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Follow the dark path or use the light
Blacklight: Tango Down Pack Shot

Blacklight: Tango Down

Blacklight: Tango Down Cheats for Xbox 360

We have 2 cheats on Xbox 360
We also have cheats for this game on:   PC   PlayStation 3

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Weapon TagsAdded 26 Jul 2010, ID #6067
At the 'Main' menu go to 'Help + Options' and select 'Unlock Code'. Then enter one of the following case-sensitive codes (without the quotes) using a chat pad or the onscreen keyboard to activate the corresponding weapon tag to use through the 'Armory Weapon Customization' option. If you have entered the code correctly you will hear the sound of a bell followed by a woman screaming as confirmation.

Alienware Black Dog Tags:
Enter the code 'Alienwarec8pestU'

Alienware Symbol:
Enter the code 'Al13nwa4re5acasE'

AMD VISION Square Tag (blue):
Enter the code '4MDB4quprex'

AMD VISION Square Tag (red):
Enter the code 'AMD3afrUnap'

ATi Square Tag:
Enter the code 'AT1hAqup7Su'

Australian Flag:
Enter the code 'AUS9eT5edru'

Austria Flag:
Enter the code 'AUTF6crAS5u'

Belgium Flag:
Enter the code 'BELS7utHAsP'

Blacklight and Crossed Swords:
Enter the code 'R41nB0wu7p3'

Blacklight Logo Chip:
Enter the code 'Ch1pBLuS9PR'

Canada Flag:
Enter the code 'CANfeprUtr5'

Denmark Flag:
Enter the code 'DENdathe8HU'

E3 Dog Tags:
Enter the code 'E3F6crAS5u'

Famitsu Magazine? Dog tag:
Enter the code 'Fam1tsuprusWe2e'

Finland Flag:
Enter the code 'FINw3uthEfe'

France Flag:
Enter the code 'FRApRUyUT4a'

Germany Flag:
Enter the code 'GERtRE4a4eS'

Hong Kong Flag:
Enter the code 'HOKYeQuKuw3'

India Flag:
Enter the code 'INDs4u8RApr'

Ireland Flag:
Enter the code 'IRE8ruGejec'

Italian Flag:
Enter the code 'ITAQ7Swu9re'

Jace Hall Show Logo:
Enter the code 'J4ceH4llstuFaCh4'

Japanese Flag:
Enter the code 'JPNj7fazebR'

Korean Flag:
Enter the code 'KORpaphA9uK'

Mexico Flag:
Enter the code 'MEX5Usw2YAd'

New Zealand Flag:
Enter the code 'NZLxut32eSA'

Norweigien Flag:
Enter the code 'NOR3Waga8wa'

Orange Scorpion Logo Chip:
Enter the code 'Ch1pMMRSc0rp'

Order Logo Chip:
Enter the code 'Ch1p0RD3Ru02'

Pink Brass Knuckles:
Enter the code 'H4rtBr34kerio4u'

Portugal Flag:
Enter the code 'PORQ54aFrEY'

Razer Logo:
Enter the code 'R4z3erzu8habuC'

Russia Flag:
Enter the code 'RUS7rusteXe'

Singapore Flag:
Enter the code 'SINvuS8E2aC'

Storm Lion Comics Logo - Shaped:
Enter the code 'StormLion9rAVaZ2'

Strom Lion Comics Logo - Rectangle:
Enter the code 'St0rmLi0nB4qupre'

Sweden Flag:
Enter the code 'SWEt2aPHutr'

Switzerland Flag:
Enter the code 'SWIsTE8tafU'

Taiwan Flag:
Enter the code 'TAW8udukUP2'

United Kingdom Flag:
Enter the code 'UKv4D3phed'

United States Flag:
Enter the code 'USAM3spudre'

Unkown Effect:
Enter the code 'SKULLCLUB9rAVaZ2'

Unkown Effect:
Enter the code 'Bl4ckl1ght2Ru7uS'

Unlock Holland Flag; Tag #132 (Gives a health recharge rate boost):
Enter the code 'HOLb8e6UWuh'

Unlock Spain Flag; Tag # 139 (Improves the recharge on your HRV slightly):
Enter the code 'ESPChE4At5p'

Upper Playground Logo:
Enter the code 'UPGr0undv2FUDame'

Upper Playground Logo:
Enter the code 'UPGr0undWupraf4u'

UTV Lightning Logo Chip:
Enter the code 'Ch1p1GN1u0S'

Yellow Teddy Bear:
Enter the code 'Denek1Ju3aceH7'

Zombie Studios Logo Chip:
Enter the code 'Ch1pZ0MB1Et7'

Unlock CodesAdded 14 Jul 2010, ID #6018
1. From Main Menu Go To "Help+Options" Then Go To "Unlock Code"

!!!!!!!2.These codes are CASE SENSITIVE and must be ENTERED in as they are seen here.!!!!!!!!!!

Al13nwa4re5acasE - Alienware Symbol
Alienwarec8pestU - Alienware Black Dog tags
AMD3afrUnap - VISION square tag (red)
4MDB4quprex - VISION square tag (blue)
AT1hAqup7Su - ATi square tag.
E3F6crAS5u - Grey/Orange Dog tags
Denek1Ju3aceH7 - Yellow Teddy Bear
Fam1tsuprusWe2e - Tag with ingraved-writing/picture.
Bl4ckl1ght2Ru7uS - ???
Ch1pBLuS9PR - Blacklight logo chip.
Ch1p1GN1u0S - Lighting bolt chip.
Ch1pMMRSc0rp - Blacklight "W" logo chip.
Ch1p0RD3Ru02 - Order logo chip.
Ch1pZ0MB1Et7 - Zombie Studios logo chip.
H4rtBr34kerio4u - Pink Brass Knuckles.
SKULLCLUB9rAVaZ2 - blue skull square tag.
J4ceH4llstuFaCh4 - ???
StormLion9rAVaZ2 - Dinosaur thingy??
St0rmLi0nB4qupre - Dinosaur thingy?? tag.
R4z3erzu8habuC - green and black tag.
UPGr0undWupraf4u - Black square tag with design.
UPGr0undv2FUDame - Black square tag with design.
AUS9eT5edru - Australian Flag
AUTF6crAS5u - Austria Flag
BELS7utHAsP - Belgium Flag(?)
CANfeprUtr5 - Canada Flag
DENdathe8HU - Denmark Flag
FINw3uthEfe - Finland Flag
FRApRUyUT4a - France Flag
GERtRE4a4eS - Germany Flag
HOKYeQuKuw3 - ???
INDs4u8RApr - India Flag
IRE8ruGejec - Ireland Flag
ITAQ7Swu9re - Italian Flag
JPNj7fazebR - Japanese Flag
KORpaphA9uK - Korean Flag
MEX5Usw2YAd - Mexico Flag
HOLb8e6UWuh - Holland Flag
NZLxut32eSA - New Zealand Flag
NOR3Waga8wa - Norweigien Flag
PORQ54aFrEY - ???
R41nB0wu7p3 - ???
RUS7rusteXe - ???
SINvuS8E2aC - ???
ESPChE4At5p - ???
SWEt2aPHutr - Sweden Flag
SWIsTE8tafU - ???
TAW8udukUP2 - ???
UKv4D3phed - United Kingdom Flag
USAM3spudre - United States Flag


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