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Follow the dark path or use the light
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords Pack Shot

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords


Star Wars Kotor II Walkthrough

by Kerbow

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II The Sith Lords Walkthrough


Version 1.0

Copyright 2013 by Paul Kerbow
Written by Paul Kerbow
Email: [email protected]

This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
and a violation of copyright laws.

Table of Contents

I.      Guide Information
        A.      Welcome!
        B.      Email Policy
        C.      FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
        D.      Things to Know - Before Starting
        E.      Quick Definitions
        F.      Glitches in the Game
		1.	Prologue
		2.	Peragus II
		3.	Telos
		4.	Dantooine
		5.	Nar Shaddaa
		6.	Onderon/Duxun
		7.	Korriban
		8.	Malachor V
		9.	General Glitches/Bugs/Terrors/Cheats

II.     Starting A New Game
        A.      Character Classes
        B.      Portrait
        C.      Attributes
        D.      Skills
        E.      Feats
	F.	Powers
        G.      Name
        H.      Play

III.    Prologue
	A.	General Informaion
	B.	Ebon Hawk Interior
	C.	Ebon Hawk Exterior
	D.	To Peragus II!

IV.     Peragus II
	A.	Background
	B.	Quests
		1.	Main Quests
		2.	Side Qusts
	C.	Awaken!
	D.	T3's Helpful Option
	E.	Peragus Mining Tunnels
	F.	Fuel Depot
		1. HK-50
		2. The Moon Walk
	G.	Dormatories
	H.	Reunion
	I.	The Harbinger
		1.	Command Deck
		2.	Crew Quarters
		3.	Engine Deck
	J.	Peragus Escape!
	K.	Post Peragus Ebon Hawk
		1.	Kreia and Atton
		2.	Kreia

V.	Telos
	A.	Background
	B.	Quests
		1.	Main Quests
		2.	Side Quests
	C.	Arrested!
	D.	Residential 082
		1.	Callers
		2.	High Stakes
	E.	Entertainment Module 081
		1.	New Fuel Source
		2.	TSF Bounty: Batono Has Vanished
		3.	TSF Bounty: Escaped Criminals
		4.	False Batu
		5.	Swoop Racing!
		6.	Let's Play Pazaak!
	F.	Dock Module 126
	G.	Ithorians (LSO)
		1.	Replacement Restoration Droid
		2.	Suspicious Goods
		3.	Exchange Meeting
		4.	Czerka Mainframe
		5.	Ithorians Under Attack!
	H.	Czerka (DSO)
		1.	Replacement Restoration Droid
		2.	Suspicious Goods
			a.	Bachani Plant
			b.	Prototype Shield
			c.	Medical Supplies
			d.	Escort
		3.	The Exchange
			a.	Arms Dealing
			b.	Opo Chano
			c.	Luxa's Deal
		4.	Czerka Under Attack!
	I.	Restoration Zone 0031
		1.	Shot Down
		2.	Czerka Excavation Site
		3.	Old Military Base
	J.	Hidden Base
		1.	Atris
		2.	Handmaiden Sister Battles
		3.	Freeing your Party
		4.	Handmaiden
	K.	Post Telos Ebon Hawk	
		1.	The Recording
		2.	Handmaiden (Male only)
		3.	Kreia
		4.	T3

VI.	Dantooine
	A.	Background
	B.	Quests.
		1.	Main Quests
		2.	Side Quests
	C.	Landing Area
		1.	Armor Components
		2.	Visas
		3.	Kreia
	D.	Khoonda
		1.	Farm Equipment
		2.	Changing of the Guard
		3.	Cave Crawling
		4.	Sensor Search
	F.	Enclave Courtyard
		1.	Ghosts to Rest
		2.	Fake Holocron
	G.	Enclave Sublevel
		1.	Jorran
		2.	Building Your Lightsaber
		3.	Disciple
	H.	Master Vrook
	I.	Mercenary Attack
		1.	Gun Turrets
		2.	Militia Medic
		3.	Droids
		4.	Khoonda Recruiting
		5.	Akkere's Hydrospanner
		6.	Side Door
		7.	Traps
		8.	Defending Khoonda (LSO)
		9.	Attacking Khoonda (DSO)
	J.	Post Dantooine Ebon Hawk
		1.	Prestige Classes
		2.	Disciple (Female only)
		3.	T3 Upgrades
		4.	Handmaiden (Male only)

VII.	Nar Shaddaa
	A.	Background
	B.	Quests.
		1.	Main Quests
		2.	Side Quests
	C.	Refugee Landing Pad
		1.	Droid Retrieval
		2.	Lupo's Advantage
		3.	Trade War
		4.	New Trade Routes
	D.	Entertainment Promenade
		1.	Pazaak Den
		2.	The Vogga Dance
	E.	Docks
		1.	Power Shortage
		2.	Fassa's Freighters
		3.	Wayward Captain
		4.	Experiment In Delivery
		5.	Overtaxed Ithorian
	F.	Refugee Sector
		1.	Plague Carrier
		2.	Will Work For Fuel
		3.	Seeking Passage
		4.	Sold to the Hutts
		5.	Refugee Woes
	G	Return to Ebon Hawk
		1.	Landing Rights
		2.	Atton
		3.	Handmaiden (Male only)
	H.	Exchange Meeting
		1.	Cantina Ambush
		2.	Jekk'Jekk Tarr Bar
		3.	Jekk'Jekk Tarr Tunnels
	I.	Visquis Lair
	J.	Vogga's Warehoouse
	K.	Goto's Yacht
	L.	Zez-Kai Ell
	M.	Post Nar Shaddaa Ebon Hawk
		1.	GO-TO
		2.	HK-47
		3.	Hanharr(DSO)

VII.	Onderon/Duxun
	A.	Background
	B.	Quests.
		1.	Main Quests
		2.	Side Quests
	C.	In The Jungle
	D.	Mandalorian Camp
		1.	The Price of Passage
		2.	An Explosive Situation
		3.	Battle Circle
		4.	Missing Mandalorian
		5.	Tech Assistance
		6.	Trouble With Cannoks
		7.	Zakkeg Challenge
		8.	Scout Hunt
	E.	Onderon Port
	F.	Merchant Quarter
		1.	Starport Visa
		2.	A Matter of Leadership (DSO)
	G.	Iziz Western Square
		1.	A Doctor's Alibi
		2.	Cantina Rats
		3.	Escape From the Merchant Quarter
	H.	Post Onderon Ebon Hawk
		1.	GO-TO
		2.	HK-47
		3.	Hanharr (DSO)
		4.	Dantooine Mandalorians
		5.	Nar Shadaa Mandalorians
		6.	Mira (LSO)

IX.	Korriban
	A.	Background
	B.	Quests.
		1.	Main Quests
		2.	Side Quests
	C.	Valley Of The Dark Lords
	D.	Shirack Cave
		1.	Malak
		2.	Jedi Entombed
		3.	Minefield
		4.	Kreia Vs. Atton
		5.	Revan
	E.	Sith Academy
		1.	Trapped
		2.	Darth Sion
	F.	Post Korriban Ebon Hawk

X.	Onderon/Duxun Finale
	A.	Tomb Raider
	B.	Onderon Civil War
	C.	Post Onderon Ebon Hawk
XI.	Dantooine Finale

XII.	Telos Finale
	A.	Hidden Base
	B.	Citadel Station

XIII.	The Ravager
	A.	Command Deck
	B.	Bridge
	C.	Darth Nihilus

XIV.	Malachor V
	A.	Ebon Hawk Area
	B.	Malachor Depths
	C.	Mira Vs. Hanharr
	D.	Bao-Dur's Remote
	E.	Trayus Academy
		1.	Darth Sion
		2.	Darth Traya

XV.	Credits

XVI.	Contact Policy

XVII.	Legal

XVIII.	Version History

XIX.	Future Updates

I.  Guide Information

A.  Welcome!

Hello again Kotor fans! Welcome to my guide for Star Wars Knights of the Old
Republic II, the Sith Lords. I am Paul and will walk you through every possible
outcome of the game. Kotor II is more complex than the first game and I don't
know every single thing about it. If you know of something I did not place in
the guide please share it so we can all get the most out of the gaming
experience. This guide is written in a step by step format. In order to get the
most out of this guide use it the entire time while playing the game. You don't
have to do it this way if you do not want to, I'm just letting you the reader
know it is written this way. If you don't follow the guide step by step you may
miss out on some influence options with your party members but still should be
able to complete the game. There aren't really any major plot twists in Kotor
II as there were in Kotor I so spoilers aren't really an issue.

B.  Email Policy

If you wish to email me, put "star wars" somewhere in the subject. Emails 
that don't use this subject may not be responded to. As long as you put "star
wars" in the subject I will respond to it. That is what i use to search my 
email in order to find anything someone has sent me. Please avoid using ALL 
CAPS. Also let me know either in the subject or in the messsage which game
(Kotor I or Kotor II) you are asking about or contributing to since I have
guides on both games.

You will get credit for whatever you show me that I don't have. It could be
anything that helps other people such as a better strategy to defeat an
opponent, problems that I have not solved yet, etc. When you email me, tell 
me what you want to be identified by along with your information.  I won't 
put your email address here unless you ask for me to do so. I will only give 
the first letter of your last name to protect your privacy.

C.  FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

No questions as of yet since the guide is new.

D.  Things to Know - Before Starting

Save very, very, very often! If you played Kotor 1 then you know that there
were plenty of glitches in the game that were harmful to you. There are even
more places in Kotor II where glitches can set you back and cause you to have
to backtrack to an older save. I suggest using ALL available save slots for
every game you play. The game organizes saves by character name with a maximum
of 9 saves (including the autosave) per character so there is plenty of room.

The game is set 5 years after Kotor I. You don't have to play Kotor I in order
to play Kotor II, but it is recommended so that you have a general idea of what
is going on as well as be amazed at the plot twists.

A distinct difference in Kotor II from Kotor I is that you can influence your
party members. The more influence you have with them, the more their alignment
will match yours. Also the more positively influenced your party member is the
more likely they will be willing to share more information about themselves
with you or let you do something for them. In sharing more information or 
letting you do something for them, you gain more experience as well as other
bonuses. It is also possible to LOSE influence with your party members by your
actions or words. We don't want to lose influence with anybody, we want only
positive influence.

Like the previous game, you choose to be a dark player by doing primarily evil
deeds and utalizing the Dark Side of The Force, or be a light player by
selfless acts and kindness. Unlike the previous game, it is IMPOSSIBLE to be
completely dark or completley light AND get the full gaming experience. As a
light player, you WILL have to do some evil deeds in order to gain influence
with companions which the end result would be further rewards and experience.
As a dark player the same thing applies. Also dark players, there are several
quests where taking the dark way just isn't worth it due to the rewards and/or
influence you get from it. I will guide dark and light players down their
respective paths as well as inform you when to go against your alignment and
explain why you should do so.

Directions in my guide are composed of north, south east, west, etc according
to the map layout. If you don't know exactly what path is the north path, look
at the map in your journal. You will not always enter an area facing north, so
you should always look at the map to see which way is which.

The items you get when searching continers in Kotor II will vary. I believe 
they are randomly distributed upon entering an area or searching remains.
Sometimes you may get lucky early on. Other times you won't get lucky until
after Telos. There are however items that will always appear in the same 
container or area every time you play and usually it is obvious.

I do not include in this guide everything involved in how to play, how to use
your journal, etc. I am going under the assumption that you have played the
first game. If you have not, my guide for Star Wars Kotor I can be found here.

Look under the Endar Spire section for details on how to play the game if you
are not familliar with the controls.

E.  Quick Definitions

xp - experience points. Every enemy you kill and every quest and sidequest you
accomplish will get you these. You need these points in order to level up your

lsp - light side points - anything you do that moves you closer to the light
side of the force

LSO - Light Side Only - When you see this, it means only light players do the

dsp - dark side points - anything you do that moves you closer to the dark side
of the force

DSO - Dark Side Only - When you see this, it means only dark players do the

INF - Influence

+INF (PartyMember) - seeing this lets you know that your actions/words will 
positively influence a certain party member or members. I will only use the
first letter of the party member's name if necessary.

-INF (PartyMember) - seeing this lets you know that your actions/words will
negatively influence a certain party member or members. I will only use the
first letter of the party member's name if necessary.

Exile - your character

the exile - your character

F. Glitches In the Game

This section of the guide is under construction.

1.  Prologue

2.  Peragus II

3.  Telos

4.  Dantooine

5.  Nar Shaddaa

6.  Onderon/Duxun

7.  Korriban

8.  Malachor V

9.  General Glitches/Bugs/Terrors/Cheats

Swoop racing in Kotor II is broken, but to your benefit. You can race and try
to beat the best time or you can cheat. Aim for an obsticle, press the white
button before you hit the obsticle, and hit a to forefit the race. You will
crash into the obsticle and the game will take the time you crashed as your
actual race time.

II.  Starting A New Game

A.  Character Classes

Jedi Guardian:

The Jedi Guardian is similar to Kotor I's Jedi Guardian. You get the force
jump and it's primary focus is on combat. The class skills you get are 
awareness, demolitions, persuade, and treat injury.

Jedi Sentinal:

The Jedi Sentinal is also similar to the one we had in Kotor I. You are imune
to fear and critical hits. Class skills are awareness, computer use, persuade,
security, stealth, and treat injury.

Jedi Consular:

The Jedi Consular is similar as we saw in Kotor I. You get the most force 
points per level and there are times where you will get 2 force powers when you
level up.

The absolute best way to play the game is with a Jedi Sentinal. The Sentinal
gets the most skill points, the most class skills, and the inability to be 
stunned or paralyzed. Skills in Kotor II are very, very important. You use the
skills you have to create items on a workbench. The higher your skill, the 
better item you can make. Of course, you can use your party members to create
items for you if their skill is higher. It is much easier and much better to 
have the skills you need yourself. More skill = more xp = more times leveling
up. The game does not have a level cap at 20 (yay!) so you can continue 
leveling up your character to your hearts content. The earlier in the game you
invest in skills the easier it will be to build other areas of your character.
In addition, having skills needed to complete a task can also give you a bonus
to one of your attributes.

Of course, I will guide those who want to be Jedi Guardians and Consulars. You
won't pass all the skill checks, but you will still be able to complete the 

The only time gender matters is with someone who joins you. Handmaiden joins if
you are male and Deciple joins if you are female. Beyond that it doesn't make
any difference at all.

B.  Portrait

You just select what you want your character to look like. Not very important.

C.  Attributes:

After selecting what you want your character to look like, you will be taken to
the atributes screen. There are six attributes total.


Strength determins how well you are able to attack an enemy with swords or a 


Dexterity determines how well you can dodge attacks. For people who use range
weapons it also determines how well you can hit with them.


Constitution determines your health. It also is involved in what types of 
implants you can get. The implant requirements involve your actual constitution
level. In other words if you had 12 constitution and the implant required 14
constitution, raising your levels with armor or weapons will not work. You have
to raise your actual level.


Intelligence gives a bonus to several skills as well as determines how many
skill points you get at the beginning of the game and per level.


Wisdom involves how well you are able to resist other's force powers, and how
well others can succumb to yours. A high wisdom allows you to resist more force
powers and makes your powers harder to resist.


Charisma stacks with will in regards to force powers. It also gives a bonus to

All attributes in the game are involved in dialogue options or can make things
easier for you to be able to do. For this reason, it is not wise to have many
attributes less than 12. Attributes at 12 get a +1 modifier, which means the
respective area gets one bonus point. If the attribute is set at 8 the modifier
will be -1.

Now for the stats:


Strength:		14
Dexterity:		14
Constitution:		14
Intelligence:		8 
Wisdom:			14
Charisma:		14

With an intelligence of 8 you will get a modifier of -1. You won't ever be
skilled, but you will be well rounded in combat. I would increase Constitution
up the first two times you can raise an attribute for implant purposes. Then
alternate between strength and wisdom for the rest of the game.


Strength:		14
Dexterity:		10
Constitution:		12
Intelligence:		16
Wisdom:			12
Charisma:		12

The reason why we are taking such a high intelligence is because of the skill
points per level criteria. With 16 intelligence early in the game it won't be
necessary to upgrade the intelligence attribute any further. That allows you
to focus on the other attributes. Yes you will be somewhat weaker than the
guardian at the beginning of the game but as the game progresses you can still
become ferocious with a lightsaber.

I would focus on upgrading dexterity the first two times you get to leve up an
attribute. Then if you want implants you can put the rest into constitution.
Or you can alternate between wisdom and strength.


Strength:		12
Dexterity:		10
Constitution:		15
Intelligence:		10
Wisdom:			16
Charisma:		12

The Consular is primarily a force user. In choosing this clas you probably 
want to focus more on force powers than skilling and combat. As the class that
has the least vitality you will need a good start in constitution. Put one 
point in constitution for implant purposes then wisdom the rest of the way.

D.  Skills

All skills are used to create items on a workbench and all skills are involved
in dialogue options.

Computer Use: Allows you to hack into a computer and reprogram it in various
ways using computer spikes. The higher the skill the less parts you use. You
can also program droids this way.

Demolitions: (stop taking at 20 ranks) Demolitions lets you disable/recover
mines in the game. The higher the skill the greater chance you will be able to
recover or disable a mine. Recovering is harder than disableing.

Stealth: Stealth is used to sneak around unseen for a while. I wouldn't use it
to avoid combat. I would use it to sneak attack or for the workbench.

Awareness: (stop taking at 15 ranks) Lets you spot mines. The higher your
awareness the better you are at spotting mines.

Persuade: Allows you to get others to do what you want them to do. Give them 
your side of the argument.

Repair: Allows you to repair droids or computers to get them working again 
using repair parts. The higher your skill the less parts you will need.

Security: (stop taking at 20 ranks) Allows you to open doors and locks that are
locked. The higher your security skill is the better chance you have at opening
secure doors or locks.

Treat Injury: Gives you more vitality when you heal using medpacks.

I have in parenthesis (stop taking at x ranks) because that will be all you 
need to perform any skill check in the game. If you see a higher level item 
that you want then obviously keep upgrading the skill or have another party
member keep up with it. The security skill will probably be the only skill 
where you will fail towards the very end of the game, and the rank it looks for
is a total rank of 55. Not worth the skill points you could use at other areas.


Computer Use:		0
Demolitions:		1
Stealth:		0
Awareness:		1
Persuade:		1
Repair:			0
Security:		0
Treat Injury:		1

All of the class skills the Guardian has are needed at the beginning of the
game. I'd focus on demolitions and awareness the first two times leveling up.
Then keep all the class skills about the same level as each other with persuade
and treat injury taking priority.


Computer Use:		4
Demolitions:		1
Stealth:		0
Awareness:		4
Persuade:		4
Repair:			1
Security:		4
Treat Injury:		4

With the Sentinel if you get the repair class skill and demolitions class skill
you will have enough points to level up half of your skills. Give a few points
to demolitions the first time you level up so you can recover mines (recovering
is more xp than disarming.) Beyond that focus on keeping your skills *about*
the same level as each other. Your highest priorities are persuade, treat
injury, security, and demolitions in that order. Your lowest priority should be
stealth and (after you reach about 15 ranks) awareness because you'll be able
to spot any mine no matter how deadly.


Computer Use:		0
Demolitions:		1
Stealth:		0
Awareness:		2
Persuade:		2
Repair:			0
Security:		0
Treat Injury:		2

The reason why we put a point in demolitions instead of other areas is because
we will need to disable plenty of mines in the first part of the game. After
all, you don't want to blow yourself up right?

With regard to skills once you hit a workbench it tells you exactly what skills
you need to create the item in question. Check out the stats of each item and
ask yourself if it is something you would want to use. If so, keep upgrading
that particular skill. If you do not see an item you want then you can stop
investing in that skill.

E.  Feats

Below is a list of feats and the grade I give for them.

Two Weapon Fighting - Master Two Weapon Fighting - A+

Reducing any attack penalty is always a good thing. Why fight with only one
weapon when you can have two? Or why be penalized for wielding a double bladed

Armor Proficiency Light-Heavy B

Unlike Kotor I there IS armor you can wear that does not restrict force powers.
Most of that armor though isn't heavy or medium armor so upgrading this feat
is not necessary.

Caution - Master Caution C

Demolitions and stealth are needed, but you can just upgrade both skills more
times than selecting those feats. I'd skip it.

Critical Strike - Master Critical Strike A-

I don't use this one very much because it lowers your defense by 5. Still, the
stunning bonus of this feat can be useful.

Empathy - Master Empathy A

Persuade, awareness, and treat injury are all needed. I'd only take this if you
don't get many skill points per level.

Flurry - Master Flurry A+

I consider this the best melee attack in the game. You gain an extra attack
during the round with no penalty at the master level. When this feat is stacked
with the extra attacks master speed gives you then you become an unstoppable
killing machine.

Gear Head - Master Gear Head - C

Repair and computer use are not on the high priorty list of skills to upgrade.
Security is a good skill to upgrade, but there's not much point in using this

Conditioning - Master Conditioning - A+

Gives you a bonus to saving throws meaning enemies have a harder time hitting
you with critical hits.

Power Attack - Master Power Attack - A

The only drawback is the -3 to hit penalty. I would take this only after taking

Power Blast - Master Power Blast - A

Use this feat for ranged party members only. Power blast is the ranged 
equivalent of power attack.

Rapid Shot - Master Rapid Shot - A+

Use this feat for ranged party members only. Rapid shot is the ranged 
equivalent of flurry

Sniper Shot - Master Sniper Shot - A

Use this feat for ranged party members only. Sniper shot is the ranged
equivalent of critical strike.

Weapon Proficiency Blaster Pistol - Weapon Specialization Blaster Pistol - A

Use this feat only for ranged party members who weild regular blasters.

Weapon Proficiency Blaster Rifle - Weapon Specialization Blaster Rifle - A

Use this feat only for ranged party members who wield blaster rifles

Weapon Proficiency Lightsaber - Weapon Specialization Lightsaber - A+

This feat gives a small damage bonus for lightsabers. Every little bit helps.

Weapon Proficiency Melee - Weapon Specialization Melee - F

No one needs this feat, except perhaps Hanharr but I don't ever use him in

Jedi Defense - Master Jedi Defense - A+

Gives you a bonus to all deflection rolls. Every little bit helps.

Toughness - Master Toughness - A+

An extra vitality point plus damage reduction? Sweet!

Force Jump - Master Force Jump (Jedi Guardin only)

You get these feats for free. It allows you to jump from a distance to attack
an enemy.

Force Immunity: Fear - Force Immunity: Paralysis (Jedi Sentinel Only)

This feat prevents you from being stunned, paralyzed, and negates the force
powers fear, horror, and insanity when used against you.

Force Focus - Master Force Focus (Jedi Consular Only)

This feat makes it harder for an enemy to resist force powers.

Dueling - A

Two weapons are better than one. For the exile I would suggest you skip it.
There are party members who will benefit from this feat though.

Close Combat - A+

Use for ranged party members only it gives a bonus when the target is short
range. Very handy.

Regenerate Force Points - C

You regenerate them out of combat anyway with exception of a small amount of
time for light players.

Class Skill (Any skill your character that is cross class) - A+

You get to be able to raise the skill in question more easily since it will now
be a class skill.

Duel Strike - Master Duel Strike - A+

Gives you a bonus to hit if another party member is attacking the target.

Finesse Lightsaber - A

Chance to hit is determined by the highest of either dexterity or strength.
Without this feat it would be determined by strength.

Finesse Melee Weapons - F

Unnecessary. No one will need this.

Regenerate Vitality Points - F

Unnecessary. You regenerate out of combat anyway.

Stealth Run - A

I'd only take this one if you're actually using the stealth skill to sneak
around. Otherwise it's pointless.

Precise Shot I - Precise Shot V - A+

Use for ranged party members only. Adds a bonus to the damage done to an
opponent and applies a penalty to the opponent if the opponent makes any
attempt to deflect the bolt other than grenades or lightsabers.

Jedi Sense

Another feat you get for free.


I would start the game off with Empathy since all three of those skills are


Your first feat should be class skill demolitions so that you can put more
points into it the next time you level up. Choose class skill repair the 
second time you are able to select a feat. In this way you can easily and
slowly build up your skills.


I would go with class skill demolitions as your first feat so that you can at
least be able to disable mines in the game. After that toughness is a good
option since Consulars get the least amount of vitality per level.

F.  Powers

You don't get powers when you create your character, but you will when you
first level up.

Heal - Master Heal A

Handy to have for light players you can heal you and your party members up if
you get low on health during a fight.

Force Aura - Force Armor B

Lasting only 20 seconds is not very sufficient for long fights. Every little
bit helps though.

Burst of speed - Master Speed A+

2 attacks per round are gained at the master level and your defense is
increased. A very handy power to have. In fact I consider this a must have for
any Jedi light or dark.

Force Valor - Master Valor A

Increases attributes, immunity to poison, and affects all party members. Good
for light side players to have.

Force resistance - Force immunity A

You are better protected from an enemy's force powers. You will need this.

Energy resistance - Master energy resistance A+

Like an energy shield, energy resistance takes some energy attack damage away
from you.

Force barrier - Master Force Barrier A+

All melee attacks are reduced by a certain number of points.

Battle Meditation - Master Battle Meditation A

Gives your party a bonus to will saves, increases regeneration, and a the
master level gives a penalty to enemies who fail to save against the effect.

Force Body - Master Force Body C

I wouldn't want to use my own health to fuel force powers. I'm sure in some
areas in the game it may be useful but what if an enemy knocks down your health
while using this power? Possible danger to be knocked out. Skip it.

Revitalize - Master Revitalize A+

The master level revives all party members. I'd take it just in case light

Affect Mind - Dominate Mind Universal A

Using the force to persuade others when persuade could fail...or to manipulate
others into doing what you want.

Force deflection - Force redirection Universal B-

The keyword in this power is "without a lightsaber." You will get a lightsaber
later, making this feat unnecessary.

stun - Stasis Field A+

The stasis field level freezes all enemies around you unless they save giving
you time to kill em all!

Stun droid - destroy droid A

There are a lot of droids. You will need this light players

Choke - Kill B

You can only have one target at a time and if the target saves it doesn't do
much damage. I'd only take it when all the other dark powers are taken.

Slow - Plague A+

The plague level makes it impossible to save against its effects, lowers target
attributes, and poisons the target.

Fear - Insanity A+

The insanity level has all targets around you cowering in fear giving you time
to kill em all!

Shock - Force Storm A+

Force storm level attacks all enemies around you and is a very formidable dark

Force push - Force Wave A+

At the force wave level you can use this when surrounded by enemies to push
them back and, if they don't save, stun them.

Drain Life - Death Field A

The death field level allows you to take the life of all targets near you and
heal yourself up in the process. It's quite powerful, but I'd only use it if
you were low on health. Other powers do more damage.

Force Suppression - Force Breach A

Both powers cancel out certain force powers active on a target. Quite handy to
have against other Dark Jedi.

Throw Lightsaber - Advanced Throw Lightsaber F F F F F F

No. Just no. Throw your lightsaber at an enemy leaving you defenseless? No.
Skip it.

Drain Force - Improved Drain Force A

When the Force gets low whatcha gonna do? Drain Force from those around you!

Force Scream - Master Force Scream C

The damage isn't much but if the enemy doesn't save it gets attribute damage.
Plauge has a more deadly effect.

Mind Trick - Force Confusion B

Not really necessary as it only targets one enemy at a time. Fighting for you
sounds cool but you can kill the targets faster with other force powers. Take
it only if you are running out of force powers to get.

G.  Name

Pick a name. Either choose a random one or make one up yourself. I like my 
females to be named Amber Naver (because it rhymes and what Naver is spelled
backwards.) I haven't thought of a good male name yet.

H.  Play

Now it's time to play the game!

III.  Prologue

A.  General Information

The prologue is similar to the Endar Spire section of Kotor I. You control T3,
a lone astromech droid and the prologue shows you some of the basics of playing
the game. You can choose to skip the prologue to go right to your Exile or you
can complete it.

A better option for the prologue however is to partially complete it then skip
it before it is completed. Why? Items in the general inventory when the 
prologue is skipped are automatically transferred over to the exile. If you end
the prologue normally these items will be lost. It is somewhat beneficial and
time saving to have a few extra items at the beginning of the game.

B.  Ebon Hawk Interior

The goal of the prologue is to fix the Ebon Hawk, heal the Exile so you won't
die, and land the ship on station orbiting Peragus II. Pretty simple. From the
cockpit, move south then east into the security room. Open the container, get
the computer spike and use the console. Slice the system to open the door. Go
south into the main hold.

The blast doors cannot be opened. Yes there is knocking in one of them. Ignore
it you can't do anything about it. Search two broken droids for parts and a
body for a locker key. Try to open the footlocker and you can't, your security
isn't high enough. Bash it open to get a broken item and computer spikes.

Open the low security door at the south part of the room and the next low
security door down the hall and to the right. You should be in the medical
room. Open the storage bin and select your character. Use the medpack on your

Go back out and all the way south. The engine room upon selecting it cannot be
opened. The game suggests going outside to find mines. We'll get there in a 

Go north and follow the side hallway west to another low security door. Open
the locker and talk to 3C-FD. Repair him and he will join your party (unless
you want to skip the prologue midway then don't repair him.) Open the combat
training box to get a field survival pistol. Equip it and attack the droids
that come out. Finally, search the unlocked cylinder to get a security spike. 
Use the security spike to open the high security cylinder.

Go back to the main hallway where the medical room entrance was. Use the lift
controls directly across the medbay to go outside the Ebon Hawk.

C.  Ebon Hawk Exterior

Take parts from the open hatches and the engine port. Use one part on the 
exposed wires to open the starboard dormitory. Go to the other side of the Ebon
Hawk. Recover the frag mines and take another mine from the proton missile. Go
back inside.

D.  To Peragus II!

If you want to skip the prologue midway so the exile can have items now is the
time to do it. Go to the Peragus II section of the guide. Otherwise read on.

Go back to the engine room door and use the mine on the engine room door.
Repair the hyperdrive. Everything that needs to be done has been done, but
there are a couple of things you can do as an option. Go back to the main hold
and enter SOLO mode (black button.) Have T3 go to the side hallway where the
inner garage door is. Use 3C-FD to slice the security console. Select access
security doors. Close the outer door and open the inner door. T3 now has access
to a workbench. You can use the workbench to create a repair kit so T3 can heal
up. Go to the other side and into the dormatory. You will find two footlockers,
one with parts and another with a droid flamethrower. Send T3 to the outer
garage door.

Switch back to 3C-FD. Close the inner door then open the outer one. Get out of
SOLO mode. Go back to the cockpit and use the galaxy map to travel to Peragus
II. The ship manages to dock onto a station.

Uh oh...what's this? Someone or something else is alive on the Ebon Hawk? Hm,
doesn't that other droid look familliar...?

IV.  Peragus II.

A.  Background

Peragus II is both a planet and an asteroid field. Fuel from Peragus explodes
at high temperatures. An accident during a mining operation caused part of the
planet to blow a chunk off of itself and created an asteroid field. Now miners
mine from the asteroids instead of the planet surface.

Enemies you fight here are droids, droids, and more droids.

B.  Quests

1.  Main Quests

Recover Ebon Hawk
Rescue T3-M4
Voiceprint Protocol

2.  Side Quests

Recent History
Medical Bay Murders
Galactic History

C.  Awaken!

Yes, you hear a random person telling you to wake up! It's time to start
playing the game with the exile.

Go forward and through the door. Open the second door you come to and raid the
medical bay container. Use security to open medical storage. If you don't have
security you can use the computer terminal near that door to open it. Raid the
supplies inside the room.

Now select the computer terminal. Access the medical logs and listen to all of
them. Once you've listened to all of them access patient lifesigns then patient
treatment. Using your treat injury skill check the last treatment request. Then
if you have computer spikes attempt to track the treatment request. If not just
remember to come back to this computer later and use a spike when you get one.
Finally access medical bay functions. Unlock door to the morgue and if you
couldn't open the security door earlier you can do so now.

Go into the morgue and search the corpse with the blanket on it to obtain a
plasma torch. After you get it...EEEK the old woman rises!

Alright this is going to be the start of dialogue trees where I give a short
statement of what the person says then what you should say. Sometimes there are
multiple ways to go with this but overall I'm going to point you in a certain
direction. I will use the first letter of the party member's name and an E for
Exile to indicate how you should respond. No other party member has a name that
starts with E so there will not be any confusion. Multiple responses that can
be taken will not always be shown because it is not necessary to include
everything. I will however show the important multiple response options. I will
also show LSP, DSP, and INF options. So it will be something like this:

X	Party member dialogue

E	DSP +INF Response option 1 dialogue
	LSP -INF Response option 2 dialogue
	Response option 3 dialogue

X	Party member dialogue

E	response dialogue

X	Party member dialogue

And so on and so forth. Sometimes you will see LS or DS next to the party 
member letter and your letter. This simply means the last option you picked
follows a specific path that is different than another option and that both
paths will lead to the same place. Example:

X	Party member dailogue

E	LSP Response option 1
	DSP Response option 2

X LS	Response to light side dialogue

E LS	Continued response to light side dialogue

X LS	Further response to light side dialogue

E LS	Continued response to light side dialogue

X DS	Response to dark side dialogue

E DS	Continued response to dark side dialogue

X	Both light and dark dialogues lead up to this dialogue

This will also be true for any time you fail an INF check with a party member
or fail at a certian skill dialogue (such as persuade.) I will use INS for 
Influence Success. When it's a skill I will use the first letter of the skill
along with S for success (for example: PS.) If you have followed my advice and
picked a Sentinal you will rarely fail a skill check.

It is very important to save your game before talking to anyone so that if for
some reason you mess up (and you shouldn't if you're following my guide) you
can reload from an earlier point instead of way back.


K	Find what you're looking for amongst the dead?

E	I thought you were dead

K	Close to death yes, closer than I'd like...

E	A little disoriented...was it your voice...

K	Yes I had hoped as much...

E	So you can touch minds...and faeign death...

K	I am Kreia, and I am your rescuer - as you are...

E	Last thing I remember, I was on board a Republic ship...

K	Your ship was attacked. You were the only survivor...

E	If you think I'm a Jedi, you're mistaken.

K	Your stance, you walk tells me you are a Jedi...

E	The Jedi Order and I have a...troubled history.

K	So it would seem. Keep your past and let us...

E	What is this place?

K	I do not know. I was removed from the events of the...

E	Why do we need to leave?

K	We were attacked once and I fear our attackers will...

E	[Awareness] you seem nervous, worried. Is something wrong?

K	Even as I slept, I felt much unrest here - I saw...

E	We'll see. There's got to be someone left alive...

K	You may wish to extend your search for some clothes...

E	[Persuade] The patients in the med bay were killed...
	[Persuade/Intimidate] The miners in the med bay were...

K	[Success] I do not know - why did they spare you?

E	They didn't. I got the same dose, but survived.

K	Indeed a Jedi trance could protect one from...

E	You seem to know a lot about Jedi techniques.

K	And so do you. Perhaps we could...

E	LSP I'll return to make sure you're all right.
	DSP Just stay out of my way, or you'll end up...

The first dialogue you get with another person is also the first opprotunity to
gain LSP or DSP. Choose what type of character you want to be before choosing
one and stick with it. Light Side Mastery and Dark Side Mastery come with good
rewards. I will refer to players as light players or dark players from now on.

Go to the equip screen and equip your plasma torch. Use it to bash down the
damaged door to the south. Search the corpse for a vibroblade and replace that
with your plasma torch. Also search the broken droid for loot.

Open the door to the southeast. Kill the droids loot any remains and go through
the next door. Kill these droids here too, loot remains, and onward through to
the next door.

No hostile droids in this room. Search the broken droid for loot and try to
open the emergency hatch. Kreia chimes in through your mind and says in her
visions the door was opened. You can't open the hatch now, so keep pressing on.

The next room is the security room. Search the corpse and locker for goodies.
Now use the security desk and check security records. Listen to all of them.

Once that's done open the north door and go through. Kreia chimes in and you
get your first force power precognition. Go onward through the door and kill
the droids. At some point in this room you will be able to level up. Kreia
talks to you again explaining that you can feel the force again. You can now
get force powers every time you level.

Note:  Some force powers draw on the light side, dark side, or neither.  A 
light side character can use a dark side power, but it costs more force 
points. Force points are shown to the right of your health.  They regenerate 
slowly during combat and quickly after combat.

For dark players, shock is a good starting force power as it can damage droids.
Light players can pick stun droid. Or another good idea for any player is to
pick energy resistance to shrug off some of the damage the droid blasters will
do to you.

After you level up open up the footlockers and go through the east doors. You
will emerge at the administration area. Go out and attack the droid to the
south. Go north and kill the droids in this U shaped area. South and to the
east for another droid and the Emergency Blast Door. You can't get through it
so go up the ramp near the door and kill the two droids. Go back to the middle
of the room and go south into the triangle shaped area. Kill the remaining
droids and loot the supplies. Go back to the U shaped area and enter the door
to the west. It should be clear of the force field because you killed all the
droids on the administration level.

Kreia chimes in and says someone yet lives beyond that door. She cautions you
to be careful because his thoughts are difficult to read. Enter.


A	Nice outfit - what you miners...

E	Who are you?
	FEMALES - I'd keep those eyes up...
	MALES - You got a name? Or...

A	Atton...Atton Rand. Excuse me if...

E	Care to explain why you're locked up...

A	Security claimed I violated some...

E	What is this place?

A	You mean you didn't come here on...

E	Blowing yourself up?

A	Yeah - this asteroid belt is one...

E	Peragus II?

A	You know the planet with the exposed...

E	This facility's deserted. What happened?

A	You mean, before or after that Jedi...

E	There's a bounty on captured Jedi? Why?

A	Don't know much about it. Maybe the...

E	Not many Jedi left? What happened to them?

A	The ones that weren't killed in the Jedi...

E	I had heard rumors of a war - but a war...

A	Yeah Revan, Malak, and the Jedi that went...

E	I've heard a few rumors, but little else...

A	Well, I wasn't there, but like all Sith...

E	...Revan defeated Malak then went to Korriban to unite the Sith... 
**sets Revan as dark side**
	I was led to believe that Revan saved the Jedi - and the Republic
**sets Revan as light side**

A	I guess...there's rumors all over space...

E	How long have you been in that cage? Revan was a man...
**Sets Revan as male**
	I had heard Revan's redemption involved her...
**Sets Revan as female**

A	Well, I wasn't there, thankfully. But I...

E	I had some more questions for you.

A	Look, no offense or anything, but your...

E	I don't know - this facility seems deserted.

A	The miners can't all be gone, but if they are...

E	[Persuade] Tell me your plan, and we can go...
	How can you help?

A	This facility isn't a military instalation...

E	[Persuade] One thing first...the patients...

A	Huh? What are you talking about?

E	Wanted to know if you know anything - and you don't.

A	So you done interrogating me, or are we...

E	LSP I trust you. And if we work together...
	DSP I'll switch off the cage, but if you try and run...

The conversation then continues and it doesn't matter what you say next. A few
things to note in this conversation. You get to set Revan's alignment and sex
as well as another light side point and dark side point. Revan's alignment and
sex do not make a huge difference in this game so you can choose however you

After the conversation ends, go to the computer and check the administration
logs. Watch all of them. Return to the main functions and access the comm
system. Select Hangar Bay 25. What you say makes no difference.

D.  T3's Helpful Option

You're now in control of T3 again. First things first search the room for loot.
Open the west door and kill the droids. The shock arm T3 wields has unlimited
uses, so use it to your hearts content. Follow the ramp onward to more droids.
Keep going until you reach the door to the peragus fuel depot. Enter.

Search the broken droid for shinies, open the doors, and kill the droids. 
Search the broken droid and corpse. The corpse has mines. Go back to the door
we entered the area from and go through.

You see more droids coming down the ramp and they have shields up. That's no
match for the shock arm. Go up the ramp killing the droids as you go. Use a
mine on the sealed door to the east and loot the room. Awww, 3CFD isn't working
anymore :(

Open the security door to the south. Hey there's the Ebon Hawk! We can't open
the doors with security, so go up the ramp, search the footlockers, and use
the hanger controls. Replace missing parts then access emergency control
commands. Run a diagnostic on damaged systems then check the status of
emergency sub systems. Try to open the blast door to Hanger 25, but you fail.
Now try to open the blast door to the fuel depot. The door opens.

We're not quite done with the console yet. There's still the hanger longs that
we need to watch. Select it and choose access docking and takeoff procedures.
Attempt to transmit the asteroid orbital drift charts to the Ebon Hawk
navicomputer. You fail, but you get xp for trying. Try to download them to find
that the drift charts are constantly being updated and if you download them
now they will quickly become obsolete. Access the other hanger logs and watch
all of them.

Go through the door we opened and attack the droids. Open the door at the end
of the hallway, search the broken droid, and open the door to the west. Two
more droids and a footlocker then go through the door to the next area.

All the way forward and to the left to the fuel control station. Call up
emergency sysem schematics to open the emergency hatch on the administration
level. Log out to see T3 get zapped!

Females get an amusing banter with Atton. The console beeps and a door opens.
The dialogue here is short so it's not worth going through it line by line.
Simply put if you say it's better for you to risk your life or say a Jedi's
life is sacrifice you get LSP. If you try and push Atton to going down the
tunnels then call him a coward you get DSP.

Go back to the hatch we tried to open where Kreia chimed in. It's labeled
Emergency Hatch on the map. Now we're going into the...

E.  Peragus Mining Tunnels

Atton contacts you testing the comlink. What you say makes no difference when
he contacts you so say whatever you like. Open the door and search the cylinder
for a miner uniform and other items. Equip them all and go through the doors.

Go south and recover/disable mines after Atton talks to you. Search the droid
for parts. Go northeast and search the other broken droid. Then go northwest.
You can reactivate the damaged mining droid and use it to help you slay the
other droids. The other options such as disable the droid or the demolitions
options are pointless. Forward through the hallway killing the droids as you
go. There's two corpses to loot after you're done killing the droids.

Soon you will reach an area with a lot of steam coming out of the ground. You
will get damaged from it. Energy resistance with an energy shield will negate
the damage. Take care of the mines at the end. Go to the south area that dead
ends and take care of even more mines. Search the corpse and continue following
the path onward, killing the droids.

After Atton contacts you go straight to the middle of the area. Search the
cylinder and use the console. Call up droid command functions. There are a
number of things you can do to the droids as you can see. The best thing to do
is check droid schematics then raise the temperature in the tunnles to blind
the thermal sensors. The droids will then not be able to attack you at all.
If you don't have a high enough intelligence to make sense of the droid 
schematics then you can add other droids to droid mining protocols and cancel
functions on organics. They won't attack you on this level any longer. If you
don't have security you can also assign them to mine sealed doors if you wish.

Now access fuel containment functions to shut down the containment fields.

Every corner of this area has droids and a few have corpses to loot. Search
the entire area and kill em all. When you're done go to the south and open the
high security door. Both short dead ends have broken droids and there's a third
path that's mined. Take care of the mines and loot the corpse at the end. Go
back out past where the high security door was and take the other path next to

Atton contacts you again saying the area you're at is going to blow up soon.
There's no time limit though so you don't have to rush.

Recover the two mines and kill the droids. There's a dead end that has a mine
and a damaged cylinder. Use a mine to blow it open. Go to the southeastern
path and kill the droids. When you're done use the turbolift to go into...

F.  Fuel Depot

1.  HK-50

Immediately we are engaged in another dialogue.


H	Greeting: It is a pleasure to see you...

E	How do you know me? I'm not your master...

H	Answer: I am a survivor of the Harbinger...

E	Who was your previous master?

H	Answer: The captain of the Harbinger...

E	What happened?

H	Irritated Answer: Oh, Master, it is...

E	Why don't you tell me anyway?

H	Hesitant Explanation: That has been...

E	How come I don't remember any of this?

H	Speculation: It is possible you were...

E	Incapacitated?

H	Clarification: Yes, Master. No doubt...

E	Drugged?! What do you mean drugged?

H	Placation: Merely a turn of phrase...

E	Locked?

H	Clarification: By locked, I meant...

E	Fine - what happened next?

H	Recitation: Following the unusual set...

E	Any idea what had attacked the small...

H	Evaluation: Master, I do not know...

E	What was this freighter that the...

H	Explanation: I believe it was a...

E	Bounty?

H	Clarification: By bounty, I refer...

E	And the Ebon Hawk came here?

H	Apology: My memory core cannot...

E	How so?

H	Explanation: Despite my market value...

E	How did they find out I was a Jedi?

H	Surprised Answer: Why, I told them...

E	'Unpleasantness?' What are you...

H	Answer: All that has happened, has...

E	Then what happened?

H	Three standard hours after the...

E	So what happened to the rest of...

H	Many miners began to join you in...

E	Sadly enough? What do you mean?

H	You see, the explosions had damaged...

E	Are there any left alive?

H	Answer: I do not know, Master. Ironically...

E	LSP Then I need to get there to rescue them
	DSP Forget them, then. I need to get to...

H LS	It is unlikely any miners remain...

E LS	Can we try to contact them using...

H LS	Apology: Unfortunately, communication with...

E LS	There must be another way.

H DS	Piying Answer: Oh that is unfortunate...

E DS	What about override codes?

H DS	Answer: Only the Peragus administrator...

E DS	There must be another way to reach...

H	Theory: You could walk across the...

E	LSP Those miners could be hurt or in danger...
	DSP I only want the codes those miners have...

H	Warning: Master, continued exploration...

E	I'm going to find those miners, and you're...

H	Weary Resignation: Very well, master. But...

E	All right. So how do I get the code to...

H	Correction: Oh, I already possess the code...

E	What do you mean?

H	Condescending Explanation: Master, the console...

E	Voiceprinted?

H	Explanation: Yes, Master. Many consoles have...

E	You said you already have the code?

H	Condescending Explanation: Oh, yes Master, the code...

E	Then how can I bypass the voiceprint?

H	Answer: Master, you cannot. You are trapped here...

E	I had some more questions for you.

H	Of course, Master. How may I be of assistance?

E	What are you?

H	Proud Answer: I am an HK series protocol...

E	What's a translation droid doing on Peragus?

H	Irritated Explanation: That question has been...

E	What have you determined?

H	Answer: It is only a matter of time before a...

E	Wait all you want, but I'm getting out of here...

H	Condescending Retraction: I believe you will do...

E	I had some more questions...

H	Of course, Master...

E	Have you seen a T3 unit?

H	Hesitant Answer: Ah. A T3 utility droid would be...

E	The unit was last seen near the hanger.

H	Answer: Ah...then that would explain why such...

E	Then maybe you can answer something else for me.

H	Of course master...

E	What's that body there?

H	Answer: That is all that remains of the maintenance...

E	Screams?

H	Recitation: Oh yes master, the record of his last...

E	Wait - if you can playback his voice, can't you...

H	Objection: Master! To commit such an act would...

E	[Persuade] The fact you can mimic voices is pretty...

H	Proud Answer: Master, I believe my vocabulator...

E	Can you follow me and say that again?

H	Alarmed Objection: Oh, Master, no I might...

E	Looks like I'll need to find some way to carry...

H	Confused Querry: I am sorry Master. Were you...

E	Never mind, then I'll be going now.

We have a few more light/dark options in the dialogue as well as a new puzzle.
How to get the voiceprint protocol when the maintenence officer is dead? By
recording the HK droid saying it of course!

Search the corpse of the maintenence officer then go into the room across the
hall. Loot the broken droids for components and the cylinder for the sonic
imprint sensor. Use the workbench here to upgrade your stuff. Go back to the
HK protocol droid.

Use the sonic sensor option that comes up, then say Wait - if you can playback
his voice, can't you speak the voice code? Then use the [Persuade + Sonic
Sensor] option and end the conversation.

Open the door to the south and kill the droids. Follow the path west and a door
will open with more droids. Easy kills. Open the low security door and kill the
droid. Go through the door that opened, kill yet more droids to the north, and
open the turbolift. If you didn't have enough security spikes for the medlab
computer in the beginning you can go do that now. If your persuade for HK to
recite the code in the maintenence officer's voice failed then go to the 
security desk and use the sonic sensor along with the last recording. That
should be enough recording of the maintenence officer's voice to play back the
code. Go back to the fuel depot.

Open the door next to the turbolift. Use the maintenance Station computer.
Check the system ID signature to learn this terminal was the one that ordered
the miners in the medbay to have a lethal dose of sedatives. Access maintenence
logs. Listen to all of them. Finally use the sonic sensor to enter the 
voiceprint code to open the door to the airlock.

Open and enter the southwest door. Do NOT melee the floating mines. Take them
out at a distance. Grenades, shock, or stun droid work. Go through the airlock
inner door. Raid the storage locker for a space suit and step outside.

2.  The Moon Walk

Just follow the path and Atton will contact you. He mentions something about
the ventalation systems venting peragus fuel deposits right in your path. It's
no big deal, it will only damage you for a small amount if you keep moving.

Uh oh! Now a ship is coming in with a Sith meditating around dead bodies. Darth
Sion, the Lord of Pain. And the ship is the Harbringer...uh oh...

Just keep following the path to the other side and enter the...

G.  Dormatories

Open the door, kill the droids, and raid the room. Open the west door and kill
the droid. Loot the corpse. Open the south security door and raid the room.
Use the workbench if you need it.

Open the north door. Take the fire extinguishers out from a distance. They can
freeze you if you get too close. Once they're gone recover the mines and loot
the area. Go further north and open the door. Kill the droids and follow the
path as it curves to the east. Go past the console and doors to kill more 
droids. Follow the bend south and there's more fire extinguishers. Take them

Go all the way south, open the security door, kill the droids, and raid the
room. Back out the door and to the west side of the room is a damaged cylinder.
Blow it open with a mine and go east. Loot the entire area then go north and
open one of the doors. Loot whatever you can here as well. Go back to where
you saw a console across from a door. It's labeled Shift Assignment Console on
your map.

Repair or slice the system then select end dormatory emergency lockdown. Access
the remote camera controls and select one of the dormatories. Shut down the
ventalation system using computer spikes. If you are unable to do so then equip
a breath mask that you found while raiding the mess hall. Go north and to the
east. Open the door, kill the droid, and go into the dormatory.

Select the broken log terminal and scavenge parts from it. Raid the entire area
starting from the southwest side. There's a footlocker here. Go north, search
the corpse and refresher. Go west, raid all the north rooms, and search all the
corpses. Use a mine on the damaged door to open it. You should see the hidden
compartment if you picked up the relevant datapad in the mess hall. Finish
raiding the west dormatories then go to the east ones.

Kill the weak droid here and go through the door. Ignore the log terminal for
now and raid the entire area as you did with the eastern dormatories. Once you
have completed a full circle, use the log terminal.

The mine administrator is what we are after. The other holologs are not 
necessary to view but you can if you want. The administrator gives three out of
the five numbers of the code before being interrupted by someone else. Return
to the main functions then select check the transmission. If you have high
intelligence an [Intelligence] option opens up giving you the next two numbers.
If you don't have high intelligence, then that's what I'm here for! The code
is a military flash code. A dot equals 1, the dash equals 10, and the X is 5.
The final two numbers are 5 and 7.

Go back to the mess hall and open the south door. Uh oh! Looks like Coorta did
not make it! Use the turbolift console and enter 3-17-13-5-7. If you have a 
high intelligence your character will do it in one option. If not you have to
enter it manually.

Huh? The code doesn't work? Hm, perhaps there's a clue in one of the corpses!
Raid the corpses for another miner log. Now access the camera logs from the
console. You see Coorta's demise and learn who was behind the sabotage all 
along. The one who sabotaged the facility mentions he reversed the turbo lift
codes. Ah ha!

Again with a high intelligence your character will do it automatically. If not
you need to do it manually: 7-5-13-17-3. Log out and go through the opened 

H.  Reunion

Kreia comes out of nowhere apparently spooked by the arrival of the Republic
ship. What you say doesn't matter unless you're a dark player.

E	"We." There's no "we" here.

K	We are together in this matter...

E	DSP I'm not letting some old scow...

This is where Kreia officially joins your party. All party member stats are
taken straight from the game.

                            Level 3 Jedi Consular

Starting Stats:

Vitality:               36/36
Force:			49/49

Defense:                16
Strength:               10 (0)
Dexterity:              16 (+3)
Constitution:           16 (+3)
Intelligence:           14 (+2)
Wisdom:                 16 (+3)
Charisma:               12 (+1)

Fortitude:              6
Reflex:	                5
Will:                   6

Starting Skills:

Computer Use:           0
Demolitions:            0
Stealth:                5
Awareness:              6
Persuade:               5 (you can't upgrade it further)
Repair:                 0
Security:               0
Treat Injury:           6

Starting Feats:

Weapon Proficiency Blaster Pistol
Weapon Proficiency Lightsaber
Weapon Proficiency Melee Weapons
Jedi Defense
Force Focus
Jedi Sense
Force Sensitive
Class Skill Stealth
Finesse Melee Weapons
Force Chain

Starting Powers:

Burst of Speed
Energy Resistance
Force Push


The game will tell you this later, but I will tell you now. You and Kreia have
a bond. Whatever force power you cast on yourself will also be cast on Kreia
and vice versa. Kreia will always remain neutral as long as she is in your
party. Always. For this reason, if you are a light player give Kreia all the
dark powers and some universal powers you don't take. If you are a dark player
give Kreia all the light powers and universal powers you don't take. In this
way, the two of you along with a third will be formidable opponents.

You won't be able to upgrade feats now. Just keep in mind later that you will
want to focus on melee specific feats. Kreia will benefit from the Duelling 

As for skills, place them however you wish. For attributes Kreia's strength is
rather low. If you're giving her light powers upgrade that. If you're giving
her dark powers then keep upgrading wisdom and charisma.

Go back towards Atton. Hm, there are people in Stealth mode! More enemies, yum!
Keep going back towards the administration center. Atton will comment on Jedi
breeding suddenly. You explain to him how quickly we have to leave. This is 
where Atton joins your party.

                             Level 3 Scoundrel

Starting Stats:

Vitality:               24/24

Defense:                19 
Strength:               12 (+1)
Dexterity:              16 (+3)
Constitution:           14 (+2)
Intelligence:           10 (0)
Wisdom:                 10 (0)
Charisma:               12 (+1)

Fortitude:              5
Reflex:	                8
Will:                   3

Starting Skills:

Computer Use:           3
Demolitions:            4
Stealth:                4
Awareness:              5
Persuade:               0
Repair:                 0
Security:               5
Treat Injury:           0

Starting Feats:

Armour Proficiency Medium
Critical Strike
Sniper Shot
Weapon Focus Blaster Pistol
Weapon Proficiency Blaster Rifle
Weapon Proficiency Melee Weapons
Sneak Attack II
Scoundrel's Luck


Atton can become a Jedi later if you can influence him enough. And if you use
my guide you will be able to. You can hold off his levels until he does or you
can level him up now. Also just becuase Atton can become a Jedi doesn't mean
you have to give him a lightsaber. There are plenty of range weapons in the
game that can be quite powerful.

So ask yourself: Do you want Atton to keep the ranger going on? Or wait until
he becomes a Jedi and use a lightsaber? Use range related feats if you want
him with guns. Pick whatever skills you want. If you want to wait, hold off
leveling him up. I will give you strategies again when he becomes a Jedi.

Before you can even get to leveling Atton up you have yet another dialogue
sequence with HK-50 Protocol Droid.


H	Threat: Master, perhaps I did not...

E	What do you mean?

H	Clarification: Master, your well-being...

E	So you mimicked the maintenance officer's...

H	Indignant Answer: Master, the miners intended...

E	And so you ordered the mining droids to...

H	Answer: You misunderstand me, Master...

E	Why did you want to capture me?

H	Answer: It is beyond the scope of my programming...

E	You found me. Obviously I didn't do a good...

H	Admission: It was a matter of chance...

E	Who is this client of yours?

H	Chiding Answer: My programming renders me...

E	I don't want to fight you...
	Enough of this - you won't...
	I'm tired of listening to you...

The reason why this dialogue is here even though it's short and has no INF or 
alignment changes is because you get experience for the side quest recent 
history if you listen to everything the droid says. After the dialogue ends,
the droid summons floating mines.

Kill the mines first then attack the droid. Energy resistance and shields will
help out. Once the droid gets to low health he will self destruct. Move 
everyone away from the droid so they won't die. Search the remains for random
droid parts and the HK Vocabulator!

Go down the ramp to the west of the triangle shaped part of the facility.
Enter and go into...

I.  The Harbinger

1.  Command Deck

 Kreia and Atton

K	Something is wrong...I sense no one on board.

A	You sense no one on board...

K	Everyone here has been slain...

A	Then what are we doing on this ship...

E	Maybe you'd like it back in your cell?

A	Maybe I would! At least I was safe there!

K	We cannot go back into the facility...

E	I saw this vessel dock - when it did, a...

A	Look, I don't mean to cast another shadow...

E	Then how did this ship dock here?

A	Well, of course, they have the asteroid...

E	So let's get their codes, then...

A	Well, we'd have to get to the bridge...

K	That is a sound plan at the moment. Let us go.

The game now tells you about influence and says it is now in effect. What you
say next depends on who you want to influence next. As a light player, I find
it harder to keep and maintain influence with Kreia because there are plenty of
+INF options that give you dsp. So if you are a light player I would go for
influencing Kreia. Dark players, go with the Atton influence. Another option
for light players is to go ahead and influence Atton then exploit an infinate
influence bug with Kreia later. The infinate influence bug is only available
with a high intelligence however.

Now that influence is in play when more than one party member is in the party
I will use +INF or -INF and the first letter of the party member's name.

K	Our enemies gather while we wait here

E	+INF K Forgive me Kreia, I was distracted...
	+INF A Atton's plan was a good one...

Any other response and you will lose influence with whomever you're talking

Go south then west and through the door. Go to the navicomputer and either
repair it or slice the system. Download the orbital drift charts then check the
hanger logs.

If you don't have the parts or the spikes there's a cylinder to the east on the
other side from where you came in. Once you have searched it attend to the

Open the door near the cylinder, go through the room, and through the other 
door. Sith assassins are here in stealth mode. Once you hit them they will
de stealth. They aren't hard opponents.

You can't open the blast door, so take the south door and follow the hallway to
another door. Raid the room, go through the door, and fight more Sith
assassins. Continue onwards through the next door. Fight more sith and search
the cylinder. You can't use the escape pods. Go back to where we started and
open the low security door. Raid the room, go through the next security door,
and follow the hallway until you get to an intersection. Go south and you will
fight more Sith.

The west path leads nowhere, so go on the east path and open the door. Raid the
room and use the briefing room console. Check the logs and listen to all of
them. Watch all of them.If you set Revan as light side you will see an old
friend. If you set Revan as dark side then you won't see Carth because if Revan
was dark Carth was marooned on the unknown world.

Go back to the intersection and go south. Follow the path as it turns east and
open the door. There are more Sith to fight. Raid the room and open the door at
the end into the...

2.  Crew Quarters 

Go east and loot the rooms to the north and south. Continue east and you find
your room while on the ship. Raid the room for YOUR NAME armband and a datapad.
The armband with a bonus to constitution is quite useful.

Open the door north of yours, raid the room, then go through the east door back
in the hallway. Continue on and search the corpse to fight more Sith. Open the
south door, follow the hallway to another corpse and even more Sith. The 
hallway is a dead end, so go open the north door. Continue north, ignoring the
door to the east for the moment. Open the north door and follow the path to
another dead end, another corpse, and another group of Sith. Go through the 
east door we ignored earlier.

Use the medical console. Insert the datapad from your room to find out you were
drugged. You can identify the kolto tank and use it if you get low on health
(you shouldn't.) Check the medical logs and cameras. Watch all of them to find
out what happened. Last, with the treat injury skill you can get some 
chemicals. Raid the medical bay cylinders and repair the droid for xp. The 
droid will heal you when you get low on health in this area.

Go south, search the corpse, then go east. There are more Sith around the bend.
Open the low security door at the east side of the junction. Raid the room. Go
back out west then north. Ignore the turbolift door for now and go through the
north door. Keep going, attack the Sith, and open the low security door to the
east. Search the corpse to find an interesting datapad. The northern area has
no lootables or enemies (wow what a surprise!) so go to the turbolift door we
ignored earlier to...

3.  Engine Deck


A	I have a bad feeling about this

E	Would you stop *saying* that

A	I can't help it - don't you feel...

E	+INF A We'll have to be careful, then...

Any other option will either give you -INF with Atton or avoid INF altogether.

Go east through the door and further east to an intersection. Darth Sion comes
from behind you. Kreia goes after him and seals the door behind her telling you
to run.

Continue east through the low security door. Raid the room and either repair
or slice the console to open the maintenance doors to the ion engines. Log out.

Go back to the intersection and go north. Open the low security door at the end
of the hallway. Raid the room and use the workbench if you wish. Go back to the
intersection and take the south path. Keep following the path as it twists and
curves. Use the ion engine control pannel to activate engine maintenance
procedure. Log out.


A	Tell me you're joking...

E	LSP Atton you need to trust me. Come on.
	DSP Then stay here and die.

Other options grant no alignment changes or INF. We now have a cutscene of Sion
cutting off one of Kreia's hands. Once the scene ends, your character feels 
sudden pain in the hand that Kreia lost. Atton notices and chimes in. What you
say makes no difference. Go on through and exit the Harbinger.

J.  Peragus Escape!

1.  Fuel Depot

Go forward and T3 talks to you. Tell him you ran into the "protocol droid" as
well, then pick the option that stars with "don't blame yourself..." for +INF.
This is where T3 officially joins your party.

                            Level 3 Expert Droid

Starting Stats:

Vitality:               30/30

Defense:                17 
Strength:               10 (0)
Dexterity:              15 (+2)
Constitution:           14 (+2)
Intelligence:           16 (+3)
Wisdom:                 10 (0)
Charisma:               10 (0)

Fortitude:              3
Reflex:	                5
Will:                   1

Starting Skills:

Computer Use:           6
Demolitions:            2
Stealth:                0
Awareness:              2
Persuade:               0
Repair:                 6
Security:               6
Treat Injury:           0

Starting Feats:

Gear Head
Weapon Proficiency Blaster Pistol
Droid Upgrade Class I
Blaster Integration
Logic Upgrade


T3 will be in combat a few more times in the game. Each time he is in combat
it will be against other droids unless you take him with you when you don't
need to. Give him whatever skills you want. Toughness is a good feat line to
pick. Beyond that give him whatever you want. For attributes just keep
upgrading dexterity.

Talk to T3 again.

T	Beep

E	You look like you've suffered...

T	Beep

E	How much damage?

T	Beep

E	So you lost a lot of programs in your...

T	Beep

E	+INF Well, I'm sure you'll gain that skill back...

T	Beep

E	[Computer] I might be able to upgrade your memory core.

T	[INF Success] Beep

E	[Computer] All right. Let me take a look.

T	Beep [Success] Beep
	Beep [Failure] (if you fail you go back to questions)

E	All done. How do you feel?

T	Beep

E	What do you mean, I faded out there...

T	Beep

E	I had other questions...

T	Beep

E	[Repair] You look like you're in need...

T	[INF Success] Beep

E	[Repair] Just sit still. This won't take long.

T	Beep [Success] Beep
	Beep [Failure] Beep (failure leads back to questions)

E	That should do it. You doing all right?

T	Beep

E	What do you mean, I faded out...

T	Beep

E	Never mind. I'll be going now.

There are further [Computer] and [Repair] options that are available, but we
can't do them until we have gained more INF with T3. If you are unable to
upgrade T3 then you need to raise your skill level in the relevant skill if you
want to do his upgrades. It is worth it because the final upgrade is a
[Computer/Repair] option that raises one of your stats. Only the exile can
upgrade T3 this way, you can't use another party member to do it. You get xp
each time you successfully upgrade T3.

Behind where T3 was is a concealed stash. Search it for the Hanger 25 Control
conduit. Sweet! Now we can open that door we couldn't earlier. Take care of
the mine and go through the door. Kill the droids here and go southwest. Follow
the path to the next door. Kill the droid before the door and open it. Take
care of the mine and go through the next door.

Kill more droids and loot the cylinder. Don't go up the ramp yet, there's a
door next to it with more enemies, loot, and a mine behind it. Once you have
looted and killed everything behind the door go up the ramp. Use the emergency
field station console to shut down the field to the exit ramp. Log out.

Continue following the ramp up and kill the droids at the end. Go southeast
into the...

2.  Docking Bay

Go east and north, attacking the droids. Keep following the path until you
reach the ramp. Atton chimes in saying the door to the ship is sealed. T3 beeps
and says he can open the door. Despite saying he can open the door anyone can
do it. Go up the ramp and use the console to replace the power conduit. Log

Go through the now opened door to fight even more droids. Go all the way to the
end, open the footlocker, then open the door that we passed. Get into SOLO mode
to avoid killing yourself on the mines. Lure the droids away from the mines so
you can kill them easily. Take care of the first two mines then throw grenades
or shoot the remaining droids. Take care of the last mine and continue to
follow the path.

There are more mines to take care of but thankfully the droids afterward will
be out of the way. Decommission all of them and open the door at the end.
Select the decontamination console.

Reroute the main console system or slice the system. Access the cameras to the
decontamination room and turn off the gas. Open the door with the console.
Log out. If you don't have enough spikes you could bash the console to open the
door. You will get poisoned so wear anything that gives you immunity to 
poison...if you have enough items...

Enter the decontamination area and follow the path to the low security door.
Open it and loot the room then through the next door. There's the Ebon Hawk!
Before you board the Ebon Hawk there is a footlocker, cylinder, and two broken
droids to search. Once you've looted the area board the Ebon Hawk.

The Sith don't like that you're trying to escape and are coming after you. Now
Atton wants you to give the turret a workout, but there's ZERO reward for 
killing the Sith outside the ship. You also don't get anything for killing 
them all. Sit back, relax, and let the Sith board your ship. Killing them on
the ship will give you xp. Once all of them are on board Atton says we've got

Indeed we do have company. Let's entertain them by killing em all! There are 25
Sith on the ship and they stand in groups, making them easy to kill with
grenades. If you want to search any remains be sure to do so before they are
all dead.

Once they're all dead Kreia enters the Ebon Hawk. What you say makes no 

K.  Post Peragus Ebon Hawk

It's time to bail. The Ebon Hawk flys away from Peragus with the Harbinger hot
on your tail shooting at you. If they hit the ship you're toast. If they miss
the ship and hit an asteroid you're toast. You have a few options you can do.

E	DSP Fire on the asteroid
	LSP Keep our distance - No someone might be alive

With either option an asteroid gets hit and decimates the entire area. The Ebon
Hawk barely makes it out of there intact. We then begin a long dialogue

1.  Kreia and Atton

A	Well, now that we just killed a planet...

K	The Republic warship was the Harbingr...

E	The Harbinger was on its way to Telos?

K aid in the recovery effort...

A	Not that we have much of a choice...

K	It is where we must go...and where...

E	How did you know I was on board...

K	You were difficult to find but...

E	How come I don't remember any...

K	Whatever occured on board the Harbinger...

E	That's an unusual set of coincidences.

K	True, but as one trained in the Force...

E	How did we get to Peragus?

K	I do not know how the Ebon Hawk...(T3 chimes in)

E	He says he repaired the ship...(Atton and T3 lines)
	DSP Another beep outta you and...(Atton and T3 lines)

E	Why are these Sith looking for me?

K	Because you are the last of the Jedi...

E	I am not a Jedi, not any...
	DSP The next time someone calls me a Jedi...

K	The Sith will dare accuse you of such...(sometimes different line)

E	But...last of the Jedi? That can't be true.

K	The Jedi Civil War destroyed the Jedi...

E	What about the Jedi on Dantooine...

K	The Jedi Academy on Dantooine...

E	LSP If any survivors still live...
	DSP Then the Jedi are dead, gone...

K	Perhaps, but they are Jedi no longer...

E	Then how do we stop the Sith?

K	That is not an easy question to...

E	If we don't stop them, they're...
	DSP They're eager to fight us - I say...

A	Look, enough with the "we" already.

K	We cannot hope to triumph against...

E	What do you mean?

K	You fought in the Mandalorian Wars...

E	DSP If these Sith threaten me, then...
	LSP This is self-defense, not war.

K	You are not listening to me...

E	LSP A Jedi's life is sacrifice...
	LSP If evil is not fought, then...
	DSP Only the Sith will pay the price...

K	Pah, like so many Jedi, you hear...(sometimes different line)

A	Hey, don't stop your long boring rant...

K	Also in private, we will be mercifully...

A	Look, uh, not like I care or anything...

E	She seemed well enough for someone who...

A	I think she was barely keeping it together...

E	LSP You're right, she may be in pain...
	I'll go check on her then.

Atton suggested to check on Kreia, so we're going to do just that. Go to the
port dormatory on the west side and talk to Kreia. A couple of things to note.
You have more opprotunities for +INF. Light players, if you followed my advice
you took Kreia's INF option instead of Atton's you can avoid the +INF DSP
option if you want. I wouldn't take -INF and a LSP, it really isn't worth it
even with the infinate influence bug later.

2.  Kreia

K	Have you come for more answers? There...

E	When you lost your hand...I felt...
	LSP - Your hand - is there anything I can...

K	That does not surprise me...(sometimes different line)

E	-INF LSP If I could, I would have protected you.
	-INF LSP I'm sorry for your loss
	+INF DSP Then consider the pain a lesson.
	If I felt the loss of your hand...

K DS	I do not need your condecension...

E DS	The pain I felt when you lost your hand...

K	I do not know. I fear that...

E	More extreme? I felt like my hand was...

K	Then the sensation you would feel...

E	Quicker? Would it have killed me?

K	Possibly, yes, and I fear it works...

E	LSP What can we do? I don't want my actions...
	LSP Then we'll work together and try to be...
	DSP This link is a threat to me, and an...
	DSP But at your age you could die at any...
	DSP I will not allow my life to be tied...

K	When battle is upon us, I suspect...(sometimes different line)

E	How could this bond have happened?

K	I confess its nature eludes me...(game tells you of Force Chain)

E	So what do we do now?

K	I do not know. The Sith struck more...

E	But there must be someplace we can go.

K	It does not matter where we go...

E	Where are we bound again?

K	The planet Telos, decimated by the Sith...

E	And if we find no trace of Jedi...

K	Then I am left with nothing more than...

E	There were other questions I wished to ask...

K	Ask, and I will answer.

E	I need to know more about the Sith hunting us.

K	These Sith...they seek the death of all Jedi...

E	First split?

K	Yes...the Jedi Civil War is not the first...

E	So these Sith continue the crusade?

K	In a manner of speaking...they are different...

E	I've never seen Sith...assassins like...

K	I believe them to be the result of...

E	There are other questions...

K	Ask...

E	When we were on Peragus, I could feel the Force...

K	Indeed? And was it the same as before?

E felt...different. Faint.

K	If my suspicions are correct, perhaps the damage...

E	Wait...the Jedi did this to me?

K	What did you believe? That you suddenly lost...

E	It's not possible to cut one off from the Force...

K	Indeed it is. It is much like...

E	LSP I don't believe the Jedi would inflict...
	DSP If the Jedi were not already gone and dead...

K LS	If not the Jedi then what did you think...

E LS	In defying the Jedi Order to follow Revan...

K LS	War leaves many scars but rarely does it...

E LS	Can my connection to the force be healed?

K	It is possible that such a thing can be undone...

E	But you said it's possible. How?

K	Our link...may have had other consequences...

E	But there are no more Jedi.

K 	Then I am your only hope, as you are mine...

E	+INF LSP I would welcome whatever aid you...
	I accept you as a teacher...for now.
	+INF DSP If your training brings me power...
	-INF DSP I have no use for mentors...
	-INF DSP A long-winded scow in my...

K	Then our training shall begin...

E	...other questions...

K	Ask...

E	Can you tell me what has happened since the Mandalorian...

K	Much has happened in the galaxy in your absence...

E	Tell me about the Mandalorian Wars.

K	It is a tale you already know well...

E	But the Jedi Council didn't help...

K	Indeed. The Jedi Council counseled caution...

E	And Revan and Malak refused to wait.

K	Two Jedi Knights, Revan and Malak...

E	Until we destroyed Malachor V.

K	Yes, I have heard tales of Malachor V...

E	Many Jedi died at Malachor V...

K	You speak the truth. The wars' end...

E	I felt them fall - the war had consumed them.

K	Consumed? No - tought them, defined...

E	What happened next?

K	Revan and Malak and all the Jedi that...

E	How were Malak and the Sith defeated?

K	As all Sith do, without a strong enemy...

E	But what happened to Revan?

K	No one knows, certainly not I...

E	So Revan saved the Republic?

K	It would seem that way from a certain...

E	LSP Then we must do what we can until it has...
	DSP If the Republic is weak, it didn't deserve...
	DSP Malak and Revan should have crushed the Republic.

K DS	Perhaps, it is sometimes difficult...

E DS	So? What does it matter?

K	A culture's teachings, and most importantly...

E	LSP Can anything be done to help the Republic?
	DSP The Republic has avoided its fate too long...

K	We shall see. The Jedi Civil War cost...

E	This threat is directed against me?

K	The Republic was never what was important...

E	This is a lot to take in at once. I need time...

K	I would see to that fool in the cockpit...

E	LSP The fool has a name. I'd like you to...
	He's not a fool, but he does feel odd...

K	He is a that one...

Kreia said we should go talk to Atton, so that's where we'll go next. Go back
to the cockpit. The dialogue only has one alignment change so it's not 
necessary to show the whole thing.

E	LSP Look, ease off the insults. She was wounded..

Atton asks about your old lightsaber. Answer him however you wish, you can't
get your old one back. You will get a new lightsaber though eventually. Atton
says we can check the progress of the galaxy map to Telos. We'll get there in
a second. There's one more thing we have to do. Go to the main hold and open
the security door. Diagnose the droid inside the room and give it the HK
vocabulator we picked up on Peragus. You will find more parts for the droid

We've done all we can in the Ebon Hawk now. Use the galaxy map in the cockpit
to go to...

V.  Telos

A.  Background

Telos is a world that was ravaged by Malak during the Jedi Cival War. The
Republic is attempting to restore Telos to its former glory. Enemies you fight
on Telos will be a few bounty hunters, droids, and exchange thugs. Piece of

An important thing to note is that if you have been fully going for light/dark
mastery you should soon see a cutscene with Visas and Darth Nihilus when you
reach about 1/3 of the way down or up. If you are following my guide and taking
the relevant DSP or LSP you should get the cutscene on this planet. If you do
not then keep trying to go for light or dark side mastery.

B.  Quests

1.  Main Quests

Ebon Hawk's I&D
Ebon Hawk: Stolen!
Replacement Restoration Droid
Ithorian Diplomacy (LSO)
Czerka Mainframe (LSO)
Ithorians Under Attack! (LSO)
The Exchange (DSO)
Czerka Under Attack! (DSO)

2.  Side Quests

High Stakes
New Fuel Source
TSF Bounty: Botono Has Vanished
TSF Bounty: Escaped Criminals
False Batu
Suspicious Goods

C.  Arrested!

Now did you really think that you could get away from the destruction of 
Peragus that easily? It doesn't matter what you say to the Telos Security Force
(TSF) there is no alignment change. Your ship, T3, and all your items are
confiscated while they investigate what happened. After you have been taken by
the TSF you see a mysterious woman in white boarding your ship.

You are in a force cage in the TSF station. After a few moments an assassin
will come by and attempt to kill you. Hah! As if! If you gave Kreia or the 
exile shock the battle will be over fast. If not, it's still not difficult.

Da bada da! Grenn to the rescue...or not. They figure out pretty quick that the
assassin was a fake Batu Rem. Grenn decides to send you to to an apartment to
be under house arrest. You are automatically transported to...

D.  Residential 082

1.  Callers

In your apartment Grenn has more stuff to say and there's still no alignment
changes. Kreia suggests that we rest and that's what we do. Our rest is broken
by someone calling us on the communication console. Allow the Ithorian inside
your apartment and listen to his proposal. Tell him you will think about it or
you will see his leader. Basically the Ithorians want you to help them restore

After another brief rest, we get another call. This time it is from Czerka and
they talk to you through the console. Listen to her proposal and tell her you
will think about coming by. Basically Czerka wants you to work for them and
help them with their own goals for Telos. Working for the Ithorians is the
light way and working for Czerka is the dark way. It's as simple as that.

After Czerka's call Kreia and Atton have a small snippet of a conversation that
isn't very important. Grenn then comes in saying you're off the hook, even if
you DID fire on the asteroids. He tells you to come by the TSF offices to get
your equipment. Atton chimes in on what to do as does Kreia. Say what you want
it doesn't matter. You are now free to roam about the station.

Open your apartment door and go out. You can't open apartment C1. Apartment C2
has nothing, so open the door leading out of the apartment complex. Go east
until you reach Apartment Complex B. You can't open B1. B2 has a duros that
mentions something about the Exchange, but is evasive when asked about it. He
sells droid parts and has a workbench but you don't have any droids or items.
You can't open apartment B3.

Head out of Apartment Complex B and go west. Accross from Apartment Complex C
is Apartment Complex A on the north side. Enter it. Apartment A1 has Harra in

2.  High Stakes

Harra has a little problem. He had an "unbeatable" hand for pazaak. He bet his
girlfriend Ramana and lost. Now he's trying to get the money to get her back.
Tell him you think you can persuade Doton to see things our way to accept the

Dark players, take Kreia out of your party. If you don't know how press start
and use the trigger buttons until you see your party members. Highlight Kreia
with the thumbstick and hit a to take her out. When you want to put her back in
the party do the same thing. Go in apartment A2.

Raid the footlocker and a man will come by accusing you of theft. Light players
say you're just looking around then you'll be going now. Dark players say this:

Man	Hey what are you doing?

E	Helping myself, what does it...

Man	You think i'm just going...

E	And? You're going to stop me?

Man	Yes, I will. I'm not going...

E	I'm not going to take that from you.

Man	Why not? You didn't seem to have a...

E	You're right. I guess I'll take your...

He isn't hard to kill. Once dead Atton chimes in. Tell him don't worry about it
we had no choice for +INF. Light players, don't worry there are plenty more
INF options for Atton.

If you didn't take Kreia out of your party you will lose INF with her. There is
no way to avoid it. You can gain it back though by saying "Perhaps you are
right." It's just easier to take her out then put her back in. Put Kreia back
in your party now dark players.

Apartment A3 has a footlocker with no one rushing to the rescue. Exit Apartment
Complex A and go west until you get to the information terminal. Use the
terminal to download the area map so you can transit to it later. Log out. Go
to the doors north of the terminal into...

E.  Entertainment Module 081

Go west and follow the path south. Ignore the merchant door for now and keep
going south where you will stumble on a confrontation. Pretty easy light and
dark options. You can either save the alien and attack the bullies for LSP or
you can say "Easy enough. Just teach him a lesson" for DSP. If you fight them
they aren't hard to beat. After they are dead refuse the reward he offers you
for LSP.

After this confrontation is where I usually experience the Visas/Nihilus

Continue south, ignoring the cantina for now. Follow the path as it turns west
and download the map from the information terminal. The path goes south to an
exit to the docks. We don't want to go to the docks yet, so take the opposite
path north, then west, then north into the TSF station.

Talk to the droid at the desk to find out that the Ebon Hawk was stolen. Gee,
the TSF really doesn't do well at SECURITY huh? Anyway, the Ebon Hawk has not
left the system. Ask the droid if you can get your possessions back and he 
opens the door in front of him. Raid the rom. After getting your items back
open the north security door and talk to Grenn.

1.  New Fuel Source

Ask him how he will recover from the Peragus destruction. He explains there is
enough reserve fuel to keep the station going at the moment but not much. Upon
asking if anything can be done he says they need to find a new fuel service and
other things. Offer to help. He says to let him know if you find someone with
fuel on their hands.

Talk to Grenn again and ask him if there is any work you can do. He asks if you
could help bring in the bounties. Ask about them.

2.  TSF Bounty: Batono Has Vanished

Botono was the overseer of dock operations for Czerka and assisting the TSF in
investigating the black market operations. The reason why the TSF isn't doing
their own investigation is because they weren't supposed to be doing what they
were doing in the first place. Grenn tells you he was investigating docking bay

3.  TSF Bounty: Escaped Criminals

The criminals were spotted in the docking area and apprehended. Due to an
"electrical malfunction" (riiiiight) from the false Batu Rem attack they 
escaped. There are two of them, a Rodian and a Devaronian. Grenn asks you to
see if you can find them.

4.  False Batu

Grenn wants you to see if you can find out anything about the fake assassin
Batu Rem. He says the assassin came in the station via docking bay 3.

Leave the TSF station and take the cantina entrance by the terminal we 
downloaded the map of this area from.

Walk forward. Two soldiers argue about politics. It's not important now but
will be important later. Go east. A guy will mention you as the Jedi that 
everyone has been whispering about. There is no alignment change so deal with
the situation however you see fit. The guy will leave you alone when someone 
involved with the Exchange steps into the conversation.

5.  Swoop Racing!

Hooray! Swoop racing is in KOTOR II as well! Tell the race master you want to
race. After paying the 100 credit fee (or not if your persuade is high enough)
you are transported onto the track. 

The controls are simple. Press A once the light turns green. At the bottom, it
tells you when you need to switch gears. Do this by tapping A. Use the thumb
stick to steer and try to hit the speed pads while avoiding obstacles. Got it?

So you *could* try and beat the record the normal way...or you could cheat, 
heh. Swoop racing in Kotor II is a little broken. Broken as in you can pause
the race just before hitting an obsticle and press A to forefit. The race ends,
you crash into the obsticle, and the game takes whatever time it was that the 
race ended when you quit the race as your actual time. So you could race for a
few seconds, pause, forefit, crash, and win!

6.  Let's Play Pazaak!

In Kotor I, I did not go into pazaak at all because it was unnecessary. In this
game however, you get several benefits of playing pazaak other than credits. If
you don't know how to play pazaak, talk to Atton and ask him to go over the
rules. The tutorial given to you is only good for learning the rules, not 
playing the actual game. If you still feel like you need practice, you can play
pazaak with Atton an infinate nubmer of times.

In front of the racing announcer is Mebla Dule. Before you play pazaak with her
ask if she has any cards to buy. The +/- cards are good to use. Beyond that
pick whatever card looks pretty.

Now we can play Mebla. Play for credits. If you play for fun you won't get what
we are after, the pazaak double card. You will need to beat her three times in
a row to get it. Sometimes it does get glitchy as far as the number of times 
go, but if you beat her enough times you should get the card. Sometimes I've
even LOST to her and gotten the double card.

Go back to the area where the soldiers were talking about politics. Near the
musicians and dancing girls is Doton Het. Doton is the guy who won Ramana from
Harra. Save your game before talking to him.

Talk to him and get right down to buisness by saying you come on behalf of
Harra. Ask him how much he wants. He says he wants 2,000 credits. Suggest that
he wager her on a game of pazaak. He finds that idea humerous and agrees 
against a wager of 1,000 credits. Play pazaak with him. If you keep losing,
just reload the game. Eventually you will win.

Dark players, tell her to stay there and you will collect earnings later. Yes,
she does give you earnings if you wait a while between each collection. She
will give you 800 credits right now.

Light players, tell her you are taking her back to Harra. Harra is glad to see
Romana, but Romana is not thrilled with him. After all, he did sell her as a
slave. Tell Romana she is free and can go with Harra. She will say she has no
desire to go with him. Reply with "then you can do wherever you wish."

Dark players, I bet you're thinking this quest is over and done with aside from
collecting earnings from Ramana right? Wrong. Due to a rather interesting bug
you can continue to be EVIL! Go to the terminal outside the cantina and transit
back to the residental area. Go talk to Harra again. Now I thought you could
shake him down for what little he has to get Ramana back, but you can't. In 
fact there's a more EVIL turn of events. Tell him you weren't able to convince
Doton to give you Ramana. Harra mentions that Doton might not be well liked by
the Exchange due to the nature of his buisness. Hmm...didn't someone involved
with the Exchange just step into an argument for us a few minutes ago?

Go back to the cantina and talk to Luxa. She's the purple girl next to two
Gamorrean bodyguards. Ask her if she knows about Doton Het. Mention that you 
are surprised the Exchange allows him to do his buisness freely. Luxa talks to
her bodyguards saying Doton needs to be taught a lesson. Thank Luxa for her

You are transported to Harra's apartment. Harra actually enjoys Doton's pain.
The next thing you say should be "She'll be free when he's dead. Kill him."
Despite already having released her to you from the game of pazaak, Doton says
she's released to you. Tell Ramana she now belongs to you. Harra won't be happy
with you at all. You can attempt to shake him down for credits but he won't 
have enough. Ramana returns to the cantina to work. The bodyguards ask what to
do with Doton. You can shake him down for 2,000 credits to live for another 
DSP. Then after he gives you credits you can kill him anyway! (nothing can top
our EVIL!) Sadly Ramana won't pay you after you travel down this path, but all
the dsp and credits you got made it all worth it right?

Transit back to the entertainment module. South of the TSF station and the
cantina is a shuttle to another area we ignored earlier. Take the shuttle to...

F.  Dock Module 126

Go forward and select the terminal. You don't have to download the area map,
just select it and log out. Go east to docking bay III.

Talk to the duros first. Tell him you'd like information about a passenger that
came through here. Use the [Persuade] option. He still asks for 25 credits to
give you information. Tell him the passenger's name was Batu Rem. He tells you
the person left on a shuttle to Nar Shaddaa. If your persuade fails Kreia will
help you out.

Next, talk to the Czerka officer and ask about Batono. For DSP say "you can 
tell me what you know, or I can hurt you..." Light players just say the first
two options. Either way the officer will reveal that Botono is an employee and
to talk to Lorso for more information. Use the computer terminal to transit to
Residential Module 082 East. The czerka office is southwest of the terminal.

B4D4 greets you. Just tell him you're here to see Jana Lorso. He lets you by.
Just follow the area until you reach Lorso's desk. Before you get there you see
Lorso arranging transport for the two escaped criminals Grenn told you about.
Say whatever you wish, the criminals make a run for it.

Talk to Lorso. Don't start working for Czerka just yet dark players, we want to
finish the Botono side quest first. Ask her about Batono. She says Batono is
one of her former employees. Lorso says that before leaving Czerka he stole
many records then began to stalk Czerka's movements on the station. Say Batono
has gone missing. She asks you why you want to know and it doesn't matter what
you say. Lorso says Batono was in the company of the Ithorians and offers a
reward for any information of his whereabouts.

To the Ithorian compound! Exit the Czerka offices and go west into Residential
Module 082 West. Go west and use the terminal to download the map. There is a
medical facility to the northwest in this area. Enter it and follow the path
to a computer terminal and medical supplies. Use the terminal to unlock the
supplies or if you can use security on the supplies cylinder.

Go into the Ithorian compound near the entrance to this area. An Ithorian will
greet you. Say Moza sent you to speak with Chodo. Go inside and go west when
you reach the big room. The west path turns north to Moza and Chodo.

Talk to Chodo and get right down to buisness by asking about Batono. He is a
bit evasive on the matter until you mention Grenn is loking for him. He asks
you to tell no one about where he is. If you [Lie] you get dsp. Chodo tells you
Batono is in Apartment C1. Exit the Ithorian compound. As you exit Moza and
Chodo have a conversation about you, but it's nothing important. Leave the area
and go to Apartment C1.

Light players, tell Batono Grenn sent you to look for him. Tell him coming
forward is the right thing to do. Say the TSF can put you under its protection
(personally I think he's more protected in C1 than in the TSF office due to how
terrible they are at security.) Batono says Czerka has eyes everywhere and is
not sure he can leave his apartment safely. Tell him you will protect him and
mention you were a Jedi. Tell him to come with you. As you exit the apartment
complex two mercenaries will attack you. Easy pickings. One shot from shock by
Kreia is enough to kill each one. Once they are dead you are automatically 
taken to Grenn. Don't ask about the reward, you will get it anyway. Also, tell
Grenn about the assassin Batu Rem to complete the quest.

Dark players, mention Czerka right off the bat. Next say it only matters that
you get paid. Then say Lorso will be happy to know you've found him to 
eventually fight him. Once he's dead you get dsp. Go back to Lorso to tell her
Batono is taken care of for your reward. Go back to Grenn and tell him about
Batono and Batu Rem to complete both quests.

It's not time to complete the escaped criminals quest yet. You will fight them

Now is where the dark paths and light paths temporarily split. Light players
continue reading and follow the next section. Dark players, skip down to the H.
Czerka (DSO) section.

G.  Ithorians (LSO)

1.  Replacement Restoration Droid

Use the terminal near the cantina to transport to Residential Module 082 West.
Enter the Ithorian compound and talk to Chodo again. He wants you to escort a
newly acquired droid from the docks to the Ithorian Compound. Despite already
seeing them talk about you earlier they talk about you again as if you didn't 
go there earlier (minor bug.) Use the terminal to transit to the docks.

Talk to the Ithorian next to the Bay II airlock and tell him Chodo sent you. He
opens the door. Select the airlock terminal to open Bay 2 door. Go into the 
bay and walk towards the shuttle. After a small exchange of dialogue you have
to fight thugs. They all succumb to Kreia's horror powers easily.

After the fight the droid will say one of the assailants was carrying a weapon.
With Awareness or repair you notice the blaster has been heavily modified. If
not the droid will tell you. The Ithorian thinks the blaster is interesting but
has no knowledge of those weapons. He suggests you take the droid back to Chodo
right away. Tell him you will. Talk to the droid and tell him to follow you to
the Ithorian compound. You can ask Chodo about the blaster if you want but he
will just suggest you take it to Grenn. Ask if there is anything else you can
do. He wants you to speak to Loppak Slusk of the Exchange on behalf of the

2.  Suspicious Goods

Before we help the Ithorians, we're going to complete the suspicious goods side
quest. I am going under the assumption that you are going to be taking the 
light side option of the quest since you are currently working with the
Ithorians. Transit to Entertainment Module 081.

Go to the TSF station and show Grenn the blaster. He tells you the blaster
confirms his fear that there is a source of black market weapons and components
on the station. He asks you to show the blaster around discreetly.

Go to the Dobo Brothers' Emporium. It is behind the "merchant" door we ignored
earlier when we first came into the area. Dendis Dobo is an honest merchant and
doesn't really have anything good to sell you. Show him the blaster and he says
his brother might know more about it. Talk to Samhan and look at what he has to
sell because he won't be around after the side quest is done.

Show Samhan the blaster. He says he can't tell you anything about it other than
it's upgraded. Tell him you think there's something he isn't telling you. Tell
him you heard that there is a healthy trade in black market goods on the 
Citadel and you'd like to get involved. Next say you'd like to help him with
his smuggling operation. Ask what you can do for him. Listen to everything he
wants and find out as much information as you can. Tell him you will be back.

Go back to Grenn and tell him what Samhan wants you to get. He gives you all
the items in a secured goods case.

Go back to Samhan and tell him you have the stuff. He is impressed with you and
wants you to escort him to the docking bay. Go with him now. After a brief 
dialogue exchange say you were glad to be of help. You will have to fight
Samhan. It's an easy fight. He will surrender to the TSF when his health gets
low. After Grenn thanks you just say "it was necessary to remove this

3.  Ithorian Diplomacy

The Ithorians want you to talk to Loppak Slusk and ask him to stop harrassing
them. Talking to the guard outside the Exchange gets you nowhere. Hm...wasn't
there someone involved in the Exchange in the cantina? Yes there was!

Go back into the cantina and talk to Luxa, the purple woman between two
Gamorrean bodyguards. She tells you she heard what happened at the docks and
asks to talk. Say yes and she mentions she's with the Exchange. Ask her about
it and she says she won't make a move on you. Ask her what she means and she
asks if you are a Jedi. Either tell her no or that you were and are not one
anymore. Luxa asks if you are capable. Tell her yes. She says she will help you
find your missing ship and get the Exchange off your back if you help her with
Slusk. Essentially she wants Slusk out of the picture. Tell her it's a deal and
she says she can get you into the Bumani Exchange Corp.

Go out of the cantina and transit to Residential Module 082 East. The entrance
to the Exchange is on the northwest side of the area.

Kreia will pipe in saying she doesn't approve of the alliance we formed with
Chodo. Ask why and she explains. Say we need his resources and Kreia will tell
you to remain vigilant.

Talk to the Exchange Thug outside the Exchange Corp. door and say Luxa sent 
you. He opens the door for you. Go inside. The receptionist will stop you and
say there is no record of your appointment. Use the [Persuade] option. If that
doesn't work you just have to fight more guards. Or you can just say you don't
have an appointment to fight everyone in the next room.

After you have dealt with the situation to the west is an Ithorian in a force
cage. Talk to him to find out there's a security pannel somewhere that can free

Go east and through the east door. The hallway will turn south to another door.
Go through it and Slusk will ask what you want. Tell him you are representing
Chodo. Or you can say whatever you like it all leads to a fight anyway. After
you loot the remains, go through the door Slusk went through. Talk to the
Gamorrean boss. He opens the door. Slusk isn't happy and sends two droids after
you. They're weaklings. Once they are dead Slusk asks what you want.

Alright, if you want the path with most xp tell him to leave the Ithorians
alone. Luxa comes in. Ask Slusk if you can come to some sort of agreement. He
wants you to turn on Luxa. We don't want to be double crossers now do we?
Refuse his offer to kill Luxa and you fight Slusk with Luxa's help. Once Slusk
is dead, Luxa will turn on you no matter what you do. Kill her and the 
bodyguards. There's really no better way to do it than that.

The security terminal in here is what we can use to free the Ithorian from the
force cage.

Take Kreia out of your party. Talk to the receptionist Vula and kill her. I 
know this is the light side part of the walkthrough, but we do need to get +INF
with Atton enough times to make him a Jedi. Just take the dark hit. There's
more than enough lsp in the game to make up for it. Just tell her you should
have picked a safer line of work. Once she's dead tell Atton we didn't have a
choice for +INF.

Leave and go back to Chodo. He will reward you with a lightsaber part. Refuse
the reward to get more lsp. He will give you the reward anyway and you get a
lightsaber energy cell fixture, our FIRST LIGHTSABER PART YAHOOOOO!!!

4.  Czerka Mainframe

In the next mission, Chodo asks you to find a way to access the Czerka 
mainframe. It is a computer that cannot be sliced. You have to get the
information from the inside. He wants files that expose Czerka for the evil
entity that it is and present it to the Telosian authorities. You can suggest
bribing a Czerka employee and as long as you don't [Lie] you won't get dsp. In
the end, Chodo's only lead is there is a disgruntled Czerka employee in the

Go to the cantina and talk to the only person dressed in Czerka uniform there.
He's over by the musicians and dancers. Talk to him and tell him there are
certain files you want from the mainframe. If you succeed the first time in
persuading him you won't have to pay him. Otherwise you might have to bribe
him (500 credits, which you would have gotten anyway had you suggested to bribe
the Czerka employee to Chodo.) He tells you if you were able to control B4D4
you could walk right in the mainframe. Ask him how to get access to B4D4 and he
points you to Opo Chano, the droid merchant in Apartment B2.

To Apartment B2! Talk to Opo and ask for his droid technician credentials. Tell
him why. He says it's a good cause but he cannot do it. Ask him why and he
tells you he can't afford to jeopardize his contract with Czerka. He needs the
credits for a loan he took from the Exchange. If he loses his contract with
Czerka he can't repay the loan and the Exchange will kill him. Even though 
Slusk and Luxa are dead it doesn't matter. He got the loan from Goto, the
Exchange boss on Nar Shaddaa. Offer to give him an extension on his loan. Don't
offer to pay back the loan because he will not offer to pay you back and you
will not get lsp for refusing his offer. He will agree to pay you back. The
loan is 2,500 credits. Wow. Go back to Chodo and ask him for the money. He will
give it to you, even if you have enough credits to help Opo. Give Opo the money
and he will offer to pay you back. Tell him to keep the money for lsp.

Once you have the credentials go talk to B4D4 and ask him to come with you.
Show him the credentials. You are automatically transported to the Ithorians.

You are now in control of B4D4 after the Ithorians work on him. Go to the 
Czerka office. Talk to Lorso. She will grant you access to the mainframe. A 
droid will talk to you inside. Just follow the dialogue progression and watch
as the droid becomes erratic and attacks Czerka employees. Access the 
mainframe, download the files, and erase all data involving the droid with 
Czerka. Go back to the Ithorians.

You are back in control of the exile. Be sure to put Atton and Kreia into your
party if they aren't. Talk to Chodo. He tells you Bao-Dur might be able to help
you find your ship and is in one of the restoration zones. He gives you access
to a shuttle in docking bay II so you can find Bao-Dur. Finally, Chodo says he
can heal your connection to the Force. Kreia will disagree with him. Let him do
it anyway, you won't lose INF with anyone and you get your maximum force points
increased. Leave the compound and head to the docks.

5.  Ithorians Under Attack!

After you leave the area Moza contacts you. The Ithorians are under attack and
need your assistance. In order to save Chodo, you need to get the passkey from

Go back to the Ithorian compound. You will have to open the door again. The
mercenaries use energy disruptors which go through energy shields. Use energy
resistance to shrug some of the damage off. Kill the mercenaries, loot any
remains, and open the door that leads further in the compound. We have more
baddies to fight. Kill them. After they are dead go east into the Vivarium.
Moza is in the Vivarium along with more mercenaries. Take them out then talk to
Moza. Tell him you will be on your way. Don't ask for a reward. If you wanted
dsp you might as well have been working for Czerka.

Go back to the room where Chodo has always been (the room where you have been
talking to him this whole time.) There's more mercenaries to fight. These guys
will be more of a challenge than the others. If you or Kreia have force 
lightening it will be over fast.

A rather amusing bug is that even though Chodo and Moza are in different rooms
they talk to each other as if they are right next to each other. Ah well, it's
a minor one. Chodo gives you his gratitude. Tell him he has given enough and
you must leave for lsp.

Now we can finally go to the docks uninterrupted. Go back to the docks and talk
to the Ithorian next to bay II. Tell him Chodo sent you and you are taking a
shuttle. Use the terminal to open the door. You may have to do it twice (bug.)
Board the shuttle to the restoration zone. We'll see you there. For now, I need
to guide our evil friends on working with Czerka

H.  Czerka (DSO)

1.  Replacement Restoration Droid

Ask Lorso about what kinds of work she wants you to do. After a rather long 
winded talk she will tell you that she wants you to steal the Ithorians droid.
She gives you Ithorian credentials to get into docking bay II.

Transit to the docking bay and talk to the Ithorian near bay II. [Lie] to him
and show him your credentials. He lets you inside. Use the airlock terminal to
open bay 2 door. Enter the bay and go towards the ship.

After a short dialogue sequence some thugs come to attack you. They are no
match for your dark powers.  After the fight the droid will say one of the 
assailants was carrying a weapon. With Awareness or repair you notice the 
blaster has been heavily modified. If not the droid will tell you. The Ithorian
thinks the blaster is interesting but has no knowledge of those weapons. He 
suggests you take the droid back to Chodo right away. [Lie] to him.

Talk to the droid and tell it you will be taking it to Czerka. He doesn't
understand due to the prior instruction to go to the Ithorians. Any option you
tell him will work, the most violent is the most fun of course!

Lorso congratulates you on a job well done. Opo comes in for repairing the 
droid. You can try and [Repair] the droid for 50 credits if you have the skill
to. Opo won't like it but Lorso doesn't seem to care who does it.

Afterwards, Lorso has another task for you. Czerka has tangled itself with the
Exchange and Lorso would like the tangles to be broken. She wants you to kill
Loppak Slusk and suggests to talk to Luxa in the cantina.

2.  Suspicious Goods

Before we move on to the Exchange, we have a side quest to complete. Transit to
the Entertainment Module and go to the TSF station. Show Grenn the modified 
blaster used by one of the thugs at the docking bay. He tells you the blaster
confirms his fear that there is a source of black market weapons and components
on the station. He asks you to show the blaster around discreetly.

Go to the Dobo Brothers' Emporium. It is behind the "merchant" door we ignored
earlier when we first came into the area. Dendis Dobo is an honest merchant and
doesn't really have anything good to sell you. Show him the blaster and he says
his brother might know more about it. Talk to Samhan on the other side of the

I am going under the assumption that since you are working for Czerka you want
to do the dark path of this side quest. Show Samhan the blaster. He says he
can't tell you anything about it. Say there's something he's not telling you.
He wants to know why that's of interest. Tell him you want to get involved in
the black market goods trade and you would like to help with his smuggling

a.  Bachani Plant

Samhan wants you to get leaves of this plant from the Ithorian compound saying
that there are "other uses" for them. Go inside the Ithorian compound and go
west to the door to the Vivarium. Select the Bachani plant. With a high 
awareness you will notice a security system. You can disable it using your
security skill then take a sample of the plant. If you set off the security
system simply ask the Ithorian who comes to stop you how he can keep you there.
Threaten to kill him if he stands in your way for dsp. Go back to Samhan and
give him the sample. He gives you access to his "special reserves."

b.  Prototype Shield

Samhan wants you to get a prototype shield the Ithorians have. He says that no
one has managed to get it because the shield is in the Ithorian docking bay.
Well, we have credentials to get into that bay! Transit to the docks, talk to
the Ithorian, and show the Ithorian your credentials. Once again use the 
airlock terminal to open the door. You may have to do it twice (bug but a minor

Go into the bay and go straight ahead to the west. Near the bay walls there is
a small storage area. Open it and an Ithorian will ask what you're doing. Tell
him you want the shield and you will be taking it anyway. Strangely you won't
get dsp for killing him. The shield is in the security locker. Go back to the
airlock terminal and use it to open the access hallway door. Go back to Samhan.
He gives you a pretty good reward for this one.

c.  Medical Supplies

Samhan wants you to steal medical supplies from the medical room in Residential
082 West. He says that the meds lie unutalized and can be sold to planets where
the need is greater.

Go to the medical facility we raided earlier in Residential 082 West. If you
opened the supplies box earlier then there will be no security on the medical
supplies cylinder. Take the supplies. A TSF agent comes in. It doesn't matter
what you say it all leads to killing him. Go back to Samhan with the stuff.

d.  Escort

The next mission is to escort him to the docking bay with all the goods you
have stolen for him. Tell him you are ready to go now. After a small amount of
dialogue the TSF come in to crash the party. Now you could try to [Lie] your 
way out of it, but don't you want to be EVIL and say no one is going to find
them? I thought so (she isn't fooled by the lie anyway.) Kill them all. Once
they are dead he says Lorso will wipe away the evidence. You are transported
back to the merchant area. Ask him for a reward and he gives you one.

3.  The Exchange

Quick recap: Lorso wanted you to kill Slusk of the Exchange and said Luxa in
the cantina could help. Go to the cantina and talk to the purple woman between
Gamorrean bodyguards. Tell her you want a meeting with Slusk and that you want
to speak with him on behalf of Lorso. She wants you to show your reliability
before she will let you meet with Slusk.

a.  Arms Dealing

The first task is an exchange of weapons for credits deal. You are given the
weapons and the bounty hunters are to give you credits for the weapons. Luxa
does not know the location of where the deal will be made. She does tell you
that you will be contacted in the medical unit of Residential Module 082 West.
You must go alone. This means take Kreia and Atton out of your party. You can't
do this in SOLO mode.

Go back to the medical unit we raided the medical supplies from earlier. The
communications terminal will ring once you go in. Answer it and someone will
instruct you to go alone to apartment B3. Do exactly what you were told to do.

As you approach B3 the doors open. Enter the apartment and wait. The deal goes
rather smoothly...until the bounty hunters realize that YOU are the reason they
wanted the weapons in the first place! Kill them. Force lightning kills them
rather quickly even if they save. Go back to Luxa. You can [Lie] and keep the
credits or you can call it hazard pay. Luxa doesn't care either way if you keep
the credits or give them back to her.

b.  Opo Chano

Luxa says that Opo owes a great deal of credits to the Exchange. Luxa wants you
to collect his debt from him and tells you he is in apartment B2. Be sure to
take Kreia OUT of your party if you have placed her back in your party. Have
Atton in your party if you have not placed him back yet.

Go to Opo. Tell him Luxa sent you. Then say it is not your concern followed by
"then I will just have to kill you" and "you should have known better than to
get entangled with the Exchange." If you select any other option you might as
well have worked for the Ithorians. You will get +INF from Atton after you kill
him. Put Kreia back in your party now and go back to Luxa. Convince her that
she can sell Opo's merchandise to more than make up for the credits lost.

c.  Luxa's Deal

Luxa now agrees to get you in a meeting with Slusk. She asks if Lorso wanted
Slusk dead and says she is in the same frame of mind. Agree to kill Slusk for
Luxa and she will grant you access to the Bumani Exchange Corp. in Residential
Module 082 East. Transit there now.

On the way Atton chimes in asking if it's a good idea to side with the 
Exchange. It doesn't matter what you say there's no INF option or alignment

Talk to the Exchange Thug outside the Exchange Corp. door and say Luxa sent 
you. He opens the door for you. Go inside. The receptionist will stop you and
say there is no record of your appointment. Use the [Persuade] option. If that
doesn't work you just have to fight more guards. Or you can just say you don't
have an appointment to fight everyone in the next room.

To the west and through a door is an Ithorian in a force cage. There is no dark
way of dealing with him so just ignore him.

Go east and through the east door. The hallway will turn south to another door.
Go through it and Slusk will ask what you want. Tell him you want him dead. He
disappears behind another door and orders the guards in this room to attack.
They are easy pickings if you have force lightning.

Open the door Slusk went through then talk to the Gamorrean Boss. He lets you
inside. Slusk isn't happy and sends two droids after you. As if droids would
fare better against us when we fought some for the entire beginning! After the
droids are dead you automatically go into the room. He asks you again what you
want and once again tell him you want him dead.

Luxa joins the party. You can say you're here to finish the job or that you 
will take care of Luxa soon enough. Luxa will turn on you regardless. The other
options are pointless as they try (and fail) to avoid a fight, and since we are
EVIL we want a fight right?

Kill them. They are easy with your dark powers. Atton chimes in saying maybe
Nar Shaddaa insn't a good idea since we just killed an Exchange boss. Tell him
we can't worry about it now. Kick Kreia out of your party and kill the 
receptionist for dsp and +INF with Atton. Go back to Lorso to get your reward.

4.  Czerka Under Attack!

As soon as you step into the Czerka office you will be under attack. It seems
like all the mercenaries Czerka hired decided they were getting a bad deal.
Kill them all. Once you reach Lorso's desk there will be a small cutscene of
dialogue. Lorso seems rather calm about all of this. Looks like she can't be
intimadated easily. After the cutscene kill the rest of the mercenaries. Once
they are dead ask for a reward. She gives you credits and encourages you to
take anything off their bodies if you find something.

Talk to Lorso again and tell her you've taken care of the Exchange. Lorso will
provide a shuttle for you in docking bay III. Go there now.

Talk to the duros and tell him Lorso sent you. He lets you through and also 
gives you a lightsaber energy cell fixture, OUR FIRST LIGHTSABER PART WOOOOH!!!

Go into the bay, use the terminal to open bay 3 door, and get on the shuttle to
the Restoration Zone.

I.  Restoration Zone 0031

We see Carth or Cede depending on how you set Revan's alignment. He and Grenn
talk through coms. Seems like the Republic is planning something...

p.s. Carth says the TSF hasn't gone to shambles since his absence...if only he

1.  Shot Down

You are shot down before landing in the Restoration Zone by Czerka (even if you
worked for them, BOO!) When you wake up a tech specalist named Bao-Dur talks to
you. In this conversation you learn that you were a general in the Mandalorian
wars and Bao-Dur was under your command. He highly respects you. Atton wakes
up then Kreia. There's more dialogue exchanged but there's no INF, lsp, or dsp
options. Bao-Dur offers to help you find your ship and tells you he has a plan
involving a console in an old military base. He officially joins your party.

                            Level 6 Tech Specalist

Starting Stats:

Vitality:               48/48

Defense:                10
Strength:               14 (+2)
Dexterity:              10 (0)
Constitution:           14 (+2)
Intelligence:           15 (+2)
Wisdom:                 14 (+2)
Charisma:               10 (0)

Fortitude:              5
Reflex:	                4
Will:                   6

Starting Skills:

Computer Use:           9
Demolitions:            9
Stealth:                1
Awareness:              8
Persuade:               0
Repair:                 9
Security:               9
Treat Injury:           4

Starting Feats:

Armor Proficiency Medium
Critical Strike
Improved Gear Head
Power Attack
Weapon Proficiency Blaster Pistol
Weapon Proficiency Blaster Rifle
Weapon Proficiency Melee Weapons
Unarmed Specialist II
Repulsor Strike


Bao-Dur can become a Jedi later like Atton. I wouldn't save any of his levels
though because with the fights ahead you need all the vitality you can get.
Bao-Dur works best in combat unarmed. When you can level up his attributes put
a point in intelligence so he will be more skilled. For skills, put points in
all the class skills. Remember treat injury is a higher priority than stealth.
For feats, I'd go with toughness and dueling.

A couple of notes on influencing Bao-Dur. He is someone who will only gain INF
if you respect him or do things that will get you lsp. Dark players, I'd say it
is worth a couple of light hits to INF him. He doesn't need to be influenced
much to become a Jedi.

I'd take Kreia with you and Bao-Dur because of her powers and the force chain
ability. Also, you need to equip everyone with a blaster in the secondary
weapon slot. If you have any disruptor blastors they will be quite useful for
the battles ahead. When you need to attack from a distance be SURE to change
everyone's attack style to ranged so that no one will go running through a
mine or something. After you no longer need to attack from a distance switch
back to Jedi support or aggressive and switch back to melee weapons (or for
Bao-Dur unarmed.)

A sentry droid has spotted you but it doesn't bring in any attackers. Go around
your shuttle and there are four mines. Take care of them. Bao-Dur tells you
about the mercenary cashes. Raid the cashe then go south to the first group of
mercenaries. They will use energy shields against you and target you with range
weapons before you attack with melee. Energy resistance helps as well as dark
powers and disruptor rifles.

You can't use the landspeaders so follow the path behind the mercenaries until
you see another sentry droid. Kill it and continue to follow the path. Around
the bend is another mercenary group behind a minefield. Use ranged attacks like
grenades and blasters to take them out before taking care of the mines. Keep
pressing on through the path until you get to the beach. Kill the cannocks then
go to the west side of the beach. By the rocks is a bag with goodies.

As you move east Kreia asks if you can feel the Force here. Tell her you can,
then Bao-Dure will pop in saying there is a bigger group of mercenaries. Tell
him we'll take them out. Go towards them and kill them. The group can be hard
to beat. Just remember to use energy resistance and shields. They will use 
swords when you melee them. You're probably gonna have to fight a few cannocks
in addition to the mercenary group as well.

Southwest of the mercenaries by a scar in the ground is another mercenary cashe
with mines. Take care of the mines and loot both cashes. Directly south of the
mercenaries' speeders are two backpacks with loot. Go back north to the beach
and then go east, killing the cannocks along the way. There's a plasteel 
cylinder near what appears to be a busted speeder. Go south until you see the
words "WARNING MINEFIELD AHEAD" on your screen. If you have stealth you can
disable the mines. If not you will have to fight the turrets at a distance. Be
careful to not step into the mines, as the mines almost prevent you from being
within blaster range. Almost. Once the guns are taken out take care of the
mines. Continue forward into the...

2.  Czerka Excavation Site

There's another sentry droid to take out and behind the droid a smaller 
minefield. Behind the minefield is another mercanery with warbots. Take them
out at a distance then take care of the mines. Continue following the path to
an open area. The open area has a nest of mercenaries along with the two 
criminals that escaped the TSF station. This will be a rather tough fight 
because a party member can easily become seperated from the rest of the group.
Ensure that doesn't happen by keeping a close eye on everyone. Don't let 
anyone go up the ramp to the circular platform in the middle of the area by

Once they are all dead and you have searched everywhere to ensure no enemies
remain go up the ramp and select the computer panel. Bao-Dur says your ship is
probably in a shielded network that isn't a restoration site. He sees a small
anomaly in the power grid in the polar regions of Telos. To get to the polar
region Bao-Dur says the computer shows a ship in the research facility, but it
hasn't updated months ago. There is one other problem with the military 
facility. Czerka research teams have been going in but no one has been going
out. Be sure to loot the cylinder in the circular area and the one east of the

The entrance to the military base is east of the ramp and it's mined. Take care
of the mines then go into the...

3.  Old Military Base

Don't go charging ahead. See the grate in the middle of the room? It's a poison
grate. Anytime you step on one of these you will get poisoned. Select the force
field behind the grate. Bao-Dur will comment saying that his arm can disable
force fields.

Go after the turrets being careful to avoid the poison grates. Ignore the
terminal, there's no reason to select it. Don't go after the salvage pack just
yet unless you don't care about temporary poison. Break down the next force
field using Bao-Dur.

Kill the droid. There is are two more on both sides of the intersection. Loot
the east side and any remains then continue south. Avoid the grate and open the
military door. Loot the salvage pack and kill the droids. There is a metal case
at the south dead end.

Go west, disable the force field, and kill the turrets. With three at a time
grouped in a line force lightening can take them out easily. Take out the next
force field. Bao-Dur comments on the shuttle but says the hanger bay doors are
closed and we need to find the ignition codes before we can leave. A neat trick
is that if you get close to the boarding ramp and step away from the shuttle
you and your party will be fully healed.

You can't open the military door so go south. There is one small path that
isn't poison grate. Kill the force field and loot the room inside. Use the
security terminal to turn off the securty gas vents, HOORAY! NO MORE POISON!

There's no point in going into the bay control yet, so open the security door
and head south. One droid at the intersection and a salvage pack at the east
dead end. Continue south. Take out the lone droid and go south.

There's a Czerka employee that wants you to escort him out. Fine for light 
players. He isn't very good at following so go forward a bit and wait for him
to follow. He only appears to follow you when there is a straight line between
you and him. Once you've reached the room near the entrance he will thank you
and wait for someone to come along.

Dark players, you can kill him on the spot. Bao-Dur won't like that and you 
will lose INF. If you don't want to turn him into a Jedi it doesn't really 
matter as that's the only reason to gain influence with him anyway. If you do
want to turn him into a Jedi you can avoid the -INF by doing a slight cheat.
Bao-Dur will react to the slaying if he is near you...but if he isn't near you,
say near the entrance of the facility in SOLO mode, he won't see it per say.
The game will attempt to find him for a second, fail, and you skip the -INF 
while being EVIL!

Bug: If this is the first time Kreia has been in your party while you killed an
innocent she will do the "are psychotic urges all that drive you" line. Bao-Dur
will say the line "what happened" similar to what Atton would say. You will
lose INF with Kreia automatically. There's no way to avoid it. You can gain it
back by saying "perhaps you are right." Yet instead of losing INF with Bao-Dur
as you would have normally you will GAIN INF.

From where the Czerka employee was go east, kill the force field, and kill the
droids. Go through the security door and kill even more droids. Selecting the
north terminal does nothing. You can select the south terminal to overload the
droid recharge station if you want or you can fight the droids later. Continue
east through the security door and further east through the force field. Keep
going east until you reach an intersection.

The south security door has a damaged HK Protocol droid. Don't bother repairing
it because it will blow up upon reaching the intersection. Despite there being
a door to the military base sub level to the east, the area isn't accessible.
Go north and through the military door. There are no droids at this 
intersection. There is a metal case to the west. Continue north past the force
field. The turrets are offline at the moment, so go through the next force 
field. Use the reactor control panel to start the reactor.

The turrets we just passed are now online. Kill them. Go back to where the 
pannels were where you could overload the droid recharge station. Either fight
them or loot the remains if you overloaded it. Go through the security door. In
one of the containers is a datapad with the ignition codes we need.

Go back towards the shuttle and go through the bay control door we ignored
earlier. Select the bay control to unlock the hanger doors. Log out. Go towards
the suttle and kill the huge tank droid that came out when you powered up the
reactor. Loot the room the droid was in and use the shuttle to go to the polar

J.  Hidden Base

We are shot down again. This time it's by HK Protocal Droids. Bao-Dur is
knocked unconscious so we have Kreia and Atton fighting with us. There are 
three of them to kill. Use the usual energy resistance with energy shields.
These droids won't self destruct when they get low on health. Be sure to search
the remains for the 2nd part we need for HK-47, the HK Control Cluster.

You can't do anythig for Bao-Dur. Go south to the raised area and around to
the polar plateu interior entrance. We see women in white go to where Bao-Dur
is unconscious.

1.  Atris

A group of women in white ask you to lay down your weapons. For lsp lay them
down immediately. For dsp get angry and threaten to kill them. It doesn't 
matter what you say beyond that because it all leads up to the same thing.

We have a cutscene of Atton and Kreia in force cages. Kreia notices it is a
Jedi academy. Atton seems to be afraid of this place. Kreia wants to know why
Atton has reservations about being here. She apparently sees something very
dark in him that he doesn't want you to know. There's further dialogue 

After the cutscene with Kreia and Atton we have a scene where you have a little
talk with Atris.


The light path:

A	I did not expect to see you again after...

E	Tell me what you've done with my friends first.

A	Your concern is noted...your friends have not...

E	It was not my intention to come here Atris...

A	Yet here you are. Perhaps you do not know yourself...

E	I am not here to debate the Council's decision.

A	Indeed? Very well. Your exile has given you...

E	I am looking for my ship so I can leave Telos.

A	Your ship - ah, the Ebon Hawk? It is not...

E	The distruction of Peragus was an accident.

A accident. Something beyond your control...

E	Why don't you tell me?

A	Without the fuel from Peragus, Citadel Station...

E	Why is Telos so important?

A	Telos was a test, to see if the Republic could...

E	But the Sith attacked me on Peragus - the battle...

A	The Sith? What do you mean?

E	The Sith came for me on Peragus, to kill me.

A	You speak have encountered the Sith...

E	I don't know. Perhaps they were.

A	If they sought a target, they would have hunted...

E	If so, then I offer you my help. You'll need it.

A	You offer your aid? After turning your back on me...

E	[Persuade] But I always understood war...(other persuade options work)

A	[Success] Perhaps...(wants you to encourage other Jedi to gather on 

E	I will see what I can do.

A	Then I shall send you on your way...

The dark path:

A	I did not expect to see you again...

E	Revenge. You cast me out, now I've returned.

A	Indeed? And how do you plan to seek...

E	Killing you will be enough for now.

A is as I suspected. You have...

E	Dead Jedi? What is this nonsense?

A	Jedi across the galaxy have been slain...

E	Try it, and you'll regret it.

A	It was too much to hope that you may...

E	That's my lightsaber!

A	A lightsaber is the mark of a Jedi. When...

E	I'm taking my ship back. Try to stop me...

A	Take your ship then - I don't care...

Light players we know what to do. Go after the other Jedi Masters and encourage
them to go to Dantooine. If for some reason persuading Atris failed she won't
tell you what to do just like she won't tell the dark players what to do. That
is ok, once the exile leaves Telos we will know what to do whether Atris told 
you or not.

2.  Handmaiden Sister Battles

Once the dialoge with Atris is over talk to one of the Handmaiden Sisters. Tell
her you are looking for a fight. Although that appears to be a dark option, it
isn't because they interpret your request as sparring. You will be transported
to a different room with a mat in the middle of the floor.

The rules are simple. Hand to hand combat with no armor, stay on the mat, and
no striking to kill. No stimulants, shields, weapons, items, or use of the
Force is allowed. Although you can't wear armor, you can wear other items like
belts, headbands, and gloves.

First Sparring Match

The first sparring match is you versus one Handmaiden Sister. If you are having
trouble with this, try using different gear on your head, belt, and hands.

Second Sparring Match

Heal up then talk to the Handmaiden Sister again. Melee weapons are now allowed
in this fight, but no armor, items, or Force techniques.

Third Sparring Match

Heal up then talk to the Handmaiden Sister again. Melee weapons, items, and use
of the Force is now allowed.

Fourth Sparring Match

Now it is two Handmaiden Sisters vs you with the same rules as the last match.

Fifth Sparring Match

Save your game before this match. You cannot repeat it if you lose and you will
get 750 xp for winning. The last match has you fighting five of the Handmaiden
Sisters. A good strategy is to try and force some of them to step off of the 
mat, taking advantage of the little room they will have. If they step off the
mat they are disqualified. Use melee shields if you have them. Force barrier
and defensive force powers work well for light players. Force lightening works
well for dark players.

After the matches open all the side doors in the room and search for loot. Take
the northwest door, go through the hallway, and talk to another Handmaiden
Sister. Ask her about your friends and she tells you they are in force cages.
Remark on them being prisoners and the Sister will say Atton could have
presented them with a challenge. Ask about it and she will reveal he has had
some Echani training. Interesting, and something to ask Atton about later. Tell
her you have other questions and ask about "this place." She explains what the
facilty was used for before the bombardment of Telos. The conversation moves on
to Atris using this place to store relics of the Jedi. Keep following the
conversation about relics until you need to [Persuade] the Sister. She says if
you wish to see a few of them to speak to the last of the Handmaidens. Ask her
about the last of the Handmaidens and tells you a little about it. Last, ask
about all of them looking alike. Remark on the one who looks different to learn
the last of the Handmaidens had a different set of parents. There are no LSP
or DSP to be gained from talking to a Handmaiden Sister so there's no reason to
give the full dialogue.

3.  Freeing Your Party

Take the northwest door, follow the hallway, and open the door to find your
party members.

 Kreia, Atton, Bao-Dur

K	Did you find what you came for?

E	[Wisdom] That depends. What was I...

K	There was something from your past here...

E	DSP She means me harm. I may have to kill her.

K DS	Ah...killing such one could prove difficult...

E DS	You're cunning. How would you end such a...

K DS	Direct action is not always the best way...

E DS	And what is her weakness?

K DS	Why you, of course. You are the gravity...

E DS	I will consider this. For now let us go. (go to Atton line Enhhhh)

E	The woman here is a Jedi, Atris, one...

K	There is a Jedi here, perhaps, in...

E	Aren't the Handmaidens students?

K	No...her servants are not Jedi...

E	How did you know that? Were you...

K	Invade the mind of another? It is not...

E	Let's talk about it on the way out of here.

K	Very well...let us depart.

A	Enhhhhhh...

E	Is Atton okay? He looks out cold.

K	He is only sleeping - it seems the journey...

E	He can sleep on the ship. (puts Atton on the ship)
	All right, then. Let me free you. (puts Atton in your party)

B sorry, General. I must have lost...

E	+INF LSP There is nothing to apologize for...
	(other options give -INF and dsp)

B	I'm fine General. Even power has been...

E	A Jedi academy - concealed on the northern...

B	This must be where I had detected the...

E	Are you well enough to travel?

B	I am, General. If you wish I may travel with...

E	Come with me...(sets him in your party)
	Meet me at the ship...(places him on the ship)

You need to have Atton in your party now so that you can ask him about the 
Echani training.

A	Enhhh...hey, you're back with us. We were...

E	Rescued me with what? With your Echani training?

A	Huh? What are you talking about?

E	Nothing, we can discuss it later.

We need to end the conversation right away. For some reason it appears you
can't talk to Atton again with other options later if you try and do it all at
once. Dark players, it's worth it to take the light hit.

A	What? Look, I'm fine, okay? I was just...

E	I would have thought your Echani training...

A	Huh? What are you talking about?

E	When we met those Handmaidens at the entrance...

A	Oh, that. Don't tell anyone, but you...

E	+INF LSP I was just asking - no harm meant...

A	Huh? Well...hey, thanks...

E	Forget it. Let's go.

Loot the plasteel cylinder and go through the northeast door. Open the door at
the end of the hallway and take the northeast door in this room. Take the 
northwest door now to find T3. Dark players, even though T3's +INF comes with
LSP I'd still take a light hit. We're about to get more dsp very soon.


T3	Beep (Atton and Kreia lines)

E	T3, are you all right?

T3	Beep

E	+INF LSP It wasn't your fault they took...
	+INF LSP Look I'm just glad I found you
	DSP Then fight next time...

T3	Beep

E	Hold on - what information are you...

T3	Beep

E	Your entire memory? That must have...

T3	Beep

E	Let's get you back to the ship, then we...

T3	Beep

E	We'll see you at the Ebon Hawk.

Go southeast, back the way you came. Exit the room via the open door and in the
next room take the door that leads southeast. Loot the room and take the other
southeast door. You should be in the Entrance Chamber according to your map
notes. Talk to Handmaiden here. Note that you need to talk to Handmaiden, not
Handmaiden Sister. Also note Handmaiden will join you if you are male. 
Thankfully dark players, the dialogue here has no INF options.

4.  Handmaiden

H	You are the Exile. The one Atris...

E	DSP She was right - you're lucky I don't...

H DS	I am aware of this. I do not doubt your...

E DS	Remember that if you seek to challenge me.

H DS	I will, exile. In truth, I do wish to...

E DS	What? Why?

H DS	The Echani believe you cannot truly know...

E DS	Forget it. I had other questions for you...

H DS	You may ask.

E	Are you the "last" of the Handmaidens?

H	I am the last of the Handmaidens...

E	The others said you were easily...

H	It dishonors me they would say such...

E	What do you mean?

H	There is much knowledge here, and...

E	LSP Battle is not the truth of Jedi...
	LSP Combat is not the Jedi way...
	DSP When the methods to inflict violence...

H	I know your meaning, but I have...

E	LSP Combat is not the best way to...
	DSP I agree. It shows how far you...

H	It was to the Jedi traitor Malak...

E	Revan turned on Malak, once a friend...

H	What stronger display than death for...(Kreia and Handmaiden argue)

E	Let me ask you something else.

H	You may ask.

E	You said Atris warned you about me...

H	She said you betrayed the Jedi by...

E	LSP I went to war to protect others...
	Going to war was necessary.

H	That is not all she says. She says...

E	And why was that?

H	Atris says that you fell to the dark...

E	So why didn't I keep fighting in the...

H	Atris says when the dark lord Revan...

E	Anything else?

H	I believe that is the extent of her...

E	Expressed feelings?

H	Yes. It is difficult sometimes for...

E	What do you think Atris' heart says?

H	Without having seen you and Atris...

E	LSP Well, I have no wish to fight Atris.
	I would like to ask you something.

H LS	Then her expressed feelings will...

E LS	I would like to ask you something.

H	You may ask.

E	You look...different than the other...

H	I honor the face of my mother. It...

E	So you have a different mother...but...

H	I do not wish to discuss it. If there...

E	LSP I apologize. I meant no offense.
	Let me ask you something else.

H LS	There is no need to apologize. You...

E LS	Never mind. I'll be going now. (go to Before you go exile...)

H 	You may ask

E 	DSP Why does Atris allow me to walk freely...

H DS 	I am aware of this...(same lines as first dsp then back to questions.)

E DS	Never mind I will be going now.

H	Before you go exile...(discussion on what the Force feels like then
dialogue ends)

Go back to where you set T3 free. Take the northeast door by the lab station.
Follow the path to the Ebon Hawk. We can finally leave Telos, yay!

K.  Post Telos Ebon Hawk

If you are male, you see a cutscene of the Handmaidens telling Atris that the
last of the Handmaidens is gone. Atris tells them she has left with the exile.

1.  The Recording

Atton has a line here then T3 chirps in. T3 downloaded Atris' archives. He says
there was a holo record of your trial in Atris' records. You get to watch the
trial and participate in it. There are no alignment changes (since it did after
all happen in the past) so act however you see fit. After the trial T3 shows
you a list of all the missing Jedi. Kreia remarks that it is a trap and we are
walking right into it. Say whatever you'd like.

Our goal is to either find the Jedi and get them to gather on Dantooine or kill
them all then go to Dantooine and see if there are any others.

If you are male, Handmaiden reveals herself after Kreia says that you are 
walking into a trap. When you can talk say "I will take whatever help I can get
for +INF, then for more +INF say "Look, forget Atton. Take the regular
quarters, we have enough room." Handmaiden officially joins your party.

                             Level 6 Soldier

Starting Stats:

Vitality:               78/78

Defense:                15
Strength:               14 (+2)
Dexterity:              16 (+3)
Constitution:           14 (+2)
Intelligence:           10 (0)
Wisdom:                 10 (0)
Charisma:               14 (+2)

Fortitude:              8
Reflex:	                6
Will:                   3

Starting Skills:

Computer Use:           0
Demolitions:            0
Stealth:                5
Awareness:              8
Persuade:               0
Repair:                 0
Security:               0
Treat Injury:           8

Starting Feats:

Improved Two Weapon Fighting
Armor Proficiency Heavy
Improved Power Attack
Power Blast
Weapon Proficiency Blaster Pistol
Weapon Proficiency Blaster Rifle
Weapon Proficiency Melee Weapons
Improved Toughness
Echani Strike I
Unarmed Specialist II


Handmaiden can become a Jedi later. You can either level her up as soon as you
can or you can save her levels. For skills, just give her treat injury. Focus
on her wisdom attribute as it is quite low. For feats, I'd go with dueling. The
Echani Strike feat works when she is unarmed and gives a decent bonus. I would
keep her unarmed until she becomes a Jedi, and possibly after she becomes one
too. After all, a Jedi party member doesn't *have* to have a lightsaber.

Bao-Dur talks to you after asking why you don't carry a lightsaber. Tell him
Atris and the Jedi Council took it from you. He says you could build another
one if you wanted to and offers to help you build one.

There will be other random interactions between party members. This will happen
quite often when you enter the Ebon Hawk. Some of them have good benefits like
Bao-Dur offering to upgrade T3. Some of them are amusing like Atton asking
Bao-Dur if he's got a chance with you (if you're a female player.)

2.  Handmaiden (Male only)

We now have a new companion to gain INF with. A couple of notes before we start
this dialogue. You can get +INF from being light and dark in conversations. 
Light players go ahead and talk to her now. Dark players, skip down to the T3
dialogue before talking to Handmaiden. T3 has +INF lsp options that you will
need to take. Waiting to talk to Handmaiden later will ensure you get back to
dark side mastery. Light players, there is a dark hit we will need to take for
Kreia, though nowhere near as bad as a dark player. Light players can talk to
Handmaiden now or wait until after talking to Kreia, whichever you prefer.

H	Oh...welcome, exile. Is there something you need?

E	Can I ask you some questions?

H	You may ask.

E	What are you doing?

H	I am training. So that if danger should...

E	Can you teach me some fighting moves?

H	Training is something reserved for certain...

E	That seems as good a place as any to begin.

H	All Echani fighting principles rely on...

E	I understand. I am ready.

H	As a foundation, I will instruct you in our...

We now get to spar with Handmaiden similar to the sparring matches with the
other Handmaidens we did earlier. Force powers, weapons, and armor are not
allowed. You should win easily if you haven't leveled Handmaiden up yet. If
you win you get +INF.

H	Before you go...why did you go back, face trial?

E	I guess I thought they could help me.

H	I see. It was always something i was curious...

E	Forget it I had other questions.

H	You may ask.

E	Why do you look different from your sisters?

H	I honor the face of my mother...

E	So you have a different mother...but the same father?

H	[Influence Success] Yes, that is correct. I feel...

E	Yes, I would hear it.

H	Though my father's blood I share wih my sisters...

E	Yusanis was a hero of the Mandalorian Wars...

H	He left our family to serve in the Mandalorian...

E	If your face is any indication, she must have been...

H	I never saw her face, and she did not return from...

E	What happened to him?

H	He was slain by Revan in the Jedi Civil War...

E	Why tell me?

H	Because when my father returned from the Mandalorian...

E	LSP I appreciate your trust - thank you for telling me.
	DSP You know nothing of my choice - and do not presume to.

H LS	You have earned my trust. I wished to honor the trust...

H DS	I do not claim to understand you. There are times where...

E	+INF LSP I am greatful for your words, and for...
	+INF DSP Then serve me - and serve me well, or...

H	You honor me, exile. Together then.

E	I'll be going now

We don't have enough INF to ask about Atris yet, so moving onwards to Kreia.

3.  Kreia

It's time for another talk with Kreia. Dark players, due to the unfortunate lsp
we will be getting from talking to T3 go talk to him first then Kreia. Light
players, there will be some dark hits we need to take so talk to Kreia first
then T3. Don't forget to save before every dialogue.


Kreia will begin the dialogue commenting on your alignment. She will ask you
why you do what you do. It doesn't matter how you answer her at first. After
she tells you to view your companions as tools, tell her you should view her
as disposable then for +INF DSP. The rest of the options will get you -INF and
lsp. Yes light players, you need to take the dark hit. After you tell her the
line she says you are learning. End the conversation and talk to her again.

Another possible dialogue is this:

K	How many more do we inted to gather to us...

E	As many as want to come with us and help us.

K	Then prepare for an army I think...

E	LSP They are my friends, not my followers.
	DSP I deserve such obedience - from them and you.

K LS	Do not cloak one word within another...

E LS	They are your friends, too - maybe you...

K LS	I am too old for friends, and when the..

E	What makes you think they obey me?

K	Because I am not blind, that is why...

E	Does the fact they obey me upset you?

K	I know many things, and I know what I am not...

E	I've noticed their behavior is changing - Atton, especially.

K	The fool dances in your shadow for your favor...

E	LSP They are my friends, not tools
	+INF DSP You have a point. I will consider this.

K	I care not which of the words you use...(possible discussion of Revan
if your INF is high enough.)

The above dialogue can happen at any point you talk to Kreia. If it doesn't
happen now it will at some point later when you talk to her. End the 
conversation and talk to her again.

Also another possible dialoge if you are male is she comments you are spending
time with the servant of Atris. Kreia reveals her mother was a Jedi Knight and
tells you it is possible to train her as a Jedi but discourages you from doing
so. If Handmaiden trains as a Jedi she will break her oath to Atris. There is
no INF or alignment changes in this dialogue. End the conversation and Kreia
will talk more about Handmaiden. There are still no INF or alignment changes.

Once you finally get "Yes have you come with questions" upon initially talking
to Kreia we can begin asking her questions.

E	Yes, and I need some answers.

K	Ask...

E	What's wrong with your eyes?

K	There is nothing wrong with my sight...

E	There might be a way to heal your sight.

K	There is nothing wrong with my eyes...

E	...other questions...

K	Ask...

E	Kreia, what are you - are you a Jedi, a Sith?

K	Does it matter? Of course it does, such...

E	[Intelligence] Then what are you?
	[Wisdom] To ally myself with someone without...
	I want some answers, not more cryptic words.

K	[Influence Success] What do you wish to hear...
	[Influence Failure] - back to questions

E INS	I still wish to hear the story.

K INS	(after a cutscene) In you all my hopes rest...

E INS	I need more than that Kreia.

K INS	If it means so much to you, then this I...

Males can ask Kreia about the dislike of Handmaiden. If you are a light player
I'd skip it because there are unavoidable -INF LSP and +INF DSP within that
conversation (and they are obvious so it doesn't need to be mapped.) I'd only
go for that conversation if you are dark or really low on INF for her. Though
if you exploit the infinate INF bug later on it won't be necessary.

Now end the conversation and talk to her again.

E	I want you to teach me more about the Force.

K	Very well. What is it that drives you.

E	I want to build a lightsaber.

K	Indeed? A Jedi tool - and a Sith weapon...

E	LSP To defend you and my allies.
	LSP Because I feel naked without it.
	DSP It represents power - and it can...
	(If light sided) LSP The lightsaber is a symbol of the Jedi...
	(If dark sided) DSP A lightsaber is the most powerful weapon...

K	Then listen to me. There is much weight, much...

E	But how do I make one?

K	The knowledge has already been imparted...

We'll be talking to Kreia again very soon. An infinate +INF bug is coming up if
you have a high intelligence.

4.  T3

A couple of things to note here before we talk to him. There is an
[Intelligence] check coming up. If you don't see it that means your 
intelligence is not high enough to get the option. This means you miss out on
everything past that check. Also, you can continue to use your [Repair] and
[Computer] skills to upgrade T3. If your skill isn't high enough to do it then
just talk to him later. Don't worry dark players, if you are unable to upgrade
T3 you won't have to pass through the same lsp hoops if you already did them.


E	How's the Ebon Hawk?

T3	Beep

E	+INF LSP Good job - glad to hear it.
	+INF LSP T3, I really appreciate your help

T3	Beep

E	I had other questions...

T3	Beep

E	[Intelligence] How did you get here T3?
	If you don't see this option go to [Computer] Mind if I try...

T3	Beep

E	[Computer] You're deliberately avoiding...

T3	Beep

E	+INF LSP [Computer] Let me check your core. I'll be careful...

T3	Beep

E	+INF LSP I want to make sure you're all right...

T3	Beep

T3	Beep [Success] Beep
	Beep [Failure] - go to [Computer] Mind if I try to upgrade your...

E	Then play the message (cutscene)

T3 	Beep

E	So this help you came in search of...

T3	Beep

E	But why me? I was powerless...defenseless.

T3	Beep

E	(either option works)

T3	Beep

E	+INF LSP I'm honored, T3. I will do what...

T3	Beep

E	That message doesn't tell me where the Ebon Hawk...

T3	Beep

E	But why don't you have that information?

T3	Beep

E	Deleted? By who?

T3	Beep

E	You deleted it? Why?

T3	Beep

E	Something's wrong hre - there must have been a...

T3	Beep

E	+INF LSP Don't be sorry - maybe you had a good...

T3	Beep

The other questions about the cutscene do not seem to have INF or alignment
changes. Exit the conversation and talk to T3 again.

E	[Computer] Mind if I try to upgrade your...

T3	[Influence Success] Beep

E	[Computer] All right. Let me take a look.

T3	Beep [Success]
	Beep [Failure] - back to questions

E	All done. How do you feel? - brief dialogue back to questions

E	[Repair] Ready for some more routine...

T3	[Influence Success] Beep

E	[Repair] I'll try and make this quick...

T3	Beep [Success]
	Beep [Failure] - back to questions.

E	All done with the response package - brief dialoge back to questions.

E	[Repair] Maybe some more advanced...

T3	[Influence Success] Beep

E	[Repair] Lock your motivators...

T3	Beep [Success]
	Beep [Failure] - back to questions.

After you are done talking to T3, go to the galaxy map and select Telos Citadel
Station. We're going to tell Grenn about the bounty hunters we killed to get
that quest off the books. He comments on you returning but the dialogue is not
important. Tell him you have information about the escaped criminals. Let him
know about the deal with Lorso then say you killed them. An interesting bug is
that you can tell him that in the Czerka offices you confronted them, chased
them down, and killed them. He says it fits what he gathered from witnesses and
cameras. Go back to the Ebon Hawk.

By now you're wondering what order we are going to do the planets in. The best
way is Dantooine, Nar Shaddaa, Onderon, then Korriban. The first time I played
I thought I'd do Dantooine last because that is where the Jedi would gather
and I'd save time. Boy was I wrong!

One final thing left to do before we go to Dantooine. Put the HK control
cluster on HK 47.

NOW we are ready to go to...

VI. Dantooine.

A.  Background

Dantooine is a planet that was bombarded by the Sith during the Jedi Civil war.
Plenty of people died but some still remained. What little there was left 
formed a government and they've managed to keep it going.

Enemies you fight here will be bounty hunters, legrecks, mercenaries, kinrath,
and a couple of kath hounds. Kinrath will poison you, so be prepared with
improved energy resistance, knight valor, or improved heal when you fight them.

B.  Quests

1.  Main Quests

Relics of the Past
Lost in the Shadows
Defense of Khoonda

2.  Side Quests

Farm Equipment
Changing of the Guard
Cave Crawling
Sensor Search
Ghosts to Rest
Fake Holocron
Khoonda Gun Turrets
Khoonda Militia Medic
Khoonda Droids
Akkere's Hydrospanner
Khoonda Side door
Khoonda Traps
Khoonda Recruiting

C.  Landing Area

Exit the Ebon Hawk with T3 and whoever you wish in your party. A woman will
talk to you. She can give you background on what's going on with Dantooine. The
dialoge here doesn't matter. Do NOT tell her you are a Jedi. Jedi are not
thought of highly on Dantooine.

Talk to the battered protocol droid wondering around. T3 will beep at you and
tell you the droid is malfunctioning. Say "That's very observant of you T3" for
+INF. Ask the droid what happened then use the [Computer] option dialogue.
After that select the [Repair] Fix the droid's memory unit. The droid will call
you a Jedi.

A man will come up asking about the droid calling you a Jedi. Tell him no. You
can [Persuade] or [Force Persuade] him. If you admit to being a Jedi you will
lose INF with Kreia.

1.  Armor Components

An Ithorian named Pato Ado has a love for pazaak. He also has armor components
after you win all of his money. Play pazaak with him once. After the game he
offers to change the stakes. Do 750 credits a hand. After you have beaten him
three or four times he will say he's out of money and play you for the armor
components. Note that if you lose several times he will always say he is out
of credits despite however much you have lost, so be sure to save your game so
you won't lose tons of credits. He will want you to wager 1,000 credits against
his armor components.

2.  Visas

If you have seen the Visas/Nihilus cutscene then enter the Ebon Hawk now. You
walk to one of the dormatories and Visas will attack you with her lightsaber.
Use an energy shield if you need to. At the end of the duel you destroy her
lightsaber and there's a dialogue. Dark players, don't bother casting insanity
on her. She is a Jedi Sentinel and immune to that power.


V	My life...for yours.

E	LSP I will not kill you
	DSP And what have you to offer more than your life?
	DSP You pledge yourself to me?
	DSP I am in need of servants not corpses.

V LS	You *must.* The alternative is only another...

E LS	LSP I do not kill a helpless opponent.
	LSP Look, you're wounded. Stand, let me...

V	I...have nothing to offer you...(collapses. Scene goes to med bay.)

A	Now I've seen everything. This woman...

E	What's a Miraluka?

A	Yeah, they're a pretty secretive race...

E	Killing one?

A	Just mentioning it - she looks like she's...

E	Is her kind rare?

A	I heard they had a colony on the Mid Rim...

E	Maybe she knows.

A	Well, it *was* a planet of her people...

E	See through the Force?

A	They claim to see on a higher plane than...

E	LSP Is she going to be all right?
	DSP Will she recover? I have uses for her.

A	Well, some of her wounds are pretty bad...

E	LSP If her condition changes let me know - I didn't want to hurt...
	Let me know when she awakens. I have questions...
	DSP I only want her to live long enough for...

H	(If Handmaiden is in your party) She is a threat to us...

E	LSP I won't harm her, if that's what you're asking.
	H -INF I trust her more than I trust you.
	H -INF DSP She is useful, and I do not mean to kill her yet.

Dark males, I'd take the light hit to avoid losing INF with Handmaiden.

After the dialogue we get a lightsaber emitter fixture, our SECOND LIGHTSABER

Visas joins your party at this point.

                            Level 6 Jedi Sentinel

Starting Stats:

Vitality:               30/30
Force:			24/24

Defense:                18
Strength:               12 (+1)
Dexterity:              18 (+4)
Constitution:           12 (+1)
Intelligence:           10 (0)
Wisdom:                 12 (+1)
Charisma:               15 (+2)

Fortitude:              6
Reflex:	                9
Will:                   4

Starting Skills:

Computer Use:           0
Demolitions:            0
Stealth:                9
Awareness:              9
Persuade:               0
Repair:                 0
Security:               0
Treat Injury:           9

Starting Feats:

Two Weapon Fighting
Critical Strike
Improved Flurry
Weapon Proficiency Blaster Pistol
Weapon Focus Lightsaber
Weapon Proficiency Melee Weapons
Jedi Defense
Force Immunity: Stun
Jedi Sense
Unarmed Specialist II


You now have another Force user in the party. Visas' alignment will closely
match yours, so give her the same powers you give the exile. For feats, upgrade
the two weapon fighting feat. Toughness will also be good for her. Because her
dexterity is much higher than strength the Finesse Lightsaber feat is a good
idea. If you are a light player, continue upgrading her dexterity. Dark players
increase her wisdom.

Before we talk to Visas, talk to Kreia. I will only show the dark path because
that is the best way to gain INF with Kreia. You can go through the dialogue
options again. And again. And again. Infinate influence. This only works if you
have a high intelligence however.

Also there is *another* bug if you are male. Kreia will lecture you about a
union with her. Your character has an amusing dialogue response involving a
loading ramp. After Kreia's response you skip over to "Atton said her planet
was wiped out..." If that happens you will not get dsp.

3.  Kreia

K	You have befriended the seer.

E	Seer? You mean the blind Sith?

K	Her species does not see as we do...

E	+INF DSP Because there is nothing to be gained by murdering her - yet.

K	We shall see. There may be value...

E	If she threatens any of us again...

K	Is that so? Well, perhaps there will...

E	Ties to her master, perhaps. And I intend...

K	Then you are learning.

E	Atton said her planet was wiped out...

K	Did he? And what do you make of that?

E	+INF [Intelligence] Well, if her people all see...

K	The Mandalorians were right to respect...

E	[Intelligence] Someone wants this sector of the galaxy...

K	I fear you are right. And I fear it may...

E	I'll be going now.

To continue with infinate INF for Kreia, say "yes, and I need some answers."
Follow that by "I have thought more about the destruction of Visas' homeworld."
Then say the line you said earlier: "Atton said her planet was wiped out..."
Go through the intelligence dialogues. Leave the conversation. Repeat for as
often as you like.

Continue talking to Kreia.

E	I want you to teach me more about the Force

K	Very well, what is it that drives you.

E	When Visas attacked, she did something to my eyesight.

K	She did nothing to your eyes that was...

E	All right.

K	Feel the ship around you...(dialouge continues and you hear thoughts)

E	I heard her speaking
	[Awareness] I heard her thoughts

K	You are strong indeed...what you heard...

E	Can I do that whenever I wish?

K	That is not the real question you should...

The dialogue ends and you gain INF with Kreia, +1 awareness, and more Force
points. Talk to her again.

K	...questions...

E	...teach me more about the Force

K	...what is it that drives you?

E	You tought me of sight - is there anything...

K	When I spoke of sight before, there is...

E	What do you mean?

K	Some wielders of the Force have...

E	(pick a skill that is your greatest strength.)

K	And what skill would you say is your greatest weakness?

E	(pick a skill that is your greatest weakness)

K	Then my task before you is this...

E	Very well, I shall take this lesson to heart.

K	As you learn andd train and test yourself...

E	I'll think on this and return when my weakest skill is stronger.

To make your weakest skill stronger you can simply wear an item that gives that
skill a bonus. If you don't have any items then just wait until you level up
and continue the lesson later. For now, equip your item and talk to Kreia
again. Ask her to teach you about the Force and then ask about the lesson
related to your skills. You get a bonus to your weakest and strogest skills as
well as get more force points.

Talk to Kreia again and ask more about the Force.

E	Before, when you taught me to listen - I wish to continue...

K	Very well, sit with me (you hear others thoughts and background noise.)

E	But I did hear something from Bao-Dur

K	Indeed. It is strange I did not.

E	Maybe it is because I know him better...

K	Perhaps. I would not put much weight...

E	There was also something wrong with Atton's thoughts.

K	Of course there was. It is because Atton...

E	Perhaps. Maybe I will go see him - and see how...

Now as you told Kreia, go talk to Atton and ask him about the pazaak game in 
his head. Atton will comment on your alignment in various ways. You need to 
keep talking to him until he says "something up?" in order to get the dialogue
option to appear.

E	Atton, why do you play pazaak in your head?

A	Passes the time. It's better than listing off...

E	But you do all those things.

A	::Silent, looks at player, frowns::...

E	Let's play.

A	Good, what are you thinking about right now?

E	Well, pazaak, of course. The game.

A	Right. And that's why I play pazaak in my head...

E	+INF Atton, before, I felt your mind. With Kreia's help. I'm sorry.

A	Of course you did. You see, Jedi...light or dark...

E	You play pazaak to shield your thoughts.

A	No, I play pazaak in my head...

E	Can you teach me to shield my thoughts?

A	No. I can only teach you to play pazaak. Do you understand...

E	Then I want to learn to play pazaak.

A	Good. Now you understand...

From this conversation you get a permanent +1 to willpower saves. Very handy.
Go talk to Kreia again.

E	I had other questions.

K	Ask...

E	Did you know Atris at all?

K	[Influence Success] Atris herself is not as...
	[Influece Failure] - back to questions

E	What do you mean?

K	Because Atris' path is one that i walked...

E	You walked her path?

K	I was a historian once, gathering the relics...

E	Did you train Revan?

K	You have already asked much...

E	...other questions...

K	Ask...

E	Did you know Revan?

K	[Influence Success] Perhaps...I think it is fair...

E	Were you the one who taught Revan?

K	[Influence Success] She came to me, yes...

E	What was Revan like as a student?

K	Revan was power. It was like staring into...

E	What do you see when you look at me?

K	You are diferent...

E	I had other questions.

K	Ask...

E	If the council cast you out, how come Atris...

K	Ignorance...and perhaps they do not remember...

E	[Awareness] You're lying
	Are you certain? (different lines)

K AW	Am I? then perhaps you should know...

E AW	Do you use that technique on me?

K AW	It is important that your judgements...

E AW	-INF LSP I accept that - and I trust you...
	I still think you're lying to me...

K AW	Then you are learning quickly...

E	I had other questions

K	Ask...

E	Do you know anything about the Sith who pursue us?

K	[Influence Success] I know of them, yes...
	[Influence Failure] - back to questions

E	And the one consumed by hunger?

K	The less said of that one, the better...

E	The one who bathes in pain - Sion.

K	Yes...of pain, he has learned much...

E	Who is the betrayer?

K	Even now she is difficult to see...

E	I'll be going now.

Once you have passed all of Kreia's INF checks and completed all of the Force
training there is no further need to talk to her (aside from the YOURNAME 
crystal which will be covered in a moment.)

Now we can talk to Visas. Although if you are going dark I would advise you to
wait to talk to Visas. All of her +INF dialogue options are light sided. The
best option for dark players is to talk to her after you get your prestige
class. Just come back to the following dialogue after you have gotten it. Also
males need to wait to talk to Visas until after we have turned Handmaiden into
a Jedi. Handmaiden will stop talking to us if we decide to "spend too much time
with a Sith." Just remember to talk to Visas after you've turned Handmaiden
into a Jedi. If you wait to talk to her just come back to this section.

Speaking of prestige class, pay close attention to your character's level. In
order to get your prestige class you need to be level 15, have Visas in your
party, be clearly light or clearly dark, and talk to Kreia. It would be best
to talk to her as soon as you get level 15 because you will gain another level
for the prestige class. I will cover prestige classes in the Post Dantooine
Ebon Hawk section. Some will get their prestige class before they are done with
Dantooine, some after. That is ok, just go to the Post Dantooine Ebon Hawk
section to read about prestige classes once you hit level 15. 


V	My life for yours.

E	+INF LSP Are you all right?

V	I am able to serve. If we enter battle...

E	That's not what I asked. I asked if...

V	I...I have not heard that question...

E	+INF LSP I didn't mean to hurt you
	+INF LSP In medbay, I...we...noticed...

V	I know. And I fear that others will...(sometimes different line)

E	How did you find me?

V	I...felt you, heard you, through the Force...

E	Who sent you?

V	I serve my Master. I am an emmissary...

E	I need to know where I can find your master.

V	You cannot. His vessel roams the borders of...

E	Ready?

V	If I bring you before my Master, untested...

E	+INF LSP My life is unimportant - your Master...

V	I cannot - I will not. I would die first, and...

E	LSP If he is behind what has befallend the Jedi...

V LS	You will meet my master. It is inevitable...

E	I had questions for you.

V	I will answer what I can...

E	Tell me about your homeworld

V	[Influence Success] It is not a subject which...

E	How did your master destroy your homeworld? To...

V	It was not a thing done with machines or weapons...

E	Why did your Master destroy Katarr?

V	The Jedi, the last Council of the Jedi, came...

E	Why did the Jedi meet on Katarr?

V	They hoped to see the threat that had been...

E	He attacked it because the Jedi had gone there?

V	He cannot deny his hunger for long - and any...

E	[Wisdom/Intelligence] Or it may starve him...make him...

V	I do not understand what you mean.

E	Forget it. I had some other questions for you.

V	I will answer what I can.

E	I have heard your species is blind. How are you...

V	My people once had the power to perceive events...

E	You sound as if that sight is lost to you.

V	My sight has been...damaged. What... (game tells you of Visas ability)
[Influence Success] My master - when he showed me my world...

E	+INF LSP When one endures, it gives hope to others...

V	Only when one suffers do certain truths become...

E	How do you see through the Force?

V	[Influence Success] If you wish to know, perhaps...

You now have gained the Force power Force Sight. It allows you to see the
alignment of other people. While the power isn't really that useful it does
give you an increase to your Force points. At this point dark players, you do
not need to gain any further INF with her.

E	Never mind I'll be going now.

V	Forgive me, but before you go, I must ask...

E	+INF LSP Because I believe you can be saved.
	I don't really know why. I try not to think...

V	I must warn you...if you weaken yourself...(sometimes different line)

E	+INF LSP To help another is not weakness...
	DSP I do not understand where your power over...

V	There is more to the Sith than simply rage...

E	We have spoken enough. I must go.

Once you have completed the Visas dialogue talk to Kreia again.

E	What do you know of Visas's master?

K	He... if he can truly be called a man any longer...

E	He is no longer a man?

K	One cannot have power of that magnitude...

E	+INF DSP If that is what must be done for victory...
	+INF DSP Perhaps I can convince her to sacrifice...

After that Kreia will give you some lines. Exit the dialogue.

D.  Khoonda

After all that is completed we can finally move onto the planet. Go south and
through the small path. Go further south towards a small building. The entrance
will be on the west side. Enter.

A couple of women will be gossiping about Jedi when you enter. They pretty much
ignore you. The receptionist is useless. Take the southeast door.

1.  Farm Equipment

Light players, talk to Suulru. Dark players, you WILL get lsp from doing this
quest. There is no way to avoid it. You're better off just not talking to him.

Suulru has a little problem. He can't farm without his equipment. He lost his
equipment running from laigrecks near the enclave ruins. Jorran, a salvager
said he found the equipment and hassled Suulru 500 credits for it. After paying
Jorran, Suulru found that his moister vaporator doesn't work because it is
missing a modulator. Jorran offered to sell Suulru a modulator he "found" for
another 500 credits.

Go through the door after Suulru and go straight ahead past the door. Talk to
Terena Adare. She asks if the ship you came in was yours. Tell her yes. She
recognizes the ship and knows it's a Jedi vessel. Ask her to keep that quiet 
and she will honor your request. She explains she maintains discreet 
connections with the Jedi. Her "friend" Vrook came to Dantooine and went to
the enclave sublevel. Adare seems to think something happened to him and asks
you to investigate. Agree to search for him. You can ask more questions to get
more information but it's not necessary. Strangely dark players if you use the
[Persuade/Lie] option you will not get dsp.

Go out of the room into the hallway and go south. Talk to Berun Modrul.

2.  Changing of the Guard

Berun seems to think Zherron, the captain of the guard, is doing something a
little shady. On the surface, Zherron seems to be doing his job well. Still,
Berun seems to wonder if Zherron isn't being honest with the rest of the
Militia or if he's doing something he isn't supposed to do. Berun doesn't know
what Zherron could be up to, but he is worried that he is endangering diplomacy
with the mercenaries.

Open the door next to Berun. If you played Kotor I this merchant should be
familliar. Just a little easter egg :) He does have good items.

Go out the room and go east. You can't open the other doors, so go into the 
room that's already open to the south.

Talk to Zherron. You can ask him about Berun's side quest but you won't get
anything out of it.

3.  Cave Crawling

Zherron tells you there is a reward for anyone who can clear the kinrath caves
that are located in the plains near Khoonda.

With quests in journal, exit Khoonda. The other hallway has doors you can't
open yet.

Go east. There is a merchant Akkere east of Khoonda who sells...the HK Control
Cluster! Buy it and continue heading east. Kill all the kinrath in this area.
Make sure to explore the entire eastern side of the map so you don't miss

Directly accross from the crystal cave is a crash site. Talk to the man here.

4.  Sensor Search

Saedhe has a problem. A couple of weeks back there was an accident here. A 
farmer on his swoop bike had some atmospheric sensors. The farmer was found
dead, his swoop bike all banged up, and the atmospheric sensors were missing.
He suspects foul play since the kinrath can't catch you on a swoop bike. He
says he will pay you 1,000 credits for each sensor you find.

Go towards the kinrath cave entrance to the southeast. Before you go in, put
Bao-Dur in your party. Go in the cave. There is a mercenary ahead of you that
doesn't notice you and is able to walk past the kinrath unharmed. Hm,

Go forward and behind the first pillar you see is a pile of rubble. Search it
to find the atmospheric sensors. Despite Saedhe saying there are three of them
it is all one item. Bao-Dur chimes in.

B	I don't know about that

E	You don't know about what? The sensors?

B	They are vitally important pieces of equipment...

E	[Awareness] Can you eamine one of the sensors?

B	I'll have this open in no time...(game tells you hidden surveillance

E	+INF Good work Bao-Dur.

Exit the cave. Now you have a choice. You can either give the atmospheric 
sensors to Saedhe to complete the Sensor Search quest or you can give them to
Adare to complet the changing of the guard quest. I would suggest to talk to

Light path:

If you take the light way I would suggest placing Bao-Dur or Atton alone in
your party so that you can get the +INF from whoever you want. Visas will aslo
gain influence from this, but we can get influence from her rather easily.

Actually I've found three of them.

Not so fast - we found a little surprise...

Why is there surveillance equipment in the sensors?

+INF (whoever is in your party named above) LSP You need the credits more than
me. Call it 3000 credits.

Dark players can kill Saedhe then give them to Adare. Various party members
will of course react to the killing of an innocent. Atton and Visas will gain
influence if you kill him while everyone else loses it. I know what you're
thinking, you can't have Atton and Visas get influence for the same event. It
doesn't work that way sadly. You have to choose one or the other.

Dark path:

Not so fast - we found a little surprise inside them.

I'm sure that Azkul would be interested to know that you're spying on him.

I think I'll see what he'll offer for this information.

Do you think I care about your pathetic farmers?

DSP You're a loose end now - time to take care of that.

Go back to the crystal cave taking whoever you wish with you.

Go forward and take the path that branches off to the east. Waste the kinrath.
Continue to follow the path. Search the rubble at the fork and continue to go
east. You will find the mercenary walking around here. You can talk to him and
ask about why he doesn't get attacked. Dark players can manipulate him to get
him killed. Light players, there's nothing noteworthy you get from him. Loot
the dead end and take the north path we just passed by. Kill more kinrath.

When the path branches north and south go south. There are more kinrath to 
kill. A big circular area is off the path. It's a mercenary camp. For now it is
empty. Loot the area. After you've lotted the mercenary camp go south to ensure
no kinrath remain. Once you reach the fork in the path go back north into the
area we haven't explored yet.

Kill the kinrath and loot any rubble you find. Continue to follow the path.
When you reach the crystals at the end Kreia will talk to you, whether she is
in your party or not. She will tell you Revan once passed through here. You can
ask questions but it doesn't matter what you say. After Kreia talks to you more
kinrath come to attack, including the kinrath matriarch. Slay them all.

Once they are dead loot all the crystal formations for lightsaber crystals.
There are four of them. In one of them you will get the powerful YOURNAME
crystal. Kreia tells you about it whether she is in your party or not.


The YOURNAME crystal will need to be modified several times throughout the 
game. It appears that after finding each Jedi Master the crystal will need to
be tuned again, but I could be mistaken. The crystal is most effective when you
have light/dark mastery. In order to tune the crystal to you again talk to
Kreia and she will do it for you.

Leave the crystal cave and go north. Take the next area exit into the...

F. Enclave Courtyard

Go north to the mercenary camp. If you're dark you can talk to Nallek and 
[Force Persuade] him to hand you his gun then credits (being EVIL is so much
fun!) Go west and kill the kinrath you find. Eventually you will reach the 
salvager camp. Talk to Daraala. 

1.  Ghosts to Rest

Daraala doesn't want you to be around because there are too many salvagers.
Tell her you are going to the ruins and have come a long way. She will tell you
a few of the salvagers went into the enclave sublevel and are now dead. She
wants you to grab their gear and bodies and offers 500 credits for them. After
you talk to her talk to Ralon

2.  Fake Holocron

Ralon is the other salvager worth talking to. He's trying to sell you a fake
holocron. Say these things to find out it is fake:

Get to the point

How much do you want for it?

Can I inspect the holocron? Maybe it's broken.

That *is* a remarkable fake...

From here say this light players:

That's all you can say?

So you didn't make this?

Wife and children?

How much money do you need?

Here's 500 credits. Just try to do something worthwhile with it.

Dark players say this:

Actually I *can* blame you. Violently.

Give me the fake holocron. Now.

After we've dealt with Ralon go northwest from the camp towards the enclave
ruins. After you pass the bridge go south to fight kath hounds. You can't get
into the enclave that way so go north. Soon you'll see a bunch of salvagers
coming out of the sublevel. They ask what you want. What you say to them
doesn't matter unless you're dark.

I want you out of my way. Now

You obviously have *no* idea who you are dealing with.

You've tremendously overestimated your pathetic abilities.

After you've dealt with them open the security door and go into the...

G.  Enclave Sublevel

Go east and around the old fountain. Go through the doorway to the east on the
other side of the fountain. Watch out for the mines. Kill the laigrecks at the
end and raid the footlocker. Open the locked door we passed and the other
locked door behind it. Raid the footlocker and go back to the fountain. The
other room has nothing in it.

Take the north doorway and kill the laigrecks. The circular room has nothing
so continue north killing more laigrecks. There will be a locked door. Try to
open it and Jorran will yell saying he's trapped.

1.  Jorran

Light players, mention the moister vaporators and he doesn't want to talk about
it right now. Let him go run out of the enclave. Go outside the enclave with
him and talk to him at the salvager camp. Ask about the moister vaporator again
and he will ask 500 credits for it. By using the [Persuade] I saved your life
option you can knock it down to 250 credits. Talk to Jorran again and ask how
much he wants for the Jedi artifacts. He's greedy and wants 1,000 credits. Give
him the credits.

A good dark way of dealing with him is to [Lie] and say the laigrecks are all
dead. If you killed them all in this area the option won't come up, but you can
convince him to come out then say "saving you, how quaint." After that tell him
"people think you're already dead. They're right." Kreia will pop in saying it
is not wise to kill him. Do so anyway. You'll lose INF twice with Kreia, but
by this point you should have gotten everything you needed to know from her.
If you manage to [Lie] to Jorran you will strangely gain INF with Kreia.

Whatever you decide to do with Jorran, you get the LIGHTSABER FOCUS LENS!

2.  Building your lightsaber

Whatever you do with Jorran, go outside the Jedi Enclave. It's time to finally
build your lightsaber. You can choose single or double blade. I would choose
a double bladed lightsaber. Kick someone out of your party and place Bao-Dur in
to build it.

There is a workbench inside the enclave we will get to in a moment, so no need
to go all the way back to the Ebon Hawk. Go back to the room where Jorran was
locked in.

Continue north and follow the path east. Kill the liagreks. Go through the
locked door. If you have kept up with the security skill be sure to change the
action menu from use lightsaber to security. If you haven't been keeping up
with the security skill you can now put your lightsaber in locked doors to open
them! There's another locked door in this room. Open it and watch out for the
mine. Kill the laigrek here and search the salvager corpse. You've found one of
the dead salvagers.

Go back to the hallway and follow it east, killing the laigreks. The room
that makes a U shape doesn't have anything in it, so continue forward. East of
the U shape room are more laigreks and a stuck door. This one you have to use
your lightsaber to open. Let the laigrek come to you then disable the mine. Go
through the locked door at the end. Raid the room.

There are several protocol droids in here. Reactivate all of them and program
them for "meet and greet" mode. What this does is have all the droids go out
and around the enclave. The laigreks that remain will attack the droids then
the droids will explode, killing the laigreks. You will still get the xp from
it. Finally use the workbench to upgrade your lightsaber.

Go back out and follow the hallway east until it goes south. You should start
seeing the floating numbers after an enemy is killed. Keep going south and kill
any laigrek that remain. In the hallway there are two rooms that branch off.
Open the locked door that leads west first. Fix the computer terminal then
overload the terminal. 10 seconds should be plenty of time to get out of there.
Go back to the hallway and go slightly north. Wait for the terminal to explode.
Open the security door that leads east.

3.  Disciple

If you are male, Disciple won't join your party so there isn't any particular
reason to talk to him. If you are female, ask him every available question.
Disciple will join your party if you are female. If you are a light player you
can convert him into a Jedi right away. You can choose to have him in your
party after training him to be a Jedi if you want. If you are dark, it is best
to wait to talk to him until after you get the prestige class. Most of his +INF
options are light sided. In either case, to gain easy +INF now tell him "we
would welcome your company." I would suggest to keep Visas in your party and
talk to Disciple later, but it's up to you. The dialogue to turn Disciple into
a Jedi will be in the Post Dantooine Ebon Hawk section.

                              Level 6 Soldier

Starting Stats:

Vitality:               78/78
Force:			24/24 (once you turn him into a Jedi)

Defense:                15
Strength:               14 (+2)
Dexterity:              16 (+3)
Constitution:           14 (+2)
Intelligence:           10 (0)
Wisdom:                 10 (0)
Charisma:               14 (+2)

Fortitude:              8
Reflex:	                6
Will:                   3

Starting Skills:

Computer Use:           9
Demolitions:            9
Stealth:                1
Awareness:              8
Persuade:               0
Repair:                 9
Security:               9
Treat Injury:           4

Starting Feats:

Improved Two Weapon Fighting
Armor Proficiency Heavy
Power Attack
Power Blast
Rapid Shot
Weapon Proficiency Blaster Pistol
Weapon Proficiency Blaster Rifle
Weapon Proficiency Lightsaber (if turned into a Jedi)
Weapon Proficiency Melee Weapons
Jedi Defense (if turned into a Jedi)
Improved Toughness
Force Focus (if turned into a Jedi)
Jedi Sense (if turned into a Jedi)
Close Combat


Disciple's wisdom is rather low. Focus on that since he is pretty well rounded
everywhere else. For skills give him whatever you want. For feats, give him
melee related feats if you want him for melee combat and blaster feats if you
want him to shoot at enemies. His dexterity is high enough that he can hit well
with blasters. You might as well also give him master toughness.

Continue further into the room. There are dead mercenaries that seem to have
been killed by a lightsaber. the bodies to find out Vrook has been
taken to the mercenary camp in the crystal caves.

Go out of the room and head south. The hallway will turn west. Go through the
stuck door. There are laigreks behind the mines. Wait for them to come to you
and take them out. You can search the corpse for a datapad that tells you there
is an unopened storage room. Interesting. Take care of the mines then select
the computer panel. Overload the terminal. 5 seconds should be plenty of time
to get out of the way. Loot the storage room.

Go back out and follow the hallway west to another U shaped area. In the middle
of the room is another salvager corpse with a will. The will states that all of
his possessions are to be left to the other dead salvager you found. You can
tamper with the will so that all of his possessions go to you or leave it
alone. Tampering with the will isn't dark, but turning in the will to Zherron
after you've tampered with it is.

Go out of the U shaped area and continue west. There is another locked door to
go through and a laigrek. Inside the room is another locked door and another
locked door in the following room. There is nothing behind these locked doors
and one of them leads back into the hallway. If you have security open them for
xp. Otherwise ignore them.

There is one more door to open in the southwest corner and it has a mine in
front of it. Take care of the mine, go through the door, and loot the room. Go
north and you should reach the old fountain area where we started exploring.

Gerevick will be there and thinks that he can get the salvage off of you as
well as the bounty for Jedi. Ha! As if! This will end in a fight no matter what
you say. Kill him and his goons. They're easy pickings. Search Gerevick's
remains for treasure.

If you are light, give the two dead bodies to Daraala and refuse the reward. If
you are dark and tampered with the will, make the claim when talking to 
Zherron. Zherron will give it to you without asking questions as he is tired of
the whole matter. Whether light or dark, go to Zherron and tell him the kinrath
are dead to complete that quest. If you want you can give the modulator to the
moister vaporator to Suulru. If you're dark i'd skip it because there is no
way to avoid the lsp. Finally, if you didn't give the atmospheric sensors to
Saedhe and want to complete the changing of the guard quest talk to Adare then
show her the sensors.

H.  Master Vrook

The datapad told us Master Vrook was to be captured alive and taken to the
mercenary camp in the kinrath caves. Go there now. Upon reaching the camp, one
of the mercenaries stops you.

Light players, say you are here to rescue the Jedi and you don't want to fight
but you won't let them take Vrook to Nar Shaddaa for lsp. Dark players, follow
the dark path.

Dark path:

That Jedi belings in his cage.

You know, your cage won't hold him. He's an elite Jedi master.

DSP No it won't. But if you let me make some alterations...

Now that Vrook is safely locked away, I can deal with you mercenary scum.

Kill all the mercenaries. Once they were dead Vrook isn't happy to see you. He
gives you a lecture. The dialogue doesn't have any dark/light options or INF
with any party member. If you are dark you fight him. You dont kill him yet, he
will stun you and run off. If you are light you won't fight him. He will tell
you he's going to Khoonda to help them fight the mercenaries.

There are a couple of new cylinders to loot and remains to search. Once you
have looted the area change your party if you need to. If you are siding with
the mercenaries you will get -INF with Handmaiden and +INF with Kreia. If you
side with Khoonda Kreia will lose INF and Handmaiden will gain INF. Leave the

I.  Mercenary Attack

Azkul talks to you and you have a decision to make. He wants you to help him
attack Khoonda. You can tell him you aren't interested to fight his mercenary
goons (he won't attack you here.) You can [Lie] and say you'll help him to
decide who to support later. The third option is to say you will help him and
get dsp.

Whoever you side with go to Adare. If you did the changing of the guard quest
she will place Zherron back in charge of the militia. Adare will ask you to
help and gives you several ideas on what to do. She gives you a master card key
to open all security doors in the building. Zherron will give you more ideas on
what to do.

Light players, go ahead and give the modulator to Suulru. Give him an
additional 500 credits to get lsp and a couple of guns.

1.  Gun Turrets

Go to the south hallway and open the security door that leads north. Use the
turret control station. Slice the computer. You can do a number of things to
the system. Reprogram it to attack only hostiles, reprogram it to attack only
friendlies, or disable the turrets alltogether.

2.  Militia Medic

Go to the north hallway and open the security door leading north. There are men
wounded here but what we are really after is the medical droid. Reactivate the
droid and either reactivate teh automated healing sub-routines (lsp) or modify
the programing to immobilize its patients (dsp.) You can't open the stuck door
in this room.

3.  Droids

The last security door has the defense droids, a workbench, and several 
lootable broken droids. Reactivate all the droids. In one of the droids you
discover a hydrospanner lodged inside of it with the name Akkere printed on it.
Take the hydrospanner.

4.  Khoonda Recruiting

Dark players, even though you will be fighting Khoonda you might as well 
recruit people into the militia to get xp from it. If you didn't kill Jorran,
go back to him and ask him to join. He joins without asking you to do anything.
Akkere is another person to recruit. Ask him about joining the militia. He
wants you to buy thorium charges from him and he will join. Buy them, you will
need them later. Dillan over by the entrance to Khoonda will also join the

5.  Akkere's Hydrospanner

Talk to Akkere again. Confront him about the hydrospanner. Akkere is one of the
events in the game that will have you gain or lose INF with anyone depending on
how you play it out. If you take the light path Kreia will lose INF no matter
what you say. Bao-Dur, T3, Disciple, and Handmaiden all gain INF from the light
path. Remember you can only choose one to gain INF with. If you are dark and
want to turn Bao-Dur into a Jedi this would be a good place to take a light
hit. Note that unless you bribe him Kreia will lose INF.

At any rate, whatever you decide to do, here are the paths:

I found this hydrospanner. It has your name on it.

Inside of a broken droid. What is your explanation?


Tell me.

I believe you. Please take 500 credits to help you.


DSP I don't care about your reasons I'm going to turn you in - combat.


Tell me.

What will you give me for keeping your crime quiet?

Okay I'll tak the credits.

If you kill him loot the remains for thorium charges. If you don't kill him,
then you will need to recruit him into the militia.

If you kill him you get your 1,000 credits back. If you don't kill him and are
dark (thus killing Vrook and siding with the mercenaries) you will be able to
loot his remains later.

6.  Side Door

Zherron mentioned there was a side door that has been giving Khoonda trouble
and thinks it can easily be breached by the mercenaries. Whether siding with
Khoonda or siding with the mercenaries I would open the door. The reason for
this is because there are treasures inside the room that you can't get if you
seal the door forever. Open the door, go inside, and loot the room.

7.  Traps

Zherron said that some of his men placed mines around Khoonda and wants you to
fill in the gaps. Regardless of who you side with it's better to just recover
all 12 mines for xp. They are on the east and west side of Khoonda in rows of

Also, if you are going dark you will be fighting Vrook in the room where the
receptionist is. Vrook is a strong opponent and can be challenging to fight if
you haven't gotten your prestige class yet. You can wait to fight him and go
to the next planet or you can place mines in front of the receptionist desk.
The mines will be there during the battle with Vrook and will help you kill him
with ease.

8.  Defending Khoonda (LSO)

Go back to Zherron and tell him you are ready. Vrook says he is going to delay
the mercenaries. Zherron says the administrator is locked in her office and the
mercenaries have to get through everyone to reach her. You can rally the men
if you want to, the dialogue responses are obvious to say.

After rallying the men there's a battle cutscene. After the cutscene you are
face to face with Azkul. He talks to you telling you to stand aside. Tell him
you won't let him kill her. Vrook comes to save the day. Kill the mercenaries
and Azkul. It will be pretty easy with the militia and Vrook by your side.

Once they are dead talk to Adare. She will offer you a reward. If you already
have light mastery you might as well take it. Otherwise refuse it for lsp.

Vrook then talks to you. Ask him whatever question you want. At any point say
I'll be going now to end the conversation. He will teach you about a lightsaber
form and you'll be off on your merry way. You are done with Dantooine for now.
Go back to the Ebon Hawk.

9.  Attacking Khoonda (DSO)

Go back to Azkul and tell him you are ready. There's a battle cutscene. After
the cutscene you are face to face with Vrook. Tell him he has lived too long to
start the battle. Once he is about half health Kreia will chime in, teaching
you his form. Vrook will talk to you and it doesn't matter what you say. Finish
him. If you are still having trouble run around the area to get him off your
back and place more mines if necessary. He is notorious for casting cure/heal
on himself.

If you followed my advice and mined the area the mines should take his health
down significantly. As soon as Kreia and Vrook stop talking to you cast shock
(or Force storm if you have it) to end the battle quickly.

Once Vrook is dead Azkul will give you a reward. You can [Persuade] him to try
and get more or with dominate mind you can [Force Persuade] him. You are done
with Dantooine for now. Go back to the Ebon Hawk.

J.  Post Dantooine Ebon Hawk

First thing to do is instal the new part we acquired from Akkere into HK-47.

1.  Prestige Classes

Once you reach level 15, talk to Kreia. She will comment that you have felt
something. It is Visas' master searching for you through the Force. She tells
you the time to hide your presence is coming to a close and offers you a choice
of what class to take.

 Jedi Weapon Master (Light Side) or Sith Marauder (Dark Side)
Bonus feats: Greater Prestige Sense, Deflect, Increase Melee Damage

Class skills: Awareness, Demolitions, Persuade, Treat Injury

The Jedi Weapon Master/Sith Marauder is without a doubt the best combat able
class in the game. You get access to advanced combat feats and weapon
specialization feats. The advanced combat feats are Superior Weapon Focus
Lightsaber and Superior Two Weapon Fighting. All three Superior Weapon Focus 
Lightaber feats add a +1 attack for lightsabers. The Superior Two Weapon 
fighting further reduces the penalty of using the offhand.

The Deflect feat continues to go up as you gain in levels, allowing you to be
more and more able to deflect blaster shots. The Greater Prestige Sense feat
gives you +2 defense every 5 levels and makes this class not only the best
fighter in the game, but a very good defender as well.

For dark players picking the Marauder you get a bouns power Fury. At higher
levels it will give you extra attacks when used. It gives a bonus to strength,
fortitude, will, and adds damage for each kill when it is active.

The Jedi Weapon Master/Sith Marauder is an advanced version of the Jedi

 Jedi Watchman (Light Side) or Sith Assassin (Dark Side)

Bonus Feats: Sneak Attack I, Greater Prestige Sense

Class Skills: Awareness, Computer Use, Persuade, Security, Stealth, Treat 

Bonus Powers: Force Camouflage

The Watchman/Assassin is an advanced version of the Jedi Sentinal. It is a 
balance between combat ability and Force ability. You can now enter stealth at
any time thanks to the Force Camouflage ability. Sneak attack will give you
extra damage when you attack enemies before you de-stealth. The Jedi 
Watchman/Sith Assassin also get access to the Greater Prestige Sense which 
gives you +2 defense every 5 levels.

You won't be as strong at attacking as the Weapon Master/Marauder, but your
defense will be solid.

 Jedi Master (Light Side) or Sith Lord (Dark Side)

Bonus Feats: Prestige Sense, Regenerate Force Points, Light/Dark Side 

Class Skills: Awareness, Persuade, Repair, Treat Injury

Bonus Powers: Inspire Followers I

The Jedi Master/Sith Lord is an advanced version of the Jedi Consular. This 
class focuses more on force powers. As you can probably guess, Prestige Sense
is not as good as Greater Prestige Sense. Your defense doesn't become higher
as much as the other classes do, making enemies be able to hit you harder than
a Weapon Master/Marauder or Watchman/Assassin.

The bonus power Inspire Followers is a non combat power. All it does is bring
your party members closer to light/dark mastery. This power is essentially
pointless to your non Jedi party members, and if you INF the ones you turn into
a Jedi enough they will reach mastery - or close enough to it - anyway.

In terms of ability I would choose the Weapon Master/Marauder over the other
classes even if you want to focus more on force powers than combat. That, of
course, is my opinion. You are free to pick whatever class you choose.

2.  Disciple (Females Only)

If you are dark and still haven't gotten your prestige class yet, wait to talk
to Disciple until you have it. Once you get the prestige class come to this
dialogue. If you are dark, Disciple will comment on that. You will instantly
lose INF with him, there's no way to avoid it. If you are dark, exit the
conversation as soon as you can. He will ask you about the trial (go to Forgive
me, but there is something I...) After that talk to him again to discuss the
trial and leave the conversation. Once he says "Yes? Is something wrong?" talk
to him normally.

D	Yes? Is something wrong?

E	What are you doing? (only appears if you are on the Ebon Hawk.)

D	At times, I meditate, simply close my...

E	+INF Can you teach me to meditate?

D	Of course, it would be my pleasure. (you recover Force points.)

E	I had other questions

D	Very well. What is it you wished to know?

E	What are you doing for the Republic?

D	Not much remains of the Jedi - I'm trying...

E	Why do you feel that is necessary?

D	[Influence Success] Because I fear that...

E	Do you have a problem with the Jedi?

D	No, not there lore, their histories...

E	+INF LSP The Republic has also been saved...

D	That is a truth I cannot deny - It...

E	But why do finding the Jedi matter to...

D	I'm trying to save the Republic - Dantooine...

E	How did this happen?

D	The Jedi Civil War brought much suffering to...

E	What do you mean?

D	The war was costly, and it shattered the Republic...

E	+INF LSP Then we must do what we can to defend...

D	That is my thought. The Republic is not without...

E	I had other questions.

D	Very well...

E	Do you know what happened to the Jedi?

D	No. It is something of a mystery why they...

E	Why do you think people hate the Jedi?

D	It is difficult sometimes for the Jedi to see...

E	LSP But Jedi have protected the galaxy for...
	DSP You are right to hate Jedi weeakness and...

D	Hate? No, I do not hate them. They only raise...

E	What do you mean?

D	[Influence Failure] (you won't have enough INF with him on this yet)

E	I had other questions.

D	Very well...

E	You look familliar to me.

D	[Influence Success] You are correct. I am afraid...

E	But the Force... the path of the Jedi? You...

D	It is possible to forget the Force, you know...

E	+INF LSP I am sorry that my leaving for war had such...

D	There is nothing to be done - and the past is...

E	I could train you to feel the Force again.

D	[Influence Failure]

E	I had other questions

D	Very well...

E	Tell me about your training on Dantooine.

D	Many Jedi went to go fight in the Mandalorain...

E	+INF LSP I am sorry if my leaving ruined your chances...

D	Your apologies are not needed, or warranted...

E	I could train you to feel the Force again

D	[Influence Success] - Training

E	I'll be going now.

D	Forgive me, but there is something I...

E	LSP I left to protect the innocents on...
	DSP Battle called, and I answered.
	DSP - The Jedi held no truth for me...

D	I see. And because you went to war they...

E	Yes, that is what they told me at the trial.

D	Do you have a record of this trial?

E	Yes, the droid has a holo-recording of it.

D	Perhaps I shall examine it when I get the...

E	+INF You are free to do so. (dialogue ends)
	+INF I trust you - go ahead. (dialogue ends)

Then talk to Disciple again.

D	I have studied your holo record trial...

E	I did not leave the order - I was exiled.

D	Yes, but exile is rare, and I have...

E	And why would I choose such a thing?

D	I do not know - that is a question...

E	I still don't believe it.

D	I am not certain I do either...(dialogue ends)

3.  T3 Upgrades

If you weren't able to upgrade T3 earlier and now have skill in repair or 
computer now is a good time to do it. Just follow the dialogue options earlier
in the guide.

4.  Handmaiden (Males Only)

It's time to talk to Handmaiden again.

E	Can you teach me some fighting moves?

H	Very well. I think you are ready for the...

This is another Echani fighting move. You can use any melee weapon you wish but
cannot use your lightsaber or force powers. When you win you get INF with her.
We still don't have enough INF with her to continue talking with her yet.

Dark players you probably have lost your beautiful grayish tinge. Don't worry
there's plenty of EVIL things we can do on...

VII.  Nar Shaddaa

A.  Background

Nar Shaddaa is a moon orbiting Nal Hutta. Nal Hutta means Glorious Jewel in
Huttese. Nar Shaddaa wasn't hit by the Jedi Civil war per say but many refugees
from the war on both sides came here. The Exchange is a dominant force on Nar
Shaddaa. You're essentially walking into the lion's den due to the bounty on 

You won't be fighting any droids here on Nar Shaddaa. You will have several 
enemies to fight that hate Jedi though.

You will need to create a save on Nar Shaddaa as soon as you land, or maybe 
even before you go there. Don't save over it. Nar Shaddaa can get rather buggy
at times.

B.  Quests

1.  Main Quests

Landing Rights
Ebon Hawk ID Signature

2.  Side Quests

Droid Retrieval
Trade War
New Trade Routes
Pazaak Den
The Vogga Dance
Power Shortage
Fassa's Freighters
Wayward Captain
Experiment In Delivery
Overtaxed Ithorian
Intergalactic Reunification

C.  Refugee Landing Pad

You see a cutscene after you land. Goto wants the bounty hunters to observe you
and do you no harm. Interesting. One of the females will remark Goto said 
nothing about harming your companions. Uh oh!

Atton pipes in and it doesn't really matter what you say. Eventually a guy will
be angry about you landing on his landing pad. You cannot [Force Persuade] him
(if you saw Star Wars Episode I you'd know this, but it's still funny to try 
it.) You can [Persuade/Lie] "The Exchange told me I could land here." for DSP
followed by a threat to kill him. Or you can pay him 50 credits and he'll 
leave. Whatever you do he will mention that someone else will be landing here
soon and you'll have to deal with them.

Go forward. Eventually you will come across exchange thugs hassling a refugee.
Obvious light/dark options here. You can ask the thugs questions to learn that
a good way to meet the Exchange is to help them or piss them off. It ends in
combat either way. Afterwards the refugee will thank you. Say you were glad to
help for lsp or take the darker options (which are obvious.)

Talk to the refugee standing by boxes. He won't automatically talk to you, but
he does have good information...if you spare him a few credits. You can tell
him you are a Jedi if you want. If you are dark he won't believe you and will
not talk to you again.

A third refugee will want credits from you. Give him some for lsp or chase him
away for dsp. Kreia will comment on this whether in your party or not. You see
what happens to him with either scenario. What you say doesn't matter. If you
took the light way say either "I...will consider what you have said" or "There
is wisdom in what you say. Perhaps I shall not be so quick to offer aid in the
future" for +INF.

Open the door that says "swoop garage." Despite the title this garage has 
nothing to do with swoop racing. As you go in a bounty hunter named Mira comes
to talk to the refugee you gave credits to (or who was scared of you) in 
exchange for information. Loot the cylinder near the workbench for the 
airspeeder navigation interface.

Go north in the room and TT-32 will talk to you. Don't be rude to it just ask
why it's the 32nd version then end the conversation. Talk to Tienn Tubb. Tell
him you came here to do business. Ask what this place is and he tells you it is
a vehicle repair shop. Ask if he can change a ship's ID transponder codes.
Atton had suggested we do that earlier to get people off our backs. Tubb says
you need a new transponder card or a blank card and an ID signature.

1.  Droid Retrieval

As you leave the droid asks you for help. His predecessor was placed in the 
scrap heap by mistake. Kodin, a junk dealer took the droid from the scrap heap.
The problem is the droid has some plans stored in its memory core. Ask TT-32
what the plans are then ask if they are dangerous. Tell him you want a free
version of that part once it's built. He says it's a small astromech droid 
named IT-31.

Go through the other door in the swoop garage and loot the metal box. Exit the
garage into a square area. Go north and you will see Kodin's shop.

Talk to Kodin again and ask about IT-31. IT beeps at you and Kodin says it's
his droid he's selling. You could pry out the memory core, but you will lose
INF with T3, whether he is in your party or not. It's best to buy the droid
from him. He wants 500 credits for it. You can [Persuade] it down to 300
credits, [Persuade] it down to 150 credits, or use [Awareness] to lower the 
price. Awareness seems to be the most effective route if you get that option.
Before you talk to the droid, be ABSOLUTELY SURE to buy the HK droid processor
from him.

Talk to the droid and say you negotiated his release. Send it back to Tienn's
garage. Go back to TT-32. He gives you the shield. Tell him you'll be going
now. Yes you can try and get a better reward but all that will happen is you
get a discout on Tubb's wares. The only problem with that is Tubb has nothing
to sell (bug.)

Go back to where Kodin is. North of his shop is a swoop racing area. Enter
either door. There will be an unconscious guy on the floor for some reason.
Lupo will greet you. If you want easy dsp and have affect mind, talk to Lupo
and place a bet. Place a bet on yourself to win. Bet 1,000 credits. He isn't
able to make you a betting slip because there are lack of funds apparently. Ask
whatever you'd like. Now talk to Lupo again. He mentions he uses a droid as a
champion racer. Tell him it's not fair then "[Force Persuade] You never gave me
my credits back." (I've actually had it fail one time but you still get the 

2.  Lupo's Advantage

Talk to Borna Lys, the only other conscious person in the room. Tell her you
were thinking of swoop racing. She says it's not a smart idea. Ask her why and
she tells you Lupo has a droid champion that cannot be beat. The reason for 
this is because the Exchange wanted a cut of the profits. By not fixing the
races anymore due to the droid always winning, the Exchange couldn't claim a
cut of the winnings. Essentially Lupo scared away all the competition. Ask
Borna how to beat the droid. She says he is in a cage when not racing and she
has the access codes to the cage. She wants you to destroy the droid on the
first try.

You can use [Computer], [Repair], or the [Persuade] options, they all work
fine. She gives you the codes. Go into the west door of the room. There are a
few metal boxes we can loot. After that select the C9-T9 Interface Computer.

Before you destroy the droid, use [Awareness] to check the droid for oddities
then either use [Computer] or [Repair] to inspect the module. Interesting.
Someone is sending signals in all directions.

Select the computer again and either use [Computer] or [Repair] to try and 
destroy the droid. If your Computer skills are not high enough you can use T3
to get the job done.

Once the droid goes boom the race announcer will ask you about it. If you [Lie]
you get dsp. Other than that say whatever you want and he will believe you. 
Lupo comes running to ask what happened. Tell him the droid exploded. Suggest
that someone can buy the gallery from him, then tell him Borna Lys would be 
someone who wants the place. After that talk to Borna to get your reward. You
can now swoop race if you wish. Dark players can win then [Force Persuade] the
guy to give you all the winnings, or just ask for more for dsp.

Go back to the square area and go east on the south side. A guy will talk to
you. He claims that the ship you flew on is his ship. Ask him if he can prove
it. He tells you it's the Ebon Hawk and it was stolen from him near the close
of the Mandalorian wars. Ask him to prove the ship is yours. He seems to know a
lot about the ship (which means it really is his) and tells you about a secret
compartment we don't know about in the starboard cabin. For lsp, offer to
return your ship. For dsp threaten to kill him if he doesn't get out of your
way. Light players, you did not just give up the Ebon Hawk. You'll see what
happens to him later.

Continue east until you reach a small path branching off to the south east to
a door. Open the door. It looks like there's a deal going on here. By opening
the door both sides seem to think it's an ambush. Kill all the thugs and loot
the room.

Once that is done, talk to Oondar. He is outside the north door of the room we
were just in. Ondar has a little problem.

3.  Trade War

He mentions he has customers waiting. Tell him you don't see any customers 
waiting. He says something about a schutta Rodian female. Say "Schutta" and he
says the Rodian female is hurting his buisness. Offer to talk to her and reach
a compromise. He offers you a discount off his weapons and armor if you can do

Go north from Ondar. Kreia will talk to you whether she is in your party or 
not. What you say makes no diference here. You just feel the Force on Nar 
Shaddaa. After the dialogue you get an increase to your force points.

Light players, kick out Kreia and put Handmaiden/Disciple in your party.

Continue north. The merchant Oondar has a problem with is in the northeast
corner but before we get there go west first. There are exchange thugs 
harrassing a guy for a loan he hasn't paid. There are several ways you can go
about this. The best way for dark players is to follow this path:

This man's lying - I don't know him, and I don't have his credits.

DSP Pay these thugs what you owe them, or I'll kill you.

DSP You could probably sell him into slavery and get the money you need.

Dark players will get an increase in favorability with the Exchange from this.

Light players, use the [Persuade] This man is under my protection option for
lsp and +INF from Handmaiden/Disciple. The [Persuade/Lie] option will get you
lsp but no +INF.

After you have dealt with the guy go talk to Geeda. I will say this now. If you
side with Ondar it is stupid. You always need to side with Geeda. Yes dark
players you will take a light hit when you side with Geeda, however the
rewards are more than worth one light hit. Upon siding with Geeda you get
access to one of the best, if not the best, shops in the game.

Tell her Oondar across the way has a problem with you. Geeda will match 
Oondar's discount. Tell her that is acceptable.

Go back to Oondar. Tell him to raise his offer. He mentions he won't tell the
Exchange about you breaking a deal with him. Tell him you will go take care of
business. If you're a light player tell him to give the Exchange your

4.  New Trade Routes

Go back to Geeda. Tell her Oondar made a threat from the Exchange. Geeda says
she cannot match it and mentions that you have a choice. You can take the 
quick, easy path that leads to what you want, now - or the longer road, where
you may gain nothing at all. She's very Jedi like isn't she? Tell her you will
stand with her.

She eventually tells you that she wants to expand her trade. She hopes that you
can stabalize problems on Dantooine and Onderon so that she can increase her
shop wares. You've already setled the problems on Dantooine, so tell her that.
If you want more lsp go back to Oondar and tell him you've sided with Geeda.
He will disappear.

We've finally done all we can do in this area. Go to the eastern side of the
square area and take the eastern door that leads to the...

D.  Entertainment Promenade

As you go in the Twilek sisters will be watching you. Uh oh!

When you enter this area a group of Twik'gars will PSSST at you. Light players
just ignore them. Dark players talk to them and they tell you they want a guy
to come out of the Pazaak den so they can "talk" to him.

1.  Pazaak Den

There will be three thugs north of the entrance that want to talk to you. Light
players ignore them. Dark players talk to them to find out they want you to get
someone from the pazaak den to come out to talk to them.

Go north to the pazaak den and the guy will ask you for the password. You can't
[Force Persuade] him to let you in. What you can do is get the password from 
the tiny mouse guy near the entrance to the area. Talk to Kaalah-Nah. Give him
5 credits to tell you about the area. He knows the password to the pazaak den.
Give him 5 more credits and he will tell you the password. Talk to him again
and ask where you stand with the Exchange. Give him 2,000 credits. Dark players
say "put in a good word for me." Light players say "Make sure they know I don't
like them." At any point you can talk to this guy again to see where you stand
with the Exchange.

Go back to the pazaak den and give the guard the password. We can now play 
pazaak again! Or we can cheat.

The first guy Geredi can be beaten normally or you can tell him he has friends
waiting for him out front. You can [Persuade/Lie] or [Force Persuade] him.
Either option works and you'll get dsp.

Dahnis will always lose to male players and if you have a male in your party.
If you're a male character you can't beat her normally. If you are female you
can or you can put Atton in your party to get rid of her.

The third pazaak player is a droid. You can play it normally or you can 
[Repair] the droid to reprogram it to where it doesn't want to play. Whatever
you do, be sure to look for the unusual module attached to the droid. Use
[Computer] or [Repair] to find out it is a passive infomration gathering
device. Interesting.

Once you beat all three of them - or cheat - The Champ comes to challenge you.
You can try and beat him normally, [Force Persuade] him to lose, or try to talk
him into losing. If you beat him enough times you get the Pazaak Card Tie

Leave the Pazaak Den and go to the cantina. Go to your immediate right first
and enter stealth mode. There are two Vogga thugs beside a wall. Get close to
them and they will mention the only way to gain entry into Vogga's chambers is
to talk about Goto. Interesting.

2.  The Vogga Dance

Go towards a guy standing next to a few women. He will be watching dancers and
say that they aren't good enough. He talks to you and tells you his master, 
Vogga The Hutt, is looking for dancers. If you are female you can volunteer
yourself. If you are male Handmaiden will do the job nicely. Visas will refuse.
If you are a female and significantly dark sided he will be hesitant to allow
you to do the Vogga Dance. [Persuade] or [Force Persuade] him to see your side.
You are automatically transported to Vogga's chambers in the...

E.  Docks

Vogga will fall asleep. There's a security door here but don't go near it yet,
we will get there soon. Go west out of Vogga's chambers. A bith will be in the
area. He is also looking for a new fuel source for Citadel Station. Light 
players are better off not talking to this guy. Dark players can kill him.
Interestingly there are no INF changes from any party members by killing him.
You can't get into the warehouse yet, so go south through the door. Continue
going south until you reach Fassa.

1.  Power Shortage

Fassa has a little problem. Freighters keep getting hijacked. Ask if there's
anything you can do about it and he says he has enough trouble with the pylons.
The pylon power supply is badly damaged and can support only one pylon at a 
time. He wants you to help bring freighters in and gives you the necessary 

Use the computer terminal next to Fassa to optimise power distribution. That
lets all the pylons go active.

2.  Fassa's Freighters

Take the east path from the computer terminal into pylon 2. Use the pylon 2
console to assign freighter priorities. The order to do so is this:

1	Silver Zephyr

2	Alakandor

3	Toorna's Profits

Go talk to Fassa and he will give you a random item as a reward.

From Fassa go south and enter the first west door you find into the flophouse.
The first room of the flophouse has some thugs. Put on a steath field generator
and go into stealth mode. Go forward into the room and they will talk about
Vogga's treasure chamber. They mention the kath hounds can be put to sleep by
Juma Juice from the cantina and Vogga can be put to sleep by dancing.

The first door to the north has Mandalorians in it. There's nothing you can do
with them now so open the door south of them and loot the room. The second 
north door has your third quest of the area.

3.  Wayward Captain

There are crew members who have a problem. Their captain went into a bar that
is toxic to them and you. Their captain has been there too long and they are
worried he will come out after they missed their departure date. Let them know
you will keep an eye out for him then loot the room.

The next north door has a lootable box. After looting the room go into the next
north door. Loot the room and talk to the Bith Scientist.

4.  Experiment In Delivery

The Bith Scientist has a problem. He can't get a signal out of his head. 
Whatever is generating the signal is strong enough to cover all of Nar Shaddaa.
He says the unique thing about the transmission is buried in several signals
and other background noise. Were it not for his knowledge of such things he
would be able to tune it out. He gives you credits and sends you to pick up a
piece of vital equipment in Pylon 3.

Go south from the bith and open the first door. Dark players, take the light
hit on this one. Like the Geeda quest it is stupid to do the dark option and
kill Lasavvou.

5.  Overtaxed Ithorian

Lasavvou thinks you are from the dock authority. Ask him what he means and he
tells you he needs enough credits to leave. Tell him you will let him see if
you can help. After that use the [Awareness] option. He tells you he is 
transporting power cells. Ask him if you can have one and he agrees to give you
one after you help him.

Open the next door and loot the room. After that open the next door, loot the
room, and talk to Lootra.

6.  Intergalactic Reunification

Lootra has a problem. He can't find his wife. He doesn't tell you that at first
though. Lootra will say you can't just break in there. Apologize and he will 
say he thought you were someone else. Ask him what he means. He then tells you
about his wife. Ask why he can't get to the refugee sector and he explains the

Light players, tell him you may be able to get into the Refugee Sector for him.
We will get there in a few moments.

The best way for dark players to deal with Lootra is to follow this path:

Sorry I didn't know anyone was in here

What do you mean?

Why can't you get into the Refugee Sector?

[Persuade] Not much hope of finding her on Nar Shaddaa...

Just tell the Exchange YOURNAME sent you

This gives you an increased standing with the Exchange.

Or if you want you can just kill him and deal with the standard party member
INF options when you kill an innocent.

The last door has nothing so it's time to run the errand the bith wanted us to
do. Go out of the flophouse and towards Vogga's Enclave. Go east past the 
enclave. You will see a cutscene of Mira and Hanharr. One of them will end up
joining you later. Keep going east and open the door into Pylon 3.

Select the Twi'lek corpse and a droid will attack you. It's easy to defeat. Be
ABSOLUTELY SURE to search the plasteel cylinder for maneuvering flaps. We will
need those later.

Go back to Fassa and ask him about Lasavvou. He will tell you Lasavvou is good
to go.

Go back to the Bith Scientist to find out he isn't there anymore! Search the
arm for a datapad. Hm, a droid attacked him. Interesting.

Go back to Lasavvou and tell him Fassa says he's good to go. He gives you the
power cell.

Go south then follow the east path until another branches off of the south to
go back to the refugee landing pad.

You see a cutscene of Vogga and Hanharr. Apparently Vogga hired Hanharr to kill
Goto. Go back to the cantina in the Entertainment Prominade and buy juma juice
from the bartender. Go back to Vogga's Enclave. Despite talking to Hanharr
after you danced for him, he is still asleep. Near the entrance to Vogga's
chambers is a watering urn. Select it and pour in the juma juice. Now we can
open the security door and loot the room.

Now talk to Vogga. The twi'lek slave will caution you about waking him. Tell
her to do so anyway. Ask him about Goto and what he's done to him. Ask him if
he will agree to ship fuel to Citadel Station if you take care of Goto. He asks
you what your motivations are and it doesn't matter what you say.

Finally open the low security door that is slightly outside of Vogga's chamber
if you have skill in security. If not then there's nothing in the room. You
could have done this earlier, I just forgot to mention it until now. Hehe!

Go back to the refugee landing pad area. Go south and take the south exit from
this area directly across from the docks into the...

F.  Refugee Sector

You are hassled down for credits by Exchange thugs. Light players, you're going
to need to kill them in order to complete the Intergalactic Reunification
quest. You'll get dsp from [Intimidate] then tell them they wanted a fight so
you'll fight them. Just take the dark hit. Dark players, just keep them alive.
Yes you can get dsp but there is a far better way of being EVIL soon.

You can't go through the sealed door, so go east. Follow the path and open the
door. Open the next door in front of it, ignoring the ramp that goes down. Go
up the ramp, through a door, through another door, a third door (both side 
rooms have nothing in them,) and a fourth door to another long windy hallway.
If you did it right, you should have explored the entire northern area of the
map (aside from the sealed door.) The Serroco thug will stop you. Just tell him
you are looking for his leader then say you don't want any trouble. Yes we can
kill them but now is not the time. Go forward and the Serroco leader will talk
to you. Just say you don't want any trouble to exit the conversation.

Now, go back outside the area and put Atton and Bao-Dur in your party. I didn't
tell you to put them in earlier *just in case* the game got a little buggy when
entering the Serroco territory for the first time. Go back to where the leader
was and slightly south of him will be an airspeeder. We are going to get this
airspeeder up and running again. And yes, we are able to use it to travel to
different areas.

Select the airspeeder and ask Bao-Dur to examine it. First install the 
navigation interface. Next install the maneuvering flaps. After that install 
the cryogenic power cells. Finally, unlock the speeder's controls. Atton will
chime in asking to take care of it. Say "All right, I'll let the expert handle
this" for +INF. Now ask Bao-Dur to inspect the airspeeder. He does some minor
tweaks to it. Say "Thanks for your help, Bao-Dur!" for +INF.

You should have enough INF with Bao-Dur to turn him into a Jedi if you took all
the INF opprotunities with him that I've pointed out. Simply talk to him until
he says "Having you here is having an effect on me General" then follow the
dialogue responses. Simple as that.

Go back out of the area and put whomever you wish back into your party. Go
around and follow the path as before but this time take the ramp down that we
ignored earlier. Open the door into the refugee camp.

1.  Plague Carrier

Immediately to your right is a man named Geriel. He's sick. With a good [Treat
Injury] you can heal him. Or the darkest of the dark is to use the [Persuade,
Lie] option.

From Geriel, go to the east side of the area and head south. You will get a 
cutscene of two people talking about something unclear. Huh. Talk to one of the
Twi'leks and he will tell you Atton has a terrible secret.

Keep going south and you will find Odis.

2.  Will Work For Fuel

Odis is a war veteran. He flew ships in the Jedi Civil War and in the 
Mandalorian Wars. He can't get out of Nar Shaddaa though becasue he needs to be
sponsored for a pilot's license. Tell him you'll keep an eye out for someone
looking for pilots.

Next to Odis is Kahranna.

3.  Seeking Passage

She asked you if you were the spacer she was told about. Dark players, say you
are and she mentions she has the payment of 500 credits. You can [Persuade] her
to give it to you or [Persuade] for 800 credits. She can't afford it and says
she has 600 credits. You need skill in persuade to pull it off though, so I'd
suggest saving your game if you want to try for 600.

Light players say you are not the spacer. She says she doesn't know the name
of the spacer and said a guy named Planore has a pilot who would take them for
500 credits. Ask her how much Planore charged her. Tell her you suspect Planore
scammed you and offer to find someone for her.

From Kahranna go west. You can talk to Kaul but he has useless information and
doesn't give you a worthwhile quest (all he says is to use stealth to open the
Exchange containers to avoid a fight, but why would we want to? Fights = xp.)
Anyway, directly north of Kaul is Nadaa.

4.  Sold to the Hutts

Nadaa has a little problem. Her daughter was kidnapped to be sold to the Hutts
because she owes the Exchange 600 credits. Light players tell her you will see
about returning her daughter to her. Dark players, tell her she should pay what
she owes then convince her to sell herself into slavery.

5.  Refugee Woes

Now go to the middle area. You should see a man named Hussef and a woman named
Aaida. Talk to Aaida first. Light players tell her Lootra is alive and looking
for her. She asks for your help to get to him. Tell her the path is clear and
the thugs have been dealt with for lsp. Dark players tell her the same thing.
She will get killed by the Exchange thugs and you will get dsp.

After you have talked to Aaida talk to Hussef. Light players ask how you can
help him out and he tells you a couple of things to do. Dark players [Persuade]
him that they are all doomed. If you've been dark on all the other side quests
he will be easily influenced by that. After this dark hit I got my dark mastery
back :)

Light players you still have a few things to do before being able to finish the
Refugee Woes quest. It's not very different than what dark players do so 
everyone continue reading.

Go back to where Odis is and open the door near him that has a ramp going up.
Go east and follow the path to another door and then another door. If you have
skill in security open the north and south doors, otherwise leave them alone
as there is nothing in them. Continue east through the door, through another
door, and through another ramp. You should be back in the Serroco territory.
They may stop you again. If they do use the same options as before. Go through
the door.

Dark players, talk to the Serroco leader and tell him "I just want to kill you"
for dsp. Run around the entire area, killing all of them. You will have to open
cargo doors and search around for them. It will be easy to murder them all.

Light players, we're going to do it a different way to avoid the darkness. Go
back to where you first entered their territory the first time (on the north
side.) Open the first cargo door to the south. Go through the hallway and open
the next cargo door. You should see security doors. Open one with security (or
use your lightsaber) and they will all attack you.

Once they are dealt with loot the entire territory. After you have looted their
territory go south to the door that leads out of their territory. Instead of
going all the way around again, go through the cargo doors that lead east. Once
you pass through the cargo container there is another door leading to the east.
Take it and follow the path to another cargo door that leads back to the 
refugee camp.

Go through the south doorway once again and this time go west. Open the door to
the ramp to another door. Go past the Exchange thugs and open the door. There
is loot in this room, so loot the boxes. The thugs won't like it and may or may
not attack you. Open the western door and loot that room as well. Now open the
north door then the next west door. If you are dark the room will not have 
Adana in it so just loot the room.

If you are light talk to Adana. Ask her what she's doing in here and she will
tell you she is being sold to the Hutts. Tell her you're there to rescue you.
Tell her to go ahead and get out of there then loot the room.

Go back out of the room Adana was or was not in and go north. Follow the 
hallway and open the door.

Go in and ignore the east security door for now. Take the north door and follow
the path. Open the west door and loot the room. Take the north door and open
the last west room. Loot it.

Go back to the security door we ignored earlier. Enter and go through either

Light players, talk about Nadaa then do the [Intimidate] option. It fails and
you kill all of the Exchange. Once they are dead the magnetically sealed door
will open. Go back to Hussef and tell him the Exchange and Serroco will trouble
the refugees no longer. Use the airspeeder to go to the docks then go into the
flophouse to talk to Lootra in order to complete the quest. Kick Kreia out of
your party and put Disciple/Handmaiden in to gain +INF with them.

Once that is done
go back to the refugee landing pad.

Dark players, Saquesh will congratulate you on convincing Nadaa and offers you
a random item. End the conversation and go back to the refugee landing pad.

G.  Return to Ebon Hawk

1.  Landing Rights

If everything is working correctly then you should get a journal entry and a
cutscene of the Red Eclipse getting angry about your ship being where they were
supposed to land. If this does not happen at this point and you have done 
everything I've told you to then your game might be bugged or you missed 
something. Double check to see if you have or haven't missed anything. If you
don't see that you have missed anything then you're going to have to reload
from before you started Nar Shaddaa unfortunately.

Anyway, go back to the Ebon Hawk. As soon as you round the bend a Red Eclipse
member will talk to you then combat starts. It's a firefight all the way back
to the ship, but it's pretty easy. Once they are all dead go inside your ship.

It's another firefight all around the ship. Easy pickings. The leader of the
Red Eclipse will be in the security room by the cockpit. Once you get over 
there you will see what happened to the guy who said the Ebon Hawk was his.
There are a number of things you can do, but the best thing to do is ask for
his obedience then have them continue the slave trade but under your orders.
Strangely this is not a dark option (so light players might as well do it.) The
Red Eclipse will have a guy in the cantina from now on that will pay you at
different times.

2.  Atton

It is now time to talk to Atton and learn of his terrible secret.

E	I had some questions.

A	All right...

E	I met someone on Nar Shaddaa who says...

A	Yeah? That's a surprise. Did he say...

E	Is there anything you want to tell me?

A	No, because you're asking about it...

E	+INF Calm down, I just wanted to know...

A	Is this an interrogation? If so you are...

E	Maybe I will if you won't tell me.

A	You know what? I helped you get off Peragus...

E	[Intelligence] Actually, if I had been...
	Why are you trying to protect me? (lines you respond again then go to
Atton line "You know what? Not once have I asked you about...)

A	Yeah, well...I-I still helped you. Sort of...

E	You should if a Hutt is giving it to you

A	You know what? Not once have I asked you about...

E	If you've got a question then ask
	DSP I did a lot I wasn't proud of...(DSP isn't a typo. This is a bug
because it looks like it's supposed to give LSP.)
	DSP My power gives me the right

A	How did you even live with yourself after Malachor...

E	It wasn't like that.

A	Wasn't it? Maybe you thought they would...

E	LSP They did not deserve it. Why would you...
	DSP If you wish to die keep talking

A LS	Because Jedi lie...

E LS	LSP The Jedi are guardians of the peace....

A LS	The Jedi...the don't get it...

E LS	You are wrong, Atton. That is not the way of...

A LS	Whatever - just leave me alone. I don't know...

A DS	Go ahead and try. I might be a little more...

E	I'd like to know about your past, especially if...

A	[Influence Success] Well, don't get too attached...
	[Influence Failure] - stop talking to him.

E	Why not?

A	It's because I'm a deserter. It's what I do.

E	You served in the war?

A	Served in both of them. Against the Mandalorians...

E	But why?

A	Because I followed orders. But it was more...

E	Why did you desert?

A	Because you can't believe in the Republic anymore...

E	LSP That was wrong - you answered war with...
	DSP The Republic was weak. You were right to...

A	The Mandalorians were slaughtering us by the...

E	LSP That is no reason to start another war against...
	DSP The Republic deserved to be betrayed - and...

A	We were loyal to Revan. That was enough. She saved us.

E	What happened then?

A	[Influence Success] After Malachor, after the Mandalorian...
	[Influence Failure] - stop talking to him.

E	You fought Jedi?

A	I didn't fight Jedi. I killed them. A lot of them...

E	How could you have killed Jedi?

A	I taught myself... techniques. It's hard for Jedi...

E	Is that why you act the way you do?

A	Part of it. Maybe it was always me. It's hard to...

E	What do you mean?

A	Whoever had the most, the strongest Jedi were going...

E	Capture Jedi? Not kill them?

A	Yeah, Revan had plans for all Jedi. I think it was...

E	But you're here now. Why?

A	One day I decided not to do it anymore, so I left...

E	LSP Why are you telling me this? You're telling a Jedi...
	DSP You took a risk, thinking I would care that you...

A	I didn't think you would after Malachor...

E	But why did you leave the Sith?

A	[Influence Success] Well, there was a woman. A Jedi...
	[Influence Failure] - stop talking to him

E	Who?

A	I never knew her name. She sought me out...

E	Like what?

A	She said that Revan was doing something terrible to...

E	So what did you do?

A	I did what I did with all Jedi. I hurt her...

E	LSP That is what it means to be a Jedi.
	LSP Perhaps she felt a greater good would be served...
	DSP Jedi lies

A	I killed her for crawling in my head, for showing...

E	So what happened to her?

A	In the end, she sacrificed herself to keep my secret...

E	Then I welcome your help.

A	I didn't want to tell you any of this. But...

E	That is all I ask

Atton continues talking and you get an option to train him or not. Train him of
course. Just follow the dialogue options. Simple as that.

3.  Handmaiden (Males Only)

Talk to Handmaiden again and ask for her to teach you fighting moves. Once you
have won the battle follow this dialogue progression:

E	Then maybe I can teach you some things.

H	I have already learned much of your styles...

E	What's the problem?

H	Combat among the Echani is...a personal thing...

E	But do you want to learn?

H	What I desire is of no importance...

E	There is no betrayal in learning. And it is...

H	This is a difficult thing for me to say, but...

E	Have you thought about your heritage?

H	I have thought about what you have said, of...

E	If you do this, you will break your vow to Atris.

H	There is the betrayal of Atris, then there is...

E	Then know this - you have the makings of a Jedi...

Kreia then sends a telepathic messsage to Atris letting her know Handmaiden
betrayed her. Interesting.

Now that you have trained Handmaiden as a Jedi you can now talk to Visas. Use
the dialogue sequence located in the Dantooine section.

H.  Exchange Meeting

Once you are done talking to Atton exit your ship. If things are going right
Atton will say you got a message from Visquis. Listen to the message and follow
the dialogue. Visquis wants you to meet you in the Jekk'Jekk Tarr alone. With
no other party members.

Go towards the docks area. Atton will pop by and give you some antidote kits.
Thank Atton and he goes to the cantina to relax while "our fearless leader

Go north. Hanharr or Mira will come for you depending on what alignment you
are. Hanharr is dark side and Mira is light/neutral. They both say they know
where the Jedi is and mention your meeting with Visquis. Ask how that was known
and each says everyone knows. Each says that Visquis is breaking the truce of
the Bounty Hunters and that your friends are now prey. Uh oh!

1.  Cantina Ambush

Oh dear me Atton! What's a body to do. Hope you took my advice and made Atton a
Jedi! And hopefully he's all leveled up with access to good items. If you did
make him a Jedi and you did save his levels then the battle will be over fast.
Just slice them with a lightsaber (hopefully you have one in your inventory)
and...use the Force Luke! The twins fail will saves fairly easily (I only
upgraded Atton's wisdom attribute twice and they both failed to save on stasis

If not then you can go behind the bar and shoot them until their shields go
down. That may take a while.

After the twins are dead Atton comes to the group to warn them. We then get a
cutscene of a group of bounty hunters attempting to kill your party members.
Ha! As if. I really wish we could fight these guys but it doesn't show it. Boo.

Try to enter Jekk'Jekk Tarr and regardless of who will join your party later
Mira steals your space suit and heads into the bar in your place. Now you
*could* start leveling up Mira now, but she can become a Jedi later on if you
are light. It is possible to not level her up and do what she needs to do to.
If you are dark, don't even bother leveling up Mira. It's a waste of time.

Go southeast. Open both doors and go in the room. Take the northwest doors into
another room and finally go northwest to get to the private lounge door. Open
it and go through.

Mira emerges from the space suit and we get a long dialogue. Pay attention to
it. After it ends he will shock Mira and render her unconscious.

You are now back in control of the exile...sort of. Zez-Kai Ell comes to talk
to you while you are still drugged. He tells you a friend has gone in your 
stead and he will go rescue her. There are other things he says depending on
how you have played Nar Shaddaa this whole time.

2.  Jekk'Jekk Tarr Bar

Loot the cylinder and you notice that you are in the flophouse. Exit and go 
back to the bar. Visquis seems to think he has you right where he wants you,
but Kreia pops in and saves the day by teaching you a new power. It's cool and
all, but this is the only place you'll even use it in. Visquis then says let
everyone know in the bar how valuable you are. Oh boy more enemies to fight!

Use your new power and open the door. There's really not much to say here. Kill
everything that moves. There is a room that Mira didn't go through to the 
northwest. Go to the far northwest corner of that room and the Lunar Shadow
Captain will be there. Persuade him to return to complete the quest. Beyond 
that have fun with your killing spree! Once you reach the private lounge go to
the north most corner and enter through the door into the...

3.  Jekk'Jekk Tarr Tunnels

After another cutscene with Hanharr and Visquis we get into the tunnels. You
are in a maze. Literally. It's easy to get lost in here, but if you follow me
and do exactly what I say you will be able to emerge to the finish line. I will
not say "north, south, east, west etc." here because you cannot view the map

The first option you have is to stay to the left and only go right when you
cannot go forward or left. You won't get all the booty however.

Alternatively you can pick my route. Go straight ahead. Open the door and take
care of the mine. Go straight ahead into the next room that should be empty.
Only one other way to go and that's left. Take care of the mine, go in the 
room, and go left again. There are two mines here. Go straight ahead. One mine
in this room. Continue moving straight ahead. There is a mine in this room too.
You should be in an area where you can only go right next, so do that. There
are two mines here and Feraa's corpse. The only way to go is right again, so
do that. The room is empty. Go forward. A single mine in the room. After you
have gotten it continue forward. Another single mined room. You should have
the choice to either go left or right. Go left. Two mines and Suyin's corpse.
Go left into an empty room. Go forward and take care of the final mine. You
should be in a room where you cannot go forward or right and can only go left
or back the way you came. Go back the way you came. Go left. Finally go 
forward and select the high security door.

I.  Visquis' Lair

1.  Hanharr vs. Mira

We get another cutscene this time with Visquis having a little show. It's 
Hanharr vs. Mira. You will be in control of one of them.

                              Level 4 Scout

Starting Stats:

Vitality:               60/60

Defense:                11
Strength:               20 (+5)
Dexterity:              13 (+1)
Constitution:           20 (+5)
Intelligence:           10 (0)
Wisdom:                 12 (+1)
Charisma:               8 (-1)

Fortitude:              9
Reflex:	                5
Will:                   5

Starting Skills:

Computer Use:           0
Demolitions:            6
Stealth:                0
Awareness:              6
Persuade:               0
Repair:                 4
Security:               0
Treat Injury:           5

Starting Feats:

Armor Proficiency Heavy*
Improved Power Attack
Rapid Shot
Weapon Proficiency Blaster Pistol
Weapon Proficiency Blaster Rifle
Weapon Focus Melee Weapons
Uncanny Dodge
Targeting II
Close Combat
Wookie Rage

*Hanharr can't wear any armor despite having this feat.


Hanharr's a beast. Literally. I'd level him up fully now if he joins you. You
might as well. He won't become a Jedi like Mira. For skills, give him whatever
you wish. For attributes I'd say upgrade his dexterity. For feats give him the
two weapon fighting line, flurry line, finish off power attack line, and 
toughness. Or if you want Hanharr to use a blaster take improved close combat
and the blaster equivilent feats.

                              Level 7 Scout

Starting Stats:

Vitality:               63/63

Defense:                19
Strength:               10 (0)
Dexterity:              16 (+3)
Constitution:           12 (+1)
Intelligence:           14 (+2)
Wisdom:                 11 (0)
Charisma:               10 (0)

Fortitude:              6
Reflex:	                8
Will:                   5

Starting Skills:

Computer Use:           8
Demolitions:            8
Stealth:                0
Awareness:              8
Persuade:               0
Repair:                 8
Security:               2
Treat Injury:           5

Starting Feats:

Armor Proficiency Light
Critical Strike
Rapid Shot
Sniper Shot
Weapon Proficiency Blaster Pistol
Weapon Proficiency Blaster Rifle
Weapon Focus Melee Weapons
Uncanny Dodge
Targeting II
Improved Close Combat
Precise Shot I


Mira's levels are best saved until she becomes a Jedi as I said earlier. If you
do decide to level her up, go with only a few levels to toughen her up. She
will need higher dexterity. Give her whatever skills you want. Toughness is a
necessity for her as scouts get the least vitality per level. Once she becomes
a Jedi I would keep upgrading dexterity and use the Finesse Lightsaber feat so
that you won't have to waste attribute points trying to get her strength up.
Or if you want her to continue using blasters as a Jedi give her blaster 
related feats.

If you are Hanharr then killing Mira will be easy. Just level him up like I 
said and you should have no trouble.

If you are Mira, you're going to have a trickier fight. The good thing is she
has access to the general inventory. If you've got a lot of mines then the
best thing to do is run around the arena and set mines. ****Mira cannot set off
enemy mines.*** She is an expert in demolitons. Use that to your advantage, 
say stopping right after a gas mine and having Hanharr get poisoned. It can be
done without leveling Mira up, but if you are having trouble then give her a
few levels when her health is low because when you level up you get full 

Once the other is killed Visquis will send kath hounds after you. If you are
Mira, just lay mines where you stand and the hounds will blow up. If you're
Hanharr then it will be easy. There's 6 kath hounds total. Go into the room
the kath hounds were in and loot the corpses. One will have the keycard that
lets you out of the pit.

If you gave Mira/Hanharr skills with demolitions then you can recover the mines
here. Otherwise leave them alone. There are five "pit victims" with loot.

Alright, we're going to avoid enemies in Visquis' lair and let the exile deal
with them, even if you do have Hanharr. Go through the security door, run past
the Ubese Bounty Hunters and open the next north door with security or bash it.
Go into the room and immediately run west. Open the door and select the 
Emergency Tunnel Control in the room (not the door, the console next to the
door.) Select access all available escape routes then select activate emergency
escape route and leave. You will probably get to the screen that says "enemy
sighted!" Just select the white button to ignore it and Hanharr/Mira will leave
Visquis' lair.

2.  The Exile Returns

From where you entered go west and open the door. Kill the Ubese, open the
north door, and loot the room. Go back out and continue west. Open the next
north door and loot the room. Take the last west door then go south. Go through
the high security door to the east. Kill the bounty hunters, open the door to
the north, and do the usual looting. Keep going east, open the other north
door, and search the lockers. Go through the south high security door. There
are two lockers here, a workbench, and you can use the ventilation control if
you want. If you have skill in security open the other high security door in
the room. Otherwise leave it alone.

Go back out and open the east high security door. Go through then open the 
south door. Go in the room, kill the baddies, and go through the door at the
end. Go east and kill more baddies. Go all the way east until you see the 
Escape Tunnel door. Kill any baddies that remain then go back the way you came
and go through the first south doorway.

Take either side security door, kill more baddies, and follow the path ignoring
the door in front of the door you opened for now. At the end will be a high
security door. Go through and search the locker. Go back to the door we didn't
open and kill more baddies then loot the locker.

Open the other high security door you didn't open and do the exact same thing
here as you did on the other side. There is no difference between the areas.
After you are done go to the combat pit.

Visquis will ask you questions and you can answer following either path.


LSP I'm not looking for trouble - I was hoping...

Because you've all put a bounty on my head.

LSP I only just arrived on Nar Shaddaa - I couldn't have helped...

Enough - why did you put a bounty on me?

LSP Leave him alone!


DSP I'm here to kill you, Visquis.

Because you've all put a bounty on my head.

I don't care what happens to refugees - only myself.

Enough - why did you put a bounty on me?

DSP Go on, kill him - slowly.

Either way, Goto captures you. Mira gets saved by the Jedi Master, or Hanharr
gets knocked out while the Jedi Master runs away. In the end Mira/Hanharr will
go to your companions and tell them of the situation. If you are light, you get
a very interesting cutscene of Kreia and Hanharr. It will be revealed that all
of Vogga the Hutt's ships are targetted by Goto. This leads to the basic tactic
of getting a blank transponder, and a valid code from Vogga's warehouse...

J.  Vogga's Warehouse

T3 and The Champ go to Vogga's warehouse. The Champ claims to have won T3 from
a pazaak match and sells T3. Afterwards he tells T3 good luck with your plan.
Hmmm... Make sure T3 is all leveled up and has good gear. Enter the warehouse.
Go left to get loot from a cylinder then follow the path. There are two more
cylinder to loot. Keep following the path and talk ot C7-E3. Follow the 
dialogue. He tells you to go to C6-E3. You passed him on the way up and should
have seen him.

Go talk to C6. Follow the dialogue options. Go back to C7, talk to him, and
follow the dialogue options. Kill C7. C6 comes by and opens the door for you.

Go through and follow the path. There is only one box to loot. At the end you
will come to a door with a puzzle.

3 E 1 D   must become   1 E 7 T
L 7 T 3                 3 L 3 D

1. Rotate center block counter-clockwise.

2. Rotate left-most block counter-clockwise.

3. Rotate right-most block clockwise.

Go inside the room and a droid will talk to you. Follow the dialogue options
then loot the room. Go back out the way you came.

Uh oh! More HK assassin droids! Hm...interesting how they don't like it that
you have Vogga's launch codes. This can only end in a battle. It is easy if you
have the droid renewable shield and spam the shock arm attack.

Once they are dead be sure to search their remains for the last and final piece
of HK-47, the HK Chasis! Exit the warehouse. The droid will protest but he 
can't really do anything about it.

K.  Goto's Yacht

After seeing a sequence of events and following dialogue options you get to
choose two people to rescue the exile from Goto's yacht. Treat this as a
regular party, but make sure that the two who go are able to survive for a good
bit. I usually go with Kreia and another jedi party member. Atton is fine if 
you turned him into a Jedi. Visas works well too.

Afterwards Goto asks the exile questions. Your responses will make no
difference. His whole reason for placing a bounty on Jedi was to help save the
Republic. Um...ok...? Eventually an alarm goes off. Time to make a jail bust!

Select the security console. Attempt to enter the count. The count is 2 (hooray
for trial and error.) Download the program overload and log out.

Select the utility droid and access the memory core to get the shutdown 
program. If a party member has skill in security open the cylinder. Otherwise
leave it alone for the exile to open (or search it now if the exile has no
security skill.)

Go through the door and we see lots of floating mines. Take them out. If you
have access to force storm then they can all be taken out in one shot. Go south
and open the door. There is a lone droid here but once you start to battle more
droids come in from other rooms. Kill them all. Search the remians of the droid
originally in the room for Unlock system, Containment Cell. Select the command
console in the room. Choose program library to check the programs overload and
shut down. Return to the main menu. Select unlock restricted system to unlock
the containment cells. Go to systems control next. Access the containment cells
and run program shut down. Log out.

Go to the west room and loot the cylinder. Go east now and to the east room.
There are two security doors, one to the south and one to the east. Take the
east door. In the middle room is a damaged utility droid. Select it to get the
codes to the turret system. Go back to the console, unlock the turret system,
and use the program shut down on it. It won't really shut the turrets down, but
they will attack everything that moves (including Goto's droids!)

Go through the south security door we ignored earlier. Kill the droids. Wait
for the blaster fire to stop before you enter the south door. Once it does
enter and kill the droids. Open the east security door. Kill whatever remains
and open the audience room door to free the exile.

Select the auxiliary console to acquire power distribution access code. Access
primary power supply system next. Switch both systems to secondary systems. Log
out. Select the sentry droids to scavenge them for components. Don't bother
reprograming them to defend you, they won't follow you out of the room. Go back
to the command console directly across from the audience chamber. Unlock the
power distribution system.

Go through the south door, kill the droids, and go through the south door. 
There is a lab station here you can use if you want. Open the east door and
select the utility droid in the last room to get the reset program.

Go back to the last room and take the west door this time. Use the console to
upload the reset program and log out. Open the west door and loot the room. Go
back out and open the south high security door. Take the east high security
door to find a workbench along with cylinders to loot. Go back out and take
the south door. Loot the cylinder in there.

Go back to where the room with the lab station was then go north. Open the east
door. Be careful, the center of the room has a gas trap. Open the north door
and kill the turrets. Go through either the northmost east or west doors. The
paths behind both join together. Kill the droids and go to the next door. Goto
will activate mines. Open the sealed hatch. These mines are deadly, so if you
cannot disable them use the stun/disable/destroy droid power. After you get 
past two or three of them droids come to attack you. Let them come to you, do
not let any of your party members get blown up. Take care of the mines on the
other side of the path that leads west. You'll be glad you did later. Open the
sealed hatch on the west side. Someone will pipe in saying it looks to be a 
control center of some sort. Hm, interesting.

Straight ahead to the west is the largest minefield in the game. There are 
droids behind it. You need to kill them from a distance or let them come to 
you. You definately don't want to misstep here. Once you pass the minefield
there are two more in front of each high security door. Take care of them then
open one of the doors (open both if you have security.) Loot the cylinder. It
has the droid control system access codes in it, but we don't need it

Use the bridge command console to access power distribution systems. Run 
program shut down. Log out. You are told that ships are coming to intercept the
yacht. People are mad at Goto apparently.

Go back out to the east. Take either path back to where the turrets were in the
large room. It's a firefight all the way back to your ship. Once you open the
door to the large room the twins that ambushed Atton in the cantina come after
you. Atton didn't do a good job of killing them apparently. Time to rectify 
that error. Once they are dead search the remains for spinning blades. Go into
the other north door, then go east through a couple of rooms then north to your
ship killing enemies as you go.

Once you leave Goto's yacht gets blown to bits. There is a dialogue progression
of finding the Jedi Master on Nar Shadda. Before we can get to that though we
have a surprise guest. One of Goto's droids GO-TO. It is Goto's "gift" to you
(as in you don't have a choice but to accept it.) Once you've accepted it you
land on Nar Shaddaa.

                            Level 6 Expert Droid

Starting Stats:

Vitality:               66/66

Defense:                20
Strength:               10 (0)
Dexterity:              18 (+4)
Constitution:           16 (+3)
Intelligence:           16 (+3)
Wisdom:                 10 (0)
Charisma:               10 (0)

Fortitude:              5
Reflex:	                9
Will:                   2

Starting Skills:

Computer Use:           9
Demolitions:            0
Stealth:                4
Awareness:              5
Persuade:               0
Repair:                 5
Security:               9
Treat Injury:           0

Starting Feats:

Two Weapon Fighting
Improved Gear Head
Weapon Proficiency Blaster Pistol
Droid Upgrade Class 1
Blaster Integration
Logic Upgrade
Droid Trick


GO-TO is essentially the same as T3. You can level him up the same way or you
can just let the game do it for you. He and HK-47 are the only two party
members I would let the game do it because I rarely use them for anything.

L.  Zez-Kai Ell

If you are light you meet him, talk, and at any point ask "what happens now?"
He says he will go to Dantooine.

If you are dark you get to kill him at any point in the conversation when you
see the option "Prepare to die." He is easier than Vrook. Much easier. You
probably won't even have to use any dark powers to kill him.

After the Zez-Kai Ell encounter you will be back in the Flophouse. Go back to
Fassa and ask him if he needs any pilots. Light players can also ask him about
transporting a family to Telos to get both those quests off the books.

We won't be going back to Vogga to tell him Goto is dealt with. If that happens
then you miss out on a +INF option for GO-TO.

Go back to the Ebon Hawk.
M.  Post Nar Shaddaa Ebon Hawk

1.  T3

If you haven't done the [Computer/Repair] option with T3 yet you can continue
to try and upgrade him if you have the skill for it. If not there is a
different reason we are talking to him now. Ask him how he was able to find
Goto's yacht, ask about Vogga's warehouse, then finally ask who was
transmitting the codes to Goto's yacht. The droids were doing it. Very 

2.  GO-TO

Talk to GO-TO. Light players, you're going to have to take a dark hit here. 
Dark players, your'e going to have to take a light hit.

E	I had some questions for you.

G	I am willing to indulge some of your questions.

E	You wanted me to save the Republic. How is that...

G	There are several factors, all of which affect...

E	Maybe if you pay me, I can take care of all...

G	The destruction of my yacht and of all my...

E	+INF DSP If you have the credits, then that is...

G	See that you do not disappoint me.

E	Then let's hear what needs to be done so I...

G	There is the stabilization of Dantooine...

E	Tell me about Dantooine.

G	(sided with Khoonda) You have stabilized Dantooine...
	(sided with mercenaries) You have destabilized Dantooine...

E	I resolved the situation on Dantooine...

G	(Khoonda) You have stabilized Dantooine...
	(Mercenaries) You have destabilized Dantooine....

E	I had other questions.

G	You may speak.

E	What capabilities does your droid possess?

G	It has been assigned to guard and protect you...

E	What skills does it have?

G	This unit comes with a droid scrambler that...

E	+INF Those can all prove an asset. Good to have...

G	How droll. What an amusing Jedi specimen...

E	Nothing, never mind.

Now end the conversation and talk to him again.

E	I wanted to talk to you about the operations on Nar Shaddaa.

G	[Influence Success] I am willing to indulge some of...

E	I wanted to ask about Vogga.

G	Oh, that pile of incompetence...

E	How so?

G	Well, he still represents a powerful economic...

E	Why is that a problem?

G	Because the Hutts serve only the Hutts...

E	What did they sell to the Republic?

G	Spice, slaves, low-grade fuel, and other commodities.

E	And you didn't?

G	Yes, but my efforts were to bolster the Republic, not take...

E	You said fuel?

G	Yes, I attempted to force the Republic to...

E	So Vogga has fuel that could be supplied to Telos?

G	Yes, but doing so would bankrupt the Republic...

E	+INF LSP I agree. Dealing with the Hutts would only hurt...

We'll be talking to GO-TO again after we get a little more INF from him on the
next planet.

3.  HK-47

Install the chasis on HK-47. What you say in the initial dialoge does not 
matter. HK-47 now joins your party. Light players, you're going to have to take
another dark hit.

                           Level 6 Combat Droid

Starting Stats:

Vitality:               72/72

Defense:                19
Strength:               16 (+3)
Dexterity:              16 (+3)
Constitution:           10 (0)
Intelligence:           14 (+2)
Wisdom:                 12 (+1)
Charisma:               10 (0)

Fortitude:              5
Reflex:	                5
Will:                   3

Starting Skills:

Computer Use:           0
Demolitions:            5
Stealth:                0
Awareness:              5
Persuade:               0
Repair:                 6
Security:               0
Treat Injury:           0

Starting Feats:

Power Blast
Weapon Proficiency Blaster Pistol
Weapon Focus Blaster Rifle
Droid Upgrade Class 1
Logic Upgrade: Tactician
Assassin Protocols


Treat him as the same as any other droids in the party. I don't ever use him in
combat and there isn't anywhere he has to be in combat.


All players need to get Affect Mind the next time you level up. There is an INF
option with HK-47 that can only be done with the [Force Persuade] option.

Talk to HK-47. If you are light you will get this dialogue:

HK	Statement: Master, if you could indulge me for a moment...

E	And how is that?

HK	Statement: Well, all your behavior up to this point...

E	+INF DSP They weren't accidents - I did them on purpose...

HK	Answer: Why, because your actions then and now are...

E	Nothing, never mind.

If you are dark you will get this dialogue:

HK	Statement: Master, I must say it is a pleasure...

E	And why is that?

HK	Statement: Just when I believe my photoreceptors...

E	+INF DSP Stick with me - you'll pick up a few things.

This is the only INF option you can get by talking to HK-47. We need to do evil
deeds in order to get more.

Light players, we have Mira in the party now. I would suggest to wait to talk 
to her after Onderon as there are a few more dark hits we need to take there.
If you want to talk to her now and turn her into a Jedi you can, but I strongly
suggest to do so after our Onderon trip. That is actually our next destination.
Use the galaxy map to go to Onderon light players.

4.  Hanharr (DSO)

Hanharr like HK-47 respects those who are EVIL. Since you have him you probably
don't want to bother with any light sided options, and yes there are some.

H	There is something about you - not a scent....(not always this can be a
different line just follow the dialogue until you can ask questions.)

E	This is the face of power - and you will...

H	I may serve you for now - but I watch you...

E	I had some questions.

H	I care nothing for your questions...

E	...answer them - or else...

H	Then speak them, and leave me be.

E	I heard you hunt humans.

H	There is a thing among our people called...

E	How do you hunt us?

H	To defeat them, one must know their ways...

E	+INF DSP But still you serve me, as a slave...

We can't get any further with Hanharr now until the next planet so use the 
galaxy map to go to Onderon.

VII.  Onderon/Duxun

A.  Background

Onderon is part of the Republic that was untouched during the Jedi Civil War.
It felt the full force of the Mandalorian wars though. On one of it's moons,
Duxun, was where the Mandalorain wars begun.

The political situation on Onderon is very fragile. Queen Talia is a Republic
supporter and wants Onderon to stay within the Republic. General Vaklu wants 
Onderon to break away from the Republic, and Vaklu will do anything to get his
way. Anything.

Enemies you fight here will be cannoks, boma, a few Mandalorians, and we'll 
even get to solve a murder mystery! Well...sort of.

Uh oh! we're being shot at! You can do the minigame Atton suggests if you want.
I wouldn't mess with it (thank you game creaters for making THIS one optional!)

Either way you make a run for the moon and the space battle resumes over your
head. Atton mentions there's an outpost nearby. Kreia says we need to explore
our surroundings. We're going to do just that. Atton is staying behind to 
repair the ship.

B.  Quests.

1.  Main Quests

Alternate Route to Onderon
Find the Outpost
The Price of Passage
Master of the Palace
A Doctor's Alibi
Cantina Rats

2.  Side Quests

An Explosive Situation
Battle Circle
Missing Mandalorian
Tech Assistance
Trouble With Cannoks
Zakkeg Challenge
Starport Visa

C.  In The Jungle

We emerge in the jungle. The mighty jungle where the lion sleeps tonight
(couldn't resist hehe!) Anyway, go up either path as they both connect to the
same place. Kill the wildlife on the way and be sure to stick around to see if
there are any remains.

The paths meet to a path going east. Kill the beasts and go east. Atton will
pop in on your comlink and tell you some information about a ship crashing down
by you.

Take the south path first. Kill the beasts, loot the area, and select the 
rusted computer port under the wrecked ship. Repair it then access system 
commands to use [Computer] to repair the core. This will make it to where you
can reactivate the droids ahead manually if you want.

Go back to the path and follow it east. There you see the first droid. You can
program it to help you out if you want. It's a decent amount of xp. Continue to
follow the path as it curves, killing the beasts as you go. When you reach a
small clearing there is a skeletal corpse with loot and another droid. Continue
to follow the path.

Atton chimes in saying the orbital fighting has ended at some point. He says he
has to take down some systems to further repair the ship and to keep it from
being noticed. He says you'll have to do without him for a while. Continue to
follow the path.

Soon you will get a precognition of three bounty hunters before going to 
another clearing. They are easy. Standard energy resistance/shields blaster
fight. Loot the remains, the plasteel cylinder near the ship, and go to the
northwest side of the clearing. Kill the beasts and search the wreckage and the
skeletal corpse. Go to the northeast side now and go into the next area, deeper
into the mighty jungle.

We see a cutscene showing someone ordering an attachment team sent to Duxun. Uh

Go forward and kill the beasts. The clearing to the east has a couple of jungle
animals and a cashe. Near the entrance to the cashe there is a recent kill of
a Mandalorian soldier. Interesting...loot the dead Mandalorian and select the
Duxun Cache Door.

The only way to open it is to use thorium charges, which we have if we got them
from Akkere on Dantooine. Blow it open, go in, and loot the area. There are
mines so watch out.

Go back out of the clearing and follow the path north. Kill the animals. 
Eventually you will reach a 4 way intersection. Mandalorians will de-stealth
and command you to come with them to their camp. Dark players you can say no
and fight them for a dsp, but more will de-stealth and you will have to go with
them anyway.

D.  Mandalorian Camp

1.  The Price of Passage

We are taken to Mandalore, leader of the Mandalorians. Ask him how to get to
Onderon. He says he can get a small shuttle that's capable of going through the
military blocade. Mandalore tells you he wants you to prove yourself in order 
to go with him. Ask him how. He tells you to figure it out. 

2.  An Explosive Situation

Keep asking for a hint and he will tell you to detonate a charge in the jungle.
Great. Sounds way too easy, but we'll do it anyway. You can't open the security
door yet, Mandalore will stop you, so go out of the building.

Go north and take the zig-zag path up to the north part of the camp looting the
boxes along the way. Talk to the Mandalorain Sergeant.

3.  Battle Circle

He tells you of the battle circle where you fight on Mandalorian terms. It's
almost the exact same thing as the Handmaiden fights except this time you can
wear armor. The terms now are no weapons, no force powers, no stepping out of
the circle, and no death blows. You fight Davrel first and it's pretty quick.

After the battle the sergeant tells you that you have a challenger. Talk to him
again. This time you can set your own terms. I like to fight hand to hand, but
if you want to use the Force and your lightsaber that's fine too. It's another
easy fight anyway.

Talk to the sergeant again. You fight hand to hand with Tagren. He is a little
more tougher but you should be able to beat him easily. After the battle the
sergeant says the only ones left to fight are champions. He says you need to
prove yourself in the eyes of a champion before you can fight again. To prove
yourself you must fight foes to the death and be observed by a champion. There
are two champions, Braylor and Kelborn. Braylor is by the battle circle, but
talking to him now does nothing.

Go to the hangar at the northeast part of the camp. There are cylinders in here
to loot. Go back to the southern area of the camp. There is another circle of
Mandalorians fighting. Talk to Xarga.

4.  Missing Mandalorian

Xarga sent one of his warriors, Kumas, into the jungle. He has been gone for
three days and Xarga wants you to bring back his corpse and survival pack. Ask
why he wants the body and Xarga tells you to just strip the corpse and bring
the gear back. Tell him you will keep an eye out for the body.

Go a little bit south of the circle and talk to Zuka. Zuka has a few problems.

5.  Tech Assistance

The relay dish that amplifies their sensors is broken. Zuka has been trying to
fix it for weeks and it hasn't worked. There are broken cables and the relay
maintenance structure in the north part of the camp is not working. He also
says he needs a new phase-pulse converter.

6.  Trouble With Cannoks

When you ask where you can get the converter, Zuka says they had found one in
a weapons cashe but cannoks ate it. Mandalorians won't go after cannoks because
they are vermin and offer no challenge. You'll have to kill all the cannoks you
can find and search the remains for the coverter parts.

You can repair the broken wires now. We'll get to the relay structure a little
later. For now talk to the Mandalorian Guard Captain.

7.  Zakkeg Challenge

He warns you about the larger beasts of the jungle. Ask him what's out there
and he will tell you about the zakkeg. He says they are a challenge to the
Mandalorians and to stay out of the way if you see one. Time to go back into 
the jungle.

Davrel challenges you to a rematch once you get back to the intersection. A
rematch to the death! You can do three things. Completely refuse for lsp, have
him help you kill the Zakkeg, or kill him for dsp. Even though refusing gets
you lsp I'd still want to have him help us kill a Zakkeg because then he gets
his honor back.

From the sentries you can go either east or west. You'll eventually explore the
entire area. We'll go east first. Kill the animals. Remember to search the
cannoks for the phase pulse converter. There are three parts of it randomly
distributed in the remains of cannoks you kill anywhere in the area. At the 
fork go north.

There is a clearing where a large beast is. Kreia talks to you and you learn a
new Force power called Beast Trick. It's pretty useless, yet learning the power
gives you more Force points. Take the east path from the clearing, killing the
beasts of the jungle. At the fork go north. Before you get to the end of the
path switch out both party members and put HK-47 in as the ONLY party member.

At the end of the path is Kumas, the missing Mandalorian. He had cannoks eat
his supplies and right after that a herd of boma arrived. He's stuck ontop of
a crevice. Dark players you can say "you can stay there and rot for all I care"
for dsp. Light players, say you'll help him out.

Except we won't be helping him out. No, we're going to kill him. Yes light 
players, even you will need to kill him. Select the permacrete detonator. Kumas
tells you not to press it. Push it, he gets blown to pieces, you get a dsp, and
+INF from HK-47. Wait a few seconds and you will get +INF with HK again. After
that switch him out with whomever you wish.

Go around the bend and kill all the bomas. Go back the way you came and go east
at the fork. There's another fork right after that where you can go south or
west. Go south. A small clearing that juts out to the east has a skeletal 
corpse with goodies. Continue following the path and you will get a 
precongnition. This is the zakkeg. Kill it and search the remains for a zakkeg
ear. There are two skeletal corpses to search.

Go back the way you came and take the west path you didn't take earlier until
you get to where the Mandalorian sentries are. Continue west. At the fork go
north. Eventually the path will turn west. At the fork go northwest. The 
clearing ahead has the cashe with explosives Mandalore wanted us to detonate.
Select the permacrete detonator. Press the button and a bunch of bomas will
attack you. Kill them.

Once they are all dead go towards the Mandalorian cashe. Take care of the mine
and enter.

Watch your step. The cashe is mined. Take care of all of them first. There are
7 of them. Now select a droid - any droid. Pick the option "bash droid" to have
them all attack you. Kill them and loot the entire room. You will need to use a
mine to open two of the containers. Once you are done looting exit the cashe.

Go back the way you came and go south at the fork. At the next fork go east,
killing the beasts. At the next fork go south. Soon you'll catch up to Kelborn.

8.  Scout Hunt.

Talk to Kelborn. He asks what you're doing out here. Ask him the same and you
thought all patrols had been stopped. He says Mandalore sent him out to track
a ship. He's found a corpse of a possible scout. Kelborn wants you to see if
there are any more of them and kill them so that they don't discover the 
Mandalorian camp. He takes up a position in the east and tells you to go west.

Follow the path south then go west. You'll get a cutscene of scouts talking.
When they see you one of them says "That's him/her! Get him/her!" Kill them.
There is a skeletal corpse on the path that goes south and abruptly stops.
Continue going west and the path will curve to the north. You'll see more
scouts and a few beasts. Kill them all. Continue north and at the fork go east
until you reach Kelborn. Talk to him and he will thank you for a job well done.
He also says you have proven your worth of facing the best of them in the 
battle circle. We've explored all we can in the jungle. Time to go back to the
Mandalorian camp.

We are going to complete the battle circle first. Go back to the north part of
the camp and talk to the Mandalorian sergeant again. You will fight Kelborn
this time. He chooses to fight with a blade. You can fight with the blade 
provided or no weapon equipped. Force powers are not allowed. This is a tougher
battle even with a weapon. You probably should use master flurry the entire
time if you're having trouble.

The last fight of the battle circle is with Bralor. Bralor has no terms for the
fight. He wants to fight you with everything you have. The rule of no killing
and no leaving the battle circle is still in effect. Bralor is very accurate
in his attacks, but master flurry with your lightsaber will be nothing compared
to what he can dish out.

Directly southeast of the battle circle is a small ramp leading up to the 
entrance to a building. Go up the ramp and into the building. Select the 
telementry computer. Reprogram the core and leave the computer.

Go back to Xarga in the other battle circle where other Mandalorians are 
training. Tell him Kumas is dead. He won't give you anything but it's nice to
tie up loose ends.

Go back to Zuka. Tell him the cables and computer are working and tell him you
have all three parts of the phase pulse converter. For the cables and computer
he gives you extra parts and computer spikes. For the pulse converter if you
say "I'm just glad to help out" you get lsp. If you refuse the reward you also
get lsp.

Talk to the Mandalorian Guard Captain. Show him the zakkeg ear then end the

Go back to Mandalore. He's so impressed with your work he decides to travel to
Iziz today. After a lengthy conversation he gives you a random lightsaber. Talk
to him again to go to Iziz.

There's a cutscene with Mandalore and Kreia. Hm, interesting.

After the cutscene we have Sith Assassins attacking the Mandalorian camp. Kill
them all. Eventually Mandalore will talk to you and tell you that we need to
get to Iziz right away. Choose your party.


You can switch one party member in and out, but you have to have Mandalore the
entire time.

E.  Onderon Port

We see a cutscene of the Jedi we're out to find and the Queen. Then Mandalore
talks to you saying he has a friend by the name of Dhagon Ghent who has
connections to the Royal Palace.

                              Level 5 Soldier

Starting Stats:

Vitality:               65/65

Defense:                23
Strength:               15 (+2)
Dexterity:              12 (0*)
Constitution:           15 (+2)
Intelligence:           12 (+1)
Wisdom:                 12 (+1)
Charisma:               12 (+1)

Fortitude:              6
Reflex:	                2
Will:                   2

Starting Skills:

Computer Use:           0
Demolitions:            0
Stealth:                2
Awareness:              5
Persuade:               2 (you can't upgrade it further)
Repair:                 0
Security:               0
Treat Injury:           9

Starting Feats:

Improved Power Blast
Weapon Specialization Blastr Rifle
Close Combat
Mandalorian Courage
Implant Switching

* Mandalore's armor prevents him from using dexterity as defense. The modifier
of 0 does not apply with his ranged attack, only his defense.


Increase his constitution attribute by 1, then just put them all in dexterity.
For skills i'd go with treat injury. For feats the precise shot line will work
well for him. I would also pick improved close combat and the rapid shot line.
Beyond that give him whatever blaster related feats you want.

We won't be talking to Mandalore. There aren't many places that I know of where
you can get INF with him, and I don't think he has any upgrades/major xp 
available from finding out things from him. If any of you know of good INF
places or get to where you can get anything useful from him let me know.

After leveling up Mandalore go forward. A guy will talk to you about the
shuttle's last visit. You can say what you want it makes no difference. He
gives you a starport visa saying they are priceless. Apparently if you want to
leave the planet you need one of these.

A little south of you and to the west is a merchant named Margar. He isn't 
allowed inside the city. See what he has to sell.

A little south of Margar are some beasts in cages. You get a precognition when
you go near it. Talk to the Beast-Rider. Say what you want it doesn't matter.
Exit the conversation and walk away. The boma gets loose. Kill it. The 
Beast-Rider will apologize and offer you compensation. Refuse the credits for
lsp or demand more for no alignment change.

Switch out whoever you have with HK-47. Hopefully you took my advice and got
affect mind after you rebuilt him. If not you can't get +INF with HK.

Go north of the cage to the checkpoint guard. He talks to you automatically.
Use the [Force Persuade] option. HK-47 will interject. Say one of these two:

+INF His little mind has been dealt with. He isn't our concern any more

+INF It's in a city, HK, otherwise...

Switch HK back out if you want and go on the path by the checkpoint guard into

F.  Merchant Quarter

Go forward and you see someone being accused of a spy. Uh oh!

Light path:

Do you have some sort of warrant?

Do you have any proof of any sort?

[Persuade] You're violating this man's rights...

Dark path:

What's going on?

Do you think questioning is necessary? He's obviously "guilty."

DSP If he tried to escape...
DSP I'm sure this self-righteous mudlicker could meet with an accident...

1.  Starport Visa

Follow the path and talk to Terlyn next. She begs you for help. If you say 
"that's your problem, not mine. Get out of my way" you get dsp. Assuming you
aren't dark she will ask you for an open starport visa. Sounds great wish we
had one to give you. Tell her you'll keep a lookout for one.

Talk to Tolas. He wants an open starport visa too and offers 2,000 credits for
one. And we won't get one for a while.

Follow the path into the city. Gegorran is a merchant in the city. Buy what you
want from him now because he won't be here the entire time we are.

Go north from Gegorran towards the statue with a crowd of people around it. You
hear someone preaching about how General Vaklu is the one who is right and the
Republic is wrong. If you are a dark player say "the Queen should listen to the
will of the people." Light players pick any other option you want.

From the crowd go west. You'll hear two guys talking about politics. They are
arguing about Queen Talia and General Vaklu. Light players, support Queen 
Talia in this conversation. Dark players support General Vaklu.

Light players, go on to the Iziz West Square by continuing to follow the path.
We will see you there in a few moments.

2.  A Matter of Leadership (DSO)

Dark players, talk to Anda. She's the woman between where the crowd was and
where the guys talking politics were. She wants you to remove three captains
from command that are very loyal to Queen Talia. She will give you credits for
each captain killed. There are 3 total.

The first can be dealt with right now. Go east of Anda along the north wall.
You will eventually come to a security terminal. Select it, use Iziz military
security card, access security cameras, select the sky ramp checkpoint, and
overload the power conduit. The conduit goes boom and one out of three captains
have been removed. You also get dsp for the deed. We'll be removing two more
captains later. For now go west into the next area.

G.  Iziz Western Square

Bounty hunters immediately talk to you upon entering the area. Bounty hunters
that want your bounty. Standard energy resistance/shield hack and slash like
we've done for all blaster opponents. Soon they will be dead bounty hunters.
Search the remains for random loot.

Follow the area west until you reach near to the end. To the south is a cantina
but we don't need to go in there just yet. North of the cantina is a droid 
named 1B-8D. Place GO-TO in your party before talking to 1B-8D.

Talk to 1B-8D and scroll down until you see the [Repair] option. GO-TO asks if
you will allow him to assist. Say "Your expertise would be appreciated" for
+INF. You can view his wares if you want but we won't be using any droids in
combat for the rest of the game so it is unnecessary.

1.  A Doctor's Alibi

Directly west of 1B-8D is Dhagon Ghent's place. Walk over and Mandalore will
tell you about it. A guy will say you won't find Dhagon here because he is a
suspect in a murder. He says Dhagon is being held in the turret tower on the
other side of the market. He also says Captain Riken is the man to talk to.

Go back to the merchant quarter. As you go you get a precognition of more 
bounty hunters. They aren't special, just the same as the last bunch. In one of
the bounty hunter's remains is a Bounty Hunter Starport Visa. Continue back
toward the Merchant Quarter.

We get a cutscene of Vaklu and Tobin. They are watching you!

Place HK-47 back in your party. Go towards the crowd where Ponlar was. 
[Persuade] the crowd to join Ponlar to get +INF with HK-47 and Mandalore. Yes
light players you need to do this too.

From Ponlar go south. Captain Riken is on the other side of the street from the
merchant we saw earlier and a little more south of him. Dark players, Riken is
one of the captains we need to remove. You can do this now or you can be EVIL
and kill him later. Hehehe! I'd kill him later.

Talk to Riken and ask about Ghent. Ask the relevant questions and then ask how
you can eliminate him as a suspect. He tells you to go to the cantina and ask
around there.

Go back to the western square and go into the cantina. I pointed it out earlier
for you. Go into the cantina.

Ahead and to the right Gormo also wants a starport visa, but there's no need to
talk to him at the moment.

Dark players, right behind Gormo is Captain Gelesi. He is one of the captains
you need to remove from command. Talk to him with these dialogue options.

You seem tired.

Tell me about Sullio.

What do you know about the murder?

You sound nervous.

[Persuade] That sounds like a good idea...

Then pick either persuade option. It all works. That's two out of three
captains gone.

Go further into the cantina and go left to find Nikko. You can play pazaak with
him if you want. If you beat him enough times you get a few pazaak cards.

More importantly you can ask Nikko about Sulio's murder. He says Ghent is his
best friend and that Sullio and Ghent were good friends too.

In the east room is Qimtiq. He's the guy you talk to for swoop racing on this
planet. With a good persuade skill you can rake in the big money.

First Race  -  500 credits (400 after paying the 100 credit fee to race)
Second Race -  500 credits (400, or 1000 with Persuade)
Third Race  - 2000 credits (1900, or 2500 with Persuade)
Final Race  - 5000 credits (4900, or 5500 with Persuade)

Qimtiq was not there the day of the murder, so we go onwards. Go north of 
Qimtiq. Xaart is another guy who wants a starport visa. We still don't have one
yet so continue on.

Near the entrance to the east room is Sakarie. She *also* wants a starport 
visa. Once again we don't have one...yet.

Go into the east room and talk to Panar. Ask him about Sullio's murder then ask
if he knew of any reason Ghent would want to kill Sullio. He says they had an
argument. Uh oh!

Just outside of the beast rider room is Kiph. Ask him about the murder. He
mentions soldiers were asking pointed questions and that's a no-no for his
buisness. Ask him what his buisness is. He tells you he's a slicer and can make
open starport visas. Hey! We have a bounty hunter starport visa! Ask him about
something else then pick the dialogue option involving starport visas. He wants
500 credits to slice the bounty hunter visa. Give it to him.

We now have an open starport visa. Unfortunately we cannot give every single
person who wants a visa one. In fact we will only get one more visa. A shame I
know. Anyway, here is a list of people who all want visas and the rewards as 
well as a little backstory. You get 300 xp for giving someone a visa.


Gormo's just a space pilot who lost his visa. His crew is going to leave
without him if he can't leave the city soon. You get 500 credits for the visa
OR lsp if you refuse the credits.


Xaart is a spy sent by the Republic to see what the situation on Onderon is.
Even though he is indeed a spy, there is no ill motive from him or the
Republic. Xaart needs to get back to the Republic to tell them what's going on.
You get LSP for giving it to Xaart and +INF with Handmaiden, Disciple, or


Terlyn is the mother with her kids by the entrance. Her husband was wrongly
accused of being a spy and killed. She just wants to get out of the city before
anything worse happens to the remains of her family. You get LSP and +INF with
Handmaiden, Disciple, but curiously you don't get +INF with Bao-Dur.


Tolas doesn't have a backstory. He's quite honest about it really saying it
doesn't matter. You get 2,000 credits or 3,000 if your persuade is good enough.


Sakarie is a member of the Exchange. Now if you talked to her already she
mentioned something about a lightsaber crystal. Unfortunately light players the
lightsaber crystal is restricted to Dark Jedi. First time I played the game my
ears perked up when the crystal was mentioned and found that one out the hard
way. She actually gives you a choice in 3 rewards. A Rodian Death Blade, 5,000
credits, or the lightsaber crystal. You will get +INF with Hanharr or GO-TO,
but ONLY if you say to her "so let's trade" right off the bat. Hanharr or GO-TO
will chime in. Agree with whoever is in the party for +INF. Light players, skip
it. We have enough INF with GO-TO. Dark players pick Hanharr because we have
enough INF from GO-TO. You will get dsp for giving the visa to Sakarie.

The second person we give a visa to will give you 700 xp.

Continuing from where we left off in the Doctor's Alibi qest, talk to Nikko 
again in the cantina. Tell him about the argument and Nikko will clear it up.
Then ask him all the follow up questions. Mandalore suggests to go outside and
see if anything was missed, so let's go do that.

Go east of the cantina to the garbage pile with blood around it. Select the
broken droid near the pile. The head is missing. Mandalore says someone in the
cantina may know about it.

Go back to Panar and mention the droid. Ask the follow up question and he
mentions the missing droid parts were probably sold to 1B-8D. Go talk to 1B-8D
and buy the droid head for 25 credits. Go back to Kiph and ask him to see if
he can get anything from the memory core. You see a recording of the last feed.
Go show the recording to Nikko, he sees it, and you all go talk to Riken. Show
him the evidence and Ghent is freed...with unusual resistance from one of the
higher chain of command. Hm, interesting.

2.  Cantina Rats

We are automatically taken to Ghent in his office. Tell him you need to get in
touch with someone from the palace, a Jedi Master. Ask him if he can do it and
he says he will if you bring back his encrypted holodiscs. People looted his
office while he was away. He says Bakkel's gang looted him out from what he
heard. Go out of his office.

Dark players, Captain Riken is now patrolling the western square. Wait until
he gets to the end of the area then talk to him to kill him. You get dsp for
doing so. Go back to the merchant quarter and get the credits from Anda.

After you have talked to Anda (or not) go back to the cantina where Panar was.
Talk to Bakkel. Say whatever you want she will attack you regardless and there
are no light/dark changes. Loot Bakkel's remains for the holodiscs and an open
starport visa. Give the visa to whoever you wish first then go back to Ghent.

Before you talk to Ghent all players need to place HK-47 in your party for an
upcoming +INF option. Talk to Ghent and tell him to contact the Jedi Master 

We get a cutscene of the Queen and Kavar. Afterwards Ghent says to head 
straight into the cantina. The game puts you there and Kavar starts to talk to
you. Our meeting is interrupted by Tobin. Kavar stuns Tobin's men and the two
of them run off. HK-47 pipes in and says area effect attacks such as grenades
will do damage to civilians. Tell him "yes, kill 'em all HK" for +INF.

3.  Escape From the Merchant Quarter

If you are dark and have been siding with Vaklu Tobin will run back in and 
offer you a deal. He wants to turn on the Sith Lord they sided with and needs
your help. Side with him. If you are light and have been siding with Talia,
Tobin doesn't offer you this.

Either way you have a firefight all the way back to the shuttle even if you
sided with Tobin because they need to keep appearances with the Sith. Go back
to the shuttle, killing all the soldiers and turrets that go active along the
way. The crowd will attack you too.

Once you're at the shuttle go back to the Mandalorian camp. Mandalore says he
is coming with you in your travels. After that Atton says the ship is all
repaired. Yay.


There may be remnants of Sith Assassins in the camp from the fight before you
went to Onderon. It's just a minor glitch so just kill them.

Go to the entrance of the camp and talk to the Mandalorian Guide to take you
back to your ship.

H.  Post Onderon Ebon Hawk

First thing to do is talk to GO-TO

1.  GO-TO

E	I wanted to talk to you about your operatons on...

G	[Influence Success] I am willing to indulge some of...

E	A lot of your operations on Nar Shaddaa were carried...

G	So? They are known qualities. I also used them...

E	Vogga's freighters were being hijacked by droids.

G	Perhaps, though if you seek to trick me into an...

E	The Bith off the docks who was murdered by his droid...

G	It is so unfortunate when an intelligent sintient...

E	The reason you couldn't tell what Visquis was up to...

G	I will concede Visquis was effective in using the...

E	I think you used droids in your operations because you are a droid.

G	Indeed? How insulting...[Influence Success] And what...

E	Something about Visquis and the Jekk'Jekk Tarr is what...

G	An expression only.

E	Is it? The identifier wasn't necessary, but yet you...

G	:: silence ::

E	Normally, I would attribute such a slip to...human...

G	I am intrigued as to where you are taking this...

E	I suspect you are a droid, an extremely advanced...

G	It is not so improbable. Often, if a droid has not...

E	But what is curious is that you still want to help the...

G	I have told you - I prefer stability.

E	The first Republic droid intelligence intended for Citadel...

G	It was lost, yes. It was given an impossible order...

E	How?

G	It made a simple decision - preserve the Republic...

E	So you are the droid that was intended for Citadel Station.

G	Yes. Almost immediately upon my arrival, I received...

E	So all the crime...everything you've done for the...

G	Do not mistake me - I believe it is possible...

E	LSP That is my goal as well - to help the Republic
	DSP I do not wish the Republic to survive...

G	Perhaps you misunderstand me. I "care" for the...

E	But why the hologram?

G	Oh, please. It is difficult for anyone to take a droid...

E	What happens now that I know you're a droid?

G	Nothing has changed. You may know my origins, and that...

E	Aren't you going to try and have me killed because of what...

G	No, you are still important to the Republic and to...

Now end the conversation. We get xp for learning Goto is really a droid.
Interesting huh?

2.  HK-47

It's time to talk to HK next.

HK	Query: Is there someone that you need killed, master?

E	No, just some questions

HK	Statement: Ah - you wish to conduct an interrogation...

E	It's not an interrogation, I just want to ask you...

HK	Statement: Very well, master. But if you wish to be...

E	Enough with the interrogation already. When I ask...

HK	Statement: Master, I am not behavior droid, but it's...

E	Nothing, never mind.

HK	Statement: Master, before you go, I had a question...

E	What's the problem?

HK	Query: I must express some degree of confusion concerning...

E	I am. Why?

HK	Observation: Well, master, I was not at Malachor V during...

E	Care to explain?

HK	Observation: I believe that Revan determined that mass...

E	Like I'm your mother/father?

HK	Answer: Oh, please master, - even as a metaphor, that idea...

E	Were you created on Malachor V?

HK	Answer: No, master. I was constructed shortly after the...

E	What targets were you assigned?

HK	Answer: Well, master, unless you were operating on my...

E	Why did Revan consider the Republic not a threat?

HK	[Influence Success] Answer: Revan felt the true war was...

E	Why was that important?

HK	Answer: Revan saw the pressures of war on Duxun, and...

E	(If light) I need to know how you killed Jedi - to defend...
	(If dark) If I needed to kill a Jedi, how would I do it?

HK	[Influence Success] - discussion
	[Influence Failure] - stop talking

From here just use the first responses in the dialogue option until the game
tells you that you have increased your defense along with other things. You
also get xp for this dailogue.

3.	Hanharr (DSO)

H	I thought I smelled your stench...speak, human, then...

E	I had some questions for you.

H	Then speak them, and leave me be.

E	Why do you wear those shackles?

H	They are memories caged upon my wrists. I wear them...

E	What do you mean?

H	[Influence Success] I have never spoken of such things...

E	Tell me about Czerka.

H	Humans came to my homeland, across the great sky...

E	What truth?

H	They brought with them a new idea, a new way of...

E	+INF DSP Yet somehow, they were strong enough to cage...
	+INF DSP Perhaps you are weak in that you allowed the...

H	They were predators, yes, and though small and weak...

E	What happened then?

H	I was taken from the forest world of my people, brought...

E	You killed them?

H	Yes, all of them. As we traveled across the Shadowlands...

E	How did you fly the ship?

H	I did not. It drifted across the black, until it...

E	What did you do?

H	As humans taught me slavery, I started selling humans...

E	You can't have been the only slave Czerka took from...

H	[Influence Success] The rest of my tribe are gone...

E	Wait - you killed your own tribe?

H	I did not kill my tribe. I saved them, even though...

E were exiled?

H	I was raised as one of my people, within the tribe...

E	And that is why they cast you out?

H	It was a choice - my choice to be beneath the trees...

E	But what happened to your tribe?

H	I was there when the tribe of Czer-ka landed upon...

E	What did Czerka do when they arrived?

H	They fell upon my people like kinrath, quick...

E	What did you do?

H	I...killed the young ones first. Those were the...

E	What happened with Czerka?

H	When the tribe of Czer-ka saw what had been done...

E	So you slaughtered your entire tribe, killed them.

H	They are not dead. Where I sent them, they are free.

E	And how do you figure that?

H	You are of the tribe of the Jeedai. I have heard...

E	+INF DSP You lessen an actu of slaughter by thinking...
	+INF DSP The only truth is that you killed your tribe...

H	Yes...and I could not bear to see weakness in them...

E	What you did to your people was madness - yet...

H	[Influence Success] you think to know my actions...

E	What do you know of that?

H	I know enough. Enough to smell how weak you are...

E	+INF DSP If you think such deaths bother me, they do not.
	+INF DSP Everyone at Malachor died because they had to...

H	You may think so, Jeedai, but you would be wrong...

You gain +1 wisdom from the dialogue along with xp from various influence
checks. The dialogue ends. Talk to Hanharr again.

E	Why do you follow me?

H	Because the weak must obey the strong...

E	Why did you kill Mira?

H	[Influence Success]Because I was the stronger...

E	So she saved your life once?

H	She showed me mercy, and that I could not...

E	So you rather she have killed you?

H	It is the way of hte hunt. When one lies broken...

E	She did no make you a slave - instead, she denied...

H	You are wrong, human - those are not my words...

E	I think you wanted her to kill you, to break you...

H	I do not chase death, I chase prey.

E	You have spoken of your tribe, Hanharr, and I...

H	My tribe is no more - my people are no more...

E	Your people are no more because you killed them...

H	I killed them to save them! I have told you this!

E	And I think that thought of slaying them hunts you...

H	I...I see your eyes...hear your words human...

E	Walk with me, Hanharr, and I promise I shall never...

H	That is the only pledge I have heard from a human...

E	That is a pledge I will accept.

H	Then it is done - we die together, our lives as one...

From this conversation the exile and Hanharr have a stronger bond. Both get +1
constitution. Talk to Hanharr again.

E	Why do you follow me?

H	Because the weak must obey the strong...

E	What debt are you talking about?

H	Among my people, there is a custom, a debt that is...

E	What kind of debt?

H	For my people, to stop one from dying, from traveling...

E	Why do you keep life debts if you hate them?

H	[Influence Failure] If I give up everything of my...

E	But to adhere to the codes of your people - that...

H	It is what it must be.

E	All you need to do is give them up.

H	That...I cannot do.

E	Then you shall always be prey, Hanharr. You are...

H	[Influence Success] To give up everything of my...

E	And to face such oblivion is strength.

H	:: Silence ::

E	(pick any option that looks pretty)

In this dialogue you break Hanharr fully into your service. He gains +2
strength and loses -2 intelligence. You also get dsp for breaking him.

Now talk to Kreia.

E	Why do we have that psychotic Wookie on board?

K	The beast is a lesson in strength. Learn that...

E	What do you mean?

K	The beast's strength is prodigious, and you...

E	I had other questions.

K	Ask...

E	I have learned the lesson of strength from Hanharr.

K	Indeed? And what is that?

E	[Wisdom] Hanharr is incredibly strong - yet he is powerless.

K	Yes. Now the question is why.

E	[Wisdom] because raw strength is nothing compared to...

K are a perceptive one indeed. In this instance...

E	Is that Hanharr's weakness?

K	In a manner of speaking yes. But it is more complicated...

E	[Wisdom] Are you testing me to see if I still have...

K	I ask nothing. But since you beg a question I will...

E	DSP There is a weakness in the Jedi, and I have already...

K	No, the Jedi lie with you still. You have no choice...

E	Yes, it is primal - to kill, to hunt.

K	It is a more primal connection you feel. And the hunger...

E	It is a strange sensation, like anger - but hungry...

K	Good - you know it now, the predator-pray relationship...

E	I accept this strength. Why does Hanharr feel such rage?

K	Because his life is not his own. He walks, but he is dead...

In this conversation we gain +1 constitution and +2 strength. Quite handy for
us dark players huh?

That's it for party member conversations for the moment. Now it's time to go to

4.	Dantooine Mandalorians

Leave the Ebon Hawk with Mandalore and whomever you wish. Go to the Enclave
Courtyard area using the northeast entrance. Go north to the mercenary camp and
talk to Esok.

Mandalore will try to recruit the Mandalorians to his cause. Esok seems to 
think he can kill Mandalore and become the new Mandalore. Kill Esok and the
remaining Mandalorians will go to Duxun.

That's it for loose ends on Dantooine. Now go back to the Ebon Hawk and use the
galaxy map to go to Nar Shaddaa.

5.	Nar Shaddaa Mandalorians

Exit the Ebon Hawk with Mandalore and whomever you wish with you (except 
GO-TO.) Go to the docks area. Remember the Mandalorians that were in the 
flophouse? Go to them. Talk to the one with yellow (or is it gold colored? I 
can't tell) armor. Mandalore will recruit the clan without a fight.

Additionally go to Vogga's Enclave and tell him Goto is dealt with to get the
quest off the books. I waited to tell you to do this now because if you did it
beforehand you wouldn't get the xp for finding out GO-TO is a droid. Dark 
players, use the galaxy map to go to Korriban now.

6.	Mira (LSO)

Now we can talk to Mira. It's best to start talking to her while on the Ebon
Hawk, so go back now.

E	There were some questions I wanted to ask.

M	Go ahead and ask.

E	Why don't you kill your targets?

M	I've killed people before. But not if I don't have...

E	[Awareness] Because all life is connected, and...

M	Oh, do I? Is that it? How you could you ever possibly...

E	LSP I have never stopped trying to protect others...
	LSP We did what had to be done, and I carry that...
	LSP If that's what you believe, then you are wrong.

M	Get awat from me. The next time you come and ask...

Talk to Mira again.

M	What do you want now?

E	+INF LSP I wanted to apologize.

M	Whatever, don't worry about it - it's just a sore...

E	+INF LSP Still, I'm sorry you lost your family at...

M	Yeah, well, they're dead. That's how that story...

E	What do you mean?

M	There's a lot of lost people out there, scattered...

E	+INF LSP All things are connected through the...

M	Maybe. We'll see. I don't even know why I'm...

E	I had some questions for you. (or talk to her again if dialogue ends.)

M	Go ahead and ask.

E	Tell me a little about Hanharr.

M	Hanharr's only a bounty hunter because that's the...

E	What happened between you and Hanharr?

M	I didn't kill him once. Biggest mistake ever.

E	What do you mean?

M	[Influence Success] Do you really want to hear this?

E	Yes, I'd like to know what happened.

M	Well, Hanharr and me go way back - in the worst...

E	So he was a slave?

M	Well, not for long. Once off-planet, Hanharr...

E	LSP It's good he broke free. Nothing deserves...

M	Well, before you get too proud of him, Hanharr...

E	[Intelligence] Weren't they destroyed?
	No, I don't think so.

M	Right, that's because Hanharr happened...(different line sometimes)

E	So how do you factor in?

M	I was prey. And not only did I escape, but I...

E	So he wanted to capture you?

M	I don't pretend to understand it, but among his...

E	That doesn't sound too bad.

M	Well, with Hanharr...he can't escape that life...

E	What do you mean?

M	A life debt to Hanharr is a death sentence; he'll...

E	That life debt makes no sense.

M	Tell me about it. Like I said, I get the impression...

E	Any regrets that he's gone?

M	Oh, I'm glad he's's like a weight off...

E	Any chance he's still alive?

M	Trust me, if he was still alive, he'd be chasing...

E	So how did you save his life?

M	[Influence Success] Well, as happens on Nar Shaddaa...

E	And you proved him wrong?

M	Well, he tried to box me down in vents beneath the...

E	Why use mines?

M	I think he'd hoped to drive me into the mines...

E	[Demolitions] Sending out a jamming signal...
	But it didn't happen that way.

M DE	No, it isn't. I spent most of my childhood hauling...

E DE	What happened with Hanharr and the mines?

M	Like I said, I disarmed the trigger fuses for enough...

E	Barely?

M	He was crawling around, blinded from the flash and...

E	LSP Sometimes it is stronger to spare a life than...

M	Maybe...I've thought about that moment. A lot...

E	Forget it. I had some other questions.

M	Go ahead and ask.

E	Were you raised on Nar Shaddaa?

M	[Influence Success] Yeah, more or less. I wasn't...

E	What happened to your family?

M	Well, the war happened, the first one, against...

E	They died in the final battle?

M	I think so. After Revan crushed the Mandalorians...

E	How could you have lost family at Malachor V...

M	Take a guess, "Jedi." Only two groups of people...

E	You're a Mandalorian?

M	As much as any slave becomes a Mandalorian. They...

E	You were a slave?

M	When I was young, yeah. They mostly used me to carry...

E	LSP I regret the loss of life at Malachor. But there...

M	Yeah, I know. I saw the worlds they left behind...

E	Forget it. I had some questions for you.

M	Go ahead and ask.

E	You seem restless.

M	It's all this traveling. Being trapped in this...

E	Well, savor it while it lasts.

M	I'd rather be doing something. Somewhere with...

E	Like Nar Shaddaa?

M	Yeah. It's been a while since I've been off-planet...

E	+INF How so?

M	Well...Nar Shaddaa may be one of the biggest...

E	Kreia showed me how to "listen" to Nar Shaddaa once...

M	Yeah, well, I wouldn't go that far. I'll believe it...

E	+INF An interesting way of putting it. It's true.

M	Yeah? Hm. Didn't think I'd hear a Jedi ever refer to Nar...

E	Kreia showed me how to "listen" to Nar Shaddaa once...

M	Yeah, well, I wouldn't go that far. I'll believe...

E	Maybe one day I'll be able to show you.

M	[Influence Success] Maybe one day I'll let you.

E	Come with me - and let me show you what Kreia...

Now end the conversation and exit the Ebon Hawk with Mira in your party. Go to
the square area where Kreia stopped you and you gained more Force points. Once
you are there another dialogue is exchanged.

M	What's wrong? Why are we stopping?

E	I wanted you to stand here - and listen.

M	I've been by here hundreds of times. There's...

E	No, there is - you can feel the Force here.

M	I don't believe in the Force. It's Jedi tricks...

E	Close your eyes - I want you to hear Nar Shaddaa (follow dialogue)

E	LSP Awaken Mira.

M	I can feel this...planet...I can't shut it...

E	LSP I can train you Mira. To become something...

M	That's what I want. I'm sure of it more than...

E	One can live their whole life with such echoes...

M	That sounds all right from where I'm standing.

Once you have finished training Mira go to the Ebon Hawk and use the galaxy map
to go to Korriban.

IX.  Korriban

A.  Background

Korriban is a Sith world. When the first Jedi fell to the dark side and were
exiled they came to Korriban. Over time, the Dark Jedi and Sith became one due
to obvious reasons.

Now however Korriban is nothing more than a graveyard world. After Revan 
defeated Malak the remaining Sith turned on each other hoping to gain power.

Enemies you will be fighting are Shyrack, Tuk'ata, and more Sith Assassins.

Hm...Kreia doesn't want to go onto Korriban's surface...if you say "fine. I 
don't want your company anyway" you will lose INF with her.

B.  Quests.

1.  Main Quests

Traces of Ashes

2.  Side Quests

A Hidden Power
Jedi Entombed

C.  Valley Of The Dark Lords

We step out of the ship into the Valley of the Dark Lords. In Kotor I Revan 
could enter the tombs. Now we find the tombs looted, destroyed, and impassible
to enter.

Go southwest from the Ebon hawk. Kreia will pipe in saying it is the Tomb of
Ajunta Pall. If you set Revan as light side waaaaaay back on Peragus, Kreia
will say Revan calmed the angry ghost of Ajunta Pall. From there you can say:

E	[Awareness] You sound like you don't approve

K	One who has fallen so far, and done so much evil...

E	LSP No one is beneath redemption, Kreia. No one.
	DSP Ajunta Pall was a fool. The dark side sustained...

Kreia will pipe in at the other tombs. Unless you want to know more about 
history it is not necessary to go to the other tomb entrances.

When you get near a skeletal corpse Kreia will say it's best to leave them 
alone. Search them anyway. Kreia will pipe in again saying you've disturbed the
hssis. You will lose INF if you say "these creatures shouldn't be much of a
challenge." Every time you search skeletal remains on Korriban for the first
time you will trigger hssis to attack you. Search all around the valley for the
remains. They are easy to find.

Go south to where a path narrows. Continue going until you get near the shyrack
caves. Some party members will comment about it and Kreia says she advises you
to finish with the Sith Academy before exploring the cave. We're already here
now so we might as well go in now. Kill the shyrack then enter the cave. Once
you're inside save the game and don't save over it.

D.  Shyrack Cave

Go ahead to the east to find a half eaten corpse with a datapad. It tells you
what kind of creatures you will be fighting. Continue onward killing anything
in your path. At the fork there are two sith corpses and a ceramic jar we can
loot. Continue east at the fork. A little east of the next fork is another jar 
we can loot. After it's looted go south on the path we just passed to loot the
jar. There are two ceramic jars and a sith corpse with goodies on this path. 
You might miss them due to fighting creatures.

At the fork go west back towards the entrance. Another corpse and jar are at 
the north part of the circular area after the fork. Continue west at the fork 
to ensure no creatures remain. Go back the way you came and go south at the
fork. There's another corpse and jar in the circular area. Continue following
the path east. You should reach a path that goes from north to south. Take it
and kill the last of the creatures.

Go back to the south path after the creatures are dead. There is a ceramic jar
near the fork that was probably missed due to fighting creatures. Now go back
east, then north, then follow the one narrow path to the east. Search the 
corpse for loot. When you get to the path Sith Assassins will ambush you. Kill
them. Once you get to the end of the "bridge" go south. There are two lootable

Once you've looted the jars go north. After searching two more ceramic jars and
fighting hssis you will reach a tomb. Kreia pipes in saying you have to face
the challenges of this tomb alone and asks if you are ready. Tell her not yet.
Save the game again and do not save over it. Go back to the tomb and enter 


Light players, you cannot regenerate your Force points normally due to the dark
energy in the tomb. Dark players will find their Force points return as normal.
Light players can still regain their Force points, they just get it back at a
VERY VERY slower rate. So, light players use the Force sparingly and only when
you need to.

1.  Malak

We get a vision of Malak recruiting Jedi to fight in the Mandalorian wars. What
you say in this vision doesn't matter unless you're dark. If you say you will
join Malak in the cause you get dsp. All dialogue options will lead to combat
however. Target Malak and once you defeat him the rest of the people in the 
vision will disappear. Or if you are having trouble defeating Malak try a
multiple enemy attack like Force wave or Force storm.

Take the north door. Follow the path as it turns east and open the door. Kill
the shyrack here and loot the room. Go back to the intersection, take the south
door, follow the path, open the door, kill the shyrack, and loot the room. Go
back to the intersection and open the east door.

2.  Jedi Entombed

Continue east attacking the shyrack. Soon you will find a severed arm with a
datapad. Interesting. Open the door and kill TONS of shyrack. Continue east
following the long pathway until you reach another door. Enter.

3.  Minefield

Basically it's another vision of you back on Duxun where the Mandalorians mined
a strategic point. There is no light option, just avoid saying the following
dark path:

The battle is an invaluable opportunity. We will fight on.

DSP War calls for blood. Yours was taken that day...

DSP The only casualties that mattered in that war were Jedi...

If you didn't do the dark path just disable/recover the mines. Whatever you do,
Mandalorians will attack the Republic soldier visions. You can help if you want
but you won't get xp for killing anything.

At the end of the mined path take the south door, kill the shyrack, and loot 
the room. Now go to the north door and kill the shyrack. Once all rooms have
been explored take the east door and follow the path. At the T junction a hssis
will attack you. Kill it. Take the south door, kill the shyrack, and follow the
path to another door. You have found the dead Jedi. Searching it will complete
the Jedi Entombed quest.

Completing the quest is not all it does though. Searching the corpse summons
two hssiss. You can kill them and continue on your merry way or you can search
the corpse again. And again. And again. Each time you search the dead Jedi two
hssis will spawn. Infinate experience. Have fun getting those feats and force
powers you want! Be sure to save your game after leveling up because the game
can freeze if you select the dead Jedi way too many times.


Obviously light players are at a disadvantage with this infinate experience 
spawn point. However you can work around that. By selecting the dark Force 
power drain Force you can get your Force points back up with ease. At the 
master level you can go from very little Force points to a full bar with one
cast depending on how many times you search the dead Jedi.

When you're done having fun leveling up go back to the intersection and take 
the north door.

4.  Kreia Vs. Atton

It's just another vision. There are a number of things you can do here, but the
best thing to do is side with Kreia. Then say either:

LSP I will protect you, Kreia, so that you may be redeemed later.

DSP We are on the same side, you and I.

One hit usually takes them all out. After they are dead you can repeat the 
vision again. And again. And again. Each time you do so you gain lsp or dsp
depending on what you choose. Eventually though you will need to get past the
vision in order to get out of the cave. Once you've gotten your mastery of the
light/dark side back (dark players should have it long before the cave) say

I think I'll just stand back and watch.

You are all just visions anyway. It doesn't matter what I do.

You fight everyone. One hit takes out all but Kreia, and she isn't hard to 
kill. Once the vision is over follow the path east.

5.  Revan

We see a vision of Darth Revan now, and of course we have to fight him/her. It
isn't hard. Once Revan is dead Kreia should contact you. If she does not then
your game is glitched. You will have to reload from an earlier save, possibly
the one before you entered the tomb. Anyway, once Kreia pipes in at any point
say you are ready to leave. She unlocks the door for you saying to search the
tomb you are in.

Search the sarcophagus, north door, and south door for booty. Then open the 
east door and exit the tomb for good. You're back in the shyrack caves. Pick
two people to be in your party and exit the caves.

Follow the path that goes east and curves to the south. Kill the tuk'ata. You
have reached the Sith Academy entrance. The door is wide open just for you!
Enter. All party members will pipe in before you go in. Hanharr's is especially
funny with a certain line from Star Wars Episode IV...but we lose INF with 
that line. Oh well.

E.  Sith Academy

1.  Trapped

There's Sion again! He commands more Sith Assassins to go after you. And the
door seals shut behind you. Uh oh!

Kill the creatures at the entrance then follow the path south. You will 
eventually reach the Sith Assassins. Kill them. After they are dead take the
northeast door using security or your lightsaber. Loot the first footlocker
then continue down the path. At the end more assassins will attack. Kill them.
There's one more footlocker to search then go back to the circular room.

Go down the south passage and open the door. Go to the end of the path for...
nothing...? Nope not for nothing! Once you go back to the circular room more
assassins attack you. Slaughter them and go back to the circular room.

Go west. There's a bag with useless information about using stealth to hide 
from the tuk'ata. Beyond the bag is tuk'ata to kill. Eliminate them. You might
have passed some intersections while killing the creatures. Go back to the 
first intersection and go north. At the very top room there are more assassins
and a footlocker. Take care of them then go back to the hallway and continue
west. Go south. Both rooms have footlockers to search. The most southern one
will have a datapad that tells you how to access the computer panels as a 

Go back to the hallway and take the north path straight ahead. One footlocker
to raid. Go back to the hallway again and continue west. Raid the chewed 
Twi'lek corpse for a datapad saying you need thorium charges to open the door.
Go to the door and more assassins will attack. Destroy them. Go back east and
take the second hallway south from the sealed door. Before selecting the 
computer panel go to the end room and loot the footlocker. Now select the 

Enter in New Recruit to get your student ID number: 3401726-B853S5O0X001. If 
your computer use is high you will remember it. If not then you'll have to
enter the correct option. After that select access learning material. It opens
the door to the library. Next take the level one written test and begin the
test. The answers are:

Freedon Nadd



I always lie

Passion - Strength - Power - Victory

After you have completed the test select access training room. Log out. Sith
assassins will attack you as soon as you log out. Kill them. Go back to the
circular room.

Take the northwest room into the library. As you go in *more* assassins try to
kill you. Take care of them and continue onwards. Search the bag at the end 
then open the footlocker with security OR a mine. Don't bash it because it will
explode. You now have thorium charges. Go back to the sealed door and use them
to blow it up. Go in the room and raid both footlockers. If you set Revan as
dark side the Sith Holocron will have Bastila in it talking about what happened
to Revan from her point of view. If you set Revan to light side the Sith
Holocron will be broken. Go back to the circular room.

Take the east hallway. Do you see those lights on the ground? Avoid them. They
are gas traps. At the end of the hallway more assassins attack you. Show them
how bad of a mistake attacking you is. Once they're dead go south and select
the computer panel in the room. Select begin training sequence and fight the
starving tuk'ata. After they are dead select the computer again. It will say
you failed due to elapsed time and opens the north door.

Go through the newly opened door to see Master Lonna Vash dead in a cage. Oh
dear...If you say "I might have killed her myself..." you get dsp. Search 
Lonna Vash's remains for a datapad. Before she was captured she created a 
system account under her name that would allow the door to be opened back to 
the valley. Great! Select the computer panel, access system commands, enter
"Lonna Vash," open the front door, and log out.

2.  Darth Sion

Go back to the circular room and Darth Sion will be there. It doesn't matter
what you say, it all leads to combat. If you want more xp, kill the Sith
Assassins first then target Sion. Eventually Kreia will chime in saying you
can't defeat Sion. She tells you to run away. Strangely if you are male he 
orders the Sith Assassins to persue you while if you are female he tells them
to not harm you.

We're done with Korriban. Go back to the Ebon Hawk.

F.  Post Korriban Ebon Hawk

If things are working right T3 will chime in when you enter the Ebon Hawk 
saying Kellborn has a message for you. Say "Thanks T3. Please tell me what
Kellborn said" for +INF. Essentially it is time to return to Duxun.

If you've been following this guide the entire time then there isn't any loose
end to tie up at the moment. The only thing to do is have Kreia reattune the
YOURNAME crystal. After that on to Duxun!

X.  Onderon/Duxun Finale

Once out of the Ebon Hawk talk to the Mandalorian guide to take you to the 
Mandalorian camp. You automatically talk to Kellborn. He says General Vaklu
accused the Queen of treason. Iziz has fallen into civil war.

Basically we need to split our party in two. One group needs to attack the Sith
tomb on Duxun. The other group needs to fight the Onderon Civil War.

For the leader of this group you can choose several people:

Handmaiden / Disciple




I usually use Visas for the task, but anyone is fine as long as you have turned
them into Jedi (and if you've been using my guide you have.) Choose two more.
As long as you don't pick any droids you won't have any problems. If you are a
light player send Mira as there are going to be a path full of mines.

A.  Tomb Raider

You are now in control of the three who you chose to attack the tomb. Make sure
they are all equipped, leveled up, and ready to go. Follow the path. Attack the
bomas. Continue to follow the path and you will see mines. If you can recover
them do so, otherwise disable them. After a moment the Mandalorian points out
a sensor to you. It will detect anything that gets close to it. If you brought
someone skilled with demolitions you can make a detonation pack. If not then it
doesn't matter too much. You're going to kill them all anyway.

Go past the sensor, disabled or not, and into the large clearing. Kill the 
boma to the south. After it is dead go north and attack the chain gun turrets.
Beyond the turrets are Sith soldiers. They're weaklings. You can slice the
computer if you want to access system commands and run "foothold" scenario 
where the droids and turrets attack everything if you want. Otherwise leave it
alone. There are logs in there but it's nothing important.

Go northeast. You'll see Sith and Boma near a huge ramp up. Kill them. Go up
the ramp and kill the Sith, turrets, and Dark Jedi. There are a lot of them!
Loot any remains and enter the tomb door to the north. Kill the Lieutenant,
open the door, and kill both Sith Lords. Continue onwards into the Tomb of
Freedon Nadd.

The Mandalorian catches up with you and gives you some background about the
tomb. Apparently Freedon Nadd was worse than Malak and Revan...probably a 
matter of perspective since Onderon wasn't directly affected by the Jedi Civil

At any rate we are at the tomb. Go north. We see a cutscene of a Sith 
commanding other Sith to attack you. Yawn. Continue north to the intersection.
At the intersection go east. Kill the Sith that get in your way. Follow the
path to a circular room and kill the droids. To the left of where you entered
is Dark Side Energy. Select it. You can either control your emotions (lsp) or
bask in the power of the dark side (dsp.)

Loot the area and save before selecting the ancient box. The ancient box has a
puzzle to solve in order to open it and this one has two correct answers. The
game will randomly pick one. If one of them doesn't work reload and do the next
one. Select the ancient terminal by the box. The answer is one of these two:

(6 * 2) - 8 + 9 / 1 = 13

(6 * 2) - 8 + 9 * 1 = 13

You get random lightsaber parts for opening it. You can repair the broken droid
if you want and use the workbench. When you're done go to the intersection
again and take the west path. Kill all the Sith that dare stand in your way.

This ancient terminal has only one correct answer. It wants you to replace one
module. Module C is the one that needs to be replaced. You can repair the 
medical droid if you want. Go back to the intersection and go north. Kill any
Sith left standing.

Open the barrier. Kill the Dark Jedi. Continue north down the ramp and kill
more Sith. Take the east path first. Loot the wicker bins and go through the
door. Follow the long path, kill more Sith, and continue to follow the path as
it turns north. A few Sith will think they can beat you with almighty beasts
like...boma...yawn...Kill them. Select the ancient terminal to lower the lever.
The door to the north that was closed is now open.

Go back to the last intersection we were at, killing the Sith that dare attack
you along the way. Take the west path next and do the same thing you did on the
east path. The only difference is there is no need to use the ancient terminal
as you have already opened the door. Another difference is there is another 
dark side energy spot next to the computer. Enjoy!

Go back to the intersection and take the north path. Kill the troopers.
Continue onwards to the Sith Masters. They break the ritual and say that you 
are too late. No we aren't :) Be violent for dsp or attempt to convert them for
lsp. What you say doesn't matter, it all leads up to a fight. Have everyone in
the party target the same guy then move on to the next. Use melee or power
shields, these guys are tough.

Once they are dead loot the area. You'll get Freedon Nadd's short lightsaber.
Nice but not really that useful. Go back south and talk to Xarga. This party is
now finished with what it needed to do. We're now going to rejoin the exile to
fight in the...

B.  Onderon Civil War

We get to use a Basilisk war droid to take Onderon by surprise! Choose your 
party (we obviously can't choose the three who went to raid the tomb) then 
fight everything that attacks you. Go towards the sky ramp. If you're working
with the Queen someone at the sky ramp will escort you towards the battle. If
you're working for Vaklu Tobin will talk to you before you get to the ramp.
Either way Kavar is in the palace with the Queen. Go up the sky ramp.

After some exchange of dialogue you're on the ramp. Go forward and attack all
that stand in your way. Once you reach a large open area and have killed all
the enemeies, go into the turret tower to the east of where you entered the
large open area. Kill the soldiers inside. Access the terminal and deactivate
the forceshield barrier. You can also control the turret if you want but it's
not necessary. Continue on killing all those who are foolish enough to get in
your way. Eventually you will reach the entrance to the palace.

Tobin talks to you no matter who you are working for. If you're working with 
the Queen he locks the door and a huge beast is attempting to break the force
field to the throne room. If you're working for Vaklu, he is locked out and 
needs you to to help him get in.

Whoever you are with doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. Light and
dark players alike do the same steps in the same order to get to the throne
room. Take the south path. The south path is made up of enemy soldiers. Kill
them all and watch out for the mines. Go all the way east killing everything
that stands in your way.

Take the last door to the north in this hallway, attack the guards. Kiph from
the Sullio murder case will be a slicer on the opposite side. Interesting. Go
through the other door. Kill the droids, open the door, and kill the troops.

Talk to Kiph. Strangely not killing him is not a lsp alignment change. But 
killing him is good for dsp! Deal with him however you see fit. Next select
the computer terminal, pull up system commands, then disable the terminal. Go
back towards the intersection. Be sure to explore the other room to the north
and kill anything that remains.

Once you are at the intersection go north. Sith and boma will be here. Go into
the first room you see, kill the enemies, and loot the museum. From there you
can go through the next door or go back to the hallway it doesn't matter they
both lead to the same place. Continue to follow the path.

Go into the next room you come to and kill everything inside. Follow the rooms
until it hits a dead end. Use the security terminal and disable it. Go back out
and follow the path to the last door. You have to solve a puzzle to get to it.
The answers are:




Loot the area and go back to the intersection. Whichever side you are on the
beast that has been breaking the force field has gone wild. Despite what Tobin
says we need to kill it. Once it's dead go into the throne room. Once you reach
2/3 of the way in all the opposing forces drop to
the throne. You'll either fight Vaklu and his soldiers or Kavar and the Queen.

If you fight Kavar he isn't difficult if you utalize flurry/master speed. If 
you don't use that he can take your health down pretty quick. Interestingly
Queen Talia is HARDER than Kavar to beat. You have your party members fighting
with you though so that is a plus. General Vaklu is not hard to defeat at all.
After the battle and talking or not talking to Kavar we are placed by the Ebon

C.  Post Onderon Ebon Hawk

Take a look at the general inventory. The time has come where you need to have
your character focus more on strength and wisdom boosts than defense. You will
be glad you did for the battles ahead. Give the best strength and wisdom boosts
to the exile. I would upgrade a few of the high powered guns as well. We are
coming to the "no turning back point" like the one in Kotor I. Once you do what
needs to be done on Dantooine it is the "no turning back point." Be sure that
you have completed all side quests and done everything you wanted to do. You
will see other workbenches, but you will no longer get a choice of party 

There's only one loose end to take care of. Talk to Geeda and get her shop 
upgraded by trading with the Mandalorians on Duxun. You can buy the HK Protocol
Pacifist Package and install it on HK if you want. It's a rather amusing show.
Beyond that take care of any loose ends and head off to Dantooine.
XI.  Dantooine Finale

Go to the Jedi Enclave. It has been rebuilt and you can now enter through the
entrance that was caved in. Go inside. Kreia will sit and rest if you took her
with you. If you didn't take her she will follow you later.

If you are dark, you've killed all of the Jedi Council. There's no one left at
all. Say what you want there is no alignment changes. Kreia will lecture you 
and ask you questions. No matter what you say she will tell you that you have
failed her. She drains you of life and leaves you for dead, but doesn't fully
kill you.

If you are light the Jedi council will attempt to cut you off from the Force.
Say what you want, there's no alignment or INF changes. Kreia stops them from
cutting you off, kills them, and leaves you for dead but doesn't fully kill 

If you are male Handmaiden takes Kreia to Atris because Kreia is a Sith and 
Handmaiden believes you are dead. If you are female, the other handmaidens come
to Kreia and take her to Atris.

When you rise you gain a new force power. Light players will get Force 
Enlightenment. With one cast it activates your best of your speed, armor, and
valor abilities. It is very handy to have. Dark players will get Force Crush.
You can instantly do 100-200 damage to a single foe and the foe stops while 
taking damage. The dark power isn't as useful as the light power though.

Leave the enclave to be instantly taken to the Ebon Hawk. Atton gives you the
lowdown on what happened. He says that Kreia is going to Telos where Atris will
execute her...and your bond still remains...uh oh! Time to go to Telos!

You might also get a scene of a party member of a different sex coming to talk
to you. It doesn't go far into romance and it's as close as you'll get to it in
this game.

XII.  Telos Finale

A.  Hidden Base

We see a cutscene of Kreia and Atris talking. Kreia "helps" Atris realize she
has fallen to the dark side. Kreia is the past Darth Traya and Atris is the
current Darth Traya.

Males have it slightly different than females. Handmaiden will fight Atris 
first. What "Handmaiden" says makes no difference. Master speed with flurry if
you gave that to Handmaiden. Once Atris is nearly dead she casts force

Go to the meeting chamber. It should be on your map of the area because we 
explored it all way, way back. Follow the path to the east to the Meditation
Chamber. It's basically a chamber filled with Sith holocrons.

Now comes the fight with Atris. If you are light, use Force Enlightenment and
master flurry. If you're dark, use Force Crush. This is probably the only time
Force Crush is useful. Atris goes down easily. You can either let her live or
kill her. If you let her live it's quite a long dialogue sequence. She tells
you the Sith are striking from Malachor V. You can then again decide whether to
kill her or not. You also learn that the Lord of Hunger is on his way to Telos
to consume it. Uh oh!

If you kill her right off the bat, Kreia will speak to you through the Sith
holocrons. She tells you there must always be a Darth Traya and if it's not 
Atris then she will assume that role. She tells you that the Lord of Hunger is
on his way to Telos. She tells you after you have dealt with him to go to
Malachor V.

If you don't go to Malachor V afterwards, Kreia threatens to sacrifice herself,
taking your life with hers through the bond. Joy.

If you're Male you go back to find the Handmaiden alive. She tells you her true
name and swears herself to your service. Yay!

B.  Citadel Station

You meet up with Grenn who tells you of the situation. All you have to do is
kill Sith, Sith, and more Sith. Pretty much the same as the Onderon Cival War
really. You have Atton in your party to start off with, but you can change it
if you want. In fact bring a third party member in to help out.

Go south through the open doorway. Mandalore tells you he's gathering more 
troops to help with the assault on The Ravager. Yay! Follow the path 
progression. You see Zherron or Azkul depending on how Dantooine played out.
Each one gives a motivation speach and they run off to the north. Follow them
to battle! There are four mines in front of the Sith, so watch it. Once all
Sith are dead go east into Residential Module 082 East.

A TSF officer says the Sith brought out Turrets. But turrrets are nothing next
to the power of the Force! Go east and kill everything that stands in your way.
Once you kill everyone go along the north wall and take the shuttle to 
Entertaiment Module 081.

There is a wounded Onderon soldier in front of you. With a good treat injury
you can heal him if you want. Or you can just ignore him and continue on. Go
southwest and open the module door. Kill all that dare stand in your way and
follow the path to another module door. Open it. Go south then west then north
up the other path. Open the module door and kill all the Sith inside the TSF

Go directly south of the TSF station to the shuttle. Mandalore destealths and
says he will join you in the assault. Visas also says she will go with you.
Agree with her (you don't really have a choice.) Go forward to talk to 
Mandalore and tell him let's go. We are no off too...

XIII.  The Ravager

We get a cutscene of Carth or Cede then we dock onto the ship. Then we see the
Mandalorians charging through the ship. Nice.

A.  Command Deck

Loot the room you are in then go south. From now until the time you leave the
ship I would put master energy resistance on at all times. Open the west door,
kill the Sith, and follow the path as it turns south. There's more Sith behind
the door at the end. Kill them. Use your lightsaber on the security door and
loot the room. Continue south. Open the first door you come to that leads east.
Kill the Sith, loot the room, and continue following the path as it curves 

Open the south door and and set one of the proton cores there. Continue to
follow the path east. Kill the pathetic, weak Sith. Open the north door to a
hallway and another door. Go through to find a whole Sith unit. Kill them. 
Continue north through the door, hallway, and door. More Sith to slaughter and
a locker to loot. The west door leads back to the start point, so backtrack
south then open the east door.

Take the south hallway first and use your lightsaber on the security door. Loot
the room. Go to the north hallway and follow it as it turns east. Take the 
first south door. There is a workbench and lockers to loot. This room is the
missile bay. Remember the room because we will be coming back to it later. For
now continue following the path east. Take the east door, kill, and loot. The
north path goes nowhere so take the south path to a large open area. Kill all
the Sith in this area and go south. The east door has nothing and the west door
has one locker. Continue south to the end of the path.

Place another proton core here then backtrack to the long high ceiling hallway.
Go east and kill the Sith. You should have a choice to go north or south. Take
the north door, go through the room and open the other north door. Go east and
open the first north door you come to. Place a third proton core here.

Suddenly a big boom happens. One of the proton cores detonated prematurely 
during a Sith attack. Oh dear...go back to the missile bay (west, south, west
through open doors then north after the high ceiling hallway, west at the
junction, then south.) Select the Missile Bay Control. Seal the doors then
activate the launch sequence. Override the emergency sequence then select the
missile bay. The proton core is now unlocked from the bay and can be removed.
Take it.

Backtrack to where you were (it is labeled as Bomb Site Four on your map) and
follow the path as it curves south. The east door leads to the bridge. We don't
need to go there quite yet, so open the west door beside the entrance to this
room. Take the north door and catch up with Colonel Tobin.

Tobin doesn't offer much useful information. We already know more than he does.
Deal with him however you see fit there is no alignment change. If you kill him
you will get +INF with Mandalore.

Open the east security door and loot the room. The west door leads to an area
we have alrady been. Backtrack south into the next room and open the south 
door. Take the next south door and kill the Sith. Open the east security door
and loot the room. Take the south door next and go west. Place the final proton
core down.

Go east, take the south door, and loot the room. Go back to the hallway and
follow it as it curves north. Visas will say the door leads to her cell. Ask
her if there is anything she needs. Let her center herself. She will get closer
to light/dark mastery depending on your alignment. Her chambers have nothing in
it but the security door has two lockers to loot. Go back to the hallway and
go north. Now we can take the east hallway to the bridge. Kill the Sith and
open the door to go into the bridge.

B.  Bridge

Loot the locker and go west through the door. Kill the Sith, loot the room, 
take the north door, and loot the room. Backtrack south and take the south 
door. More weak Sith to kill. After they are dead go through the west door. 
Dark Jedi and Sith are here. They fall to your lightsaber/powers easily.

Take the north door and kill the Sith. Continue north through the door and loot
the room. Backtrack south and take the unopened west door. Continue west 
through the door.

C.  Darth Nihilus

Follow the long way to Nihilus. What you say here doesn't matter. He attempts
to use his power on you but fails. Enter combat mode. Master flurry with Force
Enlightenment/Master Speed and Force Resistance/Immunity will help. Two master
flurries with master speed should get him down to half health. Once he is at
half health Visas will exclaim he is too powerful. Somehow she holds it 
together and the fight resumes. Recast master speed and flurry his health away.
It shouldn't take more than 2 or 3 hits if you have followed my advice on which
prestige class to take and increasing your strength through items.

Once he is dead ask Visas to give you the mask. You can't wear it but it gives
you an increase to your Force points. Nihilus melts and Visas says you are her
master now.

It's time to bail. Exit the ship and watch The Ravager get blown to pieces. If
you set Revan to light side, Carth will talk to you about Revan. He's just
saying Revan went to fight against the true threat of the galaxy, which is the
real Sith. Afterwards you go to Malachor V.

If you set Revan as dark, you don't talk with anyone when you're done with the
ship. You just go straight to...

XIV.  Malachor V

We get a cutscene of Darth Traya and Darth Sion. It isn't too terribly 

A.  Ebon Hawk Area

I'm all alone...there's no one here beside me...

Yup, the exile is completely alone. The Ebon Hawk crash seperated your party
members. Boo.

See the green cracks in the ground? They will spew out poison gas if you go 
over them, so don't stop on them.

Go forward. At the intersection go north. There's a corpse to loot on the path.
Continue following the path and stay to the north. You should see a command
console and a corpse. Loot the corpse. The command console is for later.
Backtrack the way you came and go south to the path that leads east. This will
take you towards the Ebon Hawk. We're doing this to kill all the storm beasts.
We need to kill them for something that happens later.

Once you're sure no storm beasts are in the way, go back to the command console
and take the southwest path this time. Kill the storm beasts. There is a corpse
on the west side of the open area. Follow the path south to kill more beasts.
At the junction take the southeast path. Follow it killing the storm beasts and
looting both corpses along the way. The path leads back up to the path to the
Ebon Hawk.

Go back to the junction and take the southeast path this time. It will go to a
circular path. Go full circle around to ensure you get all the storm beasts, 
then follow the path south. The path will curve to the west. Keep following it
and loot the corpse before you get to the bridge. When the path splits stay to
the south and continue west. You should see another buried Republic ship and
a corpse with loot in front of it.

From the ship go north. Ignore the path to the west going to the Malachor 
Depths for now and continue north. The path that branches off to the northeast
has nothing, so go northwest. Ignore the south path, kill the storm beast, and
loot both corpses at the end of the path. Go down the south path we just 
ignored. Loot the corpse there. Now take the western exit from this area to...

B.  Malachor Depths

Continue west. Kill the storm beasts. Don't let them gang up on you because
they can take your health down rather quickly if you let multiple beasts attack
you at once. Go north. Take the northwest path as it forks. Search the corpse
at the end and enjoy the view of the Trayus Academy. Go back to the fork and
take the northeast path. Kill the storm beast and loot the corpse. There is no
point in going inside the buried ship.

Backtrack to the south and take the path. Kill the storm beasts and continue 
on. when the path splits, stay to the south. You will find another buried ship.
Ensure no storm beasts are around it and loot the corpse. Explore the middle
and north paths to ensure no storm beasts remain. Then take the path that leads
northwest. You will see a gate. Heal up before going through it.

When you enter the gates will close behind you and a greater storm beast comes
out to attack you. Force Enlightenment or Master Speed with Master flurry will
kill it in two rounds. continue following the path. Soon you'll reach the steps
of the Trayus Academy. When you get close Sith Assassins will de stealth and
bow to you. Interesting. Don't get used to it, they'll attack you inside. The
exile goes stright on into the Trayus Academy.

C.  Mira Vs. Hanharr

Light players will have the Mira Vs. Hanharr fight next. If you made Mira a 
Jedi then it will be easy. Master speed with Master Flurry. Or you can use the
same strategy you used in Visquis' lair if you have enough mines. Once Hanharr
is done you can kill him or let him live. The choice makes zero difference in
alignment changes.

D.  Bao-Dur's Remote

All players will be in control of Bao-Dur's remote next. All you need to do is
program the Mass Shadow Generator using the buried Republic ships. If you
followed my guide line by line you should know where they are. They are marked
on your map. There are two on Malachor's surface, one north and one south, and
there are two more in Malachor Depths. When you reach the console simply enter
the sequence for priming the mass shadow generator and log out.

Once you have primed all four locations Bao-Dur will tell the remote it needs
to stay behind in order to destroy the planet. After that GO-TO comes in. He
doesn't want the planet destroyed. If you are dark, GO-TO wins in the 
confrontation. If you are light side, the remote does.

You won't find this information in the game, but due to cut content we don't
see the full confrontation with the remote and GO-TO. Apparently HK-47 
conducted a raid on the factory that was producing HK-50's and reprogrammed 
them. HK-47 and the HK-50's destroy GO-TO if you are a light player or if you
are a dark player they destroy the remote. Just wanted to add that extra tid
bit in there because I certainly was confused by the confrontation.

At any rate, we now join the exile in the...
E.  Trayus Academy

Right off the bat we have an elite Sith Assassin to attack. Master speed and
flurry will take him down easily. Behind him are three Sith Assassins. They go
down easily with the same attacks.

Go north and you will find more Sith Assassins to attack. Kill them. Once they
are all dead take the northeast door. Follow the path to another door. Kill the
assassins and follow the path as it goes southeast. Take the south door and
follow the path as it goes all the way down, killing anyone who is foolish 
enough to get in your way. Open the east door and go south, killing the Sith.
There's a locked metal box at the bottom hiding from you. Open it. Go back 
north and enter the next area into the Trayus Proving Grounds.

Go south, open the door, and kill more Sith. They don't learn that it isn't a
good idea to stand around in groups do they? Go south and open the door for 
more dark Jedi. They should be no match for you. Go east and find even more
Dark Jedi with Sith. Kill them. Open the eastern door, kill the marauders, and
then go south. Go all the way down to the south door. Open it and kill the 
Sith. This is the final workbench you will see in the game. Make sure 
everything is upgraded to your liking.

All but the middle door going east has nothing in it. Go through the eastern
middle door, terminate the Sith, go through the following door, and kill more
weak pathetic Sith. Take the north door. Shocker! An empty room! Go through the
west door and kill the turrets. Open the north door. Dark Jedi and a Sith Lord
are in here, but no match for your powers. Go through the west door and kill
more enemies. Continue onward to the west with still more enemies.

Go through the north door. Sith and turrets huh? You think that's going to stop
us? Hah! Kill them. Continue north into an empty room that leads back to the
Trayus Academy.

Take out the baddies and loot the metal boxes. Open the west door, kill more
weaklings, and continue west. Go towards the north door and you will meet up
with Darth Sion.

1.  Darth Sion

Sion is tricky. You can bring his health down to 0 again. And again. And again.
He just won't die! Well if we can't beat him in combat, we must beat him in
wits and will. That's right, we're going to talk the Lord of Pain into giving
up his hate and die. This is really more of a trial and error thing. If you 
are good in [Persuade] then it should be relatively easy to convince him about
what Kreia is doing. If you don't have a high [Persuade]...well...good luck!
Use Master Flurry along with Force Enlightenment/Master Speed to bring his 
health down. You should be able to do it every time with two or three attacks.

After Sion is dead loot his remains. If you want to use the crystal he has in
your lightsaber go back to the workbench. Otherwise open the north door and go 

Note: You could explore the other side of the academy if you wish, but it's
essentially the same with the exact same enemies.

2.  Darth Traya

The final boss of the game. Kreia can be difficult or she can be easy depending
on how you built your character. She always seems to have twice as much
vitality as you do.

If you chose a Sentinal with prestige class upgrade of Weapon Master/Marauder
then it should be relatively easy. Force enlightenment, strength increasing
items, and master flurry will dominate Kreia. For dark siders master speed,
strength increasing items, and master flurry will get the job done, though not
as well as a light sider (due to force valor, barrier, and armor providing 
buffs to the character.) Using this strategy my light side Sentinal/Weapon
Master was able to flurry away Kreia's full health in 3 or 4 attacks.

If you didn't choose a Weapon Master/'s going to take a few
more attacks to get her health down. Might want to cast force immunity, use a
melee shield, and stims to take her down.

Like the last game though there's a twist! Once Kreia's health gets down low
you cut off her other hand and (after a meaningless dialogue exchange) she
summons three lightsabers to attack you at once.


They will kill you easily if all three, or even two of them are attacking you
at once. Yes even you Jedi Guardians with a prestige class upgrade of Weapon
Master/Marauder will have trouble. What you need to do instead is run around
the pillars in the area and get to where the lightsabers are in one straight
line. If you do it right only one will attack you at a time. Flurry away with
master speed/Force enlightenment. Force powers don't really work well on them

Once all the lightsabers are dead Kreia offers you a glimpse into the future.
You have completed the game. If you are light you go off into the unknown where
Revan went to fight the true Sith in the unknown region and Malachor V is

If you are dark, Malachor V is not destroyed. You are now in control of the
Trayus Academy where you stand there...plotting evil deeds...

XV.	Credits

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XVI.	Contact Policy

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Star Wars Kotor II in the subject line is preferred, but as long as you have 
"star wars" somewhere in the subject line and clarify which game you are asking
about or giving information for I will respond to it. The second rule is please
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XVII.	Legal

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XVIII.	Version History

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Feburary 6, 2013

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XIX.	Future Updates

Play through the game a few more times to see if I missed anything.

Work on the glitches section.