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Halo 3
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Mission 2 : Crow's Nest

Know Your Role
GOLD SKULL: From the starting point, move straight ahead towards the door at the very back of the room. The skull is on the giant pipe above you. To get onto the pipe, hop up onto the metal shelves across from the door. From there, jump to the narrow red pipe. From the red pipe, jump up onto the large pipe. It may take a few tries before you can successfully make it up there. The skull ‘Black Eye’ is sitting at the end of the pipe.

Gold Skull

Black Eye
Head down the stairs in the middle of the ops-center. At the bottom of the stairs, you are given an Assault Rifle and the door is opened. Look for a marine with a Battle Rifle and swap your Assault Rifle for that, it will serve you much better. Go through the doorway at the top of the stairs. Use the switch to the left of the door by pressing RB. Turn right and follow the path down to another door. You’ll have to face a large group of Grunts and Jackals, as well as a Brute Captain. When the enemies have been dealt with, start down the tunnel. Keep an eye on your left; you will soon come to a door with a green light next to it. Proceed through this door.

Move through the corridors until you reach the hangar. Grunts and Jackals can be found here. There are two gun emplacements on the right side of the two platforms below the bridge. You can pick off the enemies that are dropped off by Phantoms down below. If you are taking too much damage, leave the turret and take cover until your shield is fully recharged. Once the hangar is clear of hostiles, a Pelican arrives to transport the marines. Start backtracking to the ops-center.

Gun Emplacement

Marines In Pelican
In the area just before the ops-center, you will encounter a horde of Drones. Crouch down and take cover behind the wall, leaving cover occasionally to shoot at the Drones through the fence. In a group, Drones are deadly, though it only takes a few bullets to one down. Wait until the Drones are stationary, and then move from cover and shoot as many as you can before they start firing at you in unison. When all of the Drones have been killed, continue en route to the ops-center.


Through The Fence
Gift with Purchase
Go through the large door at the end of the ops-center. In the next room, you’ll be forced to face a large group of Brutes of varying ranks. Immediately take cover behind the flatbed. If you haven’t been spotted, crouch down and move around the flatbed until you are at the base of the ramp. A well-thrown grenade will surely help you out here. When your presence becomes known, quickly retreat to the flatbed’s back wheel. Hopefully you still have Battle Rifle ammunition. If you do not, you can get a bit closer by taking cover behind the wall just below the ramp. You are more vulnerable in this position, so if one or more of the Brutes charges you, fallback. Careful, there is a Brute Chieftain at the very back of this room. He’ll charge you with his Gravity Hammer if you get too close. Back away as he approaches while unloading into him until he falls. Be sure to pick up the Gravity Hammer that is left behind.


Gravity Hammer
Once you have killed all of the Brutes, head up the ramps and go through the doorway on your right. Fall down the hole at the end of this route.

SILVER SKULL: This one can be tricky. At the very end of this tunnel, look down through the grate. You should be able to see a green arrow on a platform directly below the one you are standing on. Slowly inch yourself over the edge, then, as you are falling, pull down on the Left Thumbstick to back onto the platform. The skull ‘Grunt Birthday Party’ is sitting on the ground at the end of this section.

Silver Skull

Grunt Birthday Party
Drop down to the level below to reunite with the Arbiter. Open the door here and proceed through. In the next room, climb the ladder on your right as soon as you enter. Crouch down and start moving down the catwalk. Some Brutes down below are terrorizing a marine, ignore them. There is a Brute on left side of the catwalk with his back to you that you can assassinate, though doing this will likely alert the others. One melee attack from behind on an unaware enemy will kill them. At the base of the stairs leading up to the restrooms, you can find and pick up a Battle Rifle (or Battle Rifle ammo) left behind by a dead marine.

There are some particularly nasty Brutes beyond the restroom, including a Chieftain and one Brute Shot user. Take extra care here. If you have a Gravity Hammer, you can climb up to the catwalk, then hop down and hit a Brute with the Gravity Hammer. A direct hit is a one-hit kill on most Brutes. Just be careful not to jump into a large group of Brutes, by doing so you will likely be overwhelmed. When the barracks are clear of hostiles, open the door at the end and proceed through.

Brute Assassination

Gravity Hammer Slam
Down the hall, in the next room, call the elevator down using the switch on the right side of it. Ride the elevator up to higher ground. In the next area you’ll find more Brutes. There are Jumppack Brutes here, they use jetpacks to move around. A few of them carry Carbines, so they can be a problem. You’ll have to get up to the catwalk, the stairs being at the end of this path. The Brutes up above are using Carbines, so as you move along the path, take cover behind the various vehicles. Once you are up, take cover behind a container and start picking off the Brutes.

Brute Jumppack
Once the area is clear, a Pelican arrives to evacuate the marines. Your next task is to rearm the bomb in the ops-center. Go through the doorway up the steps on the launch pad and move through the proceeding corridors. You will soon come to a room that contains a few Cloaking Devices, a Shotgun and a Battle Rifle. Take the equipment you want, and then head back to the launch pad. Jump down off of the launch pad onto the path below and start down the tunnel.

Last One Out, Get the Lights

In the tunnel proceeding the Cortana interruption, take the weapons that you need from the weapon cache on your immediate left upon entering. Also, if you wish, detach the Plasma Cannon from its stand. To do this, mount the cannon by holding RB, then press the B button to rip the cannon from the stand. You walk much slower while using a turret as a weapon, but this Plasma Cannon allows you to wipe out at least a few of the enemies you will soon encounter quite easily. When you reach the section with the wall and two Plasma Cannons, take cover behind one of the boxes here. In addition to the group of grunts up the ramp, there are two Jackal Snipers on the walkway above. Pop out from cover and use the Battle Rifle to pick them off.

Jackal Snipers
Up the ramp, go through the doorway to your left. The ops-center is now occupied by some Grunts and Brutes. If you have the Cloaking equipment, you can use this now by pressing the X button. Walk up behind a Brute (preferably one with a Brute Shot or Fuel Rod Gun) and press the B button to assassinate him. Following this, quickly fall back to the previous hallway (or the area down below). When the room is clear of hostiles, approach the bomb and hold RB to rearm it. If you can find one, pick up one of the Fuel Rod Guns left behind by a Brute.


Fuel Rod Gun
It’s time to return to the hangar. Climb down the stairs in the middle of the ops-center and go through the door. The Grunts you encounter along the way are in a state of panic, so they don’t offer much in the way of resistance. When you enter the hangar, a Phantom drops off some Jackals and Grunts. The Grunts aren’t much of a threat without a leader figure, concentrate on the Jackals. Get on the turret emplacement and mow through their shields. Once the hangar is relatively clear, head down the ramp on the right side of the hangar. Enter the elevator at the end of the hallway. Use the elevator switch to complete the level.


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