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Follow the dark path or use the light


by grinzeeva


     ////////////// Introduction //////////////////

Welcome to my walk through for "The Thing", I am Grinzeeva, and this is my
first walk through. I first got The Thing when I was about thirteen years
old, but I didn't beat it until I was almost sixteen, all because I didn't
know the right methods. So, I'm writing this for people who wish to play it
as well, so that they don't end up frustrated with it like I was, because
it's actually a pretty good game.

Information on weapons and other subjects is left out of this walk through 
becuase you can just read about this stuff when you play the game. 
The enemies and allies however aren't mentioned in the game, 
and not knowing this information could cause you allot of aggravation 
just like it did me. So I've decided it would be helpful to just explain 
these two subjects before going into the walk through.
The cheats are not mentioned here either, because I never thought about 
using them, so I never looked at them, and therefore I don't know what 
they are. And besides, I find the cheats are unnecessary, for this whole 
walk through is one big cheat:). 

Another thing, this game is not like what you'd expect. Where people will
be infected and turn at random times, and the only way to be sure who's who
is through the blood test. I regret to say this game is the opposite. The
blood tests will not show you if a person is the thing even if they are the

The purpose of the blood tests is to show people that you're still human. 
I know, it's horrible they made it this way, but what can you do? So now you
know. When you see a person turn into the thing, that is the place they will
always turn, and also, it's not possible to get infected yourself.

Well, now you know in my opinion the biggest problem in this game. I hope 
you still don't mind playing it though because it's still pretty fun.

   ///////// Sections /////////

Walk Through
Legal Things

 ///////// Allies ////////

Soldiers - Pretty good to have by your side. They're skilled with firearms, 
so therefore they should have good weapons. The MP 5 or the Shot Gun can be 
put to good use in there hands.

Engineers - These guys are important in certain levels. They can repair 
things for you and are also good with firearms. Give them either the MP 5 
or the Shot Gun.

Medics - My favorite by far. They aren't all that great with firearms, so 
I recommend giving them pistols. However, if anyone in your team needs 
healing, the medics won't disappoint  and they even have unlimited 
med-kits. For some reason though they can't heal themselves. Kind of 
lame, but oh well. You can still heal them with one of your med-kits, 
which you shouldn't hesitate to do if their low on health, for they keep 
you and your team running longer. You'll just have to ignore there 

    /////////// Enemies /////////////

Head Huggers - They are the heads of humans with either small human like 
legs or a bunch of spider legs. Either way, they are very quick and 
annoying. The most dangerous thing they do is spit acid on you to slow you 
down. These kind of head huggers, what I like to call spitters, are rarely 
seen, but you'll know it's them when you see head huggers with weird sack 
like things where the human heads would normally be. The first two head 
huggers are the most common enemies in the game. They like to hide in 
corpses, vents, and boxes. They don't do too much damage, but in big 
numbers they can be dangerous. Use either the pistol or the MP 5 to take 
these guys out.

Hosts - They are humans which have recently transformed into the thing. 
Some of them can spit acid on you which does the same thing as the head 
hugger acid. They are pretty weak, but fairly quick. Just use the MP 5 to
weaken them and then the flame thrower to take them out. (All big thing 
enemies must be weakened before they can be burned to death. Shoot them 
until their health meters are red, and then flame them. Nothing else 
other than explosions will kill them.)

Humanoids - These are tough enemies that resemble humans. Some of them 
can spawn head huggers and even spray you with acid. They're pretty quick 
and VERY dangerous up close. Keep your distance, and weaken them with the 
shotgun before you burn them. Be careful though! Upon their death a couple 
of head huggers will come off of them.

Walkers - My favorite of the thing enemies. They are pretty large, 
dangerous in close quarters, and surprisingly fast, and sort of resemble 
a praying mantis. Use the same method in killing the humanoid for these 
guys, and yes, head huggers will come off of them when they die, so be 

Hounds - These things use to be dogs, but are now far deadlier. They 
are very quick, and have a deadly charge attack. Some are even able to 
spit acid onto you. Use the same method up above, but be extra careful. 
Head huggers will come off of these guys upon their death.

Tentacles - If you ever see any blobs, then this is where the tentacles 
live. They aren't seen too often, and are not at all dangerous. Use the 
MP 5 to get rid of them.

Soldiers - These guys are seen quite often later in the game, and are 
pretty weak. They're very good shots though, and can kill you in no 
time. They can be seen with any weapon in the game accept for the 
grenade launcher or the pistol. Take cover when there are a lot of 
them, and use grenades to thin their numbers. Careful though, they 
can also throw grenades at you. The sniper rifle is good for taking 
them down if far away too, but better when they aren't aware of your 
presense and moving about, unless you're a good shot. If there is only
one soldier or two then you're normally able to take them out with a 
regular weapon before they can hurt you.

Whelp, you know pretty much all there is to know that the field manual 
doesn't tell you about. The Thing should be a little easier for you now.

   /////////// Walk Through ///////////

Whenever you are dropped off or are all the sudden in a different 
setting, or your main missions change, I'm going to count these as 
separate stages.

Stage 1 No Survivors

Note: This is the easiest level in the game. Their are no enemies, but 
allot of supplies that will help with the later levels. Basically a 

First thing's first. Read everything on the Field Manuel. It holds 
important information that you'll need if your going to control your
team mates.

You're name is Blake, and you have been dropped off with three other 
soldiers. North, Weldon, and Burrows. You'll have a flair, and an MP 5.
North also has an MP 5, Burrows has a pistol, and Weldon has nothing. 

You're objective is to search the ruins of Outpost 31 for survivors and
to keep your team alive. Well, the first thing you should do is search 
behind you and you'll find an extra MP 5 and a flair. Then, you need to 
find shelter. If you're out in the cold for too long you'll freeze to 
death. There's only one way into the building your near, go in, and go 
through a door. 

Once you enter the room, each team mate will introduce themselves. 
North is a soldier. Burrows is an engineer, and Weldon is a medic. 
After that's over, you'll notice a control panel which has been 
damaged. Some, you're able to fix on your own, but others require an 
engineer. You can either have Burrows fix this panel, or do it 
yourself. After this is done, a door will open, and there'll be a 
computer in the room. 
Enter the room, and then the computer will explode, taking some of your 
health away. Don't worry, Weldon will heal you. You can then take the 
MP 5 ammo and a pistol from the room with the computer. Don't bother 
giving any ammo or weapons to any of your team mates for now. Don't 
take anything away either, or they won't trust you. Well, actually, 
you might as well give Weldon that pistol. You'll see why later.

Now, leave the room, and there'll be a new path which leads you 
outside into the cold. Just keep walking through all the remains,
until you come to a door. The door will be locked, but don't worry, 
just follow the light posts down into a hole where you'll find 
another flair and Pistol ammo. You'll find a tunnel as shelter 
where there'll be an extinguisher.
Then, go back outside, and you'll find another tunnel, which leads
you to an alien space ship. In this room there'll be the key to 
the infirmary. Now you can head outside, and find MacReady's shack. 
Within the shack, there'll be his tape, which holds evidence to 
what happened at the camp site. Now, follow the light posts back to
the door, and it'll open.
The room is dark, but you can turn the power on with a little help 
from Burrows. Have him fix the control panel within the room, and 
then you'll see the first scary thing in the game. There's a corpse
in the room near a PC which will give you the code for the door near 
the control panel.
At this point you'll notice on your squad menu that Weldon is shaking 
with fear. Whenever you see this, it means the team member is about to 
go crazy and get himself killed. You can't allow this on this level, 
so you need to calm Weldon down. This is why you give him the pistol. 

He'll now feel much safer. You could also just take him out of the 
area, or give him the adrenaline hypo laying around in the room.
After you deal with this, look up the code on the PC, and use it to 
open the door. Also, there are some papers lying around in this room 
that hold some information as well, but I don't think you need them 
to beat the level. It's good to know all the facts though. Okay, now 
that you've opened the door, go into the room and there'll be a 
save-game slot behind the door in front of you. First you'll need to 
fix the control panel to get the door open.
Now that your game is saved, leave this tiny room, and there'll be a 
few med-kits. You'll need those for later. Okay, now you can go out the 
door next to the other two. You'll be out in the cold yet again. Just 
follow the light posts until you reach the corpse of Childs. You'll then 
contact Whitely and give him all the information, and then you're given a
new objective.
Follow the red light posts to a box with C-4 charges. You then have to go
back inside, and plant the charges on red squares that appear in the 
infirmary, and in the room with introduction scene. Now your objectives 
are complete, so you should take everybody's weapons, and go back to 
where the C-4 charges were and you'll be picked up by a helicopter. 
Some of your team won't follow you now that you took their weapons, but 
it's important that you do this so you'll have more weapons in the next 
level. These guys won't be in the next level anyway, so they really have 
no use for the weapons.

Stage 2 The Search for Pierce

Note: This level's kind of long, but pretty easy. The enemies are many, 
but they are weak, making this more of a combat tutorial.
You're dropped off at another outpost. This time, alone, but don't 
worry, you should have more than enough ammo if you took my advice. 

You may notice a way through a wall, but the wires around it will 
electrocute you. First thing you should do, is follow the light posts. 
They'll lead you to the only door that isn't blocked by something. 
Don't enter though, their'll be more light posts to follow, which will 
lead you to another door.
While on your way to this door, there'll be a head hugger watching you. 
Calm down, it doesn't attack you. Just keep going, and then you'll find 
this door is blocked, but you didn't come here for nothing. On the 
corpse, there'll be another MP 5, and a med-kit. Now, head back to the 
door, and enter the outpost. It's quite easy to do all this before 
freezing to death.
Okay, now that your here, keep going further, there'll be a fresh 
flair, a locked door, and then a control panel. No, it doesn't unlock 
the door behind you, it unlocks the door up ahead. Now, head for the 
room. While on your way, there'll be a cut scene of a head hugger 
which is following you, and then it stops near the locked door. 
Don't bother turning around to find it, or running away, it isn't 
there anymore.
When you enter the room, a soldier will identify himself as Carter. 
He's injured badly. What attacked him he can't describe. All you can
do is heal him with one of your med-kits. Do it quickly! Or he'll 
bleed out, and the level will restart. After he's healed, he'll tell you
to give him a weapon. If you don't then he won't trust you, and 
therefore he won't follow you. Give him an MP 5 and about two clips, 
and then he's yours to command.
There'll be a flashlight, a med-kit, and an extinguisher in the room. 
And also, a secret area with even more supplies. You may notice an 
explosive barrel in the room. Well, all you need to do is stand back, 
and shoot the barrel. The wall will then be destroyed, revealing a 
secret room. 
Careful though, there's allot of fire in the room from the explosion. 
This is what the extinguisher is for, just don't get to close to the 
fire, and also, there's another barrel in the secret room which will 
explode when the fire has reached it, so don't go and put out the fire 
until this barrel has exploded too, or you can just shoot the barrel 
and save some time. Now, you can enter the room and there'll be a blow 
torch, some canister, and MP 5 ammo.
Now have Carter fix a control panel so that you can use the PC and get 
a little info. You can also use the Save-game slot next to the PC. 
There's also a camera that shows you what's in the other room, in which
you can't enter because the door requires a code. To get the code, 
search the room through the camera.
While searching, you may notice a soldier who is trapped in there, 
but don't worry about him right now. The code is written in blue 
numbers above the stairs. Zoom in on the code. Now you can put the 
code in and get the door open. There'll be two head huggers watching 
you, but they go away before you see them.
Okay, now that you know that, go to that one room and head down the 
stairs. Cruz, the soldier you saw on camera before will mention Pierce. 
The man you're trying to rescue. He doesn't know much about where he is 
though, so you'll have to keep searching.
Now you should give Cruz a weapon. Any weapon will do, sense he already 
trusts you 100%. Now, have both guys follow you, and search the corpse 
that is in the room. You'll find the key to that one door on the corpse. 
Now have Carter fix a control panel somewhere in the room so the power 
can be shut off. After this is done, you should save your game again 
and head back outside.
You may have noticed that in the room where you found Carter, that 
there's a dead guy sitting in a chair. You can do this from the 
beginning of the level, but it hardly seems necessary. Walk up to the 
corpse, and then you'll hear a strange growling sound. The first time 
I heard it, I freaked out because I couldn't see where the thing was. 
It's actually not a big deal. It's just a puny head hugger entering 
the room through the same door you entered. 

You might as well do this after you shut off the power in the wires, 
because once you head back outside, you'll be attacked by a few head 
huggers anyway. Don't worry, this is easy. Your team mates, especially 
Cruz, may be a little afraid, but don't worry, not enough to completely 
lose it. Just shoot every head hugger that appears or have your team 
mates do if for you. Just be careful, they have to live through this 
whole level or else you'll have to restart.
The most dangerous thing about this part is the explosive barrel in 
the corner. Your team mates could accidentally shoot it while the 
things are coming, and you'd be too close to it. Shoot this barrel to 
get it out of the way. Now, when you come to that locked door it will 
automatically open, and there'll be pistol ammo med-kits.
Okay, now make your way to the door, and use your fire extinguisher 
to put out the fire that blocks the way. Now just head for the opening
in the wall, and then you'll come to a checkpoint. (Warning, DO NOT 
turn off your console after reaching a checkpoint! You will only be 
able to load saved games.)
Follow the light posts to a small shack. When you reach the shack 
you'll be attacked by a few head huggers. There'll be a save-game 
slot inside the shack, but first, a head hugger will break out of a 
box and attack you. Deal with the head hugger, and then save your game. 
There's also an extinguisher in the shack, you can never have too many 
of those.
Now follow the light posts to the left when you leave the shack to a 
bigger building. The door is locked, but there's a panel behind a pile 
of boxes. Shoot the boxes, and have Carter fix the panel. Now enter 
the building, and you'll find Pierce, who is armed with a flame 
thrower, and doesn't trust you.
He'll tell you that the only way to prove that your human is by 
finding the blood tests near the kennel, and bringing them back so 
you can test everyone. Don't waste anytime, grab the key from the 
table, and the canisters  Now save your game on the save-game slot 
inside this building, and head back outside. 
There are two ways to go now. The left light posts will lead you to 
another shack, where you'll be attacked by a few head huggers. Have 
Carter fix the control panel, and then enter the shack. Put out the 
flames before you enter, and then there'll be a flamethrower and some 
canisters. Now you should head back out, and kill the group of head 
huggers that'll be coming your way. Then follow the light posts behind 
the shack, and you'll be led to a bunch of ruined buildings. 
You'll be attacked by a few head huggers when you first arrive. One 
building has a huge fire blocking the way in. Put it out and then go 
in and there'll be a med-kit. In the building beside this one, there'll 
be another med-kit, but you'll have to deal with more head huggers 
first. Okay, now there's one last building to check.
Enter the last building, and there'll be a case full of blood test 
hypos  Now take care of the last head hugger pack, and then return to 
Pierce. Take Cruz and Carter's weapons, and approach Pierce. You'll 
then automatically test yourself, proving that you're human, and 
gaining Pierce's trust. Then, you'll automatically test Cruz, who is 
infected. Waste no time, pull out the MP 5, and unload on both Cruz 
and Carter.
There both the thing, Carter will turn seconds after Cruz. Shoot them 
until their health meters are red, then pull out a blow 
torch/flamethrower and fry them. This is how all big things are taken 
out. Now you should save your game, and in case your wandering, Pierce 
is human when you do the test on him. You don't have to test him, but 
you can, it's not like the tests are important right now. You'll find 
plenty more later. 
You can take Pierce's flamethrower, but then he won't trust you as much. 
There's really no point in this, sense you don't really need the 
flamethrower right now. If you decide to take if from him anyway, then 
DON'T give him another weapon, for he won't be with you in the next 
level, which starts right when you walk out the door.

Stage 3 The Comm Room

Note: From here on the game is harder. You'll meet bigger enemies 
through this level, but with the help of your team mates it shouldn't 
be so bad.

Okay, now things get more complicated. At the beginning of this level 
Pierce gets lost behind you somewhere. Eventually, an engineer named 
Pace starts throwing grenades at you, but then when he realizes it's 
you, and stops. You then both meet in a tower, where he tells you that 
him and Williams found a Norwegian but lost them in the storm. He 
then says he also lost Williams.
Now you're in control, and must find Williams, who is hiding somewhere 
inside the building up ahead, but first, get all the supplies from the 
tower. Pace is armed with an MP 5, and trusts you 100%. I'd give him an 
extra clip, for he'll quickly run out of bullets later.
Okay, now leave the tower, and head toward the building. Before getting 
too close to the building, go into first person view, and shoot the 
vent above the door. If you don't do this then head huggers will jump 
out of it.
Quick advice, you'll see once you come to the door where the vent is 
that there's a small cabin to your left. DON'T go into that cabin. 
It's a complete waste of time. All you'll find are explosive barrels, 
and tentacles.
Now that you know, fix the control panel, and then enter the building. 
You'll enter a large room where you'll be attacked by head huggers. 
Take care of them and then get Pace out of the room. Their are tons of 
corpses in this room, so therefore both team mates you get on this 
level will be terrified.
Keep going further into the building, and more head huggers will attack 
you. In front of you there'll be a bunch of explosive barrels, and a 
control panel that you need Pace to fix. To your left there'll be a 
hall way which will lead you to an MP 5 ammo box, and also, the first 
big thing you'll see. 
It is a walker, you'll see it through the big window beside you. It'll 
be coming for the door, but it can't get in unless you run back and let 
it in. If you think killing it is a good idea than go right ahead. I'd 
just leave it alone though, and continue searching for Williams.
Like I said before, have Pace fix the panel for you, and then the door 
will open, leading you into a room where you'll see a PC and a taser to 
your left side. This wasn't listed in the weapons menu up above because 
it isn't really a killing weapon. It's purpose is to calm down team 
mates who are acting all crazy. Just a quick zap, and their trust will 
go down a little, but at least they'll be more calm. They also drop 
their weapons when tased, and no, this cannot be given to a team mate.
Anyway, after this is all done, head further in the room, and you'll 
find Williams, who has access to the radio room, but doesn't trust you 
enough to help you. To gain his trust, you have to kill 3 walkers. Now 
you should enter the cantine to your left, and there'll be a save-game 
But first, you have to kill the head huggers. Once that's done, there's 
a blood test hypo on the counter, don't bother using these on either 
Pace or Williams, there both human. Anyway, there's also a box beside 
the refrigerator, with a flamethrower inside. That's why there's no 
point in taking Pierce's flamethrower. 
Your teammates shouldn't be given either the flamethrower of the blow 
torch. You're better off in my opinion with the flamethrower while your 
guys have regular weapons. It's good the other way too, I'm just more 
confident with the first way.
Anyway, on the other side of the fridge, there's a box of canisters 
for the flame thrower. Now head back to where you came in, and you'll 
hear a loud noise. A walker will then appear, and you'll have to kill 
Now head out of the room, and you'll notice a huge hole in the wall 
that the Walker made. Go through here and you'll be attacked by another 
Walker that will break down a door. Kill it, and then go through the 
opening, and in the next room you'll find an adrenaline hypo.
Continue from here, and you'll be attacked by a few head huggers and 
the last walker. Once killed, keep going further down the area, and 
you'll see a pile a boxes. Shoot the boxes, and under them will be a 
crate, with a shot gun inside, and shells in the other room.
Okay, now head back to Williams, and he'll help you get into the comm 
room. You should take his flamethrower and give him a pistol, sense he's 
a medic. Then follow him into the comm room and there'll be med-kits and 
more ammunition for the shot gun, and a savegame slot. Pace will have to
repair a control panel to get it working.
Okay, once you've done all this, just turn on one of the radios, and 
then two walkers will come your way, along with a few head huggers. 
Once you take care of this you should save your game. Now follow 
Williams. He'll leave the building through the door in the canteen. 
Once you walk out of that door the level is over.

Stage 4 The Never Ending Storm

Note: It's not that this level is hard, its just that it takes a while. 
Get as much ammo as you can and hope you survive!

Everything about the cut-scene at the beginning hints that this level 
is going to be trouble. The creepy music, the camera circling around the 
building, all the broken windows. Yep, this cannot be good. You and your 
team are in a short building with five rooms. You start out in the main 
room, where there's an extra MP 5, and three doors to choose from.
One is locked, and one leads an empty room, where you'll see another 
door. Go through the door and there'll be a few tentacles, and two head 
hugger spawners. Clear the area, and then fix the control panel, which 
will open one of the doors. Now, have Williams and Pace enter the room 
you cleared. 
They will be scared out of their minds, but don't worry, there's a way 
to keep them cool. When you tell them to stay put, you are able to push 
them around, and they won't do anything about it, so just push them 
farther back into the room, and they should be fine. 
I don't think this is supposed to happen, but it's really helpful, 
because you'll need them both to be in that room for nearly the 
entire level. Now, do not enter the room that was recently locked. Go 
into the other room, and stock up on some ammo. There'll be med-kits, 
and a whole lot of ammunition.
Make sure and give Williams and Pace plenty of ammo. Oh, and another 
thing, always have your MP 5 ready. It's more effective in the situation 
your about to be in than the shot gun. The shot gun shouldn't be given 
to Pace either. Now that that's done. Go into the now unlocked room, 
and there'll be a few canisters laying around. There's also a save-game 
slot. Save the game, and then head toward the end of the room. This is 
where it gets a little crazy.
You'll now see that spider head huggers are coming. Do not save the 
game again. Just run back into the room where you leave Pace and 
Williams. These head huggers will keep coming in waves that get larger 
and larger. They jump in through the windows, and this room is best 
because there are no windows. You'd think that the armory would be best 
but it's very dangerous. I made this mistake when I first played, and 
now you can avoiding making it too.
Try not to get injured, for Williams will move from his place to heal 
you and possibly be terrified from it. There are allot of times when 
it seems like it's over, but don't let the silence fool you. They'll 
keep on coming and coming  and eventually you'll run out of MP 5 ammo. 
DON'T run back for ammo, pull out your shot gun and blast away! 
It'll be over soon after your MP 5 ammo runs out, assuming you had full 
ammo and made most of your shots count. Never leave this room for any 
reason! Just stay put with a regular weapon in hand, until you hear the 
sound of the door being broke down. Immediately pull out the 
flamethrower, and flame around the door. You'll soon see two humanoids 
come in.
Try not to let the humanoids in the room with you. Once they're dead 
the level is basically over. Now go back to the armory for more ammo 
and then save. Now leave the building through the huge whole the 
humanoids made, and you'll see a man who is running away. This man is 
the Norwegian guy Pace was talking about, and he has a radio. 
Now your objective is to catch the Norwegian and call in a rescue. Go 
right and there'll be a little cabin that a host breaks out of. Kill it, 
and then go into the cabin and there'll be canisters, and 2 blow torches. 
Now head out in the direction where the Norwegian went, and the level 
will end.

Stage 5 Finding the Radio Man

Note: Pretty long level, but there are longer ones. This level is pretty 
creepy in my opinion. It's fairly difficult too. As a matter of fact, I 
thought this level was so much harder than it really was, and I ended up 
quitting the game for about a year. The aggravation I felt when playing 
this level shouldn't get to you as long as you follow my instructions 

There'll be a cut scene showing the Norwegian running into a building. 
Don't bother going over there, for the door is locked. Instead, go up 
the stairs into the other building, where you'll be attacked by spider 
head huggers. No big deal. Then go into the room, but don't stay too 
long. Both Williams and Pace will be afraid.
There's only one way to go besides back down the stairs, and you'll be 
attacked by a few head huggers when you go this way. First though you 
might as well take Williams' gun, and kill him. If you don't, then he'll 
turn into the thing once you go farther into the rooms.
A little advice. You'll often need to take people's weapons away from 
them so that you can kill them without them killing you. Well, here's a 
tip. Always stay far away from who you're about to shoot, and try 
aiming for their head. 
If you're too close then they'll simply just take the weapon you're 
holding away, and kill you with it. That happened to me once, and I 
didn't expect it. It was pretty funny, but it could be annoying if 
you get real far without saving.
When you enter the room where the head huggers came from, there'll 
be stairs, and MP 5 ammo. Now go up the stairs, and go outside, where 
you'll see a vent. No need shooting the vent, for a head hugger will 
jump out, breaking it in the process. Kill it, and go down the vent.
There'll be a couple head huggers in the area you're in. Kill them, 
and then you may notice footsteps. This is the sound of 2 Humanoids 
walking about just below you. You can see them from the 2 different 
vents. Go up to one of the vents, and shoot them. Now go into first 
person view, and shoot some explosive barrels that are down there 
with them. 
The humanoids will die, and the fire will soon go out. Now you can 
jump down, and you'll find a key somewhere in the area. Pace should 
be in the building with you by then. After you've acquired the key, 
just exit the building. The key won't unlock the door for the one 
the Norwegian went through.
Go to the other building instead, and on your way their you'll see 
another man running into an observatory. This can't be the Norwegian, 
for you saw him enter the other building. Who could this guy be? 
You'll find out soon enough. Enter the building and you'll be 
attacked by a few head huggers.
After you deal with them, search the lockers to the side. Many of the 
lockers in this building have supplies. Now continue down the hall, 
and you'll find yourself in a room with a save-game slot. But when 
you go up to it, a pack of head huggers will attack from behind.
Once you kill them go ahead and save. Now take Pace's weapons away, 
and kill him, or he'll turn into the thing when you enter the next 
room. Now, in the next room you'll see stairs. Don't go up these 
stairs just yet. Keep going further in this room, and you'll come 
to a room full of ammunition. When you enter the room will catch fire. 
All I know to do here is exit the room as soon as it happens, and you 
should be able to make it out with just minor damages.
Now wait for the sprinklers to put out the fire, and then enter the 
room. There'll be a key laying on a barrel in the corner of the room. 
Now, head up the stairs, and there'll a humanoid, which will be 
walking down the next set of stairs.
From here you'll be attacked by a few head huggers as well. You 
should take care of these guys first, and then the humanoid. Just 
be careful though because this humanoid can spawn spitters.
There'll be a PC in this room, are two ways to go. If you go into 
the bathroom then you'll be attacked by another humanoid. Don't 
leave the bathroom when the humanoid appears, or even go near the 
door, or else head huggers will appear. Once the humanoid is dealt 
you can search the toilets and lockers for supplies. 
Now get some info off a PC somewhere in the room. Now just head up the 
stairs and use that key for the door. You'll then run up into the 
observatory and find Pierce, who is injured badly, and says he's 
infected, so he decides to take his own life. Too bad, he probably 
would've been really helpful. Now you can search the room and find a 
Sniper Rifle. There's also a PC, and a camera to look through.
Now leave the observatory, and you'll see some explosive barrels. 
Shoot them, and then there'll be a piece of metal in which you can 
cross to get to the building the Norwegian entered. This part can be 
tricky. Go right, and then keep going around. Just don't move too 
quickly, or you could fall to your death. At the same time don't 
move too slowly, or you'll freeze to death.
Eventually there'll be a few head huggers. Two are coming straight 
for you, and one from behind. Now continue until you see a vent, 
shoot it and then crouch so you can enter. Once you go in so far 
you'll come to a check point.

You'll be going through the vents, until you finally come to a room 
where you see a man who's been trapped inside a room by a pack of 
head huggers being led by a hound. Once cleared, there are two rooms. 
The door to one is locked, so you'll have to enter the one with the 
engineer named Collins.
Collin will tell you that he was chasing a man but that he lost him 
and is now somewhere downstairs. This man is the norwegian you've 
been tracking. Now you'll need to search downstairs. Give Collins a 
good weapon, and have him follow you. You don't have to keep him alive 
but he can be useful for a couple things in this level. 
There'll be medical supplies in this room, and also a PC. Now when you 
go out there'll be a control panel that you can fix, though I don't 
think you have to. You should probably just go ahead and do it. All I 
know is that it turns the power on.
Go down the stairs, and you'll be attacked by a few head huggers. 
When you reach the bottom, you'll see what looks to be a clear area. 
Don't let that full you, there are a bunch of enemies waiting for you. 
All you need to do is walk out there and 3 hounds will come out, along 
with a bunch of head huggers. 
This is the part I didn't know how to beat, and ended up quitting the 
game over. First off, do not run out there. You'll see a control panel 
out there that you'll need to fix in order for a crane door to open. 
Send Collins out there to do it. This is what he's useful for.
For some reason the hounds won't appear when he walks out there, only 
the head huggers. Once he has that fixed, go half way up the stairs, 
and you'll be able to run up the crane that was blocked by a door 
before you had Collins fix the panel. 
Now, carefully go up the crane, and then make your way to that one 
room with the locked door. You can enter from the roof, but first you 
should go the opposite way and there'll be shot gun shells. When you 
finally enter the room, there'll be a PC and a key card, for one of the 
doors back down where the hounds are hiding.
The door in that room will now open, and you can go back down stairs, 
where more head huggers will attack. Now there are two ways to do this. 
This is what I originally did, but it's probably not a very great idea. 
When back downstairs, run straight out toward the door, and unlock the 
door before the hounds will be able to get you. It's bad because there 
is some ammo out there that you could use.
Collins sometimes can't make it in the room in time, but it doesn't 
really matter. You'll know why later. Okay, there's one way to do it. 
The other way, is to walk out there, and then when the hounds come, 
run back upstairs. To stall the hounds for a second, shoot the 
barrels around them.
Now, once up stairs, this is what you do. Flame around the stairs so 
that they can only make it up part way. From there, fill 'em with 
lead, and then let them up one at a time to finish them off. It's 
not too hard to do, and is the safest way I know to kill them. 
If I would've known this before, then I wouldn't have had such a hard 
time with it. Well, now you know, and now you can get all the ammo 
down there, and the only thing to worry about is a few head huggers 
that'll come from the vents if not destroyed.
Now when you enter the next room, there'll be a save-game slot 
(finally!). If Collins is still with you, you should take his weapons 
away and kill him, for he'll turn into the thing as you're going down 
the stairs.
Okay, now for the hard part. There'll be a door, which will lead you to 
the first boss, which is basically just a big blob on the wall with a 
couple weird heads and a few tentacles. After the cut-scene of the 
boss is over, you will immediately be hit by one of the tentacles. 
I've never been able to, but it's supposed to be possible to avoid 
the first hit, you just have to move around and hope you avoid it I 
guess. If you stand in the back of the room the thing can't hurt you.
The first thing you should do from here is run up to the broken control 
panel, and fix it A.S.A.P. You may need to heal a few times, for the 
boss will hit you repeatedly. Once the panel is fixed you can leave 
the room and the level will end. Pretty awesome! Or, if you think 
you've got what it takes to kill this thing, just start shooting the 
thing with your MP 5 until all its health meters are red. Oh, and do 
not go behind the hiding place near the control panel. 
There's a head hugger spawner here, but that's not the problem. If 
you hide here, it won't take long before the boss destroys the wall 
between you and it. Just keep shooting it, and eventually while doing 
this, a bunch of tentacles will burst from the left wall. Kill these 
guys quickly, and then continue shooting the thing. Eventually you'll 
see the Norwegian you've been chasing emerge from the blob. The thing 
doesn't get any harder to beat after this cut scene ends. 
After all it's meters are red, throw a flame grenade at the thing, 
and it will die. The flame grenades are inside the crates. Pretty cool 
if you can beat it, it's not that hard, but still, I think it's a big 
waste of ammo, and if you weren't too good at avoiding the attacks, 
then also med-kits, which are quite important for the next level. Too 
bad the radio couldn't be found. Now you'll need to find another way 
out. Just go through the door once the control panel is fixed, and the 
level will end.

Stage 6 Finding Faraday

Note: Not too hard a level. It definitely has a moment or two that'll 
make you jump. You should have fun with this level, I thought it was 
pretty good:).

When you first start this level, you'll hear the sounds of a humanoid. 
No need to worry, the humanoid is locked up and can't hurt you, so just 
drop down the hole in front of you, and then you'll see two ways to go. 
One way will lead you to three locked doors. The front door is the one 
you need to go through. The one to the left contains fire, and the one 
to the right contains the humanoid. Go back and take the other way. 
The room will be full of steam. Shoot the vents inside the room before 
entering so that the head huggers can't attack. There'll be three ways 
to go from here. The two doors to the left are locked for now, so 
you'll have to go through the front door, and then there'll be two more 
The right door is locked, and requires an access code, and the left 
will lead you to the operations room, where there's a save-game slot. 
Save your game, and then look around the room. You'll notice four 
The first switch will open the door back at the beginning of the level 
but is damaged. The second switch will open the firey cell, the third 
one will open the humanoid cell, and the fourth will open one of the 
doors in the steam room. You might as well just open all three the 
Okay, now there are numerous cameras you can look through. One will 
show you the humanoid cell. If you look around in here, you'll notice 
a grenade launcher, and a blood test hypo on a table behind the 
The camera next to this one will show you the 3 doors, and the camera 
behind that one will show you a medic, who will be killed by a 
humanoid. If you don't watch this, and you head over to that area, 
the medic will die before you can save him. You could try to save 
him if you want, but I wouldn't waste time. I don't even think it's 
Now look up the code for the door on the PC. You'll also get some 
important info from a man named Sean Faraday. Now your mission is to 
find this man. You can now go through the security door, but should 
first head back to the steam room. There'll be a few head huggers 
that'll attack you. They'll come out of the corpses. Now go through 
the left door.
There'll be a ramp. DON'T go down! First, shoot the explosive barrel, 
and then watch as the whole area below you catches on fire. Get out 
an extinguisher, and carefully put the fire out. Now, when its cleared, 
there are two ways to go. 
One will lead you back into the steam room, and the other will lead you 
into a room with supplies. Now, head back to the room with the 3 doors. 
Kill the humanoid, and then go into its cell and get the supplies. You 
can then go into the fiery cell once you put out the fire, and 
there'll be a few canisters inside. Now go back and head through the 
security door.
(One quick thing. The walker inside the cell can be lured into the 
fiery cell sometimes, and while inside it'll soon die. I'm not sure how 
to do this, it just happened one time. Try flaming the ground or 
something and it may get scared enough to enter the room.)
When you go through the code door, you'll go down a hall and soon 
enter a room where a few giant head huggers will attack you. They may 
look dangerous but their no different from the small ones. Just kill 
them, and there'll be two ways to go.
It doesn't matter which way to go, sense head huggers will attack you 
no matter what. Just be careful around the corners. In this area you 
can find MP 5 ammo. Eventually you'll come to a vent, but the head 
huggers will jump out of it before you can destroy it:(.
After you deal with them, there's an even greater danger. You may 
recognize the sounds you hear. The humanoid that killed the medic is 
near. Once you kill it, you can enter the room with the dead medic, 
and pick up a pistol clip. There's also an override switch, which will 
fix the switch that will open door you need to go through.
You'll be attacked by a few head huggers on your way out of here, and 
then a spawner humanoid in the hall. Enter the operations room, and 
turn on switch one. Now, save your game, and head for the door. 
Eventually you'll come to a checkpoint.

The first thing you should do is head back the way you came, and kill 
all the tentacles. I don't know how, but now the room's full of them, 
and so is the room after. Kill them all, and then you'll reach a dead 
end. Turn around, and go back to where you need to go. When you enter 
the next room you'll be attacked by a couple of spitters, and 2 
humanoids. One of them is a spawner. 
The best thing to do here is to stay in the room where you started, 
and let them come to you. You may lose a little health, but don't 
worry. In the next room, there'll be a box of unlimited med-kits. 
If you're playing this level and are in need of health, then don't 
use this method in killing the humanoids.
Instead, run straight toward the box, and cover the openings around 
you in flame. You'll then be safe from the humanoids, and will be 
able to stock up on med-kits. There's also a blood test hypo in this 
room, and a door leading to an armory, but the panel is damaged, and 
you'll need an engineer to fix it.
There'll be two doors to go through. Go through the left one first, 
and there'll be an engineer named Price in the room. Ignore what he's 
saying. immediately shoot the vent in this room before the head 
huggers comes out. Now you're both safe.
He won't trust you enough to follow you, so give him a good weapon. 
From his civilian clothes I'd guess he's be better with a pistol, but 
then again he's an engineer, so I'd just give him an MP 5. There's 
some ammunition in this room. Take it, and have Price follow you. 
(Price, Pierce, Pace. Weird!.)
Have Price get you into the armory. There'll be plenty in here to 
keep you going. Now go through the right door, and you'll be attacked 
by some head huggers. Some will come through a vent, and I'm not so 
sure if it can be destroyed on time. Go down the stairs, and there'll 
be a big room, with a PC and a save-game slot.
Save, and then there'll be ten switches. There are 3 cameras that will 
show you the cells, but they don't show too much. I'll just tell you 
the most important thing about this part. DO NOT open cell 7!!!! Doing 
so will let out a humanoid.
Okay, there are two ways to do this. One, you can push all switches, 
which makes everything quicker, but at the same time a bit tougher. 
Or you can just open cells 98632. The first switch doesn't work.
Now, go farther down the stairs, and go into the first cell, where 
you'll see a medic named Pamivick. If you open all of the cells I 
listed at once, he'll be attacked by a head hugger in cell 8. Doesn't 
matter to much though, for Pamivick is the thing. You shouldn't even 
give him a weapon. Just have him heal you if you need it, and then 
kill him. 
Using a blood test hypo on him will show that he's infected. This is 
one of the only times in the game where you get to test someone and 
actually force them to show their true identity. Oh, and by the way, 
there's a humanoid in cell 3, which is right next to Faraday, who's 
in cell 2. I don't know if he'll get attacked by the humanoid if both 
cells are opened.
You should probably open all cells accept for 2. After everything is 
cleared, then open his cell, and give him a good weapon. You have to 
keep Faraday alive through the rest of the level. Price never had to 
stay alive, but you should keep him alive for the extra help.
You may have noticed all the blobs in each cell, and that they didn't 
do anything. Well now, while on your way back, head huggers will jump 
out of them and attack you. Faraday by the way, is pretty good with 
firearms, and also a medic, so you won't need those med-kits unless 
your healing Faraday. 
You're basically heading for the dead end near the where you started, 
and will get attacked a few times by head huggers along the way. You 
can make a stop for the armory one last time if you want, but it's 
hardly necessary. Now there'll be a humanoid waiting in the room 
where you killed all the tentacles. Once cleared, head for the dead 
end. (Now you know why to kill the tentacles first thing. It really 
saves you some time.)
Now you and Faraday (Price is no longer with you for some reason) 
will be found by Whitley and his men. Whitley has his own plans for 
the infection, and is unwilling to tell you anything about anything. 
So you, believing Whitley an enemy now, attempt to attack him, but 
are then knocked out by a tranquilizer. The stage is now over.

Stage 7 The Escape

Note: This level's tricky. Especially the first part of it. It's 
pretty scary as well, it's one of those trust levels, only you're 
the one who has to trust, and if you put your trust in the wrong man, 
then it could mean your death. It's pretty fun though, and with my 
instructions, you should be able to play it without the frustration.

You're in a lab room, unconscious, and Faraday is with you, attempting 
to kill the remaining things in the building, but is shot down by 
Whitely. You then wake up a while later, and find that all your 
weapons and supplies are missing. This is why the trip to the armory 
was unnecessary. You'll hear a man calling for help. You'll find this 
guy soon enough, but first fix the control panel and the power will 
come on. 
You can now access the PC in the room with you. Okay, there are two 
doors. One will lead you to the injured man. Don't open this door! 
Instead, there'll be some cameras that'll show you some of the other 
rooms. The first thing that'll catch your attention will most likely 
be the walker wondering about the hall way.
If you look out the windows of the room, you'll see the walker come by 
and then go back down the hall. This may sound crazy, but you need to 
open the door, and let the thing in with you. Once it's in, run out 
into the hall, and push a switch to close the door, and it will be 
trapped in there. Now, there are two panels which are broken. 
One will open the door to the armory, but you're not skilled enough to 
fix this panel. Instead, pick up the MP 5 ammo near the armory door, 
fix the other control panel, and then you'll meet a medic named 
Falcheck in the room, who'll have an MP 5, but no ammo.
He won't trust you, and you don't really need him to. You could just 
take the weapon from him and try to survive on your own, but sense 
this guys a medic, its better you don't do this. Besides, you'll need 
some help getting through this. Give him all the ammo, and then he'll 
trust you enough to follow you.
(Here's something I learned in this room. You may notice a camera in 
this room. It'll show you the hall way. There's also a switch in the 
room that turns on security. If the security is on, then turrets will 
come from out of the ceiling in certain areas, and shoot you.
One of the turrets in just down the hall way. Anyway, this is something 
you can do. At the beginning of this level, once you get the power on, 
do not trap the walker. Instead, wait till it goes far enough down the 
hall, and then go out and fix the panel which will let you in 
Falcheck's cell. Then close the door after coming in, and turn on 
security. The turret will then fill the walker with lead, but the dumb 
thing here is that it never dies, so don't waste your time doing this.)
Go farther down the hall until you come to a turn. Walk over here 
slowly or else a faulty PC will explode and hurt you. There's more 
MP 5 ammo here, pick it up, give it to Falcheck, and then continue 
down the hall, where a head hugger will jump out of a corpse.
Falcheck will take care of it no problem. Now, there'll be a control 
panel. Fix it, and then you'll be able to open a cell where a medic 
named Carter is trapped. (That's the second Carter in the game so 
far.) DO NOT let him out! First, take the notes from a corpse near 
the other door, then go through that door, and have Falcheck take 
care of the head huggers.
There'll be two doors but one is damaged. Go through the good door, 
and there'll be med-kits, a PC, 3 cameras and a save-game slot. Save 
your game, and then you can check the cameras. Two will show you a 
large room with a bunch of cells, and one will show you Carter's cell. 
Now, leave Falcheck here, close the door, and head back to where you 
trapped the walker and let it back out. It may not follow you at first. 
Sometimes it'll continue walking through the hall. This is why you lock 
Falcheck in the save room, so that he has no chance of dying.
Okay, when you get it following you, lead it into the room where you 
found Falcheck. There's a good chance it may land a hit before your 
able to escape and lock it in this room, but if this happens then you 
can have Falcheck heal you.
You'll need to return to him once this is done anyway. Have him follow 
you into the room where you first started out, and then open the door 
that will lead you to the engineer, and there'll be a few head huggers. 
Falcheck will kill them, and then you can enter and there'll be a 
flashlight and more notes.
You'll need to repair a control panel to get the next door open. Don't 
keep Falcheck in this room too long or he'll go crazy. Once fixed, 
enter the room and have Falchek heal the engineer, and then have him 
follow you. The engineer's name is Dixon by the way.
Head huggers will attack once again. Don't waste any time. Get everyone 
back into the room where you started, and lock the head huggers in the 
other room. Falcheck will take care of any that weren't trapped.
You may think that Dixon should be given the MP 5 since he's an 
engineer and would be better with it than Falcheck. You're right, but 
don't do it just yet, or else Falcheck won't trust you. Have Dixon 
repair the control panel leading to the armory, and there'll be 
medical supplies and the weapons which are further in the room.
First, you'll need to get past the security lasers. They're not the 
kind that explode when touched. These are just to see who's entering. 
It doesn't matter when you get caught. I'm pretty sure you can't not 
get caught. I've tried crouching and everything, and even though most 
of the time the lasers never touched me I still got caught.
Once you pass the lasers, a few head huggers will break through the 
vent in the back of the room, but it's nothing that Falcheck can't 
handle. Get the weapons and ammo and then everyone's good to go.
Dixon can now be given the MP 5, and give Falcheck the pistol. Now, 
head back to the save room, save your game, let open Carter's cell, 
and kill him. He'll turn seconds after released. There'll be a door 
that requires an access code. Go through the door to the left, and 
there'll be security lasers, and four switches. If you walk through 
these lasers than soldiers will arrive and kill you. the correct 
switches are the far right, and then the far left.
Now enter the next room, and there'll be a bunch of head huggers. 
The area will terrify your team mates, so you should take them upstairs 
after the head huggers are killed. There'll be two computers, and 
medical supplies. Careful when going upstairs, for some head huggers 
are hiding in the open cells.
In one of the closed cells, there'll be a humanoid. You obviously 
don't let this one out, but to the left of it, there's a guy named 
Fisk. He's human, but there's no point in letting him out right now. 
There's another man to the right of the humanoid named Stanmore, 
who is infected. Now, search each open cell, and then you'll notice 
a vent. Have your men stay put, while you shoot the vent, and crawl 
You'll reach a room where two humanoids wait for you down below. 
There's a latter that leads down but I don't think you're able to use 
it. You'll see two flame grenades. Pick them up, and carefully aim 
them at the humanoids.
If they don't die, then this is what you do. Down where the humanoids 
are, you'll see a damaged control panel. Fall down near this panel, 
quickly turn, and flame the floors so that the humanoids can't reach 
you. (The ladder will break once you drop down here) The explosions 
from the grenades should have weakened them, so now you just need to 
burn them.
There's a PC in the humanoid room but it won't work without the 
control panel. You'll need Dixon to fix it. So head back to where you 
left your team. Once you open the door, you'll recognize it as the one 
near the save room that wouldn't open the other way.
You'll be attacked by a few head huggers on the way. When you reach 
the cell room, you can let Fisk out, and give him the MP 5, sense you 
won't be needing it anymore. Now, have everyone follow you into the 
humanoid room, and have Dixon fix the control panel.
You'll then be able to use the PC, and get the code for the door in 
Carter's cell. You won't be attacked by anything while on your way. 
When you enter you come to a checkpoint.
You and your team will be going up on an elevator. There'll be an MP 5 
laying to your left. Pick it up, and get it out. When you reach the top 
a bunch of soldiers will be comming for you. Stand to the side of the 
door their about to come through, and shoot them as they walk in. When 
dead they leave ammo. Don't go through the door just yet. Instead, 
head toward the other door but don't go in. First, turn right, and go 
through all the metal crates, and there'll be a vent.
I'm assuming at least one head hugger will come through here later, so 
shoot it, and then go through the door. You'll be attacked by about 10 
soldiers from behind, and then the next room will be clear. Accept for 
the head huggers, but they're trapped in class containers. There'll be 
stairs that'll lead you to a supplies, and a sniper cam.
With this, you can snipe the trapped head huggers, but there's no need. 
Now, have Dixon fix the broken control panel, and then enter the next 
room which will be full of ammo. There's also an explosive barrel 
that'll start a huge fire if shot. No need to shoot it.
One last thing before you leave. There's 3 crates under the stairs. 
DON'T shoot the middle one! For it holds a head hugger. The others 
though hold ammo. Now head back to where you started. You'll be 
attacked by a few head huggers which will jump out of unbreakable 
pipes. There would probably be more if you didn't shoot the vent.
Now, head for that door where the first soldiers attacked. When you go 
so far into the room, and alarm will go off, and alert more soldiers. 
The alarm only lasts a few seconds though. At the turn there'll be a 
few soldiers. Try taking them out with grenades.
After that, head further down the hall, and a couple more soldiers will 
arrive. One will be running for a security switch. Shoot him before he 
can turn on security, or else the turrets will be active, making this a 
little harder. Once down, there'll be a door at the next turn, but it 
is locked. But, there's also a vent that you can shoot, and then travel 
If the turrets are active then you may take a little damage doing this. 
Make sure you're team stays behind for now. You'll be attacked by 2 
head huggers while going through the vent. You'll then reach a room 
where you'll see some supplies, and you'll need to drop down to get 
them. DON'T attempt getting the supplies, for the room will catch fire 
when you drop down.
Run immediately  You'll eventually run into a walker, (literally) but 
you won't have time to kill it. Keep going, and then you'll eventually 
make it to an opened door, which you need to close behind you before 
the walker gets you. It'll then burn to death in the halls.
You're problems aren't over yet. There are quite a few head huggers in 
this room. Kill them, and then there'll be supplies and a save-game 
slot. Too bad the power's out and you can't use it:( Don't worry, all 
you need to do is bring Dixon in so he can fix the panel for you, but 
there's a problem. 
The door that'll lead you back to your team is locked, and even if you 
could open it, you'd have to kill 2 walkers that are trapped inside. 
There'll be a bunch of switches but none of them work, so you'll have 
to some how get the power on.
First, there'll be a little room with medical supplies. Now, you should 
put out the fire in the hall, (you can put out the fire even if the 
door is in your way) and get the supplies. Now, return back to the 
switch room, and you'll notice a switch with the number 1 above it. 
Go through the door to the left of this switch, and there'll be a dead 
body in which head huggers are waiting to jump out of. Take care of 
them, and then keep going and you'll come across two doors. Go through 
the front door, and there'll be a nest of head huggers. Shoot the 
explosive barrels and the whole group will die.
Then, put out the fire, and fix the control panel up ahead. Then, go 
back, and go through the right door, where there'll be more explosive 
barrels. There's no need to shoot them. Don't walk further into this 
room, or else head huggers will jump down to you and attack. 
Go through the door to your right, and go up the stairs. Now, you'll 
be able to see the head huggers through the windows. Kill them on by 
one, and then when you go down you won't have to worry about them. 
Don't go back down yet though. Keep going forward  and there'll be 
supplies. There'll also be a head hugger which will break out of a 
vent, and attack you.
Take care of it and then there'll be a med-kit and pistol ammo in the 
vent. This is pretty weird. One time, I stood far away, and shot the 
vent, and there was nothing there but the supplies. But still, when I 
went to get the supplies, the head hugger appeared out of thin air, 
and attacked me. Whelp, now you know that no matter what you do, the 
wizard thing will always attack you:).
Okay, now head down, and fix the other control panel. Now the switches 
will work. The first one you wanna activate is 1. It'll set the walkers 
on fire. After they die, activate 2 and 3, which will open both doors 
leading to their cell. (If you open the doors before they die then 
they'll exit and attack either you or your team) You then gotta put 
out the fire, and head back to your team. (Don't forget about the 
turret if the security was activated before)
Now, have your team follow you into the switch room. If the turret is 
active then you and your guys could get hurt. It doesn't matter if 
Fisk dies, but you'll need Dixon in order to fix the control panel so 
you can save, and Falcheck for the healing reason. So, if the security 
is activated, then you should make sure both Falcheck and Dixon have 
full health before you have them run out in its sight. When you make 
it back to the walker cell, all of your teammates will be a little 
creeped out from the corpses, but not enough to go crazy.
Once in the switch room, have Dixon fix the panel, and then save. Just 
be careful, for the turret will see you through the large window to 
your left side, and start shooting you through the glass. Now, activate 
switch 4, and go through the last door, where a soldier will attack. 
Shoot the little gas tanks in front of him and he'll be blown to tiny 
pieces. Now, have your team stay put, for there's another turret at 
this turn.
The best way to destroy it is to shoot the explosive barrel behind the 
steel crates. You have to do this quickly before it kills you, and then 
have your team follow you. You'll come to an elevator. Have Dixon fix 
the panel to get it open. Once done, two soldiers will be in the 
elevator, kill them, and then take Fisk's weapons if you need them, 
for he won't be with you once you reach the next checkpoint, which you 
will come to when you enter the elevator.
When the elevator stops and the door opens, there'll be a humanoid to 
the left side of the room. You can kill it the regular way if you like, 
but there's and even cooler way, and you won't even have to shoot a 
bullet, if you're quick enough.
Okay, you'll see a bunch or wooden crates piled up on one another. 
Well there's a space where you can crouch under and get in the middle 
of the boxes. What you need to do, is run out to where the thing can 
see you, (your men are automatically in guard mode, so you don't need 
to worry about them) and quickly crouch and get into the center of the 
boxes. The thing will then enter from a large space in the boxes.
When it enters, exit from the crawl space, and a box will fall over and
block its way out. For some reason it can't just go through the crouch
Now the humanoid is out of your way. Well, actually, it's quite capable 
of harming you if you stand near the the fallen box. If you'll feel 
better knowing that it's dead, then there'll be two gates. Open just 
one of them and fire will reach the explosive barrels in the center 
of the boxes, and blow the thing up. Careful though, sometimes the 
head huggers won't die in the explosion, and will come after you.
You can then put out the fire, unless you don't mind waiting for it 
to go out on its own. Now, there's a panel you can fix to get a 
door open, but before you do that, you should take Falchek's weapon, 
and kill him. That's right, he's the thing, and he'll turn once you 
go into the next room. Don't worry, you'll meet another medic pretty 
One quick thing. If you wanted, you could kill the humanoid the classic 
way, and then have only Felchek follow you, and lead him to the center 
of the boxes, and tell him to stay put. Then open one of the gates and 
watch him explode. If it weren't for the box blocking the walk space 
then you could just fry the humanoid and Felchek. Oh well.
Now it's just you and Dixon. Once you repair the control panel, enter 
the room and take care of the soldiers. The best way to do this is to 
get their attention, and then head back into the room where you killed 
Falchek, and hide in one of the corners. Then wait for the soldiers to 
enter and kill them, just like on the part where they first arrive.
Now that the area's clear, go right, and a soldier will open a door, 
and hide behind a crate when he notices you. Kill him, and then head 
into the room he came from, and there'll be another engineer named 
Levelle. Gust give him a weapon, and have him follow you. Don't bother 
healing him.
There'll be a blood test hypo in the room. There'll be a door to the 
left side. You'll need either Levelle or Dixon to fix it. Then, 
there'll be a medic inside named Temple, who is hurt. Give him a 
med-kit, and then a pistol, and he'll heal anybody who's hurt. Now, 
there'll be a blood test hypo, a sniper rifle, and sniper rifle ammo. 
(This weapon is EXTREMELY important for the next level. Make sure you 
take it with you)
You should now close the door, and get on the sniper cam. You'll see 
the room where you killed all the soldiers. There'll be a few more 
coming  They're most vulnerable when going up the stairs. The reason 
for closing the door is so they can't shoot your teammates if they 
manage to get close enough.
After you've dealt with that, have everyone follow you. Go down the 
stairs, and there'll be a door to your right. There'll be a corpse, 
a flamethrower, and a med-kits inside. When you go to get the 
med-kits, a few head huggers will jump out of the corpse.
Now, leave this room, and you'll see another door. Have one of the 
engineers fix the control panel, and then there'll be ammunition 
and a save-game slot. Save, and then leave the room. You'll see 
another gate that'll release fire if opened. There'll be a door to 
the right of this gate, and two switches.
One will open the door, and the other will open the door behind this 
door. There'll be 3 soldiers behind the last door. It doesn't matter 
which way the doors are opened. Here's one quick thing that'll save 
you some time. You'll be able to see the soldiers heads through the 
bars of the door, but you won't be able to shoot between the bars.
Okay, once you have dealt with the soldiers, go down the stairs in the 
next room. Never mind the creepy music, for nothing will attack you in 
this room. There'll be a couple vents, but there's nothing behind them. 
The only thing you gotta worry about is the security laser, and yes, 
this is the kind that'll explode.
Have everyone stand back, and then shoot the round thing that the 
laser's coming out of, and it'll explode. Now you can go down, and 
there'll be a med-kit in the room. After that, go through the door, 
and pull out your sniper rifle. There'll be a humanoid spawner which 
is behind a few crates. 
You'll see two grenades. Snipe one of them, and it'll weaken the 
humanoid, and then it'll come after you. Now, immediately run out, 
and soldiers will come out of no where. If you're lucky, the humanoid 
will kill the soldiers for you, and you won't need to waste a bullet. 
After you watch it destroy the soldiers, it'll come for you, but don't 
The bullets from the soldiers and the explosion weakened it, so all 
you'll need to do is burn it. If it doesn't go for the soldiers and 
goes straight for you then you'll just have to kill it like any other. 
Don't bother going back into the room with the stairs and closing the 
door, for the humanoid will just break it down.
Okay, once all this is done, turn around, and you'll see a truck. Don't 
go to close for there is a head hugger spawner. Just go until you can 
see a box full of explosives through your sniper scope, and then shoot 
the box.
The head huggers along with the spawner will die, and then you can go 
over there and pick up both regular and high explosive grenades. 
There'll also be a control panel you can fix which will turn the 
power on. There's no need for it though, since you can already see 
just fine.
Now, head further down the room, and there'll be a bunch of crates 
preventing you from going any farther, so what you do is go into a 
short room to the right with a locked door and a sniper cam. The 
sniper cam will show what's behind the crates. There'll be a ton of 
explosives, but first, you'll see a soldiers head. 
Shoot the head, and he'll end up running closer to the explosives. 
Now, shoot the explosives and the soldier will die. There'll still 
be quite a few soldiers, but nothing you can't handle. There'll be 
two standing behind a fallen crate. They're a good distance away, 
so just throw a high explosive grenade over there, and they'll be 
blown to bits.
Now you can run out there and take out the remaining soldiers. 
There'll be shot gun and MP 5 ammo. You'll now come to a door, but 
you'll need one of your engineers to fix the control panel. Once fixed, 
you'll enter a large room, where you'll see an engineer. Once you walk 
up the stairs to approach him, he'll turn into the thing.
Kill him, and then go back down the stairs, and head toward the pipes 
on the ceiling  There'll be crates near that area, and canister behind 
the crates. Careful though, a couple head huggers will jump out from 
the pipes once you get the ammo. (the pipes can't be destroyed)
Now, there'll be two doors, but both are locked, so head back toward 
the stairs, but don't go up them. You'll see a big crate. There's a 
humanoid and a few head huggers inside this crate. You can shoot the 
crate and get them out of the way, or you can head up the stairs and 
into the room. The humanoid will them break out on its own.
It's probably better this way, for it'll be more vulnerable when on 
the stairs, just like the hounds you fought on the fifth level. Now 
that that's done, head back into the room, and there'll be supplies 
and a save-game slot. Save your game, and then fix the control panel 
in room.
A few head huggers will now come your way, but this is nothing compared 
to what you're about to face. The right door will now be fixed. All you 
need to do is press the control panel, and you'll be automatically 
trapped in the next room with the second boss.
This one can be a pain, but at least there aren't any head hugger 
spawners or tentacles in the walls. This boss, allot like the first 
one, is a big blob with heads, but this one is more quick and more 
powerful, and by far more large. Fix the nearby control panel. Don't 
worry, the thing can't harm you while you're standing here. 
Now that the box is fixed, start throwing high explosive grenades 
over the crates to weaken the boss. When it screams it is weak, this 
is when you run out into the open, and turn on a switch which will 
electrocute the boss. It'll lean down for a short period of time, and 
in that time, go into first person view, and flame it between its necks, 
and then run back to safety. There's a low chance of not taking any 
damage while running out there, so you better have plenty of med-kits, 
because you'll need to keep running out there to shock and then burn it 
until it is finally dead. 
If you run out of these grenades then just use the regular grenades, 
and if you happen to be out of these as well, then you'll have to run 
out there and shoot the thing (i recommend the shot gun) until its 
health meter turns red. This makes the boss a lot harder, but it still 
works. Oh, this is important, while throwing grenades, be careful not 
to injure yourself or your team mates. 
They are locked out of the room but are still close enough to take 
damage, which basically means they will hate you when you finally exit 
this room. Before you enter the room you should make them stand at a 
It's possible for Temple to get trapped in the room with you. This 
isn't supposed to happen, but if it does then this boss is a piece 
of cake. When you take damage, just run back to Temple and have him 
heal you. You won't even need to use your med-kits. Just make sure he 
stays put before you go to kill the boss. Eventually the boss will die, 
and the door will open. Now you're back with your team, not that it 
matters. You definitely should take everyone's weapons now.
No, your team mates aren't the thing, but they will all die at the end 
of this level. First you should save, and then go back into the room 
with the boss. There'll be a switch behind it that'll open the left 
door. Once you go in there, there'll be a shot gun, and shells.
Okay, at long last, the end of the level has come. All you need to to, 
is press a switch in the room which will unlock the door near the sniper 
cam. Now you'll notice a bomb in the room with you, and that it will 
explode in about 30 seconds. Waste no time, start running!
Once you go through the door near the sniper cam, the bomb will explode, 
killing everyone but you. Even if your team mates follow you the whole 
way they'll still be killed. Too bad, those guys are probably the best 
you ever meet in the game. At least this stage is finally over with.

Stage 8 Whitely's Cargo

Note: This level's a little rough, but after all you've gone through 
it shouldn't take too much effort to beat. It'll definitely take some 
time though, but it's pretty fun.

You'll be out in the cold, and will need to follow the light posts to 
the nearby building. There'll be a few soldiers around the building. 
Snipe them, and then enter. There'll be a med-kit in the room. Now, 
keep going, and eventually you'll come to a room with a single soldier. 
Kill him quickly or he'll sound an alarm.
Two soldiers with flame throwers will come into the room if the alarm 
is activated. Okay, now there'll be a locked door. You'll be able to 
enter this room later, but for now, you'll need to enter a small room 
with 2 med-kits. The room after this one will be large, and there'll 
be a few soldiers from a distance. Throw some grenades, and then enter 
the room. There'll be a PC, and two doors. One will have a broken 
control panel which you cannot fix, and the other one will lead you 
to headhuggers.
Once dealt with, go through the next room, and there'll be a few 
soldiers, along with a hound which is held in a container. As long as 
none of the soldiers shoot the glass by accident, then you won't need 
to worry about it. Just kill the soldiers (most of them will have 
flamethrowers), and ignore the hound.
There'll be a med-kit in the room with the hound. Now, enter the next 
room, and there'll be a few head huggers that'll break out of a vent. 
There'll also be some sniper rifle ammo up against a crate near the 
In the next room, there'll be a door. You can keep going further into 
the room, but you should go through this door first. There'll be an 
engineer that's about to be executed. Kill the two soldiers before 
they kill him, and then enter the room. The engineer's name is Powell, 
and he will tell you about Whitely's cargo.
Your new objective is to destroy the cargo. Give Powell a weapon, and 
there'll be a save-game slot in the room. Have Powell fix the panel 
next to it to get it working, and then save. Now, there'll be a door 
which will lead you to supplies. Have Powell fix the panel for it, 
and then enter the room.
There'll be a couple head huggers. Once killed, there'll be a good 
amount of ammunition inside. Now, exit the room, and go further into 
the other room. There'll be a few soldiers in the room, along with an 
alarm. Once cleared, there'll be an extinguisher, and another door to 
go through.
Go down the stairs, and head huggers will break out of the vents as you 
go down. At the bottom, there'll be a med-kit. More head huggers will 
attack when you pick up the med-kit. Now, there'll be a panel for 
Powell to fix, which will unlock 2 doors. Go through the left one, and 
there'll be a few head huggers.
If timed right, you should be able to blow them up by shooting the 
explosive barrels. Now, at the end of the room, there'll be a bunch of 
supplies, but first take care of the soldiers. You'll see them through 
the windows of this room, and are able to take a few of them out before 
they leave the room.
The one's that get away will come after you through the door you took. 
Once that's taken care of, there'll be a camera showing you a cell full 
of things. Now, go back, and head through the front door. There'll be a 
save-game slot. Powell will need to fix a panel to get it working. Now, 
save, and there'll be a locked door, and the door to the thing cell. 

Open it, and there'll be a hound, and two head huggers. Don't shoot the 
container with the hound! Only shoot the head hugger containers, and 
then you'll be able to make it to the corner of the room, where 
there'll be a key.
Now that you have the key, you can unlock the door, and there'll be 
your common supplies, and then four C4 charges placed behind security 
lasers that you can turn off. But, turning them off will sound an 
alarm. Doesn't really matter, the alarm will sound off no matter what. 
Now, take the charges, and head out.
Now there'll be a good bit of soldiers and hounds waiting for you now. 
Soon, you'll come to that one door that needed fixed. Have Powell fix 
it, and then give him an adrenaline hypo. The room behind this door 
will terrify him if you don't. 
Have him fix a control panel in this room, and then a PC will work. 
It'll give you the code to that locked door back at the beginning of 
the level. There'll be shot gun ammo in this room as well. When you 
make it to the locked room, there'll be a grenade launcher, grenades, 
and a save-game slot. Now with the game saved, just exit the building 
and you'll reach a checkpoint.
You'll be out in the cold once again. Go right and soon you'll make it 
to a building. I don't know if this happens on the other consoles. But 
whenever I go somewhere Powell won't follow. I've tried pushing him 
where I needed him to go and everything but it takes too much time and 
I could freeze to death.
You should just leave him be. You'll soon come to a large building 
guarded by one soldier. Once killed, go inside and plant a C4 charge 
on the plane. There'll be 3 more buildings like this you must enter 
for the same reason you entered this building.
Each building is guarded by at least one guard, and has some supplies. 
I don't care to explain what supplies because I can't remember exactly 
which ones have what. Be careful when getting the equipment, for head 
huggers will often attack you in these areas.
By the time you reach the third building, you should notice a door 
guarded by 2 soldiers. Once you've planted each C4 charge, kill the 
2 soldiers, enter the building, and you'll hear a humanoid in the other 
room. Kill the humanoid, and then there'll be 4 doors. One will lead 
you to an empty bathroom.
The first one you should enter is the one with a broken control panel. 
Fix it, and there'll be a save-game slot. Now, you should flame around 
the door, and then pick up the key on the desk. Now, a few head huggers 
will jump out of a corpse, and a hound will break down the door. With 
the flames in the way you'll be given some time to kill the head huggers.
Now kill the hound, and there'll be a PC, and a flashlight. You should 
save your game again, and then go through a door that'll lead you to 2 
more doors. Both will need to be fixed, but you can only fix one, which 
will lead you to a room with two ways to go. The left way will lead you 
to head huggers, nothing more. But the right way will lead you to a 
The only problem is that he's being killed by a humanoid. There'll be 
allot of explosive barrels. Shooting them can weaken the walker, but 
also hurt the medic (Reed) even more. Kill the humanoid before it can 
kill Reed, heal him, give him a weapon, and have him follow you. 
There'll be a door near Reed but it can't be opened. Now head back, 
(in the room where you rescued Reed, there'll be a weird flower like 
thing on the wall, but it doesn't do anything. Pretty strange.)
Now go through the door that you unlock with the key, and there'll be 
stairs. You should have Reed wait right here, for he's easily 
frightened. Go up the stairs, and eventually a head hugger will break 
out of a vent. No big deal. Now, you'll soon come to a door. There'll 
be a head hugger behind the door.
Now there'll be 2 doors. One will lead you to a room where you can 
snipe 2 C4 charges and destroy the planes. This part can be difficult. 
You'll need to be quick, and a good sniper. Don't shoot the charges 
yet. There'll be some sniper rifle ammo in this room. Now, leave, and 
go through the other door where a corpse will be.
Behind the door there'll be a humanoid. Kill it, and then enter the 
room. There'll be a save-game slot. Now, through the windows of this 
room, you'll be able to snipe the other 2 charges. Once you shoot the 
first one, the doors to the other 3 buildings will start to close. 
Shoot the other charge, and then run into the other room and snipe 
the other two.
It really helps to zoom in by the way. If you don't do this in time 
you'll fail the mission. Once this is done, a whole lot of soldiers 
will come up the stairs and try to kill you. Take care of them, and 
head down the stairs. Reed will still be okay, and will heal you if 
necessary. now head back to the room where you got the key, and save.
(Powell should be with you by now. It's pretty strange. You'd think 
he'd die out there when you left him. I'm not so sure your guys can 
even freeze to death. Powell isn't needed in this level, but he's the 
only way to get through that door with the broken control panel. I 
don't remember exactly what's inside the room.
Some supplies, and another save-game slot. Sometimes Powell won't ever 
come back once left behind. It's not that big a deal, because no one 
will be with you on the next level anyway, which you're really close 
to at this point.)
Head for the door that lead you to the room with Reed, and there'll be 
a walker. Kill it, and then head for the room where you found Reed. 
You'll see that the locked door is now a big hole in the wall. Go 
through, take Reed's weapon if you need it, and then there'll be a vent 
you can enter. Now the next stage begins.

Stage 9 The Military Base

Note: This level is probably the longest in the entire game. If not 
this one then definitely The Escape. You'll also find that this level 
is one of the hardest. Good luck.

The place looks pretty cool, but there'll be many dangers to face here 
soon. You'll see an elevator, but you don't have access. So, you'll see 
a small building with a humanoid inside. You can't get in here, but to 
the right if the building is an even smaller building with a control 
panel to fix.
You'll see from behind you that the humanoid is breaking down the door. 
Don't panic. just fix the panel, and then turn around and kill it. Now, 
there'll be a stun grenade grenade between the two buildings, and even 
more equipment in the bigger building.
Now, head for the elevator, and a few head huggers will attack. Once 
killed, there'll be a way you go to your left of the elevator. You'll 
soon come to a vent. There'll be quite a few head huggers waiting here. 
Once dealt with, you'll enter a room where you'll see a medic named 
Cohen. He'll be running away, and won't have a weapon.
Quickly give him a weapon, and then he'll keep running until he reaches 
the top, where a few head huggers will attack him. He should be able to 
handle them, now, take care of the soldiers that are coming up for you.
Now for Cohen. It's not important that he stays alive, but this part is 
hard to pass without taking damage, so this is why he's useful. Careful 
though, there's no guarantee that he won't turn into the thing soon. 
It depends on how much the head huggers hurt him. I'd keep a good eye 
on him if I were you. Oh, one more thing. He'll be standing by a pile 
of crates that you can climb up. There'll be a vent where you'll find 
a pistol that you can give to Cohen. The crates can also be a huge 
problem, for Cohen will often get up on top of them, and it can be 
quite a challenge getting him down.
Now, you'll go down quite a few stair cases on this part. The biggest 
threats are the pipes which will let out hot steam, the turrets on the 
walls, and the head huggers hiding inside the corpses. Soldiers will 
attack too, but there aren't too many of them. The turrets will be in 
nearly every corner. If there isn't a barrel near the turret then just 
zoom in with a weapon and take it out.
Now for the head huggers. There'll be corpses full of them at nearly 
every turn. They're not too big a threat until you get near the bottom 
though. Instead of two of three coming out of each corpse, you'll reach 
a point where the head huggers will keep on coming and coming from the 
I'm pretty sure they are unlimited right here, (the endless storm:) so 
you should just run straight through this part. Careful though, for 
there's a hound just up ahead. Once all that is taken care of, there'll 
be another turret, and then a door. Once you go through it, there'll 
be two ceiling turrets.
To avoid their gunfire, hide in either the left or right corners. Now, 
there are two ways to take care of this. Either go into first person 
view, and start shooting them with grenades, or to save ammo, there'll 
be a room near the left corner with a switch that'll shut them off. To 
get into the room, you'll need to shoot the boxes in the way first.
There'll be a head hugger in one of the boxes, but the turrets should 
take care of it. Now, take the supplies in the room with the switch, 
and continue into the next room. Warning, head huggers will be hiding 
in nearly all the vents.
Okay, now in the next room there'll be even more turrets. There'll be 
a room in front of you leading to a switch to turn them off. It doesn't 
shut them all down though. The switch for the other turrets is near the 
crates. First though, save your game on the save-game slot, and pick up 
the supplies. There'll be a med-kit, and sniper rifle ammo within the 
Now, you'll enter a room with yet more turrets. Quickly enter the 
nearby room and shut off the turrets. There'll be some supplies here. 
Now, there will still be two active turrets near where you came in. You 
can shoot them with grenades through the window, or run out and hit the 
switch near the next door. You've just got passed one of the most 
aggravating parts in the game. When you enter the next room you'll come 
to a checkpoint.
There'll be a cut-scene where two engineers are fighting. Now it's up 
to you to detect which one of the engineers is infected. There'll be 
two med-kits, a taser, a PC, ammo, and a blood test hypo. Alright, now 
for the fun part. The engineers names are Stolls and Ryan, and they 
are both low on health and armed with pistols.
Take Ryan's weapon, and use the blood test on him. You'll then see 
that he's infected, and you'll need to kill him. Oh, before you do 
this, you should use a med-kit on Stolls, for if he dies you lose the 
level. Okay, once you kill Ryan, give Stolls a good weapon, and have 
him follow you.
Go in the direction where you picked up the blood test hypo, and soon 
you'll enter a room with MP 5 ammo, and a control panel you'll need 
Stolls to fix. Once done, you can go into a room where there'll be shot 
gun ammo, and a save-game slot. Now, leave this room, and you'll see a 
few computers. Don't walk up to them yet.
First, go up the steps, and there'll be a whole bunch of PC's and flame 
grenades. First have Stolls fix the control panel to turn the computers 
on. Once you go further down this area a humanoid will bust through the 
wall, accompanied by a few head huggers. Kill it, look up the rest of 
the info if you like, and get the grenades. Now, head back to the 
Stolls will explain to you that he can jam one of the doors for you, 
but that you'll need to wait till he gets near the door, or else it 
will close before he can reach it. Okay, now there'll be a camera 
showing you the room where you first met him. When you see Stolls, 
open the door, and then you'll see him enter, but unfortunately he 
never comes out.
Still though, you go through the door because it's now a big hole in 
the wall. Careful though, for the room is full of head huggers and 
head hugger spawners. Once cleared, there'll be two doors. The right 
door will reunite you with Stolls, but unfortunately he's now the 
thing. Kill him, and there'll be pistol ammo in the room. Now, once 
you open the front door, a man will tell you he needs help with the 
codes or something like that, and then he'll lock you in a room 
that's filling with gas. 
You now have less than 35 seconds to live. What will you do? There's 
a PC in the room that'll leave you an important message:). Okay, now 
there'll be a control panel. Once fixed you'll have access to a sniper 
cam. Go up to it, and you'll see the room where that one guy first saw 
There'll be a gas tank. Shoot it and the gas will clear. There'll also 
be a big explosion which will destroy the door, allowing you to exit 
this room, but unfortunately it has also alerted the soldiers. Before 
you leave this room, get all the med-kits, ammo, and info from the 
second PC. Now you'll see soldiers enter a large door back in the room 
where you met the two engineers.
Now you'll need to go through that door, but first there's a save-game 
slot in the room with the destroyed gas tank. I have no idea what 
happened to that one guy. he probably just left. Now, once you go 
through the large door, and soon there'll be a turret. Take care of 
it with some grenades, and then there'll be a head hugger spawner in 
the next room.
Okay, now when you go through the door, you'll see an engineer who is 
running away. First, to your right, there are 3 doors. One is locked, 
and the others need fixed. One can be fixed by you, leading you into a 
room full of cameras. Now, head toward where the engineer ran, and 
you'll see shelves full of ammo and grenades. Get as much as you can 
carry, and then take care of the soldiers up the stairs. Now, there'll 
be some cameras, but they don't work. 
There'll also be that engineer, who's name is Poltela. Give him a good 
weapon and have him follow you. Near the steps there'll be a control 
panel that you can fix. Once done, the cameras will work. One is a 
sniper cam which will show you inside the room with the locked door. 
You'll see that explosive barrels are blocking the way. Just shoot 
them, and then head over there. 
Inside the room will be a few head huggers which are trapped in 
containers, and a key on a table. Now, head out, and have Poltella fix 
the other door. Inside this room there'll be ammo and a save-game slot. 
Once saved, head for the last door, and there'll be two soldiers. Kill 
them, and then here comes the tough part.
Roof Breaker; The hardest boss in the entire game waits in the next 
room. I'll let you in on a couple secrets on how to kill it though. 
First, push Poltella towards the door that leads you to the room. If 
you go up to the door you will immediately be locked in with the boss. 
Once you push Poltella up to the door though, it will open, letting you
see inside the room without locking you in.
Have him stay in place, and then pull out your sniper rifle. The boss 
isn't in the room yet, but you'll see a humanoid in a tank within the 
room. That humanoid makes the boss battle more difficult, so what you 
need to do is snipe the glass and let it free. The thing will then 
come for you.
Killing it shouldn't be hard, for you've already killed like fifty of 
these things and should be use to them. Now just enter the room, and 
take down the boss, which will break through the roof. I don't know 
how to describe its look, it's just some weird skinny looking thing 
that is very quick and powerful. (Poltella won't be in the room with 
I've never been able to kill it by just shooting it and avoiding its 
attacks. If you wanna kill it without getting angry with its difficulty, 
just run up to the boss, and duck under it. It can't attack you from 
this position. Now, you can just shoot it until its health meter turns 
red, and then for the dangerous part. 
Run out into the open, and throw a flame grenade under it. The boss 
will then die before it has time to take too much of your health away. 
Now there'll be a few soldiers that'll come in. Once their dead, 
there'll be three crates full of grenades in the room. Now, head back 
to the door you came through at the beginning, and you'll reach 
another check point.

Poltella will not be with you now, but he wouldn't do you much good 
at this part anyway, for now your mission is just to escape before 
the place blows up. You're not timed, but still, there'll be allot 
of fire and explosions to avoid. You're basically heading back to 
the elevator that wouldn't work before, but you need to go slowly.
Running through this level will get you killed much faster. If you 
walk, then most of the explosions won't harm you. There'll be a couple 
head huggers in the room with all the turrets, and then you'll finally 
reach the room where you met Cohen.
I'll bet you were hoping never to come here again. Don't worry, all the 
corpses are gone, and the only thing you need to watch out for is the 
explosions and the steam, until you reach the top. There'll be two 
soldiers, and two humanoids. Okay, now just head up into the vent where 
you got that pistol for Cohen, and you'll soon drop down to the lower 
Now, head for the elevator, but don't leave the vents. There'll be four 
hounds waiting for you, and the best thing to do is wait for them to 
come up to the vents, and use the shoot-flame technique. They won't be 
able to enter the vent, but once dead the head huggers will be able to 
come in with you. Now that they're dead, go down and enter the elevator 
and the level will end.

Stage 10 One Last Thing

Note: This is the final stage. It's shorter than you'd think, and pretty 
easy. It's the only level with nearly no thing enemies accept for one 
at the end, but it's still good.

You're mission now is to find Whitley. The room you're in will have 
sniper ammo, which is important for this level. You'll have to go out 
into the cold, and fight off Whitley's soldiers. Your sniper rifle can 
be put to good use for the ones at a distance.
The area isn't very open, so it's impossible to get lost. Just keep on 
going, and carefully take out the soldiers. If your quick enough you 
can shoot barrels that are placed near some of the soldiers. The 
biggest threat is a sniper. There'll be a little high spot where you 
can hide behind. The best way to take the sniper out is to use the 
grenade launcher.
Once he's dead, there'll be a soldier with a flame thrower hiding 
behind a high spot in the snow. Kill him and then you'll see a hole 
that you can crawl through, leading you to ammo and med-kits. This 
place also acts as shelter for you, so you won't need to keep going 
back to the beginning of the level.
Now, more soldiers will come, but nothing you can't handle. Just go 
into first person view and shoot them as the walk by, then leave this 
little area, and keep going. There'll be a sniper up on the mountains, 
but you can just take him out with the sniper rifle. Now, eventually 
you'll come to the Dome.
When you come to the Dome's entrance, go left, and there'll be a bunch 
of grenades on a crate. Okay, now head into the Dome, and you'll 
finally catch Whitely, and attempt to kill him by blowing him up, but 
strangely enough, it fails.
Whitely stands there while on fire, talks about his plans for global 
infection, and then leaves. There'll be med-kits, grenades, and a 
save-game slot. Now there are two ways to go. You should go straight 
ahead so you'll go through it faster. There'll be allot of soldiers 
waiting, and also allot of security lasers set up. There'll be three 
if you go straight, and they're too close to shoot, so just throw a 
grenade and then it'll be clear.
There'll also be an explosive barrel here, which you should destroy 
so that it's out of the way. Now, you'll face a couple soldiers which 
will attack from in front and behind. Soon you'll come to an area 
you'll need to crawl through, which will lead you to more soldiers. 
While crouching you're vulnerable, so make sure they don't see you. 
Try taking them out by shooting the barrels, and then crawl out of 
there, and continue forward.
There'll be more and more lasers as you go, but for some reason the 
soldiers aren't smart enough not to walk through them and get 
themselves killed. Oh well, it saves you ammo at least. Now you'll 
eventually come to the exit door. There'll be some ammo right before 
you leave. Now you'll be outside again, and there'll be a few snipers 
out on an old ruined building. 
Take cover, and take them out with your sniper rifle. Once cleared, 
head over there but don't bother searching the place. There's nothing 
there but the ammo the snipers dropped upon death. You won't be needing 
it anymore. There's a little place near this ruined building you can 
take shelter in that's full of ammo but it's useless as well. You'll 
see a way to go behind the ruined building. Head this way, and you'll 
reach the final checkpoint.
Your objective now is to kill Whitely. Go forward, and you'll see 
Whitely transform into a giant flower like creature, and then a 
helicopter will arrive. The helicopter pilot lets you on board. Now 
you're in first person view, and your weapon is the turret. You'd 
think sense this is the final boss that it would be hard, but its 
actually the easiest. 
The pilot will fly around the Whitely thing, and you'll find it a bit 
difficult to aim. Shoot the four groups of barrels around the Whitely 
thing. Just do it quickly, or else the Whitely thing will hit you and 
the helicopter will crash. Once the barrels are destroyed, shoot the 
Whitely thing repeatedly.
You'll notice a tentacle that will emerge from Whitely's torso. That 
tentacle is its weakness, and best of all, if you keep shooting it, 
then the Whitely thing won't be able to hit you as easily. Keep this 
up, and then the Whitely Thing will die.
Now you've beaten the game. Hope you enjoy the ending:).

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through different parts of the game, and gave me better ideas for 
taking down the enemies. I probably wouldn't have beat this game 
without it, and therefore would never have written my own walk through.

I also give credit to the people that made this game.
Everyone that had anything to do with the film of The Thing (1982), 
for it wouldn't have been possible to make this game without it.

And then of course, John C. Campbell, for writing the original 
Thing story.

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