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Follow the dark path or use the light
Otogi 2 Pack Shot

Otogi 2



by CLLi

Otogi 2 - Immortal Warriors

   Version 1.2

      Guide by CLLi a.k.a. sunny_d2

Table of Contents
I. Introduction

II. Basics
   A. Characters
   B. MP and Life
   C. Combos
   D. Magic

III. Advanced
   A. Attributes
   B. In-Game Status
   C. Here and There Information
   D. Lock-on Dash
   E. Dash Jump
   F. Experience Sites and Gold Mines
   G. Mercy Orb
   H. In-depth Character Analysis

IV. Stage Walkthroughs
   A. Stage Elements
   B. Stage Walkthroughs
      0. Sanctuary
      1. A Peaceful Grave
      2. Sacred Grove
      3. Water's Edge
      4. Shrine of Idols
      5. Prison of Stone
      6. Valley of Mist
      7. Fire Mountain
      8. Byakko Palace
      9. Lotus Pond
      10. The Spirit Tree
      11. Beneath the Earth
      12. Inner Sanctum
      13. Crimson Capital
      14. River of Souls
      15. The Blossom Trail
      16. Temple of Darkness
      17. Dungeon of Death
      18. Tower of Bones
      19. Northern Mountains
      20. The Golden Sea
      21. The Quiet River
      22. The Frozen Lake
      23. The Dead Gates
      24. Tower of Hate
      25. Dark Abyss
      26. Gates of Heaven
      27. Full Moon Rising
   C. Forest of Havoc
      1. Ninety-Nine Arches
      2. Demon's Grotto
      3. Black Monoliths
      4. Angel's Flight
      5. Last Stand
      6. Mana from Heaven
      7. Grassy Meadow
      8. Ghoul Hunt
      9. March of Ships
      10. Trapped
      11. Guardian of Byakko
      12. Gates of Darkness
      13. Puzzle Boxes
      14. Path of Worship
      15. Scarlet Boxes
      16. Demon Guide
      17. Flood of Demons
      18. A Quiet Moon

V. Weapons, Magic, Accessories, Costumes and Beastiary
   A. Weapons
   B. Magic
   C. Accessories
   D. Costumes
   E. Beastiary

VI. Miscellaneous
   A. Credits
   B. Legal
   C. Version History
   D. Contact

I. Introduction

Ah, the long stalled guide to Otogi 2. It's finally out - hope you find it

Otogi is a beautiful game series. The first game presented astounding graphics
for the Xbox game system. Otogi 2 is even more impressive. Along with that, 
the game is also very fun. 

Overall storyline, little spoiling: Raikoh is summoned again and with the aid
of other summoned generals, defeats demons. There is one ultimate trouble
maker and that is the nine-tailed fox. The game ends in the same tranquil 
stasis as Otogi 1. 

The second game adds considerable depth into the Otogi world. There are
about the same number of weapons, but spread over the different characters;
there are more spells, more accessories, more levels, etc. 

Here is the default button layout and is what I will be using for my guide. 

A - Jump
B - Light Attack
X - Magic
Y - Strong Attack
L Trigger - Lock on
R Trigger - Dash
Left Thumbstick - Movement of Raikoh 
Left Thumbstick (Click) - Center Camera Behind Raikoh
Right Thumbstick - Movement of Camera
Right Thumbstick (Click) - Toggle Enemy Health Bar
[Unused] - Black button, white button, Select, D-Pad

The main menu consists of the..
Stage menu - plays available next stage(s)
Equip menu - change your weapon, magic and accessory setup for all characters
Shop menu - shop for magic, accessories and develops
Cleared Stages menu - allows for replay of previous cleared stages
Options menu - save, load, change configuration

[Important] The only way to save your game is to go into the Options menu and 
select Save. The "saving" that you see after completing a stage only saves
the condition of that stage, not your game. [Important]

II. Basics

A. Characters

The most dramatic change from Otogi to Otogi 2 is the addition of 5 other
playable characters. They are like Raikoh such that they can be equiped and
leveled up, but they specialize in unique pros and cons. 

Raikoh - He is the main character of the story. His abilities are balanced and
every stage, when applicable can be completed by using him. There is no 
special ability, but he is extremely versatile.
   Pros: Versatile, lock-on dash, ultimately the strongest
   Cons: nothing, hell, Otogi 1 was all about him

Kintoki - The stout and strong general under Raikoh. Kintoki has the highest
potential life orbs and he has the naturally highest defense. His ways of
attacking reflects his nature. His light attack has the equivalent power of
another character's strong attack. Furthermore, his strong attack is actually
a grab, which can be followed up by a throwing of the grabbed enemy.
   Pros: High max life, powerful light attack
   Cons: Slow, no double jump or powerful magic

Tsuna - Tsuna is very much like Raikoh but with more crowd control. He wields
a dual-bladed sword and a blade on the left arm. At the end of some combos, 
he sends out a shockwave damaging enemies in a fairly wide area.
   Pros: Great crowd control, high combos, lock-on dash
   Cons: A very "horizontal" character, slow heavy attack

Sadamitsu - Speed and combos are Sadamitsu's specialties. Though these come
at the price of endurance and strength. Her mobility is her greatest asset. 
With the longest dash, she can reach enemies in a split second and combo them.
Depending on what combo is done, Sadamitsu can throw her scythe or send a
projectile bird that freezes enemies or just rack up tons of hits.
   Pros: Excellent dash, jump after attack/dash, long combos, lock-on dash
   Cons: Weak defense, weak attacks, slow heavy attack

Suetake - Suetake is one of the two "spellcastors" of the game. He has some
very unique talents. His regular attacks are weak, but they have a wide area
of effect (AoE) efficient at knocking back enemies.
   Pros: Mobile charging, large AoE attack, walk on water, infinite jump
   Cons: Slow, low life, no lock-on dash

Seimei - An oddball character. She is the best spellcastor; she has a weak
attack; she can grab enemies. Her strength comes from the many different ways
she can kill enemies. Seimei also has a sort of, infinite jump, her grab
projects her upward and spamming this means she'll gain altitude.
   Pros: Strong magic, grab, lock-on dash, jump after attack/dash
   Cons: Extremely weak attack, inefficient heavy attack

B. MP and Life

Every character has an MP meter and a life meter. The meters are represented
by the two fans, red for life and blue for MP. There are also beads that also
represent life.

The current life fan represents one bead. Like all other games, as you take
damage, your life goes down, but your life regenerates really quickly when 
you're not taking hits. When the meter on a fan is all the way down, then it
permanently takes away a life bead (in that stage). So you have less life 
beads to work with. So avoid taking heavy damage in quick succession. When
you run out of life beads, stage over.

MP has two main purposes in the game. First, used to cast magic. Second, to
sustain your summoned body in this world. What this means is that your MP will
always go down. Once you have no more MP, your life starts to degenerate 
slowly until you obtain more MP, complete the stage or die. It is also used
to keep you "afloat" on top of water, lava, etc. It is represented by the
blue fan beneath the red life fan. The fire "burns" away the fan which is a
lame abstraction of your MP degeneration. Personally, I think that's a bad
design because I can't even see where my MP meter is at, except when I have
Sustain MP. 

These two meters must work in unison. Always pay attention to both of them.

C. Combos

Three commands can be used in a combo. Light attack, heavy attack and magic.
Using them in a specific order may unleash certain unique moves otherwise
hidden. Generally, light attack is a filler attack, it's a move where you 
build other attacks off of. Heavy attack and magic usually ends the combo.

There is a special universal combo that is important. It's the magic combo,
referred to as mCombo from now on. It is a varying string of light attacks
followed by a magic spell, BUT, the magic spell is equivalent to a charged up
spell. This not only is faster than standing and charging, but it also has the
light attacks to lead up to it.

There are many combos in the game. Each character has a different set. Since 
I'm sure you would rather play the game than read this guide to learn all the
combos, I will just list some combos that stand out.

Light Attack - Heavy Attack
Light Attack - Light Attack - Light Attack - Heavy Attack

Light Attack - Light Attack - Heavy Attack

Light Attack - Light Attack - Heavy Attack  (airborne)
Light Attack - Light Attack - Light Attack - Heavy Attack

Light Attack - ad infinitum
Light Attack - Light Attack - Heavy Attack
Light Attack - Light Attack - Light Attack - Heavy Attack
Light Attack - Light Attack - Light Attack - Light Attack - Heavy Attack


Light Attack - Heavy Attack

D. Magic

I talked about magic a lot already, but what is it? 

Magic is divided into four categories, houses they are called. Each are unique
and have their pros and cons. Each have four levels of power, four being the
most powerful. 

Dragon Spell (House of Soryu)
   The Dragon spell releases homing dragons that track down the enemy. A 
charged spell releases fewer dragons, but does more damage over a bigger AoE.
Because of the spell's versatility, it has a high MP cost.
 Dragon Level 4: Blue Storm
   This spell is totally different from it's same house counterparts. Imagine
   Force Push from Fable, but constantly. If you don't know what that is, the
   spell is a shield of whirling magic that repels everything, projectiles
   and enemies. Too bad destructibles don't budge.

Chimera Spell (House of Byakko)
   The Chimera spell calls down a ring of lightning surrounding you. It hits
multiple times and does mild damage. MP costs are the lowest, but it is
slightly difficult to aim with ring of lightning. A charged spell calls a 
giant lightning strike right on you, severly damaging enemies close to you.
 Chimera Level 4: Cosmos
   Again, the level 4 spells are very different. This spell is very damaging.
   You shoot three crystal centipedes in an arc to a predestined position in
   front of you. A charged one shoots one giant one. However, the range is

Phoenix Spell (House of Suzaku)
   The Phoenix spell releases three phoenixs that spread out from the castor.
This spell also sets the enemy on fire upon impact, dealing more damage. A
charged spell releases a giant phoenix that flies directly in front of you.
The MP cost is high.
 Phoenix Level 4: Golden Spider
   The demon spider king uses this. It summons strings of fire to come down
   around you. It damages enemies and sets them on fire. A charged shot 
   just does more damage.

Butterfly Spell (House of Genbu)
   The Butterfly spell releases butterflies that flutter outward. The damage
is mild but the knockback effects are good. A charged spell releases bigger
 Butterfly Level 4: Ice Fang
   Like the butterfly series, Ice Fang is defensive. It shoots dragons that
   travel on the ground straight ahead. It freezes enemies upon impact, and
   there are lots of dragons. So it is possible to immobilize an entire 

III. Advanced

A. Attributes

Attributes make up what a character is capable of. They are raised whenever
you level up, I think, and through various actions in stages. What these
attributes do are my speculations. The in-stage ways to increases these 
attributes kind of conform to your play stay. If you whack more enemies and
destroy lots of debris, then your strength and vitality will go up.. But 
there are also ways to decrease your attributes e.g. casting spells in
succession will decreases strength..

Strength - Determines damage done by physical attacks

Vitality - Determines damage taken by physical attacks

Intelligence - Determines damage done by magical attacks

Resistance - Determines damage taken by magical attacks

Agility - Determines jump height, dash length and run speed

[This is outside of the guide. But if anyone knows what Endurance or Body or
Knowledge anything of the non-listed attributes does, please contact me. I am
puzzled because none of those show up statistically in the game.]

B. In-Stage Status

Raised Attack - Attack is greatly increased for a period of time
Raised Defense - Defense is greatly increased for a period of time
Sustained MP - MP degeneration stops, infinite mana for a period of time
Red Flames - Life goes down for about 3/4 of a life orb
Blue Flames - Life goes down for about 3/2 of a life orb
Drain MP - MP degeneration speeds up for a period of time
Frozen - Immobile

C. Here and There Information

-standing on deep water requires MP, so it will drain faster
-an attempt at standing on deep water with no MP will kill you
-shallow water does not affect MP
-lava acts just like deep water, and also will set you on (red) fire 
-enemies drop 2 things, gold in a small golden sphere and MP in a 
 gold/white/green cloud
-getting knocked back is not extra damage, but colliding with something is
-enemies don't get knocked back... they bounce, like a ball
-landing in water puts you out when you're on fire
-dashing a lot when on fire also puts you out

D. Lock-on Dash

This dash is a special kind of dash. Normal dashing stays consistent in 
distance whichever way you aim. When you lock-on, your movement changes. 

Dashing aside, you side step to strafe the lock-on enemy, you "tip-toe"
backwards. So naturally, dashing is more aggressive. Controlling the dash is
fairly simple; you have 8 directions to work with. I will use the standard
NESW directions to describe the Analog Stick. North (N) is up, Southwest (SW)
is down left, etc.

N - Dash straight at the lock-on enemy.
   This allows you to close in fast, depending on the character. Sadamitsu
   has the longest N Dash, then Seimei, Raikoh, Tsuna, Suetake and Kintoki.

E and W - Dash left or right, respectively.
   This is just strafing the target.

S - Dash backwards.
   I believe the distance dashed is the same as a regular dash. The game
   assumes that when you are locked-on, you're attacking.

NE and NW - Dash upwards right or left, respectively.
   The altitude gained always amazes me. This allows you to have a bird's eye
   view of the enemy. Kintoki can't dash worth beans, but he can sure dash
   upward fast..

SE and SW - Dash downwards right or left, respectively.
   Same as the north counterparts, but downwards.

E. Dash Jump

Dash Jump or dJump for short is when you press Dash (R Trigger) and an attack
(B or Y Button) simultaneously. It counts as a dash, but it has an attack 
with it. dJumping is usually some attack that projects you upward, so it is
used to reach high places. Remember that it's a dash, MP is spent doing this.

F. Experience Sites and Gold Mines

Stated below, it is extremely difficult to beat the game without replaying 
stages. Replaying stages allows you to get missed items, spirits, and 
accumulate EXP and gold. Now a new feature is in Otogi 2. The more times you 
play a certain stage, the less exp you get for what you did. 

Tower of Bones (Stage 18) - infinite Sword Demon Fox
  This is the prime stage to level up.
Tower of Hate (Stage 24) - many skeletons
  Lots of exp here, but a bit difficult for some characters.
Prison of Stone (Stage 5) - many stone golems
  These don't grant much experience after level 10, but this place is good
  for increasing your strength and vitality attributes.
The Frozen Lake (Stage 22) - kill Adara and Kudara
  They provide decent experience, but with the Jeweled Goblet on, you get 37k
  gold each time.

G. Mercy Orb / Attribute Orbs

Mercy Orbs increase the maximum number of beads you can have. When found in
a level, a mercy orb is available to purchase in the shop. They are dropped
by the Mercy Orb Symbol.

Attribute Orbs are orbs that you find in cleverly hidden places in stages. 
They grant the character who finds the orbs the immediate bonus of the 
attributes and they are also added into the shop for purchasing.

H. In-depth Character Analysis

Here is where I talk about each character. The little introduction in the 
basic section is shallow stuff. Onward! Oh, and if you don't like long 
paragraphs, you will not be able to read this next section. 


Raikoh in this game wields only single bladed swords. His swordsmanship has
been kept to par this long time he's been slumbering. So.. doing certain
combos will allow you to do certain things with the enemies being hit.

Four light attacks will not knock back the enemy and will do little damage.
However when doing one light attack and one heavy attack, it does considera-
ble more damage. It pushes the foe forward. Now if you were close to a wall,
you could push enemies into terrain. However, in the air, one light attack
and one heavy attack is a downward smash that sends the enemy downward. 
Raikoh's second combo is two lights and one heavy. On the ground, it slams 
the enemy right into the earth. But in the air, it pushes the enemy forward.
Raikoh's third variation is three light attacks and one heavy attack. It is 
the most damaging combo and it knocks enemies in all directions depending on
where they were. Raikoh spins and hits enemies in 360 degrees. But there are
no multiple hits, so one enemy cannot be struck twice by Raikoh's spin. 

Now, a light attack on ground and in air is of... quick speed. So if you wish
to destroy things quickly, Raikoh's quick strike may be of use. A single
heavy attack on ground is of... medium speed. In air, a heavy attack is a
vertical slam that goes down to whatever is down there. It carries the enemy
with you too. Upon impact (if), there is a small AoE effect so nearby enemies
or destructibles will be hit. This attack is very useful but be careful of 
its effect on your attributes. Raikoh's mCombo is three light attacks and
a spell. Both of Raikoh's dJumps are vertical upward attacks.

Now movement. Raikoh is quick in his movements. I don't know the programming
of the game, but I think Raikoh's collision size is very small. He can 
squeeze between objects and enemies without "touching" anything very easily.
His jumping power will always be one of the best. The recovery time after a
dash is also fairly short so you won't lose much altitude.


Kintoki handles large axes that sometimes acts more like a huge mace than a
hacking weapon. 

Kintoki has three slots for doing combos. Kintoki's single light attack is a
powerful horizontal sweep. It is very versatile. Two light attacks and three
light attacks command Kintoki to do spinning attacks with his axe. Now a 
light attack and a heavy attack is a horizontal slash and a downward smash
with an AoE. With 2x lights and a heavy, it's the same thing. Kintoki's grab
is useful. If he's midair, he will gently lower in altitude. The length of 
the grab depends on how powerful the enemy is. You can adjust the throw's arc
by tilting the analog. 

Kintoki's light attack is ideal for pounding everything. It is rather slow 
and if you accidentally press more than once, his 2x light combo is time
consuming. mCombo is done with 2x lights. The dJump is surprisingly quick.
Doing it multiple times can gain you some height.

Movement is where Kintoki lacks the most. His recovery time from most things
is long. After a combo, after a dash, after he dJumps, etc. The collision 
size is obviously fairly big, so don't expect to jump through thin gaps. Also
with a large collision size, landing is also a challenge. Sometimes you 
notice when you try to land on an edge or hill, Kintoki keeps falling. You 
need to find a big enough area for his big feet to plant.


Tsuna is a serious fighter. He wields a double bladed sword which can be 
separated and a blade on the left arm. But when he strikes enemies, the sound
effect sounds so childish.

Tsuna has some very interesting combos. His single heavy attack is slow and
horizontal, even in air. A light attack and a heavy attack shows off Tsuna's
sword skills. Two lights cause Tsuna to make his first shockwave. The shock-
wave acts as a heavy attack that pushes everyone away. It does far less than
a regular hit, so it's more of a utility move. When Tsuna does this combo
in the air, he slams down vertically then does the shockwave. His 3x light
and heavy combo is just more regular hits, plus the same shockwave move. The
fastest way to send out a shockwave on the ground is to jump a smidge, and
then do the 2x light heavy combo. The difficult thing with this character is
that most of the attacks are horizontal ones. There is only one vertical
attack and that is the 2x light heavy combo. So lock-on dashing is 
recommended to get to enemies. Falling or dJumping is too slow.

Tsuna's light attack is a vertical swing of his weapon. His heavy attack is
horrible because it takes such a long time to execute. The fastest heavy 
attack is the heavy dJump where he uses the blade on his arm, but that 
requires MP. Tsuna's mCombo is done with 3x light attacks.

Tsuna's movement is average. Nothing stands out nor debilitates him. He has
a medium size body, decent jump, decent dash and decent recovery time.


A fragile lady should not use a scythe, maybe small knives or a gun I dunno.
Imagine the possibilities if she had a gun!

Okay, Sadamitsu has many interesting combos. First off, she can go for about
8x light attacks before restarting her string. She'll give a yelp when she
starts from the beginning. One light attack and a heavy gives her a basic
twirl of the scythe. 2x lights give her a twirl plus at the end, she throws
her scythe like a boomerang. The range isn't long, but it's still added 
distance. 3x lights allow her to do a damaging combo and at the end, she
releases a bird (crow?). This bird will freeze any enemy upon impact. You can
imagine its usefulness. The last official combo is 4x light attcks. This deals
quite a lot of damage and to top it off, she uppercuts the enemy with the
scythe at the end. This can be followed up by more combos or what I like to 
do, a single vertical slam attack. Any other heavy attack that follows light
attacks over 5x will just be a basic spin.

Sadamitsu like Raikoh, has the vertical slam move as a midair heavy attack.
This comes in handy a lot, but should not be abused. A single light attack
has a very small range, it's a simple diagonal slash so you have to aim
carefully. To do a horizontal heavy attack in midair, you must use her heavy
dJump. Her light dJump is horrendously slow, so use her natural jumping
ability to reach higher places. Her mCombo is 3x light attacks.

This is where Sadamitsu shines. Her movement is flawless. She is small so she
can land wherever she pleases. Her jumps are very high and her double jump
is just as high as her first. Her dashing is the best; her lock-on dash can
zoom her half way across the stage. Recovery time after a dash is usually 
slow for more characters, but since Sadamitsu can jump after any attack/dash,
you can interrupt that recovery time by jumping.


The design for this character is so out there. A human infused his spirit in
a tree trunk, thus the tree-like appearance. But he has a ship's helm 
floating on his back. It doesn't make sense, but he works.

Suetake doesn't really have fancy looking combos. In fact I can barely call
them combos. His basic light attack has a huge swing. Any subsequent light
attacks just add more of those swings at different angles. You can top those
light attacks with a heavy attack, but everything still feels as though they
are independent of each other, instead of a combo.

Suetake's heavy attack is very useful, except when it gets blocked. It's AoE
is so large that it can hit enemies to the side and a little behind him.
dJumping is nonexistent with Suetake. His heavy dJump is a forward thrust
of the wheel while the light dJump is a completely vertical swing of the 
wheel. mCombo is 3x light attacks.

Trees are large and heavy so Suetake is slow. Wood also floats! So Suetake
should be able to sustain himself above water without any MP costs. His 
infinite jump is of great help to his character design. You can adjust the
altitude of Suetake very easily by letting him fall and tapping or mashing
the jump button. Dashing is where Suetake takes the hurt the most. It's not
very long and the recovery time is appalling. Suetake drops several feet! 
This however can be countered by jumping immediately after dashing.


Seimei is very powerful. Like I said, powerful because she can attack in so
many ways. 

Combos are terrible for Seimei. She has three slots for attacks and a hidden
fourth slot when doing mCombo. Her light attack does absolutely terrible 
damage even with the Needle of Fury. It is primarily a filler. Now one light
attack and one heavy is Seimei's basic heavy attack. Her single heavy is a
grab. The most physically damaging combo is her 2x light and heavy combo. She
smacks two times with the fan, grabs the enemy then throws it down. Now the 
star feature of Seimei. Her mCombo is two hits! It's very quick. But the even
better part, she can double cast her mCombo! 2x lights and 2x charged magic
spell. Sure you have to press X twice. Imagine that, 2 back to back dragons
or cosmos or golden spiders. This of course drains your MP very fast. Also,
in the middle of the two spells, you can slightly turn Seimei so she aims for
something else. A Phoenix tailgating another Phoenix is less smart than two
Phoenicis going in different directions.

Her heavy dJump is just a normal grab. Her light dJump is an upward thrust of
her fan. mCombo was already explained.

Seimei's movement is very similar to Sadamitsu's. It's just a little bit less.
Her jump feels rather stiff, she probably doesn't project herself forward as
much as other characters but then it just might be that she doesn't do any
flips for her single jump. Her recovery time can be interrupted by her 
continuous jumping ability, just like Sadamitsu.

IV. Stage Walkthroughs

A. Stage Elements

Time - time taken to complete stage, important for acquiring special items
Destroyed Objects - percent of objects destroyed, highest grade is A
Spirits - spirits hide in objects, destroying the object releases them
Bonus EXP - exp given based on that page's accomplishments
The Pictures on the Bottom - enemies of each type killedS      

Before we begin, remember these things..
-Playing through the game without replaying any completed stages will be very 
-Don't expect to get an A in destruction, 100% spirits, and every special 
 item the first time you play the stage
-The object destruction grade is a percent
-All locations of spirits are not catelogued
-Destructibles that are essential to the level respawn everytime
-I sometimes use North-East-South-West directions, learn them cuz I'm not

The recommended character if each stage is for low level playing. Later on, all
characters can be effective in most stages, but low level playing needs to
use each character's unique strengths. 

The stages come in what I like to call purification sections. They are groups
of stages that appear together on the overworld map. They can be completed in
any order and to move on, you must complete them all. However, when one 
character completes a stage in a purification section, he/she/tree cannot be 
used again in that same section. Once the section is complete, then all 
characters can be used again. 

If anyone can tell me what the number after "Purification " does, please 
contact me. I cannot figure it out.. e.g. Prison of Stone and Valley of Mist
are listed as "Purification 4". 

B. Stage Walkthroughs

The "++" in front of the stage number indicates the stage difficulty. One + 
being the easiest and Seven + being the hardest.

+0. Sanctuary
Objective - get Seimei to the tree
Creatures - Ravens

This is just a prelude to the first level. It is actually A Peaceful Grave in
reverse. Destrutibles respawn and there are no spirits. This is just an area
where you can practice movement and attack.

+1. A Peaceful Grave
Objective - kill the Ravens
Creatures - Raven Yasha
Recommended Character - Raikoh
A In Destruction (AiD) - stones, torches, arches, lanterns, bridges, stone
                         pillars ice stalagmite/ctites
Spirits (6) - stalagmite in start area x2, stalagmite right of 4th arch, 
              lantern by bridge, torch in middle area, bridge
Status Orbs - Restores MP (R.MP), Raises ATK (R.ATK), Restores LIF (R.LIF)
Special Item - none

So much for original first level. This level closely mirrors its predecessor.
This is a linear stage, go forward and Raikoh will encounter Ravens. After
all the Ravens are defeated, a new batch will burst through the roof, kill
those to finish the level.

++2. Sacred Grove
Objective - kill the 6 Ghouls
Creatures - Ghoul, Moon Ghoul
Recommended Character - Sadamitsu, Raikoh
AiD - walls, walkway, water lanterns, rocks, lamps, boxes, support beams
Spirits (6) - lamp by start, south walkway, north walkway, Cure Status box, 
              water lanterns by tree x2
Status Orbs - Cures Status (Cure), Sustains MP (S.MP)
Special Item - none

The second stage is a sharp spike in difficulty. Last stage was jumping and
attacking. This stage, you have to chase down fast enemies, dodge fire,
break through guards, deal with silence.. When the level first starts off, 
try to corner a couple ghouls to save you some time. Go up into the building
and starting destroying everything. Ghouls will cast projectiles at you which
silence you upon impact. Easiest way to catch them, lock on and dash, it's
much quicker than a regular dash. 

++3. The Water's Edge
Objective - kill the 6 giant spiders
Creatures - Carapace Spider, Blaze Spider, Stone Spider, Fire Spiderlings
Recommended Character - Kintoki, Suetake
AiD - rocks, houses, crystal lamps, trees, water platforms, crystals, fences,
Spirits (6) - rock at start of stream, rock in stream cave, crystal in bottom
              end area, crystal lamp in upper end area, lower village fence,
Status Orbs - R.MP, R.LIF, Raises DEF (R.DEF), S.MP
Special Item - none

By the way, this is a gorgeous looking level. The spiders wandering about
don't pose much of a threat. Since they have the ki of fire inside them,
they die with a bang. So put some distance between you and them when they die
by either running away or knock them away. 

+++4. Shrine of Idols
Objective - kill all the ghouls
Creatures - Ghoul, Stone Ghoul, Warrior Ghoul, Berserker Ghoul
Recommended Character - Suetake, Raikoh
AiD - lamps, hanging lanterns, pillars, boxes, statues
Spirits (5) - start area lamp, 3rd room floor/ceiling, center room statue, 
              right room statue
Status Orbs - S.MP, R.LIF, R.MP, Cure, R.ATK
Special Item - none

This level is a chase level. Ghouls as you have found out in Sacred Grove, 
love to run away when you come near. Well that hasn't changed, and actually
never will. This level consists of large rooms filled with ghouls running
about. They however can possess destructible statues and fight you. They are
much harder to kill than the ghouls so good luck. Their backs and sides are 
the weak spots. However, the largest of the statues is extremely resistant to
physical damage, so you must cast magic. If you replay the stage with all the
statues destroyed, the ghouls have nothing to possess!

++5. Prison of Stone
Objective - release Masakado and kill the Golems
Creatures - Stone Golem, Skeleton, Stone Sentinel
Recommended Character - Tsuna, Raikoh
AiD - support arches, rocks, spores, lamps, barrels, boxes, lantern
Spirits (6) - support arch, stairs, barrel, box, lamp near skeletons, lantern
              in final room
Status Orbs - R.ATK, R.LIF, Cure
Special Item - Ogre Gourd. Get at least a 3000-hit combo. Bouncing enemies is 
               a good idea. Low MaA with butterfly or chimera works. Tsuna
               with Ogre Parasite works.

Honestly, there are so many similar levels in Otogi 2 to Otogi 1. Think 
Spirit Wood. The level is a bit claustraphobic, but keep moving ahead. You 
will face golems of different sizes and types. The ones to watch out for is
the spellcastor golems, they shoot what looks like Butterfly Lvl 4 spells. 
The last chamber is a circular room with a chained column in the middle. 
Destroy the chains and kill some golems. The level will not finish until you
kill a certain number of golems. 

++6. Valley of Mist
Objective - destroy all ghoul ships and protect the barrier
Creatures - Ghoul, Moon Ghoul, Fire Ghoul, MOS
Recommended Character - Sadamitsu, Suetake
AiD - bridge, trees, large ship decorations
Spirits (5) - bridge x2, right trees x2, left tree
Status Orbs - N/A
Special Item - Needle of Fury, beat the level within 2:30. I suggest 
               Sadamitsu for her speed. Equip the Horn of the Ogre Seal to
               make her attacks quicker. For the large ships, try to squeeze
               yourself between the ship's medallion and the ship so when you
               get knocked back, you won't go far.

Surprise surprise, Needle of Fury is obtained in the 6th stage.. Excuse me 
for all the Otogi 1 references. This level is quite devoid of destructibles.
So just complete your objective. The ship's weakness is the medallion. They
require the power of a heavy attack to be hurt. There are numerous small 
ships that require one heavy attack and there are three large ships that
require three heavy attacks to destroy.

+++7. Fire Mountain
Objective - destroy all the fire spiders' eggs
Creatures - Demon spiders
Recommended Character - Suetake, Sadamitsu
AiD - bridge, arches, statue parts, rock pillars, torches
Spirits (6) - cave1 torch, cliffside torch x2, rock pillar outside cave3,
              bridge in final cave, head of statue
Status Orbs - Cures, R.LIF, S.MP, R.MP
Special Item - none

The level consists of various small rooms filled with spider eggs which need
to be destroyed before you start on the final, large room with lots of eggs.
The spider eggs are hard to miss. they break with a heavy attack. However, 
watch out for the red eggs (which you also need to destroy) because they 
break with a bang. The small rooms are quite simple to find, consult the map
to be doubly sure. Once all four rooms are cleared, the way to the large egg
room is open. The one catch about the room is that there are eggs on the 
ceiling! And, they require heavy attack. If you MP is low for dJumping, the
spiders drop enough to finish the level.

++++8. Byakko Palace
Objective - kill Masakado
Creatures - Masakado, Spirit rider
Recommended Character - Any
AiD - walls, rocks, walkway, bamboo, lanterns, sand piles, jars, bridges,
      tower, trees
Spirits (??) - Not even going to try... just destroy everything... one in
               tiger statue, east bamboo, south rock
Status Orbs - R.ATK, R.LIF
Special Item - Kintoki's Blazing Axe. Clear the stage with Kintoki.

This is a boss level. A fight against Masakado on horseback and on foot. His
first phase is his horseback form. He rides around and once in awhile, tries
to run you down. Stay in the air and slam him downward when he comes close.
Soon he will position himself on towers and summon spirit riders and 
lightning orbs at you. Seimei says to destroy the tower by throwing a demon 
into it; don't listen to her.. you can get up there by dJumping and attack 
Masakado directly. Masakado will flee to another tower and do the same thing.
To make things quicker, you can destroy the other 3 towers when he is on one 
of them. The third phase is his most dangerous phase. He gets off his horse. 
His simple sword strokes aren't too difficult to dodge and they can be parried.
When he stands still, in a stance, stay airborn at all costs. Because 
milliseconds later, he will dash (only on the ground) quickly at you, severly
damaging you and knocking you back. 

++++9. Lotus Pond
Objective - kill Chitou, the demon spider king
Creatures - Chitou, Demon spiders
Recommended Character - Tsuna, Sadamitsu
AiD - lantern, rock, arches, statues, stairs
Spirits (4) - rock in start, arch end of chase, statue, rock
Status Orbs - R.ATK, R.DEF
Special Item - Tsuna's Thunder. Clear the stage with Tsuna.

Quite the task you got here, back to back boss battles. Chitou is the spider
king, he is easily identified by his long flowing white hair. You are dropped
right in front of him and ordered to kill him. After beating the so-thought
Chitou, you must run away. The next part is simple, keep running back, dash
once in awhile and jump over/through the broken arches. Try to conserve your
life for the next part. Thank the stars the water is shallow. Chitou has a 
nasty charging move, so either dash backward or go upward. Whack him in the
face like no other. Nothing too difficult until you get to the point of his
casting of Golden Spider (Phoenix Lvl 4). This stuff hurts and sets you on 
fire. Land in the water to put yourself out. At this stage, give it all you
got, don't dash away and try to regenerate life because he'll charge at you
or jump at you and cast Golden Spider. There are I believe an infinite amount
of minion spiders. 

+++10. The Spirit Tree
Objective - protect the tree's seal
Creatures - Ghouls army
Recommended Character - Suetake, Kintoki
AiD - trees, rock slabs, cobwebs
Spirits (6?) - tree right above ghouls, three in right-back canyon, high up
               tree in side canyon, cobwebs
Status Orbs - R.ATK
Special Item - none

Probably the most pointless stage to play. And in terms of getting spirits and
AiD, more difficult than Otogi's Restless Sea. The ghouls send the kamakazi 
Kodoku at you. They aim only for the seals on the tree. When they die, they
pause for a few and explode horrendously. And, if any fellow Kodokus are 
nearby, it will cause them to explode also. The tree can take ~4 blasts 
depending on the blast strength. The Kodoku come from two canyons. The main
one directly in front and the side left one (that actually branched from the
main canyon, consult map). Five come from the main canyon, then three from
the side, then four from main, two from side. To top it off, at the end, a
whole ring of Kodoku appears right in front of the tree. It is essential to
knock them back because you don't want a chain reaction right in front of the

+++11. Beneath the Earth
Objective - kill Chitou, the demon spider king
Creatures - Chitou, Demon spiders
Recommended Character - Tsuna, Sadamitsu
AiD - torch, rock pillar, web fence, cobwebs, wall light, rock spire, eggs
Spirits (7) - torch start, torch spiral room, rock spire lower water room,
              wall light upper water room, rock spire lava room, rock pillar
              boss room
Status Orbs - R.LIF, R.MP, R.ATK
Special Item - Golden Spider (Phoenix Level 4). Kill all the miniature spiders
               behind the waterfall.

My god this level is long. Almost four +'s, but three simply because you can
choose not to fight the normal enemies. Chitou is protected by 4 barriers 
created by 4 human corpses. The first human is on the right side of the main 
hall. The circular room has a spiral ramp. Head through the first exit going
down the ramp to reach a water room with a waterfall. The human is behind the
water fall. Proceed through the exit that the bridge intended. Follow that
path to reach a lava room with the human at the very back. Coming back, hug
the right wall to reach the lower water room. The human is somewhere in the
shallows. Chitou is now available for killing. Drop down to commense a boss
fight. His normal attack is a homing fireball that turns invisible! To hurt
the thing, you must destroy the green legs that extend from the main body.
They are on either side of Chitou. Once they are destroyed his health does
not regenerate. Again, he uses Golden Spider. So it's a race against the 
clock (hardly, you have plenty of time) to kill him. 

++12. Inner Sanctum
Objective - retrieve the White Pearl
Creatures - Skeleton, Golems (fire, ice, stone)
Recommended Character - Any
AiD - column, wall lamp, support beam, hanging lantern, lantern, walkway,
      divider, arch, stairs
Spirits (6) - wall lamp start, lantern 2nd room, walkway, floor 7th room, 
              lantern orb room, door to east most room
Status Orbs - R.ATK, R.MP, R.LIF
Special Item - none

This is quite the easy stage. Your task is to run through a temple which bears
a striking resemblance to the Shrine of Idols. The only thing to watch out
for are the Ice and Fire golems, they pack quite a punch so dodge accordingly.
Once you reach the orb, traps are set up on the way back. The first trap
is for you to jump to the second level. Drop back down to find a room with
Indiana-Jones-poison-dart fireballs which can be easily avoided by dashing in
midair. The next room is a room with a lowering ceiling with spikes. You can
either dash through or destroy the ceiling (!!) by heavy dJumping. The final
room has you throwing a demon into the yellow glass door. 

+++13. Crimson Capital
Objective - destroy all three towers
Creatures - Ghoul army
Recommended Character - Seimei
AiD - debris, tree, wall, house, ship decor
Spirits (4) - house SE, debris SWW, wall W, tree N
Status Orbs - none
Special item - none

Character choices are quite limited. Seimei is highly recommended. The three
rotating, floating towers have 4 trendals that extend downward. They can only
be destroyed by knocking an enemy into them. So you can imagine the 
difficulty when enemies are high up, towers are high up and moving and you
are high up. With Seimei, she can jump after dashing/throwing. This level
cannot be complete without MP.

+++++14. River of Souls
Objective - guide your spirit to the realm exit
Creatures - Onibi, Blood skeleton
Recommended Character - Raikoh, Seimei, Tsuna
AiD - rock piles, lanterns, boats, rock pillar
Spirits (5) - boat NW, rock pillar end, lantern in canyon, boat start, rock
              pile canyon
Status Orbs - Cure, R.ATK, R.LIF, S.MP, R.MP
Special Item - none

Standard for all games, guide and protect mission. Raikoh's spirit hovers 
toward fire/light. So that means lanterns on land, boats on water and the
flaming Onibi oddly enough. Blood skeletons are difficult to kill so your
best bet is to knock them into water. There are two paths you can take, the
water/boat path is a lot safer, but you have to watch your mana extremely
carefully. The land path is quicker, but is swarming with skeletons. To get
Raikoh's spirit to travel the boat path, you need to destroy the nearby land
lanterns so he doesn't wander over. There is nothing dangerous in the water
but if you stray too far out, black spirits drain your MP. Toward the end, 
the two giant ships will drop tons of MP. Fun part about this level, you can
hurt your own spirit, bummer. So swing that weapon carefully.

++15. The Blossom Trail
Objective - kill the fox demon
Creatures - Skeletons, Sword demon fox
Recommended Character - Kintoki, Suetake
AiD - rock, walkway, tree, rock statue, plywood, supports
Spirits (5) - tree behind start, rock on path, rock statue, rock final area,
              tree final area
Status Orbs - R.DEF, S.MP, R.LIF, R.MP
Special Item - none

This is a very simple level. Navigate through the canyon, killing skeletons
and arrive at a precipice where the boss awaits you. The Fox blocks a lot, but
keep hitting him and it will go through. Dodging him is not hard, but he does
break your lock-on. His one killer attack is his blue fireballs. The slow 
skull spell is easy to dodge, but the fireballs are fast and the fire is blue.
And try not to fall off...

++++16. Temple of Darkness
Objective - free yin and yang and return to the living world
Creatures - Yin, Yang, Demon spiders, Shiranui
Recommended Character - Sadamitsu, Raikoh
AiD - lamps, columns, support beams, railing, stairs, organic columns, wall
Spirits (7) - stairs, lamp near black walls, support column west wing x3,
              support column east wing
Status Orbs - R.MP, R.LIF
Special Item - none

The layout of the stage might be confusing, but think of it as the letter 'M'.
You start at the middle apex of 'M'. Yin and Yang are positioned at the ends
of the letter. As you move forward past the living world "elevator", black
walls will come up to block you. Avoid attacking those because they release MP
draining spirits. Instead, break through the wall directly in front of you.
Choose either to go left or right to reach each spirit. Once you release one,
you will end up back in the main room. You have to release the second 
guardian with the first guardian chasing you.

++++17. Dungeon of Death
Objective - kill Masakado
Creatures - Skeleton, Masakado
Recommended Character - Tsuna, Raikoh
AiD - jars, lamps, support arches, stairs, walls, spore, skulls, railing
Spirits (5) - lamp start, support arch Masakado 1st, support beam Masakado
              2nd, lamp Masakado 4th, skulls final room
Status Orbs - R.DEF, R.LIF, R.ATK, R.MP
Special Item - Demon Caller. Clear Stage with Kintoki. Kintoki can't jump
               well so you have to corner Masakado even better. When he's in
               the narrow passage, dash from above toward him.

Prison of Stone stage. You must chase the magic casting Masakado to the final
chamber. He moves to the next segment once you hit him. Once in the final 
chamber, your hits can finally damage him! His movement is very predictable 
but his attack is quite large. Lock on to him and strafe his attacks. He
circles around you, going whatever way is away from you. It takes awhile for
him to about turn so attack him then. I advise you to stay in the middle of 
the platform. Once you kill that phase, he will corner himself in a hallway
and shoot very painful energy orbs. Even a high level will take a couple of
life orbs when hit. To avoid them, stick to the ceiling or right side. Once
you reach Masakado, it will be easy because he flinches when hit. 

+++++18. Tower of Bones
Objective - destroy the Tower of Bones
Creatures - Sword demon fox
Recommended Character - Suetake, Sadamitsu, Raikoh
AiD - bridge, tree, ramp, tower parts, water rock
Spirits (7) - bridge, ramp x2, tree x2, water rock x2

My god this stage is difficult. Tsuna is freed by destroying the core to the
crystal tree way up on that cliff. First, you must destory the trees that are
in the water, deep water. The trees are fed electricity by the tower of bones
every few seconds. When the electric orb lands in a tree, it creates a field
of electricity that greatly damages you and knocks you back - and the field
is large enough that even Suetake's heavy attack can barely hit it. The 
strategy here is to wait until a field subsides, dash in and heavy attack
the tree. There are other ways to destroy destructibles as you might of 
observed previously. You can knock enemies into the trees or fire a charged
spell into them. Do this for every tree until the spell shield on the tower is
destroyed. Then you must go up a ramp, which probably is broken already so
dJump up there. Destroy the purple core of the tree.

OOOoo second paragraph, you know this stage is hard then. Hoorah, the enemies
in this stage are limitless. They are the sword demon foxes, you fought ONE
of them in Blossoming Trail as a boss remember? They are slightly less
aggressive, but they pack quite a punch. They also block, which means that if
they block when you're in the tree field's range, you're in deep trouble.
Your heavy attack won't go through - the longer you stay next to a tree, the
higher the chance the tree will go off. Once you get down to a couple of 
trees, the intervals at which the tree generates electricity is much shorter.

+++19. Northern Mountains
Objective - kill the Ice Serpant
Creatures - Skeletons, Ice priest, Ice Serpant, MOS
Recommended Character - Sadamitsu, Seimei
AiD - statue, rock, arch, stalactite, ice pillar, icicles, walkway
Spirits (5) - statue start, rock cave, rock canyon, rock near MOS, stairs
Status Orbs - R.DEF, R.LIF, R.MP, R.ATK
Special Item - none

There is a heavy movement altering effect here. The winds blow you, you 
guessed it, off a cliff. There are many areas to fall off so getting frozen
usually results in death. Move forward along the trail with skeletons and
an ice priest. Up on a rise, an MOS is wandering. The final section consists
of the ice serpant and a couple of enemies. The ice serpant is very easy to

++20. The Golden Sea
Objective - destroy the large ghoul ships
Creatures - Ghoul, Moon Ghoul, Kodoku, Fire Ghoul
Recommended Character - Sadamitsu, Seimei
AiD - small ghoul ships, flagpoles, bell, arches, beams
Spirits (4) - small ghoul ships
Status Orbs - R.LIF, S.MP
Special Item - Sadamitsu's Black Wings (4). Complete stage within 2:30. This
               may seem difficult, but your only goal is to destroy the two
               large ships and then the final gargantuan one. When attacking
               the ship's talismans, try to sandwich yourself between it and
               something else so you won't fly far.

This stage has no ground. So if you fall, you die. You start off on a small
ship; they have the same weakness as their watery counterpart. Your objective
is to destroy the large ghoul ships. There are free floating ghoul enemies
everywhere so watch out for silence. Once the two large ghoul ships are 
destroyed, a huge one comes in. This time you have about 2 minutes to destroy
the big one or else the demon king casts a spell. One talisman is located in
the back, a slope leads you to it. The front has 3 talismans.

+++21. The Quiet River
Objective - destroy all Wraiths
Creatures - Wraiths
Recommended Character - Suetake, Kintoki
AiD - rocks, fence, trees, crystals, pier, small spirit trees, house, stone
Spirits (5) - pier, pier beginning of river, fence lower village, rock lower
              canyon, tree start
Status Orbs - R.MP, R.ATK, R.LIF, S.MP
Special Item - none

The setting is the same as The Water's Edge, but it is bare, dry and much
more hostile. Wraiths aren't that hard to deal with when you are offensive.
They pack quite a punch once you let them squeeze in hits. There are spirit
trees that have black spirits floating around. They don't have to be 
destroyed, but they do spawn more Wraiths. Also, there are stone statues of
villagers around, if they are destroyed they will release black spirits. The
difficult part of the level comes from the numerous black spirits.

++++22. The Frozen Lake
Objective - survive or kill both Kudara and Adara
Creatures - Kudara, Adara
Recommended Character - Raikoh, Sadamitsu
AiD - ice, bridge, lantern
Spirits (??) - just destroy everything
Status Orbs - R.DEF, R.ATK, R.LIF
Special Item - Tsuna's Wrath (3). Kill both Kudara and Adara. Kudara's can be
               killed with weapons and Adara dies better against magic. Once
               you kill one, you either have to kill the other or give up.

Otogi 1's Kudara comes back. He's tougher than before, that's right, he got
married. Kudara is immune to magic so physical attacks against him. Adara is
not immune to magic so preferrably magic attacks against her. Besides, she
attacks you in tricky ways making physical attacks difficult. Aside from the 
two bosses to watch out for.. you are surrounded by deep water, when both 
centipedes are alive, they summon lightning orbs at you, and there is 
lightning. When a white flash and an electric sound comes onto the screen,
stay in motion because lightning will strike at you seconds later. It is not
uncommon for 3 consecutive lightning strikes to occur when you are fighting
one centipede.

+++23. The Dead Gates
Objective - send Yin & Yang through the Dead Gates or kill them
Creatures - Blood Skeleton, Yin, Yang
Recommended Character - Kintoki, Tsuna
AiD - bridge, rock block, arches, rock lantern, tree, rock column, rock pile
Spirits (6) - rock block start, tree, cliffside rock lantern, rock block cave,
              rock overhang, rock pile Dead Gate
Status Orbs - R.LIF, R.DEF, Cure, R.MP
Special Item - Lantern of Malice. Kill Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang have a lot
               of life. They are quite powerful too. I once killed them with
               Tsuna, but it was nerve-wrecking and tedious. Raikoh has an
               easier time with the Moonlight Sword. If only we had the 
               lantern of malice before hand..

These are the two guardians you freed in Temple of Darkness. You must lead
them to the dead gates, open the gate and force them in. They trail after you
and cast magic. Yin freezes you, Yang burns you. Those spells do little
damage, but their melee attack is absolutely devastating, so if they come near 
you, knock them back. Seimei can guide you through the rest.

++++24. Tower of Hate
Objective - kill the Archer Demon Fox and the army of skeletons
Creatures - Skeleton, Archer Demon Fox 
Recommended Character - Tsuna, Kintoki
AiD - debris, lanter, wall, rock/bone pillar
Spirits (5) - lantern start, lantern water, debris SE, debris SSW, rock/bone
              pillar N of pond, lantern W
Status Orbs - R.LIF, S.MP, R.MP, R.DEF, R.ATK
Special Item - none

This is a mix of boss stage and a mass killing stage. The Archer fox 
alternates between a stream projectile and a homing projectile. They also 
carry blue fire. He goes to four places, middle, South, West and East. He 
isn't hard to take care of, but once he dies, there will be many skeletons
to deal with. When fighting this horde, change your position often, you don't
want to be surrounded and stun-locked. 

+++++25. Dark Abyss
Objective - kill Douman
Creatures - Douman, Wraiths
Recommended Character - Tsuna, Raikoh
AiD - wall crystal, debris, column, rock, statue lantern, stone spiders
Spirits (6) - debris behind start, column left start, rock 1st light, stairs,
              lantern after 2nd light range, lantern 3rd light
Status Orbs - R.DEF, R.LIF, R.ATK, S.MP
Special Item - none

Like other recent levels, bosses mingle themselves with a regular stage. When
you first start, it is very dark and you can only see a few feet ahead of 
you. Use the crystals on the wall to guide your way. Soon, Douman will reveal
himself. He packs a leap attack, Blue-Storm like spell, but with blue 
fireballs, and an uber beam attack. He also likes to dash through the air,
colliding with you purposely. You can mortal combat him now, in darkness or 
you can unveil the lights to slow him down. To fight him, I suggest casting
Blue Storm or using the White Snake Amulet. Knocking him about is an easy way
to slow him down. And when he casts his beam, stay out of it, don't try to
tank it.

++++++26. Gates of Heaven
Objective - defeat Seimei
Creatures - Seimei
Recommended Character - not Kintoki nor Seimei
AiD - bamboo, crystal lotus, lantern, house, tree, fence, rock, ice, icicles,
Spirits (5) - lotus start, lantern N area, rock ice cave, cliffside lantern,
              plant island
Status Orbs - R.LIF, R.DEF, R.ATK
Special Item - Raikoh's 2nd Costume. Clear stage with Raikoh.
               Seimei's 2nd Costume. Clear stage with Seimei. What? Seimei 
               does terrible here. Her biggest strength is her magic, and in
               this stage, the enemy Seimei is immune to magic. So all you 
               have is that pathetic attack. I suggest bouncing Seimei-X a 
               lot. Using the Needle of Fury works, but Lantern of Malice
               works the best. Dodge the first spell, lock-on dash and you 
               get our prize.

If sometime while you were playing you thought of attacking your narrator,
well here's your chance! Seimei is a very tough enemy. Probably tougher than
your Seimei will every be because she can use any spell. Good thing is that
Seimei usually charges up for every spell. This allows you to close in and
combo her. 

Seimei fights in 6 main spots. Her first spot is the starting area, south
grove. There is a north grove which she runs to next usually. There is an
ice cave, SE. There is the eastern clearing, then the eastern slope then the
island last.

Seimei can cast Dragon, Blue Storm, Cosmos, Chimera, Ice Fang and Phoenix. 
Her dragons are vicious so try to stay grounded so they hit the ground before
you. Ice Fang is simple to avoid and if you get hit, she's not smart enough
to take advantage of you when you're frozen. Cosmos hits hard but it's very 
simple to dodge. Chimera is used defensively whenever you combo her 
repeatedly. Blue Storm is very aggressive. She casts this in the ice cave 
and runs at you. It's very hard to counter, so just try to quit her until it
wears off. The most devastating spell is Phoenix. It's a charged one. It hits
you, orbs lost, it knocks you back and sets you on fire, it hits you Again.
3 life orbs lost is the minimum for a direct hit. But that's not the worst
she can do. When you get close and attack and she BLOCKS, get your ass out of
there. Because she will try to mCombo you. Two whacks with the fan, Phoenix,
you're on fire, Phoenix hits again, then Dragon?! which could also hit you
twice. The damage you sustain is incredible.

+++++++27. Full Moon Rising
Objective - kill the Nine-Tailed Fox
Creatures - Nine-Tailed Fox
Recommended Character - Raikoh, Sadamitsu, Tsuna
AiD - trees
Spirits (0)
Status Orbs - R.ATK, R.MP, S.MP, R.LIF, R.DEF
Special Item - none

8-Tailed Fox
This Fox weilds neither sword or bow, it must be easy! The Fox has three
phases. First, it will fly around and do nothing. It will usually keep three
to four Fox heads around which will shoot fireballs at you. Damage him to the
second phase. The second phase is a lot more hard. The Fox heads can turn
kamekazi, but they'll still weak. But they do their purpose of stun-locking
you. If you get close to the Fox, he can whip you with his tail, medium 
damage but still something to watch out for. There is a new spell he casts.
It starts with what looks like Golden Spider, but its actually a meteor 
shower. ~6 seconds later, meteors will strike randomly in that marked area.
They hurt. The third phase is just phase two but faster. 

9-Tailed Fox
To battle the 9-tailed fox, you must complete Gates of Heaven first. This
version is a lot harder. First difference, there are more Fox heads. Second,
the Fox can cast a lightning attack in addition to everything. The lightning
attack is when the Fox curls defensively, charging up. Then a blue beam
comes out of nowhere damaging you and setting you on blue fire. The only way
to dodge it is to be in the middle of a dash, not the beginning not the end.
It also quickens its actions, no aimless meandering like the 8-tail. Hit, 
dodge, chase, dodge, chase, hit, dodge tactics here. If you need 
replenishment, there are orbs inside the trees. 

++27b. Meteor?
Once the 9-tailed fox is dead, it will transform its corpse into a meteor.
You have to dive after it and destroy it before it collides with the Capital.
You have plenty of time and you can't die/fall. You get about 3 minutes
before the meteor collides. Your job is to chip away parts of the meteor 
until you reach the core, and then destroy it. Since you are in freefall,
the movement is slightly weird so get used to it. The quickest way is to 
fall to the base, destroy it and instantly reach the core. 

C. Forest of Havoc

The Forest of Havoc is a place where the mini-stages are kept. It is a 
permanant location in the "stage" menu. There are 18 stages in total and they
are purely for fun and to obtain additional items. As you progress through 
the game, more stages will be added.

The "++" in front of the stage number indicates the stage difficulty. One + 
being the easiest and Four + being the hardest.

+1. Ninety-Nine Arches
Objective - destroy all 99 arches
Recommended Character - Seimei, Raikoh
Stage Look-alike - Introduction movie
Comment - 3:00 allotted

This is the area where your intro movie takes place. The arches need a heavy
attack to destroy so I'd recommend the Ogre Horn Seal for quick attacks.

+2. Demon's Grotto
Objective - kill Ravens and make your way back
Recommended Character - Suetake, Kintoki
Stage Look-alike - Fire Mountain
Comment - at least 100 kills to complete

This stage ends when you return to the arch or die. The cave where the ravens
reside is the final egg chamber. Once you get there, there will be an infinte
number of ravens that spawn. They don't drop MP. On your way back, warrior
golems will be patrolling the arch.

+3. Black Monoliths
Objective - destroy the black walls
Recommended Character - Tsuna, Seimei
Stage Look-alike - Sacred Grove
Comment - at least 40 destroyed to complete

Random black walls will rise in the water, your goal is to destroy them. Once
in awhile, a row of walls will appear along with a stone golem. The golem is
used as a bowling ball for the walls.

++4. Angel's Flight
Objective - go through all the arches
Recommended Character - Sadamitsu, Seimei
Stage Look-alike - Valley of Mist
Comment - 3:00 allotted

Not to hard, but you must not destroy and arches nor touch the water. Suetake
is not a good choice because he is slow and when he dashes, he drops, a lot.
The only thing I suggest is practice.

+++5. Last Stand
Objective - protect the tree
Recommended Character - Suetake, Tsuna
Stage Look-alike - Valley of Mist
Comment - kill 50 enemies to complete

This is like Spirit Tree, but less annoying and a lot harder. Waves of 
skeletons and waves of spirit riders attack. Their numbers increase with each
wave. Suetake can cast magic very efficiently and Tsuna has a shockwave 
attack. But be warned, if you knock back enemies, you might knock them toward
the tree, so check once in awhile.

++6. Mana from Heaven
Objective - catch incoming spirits
Recommended Character - Sadamitsu, Seimei
Stage Look-alike - The Blossom Trail
Comment - 7000 needed to complete

7000?! Each counts as 200 so you only need 35. The key here is to time your
jumps. You don't catch the spirit when you sniff it's tail, it must be the
white tip. There are two ghouls on either side trying to silence you, but
don't bother killing because they respawn. Equip Mystic Comb and hope you 
don't get frozen by occasional ice torrents.

+7. Grassy Meadow
Objective - destroy grass
Recommended Character - Kintoki, Seimei
Stage Look-alike - Water's Edge
Comment - at least 50% to complete

The stage ends when all enemies are destroyed. The idea came from the fact
that when enemies hit things, they dent and become discolored. Now your are
tasked to slam the enemies into the ground to cut grass. 

++8. Ghoul Hunt
Objective - kill all the ghouls
Recommended Character - Sadamitsu, Tsuna
Stage Look-alike - Water's Edge
Comment - within 3:30

Chase the ghouls. A character with a long lock-on dash greatly helps. The 
group of ghouls are more frightened that normal so be prepared to be 

++9. March of Ships
Objective - kill the moon ghouls
Recommended Character - Seimei, Kintoki
Stage Look-alike - Valley of Mist
Comment - 20 kills are needed before the last ship passes

To kill the moon ghouls, you need to destroy the ships that carry them. The 
ships are your standard ghoul ships; they are weak only at the center 
talisman. You must throw (or hit if you're really asking for it) a stone
golem into a talisman. Lead the boat of course.

++10. Trapped
Objective - survive
Recommended Character - any
Stage Look-alike - Inner Sanctum
Comment - survive for 1:30

Demons spawn at one end, you cannot reach them, and they shoot projectiles
that kill you in one hit. At the 30 second mark, many will appear. At the
1:00 minute mark, you'd wish it was 1:30 already. Enemies shoot fireballs,
fast fireballs and Ice Fangs. Lock-on to one golem the whole time. Well if
you are a Moonlight wielding Raikoh, you can kill golems, but toward the
end it's better if you just dodged.

++++11. Guardian of Byakko
Objective - repel projectiles
Recommended Character - any
Stage Look-alike - The Blossom Trail
Comment - 30 needed to complete

Your timing must be impeccable. Repelling one might be easy, but later on
many projectiles will come at you. This is a hard stage. But, if you have
Blue Storm, the rating would be set at +.

++12. Gates of Darkness
Objective - send demons through the gate
Recommended Character - Kintoki, Tsuna
Stage Look-alike - The Dead Gates
Comment - send at least 15

This is just like the Dead Gates actual stage. Stone golems are easy to knock
around you have plenty. You CANNOT kill the demons before they reach the gate
or else they won't count. I had to use Ogre Parasite for Kintoki.

+++13. Puzzle Boxes
Objective - match each puzzle layout
Recommended Character - any
Stage Look-alike - Byakko Palace
Comment - complete 3

A view of a box layout of 4x5 is shown. Memorize it and destroy a complete
layout to match what you just saw. If you destroy a wrong box, you will die.
To make this easier (cheating), you can draw the layout or use a snapshot
feature (if applicable) on whatever you are playing on.

++14. Path of Worship
Objective - get to the end area, come back
Recommended Character - any
Stage Look-alike - Inner Sanctum
Comment - complete in 2:30

Very simple stage. If you choose to dwadle and kill/destroy stuff then you
might be in a fix. Here is a list of traps: collapsing floor, wall maze, fire
room, fire-bullet room, wall of Demon Heads and a warrior ghoul.

++++15. Scarlet Boxes
Objective - destroy all 30 boxes
Recommended Character - any
Stage Look-alike - Temple of Darkness
Comment - complete in 2:00

This is a hard stage at first, but once you start memorizing where the boxes
are, it becomes easier. Here is a list of the locations if you want to save
the trouble of replaying the stage. This list is from the first room going
clockwise ending at 3:00.
6 boxes in first center room
6 on platform (destroy platform to simultaneously get all 6)
2 on ground of same room
1 in corner, take a left
2 on bottom of organic-column-elevator room
2 on top of same room entrance
2 near railings of water, take left, break 2 walls
2 near railings of water again, take left
3 in right most room
2 in watery hallway

++16. Demon Guide
Objective - hit the demon into the Dead Gate
Recommended Character - any
Stage Look-alike - The Dead Gates
Comment - 30 hits allowed

The tiny Yin spirit is so cute, yet that incessant howling won't stop! 
Despite its size, it will not go far when you hit it. The best way is to lock
on to it, and hit it away from walls. You may find yourself backtracking a
lot. And if you hit it off the cliff, you'd best start over. It takes 4-5 
hits just to get it back up.

++17. Flood of Demons
Objective - kill all the skeletons
Recommended Character - any
Stage Look-alike - Byakko Palace
Comment - kill 1000

This battle will take awhile. You probably won't lose, but your MP will get
low. If you find yourself running away too much to avoid getting hit, then
use another character. 

Note: Stage 18 will be unlocked once you have cleared all 1-17 stages.

++++18. A Quiet Moon
Objective - kill the fiery demon
Recommended Character - not Kintoki
Stage Look-alike - Tower of Bones
Comment - none

He's called the Crimson King, but Otogi 2 fails to acknowledge it. He is a 
much more fun boss to fight than in the first one. He still blocks attacks
from the front, but if you hit him enough times like the sword foxes, then it
will impact. But it is still recommended that you catch him in the middle of
attacking or get behind him. He casts a slow skull projectile that damages
and silences you. As with most bosses, once you damage him to a certain
percent, he'll go to certain areas. First a hill, then a boat, then on top
of a cliff. His last segment is pretty lethal because he casts charged 
dragon spells at you.

V. Weapons, Magic, Accessories, Costumes and Beastiary

PhA = physical attack
PhD = physical defense
MaA = magical attack
MaD = magical defense

===A. Weapons===

There are three weapons to each character except Raikoh, who has four. 
Weapons don't differ greatly in abilities but you can tell their differences.


Soul Shrine (1) : This weapon is balanced, but you should replace it when you
                  get something better. 
  Beginning weapon

Divine Blade (2) : This is a reliable weapon, but it does have very poor MaA
                   and MaD.
  Clear River of Souls (Stage 14) with Raikoh

Falling Star (3) : Not a shabby weapon, this is your caster weapon but can
                   also double as a good PhA weapon.
  Clear Flood of Demons (Forest of Havoc stage 17)

Moonlight Sword (4) : The best weapon in the game. It has insane PhA and it
                      even adds to defense. When standing on ground, a heavy
                      attack releases a slice of moonlight that kills
                      everything but Yin & Yang in one hit.
  Purchase in shop for $317,000


Crimson Axe (1) : This is Kintoki's only weapon that is good for spells since
                  it doesn't lower MaA or MaD.
  Beginning weapon

Blazing Axe (2) : For 2nd weapon, this does lots of damage. It has great PhD,
                  but your MaA and MaD will suffer. It also lights enemies
                  on fire upon impact.
  Clear Byakko Palace (Stage 8) with Kintoki

Red Lotus (3) : This one powerful weapon. It immensely boosts PhA but lowers
                MaD and MaA like crazy. It also lights enemies on fire upon 
  Clear Gates of Darkness (Forest of Havoc stage 12) 


Darkness (1) : Darkness is alright, nothing special. Adds to PhA and PhD.
  Beginning weapon

Thunder (2) : This weapon is suited for physical attacks and defense, but it
              does decrease your magical attack/defense.
  Clear Lotus Pond (Stage 9) with Tsuna

Wrath (3) : This weapon has amazing damage. Like other 3rd weapons, it 
            decreases defenses, but it does it more.
  Defeat Kudara and Adara in The Frozen Lake (Stage 22) 


Scourge (1) : Nothing too special.
  Beginning weapon

Shrieking Blossom (2) : This is Sadamitsu's caster weapon. It lowers jumping
  Clear Angels's Flight (Forest of Havoc stage 4)

Black Wings (3) : This weapon is great for PhA. It does however slow your
                  life regeneration. For a 3rd weapon, it doesn't take away
                  from the defenses that much.
  Clear The Golden Sea (Stage 20) within 2:30


Chaos Wheel (1) : Nothing special here.
  Beginning weapon

Eight Truths (2) : This weapon boasts a much higher MaA and MaD than the 1st
                   weapon. But it's physical stats are garbage. It's either
                   really heavy or maybe decreases jumping ability.
  Clear Grassy Meadow (Forest of Havoc stage 7)

Divine Punishment (3) : This weapon increases attacks mucho. It also 
                        increases jumping ability.
  Clear Puzzle Boxes (Forest of Havoc stage 13)


Nature's Balance (1) : This weapon is not half-bad. It has terrible PhA, but
                       you jump higher.
  Beginning weapon

Twin Dragons (2) : A good defensive weapon. Great MaA and MaD, but slows HP
  Clear Crimson Capital (Stage 13) with Seimei

Twin Moons (3) : No it doesn't send out a blade of moonlight. Darn. But it
                 has a much higher PhA and MaA than the former two fans. 
  Obtain 100% Souls and AiD in stages 1-26. Weapon will be awarded when
  completeing the last stage to get 100% and AiD.

===B. Magic===

Dragon Spells
   Level 1: Beginning spell
   Level 2: Purchase in shop
   Level 3: Purchase in shop
   Level 4: Found in Lotus Pond final area

Chimera Spells
   Level 1: Purchase in shop
   Level 2: Found in Inner Sanctum past lantern and box room
   Level 3: Found in Dungeon of Death inside a hanging skeleton
   Level 4: Beginning spell

Phoenix Spells
   Level 1: Purchase in shop
   Level 2: Found in Temple of Darkness in center north room. Break a wall.
   Level 3: Purchase in shop
   Level 4: Obtained in Beneath the Earth

Butterfly Spells
   Level 1: Found in Water's Edge next to crystals
   Level 2: Purchase in shop
   Level 3: Found in Northern Mountains beneath Ice Serpant
   Level 4: Clear March of Ships

===C. Accessories===

-White Snake Amulet-
Repels fire.
  Purchase in shop

-Prayer Beads-
Lower MP cost of spells.
  Purchase in shop

-Mystical Beads-
Increased physical attack.
  Purchase in shop

-Summoning Statue-
More experience gained.
  Found in Dark Abyss. Bottom skinny passage.

-Belt of Good Omen-
Increased magical defense and physical defense.
  Found in Prison of Stone

-Needle of Fury-
Increases attack like crazy, lowers defense like crazy, silenced.
  Clear Valley of Mist within 2:30

-Providence Mirror-
Increases defense and attack the lower the life.
  Clear Last Stand

-Jeweled Goblet-
More gold dropped.
  Found in Inner Sanctum. Destroy the spike ceiling to reveal a room.

-Bell of Cleansing-
status ailment free.
  Purchase in shop

-Sutra of Wrath-
Increases physical attack and defense based on level.
  Found in Shrine of Idols. 

-Feathers of Flight-
Icreases jumping ability.
  Purchase in shop

-Shell of Water-
Walk on water even when out of MP.
  Purchase in shop

-Demon Caller-
Attacks do not knockback.
  Clear Dungeon of Death with Kintoki

-Ogre Horn Seal-
Light attacks carry heavy attack effects.
  Purchase in shop

-Golden Orb-
Increases physical defense.
  Purchase in shop

-Fan of Protection-
Increases magical defense.
  Purchase in shop

-Mystic Comb-
Prevents silence.
  Purchase in shop

-Magic Flute-
Increases magical attack.
  Found in Golden Sea

-Verdigris Bell-
Increases MP regeneration.
  Purchase in shop

-Earthen Drums-
Prevents frozen.
  Purchase in shop

-Lantern of Malice-
User 1 Life but OHKO everything.
  Obtained in The Dead Gates

-Incense of Death-
Increases damage vs. demon spiders.
  Clear Water's Edge with Tsuna.

-Timeless Crimson-
Increases damage vs. ghouls.
  Clear Ninety-Nine Arches

-Blade of the Moon-
Increases damage vs. demon foxes.
  Found in The Blossom Trail

-Ogre Parasite-
Lowers all stats and have only 1 life bead.
  Clear Demon Guide

-Wheel of the Winds-
Adds knockback.
  Clear Angel's Flight

Increases life recovery.
  Clear Water's Edge with Sadamitsu

-Arrow of Senri-
Increases lock-on range.
  Purchase in shop

-Pouch of Essence-
Increases MP recovery.
  Clear Trapped

-Ogre Gourd-
Decreases MP, increases physical attack and defense.
  Obtain at least a 3000 hit combo in Prison of Stone

===D. Costumes===

   Costume 1: Beginning costume
   Costume 2: Clear Gates of Heaven with Raikoh
   Costume 3: Clear A Quiet Moon with Raikoh

   Costume 1: Beginning costume
   Costume 2: Clear Northern Mountains with Sadamitsu
   Costume 3: Obtain lots of total experience

   Costume 1: Beginning costume
   Costume 2: Clear Beneath the Earth with Tsuna
   Costume 3: Clear A Quiet Moon equiped with Ogre Parasite

   Costume 1: Beginning costume
   Costume 2: Clear The Quiet River with Sadamitsu
   Costume 3: Obtain a high combo count for stages

   Costume 1: Beginning costume
   Costume 2: Clear Puzzle Boxes 
   Costume 3: Play a lot

   Costume 1: Beginning costume
   Costume 2: Clear Gates of Heaven with Seimei
   Costume 3: Obtain "A" in Destruction in stages 1-26

Let me elaborate on how to obtain some of these. Kintoki's costume 3 is 
obtained when you play a lot, kill a lot and get experience. I don't know the
numbers, but it will be rewarded randomly after you've played a lot. Tsuna's
costume 3 is difficult to obtain. The first two phases of the Crimson King 
are fairly simple. But once you get to him casting Dragon, it is extremely
difficult. One hit will surely take out a life bead. The easiest way is to
use Raikoh's Moonlight Sword. Sadamitsu's costume 3 requires you to play a 
lot! Good places to get high combos is Prison of Stone, Inner Sanctum, Tower
of Hate... Suetake's costume 3, really I'm not sure, I just recall getting it
after some time of playing, perhaps it's total hours played. Seimei's costume
3 isn't difficult to get. Suetake's large AoE with Ogre Horn Seal helps in
many stages.

===E. Beastiary===

1. Regular Enemies

           Raven Yasha                    Ancient demons with black wings who 
         (House of Soryu)                 have lived in the ountains since
                                          their leader was killed. They slash
                                          at their enemies with their deadly
Not a difficult enemy to kill. Hell they
only appear in one stage.

                Ghoul                     The spirits of those who refused to
          (House of Byakko)               leave and perished in the old 
                                          Capital. Having no real form, they
                                          wield magic and command familiars
                                          with ease.
These are the most cowardly of all the
demons. They run whenever you come close,
summon other monsters to attack you, and
cast silence upon you. To counter, equip
Mystic Comb and lock-on dash.

              Moon Ghoul                   Blue Ghoul familiars that wield
           (House of Genbu)                moon-shaped blades. They are light
                                           so they take little damage when
                                           knocked into walls.
These are usually summoned by Ghouls. They
are slow and weak, but they do block. To
counter, just hit them repeatedly until 
their block gives.

             Fire Ghouls                   Red Ghoul familiars that can 
          (House of Suzaku)                summon balls of fire. They are 
                                           resistant to magic, but weak 
                                           against blades.
If an enemy has a projectile, it's 
probably a fireball. These die fast with

                 Kodoku                    Demons created from shadows by the
            (House of Genbu)               Ghouls. With no will of their own,
                                           the Ghouls command them to explode
                                           and poison their targets.
Kamikazi enemies. Walking grenades.

              High Priest                  Priests who sacrificed their lives
           (House of Ouhryu)               to protect the earth gods. Now
                                           manipulated by the Ghouls, they use
                                           magic attack against all intruders.
Rarely seen, and they rarely hit. "None
shall pass."                               

               Ice Priest                  Priests who spent their lives 
            (House of Ouhryu)              worshipping the gods of the earth.
                                           Even after being corrupted, they
                                           summon icy winds to stop 
They don't do much damage, but their 
freezing attack can be lethal if caught
off guard.

            Carapace Spider                Exiles of the Court, driven under-
           (House of Soryu)                ground, evolved into these 
                                           creatures. They charge their 
                                           enemies in groups, causing heavy
                                           physical damage.
Their attacks can be dodged easily; they
shield their front legs before they attack.
After some leveling up, their attacks are
ignorable, but their armor remains a 

               Grey Spider                 Older Carapace Spiders with tufts
            (House of Soryu)               of grey hair, their purpose is to
                                           protect Chitou. Their attacks do 
                                           more damage than regular carapace
Carapace, but a tad bit harder.

              Blaze Spider                 Exiles of the Court, driven under-
            (House of Suzaku)              ground, evolved into these
                                           creatures. They contain the Ki of
                                           Fire and explode when fatally
These are large, shy spiders. They love to
be tossed around. They sometimes shoot

              Stone Spider                 Exiles of the Court, driven under-
            (House of Genbu)               ground, evolved into these 
                                           creatures. They spit stones, made
                                           from body fluids, over long
                                           distances at enemies.
Nothing threatening, but their attacks do
cause Drain MP status.

             Fire Spiderlings              Small and weak, these young Demon
             (House of Suzaku)             Spiders will nevertheless explode
                                           in a fireball when attacked.
More harm is done to its teammates. Knock
one of these into a group and a chain 
reaction will occur.

            Black Armor Spider             Carapace SPiders with iron shells,
             (House of Soryu)              they move quickly and are protected
                                           against frontal attacks. Be wary or
                                           they will inflict great damage.
Grey Spider, but a tad bit harder.

                Spiderlings                These small Carapace Spiderlings
             (House of Soryu)              are weak, but quick. Though rare,
                                           some are said to carry a sacred
Tiny, tiny spiders. They are found only in
one stage, but to kill them all, you get a
mighty treasure.

            Fire Spider Larvae             These young Fire Spiders protect
             (House of Genbu)              themselves with a clouds of poison.
                                           The poison drains its victim's
Like the description said, the cloud 
causes Drain MP status. Also when they die,
they leave behind a cloud of poison.

              Firefly Spider               Born of the Netherworld, these
           (House of the Void)             Demon Spiders give off a faint
                                           glow. Their attack drains their 
                                           victims of magic.
Kind of invisible. They are weak.

               Stone Ghoul                 Ghouls who have possessed stone
            (House of Suzaku)              statues. They can summon fireballs
                                           and have a high PhD, but are weak
                                           against magic.
Their fireballs can be easily reflected 
back at them. Though their PhD is high, it
is the lowest of the three kind.

              Warrior Ghoul                Ghouls who have possessed stone
            (House of Suzaku)              statues. They wield swords and 
                                           have a high PhD, but are weak 
                                           against fire.
Their PhD is truly high, even knocking
them around won't do much. You must use

              Berserker Ghoul              Ghouls who have possessed stone
             (House of Suzaku)             statues. They wield giant hammers
                                           and have a high PhD, but are weak
                                           against fire and heavy impact.
These are easier to kill than warriors
because they sustain great damage being
knocked around.

                Stone Golem                Familiars created by the Court to
             (House of Byakko)             guard important locations. Though
                                           individually weak, they have high
                                           MaD and they can attack en masse.
Knock them about, knock them into each

               Stone Sentinel              Familiars created by the Court to
              (House of Byakko)            guard important locations. They
                                           throw fireballs from a distance 
                                           and use earth charms to stop 
Fireball is nothing, but their "earth 
charms" are quite more damaging. They look
like Ice Fangs, but since they do, you can
jump over them.

                 Ice Golem                 Blue familiars created by the
              (House of Genbu)             Court to guard the Imperial Palace.
                                           They use ice magic and earth charms
                                           to stop intruders.
Like Stone Sentinels, their earth charms
hurt, however their ice magic don't.

                Fire Golem                 Red familiars created by the
             (House of Suzaku)             Court to guard the Imperial Palace.
                                           They use fire magic to stop 
A joke enemy. They shoot fireballs!

                Skeleton                   Humans that died in Capital 
           (House of the Void)             turned into wretched creatures.
                                           They do little damage alone, but
                                           are formidable in large numbers.
Bread and butter of most games. Strangest 
looking skulls I might add. They attack 
slow and they flinch.

             Winged Skeleton               Humans that died in Capital turned
           (House of the Void)             into wretched, winged creatures. 
                                           Their arms have turned into wings
                                           and they shoot fire from their
Yes these shoot fireballs, but they are
blue ones. So you actually have to pay

              Blood Skeleton               Red skeletons who wander the 
            (House of Suzaku)              riverbanks of the Netherworld. 
                                           They feast upon human souls and 
                                           attack with their staves.
Same exact frame as the skeleton but loads
tougher. Your best bet as a low level is
to knock them in water for instant kill.

                  Onibi                    Skulls that give off light to 
             (House of Suzaku)             attract souls they feed upon. Found
                                           near shores of the River of Souls,
                                           they are weak and easy to defeat.
They are always on fire. Melee attacks 
might get you too close so try for range
or large sweeping attacks.

                Shiranui                   Shapeless demons that lurk inside
           (House of the Void)             paintings. When an enemy enters 
                                           the temple, they create orbs of 
                                           light that nullify magic.
Their attack isn't damaging at all, it's
just their silence that is a threat.

               Spirit Rider                The ghosts of cavalry who follow
            (House of Byakko)              Masakado even after death. They
                                           remain alive as long as Masakado
                                           is not defeated. They attack 
                                           with lightning bolts.
They wander aimlessly until you come close.
Their charge attack can be dodged, but 
their lightning bolts' stuns are annoying.

              Sword Demon Fox              Fierce demons created by the Nine-
             (House of Suzaku)             Tailed Fox, they fly through the 
                                           air and wield large swords and 
                                           have high PhD. They also use magic.
They block, they combo, they dash. They
shoot blue fireballs. These are a good
battle whenever you are fighting one.

                 Wraith                    Followers of an evil sorcerer who
            (House of Soryu)               have turned into demons. They are
                                           strong in the shadows but weak in
                                           the presence of light.
Their PhA is very strong. Their slow swing
is predictable and can be avoided, but 
their leap attack is harder to avoid.

2. Bosses

                 Masakado                  The ghost of a warrior seeking
             (House of Byakko)             revenge upon the Court. A rider
                                           and wielder of lightning, his
                                           true strength is his swordsman-
See Byakko Palace for info.

                 Masakado                  Masakado refuses to let go,
             (House of Byakko)             despite his injuries. He can no
                                           longer wield a sword, but he flies
                                           through the air and attacks with
                                           powerful magic.
See Dungeon of Death for info.

                  Chitou                   The leader of the demon spiders.
             (House of Suzaku)             Fast-moving, only rubber remains
                                           in his wake. He rains down fiery 
                                           webs that burns everything in
See Lotus Pond for info.

                  Chitou                   The leader of the Demon Spiders
             (House of Suzaku)             who has escaped deep into the
                                           earth and merged with a giant
                                           spider corpse. The corpse must
                                           be destroyed first.
See Beneath the Earth for info.

                Ice Serpent                A corrupted earth spirit, its cold
             (House of Genbu)              breath can instantly freeze 
                                           anything that it comes in contact
See Northern Mountains for info.

                  Adara                    A giant centipede that dominates 
             (House of Byakko)             the skies. Sealed at the bottom of
                                           a lake with Kudara. Her shell is 
                                           thicker than Kudara's, but is weak
                                           against magic.
See The Frozen Lake for info.

                  Kudara                   A giant centipede that dominates 
             (House of Byakko)             the skies. Sealed at the bottom of
                                           a lake with Adara. Unlike Adara,
                                           magic has no effect, but has a
                                           weaker shell.
See The Frozen Lake for info.

             Archer Demon Fox              Fierce demons created by the Nine-
             (House of Suzaku)             Tailed Fox, these master archers
                                           can strike with malice-laden 
                                           arrows across long distances.
See Tower of Hate for info.

                  Douman                   A talented sorcerer, he was 
             (House of Soryu)              seduced by darkness and changed 
                                           into a chimera. Fast-footed and 
                                           strong, he is weakened by light.
See Dark Abyss for info.

                    Yin                    One of a pair of Guardians of the
              (House of Genbu)             Netherworld temple. Feeds on magic
                                           through touch and throws freezing
Immensely powerful guardian. It's spells
will become meaningless once your MaD is
high enough, but it's PhA is always

                    Yang                   One of a pair of Guardians of the
              (House of Suzaku)            Netherworld temple. Feed on magic
                                           through touch and throws fireballs.
ditto Yin 

                  Seimei                   A sorceress sworn to protect the
             (House of Ohryu)              capital. Aided the rebuilding of
                                           the Capital by bringing the holy
                                           Orb. Uses two fans and is a master
                                           of spells.
See Gates of Heaven for info.

              Nine-tailed Fox              A silver and gold god that is fast
            (House of the Void)            as it is furious. It is said that 
                                           it has the power to make the stars
                                           fall and move the earth.
See Full Moon Rising for info.

3. Miscellaneous

               Demon Heads                 
            (House of the Void?)           
These are the floating heads that act like
spider larvae in that, they explode. They 
are always laughing, taunting you.

              Black Spirits
           (House of the Void?)
These are the black wisp looking things 
that drain your MP when you touch them.
But you can attack them like projectiles
and they will disappear.

                Demon God
           (House of the Void?)
The demon god returns. But this time he is
stuck to a bow of a ship. His only function
in this game is to cast a spell by breaking
three seals.

              Mercy Orb Symbol
            (House of the Void?)
These floating things hold a mercy orb. 
They are found in certain levels, but they
only drop the mercy orb once.

VI. Miscellaneous

A. Credits
Thanks to Software and Sega for making this game.
Thanks to "Raiko" and "Volume" for providing some numbers for items

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