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Follow the dark path or use the light


by jimfish

         _           _        _        _  _  _  _        _  _  _       
        (_) _       (_)     _(_)_     (_)(_)(_)(_) _  _ (_)(_)(_) _    
        (_)(_)_     (_)   _(_) (_)_   (_)         (_)(_)         (_)   
        (_)  (_)_   (_) _(_)     (_)_ (_) _  _  _ (_)(_)               
        (_)    (_)_ (_)(_) _  _  _ (_)(_)(_)(_)(_)   (_)               
        (_)      (_)(_)(_)(_)(_)(_)(_)(_)   (_) _    (_)          _    
        (_)         (_)(_)         (_)(_)      (_) _ (_) _  _  _ (_)   
        (_)         (_)(_)         (_)(_)         (_)   (_)(_)(_)      
                          Published by:                                        

888b     d888 d8b      888                                 
8888b   d8888 Y8P      888                                 
88888b.d88888          888                                 
888Y88888P888 888  .d88888 888  888  888  8888b.  888  888 
888 Y888P 888 888 d88" 888 888  888  888     "88b 888  888 
888  Y8P  888 888 888  888 888  888  888 .d888888 888  888 
888   "   888 888 Y88b 888 Y88b 888 d88P 888  888 Y88b 888 
888       888 888  "Y88888  "Y8888888P"  "Y888888  "Y88888 
                                                  Y8b d88P 
                          Developed by:                                        

 _____      _       _            __  __      ___               
|  __ \    (_)     | |          / _| \ \    / (_)              
| |__) |__  _ _ __ | |_    ___ | |_   \ \  / / _  _____      __
|  ___/ _ \| | '_ \| __|  / _ \|  _|   \ \/ / | |/ _ \ \ /\ / /
| |  | (_) | | | | | |_  | (_) | |      \  /  | |  __/\ V  V / 
|_|   \___/|_|_| |_|\__|  \___/|_|       \/   |_|\___| \_/\_/  

--------------------------------------------------------ABANDONED GUIDE        
                      *          An FAQ           *                            
                      -            by             -                            
                      *       Steve Taylor        *                            
                      -  Began: 23/October/05     -
                      * Posted: 11/December/05    *                           
                      - Finished: --/-----/--     -                           
                      * E-Mail: [email protected] *                            
There was a guide posted for NARC when I began writing, but once more, I felt
as though I could include everything, so here is one of my full guides
of the game, where *EVERYTHING* is included. Weapons guide, drugs guide, cheats
and codes, character guides and anything else in between. It includes the full
solution to the actual game, as well as the locations for the "hidden drug

Because the guide contains quite a fair bit of information, the Table of 
Contents has been made bigger to account for that. It takes on the same format 
as my other smaller FAQs, except it now uses sub-sections. Be sure to look 
through for the section you need (E.G. You want to find out about the weapons) 
and find the appropriate heading. To save time of scrolling through the whole 
FAQ, search strings are avaliable and are noted in the Table of Contents.      


           UPDATE: The game disc was broken in two for some reason, so the
       guide has since been abandoned. I'll post the guide as it is up to the
      end of the first country, but there won't be any updates until I pick up
       a new copy of the game, which might just be a while. Sorry, folks. :*(

                                 Table of Contents:                            
                               (I-I) Introduction (I-I)
                               (C-N) Contact Me   (C-N)
                               (V-H) Version      (V-H)                        
                               (R-V) Review       (R-V)
                               (C-C) Controls     (C-C)                         
                               (W-K) Walkthrough  (W-K)                      
                                    -2.a. The Game                             
                                      -2.b. Jackson's Arrest                   
                                      -2.c. Jack's Cop Training                
                                      -2.d. On Your Own #1                      
                                      -2.e. Following McDade...         
                                      -2.f. On Your Own #2       
                                      -2.g. Snipers On The Roof (Alternative)   
                                      -2.h. On Your Own #3
                                      -2.i. Marcus Hits The Street...      
                                      -2.j. On Your Own #4    
                                      -2.k. Jumpers On The Roof (Alternative)  
                                      -2.l. Finding Uncle Liu.           
                                      -2.m. On Your Own #5      
                                      -2.n. Dealers In Their Labs (Alternative)
                               (T-K) Thanks to...  (T-K)                       
                               (C-R) Copyrights    (C-R)                       
*This section needs to be re-vamped.
**This section needs to be completed.
***This section needs to be started.                                           


                        (I-I)     INTRODUCTION   (I-I)                         

    * Nonstop, Action-Packed, Drug-Busting Mayhem

    * Play as either Marcus or Jack in each of the levels; the game's storyline 
      drives which character players control.

    * Some missions are solo while other missions allow the computer-controlled 
      AI to fight along.

    * Be a good cop or a bad cop, its up to you how you play the game.

    * Bust Criminals - Arresting and busting criminals: The arrest procedure 
      will be fast, arcade-like and will feel like a real tussle. Ease of arrest
      will depend upon the criminal's health, criminal rating and drug use.

    * Unarmed Combat - The style will be a roughhouse, authentic street-fighting
      style with big, wild punches, head-butts, knee-strikes, grappling and 

    * Armed Combat - Using an intuitive combat mechanic, players will use a wide
      arsenal of weapons, ranging from a crowbar to a rocket launcher and 

    * Worldwide Drug Locales - Players embark on an over-the-top adventure that 
      will take them around the globe in pursuit of the evil drug lord, Mr. Big.

    * Ambient Crime - The world found in NARC is extremely violent and 
      crime-ridden. Occurring outside of the main missions, gamers can hone 
      their skills and build their reputation by choosing to stop the many 
      random crimes ranging from purse snatching to bank robberies.

NARC is an all-new remake of the 1988 cult arcade classic of the same name, 
which was the first action/shooter videogame to put players in the middle of the
war on drugs. Assuming the role of Marcus Hill and Jack, ex-partners reluctantly
reunited as members of the elite NARC squad, gamers must rid the world of the 
powerful international drug cartel, K.R.A.K., which is run by the evil drug 
lord, Mr. Big. To stop the spread of the new ultra-powerful designer street 
drug, Liquid Soul, gamers must use street-style, hand-to-hand combat and a 
large array of weapons against enemies.

Hitman and Max Force embark on an authentic, drug-busting mission around the 
globe, from the United States to Asia and Eastern Europe, and finally to Mr. 
Big's private island hideout. To accomplish their goal, gamers can choose from
an arsenal of weapons to use as well as down-and-dirty street-fighting skills.
The armed combat features third-person shooting, plus a zoomed-in third-person 
view for the perfect shot, while the unarmed combat features roughhouse action 
with an authentic street-fighting style, including wild punches, head-butts, 
knee-strikes, grappling and throwing.

NARC also features sub-missions that occur outside of the main missions. Gamers 
can hone their skills in the sub-missions and build their reputation by choosing
to stop the many random crimes ranging from purse snatching to bank robberies. 
And, the licensed music in NARC features a collection of the best drug songs of 
all time.'s synopsis

                            (C-N)  CONTACT  ME  (C-N)


Yes. It's official. I love the attention. Gimme your e-mails. Make my head 

To send me mail that I will read, please set it up with the following fields:

      E-Mail: [email protected]
Subject Line: NARC Guide

Now that you've got my interest, you must abide by the rules below, or else it
won't be read and instead, ignored. Please, if you want your voice to be heard,
follow the rules/guidelins.

                                     THE DO'S

- Inform me of errors that I've made. Either constant grammar or factual info. 
- Pass on strategies and solutions on how to solve parts of the game which I
  have not mentioned.
- Ask for help about things not mentioned in the guide.
- Write in words. Not internet short cuts.
- I like to read e-mails with proper formatting and grammar. Please do be sure
  to write your e-mail like so.
- To inform me of your custom map which you'd like added to the database.
- Glitches! There's loads of glitches out there and I want to include them all.
- Your opinions and your views on the game. 
- And please, read through the guide before even thinking about contacting me.
  I've had many e-mails in the past about my other guides where they ask me 
  questions which were answered, or not answered in some cases, since some were
  about the demo guides I had wrote.

                                    THE DO NOT'S

- Send me chain letters or spam. That's one big no-no.
- Send attachments. In some cases, I do accept them, but usually for just for
  pictures/images only, such as maps and such.
- Call me names/Insult me/Threaten me/yadda yadda yadda...I don't need it. 
- Use child like e-mails with crap colours. I don't want size 32 bright yellow
  font on top of a lime green background. 
- Type in alterNaTiNg CaPs LiKe ThIs or just in ALL CAPS AND STUFF.
- No stupid 1337 speaking. If I see it, it's deleted in a flash. \/\/ 0 R |).
- Ask irelevent questions which I answered in my guide. It irritates me to have
  that done.

See those rules? Well...they're more like guidelines anyway...but it doesn't
matter either way! OBEY THEM OR DIE!


                          (V-H)  VERSION HISTORY (V-H)


0.00 ~ 23 October 2005

Guide started! Rock on!

0.01 ~ 24 October 2005

Slow progress, I'm afraid. I've only just pitched up the formatting and done
headers. No content info as of yet.

0.4 ~ 29 November 2005

Bugger. I left this guide for so long that it became lost on my computer. I'll
work on it over the weekend.

0.4 ~ 10th December 2005

Things turn from crap to crapper. On closer examination, the NARC disc is bust
clean in two. Sorry folks. This means the guide is left in its original state
from early November-ish. I'll post it up, but it'll only take you from the start
to end of the first country. 


                        (R-V)     REVIEW      (R-V)                         


NARC. What a hilarious game back in the day. It was basically telling the little
punks of the day, "Die by the drugs, or by this really big mother-****ing 
bazooka I've got here." In the original, you were playing a badass police 
enforcer who tore the streets apart with endless rocket fire to prevent drugs 
from poisoning the streets. Now, in the re-make of the classic arcade game, you
can make the choice of destroying the drugs...or taking them yourself.

It's highly controversial. You might be thinking, "So if you take the drugs, a 
cop will come and arrest you and it's Game Over?"...No, it's not like that. 
Drugs are encouraged in this game! Each drug has it's own special ability linked
to it. The gameplay is highly altered depending on what drug you do take. For 
example, grab some hash and weed and light up, the whole world goes all slow and
blurry. Think of it as Max Payne's bullet time. But it doesn't end there. 
Popping a couple of LSD tabs brings out the worst in people, literally, as evil 
do-ers are personified by large evil heads, making it easy to tell who's a perp.
Speed? Why, everything goes double time of course! Crack? BESERKER MODE! It's 
highly fun to play around with the different drugs, but there is a down side to
this mode of gameplay...


Smoking too many of those spliffs and you might grow to depend on them. And it's
not just that, if you're seen with the spliff and you're as high as a kite, you 
might just be spotted, arrested and then demoted to that of a lowly street cop. 
BUSTED! There is the ability to redeem one's self in the form of 'rehab'. Rehab 
is not you sitting on a beanbag for a couple of hours talking about how you need
to eat cold chicken or whatever. Instead, it's apart of a series of button 
hitting sequences in a memory-type game.

Combat plays a part in the game, but I can't help but feel it's too over the 
top. It's a series game of button mashing punch-ups, kicks and shoot-ups. Mass 
slaughter makes the cop image ever so slightly contradicting:

"I'm a cop who serves and protects the good people of this town from drugs but 
I'm not afraid to aimlessly blow up the streets with my rockets to do so."

The graphics aren't polished and are the big letdown for the game, but it's to 
be fair, it's what you expect with this sort of game. It's a nice game, 
promising features, but let down slightly with the execution side of the game. 
Excellent use of the drug-use system. 


                        (C-C)      CONTROLS     (C-C) 


Here's a brief over-look of the controls. You should be familiar with the layout
of the controllers, but here it is for you in black and white.                  

Below is the control pad for you to see the layout of the control pad and the
actual game play controls below that.                                          
                         XBOX CONTROLLER BUTTON LAYOUT                         
                        ______                ______                           
                       /L.TRIG\              /R.TRIG\                          
                   /                                    \                      
                  /   /ŻŻŻ\        \Ż\/Ż/        (Y)     \                     
 Left Stick------|-> |     |       /_/\_\     (X)   (B)   |                    
                 |    \___/         XBOX         (A)      |                    
     (Back)------|-> O      _____                         |                    
 (Start)---------/--> O    /_| |_\         /ŻŻŻ\      O <-\------(Black)       
                |          |_ + _|        |     |    O <---|--------(White)    
     D-PAD------|--------> \_|_|_/         \___/ <---------|----Right Stick    
                /                                          \                   
                |        /`--------ŻŻŻŻŻŻ--------`\        |                   
                |       /       Controller S       \       |                   
                |      /        made by Thuyker     \      |                   
                 \____/                              \____/                    
                                UNARMED CONTROLS                                
         Sprint       ______                ______                             
        (Hold) ----->/      \              /      \ <------------Block (Hold)   
                   /                            /ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ\ŻŻŻŻ Punch  
                  /   /ŻŻŻ\        \Ż\/Ż/      v (Y) <---\--[SEE LIST BELOW]  
  Move/Control---|-> |     |       /_/\_\     (X)   (B)<--|-----Flash Badge     
                 |    \___/         XBOX         (A) <----|-Kick               
                 |   O      _____                         |                    
                 /    O    /_| |_\         /ŻŻŻ\      O <-\--Jump    
                |          |_ + _|        |     |    O <---|---NOT USED.       
  Cycle Weapons-|--------> \_|_|_/         \___/ <----Look |                   
                /                                          \                   
                |        /`--------ŻŻŻŻŻŻ--------`\        |                   
                |       /                          \       |                   
                |      /                            \      |                   
                 \____/                              \____/                    
         Left Thumbstick | Lean Left and Right in Aim Mode / Movement           
 Clicked Left Thumbstick | Crouch/Sneak
        Right Thumbstick | Turn Character - Left-to-right, Up-and-down.
Clicked Right Thumbstick | Aim Mode
            Left Trigger | Sprint (Hold Down)
           Right Trigger | Block (Hold Down)
                D-Pad Up | Holster Weapon/Items
              D-Pad Down | Holster Weapon/Items
              D-Pad Left | Cycle Weapons
             D-Pad Right | Cycle Weapons
                A Button | Kick
                B Button | Flash Badge
                X Button | Punch
                Y Button | Grapple, Arrest, Context Areas, Dive Tackle
                   Black | Jump                          
                   White | No Effect.                                          
                   Start | Pause.                                      
                    Back | No Effect.

                                ARMED CONTROLS                                 
         Sprint       ______                ______                             
        (Hold) ----->/      \              /      \ <------------Fire Weapon    
                   /                            /ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ\ŻŻŻŻ Pistol Whip  
                  /   /ŻŻŻ\        \Ż\/Ż/      v (Y) <---\--Action Button  
Lean Left/Right--|-> |     |       /_/\_\     (X)   (B)<--|-----Flash Badge     
   /Move         |    \___/         XBOX         (A) <----|-Reload Weapon
                 |   O      _____                         |                    
                 /    O    /_| |_\         /ŻŻŻ\      O <-\--Jump/Dive
                |          |_ + _|        |     |    O <---|---NOT USED.       
  Cycle Weapons-|--------> \_|_|_/         \___/ <----Look |                   
                /                                          \                   
                |        /`--------ŻŻŻŻŻŻ--------`\        |                   
                |       /                          \       |                   
                |      /                            \      |                   
                 \____/                              \____/                    
         Left Thumbstick | Lean Left and Right in Aim Mode / Movement           
 Clicked Left Thumbstick | Crouch/Sneak
        Right Thumbstick | Turn Character - Left-to-right, Up-and-down.
Clicked Right Thumbstick | Aim Mode
            Left Trigger | Sprint (Hold Down)
           Right Trigger | Fire Weapon
                D-Pad Up | Holster Weapon/Items
              D-Pad Down | Holster Weapon/Items
              D-Pad Left | Cycle Weapons
             D-Pad Right | Cycle Weapons
                A Button | Reload Weapon
                B Button | Flash Badge
                X Button | Pistol Whip
                Y Button | Action Button
                   Black | Jump/Dive                    
                   White | No Effect.                                          
                   Start | Pause.                                      
                    Back | No Effect.


                     (W-K)     WALKTHROUGH     (W-K)


                             2.a. The Game

Welcome to the guide. As you may know, the walkthrough has been cut short due to
a massive hitch (e.g. the game disc was smashed), so there won't be anything 
more than what's shown here. Anyway, here's the guide. Peace out.



                           2.b. Jackson's Arrest


After the junked-up dealer makes his speedy getaway down the nearby alley, get 
ready for a massive gunfight. 

Using your Assault Rifle, quickly pick one of the enemy targets ahead and 
unload upon them from behind the cover of the cop cars (Be sure not to 
accidently shoot the cops on either side of the street) and then move up to
the red sports car for more cover. Take down the other dealing gangstas who
atttack beforeT collecting the fallen 9MM pistols off of the dead corpses.
When it's clear on the streets, head down the alley on the right hand side of
the road.

Now, go over to the Dumpster and hit the thumbstick to enter Aim mode. Leaning
out left, go for the heads of the dealers as they just stand around. Even if 
one of their friends next to them has their head blown off, they'll still stand

Once they are all down from your position, lose Aim-Mode and run around the
corner to Jackson marked by the blue arrow. Open fire upon him as he runs away,
but stand behind the cover of the two stacked boxes. Re-enter Aim-Mode and gun
for the two gangstas standing at the far end, but don't kill, once they start
running, shoot the van with everything you've got. If all went well, the van 
would of exploded, killing the two guys with the flames. Now just run out and
shoot the dealer to the left.

Move up the alley and get cover behind the blown-out van. Take down the targets
around Jackson before gunning for him, as yuo need undivided attention during
the fight with him. Now, sticking to the left wall of the alley, move up and 
then using Aim-Mode again, lean out and shoot Jackson's head mutliple times 
until he crumples to the floor.

                            Mission Complete!


                         2.c. Jack's Cop Training

MISSION OBJECTIVE: Talk to the cops marked onto your map to bring up your 
police skills.

After you've been given control over the game again, run over to the cop 
directly in front of you across the street, hitting Y to talk with him. This
cop is one who knows the beat and will aid you in the skills of arresting a 
perp and "badge ratings." 

He'll tell you to run over to an armed man holding up an innocent and identify
yourself as a cop. Just run over to the corner where they are and get close 
enough to the criminal until a message comes on screen asking for you to press
B to flash your badge. Do so and the perp will surrender and be arrested by
your mentoring cop.

Hit Y after he is arrested for your next set of instructions. You're now to go
see another officer for further law-abiding tactics. Just look at your radar 
and follow the blue marker to lead to the waiting cop. Pressing Y to speak to
the cop, you'll then be given orders to chase and arrest a known drug dealer.
Simple. Just follow your fellow officer and he'll tackle the perp for you, so
all you need to do is catch up and 'cuff him.

Once you're standing by him, hit Y to grapple with him. Read the pop-up box
and then rapidly press the Y Button to fill your green meter up until it turns
blue. Now, instead of tapping anything, just let the blue bar swing across 
until it enters the large white box. When it enters this box, press A to 
handcuff the dealer. Timing is everything, so be sure to time it right before
hitting A.

The dealer will drop some drugs, run around him and pick them up. If you want
to collect more of them, hit the perp a few times with the X Button. Hitting
criminals lowers your badge rating, but in training, it doesn't matter. Talk to
the cop after collecting the drugs to be told to drop these drugs off back at
the station. Follow the blue marker on your map to find the cop-shop. Go around
the side and step into the blue marker. Now, using the left and right 
directional arrows, select the drug and then press Y to drop off a unit. Now,
only drop off one unit. This is so you know how to do it for later, since 
dropping drugs off later on will give you respect points; doing it now will 
earn you zilch.

Go around to the back of the station to the parking lot's gate and open them 
with a press of the Y Button, and then head on inside. Talk to the cop for a 
brief tutorial on grappling techniques and combat moves. Just hit Y to grapple
him and then press a combo of X and A to weaken him. When he is softened up
enough, hit Y to talk with him again. Now, grapple him again and push forward
on the left thumbstick and press B to throw him that direction. Pushing it back
will throw him behind you, and left and right are obvious. 

Once again, talk with him to be told about the last part of his fighting talk.
Just do the same as you would a normal perp and slap the cuffs on him. Easy. 
Leave and head to the next cop. He's going to teach you about advanced fighting
tactics. Watch the cutscene as a lady gets her purse snatched by a punk and
give chase to him. Use sprint to gain some ground, but don't worry, as the
purse-snatch soon runs out of breath and stops in a park for a breather. Just
grapple him a few times and try to land some hits before being told about a
super combo to finish him off. Just hit X + A at the same time to use the super
bust move. Cool, huh? Talk to the cop again to trigger another crime.

The sissy cop cowers, leaving you to take down the gunman. You're told to 
disarm him first before attempting to arrest him, so just run up to him and
grapple with him. Now, just push a direction on the thumbstick and hit B to
throw the perp and grab the gun. Now that he is unarmed, put the gun away via
the D-Pad and then grapple him again with the standard perp-takedown.

When he is arrested, go back over to the cop and talk with him to finish the
training level.

                           MISSION COMPLETE!


                           2.d. On Your Own #1

                   MISSION OBJECTIVE: Go to Police Headquarters...

This is Sandbox Mode now, where you are free to roam the city before tackling
your next mission. For now, I suggest you go around the city looking for crimes
to prevent to boost your cop rating to the big 100. Also, you need to earn 
$1000 for you to use in the next mission, so it's best to do that here.

When you've gained that $1000, go back to the Police Station and hit Y when
inside the blue marker to start the next mission...


                           2.e. Following McDade...

        MISSION OBJECTIVE: Pick up Shotgun Microphone from the police yard.

When you gain control of Jack, turn around and head to the back yard of the 
station where you learnt about grappling. You'll find the gates are locked and
guarded by the cop. Hit B to flash your badge to show your authoirty and he'll
open up for you. Enter the yard and grab the Shotgun Microphone from the centre
of the yard and then leave. 

A cutscene will show you where McDade is at the moment, so follow the blue 
marker to reach his location.

         MISSION OBJECTIVE: Follow McDade, find out who he is working with.

Just run over to where he is and when he begins to walk away, follow him. Be 
sure to WALK and not run, and also be sure to atay back at a safe distance.
When he passes a parking lot with a couple of yellow cars, he'll exlaim he's
late and take off running. Just keep a good speed behind him to keep up and 
he'll lead you straight to where the meet is going down. Turns out it's a group
of crooked cops who stole the evidence...Mmmm...

         MISSION OBJECTIVE: Get to vantage point on fire escape.

Head over to the fire-escape marked by the large blue location marker and climb
it via pressing Y. Once at the top, go over to the next blue marker to recieve
a mission update.

         MISSION OBJECTIVE: Record the cops conversation and find out what they
           are up to.

From your position, select the Shotgun Microphone via D-Pad and scroll through
your collected weapons until you come to the Mic.  Draw it and enter Aim-Mode.
Point the Mic at the cop's meeting and zoom in using the left thumbstick. You 
need to zoom in so the bar on the left of the screen is full and the reticle is
green, this ensures you are "locked" onto their conversation. Just stay still
with the Mic pointed and soon they'll leave to go to another meeting point. 

Don't worry, since the meet is directly around the corner and you can see it 
from your current vantage point. When they head over to meet the dealers out
front the large cinema-esque building, stand so you overlook them and repeat
what you just did with the Mic, recording this new conversation. 

         MISSION OBJECTIVE: Stop the cops from being killed, and find
                    out who they are working with...

When it's cut short by the gangstas, run over to the ladder and hit Y to use
it. Don't wait about whilst Jack clambers down, just hold down the Left Trigger
to slide down fast. You need to aid the cops here, so select your weapons and
open fire upon the enemy drug dealers. There's not many to kill, but be careful
all the same.

Onec they are all dead, go over to the cop with the question mark over his head
and talk with him. They have a little operation going down apparently, where 
they arrest drug dealers and go off to sell the drugs back to them later for
profit. Anyway, they want you to chase down one of their gang who deserts them
after Jack turns up. 

          MISSION OBJECTIVE: Catch Cooke and get his badge before he gets to
               the police station.

Give chase to him with a burst of sprint and he'll soon slow down after a 
while. When you're close enough to the guy,  press Y to do a diving tackle and
knock him to the floor. Do a combo of X and A to soften him a bit and then slap
the cuffs on him like you normally would. When he is restrained, search him via
pressing Y and collect his badge. Easy.

         MISSION OBJECTIVE: Take Cooke's badge back to Gallucci.

Head back to where the cops are all hanging out and talk with him. He'll be
impressed that you are truely a "cop" and'll give you a bit of Marijuana, just
to prove it. 
         MISSION OBJECTIVE: Smoke the pot or don't. It's up to you.

You now have two options, smoke that Pot and get high, but by doing so, you 
become what you spend day and night stopping. Or you can just wait and not 
smoke it.  Gallucci'll understand. Anyway. Once you've made your moral choice,
talk with Galucci again to learn more about their drug-selling operation. 
Turns out, they're making a big deal and need £30,000 to go ahead with it. They
have $25,000 but want you to go out and earn your share. They mean for you to
go and sell some drugs by yourself to raise the cash, but for those who want to
do the game as "Good Cop" can use the money earned before we took the mission.

          MISSION OBJECTIVE: Obtain $1000 for Gallucci by any means possible. 
                          Selling drugs is not mandatory.

Bad Cops can skip down to the "Drug Selling" section of the guide to learn 
about where to go and who to sell to.

Once you have collected the $1000, follow the blue marker which'll lead you to
Gallucci. After you hand over the cash, Gallucci will take you with him to meet
with the dealers.

         MISSION OBJECTIVE: Particpate in the drug deal to find out who the 
                  gang is working with, also try and get the mission evidence

Just follow him and he'll take you to the two dealers. Just
wait until they "announce" their double-deal by taking out poor Gallucci before
drawing your weapons to return the favour. Shoot them up. More of these guys
will come at you from the alleys around the park, but they'll come in twos and
are easy to kill. When there is no more left attacking, go over to Gallucci's
body and search him to retrieve the mystery drug from the Jackson case.  

                 MISSION OBJECTIVE: Arrest officers Gallo and McDade. You
             are authorised to use deadly force if necessary.

When you're informed of your new mission details, run about and collect the 
ammo from the dead dealers and then set off in search of McDade. He is the one
closest to your current location. And remember, no guns, you need them alive.
Get over to him and grapple him, throwing his weapon away. When he is disarmed,
grapple with him some more and throw him to cause some damage. McDade is strong
and will take a lot longer than usual to arrest, so throw him and straddle him
before laying down some hard hits.

Repeat this process until he is down to an inch of his life, Jack will then 
take over and automatically arrest him. Nice work. Head over to Gallo. He'll
be in the park out front City Hall talking with a dealer. Run over and grapple
the gun out of his hands. Repeat the process you did with McDade and arrest 

When both are arrested, it's mission complete!


                           2.f. On Your Own #2

Back in Sandbox-Mode, head over to the police station around the corner and 
over to the objective marker. If you want a higher badge rate and it's below
100, go over to the Drop-Off Box and deposite some drugs there to boost it up.
Anyay, Press B to enter the "Special Assignment."


                         2.g. Snipers On The Roof!

               MISSION OBJECTIVE: Get to the police yard and pick up the
                             grenade launcher.

Okay. Here's a fun mission for you. Apparently, several crazed and drugged-up
snipers have taken up on the rooftops of the city and have been randomly 
picking off the inncoent civillians below. Sadly, all of them are fortified
and normal police methods can't stop them, and even counter-snipers can't get
a shot on them. It's your job to blow their positions up.

Just head around to the back of the station and into the back yard. Collect the
Grenade Launcher from the floor and set off on sniping hunting.

              MISSION OBJECTIVE: Track down the snipers and start launching
                       those grenades.

There are a total of six snipers throughout the whole city, so you better get 
going. Oh, and this is fairly easy due to the fact the snipers are marked on
your radar. 

Now, head over to the blue marker to the south of the station (the one by 
itself) Go over to the blue location marker and you'll be contacted. Now the
sniper will takeout a target near you and so will expose his position to you.
It doesn't matter though, as he is standing on the small building in the car
showroom's parking lot. Just fire a grenade at him and he'll explode in a rain
of fire and guts. 

               MISSION OBJECTIVE: Find the remaining 5 snipers quickly.

Okay. Batter's up. Head to the next blue marker which is the one on the far 
West (facing the dots) of your radar. Get over there. Once again, you'll be
contacted once you stand in the marker. Look over at the subway entrance and
then high above it to the right slightly, where the sniper will be leaning over
a ledge. Fire one up there to take him down.

               MISSION OBJECTIVE: There are still 4 snipers left around the

Now go for the one on the far EAST of the radar. Get to the marker and turn
around. On top of the mechanic's garage will be another sniper. Fire a grenade
up there to take him down.

                MISSION OBJECTIVE: Find the last 3 snipers.

Okay. Head around the streets to the next one which will be out front of the
local Church. Ironically, a sign saying "SAVE THE CHURCH" is out front...heh.
Once again, stand in the marker to trigger the sniper and then turn around. On
the building to your left will be the sniper. He stands at the far end by a 
billboard, so I suggest using Aim-Mode to take this one down.

               MISSION OBJECTIVE: Two snipers remain.

This next sniper is close by, so follow the street around to come across the
basketball courts. Head up to them and into the marker. A funny scene appears 
where two rival gangs settle their differences with a game of Basketball, but
thanks to a bullet from the sniper, they end up shooting each other to death 
until no more remain. Heh.

Anyway, this sniper is across the street on a balcony. Just head over there
and fire a grenade up. Easy.

              MISSION OBJECTIVE: Only 1 sniper remains.

Follow the rader to the next sniper. He's to the left of the large PLAZA sign,
on the balcony above. You need to stand well-back to get the shot. Do so, and
fire the grenade. If all went well, you've killed all of those damn snipers!

                             Mission Complete!


                           2.h. On Your Own #3

Head over to the Police Station and accept the next mission.


                       2.i. Marcus Hits the Streets...

This new drug is top-priority to the NARC squad, and so the Captain wants you
to find out what it is. Your mission is to go out and interrogate the punks
who sell drugs on street-corners to find the information that you need. When?
Where? Who? The squad need to know everything about it. 

             MISSION OBJECTVIVE: Bust and interrogate the street dealers.

Jack's gone off to do his own thing and you're now playing with Marcus. First,
head for the nearest dealer on your radar, marked with a blue dot. Walk over to
the dealer and get as close as you can before hiitting B to flash that badge.
The dealer will give up instantly, so grapple him with Y to slap the cuffs on
without resistance. Now that he is arrested, interrogate him by pressing Y. He
won't talk just yet, so show him you mean business with a few kicks and couple
of punches. He needs to be below half of his health before he grasses. Listen
to his squeals of information about the drug. We now know its name as Liquid

Move away from the dealer and head to the next one which pops up on your radar.
Walk over to him and stand as close as you can again before flashing that 
badge. Arrest him and interrogate. Once more, you need to soften that guy up
with some blows. When he's below 50% health again, he'll cough up that it is
being dealt locally, but doesn't know where.

Once more, move away from him and prowl the streets in search of the next 
dealer. Yet again, flash the badge and grappel him. Beat him until he's below
half-health and then ask him about the drug for the final time. You've now
got a location on the sellers. 

                 MISSION OBJECTIVE: Locate and apprehend the Liquid Soul

Head Downtown to where the supplier is dealing from and over to the gangsta
standing guard by a small gate. Talk with him and say that Benny sent you, and
he'll open up for you and allow you to enter the drug yard. Marcus pretnds to
be a big-time supplier who wants to ship Liquid Soul, but soon shreds his 
persona and decides to just shoot him unless he tells who is the top-dog. Sadly
the dealer doesn't share Marcus' idea and leaves you up to his bodyguards...

              You can also just flash your badge at the gatekeeper and he'll
            open fire, as well as drop the key to the gate.
Get behind cover and open fire upon the guards above on the balcony. When they
are both dead, relax.

               MISSION OBJECTIVE: Obtain yard key.

Turn around and climb the ladder at the other end of the yard. Stand in the
blue marker and then jump using the black button. Shimmy yourself across the
piping/railing and drop down on the other side. Search both bodies and collect
the gate jey from the corpse. 

              MISSION OBJECTIVE: Locate and apprehend the Liquid Soul

Either drop down to the yard or shimmy yourself back across the railings and
down the ladder. Using your key, open the double gates and turn left to spot 
the him. The Liquid Soul supplier is marked on your map as a red dot, so just 
chase that if you lose visual on him, but be sure to keep after him with the 
sprint button down pressed the whole way. After he gives up the chase, he'll 
decided to hide out in a small cemetery and defend himself. Just get in there
after him and use a couple of punches and kicks to weaken him. He is pretty
weak already, with his health being taken down massivly by just a simple kick,
so becareful not to kill him. When he is weak enough, grapple and arrest him.

You don't even need to "persuade" him to talk, since he'll immedietely grass
up his contacts. Thanks to your new found friend, you know the supplier's name
and his selling point; the basketball courts. He is apparently making a deal 
there very shortly to supply local gangs with the Liquid Soul drug. Stake-out

            MISSION OBJECTIVE: Obtain a cameran and find a vantage point
          over tthe basketball courts.

The camera is out in the yard behind the police station, so head over there
and collect it. Be sure to flash your badge at the gate-cop who'll let you in.
Grab the camera and silenced pistol and then head out. Now, head to the Blue
Marker on your radar, this will lead you to the fire-escape ladder from the
mission where you went about recording the crooked cop's meeting. 

Climb the ladder, then the next on and then the last one, up to the roof.
Run and jump across to the next rooftop and using your silenced pistol, shoot
the patrolling gang member. When he is dead, sneak across the rooftop and jump
to the next one. Hide behind the cover of the rooftop and watch as the guard
patrols. When he passes, jump across to his rooftop and either shoot him or 
beat him up before he can alert the gang below. To stop him from raising the
alarm, grapple and take his gun. Now you can have a cool rooftop fight, 
throwing him off to finish him off. Cool. Now, jump across the final set of
rooftops and to the vantage point overlooking the basketball court.

          MISSION OBJECTIVE: Photograph the gang leaders.

Scroll through your weapons and find the camera. Now, zoom in on the leaders
until the reticle turns red, indicating you're close enough. Take the photo 
once you've got the zoom right.  Now ease back on the zoom and go around and 
snap each of the leaders in turn until you come to one with his back to you.
Marcus will get annoyed as he can't get the shot, but don't panic. Jump over 
the ledge and onto the little rooftop with a smoking vent. From here you are
able to take the last photo of the last leader. Easy.

After the last photo is taken, cops will swarm in and surround the courts, 
blocking the roads. The whole place turns into a shooting gallery now. *gulp*
Now, from your vantage point, shoot the the two leaders who are on either side
of the steps at the front of the courts, before turning your fire on the two
below you. Be sure to leave one of them to arrive, or else it's mission over.
Jump onto the ladder and slide down to get to the perp's level. Start to beat
upon him and lower him down, all before grappling the gun from his hands and
arresting him. Go around the court and shoot the red-dots on your maps. Once
they are gone, go back to the leader that you just arrested and start the

Just beat him down a few times and he'll squeal about the big Don of the Liquid
Soul drug is none other than a women. Heh. Max Payne anyone?

                          MISSION COMPLETE.


                           2.j. On Your Own #4

Okay, you're on your own in Sandbox mode again. Go around, solve crimes, but
there is another one of those special assigments up for grabs, so head over
to the station and hit B to accept.


                          2.k. Jumpers On The Roof!

Apparently, a whole load of suicidal roof jumpers threaten to kill themselves,
and it is your job to find them and stop them. How? Arresting them. 

         MISSION OBJECTIVE: Stop the suicidal people, before its too

Now, from your starting point, turn around and head to the ladder in the far
distance. Climb it to the top to find a pimp (or a client, I can't tell) and a
callgirl having a massive disagreement. She'll then breakdown and run down the
ledge and then jump off. Tackle her long before she even starts to run and slap
the cuffs on her. If people have trouble with this jumper, just take some weed
and have time slow down. This way you are free to catch her at a leisurely 

The pimp/customer will get mad and decide to attack you. Either arrest him to
restrain him, or just climb down the ladder. 

Head over to the next blue marker. This trip will lead you down an alleyway,
just jump up onto the Dumpsters and then jump across to the fire-escape ladder.
Climb it to the top and head over to the ledge where the jumper is about to 
leap from. Talk to him, and he'll make a request for $400 or else he'll end his
life. Funnily enough, it's a scam and he's not going really going to jump, so
you can either play the mini-game to round up $400 in 120 seconds, or you can
just arrest him right now.  That punk's learnt his lesson. Drop back down to
the street.

Now there's only one more guy left to save from death, so just head over to the
third and final marker. On the left hand side of the building will be the roof
ladder, take it to the top to be greeted by a woman who seems nice enough, and
then you'll spot another woman egging on the jumper. He'll jump if they keep 
fighting, so you need to run up to them and start to arrest them both. Once 
they have both been cuffed, the jumper will rethink and'll ask to be taken in
from the ledge. Just jump over to him and grapple with him. When the cuffs are
in place, the mission is over.



                           2.l. Finding Uncle Liu.

Now, apparently, the Uncle Liu character is the middleman for a guy who sells
his Liquid Soul in return for some weapons, so it's a bust operation for you

                 MISSION OBJECTIVE: Intercept middleman.

You start off by the station, but take off running and round the corner at full
speed to outside City Hall. Race up the steps and talk with him. If you take
too long, the mission will fail.

                 MISSION OBJECTIVE: Interrogate middleman. 

He won't talk and'll resist, so beat that punk down with a couple of kicks and 
punches before going for the grapple and laying on the cuffs. Once the cuffs
have been placed on, Captain will radio in and tell you of assassins in vans
coming to take Liu out so he doesn't talk. It's your job to protect him at all
costs, so using the rocket launcher you aquire from Liu, take up position so 
you are able to fire at anything which comes from the road to your right.

                 MISSION OBJECTIVE: Repel thugs by destroying gang vans.

You need to hit dead-centre on the vans, otherwise you'll miss and it's mission
failure. As soon as the van is plastered, cycle through your weapons for an
ordinary gun to take down gunmen on foot. There's quite a few and there is a
person to protect, so you need to deal with them fast, so select a drug and use
it if you have trouble.

When they are dead, another radio message will tell you of another van. Get 
into the rocket-launcher position and take aim on the left side of the park 
now. Fire off your rocket and boom! That van's down. Switch over to your M16 
and mop up the ramaining gangstas who attack you from both sides.

               MISSION OBJECTIVE: Interrogate the middleman.

Head back up the stairs and hit Y to talk to him. He'll talk and spill the
beans on his boss, the Chinese Ambassador having a connection with Liquid Soul.
This is big-stuff, so you need to head over to the police station and grab a
Shotgun Microphone from the yard.

              MISSION OBJECTIVE: Collect Shotgun Mic from Police HQ.

So take off running and head all the way back to the police yard. Flash the
badge at the gatr-cop and collect the microphone. Sadly, you're asked to leave
the rocket launcher in police custody. Drat. Oh well...

              MISSION OBJECTIVE: Get to meeting point.

Simply head to the Blue Marker on your radar just along the street to be 
contacted by the Captain. Head to the nearby blue marked point. A radio-in from
the Captain informs you of a sniper overlooking the meet-point, you need to 
neutralise him. So head back down the street and to the next blue marker which
is the ladder.

             MISSION OBJECTIVE: Arrest and Interrogate Sniper

Climb it up and then hold down the left thumbstick to enter crouch-mode. Select
a gun and have it out, but don't fire it, instead, just sneak up on the sniper
and once behind him, tap X to knock him out with the weapon. Straddle him, 
soften him up and cuff him. Once he's subdued, tap Y to interrogate that fool. 
The sniper will then spill the beans that he was hired as the hitman to kill
the ambassador whilst an ambush goes on to make doubley sure he was dead. 

                 MISSION OBJECTIVE: Defend the Ambassdor.

It's your job to protect that Ambassador now! Get your butt to the Blue Marker
on the ledge and equip the Sniper Rifle that your new friend dropped. Do you
see the men below with the arrows over their heads? Don't kill them. They're 
the guys you're protecting. The ambassador is waiting in the alley at the far
end, so be sure to protect him at all costs. The rifle has a zoom feature, so
make great use of it. Now, these punks are just gangstas with baseball bats,
but they come in numbers and can be hard to eliminate, so be sure to make use
of a drug like Marijuana to slow down and line up that all important shot. 
Sadly, using drugs means you can't use the scope, but it doesn't matter. Take
aim for the left side of the screen around the Channel 6 building, as most of
the punks come from here. It's a hard fight, so make sure you're ready for it.

              By the way, I find using an M16 is a lot easier. It's got
       the power to take them all down, the range to do so and it's got a
      large clip for group killing. Much better than using that crummy old
                             sniper's rifle.

After the sniping fest is over, the Chinese ambassador will start running and
jump into his limo to make a call on the car-phone. Run to the ladder and use
the Left-Trigger to slide down. Run over to the Blue Marker to trigger the
phone-conversation. There's no need to record it with the Mic, so just listen
to it for now. The Ambassador is head of distrubition for Liquid Soul 
apparently, and the Dealer on the other line wants him dead. He'll ask for
the ambassador to head to the "distribution" centre to meet with him. Oh crap!
More of those assassins! This time they block the roads with the vans so the
limo can't move. Your mission now is to aid the limo get to its destination and
prevent the gunmen from killing the Ambassador. Once you get control, turn 
around and run down the street. Turn right and open fire upon the assassins and
destroy the van on the right to let the limo continue.

This can be tough, since many civillians can get in your way, but don't worry
about that and just shoot the assassins for now! The limo moves fast and will
turn into another ambush. Just open fire on them with your M16 and blow up the
two vans again, being ever-so careful as to not shooting the limo or civillians
on the street. Once the limo speeds off at a super-fast speed, just wait until
the Captain radios in and congratulates you on a sucessful mission.

                            Mission Complete!


                          2.m. On Your Own #5

Go around busting drug dealers and criminals, since you need the badge points
and evidence to get back to 100% good cop. Once you've done that, head over to
the Police Station and choose your mission...


                        2.n. Dealers In Their Labs!

A report of a drug lab being in Richmond South has been confirmed and they want
you to move in and destroy the place.
Just head over to the Blue Marker in Richmond. This is the ladder leading down
to the place, so climb it and slide all the way to the bottom.

                       MISSION OBJECTIVE: Enter the Drugs Lab.

Walk ove to the next blue marker and tap Y to gain entry to the "secure" drugs
lab, and by secure, they mean walk through the open door. :/

After being told about your mission details, a drug dealer will walk around the 
corner ahead, so run up and tackle him, removing the massive gun from his 
grasp. Now, you can either hit a pill of E and apprehend them all, or you can
geab a shotgun or assault rifle and blow them apart. I'd go for the latter. 
Equipping your gun, enter Aim-Mode and peek around the corner, opening firing
upon the guards down the hall. Move up and repeat on the next corner, taking
a drag of Weed to get your aim right, and kill off the whole area of thugs 
before moving up and repeating with the next corner. Be sure to keep your
finger pressed firmly on fire, but becareful not to shoot the civilians marked
as blue dots. They also have cuffs over their heads symbolising that they must
be arrested and not killed. Grapple all Techies and slap the cuffs on them
before they can escape, otherwise it is mission failure. 

Once the whole area is cleared of baddies, set about destroying and collecting
evidence. Run about and grab the cash and drugs from the floor and lab tables,
as well as shotting up all of the equipment the dealers use. These are:

-The Yellow Machines
-A couple of Washing Machines
-The cocaine bundles on the table
-The weed as it grows
-And whatever else there is to destroy. 

Once everthing is destroyed, Captain will radio in. Head to the Blue Marker
and hit Y to exit. 

                                Mission Complete!



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