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Battlefield: Bad Company



by Val

                            BATTLEFIELD: BAD COMPANY          
                            Singleplayer Walkthrough          
                           Created By Valentino-Aysir         
                            Ver 1.1  18th July 2008           

                                PLAYSTATION 3 and X360


This is a walkthrough written for an efficient approach to finishing  the single
player in BFBC while collecting all  Gold and collectibles. While it is for both
consoles, there really isn't any reason  to collect everything on PS3, so really
this is mainly for 360  players who want  those lovely achievements. There isn't
necessarily a right way of playing BFBC,this is just the most time saving manner
in which to do so.
For any comments or questions my email is [email protected] Remember to
put Battlefield or BFBC in the subject or i'll just treat it like spam and
delete it. :)




18.7.08 version 1.1 update
        Margin adjusted to 80 :(
        Still to do: Spellings haven't been checked yet
        Justification Needs to be done throughout

17.7.08 version 1.0 completed

10.7.08 version 0.5 walkthrough done


The grenade launcher attachment
For the purposes of this walkthrough, you will need an assault rifle at all
times The grenade launcher attachment is simply  indispensible. For this reason
when I point out to collect a weapon, it is solely for the purpose of collecting
it. You should always pick up your assault rifle again. If you can get away
without one, I will specifically say so in the  guide. Of  course  this is  just
for  the most efficient completist playthrough. Battlefield can be  played
through in  lots  of ways and the change in  weapons  changes the  game
drastically. You'll  never be stuck if you don't keep the weapons I tell  you
to, it just means you'll have  to look around at the available resources a bit
more :)

It's a  bit  hard to get your head round after so  many other single  player
FPS games,  but  the Respawn mechanic can be really abused. It works exactly as
you'd expect  from a  Multiplayer game, so the level progression will be
untouched when you are  respawned.  This  means  if  you  can't get through a
section, just keep taking a  running jump at  it  and you'll  break  through
eventually.  It's also important  to remember if you pass a  checkpoint  and
you're in  a  vehicle, the respawn will respawn the vehicle as well.

I've used lefts and rights instead of cardinal directions based on the map.
These are always based on the direction you're going, so they should always
make sense. If you get lost, retrace your steps to figure out what I mean.


    Seize the Artillery     
Soldier Drops: S20K, AEK271
Weapon Pickups : -
Gold: -

Once the cutscenes are over the game throws you into a tutorial. Proceed through
the tutorial and then gather  at  the smoke. Get into  the jeep and drive up the
hill to the artillery site.Dump the jeep upon reaching the metal spikes blocking
the road. Get out and run  down the hill to  the cluster of houses. Three guards
here, kill  them or  run through. Behind the back house, a path leads around the
regroup at  the smoke and then man the artillery gun to provide support for juno
company. The enemy come in three waves and don't pose much of a threat.Take them
out at your leisure -though if you're going for a speedy playthrough, aim half a
screens length infront of them to kill some while they are still travelling.With
that dealt with,head down the path and back up to the main  road to find a newly
spawned jeep.

       Operation Ram        
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : -
Gold: -

Ignore the Vodnik and continue to your  next objective along  the road. When you
reach the house, jump  out  of the jeep. Knife the door and collect the XM8. Get
back in the jeep and drive down to the enemy base at the river for Objective Ram
Wait at the entrance of the base and use the mounted gun on the jeep to kill the
soldiers (fix the jeep with the power-tool you  collected in the tutorial if it
gets too damaged) or just  let  your  team  mates  kill them. With that done,
move the truck out of the way and drive right to the edge of the river and use
the mounted gun on the jeep again. Kill  all the soldiers and ignore the BMD
light tank that arrives - an  allied  helicopter takes him out :)   With the
enemy infantry dead,regroup at the smoke.

      Operation Mustang     
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : -
Gold: -

Drive straight to the next  objective in the Vodnik. Eliminate the enemy, paying
particular  attention to the mounter gunner in the barn roof, he  can cause some
serious damage! Once  they're  dead  another BMD light tank makes an appearance.
Collect the marked Rocket Launcher and kill it! It should take two shots, or one
shot plus a grenade round or two from your primary weapon.

      Operation Impala      
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : -
Gold: -

If you're playing  on  hard, kill the mounted gunners  here  as they can do some
serious damage very quickly. On Normal and Easy you should be able to use the C4
and blow up the AA guns by running in, destroying the targets, heal and run out.
Next is onto Operation Bronco.

      Operation Bronco      
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : -
Gold: -

Make sure you still have the C4 (you'll need it) Continue up the road the convoy
is lined up on in the Vodnik and follow it to the farm. Drive past the first
buildings and park  at the crossroads. USe  the mounted gun and shoot the red
boxes by the grain silo's and then the red boxes in the barn roof with
the mounted gunner. With them taken care of, eliminate  the  other enemies. An
additional objective is given to  eliminate incoming reinforcements. Hot foot it
over to the bridge and just before it, lay down some C4 and stand back. It's
important that you don't plant is ON the bridge, do it just before. A vodnik
comes pelting over the bridge; just before it reaches it, set off the C4. One
down :D Repeat the process as a truck comes over. As the truck is exploding run
back  to the  road  opposite the barn  and silo (the one you used to get here)
and you'll see a truck coming at you. Drop some  C4, get out of it's way and
blow it up. No sooner have you done this a tank  will  steam roller towards you.
Hide behind  a building until it passes by and then stick it with the C4 and
blow it up. Nice and easy :)

      Objective Taurus      
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : -
Gold: -

Get in the vodnik, go across the bridge and tail  the  convoy. Not  too close
though! The convoy  will come under fire from artillery again. Get out of the
vodnik and  run to the red smoke. When you regain control get back in the vodnik
(if it's too damaged go get another one from near the bridge) drive  up the road
right up to the edge of the  combat zone. Now  turn left  and head up the hill
towards  the radar jammers. Use the Vodnik's mounted gun to take out the radar
jammers and then get out and regroup at the smoke. If the Vodnik is  still okay,
use  it, otherwise  hotfoot it off to the right and  head towards the objective
with no resistance.


     Explore The House,     
   Clear the Soldiers and   
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : -
Gold: 2

Smash open the door and enter the house. Collect the  Gold inside  to get your
first collectable  Gold bar. Also collect the C4 laying around and head towards
the  next objective to clear the enemy forces.There's two enemies walking down
the  road, one  inside  the first house, three inside the  tall house with the
stationary gun, one walking around the house and three down  by the beach. Kill
them all. The second Gold bar in inside the  house  with the  stationary   gun
on the second floor. Collect it and regroup at the red smoke.

   Objective Backfield      
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : 870 MCS
Gold: 1

While this mission does offer some freedom in which objective to complete first,
it's actually  better to listen to the sarge on this one. First  though, grab
the vodnik on the right and drive along the river to reach a small enemy outpost
The 870MCS weapon pickup is  next to the small shed and the next bar of Gold is
waiting in the middle of the construction works. Having gotten both, get into
the boat and sail across the river. Approach the Artillery base from  the side,
opening its walls up using the grenade launcher attachment. Kill the two guards
at the side, head in  and  shoot the guards  high and low at the far end of the
building. There should be another  guard just  over the boxes, kill him too.
Plant the C4 on the artillery and blow it all  to smithereens. (Plant the C4
actually ON the artillery rather than on the floor near it, otherwise your just
gonna have to  plant some more). With that done, leave the way you came in and
head across  the river again to your next objective. Ignore the enemies and make
a straight climb up the hill  to the  wooden buildings  at the side  of the fuel
base. Blow a hole in them and enter the base. Killing  here is optional, all you
really want to do as you approach the fuel base is aim high and use a grenade
to blow out the  second floor walls and then follow it up with a second to take
out the  fuel canisters up  high on the right of the building. Then walk in and
fire a grenade at  the big  fuel contaniners on the  ground floor and then look
to the left and fire a grenade  at  the  fuel  cannisters on the  second floor
(have your targeter just at the  top  of the cannisters to hit them. With that
done turn around, leg it  out and  to  the right  to regroup  at the smoke again

   Take out the Soldiers    
       on the bridge        
      Reach Zabrograd       
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : -
Gold: -

Pick up the mortar strike  and  aim out  of the window at the Vodniks. It should
take  two strikes to elimatate all enemies  on the  bridge. With that done,
collect  your C4 again and make your way across the destroyed bridge. Get into
the Vodnik at the side of the road and drive to the next  regroup spot. You can
cut the first hairpin and drive along the road that passes under the hill to
avoid the enemies lurking in the ruins.

      Obejctive Offside     
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : -
Gold: 1

Head into the town via the main entrance. Be on the lookout for incoming rockets
as a direct  hit will result in death. Gun down  any immediate threats and  use
your  grenade launcher to take out the first two rocket turrets (Kornets).  As
you approach the third  down the road a BMD tank  will make its way towards you.
Dive  into a side street and  as the BMD closes in, run out and plant some C4 on
it for a quick solution to your tank problem. Quickly take out the gunner on the
kornet and then fire  another grenade up at it. This  one  can  be a bit  tricky
to hit, so if your not confidant with your grenade aiming  skills, just  head up
the house and take it out at close  range. Head left  to  your final stationary
target. Refill your grenades as you approach and just fire them off from a
distance  to deal with him. WIth the objective finished head  towards  the exit
near  your next  objective. But before you take the exit, head  right and head
into the house  with the balcony and  the  stationary gunner, this should be two
houses away  from the exit. Head  into the house  and on the  second floor you
should  find the  next bar of Gold :)  Okay now blow a hole in the wall and make
your way to the smoke for the next objective.

     Protect The Tanks      
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : M249
Gold: 1

This objective can be a little tiresome as your forced to go at the pace of the
tanks and even if you rush on ahead, you have to wait for them catch up. You
might be tempted to grab  the repair tool here, but trust me and stick with your
C4. As you start following/leading the tanks, the house on  the right with the
enemy troops holds the M249 weapon pickup. If  you already  have it you can  hop
in to one of the tanks and use thier machine guns to take out most of the enemy
here.Plus the tanks are far more resistant to damage when you are in them. About
half way the tanks stop and you're  ambushed by BMD's. You can get out and blow
them up using your C4 if you want, but the friendly tanks make short  work of
them anyway; just concentrate on the enemy troops in the back.As the tanks start
moving  again, keep killing the enemies and quickly take care of the  kornet in
the distance. If your tank gets low on health, hop out and jump into another one
If one  or two  of  your  tanks bites the  dusk, its no big deal, but this is on
of the sections in the game where you can't  respawn. Once the tanks reach their
destination  head over  the  far left to this  entrance  into  Zabograd,behind
the mausoleams to find another bar of Gold and your final for the level. Regroup
at the smoke with that done.

     Destroy the Radio      
Soldier Drops: AKS74u
Weapon Pickups : -
Gold: -

Head into the town behind the tanks. Ingnore the  enemies and  head to the house
directly right of the way you came into town. Plant three  sticks of C4 near the
corner of  the house by the door and  just outside  of the  door. Remember,press
Square (or X on 360) to lay  another C4 without blowing up the first) Now turn a
round and head back and to the  left. There's  a L shaped fence back here. Plant
the rest of your C4 here. With  those preperations made  arm your gun and head
to the house  that has your objective.  Kill  the numerous  guards  outside.
Pickup  and  drop the AKS74u - it's carried by the specialists, the enemies with
the  black ski  masks. Head  up into the house  and destroy the radio equipment.
Then head back out to regroup at the smoke.

       Groundhog Down       
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : -
Gold: -

Start heading towards the opposite side of town. As you near the fountain, get
out your C4 and set it off. This should hopefully completly destroy the first
wave of enemies  that  are supposed to rush at you :) Now refill your C4 and gun
down any stragglers. There will be a vodnik at  some point, use the C4 or rocket
launcher to take it out. Two soldiers will spawn inside houses infront of  the
tank, they won't come down, so your gonna have to go kill them personally. With
the first waves taken care of you should get a checkpoint save. At this point,
run  over to the  entrance opposite  the  downed tank and plant the C4  at the
archway. A BMD  will trundle  over soon, set  off the C4  and destroy him. As he
explodes throw another C4 at the trailing Vodnik and blow him  up  too. A few
infantry later  and the enemy threat is over. Regroup at the smoke.

     Reach The Harbour      
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : SCAR
Gold: -

Get into the Jeep and drive until you hit a roadblock. Climb  up the hill to the
regroup smoke. After the cutscene, head back and the right to pick up  and drop
the SCAR. Now  run at the Harbour, with a well timed running jump, you should be
able to leap the walls. If not, blow them open and run for the warehouse where
the end cutscene will kick in and kill all the mercs :P


  Saving Private Haggard    
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : SPAS12
Gold: -

This looks hard when the level starts, but it's far easier than that. Run
straight down and keep to the right of the main road, chopping  fences with your
trusty knife.One of the houses just before the river has the SPAS12, so get that
and drop it  and quickly run across the river and up  the other side, healing
when necessary. Run past the guard houses, straight to Haggard - this neatly
sidesteps all the guard towers and the Heavy Tank. :)

    Destroy the Antennas    
Soldier Drops: SV98
Weapon Pickups : AN94, XM8C
Gold: 2

Continue along the road (wait for the combat  zone  to  expand) and get to the
road block. Here you'll find the XM8c Weapon pickup and a bar of Gold. Collect
both and head straight for the antenna. Cut or blow open the fencing and then
fire a grenade at the  box at  the foot of the antenna to disable it. (Not quite
as impressive as  disabling the  Antenna in COD4 eh? ;) The next antenna will be
marked on your map, so follow the road towards it. As you head that way there
is a hut  on  the  right  with a sniper inside. Kill the sniper and collect and
drop his SV98 if you  haven't already  and then pick up the AN94 in the same
house and drop it. With that done, leg it  to the next antenna. Jus t be careful
of the occasional snipers. Stay to the left as you approach the second antenna
to  avoid the  base and blow it up as you did with the first. Immedietly head
down the  hill  towards  the  big barn to  start making your way to the next
antenna. But first, hop into the AA gun to take out the helicopter that appears.
With the helicopter downed, head into the barn's basement to retrieve your next
bar  of Gold. Go into the barn and collect the repair tool before hopping into
the  Vodnik and speeding  to the last antenna. Drive straight through the enemy
forces and blow up the third antenna. Don't worry  about the angry enemy - in a
moment the red smoke appears and you can use it to escape them :D

     Get to the Harbour     
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : MG36
Gold: 1

I know what your thinking...but don't hop into the tank. Get into the vodnik and
start making your way to the harbour. Stick to the right of the  road and you'll
come across a house with an empty tank and a weapon pickup. Hop out of the
Vodnik, kill  the occupants of the house and collect the MG36 (you can stick
with this weapon if you like, it's pretty good and you don't really need the
grenade attachment for the rest of this  level). Collect  the  Gold bar in  the
house and then hop  into the Tank. Drive straight  to the  harbour (use the
repair tool if you take too much damage -respawning puts you right back at the
thrid antenna) Regroup at the smoke at the harbour entrance.

     Get to the Trucks      
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : SVU
Gold: 2

Run down and stick to the right.Climb up the pipes in the water and take out the
soldier in the guard lookout tower and proceed forward. A Vodnik intercepts you
at the road, take  out the gunner and the driver. Repair the vodnik and drive it
down the  road to the left. Climb  up the  stairs and then face back out of the
harbour. There's a group of contaniners here and your aim is to leap over the
railing and onto them. Do a running jump to make it easier. The next Gold  bar
is on  top of  the  containers. Get back into the vodnik and drive back the way
you came and around further into the harbour. After the next bend you'll see an
enemy vodnik approaching from  the right. Drive  past  him to go  where he
came from to reach the regroup smoke.  As you regain control head right along
the high ground  and  then jump off after  the  big  buildings, continue in that
direction and you'll reach two wooden shacks. Go into the one with the Acta Non
Verba sign to collect the last Gold bar for  the  level. Head  back the  way you
came, the second large warehouse building has the SVU pickup, so get it and drop
it. Now  kill the  Vodnik gunner, repair the vodnik and drive it down the last
stretch to the end of the level.


Start of the mission, climb up towards the red smoke and watch the ensuing

  Destroy the AA launchers  
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : NS2000, MG3, M16, M24
Gold: 2

Head down the cliff face for the  target  straight  infront of you.The buildings
on the right as you approach hold the NS2000, so collect that first. Then  head
into the building under the artillery and grab your favourite friend, the C4 :)
Climb up the stairs outside and blow up the artillery  using the C4. Leg it to
the left of the base, past the empty tank to the river. Get  into  a boat  and
start to head to the left. Follow the opposite shore around until you reach a
wooden bridge and moor just past it. Get out head to the enemy base to the right
and blow up  the  second AA  launcher. There's  also a MG3 weapon pickup on the
right corner as  you approach  the  base, collect it. Run  back to  your boat
(there will be an enemy tank on its way, so be quick). Take the boat further up
the river until you see another enemy outpost on the right.This one is abandoned
but  has the first bar of Gold and the M16 pickup. Get both. The M16 is an
upgraded assault rifle, so feel free to hang on to it. Get back in the boat and
keep following the bank on your right. You will head out of the combat zone as
you  round the corner of the land, but ignore the message and you will drive out
safely. Further up there will be an island on your left. Pull up near it and get
off  the  boat. The island doesn't have  much, but it does have your second Gold
pick up and  the  M24 sniper  rifle to collect. Get both and then take the boat
towards the last target. You'll  come  across  a beach  strewn  with  concrete
blockers and metal spikes. Leave the boat, run to the target and C4 it to death
and then run right, through the fence and regroup at the smoke.

 Collect the Supply Package 
   Take out the T94 Tank    
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : -
Gold: -

Take the BMD light tank and head  up  the  road to the smoke.  Collect the laser
designator and then switch it out for the C4 again.  Hide  on  the  near side of
the houses on the right side of the road.When the T94 comes close, run out,stick
him  with  C4  and  blow him to  kingdom come. Regroup at the smoke.

  Reach the Supply Station  
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : PP2000
Gold: 1

Take the BMD and drive up the road to the supplt  station. Take  out  the  guard
tower and the soldier next to it.Drive staight through the Supply station, right
up to the enemy BMD. Jump out of your tank and use your C4 to take out the enemy
tank. With him taken out, go  around  the base and eliminate all other enemies.
Careful with dying here, the spawn point is all the way back at the previous
red smoke and you don't get your vehicles back, so Hard mode can get quite
annoying once you've lost your Vodnik, BMD Tank and Golf Kart. With the enemies
dead collect the PP2000  collectable  from  the large  white building and then
head past the fence behind the two  heavy tanks  to  collect the Gold  bar from
near the pillar. With that out the way, pickup a  Power tool (there's  two near
the tanks) and get into one of the Heavy tanks, you're going for a ride :)

      Get to the Palace     
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : UMP, VSS
Gold: 1

This is a pretty straightforward section, your tank  is more  than  capable  of
taking out all enemies here comfortably. If your playing on Hard, repair your
tank between fights and continue along the path When the game checkpoints for
the third time along the path (this should be just before the encounter with
another T90 in the middle of the road) deal with the enemy tank and then head
left towards the empty T90 tank you should see on your minimap. There's a small
shed near it  which holds the next Gold bar. Collect it and hop into the new T90
tank to run the final stretch down towards the palace. This bit can be a little
frustrating on Hard and sometimes  on normal. There will be two entrenched T90's
firing at you and on Hard you'll have to kill them to proceed. The best way is
to abuse the respawning system and just keep hammering towards them, firing as
much  as you can  until they die.  Whatever way you choose to destroy them, with
them gone approach the bridge  barrier and kill the soldiers here. On the right
of the barrier, in one of the guard towers there will be the  UMP submachine gun
to collect. So collect it and head to the bridge. As you  reach the  bridge it
will  explode, so step on to it and step right off. Pick up the VSS and take the
pathway on the left of the bridge.There's  a whole bunch of soldiers gunning for
you here so take them out at long range with  the VSS. As  you  reach a  third
over the forces across the bridge will open fire as well. There's one Mounted
machine gunner, a sniper right next to him and a sniper in the wooden building
to the left. Use the VSS and  take  them all out first. Keep an eye on your
health when sniping and heal when  required. Once  they're dead, that's the main
threats dealt with.Continue along killing the standard soldiers as they approach
until you cross over to the right side and reach the smoke.

    Rescue the President    
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : PKM
Gold: 1

First thing, kill the few mercs running at you and collect the PKM. You can keep
that  if you want, it has a lot of ammo and is pretty good for the last run of
this mission. There's two ways to tackle this bit.On Easy and Normal you can run
straight through the middle  of the enemy  forces and keep healing to make it to
the checkpoint at the Palace doors.  On Hard that's  not possible  so, head to
the right after collecting the PKM and go around the walls of the garden. On the
minimap it  will almost look as though you are out of the Area of Operation, but
you should be fine.  When the wall  ends you can then make a dash to the Palace
doors and the Garden mercs won't notice you.Once inside, kill all the Mercs.They
all carry M16's so  you can use those to  replace the PKM or VSS if you still
have it. There's a whole lot of them on the stairs,  so careful if you run right
up them.The final Gold bar for the  level  is  on the  ground  floor  in  the
back  and if the mission doesn't complete once the palace is empty it's because
there's usually a cowardly merc around the back or side of the palace. Once
they're all dead, regroup at the doors to the President's room.


      Helicopter 101        
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : -
Gold: 1

Take a moment to get to grips with the helicopter. If  you've  come from playing
multiplayer  you'll notice it's Very different. The Single Player helicopter is
designed for ease of use and it can hover far easier than the multiplayer one
Also  it's a tad  slower too... Good news is that the rockets the Helicopter
comes armed with are infinite with zero reload,so fire like crazy at everything.
If your on X360 you can rack up quite a few of the achievements here by firing
at everything. So first things first, land at the smoke. Jump out, run in to the
house and  collect the  powertool  and repair the helicopter. Take off and
destroy the three trucks, you  should be  able to  manage it in a single flyover
Ignore the tutorial to use the  gunner seat  - you don't need it. Fly on! When
you reach the dam, destroy the two trucks going  across  and  land  at  the left
side  of the dam. The large white building has the first Gold bar for the level.
So kill the  nearby  soldiers, collect the Gold and get back in the helicopter.

 Destroy Serdar's Military  
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : -
Gold: 2

Head towards the next targets. First up are the silos; there are three  sets of
them, so as  you fly past, fire a few rockets their way to take them out. An
anti-air BMD tank will roll up onto the small bridge past the silos. Fire at him
a few times to take him out, or fire  at the bridge and he'll take the plunge;
though of course the latter way will mean  you  take  a few hits. Next up is the
barracks, hover near them and shoot at all the buildings. Once they've all taken
a certain percentage of damage they'll be considered inorperable and you can fly
on to the next target.
Fly towards the big bridge ahead, fire around the  center  to destroy the bridge
and throw the AA BMD into the depths below. As you approach the comms center it
is adivisable on anything above Easy mode to take out all the soldiers in the
compound. On  Easy  the  only people that need to be taken out are the troops
directly by the bridge entrance and the troops ontop of the comms building. With
that done land on top of the comms building. If you  took a  while getting to
this point a Vodnik will drive up,so destroy it before entering the comms
centre. You can jump in through the skylight or take the stairs down on the side
of the building and blow open the side of the building. Take the stairs inside
the centre to reach the basement. On the  left of  the  stairs you'll find the
second Gold pickup, on the right you'll find  the  objective. Shoot  two grenade
shots at the computer systems here and run back up the stairs. Take the side
exit and head up the stairs to your helicopter. There will be  another  vodnik
here now,so repair your helicopter and then take out. As soon as you drop below
the comms centre the vodniks can't target you anymore. Head toward s the next
objective. There will be another AA BMD heading for the  end of the main island,
so take him out and fly on (if you ignore him, he can shred  your helicopter).
Before you reach the next obejctive you'll see a small island with ruins and two
enemy soldiers. Land here, kill the soldiers and pick up the third bar of Gold.
Get back in the helicopter and head to the next objective.

   Cut off Serdar's Fuel    
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : -
Gold: 1

This section requires you to shoot the crap out of everything that moves,pretty
much. I won't specify when you need to repair, just  do  it  as  required as the
damage you take can vary depending on your accuracy against the AA BMD's. Swoop
forward and  take out the first AA BMD and then destroy the three trucks driving
up the road. Head right  and  take out the AA BMD here.  Now  head  back  left
and then across the river. Take out another AA  BMD before blitzing the base.
Destroy the trucks, the soldiers and the final AA BMD in the area. Two  gunboats
will soon join the fray.  Before taking them out, land near the large  white
building  that  was near the final AA BMD you took  out (make sure you land the
helicopter in cover,  so the  gunboats don't take it out while your away)
Collect the fourth Gold bar from  the  building.  With  the  Gold  collected
take off in the helicopter,  destroy the gunboats. Be mindful of thier missile
barrages, they can be quite lethal.

    Land and Refuel the     
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : -
Gold: 1

The fuel gauge will start  buzzing as  your helicopter realises its low on fuel.
Head to  the next objective marker as it appears and land at the base. You will
be ejected from your helicotper and told to get a fuel truck to the helicopter.
There are three choices, the easiest  one being  down the road. If Sweetwater
hasn't already, get on the kornet and take out the approaching Vodnik. Head down
the main road, taking out any targets present. As you approach  the  branching
road left, go into the large while building (looks like all  the other Gold
storage buildings in  the level) on the corner to collect the last piece of Gold
for the  level. Get back  onto the road  and head all the way down and get the
truck back to the helicopter.  This should  be  pretty  easy if you elimiated
most of enemies along the road.

   Protect The Helicopter   
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : -
Gold: -

While Sweetwater figures out how to fix the helicopter, you have to fight off
the  enemy forces. Use the stationary machine gun to gun them all down as  they
appear. Haggard  will take care of  the  ones on the far right, you take the one
coming up the road. After the first wave the second wave will come with a vodnik
Take this out with the kornet and then use the machine gun to mop up the last of
them. The final few come from Haggard's side, so lend him a hand. When they're
all dead three AA BMD's  will approach and the mission to get back in the
helicotper will be given. Don't try and fight the AA BMDs, they're far too tough
Just get back in the helicopter and take off to end the mission.


      Get to the house      
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : -
Gold: -

Head down to the village. Stay slightly  to the right, there  are  fewer enemies
 out in the more open areas. You'll see a building with  fencing  all around it
and  explosive tanks inside  (on the minimap it will show up as a building with
two pickups).  Approach  it and shoot  the explosive tanks, to tear open the
fencing and the side of the house. This should give you an easy approach  and
means you don't have to tackle too many of the enemy. Once inside a cutscene
plays. As the cutscene ends, pick up the M95 sniper rifle to collect it and grab
the rocket launcher as well. Quickly head for the boat  behind the house and use
it to get to the opposite river bank. You have to be quick, otherwise on  Normal
and Hard the Vodnik that arrives after the  cutscene will  keep  bugging you as
you try to get across the river.

 Get to the Communications  
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : -
Gold: 1

Get into the CAV and drive straight ahead  in the same direction it was facing.
Ignore the  first road you'll drive over, when you reach the second, start
following it around to the right  (anti-clockwise) Two vodniks should drive past
and blitz your poor CAV. Luckily there's a  checkpoint up  ahead you can use to
get your CAV back afresh, otherwise, you're walking. There's a dirt  road that
braches off left just as you get checkpointed. Take this road to reach a small
dead end base.  The house at the back of the base has the first bar of Gold for
the level. Collect it and get  back to  the main road. Continue driving, head
around the roadblock and drive straight through the barrier at the comms centre.
Drive past the initial buildings and get to the bridge that leads to the roof of
the comms centre. Kill the guards here and steal their AK's. Use the skylight to
break into the comms building and make your  wayto it's basement. A cutscene

   Get to the Monastery     
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : -
Gold: 3

This bit can be quite hard.  There's  a  lot of guards just outside the comms
building waiting to kill you. Head up ladder, shoot the explosive  materials  to
blow  a  hole  in  the wall and leg it to the higher ground. Once here, tear a
hole in the fence and then run back down along the fence to the back entrance to
the comms centre. There's two trucks parked up here and  three  enemies to kill.
Kill them and steal a truck. Don't go rushing for the objective marker just yet
though. Drive the truck straight off the edge of the cliff. That's  right,
straight  off! Use  the brakes  to  provide  a little more stability, but really
there's only a 20%  chance  that  you'll survive with your truck. If you'r truck
lands upside down, get out and whatever you do don't get out while it's  still
in  motion  as  you'll probably run yourself over. If you die here, you go all
the way back inside the comms centre :( Anyway, your target is the only building
in the area with a pickup - you'll see it  on  your  minimap. The building has a
handy M-16 and the  second  bar  of  Gold  get  both and then  get moving  (with
or without your truck) along the river, heading right. The obective markers at
this stage are only guides and you need not visit them directly to move the
mission on.
Keep following the river until you reach a crossing (it'll be  shown as  such on
the minimap and there will be rocks in the water to signify.Keep to the right of
the crossing and  climb up on  the  other side. If your lucky you won't attract
any  attention from the stationary gunner on the left. Up ahead you will now see
the Hydroplant. Kill the guard outside, steal the CAV and drive straight through
the Hydroplant. There's a good chance to Kornet  mounted  soldier  will  kill
you here, if he does, head around the hydroplant to avoid confrontation. Once
through there will be  another river crossing, take it. Keep following the road
and you'll reach another parked up CAV. Get into it  and drive left...ish.
There's groups of houses here with enemies inside. Head  to the one furthest out
to collect the third piece of Gold.
Then drive straight up towards the obejctive marker. Driving up the  big rocky
expanse should  get you out of the tightest bits of the village, but unless your
lucky, you'll  still have to deal with the T-90. Use the rocket launcher to take
him out and then continue driving up  the  winding  road towards the monastery.
You'll come across a vodnik and a stationary gunner. When you reach the signpost
which says monsatery and you can see a bridge up ahead,turn right to head up the
blocked off  road instead. Head up to the top of this path, avoiding or killing
the snipers and gunners. Look down  from the top and you'll see lots of ruins in
between the winding road you  just  took. Head  amongst the ruins to collect the
fourth piece of Gold. With that done, head up again and take the  skinny  bridge
to reach the monastery.

  Get inside the Monastery  
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : -
Gold: -

This bit can be quite taxing. One easy you can run from the bridge, through  the
main  entrance to the monastery, heal yourself, jump over the sandbags by the
stationary gunner,knife the soldier blocking your way and reach the inside where
upon a cutscene kicks in. On Hard  and  at  times on normal its not quite that
straightforward. You can take out the necessary  people  here  (like the
stationary gunner) and then try to barrel your way in, or you can take it slowly
and kill everyone in the courtyard. With the ability to take cover at the sides
of the entrance,  this way isn't too hard, just time consuming. Once your inside
and the cutscene kicks in, the objective is complete.

     Get to the Harbour     
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : XM8 LMG
Gold: 1

Seems like an awful lot of harbours in this game :P First  thing, head to  the
top of the  monastery's tower for another achievement and then head back to the
main entrance of the monstery.Collect  the XM8LMG from the main courtyard (it
should be in the top right corner as your leaving).Just ouside of the entrance a
few enemy's are milling about. Kill them. Head  left and  as you reach the  edge
of  the monsastery head left again. Stay  on  the  raised  ground  just by the
monastery walls and head around until you can see another set of ruins  down
below. This  one has  a  the  ruins  of a circular tower building among them.
Head down to it and collect the last piece of Gold for the  level.From  here,
use your rocket launcher to destroy the BMD tank waiting by the bridge. Then
run  down  the  mountainside in the general direction of the objective marker.
When you finally reach the ground level  you  should be near another CAV. Steal
it and drive right past the  ambushing BMD. There's a checkpoint just  past
the BMD, so don't worry about taking a little damage. Drive past the Vodnik and
head to the hydroplant. On hard this bit can get a bit annoying with the
helicopter that's started to follow you. He's a bit random and can be a little
too evil. You can use the  checkpoint  at  the  hydroplant, keep repawning with
the CAV and gun him down if  you  want. He's  quite  hardy, but will  die
eventually.Eitherway, leap off into the water and get into a boat. Now it's just
a matter of staying alive while driving as fast as possible  to the  final
objective marker at the harbour. Apart from the  helicopter the  only other real
danger here is the large  gunboat. The best way to deal with him is drive
straight at him, so that he can't deliver an  entire missile  barrage into  your
side, and then quickly turn.  Once you pass the final bridge a cutscene kicks in
and it's mission done.


      Secure The Beach      
Soldier Drops: T194, GOL, AUG, 9A91
Weapon Pickups : -
Gold: -

Run up to the top of the hill. When enemy base  comes  into view, start blasting
away at the rooftop squatters. Go  for  the  Stationary  gunners first, then the
Kornet's  then the sniper atop the tall thin building top. You  have  to
eliminate  all enemies here, so with the rooftop dwellers dealt with, head down
and kill anything that moves. Normal soldiers  will  drop the  AUG, a few will
have the T194 or the 9A91 and the sniper (the guy in the wooly overcoat atop the
tower) will  have the GOL. Collect them all and then deal with the light tank
that appraoches. There's a  rocket launcher just near your entry point into the
base which you can use to deal with the  tank, or  use  or  a  Kornet. With that
trouble taken care of, make sure you have the rocket  launcher  by the end of it
and head to the red smoke.

        Reach Sadiz         
Soldier Drops: QJU88
Weapon Pickups : SPAS15
Gold: 2

Drive up the road to the next base. There's a lot of Kornet's here that will
probably shred your tank. Kill them. Directly on your left as you first approach
the base there are two building. Head through to the second one to retrieve your
first bar of Gold. Head back to the normal way into the base.After you walk past
the entry corridor of Kornet's head into the buildings on the  right.  One of
them has a soldier wielding a QJU88 and the other has a weapon pickup for SPAS15
If  you've been following this guide to get the weapons, you should now have all
of them and if your on X360  you'll hear  that  warm fuzzy sound that tells you,
you've unlocked an achivement for it. The next bit can be handled in two ways.
One is to get the Black Eagle tank sitting at the top of  the base and proceed
slowly, killing enemies. The other is to get into the Kobra  or  your CAV  and
drive straight through. The latter is really the smarter option :) drive up the
road to  the next  objective marker. Three light tanks will head your way, keep
to the  right of the road and drive straight past them. From here keep following
the edge of the Area of Operation.  There will be a small wooden fenced base up
ahead (past a few heavy tanks), inside you'll find your second bar  of  Gold and
a replacement CAV. Follow the AOO past the dragons teeth (toblorone shapes)
straight to the next objective. The game will take over control here briefly and
then run a cutscene.

  Destroy the Two Bridges   
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : -
Gold: -

Turn around and climb the moutain round so that the town swings into view. We're
going to be avoiding confrontation again so get ready to run. Head down by  the
fencing and stick to  the left side of  the town, right by the edge of the AOO.
There will be a  few times when  you go outside it, just make sure you get back
inside on time. Use your knife to chop at the fences in the way.  When you reach
a small clearing head straight for the right bridge first. Ignore the tank, run
under  the bridge  and use the grenade launcher attachment on your rifle to take
it  out. It  only  takes  one  shot. With that done, turn around and run for the
other bridge and shoot it  with a grenade launcher shot as well. Now head across
to the other bank and start running to the left area, where your next obejctive

   Get to the Vista Point   
     Create a Diversion     
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : -
Gold: 1

Head up the narrow passage. Use the rocket launcher to take out  the  stationary
guns before they see you and climb under the broken pipe. There's another  piece
of  Gold on the right side of the building that the enemy are stationed in, so
collect it before running to the red smoke. Run down into the town with Haggard,
head up the building  with the objective marker to collect the laserdesignator.
Use it on the large building in the distance. If your playing  X360,  keep the
laser designator (you'll need it for another achievement) otherwise just switch
back to the rocket launcher. Jump off the building, heal yourself and run in the
opposite direction to the  building you just blew up, being mindful of sudden
mercenary forces appearing.

   Get to the Warehouse     
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : -
Gold: 2

The second last building on the left, in the direction your running, has the
fourth bar of Gold on its roof.So go in, climb the ladder and collect the  Gold.
From  here  take  out  the  black  eagle tank blocking your way out and then run
towards the  next obejctive. As you  approach  the  large  skeletal buildings,
stay inside the ones on the right. There's one soldier in the first building,
kill him. And then one soldier and one light tank hiding by the side of  the
second.Take  them  out on Hard, ignore them on anything else. Stick to the right
and collect the final piece  of Gold  sitting by  the empty swimming pools.
That is the final piece of Gold, so that's another  achievement right there. :)
Run to the CAV, climb in and watch the cutscene.

 Take out the Legionnaire   
Soldier Drops: -
Weapon Pickups : -
Gold: -

Head along the rail tracks, taking out mercs as you go.When you reach the AA gun
at the  end, it will explode. Kill the mercs here and climb to the top of the
stairs. The Legionnaire's  helicopter will be flying around trying to kill you.
The tactic to killing him  is  using the provided rocket launcher to shoot him.
He's got a fairly easy  pattern, just  wait for him to fly straight at  the
platform firing missiles. When he's spent, he will  hover for a moment -  that's
your moment to rocket him. Then just survive until he repeats the move. If you
want the 'One in a  Million' achievement to hit a helicopter with the laser
designator then  take aim  and try to  time it so that your  missile is  falling
as he becomes stationary. It's no use targeting  him when he is stationary, your
missile will just fly down as he starts to move.Either way he goes down in three
hits. :)

Well  done you've killed the Legionnaire...well actually you haven't.
He does a Liquid Snake and somehow survives a helicopter crash unscathed.


Armed with the gold the members of BAD COMPANY go on to do great things.
Haggard fufills his dream and becomes Michael Jackson
Sweetwater becomes a cocktail waitress
Redford Opens a fish and chip shop
and one ever knew what happened to Preston. Some say he went on
and started playing multiplayer...they say if you listen really hard in Oasis
you can hear the protagonist whispering...y'know.

That was all a joke BTW...but it would've been nice :D


Acta Non Verba:
1: In the house at the start
2: During first enemy encounter,2nd floor of the house with the stationary gun
3: Base by the riverbank, just proceed right from the first boats and pier
4: Zabograd when your destroying the four Kornets, house by the back exit with
   the stationary gun
5: Outside by the mausoleams, after escorting the tanks to Zabograd

Crossing Over:
1: Road block after reaching Haggard, keep heading down the main road
2: Under the Barn near the AA gun
3: In a house during the crossing to the Harbour (Note:This can be reached after
   the 1st antenna)
4: First section of the harbour, ontop of containers on the left side
5: Last section of the harbour, inside a building on the right side

Par For The Course:
1: In an abandoned base to the top left of the map
2: On an island near the top of the map
3: Just behind the supply base
4: Off to the side of the final road bend that leads to the Palace bridge
5: In the back of the Palace, first floor

Air Force One:
1: On the left of the dam, inside a building
2: In the basement of the Comms centre
3: On a small island after leaving the comms centre
4: In a white building when destroying the trucks
(If you complete the objective to kill the trucks & boats, you will be unable
   to collect the Gold)
5: In a building to the left of the main road, just after passing the branching
   road left

Crash and Grab:
1: In a small base en route to the Comms centre going anti-clockwise and
   approaching from above
2: Directly below the Comms centre. Just drive off the comms centre cliff.By the
   river side
3: By a small house at the foot of the monastery mountain, at the furthest point
4: In the ruins when taking the back road into the monatstery
5: Ruins when leaving the monastery. Circle around the edge and the climb down
   the mountain.

Ghost Town:
1: In the second enemy base, just by the road block
2: In a building on the right as you drive through the tank and artillery field
3: By the buiding just before the vista point; after climbing over the broken
   fuel pipes
4: On top of a building after creating a diversion. To the far right.
5: By the empty pools when reaching the CAV to get to the warehouse.
   (Once you get into the CAV there is no way back)


870MCS		: Acta Non Verba, Near Gold Pickup 3
9A91		: Ghost Town, collect from enemy
AEK971		: Welcome to Bad Company, collect from enemy
AKS74u		: Acta Non Verba, Collect from enemy during destroy radio comms
AN94		: Crossing Over, In a house past the 1st antenna
AUG		: Ghost Town, collect from enemy
GOL		: GhosT Town, collect from enemy
M16		: Par For The Course, Near Gold Pickup 1 or any Mercenary
M24		: Par For The Course, Near Gold Pickup 2
M249		: Acta Non Verba, in the first roadside house when escorting the
M95		: Crash and Grab, at the first obejctive
MG3		: Par For The Course, near the second (left most) AA launcher
MG36		: Crossing Over, Near Gold Pickup 3
NS2000		: Par For The Course,Near the first AA launcher or at the supply
PKM		: Par For The Course, By the fountain infront of the palace
PP2000		: Par For The Course, At the Supply base
QJU88		: Ghost Town, collect from enemy at the 2nd base or pickup after
                  creating a diversion
S20K SAIGA	: Welcome to Bad Company, collect from enemy
SCAR		: Acta Non Verba, at the vista point, before the harbour
SPAS12		: Crossing Over, Inside a house just before the first river
SPAS15		: GhostTown, Second floor of a building in the second enemy base
SV98		: Crossroads, collect from enemy
SVU		: Crossroads, In a warehouse in the last section of the harbour
T194		: Ghost Town, collect from enemy
UMP		: Par For The Course, in a building just before the exploding
XM8		: Welcome to Bad Company, Part of Obejctive Ram
XM8LMG		: Crash and Grab, Inside the Monastery courtyard
XM8c		: Crossing Over, Near Gold Pickup 1


Always Get Paid in Gold Bars     : Complete Welcome to Bad Company on Normal
Action Not Words                 : Complete Welcome to Bad Company on Hard
Not Even a Nugget!               : Complete Acta Non Verba on Normal
Where Are They Going So Fast?    : Complete Acta Non Verba on Hard
You And What Army                : Complete Crossing Over on Normal
Say Goodbye To The Gold          : Complete Crossing Over on Hard
He Might Come in Handy           : Complete Par For The Course on Normal
Cart Wheels                      : Complete Par For The Course on Hard
Hold on                          : COmplete Air Force One on Normal
Russia                           : COmplete Air Force One on Hard
Let's Take That Boat             : Complete Crash and Grab on Normal
Capatalist Pigs, Very Nice       : Complete Crash and Grab on Hard
Sir, Yes Sir!                    : Complete Ghost Town on Normal
Here is Your DD-214              : Complete Ghost Town on Hard
Staying Alive                    : Complete any mission without dying
The Hypochondriac                : Use Auto Injector 50 Times
Killer on the Loose              : Kill 25 Enemies
Been There, Drove That           : Drive All Vehicle Types (Jeep, Tank, Heli,
The Anti-Mechanic                : Destroy 50 vehicles (containing enemy AI)
Death From Above                 : Kill 25 Enemy units from the Helicotper
Home Wrecker                     : Destroy 200 Walls
Manic Lumberjack                 : Knock Down a Small Forest
On Top Of The World              : Get To the Top of the Monstastery (Crash and
One in a Million                 : Hit the Legionnaire with the Laser designator
I Love Gold                      : Find One Gold Bar
Check My Grill                   : Find Half of the Gold Bars
Gold DIgger                      : Find All Gold Bars
You Found It You Keep It         : Find 5 Collectibles
Half Way Thru                    : Find half of the collectibles
Clean Sweep                      : Find all collectibles

Thanks to DICE, EA and the all powerful ANUS PANDA

as a final note...anyone know why Serderistan's army is dressed in the Russian
and is that American Soldier at the end in on it or does he really think Gold is
scrap metal?