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In-Depth Walkthrough/FAQ

by Noxious_Rebel

STAR WARS REPUBLIC COMMANDO                          |

In-Depth FAQ/Walkthrough
For the Microsoft Xbox
By: Noxious_Rebel
Email: [email protected]
AIM: fenris244
Version 1.60
Created: 4/7/05
Updated: 5/3/05
Copyright (c) 2005 Adam Gleeson-Prata

This is an in-depth walkthrough/FAQ for Star Wars 
Republic Commando.  This walkthrough was done
on hard mode.

Just as a side note, guys; if you wouldn't mind 
taking five minutes out of your busy days to drop 
me a line just saying you used my walkthrough, 
I'd really appreciate it.  This is my first 
walkthrough, and I'd really like some feedback
(my email address and AIM names are listed above).

4/8/05  - spelling and grammar check; added Combat 
          Hints/Tips/Strategies; added Cheats/Unlockables

4/11/05 - spelling and grammar check; did more of the
          walkthrough; fixed a few mistakes here and

4/13/05 - did more of the walkthrough; added entry to
          FAQ section; added another hint/tip/strategy

4/30/05 - finished walkthrough!!  added entries to hint/
          tip/strategy section; fixed a few mistakes here
          and there

5/3/05  - final spelling and grammar check; added a few
          entries to the hint/tip/strategy section;
          changed random wording and fixed random mistakes

5/8/05  - tidied a few things up; added question to FAQ

Table of Contents:

I.      Introduction

II.     Basic Gameplay
        A.Basic Controls
        D.Squad Commands/Controls
        E.Assignable/Usable Positions

III.    Weapons (usable by player)
        A.DC-17m Interchangeable Combat System
                1.Blaster Attachment
                2.Sniper Attachment
                3.Anti-Armor Attachment
        B.DC-15s Side-Arm Blaster
        C.ACP Repeater Gun
        D.ACP Array Gun
        E.LS-150 Heavy ACP Repeater
        F.LJ-50 Concussion Rifle
        G.Geonosian Elite Beam Weapon
        H.Wookie Bowcaster
        I.Wookie Guided Rocket Launcher
        J.Thermal Detonator
        K.ECD Grenade
        L.Flashbang Grenade
        M.Sonic Grenade
        N.Melee Attack
                1.Republic EWEB
                2.Wookie Dual Launcher
                3.Wookie Quadrail Launcher
                4.Trandoshan MMLT

IV.     Enemies
                1.Battle Droid
                2.Super Battle Droid
                4.Scavenger Droid
                5.Advanced Dwarf Spider Droid (ADSD)
                6.Grievous� MagnaGuard
                3.Heavy Mercenary

V.      Vehicles (relevant to player)
        A.Republic Gunship
        B.Republic AT-TE
        C.Droid Dispensers
VI.     Walkthrough 
        A.Prologue: The Beginning 
        B.The Clone Wars
                        a. Extreme Prejudice 
                        b. Into the Hive
                        c. Strength of Brotherhood
                        d. Infiltrate the Droid Foundry
                        e. Destroy the Droid Factory
                        f. Advance to the Core Ship
                        g. Canyons of Death
                        h. To Own the Skies
                        i. Territory
                        j. Infiltration of the Core Ship
                        k. Waking the Giant
                        l. Belly of the Beast
                2.Republic Assault Ship
                        a. The RAS Prosecutor
                        b. Delta Down
                        c. Unwelcome Visitors
                        d. Rescue the Squad
                        e. Alone
                        f. Troika
                        g. Jailbreak
                        h. Tactical Supremacy
                        i. Attack of the Clones
                        j. Lock Down
                        k. The Wrath of the Republic
                        l. Saving the Ship
                        m. Holding the Line
                        a. The Rescue of Tarful
                        b. Hard Contact
                        c. From the Shadows
                        d. The Bodyguards
                        e. Obliterate the Outpost
                        f. Aim for the Heart
                        g. Critical Strike
                        h. Bridge at Kachirho
                        i. Turning Point
                        j. The Gauntlet
                        k. Detour
                        l. A Bridge Too Far
                        m. The Wookie Resistance
                        n. Behind Enemy Lines
                        o. V.I.W.
                        p. Saving Ammo
                        q. Live Ordnance
                        r. Fate of the Resistance
                        s. Search and Destroy
                        t. Heart of the Citadel
                        u. Moving Upstream
                        v. The Final Strike

VII.    Combat Hints/Tips/Strategies

VIII.   Cheats/Unlockables

IX.     FAQ

X.      Legal Stuff

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =|
  Here's an overview of the gameplay, weapons, and                 |
  enemies in SWRC.  Be advised, most descriptions are taken        |
  from the official website,                   |
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =|

<<I - Introduction>>

Republic Commando is a first person shooter set in the Star Wars 
universe, between Episodes II and III.  It's the story of a 
team of four clone soldiers who have been bred from birth for 
war, teamwork, and brotherhood.  Outfitted with Katarn battle 
armor and the DC-17m combat weapon system, the commandos are 
at the top of their league.  The game employs an easy-to-use 
squad command system where you, the player, control the leader 
of the team and give out orders to your squadmates.  I will 
go into this in-depth later in the walkthrough.  

<<II - Basic Gameplay>>

Here, I will be outlining what the buttons do, what everything on 
the screen is for, who your squadmates are, and the controls
you'll need to get familiar with to effectively utilize your squad.

<II.A - Basic Controls>

A BUTTON - use/pick up
B BUTTON - melee attack
X BUTTON - reload
Y BUTTON - jump
WHITE BUTTON - change HUD modes
BLACK BUTTON - change grenade
START - pause the game
BACK BUTTON - toggle mission objective on/off, toggle scores in 

LEFT TRIGGER - throw grenade

CLICK RIGHT THUMBSTICK - zoom/aim down the ironsights of your gun.

D-PAD + A BUTTON - issue squad commands (see II.D for details)
D-PAD UP - equip DC-17m blaster variant
D-PAD RIGHT - equip DC-17m sniper variant
D-PAD DOWN - equip "picked up" weapon (ACP array, elite beam weapon, 
             Wookie bowcaster, etc.)
D-PAD DOWN (DOUBLE TAP) - equip DC-15s pistol
D-PAD LEFT - equip DC-17m anti-armor variant

<II.B - HUD (Heads Up Display)>

Star Wars Republic Commando is a first person shooter.  As such, 
all the relevant information (ammo, health, squad status, etc.) 
is displayed on the screen in front of you.  Here's a quick 

Your view looks kinda' like a "T."  Right at the top in the middle 
is where your current mission objectives will be displayed.  
The currently selected grenade is shown in the bottom right, 
along with how many you have available.  The white bar running 
along the bottom is your shield power (depleted when shot, but 
regenerates).  The green bars stacked on top of each 
other in between the two shield displays are your health meters.  
Green is healthy, yellow or orange is damaged, and red is 
incapacitated.  This gets depleted when you are shot and does 
not regenerate.  A bacta station is needed to replenish this 
(see II.E for details on bacta dispensers).

On your currently selected weapon will be 1) an ammo count, and 
2) a clip count.  It should be obvious which one is which, so keep 
an eye on them.  Between your health meters you'll see a circle 
with an arrow and a number in the middle.  This is the objective 
tracker.  It shows you where and how far your next objective is.  

Above the left shield bar is your squad status area.  The three green 
circles indicate your squadmates, with their respective numbers 
above and an arrow pointing to where they are in relation to you.  
The circle will change depending on what they are currently doing.  
Example: if they are at a sniping position, the icon will be a 
4-point reticle; if they are at a grenadier spot, the icon will 
be a grenade; if they are incapacitated, the icon will be a red 
cross.  The color of the icon lets you know how healthy they are, 
using the same color system as your health gauge.

The three HUD modes you can be in are normal, tactical, and low light.  
Tactical mode gives you floating arrows pointing in the direction of 
your squadmates if they aren't in your field of vision.  
There will also be four bars running vertically on the edge of 
your visor that will change to the color of the squadmate you have 
in your crosshairs.  Normal mode is the same as tactical without 
the tactical color indicator.  Instead, when the crosshair is put 
on a squadmate, their number will appear over their head.  

Low light is for just that; low light situations.  It's a mixture of 
night-vision and infrared vision, culminating in something that 
resembles a cloudy day, allowing you to see in dark places.  You 
will also lose the tactical color indicator present in the tactical 

<II.C - Characters>

Delta 38         The leader of Delta squad, also the player character.  
RC-1138 "Boss"   Really only talks when orders need to be given.
                 Same white Katarn armor as the rest of the squad, but 
                 has unique orange markings. 

Delta 40         Acknowledged "second-in-command" of Delta squad.  Very 
RC-1140 "Fixer"  by-the-book soldier, often heard telling the others 
                 to "cut the chatter."  Insists on calling the squad by 
                 their numbers instead of their nicknames.  Resident 
                 technology expert.  Excels at slicing terminals and 
                 breaking codes (no in-game effect).  Fixer has green 
		 markings on his armor.

Delta 07         The rest of Delta squad suspect someone may have spiked 
RC-1207 "Sev"    07's cloning vat.  He's a cold, quick, efficient 
                 killer with a thirst for battle and a dark sense of 
                 humor.  "When things get hairy, he gets scary." Excels 
                 at sniping (no in-game effect).  Sev has red markings on 
                 his armor.

Delta 62         Delta 62 puts the fun back in "funeral."  With his almost 
RC-1262 "Scorch" fatalistic sense of irony and his witty humor, 62 manages 
                 to put an almost friendly face on the hell that is war.  
                 The resident explosives technician, he got the name Scorch 
                 from singing off his eyebrows when a demolition charge 
                 went off early.  Scorch has yellow markings on his armor. 

Together, these four commandos form a lethal, precise, and quick way to 
deal with any and all combat situations that require that extra pinache.  
When a stab in the back is preferred over a full-on charge, Delta Squad 
is called in to duty (although the Deltas would just as soon volunteer 
for the latter).

<Secondary Characters>

The "Advisor:" Your clone contact who informs you of all your missions and 
               mission updates.  

Sun-Fac: Geonosian General

Tarful: Wookie leader

General Grievous: Trade Federation General

<II.D - Squad Commands and Controls>

The main feature of this game is the ability to control your squad.  
By understanding these few simple controls, you'll be taking out 
Trandoshans and droidekas in no time.  The cornerstone of the squad 
command system is the D-PAD.  Simply by pressing the A BUTTON in 
conjunction with a direction on the D-PAD, you can tell your squad 
to do one of four maneuvers.  

Pressing A and Up on the D-PAD tells your men to "Secure Area."  
This command also requires the use of the right thumbstick, as 
wherever you are looking when the order is given is the area they
will secure.  A marker will appear in the middle of the area 
and a luminescent halo will appear for a second, identifying the 
borders of the secure area.  Your squad will not follow you if 
they are told to secure area.

Pressing A and Right on the D-PAD will tell your men to "Form Up."  
This command tells your men to go wherever you go, but to stay 
behind you.  This command is useful if stealth is the order of the 
day, or if the upcoming areas could be too dangerous to just 
let them run into.  This command will also cancel any "secure area" 
command, forcing your men to follow you and abandon the secured area.

Pressing A and Down on the D-PAD tells your men to "Cancel Maneuver."  
This command is useful when you have a few men at assignable positions 
and you want to recall them without manually placing the reticle over 
their position and hitting the A button.  Giving this order releases 
all your men from assignable positions.  They will then follow either 
"form up," "search and destroy," or "secure area," whichever was given

Pressing A and Left on the D-PAD tells your men to "Search and Destroy."  
This command cancels a secure area command.  Your men will move on in 
the correct direction with or without you (they'll stop if they get too far 
ahead), killing all in their path, takng cover when the need arises.  This 
command has a good and bad side.  Good, as you can find your way when 
lost (your men always know which way to go) and bad, as they may rush 
headlong into a situation too heavy for even Delta Squad.  This, however, 
is the most used command, and is supremely effective when used right.  
Assign this command and then place yourself 2nd or 3rd back in the line 
as your squad advances so as to be able to evaluate the situations ahead, 
giving new commands as necessary, with your men leading, possibly shooting 
first and saving you some ammo!

While your crosshair is over an enemy, hitting the A button will highlight
the enemy, telling your squad to focus fire on that enemy.  The enemies 
life bar will appear over your squad status icons, and you will also be 
able to see the enemy through walls, helping you keep track of it.  
During the walkthrough, I will refer to doing this as "targeting."

<II.E - Assignable/Usable Positions>

Scattered throughout the levels of Republic Commando are assignable/usable 
postions that are just that; assignable to your men and usable by yourself.
They can be anywhere from behind a crate (telling your man to snipe) to on a 
door (telling your squad to place a small breaching charge on it and toss a 
grenade when it opens).  They can be on turrets, on piles of rubble or 
barricades that need to be blown out of the way, or on consoles that need to 
be "sliced," or hacked.  When the cursor is placed over the postion, the 
cursor will change to what your squad indicator in the bottom left will 
change to, and it will say in the top middle of your HUD what that kind 
of assignable position that is.  

To assign a squadmate to an assignable position, simply place the cursor over 
the position and press the A button.  The nearest unassigned squadmate will 
take up the position (or the man that that has been at his spot the longest, 
if all are assigned) and will only abandon the spot if instructed to do so 
(or, in some cases, when certain events are triggered and the position 
becomes unable to be assigned to anymore).  To cancel the maneuver, again 
place the cursor over he position and hit the A button.  The squadmate 
will then follow the last squad order givem (form up, search and destroy, 

To use an assignable position yourself, simply get in the spot and hit the 
A button.  Sniper spots, grenadier spots, and anti-armor spots are the only 
ones you cannot use yourself, because you can choose to use those weapons 
anywhere, as opposed to your squad who will only snipe when at a sniper 
spot, only use the anti-armor attachment when at an anti-armor spot, etc.
Here is a list of the assignable positions you will encounter.

[Breach Door]
This will place one man at the door and the other two to the left of it.
The center man will place an entry charge, blowing the door open.  The
man crouching to the left will toss a grenade in (which one is situation
specific) and then all three will enter and clear the room.

[Slice Console]
The commando will post up at the console and proceed the "slice," or hack,
the console.  It could take anywhere from 10 to 60 seconds, depending on
which console you encounter.  This position is also on doors, usable as
an alternative to breaching.  Slicing a door will unlock it, but will not
open it.  You have to move to and open the door yourself.

Assigning a commando to this spot will have them take cover and take out
their sniper rifle attachments.  They will lay down an impressive amount
of accurate fire, dropping enemies left and right.  This is the most
commonly encountered position.

[Throw Grenades]
The commando will throw either ECD's or thermal detonators, depending on
who you are fighting.  They will throw maybe 4-5 a minute, and will 
announce their throw to avoid any stray commandos wandering into the blast
radius.  When your reticle is over the spot, a circle will appear on the
floor in front of the spot, showing you where the grenades will be thrown.

[Use Anti-Armor Attachment]
The commando will attach his anti-armor launcher and fire at the heavy
targets first, then the smaller ones.  Keep clear of the blast radius,
as your man will fire even if you are in the way.

[Use Bacta]
The commando will go up to the bacta station and repair himself.  If your
men are damaged enough, they will do this automatically if the area is clear.

[Use Turret]
The commando will man the turret assigned and fire on the enemy.  There is
a radius in which the turret cannot fire, so make sure no enemies sneak up
on your man and hit him from behind.

[Place Proximity Charge]
This command, done on explosive barrels placed throughout the levels, will
have the commando place a small proximity activated explosive on the barrel.
When an enemy is inside the radius for long enough, the charge will go off,
detonating the barrel.  Very explosive.  You and your men will not set off
the trap by walking near it.

[Place Demolition Charge]
Used to destroy objectives, clear barricades, or destroy droid dispensers.
They take 10 seconds to arm on all but droid dispensers, which take 20.

[Disarm Landmine]
There are proximity activated landmines located throughout the game.  To
disarm them, either assign a commando to do it or crouch-walk your way
towards it.  Crouch-walking is the only way to get close withough setting
it off, as the trigger is based on movement.  They take 5 seconds to disarm.
While your man is disarming, do not go near, even if you are crouch-walking.
You may be being careful, but your other two commandos may not.

[Revive Commando]
When one of your men becomes incapacitated, he will become an assignable
position to allow your men to revive him.  It takes 5 seconds to revive
a commando.  Your men will do this automatically if there are no enemies
around.  You must force them to do it otherwise, or just do it yourself.
This action gives the commando back half their total life bar.  If you
yourself are incapacitated, you will have three options for orders to give
to your men:

-Maintain Current Orders- Your men will clear the area of hostiles and then 
                          revive you.

-Recall and Revive- Forces the nearest commando to stop what he is doing and
                    revive you.

-Load Saved Game- Loads last checkpoint.

These positions are everywhere and are usually placed there for a reason, 
not randomly.  So if you come upon a sniper position, but there are no 
enemies around, assign it anyway.  It's there for a reason.  Enemies may 
not be here now, but they will be shortly.  Using these assignable
positions is critical to making it through the game.  They present
strategic defense emplacements, important objectives, or mandatory
actions.  Every single one present is needed, so use them if they're


In the options menu, you have turn "auto-pull" on or off.
When Auto-Pull is on, two things will be different. One, squad-mates will 
be able to be assigned to a position even if they are currently assigned to 
one.  This is useful in the sense that you can sort of "leap-frog" your 
men from position to position without manually releasing them from their 
position.  Lastly, when auto-pull is on, your men will be released from 
assignable positions if you get too far ahead of them.

Deciding whether to have this option on or off is a matter of personal 
preference.  I prefer to have it on so I don't have to worry about 
releasing my men from positions before assigning them to new ones (this 
can be especially frustrating if one of them needs bacta badly, but they 
won't obey your "heal up" order until you release them from the position). 

<<III. Weapons>>

The Star Wars galaxy is a plethora of technology and culture.  If the
technology is good enough and the culture violent enough, weapons are
invented.  Here are the weapons you will be encountering.

<III.A - DC-17m Interchangeable Combat Weapon System>

The DC-17m ICWS is the standard issue weapon for special forces.  It can be
fitted with attachments that convert it from an ion pulse plasma blaster to
an ion pulse sniper rifle to an anti-armor explosive grenade launcher.

<III.A.1 - Blaster Attachment>

Rapid firing ion pulse blaster.  Good against all enemies in short- to
[60 round clip size, 5 clips max (300 rounds total)]

<III.A.2 - Sniper Attachment>

Semi-auto sniper rifle that fires charged plasma bolts.  Capable of one shot 
approximately every two seconds.  Equipped with a 10x and 20x electromag 
scope.  Effective against enemies at medium- to long-range. 
[Five round clip, 4 clips max (20 rounds total)]

<III.A.3 - Anti-Armor Attachment>

Grenade launcher that fires an explosive charge in an arc.  Detonates on 
impact.  Effective against all types of enemies in medium- to long-range.
[4 grenades max]

<III.B - DC-15s Side Arm Blaster>

Standard issue side arm for special forces.  Powered by a self-charging 
dynamic energy cell which constantly recharges the battery at a slow but 
steady rate, essentially giving you infinite ammo.  The recharge rate is 
slow though, so you will need to let it recharge if it is fired too fast.
[Seven rounds/second before recharge is needed]

<III.C - ACP Repeater Gun>

Accelerated charged particle gun.  Standard weapon of Trandoshan mercenary 
group.  Cuts through shields like butter but has a hard time with armor.
[40 rounds per clip, 6 clips max (240 rounds total)]

<III.D - ACP Array Gun, "slaver shotgun">

Fires a spread shot of ACP bolts.  Must be manually reloaded every shot.  
Great in close quarters, but its effectiveness decreases with range.
[8 shots per gun, 24 shots total]

<III.E - Ls-150 Heavy ACP Repeater >

Much like a chaingun; can put massive amounts of shots downrange without 
reloading except every 200 shots.  Takes a LONG time to reload.  Carrying 
this weapon will slow the pace of the user.
[200 shots per clip, 2 clips total (400 shots max)]

<III.F - LJ-50 Concussion Rifle>

Fires a concussive charge round that implodes on impact and then explodes 
outward.  Use only at medium- to long-range.  Also, if used as a melee weapon
it will shock the enemy as if they had been hit with an ECD grenade.
[5 shots per clip]

<III.G - Geonosian Eite Beam Weapon>

This arm-mounted weapon sucks fluids from the arms of the Geonosians 
and converts it into harmful energy.  When picked up by a commando, 
it will have limited ammo, as it will not be replenishing itself.
You will see the "fingers" tapping against your arm, looking for "ammo."

<III.H - Wookie Bowcaster>

The standard weapon of the Wookies, each one is unique although ammo 
is universal and can be traded from bowcaster to bowcaster.  If the 
fire button is pulled, held, then realeased while in scope mode, three
shots will be used and the target will be impaled.  When not in scope
mode, the bolts will bounce off walls and bounce around (pretty fast)
for 4-5 seconds.  These can come back and hit you or your squad.
[12 bolts per clip]

<III.I - Wookie Guided Rocket Launcher>

Portable, shoulder-fired rocket launcher.  The rockets can be "dumb-fired"
or can lock-on to targets and home in.  Lock on to a target by pressing 
and holding the fire button until the reticle announces lock-on, then 
releasing the trigger. 
[5 rockets/launcher]

<III.J - Thermal Detonator>

All purpose explosive grenade.  Used for clearing rooms or hallways full 
of enemies.  Explodes 1 second after impact.
[5 max can be carried]

<III.K - ECD's>

Electrostatic Charge Detonators are effective against technology based and 
organic based targets alike.  It realeases an electric "field" when 
detonated, electrocuting all friends and foes nearby.  Detonates 1 second 
after impact.  Destroys battle droids in one hit, and usually droidekas.
[5 max can be carried]

<III.L - Flashbang Grenade>

Diversionary flash detonator grenades release a blinding flash when detonated,
giving commandos those much needed seconds to move in for the face-to-face 
kill.  Detonates 1 second after impact.  Avoid looking at the flash when it 
detonates, as it takes around 30 seconds to fully recover.
[5 max can be carried]

<III.M - Sonic Detonator>

Sonic detonators release small oscillator-generated sonic blasts, damaging 
organic and technology-based targets alike.  It can also be stuck to a 
solid object and will detonate in 10 seconds, or by proximity of a target.
Thus, is can be tossed directly at an enemy and will explode in mid-air.
[5 max can be carried]

<III.N - Melee Attack>

Concealed in each commandos left hand is an extendable vibro-shiv for dealing 
with targets up close and personal (or for detaching scavenger droids when 
they latch onto your facemask).

<III.O - Turrets>

Scattered throghout the levels are different types of stationary turrets to 
be used by you and your men.

<III.O.1 - Republic EWEB Turret>

Tripod mounted charged ion blaster with seat attachment.  Effective against 
"soft" targets.  
[10,000 shot battery.]

<III.O.2 - Wookie Dual Launcher>

Used as anti-air weapons, these turrets launch a pair of missles that can 
penetrate starship grade hulls.  
[1,000 shot clip count, 50 clips.]

<III.O.3 - Wookie QUadrail Launcher>

This four-barrelled laser turret fires bolts in rapid succession.  
[100,000 shot ammo count, 50 clips.]

<III.O.4 - Trandoshan MMLT>

Fires explosive tipped, rocket propelled, anti-infantry missles.  Can fire 
8 missles in under 5 seconds, but must then be let to cool down. 
[8 missles per clip, 500 clips.]

<<IV. Enemies>>

A list of the enemies you'll be encountering, plus helpful 
hints on how to deal with them.

<IV.A - Droids>

<IV.A.1 - Battle Droid>

The standard unit of the Trade Federation.  Weak, but can be a 
hassle in large numbers. 

Wait until they bunch up and toss an ECD.  Anyone need spare parts?  

<IV.A.2 - Super Battle Droid>

SBD's are the heavy fighting unit of the Trade Federation.  Armed with 
an incorporated blaster and cannon, these bad boys can pack a punch.  
They also have an energy shield build into their left arm and will 
sometimes activate it when shot at or a grenade is tossed their way.  

Anti-armor shots are the best way to handle SBD's, but those are rare.  
All you really need is an ECD and two thermal detonators.  Toss these 
three grenades in rapid succession right at the SBD's feet (or between 
two of them) and they'll be down in no time.  Be sure to target them 
so your squad lays down cover fire while you take them out.

<IV.A.3 - Droideka>

Droidekas are heavy war droids with personal shields, two twin-blasters, 
and the ability to curl up and roll around.  

One ECD usually takes these guys out, but put some fire on them just in 
case.  Definitely target these droids when they're around, as they put
out a constant stream of fire.

<IV.A.4 - Scavenger Droid>

Floating droids with a tractor beam-like weapon that hurts you 
while drawing them in, where they finally attach themselves to your 
visor and continue to do damage.  Also, when they are near, your 
vision will get fuzzy, you will hear static on the comms, and 
your vision will get more fuzzy as they get closer.  Finally, when
they are "killed," they will kamikaze dive-bomb themselves at you.

Use this to find them before they find you.  If they attach themselves 
to your visor, hitting either the B BUTTON or the RIGHT TRIGGER will 
cause you to smack the droid several times before skewering it with 
your vibro-shiv and tossing it aside.  

<IV.A.5 - Advanced Dwarf Spider Droid (ADSD)>

Built for heavy combat over uneven terrain, the ADSD has heavy armor 
plating, twin homing rockets, and a super high energy plasma cannon.  
These boys are the only real "bosses" of Republic Commando, and should 
be treated as such.  When they appear, the first thing you should be 
doing is looking for anti-armor, sniper, and grenadier positions for 
your squad to occupy.  Once that's taken care of, TARGET IT.  The ADSD 
will be the biggest threat in the room, guaranteed.  

The key here is aiming for the "eye," or red lens, on the front between 
the two legs, below the cannon.  First you'll have to blow off the armor 
plating on the legs, then go for the eye.  Use grenades, your anti-armor 
rounds, and your sniper rifle.  Be sure and take cover when it stops
firing and scans the room, because it's looking for targets to lock onto 
with its homing missles.  It usually fires the large cannon after that, so 
keep your head down.

<IV.A.6 - Grievous' IG-100 Series MagnaGuard>    

These masters of combat only show up a few times during the course of 
the game, and only on Kashyyyk, but will end your mission real quick 
if you're not careful.  These guys are General Grievous' personal guards.
They've got an electrostaff melee weapon and twin guided missles for 
extra fun.  

Keep them at a distance and hit them with everything you've got.  
Grenades work well (especially the ECD's), as do anti-armor and sniper 
shots.  Make sure you target them; they'll go down much faster if your 
whole team's working on it.  

Another technique (the one I use) is to keep a constant string of ECD's
on the MangaGuard.  When one is about to wear off, toss another.  He'll be
stuck there, shaking, and you'll have all the time in the world to shoot him.
That is, until your ECD's run out.  So don't waste time!  Usually, there are 
ECD's around when you're fighting these guys, so you shouldn't have a problem.

<IV.B - Trandoshans>

<IV.B.1 - Trandoshan Slaver>

Trandoshans bred to enslave wookies, these lizards show no mercy 
or compassion.  They'll be seen with a variety of weapons, from the 
ACP repeater to the "slaver shotgun," even thermal detonators.  They
also have a knack for kicking your grenades back at you.  

Not too tough of opponents, make sure you stay a fair distance 
away, as they will drop their weapons and pull out a couple 
blades and charge you if you get too close (and let's just say 
they know how to sharpen their blades).  One fun tactic is to 
let your squadmates get close to them.  The slavers will pull 
out their blades, and your squadmates will pull of some nasty 
reversals, usually ending up sticking the slaver's blade into 
his own neck.  In other words; your squad is immune to close-
combat attacks, so let them show you what they can do.

<IV.B.2 - Trandoshan Mercenary>

Well trained in all forms of combat, from open-field to close 
quarters.  They favor guerilla warfare, so don't be surprised to 
see them rapelling from the ceiling under cover of thermal 
detonators.  They're armed with ACP weapons, the concussion rifle, 
and grenades.

Not any real threat here, just shoot them.  It's that easy. They're 
not real fast, or strong, so just shoot them.  Aim for their
jetpacks to send them flying.

<IV.B.3 - Trandoshan Heavy Mercenary>

Towering figures by themselves, the fact that they wield the 
largest handheld weapon in the Republic only adds to their 
demeanor.  The Heavy ACP Repeater will tear your squad to 
shreds if not dealt with properly.

Make sure you have someone on a sniper position when one of these 
bad boys shows up, and he'll be counting ceiling tiles in no time.  
Toss a couple grenades at his feet for good measure, and pick up 
his gun afterwards.

<IV.B.4 - Trandoshan Grenadier>

Although kind of a sub-unit to the slaver, the grenadiers are fairly 
prevalent, so I thought it appropriate to give them their own section.  
They are what their name says; grenade throwers.  They'll more than 
likely be in an elevated position, and they'll lob grenades at your 
squad like it was their job (although, it probably is, but that's 
besides the point).

Equip your sniper rifle and look for the dome helment with the two glowing 
eyes. Aim between them, and watch the helmets roll.

<IV.C - Geonosians>

<IV.C.1 - Geonosian Warrior>

The first line of Geonosian defense, the warriors more than qualify 
for the position.  Their ability to fly gives them complete dominance 
of the air, and their force pikes can pack a punch.  

Keep track of them and don't let one land behind you.  Get someone 
on a sniper position ASAP and the warriors will be dropping out 
of the sky like flies.  Beware the force pikes these grasshoppers 
weild...two stabs is all it takes to bring you down.

<IV.C.2 - Geonosian Elite>

The best of the best (on Geonosis anyway), the elites will end you 
in a heartbeat if you're not careful.  They wield the elite beam 
weapon, putting out a constant stream of concentrated energy.  
Plus thay can fly, and take a whole load of damage.

Target the elites when you come across them, having your squad take 
them down.  Chances are the elite(s) will be the biggest threat in the 
room.  Also, the heavy ACP repeater tears them apart in no time.

<IV.C.3 - Geonosian Drone>

The lowest level of othe Geonosian caste, the drones only purpose 
is to serve the higher castes.  Although small and relatively harmless, 
lowering your guard won't get you anywhere with these guys.

Watch out for the acid spit and don't let them group up.  The eggs 
they hatch out of are usually together, so one way to get a whole bunch 
of them at once is to get close causing the eggs to open, and then
backpedal and toss a thermal into the midst of them.

<<V - Vehicles>>

The walking, flying, rolling, and rumbling vehicles of SWRC (relative 
to the player).

<V.A - Republic Gunship  

Designated an LAAT/I ship (Low-Altitude Assault Transport/Infantry).
Studded with laser turret emplacements and belt-fed, guided-rocket 
pods, the gunship can easily clear a landing zone and drop off the 
6-8 troops waiting inside, or to evacuate troops on the ground.

<V.B - Republic AT-TE>

All-Terrain Troop-Escort.  Requires a pilot, a spotter, and four 
gunners for support.  One more gunner mans the rotating projectile 
cannon mounted on top of the walker.  Up to 20 clone troopers 
can disembark at a moments notice from the innards of this walking 
turret emplacement.  It is immune to EMP and ion cannon fire and can 
travel at speeds up to 60 km/h.

<V.C - Droid Dispensers>

Not really vehicles, these steel dispensers hold more droids inside 
than a clown car.  Just watch as they throw a steady stream of battle 
droids, SBD's, or droidekas at you (depending on which dispenser you 
happen to come across).  They can only be dismantled by placing 
an explosive on the front, but your demolitions man will need cover, 
as the tide of metal and lasers will not stop until the bomb is placed 
and detonated.  ECD's work very well at disabling all droids in the 
area.  You'll probably give your demo man a little buzz, though.  Don't 
worry, it wont interrupt his demolition skills.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =|
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

<<VI - Walkthrough>>

Now that we've got introductions out of the way, I think we can start 
playing.  The following is a step-by-step walkthrough of the entire game, 
with ammo, bacta, grenades, assignable positions, and everything in 
between delicately located, detalied, and explained.  Enjoy.

<VI.A - Prologue: The Beginning>

You'll be shown in first-person the quick tour of the clone training 
process.  While you're still in the tank you can look around and 
pressing the RIGHT TRIGGER will wave your hands.  As a kid, you can 
look around and your classmates will look at you.  When you get to 
the part with the digital advanced dwarf spider droid, you can do 
everything but issue commands, change HUD modes, and throw grenades.  
Watch everyone get on the dropships and listen to the mission profile.

<VI.B - The Clone Wars>

<VI.B.1 - Geonosis>

The beginning of the clone wars.  The Republic's clone army is dispatched
for the first time against the droid armies of the Trade Federation...and
for some reason they're fighting on Geonosis.  I think it's because that's
where the droid processing plants are.  Let's find out.

<VI.B.1.a - Extreme Prejudice>

Here you are, on your first mission.  For now, you're seperated 
from your squad and you have to fight your way through the area 
and hook up with them one by one.  This part's pretty self explanatory,
with the onscreen directions telling you what to do.  I'll just
highlight the parts they don't explain.

Watch the clone in your dropship get snagged by a Geonosian warrior 
and then rappel down.  Work your way through the area (it's pretty linear)
learning everything you're able to do.  You'll get hit by scripted
anti-infantry fire and then shown a bacta tank...stuff like that. 
Right after you get the thermal detonators, make sure to throw one
actually down in the "box."  Other than that it's pretty easy.  You'll
meet up with Delta 62, "Scorch."

<VI.B.1.b - Into The Hive>

Once you go through your first door, grab the DC-17m ammo, use the 
bacta if needed, and follow the Geonosian warrior up the stairs.  
Kill him and a few battle droids.  There's some grenades and more 
ammo to the left.  Have Scorch blow the door to the right 
and you'll see Delta 40, "Fixer," wrestling with a Geonosian.  
Once he pops its head have him slice the terminal to drop 
the shield on the doorway to the right.  Head on in.

Set your squad on "search and destroy" and they'll take down that 
Geonosian warrior pretty quick.  There's bacta to the right and 
a doorway on the far side.  Head up the stairs and toss a thermal 
detonator in the middle of those 2 warriors on a coffee break.  
They'll scream at you, but they won't move...'til the grenade goes 
off.  There's ammo on the far side and a door to slice.
You'll enter a hangar with a stone bride with two warriors on it.  
They'll come at  you, as will battle droids.  Around this time you'll 
get a message telling you to blow the 2 Geonosian star fighters 
parked in the hangar.  Work your way down the ramp, and then look under 
where you just came from.  Take out the battle droids there, utilizing 
the strategicly placed explosive barrels.  There's bacta, ammo, and 
grenades at the bottom of the ramp.  

Once that's taken care of, have someone blow the fighters and 
then head through the door.  You'll have to switch on low-light 
mode.  Take out the 7-10 battle droids in the dark room and head 
right at the T junction (or left if you need more ammo).  In the 
next room, kill the few warriors there and blow the barricade.  
There's more ammo and grenades across from the door you came in, 
but I can't imagine you're out of either.  Battle droids will pour 
down the ramp and you'll be told how to tell your squad to "form up," 
"secure area," and the other commands on the D-pad.  Kill the droids, 
use the bacta, and head into the next room.  Take out the 4-5 battle 
droids there and head around the box wall the door and hit the loading

<VI.B.1.c - The Strength of Brotherhood>

You'll get a loading screen here and then rappel down the ledge as 
Delta 07, "Sev," takes out a couple of warriors.  Break the glass 
and see Sun Fac escape.  Kill the two other warriors and grab some 
ammo and ECD grenades as a SBD (super battle droid) and 5-6 regular 
battle droids enter.  Toss an ECD and a few thermals and you're good 
to go.  There'll be one more SBD, some ammo, grenades, and a door to 
breach.  Toss an ECD in when the door opens and kill the battle droids.  
Assign Sev to the sniper position at the top of the ramp and watch 
him snipe Sun Fac's fighter out of the sky.  Be sure to keep any warriors 
off Sev's back.  You'll hear about Delta 36 (another squad leader) and 
how his squad failed to destroy the droid factory.  You are now assigned 
this task.  Head back out the way you came and to the elevator to the 

<VI.B.1.d - Infiltrate the Droid Foundry>

When the door opens, take out the warrior and pick up the DC-17 
sniper attachment.  Breach the door and head down the hallway.
Snipe the barrels on the far bridge and pick off any stragglers.  
Head to the left and down a ramp, get some bacta, and down another 
ramp.  Assign someone to the snipe point on the left and clear the 
room of warriors and drones.  Recall the sniper as you round the 
corner, and head into your first real tactical situation.

Assign someone to the grenadier position and head into the main area.  
You'll see a large jamming device protected by a shield.  You need to 
deactivate the shield before blowing the jammer, so head to the far 
right of the room.  There's a lot of droids and warriors, so watch 
your back.  Clear the floor up to the two side-by-side sniper spots 
and assign them. Recall the grenadier and have him slice the terminal 
at the top of the ramp.  Watch his back and grab some bacta and ammo 
if you need it.  

Once the terminal's sliced, recall everyone.  Assign one to blow the 
jamming device, one to the original grenadier spot, and one to the 
sniper spot covering the jammer.  (Remember, contextual assignment 
spots only face one way so you have to use the one that's pointing 
in the right direction for the situation).  Warriors will continue to 
spawn until the jammer is destroyed, so work fast.  Once that's done 
heal yourself and your squad, stock up on ammo, and head through the 
opening behind the jammer.  Loading point!

<VI.B.1.e - Destroy the Factory>

Head down and to the left and demo the door.  Take out the few battle 
droids there and snake your way through the piping.  When it empties 
into a room, toss an ECD to clear the battle droids.  Breach the 
door and toss a thermal to clear the warriors.  Clear the room, 
then slice the terminal.  This will drop the shield on the ammo 
annex, as well as the one keeping the SBD's at bay.  As should be 
the norm by now, an ECD and 2 thermals should take care of them.  
Heal up, grab some ammo and breach the door.  Your squadmates 
thermal should take care of the battle droids waiting on the other 
side.  Assign someone to snipe behind the crate and take out the 
SBD at the end of the catwalk.  Set your squad on search-and-destroy 
(leave the sniper to cover you) and go through the door.  

Assign someone to the snipe crate right inside the door and toss 
a thermal and an ECD to clear the warriors and battle droids.  
There's two groups of battle droids, so you might need an extra ECD.  
The sniper on the catwalk should be recalled automatically by now, 
so assign someone to the snipe position half way into this room.  
Your presence should prompt two warriors to enter, along with some 
battle droids, but your snipers have your back.  Have someone slice
the console, freeing up the bacta, ammo, and the Elite Beam Weapon 
(for description, read III.G).  Head through the next couple doors 
and through the piping.

When the piping empties into a room, make sure your squad is following 
you and take the tunnel 90 degrees to your left.  An SBD will snipe 
you through the window if you stay in the room.  Equip the Eilte Beam 
Weapon and open up on the SBD and battle droid(s) when you enter the 
room.  Have someone slice the terminal and prepare an ECD for when the 
shield goes down. Grab the bacta to the right if you need it and head 
through the door, killing the battle droids.  This next part's 
a little tricky.

Head right, and secure area.  There's bacta, ammo, and sonic grenades.  
Assign someone to the snipe at the window and watch for SBD's coming 
through the door.  Once they're out of the way, assign the sniper spot 
just outside of the door they came from and have your third guy slice 
the console to drop the shield.  Your snipers will have the battle droids 
covered that come from the back left, but once the shield is down warriors 
will drop from the ceiling and will usually go for the sniper nearest you.  
Cover him as you have your third man slice the second console past the shield 
you just dropped.  Blow that as soon as possible, as all remaining warriors 
will flee once you do so.  Remember, there's bacta one room back.  If it's 
uneeded, have your squad seek-and-destroy their way through the piping the 
battle droids came from.

The snipe positions in the next room are really unnecessary, as all you 
have to do is make it to the loading point ahead.

<VI.B.1.f - Advance to the Core Ship>

Rappel down and you'll be instructed to locate a core ship and retrieve 
its launch codes.  For now, lets focus on the canyon ahead.  When the warriors 
start attacking, you know you're in the right place.  Secure area, assign a 
demo to the rock slide, and watch the warriors rain down on you.  Blow the 
rockslide, and head through.  You'll find some clone troopers and a crashed 
gunship.  Assign squadmates to the two sniper positions flanking the ship 
and the turret position on the ship.  When you've had your fill of warriors 
(they keep coming) deassign everyone excpet the sniper, who will be covering 
your path, and head under the arch.  Watch for the Elite Warrior that appears 
overhead.  Target him and the sniper should make quick work of it.  

Follow the path and assign someone to the snipe position that appears 
near the bacta and watch for another Elite and more warriors.  If 
you didn't grab the first Elite's Beam Weapon, grab this one.  
Recall the first sniper and secure area between the new bacta and 
snipe spot.  Kill all the warriors and press on.  Leaving the sniper 
for cover, assign someone to blow the boulder and secure area behind 
one of the rocks on the path.  Warriors will appear to stop your 
demolitions man, so cover him.  Blow the boulder and hit the loading 

<VI.B.1.g - Canyons of Death>

Assign the sniper spot after you rappel down and move forward in 
search-and-destroy mode.  Secure the bacta and assign the next two 
snipe points once the wave of warriors has ceased.  More will come, 
along with battle droids and an SBD.  Use your ECD's and press on 
once it's clear, recalling everyone.  You'll need them all for this 
next part.

As soon as you round the corner, you need to be doing four things 
at once.  First, snipe the ball turrets mounted on the wall.  Then 
assign the first sniper spot.  Then assign the grenadier spot.  
Finally, take your third man around the right side of the rock 
pillar.  Grenade the two SBD's, round the corner, and assign your 
third man to the sniper position.  Now your squad should be laying 
down an impressive amount of fire on the door.  Clear the area, 
grab bacta and ammo, and hit the loading point.

<VI.B.1.h - To Own the Skies>

Equip your ECD's here; you're going to need them.  A few waves of 
battle drouds will come at you.  Wait until they're stationary and 
then hit them all with ECD's.  Doesn't matter which way you go, left 
or right, you'll end up in the same room. Take out the two SBD's and 
plant the demo on the loading mechanism.  Battle droids will take 
pot shots at you from up above until the mechanism is destroyed.  
Once it is, the door will open.  Take out the battle droids and assign 
someone to slice the window control panel.  Secure area and cover 
him against the swarm of warriors until the window closes.  Head up 
the ramp.  Grenade the two SBD's at the top and then breach the door.  
Don't bother tossing a grenade, there's no one in there...yet.

There's two window controls in this room, so get on them fast.  
Secure area and keep the warriors off your splicers.  Head up the 
ramp.  You're now at the top of the loading mechanism, and it's still 
running.  Secure area near the bacta, assign someone to blow the 
mechanism, and keep the droids below off his back (especially the SBD).  
Once you blow the loader, watch for battle droids coming from in front 
and behind.  Head around the destroyed loader and grenade the SBD's 
at the bottom of the ramp.  Oh, goody...more windows.  "Same drill 
as before, Delta's, let's shut them out!"  Once the windows are shut, 
heal up, grab ammo, and breach that door!

Lob an ECD in, and then another at the SBD in the back.  Round the 
corner and secure area to keep your squad from throwing themselves 
in the fire of the two SBD's down the next ramp.  ECD and two thermals 
later, you're heading for the loading point.

<VI.B.1.i - Territory>

Assign the sniper spot to cover your move through the canyon.  You'll 
be informed your DC-17m anti-armor attachment is being dropped off, 
but you've got to get to it first.  Work your way through the canyons 
until you get to the crashed gunship.  Assign someone to turret duty 
and another to the sniper spot.  Clear the 4-5 battle droids and the 
SBD in front of the dropship.  Heal up and advance, assigning the next 
sniper spot.  Deassign the turret and the sniper near it and search-and
-destroy forward.  You'll come up on where your anti-armor attachment
is waiting, but they're are a few SBD's, so be careful.  Assign the
turret and sniper spot near the bacta and ammo pallete and grab the
anti armor attachment, ammo, and grenades.  Secure area behind one of
the rocks and take out the incoming battle droids and SBD's.

Head into the door, only to find out it's shielded and you need to find 
another way around.  Head back out.  Assign one squadmate to the demolition 
of the barricade and one to the sniper position right near the barricade.  
Once it's blown, search-and-destroy in.  There's a whole lot of droids, 
including a bunch of SBD's.  Equip your anit-armor attachment and reak 
havoc.  Recall everyone and assign someone to the sniper spot near the 
bacta.  Clear the area and an ADSD (Advanced Dwarf Spider Droid) will 
stomp through the door.  An anti-armor position will be set up (right 
next to the sniper spot you already have assigned).  Set someone there 
and target the ADSD (procedure for fighting an ADSD can be found in IV.A.5).

Once you've taken care of the ADSD, head for the shielded door.  An 
air-strike will be called down to drop the shield.  Follow the directions 
of the pilot and stand back.  6-8 battle droids and 2-3 SBD's will come 
at you.  Slice the door inside.  Once through the door, you'll be faced 
with a bridge that needs to be extended before you can cross it.  Assign 
someone to slice the terminal and someone to snipe.  Once you extend 
and cross the bridge you'll be informed that you are splitting 
up in order to sabotage four critical systems of the core ship in 
order to disable it.  You are tasked with disabling the super battle 
droid storage racks and loading mechanisms, in conunction with your 
squad's primary goal of downloading the ships launch codes.  Slice the 
access port and head into the loading point.

<VI.B.1.j - Infiltration of the Core Ship>

At the top of the elevator, go right, through the racks, right again, 
through more racks, and as you turn right again, there will be a turret 
on the right of the hall.  Take it out.  A SBD will come at you from 
the next rack of droids, pull a rope a dope while you grab the ammo and 
go through the opening the SBD makes.  Attacking it with anything but the 
blaster or sniper will undoubtedly wake up the others in the rack, so 
just try to shimmy around it.  Follow the hall to the room with the 
giant windows on the right (there's bacta, grenades and ammo right before 
it).  A Geonosian elite will be at the second window, so right as 
you enter the room, hug the right wall and snipe him.  You've got to hit 
him twice, so be quick on the trigger.  Place the demo charge and head 
into the elevator.

Once at the top, kill the 4-5 battle droids and head around to the left.  
Kill the remaining battle droids and slice the console to sabotage the 
droid storage racks.  The wall next to you will open.  Grab the bacta 
and ammo and head for the elevator.  At the top you want to go straight, 
turn right, and then left.  As you do, an SBD will be waiting for you.  
Don't worry about waking the others up, you should be able to take them 
all down if you do it right.  

Toss an ECD past the active SBD so that it hits all the droids 
on the rack.  Because they're not active yet, this one ECD 
will take them all down.  Finish off the active SBD, grab the ammo 
and bacta, then plant a demo charge on the debris.  Don't worry 
about the SBD on the other side of the barricade; the blast 
will take him out. Head right, right again, past two active 
SBD's and into the loading point/elevator.  

<VI.B.1.k - Waking the Giant>

At the top of the elevator, don't move a muscle.  The battle 
droids won't notice you and will get crushed by a falling 
droid dispenser.  Don't worry, it's not active.  Have an ECD 
ready for the next group of battle droids.  At the T-junction, 
there's ammo and grenades to the left and your path to the right.  
As you get to the next T-junction two droidekas will roll by.  
Sev is hiding across the way and will tackle the third as it 
passes and proceed to fill its insides with hot ozone 
and finally put a thermal in it.  Take out the two that come 
back and the 4-5 battle droids that come after.  At the end of 
the hall, a bunch of droids will come from right to left, shooting 
at Deltas 40 and 62.  Help them out.  Assign one to the sniper 
position as you heal up and grab grenades and anti-armor ammo.  
4-5 battle droids will come, and after them 2 battle droids and a 
droideka.  Your sniper will do most of the work, but help him out.  

Head to the next T-junction, assign the two sniper positions, and 
secure area behind them.  A droid dispenser will drop down 
the hall, so assign someone to demo it.  Cover them and head past 
it once it's destroyed.  Recall everyone, assign someone to the 
new sniper spot, and breach the door.  Throw a thermal in as the 
door opens (don't worry, your squadmate next to the door will toss 
an ECD).  Clear the immediate threat (an SBD and a few battle droids) 
and recall the sniper.  Set your squad on search-and-destroy and 
head into the substation.  A Geonosian elite will be to your left.  
Target him and don't worry about anything else until he's dead.  
Make sure to pick up his beam weapon.  Clear the remaining battle 
droids.  Using the hallway you came in as a reference point A) 
there's bacta, a sniper spot, anti-armor ammo, and thermals to your 
9 o'clock, B) a sniper spot, sniper ammo, and regular ammo to your 
12 o'clock, and C) an anti-armor spot to your 11 o'clock.  There's also 
ECD's and more ammo near the forward bacta stations.  

Assign all three positions, grab all the ammo and grenades, 
and follow the objective marker up the ramp to the terminal you 
need to slice.  Right as you start slicing stop and turn around.  
Two Geonosian elites will be flying at you from outside the window.  
Target one and your snipers should take it out before the elite's 
even start shooting, and then target the other one.  Once they're 
dead, continue slicing.  Once you're done start heading for the door.  
A spider-droid will come up a lift and start attacking.  When it's 
dead, head down the hallway and breach the door.  Toss a thermal; 
there will be two SBD's and 4-5 battle droids.  Once they're clear 
head for the elevator and the loadng point.

<VI.B.1.l - Belly of the Beast>

Take out the battle droid at the top of the elevator and set your 
squad on search-and destroy.  There's a sort of time limit on this 
part, so don't waste any time.  Follow your squad down the hall.  
Take out the droideka and battle droids that appear and grab the 
ammo, ECD's, and bacta to the right.  Through the door, wait until 
the two droidekas stop rolling and toss an ECD.  They're will be 
two SBD's at the next door, so have your grenades ready.  Breach 
the door and toss an ECD.  There's a bunch of battle droids and a 
couple SBD's.  Grab the ammo and grenades and head through the 
next door.  4 battle droids and an SBD are waiting for you.  Finish 
them and head through.  There's bacta, ammo, and grenades in the 
next room, as well as the door to the bridge.  Heal up and breach 
the door.

Toss a thermal and immediately start shooting the turret on the 
ceiling.  Clear the immediate area, and look for the two sniper 
spots and the slice spot to the right.  Assign those and take out 
the turrets covering them.  Your spot will be across the walkway, 
near the windows.  Here you will have a bunch of ammo and grenades 
and clear lines of fire to each door.  As soon as your man starts 
slicing, a droideka will roll in from each door.  Right behind them 
are two SBD's each.  The objective here is to keep the droids off 
your slicer until he's done.  After the dual wave of SBD's is another 
pair of SBD's.  Right around this time your man should be done 
slicing, so take care of the SBD's, heal up, grab some ammo and 
grenades, and head for the door behind the slicing terminal.  Turn 
left and head for the loading point.  

A republic gunship will blow a hole in the wall, and you're done 
with Geonosis.  On to the Republic Assault Ship.

<VI.B.2 - Republic Assault Ship>

A missing Republic assault ship has reappeared on the edge of seperatist
space.  Have they gone rogue?  Is it a trap?  Delta squad is sent to check
out the ghost ship.  Ironically, the RAS Prosecutor was Delta squad's first

<VI.B.2.a - The RAS Prosecutor>

You'll start out in the bay of a Republic Dropship.  Your mission 
is to investigate a Republic assault ship that was missing and 
has mysteriously reappeared.  You'll be splitting up from your squad 
to better search the ship.  Your objective is the flight recorder from 
the aft data core.  You'll enter through one of the torpedo tubes and 
lose communication with advisor.  The way is blocked, so head through 
the access door to the right and slice the terminal.  Head back out 
as the door rolls aside to let you pass.  The mynocks that fly past 
aren't a threat, but you can shoot them if you like.  Head into the 
torpedo bay and around the torpedos to the ramps.  At the top, go right 
(there's ammo to the left) and into the access tunnel.  You'll hear 
Delta 62 get some static and then lose contact with him.  You'll get 
some static in the tunnel, but there's no scavenger droid yet. 

Follow the tunnel until you get to a covered catwalk.  A clone 
trooper will appear on the left and say he's there to fire 
a torpedo to warn the Republic.  He'll get attacked by a scavenger 
droid as he opens the access tunnel for you. Follow it until the 
corridor opens up and look for a scavenger droid on the large 
vertical pipe near the ceiling on the far side of the area.  Head 
to the right and you'll get jumped by anywhere from three to six 
scavenger droids.  Follow the piping until it ends in a hallway.  
Kill the scavenger droid to the left.  There's ammo and bacta to 
the right.  Follow the hallway until you get to the terminal to slice.  

Before you start slicing, try placing a sonic detonator somewhere 
on the doorway between the terminal and the barricade.  As soon as 
you start slicing, three scvenger droids will come at you from 
behind the barricade.  Stop slicing and, if the sonic grenade doesn't 
take care of them, finish them off.  Slice the terminal and head in 
for the loading point.

<VI.B.2.b - Delta Down>

Work your way through the droid access tunnel.  If you shoot the 
little rolling droids before they get to the other end of the 
tunnel, they won't activate a scavenger droid in there.  If they 
do, take care of it. As you exit, look for the scavenger droid 
on the left wall, and then again above your head past the second 
doorway.  As you approach the T-junction a few Trandoshan slavers 
will pop up from behind the explosive barrels and charge at you.  
Take care of them and head left and down the ramp.  As you near 
the bottom a couple more slavers will charge at you.  Past them 
is ammo and thermal detonators.  A slaver will drop from the 
ceiling as you head back up the ramp.  Finish him and go right, 
killing the next slaver that springs from behind the barrels.  
Head into the droid accesss tunnel.

Kill the slaver as he kills the clone trooper, head to the left, 
kill the slaver, and pick up his ACP array gun.  Disarm the motion 
mine and proceed into the open room.  Heal up and head for the 
console to slice.  As you get to it, the door at the other end of 
the room will blow open and slavers will pour in as well as a 
couple scavenger droids from the ceiling.  Clear the room and 
slice the console.  Head into where the slavers came from and 
breach the door and the loading point.

<VI.B.2.c - Unwelcome Visitors>

Help the turrets and clone troopers take out the slavers in the 
next room.  To make things easier, kill the slaver heading 
for the turret control console.  A thermal should do the trick.  
Continue down the hall and equip your sniper rifle.  Kill 
the slaver and his 4-5 friends that rush into the room.  Head 
through and get some bacta and flashbang grenades.  Continue 
down the hall clearing the slavers out.  When you get to the 
room with the turrets on the ceiling, take them out and listen 
to yourself say you can use the next set of turrets to cover 

Head into the open room, slicing the first console to activate 
the turrets.  Take out the 7-10 slavers that come at you 
and slice the second console.  In the next room grab some 
bacta, breach the door, and hit the loading point.

<VI.B.2.e - Rescue the Squad>

Head out and go right.  On this path will be a few slavers, 
a scavenger droid, and a turret on the far ceiling.  You should 
be able to snipe the turret from the start, and use the explosive 
barrels to handle the slavers.  As you approach the ramp, zero in 
on the explosive barrels at the top and shoot them as the two 
slavers round the corner.  Walk backwards up the ramp and kill 
the slaver on the balcony above the ramp.  Around the corner will 
be a slaver, a turret, bacta, and a barricade to demolish.

Around the corner will be 3-4 slavers and a scavenger droid.  
At the top of the ramp snipe the turret and scavenger droid
and then deal with the other droid and slavers.  Work your way 
through the boxes and to the loading point.

<VI.B.2.f - Alone>

Head up the ramp and into the open room.  Slavers will ambush 
you from the ceiling, first dropping thermal detonators.  
Toss a flashbang and finish them at your leisure.  Two slavers 
will come from the left at the end of the hall.  Clear them 
and head down the ramp.  In the next room there's ammo and bacta.  
Breach the door and clear the room.  Watch for the two slavers 
that pop out of the lockers on the wall.  There's also a scavenger 
droid in there so watch your head.  Grab the ammo and flashbangs 
and head to the door.  Have a thermal or flashbang ready and toss 
it as you open the door.  Take care of the slavers.

In the next room kill the slaver planting the mine and disarm it.  
A slaver will ambush you mid-way down the hall, and a second 
will be walking around in the open.  Another will ambush you at 
the door.  If you haven't noticed, the ACP array gun is perfect 
for when they ambush you.  Grab the sniper and anti-armor rounds 
in the next room, as well as bacta if you need it, and disarm the 
proximity mine.  Instead of demolishing the barricade, look for 
the air duct on the right wall.  Watch for the scavenger droid 
and check out the dead jedi to the right (or at least the lightsaber, 
'cause that looks like a clone trooper to me.  I think Lucasarts just 
didn't want to take the time to make a character model they were only 
going to use once.)

Follow the air duct and get the drop on the two slavers.  Around the 
corner is a Trandoshan Heavy Mercenary tearing up some clone troopers.  
Now you know why they give you sniper and anti-armor ammo.  Take care 
of him and grab his heavy ACP repeater. If you've got time and need 
the bacta, go back and blow the barricade.  Pick up any sniper or 
anti-armor ammo you didn't need at the time.  Head back and blow the 
barricade covering the door.

Two scavenger droids will drop from the ceiling.  Around the corner, 
open up with the heavy ACP repeater and clear the room.  Place a 
proximity charge on the explosive barrel, grab bacta, ammo, thermal 
detonators, and ECD's.  As you approach the door a battle 
droid dispenser and a few slavers will enter behind you and Delta 
40 will appear on the other side of the door.  As he slices the door 
to let you in, find cover and fend off the droids.  ECD's will be 
invaluable here.  Once Delta 40 slices the door, head on through 
to the loading point.

<VI.B.2.g - Troika>

Set Delta 40 on search-and-destroy and follow him.  Take out the 
two slavers and equip your sniper rifle.  Head into the big room.  
Cover Delta 40 as he clears the room.  Make sure to snipe the grenadiers
on the catwalks.  There will be another wave of 
them coming through the door, along with some scavenger droids.  
Once the room's clear, head through the door and take out the 
slaver at the console.  Look out the window and see slavers 
interrogating Delta 07.  Grab some bacta, place a proximity charge 
on the barrel, and head through the door and down the ramp.  
2-3 slavers will be waiting for you before the corner, and after 
them, some turrets.

Have Delta 40 form up and snipe the turrets.  Assign him the turret 
position at the end of the hall.  Grab the sniper ammo on the way 
down there and cover him as he clears the hallway ahead.  Keep any 
slavers that get too close from slicing and dicing Delta 40.  There will 
be a couple more slavers around the corner.  Delta 40 will automatically 
step off the turret at this point, so head through the next door and 
prepare to breach and enter the room Delta 07 is in.  

When you breach the door, toss a thermal then a flashbang.  Rush in
and kill all the slavers before the flashbang wears off.  Assign Delta 
40 to the sniper position to cover your entry.  Once the room's clear,
heal Delta 07.  As soon as he's healed, a heavy mercenary will come
through the door, but your sniper should drop him in a few hits.
Grab his heavy ACP repeater, heal up, and set your squad on search-
and-destroy.  They'll head through the door the heavy merc came
through and make quick work of the 2-3 slavers on the other side.
Hit the loading point.

<VI.B.2.h - Jailbreak>

Alright, time to rescue Scorch.  Right as you come out of the 
loading, assign someone to the sniper position.  Slavers will 
come from the hallway and the balcony above. When they're clear, 
take your 2nd man down the hall, leaving the sniper for cover.
Follow the left side path and take position at the top.  You 
should see 3 sniper positions below.  Assign two of them 
and cover your men from above.

Once that's clear, head down the left tunnel.  Assign one to 
the demolition charge and the other covering the hallway.
Blow the charge and move down the corridor.  Go left and use 
the bacta.  Continue on and assign someone to the sniper 
position ahead.  Take out the inactive turrets just in case.

Some battle droids will come from one of the hallways.  Go 
down that corridor (the one without the proximity mine) 
and some slavers will ambush you from above.  There's some 
ammo below where the 4-5 slavers come out.  Go right towards 
the breachable door, but watch the slavers from the left.  Before
you breach the door, go up the ramp and destroy the turrets 
in the next room.  Go back and breach the door.

Watch for slavers, and assign one man to the right side sniper 
position and the other to slice the console.  Tell your slicer
to search-and-destroy when he's done and he will beeline it 
to Scorch.  Head back to the console room and heal up.  Droids 
will blow the barricade, so kill them.  Head through and there 
will be a few SBD's around the corner.  After them, head through
the loading point.

<VI.B.2.i - Tactical Supremacy>

As soon as you load, your men will breach the door and get ambushed 
by 4-5 slavers and a couple scavenger droids.  Assign the sniper
position to the right and head down the hall.  A few slavers later,
there's bacta and a door to slice.  If you breach it, the turrets on
the other side will activate, so go in quietly.  There are a few 
slavers in the main room, as well as a couple more and some thermal 
detonators in the room to the left.  Again, slice the door.

Snake your way through the corridors towards the bacta, ammo, and 
another door.  Inside, droids will come from the left and right.
Check both sides for ammo and slice the door.  Immediately assign 
one man to demo the droid dispenser and another to snipe.  
Stay back from the dispenser, as the SBD's in the adjacent hallways
will have a clear shot.  Get them as they come out, but also be sure
to cover your man.

Once the dispenser's gone, clear the T-junction and search for 
ammo and grenades.  Make sure to pick up the anti-armor pack; 
you're going to need it.  Breach the final door to the bridge.
Inside wil be 4-5 SBD's and a few slavers, including some above 
you.  Clear them, assign 1 of the sniper spots on the far side of
the room, and take the other 2 commandos up the ramps down to the 
console on the second floor.  Assign one to one of those sniper 
spots and the other commando to the demo the jamming device.

As you get near the jammer, the door you came in will get real 
crowded as 4 SBD's file in.  Some elite trandoshans will drop from 
the ceilings too.  Start sniping and drop those SBD's.  Blow the 
jammer, clear the room, and you'll get a loading screen.

<VI.B.2.j - Attack of the Clones>

Listen to the mission profile, and then assign someone to a sniper 
position.  Go down the ramps.  A horde of elite trandoshans will come
through the door, as well as drop from the ceiling.  Finish them, 
grab some bacta, and head through the door.  Work your way back through
the corridors, constantly being ambushed by elites, until you get to a 
4-way intersection with three sniper positions.  Assign them, and 
let the fun begin.

Slavers and elite trandoshans will come from all sides, and an SBD 
droid dispenser will drop far down the corridor.  Also in one of 
the side passages, behind a proximity mine, is an armory.  Ammo 
for everything except your sniper rifle and all the grenades you 
could ever want.  Deassign one of the snipers in the side corridors 
and have him blow the dispenser.  Cover him with the arsenal you
just picked up, and follow the corridor to the next big intersection.

Assign someone to the sniper spot to the right, the proximity mine
to the left, and the demo charge straight ahead.  Clear the elite
trandoshans, search the surrounding rooms for bacta, ammo, and grenades,
and blow the barricade.

Through the door, assign one commando to the sniper spot and have
another put a proximity mine on the barrels.  You'll use that in
a minute.  Take the two commandos down the hall and assign them to
the two sniper spots down there.  The trandoshan's will start
pouring in now, including dropping in on top of the proxy mine.
Clear the intersections, and head through the door to the elevator
and the loading point.

<VI.B.2.k - Lock Down>

You'll be ambushed at the bottom, so watch your butt.  Stem the tide
of Trandoshans coming down the hall and work your way to the sniper
spot and the terminal.  Clear the balcony using the side path before 
you have someone slice the terminal.  Head to the next sniper spot, 
recalling the previous one.  Search the balconies for ammo and grenades
and watch the rocket turret down the hall.

Get into position to snipe the Trandoshan out of the turret.  Once he's
out, send someone to man it, moving your men down and securing the area
around the turret.  Check all side paths and balconies on the way and 
once you get down there.  The terminal you need to slice will be half
way there, but you need to secure the rockt turret first.  Once that
terminal's sliced, follow your objective tracker to the next one.
Slice it, and poisonous gas will fill the corridors.  You're fine;
the Trandoshans on the other hand...

Follow the objective tracker to the demo site and blow it.  Head
down the hole and into the loading point.

<VI.B.2.l - The Wrath of the Republic>

Turn on your low light mode.  Work your way out of the depressed
area and through the door, watching for scavenger droids.  Assign
the sniper position to clear the hall.  Slice the turret control
panel behind the sniper, and the turrets down the hall will go to
work clearing the Trandoshans.  Work your way down the hall to
the next turret control terminal, but make sure to disarm the
proximity mine first.  Let the turrets do their thing, and move on.

Head through the door and down the ramp.  Take the first left and
clear the balcony.  Assign the turret spot (forget about the sniper
spot, it doesn't have a good angle to where you're going).
Head back out and down the ramp to the lower entrance into the hangar.
Watch for the Trandoshan with a concussion rifle.  Inside the hangar, 
it's going to get a little hairy.  

You need to do a bunch of things at once.  Equip the consussion
rifle.  As soon as you enter the hangar, hit the left rocket turret
with the concussion rifle, assign someone to the sniper spot, and
assign someone to disarm the proximity mine forward and to the right
of the sniper spot, in the open.  You need to keep constant fire on
the two rocket turrets with the concussion rifle so your man can get
the proxy mine.  When it's disarmed, assign someone to the first
turret and head behind it to secure the area back there.

Now, turn and hit the other turret.  The whole time you're doing this,
the Trandoshans will keep coming out of the dropship, so you need
to work fast.  Plus there's a bunch of them with concussion rifles, 
so watch your back.  Once you have both turrets, Trandoshans will stop
spawning and your men will start hitting the dropship with the rocket
turrets.  Once it's gone, heal up, grab ammo, recall your man on the
turret on the level above you, and on to the next hangar.

<VI.B.2.m - Saving the Ship>

Head down the maintenance ramp and snake your way through the access
tunnel, and then through the hallway.  In the hangar, you are going to
set up a defensive against the incoming droid dispensers.  Assign all
your men to plant proximity and demo charges on the explosive barrels
in the hangar.  There's about 6 of them, so you're going to have to
work with them if you want to get it done in time.  When they're done,
assign them to the grenadier, sniper, and anti-armor spots.  You will
be roaming around, setting off explosives when the need arises.

The first dispenser (battle droids) will land in the front right of
the hangar.  Hey, check it out, there's a charge on those barrels.  BOOM!
One droid dispenser down.  The next dispenser (SBD's) will land on the
front left, but the explosives there won't be enough, so you're going to
have to assign someone to demo the dispenser.  Have your sniper do it;
he's probably doing the least damage right now, seeing as these are SBD's.

While you are doing this, another dispenser will enter (battle droids),
landing in the back of the hangar.  You'll also be told the hangar force
field can be shut down by blowing the gold and blue thing in the left front
of the hangar, the force-field regulator.  You can do both of these demo's
at once if you keep constant fire and ECD's on the SBD's.  Once the two 
dispensers and the force-field regulator are destroyed, search the room 
for ammo and use the bacta in the back right.

Wasn't that fun?  Well I hope so, because you get to do it twice more,
but each time there will be more droids waiting for you before you even 
get there.  You're kind of catching them in the middle of attacking; so
while you clear hangar A, they're setting up in B, C, and D.  Here we go!

Head through the door and to the loading point.

<VI.B.2.n - Holding the Line>

Head through the corridor and tag the elite Trandoshan walking
up the ramp.  At the top on the balcony, assign someone to the
grenadier spot to the right and someone else to plant a proxy
mine on the explosive barrels near the bacta.  Who knows...they
might come in handy later.  Take your 2 remaining commandos
and head down to the hangar floor.  On the way down, watch for
battle droids and plant a proxy mine on the barrels at the bottom.

As you enter the hangar, assign someone to the sniper spot and
also to put a mine on the barrels.  Take your last commando and
head for the far back of the hangar.  Look for the speeder and the
console to slice.  Slice the console, and the speeder will careen
into the far battle droid dispenser.  About now, another droid
dispenser will drop in the middle of the hangar, and out come
the SBD's.

Cover your man with anti-armor grenades as he demos the SBD
dispenser.  Once the bottom floor is clear, assign someone
to blow the force-field regulator and head back to the
balcony; there's a dispenser waiting for you, this time
droidekas.  Blow it and scrounge for ammo and grenades.  Once
you have the force-field regulator blown, the door to the
next hangar will open and constant battle droids will come
out, so be quick with your scrounging.  There's a heavy ACP
repeater near the hole in the hangar, but your concussion rifle
should suffice for now.  Head to the next hangar, through the
swarm of battle droids.  Hit the loading point.

<VI.B.2.o - Overwhelming Odds>

Assign the sniper spot, grab the ammo and grenades, and get to
laying those traps down the hall.  There's a few SBD's on the
other side of that door, so let's lay a trap for them.  Once
the mines are set, slice the door.  The SBD's will hear you 
and come blundering in, setting off the traps.  Keep the one
door open so your sniper can help in case the mines don't finish
the SBD's off.

Pretty much same plan for the next hallway.  Lay all the traps
you can before the droidekas get there, assign the sniper spot,
secure area behind the sniper, and let those bags of bolts blow 
themselves up.  The barrels aren't placed as strategically, and 
the droidekas are fast enough to avoid the mines, so you might
need to help the sniper finish them off.  Also, if you want,
you can try shooting the barrels as the droidekas roll past them.
Whatever floats your boat.

At the junction, go right if you need anti-armor grenades.  If not,
recall the sniper, heal up, and head right for the hangar.  In this
one, the droids are already set up, so you've got a fight ahead you
can't win, at least with tactics.  Let's try another way...

As soon as you get to the hangar, bang a hard left and secure area
behind the two assignable spots.  Assign them.  Toss an anti-armor 
shot and a few ECD's and thermals to soften up the room, but don't 
proceed out.  You will not be demoing these dispensers.  Instead,
from behind the barricade, look for a droideka to the left.  Kill
him from your position, and take your 3rd man past where the 
droideka was (under cover of ECD's of course) to the back of the 
room and assign him to one of the spots there.

This is where the having "Auto-Pull" on comes in handy.  Your other 
2 commandos are already assigned, but assign them to positions where
you are, and they'll come running.  Make sure to toss an ECD or two
first to clear a path.  Do this for both commandos, finally having the
two offensive positions assigned and also the console.  Hold back the
horde while your man slices.  When he's done, an AT-TE will rise via
elevator behind your position.  Take that bad boy for a test drive.
Press A to get in and the RIGHT TRIGGER to fire.  You can take care
of the droid dispensers with the AT-TE's main gun, so have fun clearing
the hangar.  Make sure to hit the force-field regulator...or Scorch
will yell at you.

Once that's done, hop out and search the hangar for ammo, grenades, use
the bacta, and head underneath the AT-TE to the loading point.

<VI.B.2.p - Deus Ex Machina (God From the Machine)>

Snake your way through the tunnel and out to the left. Hit the battle
droids working the console, but keep heading left, to the covered 
area with the bacta and ammo.  Secure area there.  What you're going
to want to do here is basically clear the hallway one section at a time,
assigning sniper spots as you get to them.  The battle droids, SBD's
and droideka's will continue to come until you get to the other end
of the hallway.  Make the turrets your number one priority, as they
will tear your team apart.  I found tossing an ECD in the middle of
the hallway hits the turrets on both sides, as well as any droid in
the middle.  Go back to the covered area for ammo or bacta if you need

Head through the next door and up the ramp, clearing the battle droids.
This is the last part of the RAS, so you know it's going to be a doozy.
Secure are at the top of the ramp, and assign the sniper and anti-armor 
spots. The three consoles behind you will have to be sliced, and will
each take 60 seconds to do.  There's two ways to do this; either have
one slicer do all three while you and the other two Delta's cover him,
or assign all three commandos to the consoles and cover them yourself.
This is hard mode, therefore droids tend to flow like wine.  There will
be so many droids coming at you, I recommend only having one slicer.

Obviously ECD's will be your best friend here.  All you really have to
do is keep the battle droids from getting all the way up, and stopping
the SBD's from even starting up the ramp.  Droideka's will only appear
in the top middle port, so don't worry about them sneaking up on you.

Once all three consoles are sliced, the ship's turbolasers will activate,
destroying the droid control ship out the window.  The RAS Prosecutor is
safe.  In the words of Sev; 

"No one steals a ship from the Republic while we're around."

On to Kashyyyk...

<VI.B.3 - Critical Discoveries>

Trandoshan slavers have invaded the Wookie homeworld of Kashyyyk and
launched a cruel slave trade.  Delta squad is sent in to help the
Wookies, as well as continue the investigation of the apparent alliance
between the Trandoshans and the Trade Federation...or maybe we're just
looking for some Wookie life-debts.

Who knows, we might get lucky....

<VI.B.3.a - The Rescue of Tarful>

Your mission is to find the wookie leader, Tarful.  Get to it.  Follow
the path to the left.  Set up snipers and take down the 3 trandoshans
around the campfire.  Continue on to the main gate.  Assign the 2 
sniper positions and clear the area.  There should only be a few 
Trandoshans, but one will go for the turret to the right.  Once that's
clear, move one man to the grenadier spot and slice the door yourself.
Before you can even finish, Trandoshans will flood the area.

Clear the area and continue through the door.  The walkway at the end
of the hall will drop, blocking the door.  The exit will be blocked as
well, and there's Trandoshans on the catwalks to boot!  You'll get a
message to blow the hatch, so cover your demo guy as he works.  Blow it
and head through to the loading point.

<VI.B.3.b - Hard Contact>

Exit the tunnel and take out the spotlight.  Set up the two sniper
spots and have your third man blow the door on the ramp.  Trandoshans
and scavenger droids will come over and through the walls, but your
snipers should have no problem.  Grab ammo, flashbangs, and sonic
detonators.  Blow the door and head through.  Toss a flashbang first.

Clear the hall, and move around the corner.  Your men won't go on and
the Trandoshans won't stop coming until that spotlight is taken out, so
get to it.  Watch for the Trandoshan with the concussion rifle.  Clear
the hall and the bacta room and get health.  At the top, go to the window
and look at the incoming ship.  Then blow the other window, watching for
Trandoshans on the far ledge.  Hit the loading point.

<VI.B.3.c - From the Shadows>

After rapelling, head to the breachable door.  Assign the grenadier
position and secure area aorund him.  Watch for the Trandoshans 
coming from the rear and on the catwalks.  Once it's clear, breach
the door.  There's a heavy mercenary on the other side, so target him
and start blasting.  He should have so much plasma coming at him he
won't even be able to return fire.  Grab his gun and the thermals
behind the barricade.

Through the next door, clear the room and assign a commando to slice
the terminal.  As he does, the door to his left will open, revealing
Trandoshans.  Cover him and blow the back of the cell when he opens
it.  Clear out the remaining Trandoshans.  There's a Wookie bowcaster
in the door the Trandoshans were shooting your slicer from, but it's
up to you if you want to trade it for the heavy ACP repeater (or
even the concussion rifle, if you kept it).

Continue on, and assign the anti-armor spot to deal with the
heavy mercenary in the next room.  If your Wookie companion
is still with you, he'll probably get in the way of the anti-armor
shots, but he can take care of himself.  Continue on and free the
next Wookie.  Heal up and watch the Wookie show off his strength.
He'll jump in the spotlight, so take it (and the ensuing
Trandoshans) out quick.  Clear the next room, head to the top, and to
the loading point.

<VI.B.3.d - The Bodyguards>

Kill the spotlight above you, and head around to the left.  Clear the path 
and take out the next spotlight around the next corner.  Remember,
Trandoshans will continue coming until the spotlight is destroyed,
so make that your first priorty when there is one.  Assign the sniper
position, but watch for the grenadier under the spotlight.  Clear out
the "nest" and heal up.  Then, breach the door.  Secure area in the
middle of the room and wipe the floor with the Trandoshans.

Slice the console to open the door.  There's no way to save the Wookie
on the other side, so don't worry about it.  Clear the ramp of lizards,
grab ammo and grenades, and head through.  Look out the viewport.
Identify Grievous.  The MagnaGuard will close the window.  Blow the
barricade next to you and head down.  Clear the Trandoshans and blow
the energy shield barricade.  Hey, there's Tarful.  Nice hat, man...

Breach the door, and get ready for a fight.  Have your ECD's equipped,
and toss one as the door opens.  Tarful, although he is a big Wookie,
will only get in the way of you killing the guards, so try to make sure
he stays outside the door.  I'm really not sure how I did it; I just
turned around, and realized he hadn't made it through the door.  Assign
the sniper and anti-armor spots on the ramps and target the MagnaGuard.
Use the technique I have under the MagnaGuard section to take it out.
There's a second one, so don't be careless with your grenades.  There
are some ECD's around in case you run out.  Once that's done, you'll
get a loading screen.

<VI.B.3.e - Obliterate the Outpost>

Follow the path and take out the Trandoshan patrol.  Secure area just
outside the beginning of the outpost when you get to it.  Snipe any
lizards you can see, and then assign a commando to disarm the first
proxy mine.  Doing this will trigger a bunch of grenades to be thrown
and then slavers to rush through the minefield.  Take out the ones
that get through.  They should take some of the mines with them, but
disarm any left.  Get to the ridge and work your way through the paths
of the outer defense.

When you get to the assignable grenadier spot, assign it!  Clear the
battle droids out of the trenches and use the bacta at the end.
Assign the sniper spot at the top of the hill and take out the missle
turret across the way.  Watch for the slaver rush (that means grenades)
from over the wall.  Get someone in that turret and go back and use
bacta if you need it.  Blow the gate at the end of the maze and hit
he loading point.

<VI>B.3.f - Aim for the Heart>

In the next area, your priority is the laser turret.  Take it out,
and then clear the area of droids.  Place proxy and demo charges
on all available places and secure area near the bacta.  5-6 battle
droids, 3-4 droidekas, and 5-6 SBD's will be coming down the path,
so move quickly.  Once they arrive, the charges, coupled with the
turret and your onslaught of grenades should stop them in their
tracks.  There's also anti-armor grenades behind the explodable
barricade near the bacta.  Around the next corner, behind another
explodable barricade, are sniper rounds and a Wookie rocket launcher.

In the next area, a battle droid dispenser will drop.  Standard
operating procedure here, except there's 2-3 scavenger droids
way up in the air.  God, I hate those things.  When that's dealt
with, blow the containers around you, revealing bacta, thermals,
and a path up the ramp.  Past the lizards is a droid controlling
the minefield below, but he's protected.  Blow the energy barrier,
take him and his 3 friends out, and slice the console to reactivate
the minefield; some droidekas have parked right on top of them.

When you get to the landing pad, immediately assign someone to
demo it and secure area near him.  Cover against the rapelling
lizards and blow the demo charge when your man is done.  Hit the
loading point on the other side.

<VI.B.3.g - Critical Strike>

Demo the barricade, but watch for the Trandoshans climbing over.
Blow it, clear out the rest, and watch for the SBD's coming up
from below after they blow the next barricade.  Assign the
grenadier spot below and take out the Trandoshans that come at
you.  Don't go straight to the missle turret yet; we're going to
flank it.  Past the lizards, assign the sniper spot and help him
take out the turret.  Assign that, recall the grenadier, and assign
2 sniper spots in the main area.  Heal up, grab ammo, and let the
turret take care of the hordes of battle droids. 

An SBD dispenser wil drop in the next area.  Assign someone to
demo it and cover them.  Blow the thing and clear the SBD's.
Go back and heal up if you need to (I did).  Blow the next
barricade and snipe the lizards on the top of the rise.
Breach the door and O MY GOD, an ADSD.  Luckily, there's an
easy way to take this one out.  Slice the console to the right
and a crane will drop its load on the ADSD.  Then, three droid
dispensers will drop on the landing pad.  Luckily, there's an
inbound gunship.  Loading Point!

<VI.B.3.h - Bridge at Kachirho>

Work your way through the Wookie structures, watching out
for scavenger droids.  Once you get to the corridor with
all the blocked exits, one will be breached.  Assign the
new grenadier spot and cover him while he seals the breach
with thermals.  Head through the door to your left, watching
for scavenger droids.  Hit the loading point through the last

<VI.B.3.i - Turning Point>

Here comes the fire.  There's multiple assignable points in
the area, so take your pick.  I recommend the sniper up the
ramp and two anti-armor spots. Clear the area, and then you'll
be instructed to take down a tree branch above the breached
area to close it.  I used anti-armor shots.  Then, more lizards
and a heavy mercenary will come from the left.  Target the heavy
and they should all be counting tiles in no time.  There's
grenades and a Wookie rocket launcher in the area as well.

Breach the door across from where the heavy mercenary came
from.  Toss a sonic if you have one.  Clear the room and
go left out of there to the loading point.

<VI.B.3.j - The Gauntlet>

Hit your low-light mode and clean up these proxy mines.  Once
you get to the bridge, assign the sniper spot right there and
secure area behind him.  Snipe the laser turret to the left and
then assign the other sniper, the anti-armor, and the turret.  Now
you place a demo on the barricade while your men cover you.  Blow
it and make your way through.  Assign the next two sniper spots and
the grenadier spot.  Take out the laser turret to the left and get
someone in it.  Here's where we have a litte fun with AI.

With everyone still assigned their spots, go into the next room
and draw out the Trandoshans, including the heavy mercenary.  Your
team will clean them up quick. Deassign everyone and head through.
Clean up the few lizards who show up late and hit the loading point.

<VI.B.3.k - Detour>

Head down the ramp and disarm the proxy mine.  Have your squad on
search-and-destroy and follow them up the ramp.  Assign the 2 sniper
spots and take the third across the catwalk and breach the door.
Clear the room and recall your snipers.  Follow the stairs and clear
the next room.  Grab some bacta and head out into the main hall.
Clear the area around the sniper spots, then assign them.  Grab
ammo and grenades while your squad takes down the 5-7 slavers
that come at you.  Go up the ramp and through the door to the right.
Hit the loading point.

<VI.B.3.l - A Bridge Too Far>

Here come the tactics.  Assign secure area right outside the door,
out of the way of fire.  Assign one man to the sniper spot in the
open, toss an ECD in the middle of the battle droids and SBD's,
and them hit them with the thermals.  Once the immediate area is
clear, assign a man to the grenadier spot up ahead, but cancel
the order AS SOON AS the far door starts to open.  Now, there are
droids heading toward you, and the laser turret is active.
Clear the area of droids, and reassign the grenadier spot.

Now, assign the left anti-armor spot and the SBD's should start
coming from the two dispensers on either side of the other end
of the bridge. Deassign your rear sniper and assign him to demo
the right dispenser. Cover him (don't forget about the SBD's
coming from the left) and blow it when he's done.  Now, assign
the right anti-armor spot and the turret.

Deassign your left anti-armor spot and have him demo the
dispenser.  Cover and detonate.  Heal up, grab ammo and
grenades, and have the right anti-armor, turret, and
the new anti-armor (to the right of the door) assigned.
Place a demo on the center blocks and blow it.  Oops...  

Ok, slice the door.  Make sure your guys are still assigned
to those spots, because here comes an ADSD.  Get that Wookie
rocket launcher out.  When the ADSD's done, head through
the tunnel.  Clear the room and pick up the rockets.
Go up the stairs to the window and hit the fuel line below
the bridge.  Loading Point!

<VI.B.3.m - The Wookie Resistance>

Head back to the tunnel and Trandoshan Elite will blow
the barricade. Past them, some battle droids.  In the next
room, assign a commando to disarm the proxy mine and keep
the scavenger droids off him as he works.  Disarm the next
one and assign the sniper spot to the right.  Work your
way through the room, assigning new spots as you come to
them.  At the end, you'll need to demo a barricade.

As soon as that's started, lizards will come from the middle.
Make sure the anti-armor facing back the way you came is
assigned, as well as the first sniper spot, and you should
have no trouble.  Blow the barricade, heal up, and head through.
Right before the loading point, there's some anti-armor grenades.

<VI.B.3.n - Behind Enemy Lines>

Head through and to the left.  About half way through, you'll
be attacked from in front and behind.  As soon as the lizards
start coming, the two small crates in the middle will become
a sniper and an anti-armor spot.  Assign them and secure area
in the middle.  Once the vents stop spewing Trandoshans, place
a proxy mine on the barrel head around the corner.

Slicing the console will trigger more lizards, as well as an
anti-armor spot right by you.  Assign it and cover your slicer.
Once that's done, head through the door.  Assign the sniper 
spots and clear the room of elites.  Watch your back, as more
lizards may be comeing from the room you just left.

Slicing the far console will trigger scavenger droids, so keep
your men assigned.  Through the door and down the ramp, assign
the sniper to the right and the anti-armor to the left.  Watch
the window for Trandoshans and droidekas.  Same with down the
hall.  Assign the sniper immediately to the right and help
him snipe the grenadiers on the far boxes.  Be quick about it, 
as they just keep lobbing thermals, and they're pretty accurate.
There's also a droideka and some battle droids on the floor.

Assign the sniper spot near the bacta (left side) to help, and
then the anti-armor spot up in the middle, looking left.  He'll
do fine clearing the hall, so deassign the other two and work 
your way forward.  A few more battle droids, and then the loading

<VI.B.3.o - V.I.W.>

Clear the next room and breach the door.  Next room: same.  Next
room, assign the anti-armor spot and place proxys on the barrels
ahead and to the immediate right.  Tarful should be kicking ass
up on the balcony.  Clear the room and head through the door.
Use all available assignable spots, and watch for SBD's.
There's ammo, anti-armor grenades, and a bowcaster in there as well.

Out in the big room, assign the sniper and anti-armor spots as they
become available, lay traps, and head around to the right and up the
ramp.  Cover the Wookie and clear the room.  Grab the sniper ammo
and meet up with Tarful on the balcony.  Follow him and breach
the door.  Down the SBD and move on through to the loading point.

<VI.B.3.p - Saving Ammo>

This next part's a little tricky.  Droid dispensers will drop on
the left and right (battle droid and SBD, respectively).  Assign 
the sniper and anti-armor facing the SBD dispenser and the sniper
facing the battle droid dispenser.  You will be the demo man this
time.  Blow the battle droid dispenser first, as it takes less
time.  Then, deassign the sniper covering you and move on to the
SBD dispenser.  Assign someone to demo it and all three of you
cover him, using the explosive barrels to the right to full
effect.  Once the room's clear, breach the door.

Toss a thermal, and clear the battle droids and SBD's.  Use the
explosive barrels to take on of them out, and then target the other.
Heal up, grab ECD's, anti-armor, regular ammo, and move on. Here, 
assign the two sniper and grenadier spots immediately and clear the
end of the hall of droids.  As you move to the door, it will spew
more droids, and Trandoshans will come over the balcony from your
right, behind the plants.  Once the area's secure, move on.

In the next room, take out the droids and the laser turret and then
move and secure the left raised area.  There should be a sniper
spot, a grenadier spot, and the turret for your men. For you, the two
consoles to slice, along with some anti-armor shots and grenades.
Guess what happens as soon as you start slicing the consoles...
Trandoshans.  From behind!  O well, the turret will take care of them.
Once the consoles are sliced, a dispenser will drop across the way
...with backup.

Send your grenade man to demo it.  Targeting comes in real handy
here, as it basically tells the turret where to shoot.  Coupled
with your other man sniping, the SBD's should be no problem.  Cover
your man as he demos, and assign him the sniper spot right next
to the dispenser when he's done.  Blow it and clear the area.
Collect ammo, heal up, blow the barricade and move on to the loading

<VI.B.3.q - Live Ordnance>

Assign the sniper and grenadier spots and secure area behind them.
Halt the tide of Trandoshans and then assign the anti-armor spot
further up.  This should trigger some more Trandoshans.  Move on
when it's clear.  Next room: assign the sniper to the right and
two slicers for the consoles.  Dispensers will land, so secure area
in the back right, near the bacta, and assign the sniper next to 
the Wookie on the turret, and the sniper and grenadier up and
to the left of that.  

Head down and slice the ammo console yourself.  Right before you
finish, Geonosian Elite will show up.  Deal with them, and then
blow the SBD dispenser.  Clear the area, heal up, grab all the
ammo you can (and an Elite beam weapon of you want) and blow the
barricade.  Hit the loading point.

<VI.B.3.r - Fate of the Resistance>

Ok, turn left inside.  There's an SBD to the right and left of the
sniper spot in the middle.  Assign the spot if you think you can
take them down fast enough.  Leapfrog your men from spot to spot
until the bottom floor is clear.  Grab anti-armor and health and
move up to the next floor.  When you get to the top, several
surrounding windows will open revealing Trandoshans, most with
concussion rifles.  Assign the two sniper spots at the top of
the ramp and take the 3rd man with you around the catwalk.  Toss
a few sonic detonators at the Trandoshans as you run by the windows.
Have your man slice the console to close the shutters on the windows.

Follow Tarful to the next room.  Assign the anti-armor position and
the sniper position across from it, near the bacta.  Two of Grievous'
MagnaGuard will attack, one at a time.  There's anti-armor grenades
and ECD's up the ramp, behind some boxes.  Remember to target the
guards, and they should go down quick.  Heal up, grab the rest of
the ammo, and hit the loading point through the door.

<VI.B.3.s - Search and Destroy>

Head toward your Wookie guide.  Have an ECD ready and toss it up the
ramp at the SBD and battle droids.  Around the corner, more battle
droids and SBD's.  Breach the door and clear the room.  The next
door holds an ADSD.  Immediately when you get inside, start shooting
the tall tanks on the four corners of the ADSD.  When blown, assignable
positions will be revealed.  Starting with the first one on the left and
going clockwise, the positions they reveal are: sniper, grenadier, 
anti-armor, grenadier.  Take your pick.  There's also sniper and anti-
armor ammo off to one side, and regular ammo and ECD's on the opposite

Once he's down, head through the door and take out the droids there.
Heal up.  Next, move up this "promenade," assigning the two immediate
spots.  Secure area behind something big to keep your third man out
of the line of fire and clear the way.  Droidekas will roll in, so have
those ECD's ready.  Move up, deassigning your men and reassigning them
to the sniper, grenadier, and anti-armor spots at the top to deal with
the ADSD (grab the anti-armor ammo on the way).  

Keep your men assigned and pop that door ahead.  Two SBD's should be
on the other side, and your men have perfect angles to bombard them.
Once that's clear, move on, taking out the last SBD further in the
room.  Heal, grab the ammo and grenades, and breach the door.  This
next part's a little tricky.  Assign the two spots directly in front
of you and also for someone to demo the SBD dispenser.  You'll have
to do 3 things at once to cover your man properly, but it can be done.
There's ammo down the right side if you need it.  Once that's blown,
start working on the droideka dispenser.  Once the areas clear, make
sure to grab the anti-armor grenades hidden down the left side.  
Don't worry about health; there's bacta past the fuel tank.

Clear the area and blow the right fuel tank to make a path.  Grab the
ammo and grenades and hit the loading point.

<VI.B.3.t - Heart of the Citadel>

Work your way through the snaking paths, using the assignable positions
when available and grabbing all the ammo you can.  You'll run into 
several Trandoshan heavy mercenarys along the way.  Remember to target
them and grab their gun afterwards.  When you get to the door, breach
it and toss in a thermal.  Heal up and breach the next one after you
assign the sniper position for cover.  Enter and clear the room, 
assigning the positions.  Grab ammo and then open the next door, but
don't deassign your men.  Draw the heavy mercenary and the elites from
that room back into yours to give your men some clear lines of fire from
their positions.

There's some sniper rounds and sonic detonators in the gazebo in the
next room.  Grab them and head through the next door.  Some Trandoshans
will hit you from behind as you leave the gazebo room.  Heal up and
breach the next door.  Clear the immediate opposition and then assign
the two sniper spots covering the platform.  Have your third man slice
the console and keep the Geonosian Elite off him.  The console will
take 60 seconds to slice and the elite's will keep coming until it's
sliced.  Your heavy ACP repeater will tear them to shreds, so have it
handy.  You'll problably use all the ammo in it, so look around for
an elite beam weapon.  When the lights come on, head through the
next door and heal up.  

Same thing in the next room.  Assign the slicer, the sniper on the main
level, and the other one down by the slicer.  Cover your slicer and
head out when the lights come on.  Heal up and hit the loading point.

<VI.B.3.u - Moving Upstream>

Move into the room and drop the first SBD.  Assign the anti-armor spot
to the left and head right.  A path in the boxes leads to a sniper
spot.  Clear the SBD and assign the spot.  Back and to the right is
a grenadier spot and some ammo.  Grab the ammo.  Assign your last man
there.  By the time you get to this point, the man you assigned to 
the first anti-armor point should have cleared the way.  Deassign him
and set him to the anti-armor spot on the far forward left, next to
the door.  Clear the SBD's.  Now, without deassigning your men, move
to the door.  Trigger the droidekas and back up.  Once they're taken
care of, deassign the anti-armor man and assign him to demo the SBD
dispenser in the next room.  Cover him!  

Pull all your men when the dispenser goes down and move on.  Don't
follow the Wookie in the next room; instead, breach the other door
(after healing, of course) and work your way through there.  There's
a bunch of droids, and you'll end up in the hangar.  Assign the turret
to the left and blow the tanks to create sniper spots.  Grab the Wookie
rocket launcher to the right.  Three MagnaGuard will appear at the
end of the hangar, amidst the Wookies.  They shouldn't even make it
to you.  Once they're gone, battle droids spill out of one of the side
passages.  Clear them and move through.

Past the 4-5 battle droids is a door.  Breach it.  Clear the 
promenade.  There's an SBD dispenser half way through, and then
a bunch of droidekas roll in.  You've got Wookies...what could go
wrong?  Heal up at the end before more SBD's come through the door.
Make sure to be grabbing ammo all the way up this promenade, because
it's mostly the explosive kind.  In the next room, immediately blow
the tanks to create sniper spots. Clear the elevator and hit the
loading point.

<VI.B.3.v - The Final Strike>

In the next room is an ADSD...and a MagnaGuard...and droidekas...and
SBD's.  Wow.  Ok, assign the anti-armor position, one of the sniper
spots, and one of the grenadier spots.  Target the ADSD and then you
take the MagnaGuard.  There's a Wookie rocket launcher; that should 
drop it in a hurry.  When the ADSD goes down, clear the SBD's and
droidekas.  Heal up and move on.

Past that, drop the droidekas and breach the door.  Next, several
SBD's.  Then, some bacta.  Four turrets for four commandos, eh?
What a concidence.  Here's where you start losing your men.  Sev will
leave you and mount the turret.

And then there were three...

In the next room, we see our old friend, the Geonosian Warrior.
Clear the room up until the two sniper spots back to back.  Place
a proxy on every barrel you find and wait for the attack.  Warriors,
along with a MagnaGuard, appear.  Have those ECD's ready for the 
Mangaguard.  When it's clear, move on.  Another turret, this one for

And then there were two...

Breach the door and put proxys on the barrels.  Make sure to check
the back of this room for ammo and grenades.  Lure the SBD's into
the blast radius.  The next group can be put down easily using the
explosive fuel tanks lining the hall.  Clean up any leftovers.  Heal
up at the bottom and breach the door.

ADSD!  Blow the right fuel tanks to reveal an anti-armor spot.  Set
your man up there and go grab ammo.  Target the ADSD, watch for
Warriors, and don't stop until it's done!  Heal up, grab ammo, and
head on.  Turn on your low-light visor and watch for warriors.
There are 5-7 of them, so stay sharp.  Use your sonic detonators and
toss them into the midst of the Warriros.  Grab the Wookie rocket
launcher and breach the door.

Guess what...another ADSD.  Also, Warriors.  Blow the fuel tanks to
your right to reveal an anti-armor position and assign Scorch to it.
Target the ADSD and keep the Warriors off Scorch.  Grab the ammo laying
around, also.  Your Wookie rocket launcher will do the most damage against
the ADSD, so use that up first.  When that thing goes down, clear the area,
heal up, grab ammo and breach the next door.  There shouldn't be any enemies
between this room and the next one with bacta.  There's a Warrior right
before Scorch gets his turret, though.

And then there was one...

All by yourself, grab the ammo and sonic detonators near the bacta.  
Breach the door and head in.  Geonosian drones will drop from the ceiling,
as will warriors.  I just ran through the room past everything, turning
around every now and then to toss a sonic detonator.  Past that room and
past a few more Warriors is your turret.  Mount up and shoot the indicated
parts of the ship overhead.  Make sure no Warriors or drones you left behind
sneak up on you while you're in the turret.  When the ship is destroyed,
you're told to regroup.  Sev, however, will not make it to you.  Scorch and
Fixer fight over whether or not to disobey a direct order and go back for him.
You end up not going back, and jumping on a gunship and evacuating.  

You are then told your squad was the recon force for a much larger invasion.
You were not suppossed to know, but your intel and reconnaissance paved the
way for the major attack.  You are given orders to get back to the fighting.

"Delta Squad, Lock and Load!"

You have beaten Star Wars Republic Commando.  I'd keep an eye out for a sequel,
though.  With Sev missing, and the real fight can't end like

(This reminds me of Halo 2's ending...except without the giant, philosophising,
venus fly trap).

<<VII - Combat Hints/Tips/Strategies>>

-When moving through an area, have your squad in search-and-destroy mode
 for maximun effectiveness.  Stay 2nd or 3rd back in the line so as 
 to be able to see ahead, but not be the first one through the door.

-Wait until battle droids bunch up and toss an ECD to fry all of them
 at once.

-When tossing grenades at slavers, don't toss it right at their
 feet.  Most of the time, they will kick it back at you.  Toss it to the
 side or behind them.

-Whenever possible (like when shooting stationary scavenger droids) use 
 the DC-15s sidearm.  It's unlimited ammo will save your other ammo 
 for later.

-Your squadmates are pretty much immune to close combat attacks.  Except
 for SBD and MagnaGuard attacks, they can reverse any melee attack thrown
 at them, instantly killing the enemy.  Use this to your advantage with
 slavers, warriors, and the like.

-Smacking an enemy with the LJ-50 Concussion Rifle will have the same 
 effcect on them as if they were hit with an ECD.

-If you come upon an assignable position, but there are no enemies around,
 assign it anyway.  It's there for a reason.  Enemies may not be there now,
 but they will be shortly.

-When you assign a commando to a grenadier position, a circle will
 appear on the ground in front of them, showing you where they will be
 throwing their grenades.  Use this to see if assigning that position
 will have any tactical advantage.

-Keep track of all bacta stations and un-used up ammo.  Go back 
 for it if you run out ahead.

-Keep the hints on the first time you play through Republic Commando.
 It will lessen the learning curve a lot.

-When fighting a droideka, run towards it and get as close as you can,
 in the front.  You can fit between his arms and he will not be able
 to hit you.  Then, use your melee attack to save ammo.  If there's more
 than one droideka, put the one you're working on between you and the
 others, as best you can anyway.

-Turn Auto-Pull on.  This will make assigning your men to positions
 easier (as they won't have to be manually recalled first) and will
 automatically pull them off a position if you forget about them.

-Whenever there is a spotlight, make it your priority to take it out.
 The enemies will continue to come until it is destroyed.

-Trandoshan Elite's jet packs are explosive, even when the wearer
 has been killed.  Use them as improvised explosive devices to take out
 surrounding enemies.

-If a member of your team gets stuck and can't move, there's a few things
 you can do to release him:
 1) Kill and revive him
 2) Save/load
 3) Restart level
 4) If there's not much of the section left, just leave him.  He'll reappear
    at the beginning of the next section.

<<VIII - Cheats/Unlockables>>

Unlock Foley Featurette - Clear Geonosis.

Unlock Special Ops Featurette - Clear the Assault Ship.

Unlock Temuera Morrison Interview - Clear Kashyyyk.

More/Full Ammo In Current Weapons - Pause the game and enter: 
Y, Y, X, Down, Right Trigger, Left Trigger, Right Trigger, D-PAD UP

God Mode - Pause the game and enter: Y, Y, Left Trigger, D-PAD UP,
X, Black Button, X, Y (From DylanXX2)

<<IX - FAQ>>

Q: Several times (particularly on the assault ship) a member of your
   squad says there are turrets nearby when you approach a door and the
   leader then replies "Let�s do this slow and quiet." I�ve noticed that
   if you then slice the door terminal instead of using the breach
   manoeuvre then any turrets on the other side will also be deactivated.  
   Hope that helps.

A: In the section on the RAS with the turrets, I tell the reader to slice
   instead of breach to avoid the turrets activating. In one instance, you
   will have the ability to get into the room by a roundabout way.
   Obviously you won't be able to take your squad (because the roundabout
   way involves jumping down from something).  So, destroy the
   turrets and then go back and breach the door.  The moral of the story; 
   breach whenever you can, but when you are told to slice, slice.  Thanks
   for the thought, Bader.

Q: Hey there, I printed out your walkthrough for Star Wars Republic
   Commando, from gamespot.  I have tried the cheats and they don't work.
   I even tried editing the ".ini" file in the system directory and changed
   the damage to 0.0 but I still die.  When I push the tilde button the
   console comes down but the only codes that have worked are the go to the
   next level and the suicide cheats.  "Loaded" or "god" or "all ammo" or
   "all weapons;" they do nothing.  Some of the cheats just disappear like
   I didn't even put them in.  What's the problem??  Am I putting the cheats
   in wrong or what?  Now, I have noticed that certain letters in the codes
   are capitialized but even if I have caps on or off, they appear in caps
   on the console.  Please Help (P.S. I have the PC version)

A: Exactly Eric, you have the PC version.  These codes are for the Xbox
   version.  Sorry dude.  Check online somewhere for the PC codes.

<<X - Legal Stuff>>

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or tricky or told you something you didn't know.  I'm just here to help.

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