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Follow the dark path or use the light
Oddworld Stranger's Wrath Pack Shot

Oddworld Stranger's Wrath



by Syonyx

*               ____   ,-----. --- ,-. --- ,--`-. .-.__.                   *
    *    _.-.  [ .-- `.`) |`. ``)\ /^\ }( / /  \ \ | --,\ [--]  ,.__    *
        ,.--.`. ||   } }< >  } }< \; ../ >{ {   } }< --__) ||   `| ,`-.
       /(   | } < >  ) })|_.- /  \ / \  / \ \__/ / | |\\  <::>   < |`. \     *
 *    <  >  ; ; )|--_.'[__.--`   --  '--   `-._,` [__] \`-,'|_,-.) >  } >
    *  \ `-'_' [---`                   __  /`__         `-`|___/[_ '-' /     *
    _   `--`          __ __ ,--.-,-_-.[--`.`;,-\ ,-. -.__ ___     ``--`   *
  ;`.-.\   _ _--.  /\`. \||; /__ _||_`||_}}{'._   }|/ |}{ |--'\ ,-. _,__
 / (   ,_-`-,|| ))//\\|| \>< >=..- -. <,-\ .\-.\  <\  \;> ||;.'/^ \\- -,-.
 \  ,-_\.`|| |`-/</- \||\ | \'-`|.}--'|_ \\;'-`/  ( /\'(  |-.\<`_\`, || || [-,-
  `. _ `\ <> ||\\_( ;..- \-' '-```---`     `^-`   ;- '-.\[__\_,( ) \ }> ,|__|;'
,\  ` ) ; |,[_- `                                              ` `-',_| ||-. {
| \__/ ; `--              *      *         *               *           `-.] }|
\_  __.`         *     *                         *            *      *     `.`.
  `'      *                          *                *                      \'
   -                                                                       -
   =      Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath  --  a complete FAQ/Walkthrough       =
   -                           by :: Syonyx ::                             -
   =                                                                       =

Version 1.60 - last updated May 2, 2005.

_____________________                                             _____________
  TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                 GAME INFO

1. Introduction                               Title: Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath
     -Version History                                  Platform: Microsoft Xbox
     -On Oddworld                                         ESRB Rating: T (Teen)
2. Controls                                     Developer: Oddworld Inhabitants
3. Playing the Game                                  Publisher: Electronic Arts
4. Species & Characters                           Release Dates: 26-Jan-05 (NA)
5. Live Ammo                                                     04-Mar-05 (EU)
     5.1 Ammo Statistics
7. Walkthrough In-Depth Contents
8. Enemy Info
9. Equipment & Shops
     9.1 Shops List
10. Frequently Asked Questions               ** To jump to any section, press
11. Closing Bits                               ctrl-F and enter the section
      -Legal Info                              number **
      -Thank You's
      -Contact Info

                               1. INTRODUCTION

Greeting and salutations.  I am Syonyx, and welcome to my guide to Oddworld:
Stranger's Wrath.  This is a unique game and an unexpected turn for Oddworld,
but a thoroughly enjoyable one.  I have strived to provide an extensive manual
to getting through the game effectively.  But if you are approaching this guide
without having completed the game at least once on your own, what the heck are
you waiting for?  Just give it a shot, you don't have to be perfect your first
time through.

With that said, the observant reader may notice that the table of contents
above indicates that there is a further level of contents listed after the
walkthrough.  What the?!?  Well, this is my attempt to keep you from
accidentally uncovering any game spoilers before you're ready.  And yes, there
could potentially be spoilers even in a walkthrough table of contents.  If you
are coming here because you're well and truly stuck on your first play-through,
then I suggest you carefully scroll through the walkthrough to find the part
you're stuck at, and avoid possibly learning anything you shouldn't know except
through the journey of discovery provided by the game itself.  I'll do my part
too and leave any potential spoilers out of the guide wherever possible.
Sounds fair, right?  For those more experienced players, please feel free to
skip down to find the in-depth walkthrough contents, complete with search codes
for your rapid locating needs.


1.0: Completed 04-Mar-05, after a frantic effort to finish it in time to claim
     the bounty (successfully, I might add).  Complete walkthrough
     and gameplay information.
1.5: Completed 11-Apr-05.  Added ascii art header, paragraph on Gamespeak, ammo
     statistics chart, in-depth enemy info, FAQ section, and otherwise reviewed
     the walkthrough.  Also added "Did you try..." sections with fun extra
     stuff to do.
1.51: 12-Apr-05.  Added missing values to ammo statistics chart, added some
      Wolvarks to the enemy descriptions, and continued reviewing the
1.55: 13-Apr-05.  Finished reviewing the walkthough, hopefully there are no
      more typos or confusions.  All major work done, if this guide is updated
      again it will be only minor additions.
1.60: 02-May-05.  Moved walkthrough further up ahead of some encyclopedic
      material, and updated info on status of Oddworld Inhabitants.

                               ~ On Oddworld ~

Oddworld is a place like no other, populated by many species at different
levels in the food chain, all of whom play a role in the ever-evolving ecology
and economy of the planet.  Oddworld is also a series of games created by
Oddworld Inhabitants under the creative leadership of Lorne Lanning.  The
central focus of their opus is the Oddworld Quintology, meaning a series of 5
games.  The first of these was Abe's Oddysee, in which a chump turned champ
when he freed his brethren from the bonds of industrial slavery.  The second
was Munch's Oddysee, where Abe helped Munch, the last Gabbit, recover the means
to bring his species back from the edge of extinction.  There was also Abe's
Exoddus, which was not a core game of the quintology, but rather a bonus game
to the first installment.

And so now we come to Stranger's Wrath, which is NOT part of the Quintology,
but rather is an adjunct to that series, highlighting another set of peoples
and their experiences in a distant corner of the Oddworld.  Oddworld
Inhabitants was contractually committed to releasing at least 2 more games for
Xbox, either the current platform or the next generation.  There was an
announcement that the next game would star a character named Fangus, and would
again feature 1st-to-3rd person gameplay in addition to sheep herding.  Since
the release of Stranger's Wrath, however, OI has undergone a major change.
They have announced that, as a company, they will no longer be developing games
themselves, and instead will only create characters and stories for games and
movies.  This move has been seen by many as the death of Oddworld.  While it
sure doesn't bode extremely well right now for loyal fans, I don't believe that
all hope is lost.  Only time will reveal what the future holds for Oddworld.

                                 2. CONTROLS

What's the matter, you don't have the manual?  Sheesh.  Fine, here you go:

  GENERAL ACTIONS:                         ,---> 3RD PERSON MODE:
 ==================                        |    ==================
Move around: L stick                       |   Talk: X
Look around (camera): R stick              |   Use/activate: X
*** Switch between 3rd                     |   Capture bounty: X (hold)
*** and 1st person mode: Click R stick >--[    Head butt: R trigger
Jump: A                                    |   Spin attack: L trigger
Double-jump: A, A                          |   Center camera: Black
Shake off damage: Y (hold)                 |
Open ammo menu: D-pad (any) >--.           |
Open inventory: Back           |           '---> 1ST PERSON MODE:
Pause game: Start              |                ==================
                               |               Fire left barrel: L trigger
   AMMO MENU:     <------------'               Fire right barrel: R trigger
  ============                                 Punch: Click L stick
Scroll through ammo: D-pad up/down             Zoom: Black (need binoculars)
Assign ammo to left barrel: D-pad left         Quick reload: B
Assign ammo to right barrel: D-pad right
Exit ammo menu: B, Y, or L or R trigger

                             3. PLAYING THE GAME

     ~ General Overview ~

As a bounty hunter, the Stranger will experience the general flow of events as
            Pick up bounty assignment in Bounty Store --> Go out into wild -->
            --> Fight Outlaw minions --> Fight Outlaw boss --> Capture boss
            dead or alive --> Return to town and claim reward --> Pick up new
            bounty assignment.

In between missions, he can also visit the General Store to buy some supplies
and talk to the townsfolk to possibly get some tips (but more likely just some
abuse).  Once you exhaust the bounties available at one town, it's time to move
on to the next one.  Throughout this process, the Stranger will acquire Moolah,
the currency of this part of Oddworld.  You can use this to buy extra ammo and
new equipment, as well as save up for the future.

     ~ Gamespeak ~

Oddworld Inhabitants has created an innovative way of interacting with other
characters: talking to them!  You really ought to try it in your own life
sometime.  Though not as intricate a game mechanism as in the Abe and Munch
games, Gamespeak helps keep the Stranger on the right course.  Press X at just
about any time and the Stranger will start flapping his lips.  If he's alone,
he'll say something about his current main objective, reminding you, the
player, of where you need to go next.  If near another friendly character,
he'll talk to them instead, asking something about his current objective and
receiving something that somewhat resembles a response.  Just remember that
just because someone isn't trying to kill you, that doesn't necessarily mean
that they'll be all that helpful.  In a nutshell, Gamespeak is the game's one-
button context-dependent conversation system.

     ~ Health & Stamina ~

The bars at the top right of the game screen show you the Stranger's status (it
only appears when he's damaged or in a combat situation).  The larger upper bar
represents his health, while the lower blue bar represents his stamina.  If the
Stranger's health ever reaches zero, it's game over.  Fortunately, he can
restore his health at any time by shaking off damage by pressing Y.  This will
send any blades, bullets, or whatever stuck in his hide flying back out.
Restoring health in this way consumes stamina, so you can only heal as long as
you have stamina left.  Stamina will regenerate itself over time provided that
you are not running at full speed, and you can also gain a small stamina boost
by bountying an enemy.  A full stamina bar will not quite restore a full health
bar.  So basically, whenever you take damage, find a safe spot where you're not
in the line of fire of any enemies and shake it off.  Likewise, if your stamina
is low, stay in a safe area if you can while it regenerates.

You can also lose stamina by falling long distances.  As long as you can see
the ground below, stamina is all you'll lose.  Landing in water is fine, as the
Stranger can swim.  If there is no bottom in sight, the Stranger will die.
Finally, melee attacks consume a little bit of stamina, and if your stamina is
at zero, you will not be able to use these attacks until it recovers.

     ~ Combat ~

Herein lies the core of the game.  You will have many options for approaching
any combat situation, from the stealthy approach to running in both barrels a-
blazin', using all of the tools at your disposal.  The first tool to master is
maximizing the use of the 2 perspectives.  Remember that you can switch between
them at any time by clicking in the right stick.

  ~~~ 3RD PERSON ~~~
This is the dominant non-combat view.  Though you cannot use your crossbow in
this mode, you get wider view of your surroundings, and have the ability to
look around objects by moving the camera.  You must be in 3rd person to be able
to run or jump long distances.  It is the best mode for running for cover when
things are getting hairy.  As for offense, you can use only melee attacks in
this mode: the spin attack, which can hit multiple nearby targets and knock
them away, and the headbutt, which delivers a more powerful strike on a single

  ~~~ 1ST PERSON ~~~
In this view, you see through Stranger's eyes, which are looking down the
barrel his crossbow.  In this mode, you will use your various ammo (see below)
to creatively dispatch your enemies.  You can load different ammo onto your
weapon at any time, and use both barrels in combination to produce powerful
combination attacks.  While in 1st person, your speed of movement is limited to
a fast walk.  You can still jump and double-jump, but it won't take you very
far.  You can also still do a melee attack by clicking in the left stick, for
those times when an enemy just gets too close.

  ~~~ THE CROSSBOW ~~~
The Stranger's weapon is a specially designed double-barrel wrist-mounted
spring-loaded crossbow.  He mounts his ammo (see below) onto either barrel and
can fire both at once if necessary.  Each ammo type can be fired a certain
number of times before it needs to reload, which will happen automatically, but
which takes a moment (and some ammo reload faster than others).

Enemies can be taken in 2 general ways: dead or alive.  Taking an enemy alive
requires you to knock it unconscious or otherwise incapacitate it, giving you
time to run up and suck it into your Bounty Can with the X button.  You have to
be quick about it though, because they'll eventually recover, ready to cause
more trouble.  If you knock them dead, however, they won't be getting back up
any time soon.  However, you won't get as much money for bountying them, and
you may not even get a chance to bounty them, because their bodies will melt
away after a little while.  Some kills don't leave anything intact to bounty
though, and naturally those ones are the funniest.

Enemies also have a health/stamina system similar to the Stranger's.  Rather
than bars, though, they get stars.  Yellow stars will appear over enemies'
heads as they become progressively stunned, and when they acquire 3 yellow
stars, they will be unconscious (note: many enemies can easily be knocked into
unconsciousness with a single hit).  Once unconscious, the stars will disappear
one by one, and when the last star fades, they will rise again.  Similarly, red
stars indicate health.  As you damage enemies, red stars will appear over their
heads, and when they have 3 red stars, a little more damage will kill them.

Bosses, on the other hand, do have health and stamina bars identical to the
Stranger's.  To take out a boss, you can either drop their health down to zero
to kill them, or knock their stamina down to nothing to knock them out.  For a
knock out, just be sure to bounty them before they recover.

     ~ Saving and Quiksaving ~

In this game, you could literally never stop to save and still never lose your
place.  The game will automatically create a new permanent save file every time
you reach a new town.  It will also keep a save file that updates every time
you reach a major new section (e.g. pick up a new bounty, at various points on
the way to the boss, and at the start of a boss battle).  So you can turn the
game off at any time and not lose more than a few minutes of play time.  If
ever you die, the game will automatically reload at the last auto-save point.

On top of this, the game features the Quiksave system.  At absolutely any point
in the game, you can Quiksave, creating a snapshot of that moment that you can
return to at any point.  So for example, if you're plowing through a difficult
section, you can Quiksave after eliminating every few enemies, just in case
your death is just around the corner.  With a Quiksave made after the last
auto-save, if you die you will restart at the Quiksave instead.  In each game,
you can only have one Quiksave file at a time, so if you Quiksave again, it
will overwrite the last one.  This file also remains in place after turning off
the Xbox.

     ~ Moolah ~

Moolah is the currency of Oddworld, at least in the regions we've seen so far.
It is necessary to acquire Moolah throughout the game in order to purchase
extra ammo, upgrades and equipment.  You might also want to save up significant
amounts for larger major purchases as the game goes on.  There are several ways
to acquire Moolah:

  -Bounty bad guys!  For every Outlaw that you suck up with your bounty can,
     you will be awarded some Moolah once you cash them in at any Bounty Store.
     Remember, Outlaws captured alive are worth more than dead ones.
  -Kill bad guys!  When an Outlaw dies, he drops a few small bags of Moolah,
     his personal stash.  It doesn't quite make up for the difference in bounty
     value, but it's something at least.
  -Smash things!  Many barrels, crates and other objects hold a bit of Moolah
     hidden away inside them by Clakkerz, Outlaws, or others, and you can
     appropriate these funds by breaking them open.
  -Find valuable stashes!  Moolah Chests and Moolah Pots (which contain a
     valuable green ore, equivalent to cold hard cash) provide lots of dough.
  -Break glowing crystals!  Some caves hold orange glowing crystals that have
     formed on the walls and ceiling.  You can break off pieces that are worth
     a tiny amount of Moolah when you pick them up.

                           4. SPECIES & CHARACTERS

                               | The Stranger |

The Stranger is a, umm...  Well, whatever he is, he's bad-ass, and he's the
only one around these parts with the gumption to stand up to those Outlaws.  Is
his motivation altruism, cold hard cash, or something else altogether?

                                 | Outlaws |

These ornery runts thrive on lawlessness and local populations too weak or
scared to take back what's theirs.  They move into whatever location strikes
their fancy and take over essential services from the nearby towns, such as
water supply or wagon trains, then charge exorbitant prices to use them.  Most
are small fry, content to cause minor mischief and not think too far ahead.  A
few of them, though, have either the brawn or the brains (but rarely both) to
lead a pack of them on to mean-spirited greatness.

                                 | Clakkerz |

What their feathered roly-poly bodies lack in physical finesse, they make up
for with their sarcastic beaks.  Productive little settlers, they establish
towns in barren lands, but then all too often fall prey to Outlaws.
Fortunately for them, they have enough cash on hand to hire the best of the
best to take out the bad guys for them.

                                 | The Doc |

A Vykker by species, he's the only medical specialist to be found anywhere
about these parts.  And because of his monopoly on the market, his services
don't come cheap.

                                 | Sekto |

Another mysterious figure, all we know about him is that he's filthy stinkin'
rich.  And with money comes power...

                                 | Grubbs |

This once-thriving species flourished along bountiful rivers and lakes.  But
since the water's been drying up, pickings have been slim.  Hounded by Outlaws
no less than by the loss of their habitat, Grubbs have become fearful and
reclusive, while dreaming of the return to a better way of life.

                                | Wolvarks |

Morality-free, this reptilian breed makes an ideal workforce for the more
under-handed captains of industry.  They'll defend their assigned posts to the
death, as long as there's a steady paycheck egging them on.

                                  | Slegs |

These vicious little doggies are really nothing but legs and razor-toothed
gaping maws.  Their favorite bone is in your leg.  Single-minded, they will run
you down until you take them down.  If you don't, well, at least they seem to
have evolved a certain bumblebee-like feature: Once they bite, they die.  Wild
cousins to the breeds of Slogs favored as industrial guard dogs in other parts
of Oddworld.

                                5. LIVE AMMO

In keeping with his distaste for guns, the Stranger uses unique ammunition for
his double-barreled crossbow: actual living creatures!  These critters can be
found scattered throughout the environments you will travel through, and each
has unique abilities.  Experiment with each on their own and in combination to
find the most effective ways to deal with your enemies.  You will need to use
different strategies depending on whether you want the bad guys dead or alive.

To catch a critter, you must first spot it scuttling, hopping, or flying around
the environment.  Next, you have to incapacitate it by shooting it with another
critter (the Zappfly works best for this, since it supplies you with unlimited
shots.  But hey, if you want to use up your other ammo in exchange for a new
critter, go right ahead).  Then, walk over the stunned creature and the
Stranger will automatically pick it up and add it to his ammo bag, provided
that he has any room left for that ammo type.  You can also buy ammo in General
Stores, and find it in critter-specific marked crates scattered around enemy
strongholds.  Why they're storing these things is anybody's guess.

Most critters comes in 2 forms: regular and upgraded.  The regular form will be
all that is available to you for much of the game.  Once you have received the
upgraded form for a particular critter, any critters of that type that you
collect will automatically become the upgraded variety.  Please note that, when
purchasing an upgraded ammo type in a General Store, you must first have room
for at least 1 of that type in your inventory.  Also, once you purchase the
upgrade, you lose any of the old type of critter that you had in your

     ~~~~~ ZAPPFLIES ~~~~~

Ah, trusty ol' Zappflies, where would Stranger be without them?  This is your
most basic ammo type, and the only one that you have an infinite supply of.
These lightning bugs start charging up the moment they are loaded into your
crossbow, and once fully charged, fire a powerful burst of electricity.  You
can also fire a rapid stream of smaller bursts before they are fully charged.
Many enemies can be knocked unconscious by a single charged shot or many
uncharged ones.  The charged shot is required to activate certain electrical
equipment, by targeting Surge Activators, and it is also the best way to blow
up explosive barrels.

     ~~~~~ CHIPPUNKS ~~~~~

These trash-talkin' rodents are always good for a laugh while they're loaded
into your crossbow.   They're also great at luring enemies over to them.  Fire
one at the ground, and any single Outlaw within earshot (as determined by an
effective zone shown on your radar) will rush over to put a stop to its
chattering, provided that he is able to reach it.  This ammo won't work if the
Outlaw has spotted you, though.
   UPGRADE: Howler Punks
     In their pimped-up mode, these punks will attract up to 3 Outlaws at once,
     but they all still need to be within the effective range upon landing.

     ~~~~~ BOLAMITES ~~~~~

They spin a web, any size, catches thieves just like flies...  Fire one at an
enemy and the Bolamite will instantly wrap him up in a neat little package.
Don't wait too long before bountying him, though, or he'll be able to break
free.  Some enemies are too strong to be bound for any length of time, though.
   UPGRADE: Bola Blasts
     Each super-spider can bind up to 3 enemies at once, though the webbing
     isn't any stronger than before.  Remember, too, that you'll only have time
     to bounty 2 of them in the time it takes the 3rd to break free.

     ~~~~~ FUZZLES ~~~~~

Nothin' but fur and teeth.  Okay, a couple of little eyeballs too.  These guys
act like proximity mines, leaping at and savaging any enemies that come too
close, distracting them and causing minor damage.  They can stick to vertical
or horizontal surfaces to lay in wait for that unfortunate passer-by.  Set them
against your foes in packs for maximum effect.
   UPGRADE: Rabid Fuzzles.
     A whole lot meaner than the regular variety, these critters will jump
     farther to reach their victims and cause more damage when they do.

     ~~~~~ THUDSLUGS ~~~~~

These flying bugs sport a super-hard shell, and they roll up into a little
armored ball when stressed out, such as when being used as ammo.  Fired at an
enemy, it will knock the wind right out of them and shove them backwards hard.
Too many hits and it's lights out for good.
   UPGRADE: Riot Slugs
     These deliver an even more powerful blow, and at close enough range can
     completely vaporize most targets.

     ~~~~~ BOOMBATS ~~~~~

Flying to their target like a bat out of hell, they explode a moment later,
causing heavy damage to anyone standing too close.  Anyone not killed by the
blast will at least be bowled over.
   UPGRADE: Boombat Seekers
     Increased explosive power is coupled with slight homing ability, producing
     a nasty surprise for anyone you aim them at.

     ~~~~~ STUNKZ ~~~~~

Upon landing, Stunkz will unleash a cloud of green, noxious gas, causing
susceptible bad guys to stop what they're doing and spew uncontrollably, at
which point you can bag 'em.  Fortunately, the Stranger is immune to the smell.
He must already be pretty rank himself.
   UPGRADE: Spark Stunkz
     These affronts against nature produce a stench so mind-numbingly horrible,
     it creates a local vacuum, sucking in up to 3 outlaws within range.  Place
     them over environmental hazards to draw enemies to their doom.

     ~~~~~ STINGBEES ~~~~~

The cannon fodder of your arsenal, these fly in rapid fire towards their target
like a continuous spray of needles.  Their only use is to damage or kill.
   UPGRADE: Super Stingbees
     Extra sharp stingers plus the ability to home in on their targets to some
     extent make these creatures even more deadly.

     ~~~~~ SNIPER WASPS ~~~~~

Only useable while combined with the binocular scope attachment to your
crossbow.  Clean, silent killers, a single shot will take out any regular enemy
without attracting any undue attention.

                              ~ 5.1 AMMO STATS ~

Listed here are various bits of numerical information on each ammo type.
  - 'Amount per capture' refers to the number of shots you gain for each wild
critter you stun and collect.
  - 'Max Number Held' is the maximum number in your possession.  Efforts to
pick up more than that will be futile.  The increased capacity for each
upgraded ammo bag is also provided.
  - '# in Clip' refers to how many you can fire before you need to reload your
crossbow.  This reloading happens automatically, during which you are unable to
fire more of that ammo.  The increased clip capacity upon purchasing the Clip
Extender for that ammo type is also provided.
  - 'Reload Speed' refers to, well, the speed at which the ammo reloads once
you've emptied your clip.  These speeds can be enhanced by purchasing reloader
springs particular to each ammo type.

AMMO       | AMMO / |       MAX NUMBER HELD        |   # IN CLIP     |
TYPE       |  CAP-  | Start | Small | Med. | Large |       |  With   | RELOAD
  +UPGRADE |  TURE  |       |  Bag  |  Bag |  Bag  | Basic | Upgrade |  SPEED
Zappflies  |  n/a   |  Inf. | Inf.  | Inf. | Inf.  |   8   |   n/a   | Fast
Chippunks  |   5    |  10   |  12   |  15  |  20   |   1   |   3     | Medium
  Howler   |        |  20   |  38   |  47  |  60   |       |         |
  Punks    |        | (30)* |       |      |       |       |         |
Bolamites  |   5    |  10   |  12   |  15  |  20   |   3   |   5     | Fast
  Bola     |        |  15   |  19   |  23  |  30   |       |         |
  Blasts   |        |       |       |      |       |       |         |
Fuzzles    |   5    |  15   |  19   |  23  |  30   |   3   |   5     | Medium
  Rabid    |        |  40   |  51   |  63  |  80   |       |         |
  Fuzzles  |        |       |       |      |       |       |         |
Thudslugs  |   5    |  10   |  12   |  15  |  20   |   1   |   2     | Slow
  Riot     |        |  30   |       |      |       |       |         |
  Slugs    |        |       |       |      |       |       |         |
Boombats   |   2    |   6   |   7   |   9  |  12   |   3   |   1     | Slow
  Boombat  |        |   8   |       |      |       |       |         |
  Seekers  |        |       |       |      |       |       |         |
Stunkz     |   5    |  10   |  12   |  15  |  20   |   1   |   2     | Medium
  Spark    |        |  10   |       |      |       |       |         |
  Stunkz   |        |       |       |      |       |       |         |
Stingbees  |   90   |  375  |  487  | 599  |  750  |  30   |   50    | Slow
  Super    |        |  300  |       |      |       |       |         |
  Stingbee |        |       |       |      |       |       |         |
Sniper     |  n/a   |   5   |   6   |  7   |  10   |   1   |   n/a   | Instant
Wasps      |        |       |       |      |       |       |         |
*You can hold more of this ammo once you get the Breeder Bag.

                               6. WALKTHROUGH

After selecting New Game from the title menu, you get to enter your name.  This
is what will appear on your save files, so if your little brother is playing
his own game, be sure to pick something unique.  You can scroll through a page
of symbols and accented letters using the bottom left button.  Click on 'Done'
to accept the name as shown as get on with the game.

                      Chapter One: The Way of the Hunter


After the opening FMV, you are left with a bound Outlaw to bounty.  Press and
hold X near him to suck him up into your all-purpose trans-dimensional bounty
gun.  The only other thing you can do in here is appreciate the lush
vegetation.  From here on in, you will have ample directions about what to do
to familiarize yourself with the controls and game environment.   Enter the
shack and stand on the lift to ride up a tunnel to a new area.

Learn to jump as you go up the rock steps.  You can get across the gaps with
careful single jumps, but you may as well try out your double-jump while you're
at it.  Along the cliff wall, climb the rope where the arrow points the way by
jumping near it; Stranger will automatically grab on. Jump off the top and
climb the next rope right beside you.  Go through the valley it takes you up
to.  Smash the fence with either the R or L trigger and continue onward.  When
you reach the pit, jump to the middle landing and jump again to reach the far
side (again, you can make it with single jumps, but go ahead and use double-
jumps if you're tired of falling down).  If you fall in, there's a rope back to
the starting side of the pit.

Just ahead, you get sucker-punched by an Outlaw.  Press and hold Y to shake off
the damage, and the door ahead will open.   Move in and sneak up to the Outlaw,
then take him out with your melee attacks.  Note the stars over his head before
you bounty him.  Continue onward, and you get a little tutorial in using
Chippunks.  Lure the Outlaw onto the wooden platform and it'll collapse,
tumbling him to his doom.  Go down via the tops of the stone columns then a
rope (or just jump to the ground, but it'll be a blow against your stamina when
you land) and bounty the body.  Note that he's only worth 2 Moolah dead, while
the previous live one netted you 6 Moolah.  Try smashing the barrels in this
area for some extra dough.  When you're done playing around, enter the shack to
ride up another lift.

Ahead, there's a horizontal rope that you can use to cross a small chasm (if
you fall, there's another rope back up).  Go left at the end on the far side
and down to a pair of Outlaws.  Head-butt them into submission and bounty them
both alive.  Hop up the next lift.

Now, you get to try Bolamites.  Shoot the Outlaw with one from the safety of
the tall reeds.  The door down to him will then open, on the left end of the
wall.  Switch to 3rd-person and go down to bounty him before he breaks loose
(and if he does, just shoot him again).  Ride another lift up.  Above, practice
a Chippunk-Bolamite combo, by staying up top and firing the Chippunk where the
arrow indicates.  Wrap up the Outlaw when he arrives, then jump back up top and
repeat for the other one.  Continue up the next lift.

Now try out the Stunkz.  Wait until the Outlaws are all close together and fire
one into their midst.  You'll only have time to bounty 2 before the last one
recovers, so hit him with a Bolamite after you bounty the first one to keep him
still.  Don't fall off the path in this area, there's no bottom!  Up ahead, use
Fuzzles to throw the Outlaws into a panic, sending them into the water, where
they drown.  It is necessary to kill them to open the door, you can't just wrap
them up with a Bolamite.  Once they're gone, you get instructions to lay a trap
for the next Outlaw who's coming in.  Place a Fuzzle or 3 in front of the door
and retreat behind the corrugated tin wall to watch the show.  Feel free to hit
him with a Bolamite if you want him alive, otherwise just let the Fuzzles do
their thing.

Enter the facility and keep going until you get a tutorial on loading your
crossbow.  Load up a Zappfly, let it charge, then shoot the blue surge
activator to unlock the doors.  Back outdoors, you now have to hunt your own
ammo.  Use the Zappfly to shoot the critters, since this doesn't cost you any
ammo to do.  Once you've got stunned and collected at least one of each type, a
surge activator will appear across the pond.  Shoot it with a charged Zappfly
to extend the bridge, then cross over.  There will be a pair of Outlaws on the
ground ahead.  Tie 'em up and bounty 'em, but then back out of there before the
Outlaws in the house on the right start firing.  Shoot charged Zappflies at the
red barrels for a wonderful surprise.  Move in and take out any remaining
Outlaws with a method of your choosing.  You can also go in and practice
smashing all the windows in the house.  When you're done playing around, go up
the slope past the house and mosey on into town.
      /  DID YOU TRY...                                                      \
     | -Killing Blisterz Booty before you bounty him?  It takes about fifty   |
     |    headbutts to do.  It also nets you only 1/2 the Moolah when you     |
     |    cash him in.  And although he's dead, he sure seems alive and       |
     |    kicking while he's in his cell in town!                             |
     | -Wasting ammo?  Up until the time when you hunt your own, your ammo    |
     |    constantly regenerates, creating an unlimited supply.  So feel free |
     |    to shoot them off walls, into the air, wherever, just for the fun   |
     |    of it.                                                              |
     | -Going for a swim?  In the area where you tried out your fuzzles, you  |
     |    can also jump into the water to cool off and pick up the floating   |
     |    Moolah dropped by the drowned Outlaws.                              |
     | -Standing near an exploding barrel while you shoot it?  Surprise!  It  |
     |    kills you too!  It's a valuable lesson to learn early on.           |

         Chapter Two: Shortly Thereafter, a Stranger Arrives in Town


After a brief FMV, the Stranger finds himself in the town jail.  Head outside.
The Bounty Store is to the left, right across from the General Store.  It's
easy to find both, but ask some locals where it is anyway.  They'll be
extremely helpful, really.  If you run around town you'll find some breakable
fences, and a few crates with some Moolah inside, but not enough to get excited
about.  You can go into the General Store, but there's nothing for sale, the
reasons for which will be made clear in the Bounty Store.

In the Bounty Store, talk to the shopkeeper to get paid for your captures so
far, then pick up the next and only other bounty available.  Accept it, and the
Clakker clerk will tell you a little bit more about the job.  Leave the store,
go  right, then left at the T-junction (go in the direction of the sign reading
"Dead Hen's Pass") and approach the gate at the edge of town to be let out and
retrieve your crossbow.
      /  DID YOU TRY...                                                      \
     | -Talking to Blisterz in the jail?  Go to the left cell and chat him up |
     |   and he'll talk threateningly about his brother.                      |
     | -Examining the Fortune Teller machine in the General Store?  It shows  |
     |    you some titillating footage.                                       |
     | -Running?  You can't!  I guess the designers didn't want you bowling   |
     |    over Clakkerz unintentionally yet.                                  |
     | -Eavesdropping on the Clakkerz' conversations?  They often meet up in  |
     |    pairs and have their own interactions, which you can hear if you    |
     |    stand close enough to them.                                         |
     | -Looking at Clakkerz in 1st-person mode?  Even though your crossbow    |
     |    was detained, you can still switch to this view for a better look   |
     |    at their animations while talking with them.  You can also punch    |
     |    them close-up by clicking the L stick in this view.                 |
     | -Walking into Clakkerz?  Really, it's harder to avoid doing this.      |
     |    They bounce and exclaim indignity, then carry on their merry way.  |
     | -Beating up on Clakkerz?  Hit one with a melee attack and some more    |
     |    will come to its defense.  Hit them again and they'll all run and   |
     |    hide for a while.  You'll also be chastised over the town's         |
     |    loudspeaker system.                                                 |


Once outside the town, hunt down some Chippunks to reach your full capacity.
Charge up a Zappfly and shoot the surge activator by the metal gates.  Practice
picking up speed to reach a flat-out gallop as you go down the path.  When you
reach some Clakkerz, the bridge ahead is blown out.  To cross the gap, jump
along the ledges on the right side of the pit (if you fall in, there's a ramp
back up to the top).  Alternately, if you get up to a full run, you can double-
jump straight across the broken bridge.

On the other side of the gap, continue until you see a fence ahead.  Stay along
the left side, going at normal speed until you're hidden in the reeds (your
radar will show 'Hidden') and you can see and hear the Outlaws.  They should be
right under the boulder being held up by the crane.  If they're not right in
the box, lure them into it with a Chippunk, then charge a Zappfly and shoot the
surge activator on the side of the crane.  Ha ha ha.  Pick up the Moolah
(there's more in the crates behind the breakable fence, too) and continue on
your way.

Ahead, you find some Bolamites in the fenced area, both outside and in the
large house.  You can climb a rope in the house to reach the top floor, but
there's no real point to doing so.  Just ahead, shoot the surge activator to
open the gates.  Go inside and stick to the left to hide in the reeds.  Wait
for the first Outlaw to walk towards you, then hit him with a charged Zappfly
to knock him out and bounty him alive.  Alternately, you can lure him back
toward the gate and tie him up with a Bolamite.  Continue through the pass,
sticking to the right wall this time to sneak up on the Outlaws ahead, and take
out the pair of them however you like (if they spot you, they won't alert
other, so don't worry too much).  There's also one more guard a short ways up
the pass.  There are more Bolamites ahead, so feel free to use those up.

Once the Outlaws blow up the tunnel and stop the wagon train, take them out.
Feel free to just wade in a wrap them all up with Bolamites, or lure them away
with Chippunks if you're feeling crafty.  Once they're dealt with, go to the
wooden structure on the left and climb the rope.  Up top, you'll find some
Fuzzles, so stock up.  Climb the next rope to get over the blocked road.

Just ahead, Outlaws are attacking the halted wagon trains.  Clakkerz have
holed themselves up inside, and you have to take out the Outlaws, about a dozen
of them.  Use whatever ammo you have at your disposal.  You can climb to the
building ledges along the left side and use them as a safe vantage point, but
the Outlaws can still spot you up there if you're careful.  The house on the
left also has Fuzzles and Bolamites inside.  For a stealthy approach, once you
enter the area jump straight down and hide behind the large rock just ahead.
Step out and capture the first 2 Outlaws by the first wagon.  Now sneak around
the right side and up to the tall reeds just ahead.  Lure Outlaws over there
one by one with Chippunks and bounty them alive.  Once they're all dead or
bountied, the Clakkerz come out, but Filthy Hands Floyd and his main minions
also make their move.

     BOSS: Filthy Hands Floyd

First of all, dodge to the side behind a train car and wait for the 2 minions
to come out to you, then capture them both so you can concentrate on the main
man.  Floyd fires a rapid volley of damaging shots at you, so keep under cover
wherever possible.  The rails on the way up to Floyd are all destructible,
including by him, but the block straight ahead at the top of the ramp will give
you some cover.  Once you're in range, you have a couple of options for taking
him out.

     ALIVE: You can distract him with a Fuzzle or two so he won't shoot at
            you , then hit him with Zapply shots to bring his stamina down.
            Once it's all depleted, he'll fall over and you can bounty him.  An
            even easier way is to just hit him with a Bolamite.  It'll only
            hold him for a couple of seconds, but it's long enough to run up
            and bounty him.

     DEAD: Hit him with a full complement of Fuzzles.  Each will gnaw away a
           bit of his health, and it's funny to watch him run around in panic.
           If you need more, go back to the house along the side of the canyon.

Once you've got him and all his minions, the mine shaft back to town will open
up on the right side of Floyd's platform.  If you honestly can't find it, hang
around the Clakkerz until one of them talks about checking it.  He'll run over
to it, and all you have to do is follow him.

Go through the mine shaft and jump over the beams.  Cross the bridge and...
Pick up some Fuzzles if you need them and continue through the tunnel.  When
you emerge, you get a brief FMV, and then have to deal with some Outlaws below
the wind turbine.  Jump down to the next ledge and hide in the tall grass to
scope them out.  Once you've dealt with all of the ones on the ledge, there's a
pair that have moved into the house across the way.  But look, they brought an
exploding barrel with them!  Shoot it with a charged Zappfly and go bounty
their bodies.

Head back to town the same way you came, restocking your ammo if you need to.
Go to the bounty store and talk to the clerk to cash out your captures, and
pick up the next available bounty.
      /  DID YOU TRY...                                                      \
     | -Hurting the Clakker outside the gate once you left town?  This starts |
     |    the 'all Clakkerz run and hide' response throughout the town, but   |
     |    he's left bumping against the closed gate trying to get in.         |
     | -Listening to the first Outlaws standing by the crane?  Their conver-  |
     |    sation is pretty funny.                                             |
     | -Leaving a Fuzzle by a Clakker?  They freak out over them just as much |
     |    as Outlaws do.  Try the same with all ammo types: Bolamites tie     |
     |    them up and Chippunks lure them over.                               |
     | -Pick up the Moolah from the Outlaws that blew themselves up?          |


Now that you've picked up the bounty, the General Store has some stuff for
sale.  I recommend picking up at least the Binoculars at this time.  If you
just want to get on with things, go right after exiting the Bounty Store and go
through the gates marked 'Water Facility'.

Talk to the Clakker outside and he'll advise you to pick up some Thudslugs on
your way to the Duke.  Head up the valley to the right, and shoot the surge
protector at the bottom of the lift track.  Jump on the lift when it comes down
quickly before it rises again.  Up top, go ahead past the Chippunks to spot
some flying Thudslugs.  Being airborne, they're slightly harder to hit, but I
know you can do it.  There are also Bolamites running around in these parts.
At the end of the canyon, there's a rope for you to climb up.

As you climb, an Outlaw Sniper will emerge in a high cave behind you.  On the
first landing, move to the far rock wall where he can't hit you and charge up a
Zappfly, then step out and shoot him (you can also knock him off his perch with
a Thudslug).  Bounty his fallen body if you want to, then climb up to the next
level.  Around the bend, there's another Sniper, so take him out in the same
way.  Smash the fence blocking your way.  Just ahead, smash the wooden block on
the left side of the pit (which, from the looks of it, you do not want to fall
into) using either a weapon or your head, and climb the ramp it creates.
Ahead, smash some more fences and continue onward until the Water Facility is
in view.

Scope out the situation from on high (aren't you glad you bought those
binoculars?), then head down the ramp along the cliff wall.  At the bottom,
there's a line of reeds for you to hide in as you approach the facility.  There
are two guards outside of it.  Lure them one by one away from the entrance and
capture them (the ol' Chippunk-Bolamite combo).  Once they're eliminated, even
if you haven't been spotted, the Duke issues you an ultimatum: you have to take
out all of his men before he'll come out and face you himself.

To get inside the facility, there are 2 approaches.  The noisy way is to break
down the central front door with many, many headbutts or Zappflies.  The sneaky
way is to go around to the right side of the facility.  There are 3 stone
columns holding up a broken pipe.  The first of these has wooden planks holding
it together at eye level.  Punch or shoot the planks, and the column will fall
over, creating a bridge into the hole in the facility wall.  Double-jump onto
this bridge and go on in.  You can use the wooden panels to shield yourself
from prying eyes as you take out the upper guards.  Attract over the one on the
platform on your right with a Chippunk and incapacitate him, bounty him, then
cross over to the other side along the upper ledge.  Shoot the next Outlaw
along there with another Bolamite before he can raise the alarm.  Now, there
are 2 Outlaws who will walk up the ramp from the ground and cross in front of
the surge activator on the side wall.  Wait until one is crossing there, then
shoot the activator to drop him into the spinning fans below.  The other one
will come to investigate, so do the same with him.  That's is for the upper

For the ones on the ground, try attracting one to a spot in front of a spinning
fan with a Chippunk, then shoot him with a Thudslug so it throws him back into
the blade.  It's good for a laugh.  You can then take out the Outlaw by the
closed entrance to the facility by simply shooting him with a Bolamite from
afar and running up to bounty him.  Take out the other pair walking around the
grounds however you like.  There's one more inside the facility, but you can
get him easily by going around the back and tying him up with a Bolamite from
the open window, then jump through and bounty him.  Once you've got the last of
them, the Duke finally appears.

     BOSS: Looten Duke

After a very amusing FMV, he leaves you with his Outlaw Mortars.  They will
fire homing shells and, without cover, you have to run and jump out of the way
before they land on you, or they'll do mega damage.  If you go up either ramp
to the roofed watchtowers, you will be protected from the rockets raining down
from above.  You can use Fuzzles to take out the left shooter, by placing them
onto the wall behind him.  It's harder to hit the other one, because there's no
good place to stick the Fuzzles in a trap, but you can still hit him with them
regardless.  Thudslugs are also useful if you can get a clean shot.  A Bolamite
will hold them still long enough for you to hit them with a few more shots of
whatever.  Concentrate on taking just one of them out at first, then go refill
on Fuzzles and Thudslugs behind the main building before taking out the second.
Once you do that, the Duke himself comes out to play.

He'll run around, firing his nail gun at you whenever he gets the chance.  He
can follow you anywhere, up the ramps and along the upper walkway if need be.
Actually, there is one safe place he can't reach: the roof of his building,
where the Mortars were stationed.  To get there, go into the building and
through the door the Duke came out of, then climb the rope in the back of the
room.  There, you can rest to recover your stamina if need be.  But back to the
fight; here's a couple of ways to take him out:

     ALIVE: Unlike the previous boss, Bolamites are entirely ineffective.
            Fuzzles distract him momentarily but do minimal damage.  Thudslugs
            are highly effective at knocking him down and take away a sizeable
            amount of his stamina.  Use these, and while he's down shoot him
            with rapid-fire from your Zappfly, then another Thudslug once he
            gets back up.  In this way, you'll knock him unconscious in no
            time, and you can bag him for the full bounty.

     DEAD: For a quick kill, you have 2 options.  First, you could hit him with
           Thudslugs to knock him back into a spinning fan.  Alternately, run
           to the upper level on the side with the surge activator.  Wait
           behind the wooden shield for the Duke to follow, then shoot the
           surge activator to drop him into the fans below.  Instant Dukeshake.

Now that that's taken care of, a door opens out behind the water tower.  Before
going there, though, there's some looting to do of your own up inside the
tower.  Go inside the main building, and there is now a door open on the side
(the Duke opened it when he finally came out to fight you).  Enter this door
and climb the rope behind the electrical panels.  On the first level above, get
the Moolah left by the fallen Mortars, then climb the next rope up, then up
again a couple more times.  Go around the rim of the tower counter-clockwise
and jump over the pipes until you reach a treasure chest with a pile of Moolah
inside, then jump on top of the pipe behind you and carefully walk along it to
reach another chest.  Find the other rope to reach the final level with 4 more
chests.  Now feel free to jump right back down to the ground.

Go through the opened tunnel behind the main building, and grab some Boombats
just inside.  There aren't many, so get them all.  Jump down into the water
just ahead and swim to the other side.  Continue to fill up on Boombats and
continue down the slide.  Keep going, swim, climb, jump to the planks and
follow the tunnel back outside to a point just above where you encountered your
second Sniper on the way in.

There's another Sniper that took the place of the first one you ever
encountered.  Take him out with a Zappfly again without going down the rope,
because there's a couple more around the corner waiting to shoot you in the
back.  Staying up top, step to the right end of the ledge in front of you while
looking to your left to spot the next Sniper, and take him out in the same way.
Finally, step off the ledge backwards and look up and to the right to find the
third Sniper, and knock him off his perch likewise.

Go down and restock on the critters here, then cross the field back to the lift
that brought you up here.  Shoot the surge activator then jump to the lift as
it moves down.  Hop off at the bottom and go back into town.  You need to go to
the bounty store and cash in, but please also note that there's a new item
available at the General Store to boost your stamina.
      /  DID YOU TRY...                                                      \
     | -Jumping into the pit after the second Sniper?  It's an instant death  |
     |    due to the spiky nature of its contents.  The same goes for the     |
     |    rows of spikes around the water facility, not to mention the fan    |
     |    blades.                                                             |
     | -Climbing the water tower after the fight with the Duke?  Make sure    |
     |    you collect every Moolah chest before moving on.                    |
     | -Revisiting the Jail to talk to the prisoners?  Floyd and the Duke are |
     |    in there now too, and the 3 bosses all talk to each other.  If,     |
     |    however, you chopped the Duke to pieces (i.e. by knocking him into  |
     |    a spinning fan), he won't be there in the jail.                     |


Go to see the Doc in the center of town.  His building is right beside the
signpost at the T-junction.  Afterwards, the whole town is ruffled up.  Talk to
any Clakker to find out why.  Since something big is about to go down, I
suggest you go to the General Store and stock up on any ammo types you're not
full of already.  Go to the Bounty Store to find out what's what and pick up
your next job.  The action starts as soon as you do.

     BOSS: Boilz Booty

This fight is the most frantic so far, since there's no permanent cover and a
whole bunch of minions to deal with at the same time as the boss.  First of
all, you want to take some cover.  Go left from exiting the Bounty Store and
hide behind the truck at the end of town there.  This gives you a moment to get
your bearings.  Some Outlaws will start moving towards you, so start to take
out the little guys, leaving the boss for last.  A few Boombats will go a long
way towards this goal, killing them outright.  It can get dangerous to try and
bounty them alive at the start, because this leaves you vulnerable to attacks
from others while you're sucking one up.  The best approach is to take out a
couple of minions, then run across town, breaking the fences between buildings
(if you didn't earlier) to reach new temporary safe spots and eliminate Outlaws
1 or 2 at a time.  Shake off your damage whenever you have a temporary
reprieve, and stay still if you're alone for the moment to restore your
stamina, while using the camera and radar to watch for approaching enemies.

Once you've taken out all 5 Outlaw Shooters, leaving only the big guy, it's go

     ALIVE: The same combo that you used for the Looten Duke is also effective
            here: knock him over with a Thudslug, then zap with a charged
            Zappfly, then repeat until his stamina is gone.  Boombats are also
            good at draining his stamina, but also take off a decent amount of
            health, so watch his life bars carefully.  Fuzzles will distract
            him but do no damage.

     DEAD: It's all about the Boombats.  Just keep laying them on him and he'll
           fall in no time.

Well, you beat the bad guys, but Boilz did a number on the town.  The stores
you came to know and love are no more, but don't worry, the Clakkerz will
rebuild.  You've got to be moving on though, so head out the gate at the edge
of town marked "Buzzarton" and head on down the road.

     Chapter Three: Surgery, Lies, & Outlaws: The Hunt for 20,000 Moolah


Run along the path at high speed and you'll come to some Clakkerz restoring a
run-down form not too far ahead.  There are a couple of barrels with Moolah
here, but it's not enough to be worth smashing everything to find them
(however, please see the note under "did you try..." below).  Ahead, climb the
rope on the left side when you come to a stone wall.  On the other side, you
find a bridge to the next region.  Approach it to trigger an FMV.

Take out the Outlaws (since you can reach them, they're a lot easier to deal
with than the last Mortars), possibly by just tying them up with Bolamites, and
bounty 'em up.  If you jump down the broken bridge, you can approach them from
behind.  Look around the field filled with junk.  On the right, there are
several barrels with Moolah.  On the left side of the field from where you
enter, you'll find the road ahead.

Jump up some ridges and a FMV will clue you in to some extra dough.  You can
skip this part and just go left to the town, but if you're interested, read on.
Head down into the Opple Farm.  The farmhouse is the very large building at the
bottom of the hill.  It contains many rooms, but look around and you'll find
Farmer Beek in green overalls and a hat.  Talk to him and he'll follow you
around chattering away.  You need to find his treasure.  Take the large ramp up
to the second floor, then note the rope hanging down over the ramp.  Jump to it
from the side and climb to the top.  Jump to the ledge above and cross the
walkway to a locked, grey chest.  Smash it to send a bunch of Moolah flying,
then run around to pick it all up.  If you haven't already, head into the
kitchen on the ground floor to be accused of trying to steal cornbread.

When you're done, head along the road at the top of the hill to reach the town,
which truly is a windy city.  Head down the road through town and you'll come
to the Bounty Store and General Store.  You really can't miss them, their signs
are just so damn big.  Head into the Bounty Store to cash in on Boilz and pick
up something new.  Actually, you have a choice of 2 here, and you do either one
first, but I'm going to start with the rescue effort.
      /  DID YOU TRY...                                                      \
     | -Finding the Outlaws' hidden cash?  The Clakkerz rebuilding the town   |
     |    up the road from Gizzard Gulch talk about how the Outlaws hid some  |
     |    Moolah.  On the right sides of the houses, jump up and smash the    |
     |    planks to reveal several Moolah chests.                             |
     | -Starting a ruckus in town?  Here, and on the opple farm, if you send  |
     |    the Clakkerz running for cover, they won't only hide, they'll open  |
     |    fire on you for a while!                                            |
     | -Squashing Clakkerz in the Opple Crusher?  Lure one in with a Chippunk |
     |    and hit the surge activator to crush him.                           |
     | -Wasting opples?  Destroy some crates of them on the farm to be        |
     |    chastised by the farmhands.                                         |
     | -Bothering the ladies in the farmhouse?  Enter the kitchen and ask for |
     |    some cornbread, or go into the bathroom and be called a pervert.    |
     | -Checking out the fortune teller machine in the general store?  It     |
     |    gives you different footage than the one in the previous town.      |


Talk to any Clakker outside and they'll tell you that you need the Professor to
get to the temple ruins.  Fortunately, they also volunteer that the Professor
is in the General Store, so go there and talk to him.  He's the dude with the
graduation cap.  Talk to him and he'll open the gate you need to go through.
Leave the General Store and turn right, go toward the 'Sewer Treatment' sign
and run up the ramp to its left.  Cross the bridge and head into the tunnel.

Jump over the debris blocking the path and go down the tunnel.  After you break
a fence, you'll find some Stingbees, so stock up as much as you can.  There are
two Outlaws waiting on the other side of the fence that you need to break at
the end of the tunnel, and another ahead on the hill who will shoot at you once
you emerge from the tunnel.  You can't really deal with them stealthily, so
just shoot in some Fuzzles to cause confusion and pick them off however you
wish.  Just ahead, you run into your first armored Outlaw, called a Nailer.
These guys are a pain, because Bolamites and Chippunks don't affect them.  They
are, however, susceptible to Fuzzles.  To knock one out, you need to shoot it
with a charged Zappfly and also empty the rest of the Zappfly clip into him in
rapid fire.  Alternately, 2 Thudslugs will do the job.  Don't try to take him
on in melee, because he's tougher than you are in that regard.  Boombats or
Stingbees also work fine if you want to kill him rather than bag him alive
(though a single Boombat won't finish him off on its own).

To get out of this field, go up the ramp on the left side.  At the top, jump to
the top of the first concrete pillar, then grab the rope and shimmy across.  At
the end, there's a brief cut-away to the temple.  When you're in control again,
look down towards the fire to spot an Outlaw or two.  Jump down and hide behind
the large rock, then lure the closest one over to you with a Chippunk and take
him out.  Next, run left underneath the planks and look through the fire with
the binoculars to spot a pile of exploding barrels.  One shot with a charged
Zappfly there will take out most of the Outlaws, along with their whole
platform structure.  Clean up the remaining survivors and head into the tunnel
on the left side.

Stock up on Stunkz in the tunnel.  There are also plenty of Thudslugs and
Chippunks in the field ahead.  Run up to the rock on the left side and lure the
single Outlaw over to dispatch him.  Now get onto the rock in the middle of the
path and double-jump to the high ledge along the right side.  Smash the Boombat
crate if you need any and head to the tip of the ridge.  From there, stun the
outlaw on the other side of the fence with a Zappfly, and break the fence with
a Thudslug, then jump down and bounty the Outlaw.  In the area ahead, it's best
to go in guns a-blazin' and zap all of the exploding barrels to take out the
majority of the Outlaws, including the Mortars and Sniper on the roofs.  Once
it seems clear, go ahead towards the wooden tunnel, but watch out for the many
remaining Outlaws that could still be inside.  A Boombat or two will make short
work of them, as will a Stunk for any remaining ones.  Collect the Moolah
chests, then go to the back of this area by the canyon wall.  Look to your
right, and jump up to the roof on via the crates and go over the edge (from the
top of the crates, you can also jump right onto a roof, then jump across to the
remaining roofs from there to collect any fallen Moolah).  On the other side,
try to use the crane's surge activator to crush unwary Outlaws beneath the
boulder, and otherwise take everyone out.

Now you have to climb the series of ramps up to the top of the scaffolding.
There are still Outlaws above, so go up one level at a time and scout the way
ahead.  There won't be any major opposition.  At the top, you become prey to a
Sniper over the temple entrance.  Use the crates for cover.  When you see a
pair of exploding barrels at the top, place a Chippunk there to call over an
Outlaw Nailer, and zap the barrels to kill him with ease.  Move along using
whatever cover you can find until you notice the second Sniper from the side.
Maneuver along the ruins until you can get close to him and take him out with a
charged Zappfly.  Be sure to also get the many Moolah Pots on a pedestal
straight out from the temple entrance.  To deal with that pesky Sniper still
over the entrance, go to the start of the bridge leading into the temple and
move right a short way along the wall.  Charge up a Zappfly and back away from
the wall, aiming up to the Sniper, and let him have it.  He should fall onto
the bridge, letting you bounty his broken body.

Now you're ready to head into the temple proper.  Go down the winding tunnel
until you trigger an FMV, then back off around the previous corner.  Plant a
couple of Chippunks to lure over an Outlaw and bag him stealthily.  Do the same
with the other Outlaws just ahead.  Watch out for the Armored Outlaw, as you'll
need more firepower to knock him out.  Head inside and take out the rest of the
Outlaws how you wish.  There's lots of cover no matter which way you go.  If
you go up the ramp to your right upon entering and do a long double jump at the
top across the gap, you can reach some Bolamites.  There are other critters
roaming in this area too, so use all the ammo you want.  Go up the ramps on the
left after entering the area to reach the last outlaws and Eugene.  You have to
eliminate all enemies inside the temple to complete the mission and free


After an interesting FMV, the Stranger finds himself at the bottom of the
temple.  Follow the tunnel to an open room, and pick up the Moolah Pot in the
middle of the floor ahead to end up back outside.  You find yourself in Grubb
territory.  Pass the first house and walk out onto the roof just past it.  Jump
to the next tin roof across the  pit and go past the Stingbee hives.

If you've been listening to these creatures, you'll have heard something about
their secret treasure.  If you don't care, just stay along the upper path and
leave the village.  If you want to find it, go down the ramp on the right after
the Stingbee hives and find the rope in the far right corner, behind a
crumbling wall.  Cross the roof and jump to the next rope diagonally out from
the corner.  From there, you can see a hole in the building next to you covered
in planks.  You have to break these planks and jump in.  You can jump off the
rope and spin attack to break some, but you'll end up back on the ground
anyway, so just jump down and go up the ramp a bit, then switch to your
crossbow and shoot the boards away.  Now climb back up the ropes and jump into
the room to grab the idol.  If you're having trouble getting into the room,
double-jump off the rope while your back is turned to the hole, from the same
height as the hole.  Listen to the creatures complain as you now leave the

The tin roof will collapse under your weight, making a ramp.  The barrels down
here, and on the top of the wall once you climb the rope, contain some Moolah.
Jump off the other side of the wall.  Next, you have to pass through a small
Sleg pen.  Break the fence from afar, and shoot the Slegs that come out with
Stingbees or rapid Zappfly shots.  There's a couple more behind the next fence.
Once you've completely smashed your way through the pens, head through the
tunnel on the far side.  Jump over the barrier using the crate on one side.
Just ahead, you emerge over the main road in Buzzarton.

As always, head to the bounty store to get your reward.  There are also some
new items at the General Store for your perusal.
      /  DID YOU TRY...                                                      \
     | -Stealing the Grubb Idol?  If you were following the walkthrough just  |
     |    above you would have.  The Grubbs complain as you leave their       |
     |    village if you took it.                                             |

     6I) JO' MAMMA

Head right after leaving the Bounty Store and head to the "Sewer Treatment"
sign.  Just below it, talk to the sewer worker in the overalls and miner's hat
to open the doors.  Jump onto the rope inside and climb all the way down.  At
the bottom, run through the tunnel until you reach the sewers proper, at which
time the water wheels will be turned off by the Clakker in the booth.  If you
need some, there are Boombats flying in a small area along the left wall before
you jump into the water.

Head up the water tunnel through the middle and stop when you reach the ramp on
the left side.  Staying in the water where they can't get you, take out the
Slegs on the landing with Stingbees or Zappflies.  Go up the ramp and jump
across the gap between the grated floors.  On the other side, there's a short
tunnel with some crates and a Moolah chest behind them.  Jump back across and
climb the rope on the first side.  At the top, check out the pipe slides, and
note that only one of them reaches the other side (the right one).  Before you
slide down, though, shoot the Slegs on the other side until they're all dead.
Slide across, and 3 more Slegs run at you from the left, so take them out too,
then climb the rope on this side.  At the top, 4 Slegs will be released up
ahead, so be prepared to take them out.  Walk out along the grate walkway and
slide down the pipe at the end, which will happen quickly, then jump off the
end to reach the far landing with another rope.  Climb.

In the next room, slide down the first pipe, then shoot as many Slegs as you
can from your vantage point.  In addition to the ones around the spinning fans
on the ground, you can also shoot some of the ones on the upper ledge to the
left.  Once you think you've killed enough to be able to handle the rest a
little more up-close, slide down the next pipe and cross the platform.  The
Slegs won't stop coming out of the holes in the walls, and you don't get
anything out of killing them (unless you're a sick, sick person), so continue
onward to reach a ramp, climb the rope to reach the top platform, and continue
along there, clearing out the remaining Slegs up here (watch for the 3 that
break out of chests as you approach).  Jump through the window on the left side
at the end of the platform to enter a tunnel.

Somehow, as you go through the tunnel, an Outlaw or two on the other side of
the wall spot you and come running, but just take them out when they turn the
corner.  If only one came a-runnin', then there will be the other lone Outlaw
with his back to you at the bottom of the ramp, so sneakily capture him.
Ahead, there's a room filled with water and with a series of wooden walkways
above.  Remember the training level, where you drove the Outlaws into the water
with Fuzzles?  Very useful here as well.  Also, you can make use of the many
exploding barrels, both on top of the walkway and below it, to take out large
sections of the walkways at once.  There are ropes to climb up from the water
all over the place, too, so maneuver your way across however you like.

Go up the tunnel on the other side and proceed until you come to 3 large
concrete pipes.  Go through the left one (the other ones are barred) and creep
past the Stingbees.  Just around the corner on the left ahead, there's a pair
of Outlaws arguing.  You can incapacitate and bag both of them by lobbing a
Stunk into their midst.  There are other Outlaws patrolling just ahead.  Lure
one out with a Chippunk from behind the rusted train, then circle around it to
hit him from behind.  You can take out the next pair stealthily too by staying
behind the large equipment, but there's no way to get past the view of the
Sniper above past the rusted gates.  But that's fine, just charge up a Zappfly,
step out of hiding and let him have it.  Now you can enter the tunnel on the
right side inside the gates.  Jump down the far side after the FMV displaying
the area.

     BOSS: Jo' Momma

First of all, there are lots of troops to contend with.  Move along the left
side of the field to get behind the prow of the giant ship.  From there, look
ahead to where the Outlaws are concentrated, with your binoculars if need be.
When you spot an exploding barrel, launch a Chippunk to it, then wait for an
Outlaw to appear and blast the barrel with your Zappfly.  Try this a couple
more times with the other barrels.  And now, you have little choice but to run
up and be spotted, drawing enemies to you whenever possible.  Hit and run
tactics are best.  For the Shooters on the ledge to the left, try a couple of
Boombats to get rid of them.  For the ones in the tunnels on the right, use a
Zappfly to knock them to the ground, then take them out however you like.
Watch out for the Semi-Autos, dressed in blue, because their shots really hurt,
and they're a little tougher to take down.  You can use hit and run tactics,
using the broken concrete wall as a shield, to take out a few more Outlaws, but
eventually you'll just have to make a run for it.

Head for the surge activator in the far right corner, shoot it, and hop onto
the lift right beside it.  At the top, step forward so that you're shielded by
the wall.  Take out the minions at the very top, and on the ledge below to the
right (basically, anyone who can still shoot at you while you're on that upper
ledge) using lethal means until it's just Jo' Momma.  Now for the fun part.

     ALIVE: First, get the Boombats from the crate, unless your inventory is
            full.  Now, double-jump to the little ledge behind you.  From
            there, draw Jo' Momma out by shooting the surge activator across
            the way.  When she comes out to turn the power back on to electrify
            the line leading over to her, you have to incapacitate her long
            enough to get yourself across to her platform.  You can do this in
            several ways: reduce her stamina by hitting her with a Boombat and
            a charged Zappfly shot, or just tie her up with a Bolamite or send
            her puking with a Stunk.  Now quickly switch to 3rd person and jump
            to the rope, and climb all the across to Jo' Momma's platform
            before she recovers and turns the juice back on.  Double-jump off
            the end of the line if you think you might not make it.  Once over
            there, all it takes is a Stunk to make her gag or a Bolamite to
            bind her, at which time you can bag her easily.

     DEAD: You technically don't even need to cross over to her.  Just hit her
           with everything you've got.

Now go back down and take out any remaining Outlaws roaming in the area.  Once
the way is clear, make sure that you got the Moolah chest from the tunnel in
the front of the ship, and then head into the tunnel through the doors that
opened next to the lift.  Out the other side, you find yourself back in
Buzzarton.  Report to the Bounty Store as always.
      /  DID YOU TRY...                                                      \
     | -Bypassing Jo' Momma's minions?  You can just run past them and        |
     |    activate the lift to go straight up to her level in no time flat.   |
     | -Pushing Clakkerz into the sewer entrance?  Now that it's open, you    |
     |    lure some over with Chippunks and push them into the hole.  You can |
     |    get practically the whole town down there if you really work at it. |
     |    also, Clakkerz left up top will talk about how the other Clakkerz   |
     |    in the sewer might never get back out.                              |


As usual, there are some new upgrades available at the General Store, so be
sure to check them out.  Head left from the Bounty Store along the main road
back out of town the same way you originally came in.  Head through the canyon
and jump up the series of ridges to reach the top of the Opple Farm, where a
FMV is triggered.  Head down into the farm to start your assault.

Go along the right side down the hill until you're in some tall reeds close to
the first building on the right.  From there, look down to the structure in
front of the main farmhouse: the apple press, or water tower, or whatever it
might be.  Whatever it is, there's a big walkway through it and a surge
activator on the side.  Shoot a Chippunk underneath it, then when one of the 2
patrolling Outlaws near there goes in, shoot the surge activator with a Zappfly
to crush him.  His partner will go see what's up too, so repeat to squash him

Now look to the building on the right.  There's an outlaw on the main floor.
You can lure him out with a Chippunk and wrap or zap him into submission, then
go down and bounty him without anyone noticing.  Next, take out the outlaw who
patrols in front of this building by drawing him up into it and taking him out.
If you now go around the side of the building towards its front, you can see
the next pair of Outlaws patrolling in front of the main farmhouse.  There's
lost of cover for you to move up closer and take them out, including a tunnel
underneath the ramp leading down from your building.  There's one last Outlaw
outside, on the left side of the farmhouse.  Once they're all taken care of,
you can deal with the indoor folk.

You can easily draw a bunch of them out by letting yourself get spotted.  This
will make several Outlaws run around individually, letting you pick them off
one by one by using good cover.  Eventually, you need to take the fight inside
the house.  Go around the back and smash the window there, then pick off the
remaining Outlaws running around.  The last one can be found on the second
floor, at the top of the ramp from the first floor, hiding behind a barrel on
the landing to the right while coming up the ramp.  Once he's bagged, it's boss

     BOSS: Meagly McGraw

This fight has 2 stages.  In the first part, don't even worry about his stamina
bar, since you're really fighting "Tiny", his ride.  He can only be killed, not
captured, so go nuts with the Boombats and Stingbees.  You can take him out
with much less than your full ammo bag of bees.  Thudslugs also take away a
decent amount of his health, and you can refill on them in a couple of places
outside.  Whatever you use, hit-and-run tactics are a necessity, because his
shotgun blasts hurt a LOT!  Take a shot, then duck behind something while he
fires, then pop out and shoot again.  You can jump through windows in and out
of the house, and set up a little ambush while he runs around to get to where
you are.  Please note that on the apple crusher outside, the surge activators
are gone, so you can't use this for an instant kill.

Once you take out Tiny, it's just you and McGraw.  You both still have free run
of the farm, so use the environment to your advantage.  He'll often run away,
requiring pursuit if you're trying to keep knocking away his stamina bar
(alternately, just wait for him to return while you revise your strategy).

     ALIVE: Of course, Bolamites and Stunkz don't work long enough to bounty
            him, so give them up.  Fuzzles distract him but don't do any
            damage.  So it's back to the old Thudslug/Zappfly combo.  Knock him
            over with a Thudslug, then zap him with a charged Zappfly to keep
            taking away his stamina.  Hit him again when he gets up.  You need
            good aim, because this guy is wily and he runs fast.  Boombats
            don't take off any more stamina than Thudslugs, and do more damage,
            so use them only as a backup.  It'll take 8-10 Thudslugs and
            charged zaps to knock him out.  Try knocking him into the fire,
            it's fun!  You can re-stock on Thudslugs on the right side of the
            farmhouse if needed.

     DEAD: Boombats and Stingbees until he's dead.  Just watch your own health
           when he's shooting at you, too.

In case you're wondering, that meat over the fire in front of the farmhouse is
a Clakker, probably Farmer Beek.  If you didn't get the treasure from the
farmhouse earlier, you can get it now (see section 7F, above).  Otherwise, head
back up to the top of the farm and down the road to Buzzarton to cash in.
There's a couple new items at the General Store, a new ammo bag and a stamina
booster, both of which are very useful.
      /  DID YOU TRY...                                                      \
     | -Finding McGraw's treasure?  There are lots of Moolah chests in the    |
     |    room he busted out of when he made his first appearance to fight.   |
     | -Taking the high road in the farm?  From the top level of the first    |
     |    building, you can shimmy across ropes to the roof of the farmhouse. |
     |    From there, you can jump through a skylight to get the jump on the  |
     |    Outlaws inside.                                                     |


First of all, you need to find an Outlaw named Scuz, who hates Palooka and will
tell you the password to his lair.  Ask some Clakkerz around town where he is.
Most won't know, but if you get lucky they'll tell you he's in the sewers.  Go
to the sewer entrance and climb down the rope to the bottom, and he'll come out
to talk to you.  Once you learn the password, climb back up.  Go right after
leaving the sewer, and take the door to the right at the end of town, the one
marked "To Junkyard".

Going down the valley, after you pass the Bolamite nest, go up the series of
rock ledges on the right side and jump to the next ledge ahead (it's too tall
to jump up to from the ground).  When you reach the broken stone columns, you
have to cross a pit by jumping across the broken bridge.  In the pit, there are
Chippunks and Stingbees in case you need some, and a rope back out again.  On
the other side of the bridge, you give the password and gain entry to the
junkyard.  Wipe your feet on the mat and head on in.  Go past the gardens, up
the stone ramp and down the slide at the far end.

Even though there's lots of cover in this area, it's quite hard to sneak in
without being spotted.  You would have to lure each enemy quite far away to be
able to bag him without anyone else seeing you.  Instead, you can just use the
cover for protection from shooters and go ahead and use an aggressive approach.
It'll have to be pretty aggressive, though, since there are some Outlaw Nailers
to deal with (remember, they take more than one shot with anything to take
down).  After the initial few Outlaws, sneak up along the left side (but not up
the ramp, since that leads to a dead end) and press the button on the terminal
to open the gate.  Inside, use a Boombat to take out the pair of armored
Outlaws.  You then encounter your first Outlaw Bombers, who will light their
own fuses and run at you.  To stop them, either take them out before they light
up, or knock them back before they get to you.  They'll blow themselves up if
you knock them down after their fuses have been lit.

Once inside the gates, go up the ramp on the right to reach the top of the gate
and get the Snipers up there.  Go back down, keeping to the right cliff wall to
reach the tall reeds at the bottom.  From there, knock the Mortars and any
Shooters off the top of the next wall ahead, then go down and clean them up.
Once you've cleared them all, go up the ramp on the left past the bridge they
were on to reach the top of it, where a Moolah chest awaits.  Continuing
onward, break the fence in the middle of the next wall to continue onward.

The next section is on the other side of a valley.  You can shoot the surge
activator across the way to lower a bridge, but if you're spotted trying to
cross, the Outlaws will raise it back up.  As long as you're already on it at
this point, this will just slide you down into their midst.  You might want to
first kill off some of the opposition across the way, though.  Alternately, you
can go down into the valley to cross.  Feel free to just jump down, or take the
slope that starts on the left end of your side beside the junk structure.  At
either end of the valley, there's a platform with a lone Outlaw and several
Moolah chests.  It's definitely worth picking them up.  In the middle of the
valley on the other side from where you came in, there is a pair of ropes to
climb up to get back to the top.  Up there, you're invariably going to be
spotted, so take out the enemies as quickly as you can before they do too much

Ahead, there's a trio of exploding Outlaw Bombers who run at you kamikaze-
style, so use your Thudslugs and charge Zappflies to take them out before they
reach you.  Go ahead to the nice thick swath of reeds to check out the next
clearing.  There are more exploding Outlaws here.  Toss a Boombat into the
first pair of Outlaws ahead when they meet up, then go up the ramps on the left
and take out the bad guys there.  At the far end of this area, climb a rope to
reach the gate control and press it.

Through the gate, run along the left side to reach the tall reeds.  Scope out
the situation from there.  I suggest you take out the Snipers on the ramp
before the Outlaws on the ground.  There's more of the same ahead, with lost of
chaotic junk structures strewn about.  Just keep taking special care to avoid
getting blown up by the Outlaw Bombers.  Once your radar is clear of Outlaws,
go to the right top corner of the area and smash the fence.

Go down this path.  You hear calls of "Close the Gate!"  That doesn't sound
good.  Ahead, there are 2 Shooters and a Semi-Auto, so don't just run in or
you'll get cut down.  Try to get their attention and bring them to you while
you wait behind some debris with some effective ammo ready.  At the end, the
gate is indeed closed.  Back up a bit and climb the rope on the left side.
Cross the platform and jump down the other side.  Stock up on all of the ammo
types here, especially Boombats, Thudslugs, and Stingbees.  Go on into the next
clearing to trigger a FMV and the boss fight.

     BOSS: Packrat Palooka

Palooka is protected by his shield, which is generated by the towers on either
side of his platform.  He fires homing missiles at you from there.  The fences
around this area, despite seeming to be full of holes, provide protection from
the missiles' explosions.  In the back of this area, there are Thudslugs,
Stingbees and Bolamites, in case you need them.  To get to Palooka, you need to
hit the generator towers' surge activators with your charged Zappfly.  Hit all
4 to turn off the shield.  At this point, Palooka is vulnerable.  But he'll
quickly turn his generator back on, while you can't reach him on his platform.

There are 2 approaches to this fight.  First, the long, hard way.  Once you
knock out his generator, Palooka will activate progressive security levels.  On
the first level, it's just him firing his homing missiles.  On the next level,
when he restores his generator, he also activates an automatic grenade launcher
on either side of the arena (shoot these with some Stingbees to destroy them,
or they'll give you a hell of a time), and an Outlaw Shooter comes out from the
doors to either side of his stage.  You have to deal with all of these while
hitting all 4 surge activators again.  Stay in the corner of the fences nearest
the stage to be safe from all of the explosives.  Do damage to Palooka whenever
you can while his shield is down.  Once you get his health down to 1/2, instead
of Outlaw Shooters, an Outlaw Flamer comes out to get you.  This is the next
level of security.  Once you get Palooka's health down to 1/4, he comes down to
get you himself.  Now you can take him head on.

     ALIVE: It'll be extremely difficult to bounty him alive at this point,
            since his health is so low to start off with.  You have to stick
            almost entirely to Zappflies, with Fuzzles to distract him, or you
            may end up killing him outright.  This becomes more difficult when
            he is firing lots of missiles at you, because you have to retreat
            to shake off damage.  Just be patient and unload fully charged
            Zappflies into him whenever you can, and don't let him get too far
            away or he'll restore stamina faster than you can take it away.

     DEAD: Just about any damaging ammo will take him down without too much
           trouble, since his health is already so low.

Now, that was the hard way.  Here's the easy way: Once you get his generator
down, you can knock him off of his platform by hitting him with a Boombat while
he's at the computer trying to restart it.  Once he's on the ground, he would
normally run into one of the doors in front of the stage as quickly as
possible.  If you set up some Fuzzles down here first, though, it'll distract
him long enough for you to start your attack.  Use Thudslugs to knock him back,
and Zappfly charged + empty rest of clip into him to knock down his stamina.
When he gets back up, knock him down again (if you bought the Thudslug Loader,
this is easier, as you won't have to wait long for another Thudslug to be
available).  Keep pushing him back from the doors so he can't escape through
them.  Since he'll start with nearly full health, you won't have the same
problem as above.

After the fight, you end up on Packrat's stage.  Go up the ramps at the sides
and break the barrels for lots of Moolah.  Go through the tunnel at the back of
the stage.  Go down the slide and continue through the tunnel until you're back
in Buzzarton.  Head to the Bounty Store to collect your reward.
      /  DID YOU TRY...                                                      \
     | -Getting the many Moolah chests at either end of the valley you cross  |
     |    on the way to Palooka?  Jump down into it and run to both ends,     |
     |    eliminate the single guards and take the Moolah.  There's a rope to |
     |    get you back up top.                                                |
     | -Bountying the Bombers alive?  You have to incapacitate them before    |
     |    they get a chance to light their fuses.                             |


You have to go and talk to Eugene Ius to get the gate open to Mongo Valley.
He's waiting by the gate, which is next to the gate to the Junkyard, where you
left for the bounty you just completed.  Talk to Eugene and head down into the

A short ways into the tunnel, before you drop down a small ledge, look on top
of the boulders in the middle of the tunnel for a Moolah Pot.  When you reach a
spot where you have to climb some fallen logs to get up to a ledge, check under
the logs for another Moolah Pot.  There's a third one just ahead on top of a
tree stump.  After you reach the top of a hill, drop down the other side and go
ahead carefully until you see the trio of Outlaws.  They're all facing away, so
shoot a Stunk into the middle, then wrap a couple up with Bolamites as you run
up, to make sure they don't recover while you're bountying the rest.  It looks
like they were making some moonshine.  Actually, you could have shot their
distiller with a charged Zappfly to blow it up, and them along with it.
Continue past their camp and through the cave lit by fireflies.

When you reach the waterfall, go up the slope around the edge of the room,
double-jumping across the gap.  Once you pass behind the waterfall, jump up and
grab the rope, then shimmy across.  Continue up the rim of the room and climb
another rope to the tunnel above.

    Chapter Four: Thickets, Masks and Treachery: The Shadow of the Steef

You are now in a lush forest.  Ahead, your radar shows Outlaws.  Also note that
even though you're in tall vegetation, there is no "Hidden" indicator on your
radar.  That is because the Outlaws are on high vantage points and can spot you
regardless (actually, they have infrared viewers to spot you with).  You have
to use rocks and trees as cover as you approach them, then knock them off their
platforms with charged Zappfly shots.  Continue straight along the road taking
out the Outlaws you find, and going left when the road forks (there are
signposts showing that both ways lead to New Yolk City).  When you reach the
power generator building, find the Moolah chest behind it, then go along the
walkway out over the water to find 3 more at the end.  Past the generator, the
road to New Yolk City is just ahead, but you can also go right and take out a
couple more Outlaw Snipers if you want to.  There's also one more Moolah chest
on top of a half-sunken dock that you have to go out into the water to climb.

Go down the cave with the glowing green mushrooms (trippy!) and you'll emerge
into the city on the other side.  If you talk to some Clakkerz, they'll tell
you that there aren't any barges going to the Doc's office because of Outlaw
activity.  It looks like you'll have to take care of some more Outlaws.  Before
you go to the bounty store, though, go past it until you see a rope on the left
side.  Climb up and follow the balcony to a door.  Try to open it and you'll be
asked for a password.  Oh well, I guess you can't get in there now.  So go the
General Store in case there's something you want to buy there, then go to the
Bounty Store to see what they have available.
      /  DID YOU TRY...                                                      \
     | -Looking at the carvings on the rocks on the way to Mongo Valley?      |
     |    There's some ancient native art on them.                            |
     | -Killing the Sniper on top of the water tower?  He's tough to get.     |
     | -Checking the fortune teller machine in the General Store?  Yet again, |
     |    it shows you a new vision.                                          |


After accepting the bounty, ask some Clakkerz where he is and you'll be told to
take the elevator in town.  Go right after leaving the bounty store, and when
you reach the corner where the road turns, the elevator is dead ahead.  The
door on its side is open, so head on in.  Jump over the planks and run through
the tunnel.  When it opens at the far end, look ahead to the crane with the
boulder.  By now you know what to do with these, but I'll tell you again
anyway: from a distance, fire a Chippunk into the square under the boulder.
When an Outlaw investigates, shoot the surge activator with a charged Zappfly
to squash him good.  If you aren't spotted, the other Outlaws will investigate,
and you can squash them too.  You may also use the exploding barrels in this
clearing to take out the Outlaws expediently.  Now head over to the mine cart
by the cart and hop in for a wild ride.

In the cart, you are automatically in 1st-person mode.  Load your Zappfly and
shoot the exploding barrels wherever you see them to take out the bad guys.
You'll just run over them if they get in the way, so don't worry if there
aren't barrels around to take out all of them.  Just watch your health and
enjoy the ride.  At the end you'll fall to a lower track and then come to a
stop inside the mine.

Go over to the rope and 2 Outlaws will drop down for you to deal with.  Climb
the rope once you're done.  Climb all the way to the top and jump to the upper
platform.  You won't be spotted right away there.  Jump down into the space in
the middle of the platforms and sneak up to the rock in the middle.  Lure over
the patrolling Outlaw and bag him stealthily, then shoot a Boombat at the
Nailer and Semi-Auto in the cave.  Once they're both captured, go up the
walkway and follow it to the other end.  Take out the Semi-Auto and 2 Bombers.
At the end of the platform, shoot the exploding barrel below to take out at
least one of the Shooters below, then go down and bag the other one.  Press the
button on this side of the gate to open both it and another gate back where you
took out the Nailer and Semi-Auto.  Another pair of these come out, so dispatch
them the same way as before and head into the tunnel they were guarding.

Once you can see it, shoot the exploding barrel.  Go around a couple of corners
until you reach the automatic flamethrower.  You can destroy it, or just run
past it.  To destroy it, any ammo will do.  It takes 7 charged Zappflies or
about 25 Stingbees to destroy it, for reference's sake.  Ahead, press the
button on the terminal to open the gate.  This triggers a short FMV, and sends
an Outlaw Flamer after you.  You can just wrap him up with a Bolamite to
take him out.  There are a couple more basic Outlaws, then another mine cart
ride.  Yippee!

This time you have a shield in front of you, offering some protection, but you
must watch your sides and back.  Save the exploding barrels for when you can
see the Outlaws near them in most cases.  You have to take out a couple of
Outlaws in carts of their own following you on the track, and a Zappfly isn't
enough for these.  I suggest saving your Boombats, so try Stingbees on these
customers.  Once you start rolling, watch your right for the first such cart-
based Outlaw.  Take him out, then look forward.  Once you enter the tunnel,
look at the exploding barrel, but don't shoot it until you pass it and the gate
beside it opens.  Back outside, destroy all of the platforms by shooting
the barrels.  In the next tunnel watch behind you on your left for 2 more
followers in carts.  Back outside once more, you will be followed on different
tracks by Outlaws in carts once more.  This time, though, instead of killing
them directly, wait for them to pass by exploding barrels, and shoot those
instead.  After this, you reach the end of your run.

On the ground, there's a pair of Outlaws talking to each other ahead.  Approach
them from their sides and incapacitate them both with a Stunk.  Once you bag
them, watch for the Sniper ahead on your right as you run rock to rock for
cover.  When you spot the Semi-Auto, lure him out on his own and take him out
before he shoots you up.  By the time you get to the rock he was hiding behind,
you can see the exploding barrel by the Sniper high above, so take him out
using that.  When you reach the gate, climb the rope beside it and jump to the
platform.  Shoot all of the barrels you see in the distance from this vantage
point.  Then, take out the Nailer and Semi-Auto with a Boombat and whatever
else you need to finish the job.  Keep on moving up bit by bit, taking out the
Outlaws and shooting exploding barrels whenever you spot them.  Continue
through the field, collect what critters you need, and watch out when the game
auto-saves.  Just ahead, a collection of Outlaws will emerge from a tunnel on
the left.  A well-placed Boombat or 2 will make short work of that group.

Head into the tunnel.  You come to a pair of Outlaws at the end.  Eliminate
them and press the button on the terminal.  This opens the door, but also
activates a flamethrower, so back off and destroy it.  Capture the Outlaw
around the corner too.  Follow the tunnel until it opens into a wide room.
Approach the door at the other end, and it'll open, spilling 2 Shooters and 1
Flamer into the room.  Tie 'em up and bag 'em, then continue onward to find
crates of Thudslugs and Stunkz.  Press the button to open the next gate.

     BOSS: X'Plosives McGee

As the FMV instructed, you have to bring X'Plosives down to you by hitting the
track switches along his path.  You'll hear a train-crossing bell as he
approaches each one.  If you don't shoot the corresponding surge activator in
time, he'll just go around that level of the track again (and if you shoot them
to soon, the switch will just reset).  This is actually a good thing, because
you don't want to bring him down too soon.  There are lesser Outlaw minions to
deal with each time he descends a track level, and you want to get them out of
the way first, or you're going to be in big trouble with difficult enemies
everywhere and nowhere to hide.  Note that there is lots of ammo around the
arena for you to pick once when you run low (Stingbees, Boombats, and Thudslugs

First of all, with McGee still on the top track, you want to take out the
Outlaw Flamer on the ground.  After that, deal with the Snipers above the
tracks by shooting the exploding barrels beside them with the charged Zappfly.
Also watch out for X'Plosives' homing missiles.  To be shielded from them, stay
partially under the bridge in the middle of the arena.  Once the lesser minions
are all gone, look for the switch on the upper track.  It's counter-clockwise
90 degrees from where the Snipers were.  Shoot it as McGee approaches it, and
it'll trigger the next stage of the fight.

Three Outlaw Semi-Autos will appear in alcoves beneath the switch you just hit.
Again, shoot the exploding barrels beside them.  One might slide down to the
ground, along with another Shooter Outlaw.  Lure them to your hiding place
under the bridge and dispose of them.  Once you've cleared all the minions,
activate the next track switch as McGee approaches it.

Next, underneath the second switch, a gate opens and lets out a couple of
Semi-Autos and some normal Shooter Outlaws.  Use Boombats to take them out
quickly.  There's also an automatic flamethrower in the ceiling of this room,
so destroy it if you want to hide out in here.  Hit the third switch to bring
X'Plosives down to where you can deal with him.

McGee fires high-velocity explosive shells at you, and you should run and shake
off the damage every couple of hits.  As if this wasn't bad enough, his mine
cart has also transformed into an automatic machine gun.  You can destroy it
with a barrage of Stingbees or other damaging ammo, so it's just you and McGee
running around the arena.

     ALIVE: Find a bit of cover that you can duck behind quickly, then step
            out, fire, and step back.  You have to use cover, because the
            Thudslugs don't knock him over.  He's that tough.  They do still
            take away his stamina, at least.  Again, use Thudslugs and charged
            Zappflies, stepping out between each set of shots and then back
            behind cover, to take him down.  Fuzzles can distract him for a
            moment, so you can throw those into the mix if you find that you're
            still getting shot at too much.

     DEAD: Boombats and Stingbees will wear down his health.  Use with abandon.

The exit is through the large room that opened underneath the second switch
(destroy the flamethrower now if you didn't earlier).  In the back left corner,
enter the tunnel and jump down the mine shaft at the end.  Collect the Moolah
chests in the storehouse where you land, and head out the far side down another
tunnel.  Jump over the planks at the end and you'll find yourself back in New
Yolk City.

    ***** SECRET: New Yolk City Black Market *****

As you go up the road back to town, there a female Clakker in front of a
building on the left side talking about black market items.  Talk to her to
receive the password and directions to the Black Market.  Climb the rope
directly across from her and run across the balcony to reach a door.  Try to
enter it, and press X again to give the password.

          END OF SECRET.

When you cash in at the Bounty Store, the clerk tells you to get a Mongo River
Pass from the General Store, so go there and pick it up (it doesn't cost any
Moolah).  After that brief aside, return to the Bounty Store and pick up the
next job.  You have your choice of 3, actually.  I will do them in order from
top to bottom in this guide.
      /  DID YOU TRY...                                                      \
     | -Destroying the wooden platforms during the second mine-cart ride?     |
     |    When you do, Outlaws come running out into empty space and hang     |
     |    there a moment while they remember about gravity.  It's pretty      |
     |    funny.                                                              |
     | -To find the black market?  See just above for directions.             |


Apparently you need to learn a Sleg call before you'll be able to call out
Lefty.  So first of all, find the local Sleg hunter.  His name's Cornjaw.  Talk
to some Clakkerz and you'll learn that he's behind the General Store.
Actually, he's just beside it.  Talk to him (he's the Clakker with the safari
outfit), and he'll set you to killing a giant purple Sleg before he'll help you
out.  You can find it in the Mongo Wilds.  To get there, go out to the Mongo
River, via the Port Authority at the end of town near where you first arrived.
Talk to the Clakker behind the counter on the main floor to open the gate
behind you, then head on up.

Go down the slope once you're outside the building and check the signpost.  The
Mongo Wilds are on the left.  Head on up that way, taking time to appreciate
the scenery.  On your way, once you reach the "Welcome to Mongo Wilds" sign,
look across the river.  Swim over to the small piece of land and break the
fence behind the shrubbery to find a couple of Moolah Pots.  Cross back over
and continue on your merry way.

It won't be long before you spot the Sleg, and it spots you.  It'll run you
down easily, and it's bite does heavy damage.  It also has a noxious spit
attack.  What it won't do, however, is go in the water, so if you want a safe
place to fight it from, go into the edge of the water, but no so far that
you're fully swimming, so that you can still move quickly enough.  The Sleg
must be damaged, you can't capture it alive.  The easy way to kill it is to use
Bolamites.  It'll stay wrapped up for a little while, allowing you to pelt it
with Stingbees, Boombats, Thudslugs, whatever takes you fancy.  Watch out its
normal-sized Sleg friends too.  Three red stars later, it falls over dead.

Note that you mysteriously crossed the river when you triggered the Sleg fight,
so head back across the river, then travel with the water to your left back to
town.  Go up the ramp behind the port, and the Sleg Hunter will meet you at the
top to give you the Sleg call.

Now, to get to Lefty Lugnutz, you must go downstream, on the right side of the
port.  Run and jump over the fallen logs, then between the rocks to the bridge.
Cross the bridge, stock up on Stunkz and Thudslugs on the other side if you
need to, then smash through the fence ahead.  Continue along this ridge.
Before the third fence, there are 2 Moolah chests along the edge over the
water.  There's another chest up ahead on top of a rock, to get to it you have
to double-jump from the top of a little rise along the cliff wall.  Just ahead
on the right, there's a series of rocks leading down into the water.  You don't
have to go down them, just remember them in case you fall in up ahead.

Once you jump down a sheer drop to a field with some Boombat crates, the
graveyard is just ahead.  Enter that area, scout it out, and press X to use the
Sleg call and bring out Lefty.

     BOSS: Lefty Lugnutz

He brings his boys out, and you have to take them all out before fighting him
directly.  First, there are several Shooters and Cutters on the ground.  Run to
the far end of the arena when the fight starts, then start taking them out.
Feel free to use Boombats and Thudslugs frequently, because there are lots more
around in crates, anything to make your life easier.  Once they're clear, Lefty
comes out on one the upper platforms in the middle, with a Sniper on another.
Kill the Sniper and shoot Lefty a couple of times to make him retreat.  He'll
come back out somewhere else with another Sniper.  Stay to the walls underneath
the platforms to keep out of range.  Alternately, hide behind the gravestones,
but they break after a couple of Lefty's powerful shots.

After you hit him a few times (I suggest just the Zappfly, so you don't take
away too much health before he comes down to fight you in person), Lefty
retreats, then comes back out with another Sniper on the other side.  Once you
hit him a few more times, he retreats again, and more ground troops come out to
play on the left side (when facing the wall).  These include a Semi-Auto or
two, so be aggressive to avoid getting all shot up.  After you clear them,
Lefty comes out again, this time on the far right platform.  Make your way to
the tall rock on the ground in front of him for cover, step out and shoot him a
few more times.

He emerges one more time in the middle with a Sniper for backup.  Once you send
him back in once more, he comes out to face you down on the ground.  It's go

     ALIVE: As usual, Bolamites and Stunkz don't last long enough for you to
            bag him.  This time, though, even Fuzzles won't phase him (he must
            taste awful).  So that leaves you just with Zappflies and Thudslugs
            yet again.  The latter don't knock him over, so you need to some
            cover to step out from and behind again, shaking off damage as
            needed.  You can even use a narrow tree as cover if you place
            yourself directly across from him.  You can even only use the
            Zappfly, provided that you can shoot him frequently enough that
            he's constantly losing Stamina.  Once he's knocked out, bounty his

     DEAD: Any damage-causing ammo, primarily Boombats and Stingbees.  There
           are lots around the environment in crates if you need more.

On the left side of the arena, there's an open door in the rock wall (it was
always there, you could have used it before the fight if you wanted to).  Press
the button at the far end and emerge back onto the path along the river, still
near the graveyard.  Run back along the river to the bridge, cross it, and head
back up the slope behind the port.  Talk to the Clakker behind the counter to
open the gate and go back down into town.

Head into the General Store, they've got some new ammo, including the Sniper
Dart (in case you don't already have it).  Head to the Bounty Store to pick up
your next job.
      /  DID YOU TRY...                                                      \
     | -Coming down to the graveyard without picking up the bounty in the     |
     |    Bounty Store first?  Stranger will still talk about the Sleg call   |
     |    without ever having learned of it.  Of course, Lefty doesn't come   |
     |    out without going through the proper channels.                      |
     | -Going into the Giant Sleg's cave?  It's along the wall in the area    |
     |    where you fought him, and there's a Moolah Pot inside.              |
     | -Finding the Giant Sleg before picking up the bounty?  He isn't there, |
     |    but you can enter his cave and have Stranger comment on what might  |
     |    live there.                                                         |
     | -Finding the hidden cave?  Just around the corner from the waterfall   |
     |    on the left side of the river bend, it's hidden behind shrubbery on |
     |    a small patch of land.  Smash the boards blocking the entrance and  |
     |    pick up the Moolah pots inside.  You can also shoot the glowing     |
     |    orange crystals and pick up the pieces for a tiny bit of Moolah.    |
     | -Finding the Moolah chest in the buildings under construction at the   |
     |    side of the port?                                                   |
     | -Finding the Moolah chests on the patch of land just past the bridge?  |
     |    Once you go there, it's quite hard to swim back due to the current, |
     |    so just keep going upstream until you can get out of the water.     |
     | -Getting the Moolah chests on the right after the 3rd fence you smash  |
     |    while running to the graveyard?                                     |
     | -Getting the Moolah chests on a high ledge to the left while almost at |
     |    the graveyard?  You have to jump up to and circle around the large  |
     |    boulder on the right side of the path to reach them.                |
     | -Swimming all the way to the graveyard?  You can make it most of the   |
     |    way, but a fence blocks you at the very end, so you have to go back |
     |    a short distance and up some rocks on the left bank.  The swim is   |
     |    nice and leisurely, though.                                         |


Talk to some Clakkerz to learn that he's hiding out upstream.  Head back to the
river via the Port Authority, and head up the left side again, continuing past
where the giant Sleg was.  You'll have to cross the river a couple of times to
stay on dry land.  Eventually, you'll know you're approaching Outlaw territory
when your radar appears.

The first Outlaw is a Semi-Auto behind a rock.  He's alone, and should be easy
to deal with.  Across the river, there are a bunch of nuts tossing explosives
into the water.  Just ahead, when you're around the rock from the next
oblivious Outlaw, it's a great place to try out your Sniper Wasps.  Go into
1st-person mode and press Black to zoom in.  Pull the right trigger when an
Outlaw is in your sights for a one-shot kill, from such a distance that they
don't even show up on your radar.  Once you're done playing around with this
new toy, switch back to normal mode (click the R stick again) and eliminate the
Outlaw on your side of the river.

Go to the end of this strip of land before you cross the river.  Move along,
shooting all of the exploding barrels you can see to wipe out the kooky
Outlaws.  There are a couple of Outlaw Bombers, so listen for their approach.
At the end, turn right to move inland.  Look up ahead to the right for a ledge
with some exploding barrels and an Outlaw Mortar.  Blow him up, then take out
the Outlaw Nailer ahead.  Climb the rope at the end of the path.  From the
first landing, turn around and shoot the exploding barrels on another ledge
above you, with another Mortar.  Now jump across a couple of platforms along
the cliff wall to reach some Moolah chests.  Go back to the ground and climb
the rope again, then climb the other rope the rest of the way up.

Up top, there's an Outlaw by a stack of exploding barrels around the corner.
Run in with a charged Zappfly ready to blow him up.  Peek around the rocks from
there to locate some more barrels, the blowing up of which will wipe out 4
Outlaws at once.  Climb the rope at the end of this area, then once more to
reach the real peak of this area.  Quickly charge a Zappfly and hit the wagon
of exploding barrels to eliminate the Outlaws around it, then watch out for a
couple more kamikaze Bombers and a Nailer ahead (drop back down to the
previous platform if a Bomber gets too close).  There's a final Semi-Auto
behind the next huge rock in the middle of the path.  Drop down a couple of
times ahead to trigger the start of the boss fight.

     BOSS: Elboze Freely

"Where's my back armor?" indeed.  The only way you can hurt this guy is to hit
him in his exposed back.  And the only way he'll turn his back to you is if you
get up onto the various platforms around the arena.  To accomplish this, run
into the gusts of air between each pair of platforms and you'll shoot up to
them.  If you miss the platform, for goodness's sake hurry and try again,
because if Elboze hits you, it'll knock you over good.  Once you're on a
platform, Elboze will run to the panel that controls it and press the button to
retract the platform, dropping you back to the ground where he can get you.
While he's at the terminal, his back is exposed to you as you look down towards
the panel.  This is the time to let him have it.

     ALIVE: Of course, to wear down his stamina without killing him, you will
            have to use the ever-popular charged Zappfly and Thudslug combo.
            Be pretty precise in your aim, because you need to hit him well and
            often to do enough damage to his stamina bar without him just
            recovering it all again.  This may take some practice.  I advise
            switching to 1st-person while you're still in the air about to land
            on a platform, so your Zappfly has time to charge before Elboze
            reaches the switch.  Once you drop down, use the same air vent to
            jump up to the other platform in the pair, so you don't lose time
            while either you or Elboze run to another location.  Keep up the
            good work and you'll get him in about 6 rounds.

     DEAD: You still need to get up to the platforms to be able to hit his weak
           spot, but you don't have to worry about being so quick and precise.
           Hit him with Stingbees, Boombats, and Thudslugs to reduce his health
           down to nothing.

Jump into the hole in the middle of the arena when the fight's over to find
yourself in a sewer-type tunnel.  Run down it, slide down the slope, and keep
going until you reach the gate at the end.  There's a smaller tunnel to the
left here, so head through there.  Jump out the far side to find yourself back
at the port.  Head up the slope and talk to the Clakker to re-enter the Port
Authority building and head back into town.  Report to the Bounty Store to cash
in on your effort.
      /  DID YOU TRY...                                                      \
     | -Going to Elboze's hideout without picking up the bounty first?  You   |
     |    can get as far as the top of the cliff after climbing the ropes.  A |
     |    fence prevents you from going any further into this area.           |
     | -Using Fuzzles on Elboze?  They just keep bouncing off his armor, but  |
     |    they still keep trying to leap at him and bite him anyway.          |
     | -Seeing if Clakkerz can swim?  You can knock them into the water from  |
     |    the docks outside of town.                                          |
     | -Finding the other hidden cave?  After passing the giant Sleg's area,  |
     |    going up the ramp, and jumping across the river, it's blocked by    |
     |    planks behind some thick brush.  There's nothing valuable inside,   |
     |    though, except for some crystals you can shoot off.                 |


First of all, you have to find Skycart Joe.  He's walking around the main road,
wearing a top hat, monocle and tuxedo vest, so he shouldn't be hard to spot
among the other Clakkerz.  After Stranger tells a funny joke, you can head down
to the port.  Go around to the front of the port building, by the docks, and
talk to Joe again there.  Walk onto the cart to ride up into the clifftops.
If, for some reason, you fall off the skycart while in transit (which really
could only happen through sheer stupidity, or experimentation), don't worry,
it'll come back down again when it reaches the top.

Once at the top, go right from the first room and up a ramp, then follow the
path to reach a new outdoor environment.  When you spot the trio of Outlaws in
front of the building, toss a Stunk into their midst, and use Bolamites to wrap
them up while you bounty them (alternately, if you bought the Howler Punk, you
can use one to lure out all 3 of them).  If you don't want to be spotted by the
Outlaws out the other side of the building, you have to go around the right
side, blowing up the shack of barrels there to clear the way.  Since those
Outlaws are facing forward and backward, they won't see you coming in from the
side.  Don't forget to get the Moolah chest from inside the building once
they're gone.

Go down the slide.  To the right, there's a field full of Chippunks, so stock
up, especially if you got the upgraded version at the General Store.  In the
main area, climb the rope on the right to reach a Moolah chest, then jump right
across 2 platforms to find 2 more chests.  On the left side of the field,
there's a Boombat crate behind a fence.  Head into the house.  There's a pair
of Outlaws around the corner, so take them out and circle up the ramps a few
times.  When you reach the crates, there are 2 Nailers around the corner, but
you can draw them out and dispatch them on your terms.  Before you go outside,
go around one more corner to find more Moolah chests and some critters.

Go out and jump into the mine cart.  It's a short ride.  At the first rise,
shoot the exploding barrel on the right side of the platform ahead.  Once you
go through the gate, look ahead to find a barrel on a platform, and shoot that.
You stop at the end of this field, and there are more Outlaws to deal with, so
go into aggressive mode.  Around the rock from where you stopped, in addition
to a Semi-Auto, there are also 2 Nailers.  The shacks around this area all have
exploding barrels underneath them, so use them to your advantage wherever
possible.  When you've cleared out the enemies, climb the rope on the right
side (oriented from where you came in on the cart) by smashing the breakable
crates on the stack beside it and jumping up to it.  At the top, there's a
crate of Sniper Wasps, which, if you didn't buy them at the store earlier, is
the first time you'll find any.  Head down the path on the left side.

Hide behind the lone rock in the field and wait for a patrolling Outlaw to come
to you.  Once he's gone, go down the left side to the tall reeds, and peek
around the corner from there.  Shoot the exploding barrel on the platform to
take out some of the opposition, though there's still more on the ground.
Things can get hectic around the corner, with 2 Nailers, a normal Shooter, a
Semi-Auto, and a Sniper on a ledge, so draw them around to where you can fight
them without the rest spotting you down below.

Creep ahead into the next area.  The exploding barrel by the terminal will
destroy the latter if blown up, permanently closing the gate.  In case you blow
it up before you get over there, you can still climb the rope to get over the
gate.  Head into the rock tunnel to trigger the next segment.

     BOSS: Fatty McBoomBoom

He's got a lot of minions, and a well-defended area, so don't just go wading in
or you'll be pounded from all sides.  Instead, stay back behind the rock bridge
and let the Outlaws come to you.  They'll approach 1 to 3 at a time, as
Shooters and Semi-Autos.  Fatty will also come out himself once in a while, but
he quickly returns to his platform, so don't worry about him until you've
cleared out everyone else.  Lay Fuzzles down to distract enemies as they
approach you and bag them however you like.  You have Stunkz and Thudslugs here
to re-stock with if you need to.  Basically, stay behind the rock tunnel around
the corner to avoid enemy fire.  If you need to, you can go up to the rock in
the middle past the tunnel to lure more enemies out.  If Fatty spots you, he'll
fire homing missiles at you, so run for cover.  Once you've taken out all of
the ground troops, there's still a Shooter on a platform on the left side,
surrounded by exploding barrels (hint, hint), and a Sniper in a high alcove at
the end of the arena, who you should take out with a charged Zappfly.  Once
he's gone, another takes his place, so kill him too (the doors to that alcove
will close once they're both dead).  Now it's just you and Fatty.

Watch out for his super wrasslin' move, in which he launches himself clear
across the arena at you in a body slam.  Even if he doesn't hit you, he creates
a shockwave, so double-jump when he lands to avoid it.  He'll quickly run back
to his platform, so you need to be persistent to take him down.  The
environment doesn't provide any real cover, since his missiles will destroy all
of the fences and crates.

     ALIVE: Wait for him to come down to you with his body slam, dodge it, then
            start the assault.  As always, use Thudslugs to knock him over, and
            charged Zappflies to keep taking away his stamina.  You may need to
            chase him back up to his platform, just keep the pressure up and
            check your health whenever he prepares his body slam move, since
            he'll still do it even if you hit him with a Thudslug.  It'll be
            over in no time.

     DEAD: Again, just keep pelting him with Boombats and Stingbees, ducking
           behind the rock in the middle of the arena when you need to heal.

After the fight, there may still be a Sniper on a ledge above Fatty's platform,
so him take out along with anyone else who might be remaining.  To exit the
arena, go through the open gate to the left of the large rock in the middle.
Pick up the Moolah chests in the storeroom and go down the tunnel, jumping down
the mineshaft.  Follow the sound of water to emerge behind the waterfall (isn't
it pretty?) looking over the port at the bend of Mongo River.

Jump down and swim over to dry land, then head back into town through the Port
Authority.  Go to the Bounty Store and cash out.
      /  DID YOU TRY...                                                      \
     | -Scoring the Moolah Pots underneath the upper skycart dock?  There are |
     |    two at the bottom of the girders, at river level.                   |


Apparently Doc has some news for you, and now that you've cleared out all
Outlaw activity in the area, it's safe for the bargekeeper to take you to his
office along the river.  Go to the port and head out to the end of the dock
where the barge is waiting, and talk to the Clakker in the sweater standing by

At the office, you end up in a brief firefight.  Run for cover and try to take
out whatever outlaws you can.  A FMV will soon take over.

** Note: The outlaw boss here is named D. Caste Raider (say it quickly).  He is
barely named within the game (except in one comment made by a Clakker in New
Yolk City), but other available printed materials spell it out for us.***

         Chapter Five: Secrets, Claws & Enemies: A Stranger's Demise


You have to fight off the Outlaws using only your melee attacks.  Knock them
into the fires around the edge of the room, but avoid touching the fire
yourself, because this will drain away your health very quickly.  Use the spin
attack when surrounded, then the head butt when you're faced with just one
opponent at a time.  At the very start, you can move left to hide briefly
behind the post.  Caste Raider will do the most damage, so keep knocking him
away, and shake off your damage whenever you can.  It may take a couple of
tries, but I know you can do it.

Once you've killed everyone, part of the roof will collapse and make a hole in
the floor.  Jump down here, using the part of the roof as a slide.  Go around
the wall of crates and continue through the building.  When you find Outlaws,
you have to knock them out and continue past them.  Smash the window at the end
and jump through it.  Outside, there are still Outlaws on the roof, so just
keep running to get away from them.  Go past the boulders and down the hill to
the left until you're in the relative safety of a cave.  Jump down out the
other side, and go right along path of the streetlights.

Jump through the skylight at the end.  Down below, Smash through the wooden
wall (note the Clakker-shaped hole.  Funny!) and run straight ahead.  Smash
through the fences, go around the wall and turn left at the bus.  Go up the
ramp on the right when you reach the gates and jump through another skylight.
Smash through the wall toward the conversing Clakkerz and keep going straight
through the valley until it's time to rest.
      /  DID YOU TRY...                                                      \
     | -listening to the Clakkerz inside before you jump through the          |
     |    skylight?                                                           |

              Chapter Six: The Mask Removed, A Nemesis Revealed


Continue along the valley until you find signs of civilization.  Head into the
carved-out building and squeeze through the narrow spaces, then jump down when
you emerge out the other end.  After the FMV, look to your left and climb to
rope to reach some Stingbees, Boombats, and a Sniper Wasp crate.  Jump down
beside the crate to land near some Stunkz.  Leave this alcove and look to your
right to spot some more Sniper Wasps under a ramp.  Head down through the
village to the ground.  There are Thudslugs at the bottom, straight out from
the wooden ramp.  Stock up on those, and your ammo collection is now complete
once more.

Head out away from the village.  After a short FMV, jump over the logs and
continue down the valley.  Go left at the end through the open gate, and follow
the land along the water all the way to the end.  Cross to the small island and
double-jump off the other end.  Go up the land to reach the start of the
Wolvark Shipping Facility.  At the top of the ramp, take out the patrolling
Wolvark, then go to the tower at the end of this landing and climb the rope.
Knock out the guard up there and bounty him.  From here, you can lure some
Wolvarks under the giant crates, then shoot the surge activators to crush them.
Go back to the top of the ramp and jump down outside of the fence around the
platform.  There's a small ledge around the platform that takes you to the next

Fight your way through among the many crushers.  At the far end, there's an
automatic machine gun, which you can destroy by emptying a couple of clips of
Stingbees or the equivalent into it.  Press the button by the bridge to the
next sector.  This will release some more Wolvarks behind you, so take them
out.  If one reaches the panel, they will close the gate again, so you go ahead
and reopen it if this happens.  Once they're all dead, cross over the bridge to
the next sector.

Turn right and take out the pair of Wolvarks looking away from you.  You can
squash them under the crusher, or use any other method.  Around the corner from
them, there are a trio of Wolvarks walking around that you can equally squash.
Note that one of them was carrying a large bag over its shoulders.  These bags
contain Slegs, and they will send them after you if they spot you.  Continue to
the other end of this zone, and deal with 5 more Wolvarks down there.  Press
the button on the panel to lower a bridge and open the next gate.

Cross the bridge and eliminate the many Wolvarks over there, as well as the
automatic machine gun.  You have 2 choices for entering the facility: you can
go down the ramp, press the button there and go through the sewers, or stay up
top, press the button there and take the high road.  Either way takes you into
a large electrically lit room with lots of ammo crates.  Take a look at the
signs on the walls in here to understand what the industrial operation is all
about.  In the far corner, smash the wooden wall surrounded by yellow lights to

Through the curving tunnel ahead, watch out for a Wolvark Sloghandler to come
out from the storage room on the right.  As you engage him and the other pair
of Wolvarks ahead, the door across from the first room opens, letting more
Wolvarks out to shoot you in the back if you're not careful.  Break the glass
in the tunnel ahead to continue, and shoot the barrel when the next guy comes
out of the storage room on the right.  Break the wall across from this side
room to fight a couple more enemies, then keep on going down the tunnel.  3
more Wolvarks await once you smash the next glass door.  Go left through the
next glass door and go to the end of the room, where the bathrooms are.
There's a Wolvark in the two on the ends.  You can shoot Fuzzles under the
doors, or just smash in and surprise them.

In the next, room, which you reach by smashing the wood door, there are lots of
Wolvarks and no good place to hide, so bring out your most devastating ammo
(Rabid Fuzzles are always good) and let them have it.  Move through the room
and break through the door at the end, then eliminate the 3 Wolvarks at the end
of the corridor (note that you can smash all of the wall panels in this hall,
if you're into wanton destruction).  Around the bend, jump up to the crates and
over the other side.  There's another group of Wolvarks waiting around the
corner, so let them have it.  Press the button and head into the warehouse.

Go down the row along the storage crates, and eliminate the lone Wolvark
patrolling at the end before he can raise the alarm.  Around the corner, start
unleashing your heavy weaponry to take out the rest of the staff.  At the end,
go up the ramp and down the tunnel.  When you emerge into a round room, go up
the ramp on the left.  Try to shoot the exploding barrels when Wolvarks pass by
them.  Once you've fought your way to the top, press the button to open the
door, jump over the crates, and press the next button to emerge onto a wooden

Go straight along the walkway until you're near the Wolvarks, then hit them
from behind while they're walking away.  Around the corner there's lots more
opposition, so fire away and use the crates for cover.  When you leave the
walkway, watch out for the Semi-Auto gunners out there.  Use the cover and
advance bit by bit, taking out the Wolvarks until your radar shows no more.  Go
forward and enter the caves, running down the ramp.  Climb the rope and
continue until you reach the water's edge and a FMV starts.


On this side of the water, go around the rocks on the right side and go
straight down the tunnel.  Run down the valley, jump over the logs, go through
the open gate, and jump over the logs at the end again to enter the village

Move in and use hit-and-run tactics, taking out a Wolvark and running off to a
new spot.  After you kill or capture a half-dozen or so, reinforcements arrive
by dropship.  If you can get them while they're still all clustered, a couple
of Boombats go a long way.  After this, I suggest running deep into the village
and continuing to use your hit-and-run approach.  You'll notice that many of
these Wolvarks carry shields, and toss sticky time bombs.  If a bomb sticks to
you, you can shake to knock it loose, then move away before it explodes.  While
their shields are up, the Wolvarks are invulnerable to most attacks, so wait
for them to drop their guard, such as when they throw a bomb, or use a Fuzzle
behind them to distract them and let them have it when they drop their shield.

There will be one more drop of Wolvarks, this time within the village grounds.
Again, clear them out once they land with a couple of Boombats, then clean up
the rest.  It may become hard to find Wolvarks once there aren't many left,
because the radar is cluttered with green dots from the Grubbs too.  Just run
around and they'll start firing on you, revealing their location.  Once you
clear them all out, the Grubbs will surround you to celebrate.  Talk to them if
you like, then head back out of the village and return to the boat, running up
the rock ramp at the end of the valley to re-enter the cave.  The boat will be
fixed by now.


Go near the boat to receive instructions on using it.  Press X to get in.  Move
out and row through the door on the right.  At the end of the tunnel, the next
doors will open, and you'll find yourself outside.  Go straight and through the
tunnel, then go left when you come out the other side (going right leads to a
dead end).  Keep to the left side and approach the land.  You can let the
boat's gun do most of the work to take out the Wolvarks, but you can also
switch to 1st-person while riding and take them out yourself.  Move over the
barge in the water.  There are 3 stacks of exploding barrels on it, one in the
middle and one at either end, that you can use to take out the barge's staff.
On the other side, bring the boat close to the land and jump out.

Carefully go up the slope and take out the Wolvarks on the land and on the
bridges.  You might want to eliminate the guards on the bridge with some Sniper
Wasps before you get there, to make your life a lot easier.  Once you've taken
out all of the Wolvarks, cross over either bridge and press the button between
them on the other side.  This will open the gates so that you can bring you
boat through.  Keep sailing until you trigger a FMV.

Get back in your boat and continue upriver, past the waterfall and under the
bridge.  If you stay to the right side, you can avoid some fighting with the
Wolvarks on the land on the left.  When you see the gate blocking the river
ahead, approach along the right wall to the beginning of the strip of raised
land, and jump to the rope to climb up.  There are Wolvarks up ahead, so use
some heavy ammo to wipe them out.  There are a couple of Grenadiers, so plan
accordingly.  Cross the bridge and press the button on the panel on the other
side to open the gates, then go back down to your boat and sail through.
      /  DID YOU TRY...                                                      \
     | -Blowing up the barges?  Ignite all 3 stacks of exploding barrels, and |
     |    the whole thing will blow up and slowly sink away.                  |

   Chapter Seven: Guardians, Thieves and Industry: The Battle for Last Legs

     6V) LAST LEGS

Survey the battlefield ahead.  Looks pretty hairy.  Approach the snow-covered
landing on your left.  It's safer to dismount on the left side, since the
Wolvarks are concentrated on the right, but rather than taking a land assault,
bring the boat up to the beach on the right side, then jump out and swim behind
the vehicle so that you're out of the line of fire, and let your boat cannon
take out the enemies on the ground.  This will take out almost all of them for
you.  Once it's pretty clear, head up the slope to the tunnel door.  Eliminate
the pair of Wolvarks just inside the door, then the rest deeper inside.

Go through the tunnel to reach the next battlefield.  Watch out for the Wolvark
Sniper ahead, run up to the right and hide behind the broken wall.  Shoot the
Sniper with a charged Zappfly.  There's a Wolvark Grandier just around the
corner, so lure him out and deal with him too.  Next, plant a couple of Howler
Punks to lure out some Wolvarks and deal with them at this end of the field.
Watch out when you step into the open, because there's a Sniper far off in the
distance.  Run up wall to wall until you can get a good shot at the Snipers and
Shooter up on the wall.  Try your Stingbees to take them out.  Draw out some
more ground troops and go nuts on them.

Pass under the bridge and turn left.  Look for the Snipers in windows ahead,
and zap them with Zappflies to knock them off their perches.  Go up a small
rise to see more troops come out of a truck.  Stay on your ridge to take them
out where they can't reach you (though they can still shoot you).  Wait for
them to gather in a group and toss a couple of Boombats over to them.  One
won't kill them on its own, so have something else ready to finish them off.
Head up past the truck and follow the road, then stick to the right wall when
you jump down another ledge.

From here, lure the first couple of Wolvarks over with a Howler Punk and take
them out.  After that, move forward bit by bit along the left side, using the
small walls for cover, and use Stingbees to strafe the enemies up ahead.  If
one gets too close, hit him with a Riot Slug for a quick kill.  Move up to the
next barrier only when it's clearly safe to do so.  When you reach the bridge,
wait on the side while some enemies run up one by one, and bag them once they
turn the corner.  Eventually you can run up and use the many broken walls as
cover, while you eliminate the Wolvarks one by one.

Once you clear this field, a new enemy bursts through the wall: a Shock Sphere.
This device will hit you with electricity and drain your health if you get too
close in front of it.  If it does this, just run away or get a wall between
you.  It takes many hits to destroy.  Riot Slugs work well if you get up close.
Take out the Wolvarks on the ground with it before you commit to destroying it,
to make your own life easier.  Once you blow it up, capture the Wolvark that
was driving it.  Head through the gates that open as you approach them at the
far end of the battlefield.

After a FMV, you have to free the cannons.  After sliding down into the next
battle area, you get rushed by a whole bunch of Wolvark Grenadiers, so try out
your new ammo: use a Spark Stunkz to suck 'em in, then a Boombat Seeker to send
'em flying.  It'll take more than one Boombat to kill them though, so you'll
need to do it again.  Use brute force to clear the way, finishing with a
Wolvark Semi-Auto at the end.  Proceed up and around each turn, drawing the
enemies to you, or just waiting for them to run out on their own.  You can
restock on Boombats at one point; look for their nests high up on the walls.
Ahead, enter the tunnel and run up the ramps to meet up with the Grubbs.  Go
ahead with them and take out the remaining Wolvarks until they reach the


Jump back into your boat and head upstream, past the now-destroyed barrier.
When you reach a gate across the river, go into the cave on the left side.
Travel through this cave a good long while, past the dilapidated docks, until
you come back out into the open and trigger a FMV.

Now you reopen the gate, by clearing the Wolvarks on both sides and pressing
both buttons.  From where you start, try taking out some Wolvarks with Sniper
Darts to make your job easier later on.  Move on in via either side, and start
your direct assault.  There are 2 automatic missile launchers on either side of
the door you're trying to open, so move up a bit and take them out with a short
barrage of Super Stingbees.  As for the Wolvarks, there are many tools to help
you take them out.  Use a Spark Stunk to move them under a crusher and shoot
the surge activator with a charged Zappfly, knock them into the water, get them
close to the exploding barrels... you get the idea.  Once they're all gone,
pres the button on either dock, then use the rope to cross to the other button.
Get back to your boat and head into the dam.

Inside, just shoot one of the exploding barrels on each side of the canal to
wipe out almost all of the Wolvarks (it may leave one or two at the far end).
Row ahead through the next gate, which will open on its own.  Inside is a
water-lock that fills up and takes you to a higher level.  Head through the
next gates as they open.

Park your boat in front of the dock and hop out.  Stay at the bottom on the
side, and use a Howler Punk to draw some enemies down the ramp a little ways,
then let your boat gun take them out.  In this way, you can clear the first
floor of enemies without any effort.  Go up the ramp, but watch out for the
automatic machine gun on the left at the top.  Shoot it with about 20 Stingbees
to destroy it.  Go around the left corner and into the windowed section, then
start climbing the ramp.  At the top, the real fun begins.  Use the exploding
barrels to take out the Wolvarks wherever possible.  Watch for the Snipers on
the next level above.  It's hard to hit them, so just run around the left
corner and get under them instead.  Run along the walkway to reach the end,
then look across the gap through the windows.  Blast some enemies over in that
room, then jump to the right to try and grab the rope (if you fall, just climb
back up).  Jump through a broken window and go around the platform to find the
ramp up to it.  At the top, go through the windows and continue your journey
upward.  Hit the button to open the next gates along the canal, and go back
down to your boat.  If there are still some Snipers on the walkways that are
eluding you, you can suck them off their perch by shooting a Spark Stunk at the
side of the girder-laden tower in the middle of the walkways.

After another waterlock brings you up, head down the canal to trigger a FMV.
After this, head in and let your boat gun take out the Wolvark on the floating
platform.  Disembark at the ramp on either side of the front of the facility,
and climb the rope to jump over the fence.  Take out the Wolvark Sloghandlers
in this area, and head up the ramp straight ahead to wipe out the 2 Snipers up
there.  Now to deal with the locks on the sides.  Go up either ramp and take
out the 4 Wolvarks, then shoot the surge activator with a charged Zappfly.  Go
up the ramp on the opposite side and do the same.  With both locks deactivated,
go up the central ramp and press the button by the door.

Remember all those Wolvarks that went into the tunnel, that should be pouring
out now to fight you?  Sorry to disappoint you, but they ain't there.  Instead,
you get...

     BOSS: Gloktogi

First, you get a taste of your own medicine for all those Bolamites you've
used.  To break free from the Gloktogi's goo, wiggle the L stick or press the
left and right triggers repeatedly (the latter seems to work faster for me).
Once you're free, hurry up and grab some cover before you get bound again.  If
you're ever caught in its goo and the Gloktogi catches up to you, it'll impale
you with it's legs and kill you instantly.  Use the large shipping crate in the
middle of the ground level in this area as your cover.  As the Gloktogi pursues
you around it, keep backing away, circling the crate, and firing around the
corners whenever you can.  Don't even think about stunning this creature, it's
kill or be killed.  Fuzzles do a little damage, Riot Slugs do more, Boombats do
the most per shot, and a Super Stingbee barrage works pretty nicely too.  Once
you get it's health to zero, it'll collapse and the doors will re-open.  Head
on inside.

     Chapter Eight: Fiends, Beasts and Mortar: The Siege of Sekto's Lair


Advance, and note that the Grubbs have started their assault.  There are some
Wolvarks on the ledge above you to your left.  You can't up there, but if you
fire some Spark Stunkz onto the buoys in the water, you can suck most of them
out to drown (and you can re-stock on the Stunkz with the crates in the
entrance).  Take out the rest with Rabid Fuzzles to send them running into the
water in a panic or just outright kill them, and swim across.  Back on land,
there are a half-dozen Wolvarks around the corner.  Just past them, there's
more water, and if you go to the edge on the right side, you can shoot the
surge activator for the crusher on your left.  Swim over to that landing, and
from there take out the Sniper in the tower ahead with a charged Zappfly.  Jump
into the water and do the same for the Sniper in the other tower, then load
your favorite powerful ammo and swim around the corner.  Take out the Wolvarks
standing there, then move behind the shipping crate once you're on land.  A
pair of Shock Spheres come at you from the left, take them out with a few Riot
Slugs at medium distance.  There are still two Wolvarks on the towers on either
side of the door ahead, so kill or capture them, then climb up to each tower
and press the two buttons.

Head into the facility.  Stock up on the ammo crates in here then continue
inward.  When you start climbing a slope, 2 Wolvarks will come around the
column in the middle on the path.  Keep going and approach the heavy door at
the end.  It'll raise automatically.  Inside, go ahead to the ramp and take out
the guards at the top.  There are more across the next room, but if you shoot
the grey box beside them, it'll zap them if they get too close.  Go up a couple
more ramps, and damage the grey electrical box again, as it too will kill
anyone who goes near it (you'll only take damage, not die).  Go up more ramps
and take out more guards (the Spark Stunk and Boombat combo still works great).
Smash the glass doors and head through.

Shoot the Wolvarks across the gap to kill them (Sniper Wasps could do the
trick), then climb the rope to the top.  Jump to the horizontal rope and climb
across the gap to the big hydroelectric generators.  In there, try some Spark
Stunkz on the generator to suck in the Wolvarks and fry them.  Past the
generator, go down the ramp to the next level, taking care to eliminate the
Wolvarks there too.  If you need to recover your stamina, just stay on the top
level.  There are 2 last Wolvarks on the bottom level.  Once they're cleared
out, slide down the ramp to leave the tower you're currently in.

Jump up the crates, and STAY ON THE TOP of the crates to overlook the space
ahead.  Another Gloktogi will come out of the glass doors.  If you go down to
the floor, you're vulnerable, but on top of the crates he can't reach you
physically (though he can still bind you).  Fire on him with Stingbees, and
shake free whenever you get hit with goo, until his health is down to 1/2.  At
this point, he goes all misty and floats away.  Weird.

Enter the area with the large vertical pipes and use them as cover while you
pick off the Wolvarks.  At the end, look left and press the button to open the
door next to the terminal.  Go up the ramp.  In the next area, look to the left
down the stretch of hall to spot the Gloktogi you were fighting before.  Break
out those Super Stingbees and Riot Slugs again!  Once you get his health down
to 1/4, he'll go all ghosty again and float to the side where he started, then
come at you again.  Use the columns for cover when he spins and shoots goo,
shoot whenever you can, and you'll finish him off in no time.  Press the button
in the same position as on the lower floor and climb the ramp again.

Above, there's a whole slew of Wolvarks.  Just damage some of the electrical
panels, and use Spark Stunkz to suck them into them.  You'll need to do more
killing than that though, so go wild.  Press yet another button in the same
location as on the previous floors.  Above, you're finally on the roof.  Try
sucking some Wolvarks into the spinning fan on one end.  Otherwise, just get
rid of them any way you know how.

Press the button by the heavy gates to enter them.  Turn right when you see the
fires past the wooden doors, and go through the next gates that open.  Ride the
elevator to the top, and go through the doors on the side before they close (if
they do, just press the button next to them to reopen them).  Go inside to see
some Wolvarks get overrun, and head left up the ramp.  Once you reach the top,
the Grubbs give you some information.  You better run!

     3:29 SPEED RUN

First of all, the best way to run REALLY fast is to pull the Right Trigger and
then just keep pointing the left stick in whatever direction you're going.
Double-jump over the bad guys when they get in your way.  As you go through
this section, remember to not stop for anything, no matter how badly you want
to blow up some bad guys.  You'll never make it if you do.

With that said, go ahead and run circling left down the ramps.  On the floor,
go left around the large column that topples up ahead, then go straight across
the floor to where the Shock Sphere is.  Go into the tunnel behind it and make
a sharp right turn, jump over the Wolvarks if they're in your way, and go up
the ramp to your right.  Go left at the top (it's a good idea to press the R
trigger again after going up ramps, to bring your speed back up to max) and go
right through the fire in the middle.  Turn right again and go past the
electrical panel, then up the ramps on the left side.  Run across one more room
like this and go up the ramp on the left side around the wall.  At the top of
this pair of ramps, stand behind the broken wall and heal yourself, then go
around the wall and up a couple more times.  At the top, go around the wall
ahead of you and jump down the ramp at the end of the room.

After you slide to the bottom, run around the crates avoiding the enemies and
go out the other side.  Run diagonally across the room and turn around on the
other side of the wall.  Go down more ramps, then make a mad dash straight
across the bridge, with automatic gunfire all around you.  You need to get
through the other side before the doors close.  Once inside, stop and heal for
a moment.  Start your run again, going up around the rim of the room, only
stopping to re-start your run if you get slowed down.  At the top, by the stack
of crates, stop one last time to catch your breath.  Wait if you need to build
your stamina back up so you can bring your health back to full for this last

Jump over the crates, then start another run up around the ramp on the right
side.  Half-way up the ramp, watch out for a catapulted fireball that lands in
the middle of the path, because it could potentially knock you off the ramp.
Re-boost your speed only if you need to, and especially don't stop when
you're going by the Shock Sphere, because it'll zap you good.  Go up to the
red-rimmed door at the top.


Run along the red carpet and jump down into the large room.  Go stock up on
ammo from the crates, as much as you can take.  Follow the next carpet going
around the left until you trigger a FMV.

     BOSS: Gloktogis! (or is the plural still just Gloktogi?)

Great, two of these bastards.  Load up your Boombats and Stingbees, and get
ready for a tough fight.  First of all, get some distance and some cover
between you and the pair.  Fire Boombats when they're close together, otherwise
use a constant barrage of Super Stingbees.  Try to use the bookshelves as
cover, though they will progressively get destroyed as the fight goes on.
Every time you do a certain amount of damage to one of the Gloktogi, it will
turn to mist and float away to restart somewhere else.  This is great, because
if one gets you caught somewhere where it keeps knocking you down, and you
don't have time to get away when you rise, just switch to 1st person and fire
right into it as you get batted around.  Eventually, it'll fly away somewhere
else, giving you a moment's reprieve.  To do a quick escape from any sticky
situation, use your running headbutt (Right trigger) to start running at top
speed right away.  Break open the crates and pick up the ammo as you go around
the room (you'll mostly just need extra Boombats), and once you're out of
Boombats, switch to Riot Slugs for that barrel.  Again, just keep your distance
if at all possible and keep firing on them.  Once you lose all of the cover,
it's okay to get bound, provided that the enemies are still far away, because
you can get a couple more shots in once you recover but before you get bound
again.  Good luck!

     BOSS: Sekto

The Grubb's assault is in full force, and it's bringing down the house.  Hide
behind the collapsed piece of the ceiling, and peek around the side.  Look at
the two orange round generators on either side of Sekto's machine.  You have to
shoot both of these into oblivion to destroy the machine.  So stay close to the
rock, where Sekto's shots can't reach you, and unleash tons of Stingbees and
Riot Slugs into them.  They will blow up in sections; keep going until there's
no more orange glow anywhere on them.  Whenever Sekto blows away the rock
you're hiding behind, run around until another one drops down (and while Sekto
gloats), then hide behind that one and start firing from safety again.  Heal as
you need to.  Once both generators are destroyed...

                      7. WALKTHROUGH IN-DEPTH CONTENTS

You may be asking yourself, why on earth would this nut put a table of contents
after the walkthrough, rather than up at the top of the guide where it belongs?
Well, the reason is that I'm extremely hesitant to reveal any of the game's
plot points, and I worry that even just reading over the names of all of the
different stages in the walkthrough could give something special away.  So, I
decided to stick this information down here.

     To quickly jump to any part of the walkthrough, simply press Ctrl-f
     (or Command-f for you Mac users) and enter the chapter number listed
     below, e.g. "7A)".

6A) Training (Take in Blisterz Booty)
6B) Gizzard Gulch
6C) Filthy Hands Floyd (Restoring the Wagon Train route)
6D) Looten Duke (Water Facility)
6E) Meeting with Doc & Boilz Booty
6F) Road to Buzzarton & Opple Farm
6G) Rescue Eugene (Dandy Digger Gang & Native Ruins)
6H) Return from the Temple (Native Grubb Village)
6I) Jo' Mamma (Shipwreck)
6J) Meagly McGraw (Opple Farm)
6K) Packrat Palooka (Junkyard)
6L) Journey to Mongo Valley (New Yolk City)
6M) X'Plosives McGee
6N) Giant Sleg & Lefty Lugnutz
6O) Elboze Freely
6P) Fatty McBoomboom
6Q) A Visit to Doc's Retreat
6R) Night-time Escape
6S) Finding a Boat (Wolvark Shipping Facility)
6T) Grubb Village Assault
6U) Going Upriver
6V) Last Legs
6W) Into the Dam
6X) Sekto's Lair
6Y) Sekto's Office

                                8. ENEMY INFO

Here, you'll find a list of the different enemy types, their abilities and
their bounty values.  Naturally, bosses are not included here.  You'll have to
check the walkthrough to read all about those.

     ~ OUTLAWS ~

OUTLAW CUTTER: So named because they're armed with forked blades for
               slashing and throwing knives to cause you pain at medium

OUTLAW SHOOTER: The most common fodder, they carry popguns that fire single
                shots.  It can take them a couple of shots to get a bead on
                you, so they don't pose too much of a threat.  If there's lots
                of them around, though, it can get a little hairy.

OUTLAW SNIPERS: Wear orange vests and carry laser rifles that they can fire
                with great accuracy over long distances.  Perched in high
                alcoves, they can often spot you before you spot them.  Their
                weapons glow red for a moment before firing, giving you a
                chance to duck for cover, while also giving their positions
                away.  You can knock them off their perches with any concussive
                ammo (i.e. a charged Zappfly, Thudslug, or Boombat), causing
                them to fall to their death.  Because they tend to stay out of
                reach, there aren't many that you can capture alive.

OUTLAW HUNTERS: Virtually identical to Snipers in appearance, ability, and
                bounty value.  I'm not sure why they're named differently.

OUTLAW MORTAR: Packing rocket launchers on their backs that shoot homing
               rockets high into the air.  Move around a lot, jump when the
               rockets land, or get some cover above you to avoid the blasts.
               These guys like to dodge left and right constantly, making them
               difficult targets to hit at times.

OUTLAW NAILERS: Big, tough, and wearing full body armor covered in spikes
                (hence their name).  You cannot use melee attacks against them,
                since their armor will just cause you damage if you touch it.
                They don't have distance attacks, so they have to run you down.
                They're also hard to put down, since they can withstand a
                single shot from any ammo except Boombats.  Use those or more
                than one Thudslug or charged Zappfly to knock them down
                temporarily.  Immune to Bolamites and Stunkz.

OUTLAW SEMI AUTO: Wear blue vests and fire rapid streams of bullets that can
                  very quickly wear away your health if you don't find some
                  cover or otherwise stop them from shooting.  A little tougher
                  to knock out than most Outlaw types, but not as tough as
                  Nailers.  Still, they can be quite a pain in the ass.

OUTLAW BOMBER: Kamikaze fighters carrying a payload of explosives on their
               backs.  Once they spot you, they light their own fuses and make
               a mad dash straight at you.  They run fast, too.  Once lit, they
               will explode if they reach you or if you knock them down, say
               with a Bolamite or Thudslug, or by punching them back at the
               last moment before they reach you.  You can set off their
               explosives while they're running with a well-aimed charged
               Zappfly shot as well.  If you want to bag them alive, you'll
               have to incapacitate them before they get a chance to light up.
               If they do reach you, the blast will take away most of your
               health bar, so make avoiding this outcome a priority.

OUTLAW FLAMER: Armed with a flamethrower, they are able to cause continuous
               damage to you at medium range.  The stream of fire also obscures
               your vision.  Tough to knock out, though you can easily tie them
               up with a Bolamite if they get in your face.

     ~ WOLVARKS ~

WOLVARK SHOOTER: The basic mercenary type, equipped with a rifle that fires
                 single shots.  Mobile enemies, they run around a fair bit and
                 help each other out.  They are knocked out fairly easily, but
                 are harder to kill outright than their Outlaw counterparts.

WOLVARK SEMI-AUTO: Equipped with a rapid-fire machine gun to rapidly cut you
                   down.  Despite their gas-masks, they are still vulnerable to

WOLVARK SLOGHANDLER: Carry around a big bag of Slegs on their backs, and once
                     they spot you, they start tossing the little doggies
                     towards you one by one.  Carry a seemingly endless supply,
                     so take them out if you want the biting to stop.

WOLVARK GRENADIER: Carry body-length shields that, when up, will deflect all
                   ammo lobbed at them.  To get around this, try aiming at
                   their feet or sides with, say, a Fuzzle or Boombat.  As they
                   approach you, they will pull their shield to the side to
                   toss a timed sticky bomb at you.  These will cling to any
                   surface they touch and explode after a moment.  You can
                   shake them off if they cling to you.  As they lower their
                   shields to make this attack, you can also use this chance
                   to strike back.

WOLVARK SNIPER: Similar to their Outlaw counterparts, they hide on high ledges
                and take shots at you over long distances.  The telltale glow
                of their weapons before firing will give away their position.
                It doesn't take much to knock one off its perch and send it
                tumbling to its doom.

SHOCK SPHERE: These mechanical hovering tanks are controlled by a Wolvark
              riding inside of it.  At close or medium range, they charge up
              electricity and zap you with it in a continuous stream.  To break
              this attack, you must either move far enough away or just get a
              solid object between you and it.  They take a lot of damage to
              blow apart, and after that you still have to deal with the
              Wolvark who was riding inside of it.


  Enemy Type      | Alive | Dead
 Outlaw Cutter    |  20   |   3    (except in training level: alive 6, dead 2)
 Outlaw Shooter   |  25   |   5    (except in training level: alive 10, dead 5)
 Outlaw Sniper    |  10   |   5
 Outlaw Hunter    |  10   |   5
 Outlaw Mortar    |  25   |   8
 Outlaw Nailer    |  25   |   8
 Outlaw Semi Auto |  30   |  10
 Outlaw Bomber    |  30   |   8
 Outlaw Flamer    |  30   |  10

                             9. EQUIPMENT & SHOPS

In every General Store you come to, there will be items you can buy to enhance
your abilities, both offensive and defensive.  These cost varying amounts of
Moolah, and the exact cost may be different in different stores that carry the
same item (see the Shops list below).  Note also that each store has a limited
supply of any item, and once you've bought them all, you can't buy no more.
The following are the types of items that you may buy and their effects:

  ~~~ AMMO ~~~
If you're too lazy to hunt your own, you can find critters for sale in any
General Store.  You will usually only be able to buy ammo types that you have
already acquired on your own out in the wild, but from time to time a brand new
critter will become available in the local General Store.  You can only buy as
many as you have room for in your ammo bag at any particular time.

These critter-specific items allow you to mount more of that ammo type onto
your crossbow at once, meaning that you can fire more times before the ammo has
to reload.

With one of these, the corresponding ammo type will re-load faster, using a new
spring-loaded system, as the name suggests.  Again, they must be purchased
individually for each ammo type.

These manly scents, when owned, will draw greater numbers of critters out of
their nests in the wild.  Once more, these are particular to each ammo type.
Since there are almost always more than enough critters in the wild, this isn't
the most useful thing to spend your hard-earned Moolah on.

  ~~~ AMMO BAGS ~~~
Available in different sizes, ammo bags will increase your carrying capacity
for all ammo types.  Useful to have before wading into an area chock full of
enemies, as long as you remember to fill it up on the way there.  Available in
3 different sizes.

These enhancements increase the size of your stamina bar.  It seems to be a
virtual increase, i.e. the bar on-screen doesn't actually get any longer, but
rather it will just deplete slower, allowing you to restore more health per
unit of stamina.  Available in 3 different sizes.

In addition to the above item, you can also purchase these, which allow you to
regain your depleted stamina with greater speed.  Also available in 3 different
sizes with different levels of effect.

  ~~~ KNUCKLES ~~~
Want to pack a greater punch?  These accessories will add more power to your
melee attacks, causing more pain to unwary Outlaws who get too close.

  ~~~ BINOCULARS ~~~
An extremely useful addition to your crossbow, this item lets you see clearly
further into the distance, giving you advance knowledge of the terrain and
enemy layout ahead.  To use it, press the Black button while in 1st person
mode.  It has 2 levels of magnification, which you can alternate between by
pressing Black again while activated.  It also comes equipped with a
directional microphone, letting you listen in on whatever's in the center of
your view.
                                | 9.1 Shops |

Visit the stores in each town, as each will have unique items for sale.  Note
that not all supplies will be available all of the time in each store.  You may
need to complete a certain bounty or other task before the shopkeeper gets that
item in.  Following are the shops, their prices, and their item availability.
New items generally become available once you capture a new bounty, so check
back whenever you return to town after a mission.

                                             | Quantity available &
     Category | Item                 | Price |  When available
   | Ammo     | Chippunk             |  $10  | 50                    |
   |          | Bolamite             |  $20  | 50                    |
   |          | Fuzzle               |  $15  | 50                    |
   |          | Thudslug             |  $20  | 20 (once captured)    |
   |          | Boombat              |  $40  | 10 (once captured)    |
   | Armor    |                      |       |                       |
   | Upgrades | Bolamite Extender    | $150  | 1                     |
   |          | Binoculars           | $600  | 1                     |
   |          | Stamina Boost Small  | $700  | 1 (after Looten Duke) |
   | Other    | Ammo Bag Small       | $400  | 1                     |
   |          | Chippunk Attractor   | $200  | 1                     |
   |          | Fuzzle Attractor     | $250  | 1                     |

                                             | Quantity available &
     Category | Item                 | Price |  When available
   | Ammo     | Chippunk             |  $10  | 50                    |
   |          | Bolamite             |  $20  | 50                    |
   |          | Fuzzle               |  $15  | 50                    |
   |          | Thudslug             |  $20  | 20                    |
   |          | Boombat              |  $40  | 10                    |
   |          | Stunk                | $100  | 20 (once captured)    |
   |          | Stingbee             |   $2  | inf. (once captured)  |
   | Armor    | Brass Knuckles       | $100  | 1 (after 1st bounty)  |
   | Upgrades | Chippunk Extender    | $150  | 1                     |
   |          | Bolamite Attractor   | $200  | 1                     |
   |          | Thudslug Attractor   | $200  | 1                     |
   |          | Thudslug Loader      | $250  | 1 (after 1st bounty)  |
   |          | Fuzzle Loader        | $250  | 1 (after 2nd bounty)  |
   |          | Stamina Regen Small  | $600  | 1 (after 2nd bounty)  |
   |          | Stamina Boost Medium | $800  | 1 (after Meagly)      |
   | Other    | Ammo Bag Medium      | $600  | 1 (after Meagly)      |

                                             | Quantity available &
     Category | Item                 | Price |  When available
   | Ammo     | Chippunk             |  $10  | 50                    |
   |          | Bolamite             |  $20  | 50                    |
   |          | Stunk                | $100  | 50                    |
   |          | Fuzzle               |  $15  | 100                   |
   |          | Thudslug             |  $20  | 50                    |
   |          | Boombat              |  $40  | 75                    |
   |          | Stingbees            |   $2  | 950                   |
   |          | Bola Blast           |  $35  | 100 (after X'Plosives)|
   |          | Rabid Fuzzle         |  $25  | 100 (after 2nd bounty)|
   |          | Sniper Wasp          | $150  | 7 (after 2nd bounty)  |
   |          | Howler Punk          |  $20  | 100 (after 3rd bounty)|
   | Armor    |                      |       |                       |
   | Upgrades | Stunkz Clip Extender | $200  | 1                     |
   |          | Stingbee Extender    | $150  | 1 (after 3rd bounty)  |
   | Other    | Ammo Bag Large       | $900  | 1                     |
   |          | Stunkz Attractor     | $250  | 1 (after X'Plosives)  |
   |          | Mongo River Pass     |   $0  | 1 (after X'Plosives)  |

                                             | Quantity available &
     Category | Item                 | Price |  When available
   | Ammo     | Bola Blast           |  $35  | 100 (after X'Plosives)|
   |          | Rabid Fuzzle         |  $25  | 100 (after 2nd bounty)|
   |          | Howler Punk          |  $20  | 100 (after 3rd bounty)|
   |          | Stingbee             |   $1  | 950                   |
   |          | Thudslug             |   $7  | 40                    |
   |          | Sniper Wasp          |  $60  | 7                     |
   |          | Fuzzle               |   $5  | 60                    |
   |          | Stunk                |  $35  | 50                    |
   |          | Chippunk             |   $2  | 50                    |
   |          | Boombat              |  $12  | 50                    |
   | Armor    | Steel Knuckles       | $500  | 1                     |
   | Upgrades | Stamina Regen Large  | $1000 | 1                     |
   |          | Stamina Boost Large  | $1100 | 1                     |
   |          | Boombat Extender     | $150  | 1                     |
   | Other    |                      |       |                       |

                                 10. F.A.Q'S

As for Frequently Asked Questions, many of these relate to non-gameplay
matters, but inquiring minds still want to know!  Here's a handy list of the
questions so you can skip ahead to what you really need to know:
      Q1: Why is EA the publisher?
      Q2: What happened to the game just being called Oddworld: Stranger?
      Q3: Wasn't this game coming out on PS2?
      Q4: What is the Quintology?
      Q5: What's the plot of this game?
      Q6: Where do Outlaws go when I suck them into my Bounty Can?
      Q7: I can't capture bosses alive.  How do you do it?
      Q8: Why isn't the Clakker in the Port Authority there to let me in?
      Q9: I'm worried about spending too much money.  What should I buy?
      Q10: I didn't buy the binoculars in Buzzarton.  Can I still get them?
      Q11: I can't switch to the crossbow in a certain fight.  Is this okay?

Q1: I thought Oddworld Inhabitants had a contract with Microsoft.  So why did
    Electronic Arts publish this game?
A: Microsoft's contract with OI, to my understanding, stipulated only that OI's
   next 5 games would be released on an Xbox platform, be it the current
   generation or the next one.  It also stipulated that the first game would be
   available at the Xbox's launch date.  This latter item was fulfilled in the
   form of Munch's Oddysee (and many of the complaints about the game stem from
   the need to meet this deadline, as even Lorne Lanning attests to).  After
   Stranger, the next 3 games will still come out for Xbox, though they could
   be the next generation system (Xbox2, or Xenon, or whatever it might be
   called).  You would have to ask Microsoft why they decided not to publish
   Stranger's Wrath.  It's their loss, in my opinion.  Fortunately, someone
   still picked it up, even if they are seen by many as the evil empire of
   gaming.  If they can bring us Stranger, they can't be 100% bad.

Q2: I thought this game was going to be called just Oddworld: Stranger.  Why
    the extra word in the title?
A: Can't say for sure.  They may have wanted to keep up the tradition of the
   possessive 2-word titles (after 'Oddworld:'), i.e. Abe's Oddysee, Abe's
   Exoddus, Munch's Oddysee, and now Stranger's Wrath.  The change seemed to
   come at about the same time as EA picked up the publishing rights, so maybe
   they put on some pressure to change the title for marketing reasons.
   Admittedly, 'Stranger' on it's own is a little mysterious, and might not
   draw as much mainstream attention as adding a nice violent word like

Q3: Wasn't this game going to come out on PS2?
A: When EA picked up the publishing rights, they also announced that they would
   make it a cross-platform game.  I believe that it quickly became clear that
   the PS2 would not be able to run this game with the same graphics quality
   and smooth operation, so this effort was dropped soon after it was
   announced.  Really, it was just a premature announcement that should never
   have been made.

Q4: What is the Quintology?
A: The Oddworld Quintology refers to a planned series of 5 games, each
   introducing new characters at various places within the ecology of Oddworld.
   This is meant to form the core of the Oddworld games.  Now, even though
   Oddworld Inhabitants has released 4 games to date (Abe's Oddysee, Abe's
   Exoddus, Munch's Oddysee, and Stranger's Wrath), only 2 of these are part of
   the quintology, namely Abe's Oddysee and Munch's Oddysee.  The other games
   are merely bonus games to flesh out the world and characters, providing the
   player with more good times while awaiting the next major chapter.  Fans
   have long exptected the next part of the Quintology to be Squeek's Oddysee,
   but all names and concepts are subject to change.  Oddworld Inhabitants
   originally expressed some desire to wait for the next generation of consoles
   before releasing more of the quintology, as the current technology doesn't
   reflect what they want to accomplish.  Of course, given the recent changes
   to the company and its aim, who knows whether the Quintology will ever
   actually be completed?

Q5: What's the plot of Stranger's Wrath?
A: Well, a bad-ass stranger rolls into a western-style town and takes on jobs
   capturing the local outlaws, dead or alive.  After that... just play the
   game yourself!  Seriously, I'm not going to spoil it here.  Stranger's Wrath
   contains an excellent storyline that you should experience for yourself.  I
   will tell you that it contains themes related to unchecked corporate power,
   appropriation of natural resources, and displacement of native peoples,
   among others.  These are not made explicit (i.e. you can enjoy the game
   without having any awareness or concern for these issues), but they are at
   the heart of the game.

Q6: Where do Outlaws go when I suck them into my Bounty Can?
A: Transdimensional space?  I dunno, use your imagination.

Q7: I can't capture bosses alive!  Help me!
A: The basic approach is to equip your bow with Thudslugs and Zappflies.  To
   take away the bosses' stamina without killing them, knock them over with a
   Thudslug, then empty your clip of Zappflies into them, then hit them with a
   Thudslug again, then Zappflies...  Keep doing this until they're
   unconscious, then quickly bounty them up before they recover.  And yes, the
   same method works for pretty much every boss.  Uncreative?  That's for you
   to judge.  Still fun?  Yes.

Q8: How come the Clakker who's supposed to let me into the Port Authority
    building in New Yolk City isn't there?
A: I've had a couple of people e-mail me with this problem.  I still have to
   investigate it for myself, since I haven't encountered it personally, but
   it's possible that you pissed off the Clakkerz by attacking them, in which
   case you have to wait a while until things settle back down to normal.  If
   this isn't the case, just try re-loading the last area auto-save and go
   through the town peacefully.  It could just be a bug that shows up
   sometimes.  Unfortunately, this isn't a glitch-free game.  Also, make sure
   that you're looking the right spot.  As you head into the Port Authority,
   which is at the opposite end of the main road from the elevator, go straight
   past the door on your right to the counter at the back of the alcove, and
   move the camera so you can see over the partition to spot the clerk on the
   other side.

Q9: I'm worried about buying equipment because I'm saving up for my operation.
    What should I buy?
A: Buy whatever you think will be useful to you.  There will be plenty of
   opportunity to get all the money you need.

Q10: I didn't get the binoculars in the Buzzarton General Store and now it's
     destroyed.  Can I get them anywhere else?
A: Yes, you'll automatically receive the binocular function once you find or
   buy the Sniper Wasp ammo.  Otherwise this ammo would be useless.

Q11: I can't switch to the crossbow in a certain fight.  Is this right?
A: No, it seems to be a glitch that several people have encountered in a big
   fight late in the game.  The only solution is to re-load a previous save
   file and try again.  If it never works for you, try exchanging the disc,
   which hopefully is still under warranty.

Got more questions?  Send them to the e-mail address given below.

                               10. CLOSING BITS

  ~~ LEGAL INFO ~~

The author of this document for all copyright and other legal purposes is Marc
Lalonde, a.k.a. Syonyx.  This guide is provided for personal enjoyment only.
Any use of this guide in whole or in part for financial profit or in the hopes
of such profit by any person other than the original author is expressly
forbidden.  Any public display or distribution of this guide must include
intact all original indications of authorship.  Any violations of my ownership
of this document will make you a very sad example of humanity.

Webmasters wishing to post this guide on their website may do so only provided
that it is unchanged in any way and that full credit is given to the author,
Syonyx, and also only if it is provided for unlimited viewing by non-paying
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  ~~ THANK YOU'S ~~

I have to give credit to Lorne Lanning and the entire creative team at Oddworld
Inhabitants for continuing to work their craft and producing unique, innovative
games.  Can't wait for the next one, if it ever shows up!  I would also like to
thank CJayC for creating, the absolute best video gaming site in
the known universe, where I also earned a FAQ Bounty prize for this guide.  And
thanks also to Cold NRG, who also wrote a guide to this game at the same time
that I was, and whose work prompted me to finish my own as fast as I could.


Thanks for making use of my guide!  As stated, I am Syonyx, though in real life
they call me Marc.  I am always welcome to kudos, questions, and comments about
my work.  Suggestions or contributions for future updates are equally welcome,
and will be fully credited.  I can be reached at:
     syonyx_faqs at yahoo dot com

You are also invited to view the full collection of my video game guides, all
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That's it for me!  I hope I helped a little, or at least entertained you for a
while.  As we go off on our separate paths from here, let us strive to treat
the earth how we would like Oddworld to be treated.  Just try and tread softly.


Syonyx 2005.