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Halo 3
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Mission 8 : Cortana

Cortana is being held somewhere on High Charity, which unfortunately, is jam-packed with Flood. Hop down from the starting platform and head through the tunnel on the right. You’ll come to a drop down point, first look around for an Energy Sword on the ground next to a fallen Elite and swap your Assault Rifle for it. When you are ready, drop down to the lower level and proceed through the organic door. After the interruption, drop down the door in the ground at the end of the room. There’s a Brute Shot on the ground next to a dead Brute. Swap your Shotgun for it if you wish, the melee on the Brute Shot is great. The Brute Shot’s ammo does not work on the Pure Form Tank (see picture below); use the Energy Sword for those.

Pure Form Tank
You’ll have to be very careful in the next room. Flood are positioned up the high steps, and Ranged Flood line the walls. If you can get close enough to one of the Pure Form Ranged Flood, all that is needed to kill one is a melee attack. Keep your distance from Flood Carriers, they explode upon death. If at any point you run out of ammo for one of your weapons, many of the Elite form Flood carry Energy Swords. Swap a depleted weapon for one. Some Brute form Flood can provide Brute Shot ammo as well. If your shields are down and you’re close to death, quickly drop back down to the bottom step to avoid the ranged Flood from picking you off. It is be best to let the Flood come to you, rather than going to them.

Pure Form Ranged
Once the room is relatively clear, hop up the steps and head through the door at the top. The next few corridors are void of Flood. Move through the corridors and eventually, you’ll reach an area with a Ranged Flood and a Flood Carrier by the entrance. Move straight through the area, turn right and head up the ramp. You should be able to see a crashed Pelican outside. There’s a Rocket Launcher, Shotgun and some Frag Grenades near the Pelican. The Rocket Launcher doesn’t really have enough ammo to make it worth taking along with you. When you’re all stocked up, head to the end of this area and go through the door. Through the next corridor, you find yourself in another Flood filled room.

Flood Carrier

Crahed Pelican
When the Flood are dead, go up the slope at the other end of the corridor. If you have an Energy Sword, you can swap it for a fresh one, it’s the ground next to the dead Elite just before the hole. Drop down the hole to find, you guessed it, more Flood. You’ll want to hang back a fair bit and let the Combat Forms come to you, there are Pure Form Ranged Flood on the ceiling and lining the walls, making it very hard to find cover anywhere else. Brute Shot ammo works well against the Ranged Flood, and you can use it from afar. Be sure to destroy their bottom half too, or they’ll just regenerate.

Energy Sword
GOLD SKULL: Get onto the circular platform in the middle of this room. Move towards the purple object to the right of the weapon container and jump up onto the very top of it. From there, jump onto the rock platform in front of you. On the rock platform, turn left and jump onto the next rock platform. Turn around and look up, see the next platform you need to get to. This next jump is more difficult, move to the far end of the platform and jump over to the next one. Walk along the rock, the ‘Tilt’ skull is sitting in a puddle of guts at the end.

Gold Skull

When it’s clear, head through the tunnel at the opposite end of the room. As you move through the tunnel, keep an eye on your left for a small niche that you can turn into. This is a good place to take cover against the Pure Form Ranged Flood, while killing the Combat Forms that come at you with the Energy Sword. A well-thrown grenade or a Brute Shot can take out the Ranged Flood from afar, and that’s much easier to do without the Combat Flood attacking you as well. When the coast appears to be clear, continue down the tunnel. If you meet more Flood along the way and are taking heavy damage, retreat to the niche and let the Combat Forms come to you. When the tunnel is completely clear, proceed through the organic door at its end.

Energy Sword Lunge

Combat Form
You have to get to the very top of this room, but there are so many Pure Form Ranged Flood lining the walls that doing can be difficult. As soon as you enter, turn right and go through the tunnel there. At the end of the tunnel, turn right again and follow the next one. Move up the slope and into the small area. There are two Cloaking Devices on the floor here, though their usefulness is limited. Follow the path to its end, you’ll find a dead Brute with a Brute Shot next to him. Pick up the Brute Shot and use it to take down a few of the Ranged Flood. From here, hop across the gap to the other side and make your way up the sloping trail. At the top, hop across to the next platform, pick up the extra Brute Shot ammo and the Bubble Shield next to the dead Brute.

Brute Shot
Go through the proceeding corridor and through the door at its end. Move along the walkway surrounding the central platform and kill all Flood that you encounter. Next, make your way to the other side of this area using the rock bridges. Through the next corridor, approach the object and press the B button to break the stasis field.

Free Cortana
Nor Hell a Fury!
After the cutscene, head back through the door you used to enter. You’re next mission is to destroy the reactor, though unfortunately, more Flood inhabit the surrounding area. Clear out all of the Flood on the surrounding platforms, then approach the controls on the central platform and hold RB to expose the pylons. Destroy all of the pylons by shooting them. Now you must escape!


Head back to the room entrance, the old door is blocked, but there is a hole in the ground. Don’t drop down just yet, there are plenty of Flood below, and you’d likely be bombarded. Pick off as many of them from up above as you can, then fall down the hole and start towards the exit. You have to make it back to the crashed Pelican in one of the first areas of the level, all while fighting off the Flood. Once you reach the Pelican, step inside to complete the level.

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