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Halo 2


Gunery Evaluation

by Zaz-D

Gunnery evaluation
By: Zaz_dominator
February 1, 2007           ___
 |     |        /\        |        /      \         222222222 
 |     |       /  \       |       /        \                   222
 |     |      /    \      |      |          |                222
 |     |     /      \     |      |          |              222 
 |___|    /        \    |      |          |            222
 |     |   /______\   |      |          |          222
 |     |  /            \  |      |          |        222
 |     | /              \ |       \        /      222 
 |     |/                \|____ \____/      2222222222
Main topic: Dual wielding.

I.	        Assault rifles usually are the best equipped with plasma pistols. Mostly because when you charge up the pistol and shoot at an elite it destroys their shields, then u destroy him with the assault rifle.
II.	       Another great dual wield is the plasma rifle and assault rifle. When battling elites or grunts use the assault rifle  to pierce their shields(if an elite)then take Ďem out with plasma rifle. With grunts take 10 shots with assault and the rest with plasma, to conserve ammo and battery power.
III.	      But the best way to go if long ranging, use the sniper or battle rifle. The battle rifle mostly cover and take down the grunts, so you donít waste ammo you should use b-rifle for grunts, then sniper for those annoying elites. Usually 12-18 shots with a b-rifle takes out an elite, but it can get tricky up close and personal.
IV.	       The second best dual wield, I would say, would be the plasma rifles together. Although they overheat much faster than the plasma pistols they are really powerful together. Usually the shots it takes for an elite is 12-16 (individual shots, it take up 6-8 on your battery).
V.	        Most of the time, dual wielding two assault rifles isnít very smart, mostly because they move upward and theyíre not very powerful together. Now donít get me wrong, they can get rid of a grunt or elite easily, but you lose a good bit Ďo health while doing that.

Secondary topic: Tactics of the heroics.

I.	The best thing to do is the use grenades when in heavy situations,
especially in heroic or legendary mode. The greatest way is to throw a fragmentation grenade in the midst of them, most of the times the grunts and sometimes the elites donít recognize it. Also another great way is to launch a plasma grenade(to change        grenade types press the black button) then the grunt will run behind the elites and they will all die.