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Halo 3
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Mission 7 : The Covenant

As soon as you step off of the Pelican, you’re under heavy fire. Thankfully, you have the godly Spartan Laser! Don’t get too excited, you’ll want to conserve this weapon’s energy. Switch to your Battle Rifle, and take out the Grunts and Brutes around the crash site. There are two Shades across the creek, switch to the Spartan Laser and use it to destroy both of them. Over the creek, there’s a Brute with a Fuel Rod Gun up the hill, so be careful. An anti-air Wraith is positioned on the hill, get up behind it while it is preoccupied with the air units, attach yourself to its back and punch it until it’s destroyed. Once the field is clear, a Pelican drops off a Mongoose and Warthog. Get into the driver’s seat, allow two marines to board, then start down the trail.

Spartan Laser
Atop the hill up the first slope, there are Jackals and a Shade. When you see this hill, quickly drive up and ram the Shade from its stand. Let your gunner take out the Jackals and Ghosts, then continue driving down the trail. You will eventually reach a creek, you should be able to see a Wraith in the distance. Stop the Warthog here and get out. Use the Spartan Laser to destroy the Wraith, only a couple of shots are needed. You may want to take out the Prowlers while you’re at it. There is a Shade on the hill at the far end, if you still have Spartan Laser energy, go ahead and use it.


Spartan Laster Strike
Once the field is clear, move towards the large structure. There are ammo canisters in front of the ramp leading inside, take what you need. Drive the Warthog down the slope and try to kill as many of the enemies at the bottom as possible, keep on going and crash into the Shade near the threshold. You’ll have to abandon the Warthog here. Go through the door at the end of the hall. There are many Grunts and Jackals in this room, but luckily there’s plenty of cover too. When all of the enemies are dead, exit through the door at the other end of the room. In the next room, kill the Covenant on the dais, then hop up and go through the door.

TERMINAL 4: While facing the elevator controls, turn left and jump over to the walkway. The terminal is along the wall there. Approach the terminal, and hold RB to activate it. You must wait until the screen turns red and switches to another message, or it won’t count towards the 'Marathon Man' achievement.


Terminal 4
Ride the elevator up to the next level of the tower. At the top, there are two Brute Infantry, a Brute Chieftain and his body guards. The body guards have Brute Shots, so you’ll want to keep your distance. Kill the Brutes first, and then deactivate the shield generator via the console at the end of the room. Ride the elevator back down to the first floor and make your way outside. Get in your Warthog and drive back to the beach.

Back at the beach, get into one of the Hornets.

If You Want it Done Right...
GOLD SKULL: Once in the Hornet, fly it to the second tower, which is situated on the mountainsides on the right. You can see it from the beach. Head up one of the ramps, turn left or right at the top, and go up the large, white ramp. The ‘Thunderstorm’ skull is at the top of this ramp.

Gold Skull

TERMINAL 5: On the second tower, head up the ramp and make your way to the entrance. While facing the entrance, turn around. The terminal is on this wall. Approach the terminal, and hold RB to activate it. You must wait until the screen turns red and switches to another message, or it won’t count towards the 'Marathon Man' achievement.


Terminal 5
Banshees and Hornets fight in the sky above. Fly towards the fray, but not too close. When you are facing a Banshee, do not fly towards them, rather, pull away from them. This allows you to dodge their fire much more effectively. An anti-air Wraith sits on the island in the middle of the beach, be careful. Circle around the island and shoot down at the Wraith. By circling, you should be able to avoid most of the Wraith’s fire. The third and final tower is right around the mountain.


Anti-Air Wraith
A Phantom and a group of Banshees are flying near the tower. Hang a good distance back and pick off the Banshees first, while continuously swerving from side to side in an attempt to avoid the Phantom’s cannon fire. Once all of the Banshees have fallen, start shooting at the Phantom. The Hornet is fast enough to dodge the Phantom’s fire if you are far away enough. Just sharply swerve from side to side while shooting the Phantom, eventually it will explode.

The tower is lined with Shades and Brutes. Hover around and kill all of the enemies that you can see near the entrance. Once the landing is clear, land your craft and hop out. Pick up a Brute Shot and all ammunition in the vicinity from the fallen Brutes. This tower is identical to the last, though in the main room, you’ll face a swarm of Drones and a couple of Hunters. Move along the sides of the room, the Drones will likely swerve into your path, allowing you to use the Brute Shot to wipe them out while they're clustered.

The Hunters, more than likely, will remain in the middle of the room. There are gaps along the walkways surrounding the room, move around and try to get behind a Hunter when they are preoccupied with one of your allies. When you are behind a Hunter, jump through the gap and open fire. When the Hunters are dead, continue through the door at the opposite end of the room.

There are Brutes and another swarm of Drones in the next room. When they are dead, make your way to the elevator.

TERMINAL 6: While facing the elevator controls, turn right and jump over to the walkway. The terminal is along the wall there. Approach the terminal, and hold RB to activate it. You must wait until the screen turns red and switches to another message, or it won’t count towards the 'Marathon Man' achievement.


Terminal 6
Ride the elevator to the upper level of the tower. You’ll have to deal with a Brute Chieftain and a group of Brute Stalkers before you can get to the shield generator switch. Keep an eye on your radar to determine if a Brute Stalker is near. When the room is clear, approach the mechanism at the end of the room and deactivate the shield generator. After the cutscene, the room fills with Flood. Quickly, take the elevator down to the first level of the tower. Exit the tower, get the Scorpion Tank stationed outside and follow your allies.

Brute Chieftan

Scorpion Tank
Journey's End
Drive down the trail, destroying all enemy vehicles and sniper posts along the way. Eventually, you will reach a rally point. Get out of the Scorpion tank and board one of the Hornets. Not one, but two Scarabs enter the battlefield! Fly your Hornet over one of them, then hop out and land on top of the Scarab. Drop down onto the walkway attached to the Scarab’s side, then move around to the power core. Shoot the power core until it turns red, then get off of the Scarab and run far away. After the explosion, miraculously, your Hornet should still be functional. If it is, get in and do the same to the second Scarab. If it isn’t functional, destroy the second Scarab in the same manner as the previous ones.

Two Scarabs

Hornet Drop
Following that encounter, follow the Arbiter across the bridge to the Citadel. Walk to the end of the initial area to activate a cutscene.

After the cutscene, head through the door. The Flood here are your allies, don’t attack them. This room, and the next, is occupied by a large number of Brutes. Luckily, there’s plenty of cover as well. When you enter the second section, turn left and you can dual-wield Spikers. A Chieftain and his body guards are positioned at the end of the second section. Be sure to pick up the Chieftain’s Gravity Hammer after killing him, and the body guards’ Brute Shots. In the next section, use the mechanism at the top of the ramp to extend the bridge to the other side.

After the cutscene, you find yourself surrounded by Flood. The Gravity Hammer works great against them, though for the gun-wielding variety, the Brute Shot works best.

Arbiter vs Flood
SILVER SKULL: First of all, a big thank you to the halo planet community for discovering this one. To get the ‘IWHBYD’ skull, you must jump through the rings leading up to Truth in a certain order. The rings are numbered one to seven (one being the ring closest to the entrance, seven being the ring closest to Truth’s location). The sequence is: 1-3-4-6-7-5-4-6-5-4-5-3-4. If you jumped through the rings in the correct order, the skull will appear on the platform just before the bridge leading to Truth.

Silver Skull

Head back to the Citadel entrance and drop down the hole to complete the level.

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