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Halo 3
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Halo: Combat Evolved was the Xbox's flagship title, and is the one game that essentially kept the original Xbox console afloat. Itís hard to argue that, besides Halo, the original Xbox didnít have much in the way of games to offer, however due to the remarkable popularity of Halo, and the runaway success of Halo 2, Microsoft is still in the console race.

Halo did great things for console FPS games in general. Halo might not have seemed revolutionary for PC gamers, but for those gamers who prefer to play video games from the couch with a controller in hand, Halo set the FPS console standards to what they are today. The intuitive controls and satisfying single player (or co-op) campaign made for a great, unparalleled console FPS experience.

The sequel offered one important thing that the first Halo did not: Online multiplayer. While many gamers experienced countless hours of fun playing the original Halo over LAN with their friends, the absence of the Xbox Live experience was noticeable; most notably its readily available, unlimited number of opponents. Halo 2 assaulted Xbox Live upon its release. The new multiplayer mode was a hit, and greatly contributed to the gameís longevity.

While many other online multiplayer titles fizzled out, Halo 2ís online popularity remained constant over the years. The fact that, even after the subsequent release of Microsoftís Xbox successor, Halo 2 remained one of the most played games on Xbox Live, speaks volumes.

What could possibly top the sheer popularity of Halo 2? Presumably its sequel, Halo 3. This guide will help you find your way through each and every level in Halo 3ís single player campaign, help you take down even the toughest enemy encountered along the way, as well as offer general tips and weapon information.

Note: This walkthrough was written based on the NORMAL difficulty level. All level directions and, for the most part, strategies still apply, but your enemies are more accurate, deal more damage, and have more vitality on higher difficulty levels.

If you have any comments or requests for our Halo 3 guide, you can make them in this thread in our forum.

This guide is copyright 2007, no part of it may be reproduced without permission.

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