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Halo 3
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Mission 4 : The Storm

Ghost Town
When the Warthog stops, move towards the large gate and use the switch on the wall to the right of the gate to open it. Climb the stairs up ahead and turn right. Follow the walkway through the doorway leading into the next area. Turn right and activate the switch there to let your allies in. Look down to the area below, there should be a group of Grunts and Jackals. Throw a grenade or two down, your allies will deal with the leftovers. Hop off of the catwalk and head through the doorway down below. Up the ramp, head straight until you reach the end of the walkway. Pick up the Battle Rifle that is on the ground next to the dead marine. You’ll meet some minor resistance (Grunts, Jackals) here, as well as a Ghost-riding Brute. After the fight, activate the switch at the end of the tunnel to open the gate. Get into a Warthog and drive back outside.

This area is occupied by a bunch of Ghosts and the first anti-air Wraith that you must destroy. Get rid of the Ghosts first. Remain at the bottom of the ramp and allow the Ghosts to come to you, driving out too far into the field will likely get you killed. The Ghosts are being driven by Grunts, so your gunner can easily take them out if you provide a good angle. The anti-air Wraith is in the middle of the field. Unfortunately, the Warthog gunner will only shoot at the Wraith and completely ignore the Plasma Cannon gunner. Because of this, once you are close enough, quickly hop out of the Warthog and either toss a grenade (preferable) at the Wraith’s gunner, or shoot him. With the gunner out of the way, approach the Wraith and hold RB to climb up onto its hood. Pound away until it is destroyed.


Anti-Air Wraith
GOLD SKULL: This one’s tricky. You’ll need a Warthog to do this. For some reason, this skull will disappear if you destroy the Plasma Mortar Wraith that is dropped onto the walkway by a Phantom. For your safety, destroy the anti-air Wraith in the field and all of the Ghosts before you attempt this. Look for a circular building in the field and drive right up against it. Get out of the Warthog and jump onto its hood. You’ll have to 'crouch jump' to get on top of the building. To crouch jump, first press A to jump up into the air, and when you are mid-jump click the Left Thumbstick. If done correctly, you’ll just make it onto the circular building. The ‘Catch’ gold skull is up there.

Gold Skull

A Wraith is soon dropped onto the far end of the walkway. There is a ramp that you can use to propel the Warthog from the field to this part of the walkway, allowing you to destroy the Wraith there. If you can manage to get past the gunner, you can simply attach yourself to the back of the Wraith and punch there until both the driver and the gunner fly out. A Sniper Rifle can be found on the roof of the building across the wooden bridge connected to the walkway. If a marine stationed there is still using it, swap with him.

Destroying a Wraith

Sniper Rifle
When you are prepared, go through the gate near the destroyed Plasma Mortar Wraith. Kill all of the Covenant in this area, including those up the stairs. When clear, proceed through the doorway across from the stairs. Take the ramps up to the catwalk and remove the Machine Gun from its stand. The room soon becomes filled with a swarm Drones, the Machine Gun can make sure work of them. Once the Drones have been dealt with, get off of the catwalk and move towards the group of marines at the end of the room.

Board one of the Mongooses, allow a marine to board, and then drive through the gate. Your allies all have Rocket Launchers, which is a good thing since there are plenty of enemy vehicles in this next area. Drive around the enemy vehicles, slowing down to allow your passenger to get a clear shot. There’s another anti-air Wraith in the distance, it may be destroyed by your Rocket Launcher-wielding allies before you get to it. When the field is clear of enemy vehicles, prepare yourself for something big.


Rocket Kill
Board a Ghost if you can find a working one. Soon enough, a massive Scarab tank drops down onto the battle field. This thing is loaded with fire power. Ghosts are the best vehicle to bring one down, so if you aren’t on a Ghost already, scour the battle field for one. If there aren’t any working ones, you’ll just have to make due. Move right underneath the Scarab, but not too close to its legs. To bring this giant down, you need to target one of its lower leg joints and destroy it. You’ll know that you’re aiming at the right spot if the aiming reticule on-screen is red. Concentrate on one of these joints until it is completely destroyed. Once destroyed, the Scarab will fall.

Scarab Tank

Leg Joint
Now you must board the Scarab. Move around the Scarab and enter through the bay door. Careful, you’ll have to deal with the Scarab's crew, which consists of Grunts and a couple of Brutes. When the bay is clear, climb up the ramp leading to the tank’s mid-section. There are Plasma Cannon turrets along the sides of the Scarab, and they may still be occupied by gunners. Head to the other end of the tank and search for the power generator (refer to the picture below). Shoot the power generator until the light changes to red. At this point, hop off of the Scarab and get as far away from it as you can.


Power Generator
Your next objective is to neutralize the anti-air cannon. Join with the marines at the top of the slope and follow them to the to a USNC base. Go through the doorway between the two marines and follow the hallway, eventually you’ll reach the warehouse. If you picked up the Sniper Rifle that was pointed out earlier, save its ammunition, for now. Kill the Brutes near the threshold, then climb the stairs on the left to reach the catwalk. There is a weapon cache on the other side of the catwalk that holds plenty of Battle Rifle ammunition, so stock up. Move through the warehouse and kill all of the Brutes encountered along the way.

At the end of the warehouse, you’ll encounter a couple of Hunters. These guys are tough and heavily armoured. They do have a weak spot, though. Immediately get behind some cover and switch to the Sniper Rife if you have one. If not, a Battle Rifle works fine, too. There is a gap on the back of the Hunter’s armour. Once you are out of sight, the Hunters should quickly turn their attention to one of your allies. When its back is turned, shoot the exposed flesh to deal damage. Kill both of the Hunters this way, and then proceed outside.


Weak Spot
There is a Brute Chieftain among the other enemies outside. Take him out from a safe distance, then continue up the ramp ahead. Follow your allies and mow down the enemies along the way, eventually, you’ll be able to see the anti-air cannon. There are some ammo and grenades near the sandbags and also a Machine Gun turret that can be used. If you have Sniper Rifle ammo, take out the Brute Captain (the gold armoured one) from a safe distance; he’s the nastiest. Doing so will likely cause the others to retreat to the anti-air cannon’s location. Kill the minor enemies along the way and, if there are still Brutes about, position yourself on one of the rocks surrounding the cannon and pick them off from afar with headshots. Once the cannon area is relatively clear, stand under it, and wait for it to fire. When the cannon fires, a white orb becomes visible, shoot the orb until the cannon is neutralized.

Anti-Air Cannon

Shoot To Overload

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