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Age of Booty



by yatesll

Age of Booty (Xbox 360/XBLA)
Copyright 2008 yatesl

Version 0.46

Table of Contents:

[001] What is "Age of Booty"?
[002] Version History
[003] Challenge Guide
- [0031] Roots of Piracy
- [0032] The Pirate Queen
- [0033] Dread Pirate Spork
- [0034] Gold Diggers
- [0035] In Too Deep
- [0036] Skirts and Fins
- [0037] Rum and Candy
[004] Achievement Guide
[005] Multiplayer Tips
[006] Legal Information
[007] Contact Information

[001] What is "Age of Booty"?

Age of Booty is a downloadable game for the Xbox 360, Playstatio 3, and PC. 
Created by Certain Affinity, and published by Capcom, it's a real-time strategy
game that involves you sailing round the map, and trying to capture more towns
than your opponant's team. It has 21 challenges, a map editor, local 
multiplayer, and a fantastic online experience (with 1v1, 2v2, and 4v4).

[002] Version History

-- 18/10/2008 - Version 0.46
Started guide. Typed up 001, 004, 005, 006, and 007. Started typing out guides
for each challenge. Finished "Roots of Piracy", and started "The Pirate Queen".

[003] Challenge Guide

[0031] Roots of Piracy

[0031E] Easy stage - "Sink or Swim (Tutorial)":
"Ahoy, matey! Me name is William Biggs. Some call me Ol' Will'm... but YOU call
me Cap'n. I expect me apprentices to learn fast, so heave to! This protected
inlet be the perfect place to learn. Now, go an' capture two towns for the Red

Objectives - Capture 2 towns to win. 
Time Limit - None.
Other Info - There are no enemy ships in this stage.

As the name says, this is the tutorial for the game. First of all, start by 
upgrading your ship. Personally, I would go for cannon, but it doesn't really
matter on this stage. To upgrade, when your ship is near your base, move your
cursor over your base and press either X, Y or B for Speed, Armor, and Cannons
respectively. When you've done this, click on one of the tiles next to 
Alliston. Your ship will autmatically start attacking it, as will the town 
attack your ship. Once it's been defeated, it'll turn neutral, and the word
"Capturing" should appear at the top, along with a percentage. When this is at
100%, you have captured it. Congradulations, you've captured your first town,
and earned one of the easiest achievements ever! If you look at this town, you
will see a barrel of rum icon, and a tree icon. This means the town produces 
one unit of wood, and one unit of wood every so often. These resources will be 
vital to upgrading the defences of your towns, and the effectiveness of your 
ship. Now we have the choice of which town to capture, Paul's Port of St. Pete. 
You can go for either, but you'll notice that there's silver orbs underneath 
the town's health bar. This is it's overall defense and attack, so if you want 
an easy life, I recommend taking over Paul's Port, as it only has two (whereas 
St. Pete has three). Once you've claimed your second town, it's challenge 
complete. If you happen to die whilst capturing any of the towns, you will 
quickly respawn at your pirate's lair, after dropping one unit of resource.

[0031M] Medium stage - "Wayward Pegboy":
"Well, ye did better than I thought ye would. Now that you've wet yer whistle
it's time for a REAL opponent. See, my last apprentice, Pegleg Pete, joined
with an upstart pirate crew - the Sea Devils. Put that bilge rat back in line
by capturin' all three towns. That'll sand his deck."

Objectives - Capture 3 towns to win.
Time Limit - None.
Other Info - You're against one CPU character.

You're finally up against a computer controlled ship. You'll start off with no
resources, so get to it! First of all, head on over to Grayling, and start 
attacking it. Pegleg Pete may come over and attack the town instead. If this is
the case, if you want you can hold off attacking it, and then when he's about
to finish it off (or has done, and is capturing it) you can swoop in, kill 
Pete, and take the town for yourself. Not only will this mean you won't take as
much damage, but you'll also bag yourself an achievement. Either way, once you
have Grayling, you'll notice that red bits (for lack of a better word) start
circling around your mast. This means you are slowly regaining health, and will
do as long as you are in the port of any of your towns, or your lair. The town
will also slowly regain its health. Grayling offers you one unit of rum, and
one unit of lumber. You may have noticed other villages around the map, shown
by straw huts, palm trees, and a totem. These go down fast, but only offer you
a one time unit of something (as shown by the icon). However, they do respawn,
so don't worry if there's no more left on the map. Also, there are other ships
sailing these waters. Whilst they are not pirates (they're merchants), they
WILL attack you if you're next to them. However, as with the villages, they go
down fairly fast, and drop a 'curse'. This curse could either be a bomb curse,
in which you can place a bomb on a tile, and it will damage any unit or town
around it (INCLUDING your own team, or yourself); a whirlpool curse, which
sends any unit currently on the tile you select to a different part of the map;
a ghost ship curse, which makes yourself invisible (although if you get hit by
canon fire, you will become visable again); and a pilfer curse, which allows
you to steal up to two resources from your enemy. These can very often turn the
tide of the battle (no pun intended), and are very handy to have for defending
your town, or attacking theirs. You can only have one at a time, though.
Anyway, I would stick around Grayling for a bit, making sure Pete doesn't come
and capture it. When it's at full health, sail down to Bayless in the south.
By this time, Pete may have already captured it. Either way, it still has one
defense, and will go down just as fast. This also produces rum and timber,
meaning your resources will increase twice as fast. Remember to sail back to
your lair whenever you have two timber and four rum, and upgrade a part of your
ship. Once you've upgraded your ship's canons and defense, and you have two
towns, it's time to head East to the final town, Baldwin. Hopefully it won't
be at full health, as Pete occasionally does suicide runs at this place. If it
is, however, then don't worry. You can either attack merchants, and hope for
the bomb curse, which will take off a good portion of it's health, or you can
just keep doing sail-bys (sorry), and defeat it. Remember, however, to make
sure it has at least some health if you're about to die - There's nothing worse
than constantly being defeated by a town, only to have someone swoop in and
take it whilst you're on the way back from a respawn. Anyway, once you've 
captured Baldwin, you've completed the mission.

[0031H] Hard stage - "Settling Scores":
"Ha! Think I'll put Pegleg Pete under YOUR command! Now, go teach the leader o'
the Sea Devils, that Filthy McScuppers, a lesson. You and Pete are to seize ALL
of his towns. An' watch for his pest of a trained money, the little bugger 
sails right beside him. Now get goin'!"

Objectives - Capture 4 towns to win.
Time Limit - 12 minutes.
Other Info - You now have a partner, making the match 2v2.

Again, you start with no resources. However, this time, you'll notice that 
Pegleg Pete has joined you. Don't expect too much from him (the AI in this game
is frustrating, at best), but two's still better than one. Start off with 
taking Waterloo. Once you've got that, and are at full health (whilst fending
off McScuppers and his Trained Monkey), move to Canton. There you will start
getting the timber and rum to upgrade your ship. Now, even though the objective
suggests that you have to capture four towns in 12 minutes, it's actually
misleading. Either you capture four towns, or just ride out the 12 minutes, 
and make sure you have more towns than they do by the time if hits 0:00. I 
suggest doing this, and just keeping down Waterloo and Canton. If blue happen 
to take Kerry (a worthless town with no resources) and start heading towards
Cambridge, then you might want to stop them. Until then, though, don't really
worry too much about Cambridge. 

[0032] The Pirate Queen

[0032E] Easy stage - "Old Flame":
"You're a natural-born captain, ye know that? Perhaps ye can get me old flame
off me back. A lass called Bonnie Bigwig. She leads the Pink Death, now, but 
she once was me... special... what are ye starin' at, ya no-good cur? Take Pete
and go give Bonnie a message - take three of her towns!"

Objectives - Capture 3 towns to win.
Time Limit - None.
Other Info - Bonnie has a powerful ship, but she's slow.

You start off with enough resources to upgrade your ship twice. I would 
recommend at least one going in speed - This is the main advantage you'll have
over Bonnie. Put the other in armor. My advice is to wait before you make any 
moves, and keep an eye on both Bonnie and Pete. Watch the health bar of the 
town Bonnie's going after - If it looks like she's about to take it, and she's
low on health herself, get in there and take it from her. The same goes with
Pete. If he's about to take a town, sail and back him up. Depending on which
town you take at the start, you'll either want to take Dominica, or Mikeldon.
If you took Dominica at the start, I would wait until you have enough resources
to upgrade the town twice. This should give it a fighting chance if Bonnie 
comes knocking whilst you're taking over another town. Once you have Dominica
and Mikeldon, head up north and take Earlywood. She has powerful canons and 
armor (at least, compared to what you've seen thus far), so you may need to 
sail back to your towns a couple of times to provide back up.  Once you have 
three towns, you're done.

[0032M] Medium stage - "A Woman Scorned":
"Arrr, that Bonnie's a mean one, aye. Gives as good as she gets. She's called 
up her two first mates, and they've raised sails to help her. Go get three more
towns, quick now! And watch it - merchants here are transportin' explosives, so
keep an eye out for bombs. Get goin'!"

Objectives - Capture 3 towns to win.
Time Limit - None.
Other Info - Merchants only carry Bomb Curses.

This is an interesting stage. Not only are you at the disadvantage off 2v3, the
only curses the merchants are carrying are bomb curses. In case you haven't 
caught on, these curses are the key to winning. Upgrade your ship twice, and
sail down to Farmingham with Pete. Kill any merchant you see, to put those 
bombs to good use. Bombs take off about a third of a town's armour, regardless
of how upgraded they are. Once you've stuck around Farmingham for a while (so
both you, and it, are at full health), kill the merchants near it, and use 
bombs on Eubank. Be careful - Bombs damage everything surrounding it, including
yourself or Pete. You may also accidentally finish off a town for Bonnie's crew
if you're not careful, too. If Bonnie's near a town, you don't stand a chance
of defeating her this early in the stage, as she's even more powerful than last
time. However, as the key to the challenge, use bombs on her to send her
sailing off. Once you have the two towns (and are confident they won't be taken
any time soon), sail over to Westend whilst throwing some bombs at it. Once you
have three towns, you've finished. It's worth noting that this stage is also a 
good oppertunity to get the achievements "Bombs Away", and "Boom Boom". They're
covered in the section below, though.

[0032H] Hard stage - "Parting Gifts":
"Good job, laddie! Time to pull our Bonnie lass outta the crow's nest! If ye
can grab most of the towns the Pink Death's finished. Five towns oughta do it.
Do that, and Bonnie's treasure is ours... too bad I can't steal me heart back,
too. Go get 'er!"

Objectives - Capture 5 towns to win.
Time Limit - 10 Minutes.
Other Info - This is a 3v3 stage, with "Pretty Penny" joining your crew.

*Under Construction*

[004] Achievement Guide

Cartographer - 5G
Create and save a custom map.
This one is easy. Just go to "Map Editor" in the main menu, and select "New 
Map". Then just press start, "Save Map As...", "Done", and you'll have your

Plunder - 10G
Capture a town.
Again, an easy one. If you've already done the Challenges, or even just the
tutorial, you'll have this. 

Bombs Away - 10G
Destroy a neutral or enemy town's defense with a bomb.
Chances are you'll get this achievement (along with the others) if you play 
through the challenges. However, if you want it now, then go to "Multiplayer",
"Local". Connect another controller, and set them to player two (as the other 
team). Go to "Change Settings", then "Curses". Uncheck "Ghost Ship", 
"Pilfery", and the "Whirlpool" curses. Then, start the game. Have player 2
attack a town. When the town's about to be destroyed, bring player 2 away from
it. As the main account, destroy a Merchant ship, and use the Bomb Curse to 
finish it off. 

Flushed Away - 15G
Use a whirlpool curse to teleport an enemy that is attacking your town.
This one, like above, will probably be gotten in the challenges. However, if 
you want it now, set up another local match. However, instead of only having
bomb curses, just have whirlpools. Capture a town as the main account, and then
get a Whirlpool Curse from a Merchant. Have player 2 attack your town, and just
press Y on the tile he's on. He'll be sent a way, and achievement unlocked.

Cherry Picker - 15G
Capture a neutral town after the enemy has destroyed its defenses.
Just get player 2 to attack a town, and get it to the capturing stage. Then, 
move player 2 away before it's captured, and move your main account to the tile
next to it. You'll steal the capture, and get the achievement.

Boom Boom - 15G
Sink two enemy ships with a single bomb.
This can only be done if you have three controllers. Set up the match the same
as the "Bombs Away" achievement, only this time have player 2 AND player 3 on
the same team, with the main account on another. Have player 2 and 3 
individually attack a 2 or 3 star town, but move them away before they get 
destroyed. Move them next to each other, so there's a tile in between, or next
to them, so you can place a bomb to hit them both. Then, as player 1, get a 
Bomb Curse, and blow them both up at once.

Landlubber - 15G
Beat all easy challenges.
Not much to say, here. Just follow the guide.

One the Account - 25G
Beat all medium challenges.
Again, follow the guide.

Freebooter - 40G
Beat all hard challenges.

King's Pardon - 10G
Beat ever challenge in the game.
I don't really need to say it, do I?

Sea Legs - 10G
Win a game in Player Match.
See: "Old Salt".

Old Salt - 30G
Win 10 games in a Player Match.
Now we come to the actual challenging achievements (aside from On the Account a
nd King's Pardon). All I can offer, is to look at the Multiplayer Tips. Which,
funnily enough...

[005] Multiplayer Tips

This game is mainly played 4v4, which is definitely the most fun. Because of 
this, however, it's a very team based game. If even one person isn't pulling
their weight, or just sailing off doing their own thing, you can very easily
lose. Therefore, here are some tips for your team, to make sure you don't get
lost during it.

Tip #1: Get a headset.
Although you can still hear what people say through the TV, generally people 
don't like teaming up with someone without the headset icon next to the name.
This is because, in more cases than not, that player will have no idea what
they're doing, no teamwork, and will bring the team down. Voice communication
is a near vital in this game, so you can let people know the situation at the 
town you're attacking/defending, or letting someone know if a town near them is
under attack.

Tip #2: Work together.
I know it sounds obvious, but you have no idea how many people don't seem to 
understand the term "teamwork". Don't go after towns at the top of the map,
if all your team is trying to take over the bottom half. Chances are, you'll 
just die over, and over, and over again, ultimately leaving them a man down,
and throwing away resources. 

Tip #3: Go after the towns with lumber.
If you control the lumber, the other team doesn't. That means the only way for
them to get lumber, and to upgrade their ships or towns, is to either pilfer it
off you, pick up crates, and destroying villages. Having a steady income is 
much more effective.

[006] Legal Information
Time for the boring bits.
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

So far, the only website authorised to publish this guide is

[007] Contact Information

If you wish to contact me about the guide, whether it's to add tips, alternate
strategies, questions, errors, or just to tell me this guide sucks, e-mail me
at liam dot yates at googlemail dot com, with the subject as "Age of Booty
Guide", or something. I'm also sometimes (re: always) on the United Kingdom
board on GameFAQs.