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Halo 3
Introduction Mission 1: Sierra 117 Mission 2: Crow's Nest Mission 3: Tsavo Highway Mission 4: The Storm Mission 5: Floodgate Mission 6: The Ark Mission 7: The Covenant Mission 8: Cortana Mission 9: Halo
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Skull Locations

There are 13 skulls hidden somewhere within Halo 3's nine levels. Skulls can usually be found in hard-to-reach, inconspicuous places. Once a skull has been found and picked up, you can then activate the skull in the 'Game Options' menu in the Campaign Lobby. Each skull has its own effect. When a gold skull is activated, you’ll receive a skull bonus on the meta-game score screen. Each of the nine gold skulls yield achievements once they have been found, the four silver skulls do not.

Mission 1: Sierra 117 - Blind - SILVER SKULL
Found just after your first enemy encounter. After killing the enemies dropped by the Phantom, hop down and move through the trees towards the water in the distance to your right. The skull is on a rock overlooking the water.

Mission 1: Sierra 117 - Iron - GOLD SKULL
At the end of the bridge in the Dam (with the Brute Chieftain), jump up onto the railing and then up onto the building ledge. Walk to the very end of this ledge. Turn right and look on the ground in the crevice to find the skull. Hold the RB button to pick up the skull and hold on to it until you receive the achievement.

Mission 2: Crow's Nest - Black Eye - GOLD SKULL
From the starting point, move straight ahead towards the door at the very back of the room. The skull is on the giant pipe above you. To get onto the pipe, hop up onto the metal shelves across from the door. From there, jump to the narrow red pipe. From the red pipe, jump up onto the large pipe. It may take a few tries before you can successfully make it up there. The skull is sitting at the end of the pipe.

Mission 2: Crow's Nest - Grunt Birthday Party - SILVER SKULL
Found in the Drone-inhabited tunnel just after the area with the Brute Chieftain. This one can be tricky. At the very end of this tunnel, look down through the grate. You should be able to see a green arrow on a platform directly below the one you are standing on. Slowly inch yourself over the edge, then, as you are falling, pull down on the Left Thumbstick to back onto the platform. The skull is sitting on the ground at the end of this section.

Mission 3: Tsavo Highway - Tough Luck - GOLD SKULL
Beyond the first road block, through the tunnel. Once through the tunnel, turn left and hop off of the highway. Move towards the large pipe line running alongside the highway and climb the yellow ladder on its side. Walk along the pipe line until you reach a fence. Jump to the side, past the fence, and look down to your left. Drop down to the walkway running along the mountainside. Move to the end of the walkway and turn left. Run and jump over to the cliffside there. The skull is on this cliff.

Mission 4: The Storm - Catch - GOLD SKULL
In the area with the first anti-air Wraith that must be destroyed. This one’s tricky. You’ll need a Warthog to do this. For some reason, this skull will disappear if you destroy the Plasma Mortar Wraith that is dropped onto the walkway by a Phantom. For your safety, destroy the anti-air Wraith in the field and all of the Ghosts before you attempt this. Look for a circular building in the field and drive right up against it. Get out of the Warthog and jump onto its hood. You’ll have to 'crouch jump' to get on top of the building. To crouch jump, first press A to jump up into the air, and when you are mid-jump click the Left Thumbstick. If done correctly, you’ll just make it onto the circular building. The skull is up there.

Mission 5: Floodgate - Fog - GOLD SKULL
From the starting point, climb up the hill and follow the trail down to the city. At the dirt trail’s end, as soon as you step onto the ramp, look up at the building to your right. One Flood jumps from this building across to the other side. If you kill this Flood, it drops the ‘Fog’ skull. You’ll have to kill him just as he starts to jump away from the building and hope that the skull lands nearby. If you miss him, or the skull lands somewhere out of your reach, restart the mission.

Mission 6: The Ark - Famine - GOLD SKULL
After your encounter Prowlers, move through the desert and eventually, you’ll fall down a small cliff, turn right. Just a warning, this one can be a real pain. After turning right, drive underneath the giant walkway. At the very end of the walkway, get out and jump up onto the big rock next to it. From the rock, jump up onto the walkway. You need a Plasma Grenade for this next part. If you don’t have one, it is probable that one of the Ghost-riding Grunts in this area dropped one or more Plasma Grenades. Now for the hard part.

Move towards the support at the very end of the walkway. The ‘Famine’ skull is at the very end of the empty space. You need to use a grenade to propel yourself to this space, allowing you to walk to the end of it and pick up the skull. To do this, place a Plasma Grenade down in front of you (near the edge of the flat part) then run and jump past the grenade. If you did this correctly, the explosion should be enough to propel you to the empty space. If you don’t make it, press start and select 'Revert to Last Save' to try again (only if you activated the checkpoint in this area by destroying the Ghosts).

Mission 6: The Ark - Combell - SILVER SKULL
Found in the building after the Scarab battle, beyond the room with the sleeping Grunts. At the bottom of the transparent ramp, look way up above the doorway. The skull is on the very top level. To get this skull, you must use a Grav Lift. Place the Grav lift about midway down the ramp, then, at the top of the ramp, run and jump towards the skull’s location. If the Grav Lift was placed correctly, you should be propelled high enough to make it to the top level where the skull is. It may take time to get the Grav Lift placed just right, you can always press start and select “Revert to Last Save” and try again.

Mission 7: The Covenant - Thunderstorm - GOLD SKULL
On the beach, when you get into a Hornet for the first time. Fly it to the second tower, which is situated on the mountainsides on the right. You can see it from the beach. Head up one of the ramps, turn left or right at the top, and go up the large, white ramp. The skull is at the top of this ramp.

Mission 7: The Covenant - IWHBYD - SILVER SKULL
First of all, a big thank you to the halo planet community for discovering this one. To make the skull appear, you must jump through the rings leading up to Truth in a certain order. The rings are numbered one to seven (one being the ring closest to the entrance, seven being the ring closest to Truth’s location). The sequence is:


If you jumped through the rings in the correct order, the skull will appear on the platform just before the bridge leading to Truth.

Mission 8: Cortana - Tile - GOLD SKULL
In the large area beyond the Pelican crash site. Get onto the circular platform in the middle of this room. Move towards the purple object to the right of the weapon rack and jump up onto the very top of it. From there, jump onto the rock platform in front of you. On the rock platform, turn left and jump onto the next rock platform. Turn around and look up, see the next platform you need to get to. This next jump is more difficult, move to the far end of the platform and jump over to the next one. Walk along the rock, the skull is sitting in a puddle of guts at the end.

Mission 9: Halo - Mystic - GOLD SKULL
From the starting point, walk down the path and hug the wall on the right. You will soon turn into a narrow trail. The skull can be found at its end.

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