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Follow the dark path or use the light

LMA Manager 2005 Walkthrough



	For X-box


. Disclaimer
. Introduction
. Controls
. Making a new Game
. Special Features
. Best Team in the Game
. Players NOT to buy
. Quick way to get money without cheating
. Stadiums
. Bonus Codes
. Credits

DISCLAIMER  (Legal Stuff)

I do not own LMA or Codemasters or any clubs or players.
I am not in association with none of the above.
I am here and writing this FAQ just to help you.


Hi, I'm Rhysus, and I will be your Walkthrough writer for today.
I am doing LMA Manager 2005, and with all the legal stuff out of the way, I think its time we started on the walkthrough.

If you need help, for anything in this Walkthrough, or have some useful information, please send your info to my E-Mail

[email protected]

OK, Let's get it started:


A: Confirm/ Reset Search in transfers

B: Back/ Cancel/ Scout a team or player

X: Finish/ View a teams club details in menu's

Y: Go into an option (e.g. View tables more detailed, If you play the game, you'll know what I mean)

R: Move right on Menu

L: Move left on menu

Black: No use except in matches

White: No use except in matches

Start: ‘Press “START” to begin screen'

Back: No Use

D-Pad: Directional Buttons

Left: Analogue: Directional Buttons

Right Analogue: Move Right and Left on Bottom Menu in game



One Player or Two Player: You can choose to work alone and do one player or select two players and the second player will pick a team and also play with you.

Full Game or Fantasy: Choose Full Game to choose a team and use season with them, or, make your own team in fantasy mode (more info on special features)

Normal or Expert: Start as Normal and when you think you have mastered the game move onto Expert difficulty

Full, Financial or None: Choose full staff, only financial staff or no staff at all.

<Country>   - Choose which country the team you are going to choose is from
<League>     - Choose a league in whatever country you are in that your team will be in
<Team>       - Choose the team you wish to play as

Funds:   This shows how much money the club you choose has.

Expectations: What the board of Directors expect you to do through the season with your team

Pick your team and enjoy season mode!


The special features in this game are endless, and brilliant…

Fantasy: When choosing a new game, you can make up your own team with “Fantasy”.
Once you choose the league, you have certain cash to choose a team of 11, 5 subs and 2 reserves, the computer can chose them for you or you can manually 

search, but watch your budget!
One the squad is picked; you can choose your team name, badge, colour, and kit, stadium and stadium name.

More Countries: In this game there are more leagues and countries to choose from, like, The Conference in England and Portugal as a country and a few more.

Pick Sq. Numbers: Another new addition is before the season starts (after friendlies) is Picking the squad numbers, pick any number for all of your players, 

or have them auto picked for you.

Improved Graphics: The graphics have been again improved although they are still slightly poor; let's just say before they were 4/10, now they are about 


New Improved ‘Football One' program: It is newly improved, now you can view Results, League table, Highlights, Top Goalscorers, Match Analalys' and cup 


Conference: As mentioned before, you can now choose conference in the English Leagues.

Match Analalys: New. Alan Hansen and Gary Lineker talk about the high and low points of your match.

Pos.	Name:		Team:		Valuation:

GK: 	G. Buffon 	Juventus 	15m
DF: 	 A. Nesta 	AC Milan 	22m
DF: 	C. Metzelder Borrusia Dortmund 8.7m
DF:	C. Chivu 	AS Roma 	11.75m
DF:	R. Carvalho 	Chelsea 	20m
MF:	S. Gerrard 	Liverpool 	30m	
MF:	D. Beckham 	Real Madrid  25m
MF:	Z. Zidane 	Real Madrid 17.5m
MF:	M. Ballack 	Bayern Munich 25m
ST:	T. Henry 	Arsenal 	40m
ST:	*A. Shevshenko AC Milan 25m


GK: Malino 		Deportivo 	5m
DF:  J. Terry 	Chelsea 	10m
MF: M. Comonaresi Juventus 	12m
MF: R. Pires 	Arsenal 	15m
ST:  F. Totti 		AS Roma 	24m


MF: Raul 		Real Madrid 25m

*Best Player in the Game



D. Tristan: Waste of 11.25, not as good as rated
D. Trezuguet: The biggest waste of 15.5m I ever spent

When selling players, make sure they're sold at least 2 million over their value.

With lower leagues, make it 500,000 more than value

You cannot get a stadium unless you have a stadium investor.
Only build new stadiums if you have not enough room in your current stadium, for example:

There is no point building a 60,000 seater if you only get 10,000 fans, see what I mean?

LMA2005A: Injuries Heal in a day *
LMA2005B: 375,000,000 in cash! *
LMA2005MA: Moon Ball
LMA2005MB: Helium Shouts
LMA2005MC: Bass Shouts

*-Recommended Cheats

Creator of this walkthrough = Rhysus
Creator of the game = Codemasters


Super cheats: For letting me submit this walkthrough

Copyright trademark to Rhysus 2005.