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Halo 2


Weapons, vehicles and Covenant

by Railroad Runner Articuno

Info about weapons, vehicles and covenant

dual wields,medium damage,close range,medium accuracy,medium rate of fire,manual fire,12 rounds in magazine,48 additional rounds(4 magazines),slow reload speed,average melee attack,no scope

dual wield,low damage,close range,low accuracy,high rate of fire,continuous fire,60 bullets in magazine,180 additional rounds(3 magazines),fast reload (not dual)
average melee attack,no scope,

Battle Rifle:
no dual wield,medium damage,medium range(high with scope),medium accuracy(high with scope),medium rate of fire, 3 round burst, 36 rounds in magazine, 108 additional rounds(3 magazines), medium reload, slow melee attack, 2X scope

no dual wield,high damage,very close range,low accuracy,low rate of fire,manual rate of fire,12 rounds in magazine,36 additional rounds(3 magazines),very slow reload,fast melee attack,no scope

Sniper Rifle:
no dual wield, very high damage, very long range(with scope),very high accuracy(with scope),low rate of fire, manual fire, 4 bullets in magazine, 20 additional rounds(5 magazines),slow reload,average melee attack,5X-10X scope

Rocket Launcher:
no dual wield,very high damage,long range,high accuracy(homing shots),low rate of fire,manual fire,2 rocket magazine,6 addirional rounds(3 magazines),slow reload,slow melee,2X scope

Plasma Pistol:
dual wield,low damage,close range,accuracy medium(homing charged shot),slow rate of fire(charged) medium(rapid single fire),manual fire, energy per round .5 single shot 15 charged shot, max amoo 100% charge, average over heat, fast melee,no scope

Plasma Rifle:
dual wield,medium damage,close range, medium accuracy, high rate of fire, continuous fire,.5 energy per round, 100% max round, 6-7% overheating time, fast melee attack,no scope

dual wield,low-high damage,medium range,homing accuracy,high rate of fire,auto fire,30 needle magazine, 90 additional needles(3 magazines),average reload speed, fast melee attack, no scope

Covenant Carbine:
no dual wield, medium damage(high with scope),medium range(high with scope),high accuracy,low rate of fire,manual fire, 18 projectile magazine,72 additional rounds(4 magazines),average reload speed,average melee attack,2X scope

Beam Rifle:
no dual wield,very high damage,very long range(with scope),very high accuracy(with scope),low rate of fire, manual fire, energy per round 5-6%,100% max ammunition,overheat 2 quick shots, medium melee, 5X-10X scope

Brute Shots:
no dual wields,high damage,long range,medium accuracy,medium rate of fire,manual fire, 4 grenade magazine,12 additional grenades(3 magazines),slow reload,slow melee attack,no scope

Fuel Rod Cannon:
no dual wield, very high damage, far range,low accuracy, medium rate of fire, manual fire, 5 explosives magazine,25 additional rounds(5 magazines), medium reload, slow melee,no scope

Energy Sword:
No dual wield,high Damage,close combat,fast melee attack

Sentinel Beam:
no dual wield,medium damage, low range,medium accuracy, continuous fire, 1 energy per round, 100% max ammo,overheat after 19%,slow melee attack,no scope


90mm high velocity shell
7.62 armor piercing tracers

Dual Plasma Cannons

Dual Plasma Cannons
Fuel Rod Cannon (secondary)

Plasma Mortar Cannon
Twin Auto Firing Plasma Cannons (secondary)

Plasma Cannon
Armed Passengers

Plasma Cannon
8 Armed Troops(or 1 ghost)

3 Auto Firing Turrets

Covenant name-Unggoy,preffered weapons-Plasma Pistol/Needler/Plasma Grenade,Types-Minor(Yellow)/Major(Red)/Gunner(Green)/SpecOps(Black)/Heretic(Bronze)

Covenant name-Kig-Yar,Preffered weapons-Plasma Pistol/Beam Rifle,Types-Minor(Green Shield)/Major(Orange Shield)/Sniper(No Shield)

Covenant name-Sangheili,Preffered weapons-Plasma Rifle/Plasma Grenade/Energy Sword,Types-Minor(Blue)/Major(Red)/Stealth(Grey)/SpecOps(Black)/Ranger(Jetpack),Zealot(Golden),Honor Guard

Covenant name-Yanme'e,Preffered weapons-Plasma Pistol/Needler

Covenant name-Lekgolo,Preffered weapons-Fuel Rod Cannon

Covenant name-Jiralhanae,Preffered weapon-Brute Plasma Rifle/Brute Shot,Types-Minor/Major/Captain/Honor Guard

Covenant name-Prophet,Preffered weapon-Hoverseat Mounted Laser,Types-Truth/Mercy/Regret

Sent in by Linus Lee