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by vhayste


                          ALIENS: COLONIAL MARINES


                            W A L K T H R O U G H

                        AUTHOR: PAUL MICHAEL (VHAYSTE®)
                          CONTACT: [email protected]


Illustrated online version of the guide is available below

                         [  C O P Y R I G H T  ]

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  | possible.                                                           |

10:48 PM 2/25/2013 - Walkthrough completed


Set in the events after the "Aliens" movie, players will take the role of 
the U.S.S Marine named Corporal Winter, along with the other marines of the
Sephora as they investigate the tragic events onboard the iconic ship, the 
Sulaco. Things turn to worse once they discover the horrible secret the 
ship has in store for them.

                      T A B L E   OF   C O N T E N T S

 Use CTRL + F using the codes below to jump to the topic you want to access.

MS01 ------- DISTRESS
MS05 ------- THE RAVEN
MS06 ------- FOR BELLA
MS07 ------- ONE BULLET
MS08 ------- RAMPART
MS11 ------- HOME

                               C A M P A I G N

Mission 1: Distress
Special Projects:
   + 3 Dog Tags
   + 1 Audio Tag
   + Hick's Shotgun

Open the airlock door and cross the umbilical. After the decompression,
continue to the Sulaco. Pull up your motion tracker when prompted. Take
note of the tutorial to know how to use it. Hollow blimps represent allies,
solid blimps represent unknown or hostile targets. Wait until Oneal opens
the gates and open the next door to the right. Use your flashlight and
continue until you encounter a door that you can cut open. Continue inside
the room and locate Keyes.

Attempt to cut him down, only to be attacked by a xeno. Track it down and
take it out. Take note that you can't just rely on your motion tracker
since it won't be able to give the position of a stationary target. The
xeno should be hanging on the ceiling in the narrow corridor to the left of
the first room. After taking it out, cut Keyes down. Follow him to get the
flight recorder.

In the next room, your motion tracker should trigger a number of solid
blimps. Multiple xenos will begin to attack. Before moving forth, head to
the right side from the entrance and check the corner near the railing for
the first dog tag.

Continue upstairs and get inside the room. Recover the flight recorder and
give it to Keyes. As soon as Keyes open the door, turn to your left to find
a few rifle rounds and an armor

Grab them and kill the xeno ahead. Proceed forth and continue taking out
the xenos along the way. Follow Keyes to another room where there are armor
and ammo. You'll be back to the hangar afterward. You'll then have to
regroup with your team and defend the position from advancing xenos. Wait
until the door is bypassed. Once done, fall back and regroup with your
team. Grab the armor and ammo in the next room. Cross the umbilical

After the scene, you'll have to make your way to the cargo bay. Follow
Oneal to the lower level and proceed to the monitoring room. Continue
following Oneal to the gravity well and fight off more xenos along the way.

Head to the next door that will lead to another room. Beside the
decapitated corpse on the floor is a table with a glowing laptop. Examine
it to get the first audio log.

Continue to the next hallway and kill xenos that will ambush you. Before
exiting to the next catwalk, pick up the second dogtag on the shelf beside
the door.

Continue to the walkway and kill more xenos along the way. Once you've
reached the next door, enter the hallway and check the room to the right to
find the legendary weapon in this mission and a full set of armor.

Follow Oneal to the catwalk again and repel multiple xeno attacks. Make
your way to a long corridor and make your way to the cargo bay. Find the
stairs in the corner to the right and continue moving until you reach the
control room. Oneal will start cutting the door open so stand your ground
and take out the xenos until it is opened. Once inside the control room,
grab the last dogtag on top of a crate on the way to the other door.

Once done, operate the highlighted terminal to purge the cargo bay and
complete the mission.

Mission 2: Battle for Sulaco
Special Projects:
    + 3 Dog Tags
    + 2 Audio Tags

Head to the other door of the control room and take out the human enemies.
Head to the next room and clear it out as well. Proceed to the corridor but
instead of going right, head to the left first to find a full suit of
armor. Follow Oneal until you reach a bay with a power loader. Once
prompted, operate the power loader.

Bring the powerloader to the hatch to the right and open it. Once inside
the infested room, check the body on an open container to the left to find
the mission's first dog tag.

Follow the path through the winding corridor until you reach the next room.
Turn to the right and proceed to the door to find an audio log on the

Head to the other door and cut open the door with a flashing sign. Proceed
through the door and continue forth. Be careful of the facehuggers you'll
encounter along the way. Continue along the straightforward path until you
reach Bella.

Cut the next door open and follow Oneal to the right. Follow the trail of
blood on the floor and turn to the right. Near the broken lies another dog

Continue forth and cut the next door open. Proceed through the hallway
until you encounter some PMCs. Take cover and take them out. Don't forget
to grab ammo and armor pickups along the way. Head to the next hatch. A
heavily armored PMC will appear. Concentrate your fire to take him out.

Proceed to the next door and clear this area of enemies. Once done, follow
Bella and Oneal until you reach the elevator. Call it in and ride it up.
After disembarking from the elevator, more enemies are waiting outside.
Take them out and proceed.

More PMCs are waiting so deal with them and continue forth. Continue
through a few more tight corridors with a handful of enemies are waiting.
Once you've reached a large area with tanks, dig in and take out more PMCs.

Push through the control room ahead. There's another dog tag on top of a
console in the upper left side of the room.

It's a straightforward path to the next control room with a few enemies
along the way. Once you've reached the engineering room, turn to the right
from the entrance to find the last audio log of this mission on top of a

Operate the terminal to activate maintenance mode. This will open the door.
Fight through a couple of narrow corridors until you reach the central
shaft where a heavy gunner is located. Kill him and go past the shaft.
Follow the corridor to the left until you reach the next elevator. Ride it
up again to reach central command.

Proceed to the briefing room. There are auto-turrets guarding both exits.
Don't worry since both turret emplacements have an alternate route which
you can take to route and flank them. Once you've reached the turrets, get 
behind them and disarm them.

Head to the main command room and take out the heavy gunners behind cover.
There's also a turret in the middle so take out the initial wave of enemies
before proceeding forth. Push through the remaining enemies until you reach
the bridge. Deactivate the weapon systems to complete the mission.

Mission 3: Sulaco Falls
Special Projects:
     + 3 Dog Tags

Continue until you reach a corridor with a powerful draft. Shoot the debris
blocking the door to the right to stop the draft and for your team to
continue. Regroup with your team and head to the viewing deck. Bella will
open the next door. Proceed till you find more PMCs waiting in the next
hallway where the escape pods are located. There's also a M240 Incinerator
Unit that you can get from a small storage room beside the hallway with the

After clearing the first escape pod bay, continue past the locker room and
head to the next bay. Kill more PMCs here. There's another dog tag in the
area. Proceed to the main hall then turn right to the first corridor then
right again. You should find the dog tag on top of a metal crate.

Clear the enemies and follow Bella and Oneal to the elevator. Upon
disembarking, check the room with the broken door right beside the elevator
for some supplies. Follow your team as they make their way to the Coolant
Storage room where more enemies await. Take out both xenos and PMCs then
make your way to the next corridor and to the second coolant storage area.

After clearing it, proceed to the control room ahead then run a bypass on
the highlighted terminal. Exit the room and go downstairs. Be careful since
more xenos will ambush you in the cover of the surrounding steam. Have your
shotgun or flamethrower ready.

Proceed to the open shaft and go the submerged duct below. Follow your team
and make your way to the ramp leading back to the deck. Enter the only
doors ahead to find a stairwell. Continue a bit and watch a part of it
collapse. Carefully step on the wreck, but instead of following your
teammates, turn to the left to find a full armor, ammo and a dog tag.

Continue to the bottom of the stairwell and head to the next room. Proceed
to the next catwalk where more xenos await. In the next corridor as soon as
the steam blows, anticipate a couple of xenos charging in. Blow them out
then proceed to the cargo bay. Head to the next door and follow your
teammates until they stop in the next air control door.

Kill the xeno waiting behind the door and proceed to the next hallway where
more PMCs and xenos are engaging. Kill them all and proceed to the next
blast door. Wait for the lift to go down then hop on it and pull the lever.
After reaching the upper level, don't leave immediately. Check the floor
behind the large container to your left to find the mission's last dog tag.

Exit through the next door to reach the drop ship. Repel the initial wave
of enemies on the ground then make your way to the upper catwalk and arm
the emergency release control.

Fight your way to the control room and kill the heavy gunner there. Operate
the terminal to move the cargo container. Exit the control room and go
straight ahead to reach the other emergency release terminal. Arm it and
board the drop ship to complete the mission.

Mission 4: No Hope in Hadley's
Special Projects:
      + 4 Dog Tags
      + 1 Audio Log
      + Gorman's Pistol

Continue following the path until you reach Hadley's Hope. Open the door
and go straight ahead the derelict corridor. Enter the first room to the
left to find the mission's only audio log on the table.

Follow the straightforward path until you reach the welded Operations door
upstairs. Cut the door open and check the table in your immediate left to
find a dog tag.

Loot the ammo and armor pickups nearby then operate the lever if Bishop
haven't done yet. Once you get your orders to place motion sensors, follow
Bella and Reid and wait for Oneal to open the locked door. Once inside,
place the first motion sensor then enter the clinic beside it. You'll find
the dog tag on the operating table.

Continue placing the motion sensors on the marked outlets. After placing
the last sensor in position, wait for a mission update. Reset the motion
sensor that went offline in the morgue and learn that your location has
been compromised. Make your way back to operations and fight your way
through multiple xenos along the way.

Once you've reached operations, repel more xenos pouring in. You'll then
have to backtrack again to retrieve the sentry turret you saw earlier. Run
back to the operations and deploy it near the ammo stash.

Repel another wave of xeno attack. After getting the mission update, pick
up the smart gun from the crate nearby and continue to the next hallway.
Drop down the opening on the floor and go downstairs. Proceed to the next
hallway where there are multiple xenos waiting. Use the smart  gun's
auto-tracking and lock-on system to lay waste to the number of xenos
waiting in the corridor. Push forward and and enter the room to the left to
find a full set of armor and a dog tag on the crate near the wall.

Proceed to the next room and fight your way through more xenos. After
reaching an intersection, head left then drop to the lower path. Turn
around to find the last dog tag on the ground.

In the next room, there are three lurkers hiding in the shadows. These are
really fast and dangerous enemies so make sure to melee them first to push
them back a bit before blowing them up. This way, you'll avoid getting
damaged too much. Use the smart gun's auto-tracker to locate and kill them.

The mission will update afterward. Follow Oneal as he opens the door.
Follow the path until you reach the next room. The mission's legendary
weapon (Gorman's Pistol) is found on the table of this room.

Cut the next door open and proceed for a scene. The mission will be
complete afterward.

Mission 5: The Raven
Special Projects:
      + 3 Dog Tags
      + Hudson's Pulse Rifle

Once you're back on your foot, head to the left and lift the panel. Jump to
the tunnel afterward and follow the straightforward path until you reach
the ramp leading to the default floor. The alien is right inside the next
room so head to the right and enter the vent before the glass breaks. Exit
through the end of the vent to reach a room with a dead marine. From there,
make your way out through the sewers.

After exiting the door, look to the right to find a lever. This will
disable the steam. Pull another lever down to open the next door. Here,
you'll encounter the sound-sensitive aliens. When you alert them, stay
perfectly still until they go away.

Continue along the sewers until you reach another lever. Pull it to
activate the sewage pump. The noise will attract the nearby xenos and
they'll detonate themselves. Proceed to the next sewage pump lever and
carefully activate it to clear the room of xenos.

Cut the flashing hatch open and proceed to the next room. A couple of xenos
are waiting below and you have to clear them out as well. Make you way to
the lever on the other side of the walkway and pull it to activate the
sewage pump again. Cut open the next door below. You'll find Oneal ahead.

Follow the pipe to the left and continue until you reach another room with
more of those blind xenos. You have no choice but to carefully and slowly
get past them without alerting them.

Make your way upstairs and go through the tunnel. Cut open the blast door
again and open the next door. The large xeno will appear again. Get past
the first door and seal it. Cut the next door open and do the same for the
next door. You'll find the elevator in the next room so quickly ride it and

After regrouping with Oneal, get your gear back from the bag and exit
through the next door. Before following Oneal, check the small room ahead
to find this mission's legendary weapon: Hudson's Pulse Rifle

Continue following Oneal until you reach outside. Kill more xenos that will
appear. However before moving forth, find a ramp leading to an overturned
container van to the left to find a dog tag there.

Pick up the armor pieces nearby then proceed to the next area. Kill the
xenos nearby and revive Reid. Kill more xenos that will jump unto you then
regroup with her. Head back to the previous area and protect her as she
tries to get the comm tower up. Continue defending your position until the
comms are re-established. The large xeno will appear and chase the girls.

Once your objective is updated, continue forth and follow Oneal. Fight your
way through a few more xenos until you reach a closed hatch ahead. Check
the floor in front of that door to get the second dog tag of the mission.

Continue forth until you're able to enter one of the buildings. Go upstairs
then jump down to the broken stairs. Grab the armor pieces to the left then
cut the door open. Exit through the door but before you explore the area,
check the floor behind the crate under the stairwell ahead. You should find
the last dog tag of the mission there.

Proceed to the other side of the hangar to meet up with Bella and Reid.
Take out more xenos lurking around, including one lurker. Oneal will
disappear and you'll have to chase after him. Exit the hangar and drop down
to the lower ground ahead. The giant xeno will make its appearance again.
Quickly run to the pipe to your right to avoid getting killed.

Fight your way through more xenos and make your way to the left. Replenish
your ammo then jump through the hole. Go to the left and crawl under the
broken grate. Take out more xenos along the way. Regroup with your team
inside the container van. Jump back to the ground and head for the gate.
Wait for it to open then quickly make your way inside.

Operate the power loader to combat the giant xeno. Keep minimum distance
and hit it with the power loader's melee attacks. Don't mind the smaller
xenos; just keep your eyes on the giant xeno until you successfully take it

Mission 6: For Bella
Special Projects:
      + 3 Dog Tags
      + 3 Audio Logs
      + Vasquez's Smart Gun

Continue following the path until you found the first group of dismembered
marines. Continue forth until you spot an enemy drop ship. Stay out of
sight then continue forth. Look at the sheet on the ground to find the
first dog tag of the mission.

Proceed along the path and take out more xenos along the way. Get past the
ship wreckage and fight more xenos. Push forward and look for a green cache
to the left, before entering the tunnel. There's another dog tag there.

Go through the tunnel and make your way outside. Fight your way to the
large cavern ahead. You'll encounter smaller, acid-spitting xenos ahead.
Your Assault and Battle Rifle can effectively take them out from a
distance. Proceed along the path and carefully take out the spitters as
they appear. Continue until you exit the cavern and see the Wey-Yu facility

Head inside the facility and follow Bella and Oneal. Fight through more
xenos as you exit out of the first facility. Continue to the next abandoned

Continue upstairs and two lurkers will ambush you in the next room. Kill
them then jump down the opening on the floor. Carefully hop on the
platforms then turn around to the right to find an audio log.

Exit the building and enter the next facility. As you continue to the main
hall, an auto-turret will activate. Get past it and turn to the left to
find it. Disarm it and you should find another audio log on the yellow
supply cache ahead.

Continue ahead and you'll encounter a couple more turrets. Run past the
second turret then enter the vent to the left. This will take you to an
enclosed room. Jump on the crates to jump over the next room. Open it and
you'll be able to get behind the second auto-turret. Disable it then run
straight ahead the corridor. At the end you'll find a sealed door. Cut it
open and grab the full body armor and last audio log in the next room.

Backtrack to the previous turret you disarmed then cut open the door beside
it. Disarm the other auto-turret for your teammates to continue. Wait for
Bella to open the door then open the next door to the control room. Join
Oneal while he tinkers with the terminal. The last dog tag is found on top
of the same terminal he's operating.

After the mission update, wait for Bella to open the other door. Continue
outside and take out the PMCs holding position there. Go through the next
door and go downstairs. Open the next door and continue ahead. You'll find
Vasquez's Smart Gun in the left corner of the room, beside the lift.

Exit the room and fight your way through both human and xeno enemies until
you reach the elevator. If you acquired the smart gun earlier then you'll
be able to cut through the opposition in a breeze. The mission will be
complete after reaching the elevator.

Mission 7: One Bullet
Special Projects:
      + 3 Dog Tags
      + 3 Audio Logs

Disembark from the elevator and proceed along the path. You'll encounter
more xenos along the way. Just take them out until you reach the next gate
with a mounted auto-turret. Stay out of the light to avoid getting spotted
and fired upon.

Circle around the vehicle and enter the cavern. Make your way to the exit
and you'll find a sealed gate. Before heading forth, turn to the right past
the vehicle to find a full body armor to the left. Just beside it is the
mission's first dog tag.

Go through the next outpost and avoid the auto-turret spotlight again. Open
the other door to exit and fight your way through more enemies. Continue
until you reach the breached gate and get past the guards. Enter the ramp
and proceed to the medical bay for a scene.

After the scene, collect the items and head upstairs. Continue to the
control switch then turn right to find another dog tag on top of the
console. Deactivate the safety lockdown and get inside the lab. Head to the
left to find another audio log.

Kill the guards in the lab then go downstairs to find more host subjects.
Open the door and kill the two guards. Proceed to the operating room where
you'll find another laptop near the operating tables. Examine it to get the
second audio log.

Continue along several rooms and kill all hostiles. Continue until you
reach an examination room. If ever the enemies reach for the alarm and
successfully activate it, kill them quickly and deactivate it. There aren't
any collectibles in the next few rooms so continue forth until your
objective is updated and you exit the facility.

Move along until an APC appears. Run to the left to avoid its deadly hail
of bullets. Encircle around it until you reach the open area. More enemy
troops will appear. Take them out while taking cover to avoid too much
damage. Use the crates as you move to the left where you can find a broken
fence you can enter.

Continue forth and take out the enemies. The APC will move back to the next
area. Shoot the barrels beside it to push it back under the giant crane.
Heavy RPG soldiers will exit from the facility ahead. Take cover and take
them out, along with the other PMC foot soldiers. Move from cover to cover
and keep right until you find the crane controls. Use it to destroy the APC
then enter the next facility.

Once inside, continue past two doors until you reach an area with several
smaller rooms. Turn to the left to find a monitoring room and the mission's
last audio log.

Proceed to the module control room and kill the personnel there. After
getting your objective updated, open the door beside Oneal and go
downstairs. Once you've reached the lower floor, turn to the right and look
inside one of the open boxes there to find the last dog tag of the mission.

Find the first power cells in the lower level by accessing the door near
the stairs. After disabling it, go upstairs and look for an opening on the
floor. Drop inside and kill the guard to disable the second power cell. The
door to the third power cell will be open by now. Get past the main stairs
and enter the room. Disable it to complete the current objective.

Get back to the module control room and pull the lever to disable the power
and complete the mission.

Mission 8: Rampart
Special Projects:
      + 3 Dog Tags
      + 2 Audio Logs

Once the mission starts, continue along the hallway then enter the door to
the left. Then, enter the next door to the right to find an audio log in a
small room.

Open the next door, continue downstairs and the elevator up. Follow the
corridor until it gives way. Follow the path and ignore the queen thrashing
about in her containment cell. Take the next set of stairs down and open
the next set of doors until you exit out of the facility. Kill the PMCs and
xenos there and move forth.

Continue fighting a few more enemies until you reach another building.
Before continuing along the path to the left (leading towards to the
derelict alien ship), enter the building to the right and look for a dog
tag on top of supply cache by the wall to the right.

Proceed along the path and clear the enemies in the area. Continue ahead to
enter the derelict ship. Make your way to the first research outpost
inside. Kill the personnel inside then check the first room to the right to
find the last audio log there.

Continue fighting your way to reach the elevator. Go up and clear the
hallways until you find the Maker's remains. Go around it and check
the floor at the end of the catwalk to the right, near the remains. You'll
find the mission's second dog tag there.

Clear the area and the next hallway until you reach outside. Kill the xenos
and PMCs along the way and continue forth. Once you see the path branch to
the left, follow it first and head towards the lift. You'll find the last
dog tag on a crate beside the lift.

Fight your way inside the facility and start clearing it out as well. Make
your way outside and kill the guards to rescue the prisoner and complete
the mission.

Mission 9: Hope in Hadley's
Special Projects:
      + 4 Dog Tags
      + Vasquez's Pistol

Kill the xenomorphs along the way and make your way to the entrance. Pick
up the auto-turret and deploy it facing the street. Hold your position and
wait until the door opens. Head inside then head left. Check the small room
to the left to find a full suit of armor and the legendary weapon,
Vasquez's Pistol.

Follow the main path and go upstairs. Continue straight ahead where you'll
see a marine getting snatched by a xeno on the ceiling. Make your way back
to the lab and rescue the downed marine, pinned under a fiery bed. Use your
motion tracker to know the locations of the marines you have to rescue.

Head to the next room and find the mission's first dog tag on the table,
beside the microscope. Cut the sealed door nearby open to rescue another
marine then head to the operations and kill all xenos to save another
marine. Once done, your objective will be updated and you'll have to
rendezvous with Cruz downstairs.

Head to the vehicle bay and set up a defense perimeter. Deploy the
auto-turret near the windows then when you have the chance, find the stairs
leading to the maintenance trench. Turn to the second corner to find a dog
tag on the floor. Stand your ground in this area and fend off the xeno
attack. There's an ammo cache in the small room in the corner so use it to
replenish all your weapons' ammo.

Exit the vehicle bay and go past the gate. Here, you'll encounter a new
enemy called the Crusher. Don't waste your ammo on its head as it is
invulnerable. Wait for it to charge then quickly get out of the way. Shoot
its unarmored body to deal damage. Xenos will appear to join the fray as
well. Take note that the concrete blocks won't stop the crusher so there's
no use hiding behind them. Once you see it running, quickly get out of the
way, turn around and fire. This may take several tries, since the pesky
xenos will target you as well.

Now there's a cheap and easy way to kill it without getting damaged (and
get the achievement "Anytime, Anywhere" as well). As soon as the gate
opens, exit a bit but don't get too far ahead. Find the slope in the left
corner of the gate, beside the corpse. This is where you'll make the stand.

Now go ahead to make the crusher appear. Wait for it to get near then
return to the high ground you found earlier and stay there. When done
correctly, the crusher will just walk towards you or stay still while
you're laying fire on it. Use explosives and grenades to take it out. There
are other slopes or elevated spots in the areas but this is nearest one and
possibly won't trigger xeno respawns.

Head to the next door and wait for Cruz to open it. Get inside and follow
the path until you reach a workbench. You'll find another dog tag there.

Exit the bay and head to the dropship. Check the crate in front of the
dropship, beside a payloader to find the mission's last dog tag.

Refill your ammo using the ammo cache nearby. You have to disconnect three
fuel lines under the drop ship. As you do that, a continuous stream of
xenos will pour in. After disconnecting the last fuel line, kill the last
remaining xenos to complete the mission.

Mission 10: Derelict Reclaimed
Special Projects:
      + 3 Dog Tags
      + Frost's Flamethrower

Clear the guards then head to the next door. Disarm the turret and cut open
the door. Proceed inside and fight your way to the lift. You still have to
restore power to the lift so head inside the room to the right. There's a
lurker camouflaged on the infestation on the wall so don't get caught off
guard. Head to the lever and cut the infestation to pull the lever down to
restore power to the lift. Regroup with the others and push the button to
activate the lift.

Get off the lift and continue along the hallway again until you reach the
maker remains. Kill the xenos along the way; as usual, be careful of the
camouflaged lurkers on the walls and ceilings. Follow the walkway, past the
tent to the left and two cocooned scientists. Before moving forth, check
the box in the corner of the catwalk past the second scientist to get the
mission's first dog tag.

Continue following the path until you reach the exit. You'll find more
enemy forces ahead. Clear them out first and you'll have to destroy the AA
guns next. Take the path to the left to find the RPG beside an APC. Equip
it and fire at the AA gun until it is destroyed. You can get a fully loaded
RPG by dropping the used one and picking up a new one from the same spot

Head to the lift and use it to proceed. Fight your way through enemy forces
until you're able to regroup with your allies in the next position. Look on
the ground near the forklift to find another dog tag.

Clear the area then enter the nearby control room to find the RPG there.
Destroy the next AA gun then continue forth until you encounter a small
outpost. Take out the PMCs and the xenos to proceed to the next AA gun.

Head to the right to find a container van containing a lot of weapons.
You'll also find the game's last legendary weapon there. (Frost's
Flamethrower) You can equip the RPG and use it to easily eliminate the
guards in the area. Take out the AA gun afterward.

Head where the allied dropship crashed. Fight through more xeno ambushes
and go through the wreckage. Once exit the wreckage, you'll find your
downed allies. Check the ground beside them to find the last dog tag in the

Kill the xenos until the Queen arrives. Run to the container van and stay
there. Take out the lesser xenos and use your movement tracker to
anticipate which side the Queen will peek and attempt to grab you. Wait
until the mission updates and the Queen leaves.

Continue forth and fight your way through the cargo hold. Once you've
reached outside again, grab the smart gun beside the APC under the ship to
the left. Fight your way through more xenos and clear the ramp leading to
the FTL as it starts to lift off. Wait for a few moments after the dropship
arrives and the mission will be complete.

Mission 11: Home
Special Projects:
    + 3 Dog Tags

After crawling out of the dropship's wreckage, turn around and follow the
two red pipes overhead and find a dog tag on a crate directly under them.

The queen will appear shortly. Hide inside the open container van and hit
the first manual reset. Now go around to the left and make your way to the
back of the bay 02 gate. There's another dog tag on a box beside the open
container van.

From there, make your way around until you reach the back of the dropship
wreckage. You'll find the last dog tag on the floor, near your teammate's

Now you can concentrate in activating the cargo launcher's manual reset
switches. Remember to activate the switches only when the queen is away;
otherwise, she'll grab and impale you to death. You can lure her to a false
position by getting her attention and staying in that area for a bit. Now
go around another path and make a run for the switches. After the fourth
switch, stand in front of cargo launcher and press the switch when the
queen is in front of it. After the scene, the mission will be complete.


This text guide only covers the main walkthrough of the game. For videos,
screenshots and illustrated locations of all collectibles, please refer to
my online guide below: