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by DomZ Ninja

   |                                                                     |
   |                                                                     |   
    ___        ________   ________   ___        ___   ________   ________
   |   |      |        | |        | |   |      |   | |        | |        |
   |   |____  |        | |        | |   |____  |___| |        | |        |
   |        | |   ||   | |   ||   | |        |  ___  |   ||   | |   ||   |
   |        | |___||   | |   ||___| |    ____| |   | |   ||   | |   ||   |
   |   ||   |  ____|   | |   |____  |   | ___  |   | |   ||   | |   ||   |
   |   ||   | |        | |        | |   ||   | |   | |   ||   | |   ||   |
   |   ||   | |        | |____    | |   ||   | |   | |   ||   | |   ||   |
   |   ||   | |   ||   |  ___ |   | |   ||   | |   | |   ||   | |   ||   |
   |   ||   | |   ||   | |   ||   | |   ||   | |   | |   ||   | |   ||   |
   |   ||   | |   ||   | |   ||   | |   ||   | |   | |   ||   | |   ||   |
   |        | |        | |        | |        | |   | |        | |   ||   |
   |________| |________| |________| |________| |___| |________| |___||___|
   |                                                                     |
   |                                                                     |   



                         Copyright (c)2011 DomZ Ninja


 Author: DomZ Ninja
 E-mail: domzninja[at]hotmail[dot]com
 Updated: 08/02/11
 Version: 1.0

 NOTE: This guide does contain spoilers!


                              TABLE OF CONTENTS

See that series of numbers to the right of each section? If you want to find 
a specific section in the FAQ, press CTRL + F to open a search box. Type in 
the series of numbers for the desired section that you're trying to find and 
press Enter. Whabam! The search function will take you there in an instant.

 [1] VERSION HISTORY.................................................. [0100]
 [2] CONTROLS......................................................... [0200]
 [3] THE BASICS....................................................... [0300]
 [4] WALKTHROUGH...................................................... [0400]

      The Rippling Walls.............................................. [0401]
      Wharf District.................................................. [0402]
      The Bastion..................................................... [0403]
      The Workmen Ward................................................ [0404]
      The Melting Pot................................................. [0405]
      The Sundown Path................................................ [0406]
      The Hanging Gardens............................................. [0407]
      Pyth Orchard.................................................... [0408]
      Cinderbrick Fort................................................ [0409]
      Langston River.................................................. [0410]
      Prosper Bluff................................................... [0411]
      The Wild Outskirts.............................................. [0412]
      Jawson Bog...................................................... [0413]
      Roathus Lagoon.................................................. [0414]
      Point Lemaign................................................... [0415]
      Colford Cauldron................................................ [0416]
      Mount Zand...................................................... [0417]
      Burstone Quarry................................................. [0418]
      Urzendra Gate................................................... [0419]
      Zulten's Hollow................................................. [0420]
      The Tazal Terminals............................................. [0421]

 [5] ENEMIES.......................................................... [0500]
 [6] PROVING GROUNDS.................................................. [0600]
 [7] WEAPONS.......................................................... [0700]
      Weapons......................................................... [0701]
      Secret Skills................................................... [0702]

 [8] ITEMS............................................................ [0800]
      Items........................................................... [0801]
      Materials....................................................... [0802]
      Mementos........................................................ [0803]
      Spirits......................................................... [0804]
 [9] IDOLS............................................................ [0900]
[10] VIGILS........................................................... [1000]
[11] ACHIEVEMENTS..................................................... [1100]
[12] THANKS/CREDITS................................................... [1200]


[1] VERSION HISTORY                                                     [0100]

FAQ/Walkthrough #58

 Version 1.0 (08/02/11) - FAQ/Walkthrough complete and submitted.


[2] CONTROLS                                                            [0200]

|  D-Pad                      |  Move                                        |
|  Left Analog Stick          |  Move                                        |
|  Right Analog Stick         |  Defend                                      |
|  Start                      |  Pause                                       |
|  Back                       |  Open Pack                                   |
|  X Button                   |  Attack                                      |
|  Y Button                   |  Heal                                        |
|  A Button                   |  Evade                                       |
|  B Button                   |  Attack                                      |
|  Right Trigger              |  Secret Skill                                |
|  Left Trigger               |  Defend/Lock On                              |
|  Right Bumper               |  Cycle Targets                               |
|  Left Bumper                |  Cycle Targets                               |


[3] THE BASICS                                                          [0300]

 The Overworld

Bastion has a wonderful art style (that reminds me strongly of Nippon Ichi 
games) and a unique way of displaying the world around you. Areas and levels 
are initially only presented as small islands, but as you move towards the 
edges, paths will begin to construct and mold together for you. It is 
definitely an interesting, and beautiful, method of presentation.

However, it can also lead to some perilous situations, because you do not 
always know where to go unless you walk around the edges of the area and hope 
that a bridge or road springs up in front of you. Dedicated explorers may find
themselves accidentally falling off the edge of the level repeatedly. Luckily,
the consequence for doing so is not very large: a slight reduction of health.

 Weapons and Combat

In Bastion, you can equip two weapons at a time; to the X and B buttons. 
Weapons are also divided into two general categories: melee and ranged. You 
can equip any two weapons at a time, but the recommended route is one melee 
and one ranged. In addition to your two weapons, you also carry around a 
shield at all times, which can be used with the Left Trigger to defend from 
enemy attacks. You can switch weapons at the Arsenal, which is found primarily 
in the Bastion (in addition to a few select levels).

Melee weapons are easy to wield and use, though many of the ranged weapons 
have an additional perk that you must pay attention to: ammo, recharge rates, 
and aiming. Ranged weapons reload automatically when you run out of ammo in a 
clip, and you have unlimited ammo. Aiming is represented by a line of white 
dots and a small arrow. When close enough to an enemy, you automatically aim 
at the target. Press the Right or Left Bumpers to cycle through targets.

Some weapons allow you to hold down the selected button to charge up a shot. 
When fully charged, the Kid will glow white for a split second; if you let go 
at the exact moment he shines, you can execute a Power Shot. As the name 
suggests, Power Shots are stronger versions of the attack.

You can also select a Secret Skill to be used with the Right Trigger. Secret 
Skills allow you to perform strong and dazzling techniques that can assist you 
in combat. Many of these Secret Skills are attributed to specific weapons, so 
you can only equip the Secret Skill if you have the designated weapon in your 

There are two main items that will aid the Kid in his journey: Health Tonics 
and Black Tonics. At the start of the game, you can only carry three of each. 
Health Tonics are green bottles that restore your health when used with Y, and
Black Tonics are consumed when you use Secret Skills. You can find these items
by battling foes and searching through rubble.

 Rebuilding the Bastion

The Bastion acts as the game's hub world. During your first trip there, it has
been reduced to shambles due to the Calamity. Your goal throughout the game is
to slowly repair and rebuild the Bastion, and doing so gives you access to 
buildings that will help your character grow.

There are several key items found through the game's levels that help rebuild 
the Bastion. Cores are the most important and allow you to build one of the 
game's available buildings. Shards are found later in the game and are used to 
upgrade buildings that you have already constructed. Some Mementos also create 
trinkets and other nifty items that populate the Bastion. It is very enjoyable 
to watch the Bastion slowly grow and become more lively as you progress 
through the game.

 Additional Training

Unfortunately, you are not able to replay levels in Bastion, which would 
normally make level grinding very difficult. The game tries to solve this 
problem by featuring several locations that allow you to extensively train and 
gain more Experience (XP).

The Proving Grounds are small arenas that are unlocked during the course of 
your journey. They provide weapon-specific challenges that help test your 
skill with the assigned weapon and reward you for successful attempts. Proving 
Grounds are a great way to practice using the game's weapons and also to gain 
some valuable items out of it.

In addition, portals to a strange area known only as "Who Knows Where" become 
open during your playthrough. Who Knows Where acts as a training ground and a 
good opportunity to gain Experience. When you enter the area, you are prompted 
with a challenge featuring 20 waves of enemies, with rewards such as Fragments 
and Health/Black Tonics between various waves. You can attempt these 
challenges as many times as you wish, so it is a great way to farm XP.


[4] WALKTHROUGH                                                         [0400]

 THE RIPPLING WALLS                                                     [0401]

 The Rippling Walls

The Kid wakes up on a miniature island, with The Narrator chronicling his 
every action. If you move through the doorway, a staircase appears right in 
front of you. See? It's a unique art and playing style. Continue across the 
rainbow-colored bridge that constructs before your very eyes.

When you reach a pile of junk in your way, pick up the Cael Hammer with X and 
smash apart the obstacles with B; you can also break apart the railings, but 
be careful that you don't accidentally fall off the edge. The penalty for
falling is only a slight reduction of health, so it is not the end of the 
world. You can also perform an evasive roll with the A button.

Proceed up the stairs towards a small clearing, where a Gasfella escapes and 
begins pursuing you. The hooded creatures carries a nasty blade, but isn't too 
threatening. Notice the blue ring stationed below the enemy: this is its 
health bar, for easy reference. Two or three hits will down the Gasfella.

If you look on the southern end of the clearing, you may notice a few floating 
wooden boards. If you walk towards the edge near them, a path appears that 
leads to a group of Fragments. Look for telltale signs of hidden paths, such 
as small floating pieces of land. By the way, Fragments are small blue 
crystals that are found pretty much everywhere and act as the game's currency.

Ascend the stairs and pick up the Fang Repeater. Placed in your second weapon 
slot, fire the repeater with the X button. Like all ranged weapons, the Fang 
Repeater has an unlimited amount of ammo and automatically reloads once you 
run out of a magazine.

Continue up the staircase and approach the fountain. Fountains are somewhat 
rare in the world of Bastion, but they allow you to replenish your stock of 
Health Tonics; press X next to the fountain to gain up to three of 'em. You 
can heal with Y, so heal if necessary and keep a full stock of Health Tonics.

After healing, a school of Squirts drops down from the skies. These enemies 
are generally weak, but are found in large numbers. Dispose of the Squirts 
before searching the area: go to the right for some Fragments, head to the 
left to find a Crystal Barrette Memento, then go past the fountain into the 

 The Sole Regret

The Kid steps inside an old bar belonging to the now-deceased Rondy (due to 
the events of the Calamity). Walk around, break some boxes, even smash apart 
the stone remains of Rondy, until a shield falls from the ceiling. Pick up the 
Bullhead Shield to automatically equip it. The shield does not take up a 
weapon slot, so it is always available to you. Defend by holding down the Left 
Trigger, or by using the Right Analog Stick.

The Security installed by Rondy becomes activated and attacks. This stationary 
turret fires blue energy balls that can be deflected right back with your 
Bullhead Shield. Practice the Counter ability with your shield: defend right 
before the projectile hits you to automatically send it back to its maker, 
dealing damage to the target.

Once you destroy the Security, a Health Tonic appears along with several white 
boxes. The crates rumble and break open, revealing Windbags. These guys are 
tinier and weaker versions of the Gasfella you defeated earlier. Another 
school of Squirts drops in, accompanied by a green Gasfella. Unlike the blue 
ones, green Gasfellas have a nasty lunge attack that you need to watch out 
for. Defend, heal, and used your ranged weapon until the enemies are all 
cleared out.

The Narrator points you to a window in the corner of the bar that you can 
escape through. Bust through to enter the next area.

 WHARF DISTRICT                                                         [0402]

 Wharf District

Recovering from his fall, the Kid finds a Breaker's Bow. This new ranged 
weapon is slower and more powerful than the Fang Repeater. Hold down the 
assigned button (X or B) to charge up an arrow. When you see the Kid glow 
white, let go to perform a Power Shot. Power Shots are faster and stronger 
than regular shots and can be performed by many ranged weapons. It takes a bit 
of practice to fully master, but Power Shots can be incredibly deadly.

Three Security appear as you walk forward. First, block their cannon fire, 
then retaliate with the Breaker's Bow. When close enough to a target, you will
automatically lock on when holding down the attack button.

After destroying all three, walk out onto the pier for Something Stringy and 
go south onto the wooden walkway. More Security show up on the floating rocks 
along the way, so either use one of your two ranged weapon or your Bullhead 
Shield's Counter to wipe them out.

When the path bends to the right, smash the junk in the way and pick up Whirl 
Wind. This is your first Secret Skill and it becomes automatically equipped. 
Try it out by pressing the Right Trigger and you'll demolish the nearby Squirt

Walk across the bridge and deal with the Security lining the sides. The Kid 
reaches two buildings at the end of the bridge. Enter the Distillery on the 

The Distillery offers Spirits, which are pieces of equipment that give you 
special perks and abilities. Since you're only Level 1, you only have one 
Spirit slot open, but as you level up you will be able to equip more. Squirt 
Cider (+10% Max Health) is probably the best one available right now, but 
you're free to make your own choices.

Next, go inside the Arsenal. Here, you can swap out weapons and Secret Skills. 
Your current selection is pretty thin, but the Arsenal becomes much more 
useful the more weapons you retrieve. 

Once you're done window shopping, a new path appears to the right. Head across 
and pick up the Black Tonics that rain down from above. You'll need them at 
the next stop: two blue cornbins are continuously spitting out Squirts and act
as spawn points. Focus on the two cornbins and destroy them to prevent more 
enemies from appearing.

When you step onto the blue-trimmed ferrybarge, a Gasfella appears out of 
nowhere. Slay him, then collect the Health Tonic in the corner before pressing 
the switch to turn it on. As the barge transports you to your destination, 
you'll have to defend yourself from Security and Gasfellas.

Once the ferry stops, get off and take out the two Gasfellas. Grab Something 
Heavy in the center of the arena: the vicinity is illuminated and two large 
Scumbags drop down next to you. Scumbags are blue blob-like creatures that not 
only spew toxic acid at you, but also leave a trail of it behind when they 
move. As you attack them, they decrease in size until they deflate completely.

Some other monsters appear, including two cornbins. They should be your first 
priority so you don't have the place crawling with Squirts. Next, take out the 
two Scumbags and finally the oversized Gasfella. Collect the mass of Fragments 
as your reward, then exit through the gate.

Pick up the shiny blue Core at the end of the road... as the Narrator 
explains, this was the "City's heart", and taking the Core leads to total 
chaos. Fire rains down from the sky and the walkway begins crumbling apart, so 
quickly run forward and roll right through the obstacles in your way. 
Eventually, you reach a portal leading to the Skyway. If at any point you fall 
off the edge, you'll end up at the Bastion. That's our destination, so it 
doesn't matter if you fall off or go to the end of the path.

 THE BASTION                                                            [0403]

 The Bastion

Ahh, here at last. The Bastion acts as the game's hub and is home to the 
remaining population of Caelondians. Get up, then walk across the grassy 
patches to meet the Narrator, who is also known as the Stranger. Talk to him 
and discuss the various items you collected so far: City Crest, Core, and 
Crystal Barrette.

Walk over to the Monument in the center of town and place the Core inside. The 
Bastion begins to piece itself together, and three foundations appear. You can
create buildings on foundations, but right now you can only build one with the
one Core you found. The order you choose in rebuilding the Bastion is up to 
you and gives the game a non-linear feel to it. Here are all the types of 
buildings you can create in the Bastion:

 Distillery: The Distillery contains Spirits. Like mentioned before, Spirits
             are pieces of equipment that enhance your character's ability.
             The number of Spirits you can equip directly correlates with your
             level (since you are Level 1, you can only equip one Spirit).

 Arsenal: The Arsenal allows you to equip and swap out weapons and Secret
          Skills. Finding an Arsenal outside of the Bastion is rare, so it is
          important to properly equip yourself before exiting the Bastion.

 Forge: You can upgrade your current weapons at the Forge. In order to upgrade
        a weapon, you must have a Material alloy (items with the prefix
        "Something" are Materials). In addition to having the Material, you
        must also pay in Fragments. There are a number of enhancements you can
        choose from.

 Shrine: The Shrine is home to Idols. When unlocked (by either purchasing them
         or collecting them), Idols alter the game's difficulty by making the
         enemies more difficult (similar to Skulls in the Halo series). Aside
         from the added challenge for daredevil players, Idols also give you a
         Fragment and XP boost, so it's not all bad.

 Memorial: Inside the Memorial, you can view the game's Vigils. Vigils are
           challenges that can be completed at any time in the game. Most of
           the Vigils are weapon-specific, but they also include other goals
           that you can achieve. The reward for completing Vigils is
           Fragments, and the prize is pretty large for some of the tougher

 Lost-and-Found: The Lost-and-Found acts as the residential shop. You can
                 purchase various items, such as Spirits, Idols, and Secret
                 Skills. I am not 100% positive, but I believe that any item
                 you miss out on in completed levels will appear here (which
                 makes sense considering the building's name), so you have a
                 second chance to claim it.

At the start of the game, only three foundations are open, and you only have 
the option of creating either a Distillery, Arsenal, or Forge. The last three 
buildings listed can only be constructed late in the game.

Build your first building (personally, I find the Forge to be the most 
important at this point in your adventure), mess around a bit, then proceed to 
the north end of town to enter the Skyway: the Skyway gives you access to all 
the levels in the game. You can either proceed to the next level or take a 
stab at the first available Proving Ground.

 THE WORKMEN WARD                                                       [0404]

 The Workmen Ward

You land in the middle of a four-way intersection. The Core is nowhere to be 
seen, so you will have to explore each of the four branches to find it. A 
fountain stands in the middle of the intersection, so you can use it as a pit 
stop between trips.

You can take any path you want, but for completions sake, leave the northern 
trail for last (as if that doesn't give away the Core's location). Proceed to 
the left, down the Squirt Steppes. Several Squirts appear; the green and red 
ones are cowardly and run away from you, while the regular blue ones are prone 
to attacking.

Pick up the War Machete off the side of the trail. This short-ranged weapon is 
light and very easy to swing, and you can also throw it. Despite the very 
short range, you can also use it as a ranged weapon by throwing it at your 

Continue southwest and destroy the cornbin, then look behind it for a Squirt 
Lure Secret Skill. By using this Secret Skill, you can summon a friendly
Squirt that helps attack your enemies. That's all the west end has to offer, 
so regroup at the fork.

Next, head south towards Scumbag Alley. Several appear almost immediately and 
begin to slide around, leaving toxic blue mucus in their wake. As if they 
weren't easy enough to hit, most of them are dumb enough to slide right off 
the edge of the cliff!

At the end of the road is Gershel, the oldest known Scumbag. With great age 
comes great size, and Gershel certainly is a massive foe. He attacks by 
lunging towards you at a fairly slow pace, but as you deal damage to him, he 
gets smaller and his attacks become much faster. Once Gershel is down for the 
count, break the barrels and stuff for Fragments before returning to the 
entrance. Pick up Something Sharp in the middle of the intersection.

Now for the eastern trail. Go east and take down the Windbags and a few 
Squirts. Stop by at the Forge and make any adjustments you need before you 
search the final path.

Finally, lets go north, through the Gasfella territory. Defeat the Gasfellas 
and the four Security, then walk to the left a bit for a Ragged Hood.

Continue north to find the Core trapped inside a cage. The Foreman appears 
alongside a group of Gasfellas. The green and blue mixed Gasfellas have a 
stabbing slam attack that cannot be blocked and sends you high in the air if 
hit. Even though they surround the entire perimeter, try to stay away and 
focus on the Foreman. The Foreman is a large, red Gasfella that uses a 
spinning attack. Wait for him to stop, then attack with one of your ranged 

Once the Foreman falls, the other Gasfellas refrain from attacking. Grab the 
Core, return to the entrance, and exit to the Skyway.

 The Bastion

Back at the Bastion, talk to the Stranger and show him the Ragged Hood 
Memento. A Squirt appears on the side of down and acts as the first of four 
pets you can own in the game. He doesn't do anything other than squeal and 
spin around when you talk to him.

Place the Core inside the Monument and create another building. Since you're 
starting to get a good selection of weapons, you might want to build the 
Arsenal so you can freely switch between equipment. Lastly, return to the 
Skyway. Two new areas open up - the Melting Pot and the Sundown Path - as you 
are likely starting to learn by now, you are free to make your own choices 
without consequence and it does not matter which area you go to first. 

 THE MELTING POT                                                        [0405]

 The Melting Pot

Stabweeds reign supreme in the Melting Pot, and they are some of the more 
annoying obstacles. These cacti can damage you if you run into them and they 
overrun the entire level, so watch where you step and make sure to cut them 
down safely and carefully.

Pick up Something Nasty on the right side of the island, then walk down the 
stairs on the left. A Core is stuck inside a cage here in the plaza, and it 
takes some effort to obtain it. First, clear the entire plaza of Stabweeds and 
other junk. Pick up the Trip Mine Secret Skill on the left side of the area, 
then press the switch at the southern end.

With the switch activated, the cage starts to raise up at the speed of 
molasses. To keep you occupied during the Core's release, enemies will drop 
down and attack (but not before a huge batch of Fragments drop down).

Most of the Windbags jump out of boxes, and a good strategy is to destroy the 
boxes and the enemies inside; when you see a white box shake, hack it apart 
before it busts open and you'll easily take care of the box's contents along 
with the container.

At first, the waves contain Squirts and Windbags. Fortunately, a few rogue 
Squirts and Gasfellas defect to your side and help you out; they are the ones 
with the hearts above their heads. Next, you must defeat several Scumbags and 
Security turrets. Afterwards, various items rain down from the skies. Pick up 
the Health and Black Tonics, but watch out for the Stabweeds. An Ancient 
Spices Memento also falls down, so make sure to pick it up amid the chaos.

Smash apart the cornbins that appear next, then dispose of the next school of 
Squirts. The cage may raise up while monsters continue to show up, so you are 
free to grab the Core and bail instead of sticking around for cleanup duty. 
With the Core in hand, escape on the barge.

 The Bastion

Show the Stranger the Ancient Spices, then place the Core in the Monument. 
There's only one foundation and one building left, so build it and spend as 
much time as you need in the Bastion before heading off to the Skyway.

 THE SUNDOWN PATH                                                       [0406]

 The Sundown Path

At the start, go through the gate and onto the checkered floor. Things go out 
of control, similar to the events in the Wharf District, as the Stranger 
explains that someone must have gotten to the Core before you. Yikes!

The floor begins to fall apart from under you, so get movin'! The tiles glow 
red just before they drop out, so make sure to stay in front of any blood red
tiles. The path is straightforward and lined with Fragments, but try to ignore
any enemies or side paths to avoid getting caught left behind.

When you reach a Skybridge, inspect the portal to be whisked away to an island
in the distance. These Skybridges basically act as transportation devices so 
you can cross great distances. Once you land, step onto the small platform off
to the right for a Bronze Spyglass, then ride the next Skybridge.

Avoid the two red Security turrets and use the Skybridge to reach the next 
pathway. Heal at the fountain (the floor doesn't crumble here) and defeat the 
Gasfella in your way before taking the next Skybridge. Dash across the fragile 
bridge until you run into a massive Scumbag. You don't have much space to move 
around here, unfortunately, but at least you're on stable ground.

Grab the Health Tonic and Black Tonic in the corner. Continue west to find a 
Hand Grenade Secret Skill. With this Secret Skill, you can toss powerful 
grenades that can defeat foes from a distance. Use it on the island filled 
with Security and Gasfellas below you; there's a never-ending supply of Black 
Tonics in case your aim is sloppy.

Once the enemies are killed, the gate opens up in front of you. First, go 
across the Skybridge to reach a dead end containing Something Burnt, then 
return to the gate and proceed through. Slay one final group of Gasfellas 
before hightailing it out of there.

 THE HANGING GARDENS                                                    [0407]

 The Hanging Gardens

Upon entering the area, the first thing you may notice is that this place 
looks nothing like a garden. The Calamity has done some serious damage to it, 
and it becomes increasingly evident as you stroll down the main path, only to 
find statue remains and other rubble.

You won't find much at the first section of the Hanging Gardens, but 
eventually the camera pans out to reveal a mysterious man in the distance. Go 
east until a gate closes behind you and a ring of Security turrets forms 
around you. Dispose them and continue through the next gate.

The Stranger points out all the deceased townsfolk up ahead; when you reach 
the grave site of Grady Junior and Grady Senior, explore the southern edge of 
the island to find a Ura Sigil. Pick it up and run to the west to eventually 
find the area's Core encased in a circle of statues. Defeat the Gasfellas and 
Squirts, then break apart the statues surrounding the Core.

The nearby gate opens up once you have the Core; go through and talk to the

 The Bastion

The Survivor - named Zulf - is transported to the Bastion along with the Kid. 
Zulf is a Ura, and Uras aren't typically seen in parts of Caelondia. When you 
gain control, talk to both Zulf and the Stranger (whose name is revealed to be 
Rucks). Discuss the Ura Sigil with Rucks, then discuss all your other Mementos 
with Zulf.

Afterwards, place the Core in the Monument to reveal three new foundations. 
Now you have the option to build a Shrine, Memorial, and Lost-and-Found. You 
don't even have any Idols at this point, so building a Shrine right now is
useless. I'd suggest going for the Memorial, so you can get started on some of
the available Vigils.

 PYTH ORCHARD                                                           [0408]

 Pyth Orchard

When you enter Pyth Orchard, ignore the dead end at the north and head south. 
Follow the path to enter the orchard, where you'll find a mechanical bull. 
Walk to the right of the bull for a Plush Pyth, then follow the main path 

When you reach the small field, go south/southeast for Something Course and 
continue ahead. The absence of enemies comes to an end when you reach the 
Shrine: the statue of Pyth comes alive and the mechanical bull attacks.

Pyth rolls around the field, spewing fire, and it can be difficult to get away 
from the flame spray. Your best bet is to continuously block until Pyth stops.
Once Pyth stops moving and breathing fire, run up and attack with your weapons
until he boots back up again. Pyth has a lot of health, so stick with it and 
use your Secret Skills.

Once Pyth falls, enter the Shrine. Inside the Shrine, you can invoke the Gods, 
which will make enemies stronger and more resistant. Even though it sounds 
like a major drawback, you can receive some pretty massive XP and Fragment 
bonuses if you activate several Idols at once.

Right now, only the Pyth Idol is available, which means that enemies are 
faster when moving and attacking. The game is pretty lenient when it comes to 
Idols: you can turn on and off any Idol when at a Shrine, and if you die in 
combat you have the option of turning off the Idol as well. 

As soon as you leave the Shrine, regardless if you've invoked the Gods or not, 
enemies will begin to appear in huge numbers. A massive army of Squirts shows 
up right at the Shrine entrance, plus some Windbags. Defeat them and begin to 
backtrack to the level's entrance. Along the way, you'll run into Gasfellas, 
Squirts, and Security. You even have to fight another Pyth again! Once at the 
entrance, ride the portal back to the Skyway.

 The Bastion

Talk to Zulf and show him the Plush Pyth to make a mechanical Pyth bull pop up 
at the south end of town. This is your second pet, and it doesn't really do 
anything other than aim towards completing an Achievement. 

 CINDERBRICK FORT                                                       [0409]

 Cinderbrick Fort

The atmosphere sure is impressive here. Walk across the bridge and wait for 
the boxes of Squirts to burst open before you slice 'em apart. Ascend the 
stairs and defeat the two Gasfellas waiting for you.

The three Security shoot super-fast purple energy balls at you, so block 
constantly and hope for a Counter or two. One Security turret on the right 
shoots slow, pink energy balls at you that really pack a punch. Defeat it with 
a long-range weapon and clear the area of any Gasfellas and Windbags lurking 
around. As you go around the bend, three more Security turrets appear in the 
same spot as before. Destroy these and continue up the staircase.

Watch out for the Gasfella here that uses a slamming attack; it cannot be
blocked. Deal with him first, then eliminate the other Gasfellas and flip the 
switch to reveal a Scrap Musket. This weapon is basically like a shotgun: very 
powerful, but it doesn't have the best range.

Use the Scrap Musket to blow apart the Squirts behind you, then press forward.
Destroy the cornbin, then pick up the Black Tonic and the Fragments on the 
small island to the right. Get back onto the main path and blast through the 
rubble, bashing the cornbins along the way.

Move up the stairs to find some more Gasfellas and Security turrets. There's 
an Arsenal here, so stop by if you want to switch out your weapons or Secret 

Walk onto the colorful bridge and grab the Core. Continue ahead to encounter a
large group of enemies. The two red Gasfellas are nasty folk, since they have 
a brutal spinning attack. A myriad of boxes begin to rain down in front and 
behind you as you move ahead a bit, but the best strategy is to always destroy
the boxes before the enemies inside can break free.

The stone path ahead is lined with Security and some other boxes, so take your
time and target each one. Up ahead, the Stranger notes that the Security 
starts to go haywire as a bunch of red flamethrower Security drops down. Use a
long-range weapon to deal with them, since their flamethrowers activate as 
soon as you get up close.

Once you reach the end of the path, proceed up the stairs into the parade 
grounds. The Kid is sealed inside with several blue Security. Once they are
out of the way, Glutus and Glandon (a giant Scumbag and Gasfella, 
respectively) appear on the scene. The large Gasfella is extra annoying, since
his sickle attacks can create holes in the ground. You certainly don't want 
the ground you're standing on to resemble swiss cheese, so try to take him out

More giant Scumbags and Gasfellas start to show up, along with other various 
Security and a Squirt cornbin. There are several Health Tonics and Black 
Tonics strewn around the arena that you can use. Once the entire vicinity is 
clear of monsters, pick up the Fragments and more importantly, the Marshal's 
Badge near the exit gate. Continue through the gate and up the stairs to the 
level exit.

 The Bastion

Talk to Rucks and show him your new Memento. Next, do the same with Zulf. Also
discuss the Smoking Pipe, which turns out to be one of the few items in Zulf's
possession that was brought here from the Tazal Terminals. Also, place the 
Core inside the Monument and construct another building.

If you inspect the Smoking Pipe, you will be transported to Who Knows Where. 
In this strange realm, you are pitted against 20 waves of various enemies. 
Every few waves earns you Fragments and Health/Black Tonics, and it is a great
way to earn money and XP, considering how you can participate in it as many 
times as you'd like. 

 LANGSTON RIVER                                                         [0410]

 Langston River

Langston River is a pretty sight, but dangers still lie around every corner.
Stabweeds are prevalent here, so watch your step; if equipped, your Scrap 
Musket can make short work of them. Grab the pile of Fragments in the 
southeast corner, then walk along the pier. Fend off the Gasfellas until you
reach a barge and press the switch to activate the vessel.

The rickety old barge (named Weeping Nellie) starts up and moves along a 
pre-determined path. Various enemies will attack along the way, such as 
Squirts and Gasfellas that drop onto the barge or Security turrets that ride 
parallel with Nellie. 

Weeping Nellie will eventually crash into a wall, so disembark and continue 
down the dock. You'll find several Gasfellas searching the docks for the Core, 
so take them down now while they're distracted. At the fork, go south to reach 
the Arsenal if you want to alter your equipment. Otherwise, continue west down 
the docks.

The Kid finds the Core sitting at the end of the dock. Once he picks it up,
Peckers show up. It looks like this species of hostile birds also had their
eyes on the Core, so they begin to chase after you. Peckers are small, weak,
but incredibly annoying since they travel in large flocks. Your Scrap Musket
is your best bet here.

Return to Weeping Nellie to find that the wall has been removed and the barge
is in tip-top shape. There are also two friendly flamethrower Security on 
board that are willing to help you out. Destroy enemies as they approach the 
moving barge until Nellie receives a fatal blow. Weeping Nellie quickly rides 
the rest of the way down the path until she crashes into Pecker territory.

Once you get up, defeat the Peckers flying around and walk out onto the small 
pier for a Health Tonic and Black Tonic. Inspect the opening in the ground to 
automatically enter the next level.

 PROSPER BLUFF                                                          [0411]

 Prosper Bluff

Once you recover from the nasty fall, destroy the stack of logs in your way 
and kill the Gasfellas and Peckers. Follow the southern path and hit the 
switch to open up a gate back on the main trail. Watch out for the purple 
Swampweeds lying in the grass; if you destroy one, it releases poisonous 
spores into the air.

When you reach the next gate, go south. Pick up the Fragments and Health Tonic 
to the left, then continue south and hit the switch. The Kid hears a beautiful 
song coming from somewhere far away... but he's closing in on it. When you hit 
the switch, the bridge falls apart behind you. Use the active Skybridge to 
return to the gate and run through.

Take out the Peckers here - watch out for the turquoise ones that stay back 
and spit seeds at you. Like before, hit the switch to open the third gate and 
use the Skybridge to get back to the main pathway. More Swampweeds populate 
the road, so take them out from a distance and wait for the spores to 
dissipate before crossing. Flip the nearby switch and proceed through the 
fourth gate.

Walk along the railroad tracks and deal with any Peckers that approach (also 
watch out for more Swampweeds). Blast apart the boxes and logs that get in the
way and you'll come to the fifth gate... you know the drill...

Proceed along the trail and pass by the closed gate you see here. You'll come
to a fork: to the east is another closed gate, and to the west is a switch. 

Hit the switch and ride the Skybridge back to the two closed gates. There's a 
Health Tonic behind the first gate, and the Skybridge doesn't lead anywhere 
significant. The other gate is still closed, so walk down the bridge next to 
it and use the Skybridge to reach an island with a switch. The gate here will
now open, so go through.

A few Peckers will pester you when you continue to another gate. Go north to 
find the switch and a Skybridge; flip the switch and defeat the turquoise
Peckers before pressing forward. The Kid finds a Hidebound Journal beyond the 
gate, and a little bit further is the mysterious Singer. Talk to her for a 

 The Bastion

The Bastion now has a new occupant, named Zia. First, talk to Rucks and Zulf
and discuss the Hidebound Journal with them both, then speak with Zia and show
her all the Mementos. Lastly, place the Core in the Monument and build the 
sixth and final building. Make any final preparations before heading back out
to the Skyway.

 THE WILD OUTSKIRTS                                                     [0412]

 The Wild Outskirts

Here in the Wild, you must deal with thick brush and dangerous new foes. Start 
off by walking over to the log and inspecting the Hidden Stash. The log is 
destroyed, leaving being Dueling Pistols. These rapid-fire weapons are fun to 
use and incredibly dangerous if you're good at button mashing.

Defeat the Pincushion that springs up ahead. This spiky plant can shoot thorns 
at you like a machine gun, but it cannot see where it's shooting all the time.
Either block or try to evade, then fire away with the Dueling Pistols. The 
Core is right in front of you, and you'll be able to obtain it once you slay 
the group of Peckers and Pincushions. Even though you have the Core, the level
is far from over...

After a quick scene, an opening appears to the left. Follow it to encounter a 
Wallflower. When their petals are closed, you won't be able to damage it. Wait
for the petals to open, avoid the fungi it spits out, then go on the 
offensive. More Wallflowers and Pincushions appear in front of you, so clear 
out the area. There is an Arsenal in the northwest corner of the area if you 
are interested.

Investigate the Shipment next to the Arsenal; a pair of Gasfellas break free 
and attack. Defeat them and follow the forest path. Unlike the purple ones, 
green Pincushions shoot their thorns out in a ring, so it is more difficult to 
dodge their firepower.

The Kid's journey eventually attracts the attention of a Lunkhead. These 
colorful creatures have spring-loaded hind legs that they use to hop high in 
the air. Also, they have thick plating on their face that prevents a head-on 
attack; you can only damage Lunkheads by targeting their back.

There are a lot of random objects strewn around Jawson's camp. If you search 
the Sandbag, you can find Something Foul. You can also find green Vineapples,
which are harmless and even release healing gas when busted open. Two 
Wallflowers guard the Skyway at the end of the trail, so push through them and 
head home with the final Core.

 The Bastion

Following the cutscene, Zulf has left on a rampage. Enter town and pick up the 
Fractured Monument in front of Rucks and Zia. Talk to both of them to learn 
what happened. Zulf did a number on the Monument before "returning home", and 
the end result is a city left in disarray. Put the Core in the Monument to 
restore some life left in the Bastion, but you will need to explore the rest 
of the map in search of Shards to fully repair the Monument and the Bastion.

 JAWSON BOG                                                             [0413]

 Jawson Bog

Jawson Bog is a spooky place, and it can be hard to see some parts of the map 
due to the thick fog. It's not easy to explore this place, but luckily there 
aren't even many spots to search anyways. Move across the wooden walkways and 
when you reach the tilted tree trunk, descend to the lower level. Walk along 
the stone path to reach the first Shard. It's smaller than a Core and is red 
in color, and Rucks mentions that it only contains a fraction of the Core's 
power. But when you near the Shard, the Kid passes out.

 Prosper Bluff

The Kid somehow ends up in Prosper Bluff, at the location where he met Zia. 
Things have worsened, as the field is filled with Stinkeyes. These floating, 
spiny eyeballs are a lot tougher to damage when their eye is closed. It seems 
like they act like Boos from Super Mario, in that they keep their eyes open 
when your back is turned to them. Turn around to get them to float after you,
then quickly do a 180 and attack.

After taking down the army of Stinkeyes, talk to the Siren to be transported 
to another area.

 The Hanging Gardens

Smash the statues surrounding you and take out the three Gasfellas. When you 
proceed forward, several more Gasfellas fight you. Deal with them, then a 
handful of Squirts, and then speak with the Zulf mirage.

 The Bastion

Even though you're at the Bastion, things aren't right here. As soon as you 
enter the main plaza, you are attacked by Wallflowers, Lunkheads, Vineapples, 
and Swampweeds. Once you survive, approach the north end of town to find two 
friendly Wallflowers. Step into the teleporter.

 The Sole Regret

The Kid is seemingly back at the saloon from the game's prologue. Your stay 
isn't welcomed, as a giant cornbin drops from the ceiling and dispenses large 
Squirts. The machine is accompanied by a slew of Security surrounding the bar, 
so you are gonna have your hands full here. Ascend the stairs and destroy the 
statue. Sorry Rondy!

 The Rippling Walls

It's like we are going backwards in time! Wake up and follow the bridge until 
you start to see Plush Pyths floating around. Weird. Slash the one standing in
your way and go forward to encounter a Kid Doppelganger. He uses the Cael 
Hammer and generally has the same behavioral patterns as you, but he is much 
easier to take down in combat. The screen then turns white...

 Ordinary Campsite

This just keeps getting stranger and stranger. Walk over to the mine carts and
take some Ore. Walk over to the wagon and press X to pack the Ore. Take some 
wood at the northern end of the campsite, then place the wood in the campfire.
Lastly, head over to your bed and rest. 

 Jawson Bog

The Kid wakes up from his dream, still next to the Shard. Take it and follow 
the path west. A Bootlicker is roaming around and will trap out in a cage of 
thorns if you get too close. You can break free if this happens; try to use a 
ranged weapon on this large cactus monster. Search the narrow walkways for 
Black Tonics and Health Tonics, then head north.

A Lungblossom stands in your way, and this gigantic flower monster isn't 
willing to step aside. The Lungblossom is stationary, and attacks by spitting 
out fireballs at you. It will be accompanied by pairs of Bootlickers or 
Pincushions. Either target it from a distance with a ranged weapon, or wait 
between attacks and run in to hack it to death. Once the Lungblossom and its 
minions fall, enter the Skyway.

 The Bastion

Get up, then put the Shard into the Monument. Shards give you the ability to
upgrade the six buildings.

 Distillery Upgrade: New Spirits become available
 Arsenal Upgrade: The Trapper Snare Secret Skill becomes available
 Forge Upgrade: Two additional upgrades for each weapon become available
 Shrine Upgrade: New Idols become available

 Memorial Upgrade: New Vigils become available
 Lost-and-Found Upgrade: New Spirits and Secret Skills are in stock

Upgrade one of the buildings before exiting.

 ROATHUS LAGOON                                                         [0414]

 Roathus Lagoon

You're now wandering into Anklegator territory! These fiends roam underground,
with only their horn sticking above the surface, and wait for their prey to 
move over them before striking with a vicious chomp. Slash the vines in front 
of you and walk to the intersection ahead. The southern end is empty aside 
from a couple Fragments.

As you start to go north, pick up the Sneaky Decoy Secret Skill. When using 
this Secret Skill, a scarecrow appears and confuses enemies while the Kid 
turns invisible for several seconds. Attacking enemies while they are 
distracted always ends up in a Critical Hit.

Take out the Peckers that fly around near where you found the Secret Skill and
walk down the stone road. When the road splits, go west to see an Anklegator 
in action. The only known Anklegator 'round these parts is a massive momma 
known as Queen Anne.

Move forward while taking out the Wallflowers and Pincushions until you reach 
some tall grass. A Stinkweed is blocking the entrance into the field. Keep 
your distance, since this fat puffbag releases clouds of poison that can choke
the life out of you. Shoot it from afar, then approach the tall grass.

Queen Anne lurks in tall grass, and the only way to harm an Anklegator is with
the weapon found up ahead: the Brusher's Pike. This melee weapon has a long 
reach and can also be thrown at enemies like the War Machete. Queen Anne flees
once she notices the pike.

Go east to find Something Nasty and a Health Tonic, then go back to the field
and head southeast. Hack your way through the Pincushions, Wallflowers, and 
Stinkweeds as you continue through the lagoon; when you reach the next field, 
you see Queen Anne retreat again. Visit the Arsenal up north; otherwise 
continue after the Anklegator.

Queen Anne begins to attack when you enter the third field. Any time you step 
into the tall grass, the ground begins to shake just as the mother Anklegator 
springs up. Try to stay out of the grass when fighting the Lunkhead and 

Run east through the tall grass and don't stop until you reach solid ground; 
Queen Anne will be on your tail, so don't slow down even for a second. When 
you exit the first patch of grass, you can follow a side path that branches up
north to find a Stinkweed and Something Pointy. Return back south and dash 
through the second patch of tall grass. Go southeast for a Health Tonic and an
Anklegator Egg, then go back up the stairs and head west to reach Queen Anne's

Now that you're sealed inside Queen Anne's lair, there is nowhere to run. 
First off, run to the far end and grab the Shard, then face off against the 
Anklegator. In order to damage the Anklegator, you must walk over her so she 
pops her heads up. Once Queen Anne's head is exposed, quickly turn around and 
attack. As she takes damage, she becomes faster and her head is exposed for a 
shorter period of time. In addition, creatures such as Pincushions and 
Wallflowers join in on the fun.

Once Queen Anne is done for, explore the rest of her lair to find some Health 
Tonics, heal up, then step into the Skyway.

 The Bastion

Show Rucks and Zia the Anklegator Egg to make an Anklegator baby spring up in 
the southeast corner of the map. Your third pet! If you press X next to it, 
it'll follow you around like a puppy. Use the Shard to upgrade a second 
building, then return to the Skyway.

 POINT LEMAIGN                                                          [0415]

 Point Lemaign

Walk forward and defeat a few Peckers and other monsters, then pick up the 
Army Carbine near the statue. When aiming, two white lines appear that face 
horizontally, then rotate towards the direction of the barrel and converge; 
let go when the two points meet to not only use a Power Shot, but overall it 
increases your accuracy.

Dispose of the Wallflowers and Stinkweed with your new toy until the sharp 
rocks sink into the ground. Move onto the railroad tracks until the railway 
starts moving. A large amount of creatures can be found both on the Grand Rail
and on islands lining the sides of it; slowly move up the railway, shooting 
enemies as you go, until you reach the end.

Once the Grand Rail stops moving, you can go at your own pace. North is the 
way to go, but there are miniature paths that you can take to find trinkets 
such as Health Tonics, Black Tonics, and Fragments. The rail has been tainted 
by the presence of monsters, so you can expect to find Lunkheads, Wallflowers,
and Peckers along the way (though there are patches of Vineapples along the 
way that sweeten the deal). 

Pass by the Arsenal and continue northeast along the Grand Rail. Deal with the 
seed-spitting Peckers and the obnoxious Bootlickers. A Lunkhead is waiting 
near the end of the railway, and the narrow walkway makes it difficult to 
maneuver around and defeat the beast.

Just up ahead is a Shard. When you pick it up, the Grand Rail turns on again 
and you'll have to move against the current while facing off against some 
hazards; the most obvious being the Swampweeds covering the railway. Try to 
weave your way around them so they don't explode and release nasty smog. In 
between fighting Stinkeyes, Peckers, and Wallflowers, chop down the logs that 
are piled onto the railway so you don't get stuck behind and fall.

Slay the large Stinkweed at the end of the Grand Rail, then pick up the Health 
Tonic to replenish your lost health. Exterminate the Wallflowers and 
Pincushions up ahead, then proceed to the circular room and speak with the man
at the other end. Snag the Sealed Note from off the ground and exit towards 
the Skyway.

 The Bastion

Show Rucks the Sealed Note, then talk to Zia. If you discuss the Ceramic 
Stockpot she has in her possession, one will pop up next to the Smoking Pipe 
on the outskirts of town. This is a second gateway to Who Knows Where, and you
can participate in another 20-wave extravaganza for a heaping helping of 
Fragments and XP. Make sure to insert the Shard into the Monument and upgrade 
one of the buildings before leaving.

 COLFORD CAULDRON                                                       [0416]

 Colford Cauldron

The Colford Cauldron is quite a sight, and the scenery here is drastically 
different than anywhere we've been previously. Walk along the rock platforms 
and destroy the yellow Vineapples. More show up near the group of Stinkeyes, 
so try to tackle the creatures with a ranged weapon. Use a ranged weapon to 
take out the Stinkweeds and Wallflowers on the floating islands, then follow 
the path southeast.

The Stinkeyes up ahead stay submerged in the ground, so walk right on over 
them. Pick up the Fire Bellows when the walkway opens up. The Fire Bellows 
unleashes a constant stream of fire, but it requires a recharge period if you
use it for too long.

Burn down the dead trees covering the island and the random enemies that drop
down as well. Once the coast is clear, take the eastern path to find Something
Heavy, then double back and go south. The walkway is very narrow and it can 
get quite congested with all the Peckers, Bootlickers, Stinkweeds, Swampweeds,
and Stinkeyes attacking. Yep, that's a whole lot o' problems.

There are some Pincushions and Wallflowers near another dead forest. Even if 
the Wallflowers curl up and become invulnerable, the Fire Bellows can torch 
right through their petals and burn the flower alive. A Pecker Nest falls to 
the ground once you've killed all the monsters here, so pick it up.

Burn through the dead trees and head south to follow a trail that takes you to
the Arsenal (plus, you can find Something Pointy next to the building). If you
want to switch your weapons, I suggest at least keeping the Fire Bellows, 
since you'll need it for the rest of the level. Otherwise, return to the 
previous island and continue west.

As you make your way towards the Shard, you'll have to deal with tons of 
Peckers and Wallflowers. You will also notice a large batch of hibernating 
Stinkeyes. Well, they happen to wake up as soon as you pick up the Shard. 
Stand back near where the Shard was and wait for the Stinkeyes to float 
towards you as a group, then use your Fire Bellows and rotate back and forth
for a fiery punishment.

Now that you have the Shard, you must backtrack through Colford Cauldron to 
the entrance. Luckily, a shortcut appears nearby; the bad news is that the 
shortcut is populated by Peckers and Stinkweeds. Battle your way to the end 
and ride the Skybridge to be transported back to where you found the weapon.

Here, an abnormally large Stinkeye resides with several smaller versions of 
its kind. As Rucks points out, "it's not polite to stare", so remember to keep
your back turned when fighting these enemies. When you want to strike, quickly
turn around and attack before the Stinkeye can close its eye.

Continue backtracking to the Skyway at the level entrance, fighting the usual 
Peckers, Wallflowers, and Stinkweeds. 

 The Bastion

Show Zia the Pecker's Nest to receive a Pecker pet! With your fourth pet, you 
should unlock the "Pet Sitter" Achievement. Discuss the Memento with Rucks as 
well, then use the Shard and upgrade a building.

 MOUNT ZAND                                                             [0417]

 Mount Zand

There's no more mountain anymore; a large rainforest now stands in your way, 
and the first portion is filled with tall, thick bushes. It can be hard to not 
only see where you're going, but to also spot the Lunkheads jumping around. 
Try to search the perimeter of the area to find Fragments, Vineapples, and 
Something Greasy.

The exit is to the north, so run past the small pond and exit the brush. Head 
across the moss-covered rocks and kill the Wallflowers. In the southeast 
corner is an island with an Anklegator and a Stinkweed, so exterminate them 
for a nice amount of Fragments.

Proceed north from the rock path and go up the tilted tree trunk to the next 
floor. The Galleon Mortar is your newest weapon, and it's right next to the 
stack of crates. The Galleon Mortar is slow and difficult to aim, but it packs
a mighty punch. When you hold down X or B, a target starts next to the mortar 
and moves outwards; let go once the target is underneath your shooting 
destination. It's great for long-range killing, but not good up close (the 
impact of the blasts can even damage you).

Try out the Galleon Mortar on the three Peckers perched on the nearby tree. 
Walk to the right and pass by the Arsenal for a Fine Gramophone, then destroy 
the Pincushion and patch of Stabweeds that appear behind you.

Return to where you picked up the weapon and go north. Your Galleon Mortar can 
blast right through the Wallflowers and Pincushions that stand in your way. 
Head up the stairs towards the wooden walkways and deal with the enemies. You 
can either take the upper path or drop down onto the lower path; go with the
lower path, since you can find a Health Tonic and a Black Tonic. 

There are a few more enemies stationed on islands that can give you some 
trouble, but luckily you have your mortar. Continue along the catwalks until
you reach a Skybridge and ride it to another island.

The Shard is right in front of you. Taking the Shard is easy, but the 
challenge is after it's in your possession: two Lungblossoms sprout from the 
ground and barrage you with a hailstorm of thorns. These Lungblossoms shoot 
thorns out of their mouth as they rain down onto you. Strafe back and forth to
avoid getting punctured and try to take out the supporting cast before 
focusing on the two big dudes.

Your Galleon Mortar is very powerful and does a great job taking these two 
monsters down, but it is very slow and takes a while to land a shot. Dodging 
two sets of needles is hard enough, so I suggest killing the first Lungblossom 
with your melee weapon, then using the Galleon Mortar on the second. Next, 
exit to the Skyway.

 The Bastion

There isn't much to do other than showing Zia and Rucks the Fine Gramophone 
and using the Shard. After discussing the Memento with Rucks, the Fine 
Gramophone appears on the east side of town; you can use it to play music. 
There are only two more Shards left, so your adventure is quickly nearing its

 BURSTONE QUARRY                                                        [0418]

 Burstone Quarry

Walk forward into the quarry to witness the ground rumble and shake. The 
Burstone Quarry is home to Rattle-tails, sneaky monsters that attack by 
burrowing underground and throwing rocks at you. You must wait for them to 
return to the surface before killing them; even that's tough, since 
Rattle-tails actively run away when pursued.

Follow the trail to find some Gasfellas fighting Pincushions. The Gasfellas 
are on your side, so help them out by killing the Pincushions and other 
monsters in the quarry. Press the switch to lower the rock spires, opening up
a new path. Hit the next switch and continue down the path.

Near the third switch, a Lunkhead is trapped inside a circle of rocks. Instead
of pressing it and releasing the monster, attack the defenseless monster from 
the other side of the cage. Move forward and grab the Health Tonic next to the
switch. Defeat the pair of Rattle-tails up ahead, then walk past the switch to
find another Health Tonic at a dead end.

Hit the switch here, which opens up the southeast and northeast pathways. 
There's nothing to find northeast aside from a batch of Stinkeyes, so take the
other road. Press the switch along the way and stop by near the Arsenal. Clear
out all the Pincushions and Wallflowers positioned around the mine track, then
go forward until you reach a fork. To the west is a path that leads to 
Something Stringy.

Back at the fork, continue south. Hit the switch to rearrange some rock 
spires, allowing you to progress further. As the stone path starts to turn 
red, you'll find more rock spires and enemies. Clear out the Pincushions 
before hitting the switch; the path opens up again. This procress of "hit the
switch, lower the rocks" continues a couple more times until you reach an 
expanded section of the quarry.

This area is home to an enlarged Lunkhead named Sir Lunky, of course. His 
mannerisms are identical to regular Lunkheads, although he has much more 
health. Employ the same strategies to defeat Sir Lunky, then defeat the 
Pincushions and Rattle-tails that appear in his wake. The exit to the area is
at the southern side of the room, but first make sure to grab Something Course 
on the north end.

The Kid finds Zulf at the end of the quarry. Talk to him and discuss the 
Fractured Monument. Next, press the switch to recover the Shard and walk 
towards the exit. 

 The Bastion

As Zulf mentioned, his countrymen will never stop in preventing the Kid from 
rebuilding the Bastion. This becomes clear when you return home to find the 
town being ransacked by the Ura. When you walk towards the town entrance, you 
will be ambushed by a couple Ura warriors. The blue ones have large halberds 
and can teleport around the room.

The entrance is sealed shut, so take the back entrance. Walk down the rainbow 
trail and go southwest at the fork to find a Harp Guitar. Continue south at 
the intersection to reach the Skyway.

Once you reach the center of town, you find that your four pets are holding 
the fort up. Help them out by taking down the waves of Ura that appear. 
Apparently your pets can die in combat (which I have not personally 
encountered), but I don't think anything significant comes from it aside from 
Rucks commented on the fallen comrades.

Talk to Rucks once the Uras retreat and discuss the Harp Guitar. The Ura have 
kidnapped Zia, so it's up to you to exact some revenge for their wrongdoings. 
The Shard will patch up the Bastion quite nicely, but there is still one final
Shard that can fully revitalize the city. Make any necessary pit stops before 
heading off again.

 URZENDRA GATE                                                          [0419]

 Day One, Morning

The final Shard is found at Urzendra Gate. Walk down the foggy path until a 
couple Uras stop by. These green ones can teleport just like the blue enemies,
but these folk rely on rifle fire. Slay the pair of green Uras, then grab some 
Fragments at the north and head northeast for the screen to fade out.

 Day Two, Afternoon

You are back in an area that resembles the Wild. Navigate through the tall 
bushes and fend off the Lunkheads. All you have to do is walk forward and slay
three or four Lunkheads until the screen dims once again.

 Day Three, Morning

Once you regain your composure, move around the wooden planks. Descend the 
staircase behind you for some Fragments, then walk back up and proceed 
northeast. Kill the blue and green Uras, walk across the rickety bridge to the
other side of the area and go southwest.

As you follow the wooden walkways, more Ura attack. When you reach a barge, 
pick up Something Fancy in the back corner of the room before jumping on. Ride 
the barge to the next area.

 Day Three, Dusk

There isn't much to do here in the rainy field. Walk along the trail and take 
out a single blue Ura, then continue up the stairs until the screen turns

 Day Three, Night

You wake up at a campsite with an Ura watching over you. Creepy. Send him 
packing before heading up the staircase behind the tent. Eventually, you are 
transported to another location.

 Day Five, Morning

You end up in a chilly area, with ice crystals lining the ground and a flurry
of snow falling from the skies. The Ura ahead has his hands full with a flock 
of Peckers, so capitalize and kick him while he's down. Finish off the Peckers
after and pick up the Health and Black Tonics off to the right.

Continue north/northeast and pick up Something Wrong on the left side of the 
path. Deal with the Stinkeyes and return to the main path, which eventually 
takes you higher up on the mountain.

 Day Six, Afternoon

The snow picks up and leaves you weathering a nasty blizzard. Though they are 
hard to see, Fragments cover the snowy ground. Trot through the snow until an 
Ura appears, then finish her off. Grab the Fragments across the northwest 
bridge, then go back and head east over the next stone bridge. Fight another 
Ura up ahead and walk further down the trail.

 Day Seven, Dawn

The area here is weird, with ice blocks covering the ground and giant mounds 
of snow everywhere. At least the floor isn't slippery from the ice. Continue 
north and an Ura appears out of nowhere on a barge. Deal with him and walk 
under the arches. The Shard, at last! Unfortunately, a hulking brute of an Ura
sneak attacks you, then steals the Shard for himself. Blegh, the stench of 
defeat. Defeat the Rattle-tails after you recover and exit to the Skyway.

 ZULTEN'S HOLLOW                                                        [0420]

 Zulten's Hollow

Your journey to the Tazal Terminals is just a step away, as the Kid lands in 
Zulen's Hollow. At the beginning of the level, destroy the two Uras and grab 
the Calamity Cannon. As the name implies, this is a weapon of mass destruction
that fires concentrated energy as powerful as the Calamity (okay, well not 
quite). The downside is that you can take damage from the ensuing explosions.

There are four pillars surrounding the black tiles you are standing on right 
now. Blow up all four to lower a group of rock spires and open the way for 
you. Destroy the rest of the rocks on the path and go forward. The Security 
here are tougher than any you have faced before and fire laser beams. Shoot at 
them from a long distance with your Calamity Cannon.

As before, shoot the four conductors and the accompanying Stinkeyes to create 
a new path, but first branch off to the left for a Health Tonic. Clear out the 
big rocks and the snowballs until you reach an Arsenal. I highly recommend 
holding onto the Calamity Cannon for the duration of the level.

The next few areas are infested with Rattle-tails. Break the next conductors 
and walk towards an intersection. If you go to the west, you will find a group
of conductors behind a large rock wall. However, if you stand on the edge you 
can shoot at one of the conductors with your Calamity Cannon. You only need to
smash one to tear down the wall. Take Something Burnt, then take the other 
path back at the fork.

Up ahead, you'll find a ton of conductors along with two large Spikeye nests. 
Like the cornbins, these foul things spit out groups of Spikeyes over time. 
Kill them and the Spikeyes left behind, then search the southeast corner for 
Something Foul.

Continue north to the next fork: going north leads to some Fragments and a 
Health Tonic; the the northwest path is the way to go. The road is lined with
snowballs that you'll have to bomb your way through. Slay the foes and smash 
the conductors to lower the rocks. The next set of conductors is on an island,
so shoot at them with your Calamity Cannon to open the way.

There is another intersection a little ways down the trail. First, collect 
Something Wrong to the west and survive against the Uras and Security. Now go 
northeast to encounter some orange Uras. These fighters are similar to the 
green Uras, since they employ long-range tactics, but they wield rapid fire 

Down the two orange Uras and move ahead; smash the conductors to open the 
northeast trail. Before you walk down the road, head to the edge of the cliff
in the corner for a Child's Drawing. The Kid finds Zia at the end of the ice 
road, but the reunion isn't as merry as expected.

 The Bastion

Show Zia the Harp Guitar and Child's Drawing, then discuss the latter with 
Rucks. If you approach the southern end of town, Rucks reveals a Bedroll that 
you can sleep on. This is the third Who Knows Where challenge, so take a nap 
if you're willing to fight 20 waves of madness. Otherwise, leave.

Please note that the Tazal Terminals is the final level in the game. There is 
no backtracking once you enter, so make sure to do everything you'd like 
before selecting the level. Not that you can replay levels, but at least make 
sure that all the Proving Grounds are completed.

 THE TAZAL TERMINALS                                                    [0421]

 The Tazal Terminals

You land right next to three Rattle-tail babies, starting off a doozy of a 
level. Slay all three, then attack the Ura that rides in on a barge south of 
your position. Head up the northern bridge and follow it to a snow-covered 
area. Along the way, you'll find Security and various Ura types.

A Health Tonic and Black Tonic are lying right in the middle of the clearing.
What a steal! Of course, when you run over to pick them up, you become 
surrounded by a ring of Uras. Survive the ambush and continue northwest to 
find several more Uras arriving on barges and Security turrets. Blast the 
snowballs and boxes to the east and go through the arch.

Again, more and more enemies for you to deal with. It gets pretty tough here, 
since you are pitted against four Rattle-tails, a Stinkeye nest, and three 
Uras. Kill the Uras first, then deal with the Stinkeye nest to avoid a crowded 
room. There's another Tonic booby trap up ahead, but there's nothing you can 
do to avoid it.

Destroy the rubble in your way and proceed down the path. If you destroy the 
conductors in this area, they leave behind Health Tonics or Black Tonics. Step
onto the barge to be whisked away to a new area.

The Kid's barge lands, killing some Uras in the process. Heh. Slash your way 
through the area until you reach a dead end. Pick up the item at the end of 
the path for a Hop Scotch. This nifty item allows you to jump by pressing A, 
and you'll need all the jumping power you can get in order to traverse the 
rest of the Tazal Terminals.

Start by jumping across the small islands in front of you for a Health and 
Black Tonic, then leap over to the bridge. A big group of Uras is waiting for 
you here, but the ability to jump makes it easy to dodge attacks and whatnot. 
Plus, icicles rain down from the skies and occasionally create holes in the 
floor that you'll need to jump over.

Break the conductor at the end of the room and walk through the passage. The 
floor starts to fall apart from behind you, so hightail it to the other end. 
Don't even worry about destroying the rocks and snowballs in the way; you can 
just jump over them! Also ignore the Uras, since they'll eventually fall to 
their death.

One last Ura stands in your way here, so finish him off, pick up the Health 
Tonic in the corner, then ride the Skyway.

Unfortunately, the Skyway only takes you to an island way above your previous 
location. There's still a lot more exploring to do. A large Ura captain 
resides on this island; he acts just like the blue halberd Uras, but has much 
more health. There are numerous Health and Black Tonics surrounding the island 
that you can use at any time.

Once the captain is downed, start hopping across the mini islands to the east. 
Some contain Health Tonics; others contain Uras. There are many routes to 
take, so it's up to you to make it to the other side in one piece. Ride the 
barge at the end.

This next portion of the Tazal Terminals is similar to Prosper Bluff: there 
are a bunch of sealed gates lining the main path, and you have to take detours
in order to reach the switches that open them. Jump to the two islands and hit
both switches to open the first gate. Grab the Black Tonics and head through 
the second gate to find a very large weapon.

The Battering Ram is an unconventional weapon, mainly due to the fact that you
only have it for a short period of time and that you cannot use any other 
weapons once it's equipped. The Battering Ram slows you down and prevents you
from jumping, but it's incredibly powerful and can be used to destroy gates 
among other things.

Press X to swing the Battering Ram, B to slam it down, and the Left Trigger to
defend. It even has its own Secret Skill! Pummel the two Pyths that come to 
life, then break through the gate and bash the blue crystals in the previous 
area. Smash the crystals and kill the Uras before riding the barge at the 
southern end of the island.

An army of Uras is waiting for you when you land, so use a Secret Skill to
create a huge meteor storm and wipe 'em all out. Continue forward, destroying
rubble and Uras alike, until you reach the final Shard.

As you try to pick the Shard up, an Ura snags it and teleports to the other
side of the room. Keep playing this game of cat and mouse (more Uras appear
each time the Shard holder teleports away) until he decides to fight you. Use
your Secret Skill to annihilate the Ura and the two Pyths that stand beside
him, then claim the Shard as yours.

Walk down the newly-formed bridge to witness Zulf being betrayed by his own 
kind. You have two options:

 Move On: If you abandon Zulf's body, you must press forward with the
          Battering Ram. Hit the switch to open up the bridge and begin your
          way across. The camera zooms out to show you what you're up against:
          a truly massive army of Uras. Your health meter has disappeared
          along with your other icons, so I don't know if you can die here.
          Fight your way through the Uras until you reach the Skyway.
 Take Zulf: If you choose to do the right thing and take Zulf, you will carry
            his body through the rest of the Tazal Terminals. The Uras look
            on; some attack you, but you have no means of defending yourself.
            It's a truly beautiful scene. Slowly move through the passage 
            until you reach the Skyway, as the Ura look on...

 The Bastion

After repeated attempts, the Kid finally gets up. Place the Shard into the 
Monument for a scene.

 The Monument

Huh, you're actually inside the Monument! Talk to Zia and Rucks, and discuss 
all your options (plus some backstory information). Once again, you are
presented with a choice after inspecting the Monument:

 Restoration: With this option, the Kid restores the world to a time before
              the Calamity, effectively ending the disaster. However, no one
              knows what's in store for the group when they return to the 
 Evacuation: If you restore the Bastion's evacuation protocol, the Kid stays
             on the Bastion with Rucks and Zia, choosing to stay in a world
             still plagued by the Calamity. But as Rucks said, you can now go
             wherever you please.

Again, it doesn't matter which option you make. The game is complete, and you 
now have the option to select New Game Plus from the main menu. In New Game 
Plus, you start the game with all your weapons, upgrades, Idols, and Vigil 


[5] ENEMIES                                                             [0500]


Gasfellas are hooded wraiths that carry sickles and comes in all different 
colors. Blue Gasfellas are the most common and use a basic slash attack. Green
ones use a lunging attack that can surprise you. Blue and green Gasfellas have
an unblockable slam attack, and red ones can spin around like a buzz saw.


You will encounter various Security turrets often on your quest. These turrets
are stationary and shoot energy balls at you. The most common are blue 
Security and they fire blue energy balls. Brown ones shoot rapid-fire energy 
balls, and red ones have flamethrower nozzles. There are other different 
Security types that are more uncommon.


Simply put, Windbags are smaller versions of Gasfellas. They resemble the 
common blue Gasfellas and have identical sickle attacks. Aside from being 
weaker than Gasfellas, the only difference is that Windbag's sickle attack is
much slower.


Squirts resemble small, inflated worms. They bounce around on their tail and 
attack in large groups. They are the game's weaker enemies and don't do much 
aside from a measly ram. While blue Squirts are vicious, the green/red mix are
cowardly and run away from the Kid on sight. Squirts can also emerge from tall
blue cornbins, which act as spawn points.


Scumbags act as trash compactors in the world of Bastion. They are vile 
creatures that ingest just about anything and leave behind acidic blue goo. 
When taking damage, the bulky Scumbags begin to deflate like a balloon until 
they dissapear. Their primary form of attack is with this toxic acid: Scumbags
will either spit globs at you or slide around and leave a trail in their wake. 
Some can also use a battering ram attack.


These passive plants may not go out of their way to harm you, but walking into
one can be quite painful. Stabweeds are plump cacti that are common in some of
the game's levels. They are bunched together and often block roads and 
passages. Destroy them from afar so you don't get pricked.


Pyth is actuall the name of a bull God, but there are mechanical bulls that 
share the name. When approached, the Pyth goes on a frenzy and rides around 
while spitting out flames. Even though this is its only attack, the bull 
actively pursues you until the flames cease. When it ceases fire, you can 


Peckers are a species of predatory bird, and apparently the Kid is a part of 
the food chain. You mainly fight baby Peckers, which appear in groups and can 
be killed in one hit. The bigger ones have a nasty divebomb attack and are 
much tougher to bring down, and turquoise Peckers opt to keep their distance 
and shoot seeds at you.


Just like Stabweeds, Swampweeds do not attack you, but still cause a lot of 
trouble. They resemble purple bunches and are often found in the forests and 
bogs that make up the Wild. When destroyed, they release a green cloud of gas 
that can damage the Kid if he walks through it.


Pincushions do not move, but can shoot a stream of needles at you on command. 
The most common are purple Pincushions, who can fire a steady stream of 
thorns; since these creatures cannot see where they're shooting, you are able 
to avoid the thorns. Green pincushions shoot their needles out in a ring, and 
blue Pincushions are similar to purple ones, but have faster firepower.


These dangerous flowers are stationary, but the fungi they spit out can travel 
a long distance. They come in all sorts of colors and have different shot 
patterns, but they all have one common ability: they can close their petals, 
which means that they are impervious to attack. Wait for their petals to open 
up before striking.


These odd monsters have armor plating on their head, which prevents you from 
damaging their face; the only way to damage a Lunkhead is to strike their 
behind. These creatures don't really have a particular form of attack, but 
their strong hind legs allow them to jump high in the air. Lunkheads leap all 
over the place, and you may be at risk of getting stepped on.


Vineapples are brightly-colored fruit that are often found in the Wild and 
some other locations. When you break open a green Vineapple, green gas fills 
the air and has healing capabilities. However, the yellow ones are dangerous
and explode when destroyed.


These floating green eyes stalk their prey and try to strike from behind. 
Their lone eye stays closed when staring straight at it and generally only 
opens up when your back is turned (think Boo from Super Mario). They become
much harder to kill when their eye is closed, so turn around and then perform 
a quick 180 to catch them off guard.


You only encounter this evil clone a few times in the game. Basically, it's a 
shadowy version of the Kid, so he has the same movement and attack patterns as 
your own character. The only difference is that he is much weaker and cannot 
defend with his shield.


The Bootlicker is a tall cactus monster that doesn't seem to be particularly 
dangerous; its main attack is trapping you inside a cage of thorns. The Kid 
cannot get hurt, but being stuck inside leaves him open to attacks by other 
enemies. You can destroy the cage with any weapon.


The Lungblossom is certainly at the top of the food chain, due to its massive 
size and power. This colorful plant has a gaping maw and periodically spews 
out groups of fireballs. While this is its only attack, the Lungblossom also 
has the ability to summon lesser enemies to its aid.


Not to be confused with Swampwweds (or Stabweeds, for that matter), Stinkweeds 
are giant saggy plants that cough up noxious green fumes. These clouds can 
travel far, so it's best you keep your distance. Once defeated, the Stinkweed 
releases several toxic clouds.


Thought to be extinct, you come across several Anklegators in select regions. 
Anklegators spend most of their time underground, with only their horns 
sticking above the surface to act as indicators. They strike when the Kid 
moves over them; roll next to their horn to get them to emerge, then attack.


Rattle-tails look like purple and white rodents with long tails. They 
generally stay away from combat and will burrow underground if heated. When 
underground, they kick up boulders before returning to the surface. Most 
weapons cannot target Rattle-tails when underground.


The Ura warriors have endured tough training to become top-notch fighters, and
that certainly shows when fighting one. They are lightning fast and have the 
ability to teleport between areas, making them hard to pinpoint and attack. 
Blue Uras have long halberds and fight up close, while green Uras carry rifles
and shoot you from afar. The orange Uras are similar to the green females, but
they are bigger and carry crossbows.


[6] PROVING GROUNDS                                                     [0600]

There are 12 Proving Grounds in the game - one for each available weapon. 
Proving Grounds act as training areas so you can improve your skills with each 
of the game's weapons. You receive prizes for completing the assigned 
challenge, and the prize for First Place is a valuable Secret Skill.

 Breaker Barracks

 Weapon: Breaker Bow
 First Prize: Breaker Volley (5 shots or fewer)
In the Breaker Barracks, you must destroy the floating orbs lining the room 
with your Breaker Bow. The room has a fairly simple layout, and the 12 orbs
        _____________         are displayed like the diagram on the left.
      ,'             `.       Your goal is to destroy all 12 orbs in a limited
    ,'   O    O    O   `.     number of shots: you get First Prize if you can
  ,'   O    O   O    O   `.   break them all in five shots or less.
  |  O    O       O    O  |
  `.                     ,'   The key to completing this Proving Ground and
    `.        O        ,'     getting First Prize is to use Power Shots. The
      `._____________,'       orbs are too durable and can withstand more than
                              one regular shot, so using a Power Shot to break
them in one hit is key to winning this thing. In addition, you must position
yourself properly so that you can destroy multiple orbs with a single arrow. 

You can tackle this a number of ways, but the easiest way is to shoot them 
diagonally so you can take down three at a time. Take out the two outer trios 
first, then the inner five followed by the lone one at the bottom. I've 
personally never gotten below five shots, but five is all you need for First 

 Windbag Ranch

 Weapon: War Machete
 First Prize: Ghost Blade (under 60 seconds)

The War Machete is very light and you can swing it with ease, so you must put 
the swift qualities of this weapon to the test by defeating all the monsters 
in a set time. As soon as you pick up the weapon, enemies begin to pour into 
the room. You must defeat several Security turrets, three Squirt-producing 
cornbins, and a whole bunch of timid green Squirts. 

The trick to winning here in under a minute is to kill off all the green 
Squirts before they can run away. They continuously spawn in the center of the
arena, and if you give them too much time, they run off the map and force you 
to use the War Machete's throwing ability to slay them. It's way too much 
effort, and throwing the machete doesn't always connect.

Stand in the middle of the arena as soon as you pick up the weapon and begin 
hacking away at the green Squirts. Don't worry if a few get away, but your 
goal is to take out the majority. Also, suck it up and deal with the Security 
fire; you can just heal yourself if it gets too bad.

Next, run towards the two cornbins and quickly slash them apart. If you get 
close enough to the edge, you can destroy some of the floating Security rather 
than having to throw your War Machete at them. Overall, it's not that bad once 
you get rid of most of the green Squirts. Finish off the stragglers and you 
should be able to get the First Prize with relative ease... and all without 
needing to upgrade your weapon.

 Trapper Shingle

 Weapon: Fang Repeater
 First Prize: Snooze Dart (64 targets)

In this Proving Ground, you must walk across a long and narrow bridge lined 
with small green targets. All you have to do is proceed along the bridge and 
use your Fang Repeater to destroy each of the targets. The catch? The bridge 
begins to slowly fall apart from behind you, so you must stay ahead of the 
darkness while making sure to hit every target available (there are 64 in 
total, so you cannot miss a single one). If you miss one, you won't be able to 
backtrack and you'll be screwed.

I still consider this one of the easier Proving Grounds, since the Fang 
Repeater is a fast weapon that automatically reloads. Use the score tally to 
see how you're doing and make sure not to miss any targets. It is important to 
get a good head start and keep moving at the beginning of the challenge. While
it's not necessary, upgrading your Fang Repeater to have a larger ammo clip
certainly helps.

 Bullhead Court

 Weapon: Bullhead Shield
 First Prize: 2500 Fragments (2 hits or fewer)

This is widely considered one of the toughest Proving Grounds in the game. 
There are no real tricks or secrets you must use in order to complete this 
challenge; it's all up to using your Bullhead Shield and its Counter ability 

Your goal is to kill all the enemies present without getting hit. The enemies 
come in small waves, and they are all fairly weak to keep things manageable. 
Since you have no offensive weapon, you must defeat the monsters using your 
shield's Counter. In order to use Counter, block an enemy attack the moment 
before it strikes you and you'll counterattack. It takes a bit of practice, 
but hey, that's what these challenges are for.

 Wave 1: A single blue Security. You shouldn't have any trouble here.
 Wave 2: Two Security. Double the trouble, but still easy.
 Wave 3: One big blue Gasfella. His sickle strike is fast, so keep on your
         toes. It takes two Counter hits for the beast to fall.
 Wave 4: Three Security turrets. They don't all arrive at the same exact time,
         so you should be able to destroy them easily.
 Wave 5: A pair of Windbags. They can be killed in one Counter hit, and their
         attacks are very slow. Wait for the sickle to shake before you block.
 Wave 6: One brown Security. Unlike the blue ones, they fire a rapid stream of
         energy balls. Make sure to Counter the first and continue to block so
         the others don't hit you.

 Wave 7: One green Gasfella. He's like the big blue one, but he has a diving
         slice attack that can cover a bit of ground. Two Counters will do the

 Wave 8: Two brown Security. This one can be kinda tricky, especially if they
         place them on opposite sides of each other.

 Wave 9: Three blue Squirts. I don't really get these guys: I tend to Counter
         them all the time, but it usually takes a lot of Counters before they
         actually die. It can be hard to notice when they are about to attack
         since all they do is a simple ram.

 Wave 10: One blue Security and a green Gasfella. The Security arrives before
          the Gasfella, so you can destroy it before the Gasfella even shows
          up. Otherwise, deal with the Gasfella first.

 Wave 11: One brown Security and a blue large Gasfella. Try to run away from
          the Security turret and bait the Gasfella away from it, then destroy
          the Gasfella. Trying to avoid the numerous energy balls can be

 Wave 12: A giant Scumbag. At this point, the Stranger tells you that it may
          be smarter to evade rather than block. The Scumbag has a thrust
          attack that gets faster and harder the more you Counter it. He
          suggests that you try to use an Evade roll and dodge the Scumbag in
          an attempt to knock it off the edge. Maybe Counter it once to slim
          the Scumbag down a bit, then stand near the edge and wait for it to
          slide towards you, then roll out of the way. Voila!

 Zulwood Grove

 Weapon: Scrap Musket
 First Prize: Scrap Salvo (15 shots or fewer)

Zulwood Grove is filled to the brim with large, prickly gourds, and it is up 
to you to clear them all out with the Scrap Musket. In order to claim your 
prize, you must either destroy the green gourds or push them off the edge of 
the cliff.

Since the Scrap Musket is similar to wielding a shotgun, you must get up close 
when targeting the gourds for the maximum effect. Also, try to position 
yourself so you can shoot an entire group at once and push a large amount 
closer towards the edge. The challenge is incredibly easy when you upgrade 
your Scrap Musket to allow for greater knockback.

 The Scrap Yard

 Weapon: Cael Hammer
 First Prize: Stunning Wallop (under 25 seconds)

The Cael Hammer is great for bashing and clearing out space, so it's only 
proper that you are placed inside a large junkyard with the weapon. The Scrap
Yard is a single circular island covered in random objects, and you start off 
in the middle of it. Pick up the hammer and start smashing things.

It is important to understand the capabilities of the Cael Hammer and also the
durability of the objects you must destroy. First off, your attacks are 
stronger when standing completely still. Also, some of the objects here are 
bigger and tougher to break down (carriages, walls) than others (barrels). 
Many of the items can only withstand a single hit, but others require multiple

24 seconds is not a lot of time at all, and it will take a ton of retries in 
order to get First Prize. Rule #1: destroy the weaker items by rolling. It 
saves a ton of time and effort. The only real way to determine which items can
be rolled through is by trial and error, but barrels, boxes, and the stone 
railings can be taken down if you roll through them. I usually roll, then 
immediately stop and use a strong attack to clear out some of the walls and 
rock piles.

Also note that you need to destroy 100 objects, and there are more than that 
present. I try to go around in a circle and destroy most of the items, and by 
the time I'm done with a lap, I only have to break around five more objects. 
The south/southeast corner seems to have the most fragile junk, so I tend to 
start there and go counter-clockwise. But it's not a fool-proof plan, so try 
different options and see which ones work out. It is all about practice, and 
upgrading the Cael Hammer's damage capabilities.

 Slinger Range

 Weapon: Dueling Pistols
 First Prize: Slinger Storm (750 or more)

This is widely considered the most difficult Proving Ground in the game, and 
it is nigh impossible to complete without the addition of perks or upgrading 
your weapon. As the game points out, you can use the Dueling Pistols at a 
faster rate when you rapidly tap its assigned button, so button mashing can 
result in a rapid shower of bullets. 

Pick up the Dueling Pistols and walk down onto the island. There are ten 
smaller island surrounding your location, and a scarecrow will periodically 
appear on one of the islands. Your score starts off high (at 100, I think) and
continues to decrease until the scarecrow is destroyed, so fast trigger 
fingers will receive a higher score. Repeat this process ten times and the
challenge will end.

It's all about knowing when to fire; you cannot anticipate the scarecrow 
because they appear after different time intervals and in different locations 
each time. This challenge requires you to be near perfect in all ten shot 
attempts: in addition to shooting incredibly fast, you cannot miss and you 
must take out the scarecrow in one clip, or else you'll reload and that messes
everything up.

I would recommend leaving this Proving Ground until the end of the game, 
because you will need to heavily upgrade your weapon. Even with a fully 
upgraded Dueling Pistols, this is still crazy hard.

Thanks to the GameFAQs Bastion message board, I found a perfect strategy to 
win First Prize without too much trouble. Equip the Werewhisky Spirit, which 
gives you a +100% Critical Hit Chance when below 33% health. Before picking up 
the guns and starting the challenge, repeatedly fall off the edge until the 
Werewhisky activates. Now begin the challenge; you'll annihilate the 
scarecrows in record time and easily surpass 750 Points.

 Camp Dauncy

 Weapon: Brusher's Pike
 First Prize: Brusher Sweep (under 60 seconds)

Camp Dauncy is a barren patch of land that is overrun by Pincushions. The
Pincushions continuously fire out thorns and all face different directions,
creating a sort of maze-like effect. You must navigate through the camp and
            _______            hit all six switches present in a select time
          ,'       `.          in order to earn the most coveted prizes. It is
          `._     _,'          a lot more difficult than it sounds due to
            ,' S `.            several conditions:
          ,' ,' `. `.
       _,' ,'     `. `._       First off, all you have to use is the Brusher's
     ,'    `.     ,'    `.     Pike. That means you cannot defend against the
    /        \   /        \    Pincushions with a shield, and for some odd
    \  S     /   \  S     /    reason, you are not able to perform evasive
     `._     `._,'     _,'     rolls here. Also, you cannot use Health Tonics
        `.           ,'        to heal yourself.
          )    S    (
       _,'     _     `._       Due to these circumstances, you cannot wildly
     ,'      ,' `.      `.     rush through and take a beating in order to
    /   S    \   /     S  \    get a good time. You must exterminate the
    \        /   \        /    Pincushions in order to make the camp safe
     `._   ,'     `.   _,'     enough to cross. To the left is a diagram
        `. `.     ,' ,'        representing the camp layout and the locations
          `. `._,' ,'          of the six switches.
            `.   ,'
             |___|             To make things easier on yourself, only destroy
             START             the Pincushions that directly interfere with
                               your route. There is no need to kill the ones
that are not pointing at you, since you can save time and simply navigate
around them. The Brusher's Pike has a long reach, so you can reach over a
stream of thorns and hit a target.

The Pincushions never change positions during each trial, so you'll come to 
memorize their locations during retries and determine the best possible route 
through Camp Dauncy.

A simple way to get First Prize is to intentionally kill yourself by running 
through Pincushion fire and hitting one or two switches along the way. You 
have two lives before you must restart a level/challenge, so dying once is 
like a free pass. Once you are resurrected, it takes a second or two before 
the Pincushions to start firing, allowing you to shave a few seconds off the 
clock. To boot, you can equip the Hearty Punch Spirit, allowing you to perform
this trick a second time.

 Trigger Hill

 Weapon: Army Carbine
 First Prize: Trigger Blitz (under 35 seconds)

I would say this is probably the easiest Proving Ground in the game. 
Personally, I don't think it requires much skill to wield the Army Carbine so
long as you know what you're doing, and it isn't exactly complicated either. 

With the gun equipped, hold down the selected button to make two aiming lines 
appear. They appear horizontally and begin to rotate and line up with the 
gun's barrel. Once the two lines meet, release to create the most accurate 
shot possible (and most likely a Power Shot); spamming the attack button gets 
you nowhere and you likely won't be able to hit anything remotely far away.

The challenge at Trigger Hill is shooting targets. The first set of targets 
appears on the left side of the island. The first couple are close to the edge
and they repeatedly get farther and farther away; as long as you line up the 
aiming sight, you should be able to easily destroy the ones in the back, even 
without upgrading the weapon. The targets on the right are Security, so they 
fire back, but they can be taken out in two hits, max. The only difference is
that you will have to move around a bit to avoid taking damage.

 Grady Incinerator

 Weapon: Fire Bellows
 First Prize: Ring of Fire (72 Peckers)

There has been a Pecker infestation at the Grady Incinerator, and it is your 
job to clear them out... what other way than with the Fire Bellows? The 
incinerator consists of three chambers, each one sealed off by gates. Peckers 
fly around in each chamber, and the only way to get from one chamber to the 
next is to fry each Pecker.

There are 72 total Peckers to be killed, and you must roast all 72 in order to
claim First Prize. The best method is to not let the Peckers get too 
scattered: run to the center of the chamber and wait for the Peckers to drop 
down, then spin around in a circle while letting the Fire Bellows rip. If any 
get away, you'll have to chase them down.

You only have 30 seconds to complete this Proving Ground. You may need to 
upgrade your Fire Bellows a bit for greater fuel generation and possibly 
higher attack speed. With an unaltered weapon, I could never kill the last two
or three birds, but with one or two upgrades I was able to get over the hump.

 Boundless Bay

 Weapon: Galleon Mortar
 First Prize: Bomb Barrage (80 casualties or more)

Boundless Bay is a small (but beautiful) area with a simple challenge: use the
Galleon Mortar to annihilate as many Squirts as you can in five shots. There 
is an island filled with Squirts south of your location, and you must use the 
Galleon Mortar's precise aiming and incredible blast radius to take out as 
many enemies.

This is another simple Proving Ground, since it doesn't take much effort to 
complete it even without upgrading your weapon. In order to kill at least 80 
Squirts, you must be patient. The Squirts move around, so wait for them to 
bunch together before taking a shot. It's a lot easier for the first couple 
shots since it's hard not to hit at least 10 in a shot, but once the numbers 
dwindle you will need to wait for them to move around. Do the math: you must 
nail 16 Squirts with each mortar shot to get 80 - the bare minimum.

 Mancer Observatory

 Weapon: Calamity Cannon
 First Prize: Calamity Rockets (all 7 conductors)

You are in charge of the Mancer Observatory, a small building containing a 
rectangular platform with seven conductors at the back. Windbags attack from 
the opposite side of the platform, and your job is to hold them off and 
protect the conductors. In order to win First Prize, you must keep all seven 
in tact; not a single one can be destroyed.

The Windbags are weak creatures and can be eliminated in one hit, but the 
numbers game becomes evident and you may be at risk of getting overrun. Try to
aim for Windbags grouped together, but otherwise take out the ones closest to 
you. Stand at the edge of the platform and attack.

The challenge gets difficult when you're down to about 25-30 Windbags. They 
start to move faster and a handful may get past you. Aiming backwards towards
the conductors is a huge risk since you can destroy them yourself with the 
Calamity Cannon, so you're better off restarting if even a single Windbag gets
past the halfway mark on the platform. You'll definitely need to upgrade your 
Calamity Cannon (increased Charge Up Speed and Blast Radius). Hell, the final 
upgrade creates homing rockets, which is just plain cheap.


[7] WEAPONS                                                             [0700]

 WEAPONS                                                                [0701]

 Cael Hammer

Well-balanced melee weapon.

- Stationary attacks with it are more powerful

Heavy-duty hammers such as this constructed Caelondia's famous Rippling Walls,
and protected them from elements and foes alike.

 First Upgrades (250 Fragments)

 Sledge Head: +50% Damage

 Battle Head: +10% Critical Hit Chance

 Second Upgrades (500 Fragments)

 Extended Grip: New Ability: Focus Attack
                Hold LT to Focus, then Attack

 Reverse Grip: Uppercut Attacks Cause Knockback
               Attack without moving to Uppercut

 Third Upgrades (750 Fragments)

 Alloy Shaft: +50% Damage
              Effect Stacks With Sledge Head

 Crafstman Shaft: +100% to Critical Hit Damage

 Fourth Upgrades (1250 Fragments)

 Checkered Face: Attacks Ignore Armor
 Bell Face: Overhead Strikes Can Stun
            Attack without moving for an Overhead Strike

 Fifth Upgrades (1500 Fragments)

 Cael Engravings: +75% Damage
 Ura Engravings: +25% Critical Hit Chance
                 +150% to Critical Hit Damage
                 Effect Stacks with Battle Head and Craftsman Shaft

 Fang Repeater

Rapid-fire ranged weapon.

- Cannot move while firing. Reloads automatically

A munition chamber fashioned from an unlucky beast gives a distinct silhouette
to these silent repeating rifles, once favored by Ura hunters.

 First Upgrades (150 Fragments)

 Double Clip: +8 Ammo Capacity

 Speed Clip: +55% Faster Reload

 Second Upgrades (300 Fragments)

 Heavy Bolts: +50% Damage

 Flurry Bolts: Improved Firing Rate
               Wider Attack Spread

 Third Upgrades (450 Fragments)

 Hollowed Chamber: +8 Ammo Capacity
                   Effect Stacks With Double Clip

 Grooved Chamber: +55% Faster Reload
                  Effect Stacks With Speed Clip

 Fourth Upgrades (900 Fragments)

 Reinforced Piston: +50% Damage
                    Effect Stacks With Heavy Bolts

 Multi-Piston: Improved Firing Rate
               Wider Attack Spread
               Effect Stacks With Flurry Bolts

 Fifth Upgrades (1400 Fragments)

 Bounding Critters: Bolts Ricochet on Contact
 Tracking Critters: Bolts Seek Out Foes

 Breaker's Bow

Versatile ranged weapon.

- Attack power increases as the bowstring is drawn

With these durable lightweight bows, Caelondian Breaker divisions
reconnoitered the farthest reaches of the land in the name of their City.

 First Upgrades (175 Fragments)

 Speed String: +25% Draw Speed
 Power String: +2 Target Penetrations Per Shot

 Second Upgrades (375 Fragments)

 Stabweed Arrowheads: +50% Damage
 Scumbag Arrowheads: Arrows Cause Damage Over Time

 Third Upgrades (675 Fragments)

 Supple Bow Limbs: +25% Draw Speed
                   Effect Stacks With Speed String

 Reinforced Bow Limbs: +2 Target Penetrations Per Shot
                       Effect Stacks With Power String

 Fourth Upgrades (975 Fragments)

 Cael Fletching: +50% Damage
 Ura Fletching: Arrows Cause Damage Over Time
                Effect Stacks With Scumbag Arrows

 Fifth Upgrades (1325 Fragments)

 Dual-Pulley System: Arrows Cause Knockback
 Hybrid-Pulley System: Arrows Can Stun

 War Machete

Fast attack melee weapon.

- Throwing attack compensates for short melee range

The Ura once nearly sacked the City with these savage blades, which gave the
City's missionaries a healthy respect for them.

 First Upgrades (150 Fragments)

 Keen Edge: +20% Critical Hit Chance
 Serrated Edge: Attacks Cripple Foes
                Attacks Deal Damage Over Time

 Second Upgrades (325 Fragments)

 Combat Handle: +100% Critical Hit Damage
 Launch Handle: +1 Blades Per Throw

 Third Upgrades (625 Fragments)

 Alloy Tip: +20% Critical Hit Chance
            Effect Stacks With Keen Edge

 Scumbag Tip: Attacks Cripple
              Attacks Deal Damage Over Time
              Effect Stacks With Serrated Edge

 Fourth Upgrades (1225 Fragments)

 Reinforced Spine: +100% Critical Hit Damage
                   Effect Stacks With Combat Handle

 Split Spine: +1 Blades Per Throw
              Effect Stacks With Launch Handle

 Fifth Upgrades (1625 Fragments)

 Graver Bolster: +50% Attack Speed
 Ura Bolster: +50% Damage from Power Shot Throws

 Scrap Musket

Wide-angle ranged weapon.

- Knockback effect compensates for limited range

A mass-produced version of the very first Caelondian firearm, said to be a
true terror. It belches searing clouds of jagged metal.

 First Upgrades (200 Fragments)

 Rifled Barrel: +50% Range
                -50% Spread
 Smoothebore Barrel: +35% Spread
                     -15% Range

 Second Upgrades (400 Fragments)

 Heavy Shells: +15% Damage
 Impact Shells: Shots Cause Greater Knockback

 Third Upgrades (800 Fragments)

 Tactical Shock: Reduced Penalty to Long Range Damage
 Assault Shock: +33% Faster Reload

 Fourth Upgrades (1750 Fragments)

 Reinforced Chamber: +15% Damage
                     Effect Stacks With Heavy Shells

 Expanded Chamber: Shots Cause Greater Knockback
                   Effect Stacks With Impact Shells

 Fifth Upgrades (2350 Fragments)

 Cael Flintlock: Fire Two Shots at Once
 Ura Flintlock: Shots Cripple Foes

 Dueling Pistols

Duel ranged weapons.

- Variable fire rate limited by the user's own speed

Small enough to be used in pairs, these pistols grew in popularity beyond the
Walls as Ura ambushes mounted.

 First Upgrades (325 Fragments)

 Expanded Cylinders: +4 Ammo Capacity
 Sealed Cylinders: Bullet Scatter Eliminated

 Second Upgrades (650 Fragments)

 Speedloader Chambers: +25% Faster Reload
 High-Caliber Chambers: +25% Damage

 Third Upgrades (1275 Fragments)

 Wild Powder: Bullets Ricochet on Contact
 Cauldron Powder: +1 target Penetrations Per Shot

 Fourth Upgrades (1575 Fragments)

 Tranquilizer Barrels: Bullets Cripple Foes

 Hunting Barrels: +25% Damage
                  Effect Stacks With High-Caliber Chambers

 Fifth Upgrades (1950 Fragments)

 Hollow-Jacket Rounds: Bullets Cause Knockback

 Armor-Eater Rounds: Bullets Ignore Armor

 Brusher's Pike

Thrusting melee weapon.

- Powerful medium range weapon can also be thrown.

Fearless Caelondian huntsmen used the business ends of these beauties to probe
the capabilities of the flora and fauna lurking beyond the City Walls.

 First Upgrades (200 Fragments)

 Reinforced Shaft: +15% Critical Hit Chance
 Hollowed Shaft: +50% Faster Throw Reload

 Second Upgrades (475 Fragments)

 Hunting Grip: +50% Critical Hit Damage
 Battle Grip: Thrust Attacks Cause Knockback

 Third Upgrades (825 Fragments)

 Brusher Bindings: +20% Faster Thrust Attacks
 Ura Bindings: Throw Attacks Can Stun

 Fourth Upgrades (1650 Fragments)

 Heavy Counterweight: +50% Damage
 Light Counterweight: +50% Faster Throw Reload
                      Effect Stacks With Hollowed Shaft

 Fifth Upgrades (2075 Fragments)

 Barbed Spearhead: Attacks Ignore Armor
 Splitter Spearhead: +1 Spear Per Throw

 Army Carbine

High-power ranged weapon.

- High damage output but heavy reoil. Variable accuracy

The standard issue bolt action rifle of the Caelondian armed forces, also
known as the weapon that conquered the continent.

 First Upgrades (200 Fragments)

 Power Tuning: Bullets Cause Knockback
 Speed Tuning: +30% Speed While Aiming

 Second Upgrades (400 Fragments)

 Cavalry Barrel: +35% Damage
 Marksman Barrel: +50% Aiming Speed

 Third Upgrades (800 Fragments)

 Reinforced Chamber: +10% Critical Hit Chance
 Insulated Chamber: +35% Faster Reload

 Fourth Upgrades (1600 Fragments)

 Combat Scope: +35% Damage
               Effect Stacks With Cavalry Barrel

 Reflex Scope: +50% Aiming Speed
               Effect Stacks With Marksman Barrel

 Fifth Upgrades (2400 Fragments)

 Boomer Rounds: Bullets Cause Area Damage
 Razor Rounds: Bullets Ignore Armor

 Fire Bellows

Flame assault weapon.

- Spews a continuous stream of fire, causing damage over time

A simple miscommunication led to the fiery destruction of Caelondia's oldest 
forge, but at least it gave birth to this weapon.

 First Upgrades (150 Fragments)

 Sustainable Fuel: +20% Fuel Generation
 Volatile Fuel: Flames Spread Wider

 Second Upgrades (325 Fragments)

 Napalm Reservoir: Flames Cause Lasting Burn
 Thermite Reservoir: +1 Damage Per Flame

 Third Upgrades (725 Fragments)

 Cooling Intake: +20% Fuel Generation
                 Effect Stacks With Sustainable Fuel

 Modified Intake: Flames Cripple Foes

 Fourth Upgrades (1350 Fragments)

 Contoured Grip: +25% Attack Speed
 Shielded Grip: Damage Resistance When Firing

 Fifth Upgrades (1675 Fragments)

 Streamlined Furnace: Move Faster While Attacking

 Industrial Furnace: Large Attack Range Increase
                     Cannot Move and Fire

 Galleon Mortar

Bombardment weapon.

- Explosive bombs damage a wide area. Variable range

After the Caels decommissioned their largest fleet, their ships' massive
broadside mortars found new purpose in defending of the Walls.

 First Upgrades (225 Fragments)

 Burstone Bombs: +25% Blast Radius
 Rapid Bombs: +25% Faster Reload

 Second Upgrades (450 Fragments)

 Target System: +50% Aiming Speed
 Blast System: +15% Critical Hit Chance

 Third Upgrades (1075 Fragments)

 Shrapnel Charges: +25% Blast Radius
                   Effect Stacks With Burstone Bombs

 High-Explosive Charges: +35% Damage

 Fourth Upgrades (1850 Fragments)

 Reactive Tubing: +100% Power Shot Damage
 Dampened Tubing: +15% Critical Hit Chance
                  Effect Stacks With Blast System

 Fifth Upgrades (2225 Fragments)

 Inferno Propellant: Bombs Create Damage Fields
 Stonewall Propellant: Immunity to Bomb Damage

 Calamity Cannon

Experimental ranged weapon.

- Too unwieldly to lock onto targets. Blasts cause area damage

The Mancers not only theorized about the raw forces of the world, they
developed blueprints for how to unleash them.

 First Upgrades (500 Fragments)

 Supercharged Emitter: Rockets Cause Knockback
 Stabilized Emitter: Rockets Will Not Launch Automatically

 Second Upgrades (1000 Fragments)

 Turbo Generator: +25% Charge Up Speed
 Blast Generator: +20% Blast Radius

 Third Upgrades (1500 Fragments)

 Speed Configuration: +35% Reload Speed
 Power Configuration: +10% Damage

 Fourth Upgrades (2000 Fragments)

 Efficient Fuel Cell: +25% Charge Up Speed
                      Effect Stacks With Turbo Generator
 Incendiary Fuel Cell: +20% Blast Radius
                       Effect Stacks With Blast Generator

 Fifth Upgrades (3000 Fragments)

 Tracking Processor: Rockets Seek Out Foes
 Combustion Processor: Rockets Create Damage Fields

 SECRET SKILLS                                                          [0702]

 Whirl Wind

- Cael Hammer Skill

A furious spinning strike that can damage multiple foes.

Originally developed by the City Masons' wrecking teams.

 Stunning Wallop

- Cael Hammer Skill

A crushing attack that stuns any foe unlucky enough to get in the way.

The heaviest stonework on the Rippling Walls needed to be lodge in place with
this move.

 Bolt Burst

- Fang Repeater Skill

A spiral of bolts that deals damage in every direction.

Trappers would rely on this technique in the event they got surrounded.

 Snooze Dart

- Fang Repeater Skill

A bolt coated in a heavy sedative, which causes the target to lose
consciousness on impact.

Considered unsportsmanlike by some Trappers.

 Dancing Shot

- Breaker's Bow Skill

A secret Breaker technique that causes an arrow to bounce from target to

Originally intended only for spectacle but if proved to have practical uses.

 Breaker Volley

- Breaker's Bow Skill

A skill used by the swiftest Breakers, delivering arrow after arrow in rapid

Devised by the Breakers' most renowned archery instructor.

 Graver Slash

- War Machete Skill

A lightning fast flurry of strikes that can cut through even the toughest 

The origins of this technique are widely disputed, though its potency is not.

 Ghost Blade

- War Machete Skill

A secret technique that slices through everything in its path.

An old Graver went missing in a cave for months but returned having mastered 
this move.

 Final Warning

- Scrap Musket Skill

A blast sent straight up into the air, causing a flurry of projectiles to rain
down on the area.

Not effective as a warning, but very effective otherwise.

 Scrap Salvo

- Scrap Musket Skill

A relentless series of blasts that overcompensates for the musket's slow rate 
of fire.

Only once did the Marshals resort to this technique, in the days following the

 Duel Decider

- Dueling Pistols Skill

A single swift, devastating shot aimed straight for the foe's most vulnerable 

The practice of dueling soon ceased after the Slingers unveiled this trick.

 Slinger Storm

- Dueling Pistols Skill

A rapid fire frenzy of countless bullets.

The Slingers perfected this skill as proof of how quick their trigger fingers

 Pike Vault

- Brusher's Pike Skill

A dexterous trick with which the wielder leaps into the sky to crash down on 
unsuspecting foes.

The Brushers adopted this maneuver from great war stories passed down from 
older generations.

 Brusher Sweep

- Brusher's Pike Skill

A secret polearm technique, which lashes out at all foes in the vicinity, 
shoving them away.

Created by the founder of the Brushers, who once stood against an entire Ura 

 Breaching Bullet

- Army Carbine Skill

A special bullet that lodges inside the target and explodes shortly 

Some frowned on this device but no one denied its effectiveness.

  Trigger Blitz

- Army Carbine Skill

A fast, decisive shot aimed at the target's vitals.

The Army's Triggers used this skil in desperate times to decide battles in 
their favor. 

 Burning Carousel

- Fire Bellows Skill

A technique causing the user to spin while spouting flames.

Created by an infamous circus performer whose craft concerned him more than 
the safety of others.

 Ring of Fire

- Fire Bellows Skill

A technique that causes an expanding wall of flame to sweep through the 

First developed for waste incinerators.

 Turret Surprise

- Galleon Mortar Skill

A special shell that splits open on impact to reveal a Security Turret, 
hard-wired to defend the user.

First used by the Caelondian armada as a deterrent against privateers.

 Bomb Barrage

- Galleon Mortar Skill

An experimental technique that overloads the firing tube with several shells 
that launch simultaneously.

Conceived as a last ditch naval maneuver.

 Mancer Missile

- Calamity Cannon Skill

An experimental ordnance that breaks into a cluster of explosives on impact, 
spreading destruction.

A small-scale prototype of the device that caused the Calamity.

 Calamity Rockets

- Calamity Cannon Skill

A devastating technique that overcharges the reactor, generating a flurry of 

The unexpected result of an expensive experiment involving natural energy.

 Squirt Lure

- Secret Skill

A special call that summons a loyal Squirt companion to the rescue.

Popular at children's birthday parties and useful in various other situations.

 Trip Mine

- Secret Skill

A complex booby trap rigged to blow as soon as any foes draw near.

A spring-loaded triggering mechanism ensures the user's safety.

 Hand Grenade

- Secret Skill

A portable explosive that detonates on impact when thrown.

The Caelondian army rarely depended on these, for their sheer force drew 

 Sneaky Decoy

- Secret Skill

A decoy kit that draws foes' attention, rendering its owner nearly invisible 
and setting up a critical strike.

The Brushers caught many a target unawares with this technique.

 Mirror Shield

- Secret Skill

A secret technique that automatically counter-blocks all oncoming attacks for
a short time.

Made famous in a spectacular showing in the Bullhead Court.

 Trapper Snare

- Secret Skill

A sophisticated snaring kit that instantly springs open to immobilize foes in
the user's vicinity.

Trappers relied on this for hunts that didn't go as planned.


[8] ITEMS                                                               [0800]

 ITEMS                                                                  [0801]


Fragments are small blue crystals that can be collected by destroying objects,
killing enemies, and exploring levels. You can use Fragments to purchase items 
and upgrade weapons.

 Health Tonic

Small green bottles that can be found throughout levels and by destroying 
enemies. Press Y to heal yourself. Your default Health Tonic limit is three.

 Black Tonic

Small black bottles that can be found throughout levels and by destroying 
enemies. Black Tonics allow you to use Secret Skills; press the Right Trigger 
to use the Secret Skill and consume one Black Tonic. Your default Black Tonic 
limit is three.

 MATERIALS                                                              [0802]

 Something Heavy

An Upgrade Material for the Cael Hammer.

A chunk of a precious alloy, found deep underground.

The staple diet of Gasfellas, also used in all manner of industry.

 Something Stringy

An Upgrade Material for the Breaker's Bow.

A stretch of meesegut, prized by bowyers and peltball fans.

One more reason for the popularity of meese hunting.

 Something Nasty

An Upgrade Material for the Fang Repeater.

A prickly bundle of bones from a carrion critter.

The City never got these under control. The Calamity did.

 Something Sharp

An Upgrade Material for the War Machete.

A batch of zulwood leaves, best not handled bare-handed.

The world's sharpest blades are treated with their all.

 Something Coarse

An Upgrade Material for the Scrap Musket.

A coil of refined alloy, favored by machinists.

Used to make firing mechanisms and ammunition.

 Something Greasy

An Upgrade Material for the Dueling Pistols.

A tin of rattle tail oil, a mechanical lubricant.

Extracted from a species of subterrannean pest.

 Something Pointy

An Upgrade Material for the Brusher's Pike.

A strip of knifebark, aged to perfection.

Feared and respected by blacksmiths and woodcutters.

 Something Fancy

An Upgrade Material for the Army Carbine.

A clockwork organizer, once used for work and recreation.

These springs and sprockets could be put to better use.

 Something Burnt

An Upgrade Material for the Galleon Mortar.

A slab of burstone, blown lopside during the Calamity.

Forged in flame already, it is highly resistant to heat.

 Something Foul

An Upgrade Material for the Fire Bellows.

A rag smothered in cauldrons ash, highly volatile.

This rank-smelling fuel lasts long and burns clean.

 Something Wrong

An Upgrade Material for the Calamity Cannon.

A flake of unusual rock, unseen prior to the Calamity.

It writhes at the slightest touch yet feels like bone, only heavier.

 MEMENTOS                                                               [0803]

 City Crest

An identification badge from the old days.

All those on official business for the City bear the Star of Caelondia.

It is said to represent warmth, labor, and sacrifice.

 Crystal Barrette

A fashion accessory, covered in soot.

Holds great value... of the sentimental variety. Also holds hair firmly in
check. Best hang onto it just in case.

 Ragged Hood

A soiled garment like the Gasfellas wear.

Gasfellas used to tend the mines, but now are storming the remains of 
Caelondia in alarming numbers. But what for?

 Ancient Spices

A sealed jar of exotic ingredients from a distant land.

Caelondia's parts were always full of trade ships hawking their wares. Is this
all that remains of them now?

 Bronze Spyglass

A portable telescopic lens, used for stargazing.

The Sundown Path once held breathtaking views of the stars, the mountains, and
the sea. Now only the stars remain.

 Ura Sigil

An insignia borne by people of Ura heritage.

The Tazal Spade was a rare sight in Caelondia before the Calamity, as very few
Ura lived in the City.

Now there are fewer still.

 Plush Pyth

A machine-stitched likeness of the God of Commotion and Order.

As the people of Caelondia grew more self-reliant, they grew less fearful of 
their Gods, and turned them into commodities.

 Marshal's Badge

A prestigious symbol of the City's law enforcement.

The City's citizens respected and admired the Marshals for their unwavering 
dedication to preserving peace and justice.

 Smoking Pipe

A well-crafted tube of glass and metal.

This particular variety is hard to find in Caelondia, but is said to be 
popular among the Ura people.

 Hidebound Journal

A worn book hand-written in traditional Ura script.

Amid the scrawled notes, the book contains various indecipherable scientific 
diagrams, drawings, and mathematical formulae.

 Fractured Monument

Evidence of Zulf's rage against the Bastion.

Something brought out a flash of violence in the man. He attacked Rucks and 
severely damaged the Monument, then fled in anger.

 Anklegator Egg

It is very large and heavy, and its occupant sounds to be alive.

Anklegators were thought to be extinct, because their eggs took decades to 
hatch and were easy prey.

The Calamity must have unearthed this one.

 Sealed Note

A letter addressed to Zia.

It appears to be written by Zulf, who must have found another Ura survivor to 
deliver the message.

Maybe Zulf taught Zia enough of their native language to be able to read this.

 Ceramic Stockpot

A piece of cookware so durable it withstood the Calamity.

Ever since the entire City was destroyed, decent cookware has been rather 
difficult to find.

 Pecker Nest

A patchwork of sticks with a lone egg nestled inside.

Peckers were hunted aggressively before the Calamity, but their numbers never 
seemed to dwindle.

Even now they appear to be thriving.

 Fine Gramophone

A device that generates music using specifically engraved discs.

Caelondia's musical traditions are grounded in golk songs with soulful 

Few traces of those traditions remain.

 Harp Guitar

Zia's musical instrument.

She never went anywhere without it. It seems unthinkable that she would leave 
it behind.

Unless she had no choice in the matter.

 Child's Drawing

A crude by heartfelt illustration.

It is inscribed in chalk on stone surface.

Unlike most of the Ura civilization, it survived the Calamity more or less

 SPIRITS                                                                [0804]

 Squirt Cider

 +10 Max Health

Fermented Squirt extract with a nose of stale bread and ocean water. Very


 +10% Critical Hit Chance
 Note: Active Only WHen at Full Health

Pungent concoction that calms senses and steadies nerves. Favored by the 
Breakers and other fighting forces.

 Fetching Fizz

 Absorb Stray Fragments

Started as a barroom prank but evolved to become popular with miners and scrap
workers. Metallic aftertaste.

 Cinderbrick Stout

 +33% Speed While Defending

Spicy, nutty flavors and a dry aftertaste. Very heavy and filling.

 Hearty Punch

 +1 Chance to Carry On if Defeated
 Damage Surrounding Foes if Defeated

Aromatic beverage served piping hot. According to folk tales it can almost 
wake the dead.

 Bastion Bourbon

 Health Tonics Fully Restore Health
 +2 Health Tonic Capacity

Soothing hot herbal brew with restorative properties. Hints of citrus and 
berry flavors.


 +100% Critical Hit Chance
 Note: Active Only When Below 33% Health

Scentless yet very brisk beverage of boiled Rattle-tail whisker. Used to 
revive patients in triage centers.

 Lunkhead Liquor

 +100% Damage WHen Counter-Blocking with the Bullhead Shield

Bitter leathery flavor comes from bits of Lunkhead scales. Believed to improve

 Falling Malt

 Reduced Damage from Falling
 +200% Damage by Falling on Foes
Very dry with flavors of pepper and gravel. First crafted by mountaineers 
claiming it helped them keep a surer foot.

 Black Rye

 +2 Black Tonic Capacity

Has the fullness and texture of hearty stew. Said to improve short-term 

 Whale Ale

 +25% Damage Using Secret Skills

Mariners concocted this mixture to see them through rough waters. Musky,
smokey aroma.


 Automatically Retaliate When Injured

Waxy, thirst-quenching drink refined from ground Stabweed needles. Spitting up
the needles is considered rude, but effective.


 Survive an Attack that Would Have Brought Defeat

Creamy, nutty flavors said to bring about courage and confidence. Favorite 
drink of Slingers and other risk-taking sorts.

 Mender Mead

 Gain Some Health by Counter-Blocking with the Bullhead Shield

Filled with herbs and vitamins that promote wellness. Fragrant herbal bouquet.

 Bull Brandy

 +15% Damage Resistance

Vicscous beverage brwed as an offering to Pyth. Known for promoting longevity
and resistance to pain.

 Graver Gimlet

 +5% Chance to Turn Zealous After Defeating a Foe
 While Zealous, Gain +200% Damage for 3 Seconds

Photosensitive beverage with a mild chalky flavor, brewed underground. Potent
effects come and go unpredictably.


 Gain Some Health by Striking Foes
 Side Effect: -66% Health Tonic Potency

Intense sour flavor known for its invigorating effects. Bitter taste lingers 
for hours.


 +10% Critical Hit Chance
 Side Effect: -10 Max Health

Rancid drink believed to bring fortune in battle. No permanent injury from 
imbibing but sure feels like it. Unlocked in New Game Plus.


 +25% Damage
 Side Effect: -1 Chance to Carry On if Defeated

Sickness-inducing mixture brwed from aged Scumbag secretion. Imbibed as a rite 
of passage. Unlocked in New Game Plus.


[9] IDOLS                                                               [0900]

When activated, Idols turn on special perks that increase the toughness of the
game's monsters. While invoking Idols can really amp up the game's difficulty,
you will be rewarded with an XP and Fragment boost in the end. 


Goddess of Pain and Pleasure

- Foes shall strike with greater ferocity

They say the Veiled Widow is smiling beneach her robes. Her body all scratches
and scars.


Goddess of Oath and Abandon

- Foes shall have vengeance in the throes of defeat

No one bound the Chastened Maid save for herself. Her shackles are her own


God of Hope and Despair

- Foes shall induce sloth with each strike

Before each battle, soldiers prayed that the Mason King grant them high 


God of Commotion and Order

- Foes shall grow quicker to move and to strike

The Wakeful Bull, patient yet temperamental, adorns the City's walls with his


God of Health and Atrophy

- Foes shall gain resilience to physical harm

Half the Tower Keeper's face is that of a youth in his prime, and the other,
an old man.


God of Impulse and Bravery

- Foes shall cause harm on physical contact

The Morning Stallion affects the wishes of all people upon the break of each
new day.


God of Thirst and Plenty

- Foes shall never yield Health Tonics or Black Tonics

The Gorging Host grows ever larger yet remains insatiable, his eyes awash in 
tears. Unlocked in New Game Plus.


Goddess of Loss and Longing

- Foes shall regenerate from any injury

The Lorn Mother gave away her heart, and bears the Star of Caelondia in its 


God of Chance and Whim

- Foes shall sometimes turn to air, unable to be hit

Alive forever in a single moment, the Carefree Son plays beyond the reach of 
time. Unlocked in New Game Plus.


God of Purpose and Folly

- Foes shall deflet attacks on a whim

Despite lack of senses, the Crippled Duke gives council to the humble and the 


[10] VIGILS                                                             [1000]

When you are given the opportunity to build a Memorial, you can begin 
completing Vigils. Vigils are random challenges that cover a wide range of 
features in the game, such as using a weapon a certain way or collecting 
enough of the game's Fragments. The prize for Vigils are Fragments, and you 
can keep up on your progress at the Memorial.

 The Valediction

- Build the Memorial in the Bastion
  Reward: 250 Fragments

Well, this one is pretty obvious. This Vigil is automatically completed when 
you build a Memorial.

 The Dynasty

- Earn First Prize in the required number of Proving Grounds
  Progress: 0/7
  Reward: 5000 Fragments

For more information on Proving Grounds, visit Section 6. You only have to 
complete seven of them, so if you are stuck on a couple it's not the end of 
the world.

 The Culture

- Gain the required number of Mementos strewn across the countryside
  Progress: 0/15
  Reward: 1500 Fragments

Mementos are found through most of the game's levels, and I cover their 
locations in the walkthrough. There are more than 15 in the game, so it's no 
big deal if you miss any; plus, missing items can be purchased at the 

 The Service

- Gain the required number of Secret Skill techniques
  Progress: 0/20
  Reward: 2000 Fragments

Most Secret Skills are obtained automatically when collecting weapons, so 
that's 11 right off the bat (you get a Bullhead Shield Secret Skill for 
opening the Arsenal). Others are found by completing Proving Grounds and in 
levels. This one should unlock as you progress through the game.

 The Country

- Raise the required number of land pieces through travel and exploration
  Progress: 0/13000
  Reward: 2000 Fragments
You must collect 13,000 Fragments to complete this Vigil. It sounds like a 
lot, but the number accumulates over time; you do not have to have the entire 
amount at once. You should complete this before completing the game; 
otherwise, this Vigil carries over in New Game Plus.

 The Mercy

- Defeat the required number of different species of beasts
  Progress: 0/15
  Reward: 1000 Fragments
To be honest, I'm not positive what the monster species are in this game, but 
you should automatically complete this challenge by the end of the game.

 The Masons

- Deliver a single crushing blow to a foe for at least 70 damage
  Reward: 500 Fragments

By leveling up and upgrading your Cael Hammer, this should be fairly simple to
achieve. Remember that stationary attacks are stronger than moving ones.

 The Breakers

- Defeat 3 foes with a single well-timed power shot
  Reward: 500 Fragments
You can complete this Vigil by destroying three targets in a single Power Shot
during the Breaker's Barracks Proving Ground. This method is much easier than
trying to line up three enemies and skewering them with a single arrow.

 The Trappers

- Defeat a hardy foe with the last belt in a clip
  Reward: 500 Fragments
This Vigil can actually be difficult and time-consuming, because it's mainly 
based on luck. I am not sure what qualifies as a "hardy foe", but I completed 
this Vigil by defeating one of the large Scumbag enemies. Make sure to upgrade
your Fang Repeater to increase its damage, but keep its ammo capacity at its
minimum. Just weaken an enemy to near death, then waste all your Fang Repeater
shots until you have one left, and hope that the final blow is enough. I'd 
imagine that using Werewhisky would be helpful here.

 The Menders

- Defeat a foe by counter-blocking its melee attack while at less than 20
  percent health
  Reward: 500 Fragments
This challenge should be easy enough if you are skilled at using the Counter 
ability. Remember, you must Counter a melee attack for it to count. All I did 
was fall off the edge until my health was low enough, then walked through a 
level until I found a suitable (read: weak) enemy and Countered an attack.

 The Gravers

- Quickly strike foes 15 times in a row without missing
  Reward: 500 Fragments
If you get a large enough crowd, you should be able to hack your way through a
lot more than 15 shots. Try to find a large group of enemies in an isolated 
area. I managed to complete this Vigil at the Windbag Ranch Proving Ground by
attacking the green Squirts.

 The Marshals

- Defeat 10 or more foes in a single well-placed shot
  Reward: 500 Fragments
First off, upgrade your Scrap Musket so one shot is powerful enough to kill a 
monster. Next, go through a level until you find a cornbin and let it spawn at 
least ten Squirts. Let them chase after you and only fire when they are in a 
tight-knit group. If you fail, let the cornbin spit some more out for a second

 The Slingers

- Quickly put 12 bullets in a single foe without missing
  Reward: 500 Fragments
Very easy; upgrade your Dueling Pistols so you have a large enough ammo clip,
then find any large, strong enemy (giant Scumbag, Pyth statue, etc.) and go to

 The Brushers

- Pierce a foe with a thrust then quickly finish it with a throw
  Reward: 500 Fragments

Basically, stab an enemy with the Brusher's Pike, then deplete its remaining 
health with a single throw. The throw does not have to be a Power Shot, but it
must be powerful enough to kill it; of course, the enemy must be strong enough
to withstand two hits with the pike.

 The Triggers

- Defeat a foe with a single power shot from an extreme range
  Reward: 500 Fragments

Again, I am not sure how exactly far when they say "extreme range"; I believe 
that I only completed this challenge when I defeated an enemy offscreen. I 
suggest standing on one corner of the screen and aiming diagonally towards the
other corner for maximum effect. When you upgrade the Army Carbine enough, you
should be able to take down nearly anything in one Power Shot.

 The Cinders

- Defeat 20 foes with one continuous attack, without taking damage
  Reward: 500 Fragments

Your best bet to finish this Vigil is at the Grady Incinerator Proving Ground,
where there are three groups of around 20 Peckers that you can easily torch 
without getting hurt. You might need to upgrade the Fire Bellows to make 
things easier on yourself, however.

 The Skippers

- Inflict 999 damage with a single shell
  Reward: 500 Fragments

The description for this Vigil is a tad misleading (or at least I thought so). 
You must deal a total of 999 Damage with a single shot, so the more targets 
you hit, the more damage you'll deal. You should get this during a trip to the
Boundless Bay Proving Ground.

 The Mancers

- Defeat 3 foes with a single blast
  Reward: 500 Fragments

The easiest way to complete this Vigil is to participate in the Mancer 
Observatory Proving Ground and hit at least three Windbags with a single shot.
Not too hard.

 The Inspiration

- Use the Forge to upgrade several weapons to third level
  Progress: 0/5
  Reward: 2000 Fragments

This should come over time, since you obtain Fragments and Materials through 
your journey that allow you to upgrade your weapons. Purchase the third 
upgrades for at least five different weapons to unlock this Vigil.

 The City

- Spend the required number of Fragments
  Progress: 0/10000
  Reward: 2500 Fragments

You must spend a total of 10,000 Fragments in the game, which means that you 
have to collect at least that much over time (which is almost enough to 
complete The Country Vigil). You likely will need to start a New Game Plus and
carry over the progress in order to obtain that kind of money.

 The Conscience

- Gain enough experience to reach Level 5
  Reward: 1500 Fragments

You should be able to easily reach Level 5 by the end of the game (my 
character was around Level 7 by the time I finished the story). Make sure to 
frequent Who Knows Where for easy XP farming.

 The Sanctuary

- Create every structure in the Bastion
  Progress: 0/12
  Reward: 2000 Fragments

You automatically complete this Vigil by the end of the game: you must collect
six Cores and build all six buildings, then upgrade all six with Shards.

 The Faith

- Survive a trip to Who Knows Where with at least one Shrine Idol activated
  Reward: 3000 Fragments

The first Who Knows Where trial (the Smoking Pipe) is generally regarded as 
the easiest, so I suggest trying that one. All you need is to equip one Idol, 
so don't make it too hard on yourself and go for one of the easier Idols 
(Yudrig and Acobi come to mind).


[11] ACHIEVEMENTS                                                       [1000]

Here are all the achievements found in the game, in alphabetical order.

 Altruist (20)

Complete 100 percent of the Vigils in the Memorial

 Calamity Kid (30)

Complete the story in New Game Plus

 Kid-at-Arms (10)

Use the Forge to apply at least one upgrade to every weapon

 Mind Voyager (20)

Complete each trip to Who Knows Where

 Pet Sitter (10)

Get four different domesticated creatures in the Bastion.

 The Beginning (20)

Complete the story, embracing the New World

 The End (20)

Complete the story

 The Singer (20)

Complete Prosper Bluff and speak with the Singer in the Bastion

 The Stranger (10)

Complete the Wharf District

 The Survivor (10)

Complete the Hanging Gardens and speak with the Survivor in the Bastion

 The Ura (20)

Stop the siege on the Bastion

 Vigilante (10)

Complete at least 50 percent of the Vigils in the Memorial


[12] THANKS/CREDITS                                                     [1200]

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