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Halo 3
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Mission 3 : Tsavo Highway

Full Contact Safari
A Shotgun can be found on the floor next to the incapacitated marine by the door straight across from your spawning location. Go through the doorway next to the flames to enter the hangar. You have the choice of driving a standard Warthog or a transport Warthog. You best bet would be to go standard. When the door is opened, drive the Warthog out and follow the trail of red flares. Drive straight through the group of Jackal Infantry that you come to at the end of the tunnel. All you must do now is follow the other Warthogs through the grasslands. Covenant will be encountered along the way, you can either try to run them over with the Warthog, or let your gunner do the job. When you spot enemies in the distance, slow down and turn the Warthog towards them to give the gunner a good shot.

Warthog Carrier

Turret Warthog
Eventually, you will reach a highway. You soon come to a barricade, as your path blocked by Covenant and a large blue barrier. Drive around the surrounding enemies while the gunner picks them off. If a Drone attaches itself to the driver’s side of the Warthog, tap the B button to knock it off. Once all enemies in the vicinity have been dealt with, leave the Warthog and walk through the barrier. Shoot the purple power generator behind the barrier until it is destroyed. With the power generator destroyed, the barrier is down, allowing you to proceed through the tunnel with the Warthog.

Road Block

Power Generator
GOLD SKULL: Once you are through the tunnel, get out of the Warthog, turn left and hop off of the highway. Move towards the large pipe line running alongside the highway and climb the yellow ladder on its side. Walk along the pipe line until you reach a fence. Jump to the side, past the fence, and look down to your left. Drop down to the walkway running along the mountainside. Move to the end of the walkway and turn left. Run and jump over to the cliffside there. The skull ‘Tough Luck’ is on this cliff.

Gold Skull

Tough Luck
Drive down the highway until you reach a blockade. At this point, you have no choice but to leave the Warthog behind. Walk across the beam connecting the two pieces of highway and jump up onto highway.

The Broken Path
Walk down the road and turn into the area to the left at the dead end. There are hostiles on the side of the highway, including Brute Shot and Fuel Rod Gun users. Move past the barriers atop the hill and enter the bunkers behind them. A Sniper Rifle can be found in one of the bunkers, as well as a detached Machine Gun. Stay behind the barriers and snipe the Covenant that are dropped off by the Phantom. Once the initial wave has been dealt with, a Wraith enters the scene.

Sniper Rifle

Sniping in Voi
A Wraith’s plasma mortar is devastating, though it moves slowly enough that it can easily be dodged if you are far enough away from the Wraith. First, use the Sniper Rifle to kill the Plasma Cannon gunner on the front of the tank. Now, you must get close to the Wraith. As mentioned, the Wraith’s plasma mortar is easy enough to dodge, just jump to the side before it reaches you. When you are close enough to the Wraith’s hood, hold RB to climb up onto it. Now simply mash the B button to pound away until the Wraith is destroyed. Without the gunner, while you are on the hood of the Wraith, it is defenceless.

Wrath Plasma Cannon Gunner

Destroying the Wraith
After the battle, a Pelican arrives and drops off some troops and a Warthog. Hop into the Warthog, wait for a couple of marines to board, and then start towards the sniper post in the distance. The next area is heavily populated with Chopper-riding Brutes. While driving, try to position the Warthog next to the Chopper in a way that permits your gunner to hit the driver. When the area is clear of Choppers, proceed through the tunnel to the right of the large debris. By going down the hill, you gain enough momentum to run over both of the Brutes on the highway below. At this point, leave the Warthog and board one of the Choppers here. One of your passengers will take your place driving the Warthog.

Before you can destroy the Wraiths, you’ll have to deal with the other Choppers. Be cautious here, when facing another Chopper, do not drive towards them, rather pull away from them while firing. Aim for the hood if you can, but the driver will do, too. There are plenty of Choppers in the proceeding area, as well as one of the Wraiths. As you curve along the side of the hill, drive forward enough to alert the other Choppers, then quickly pull back to the shaded area. You’ll want to remain out of the Wraith’s view, as one hit with a plasma mortar will likely kill you. Once the vicinity is clear of Choppers, dismount and take out your Sniper Rifle. If you don’t have sniper ammo, a Battle Rifle works fine, too. Kill the Shade gunner on the lower rock to the left of the Wraith’s position.

Chopper vs Chopper

Kill the Plasma Cannon gunner (with Sniper Rifle, Battle Rifle, or Machine Gun) on the front of the Wraith, and then remount your Chopper. Speed towards the Wraith while avoiding its fire and when you are next to it, hop off of your Chopper. Careful here, this Wraith may attempt to run you over. Be quick about getting on its hood before it gains speed. Once aboard, mash the B button until the Wraith is destroyed. With that Wraith destroyed, continue up the hill and do the same to the second Wraith. Remember to kill the Plasma Cannon gunner before trying anything.

Get into a vehicle and start down the upper highway. You quickly reach a Covenant barricade. Push through the barricades on the left side and continue down the highway until you come to another blocked tunnel. When all Brutes in the vicinity have been dealt with, walk through the blue barrier and destroy the power supply.

Final Barrier

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