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Halo 3
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Mission 5 : Floodgate

It Followed Me Home
GOLD SKULL: From the starting point, climb up the hill and follow the trail down to the city. At the dirt trail’s end, as soon as you step onto the ramp, look up at the building to your right. One Flood jumps from this building across to the other side. If you kill this Flood, it drops the ‘Fog’ skull. You’ll have to kill him just as he starts to jump away from the building and hope that the skull lands nearby. If you miss him or the skull lands somewhere out of your reach, restart the mission.

Gold Skull

Walk down the street until you witness a group of marines being overwhelmed by Flood. You spawn with a Battle Rifle, so keep at a safe distance and kill all of the Flood before they can reach you. Enter the building on the right side of the sloping road which leads to a dead-end. Stay in this room, you can safely shoot at the flood in the warehouse below from here. You’ll want to keep your distance from the Flood at all times, and prioritize by picking off the weapon-wielding Flood first. It doesn’t take much effort to kill one Flood by itself, but in a group, they are quite deadly. The Arbiter is with you in this level, but doesn’t seem to help much. When the first area is clear, leave the cabin and continue through the doorway at the end of the warehouse.

The Flood

Killing Flood
Move under the bridge and head up the stairs on the right. Travel across the catwalk and fall down the hole in the floor at the end. Move through the proceeding corridors and eventually you will find yourself back outside.

Shadow of Intent
Walk across the catwalk until you come to a drop-down spot. Hop over the hole and pick up the Energy Sword before dropping down. The Energy Sword, both quick and efficient, is great for cutting through the Flood. At the bottom, you will meet with a few Elites. Next, you must travel to the end of the long walkway here. The Energy Sword is effective, but don’t rely solely on it, some Flood carry guns. Switch to your other weapon when you spot a gun-wielding Flood, kill them from afar, then switch back to the Energy Sword. Do not get too close to the Flood Carriers. When they are killed, they explode and deal a fair amount of damage (about half of your shield, if you’re really close). They may also release a large amount of parasites.

Energy Sword

Flood Carrier
Once at the end of the walkway, enter the tunnel. Some Flood appear at the opposite end of the tunnel. Take cover, as the majority of them are using Spikers. At the end of the tunnel, turn left and take the ramps up to the catwalk. Go through the first doorway on your left that you come to and drop down to the area below. The path is littered with Flood. Your goal is to get to the crashed Flood ship, but in order to do that you must first deal with the ridiculous amount of Flood blocking the way. Use the boxes along the walkway as cover from the gun Flood while you use the Energy Sword to kill weaponless Flood. When you are not surrounded, pop out from cover and kill a few of the gun users in the distance. After the battle, drop down off of the walkway and go up the ramp leading to the Flood ship. Drop down the hole.


Flood Ship Crash Site
Infinite Devil Machine
If you’re finding it dark down here, press up on the d-pad to turn on a flashlight. Drop down the hole at the end of the initial area, then go straight until you reach the device that holds Cortana. Hold RB to retrieve Cortana and complete the level.


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