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Hints and Tips for Tekken 6
(PlayStation 3)

We have 5 hints and tips on PlayStation 3

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save the gun
Added 12 Jan 2010, ID #2332
Saving the gun is the easiest way to kill Devil Jin in the nightmare train.

reaching devil jin in the nightmare train
Added 12 Jan 2010, ID #2331
When playing the nightmare train you need to kill at least 45 enemy's before you reach Devil Jin. Hopefully this will help you, cause when I was playing it was giving me the shits I didn't know how many I had to kill.
New features.
Added 4 Dec 2007, ID #330
In Tekken 6, there a good number of new features in this game, they are listed below.

In Tekken 6, every frame animation for every character has been improved, and the graphics have been greatly upgraded. It's fit for the ps3!

Also Included in Tekken 6 is a new feature called rage mode. This occurs when your character is low on health, and got beat up badly. What rage mode does, is make your character more powerful. Rage made is automatically activated and you will be able to tell when Your in a rage because your character will have a red field of energy around him. And his health bar will be rapidly blinking.

Another cool feature in Tekken 6 is the online multi player mode. With this mode you can face your friends, and people from all over the world, and kick some A**!

Tekken 6 also has a new customization menu that has a crap load of stuff, and more options so you can make the character exactly like you want him. Also the items affect the character during gameplay, and you can edit every part of your character's body.

Tekken 6 also introduces a new element of fighting called the bounce system. It's slightly similar to the one in Mortal Kombat, so M.K. Fans may get used to it pretty quickly. The idea is that when you hit an opponent into the air, you can continue to do moves on the opponent, and they won't fall as easily, which can lead to a huge combo. Also, you can knock them down, and instead of roll they will bounce up, letting you get a big combo in that way as well.

A really cool feature in Tekken 6 is the item battle system. Basically each character has an item that they can use on their opponents to inflict harm. Whether it's psycho Bryan with his shotgun, Anna with her shoes, or Lili with her umbrella, every character has a special item to use.

And to top it all off, Tekken 6 has a greatly increased health bar. Because between Shotguns, and rage, and huge combos, your going to need it.

Told ya I'd submit more stuff.
Tekken 6 new people/characters.
Added 3 Dec 2007, ID #326
In Tekken 6, there are 5 new characters introduced. Here is a small summary about each one of them.

The first is Zafina, a Woman who fights like a spider. She Entered the tournament to prevent two evil stars from fighting and bringing about the end of the world, and to find out the truth about Azazel.

The second is Leo, A german woman who looks like cloud. She entered the tournament to get answers from the Mishima Zaibatsu about the death of her father. She is also after Kazuya's blood, for the death of her mother.

The third is Miguel, A Spaniard who loves to fight, but has no discipline. He entered the tournament to get revenge for his sister, who died on her wedding day. He enters when he hears that the CEO of the Mishima Zaibatsu, Jin Kazama, ordered the attack on the church.

The fourth is Bob, an American martial arts genius. HE was a genius, but couldn't beat anyone bigger, or stronger than him because he did not have enough strength. He set out to increase his weight, and strength, while keeping up his speed. He entered the tournament to test his skills.

And the fifth is The final boss of the game, Azazel. This dragon/demon like monster Is a HUGE Behemoth, and called the very embodiment of evil. He easily towers over everyone, and is super powerful, and he has devil Jin's power. If you've played Tekken 5 dark resurrection and beaten the game with Sergei, than you might recognize him.

In the ending it shows 2 tanks with Devil Jin inside one of them, they shock him with some electricity, and suck of him of some of his power. Then the scientists pour it all into the other container, and an eye opens, Azazel's eye.


In Tekken 6 there are over 40 characters, here are some of them.

Anna Williams.

Asuka Kazama.

Armor King.

Baek doo san.

Bruce Irvin.

Bryan Fury.

Christie Monteiro.

Craig Marduk. Devil Jin.

Eddy Gordo.

Feng Wei.


Heihachi Mishima.


Jin Kazama.

Julia Chang.

Kazuya Mishima.



Lee Chaolan.

Lei Wulong.


Ling Xiaoyu.

Marhsall law.


Nina Williams.


Paul Phoenix.


Roger jr.

Sergei Dragunov.

Steve fox.

Wang Jinrei.

And Yoshimitsu.

It it unknown whether you will be able to pick Jinpachi as a character.

I'll be submitting more things for this game soon.
Returning Characters, New Characters & other news on tek 6
Added 12 Apr 2007, ID #84
1. Confirmed by Namco or has been seen in the Feb 07 tariler these Characters will be in Tekk 6.

Asuka Kazama
Armor King
Sergei Dragunov
Bryan Fury
Jack (unknown modle, probably 6.)
Jin Kazama
Jei Wulong

2. New Characters (confirmed and seen in Feb 07 trailer)

3. Probable Returns (unconfirmed)
Hehachi Mishima
Kazuya Mishima
Nina Wiliams
Anna Wiliams
Steve Fox
Christie Monteiro
Marshal Law

The Release is excpected for late 07.
In the Feburary 2007 Trailer Brain Fury is seen shoting a shotgun combo. This may just be on of his moves (such as gunjacks guns) or a hint of NAMCO adding weapons to Tekken. (although it is unlikely)

This is all I have now. I sub more If I find anything else out.

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