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Follow the dark path or use the light


by veilosilver

HITMAN BLOOD MONEY.                                               NOTE:I HAVE DONE ALL OF 
                                                                                            THESE LEVELS ON NORMAL


1.About this walkthrough
3.Curtains down (walkthrough)
4.A vintage year (walkthrough)
5.A new life (walkthrough)
7.Contact information

************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************1.I got really bored and realised that i had got SA (silent assassin) rating on a few of my levels, infact i only didnt get SA on 2 levels after that, "Flatline" which i got a professional rating for and "Murder of crows" which i got a specialist for :(


Well, my hints might not help you that much but i thought i might as well mention them to you anyway just incase :D

1.Only guards/civilians wearing the same dress code as you, e.g "Therapist suit* will be able to blow your cover.
2.Never take weapons into a mission, this may sound silly but when you have them you can become more trigger happy as opposed to using your brain,which is the best option.
3.Have fun! If you are stuck on a level,dont get frustrated or angry just quit the mission and restart it and equip your Silverballers,and shotgun and let hell loose.This can be quite entertaining and can actually help you get to know the map better ;)
4.Dual Action for the Silverballers can be good in some cases,but 9 times out of 10 it takes far too long to reload and can cause a lot of problems.
5.If you want to get SA rating, if you ever...EVER get caught and your tension meter fills to the top and turns red,pause the game and restart the mission.This is because a)you have a witness or b)if you kill the witness it will most likely add a notch to the 'VIOLENCE' boxes or the 'NOISE' boxes at the end of the mission.

3.Finally, onto the walkthroughs,follow them and you should be able to wow your friends with your new SA ratings,have fun!

Curtains down (weapons needed) none.

Right, walk forward and open the door and turn left towards the reception area, speak with the policeman there and after the brief cutscene in which 47 takes the gun wait for the engineer to come and wait for a painter. When those start talking, speak with the policeman again, when the engineer and the painter finish there conversation follow the engineer into the toilets and quickly sedate him.Take his clothes and drag his body to the  right and into the large metal container.Gather yourself and walk out through the toilets and down the steps to your left.Now there will be a door in front of you and 2 corridors on either side of it.Take the corridor on the right and continue down until you see a painter, painting a door.If you went down the wrong corridor you will not see the painter so you should go down the other one :).When you see the painter go through the doorway and down the stairs and throught the door that should be in front of you.Then take your first right and first right again, and go through the door.Go left and take your first doorway to your right.Walk a little forward and turn left and go up the steps, there will be a purple curtain like doorway, go through this curtain and through the door that is in front of you.Now you will be in quite a bleak corridor with a security guard sitting down on a chair.Do not be alarmed, run towards his direction but take your first left into some doors.Go through and take the stairs to your left.Continue all the way to the top of the stairs and you will be on top of the stage.Go through the only doors up here and walk straight forwards.Making sure no engineers are close, get right next to the wench  and when the action button says "place bomb" it.But do NOT detonate it now!

Now thats the second target taken care of. Then go through the doors that you came from and go down the stairs.Go through the door which leads to the bleak corridor and when the guard has gone for a slash, look at your map.You will see a room with a "!" in it  enter that room and enter the closet.This is probably the hardest part of this level as you now have to wait for the stage executioner to come into his changing room.Once he has, let him rehearse his lines and pretend to shoot his prop gun.After a little while he will have to go to the toilet.When he does take the prop gun and move a little to the right...i mean a little just a quick flick towards the right, then set down the REAL WW1 pistol.After all of this return to the place where you rigged the bomb and stop.Now continue past the wench all the way to the end of the walkway and down the ladder there.Go to your left and drop down the hole there and if you would like; equip the binoculars and watch the show.When the executioner shoots the REAL WW1 pistol and kills your target equip your detonator and wait for the other target to rush to the aid of his boyfriend.He will run and trip,when he trips thats your cue to push the trigger and let the chandelier fall and kill him.Conceal the detonator and return to the toilets where you sedated the engineer (making sure you dont run next to policeman and the like, you don't want to look suspicious) and make sure nobody is near you and put your suit back on and go to the place where you started the mission literally and the people in Paris would say "Le fini!" (The end.)

************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ 4.A vintage year (weapons needed) none....again

OK, so you start off outside with a guard right in front of you.IMMEDIATELY take a right and turn the corner and run as fast as you can all the way down to the near bottom.Take the door to your left and wait for the worker to leave before you climb up and over the wall right in front of you.As soon as your feet hit the ground once your over the wall run as fast as possible to the door which the V.I.P guard is walking into,just as your about to step into the door though,enter creeping mode and enter the first door on your left.Look backwards and you will see a door right behind you.Enter it (still creeping by the way) and there will be a sleeping guard there, and on the desk at the foot of his bed will be a V.I.P. guards suit....(how nice of them :)).
Exit this little room the way you came in and exit the corridor the way you came in and the room with the snooker table...the way you came in.Take a sharp right turn and turn to your first right once again.Continue all the way down until you hit a wall with a door close by your right hand side, do not enter through this door though because next to the door there is a drainpipe.Climb this drainpipe and just as you reach the part where you can shimmy onto the roof, stop and check your map. There will be a single patrol walking just past your location, wait until he is in front of you and then hug the wall until you get onto the roof of the little building i said not to enter.Hugging the wall on your right you will see a window.Climb through this window and sneak (creep) behind the piano on your left.Now you can see the target playing the chello (according to some FAQ's on easter eggs this is a famous peice of music) now after he has played his little bit of music he will go through some double doors,follow him through these (creeping) and when he goes to enjoy the view, sneak up behind him and push him right off.Why did he kill himself? :P (NOTE:REMEBER WHERE HE DIES)

Now after that kill, exit via the window making sure that patrol isn't anywhere near you, jump down and run to where you started this mission off.Once there go through the entrance that the guard is....guarding.Look at youR map and find where the wine cellar is.Head there and go straight through, turn to your right and there will be some stairs.Follow the path and on the right there will be a closet,pay attention to that because to your left of it there is a door.Go through it.Right smack in the centre of your view there will be one of those big metal containers.Plus there will be some barrels next to it.The target is wearing a pink/purple coloured t-shirt so when he goes to his table and sniffs some of his smack, pull out your fiberwire and wait for him to come around the barrels to leave the room out the way you came in, before he gets through the door there is a opportunity to kill him.It would be best if you could kill him before he goes through the door because if he does go through the door, you CAN still kill him but there is a high possibility that one of the guards will see you attemping murder.But once you have killed him stuff him into the big container.

To escape, go to where the start of the mission is and turn left, remember that nosy patrol you had to be careful of going through the hacienda window?Well its time to get past him again.Run past him all the way 'till you get to the bottom and where the waterfall is.If you turn right there will be a short little passageway if you remember where the target you pushed fell, then basically head there and continue all the way down to the bottom.

Once you are there, there will be a worker there enjoying the view dont break your stride though, keep running behind him until you get close enough to push him and shove him in the back to make him drown in the water.Turn left immediately and carry on running there will be a guard doing exactly the same thing as the worker was doing, except he is having a fag.As your running up behind him, pan (turn) your camera angle quickly towards the lift to make sure no gatecrashers come in to ruin you escape,push the guard off into the water and run around to the sea plane,being careful NOT to wake the sleeping guard.And escape!


A new life (weapons needed) you guessed it..none!

ok so your in stret,run forward and turn the corner and you will see a big yellow hot dog van (yummy!) with a caterer getting some boxes out.Once he has walked into the house run up to where he got the boxes and pick up the donuts and run round the right handside of the van.Making sure no guards are watching,especially the one that covers the alleyway that leads to the basement of the Targets house,and inject the donuts with anaesthetic (sedation) go to the white van in front of you and walk a little bit at the rear of it until the action button says "put down donuts" once it does do it and when the guards come along and take the donuts,wait for them to eat them in there van.Once there having a little nap run in and steal the video footage and take the clothes of one of the FBI's agent.Once done run to the closest utility box (near the Target's window) and break it,making sure no guards/caterers see you do it.Then enter the house and take your first left into the living room with the Target in.Once the gaurd in there has left the room to fix the utility box,quickly fiberwire Vinnie Sinistra and run out of the room via the way you came in.Take your first left again and go though the patio.You should have two FBI agents standing on either side of you.If you see the poolcleaner shadow his every move until he gets to his shed,and once he is in there sedate him quickly and without him seeing you.This is very important that he doesnt see you otherwise you WILL NOT get SA.If you dont see the poolcleaner run forward until you see the FBI agent on your right and turn and run towards him on your left handside you will see the shed. This is where  the poolcleaner will enter, that is where you will sedate him.Once sedated take his clothes and go back near the barbecue (at the top end of the pool) and loiter around until you see the Target's wife.She will then say to you "The pool isnt the only thing i need servicing" and lead you to her bedroom.Once there wait for her to say "Im not in the mood i need a drink" but just stand there looking at her until she says after that "Im not in the mood,go back down i need a nap.But do not go back down instead go into th toilet she went into and peek through the keyhole.Once she is asleep creep up to her and take her microfilm.Once done, go back to the poolcleaners shed, change into your FBI suit walk out to the FBI's white van, once again change into your normal suit and escape via the big gates behind where you started the mission.


6. Thank you for reading my walkthroughs and if you have any other questions of any of these missions;
A new life
A vintage year
Curtains down
You better watch out... (only limited knowledge of this level)

Please do not hesitate to contact me.

*******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************7.Contact infomation:
[email protected]


Please do not copy and paste this walkthrough as you will make me feel very angry.
If you do wish to include any of my information on your own walkthroughs/FAQs please contact me.Thank you.