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Afro Samurai


Afro Samurai Walkthrough


           .'`.          ,'              |   ,'                          `.
          /    \        /                |  /                              \
         /      \      |       __________| |        _____        ____       |
        /        \     |      |__________  |       /     |      |    |      |
       /          \    |                 | |      |      |      |    |      |
      /            \   |                 | |      |      |      |    |      |
     /      /\      \  |       __________| |      |      |      |    |      |
    /      /  \      \_|      |            |      |      |      |____|      |
   /      /    \              |            |      |      |                  |
  /      /      \             |            |      |       \                /
 /______/        \____________|            |______|        `.____________,'

             _____             _______    _   _    ____         _ 
            / ____|    /\     / _   _ \  | | | |  / ___| /\    | |
           | |___     /  \   | | | | | | | | | | | |    /  \   | |
            \___ \   / /\ \  | | | | | | | | | | | |   / /\ \  | |
            ____| | / /  \ \_| | | | | | | |_| | | |  / /  \ \_| |
           |_____/ /_/    \____| |_| |_|  \___/  |_| /_/    \____|

Table Of Contents

1. Brief Introduction
2. Controls
3. Tips
4. In-Game Items
5. Leveling Up
6. Walkthrough
7. Body-Part Poker
8. Memento Locations
9. List Of Afro's SKills
10. Achievements

* 1. Brief Introduction *

This FAQ is based on the Xbox 360 version. This game is visually pleasing.
The combat is gory, the Afro's are perfectly animated, and everything looks
like it came from a comic book. The background music as well as the few rap
tracks fit in very well. Their is some occasional lag depending on whats on
screen though. Their is also the occasional clipping and when it happens it's
quite obvious too. On top of that the game is short and shouldn't take more then
ten hours to complete. The increasing difficulty of enemies does tend to make
the game progress a little slowly and the platforming leans towards the lame
side. Overall it's the story and combat that really drive the game.

P.S. This is my first FAQ so forgive me if it sucks.

* 2. Controls *

Left Stick-Movement and click it to dash.
Right Stick-Camera
D-pad Down-Ninja Ninja Compass
X-Light Attack
Y-Heavy Attack
LB (during Focus)-Over Focus. Focus meter must be full.
LT (hold)-Focus
Skill Menu- Back button

* 3. Tips  *

#1. Use the combos. Its easier to kill your enemies with
combos instead of button mashing.

#2. Block when your not attacking. It limits the amount of
damage done and if done at the right time it turns into a
parry which blocks the attack and stuns your opponent.

#3. Save your focus. There are times when you need focus.
Like body part poker it's a good idea to have full focus for that.
Or some boss fights require focus.

#4. This conflicts with 3 but if you are surrounded by tough enemies
and you arent killing them fast enough, use Over Focus. Over Focus can
be very useful when your in a bind.

#5. Practice performing perfect slices. Your controller tends to vibrate
a tad when your ready to perform a perfect slice. So use that to help
improve your ability to pull off Perfect Slices.

#6. Practice aiming your Perfect Slices. It will make it easier to cut various
limbs off for body part poker when your trying to get the straight flushes.

#7. If you get lost use the Ninja Ninja Compass by hitting down on your d-pad.

#8. The red glow around you or enemies is a measure if your health the more red
the closer to dieing they are.

* 4.In-Game Items *
There are only two items in this game. Otsuru's Bears and Mementos.

Otsuru's Bears are teddy bears you can find around the lvel that restore health
as well as focus.

Mementos: There are five in each level except the prelude and the levels that
are only boss fights. Once all five are found you gain one or more skills in
the Father's Legacy section of skills in the skill menu. They look like a group
of crows bunched together that fly off to the sound of Justice's laugh when
Afro approaches them.

* 5.Leveling Up *

As you kill enemies in this game you gain experience. The pendant on Afro's
sword glows red when you gain experience. As you level up you gain new combos
and gain more health and focus. To gauge how much experience you have go to the
skill menu and look through the skills. Some skills will have a white slash
through them meaning you have not learned them yet. When the slash is turning 
blue that tells you how much expereience is left till you learn that move.
However there is no numerical value of how much experience you've gained or

* 6. Walkthrough *

This walkthrough will contain spoilers which wont really be spilers if you saw
the show. There are two difficulties all the advice I'll be giving is based on
The Number Two Headband (Normal) difficulty. Some of it might apply to the
Number One Headband (Hard) difficulty but I'm not sure since I haven't tried
the hard mode yet.


This level is pretty simple. Watch the opening scene for the level.
Once that is over cross the bridge and kill the two ronin you saw in the scene.
When they are dead two more ronin will run up, kill them as well. Then run up
to the door to the bar and kick it to open it.

Watch the scene then kill everyone in the bar. Run out the back door and follow
the path back to the main street killing anyone that gets in your way. Once
there hit the down button on your d-pad to get Ninja Ninja to pop up in the
spot your supposed to go to next. Run over to him then follow the road until
your in a big open area. Theres a bear right before you go down into the
circular area slash it if your low on health then run into the circualar part.

A scene showing a bunch of guys on roof tops will play. Once the scene is over
kill all the ronin and ninja, slashing one or both bears when your low on
health. Going into Over Focus helps get through this battle quicker. Once they
are dead a scene where the guy you were chasing getting killed by Brother 6
will play. When thats over your thrown into a fight with 6. Your not supposed
to win this one so just attack until it cuts to a loading screen.

The Daimyo's Story

A scene with Afro talking to Jinno will play after its done loading. When thats
done your in a town that looks like its right from feudal japan. Run to the end
of the bridge your on and Afro will ask a couple of ronin where the number two
is. One will stay and fight while the other runs and gets three or four other
ronin. Kill the solo ronin then run up to meet the other 4 and kill them. Once
all the ronin are dead, a brief scene shows you where you need to go.

Run up to the gate then take a right until you reach a nook in the wall. Run in
and then run up the wall. Run in the door in front of you to avoid being shot
by the gunman across the way. Run through the room and exit near the gunman and
kill him. Walk forawrd and enter a room on your right run up the wall and pull
the lever. Then run across the beams. Once on the other side enter the nearest
room then pull down the lever. The gate below is now open so exit and jump down
in front of the gate.

Once back at the gate run inside and onto the bridge infront of you. Once your
in the middle of the bridge a scene where a samurai runs up to you and several
ronin jump out of the water on the sides of the bridge. After it's over you
have to kill the samurai and all the ronin, and during the fight for every
ronin you kill another takes its place. Eventually all the ronin are dead and
if you focused on the ronin only then the samurai still needs to die. Kill him
then run up the stairs behind the bridge. Once you've reached the top then kick
open the door.

Once the door is open you are looking into a large room with a clock at the
back. Enter the room and a scene where the Daimyo speaks to Afro plays. Once
the scene finishes a bunch of ronin come out from around the stairway in the
center. Kill them all and the Daimyo will start talking about Afro's
swordmaster and some other things. Then run to a door on your left. If your in
need of health there are two bears on each side of the stairs below the clock.
Open the door and keep going until you reach an engine room, killing anyone
that gets in your way.

Once in the engine room cross the beam to the other side then jump towards a
pipe that can be found to your left. Jump from the pipe to the next pipe then
onto a platform. Follow the platforms until you see a lever. Kick the lever and
the engine will start. Then a scene where the hands on the clock spin until
they are aligned with two different levels of the room. Once its over run
across the beam in front of you and keep going until your back in the clock

Run up the stairs and when your halfway up a scene will play where ronin and
some samurai come out from around the stairs. Again kill them all then go up
the left set of stairs. Run up to the clockhand and run up it till you've
reached the the third level. Once at the third level run around the walkway
until you find a bridge. Once across the bridge wall run till you reach the
next overhang where theres a bear sitting on it. Cut the bear if you need
health then wall run to the other side. During this segment the Daimyo is
talking the background about how they found Afro.

Once across run until you see a door. Kick open the door and youll see a fancy
room with a stripper pole in the center. Enter and a scene will play where a
topless stripper slides down the pole and joins three others. You then have to
fight all four ninja strippers. Be careful they like to jump and flip around.
There is also a bear on one of the couches so get it when you need health. When
they are dead find the exit and follow it until you reach a room wit a bunch of
display cabinets and two strippers. Jump and grab the ledge to get to the door.
Go throught the door and run until you find a metal gate that opens when you
get close, killing anyone in your way of course.

Enter the room and kill everyone. Then kick the levers on thee side your on.
Then grab the edge of the platform in the middle and jump up on it. Jump down
to the other side then kick the levers there. The room will rise and stop when
the platform in the middle is aligned with a door. Jump onto that platform and
go through the door. Run until you reach a room where the Daimyo starts talking
and fills the room with gas. Run up the stairs and go through the door at the

You'll be on the top of the castle now with a couple of big dragon statues. Run
up the stairs till you reach the roofed square area at the top. Once your step
onto it a scene will play and you'll have to fight a bunch of ronin. Once they
are dead prepare to fight the boss.

The Daimyo isn't difficult to fight. Just parry his attacks and hit him while
hes stunned. No need to use Focus. To parry you have to block right before the
attack hits you. It takes a few tries to get it down but once you have it down
he shouldn't be too hard. Or if you prefer dodge his attacks and hit him before
he blocks. Once he's dead watch the scene where he tells Afro that the
swordmaster is the Number 2 and Afro gains his fathers sword.

School Invasion

The level starts off with a scene of Afro asking Swordmaster if he's the number
two, and before the conversation can go further the school is attacked. You
start in a room across from the Swordmaster run over to him. There should be a
stairway to your left and right, take the right, run down it till you get to
the second floor. Here you will be met by a grop of enemies, kill them. After
they are dead continue forward and go down another set of stairs until you exit
onto the first floor. Kill all the enemies here then exit the building
through the same door you see the Swordmaster take. Once outside a scene plays
where you are attacked by enemies, run down the nearby stairs and start
killing. Then another attack scene plays, kill them too. Once they are dead
take the path the Swordmaster points to in the scene.

Follow the path until you reach a broken bridge type thing, wall run to the
other side then continue to you have to criss cross wal jump up a cliff wall.
Once on top your overlooking the training grounds. Run forward and enter the
training grounds. A bunch of ronin will come running kill them all and a couple
of ninja to continue on. THen run through the exit, go down the stairs follow
the bridge until you get to a gap then jump to the other side. Once on the
other side just keep going until a series of cliffs. Jump down to your right
until a tutorial telling you how to wall run jump appears, then wall run jump
from the rock infront of you to the next one then run up to the big rock and
do another wall run jump to reach the cliff part leading up to another series
of rocks. Run up the one on the right then run up the one above that, jump
across to reach the next one then jump up to the next one and run across the
board to reach the top. Then jump onto the wood platform and run across the
walkway to get to the bell.

Once there run up to the bell only to be attacked. Kill all the enemies and
once they are all dead walk up to the bell and kick it. A scene plays where a
big guy breaks a gate and a portion of the wall surrounding the bell collapses.
Kill the ninja that jumps through it then hop down to meet two other ninja and
the big guy. Kill the ninja then dodge the big guys attacks and hit him from
behind. Once hes dead kill the ronin that run in during the scene.

Run through the open gate and run across the bridge to cause the gunman to run
off. Kill all the ninja and run back to the iside of the gate. Run the either
side of the gate and grab the ledge. Pull yourself up then pull the lever.
Repeat on the opposite side. After pulling the levers the bridge should be up
keep in mind that ronin are coming at you and using the bridge but if your
quick not that many will get across. Once the bridge is up and you've killed
anyone that made it across run back towards the bridge to trigger a scene.

After the scene where the Swordmaster sends you to save the lost children run
through the open door in front of you. It leads back to the training grounds.
A scene will play showing a child hiding under the flag on the center platform
kill anyone that gets near him because if he dies you die. Once everybody is
dead Jinno grabs the child and a scene plays showing the next child hiding back
at the dojo. Take the path you used to get to the training grounds the first
time and once back at the dojo protect the child. Again Jinno swoops in to save
the child and a scene shows the dormitory is on fire.

Once it ends run forward across the log piles then take a left at the end jump
over a beam then when head past the dormitory door to trigger a fight with some
ronin. Run back to the dormitory door to get the last ronin to run out of the
dormitory, kill him and three more ronin to gain entrance. Once inside go left
and just keep going until you run into a couple of ronin kill them and head
forward jumping over a flaming beam that falls in front of you. Once you jump
over that you've reached a section with a door to the right and a dead end
right in front of you, so go right. Your out in an open area that you need to
run across to get to a door on the other side. Once inside kill the ronin
running towards Otsuru and then Jinno will swoop in to save her, once again
stealing your thunder. Go back into the open area only to get attacked by a
bunch of ronin. You know the drill when this happens so just do your thing. Then
some ninja come in. Once they are dead some more ronin jump in. Once everyones
dead the samurai on the roof top runs off. Get yourself back to the dojo where
a brief scene of the water tower collapsing plays. Go into the dojo and make
your way to the top floor as quickly as possible theres a guy up there that
needs some saving. Just kill anyone that gets in your way and take the same
route you used to get out of the dojo to get back up. Once at the top save the
guy and another scene plays.

In the secene you see the Swordmaster on the island with a tree fighting a
bunch of guys. Once thats over run through the door your facing making your way
through the tunnel until you reach the coast. Once there take a left and make
your way towards the island. Once at the island just follow the path your on
until you reach the tree. Once at the tree help the Swordmaster kill everyone
there. Once they are dead a scene with a bloody Jinno holding a dead Otsuru
falling off a cliff plays.

Swordmaster's Story

The only thing to be done here is to kill the Swordmaster.  Run around dodging
his attacks while attacking when theres an opening, parrying also helps during
this fight. Again don't bother using focus it doesn't help much. Once he's dead
a scene where Afro takes the number 2 headband plays.

Okiku's Story 

This is a somewhat long level so lets get started. As soon as the intro scene
is finished leave the house. Run towards the cliff and go through the hole
there. Once your through that path follow the stone lanterns down to avoid
falling off the edge. Once at the last lantern jump onto the rock ledge right
behind it and climb upto the fallen tree. Run across the tree the run up the
ledge infront of it. Then take the path on your left. You end up in an open
area in front of some water kill the enemies then make your way down the left
path. Jump onto the rock on the water then jump to the ther side.

Then make your way up the rocks in front of you till a scene where a large
samurai challenges you. After hes dead a gunman appears, close the distance
between you if you dont have the bullet reflect or slice moves. Once you get
close to him a bunch of ninja and ronin show up. Kill them and the gunman then
make your way back towards the bridge Ninja was standing on during the scene
with the big guy and cross it. Follow the path until you reach another
waterfall. You'll be attacked so kill them to move on. When they are dead run
forward and jump on the rock in the water then jump towards the ledge in front
of the rock and grab it to pull yourself up. Then make your way to the fallen
tree and climb up it. Run up the slope in front of the tree then jump and
catch a ledge to your right. Once your up run into the bamboo grove and cross
the bridge you see Okiku walking across. Once a scene plays go back across the
bridge you just crossed until you see a scene. When the scenes over run across
the bridge to another scene.

Once the scenes over cross the bridge in front of you. Once on the other side
follow the path. You should be at yet another waterfall run down to the lone
bridge and jump on to the rock with a stone lantern right next to it. Keep
jumping from rock to rock till you reach the other side. Once on the other side
jump up and follow the path to a door that opens automatically. Enter through
the door and your in the village from the prelude. Run across the bridge and
heads toward the bar. You are greeted by a group of guys, and during this scene
Ninja Ninja introduces Body-Part Poker. So run up to him and once its done try
and aim for the Ronin Straight Flush. Just kill all these guys plus the gunman
on the roof. Be careful when your on the roof though theres a gunman on the
ground in the open area where you first met Brother 6. Then run up the alleyway
that you use to get to the open area and kill the gunman there. Another scene
should play after he's dead.

After the scene make your way back to the first water fall where you fought the
big samurai. A scene should play once you enter that area and thats the end of
this segment.

Another scene plays and once its done leave the house and your thrown in to a
fight with some orange androids. Parry its attack and while its stunned pounce
on it then throw it back at the well. It will explode collapsing the well. Then
a scene plays showing various holes you have to go to and kill the androids.
Head to the bamboo grove. To get to the bamboo grove hop across the rocks below
the fallen tree then head straight down from the last rock. You should end up
right next to the fallen tree leading to the grove. Enter the grove and follow
the light trail on the ground to reach the hole.

This time you have to throw white androids at the hole till an orange one comes
out, then throw the orange one to block the hole. Once it's closed make your
way across the bridge in front of you then head straight till you reach the
bridge leading to the village. Go to the village. Once at the village head to
the big circular area where you first fought Brother 6. Just jump on the roof
where you killed the gunman last time you were here then jump into the circular
area. You should land right infront of the hole. If you cant find the hole look
for the light trail while your in the circcular are to find it. Do the same
thing you did with the last hole. Be careful not to get caught in the blasts
when the orange ones explode. Once thats done leave the village and run
straight till you reach a broken bridge. Jump from the edge of that bridge to a
rock ledge that's sticking out from the other side of the river. Once across
make your way up the path then jump across the rock in the middle of the water.
From there run back up to the first waterfall which is the one you fought the
big samurai. When your there you should see some androids towards the back
right around where you fought the gunman. The hole is behind them so throw them
until it closes.

Make your way back down to the rock that had the glowing circle in the center
(back the way you came to get to the last hole). Once there a scene plays where
Afro jumps into the hole. Down in the hole Ninja Ninja gives you a bit of a
hint on how to beat this part. Since this is a walkthrough I'll tell you.
Orange Androids keep spawning in this area. Parry their attacks and throw them
at the generator while they are stunned. If done right one of the four hooks
should come loose and stop working. Repeat until there arent any hooks left.
When this is done you'll end up back at Okiku's.

A scene plays where the androids show up at Okiku's. Ninja Ninja shows up once
the scene is over so play some body part poker and try to get the Android
Straight Flush. Once enough of them are dead Brother 6 shows up in the open
area to the left of Okiku's house so run over there for the boss fight.

Brother 6 has a Falmethrower so be careful and try not to get hit by it because
it hits you hard. Try and use dash attacks while avoiding the flamethrower.
Also if you do get hit by it 6 points and laughs providing a good opening if
you can recover from the hit fast enough. Sometimes if you hit him right he
will kneel on the ground providing you with an opening.

When you damage him enough he smacks on the flamethrower a bit and then shoots
into the ground launching himself into the air while a circle of fire spreads
out around him, avoid this because it hits you pretty hard. Oh and don't use
focus it just makes him mad. Do the same thing as before while dodging the
occassional ring of fire attack. When hes damaged enough the scene of him
hitting the flamethrower should happen again. Oh and you can't block the
flame just in case you wanted to try it. If youre low on health there are two
bears you can use to refill it. Just keep at it till a scene plays. During the
scene you see Brother 6 and Brother 2 run off with the data Okiku had.

Lowdown East Pass

An scene where Afro remembers the fight between Justice and his pops plays,
followed by a secen with some Ninja Ninja Commentary. After thats done you
start off in the Lowdown East Pass. Follow the path until you reach the base of
the statue. Kill the gunman and then cut the ropes with a perfect vertical
slice. That lowers a hand and then a bunch of enemies come at you. Kill them
all as usual then climb the statue and take the arm leading up the the hand
that dropped into place. Jump from the hand to the bridge then follow the path.
Be careful of the boxes because they explode when hit. If you want you can
parry someones attack and throw them at the box o get it to explode just make
sure your not close enough to get caught in the blast one explosion and your
Kentucky Fried Afro.

Run to the end of the path and you slide down into a big area, where you land
is a pit of mud, theres a gunman nearby so kill when you have the chance your
also attacked by some ronin so kill them as well. Once the ronin are dead run
around kick the levers below the cranes to line them up. When they are all
lined up jump up the wooden platforms until you get to the gunman and kill him.
Then go back to the second platform and jump onto the first stone. Jump from
stone to stone till you reach the other side. When you get there run up the
path and onto the bridge. When you get to  the other side of the bridge you
stop in front of a rope and a group of guys come up from behind. Just kill them
then cut the rope. Then walk up the rock path nest to the brdige. It leads you
back to where you entered the are. Run back throw the tunnel with the two boxes
until you get back to the statue.

Back at the statue you get attacked. Kill all the ronin then a big guy with a
club shows up. Kill him and run then there should be a hole right behind where
the big guy entered go through that. Jump down amongst the enemies and throw
one of them at the box under the crane. Then kill the rest and criss cross
wall jump up the wooden walls. At the top jump into the crane control box then
to the otherside. Follow the path until Afro stops and talks.

Now this area is big and it's easy to get lost in. Run up the stairs and jump
off to your right and land next to some boxes with a crane infront of you. Run
forward until your attacked and throw an enemy at the box near the crane. Then
run down the path infront of the crane. Run along that path and kill the two
ronin. At the end is a path going in between a wood and a rock wall. Criss
cross wall jump up to the top then kill the guy and destroy the gun. Then run
through the path in front of you. At the end you need to criss cross wall jump
again. When at the top run forward jump onto the stone blick then jump to the
other side. Kill the two ronin then run across the bridge. Once across that
first bridge climb the wall on your right. When on top run across the wood
plank to the other side then jump down and kill the dude at the gun. Then cut
the rope. Don't worry about the boxes they wont do any damage. Then run down
the bridge you just knocked loose. That takes you back to the bridge leading
back the way you came. So head back to the big statue.

Climb up the statue you and take a left. Run across that arm and jump from the
hand the path. Run along the short path then jump down into the big empty area.
When you reach the center your attacked. Do what Afro does best and when they
are all dead run up the other side. Run down the path and kill all the enemies.
Once in the wood scaffolds there should be a little nook you can criss cross
wall jump up. Once up top run across the bridge. Theres a gunman nearby so
block his bullets or run until you get to him and kill him. Continue across
the bridge where the gunman was standing. Run up the wood wall nearby. Once up
top jump on to the next platform then wall run to the otherside. On the other
side your attacked head for the two gunmen and kill them. Ninja Ninja is behind
them if you want to play body-part poker. Then kill the ronin. Go back to where
the gunmen were standing and take a right onto the wood platform. Run up the
wood wall then jump down onto the bridge when you are at the top. Run and jump
onto the pole sticking out of the wall, then jump to the next pole. Jump from
there and you land in an area with a big dude with a club.

Kill the big guy. When hes dead some ninja jump in setting of an explosive box
which knocks off the arms of a statue. Kill them then run up the statues spear
on the ground in front of you. Once up the spear cut the nearby rope. Run down
the path in fron of the rope to get back to the statue. Once back at the
statue jump onto the hand and run down the arm. Head right through the tunnel
leading behind the statue and run up the arm on the other side. Jump from that
hand to a path and follow it. You end up  in a large area with three ropes. Cut
each rope and watch the scene with the kunoichi. You end up in a fight with
some kunoichi, ronin, and samurai. Ninja Ninja is around if you want to play
body-part poker. Kill everyone then head back to the statue.

Run across the arm then climb up the wood wall near the entrance to the tunnel.
When on top just run under the head and exit. Watch the scene and prepare to
fight Brother 6 and Brother 2.

To beat this boss you have to slice the rpg slugs Brother 6 fires at you. If
you do it right it flies towards Brother 2. Brother 2 runs off and jumps to the
other side. Then a bunch of ronin come in. Kill them all. Be careful though
Brother 6 lobs some grenades your way while your fighting them. Then slice
anoter rpg slug and send it Brother 2's way. You have to be quick because
Brother 6 shoots those things off pretty quick. Keep doing this until the
sliced rpg hits a rock. A scene where the rock crushes Brother 2 and 6 plays.


After the scene run for the brdige. When you reach a certain point you are
attacked by a group of ninja, kunoichi, ronin, a large samurai, and when they
are all dead a big dude with a club. Ninja Ninja is here in case you want to
play body-part poker. Kill the big guy and Brother 6 shows up and blows the
bridge. Now you have to sprint to the other side while the bridge collapses
behind you. Once on the other side kill the dudes that attack you then follow
the path to reach an elevator shaft. Cut the rope of to the side to drop the
elevator. Criss cross wall jump up the shaft.

At the top run over the a set of stairs and walk up them. At the top run until
you come up to a gap with a gunman on the other side. Try t oreflect the bullet
, or just wall run onto the wall closest to you then jump over to the other
wall and run to the same side as the gunman and kill him there. Run up the
stairs to trigger a fight with some androids. Ninja Ninja is at the back if you
want a game of poker. Don't stun the androids in blue because they have an
electric field surrounding them so you'll get damaged if you try to pounce on
them. Kill the androids and take the bridge.

When you reach the center of the bridge a scene introducing Afro Droid plays.
Once that's over you fight him. This battle's a bit hard since he knows every
move you do. The best way to beat him is to go into focus after dodging one of
his attacks because hes wide open. Then just beat on him till he dies. Once
he's dead Brother 6 will blow the bridge again.

On the other side of the bridge is another battle with a bunch of ronin. When
they are dead run up the wall and kill the two androids. Run up the stairs then
wall run to get to the other side. Kill the ronin and ninja. Then run up the
wall and follow the path jumping across a gap when you reach the end. Go up
some more stairs when your on the other side and jump to perch on the branch.
Jump from the branch to the next platform and go up the stairs. Run forward and
across the beam. When your across the beam kill the androids and run up to the
elevator shaft. Cut the rope then jump up the shaft.

Once on top run onto the bridge. When you hit the middle of the bridge you
trigger a scene where The Wild Five introduce themselves. Run to the end of
the bridge and run into Ninja Ninja to trigger body-part poker. This is the
best place to get the Samurai Straight Flush. I will warn you its hard to get
the hands on these guys. After they are dead you have to fight some ninja and
ronin. When everyones dead head toward the end of the bridge.

Once you reach a certain point a scene plays where Afro Droid attacks you from
below and carries you into the air. After its done comes a mid-air battle with
Afro Droid while Afro is falling. Dodge his attacks the best you can and when
he gets close go into focus and land a perfect slash on him, this is the best
way to beat him in my opinion. You can block the bullets he shoots at you so I
highly reccomend you do that. I also reccomend that you block his blue beam
attack as well, I believe it damages him when you block it. Once hes dead a
scene plays with Afro perched on the droid as they both fall, only for Afro to
kick away from Afro Droid and lands on a bridge.

Kuma's Story

Just run sraight down the left path from where you start and you'll reach a
row of little grave markers. A scene where Kuma comes after you plays. When
it's over your fighting Kuma. Beat on him until he disappears. When he
disappears you'll realize your back where you started so take the left path
again. This time the markers are destroyed so run until Kuma appears and does
that whirlwind atatck and disappears. Run on until you see Kuma charge through
some grave markers and do the whirlwind attack. This time he stays so beat on
him until he runs off again. Run through the open spot where he crashed through
and run on until you see a pile of grave markers with a path on each side. Pick
whatever one you want they both lead to the same place. Then run forward until
you see Kuma. Run into the area and you'll have to fight him. Be careful of his
dash attack, his sword spin attack he performs when your to close after you've
performed a combo on him, and most of his other attacks. Dodge his attacks and
beat on him until he runs off, focuse can help you during this part if you can
pull it off before he hits you. Beat on him till he runs off.

Run up the stairs and up to the shrine leg. Go into the nook in the leg and
jump until you get to a wood platform. Go to the end of the platform and run up
the wall to reach another wood platform. Climb up a wall and you end up in a
nook where you have to criss cross jump to get up. You reac another wood
platform. Jump from one platform to the next to you enter a wooden ship like
space where Kuma starts jumping out of the floor at you. You want him to hit
the columns so run around those until he hits two and a scene with him running
away plays. Run up the same beam he did and jump through the hole at the top.
You end up in another fight with him. Beat on him till he runs away again. Walk
towards the end he runs out and then climb up the chunks of wood sticking out
till you get to the roof. A scene plays of the shrine collapsing.

After that a scene plays where Kuma talks a bit. When thats done beat on him
until a half of the bear head falls off. He then runs up his perch and talks
some more. Then when he jumps down beat on him till the other half plus the
mouth falls off. Then he runs up his perch talks a bit then he comes back at
you with one sword. Hes tougher now so block when you can and attack him when
hes open. Beat on him until a scene where Kuma dies plays. Now on to the next

The Empty Seven's Story

You start off in a big square room filled with Androids. Kill them all and hop
on the lift that comes up after they are dead. When you reach the bottom jump
off and kill some more androids. When they are dead go over to the door and it
opens on it's own. If you need health theres a bear right next to the door.
Then go through the door and kill the big guy at the back. Attack him from
behind since you'll take alot of damage if you attack from the front. Once he's
dead go through the next door.

Now your in a big room with three levers and giant symbols on the walls. Here
you have to fight wave after wave of enemies until they are all dead. Ninja
Ninja also appears here if you want to play a game of body-part poker. The
first two waves are ninja, followed by a wave or two with kunoichi thrown in,
then the last few waves consist of two big samurai. Once they are all dead run
up and pull a lever of your choice. Once the lever is pulled run up the stairs
then jump on top of the block at the top and climb your way onto the symbols.
For the purpose of this walkthrough though we will take the middle lever first.

Make your way up the stairs then climb on top of the block and criss cross jump
between the symbols. Once at the top wall run up then kick off the wall to grab
and perch on the pole. Jump from the pole to the stone. Once on the stone
quickly wall run and kick off the wall to make it to the other side or the
stone will collapse under you. This next part is hard. Once your on the other
side turn around and wall run towards the next pole. Kick off the wall right at
the pole to grab onto it. Then jump from the pole to the next symbol. Run
forward then up the wall and criss cross jump to the next symbol.

At the top a gunman comes out of a door across the way reflect his bullet back
at him. Then wall run and kick off the wall to make it to the stone. Wall run
again to get to where the gunman was before the stone breaks under you. Then
turn around and wall run then kick off towards the next pole. Jump from there
to another breakable stone. From the stone wall run to the next symbol. Once
there you have to wall run and kick off the wall to grab the next pole. Jump to
the next pole and from there jump to the next symbol. A gunman should come out
of a door above you. Reflect his bullet then wall run over to the breakable
stone and jump from there to where the gunman was standing. Jump up the blue
block behind where the gunman was standing and you've reached the top. When you
get there the cube rises up to meet you. Run up to the door to enter the cube.
Next is a scene.

In this scene Brother 3 cuts his hand and drips some blood into the hole in the
center of the cube. After that he leaves and a bunch of ninja show up. Kill
them. Then kill the kunoichi that come after them. Then it cuts back to you
standing back at the bottom. Next we'll take the left lever.

Again run up the stairs, jump, on the block, and criss cross jump up the
symbols. Watch out for the gunman. Try and reflect the bullet back at him. Once
hes dead wall run over to the next symbol. Then run up the wall and jump onto a
pole. Jump to the last pole then jump onto the next symbol from the last pole.
Then head straight to the next pole and wall run then kick off. If you timed it
correctly you can skip the pole and criss cross jump to the symbol. Once up
there kill the ninja and the gunman. Then wall run from where you are standing
and kick off the wall to grab the pole. jump from the pole to the wall above it
and criss cross jump up it. Then jump up the three poles till your back up top
and the cube is there to meet you.

Next up is Brother 6. For this fight constantly run behind him and attack him
from behind since he's too strong for you to attack from the front. Just attack
until he dies thats about it. Once he's dead he falls into the hole in the
and gets hacked to little pieces.

The right lever is last. Get to the top of the first two symbols the same way
you did with the other two levers. When your on the top of the right symbol
kill the two ninja that come your way then climb up the wall behind you. From
there jump to the pole then jump to the nearest symbol and jump up to the top
of the left symbol kill both ninja. Then go to the same symbol as the second
door and wall run up then kick off the wall to grab a pole. Jump to the next
pole then the next symbol. Then jump onto the last pole and jump your way up
to where the cube will meet you.

The last fight is with Brothers 1,4, and 5. For this fight reflect 1's bullets
back at him so they explode. The first time you reflect a bullet Brother 4
falls off and he'll chase after you when you get close, get him to run into the
center of the cube so he falls into the meat grinder. Then 1 jumps across to
where he's on the same side as 5. Reflect the bullet back and this time Brother
5 falls to the ground, do the same thing with him as you did 4. That just
leaves Brother 1. Reflect the bullet one last time and he falls into the meat
grinder on his own, with a little help from Ninja Ninja of course.

After the last cube sequence it cuts to a scene where Brother 2 is talking and
Afro is surrounded by Androids. Keep killing androids until your screen goes
black then flail around until a scene where Afro gets pinned down by the
androids plays. After that scene is done you move onto the real boss fight for
this level and it's against someone fans of the show never thought they'd

[Spoiler]'s Story

Another Boss fight stage. This time against someone you never expected to
fight. My tip is use focus mode or over focus. It will get you through the
fight quickly. If you do use over focus wait till the last half of the fight
you'll need to use your focus for the first half of the fight, but if you don't
have enough for over focus just keep using normal focus. This boss fight counts
as the end of The Empty Seven's Story so if you want to play the fight again
you have to go through the empty seven all over again.

Justice's Story

The last boss fight. There are 3 stages to this fight. Focus can help a lot in
this stage. Once the level starts close the distance between you and Justice
so he cant shoot you. From that point on just attack and block whenever he's
about to shoot. Eventually a scene where you cut Justice's arms off plays.

After that the second stage of the fight starts. He'll stick his arms into the
ground and a shadow will appear under you. When that happens dodge or you'll
get hit. Once you dodge them enter focus mode and cut them off with a perfect
horizontal slice. Keep in mind that when he sticks his arms in the ground and
spikes come out you cant slash his arms nor can you slash his arms when
multiple branches come out of the ground at once. Keep doing this until you
see a scene.

Then the third stage where he comes after you starts. For the first bit he will
do a four stage attack where he swings his arms. Stay back and as he nears the
end of the combo attack him. Be careful he might do a move where he sticks his
arms in the ground repeatedly and branches come out. Stay away until he resumes
his original pattern for this stage. Continue with that until he starts glowing
black again. When that happens he will have a few new moves just dodge around
those and hit him when you can. Keep at it till he dies.

Congrats your the proud owner of the Number One Headband.

* 7. Body-Part Poker *
From Okiku's Story on Ninja Ninja can occasionally be seen sitting inside the
area of battle. Running up to him will start a game of Body-Part Poker. In
body-part poker The Ronin, Ninja, Kunoichi, Androids, and Samurai are your
suits. Legs, Hands, and Heads are your kings, queens, and aces. To get a
straight flush of any kind you have to cut off the legs, hands, and heads of
your opponents. Some achievements are gained by getting a straight flush in
each of the "suits". Be careful though hands tend to be difficult to cut off
especially on the samurai. It is also timed so you have to be quick in the
removal of limbs or you "bust".

* 8. Memento Locations *
As stated in the In-game Items Section there are 5 mementos in each level and
the look like a group of crows that fly off when Afro approaches them. Here I
will post the location of all the mementos categorized by level.

The Diamyo's Story

1. On the bridge you start the level on just run forward and you'll see them.
2. Once up the stairs and outside of the door leading to the clock room take a
left from the door and walk until you find them.
3. On the third level of the clock room take a right in front of the door that
leads to the hallway leading to the stripper room till you get to a room
similar to the rest in the clock room. Enter that room and they are right in
the middle.
4. In the room where you have to kick the four levers. First kick all four
levers once the room has stopped moving jump onto the ledge. They are on a box
to the left of the door on the wall. To get there climb the pipes on the right
(or left) side then when on the platform after the pipes run across the beam.
Jump onto the ledge then the box to nab the crows. 
5. On the roof. When your going up the stairs leading to the bossfight instead
of going all the way up take a left and go down some stairs. Once there go
through the first opening in the dragons coils, then head straight. Go through
the next coil they should be within view.

School Invasion
1. Go through the opening in the rock behind the Swordmaster while he's
standing next to the path you take to get to the training grounds. Eventually
you'll end up in a little yard and they are right there.
2. In the training ground near the archery targets on the left.
3. to the right of the open gate after you kill the large dude with the club.
4. In the burning building on the same side as Otsuru. When you run into the
dormitory go right instead of left. Keep going along the right path until you
find them then go back to the left side of the dormitory.
5. As soon as you exit the tunnel leading to the tree island kill the guys.
Jump onto the rock with moss you see. Jump to the next rock from that one. The
crows are on the third rock so jump to it and run over to them.

Okiku's Story

1. In the large open field to the left of Okiku's house.
2. Theres a lit doorway in the bamboo grove enter it. To your right in front of
the house are the crows.
3. When your heading back to the bamboo grove after blocking the tunnel in the
well follow the path your shown in the short scene that plays after you leave
the area Okiku's house is in. You should land on them after jumping from the
last rock on the path your following. If you dont land on them then just turn
around and you should see them.
4. In the village while your blocking tunnels. They are in the alley behind the
bar, near the bars back door.
5. On the over cropping near the waterfall where you killed the gunman. Can
only be found when your killing androids to get into their hive.

Lowdown East Pass

1. Run to the far end of the area with the mud pit and the three cranes. Turn
to your right and you should see the crows in the alcove thats there. You may
have to enter it because they are in the shadow of an overhanging rock.
2. When you wall jump up to where the first gatling gun is turn around and jump
over to the ledge. Run up the wooden wall there then from the top wall run over
to a wooden a platform. The crows are there.
3. After you you drop the second hand and move into the area with all the wood
scaffolds. Run down the main path then take a right when theres a fork in the
path. The crows are in between two scaffolds.
4. Near one of the ropes in the area with 3 ropes.
5. At the top of the statue next to the exit.

The Doppleganger

1. Turn around and follow the path behind the area where you start until you
get to a destroyed bridge. Walk to the end of the bridge and they are in plain
2. At the top of the first elevator turn left then look behind the left wall of
the elevator shaft.
3. After you you get past the first elevator and kill the gunman head towards
the stairs that were behind him and you should see the to right of the stairs.
If you dont see them then just run off to the right before you climb the stairs
and they should fly off.
4. After the first fight with Afro Droid run on until you are attacked by some
ninja and ronin. After they are dead climb up the wall then turn around because
theres a wood paltform behind you to jump on. Jump on it then jump onto the
next platform where the crows are. They should be easy to see.
5. Out in the open before you fight the wild five.

Kuma's Story

1. Run down the stairs from where you start then take a right. You should see
the crows.
2. There in plain sight off to your left as you make your way to the split path
with the mound of grave markers in the center before you fight Kuma the
third time.
3. After Kuma runs away and jumps up the leg of the shrine turn around and head
to left corner of the area you were fighting in the crows are there. You may
even see them while your fighting Kuma.
4. After Kuma jumps up to the roof they are there on a snowy chunk on the
outside of the shrine. During the second shrine battle with Kuma you can see
them just run over to them and they fly away.
5. Run around the outer edge of the shrine before you jump up on the roof the
can be found on the left (or right depending on which way your facing) side.
Just run up to them and they fly away.

The Empty Seven's Story

1. On the back right side of the area you start in.
2. During the platofrming section with the stones that fall apart underneath
you. When you get past the first gunman jump down from the next characters
above and they are right there. Its quite difficult to explain exactly where
but they aren't to difficult to find.
3. After you pull the lever on the right side and jump up the characters run
all the way to the second door that enemies come out of they are over there.
4. At the top before you fight Brother 6 they are on the rightside behind one
of the machines.
5. At the top before you fight Brothers 1,4, and 5. They are in plain view.

* 9. List Of Afro's Skills *

There are five categories of skills. In-Focus skills which you perform while in
Focus. Father's Legacy which are skills you gain from collecting mementos.
Frenzied Awesomeness which are combos based on Light Attacks. Choatic Brutality
is based on Heavy attack combos. A Little Bit of Other Stuff are your kick
combos and a bit of other stuff.


In Focus: Hold LT
Horizontal Perfect Slice: In Focus charge X
Vertical Perfect Slice: In Focus charge Y
Side Flipping: In Focus left stick left or right + A
Forward Sommersault: In Focus Forward on left stick + A
Back Flip: in Focus Back on left stick + A
Sweep The Leg, Afro!: B
Roll, Afro! Roll!: RT + left stick
Deuce: Slash two enemies at once.
Double Slice: Perfect Slice up to two times.
Sword Slicer: Extends vertical slice range.
Bullet Slice: Perform a vertical slice at the right time while a bullet is
coming at you. Tip: The controller Vibrates when the bullet gets close enough
to slice.
Bullet Reflect: Perform a horizontal slice at the right time while a bullet is
coming at you. The tip from above applies here as well.
Tripod Connection: Slice three enemies at once.
Triple Slice: Perfrom Perfect SLice up to three times.
Liquid Sword: Extends vertical slice range.
Da Four Goobers: Slash up to four enemies at once.
Sword of Indifference: Extends vertical slice range.
Focus Pounce: left stick + hold A

Father's Legacy

From this point on i will no longer show the button combos i might add them in
a later version.

Sideways Attack
Aerial Horizontal Perfect Slice and Aerial Vertical Perfect Slice
Easy Make Combo
The Charged Hairsplitter
Hurtful Cross Slap
Dripping Afro Sheen
Just Chop The Fat Right Off
Charge Shimmy Slice
Charged Whip Cranker
Okiku's Grandstand
Afronado Category 7
Claiming Your Territory
One Poed MF (censored for those who dont like curse words)
Double Shot Moonshine

Frenzied Awesomeness

Afro Slap
Slap Em Again
Oh! The CHin Tickler
The Downer Cut
The Hairsplitter
Where's My Money
B***h Slap
Pimp Hand
Get Lifted
1 Hitter Quitter
Cross Slap
Double Toke
Hardwood Thrust
Splitting The Spliff
Shimmy Slice
Gravity Bang
Afro Matador
Afro's Combolicious
Ring Of Death
Shredding Your Spleen
Catch This B***h!
Split Personality
Marking the Spot

Chaotic Brutality

Head Pain
Chest Pain
Pain From Above
Afro Sheen
Back and 'Fro
Mark Of Afro
Crack The Whip
The Heart Attack
Ground Beef
Trimming The Fat
Whip Cranker
Okiku's Fireworks
Oh That Hurt
Dayam That Really Hurt
Are You The Number 2?
Obedience Training
Afro Choppa
Wrath of Fro
Afro Moonshine

A Little Bit of Other Stuff

Afro Footprint
Oh! A Killer Bee
Dust Devil
Slum Kick
Loose Footing
Drive By Slicing
Drive By Dicing
Wall Run (Running Horizontal)
Wall Climb (Running Vertical)
Back Flip Wall Jump
Criss Cross Wall Jump
Throw Forward
Throw Backward
Kick Pounce
Lightning Pounce
Thunder Pounce
Look At My Toenail
Chin Tapper
Afro Stunna

* 10.Achievements *

I am dividing them into categories such as story for story based achievements.
Memento based achievements are included in the story section because they go
hand in hand.

Story Based Achievements: I'm listing these in the order you should obtain

1. And So It Begins (5): Complete Prelude.
2. The Child Without A Name (5): Collect 5 mementos in The Daimyo's Story.
3. A Secret History (10): Complete The Daimyo's Story.
4. Afro Samurai (5): Complete School Invasion.
5. The Death of Innocence (15): Complete School Invasion.
6. The Price For Vengeance (20): Complete Swordmaster's Story.
7. The Demon Of Vengeance (5): Collect 5 memento's in Okiku's Story.
8. Love Lost (25): Complete Okiku's Story.
9. The Number Two (5): Collect 5 mementos in The Lowdown East Pass.
10. The Path To Godhood (30): Complete The Lowdown East Pass.
11. The Death Bringer (5): Collect 5 mementos in The Doppelganger.
12. Copy-Cat Killer (35): Complete The Doppleganger.
13. Widow Maker (5): Collect 5 mementos in Kuma's Story.
14. The Past Laid to Rest (40): Complete Kuma's Story.
15. The Samurai Ghost (5): Collect 5 mementos in The Empty Seven's Story.
16. All That Stood Are Gone (45): Complete The Empty Seven's Story.
17. Revenge Served? (50): Complete Justice's Story.

Skill Based Achievements:

18. Ashigaru (10): Unlock 10 Skills.
19. Hatamoto (20): Unlock 25 SKills.
20. Bushi (30): Unlock 40 skills.
21. The Number One (100): Unlock all skills.

Body-Part Poker Achievements:

22. Made Hand Ronin (5): Complete a Ronin Straight Flush.
23. No Limit Ninjas (10): Complete a Nina Straight Flush.
24. Kunoichi Suicide Queens (10): Complete a Kunoichi Straight Flush.
25. Gutshot Android Straight (15): Complete an Android Straight Flush.
26. Off Suit Samurai (25): Complete a Samurai Straight Flush. Tip: Try to get
this during the wild five fight. It's easier to get here because there is five
of them and they are all samurai.

Kill Based Achievements:

27. Meijin (5): Achieve 100 kills.
28. Kengo (20): Achieve 1,000 kills.
29. Kensei (50): Achieve 2,000 kills.

Focus Based Achievements:

30. Hats Off to You (5): Slice off a head with a bonus. (aka perfect slice)
31. Slow Your Roll (5): Slice an enemy during their attack.
32. Closer to God (5): Slice an enemy using a Vertical Attack with bonus.
33. F*!# Gravity (5): Slice an enemy in the air
34. Two Birds One Sword (5): Slice Two enemies at once.
35. Three-way (5): Slice three enemies at once.
36. Four to the Floor (10): Slice four enemies at once. (easier said then done.
37. Hip Hop (10): Slice off an enemies foot.
38. Give Me a Hand (10): Slice off an enemies hand.
39. I Am Rubber (10): Kill an enemy with a reflected bullet.
40. You Are Glue (10): Kill an enemy with a sliced bullet.
41. This Little Piggy (10): Slice off fingers and toes at the same time. (I got
lucky when I got this one.)
42. Torso From Tail (15): Slice 50 bellies.
43. Hundred Head Hunter (20): Slice off 100 heads with a bonus.
44. Head to Toe (25): Slice 50 enemies with a Vertical Attack with a bonus.

Combo Based Achievements: these are easy to get.

45. Mash Medley (5): Achieve a 20 hit combo
46. Rhythm Section (20): AChieve a total of 3,000 combos.

Misc. Achievements

47. Completionist (200): Complete the game on both difficulties.
48. Let It Flow (15): Spill 2,000 gallons of blood.