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Halo 3
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Mission 9 : Halo

Full Circle
GOLD SKULL: From the starting point, walk down the path and hug the wall on the right. You will soon turn into a narrow trail. The ĎMysticí skull is at its end.

Gold Skull

TERMINAL 7: When you see the strange structure up above near the end of the path, turn right just before the drop and climb up the hill. Get onto the walkway, travel to the end, then turn left. The terminal is on the wall there. Approach the terminal, and hold RB to activate it. You must wait until the screen turns red and switches to another message, or it wonít count towards the 'Marathon Man' achievement.


Terminal 7
Once you are through the tunnel, Flood soon appear. One of the first Flood that you see has a Gravity Hammer, kill this one and swap your Assault Rifle for the Hammer. Your goal is to reach the top of the structure in the distance. Immediately turn right and start moving in that direction. Stay along the mountainside, giving you a height advantage against the Flood that appear down below.

Gravity Hammer
[gravity hammer] Use the Rocket Launcher that you spawned with to destroy any clustered Flood while you move along the mountainside. You can find some additional Rocket Launcher ammo as you go along. Donít worry about conserving its ammo too much, youíll soon be swapping it for a Brute Shot anyway. You can take a breather behind one of the rocks along the way, though you are only safe from the ranged Flood, the others can still pursue you, but thatís what the Gravity Hammer is for. Try to take out all of the visible Flood before proceeding, itís unlikely that youíll make it to the structure if you try to run it. Continue moving towards the structure and climb up the hill that leads onto the walkway.

Rocket Launcher
As you step onto the walkway, hang back and throw a grenade or use the Rocket Launcher on the large mass of Flood that hop down onto the walkway ahead of you. Afterwards, search the bits for a Brute Shot, there should be one. When your Gravity Hammer runs out of energy, swap it for a Shotgun if you can find one, theyíre left behind by the Elite form Flood. Make your way around the walkway and youíll come to a ramp at the other end. Head up the ramp. Same deal up here, get to the other end of the walkway while fighting off the Flood and head up the ramp. Youíre at the top now. Move towards the door and pick up the two Auto-turret equipments and throw both of them down.

Prepare for an onslaught. Flood will pour in from all sides, and you have to fight them off until they stop. Take cover under the small shelter across from the door and remain around that area at all times. If your shields are low, duck into the shelter, it should protect you from most of the gun-wielding Flood. Basically, step out of cover every once in awhile to pick up the ammo left by dead Flood (Brute Shot, Rocket Launcher, etc.) and kill any ranged Flood with explosives, and any melee Flood that get close to you with melee attacks. After the battle, proceed through the large door.

Flood Onslaught

Brute Shot Melee
Move through the hallway until a cutscene is activated. After the cutscene, you will be forced to destroy Guilty Spark. When Spark is not pushing you back, shoot at him with whatever weapon you have. Careful though, Sparkís laser is enough to one-hit kill you. That said, it is quite easy to dodge. Just keep your distance and step to the side before it reaches you.

When Guilty Spark floats off, approach Johnson, who is on the floor, and take the Spartan Laser from him. Slowly move to the right while charging the Spartan Laser, keeping it focused on Spark. His laser beam will move very slowly towards you, slowly move away from it while keeping the Spartan Laser pointed at him. Hit Guilty Spark with the Laser three times to defeat him.

Guilty Spark

Spartan Laser
The Way the World Ends
After the cutscene, head through the large door in front of you. The proceeding halls are full of Flood, and unfortunately, you donít have that Spartan Laser anymore. Back outside, turn right and go up the slope. Follow the mountain trail to another facility. The Sentinels in here will attack you, so take them out before they do too much damage. Move through the corridors, killing the flood in your path, until you are back outside. Thereís a Warthog stationed outside, get into the driverís seat.

This is the final run, and thereís not much that can be said about this part. Basically, youíre in for a long drive. The route is very straightforward, though there are plenty of obstacles along the way. Simply avoid any gaps in the platform and if at any time your vehicle is overturned, flip it over and get back into the driverís seat. Luckily, the Arbiter is quick about getting back into the gunnerís seat. Near the end, when you see a tower falling in the distance, slow down.

Once you reach the end, sit back and enjoy the ending video sequence. Be sure to sit through the credits for an extra scene!

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