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Halo 3
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Enemies Guide

The bottom of the food chain. These guys are very easy to kill, and not a big threat. However, in large numbers, and the right conditions, Grunts can turn into worthy adversaries. Generally, Grunts use the weaker weapons such as the Plasma Pistol and Needler. They are exceptionally dangerous when using Plasma Grenades; some of them tend to be quite suicidal in that aspect. Grunts almost always accompany Brute captains; their morale is dependent on the presence of a high-ranking Brute. If the Brute captain falls, the Grunts will flee from battle, allowing you to pick them off with little resistance.


Sleeping Grunts
The Brute plays the role of the standard, bi-pedal FPS enemy in Halo 3. There are several types of Brutes, all with specific traits and weaponry. Brute Infantry and Brute Captains are the most commonly encountered, and they carry a variety of weapons including Spikers, Carbines, and Brute Shots. Brute Chieftains are a heavily armoured variant; Chieftains either use Gravity Hammers or Plasma Cannons. Other types of Brute include Brute Stalker (cloaking), and Brute Jumppack.


Brute Captain

There are two types of Jackal: Infantry and Sniper. Jackal Infantry carry shields with them, and typically carry Plasma Pistols. The shields they carry can be destroyed when shot enough times. However, their shields can be easily breached by simply aiming and shooting through the gap on the bottom-right half of the shield. The Jackal Snipers are usually stationed on mountainsides, in trees, or in Covenant Sniper Posts. They typically use Carbines, and sometimes Beam Rifles. They do not fair well in the health department, so either a Battle Rifle or Carbine are a sufficient way of dealing with them.

Jackal Infantry

Jackal Sniper
A winged, insect-like Covenant that travels in swarms. It does not take much at all to kill a Drone, but when facing a large Swarm, it can be difficult to get shots off. Since Drones tend to cluster together, an explosive weapon, such as a Rocket Launcher, Brute Shot, or Fuel Rod Gun, may be enough to down an entire swarm. Good cover is essential when facing a swarm, you wonít live long with twenty Drones firing at once.


Drone Swarm
Large, versatile and deadly; Hunters are truly a frightening sight to behold on the battlefield. Hunters always travel in pairs, heightening the risk factor. They are heavily-armoured and can brush off all but the harshest of ammunition. A Hunterís weak spot is the gap in the back of their armour; aim for the exposed, fleshy part.

The Flood
A parasite hell-bent on consuming every last thinking creature in the galaxy. Scary, huh? Generally, the Flood you encounter can be placed into two categories: Combat Form or Pure Form. The Flood Combat Forms are the infected humans, Brutes and Elites. As such, they use a variety of weapons. The Pure Form Flood is composed of Stalker, Ranged, and Tank. While a single Flood alone is easy to kill, in a large group (as they usually are) they are quite the obstacle. Generally, Brute Shots, Shotguns, and Energy Blades are the best weapons to use against the Flood.


Combat Form

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