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Worms 4: Mayhem


Worms 4: Mayhem FAQ/Walkthrough

by Probester

Worms 4 Mayhem
By: Probester/Sam C.
[email protected]
Version 1
Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. How to use this guide
3. Weapon Database
4. Walkthrough
5. Faqs
6. Customization of Worms/ Weapons
7. Worms History/ Comparison
8. Multiplayer/ WormPot
9. Challenges
10. Credits
11. Legal
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for quickly.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission.
Use of this guide on any other web site
or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
and a violation of copyright. All name tand titles belong to their
respective owners, living or dead, fictional or non-fictional.

This guide should appear on:

If you see any other sites with this guide, please let me know
as other sites do not have my permission to use this.

Worms 4: Mayhem
Rating: Teen
Players: 1-4
HeadSet Support
XBOX Live Support
Friends Support

Version 1- Start of guide
Version 1.1- Corrected some spelling errors/ added more sections

1. Introduction
 Hi. This is a guide on how to beat and complete Worms 4: Mayhem.
This guide will tell you the best strageties for beating each mission and
I hope that this will statisfy you and I hope that this will be useful.

2. How to use this guide

    To use this guide, look for the mission which you are having trouble with.
 Read the walkthrough and follow the instructions.
If you follow the guide completely, then at the end of the guide,
 you should have a fully completed game. Use the coins that you will gain from
completing missions and challenges to unlock additonal features from the
worm shop.

3. Weapon Database

Name: Bazooka
Damage: 50 to 75
Wind Effect: yes
Notes: This weapon is an explosive launcher, with destrucive comaplities
on both worms and the landscape. This is a classic of the Worms games,
and has continued to appear in most of its games.
Use this weapon carefully, as it will cause damage to you as well,
if you are too close when firing this at an enemy.

Name: Shotgun
Damage: 25 to 50
Wind Effect: no
Notes: Yet another classic weapon makes a return in this game.
This gun allows you two shots before your turn is over, so plan
accordingly, and the results could be very benefical to your team,
if you manage to take out more than one worm in a turn.

Name: Dynamite
Damage: 75
Wind Effect: no
Notes: Another classic weapon. This is a close range explosive,
best used when closeto an enemy worm.
This can be dropped onto the ground from a jetpack or parachute
by selecting the dynamite after equiping the jetpack.

Name: Sniper Rifle
Damage: 40
Wind Effect: no
Notes: When aiming with this weapon,
you will notice that you're worm's hand will shake.
Also notice that you can zoom in and out with Y and B buttons.

Name: Grenade
Damage: 50
Wind Effect: yes
Notes: Standard issue for any worm,
this is a thrown explosive compable of damaging land
as well as worms.Press the white button to change the fuse time,
so that the grenade can detonate sooner or later.

Name: Holy Hand Grenade
Damage: 50 to 75
Wind Effect: yes
Notes: This is a powerful version of the hand grenade.
The white button sets the fuse time.
 This grenade makes a sound after fuse time is up.
Use this to deal massive land or worm damage.

Name: Poison Arrow
Damage: 25 and poison
Wind Effect: yes
Notes: This is a long bow which launches an arrows which is tipped with poison.
Explodes on contact for extra worm damage. Can be launched high.

Name: Gas Canister
Damage: Poison
Wind Effect: yes
Notes: This is a grenade that releases gas. No land damage.

Name: Cluster Bomb
Damage: 50 to 75
Wind Effect: yes
Notes: This is a grenade which release many other grenades after fuse.
 Use the fuse with the white button.

Name: Banana Bomb
Damage: 75
Wind Effect; yes
Notes: This Banana is actually a bomb.
Like the cluster bomb, this turns into mini banana bomb.
The white button sets the fuse.

Name: Homing Missle
Damage: 50
Wind Effect: no
Notes: This is a homing missle laucher.
First set the crosshair on the spot you want to hit.
Then launch the missle.
 The missle is homing, so don't worry about shooting.

Name: Mine
Damage: 25 to 50
Wind Effect: no
Notes: Can be used the same way as the dynamite,
 as well as setting obstacles for your enemy. Fuse on contact.

Name: Fire Punch
Damage: 25
Wind Effect: no
Notes: A close range uppercut attack.
Useful fro knocking enemy worms into the water, or off a sniper spot.

Name: Baseball Bat
Damage: 25
Wind Effect: no
Notes: Same use as the firepunch, but gives more range.
You can aim this a little better than the fire punch.

Name: Prod
Damage: none
Wind Effect: no
Notes: Use this to push enemies into the water.
The ultimate insult to a worms player.

Name: Air Strike
Damage: 50 to 75
Wind Effect: yes
Notes: Go to overhead view,
and select the place where you want the plane to frop the bombs.
Then, press A to launch the bombs.

Name: Sheep
Damage: 50
Wind Effect: no
Notes: An explosive sheep which is extremely useful in
destroying both worms and land. Press the fire button to launch the sheep.
The second press will detonate this furry explosive.

Name: Old Woman
Damage: 50
Wind Effect: no
Notes: This is used in the same way as the sheep.
This will detonate by itself if you do not detonate it soon, so make haste.

Name: Inflatable Scouser
Damage: 50
Wind Effect: yes
Notes: An inflatable ballon which grabs onto enemy worms
 an lifts them high into the air, before dropping.
Press fire to launch, and it will guide itself toward a worm.

Name: Super Sheep
Damage: 50
Wind Effect: no
Notes: This is used in the same way as the sheep,
except that it can fly and be controlled.

Name: Tail Nail
Damage: 10
Wind Effect: no
Notes: Close range hammer. Use this to nail an enemy worm's tail to the
ground. They will be stuck to the ground until the landscape the worm
is nailed to the ground. They will be powerless to move to attack.

Name: Starburst
Damage: 75
Wind Effect: no
Notes: This is a worm suidcide attack. After using this attack,
your worm will strap a rocket to his back. Steer the rocket towards the enemy,
and your worm will explode, causing massive damage to worms and land.
The controls for flying the rocket are inverted, so it may take a little getting
used to.

4. Walkthrough

        This is the main story. You can unlock things to buy in the shop,
as well as coins you can use to buy items after unlocking them.

Left Analog Stick: Move worm
Right Analog Stick: Move Camera
D-Pad: Move through menus
Start Button: Pause game
Left Trigger: Blimp camera
Right Trigger: Gun view
A Button: Fire
X Button: Menu
B Button: Jump
Y Button: Select Worm

Tutorial Mission 1- Worminkle University

    This is a basic level teaching you how to play the game.
If you want to make the time limit for this level,
then quickly gather the bazooka and blast each worm that you see.
Don't worry bout resistence though,
 they will not fight back at all. You don't not have to grab all
 the crates but killing all the worms is nessesary.
Be careful not to ice the professor worm.

Tutorial Mission 2- Unsporting Behavoiur

    It seems that worms from a rival school has just lost a football
game to your team. They are being sore losers and are refusing
to leave. Take care of this problem before someone sees!!!!
Blow up the worms with what ever weapons you want. The final
worm will be impossible to hit until you aquire the ninja rope. Aim
the rope on the little bulls-eye above the ledge and shoot. Climb
up onto the ledge and hit the worm with the baseball bat. Once the
worm falls onto the field, he will be at your mercy!!!!

Tutorial Mission 3- Mike's Secret Laboratory

     After arriving at the secret laboratory by boat, the robot worms
break loose. You must stop them without destroying the entire lab!!!!
Use your worms to hit the worms on the ledges off. Then, you will
want to use high power weapons to finish them off quickly. For fun,
you can see Mike's different reactions to his lab depending on the
damage level done to the equipment.

Mission 1- Set 1- Diner Might

      In this level, you will be introduced to your enemy.
The objective of the mission is to blow up the diner
 by shooting at all the dyanmite. Ignore the other worms and
aim for the dynamite. Once all the dynamite has been dentonated,
then you will win the level.
Note: The last dynamite is hidden on the second floor.

Mission 2- Set 1- Sneaky Bridge Thieves Inc.

      In this mission, your goal will be to sabatoage the construction of an
enemy bridge. Guide your worm to steal all the tools. Have your
other worm attack the builders when they appear. Once you have all the
tools, you will win. Be creful not to waste your turn thinking and be very
careful not to fall from heights.

Mission 3- Set 1- Building Site Saboteurs

     This is a solo worm mission. You must make your way to the weapons
 and plant them on the bulldozers. Be careful not to fall into the water.
Once all the dozers have been destroyed, then some guards will appear.
Shoot them and throw grenades at them.
Once they have been defeated, then you will win.

Misson 4- Set 1- The Crate Escape

      While touring some enemy building in progress, you will be
ambushed by the building inspectors, who have come to check on the
building earlier then expected. To win this level, you must make it to
the crate at the top of the level. Have one worm proceed up the ramp
while the other stays at the bottom. The worm going up will encounter
an enemy worm. Eliminate this worm and proceed higher. The worm
on the bottom should use the sniper rifle to pick off the inspectors sitting
on top of the girders. Once one of your worms makes it to the crate,
then you will escape and win the level.

Mission 5- Set 1- Destruct and Serve

       This is the last level of set one. Complete this mission to unlock
the second set. In this mission, you will have to blow up the main building
and destroy all the enemy agents. With your first worm, snipe the worm
sitting on top of the building. The other wroms will blow up the enemy
agents using the other weapons. Leave one worm just for blowing
up the explosives. Once the building has been destroyed and all
the enemy worms are dead, then you will finish the level.

Note: Shoot the sports car sitting on the road to find an easter egg,
and recieve a lot of coins!!!!

Mission 1- Set 2- Storm The Castle

      It seems that there was an error with the time machine. A wizard
has stolen some the parts needed to repair it, and you need to get
them back. Make your way up the castle, being careful not to fall.
If you get hit by a poison arrow, then collect a health crate. After reaching
the top, the wizard will summon his royal guards. Defeat them and grab the
part to win the level. Don't forget to use girders to scale the scale to
the machine part.

Mission 2 - Set 2- The Windy Wizard

      You must destroy the power source of the wind machine. Blow up each
piece of dynamite to destroy that power source. After each piece is blown ,
an apprentice will apear, use the bazooka to hit the clud they are riding, and
sending them flying into the water. Once all the power sources have been cut,
the windy wizard will appear in a cutscene. After the scene, he will land in
front of the machine. Destroy him with the bazooka to win the level.

Mission 3- Set 2- Rob In The Hood

         As you start the level, shoot the worm the game prompts you to with the
sniper rifle. You will see the corner of his helmet. He will drop and nearly be
killed. Use your second worm's shot to snipe the same worm through the
crack in the drawbridge. Use your third worm to jetpack onto the left guard
When you reach the top, grab the extra jetpack. Blast the worm with the shotgun
twice to kill him.  On your next turn, move your worm from the tree to the
Jetpack to the right tower and blast him with the shotgun. Blast him twice to
kill him.
Fly to the last tower and kill the last worm. The wizard will appear. Use a
worm to
collect all the crates. Use the fatkins strike on the tower. Use the worm
under the
 wizard to finish him off.

Misson 4- Set 2- Joust Forget About It

This level is basically a comepetion. destroy each group of worms with
weapons that you are given, to face another group. Once you have destroyed
all three teams of worms, you will have to go collect the prize. Jump onto the
bleachers. From there, you can jump onto the stand. Grab the machine piece to
win the level.

Misson 5-Set 2-Nice To Siege You

Defend the castle until the timer is over. You will easily get the
time bonus.
There is also an easter egg for you to get on this level. Circle around to the
of the castle to find a cave. Look at the worm with the bunny ears, and he will
You will have recieved the easter egg.

To Be Continued In Next Update

5. Faqs

Q. With don't I have a certain weapon????
A. Some of the weapons are not availible on some missions.
 Also, some weapons mustbe picked up or unlocked
before they can be used.

Q. How do I unlock certain weapon schemes????
A. You will have to unlock it from the Worm shop with earned coins.

Q. You left something out
A. Email the the thing to me at my email adress which is found in this guide.
Label it Worms Walkthrough.

Q. Can you play this game on XBOX live????
A. Yes, you can.

Q. What's your XBOX Live gamer tag????
A.  FishyProbe but email me before you add me.

Q. How do you get the Uzis?
A. As far as I know, they are only a part of the box art.

6.Customization of Worms/ Weapons

      This section explains all you need to know about the
new custom features for your worms and guns. You can make
your worm look like anything you want, and design weapons
to fit your style and personality. In following section will
teach you how to use the new options and get the most out
of them.

    There are many thing you can do to your worms to make
them look nice. You can dress them up with the standard gear, or you
can buy some new threads and try them out. Keep trying out new comination
until you find something that suits your needs and taste. If you want to
buy more gear for your worms, then you will have to play the game more,
to unlock more things for the shop and more coins to buy them. The following
is a list of all the gear availible for your worm to use. The voice bank
feature is back, allowing you to choose what your worms say, and now,
in different lanuages too.

Army General
Baseball Cap
Cowboy Black
Cowboy Brown
Cowboy Red
Cowboy White
Flat Cap
Girl Blonde
Girl Blue
Girl Pink
Girl Red
Home Run
Rabbit Ears
Red 17
Red Beret
Space Blue
Space Grey
Space Pink
Space White
Sports Blue
Sports Red
Sports Silver
Sports Yellow
Viking 1
World War 1
World War 2
Animal Skull
Hard Hat
Hockey Mask
Punk Blue
Punk Green
Punk Red
Punk Yellow
Team 17
Turban Black
Turban Purple
Turban Red
Turban White
Wizard Green
Wizard Purple
Wizard Red

Geek Black
Geek Blue
Geek Red
Geek White
Night Vision
Patch Black
Patch Blue
Patch Brown
Patch White
Sunglasses 1
Sunglasses 2
Fake Eyes 1
Fake Eyes 2
Glam Black
Glam Red
Glam Silver
Glam Yellow
Sunglasses 3

Biker Black
Biker Blode
Biker Grey
Biker Red
Curly Grey
Curly Red
Small Blonde
Small Red
Small White
Uncle Brown
Uncle Grey
Viking Black
Viking Blonde
Viking Grey
Viking Red
Wise Man
Safety Pin

Cowboy Black
Cowboy Brown
Cowboy Red
Cowboy White
Knight Blue
Knight Gold
Knight White
Pirate Green
Pirate Red
Pirate White
Servant Black
Servant Brown
Servant White
Servant Yellow
Spaceman Blue
Spaceman Grey
Spaceman Pink
Spaceman White
Punk Black
Punk Green
Punk Red
Punk White

Worm Sound Bank
    Here you can foind all sorts of voices and languages for your worm.
Choose the language you want, then click test. Once you have the
perfect voice, save the settings.

    There are three different times of catergories of weapons
that can be created. Launched, Air Strike, and Thrown. You can
not over power your weapon, or else it will be deemed unusable
and not stable. You know when this is happening when the meter,
located in the corner, sits on red and the weapon, on the wood,
starts smoking.

User Created Weapons
1. Kitty Bang Bang
-Six Kittens explode as bombs
Credit: Cloudslayer2007

2. Dookie Air Strike
- 10 pieces of doodoo are launched in a row and is trajected by wind...
deals low red level worm damage and blast area with a medium
yellow level for land damage
Credit: bombob

To Be Continued In Next Update

7. Worms History/ Comparison

   At the request of people on the Worms 4: Mayhem message boards,
 I have created a comparison from the earlier 3D games and
compared it to this game. First, my review of this game.
( sorry if this looks wierd. Stupid 79 margin)
Game play

   This game is very similar to Worms 3d in most ways.
The controls are mostly the same.
They are easy to learn and not very complex.
This game is very easy to pick up and play. The levels of the
game have improved a lot since the previous game.
The levels are bigger, they have more detail,
random mine dispensers, and a lot of land to explore.
The computer intelligence of Worms 4 is
much better then Worms 3D. Computer controlled
worms will not blow themselves up as easily,
and you might find them an interesting challenge.
      Worms 4: Mayhem brought about some new
weapons for the Worms series,as well as many
returning favorites. Some weapons
a Worms veteran might recognize are the Bazooka,
 the shotgun,and the sheep.
New additions include a sniper rifle,
inflatable balloons and poison arrows.

    The graphics in this game are excellent.Water in the
background sparkles, water splashes when some
debris flies into it, and the background looks amazing.
Most of the landscapes look as if they were from a beautiful
painting.New smoke effects enhance the explosions
animations to make them look excellent.

    The music in this game is good. Most of the time,
it plays softly in the background, and you will
not notice it much. Sound effects have been improved
in this game tremendously.Explosions sound cartoon-ish,
 but they fit the atmosphere. The classic voice overs
return with no change to them.They still sound great.


 This game has many unlock-ables, such as costumes, weapons and levels,
to keep most people occupied for at least a month.
Throw in the weapon and level creating system, XBOX Live support,
 and trophies to unlock, and you've got a game that will last.


    This game is a great solo game, on-line multi-player ,
or a party game to keep your guests entertained.
This is a must have for any action or strategy gamer alike.
 If you are a casual gamer, rent it first to see if you like it.
If you're looking for something to keep you entertained,
this game will be worth all that you pay for it.
Here are some comparisons.
Worms 3D had some carzy landscape destruction. Worms 4 has
the destruction more controlled. No longer would you blow up
a rock and see a bit of it floating in ther air. Worms 4 brought
many new weapons to the armory, while Worms 3D stuck
with the classics. On the other hand, Worms 4 also
removed some weapons, like the Uzi. Though it was more
enjoyable in 3D, Worms 4 has made the jetpack controls
more realistic. The air strike vehicle has changed from
3D to Worms 4, in which it is a helicopter.

Here are flaws phosphors came up with
on xbox live:
- unless you create a team from scratch, any changes that you
make to an existing team style are not saved and do not
appear when you choose that team for online play
- you can't select a game with randomly generated map
(like you could do with the slot machine and tweakable properties in w3D)
- you can't change maps in between rounds for a multiple round match
- you can't start a new match without having to exit and
resend party invites after the current match finishes.
Credit: phosphors

If you need more review content, go to the review portion on
Worms 4 on Gamespot to find out more.

8. Multiplayer/ Wormpot

       What's the only thing better than worms???? Worms with
other people of course!!!! Worms 4 allows you to play on either
your console with other players, or online with people across
the world.

    For this, you will need a controller, the game, and an Xbox.
Simply select multiplayer, and choose 2/3/4 players. After everyone
chooses a team, you can start the game.

      For the online mode, you will need the game, an XBOX, XBOX Live
subscription, and a controller. Select Xbox Live from the main menu to
proceed. Enter the password for your gamer tag, and select a mode to begin.
This game supports headseats and friends list.


    WormPot is a device in the game which allows you to randomize the
game types and setting for even more fun. Use the slot machine to use
wormpot. When you are done, start the game with these options. This can
only be used to create multiplayer matches, and cannot be used on the
single player missions.

9. Challenges

In this game, there are challenges that you can complete to earn
more rewards and coins for the worm shop.

Sniper Rifle Challenge
This is basically a text of your sniper rifle skills. Hit all the targets to
complete the mission. The various rifle targets will be hidden across the
landscape, so you may have to play this challenge more then once to
reach the time goal. Note that you cannot move, so you will have to line
up your shot from where your worm is currently standing.

Jet Pack Challenge
In this jet pack challenge, you will need to collect 15 crates while flying
around the map on your jetpack. each time you collect a crate, you will
recieve more fuel for the jetpack. If you fall, you will fail, so try not to run
out of fuel. To conserve fuel, if you don't know where to go next, land and
try to locate the next crate, so that you are not burning fuel.

Super Sheep Challenge
Guide the flying sheep towards each target. You have unlimited super sheep,
so you do not have to be worried if you mess one up. Use the left analog stick
to steer the sheep and the right analog stick to tilt the sheep camera.

Icarus Potion Challenge
Use the Icarus potion to collect all the crates around the map. Note that you
manually keep your worm flying, so button mash. After collecting each crate,
locate the next one before taking off again. Try not to hit anything, as it
will disrupte
your flying.

Shotgun Challenge
Use the shotgun to destroy all the targets. try to hit them all before they
reach the
ground, but if they do, it doesn't matter. If you shoot them quickly enough,
you can
still make the timelimit. The radar is useful in locating each target.

Accuracy Challenge
Use the poison arrow to poison all the enemy worms. You don't need
to hit the actual worm, just land the arrow close to its location and it will
explode in a cloud of gas that will poison the worm.

Navigation Challenge
Move your worm around the landscape and collect all the crates.
Your worm will only start off with one health, so you cannot fall from the
Use the girder to make paths and the ninja rope to pull the crate towards you.

Crate Collect Challenge
Use the ninja rope to pull the crate towards you rather than moving all the way
up to it and collecting it manually. There are 10 crates to collect.

Bonus Item
If you made all the timelimits, then you will recieve the DINO to get in the
worm shop.

Deathmatch Challenges 1-10
This is a general strategy on how to beat all of these missions. Try to kill
all the worms as quickly as possible. Use your powerful weapons like the
bazooka as soon as you can. Avoid using grenades with long fuse times
if you want to save time and achive the time limit. Instead on going around
walk over them and move quickly to avoid them. Do not collect the crates. There
be enough weapons to kill all the worms without much trouble. For all your hard
work, you will recieve Re-Submission and Wormenstein items to buy in the shop.

To Be Continued In Next Update

10. Credits

Me: For withing this guide
You: For reading this guide
Team 17: For making this game
phosphors: some online flaws
Cloudslayer2007: custom weapon
bombob: custom weapon

11. Legal
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission.
Use of this guide on any other web site
or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
and a violation of copyright. All name tand titles belong to their
respective owners, living or dead, fictional or non-fictional.