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Spirits FAQ

by ChocoboVanguard

                                                   '   _    \              
     /|                                     .--. /   /` '.   \    _..._    
     ||                                     |__|.   |     \  '  .'     '.  
     ||                                 .|  .--.|   '      |  '.   .-.   . 
     ||   __        __                .' |_ |  |\    \     / / |  '   '  | 
     ||/' __ '.  .:--.'.         _  .'     ||  | `.   ` ..' /  |  |   |  | 
     |:/`   '. '/ |   \ |      .' |'--.  .-'|  |    '-...-'`   |  |   |  | 
     ||      | |`" __ | |     .   | / |  |  |  |               |  |   |  | 
     ||\     / ' .'.''| |   .'.'| |// |  |  |__|               |  |   |  | 
     |/\'. .' / / /   | |_.'.'.-'  /  |  '.'                   |  |   |  | 
     '  `' -'`  \ \._,\ '/.'   \_.'   |   /                    |  |   |  | 
                 `--'  `"             `'-'                     '--'   '--' 

                              Bastion: Spirits FAQ 
                Written by Garrett Gaunch, aka ChocoboVanguard.
(Version 1.0)
               "The only spirits permitted on the Rippling Walls
                  were the kind that increased productivity."

-Table of Contents-

General Information......................................................[gnfo]
List of Spirits..........................................................[sprt]
Frequently Asked Questions...............................................[faqs]
Version History..........................................................[vers]

Introduction                                                             [intr]
   Because of a lack of FAQs concerning the wonderful piece of art that is
Bastion, I decided to start putting together a few guides based around
different elements of the game. This guide will put together a comprehensive
list of the spirits in Bastion as well as answer questions that have arisen
about their uses.

General Information                                                      [gnfo]
   "Spirits" in Bastion are a way of adding passive benefits to the player when
equipped. Upon leveling up, a new "shelf" will be unlocked in the Distillery.
After the Distillery is built in the Bastion, spirits can be freely swapped at
any time. In addition, many spirits can be bought from the Lost-And-Found, with
new spirits being unlocked after the True Lost-And-Found is completed. Finally,
several spirits are added when the True Distillery is built.

Exp. Needed to Gain a Level:
Level 2: 1180
Level 3: 6820
Level 4: 10000
Level 5: 17000
Level 6: 17000
Level 7: 17000
Level 8: 15000
Level 9: 15000
Level 10: 15000

List of Spirits                                                          [sprt]


-Squirt Cider-
Effect: Adds 10 to max health.
Negative Effect: None.
Cost: N/A

Effect: Adds 10% to critical hit rate, but only while at maximum health.
Side Effect: None.
Cost: N/A.

-Fetching Fizz-
Effect: Doubles the effective range for fragment pickup, making it easier
   to collect fragments. Does not affect Tonics or other items.
Negative Effect: None.
Cost: N/A.

Effect: All attacks become critical hits when health is at 1/3 or below.
Negative Effect: None.
Cost: N/A.


-Falling Malt- 
Effect: Reduces damage taken from falling and increases the damage you cause
   by falling on foes by 200%.
Negative Effect: None.
Cost: N/A.

-Black Rye- 
Effect: Adds two additional Black Tonic slots.
Negative Effect: None.
Cost: N/A.

Effect: Allows you to survive a hit that would have killed you, putting you
   at one hit point.
Negative Effect: None.
Cost: N/A.

----------PURCHASE FROM LOST-AND-FOUND----------

-Bull Brandy- 
Effect: Gives the player +15% resistance to all damage.
Negative Effect: None.
Cost: 500 fragments.

-Cinderbrick Stout-
Effect: Gives +33% additional movement speed when blocking with the shield.
Negative Effect: None.
Cost: 125 fragments.

-Mender Mead- 
Effect: Restores the player's health by about +20% of the damage dealt on a
   successful counter-block (+1 health if no damage is dealt).
Negative Effect: None.
Cost: 250 fragments.

-Whale Ale- 
Effect: Increases the damage of Secret Skills by +25%.
Negative Effect: None.
Cost: 350 fragments.

Effect: Adds +10% to the player's base critical hit rate.
Negative Effect: Maximum health is reduced by 10.
Cost: 1250 fragments.

-Graver Gimlet- 
Effect: When an enemy is killed, the player has a 5% chance to have attack
   strength increased by 300% for a three-second duration.
Negative Effect: None.
Cost: 750 fragments.

Effect: Adds +25% to the player's base attack strength.
Negative Effect: The player loses 1 chance to carry on if defeated.
Cost: 1500 fragments.

-Bastion Bourbon- 
Effect: Increases maximum Health Tonic capacity by 2, and Health Tonics heal
   the player's full health.
Negative Effect: None.
Cost: 300 fragments.

-Hearty Punch-
Effect: Grants 1 additional chance to carry on if defeated. In addition, it
   causes massive area damage upon player defeat, typically dealing 100+ damage
   to enemies near the player.
Negative Effect: None.
Cost: 325 fragments.

Effect: When damaged by an enemy, roughly eight spikes (similar to those fired
   by some Peckers) in a circle, dealing 8-10 damage to the first enemy hit.
Negative Effect: None.
Cost: 400 fragments.

Effect: On hit, restores player's health by 5% of damage dealt to the enemy.
Negative Effect:
Cost: 1000 fragments.

(Note- See "Frequently Asked Questions" for further details.)

-Lunkhead Liqueur-
Effect: Increases damage dealt by counter-blocking by +100%.
Negative Effect: None.
Cost: 200 fragments.

----------OBTAINED VIA EVENT----------

Effect: Enables the user to jump using the Evade command.
Negative Effect: None.
Cost: N/A.

(Note- Only usable in the final level, and does not take up a spirit slot.)

Frequently Asked Questions                                               [faqs]

Q: Is Squirt Cider useful?
A: Adding 10 health does not sound like much. However, the player character
begins the game with 51 hit points at level 1, and only gains 2 points per
level, making this spirit more valuable than it seems at first.

Q: What happens when you equip both Bastion Bourbon and Leechade?
A: Bastion Bourbon's description is slightly misleading- rather than restoring
the player's current health to the maximum, it causes Health Tonics to restore
health based on a fixed value greater than the player's maximum health
(estimated to be about 100 points of healing, whereas the player's maximum
health begins at 51 points and increases by 2 per level.) As a result, Leechade
still reduces the efficacy of Health Tonics, but they continue to restore
slightly over half of the player's health.

Q: Does Whale Ale effect the duration of non-damaging skills or ally strength? 
A: No, Secret Skills such as Sneaky Decoy are not affected in any way by
Whale Ale. In addition, powers that summon an ally (ex. Squirt Lure) are
likewise unaffected.

Q: Why isn't Leechade restoring health every time I hit an enemy?
A: This issue deals with the way that the game tallies damage. When an enemy
is hit with an incredibly quick combination of attacks, the damage from each
attack is added together, producing only one red number above the enemy's head.
Leechade's bonus is derived from this value rather than the damage dealt on
each hit, so a weapon dealing an incredibly fast series of hits (such as a
Fang Repeater with firing speed upgrades) will only yield health based on the 
total amount of damage from the combo.

Q: Does Falling Malt affect damage done by Pike Vault?
A: No, although you are jumping into the air and landing on the enemy, this
Spirit does not affect Secret Skills. It's pretty useless.

Q: How often does Lifewine prevent fatal damage?
A: Lifewine normally only saves the player from death once per life unless the
player heals back to maximum health, in which case Lifewine will save from
death an additional time. Every time the player is restored to full health,
Lifewine's effect resets.

Q: Does Leechade restore health from damage done by Stabsinthe?
A: Yes.

Q: Does Leechade restore health based on damage done by an ally?
A: No, unless the player is directly damaging the enemy in some way, Leechade
does not take effect. Leechade has no effect on Squirt Lure or related skills.

Version History                                                          [vers]

-Version 1.0 completed and submitted June 6, 2012 to,, and

Legal                                                                    [legl]

  This document is Copyright 2012 Garrett Gaunch (ChocoboVanguard) and is the
intellectual property of the author. It may be not be reproduced under any
circumstances except for personal, private use as long as it remains in its
unaltered, unedited form. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
any other website or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
and a violation of copyright.

  All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.