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Follow the dark path or use the light
Alone in the Dark Pack Shot

Alone in the Dark



by Protein123


Table of contents

Wake Up (1.1)
Vertigo (1.2)
Fire Escape (1.3)
Don't Look Down (1.4)
24th Floor (1.5)

Unexpected Meeting (2.1)
Reception Hall (2.2)
Do I know you? (2.3)
Parking (2.4)
59th Street (2.5)

Call 911 (3.1)
Down the Fissure (3.2)
Filthy Waters (3.3)
Stitches and Truth (3.4)

Ride to the Museum(4.1)
The Nest (4.2)
The Kidnapping (4.3)
Fight the Living Scar(4.4)

Bring Her Back (5.1)
Museums's Visitors (5.2)
The Huge One (5.3)
One Step from the Truth (5.4)

Room 943 (6.1)
An Ancient Path (6.2)
Light from the Sky (6.3)

Hang on! (7.1)
Subway Station (7.2)
Reach the Old Castle (7.3)
Roots of evil advice (R.O.E.A.)
The Eye of Central Park (7.4)

Evil Roots (8.1)
Find the Key (8.2)
The Final Gate (8.3)
Choose For all (8.4)

Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.)

Legal stuff (L.S)

Authorized Websites (A.W.)

Special Thanks (S.T)

Update status. (U.S.)



Hello readers. This is my first guide, so bare with me. Alone in the dark is
an amazing game. It might be my favorite one on the 360 to be honest. I hope
this guide can help you to stop having a few headaches and just enjoy the game.
Also I am trying to be as spoiler free as I can. However there are no promises.
You can us the Ctrl+F to skip to where you need. As put in the table of 
contents. Example Wake up is (1.1), so search for that to jump there.


WAKE UP (1.1)

Welcome to the opening of Alone in the Dark. There is not much to say for this
part. It is really linear, just follow the prompts until you have control of
the character. Then follow the still linear path.


Welcome to 3rd person view, go ahead and notice the graphics still look good
even in a new view. Follow the path and get on top of the elevator that has 
come up, and that will active a cutscene. After the scene go ahead and follow 
the path to the ladder and climb up. Go along the path over to the water hose 
and toss it down to make a rope you can climb. Climb down and avoid objects. 
You can jump over the fan and then the next moving fan. Eventually you will 
make it down to a fence that a cable is electicuting. You need to move from 
side to side and push the cable over behind the rock that is sticking out of 
the wall. Continue all the way down the water hose, to the man that talks to 
you. One of the cracks show up. Climb back up to the new door and jump out.


Turn left and go down the hall... OMG FIRE! Okay then let's go down the other 
path... OMG more FIRE! Alright, let's go back the other way, oh there's a 
door, well let's go through that then. There is a girl there, and she wants 
you to help her and the man trapped in another room. Go through the open 
doorway behind the girl and walk forward. There is a table blocking the path, 
so grab it and pull it away. Go and head down the new way. In the corner of 
the room is a fire extinguisher. Pick it up and go into first person to put 
out the fire. Enter the room with the man. He tells you that he is hurt and 
can not open the door. Use the extinguisher to bash the door open. Walk on 
through and put out the new fire on the door. Go down the hall and take a 
right and put on that fire. Jump over the hole in the floor. Turn quickly and 
go into first person to see the fate of the two other people. After that go 
and walk up to the cop and grab his gun. Use the gun to shoot the lock of the 
door opposite of the cop. Go through the door. *Cutscene* Not much else you 
can do other than go through the door. To the left, right from when you enter
is a cabinet. In side it is a health spray, tape, and a box of batteries. All 
you can do now is heal so do that and a cutscene takes place. Go towards the
new hole in the wall. Oops, that was not a good idea. Okay back to the other
room. Wait a bit and the floor above you caves in. Walk up into the new room 
on the left side of the room. Oh crap! *cutscene*


So it has come to this, falling quickly to an impending doom. Luckily, there is 
a cable so let's go ahead and grab that with a quick A button press. Okay that
problem is fixed. Now climb the cable to the ledge where the man is standing. 
Jump onto the ledge and follow him. And with some bad luck now you appear to 
be hanging on the ledge by the skin of your teeth. Shimmy across to the other
side, be careful of the flying car from the explosion far beneath you. On the
other side, climb up, and then jump up to the ledge above you. Cross to the 
other side, using the gargoyles to dodge falling debris. On the other side is a
cable, grab it and jump with the X button to unhook the cable from the wall.
Swing over and jump onto the new ledge. Jump up and grad the crack and shimmy 
across. Aw crap, the wall starts to fall off. Watch out for the explosion and 
then shimmy on over quickly and drop onto the balcony. Go through the open 
doorway and we find the game's first puzzle. Drop down into the area below, and
grab the fire extinguisher. Place it on the platform with the rope attachment.
Climb back up and jump for the rope. This will make the extinguisher land on 
the platform across from the fire. (Note: sometimes the extinguisher misses, 
just go and replace it and do it again.) When you have the extinguisher in the
upper area, grab it and go back to put out the fire. Climb up the near area, 
take a left, and then go out of the door. A cable! You know what to do.
Climb on up. The cable starts to tear away from the wall. Don't fret to much,
just keep on climbing. When you reach the balcony, jump onto it.

24TH FLOOR (1.5) 

In this new room grab the trash can and bash the door open. Walk out into the
area beyond the door until the floor caves in beneath you. (Edward must feel
pretty fat seeing how his weight caves everything in) *Cutscene* Well that 
sucks that she's gone. Anyways, push the table over to the area where the floor
fell down. Climb on top of the table, and then jump up and pull yourself up. To 
your left is a ledge, jump on it and shimmy on over down towards the child's
room. Walk through the room to the other side, walk out to the fuse box and
press A to turn off the cable and make it safe to cross. Jump down (you will 
jump over the fire, no worries) and go forward.*Cutscene* Walk over to the hole
in the wall and jump out, its the only way out of the building. You didn't 
really do that did you? You do everything your told? Something to think about.
Okay lets be serious now. Grab a chair and light it on fire. Now you have a 
torch to light your way down the winding path in front of you. (Note:
The fire does not last forever. Once the fire would burn you, Edward tosses the
chair away. So do not dilly dally across the winding path.) At the end of the 
path, jump across the gap to the security guard.*Cutscene* Now is an excellent 
time to save, so go ahead and do that. Then continue or quit, my guide  will 
be here when you need it.




Now it is time for the game's very first fight. There are various items lying 
around. On the left most side of the room is a sword. I normally pick up that 
one. Now lock on and swing like you mean it! After several hits, the game 
prompts that you can only kill baddies via fire. You now have two choices.
You can drag her body into the fires that are all around, or pick up a wooden 
object and set it on fire. With the second choice go ahead and touch the body 
with the a flame. Climb up the cable back to the area you  were in in the 
cutscene before. Walk forward and a flaming penduim of death now stands in your 
way. Time your jump and get across. Drop down into the hole in the floor. 
Grab the extinguisher, and bash the door open. Do not try to put out the 
flames, cause that does no good. Just jump out the door you just opened up. 


Peek outside the elevator door. *Cutscene* Well that was lovely. Okay, go back 
to Sarah and lift her up out of the elevator then jump out yourself. Go to the 
other elevator and drop inside. The door is open so you can  continue onward.
Once you are out the door, pick up the flashlight on the ground. Also near the 
guard on the floor is an ammo box, so ahead and pick that up. To the right from
the elevator is a small room, with stairs leading to a fire. We will deal with 
the fire later. At the bottom of the stairs is a cabinet with an explosive 
plastic bottle, and two glow sticks. Now its time for combing stuff. Go into 
your inventory and combine the explosive bottle with your gun to make flame 
bullets. Go and kill the Ratz, they die in one to two shots, then walk down to
this other side at the end of the lobby near the burning doors on the right is
a fire extinguisher. Grab it and take it back to those stairs. Go up the 
stairs and put out the fire to get a bug spray. Next go back and to the middle 
of the lobby, Sarah should be standing in that area. On the right side is a 
desk with a door behind it. Open the door and walk forward there is a fuse box.
Hot wire the box to turn the lights on. *Cutscene* Run over to the locker in 
the room and open it to get batteries, ammo, and another bug spray. You can use
flame bullets to kill the Humanz that will attack you. Aim for the cracks in 
his body. When that is done go to the door Sarah is near and you have two 
choices. Shoot the keypad and hotwire it, or you can type in 943 and open the 
door that way. Head down the stairs. *Cutscene* Great another guy that just 
does not like you. Well teach him pain with a flame bullet. Once he's gone head
downstairs again. Put out the fire with the convient extinguisher. Go out the 
door, walk a bit forwards and *cutscene*


Get into the car, either by shooting out the window are bashing it open with a
melee weapon. Get in and look in the sun visor for a key. Use that key to start
the car and floor it. Go straight and then turn left. Drive a bit more forward 
and the floor caves in. Just drive around the collapsed floor and move forward.
Travel through the parking deck like a normal parking deck. When you reach the
caved in floor, floor it and jump over it. Keep on driving till you come to 
some flames, go through them to get a *cutscene*


Now the car is totaled and leaking gas. Follow Sarah And Theo into the room 
they go to. In there is a lighter and two boxes of batteries. Grab the lighter,
take it to your wrecked car and light the gas trail. This will blow a new path 
open to you. Walk through it, there are several totaled cars, one of them has 
an explosive bottle in the glove box. Walk out to the flaming area and light a 
nearby chair. Take it over to the opposite side where there is a pile of wood 
blocking your path. Set that wood on fire and *cutscene*. Awesome, the fissure
is back. You have a few things you can do now. Use the lighter and bug spray to
burn it, or you can run and up over it a lot and it will get bored with you 
and go after a lady still in the building, or let it get you, and use the quick
action buttons to get loose and then it will go eat the lady in the building.
Well by now the planks are done and you can walk though. There is a lady on 
the ground who spent her last minutes writing help in blood, but more 
importantly near her is a medical spray. In the back left corner is yet another
medical spray. Grab these and heal up. (Note: odds are your pockets are full, 
drop the glowsticks to pick up the health sprays) Walk over to the drivers side
of the taxi and you guessed it *cutscene* now get in the car and drive through 
the gate, then turn right and get that gate.

59TH STREET (2.5)

Drive out of the garage and get a *cutscene*. Looks like the streets are not 
much better than the building was. The game says step on it,and that seems like
a good idea. Hit the Gas! Get use to the music, odds are you are gonna hear it 
a lot. This section is difficult but not impossible. Go straight, then left, 
right, right. Jump and turn left. Stay on the right side of the road till the 
cars pass you, and you get around a building that fell into the street. After 
that get on the left side of the road and drive forward. There is a jump then
just stay left. Eventually a building crashes with a right high jump a 
different car takes, but lets stay left. Half the road goes missing, thats okay
the left half is still there. A helicopter spot light rains down on a burning 
car, dodge right and stay that way. The road will start spiltting, but if you 
stay right, on what looks like a sidewalk there is no problem. Go straight and 
there is a small roadway to the left, get on it and follow it dodging that cars
on the sides. At the end, turn hard right, and then left right after. Back on 
the road, go right, follow that and when the bus blows up, turn right. Stay 
right to dodge cars, then left to dodge more cars. Eventually you will find a 
shopping mall, goa bit further than the car that drives into it, and turn right.
Drive full speed up the stairs and out the window. Follow that road to some 
pipes that you will cross over, then straight on to a jump.*Cutscene* 
Yay the chapters over, and you completed that first of three driving missions.
Go ahead and save, use the restroom, eat some food. Do whatever you like. 
I am here when you want to start...


CALL 911 (3.1)

*Cutscene* Great, you have seven minutes to live. Walk under the bridge that 
should be in clear site. Getting close to the other end causes a bus to fall
and block the roadway. Go back the way you came, walking towards Theo's body. 
Sarah will see an ambulance. You ought to have around six minutes now. Go 
help Sarah get up. Theo's phone will ring, go pick it up. *Cutscene* Use the 
back button to bring up the phone and go to the phone icon. Dial 911 *Cutscene*
On the minimap you can see a glowing redish-orange dot. Follow the trail to the
dot. Run inside the bathroom. Go right and turn into the doorway on the left.
Go to the first aid kit on the wall and grab the bandage and health spray 
inside. Go into healing mode and wrap up your wound with the bandage using the 
A button.


In the locker in the same room is an explosive bottle, a hanky, and batteries. 
Equip your gun and shoot down the cable by aiming for the hook over the 
doorway. Now that you are not slowly dying you can look around in the bathroom.
Back in the corner near the door you entered from is ammo, explosives, tape, 
and more batteries. Combine a hanky with an explosive bottle, and then put tape
on the new cocktail in your inventory. Equip the cocktail and your lighter. 
Back near the room with the first aid kit is a broken wall. Light the cocktail 
and throw it on the wall and back away. It will blow up after a short time and
blast a hole into the wall. Go out the new hole to escape the restroom. 
*Cutscene* Alright jump on the cable and go into the first person as vampirez 
will attack you. Pull out your gun with the right bumper and shoot them. When 
they are gone, shoot the hooks holding the cable to get down.There is a body on
the ground. The vampirez will be attacted to the blood in the body. There is a 
gas leak right near the bats. Equip the lighter and light the leak to burn them
to death. Grab the pipe, and break the glass. To hits will break it. Jump down 
the new hole, and then the one in the new area. Do not jump down the last hole,
as it is a trap. Walk forward and you can see some vampirez, equip the gun and
shoot them dead. Jump across the gap and walk ahead. There is a bus hanging 
above you, go to the other side to the open door and climb inside. Walking to 
the other door causes the bus to rock. (once again Edward's feeling like a 
fatty) Lucky for use there are three dead people above. Drag them to the back 
of the bus and counter balance your weight. Climb back up to the other end and 
get out of the bus. There is some ammo on the ground. Pick it up if you like. 
Walk forward and hop down to the platform below. Get ready for a fight. There 
are some melee objects on the ground. Some Humanz will attack you in different
waves. You can melee them off of the platform to get rid up them. Pick them 
all off however you like. When they are defeated a new path will open. Go this 
new route. There is a health spray on the ground. Pick it up and use it, as the
fight was likely to hurt you. Climb up on the ledge and shimmy across. The bus 
should be in front of you now. The bus will fall, lucky you got off at the last
stop huh? Keep going across. Drop down on to the platform below you. If you 
have flame bullets reload so that you no longer do. Now aim your gun up at the 
door hanging above you. Shoot the lock off to open it. A rope and a body will 
drop down. If you did not shoot it with flame bullets, then climb up. If you 
are like me and shot with a flame bullet, wait till the fire goes out and then 
climb up the rope. Oh! nearly forgot, there was an ammo box down there on the 
floor. Okay at the top of the cable is a ledge. Grab the ledge above and go 
shimmy across. A car hangs about you as you cross. Well that's okay cause the 
parking brake is set... nevermind press A quickly to climb back up. Climb up on
the other side of the car. Open the door and get in. You can switch seats so 
get to the drivers side. Check the glove box for health spray and ammo. Get out
on the driver's side door. The car will fall, but at least you now have a cable
you can climb up. At the top is the hole you need to go into. Inside is a hole 
filled with water, and a ladder leading to the other side. The problem is the 
fleshy sack blocking you from climbing the ladder. Get some flame bullets and 
shoot the sack. The water holds a few nice things. Ammo, explosive bottles, and
of course a gold fish. Shoot the gold fish for an achievement. Grab what you 
want and climb out now that you can go up the ladder. 


Walk through the sewers, eventually the phone will ring (that's good reception
right there people) answer it to get a *cutscene*. Continue onward, and 
eventually some wires will hit the water. Water + electricity = bad. Do not get
in the water. Jump over to the fuse box and hotwire it, to blow the power 
out. You can now walk in the water. Go down the path. Wonderful more wires in 
more water.  Go on the side path on the right. Some ratz down a pathway
will attack you. There are explosives in the a water where they come at you 
from. Shoot the ratz or shoot the explosives to kill the ratz, but you are 
gonna need to go down that pathway. Down and on the left is another fuse box. 
You have to be careful with this one, considering you are knee deep it water 
and it is a box of electric wires. Hotwire it carefully and the wires short out
again. Go back up to the water way and walk down it towards the new area. Once 
more there is water and its got a wire in it. Climb on the pipe to the right, 
and shimmy down the length of the pipe. There are pipes that shoot steam. 
Carefully dodge the burst of steam and move on. Once you are over dry land drop
down and go into the room that is open to you. This area is a wonderful area. 
There is a first aid kit and tons of supplies. Get an explosive bottle, tape,
bug spray, glow sticks, and health spray if nothing else. Put tape on the 
explosive bottle, and on the glow sticks. Grab a pipe lying on the ground. Go 
back to the wire that is in the water, and pull it out with the pipe and hook 
it to where it is out of the water. Once the water is safe to get into, go down
towards the door, equip the taped bottle and toss it on the door. Shoot the 
bottle to blast the down open. Go through the now open door, and walk the path 
till *cutscene*. There are several options to get past the black foggy water of
doom. The first is to use the flashlight and get across that way, I do not 
recommend this, because I have bad luck with it. The next option is to use 
taped glowsticks. That is one of my favorites. Toss those if you have some 
taped glowsticks, and enough to get across. The last choice and a very 
effective one, is to use the lighter. Yes the tiny lighter with an inch of fire
for little. Go into first person, hold it as low as you can and walk out to the
open doorway on the other end of the black fog. Walk forward to the fire that 
blocks the doorway to the room with all of the items. There is a pipe you can 
turn to make the fire stop. Go back into the room. A humanz attacks, but you 
have a lighter and bug spray, equip them to make a mini flame thrower and kill 
him off. The items should have respawned. The next area of black fog doesn't
let the lighter trick work. Grab glowsticks and an explosive bottle. Make 
those flame bullets I love so much. Go back down to the walkway you pasted 
before you restocked. Aim the gun at the fleshy sack that spawns ratz. That is 
called a nest. Shot the nest with a flame bullet to kill it. Walk over to where
it was careful not to fall in the electrical water. Press the A button to pick 
up and remove the wire out of the water. Now walk over to the pipe in the water
and shut off the gas. You can now reach the ladder that is behind the black fog.
Since the lighter doesn't work in this one. Tape up some glowsticks and get to 
that ladder. At the top, you need to turn off the power. The vampirez make a 
return, grab the cable to push it over to the fence. Turn the power back 
on, and fry the bats. Once defeated, the fuse box burns out. Go through the 
door in the fence and climb up the ladder.


Now the park is open to you, and it will be no walk in the park as three humanz
are nearby, and coming at you. Defeat them or run off. Running from the 
baddies in the park, normally works well. They tend to be slow, so you can out
run them without much trouble. You can do whatever you like, but the story 
does not progress till you go to the glowing mark on the map. When you are 
close, you will find a broken path blocked by three broken cars and another car 
hanging over a cliff. Humanz will also show up to attack you when you are close
to this area too. Kill them and get a car. 


I wasn't sure where to put this, so I think I'll do it here. Normal cars always
have normal things in the glovebox. They have things like tape and explosive
bottles. Cop cars tend to have things like batteries and ammo boxes. Taxi's 
will always have a health spray, but it will only be at 50%. In a normal car
hot wiring will only turn on the lights or start the car. Cop cars can to 
lights, the horn, the siren, or start the car. Taxi's will either honk, lights,
or start the car. Lights and the horn, as well as a siren will attract nearby 
monsters. Cars can help you get from point A to point B, stabbing the car's gas 
tank makes a movable bomb (light the gas trail and run), also they help to 
stock up on what you need, and lastly, you can fill empty bottles with gas to 
use later.

back to 3.4

Get that car and blast the tank to clear a path through the broke cars blocking
the roadway. Go forward to the car that is dangling over the cliff. Oh
crap, the owner was alive, well that's what he gets for a bad parking job. Now 
that the path is clear, get another car and drive down the road, turn around
and go at high speed where the path is now clear. You will jump the cliff to 
the other side. *Cutscene* Another chapter is over. Go ahead and save. Then 
when you are ready, go and continue.



*Cutscene* Walk down the path way in front of you to the marker. Turn right and
go into the building. On the table at the end of the building is a new gun, 
glowsticks, and bug spray. Run back out and go to the new dot, which is a car. 
Get in. *Cutscene* It is time for driving mission number two! WooHoo! The
path is fairly linear, Sarah will alert you to any quick turns by yelling left 
or right. Go quickly, but not so fast that you drive recklessly. Once you 
get to the main road, you can follow it, just dodge the cars in the way. There 
are a few jumps you need to pick up speed for. Some advice, do not use first
person view. Also the more times you do it, and fail, that game makes the 
difficulty go down. I failed enough times that I eventually had not vampirez on
my car ever. At the end, a tree will fall and *cutscene*.

The Nest (4.2) 

Time for a boss fight. Sarah is hiding behind a brick fence, and you can too. 
There is another fence on the opposite side too. Behind both fences are a 
bunch of explosives, sprays, and ammo. Load up on explosives and ammo. Equip 
the gun and the bottle. The vampires float over head, but under the bridge is 
the vampirez nest. Run up close, but do not go under the ridge as the vampirez 
will *cutscene* kill you. Toss the explosive and shoot it, to hurt the nest. 
Run back to Sarah, reload and stock up again. The nest will throw rocks and 
cars at you, so stay behind the fence until it has tossed its weapon of choice.
Run back and repeat the process three more times to defeat the nest. Do not 
worry about the vampirez cause you can not get rid of them, just hit the nest.
After your fourth hit *cutscene*. Go back and stock up on health sprays and 
explosive bottles. Heal up, then go up the newly opened stairs. *Cutscene*. 
Hop into the truck and drive to the next objective. *Cutscene* Grab the 
towtruck, drive over to the ledge. Sarah will affirm if you lined it up well. 
Get out and hit the switch behind the drivers side. That'll make a ramp. Go to 
the back and shoot the pad locks off to complete the ramp. *Cutscene*

Try as you like to save Sarah, it will not work. Shoot a few vampirez. 
*Cutscene* Walk a bit. *Cutscene* Kill the humanz that show up. Grab a vehicle 
and drive at high speed at the ramp. Once across you can find glass bottles. 
Shoot the lock off of the gate. Walk in and *cutscene*. The fissure is back, 
quick burn it! Go over to the pipe sticking out of the ground and jump over to 
the other area. Bash open the fuse box and hot wire it to call the elevator.
*Cutscene* Get on the elevator and press the up button. Shoot open the window
and hop inside.


Enter the room. Walk towards the far door, and another fissure comes at you.
Burn it. Once that is done. Go back towards the window, and open that door next 
to it. Inside is a first aid kit. There are also several explosive bottles. 
Most importantly is a fire extinguisher. Grab that. Bash your way through
the door and then the far door the fissure came from. Outside that door is a 
lot of flames on the left. Put them out and go out that way. Hope you got 
everything you wanted back there cause the path caves in behind you. *Cutscene*
Now if you go right you can get explosive bottles, water bottles, and you 
can find a first aid kit. Stock up, and head down the other direction. As you 
turn right and go down the hallway there is a *cutscene*. These guys suck. 
Humanz that toss spikes at you. Hide behind the table and wait for his spike 
attack. After the attack he is weakened for a moment. Toss an explosive and 
shoot it to kill him. That was a work out. Put out the fire with the nearby 
extinghuisher. Turn to the right and, aww crap, there is another one. Run back 
and hide behind the table again and use the same solution to kill this one. 
When he's gone, go back down there and to the door the second one was near.
Bash or blow open the door. Follow the pathway till you get a *cutscene*. Yay 
one more chapter down. Save it up and move on to...



*Cutscene* Grab the ax on the ground in front of you. Melee attack the flesh 
sack. Press the control sticks when the moving line hits the stationary line.
Edward will count out one through eight when you press it right. After eight 
you are promted to breath using the right trigger. Repeat the process once more 
for a *cutscene*. Now you are in a new room, with lots of goodies, but first 
let's go and kill the ratz and the two ratz nest. There is a fire and a CO2 
tank. Grab the tank and press the trigger, light it in the fire to make a 
flame thrower. That will kill off the ratz and the nest, but if you let the 
flame go out you will have to relight it. Anyways, grab it, light it and walk 
out the door. Turn right and you can see the ratz. Burn them all. Once the nest
are gone, get rid of any left over pest. Go back to the room with Sarah. This 
room is a lot like the one in the sewer has it has everything. You can find 
explosives, tape, ammo, water, batteries, anti-rust spray, bandages, a hanky, 
a blood pack, and a health spray. Make sure you have health sprays, bandages, 
the anti-rust spray, ammo, and an explosive bottle. Go back out the room to the
right again. On the left wall is a cable with a few ratz on it. Shoot the ratz,
and then shoot the two hooks holding onto the cable, and climb up. On the 
mezzanine that you have now reached at the top of the cable, turn left and kill 
the nest. With that done, turn around and walk toward the pile of wooden beams 
blocking your path way. Use a flame bullet to burn the wood. After it is safe
and you can cross through the ashes and go along the mezzanine and down the 
stairwell. Flame bullet the two fleshy sacks that block your path. Continue 
onward go until you reach a dead body blocking the path of two laser beams.
Pull the body to unblock the lasers. Some ratz will come running in, shoot them
dead and move on.*Cutscene*


Nest behind a wall is blocking you path forward and on top of that, there are 
several ratz attacking you. Walk into the main area, there is a cop lying on
the ground, shoot the body to make the ratz run over and eat the body. There is
a kitchen area with lots of nice new items. Go in and grab an explosive 
bottle. Combine it with either a bandage or a hanky. (Hankys are all over the 
floor in the kitchen) Go back out of the door and walk forward. The wall 
is broken at the top. Light the cocktail you just made and toss it over the 
wall. In a short time the nest will all burn. Go back to the kitchen. Make sure
you grab some tape, an explosive bottle, the knife or a hanky. Stock up on all 
sprays you can (do not drop health sprays.) Combine the gun and the explosive
bottle to make flame bullets. Go back towards the broken wall and turn left 
going out the now open door. Follow the path till you get a *cutscene*. A ratz 
runs out to eat some blood and then runs back to the nest behind the gate. 
You need to kill that nest and the ratz is gonna help you. If you grabbed the 
knife cut the plastic explosive bottle, combine it with tape, and toss it onto 
the ratz. When it runback to the nest, equip the lighter and burn the gas 
trail. If you grabbed the hanky make a cocktail, tape it, light it and toss it 
on the ratz, when it runs back to the nest it blows up to open the gate. The
cocktail takes a bit more timing. Do not go through the now open gate. Return 
to the kitchen and stock pile on sprays and explosives. Now go back and go 
through the gate. The gate falls and closes behind you after an earthquake. 
The other gate in front of you opens in a few moments. Walk forward and turn
left. There are two humanz in sight. Snipe them with a flame bullet and go into
the room. Great more humanz. Okay snipe them or toss explosives and shoot to 
kill them. On the right of were you first entered, is a side room with two 
explosive glass bottles. One is on the floor near the door and the other is in 
the cabinet in front of you. There is first aid kit on the other end of the 
room, but it does not have a health spray, just bandages. Leave the room and go
across to the stairs. Up the stairs makes three more humanz attack you. 
Dispose of them and a guard will yell over from behind a gate. Go to the gate,
and Edward will tell him to open the gate and let him pass. The guard does and 
runs off, go through the newly opened gate and down the stairs. Continue till
you find the black fog (it's  back!) Another quake will occur and it is time to
cross the fog. Jump to the lit area, a light swings above, so get in the circle
and run with it. (it only swings once, so catch it fast) Get to the next lit 
area. Jump to the next one, then use the lighter again to continue onward. Once
you are out the doorway turn right. Go forward to the gate blocking the way, 
turn left and use the palmprint reader. Access denied, walk back to the center 
of the big gate and *cutscene*. A new door is open, go through it to the 
elevator. Press the call button and get in. Press the down button and the
elevator will start to move. Another earthquake, crap. Go to the door and pry 
it open with the A button. Climb out and notice the room has changed. Go back 
out of the door the guard opened for you. *Cutscene*

THE HUGE ONE (5.3)  

Turns out this thing had been making the earthquakes. Run to the far corners, 
left or right, to get explosives. Hide behind the pillars, to dodge his spike
attacks. After he tosses the spikes, equip an explosive bottle and gun. Throw 
the bottle at him and shoot it near him, to hurt him. After a hit, run behind 
a pillar because he uses a new attack. Behind the pillars a glowing mark shows
up on the floor, stand on it, and when the attack is done he will rip the 
pillar from the wall. Run to the next pillar and repeat this same process three 
more times. Four hits will kill the ugly beast. *Cutscene*


Walk over to the beast body and dance on it. When you are ready to move on, go 
to the newest door. Use the hand station again for a *Cutscene*. Looks like
you do need the guards help after all. On the upper left side of the door is a 
sword. Shoot it down, and grab it. Go to the guard and chop off his arm. Pick
up the arm and use it to open the door. Drop the arm and move through the 
doorway. On the left is another door, open it and enter into the new area. To 
the right of the door is a first aid kit. Grab the stuff inside and heal up. 
The lockers hold hankies, an explosive bottle, tape, ammo, and batteries. There 
is also water in the vending machine. Go out the doorway and down the pathway, 
till you hit what looks like a dead end. Open the trap door in the floor, and
shoot the cable on the side ode the wall over the trap door. Grab the cable and
climb on down. At the bottom of the cable shoot the lock of the gate and 
jump inside. Take a left and follow the pathway. Two humanz will attack, kill 
them off and grab the propane tank. Place it near the metal door. Get back 
and shoot the tank. That will blast the door open. Walk through it and go down 
the ladder in front of you. Room 943 is in sight. Walk to it to get a 
*Cutscene*. End of the chapter, save it up, and go have a bathroom break, you 
have earned it.


ROOM 943 (6.1)

*Cutscene* Okay, there are no items in here so not worries, just sit back and 
enjoy the creepiness. Sarah will tell you what to do for the most part. Once
the lights are out, equip your flashlight and close your eyes. Theo will point 
at objects. Focus in with your flashlight on the things he points at. First
the news paper on the wall (the one waving that says Sarah on it). close your 
eyes again, and see where he points next. Go to the gramophone and focus on 
that. Close them again and head to the door knocker. Once more close them, and
go to the backroom and point at the cologne. *Cutscene* Open the locker door,
it opens to a brick wall. Point the flashlight at the wall and close your eyes 
again. *Cutscene* Walk inside. *Cutscene* Grab the lens in front of you. 
Equip it and your flashlight and walk back to the red X on the  floor in room 
943. Point your flashlight at the symbol on the wall. Hold up the lens with
the right trigger. Close your eyes when the lens light is lined up with the 
symbol. *Cutscene* Walk out the door that the lens light opened, go down the
path and *Cutscene*


In the cave, turn immediately right and run to the forklift. Drive down to the
lowered bridge. Some ratz will show up but its not much to worry about 
right now. Lift the bridge with the forklift using the D-pad (up and down). 
Now drive up and cross the bridge, you can run over both of the nest to kill
them. Kill the ratz the same way. Drive through the tunnel. Turn left and you 
can see some crates up above on a ledge you can not reach. Go to the right of
the debris as far as you can till you hit the wall, turn and get the forklift 
under the rubble and lift it as high as you can with the forklift. Get out of
the lift and follow the left wall to a switch. Pull the switch to make a bar 
pop out of the wall, and also make a humanz attack you. Kill him, there is wood
and fire, if need be, on the opposit side of the room. Grab the forklift and go 
up the new ramp. Move the crates forward. More ratz and two nest are in the 
room ahead. On your left is a locker with an explosive bottle, a hanky, and 
ammo. Make flame bullets and shoot the far nest, and then toss and shoot the 
explosive bottle (or make a cocktail and use tape) and kill the nest the its 
high above your head. Kill any left over ratz. Use the forklift and crates to 
make a makeshift ladder to where the high nest was at. Climb the crates and 
jump up to where the nest was. Pull the switch, and the platform below will 
lift up. Drive the forklift across to the other side of the room. Get out and 
pull the switch, but it will open but only half way. Use the forklift to 
lift the gate up. Get out and follow the path behind the now open gate. Once 
you reach an elevator active it and go up. Open the gate up there, and walk out.


Go to the narrow bridge and walk across. *Cutscene* follow the light and watch
out for the black fog, after a short time, you will get a *Cutscene*
Well that was rather short. Save, grab some food. Give the game a rest.
Nah just kidding. Let's continue.


HANG ON (7.1)

There is not much more to do than climb up. Dodge the falling debris. Climb up,
you will fall, but climb persistently. Eventually a fire will start and trap 
you. A pipe will fall so jump with the X button dodge it. The cable will move,
and a subway train will be in sight to your left. Wall run and jump off onto 
the train. Fall into the hole on the top of the train. When the subway falls 
grab the cable and climb up. Use first person and your gun to kill ratz that 
climb on the rope above you. They will spit poison and drop you back down, 
so make your shots fast and true. Continue up the cable and once you reach the 
next train. Walk out the door at the front of the train. Continue forward. 


This is my least favorite part of the game. Odds are you are hurt, low on 
supplies, and fighting is the last thing you want to do. Of course none of that 
means anything to the humanz that will attack you. The lady in to subway yells
that she will not open the doors and let you in until the humanz are gone
so you are going to have to fight them. The station has two bathrooms. In one, 
the power is out in and it is completely dark. The other is fully lit, but it
only has a broom in its right hand corner. The left hand corner has a door you 
can enter. Behind the door is a room that holds a first aid kit. Grab the 
health spray. There are a few other items but must importantly is the vent in 
the ceiling. Jump up into the vent and pull yourself up. Use this area to
heal and manage your items. Go the length of this vent to the other end. Do not
fear humanz following you as they can not climb up into vent. Grab the pipe and
melee the other vent door open. Fall through it. Watch out for the humanz in 
this room. There are several sprays and exploves bottles in this room. You are 
in the back room of the dark bathroom. Use the flashlight to see your way 
through. Make flame bullets, use mini flame throwers, or do anything else
you wish kill off the humanz. They come in three waves. After a while one of 
the fun humanz that likes to throw spikes will come. Kill him, and the lady 
will finally open the door for you. Enter the train. The floor is riddled with 
ammo boxes so load up on them. Awesome, the train is now rocking back 
and forth. On top of that the roof just got ripped off. Go back towards the
door, when the train stops go out the open in where there are two cables to 
the left of you. Shoot the ratz that are on top of the cables. Jump onto the 
cable and climb up, then hope to the next cable and continue your accent 
upwards. Travel through the fleshy corridors till you reach the end.


Walk to the nearby car and hop in. Hotwire the car and drive to the objective.
On the way Sarah will send you a message about roots of evil (more about that
in a minute or two). Continue on to the castle. Climb the stairs and the 
fissure makes one more appearance. Burn the sucker. Now it is time for the 
roots of evil.

Roots of evil advice (R.O.E.A.)

The roots are fairly simple, so I am not going into a lot of detail. Instead I 
am going to list advice to help you out.

Tip #1: The roots are shown on the minimap as white static dots. You can use 
        your GPS to bring up a whole map and see them all.

Tip #2: Whenever you go and get a root remember to save afterwards. It sucks 
        to burn 30 roots, the game freeze and you have to start all over.

Tip #3: The roots that are inside a building tend to have metal doors. Do not 
        forget you can blast a door open with explosives and a gunshot.

Tip #4: Roots that seem to be unreachable, normally have a car jump so look for
        a ramp and drive off of it.

Tip #5: Some area's have more than one root, always check the map to make sure
        you have gotten them all, if you have not the white static will still 
        be there.

Tip #6: There are normally explosives nearby the ones that you can not get by 
        simply walking up to it and burn.

Tip #7: The closer you get to the root the more blurry the screen will get.


Once you have your spectral vision up to the thirty, return to the castle to 
progress the main story. At the caste you need to find six lens light symbols. 
There are four outside and two inside the castle so let's do the outside ones 
first. Close your eyes to see the symbols. The first one is right next to the 
door of the castle. The next one is under the far roofed area where the fissure
was. The third one is down the stairs, just under the door. Around the back of
the castle near the lake is a fenced pathway. Go down the path and take the 
left fork to what seems to be a dead end. Two humanz will attack but by now you
can deal with two humanz in your sleep. Finish them off, and close your eyes to
find the fourth symbol. Use the lens light and go inside the castle by 
returning to the door. Sarah will message you, read that and continue. The 
first indoor symbol is behind the painting on the wall behind the desk. Shoot 
the painting to make it fall then lens light it. Before getting the final one 
go back outside. There are a bunch of wonderful explosive bottles near the 
trash cans. Grab at least one and go back inside. Inside is tape, ammo, 
batteries and a glass bottle explosive. Traverse the park and search out taxi's
to get health sprays. Go back to the castle and use the chairs with fire to 
make it safe to stand in the black water. (taped glowsticks work well too) 
Quickly use the lens light one last time. With all six done, go and climb out 
the window next to the black water symbol. Climb up the rope and jump off the 
cable onto the balcony. Answer your phone to get a *cutscene* The spike 
throwing humanz makes a return, but you have flame bullets, spectral version, 
and explosives so blast him dead. Go inside and grab the extinguisher
to put out the fire that consumes the stairwell. Go to the lit up area on the 
floor to travel up to a small room with a telescope. Use the telescope and 
aim at the moon. Zoom in on the moon will the right trigger. Time to save it up
as another chapter in the game as come to a close. Now it is time for...



Yay more roots. The same rules apply as before, just got to them and burn them.
Most problems can be fixed with taped cocktails if you can not burn it 
directly. You need about 70 spectral, but if you are gonna get that close might
as well get them all. Once you are content, make your way to the objective.
Use your vision to see a wall. Make a cocktail and toss it over to the root on 
the other side. When it goes off and burns the root beyond the wall you will
get a *cutscene*. Walk into the structure before you and go into first person.
Close your eyes and use the lens light once more to open a hidden door.
Shoot the rope on the flagpole to help you climb down the hole. Once you are 
down you can see a rope on what seems like an unreachable ledge. Go 
forward and hang down off the ledge so that you can shimmy around to the 
other side. (Shimmy left) Drop down and grab the new rope and continue to 
descend. At the bottom the phone rings (that amazes me, a mile below the ground 
after a crazy night for New York, and still you have reception). After the
*cutscene* walk down the pathway that is open to you, for another *cutscene*. 


Turn right and head down the pathway. Once you reach the elevator, use the lens
light and close your eyes to start it. When it stops go in the doorway.
Grab the board and drop it so that is block the light and go out the new 
doorway. Go to the rope and climb down. In the new room at the bottom, grab the 
block and pull it to where you entered the room. Block the light with the block
and run over to the wall that came down. The block will get pushed by a moving 
wall and you will be pushed up to the exit. Go to the rope, go down and use a 
wall run to jump over to the platform. Go to the next rope and continue down.
Switch ropes and keep going down. Drop off of the rope and go through the 
doorway for a new puzzle. Grab the board. *Cutscene* A fire rages towards you
so go down the path. Use the board to block the light beam on the right. Travel
down a bit more and with timing dodge the spikes and then block the 
left light. Keep going, and using timing again to hit the right light once you 
reach it. Go out the door and walk to the tiny square with a board next to it.
Grab the board and the square will move. As it moves it cuts ropes and you will
need to be careful as it sets off swinging traps. Watch as you get need the
traps and use the board to block the light on your left to stop moving. Time 
you stops four times and you are free and clear. Walk out and grab the rope. 
Down you go, at the bottom hop to the platform. Go down this path, and it will
be blocked. Pick up a piece of wood, go back the way you came to the 
fire and light the wood. Go back and burn the blockage. Continue forward and 
you will find the next puzzle. There are two squares in the floor and a block 
is sitting on the first one. Push the block to the next one. Oops, moving the 
block has made the walls start to close in. Push fast! Once it reaches the 
second square the block will have a flame on top of it. Pull it back to the 
other square quickly. Stairs will pop out of the floor. The good news is the 
walls stopped closing in the bad new is as long as the block sits there, your 
elevator out stays down. Grab a piece of wood and light it on fire, then get 
down and light the block. It will catch on fire, and you need to run to the 
downed elevator. When the block becomes ashes, the elevator goes up, and the 
walls close in for good. Go out the doorway and jump on the new rope. Go down 
to the next rope, then continue down. Drop down off the rope and go through
the door for the next puzzle. Its a dark room with a board, grab the board 
and... crap the ceiling will start to close in on top of you. Light the board 
and use it to see your way through the maze. Blocking any of the three lights 
stops the decent of the ceiling above you. Go straight, right, left, right, 
right, right, left, right, left, then straight to the door. Follow the path and
enter the room at the end. Grab a torch and set the block in the middle of the 
room on fire. Go out the only other door down a path. At the end you get a 
*cutscene*.Go back down the path and find where the fire bends. Drop the torch 
there. Back at the block you set on fire before, grab the idol that fell from 
the top and go back to the torch you dropped. Bash the right side of the wall 
where you dropped that torch. *Cutscene*


Walk out the doorway. *Cutscene* Look at the minimap and quickly head to the 
objective. Get in the truck and turn the key. *Cutscene* That's right you have
found the third driving mission, and it is timed, goodie right? By now driving 
as become pretty easy for you I am sure. Follow the road and when you must go 
off road there is normally a path to follow that leads back to the road. Do not
worry about time that much, as it resets the closer you get. (Sarah will say
something to let you know you are nearing, and then it adds time to the timer) 
Driving down the road your biggest problem will be roots that come out of the 
ground. They come up ahead of you so you have decent time to get around them. 
Two roots make small jumps happen. After a third large jump, you will hit the 
museum. Drive down the access tunnel till you reach a room. Drive to the ramp 
and get out of the truck. Run up the ramp into the next room. To your
right is a door with 943 on it. Run to that door, and shoot the lock off at 
the bottom. *Cutscene*

Aim your gun to the left of Sarah's head. As soon as your shot is clear, take 
it and get Crowley. *Cutscene* Follow Hermes. *Cutscene* Go out of the new 
door, following Hermes. *Cutscene* Place the stone on the alter in front of 
you. *Cutscene* Grab the stone. *Cutscene* Now you have to choose the ending 
you want. Take the shot for the bad ending, or do nothing for the good ending. 
Does not matter to much, as you can episode select this part again and watch 
the other ending right afterwards. Make either choice for a *Cutscene* Yay for 
you you have beaten the game. Watch or skip the credits, Save, all that good 


QUESTION: This game sucks!
ANSWER: Sorry you feel that way. I like it and so do others. That alone makes 
        a guide worth writing. By the way, that's not really a question.

QUESTION: I am stuck on....
ANSWER: Since you emailed your question, odds are I responded and gave you the 
        best advice I could. If you still need help, try the message boards 
        someone can explain it better than I can maybe.

QUESTION: You messed this up on this one part, here....
ANSWER: Thanks, I'll fix that as soon as possible.

QUESTION: What are these white static areas on my map?
ANSWER: Those are the roots of evil, they come into play in episode seven.

QUESTION: I can not get an explosive over the wall in 8.1, what the heck!?
ANSWER: Aim the bottle as high as it goes. The white line will show you its
over the wall. Otherwise you will just need to burn more roots. Don't fret
its not hard to get just a few more. (BTW getting all of them is an 

QUESTION: I am using your guide, but I have  a different version of the game, I
have the Wii/PS2 version, and your guide says to do this ..... but I can not do
it. What gives?
ANSWER: The PC/Xbox360/PS3 versions are all made by one deleloper, and the Wii
and PS2 versions by another. The game are very different because of it. I am
unsure of all the differences, but I know there are are enough of them it is
like playing two different games. I would love to help, but I only have the 360

QUESTION: Can I add yon on xbox live?
ANSWER: You sure can. My Gamertag is Protein8256. I ask that you be sure to
tell me your from gamefaqs and got me from this guide though. I'll be playing
Resident Evil 5 for a while though.

QUESTION: Last time I checked your guide you did not have live for the reasons
of college and dail-up, what gives?
ANSWER: I moved! Also I am still in college, just don't play except for the 
weekends I am home.

QUESTION: When is the next update, why havn't you answered my email, etc?
ANSWER: As of 08/16/08 I am in college. As a college student I will focus on 
studies before video games. I have not forgot about you the readers, or the 
game. I am just to busy to focus on this.

That's all the questions I have so have, if you have any questions email me at:
[email protected] Please place something about the game in the subject bar.


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helping me take notes. (a lot of notes)
Thanks to my parents for supporting my gaming habit.
Thanks to the readers, making it all worth while.

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