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Halo 3
Introduction Mission 1: Sierra 117 Mission 2: Crow's Nest Mission 3: Tsavo Highway Mission 4: The Storm Mission 5: Floodgate Mission 6: The Ark Mission 7: The Covenant Mission 8: Cortana Mission 9: Halo
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Mission 6 : The Ark

Installation 00
You're lucky enough to begin this level with a Sniper Rifle. Follow your allies until you reach a hill overlooking an enemy encampment. Get into position, find the nastiest looking enemy of the bunch (one of the dark blue or gold-armoured Brute Captains) and take him out with a nice, clean headshot. Of course, such an unsubtle gesture will surely alert the other Covenant in the camp. When all of the enemies down below have been killed, move down from the cliff and into the encampment. There is a Sniper Rifle ammo canister at the end of the camp, so be sure to reload your weapon before proceeding through the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, youíll find another group of enemies. Start by headshotting the Brute Captain, then immediately aim up at the Jackal on the spider platform above and kill him.

Enemy Encampment
Once the initial group of enemies has been dealt with, a Phantom appears and drops a couple of Hunters. Hop down into the area below. Use the rocks surrounding the area as cover while you try to get a good angle on a Hunterís weak spot. Remember, the weak spot is the exposed, fleshy section on its back. After killing the Hunters, start up the sloping path. Youíll encounter another group of enemies. Use the Sniper Rifle to kill the Brute Captain among them, doing so causes the surrounding Grunts to flee. Move through the tunnel at the top of the hill and through the door at its end.


Weak Spot
TERMINAL 1: After stepping through the first door, turn left and go through the door there. Keep an eye on your right, the terminal is along that wall. Activating all of terminals in Halo 3 yields the 'Marathon Man' achievement. Hold RB to access the terminal. You must wait until the screen turns red and switches to another message, or it wonít count.

Terminal 1
Go through the door at the other end of the hallway, you then find yourself back outside. There is a group of enemies near the wreckage below. If you still have Sniper Rifle ammo, kill the Brute Captain with a headshot. Once the area is clear, move towards the Wreckage below. Pick up the Rocket Launcher near the flare. A couple of Prowlers soon enter the battlefield (with a crew of three to four Brutes). With a Rocket Launcher, you can kill them quite easily, and without destroying the Prowler, too. Afterwards, get into the driverís seat of a Prowler, allow three of your allies to board, then start through the desert beyond. Youíll encounter a few Ghosts and Choppers, try to position yourself behind them to give your crew a good angle. Eventually, youíll drop down off of a small cliff. Turn right.


Rocket Launcher
GOLD SKULL: This one can be a real pain. After turning right, drive underneath the giant walkway. At the very end of the walkway, get out and jump up onto the big rock next to it. From the rock, jump up onto the walkway. You need a Plasma Grenade for this next part. If you donít have one, it is probable that one of the Ghost-riding Grunts in this area dropped one or more Plasma Grenades. Now for the hard part. Move towards the support at the very end of the walkway. The ĎFamineí skull is at the very end of the empty space. You need to use a grenade to propel yourself to this space, allowing you to walk to the end of it and pick up the skull. To do this, place a Plasma Grenade down in front of you (near the edge of the flat part) then run and jump past the grenade. If you did this correctly, the explosion should be enough to propel you to the empty space. If you donít make it, press start and select 'Revert to Last Save' to try again (only if you activated the checkpoint in this area by destroying the Ghosts).

Gold Skull

Here, you will face Ghosts and three Wraiths. The first Wraith that you see straight ahead is the standard, Plasma Mortar Wraith. If you still have Rocket Launcher ammunition left over from the first Prowler encounter, use it to take out the Wraith easily. The sniper post in the distance contains a Jackal who needs to be killed. A group of Covenant occupy the cave to the left of the sniper tower; remove them before going after the anti-air Wraiths. Anti-air Wraiths are easier to destroy, as they are preoccupied with the air units in the distance. Just drive up behind one, hold RB to attach yourself to the back of it, then mash the B button and pound away until it is destroyed. When the field is clear, a giant ship arrives to drop off some much needed supplies.

Wraith and Sniper Post
Forward Unto Dawn
Hop onto one of the Scorpion tanks and get into the driverís seat. Allow marines to board, and then follow your allies back through the tunnel. The Scorpion tank is one powerful vehicle, it beats everything! Wraiths, Hunters, Phantoms, everything. While in the driverís seat, you have control over the cannon. Continue following your allies, destroying every enemy vehicle and sniper tower along the way, and eventually you will reach an area with a large walkway.

Scorpion Tank

Beats Everything
There are two Wraiths here, one on the hillside and another at the end of the walkway. Destroy the enemy vehicles in the field, then drive up the walkway, killing all enemies along it. You can get a good shot at the Wraith on the hillside about halfway, the Scorpionís cannon will make short work of it. At the end of the walkway, clear out the Shades and other enemies, then wait for Guilty Spark to open the door. Get out of the tank and proceed through the opening in the door. Move down the hall, youíll soon enter a large room.

Guilty Spark
TERMINAL 2: Approach the mechanism here and hold RB to extend the bridge, allowing your allies to cross. After activating the bridge, turn around and move towards the terminal. Hold RB to access the terminal. You must wait until the screen turns red and switches to another message, or it wonít count towards the 'Marathon Man' achievement.

Activate the Bridge

Terminal 2
Proceed through the doorway to the right of the bridge mechanism. Turn hard left once past the doorway and pick up the Sentinel Beam in the corner. Through the next room, youíll find yourself back outside, where you must face another Scarab tank. Make your way down to the battlefield and get into one of the Scorpion tanks. There are Wraiths, Choppers, and a Phantom that you must first deal with first, but luckily the challenge in this is lessened due to the sheer power of the Scorpion tank. Drive down towards the large building in the distance, where the Scarab is.

The downside is, the Scorpion is incredibly slow, giving the Scarab tank in the distance ample opportunity to pound your tank with projectiles. However, you can silence the Scarabís cannons for a short time by blasting them while you approach. They donít stay inactive for a long time at all, though. The Scorpion tank can take a massive beating, but you canít. However, you should be able to make underneath the Scarab without being killed.

Once under the tank, blast one of the leg joints until it falls. At this point, drive the tank around to the Scarabís bay door, blast the crew inside, then get out of the Scorpion and hop onboard. Move up the ramp, to the back of the Scarab, and shoot the power core until it turns red. Then, get as far away as you can!

Power Core
Before you proceed, if you are interested in getting a silver skull found later in the level, enter the small building across from the giant one. Inside, turn right and head up the ramp. At the top of the ramp, turn left and pick up one of the Grav Lifts that are near the crate.


Grav Lifts
When you are ready to proceed, start up the ramp on the right side of the large building. Youíll have to fight Brutes and Jackals while climbing up these ramps, careful, there are Jackal Snipers among them. At the top, wait until Guilty Spark opens the door for you.

Real Men Donít Read Maps
Once Spark gets the door open, kill the sleeping Grunt and continue through the doorway on the other side of the room. Eventually, you will come to a closed door, turn left and go through the open doorway.

TERMINAL 3: Go down the ramp leading to the lower level, at the very bottom, turn around and move towards the wall. Turn to your right, until you see a door. Step inside, approach the terminal, and hold RB to activate it. You must wait until the screen turns red and switches to another message, or it wonít count towards the 'Marathon Man' achievement.

Terminal Room

Terminal 3
SILVER SKULL: Through the door way in the next room, go down the transparent ramp and look way up above the doorway. The skull ĎCowbellí is on the very top level. To get this skull, you must use a Grav Lift. Place the Grav lift about midway down the ramp, then, at the top of the ramp, run and jump towards the skullís location. If the Grav Lift was placed correctly, you should be propelled high enough to make it to the top level where the skull is. It may take time to get the Grav Lift placed just right, you can always press start and select 'Revert to Last Save' and try again.

Silver Skull

Eventually youíll come to a room with some Brutes and Jackals. You have allies by your side, so clearing the room shouldnít be too much of a problem. When the room is clear, make your way to the adjacent area. Approach the mechanism and hold RB to activate the cartographer. After the short cutscene, go back through the door that leads into the previous room. Kill the Covenant, then proceed through the door straight across from the one you used to enter. There are cloaking Brutes in the next area, they can be seen on your radar, however. Get to the door at the opposite end of the room and go through.

Brute Stalker
Your escape route is occupied by Brutes. Stay on the walkway and move to the very end of it. Your initial target should be the Brute Chieftain down below. If you have grenades with you (or a Brute Shot) attack the Chieftain until he falls. Doing so sets the Jumppack Brutes into action. There are two Jackal Snipers on the opposite walkway, take them out with a Carbine if you can.

Brute Chieftan

Gravity Hammer Slam
Get off of the walkway and pick up the fallen Chieftainís Gravity Hammer. Next, move under the walkway, thereís plenty of cover there. Wait until you see a Brute, then move from cover and hit him with the Gravity Hammer. One direct hit is enough to kill one. A few of the Brutes have Brute Shots, which would be useful if you manage to get your hands on one. Once the all of the Brutes and two snipers have been dealt with, your ride finally arrives.

Level End

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