try to 
smash it.  This is very hard to dodge and you can't shake him out of it, 
unlike the two handed version of the punch.  It will also fire eye beams, or 
fire wind spirits onto the platform.

Phase 2
First destroy the 4 shields covering the bosses head.  The bosses head will 
fire projectiles, will try to grab bayonetta with its mouth, and it has a 
spinning laser beam attack that also includes a mouth grab (don't get near it, 
all grabs are hard to dodge and will ignore the dodges invincibility frames).  
You can do a lot of damage with the Evil Rosary equipped here.

Chapter VIII: Route 666
720p HD Video: 

Verse 1
Ardor/Affinities/Applaud fight on moving vehicles.  Build up magic for the 3 
gracious/glorious in the next verse.  You can try deflecting projectiles or 
firing Kilgore rockets at the smaller angels instead of car hopping.

Verse 2
The side of the road is safe from cars in this fight.  Stay there if you don't 
want to get run over.
Normal: 3 Joys
Hard/Climax: 3 Gracious and Glorious

Verse 3 & Verse 4
Motorcycle portion.  When you approach the flaming tankers lying sideways on 
the road, always dodge in the middle.  If you go through the sides you will 
take damage even if you were dodging.  The best way to approach the ramp/jumps 
is to slow down and jump carefully.  When you are up against Braves on the 
road, dodge into their legs for combo points.

Verse 5
3 Braves fight.

Chapter IX: Paradiso-A Remembrance of Time
720p HD Video: 

Verse 1
Ardor/Affinities/Applaud in courtyard.

Verse 2
Alfheim 13 Out-of-Body Battle!
Location: Break the wall in the courtyard up a set of stairs.

Verse 3
Ardor/Affinities/Applaud on globe.

Verse 4
Run from rolling golem, you must hit/kill a few Affinities for combo score.  
Use Odette for extra speed.

Verse 5
Courtyard with falling golem and chests with key parts in it.

Verse 6
2 Kinships.  Put on the Evil Rosary to blow up the missiles when you dodge 
them, then jump onto a kinship and start attacking.  Pay attention to the 
close range clamp attack as well as more missiles and beam attacks from the 
other Kinship.  You cannot dodge off the Kinship so feel free to hit dodge as 
many times as needed.

Verse 7
Alfheim 14 Defeat all Enemies!
Location: A small platform reachable by flying from one of the dead kinships.
Normal: 1x Jeanne
Hard/Climax: 2x Jeanne

Verse 8
Fly past tentacles then 3 Joys.

Verse 9 ***** Missable
Jump past the ramp onto the cliff path on the other side and destroy the 
statues to free the angels.

Verse 10
Golem fight.  Always stay close to the golem so it doesn't use its annoying 
bird attacks.  Just keep jumping and attacking, and dodging the fist 

Verse 11
Alfheim 15 Limited Kicks And Punches!
Location: Backtrack as far as possible.
Hard/Climax: 1x Fairness, 2x Fearless

Chapter X: Paradiso-A Sea of Stars
720p HD Video: 

Verse 1
3 Joys

Verse 2 ***** Skippable
Island courtyard with Affinities appearing near the breakable walls and Grace 
and Glory once all 4 walls are broken.

Verse 3
Alfheim 16 Use Wicked Weaves!
Location: Rotate the island to the right and jump onto the small white 

Verse 4
Harmonies on bridge.

Verse 5
Courage and Temperance fight.

Verse 6
Enchants inside spinning building.

Verse 7
3 Kinships

Verse 8
Gracious and Glorius fight.

Verse 9
Alfheim 17 Use Angel Arms!
Location: Once you reach the Gates of Hell portal, backtrack as far as 

Verse 10 ***** Missable
Break the wall past the 4 tentacles (near the gates of hell portal) then fly 
to the floating island.  Break the two statues to free a Gracious and Glorius.

Verse 11
Golden Beloved and Inspired in water.
Normal: 2 Beloved, 2 Inspired
Hard/Climax: 5 Beloved and 3-4 Inspired

Chapter XI: The Cardinal Virtue of Justice
720p HD Video: 

This boss only has one phase that is repeated 3 times.  The tentacles will try 
to smash the platform and spray acid onto the platform.  The cherub face will 
spit out a plant onto the platform, it will try to smash the platform, and it 
will reel back and charge over the platform.  Once you damage the cherub head 
enough, you can jump onto it and run up to the boss face while dodging 
tentacles and spikes.  Slice the cherub face tentacle off and repeat 2 more 

Chapter XII: The Broken Sky
720p HD Video: 

Verse 1
First room in carrier plane.

Verse 2
2nd room, falling off the crates and jumping back up to the ramp.  
Normal: Grace and Glory and 3 Applauds.
Hard/Climax: 3 Gracious/Glorious and Angels.

Verse 3 ***** Missable
Affinities in the back of the first room near Alfheim 18.

Verse 4
Alfheim 18 Out-of-Body Battle!
Location: Head back to start of chapter, defeat verse 3 enemies.

Verse 5
Decorations on the outside cargo plane platform.

Verse 6 ***** Missable
Affinities inside the jet turbine next to Alfheim 19.  Reach the jet turbine 
by jumping from the platform outside the cargo plane.

Verse 7
Alfheim 19 Use Witch Time!
Location: Inside the jet turbine.

Verse 8
Jeanne fight.

Verse 9
Affinity fight in cargo hold.

Verse 10
Harmony fight in cargo hold.

Chapter XIII: The Cardinal Virtue of Prudence
720p HD Video: 

Phase 1

You will have to damage the boss and summon a spider demon to bite its face 
twice to end this phase.  When you first encounter it on Hard/Climax, the 
white face plate prevents you from attacking its face, so you have to hit the 
legs instead.  The boss will try to bite and swipe at you if you are near its 
face, or try to fire lasers and fireballs if you are near the legs.

Phase 2

The boss opens a whirlpool - dodge its laser beams and move up to its face.  
It will try to bite, shoot fireballs, and swipe.  When you get pushed back, 
just move back to its face and keep hitting it.  Just before he starts pushing 
you back while his face is out of reach, use PKP, <>P, <>K or any weave combo 
to hit him at a distance.  On Hard/Climax it attacks very often so be prepared 
to use dodge offset or parries a lot.

Chapter XIV: Isla Del Sol
720p HD Video: 

Verse 1 & Verse 2
Afterburner section.  Equip the Eternal Testimony so you can constantly spam 
missiles.  However, refrain from spamming missiles just before a boss, so you 
can totally unload on them and kill them quickly.

Verse 3
Jeanne fight.  Much like the previous fights, PPKP, Tetsuzanko, and lots of 
dodges work best.

Chapter XV: A Tower to Truth
720p HD Video: 

Verse 1 ***** Missable
Fearless/Fairness statues right in front.

Verse 2

Verse 3

Verse 4
Gracious and Glorius

Verse 5
2 Joys

Verse 6
Enchants, Grace and Glory

Verse 7
Normal: Affinities
Hard/Climax: Flaming Affinities

Verse 8
Temperance cannon fight.  You can dodge out of the cannon seat to avoid damage.

Verse 9
Alfheim 20 Witch Time Disabled!
Location: After verse 8, backtrack to the start of the chapter then jump/fly 
east over the chasm to the other side.

Verse 10
Justice fight.

Verse 11 ***** Missable
In basement near Jubileus statue.
Normal: Flaming Affinities
Hard/Climax: 2 Joys

Verse 12 ***** Missable
Enemies by the large panels close to the starting point/ground floor - they 
are spread across two sections and you need to fly across to reach the other 
set of angels.
Normal: Ardor/Affinities
Hard/Climax: 2 Joys

Verse 13
Golem fight

Verse 14
Prudence fight and quicktime event (run with panther form)

Chapter XVI: The Lumen Sage
720p HD Video: 

This boss only has one phase, although he will try different special attacks 
later in the fight.  He will fire a satellite and you need to jump onto 
another platform to avoid the blast, or he will lift a building or drop the 
satellite which can be responded to with PK.  He has a series of melee swings, 
an imprisoning blue orb, target seeking light orbs, and fire eruptions from 
the ground.  Most of his attacks do very little damage.

Epilogue: Requiem

Verse 1-3
Motorcycle ride up the rocket.

Verse 4
Walk up golden statues, kill decorations, dodge moon debris.

Verse 5
Alfheim 21 Use Wicked Weaves!
Location: After walking up close to the Jubileus statue neck, walk back down 
to the starting area.

Verse 6

Phase 1

I recommend Kulshedra for this boss, although Pillow Talk is also good.

The boss starts out launching its hair into the ground and firing fireballs, 
ice boulders, and electricity lasers.  The ice boulders cannot be parried and 
you will take a LOT of damage if hit, so just dodge them.  Ignore the floating 
heads for the most part, but you are invincible when Panther Punting them, and 
you can punt them into the hair stalks if needed.  After damaging the boss 
enough, it will change the entire floor into a fire area, an ice area, and a 
wind area, with its hair stalks scattered around and needing a good 
thrashing.  After hitting the hair stalks in each area, you must witch time 
jump up to the bosses face and smack it a few times.

In the fire area, there is a lot of lava, so wear fire durga or odette skates 
to become immune to it.  There will be ropes of lava and lava eruptions 
frequently, and the hair stalks will fire fireballs.  In the ice area, icicles 
will fall from the ceiling and spikes will erupt from the floor, and hair 
stalks will fire ice boulders that once again do a ton of damage and can't be 
parried.  In the wind area, you will have to jump between platforms to hit the 
hair stalks, while avoiding lasers from the ceiling - the problem is the 
smaller platforms tend to move around, and the ceiling lasers can destroy the 
small platforms, leaving you stranded in the air.  If you fall down you will 
take minor damage and be replaced on another platform, but that's enough to 
ruin a Pure Platinum attempt.  Keep in mind you can fire at the hair stalks 
from a distance if needed.

Phase 2

After the fire, ice, and wind areas are over, the boss gains two new 
abilities.  The only way to damage it during this time is to hit its fists 
when it tries to punch you.

It will open a hole in the floor and if you are sucked into it, you instantly 
die.  To avoid this, change into panther form and start running after every 
single attack the boss does - even if it doesn't turn out to be this attack, 
you will be far enough from the hole that you will never risk falling in.

It also will fire 3 vortexes that chase you and will cause damage and turn you 
into a child Cereza.  The best way to avoid this is to run then double jump 
when one of the vortexes approaches.  Note that if you are turned into a 
child, you can still dodge the bosses fist attack by pressing RT the moment it 
hits you in child Cereza form.

After taking the health bar down to yellow, the boss will start launching its 
hair into the floor again.  Take it down to about half health and you will be 
able to create a rope of witch hair up to the bosses face.  Ride up the hair 
while dodging laser beams and the bosses fists, then smack it across the face 
until you can finish it off.

Verse 7
Dismantle Jubileus statue.  Equip Shuraba and mash RB -> P to keep rushing to 
the next part of the statue.

Verse 8
Credits scrolling fight vs Jeanne.  This fight is always played on normal 
difficulty I believe.

Verse 9
Credits scrolling fight vs Affinities/Applauds.  This fight is always played 
on normal difficulty I believe.

Verse 10
Credits scrolling fight vs Affinities/Applauds.  This fight is always played 
on normal difficulty I believe.