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Halo 2


Combat Guide

by Jeffthestrider


Halo 2 Combat Guide version 1.08
By: Jeff Jochum
Copyright 2004
All Rights reserved.

<^> Contents <^>
1. Introduction
  1.1 About this FAQ
  1.2 Legal stuff
  1.3 Version History
  1.4 Finding Stuff on this FAQ
2. General Tactics
  2.1 Controls
  2.2 Shields
  2.3 Using Cover
  2.4 Using Weapons
  2.5 Using Vehicles
  2.6 Active Camouflage
  2.7 Take it Slow
3. Weapons
  3.1 Human Weapons
    3.1.1 Intro
    3.1.2 M6CPistol
    3.1.3 Battle Rifle
    3.1.4 Sub Machine Gun (SMG)
    3.1.5 M90 Shotgun
    3.1.6 S2 AM Sniper Rifle
    3.1.7 M 19 SSM Rocket Launcher
  3.2 Covenant Weapons
    3.2.1 Plasma Pistol
    3.2.2 Plasma Rifle
    3.2.3 Needler
    3.2.4 Fuel Rod Gun
    3.2.5 Brute Shot
    3.2.6 Carbine
    3.2.7 Beam Rifle
    3.2.8 Energy Sword
    3.2.9 Brute Plasma Rifle
  3.3 Sentinel Laser Beam
  3.4 Grenades
    3.4.1 Frag Grenade
    3.4.2 Plasma Grenade
4. Vehicles
  4.1 Warthog
  4.2 Ghost
  4.3 Scorpion Tank
  4.4 Banshee
  4.5 Shadow
  4.6 Spectre
  4.7 Wraith Tank
  4.8 Phantom
  4.9 Pelican
  4.10 Stationary Plasma Gun
  4.11 Shielded Plasma Turret
  4.12 Stationary Machine Gun
5. Enemies
  5.1 Grunt
  5.2 Jackal
  5.3 Drone
  5.4 Elite
  5.5 Hunter
  5.6 Brute
  5.7 Prophet
  5.8 Sentinel
  5.9 Flood
    5.9.1 Infection Form
    5.9.2 Combat Form
    5.9.3 Carrier Form
6. Playing on Single Player
  6.1 Playing on Easy
  6.2 Playing on Medium
  6.3 Playing on Hard
  6.4 Playing on Legendary
    6.4.1 Cario Station
    6.4.2 OutSkirts
    6.4.3 Metropolis
    6.4.4 The Arbitor
    6.4.5 Oracle
    6.4.6 Delta Halo
    6.4.7 Regret
    6.4.8 Sacred Icon
    6.4.9 Quaritine Zone
    6.4.10 Gravemind
    6.4.11 Uprising
    6.4.12 High Charity
    6.4.13 The Great Journey
  6.5 Playing co-op
7. Playing on Multiplayer
  7.1 Intro
  7.2 Multiplayer Strategies
    7.2.1 General
    7.2.2 Vehicle
    7.2.3 Weapons
    7.2.4 Glitches
    7.2.5 Map Specific
8. FAQ
9. Acknowledgments
10. Contact Info

<^>  1.1 Introduction  <^>
>>> 1.1 About this FAQ <<<
Hello, my name is Jeff Jochum and this is my first guide(w00t).  First of    
all, this guide is designed to help you become better at playing Halo 2, 
in single player and multiplayer.  This guide does not have a walkthrough
of the single player levels.  It does shows you how to defeat enemies
though, so it will help you if you are having trouble defeating some enemies
in a level.  Since this is my first FAQ, there will probably be lots of
things I need to fix and work on so if you have a suggestion, feel free to
email me.  My email is at the end of the guide.

IMPORTANT: This guide is used to improve your skills.  In order to do this,
the guide contains minor spoilers for the game's single player campaign.
I won't post spoilers hap-hazardly but there are some in this guide.  

>>> 1.2 Legal Stuff <<<
Woohoo, my favorite part of this whole FAQ.  The part where I get to cover 
all of my bases!

Anyways, this guide and all of its content were made by me, Jeff Jochum. This
means you cannot post my guide, or any part of it, on a site or print 
multiple copies to distribute.  And you definitely cannot sell my work.  If
you do, you are plagiarizing my work and breaking the LAW.  You can only use
it for personal reasons.  If you want to post my guide on a website, please
contact me at my address at the bottom of the guide.  Put something about my
guide in the topic title too so I don't delete it.  I get way too much junk
mail so I end up deleting a lot of stuff.  So remember, you can't post my 
guide anywhere without my permission, you can only print a copy for your 
personal use, and you can't make a profit off it.


This document is Copyright 2004 by Jeff Jochum.
Sites allowed to display my guide:

>>> 1.3 Version History <<<
The Version History is made just to show you what's been added on what dates.
here is the key to what's different for the versions
+ stuff added
* stuff changed
- stuff removed

Version 1.08 - 9/23/07
I'm writing a FAQ for Halo 3 so I decided to fix this guide as well.  This will
probably be the last update.
  * Grammar/Spelling changes.
  * Updated email.
Email: Lost count
IM: Don't use it anymore

Version 1.07 - 4/7/05
Whew... 4 months.  Long time.  I've been busy with other games plus 
I've been having some troubles with my email but I'm back.
This should be nearly the final version.  I'll keep it open for more
errors and the like though.  Please keep sending me strategies too.
  + new Hunter tip
  + new Multiplayer strategies.
  * some of the names of the creditors at their request
  * some spelling and grammatrical errors.
  * SMG's description a bit.
  * max ammo for Sniper Rifle.
  * max needler ammo.
  + new strategy for reloading with dual SMGs(and other dual weapons)
  * Sentinal Beam stats a bit.
  * elite types changed a little
  * full wall climbing tips
  + some more strategies to kill enemies
  + Several more sites can upload my FAQ.
NOTE: I not adding a secrets section unless lots of people want it.  There
are plenty of good secret guides on GameFAQs though.
Email: 164
IM: lost count.

Version 1.06 - 12/18/04
This might be my last update in awhile.  Unless I did something terribly
wrong or made a huge error, I won't get to this guide for awhile.  The next
version will have a secrets section.  It'll probably be more organized as
  + new sections- tips for beating the missions on Legendary
  + new Brute Shot strategy
  + several new multiplayer strategies
  + new questions in the FAQ guide
  + new strategy for the shielded plasma turret
  * updated achknowledgements
  * Fixed Brute Shot max ammo
  - a reason not to email me
Email: 110
IM: 7

Version 1.05 - 12/7/04
  + new website can post my guide
  + multiplayer strategy
  + strategy for Enforcer
  + all the stats for the ammo in guns is completed
  * needler information
Email: 101
IM: 5

Version 1.04 - 11/26/04
  + Tons of new strategies from people
  * Some elite types
  * Some descriptions for enemies
Email count: 83
IM count: 4

Version 1.03 - 11/19/04
  * fixed a few more spelling/grammar errors
  + white grunt description changed
  + Chieftan description changed
  + New hunter strategy
  + New multiplayer strategy
  + New Carbine Strategy added
  + More FAQs added in the FAQ section. Check them out.
  - a question in the FAQ section
Email Count: 51
IM count: 2

Version 1.02 - 11/18/04
  * Fixed a few more errors, including battle rifle description
  + more multiplayer strategies
  + more Legendary, Elite, and Brute strategy
Email Count: 30
IM count: 2

Version 1.01 - 11/16/04
  * ran through the spellchecker and fixed some typos/misspellings/grammar
  + several multiplayer strategies
  + Sentinel beam and Brute's plasma rifle
  + Two new general tactics
  + Flood strategy
  * Pelican description
  * Pistol description
Thanks for all the tips/errors guys. Keep them coming.
Email Count: 12
IM: 1

Version 1 - 11/14/04 
  + the format for the guide.
  + Introduction.
  + Contact Information.
  + Some basic tactics.
  + Weapons
  + Enemies
  + Vehicles
  + Strategies.

>>> 1.4 Finding Stuff on this FAQ <<<

This guide is extremely long and it make take you awhile to find the
information you are looking for.  In order for me to make this guide
easier to read and find stuff, I added in a table of contents at the
beginning of the guide so you can find what your looking for(duh).  
If you don't want to scroll through all the text to find section 4.5 or 
whatever, just hit CTRL + F to get the find option to pop up.  If you are
using a Mac, hit F and the special key.  Type in number of the section you
want and it will bring you to the first number it finds.  If that's not the
section, just hit next until you come to it.  

You can also just type in a word to find a section but that might be less
effective because I use words multiple times. For instance, if you type in
'hunter', it will bring up the first word it finds, which might talk about
how ugly they look.  It might take a dozen word searches to find the section
you need.  Best just to type in the section number. 

<^> 2. General Tactics <^>

If this is your first time playing any halo game, you'll notice that its
different than any regular FPS.  Instead of just collecting guns, going
around and blasting aliens, and get to point a to point b and finally
point c, you have to think on your feet.  This game is about action. Lots
of it.  And in order to survive the fast pace of it, you have to be smart
and be quick.  Charging the enemy won't always work(and in Legendary, it
won't work period.).  Using cover, throwing grenades around corners, and
using each weapon to its advantage are just a few of the things you have
to do.

This section is designed to give you the basic things you should do
when in combat in order to come out alive.

>>> 2.1 Controls <<<

NOTE: I won't get into what button does what, just read the manual.

Controls are fairly simple once you learn them.  Perhaps the hardest
thing to adapt to involves vehicles and dual wielding.

Dual Wielding allows you to hold two one-handed weapons at once.  When
you dual wield, you cannot use grenades nor can you switch weapons or
use your melee attack without dropping your left handed gun.  When dual
wielding, its best to think of Y as left and X as right.  When you come
to a dual-wieldable weapon when you have another dual wieldable weapon,
hit Y to pick up the weapon in your left hand.  Hit X to switch your right-
handed weapon with the one on the ground.  When you want to switch a weapon
on the ground with another, be sure to know which button will do it.

Also, vehicles are a little different to enter than in Halo:CE.  First, when
you enter a vehicles, hold X.  Same applies for hijacking a vehicle.  Also,
for some vehicles, like the Scorpion tank and the wraith, when you hijack
the vehicle, you must use a melee attack to bash in the hatch to enter. 
Then you can either beat the person or throw a grenade.

After a bit, you'll adapt easily.

>>> 2.2 Shields <<<

Another cool aspect of Halo 2 is shields.  Shields allow you to receive
damage without worrying about finding an item to restore it.  Although
shields will recover, it only happens when your not taking damage.  You have
to wait a few moments for the recharge to begin.  

Shields are powerful but they don't make you invincible.  They can be
brought down fast if your being careless.  And once your shields are down
you take the hits.  So when you start shooting, keep an eye on the bar and
listen for the beep sound that tells you your shields are down.

>>> 2.3 Using Cover <<<

In many FPS games, using cover is important.  In Halo 2, it is even more
essential.  There are four main things cover gives you:
1. Not exposed to enemy fire: Most weapons can not hurt you when you have
   a solid between you and them.  Beware though, grenades and explosives
   can still get at you.
2. Gives you a chance to recharge your shields:  When you don't have any
   shields, your in serious trouble.  Hiding behind a corner when the
   covenant is shooting at you lets you get your shields back so you can
   enter the fray.
3. Lets you reload/switch weapons:  If you only have 3 bullets left in your
   battle rifle and still have a lot of enemies, best to hide behind
   something so you can reload in peace.
4. Vehicles cannot run you over as easily:  When your in the open, vehicles
   can run you over easily.  But when you are behind a rock or tree, the
   vehicle is forced to move around it to get at you.

Both in multiplayer and singleplayer, cover is important.  You
cannot be at your best if you stand in the open all the time. 

>>> 2.4 Using Weapons <<<

Halo 2 offers a slew of weapons at your disposal.  Whether it is a Fuel Rod
Gun that can be used to take out large clusters of enemies or the Battle 
Rifle that can be used to take out groups of opponents. Probably the most
wonderful thing about Halo 2 is that every gun has a certain use and
advantage over the other weapons.  I'll go into detail about each weapon
later, but always know each weapon's  strengths and flaws.  You never want
to get into a hairy fight with the wrong guns.  Also, always have the option
of grenades available to you. Grenades are incredibly useful.  The ability to
take out hordes of covenant or a vehicle with just a toss of a grenade is
really cool.  So always carry some. 

-When using battery operated weapons, a good thing to do is always pick up
replacements when you get the chance.  Even if your energy sword has 50%
energy left, you should pick another one up if it has 70% since you may
need the extra battery power.  Try not to replace weapons with 80% or higher
batteries since ones you find on the ground are around 70%.  Ones that
haven't been in use(i.e. plasma rifles that are stuck in those covenant
crate things) have 100%.

  You can pick up weapons easier by simply holding the x/y button until you
  come across the weapon to pick it up.
  -submitted by Eniphach

--Triple Wielding--
This process is for raising the maximum ammo capacity of clipped weapons.
Here is the process:
  1.pick up a clipped dual-wield weapon (smg) Y to switch it to your secondary weapon
  3.dual-wield another smg
  4.pick up another smg for your main weapon
If done correctly this can raise the maximum amount of bullet for the smg
from 360 (dual-wield) to 540

>>> 2.5 Using Vehicles <<<

In Halo 2, there are plenty of times where you get to use a vehicle to take
out enemies.  It is important that you learn how to use each vehicle.  Learn
how they are controlled and what weapons they have because each is used
differently.  Vehicles are important to use so learn to use them.  More
about vehicles is explained later.

Hijacking vehicles:
Hijacking vehicles are fun, just to let you know.  Nothing beats kicking an
elite out of a ghost and then smashing him against a wall.  You can hijack
vehicles in multiple ways.  From the front, the back, the top, or the side.
You also have to make sure their moving pretty slowly.  Trying to hijack
a ghost from the front while they are boosting at you will only get you(or
parts of you) smeared across the front of the ghost.  Also, hijacking tanks
and wraiths are different since they have hatches.  More on that later.

And finally, you cannot hijack vehicles with multiple people on it.
A warthog with a driver and gunner cannot be hijacked until the gunner is
killed. Multiplayer is the exception on that though.  You can kick out the
driver and drive, even when the enemy is sitting in the gunner's position.

>>> 2.6 Active Camouflage <<<

In singleplayer, when you gain the ability to use active camouflage, be sure
to use it!  I cannot stress how awesome this ability is.  There are a few
things I should note about this.

- The white button will activate camouflage instead of the flashlight.

- Both the amount of time you stay camouflaged and the cool down time to use
it again is short.  Be sure to look at your timer icon next to the grenade
icon to make sure how much time you have left before you uncloak are able to
go into camouflage again.

- As soon as you hit the white button, you are invisible.  Don't worry about
the enemies seeing you fade.  That's just a visual thing.

- The Energy sword doesn't give away your position.  I guess the covenant/
flood doesnít think floating energy swords are unusual.

- If you are hit when invisible, the enemy can see you.  Don't do into the
middle of crossfire thinking the enemy can't see you when your hit.

- As soon as you use a grenade, fire your weapon, or use melee, your active
camouflage turns off.  Make the strike count.

-If you get too close to an enemy for too long, they will spot you.

Active Camouflage allows you to sneak up behind enemies and melee them in
the back.  It also allows you to sneak past certain areas that are

Remember that active camouflage is short.  5-10 seconds short.  Make use of
the time!  As soon as you move away from cover, turn invisible so you can
use every precious second of it.

-Thx to TheWhiteRook(gamertag) for reminding me to put in this section.
>>> 2.7 Take it Slow <<<

In the later difficulties, this game is hard.  So instead of rushing every
room you see, take it slow.  After you clear a room, explore it for any
weapon that might be of use to you.  Make sure you killed everything.  Don't
leave a room that has a hiding elite only to encounter him when your shields
are down as your retreating from some more elites.  

Take it slow when advancing into a new area as well.  Scan the room if it
appears empty. Chances are, its not.  Look for entrances enemies can enter
from.  Also, try and pick off enemies from a distance before heading off
into the firefight.

If you try and complete a level just by running through it, you'll fail.
It's probably possible on easy but don't try it.  There are some sections
that you should run through, like if elites and the flood are duking it
out, but otherwise stop being lazy and kill those damn aliens.

<^> 3. Weapons <^>
><>< 3.1 Human Weapons ><><
>>> 3.1.1 Intro <<<

Here is a list of all the weapons found in Halo 2.  Later, when I get better
at this game, I'll list everything you need to know.  I still don't have all
the ammo listings yet.

>>> 3.1.2 M6CPistol <<<
   Function: balance between a sniper rifle and a smg.  Very flexible 
   Clip: 12
   Max Ammo: 84
   Accuracy: Good
   Range: Close - Medium
   Damage: 6/10
   Special: Dual Wieldable
   Strong Against: Grunts, Jackals, Hunters, Flood, Vehicles.
   Weak Against: Elites, Brutes
   Dropped By: Marines and Flood

What kind of FPS would this be if we didn't have the classic pistol?  The
pistol is a very flexible weapon that can be used well against most enemies.
It packs a pretty good punch, has good accuracy and range, and is dual
wieldable.  The pistol is a good choice if you don't know what's coming up
next.  Although it is flexible, it is not the best gun for enemies.  If you
know Elites are coming, best to get a shotgun.  Just because its flexible 
doesn't mean its the best.  Dual wielding lets you make short work of an
enemy but ammo runs out fast.  On lower difficulties, dual wielding this gun
is very useful against elites and flood but I wouldn't advise to you try it
on Heroic or Legendary.

>>> 3.1.3 Battle Rifle <<<

   Clip: 36
   Max Ammo: 242
   Accuracy: Good
   Range: Medium - Far
   Damage: 6.5/10
   Special: Zoom 2x, 3 fire burst
   Strong Against: Grunts, Jackals, Hunters, Drones, Elites(unshielded)
   Weak Against: Elites(shields), Brutes

The Battle Rifle is a mix between the pistol and the sniper rifle.  Like the
pistol, it is a very flexible gun.  But its also like the sniper rifle due
to the range.  Its zoom allows you to pick off targets before they have a
chance to shoot at you.  The gun is awesome but I don't advise using it
against strong foes up close.  They'll tear you apart.

>>> 3.1.4 Sub Machine Gun (SMG) <<<

   Function: To hose down enemy units with bullets.
   Clip: 60
   Max Ammo: 480
   Accuracy: Poor
   Range: Close - Medium
   Damage: 5/10
   Special: Dual Wieldable
   Strong against: Grunts, Flood, Drones
   Weak against: Vehicles, Brutes, Sentinals, Jackals
   Dropped By: Marines, Flood

The SMG is a very fun weapon in my opinion.  I just love putting grunts
down under a hail of bullets.  This weapon replaces the assault rifle in
the first Halo and its a nice trade off.  The SMG is a very good weapon
to take down weak enemies and provide suppressing fire.  Unluckily, it's
range is pretty poor.  Sustained fire will jerk your aim around so fire in
bursts if you want to have better accuracy.  Don't count on doing much 
damage if the enemy is pretty far.  Best to switch to another weapon.  
Also, this gun does poorly against shielded opponents like elites and

SMGs take a long time to reload when you dual wield.  Here's a tip when

  Here's how it works: when in dual wielding, do NOT press X to reload both
  weapons at once.  Instead, simply press Y to drop your weapon, THEN reload.
  After that, pick up the second weapon again, and, if necessary, reload that
  one too.  Think about it: it takes about 4 seconds to reload two smgs.  It
  takes about 1 1/2 seconds to reload a single smg.  That's an extra 2 1/2
  seconds to defend yourself, which any veteran player knows can mean the
  difference between life and death.  If your second weapon is a clip weapon
  too (needler, smg, or pistol), you can reload that one while in dual
  wielding mode, and be free to shoot with your main weapon while doing so.
  It sounds complicated, but with practice, it becomes automatic.
  -submitted by Dan C.

>>> 3.1.5 M90 Shotgun <<<
   Function: Close combat weapon used to take out powerful opponents.
   Clip: 12
   Max Ammo: 84
   Accuracy: Poor
   Range: Close
   Damage: 8/10
   Special: None
   Strong Against: Everything except for...
   Weak Against: Vehicles
   Dropped By: Marines, Flood (seeing a pattern?), Brutes

The shotgun is the master of close combat.  It can take out almost anything
it a couple of shots if your close enough.  it is a very powerful weapon.
Due to its incredible strength, though, it has a few weaknesses.  For one,
its a shotgun.  That means accuracy is zero at range and its ammo clip is
pretty small.  It also takes time to reload.  You don't want to be swamped
by flood when you need to reload.  One way to prevent this is to conserve
the ammo for strong enemies like Brutes and Elites.  Shooting grunts is a
waste of ammo when you could just take them out with a pistol.  This gun
really shines in multiplayer maps as well.  You can take out a person in
only one to two shots if you are close enough.  The shotgun is good at
taking out opponents in vehicles.  The problem is, though, you have to get
close, which is a bad thing.  They can usually just run you over.

>>> 3.1.6 S2 AM Sniper Rifle <<<

   Function: Long Ranged weapon used to take out powerful targets
             from afar.
   Clip: 4
   Max Ammo: 24
   Accuracy: Excellent
   Range: Far
   Damage: 9/10
   Special: Zoom 5x and 10x
   Strong Against: Elites, Brutes, Hunters, any covenant really
   Weak Against: Flood, Sentinels
   Dropped By: Marines, Flood

Once again, another classic weapon.  The sniper rifle does what it says.
A favorite weapon in multiplayer and useful in single player.  Just zoom
in and pick a target.  The weapon only has 4 shots per clip though, so,
like the shotgun, preserve ammo.  Elites and Brutes are perfect targets.
The rest you can take out with the battle rifle or something.  Like any
other FPS, the sniper weapon is poor at any range other than far.  Also,
the weapon is used lots in multiplayer.  When you hear sniper shots, look
for the trail of the bullet to trace the shot.  The trail only lasts for a
second so be quick.  The Sniper rifle can take you out in one hit if you
just stand still, so don't.  Remember: When you fire the rifle, there is a
trail coming from you too.  People like to kill snipers quickly.

>>> 3.1.7 M 19 SSM Rocket Launcher <<<

   Function: Anti-Vehicle, Taking out groups.
   Clip: 2
   Max Ammo: 8
   Accuracy: good
   Range: Medium - Far
   Damage: 10/10
   Special: Vehicle/Turret-Lock, Zoom 2x
   Strong Against: Vehicles, Groups, Turrets
   Weak Against: Nothing.
   Dropped By: Marines, Flood (agh!)

Yay, the rocket launcher!  This baby will cause havoc no matter where you
are.  The rocket launcher can cause massive amounts of damage in a large
radius.  The rocket launcher is invaluable in both single player and multi.
But, once again, the rocket launcher is a specialized weapon.  Designed
mainly for vehicles, its not as effective indoors and pretty useless in
close combat.  Launching a rocket at a grunt a meter away from you is
incredibly suicidal and wasteful of a rocket... and a life.  So every time
you come across the rocket launcher doesn't mean you have to pick it up.
I will admit, though, that launching it in the middle of a huge group of
grunts is most satisfying indeed.  Elites can dodge these.  So don't
launch it at them.

Due to its lock feature, this baby is the best anti-vehicle weapon out 
there.  Simply hold down the fire trigger when you have a vehicle in your
crosshairs to lock on and then release to let the rocket hit its target.
Really useful against banshees. They can lock onto turrets and Enforcers as

Highly contested in multiplayer, the rocket launcher is usually found in the
middle of the map.  Don't plan on seeing them lying around.  People like to
launch it at vehicles so always be aware of that when riding in one.

Launching a rocket pretty much reveals where you are too.  Keep that in mind.

><>< 3.2 Covenant Weapons ><><

>>> 3.2.1 Plasma Pistol <<<

   Function: Shield Destroyer
   Clip: 100% (battery)
   Accuracy: Poor - Average
   Range: Close -  Medium
   Damage: 1/10, about 6/10 fully charged
   Special: Chargable, Good against shields, Overheats, Dual wieldable
   Strong Against: Shielded opponents
   Weak Against: Everything else
   Dropped By: Grunts, Jackals, Drones, Flood

The plasma pistol is not a favorite of mine. I really only like it due to
the fact that it'll take out the shields of someone in a single charged 
shot.  In fact, in legendary, this gun is necessary at some parts.  Elites
are a bitch in Legendary.  So take out their shields.  A single shot from
this is really weak.  Doesn't have a very good range or accuracy either.  
Even another drawback is the charged shot is slow.  It'll track the enemy
but its usually not very fast.  Long ranged use is not advised.  Even with
its shield draining abilities, its not a very good in multiplayer.

The pistol can overheat also, so watch the gauge under the ammo so you know
it is about to overheat.  After you use the charged shot, it'll overheat
for a bit.  You can tell its overheated when the gun is spewing green 

A good thing about this pistol is that you can dual wield.  A SMG with this
can be lethal to elites.  First, destroy their shields with the pistol and
then finish then with the second weapon.

>>> 3.2.2 Plasma Rifle <<<

   Function: Rapid-fire rifle that's good against shields.
   Clip: 100%
   Accuracy: Average
   Range: Medium
   Damage: 5/10
   Special: Good against shields, Overheats, Dual wieldable
   Strong Against: Shielded Opponents
   Weak Against: Flood
   Dropped By: Elites, Flood

The Plasma Rifle is the SMG for the covenant.  It has a fast rate of fire
and deals lots of damage.  It really shines when you use it against the
covenant themselves.  An elite's shields drop much fast when you use this
rather than a SMG.  It does have drawback though.  For instance, it'll
overheat before long.  The gun can get off about a dozen shots of rapid
fire before it overheats so its best to pace your shots.  One neat thing you
can do is shoot it really fast against an elite until it overheats and then
switch your gun to a different one and finish him off.

Having two plasma rifles is really cool.  You can kill off an elite and then
switch to another gun to take out some grunts, then switch back to take out
another elite.

The range and accuracy leaves something to be desired but its a pretty good
weapon.  It's not really useful in multiplayer though.

>>> 3.2.3 Needler <<<

   Function: Fires out crystals that tracks and attaches itself
             to an enemy.  The crystals then explode, causing massive damage.
   Clip: 30
   Max Ammo: 180 (with two)
   Accuracy: Good
   Range: Close - Medium
   Damage: 1/10 to 8/10 (depending on amount of crystals you stick in the
   Special: Tracking, Dual wieldable, High damage when stacked
   Strong Against: Grunts, Elites
   Weak Against: Jackals, Hunters, Vehicles
   Dropped By: Some grunts, Some elites, Drones, Flood

This gun has made a ton of improvements from the last Halo.  First, it holds
30 crystals, not 20.  Next, its faster and tracks a lot better.  Finally,
you can carry two.  Put these things together plus its ability to make things
explode equals a carnage of pink death.  Although ammo is found easily 
enough, you'll sill find yourself running out of ammo if your reckless.  Be
sure you know about how many needlers will kill a enemy.  Using two clips to
take down a grunt is not using ammo efficiently.

Don't try and take out shielded jackals.  Their shield will bounce most of
them away.  Same thing with vehicles.  Also, using it against the flood is
a bad idea.  It takes them out easily enough, but the flood charge you so
when they explode, it'll be close to you.

Dual wielded needlers reload as fast as single ones, take advantage of this.

Dual wielding this with another weapon is a bad idea.  The speed of the
needler's projectiles is much slower than other weapons so you can't trail
your shots and hit with both guns.

>>> 3.2.4 Fuel Rod Gun <<<

   Function: The covenant rocket launcher.
   Clip: 5
   Max Ammo: 30
   Accuracy: Good
   Range: Medium - Far
   Damage: 8/10
   Special: Zoom x2
   Strong Against: Anything
   Weak Against: Nothing.
   Dropped By: Elites, Special Ops Grunts

The Fuel Rod is an awesome weapon.  This weapon can take out large groups of
enemies and vehicles with ease.  it also has a 5 shots per clip, 2.5 times
better than the rocket launcher's.  Use this weapon when you come across it.
This weapon cannot lock onto targets and the speed of the projectile is
slower than the rocket launcher's so don't use on banshees and ghosts unless
you have a really good aim.

Also, when you find this weapon, it usually doesn't come with tons of ammo
so keep an eye on that.

  When the projectile has been in the air for a few seconds the plasma gets
  bigger causing more damage in a wider area.
  -submitted by Philip Bebbington

>>> 3.2.5 Brute Shot <<<

   Function: A grenade launcher with a boosted melee attack.
   Clip: 4
   Max ammo: 16
   Accuracy: Fair
   Range: Medium
   Damage: 7.5/10
   Special: Strong melee attack
   Strong Against: Covenant, Flood
   Weak Against: Drones, Fast vehicles
   Dropped by: Brutes

This is a really awesome weapon as well.  its a grenade launcher with a
blade on the bottom you can use to melee with the B button.  Its not as
strong as an energy sword but its better than your fists.  The grenade
launcher shoots grenades in a fairly straight line and explode quickly
You should still aim a tad above the enemy to hit them though.  If you
miss the enemy, it will still explode and damage them.  Its hard to
use against fast or flying things so use another weapon.

  If you melee the flood with the brute shot it will act like the energy
  sword and disinigrate the flood. 
  -submitted by CrazySpartan

>>> 3.2.6 Carbine <<<

   Function: A powerful rifle used for mid to long range.
   Clip: 18
   Max Ammo: 90
   Accuracy: Good
   Range: Good anywhere
   Damage: 7/10
   Special: 2x Zoom
   Strong Against: Covenant, Sentinels
   Weak Against: Vehicles
   Dropped by: Elites, Flood, Brutes

The battle rifle for the Covenant.  The carbine shoots out small green bolts
that deal lots of damage.  The great thing about this rifle is it has a
rapid rate of fire.  Once again, make sure you reload when you can.  Ammo
can be spent quickly on this.

  This is a very awesome weapon due to the killzone dot feature.  When you
  point at an enemy in a certain spot (on some enemys it it is the head,
  some the shouder ect.) a dot appears in the middle of the rectile. Shoot
  at enemy without shielding and this is a sure kill.  You need to destroy
  the Brute's helmet first if your aiming for them. Pistol and  Battle Rifle
  both have killzone features as well.
  -submitted by Austin Miller

>>> 3.2.7 Beam Rifle <<<
   Function: Sniper Rifle
   Clip: 100% (20 shots)
   Accuracy: Awesome
   Range: Far
   Damage: 8/10
   Special: 5x, 10x, Overheats
   Strong Against: Covenant, Sentinels
   Weak Against: Flood, Vehicles
   Dropped By: Sniper Jackals, Elites, Flood

The beam Rifle is the covenant's sniper rifle.  It carries a battery so you
cannot find more clips.  But it also means that you do not have to reload.
You can use the beam rifle 2-3 times quickly before it'll overheat.  If you
pace your shots, you never have to reload.  They are also pretty easy to
find.  Just like the sniper rifle, best to use it at a distance.

In Legendary, you should learn how to use this weapon fairly close since
replacements can be found nearly everywhere in some levels and the damage
is high.

>>> 3.2.8 Energy Sword <<<

   Function: A really powerful melee weapon that really kicks ass.
   Range: Close, about 3 (longer for the lunge) feet.
   Battery: 100%(Single player only, multiplayer has unlimited use)
   Usage: 10% per covenant kill, 2.5% per flood kill, 0% for infection forms
   Damage: 9/10
   Special: Melee, One-hit kill lunge, Overheats
   Strong Against: Everything
   Weak Against: Moving vehicles, Hunters
   Dropped By: Elites, Flood

A really cool weapon that you can use to obliterate enemies with. With its
one hit kill lunge, you can really take out groups of enemies. To do the
lunge, just have the enemy in your crosshairs and wait until it turns red.
Then hit the R button to leap at them.

You can take out some Elites, Brutes, and Flood with one hit so try and
carry one all the time.

When you spot one of these, bring it along.  Its very useful against elites,
flood, and brutes.  Also highly useful and contested for in multiplayer

In the campaign, this weapon has a battery power so watch your energy and
trade it for other energy swords you come across on.

Don't use the energy sword against vehicles.  Just don't...

>>> 3.2.9 Brute's Plasma Rifle <<<

   Function: A more powerful version of the plasma rifle.  Overheats quicker.
   Accuracy: Average
   Range: Medium
   Damage: 7/10
   Special: Overheats
   Strong Against: Covenant
   Weak Against: Vehicles, Flood
   Dropped By: Brutes, Flood

This is a more powerful version of the plasma rifle.  It is exactly like the
plasma rifle except for the higher damage and the higher overheat rate.  So
which is better?  I would have to say this since it can deal damage really
quickly, therefore exposing you to less fire.  Be sure to pace your fire so
it doesn't overheat after every few seconds.

>>> 3.3 Sentinel Beam <<<

   Function: Emits a powerful laser beam that deals rapid damage.
   Ammo: Battery
   Accuracy: High
   Range: Medium
   Damage: 7/10
   Special: Overheats
   Strong Against: Flood, Sentinels
   Weak Against: Vehicles
   Dropped By: Sentinels, Flood, Heretic Elites

This is a really powerful weapon that doesn't have lots of ammo and is the
fastest to overheat(except for overcharged pistol).  This beam comes in two
flavors, orange and blue.  Blue is a bit more powerful than orange so choose
the blue sentinel beam over the orange.  

The sentinel Beam can take out Flood and Sentinels quickly.  Especially
Sentinels.  Even shielded sentinels can't last long against this.  The down
side is that it runs out of battery power rapidly.  Count of about 20
seconds of fire before running dry.  The second thing is that it overheats
rapidly.  About three seconds of fire will overheat.  It also cools rapidly
too so use bursts instead of just constant use.

Since this weapon loses ammo fast, best to pick up fresh ones every chance
you get.

><>< 3.4 Grenades ><>< 
>>> 3.4.1 Frag Grenade <<<
  Function: Blows stuff up.
  Carrying Capacity: 4
  Damage: 8/10

Ahhhh... Damn near my favorite weapon.  The frag grenade is really fun.
If you've played any FPS, you know what it does.  You can only throw it
with the left trigger and when you don't have two guns out.  What you do
is you throw it, wait a couple of seconds, and it goes off, taking out
everything near it.  Very awesome to watch.  It can be bounced off walls,
thrown over high ledges, or pretty much anything else.  Its very easy to
time too.  unlike a plasma grenade, you don't have to worry that the 
grenade won't go off in time.  Both invaluable in single and multiplayer,
don't underestimate the power of the frag. 

The grenade will explode on the ground after a few seconds after throwing.
It has to touch the ground once though, and if its airborne long enough,
it'll explode on impact.  It can't explode way up in the air so don't try
and take out banshees with them. 

Be sure to practice with it.  Know how it bounces and how far you can throw
it.  A good player can take out many people with just a few well placed
grenades.  You can flush out people in cover or take out people in hard
to reach places.  Just be careful not to throw a grenade only to have it
bounce back at you.  I cannot tell you how many times I've done that...

Once awesome thing my friend invented was a suicide grenade.  In multiplayer
games, when your about to bite the dust, just throw a grenade on the ground
in front of you and hopefully it'll kill your enemy if he's close enough.

Remember: a single frag cannot kill a player.  After you hit a player, a
second of SMG fire or so will kill them.

>>> 3.4.2 Plasma Grenade <<<

  Function: Blows stuff up.  Can attach itself to people and vehicles.
  Carrying Capacity: 4
  Damage: 9/10

The plasma is the covenant's grenade and is pretty impressive.  The
first thing you'll notice, its blue.  Then you'll notice it sticks to 
enemies, vehicles, and you.  Plus it has a long delay before exploding.
This grenade is good for damaging vehicles and killing Elites.  

The plasma grenade is used differently than the frag.  While frag is 
best to flush enemies out and to throw around corners, plasma is good
for making direct hits on enemies and destroying vehicles.  

A plasma grenade has a long delay, which means if its not sticking to
anything, its easy to avoid.  Its also very visible, so even in vehicles,
you will be able to spot one flying at you.  When you throw the grenade,
throw it a little above the enemy.  Don't use as a long distance weapon.

<^> 4. Vehicles <^>
>>> 4.1 Warthog <<<

  Function: Fast vehicle that can carry three people.
  Crew: 3 (driver, side, gunner)
  Weapons: A LAAG machine gun or a Gauss cannon.
  Speed: 8/10
  Maneuverability: 5/10
  Special: Power slide, horn

The warthog is the fastest vehicle with the exception of the banshee or maybe
the ghost on boost.  It can hold three people, one driving and the other two

The warthog comes in two types.  The LAAG machine gun, useful for infantry,
and the gauss rifle, useful for vehicles.

Driving the warthog can be a challenge at first because it's easy to tip it
on some of the terrain you have to drive one so practice.  Remember to
compensate for any sharp turns so you don't swerve around a lot.

The side passenger's seat allows you to fire from a 180 degree angle from
left to right.  You can use any weapon, switch weapons, and throw grenades
in the passenger's seat.  Even with all this, though, the gunner's seat
should be taken before the passengerís seat due to the full 360 degree
rotation and powerful weapon.  Also, when the warthog turns, you turn with
it, so its hard to aim if the driver doesn't keep steady.

The gunner's position is in the back of the warthog and behind the powerful
gun.  You can rotate all around you and not have to worry about the warthog
moving around.  Both weapons behind the warthog are extremely powerful and
have unlimited ammo.  The gauss cannon is my favorite because its rate of
fire is very fast and it deals out lots of damage.  Remember you have to
keep pressing the R trigger to fire the gauss cannon instead of just holding
the trigger.

>>> 4.2 Ghost <<<

  Function: A fast, light vehicle with plasma cannons.
  Crew: 1
  Weapons: Two plasma cannons
  Speed: 7/10 - 9/10(boosted)
  Maneuverability: 8/10
  Special: Boost

The Ghost is the covenant's light vehicle.  Its small, fast, and can explode

This is a fun vehicle because you can now do massive damage with the twin
plasma cannons and then run over people with the boost.  Very useful in
multiplayer games.  Beware though, its easy to have this hijacked.

The controls are the same as the warthog except you can strafe now.  This
gives you much more maneuverability.  Use it to your advantage

>>> 4.3 Scorpion Tank <<<

  Function: Heavy assault vehicle with massive firepower.
  Crew: 5 (1 driver, 4 side seats)
  Weapons: Main cannon, Machine gun
  Speed: 2/10
  Maneuverability: 4/10
  Special: Hatch

The Scorpion tank makes its return with more firepower than ever.  Its
main cannon can now fire much faster and its machine gun is a lot better.
Of course, there is a downside.  The Tank is much slower and less
maneuverable.  This makes it easy to hijack it.

Hijacking is harder on a Scorpion Tank since it has a hatch.  You must first
hop one and then bash the hatch open.  This'll take about three punches.
Then you can either kill the driver by continuously punching or by throwing
a grenade.  After this, you have to jump off the tank and then jump into
the vehicle.  

If your being hijacked in the tank, jump out before you get blown up.
Kill the hijacker outside the tank and hop back it.

Note that grenades do not damage you nor the vehicle when you throw
it into the driver's seat.

>>> 4.4 Banshee <<<

  Function: A flying vehicle with good firepower
  Crew: 1
  Weapons: Twin plasma cannons, Fuel Rod Gun (SP only)
  Speed: 7/10, 9/10 boosted
  Maneuverability: 9/10
  Special: Flies, Barrel Rolls(w00t), Loops

The only flyable vehicle in Halo 2, the banshee is a great vehicle.  Its
twin plasma cannons make quick work of other banshees and infantry while
its fuel rod cannon can take out vehicles very quickly.  Banshees are also
a favorite target for rocket launchers so don't be surprised when you get
blown out of the air.

The banshee is used a couple of times in the single player campaign so its
important to know a few things.  First, the fuel rod cannon is your friend.
Wraiths, other banshees, turrets, they all fall quickly to the power of the
fuel rod cannon.  Second, the banshee doesn't provide much armor for you so
its easy to die in the banshee, especially in Legendary mode.  Try and avoid
huge firefights between a few turrets and multiple banshees.  You don't need
to worry about wraiths much, their artillery blasts are very slow and easy
to avoid.  Don't get too close though, because their auto turrets will kick
in and blast at you.  Your first priority should be other banshees.  They
will make short work of you, especially if they use their fuel rod cannon.

>>> 4.5 Shadow <<<

  Function: A covenant ground transport with a turret.
  Crew: 10 (1 pilots, 1 gunner, 8 in transport)
  Weapons: Plasma Turret
  Speed: 4/10
  Maneuverability: 5/10?  I never see these move much
  Special: Unpilotable, Carries Covenant or Ghosts.

You can't drive these guys but you can man the turret.  You only find these
in one mission.  They can either carry some covenant around or carry a
couple of ghosts in the middle of it.  They have a single turret mounted on
top that fires red plasma at you.  The Shadow is pretty easy to destroy and
some are empty so you can use the turret on top.

>>> 4.6 Spectre <<<

  Function: Mobile assault vehicle
  Crew: 4(driver, gunner, two side seats)
  Weapons: Plasma Turret
  Speed: 5/10 - 7/10 boosted
  Maneuverability: 7/10
  Special: Boost.

This is the covenant's version of the warthog.  Its much slower than the
warthog, even when its boosted, but it is much more maneuverable and can
carry two additional passengers that can fire with their own weapons.

The plasma cannon is good against anything except heavy vehicles.  Most of
the shots fired will bounce off the wraith and tank.  Its better to use the
turret against infantry or light vehicles.

>>> 4.7 Wraith Tank <<<

  Function: Covenantís heavy artillery vehicle
  Crew: 1
  Weapons: Plasma artillery cannon, two automated plasma turrets
  Speed: 3/10 - 5/10 boosted
  Maneuverability: 6/10
  Special: Boost, Automated cannons, Hatch

The wraith is just like the one in Halo:CE except now you can drive it.  Oh,
and it also has automated turrets when the enemy drives it.

The wraith's artillery weapon is incredibly destructive, probably even more
destructive than the scorpionís turret.  The catch is, it fires in an arc
and the plasma flies slowly.  The wraith is best used against vehicles or
stationary targets.  You can fire long range but its not recommended.  It'll
take a huge amount of time for the projectile to reach its target.  And its
near impossible to hit banshees with the wraith so don't try that.

The wraith has a boost but it lasts only a couple of seconds, then you have
to wait a few moments before you can use it again.  The boost is very useful
to run over potential hijackers.

>>> 4.8 Phantom <<<

  Function: Covenantís flying transport
  Crew: ?
  Weapons: Three plasma turrets on the belly.
  Speed: 10/10
  Maneuverability: 6/10
  Special: Unpilotable, Holds covenant troops.

This is the covenant transport.  It is AI driven and cannot be driven by the
player.  It has its own grav lift to drop down troops and three turrets on
its underbelly to fire from.  You can't destroy the ship but you can take
out the turrets.  I suggest you don't bother because the transport will
end up leaving anyways.  Just duck for cover to avoid the turrets.

Any covenant can be dropped from the Phantom, including hunters.

>>> 4.9 Pelican <<<

  Function: Human's dropship
  Crew: 2(pilot and co-pilot) plus marines
  Weapons: Two chainguns
  Speed: 10/10
  Maneuverability: 5/10
  Special: Unpilotable, Holds marines and can hold a warthog or tank, Drops
           weapon capsules

This is just like the phantom transport except its on your side.  The
pelican will drop off troops for you occasionally and sometimes a nice
surprise: a warthog or tank.

Additionally, the pelican will sometimes drop weapon capsules to you.  Make
use of them because lots of times, they carry sniper rifles and rocket

Pelicans can't be shot down unless its part of the story.

>>> 4.10 Stationary Plasma Gun <<<

This isn't actually a vehicle but eh...  

The plasma turret is a stationary weapon that you can man and fire from.
It has infinite ammo and is pretty powerful.  It can be destroyed too. 

The turret is very powerful but leaves you exposed to enemy fire.  I
never use them unless Iím low on ammo.  Also, you can only rotate them
180 degrees.

>>> 4.11 Shielded Plasma Turret <<<

This is a better turret than the plasma turret.  It can rotate 360 and
has an energy shield in front of it.  You can fire from it with some
nice cover.  Note that its hard to fight against them as well.  Since
most of the time grunts man the gun, you can snipe the grunts from the
turret even when the shield is in front of you.  Aim for the methane tank
they have on their back.  The point should go over the shield.  Shoot that
to kill the grunt.

  I discovered that it is possible to use the lock-on feature for the rocket
  launcher against shielded plasma turrets, which explains why the Chief is
  outfitted with one at the beginning of Delta Halo.  I donít know if the
  same is true of regular plasma turrets just yet.
  -submitted by Kell Taurus

>>> 4.12 Stationary Machine Gun <<<

This is pretty much like the plasma turret except it fires bullets instead
of plasma.  Basically, its just like the LAAG machine gun with a 180 degree
rotation.  Once again, I hardly use them.

<^> 5. Enemies <^>
>>> 5.1 Grunt <<<


A classic enemy. These little guys are small, come in numbers, and are
hilarious.  They have very ugly mouths too.  Usually found waddling around,
you can't miss them.  They are the shortest covenant race and have very
bulky armor, which houses their breathing unit.  They are cowards at heart
and are almost always running, waving their arms in the air like a maniac.
They carry plasma pistols, needlers, and fuel rod cannons.  Some can use
active camouflage and man plasma turrets.  Some even seen some drive
ghosts around.

Tactics to use:

Just shoot.  These guys are easy.  If you need to draw fire away, kill an
elite and they'll run.  You should watch out for grenades though, because
they like throwing them.  Also watch out for grunts with fuel rod cannons.
And finally, shoot grunts before they have a chance to get into a turret.
They can do some major damage in one.

  Camo yourself and get behind them, one melee hit to
  their back kills them.  This was invaluable in a few
  sections of the game.
  --Meta Schism

Orange: Easiest of all the grunts.  These guys get scared easy, have poor
aim, and a burst with a battle rifle in the face will kill them.  These
guys should be no problem.  Just don't let them swarm you.

Red: Harder than the orange armored type, red grunts have better aim and
more resilient.  They still shouldn't be too hard.

Black: Special ops grunts.  They are better than red in everyway and some
carry a fuel rod cannon.  They have poor aim but with a fuel rod cannon,
that doesn't matter too much.  So watch out.  They can also activate

White:  These are the toughest grunts.  They don't scare easily and love
to lob tons of grenades at you.  They are very accurate.  Beware.

Green: These grunts are around the turrets.  They have incredible aim and
precision.  Kill them before they enter the turret.

Heretic: Grunts that have left the Covenant.  They don't have the usual
face mask and look really odd.  They fight like red grunts.

>>> 5.2 Jackal <<<


When you see a jackal, its usually behind an energy shield, a beam rifle,
or when they are running away with their hands over their head.  These guys
have poor health, don't have very powerful weapons (except for the sniper)
and yet they can be a pain.

Tactics to use:

The majority of the jackals you'll find will have a plasma pistol and an
energy shield.  These guys like to slowly advance on you with their body
mostly behind their shield and their plasma pistol firing.  They are usually
found in groups as well.  The best strategy is using cover and throwing frag
grenades at them.  Their shields reflect any ballistic weapon and absorb 
energy weapons.  But their shields cannot protect them from explosives. So
use them.  They are slow to dodge as well.  Try and avoid plasma grenades.
Jackals are slow but they can dodge plasma grenades if it just sits there.

Even though energy weapons can take out their shields, try and not to.  It
takes a lot of shots to get through and thatís too much time your exposing
yourself to enemy fire.  If you must, use the carbine or charged plasma
pistol to destroy the shield.  And don't try needlers because most of the
time, they'll bounce off.

  The Needler isn't entirely useless against Jackals. They all
  seem to be left handed, so they're soft spot is reached by strafing
  right. Needler shots bounce off of the floor. Aim low, either at their
  toes or at the floor a foot ahead of them while hosing Needles and
  circle strafing right. Many of the needles can bounce off the ground
  and glide upwards under their shield.
  -submitted by Eniphach

If your close enough, just melee them.  Their shields don't protect them
from melee.

Snipers are worse.  They can kill you before you know they are even there.
One shot on legendary will kill you.  Best option is another sniper rifle,
a carbine, or a battle rifle.  If our getting sniped at, just sit at some 
cover for a bit.  They'll forget about you and then you can snipe them.

  Simply shoot them with a low class weapon(pistol) and run behind a corner. 
  They follow and whack em.
  -Austin Miller

Blue Shield: These guys are the weakest.  Easy to defeat.

Yellow Shield: They can take more punishment(but just a little bit more) and
will charge their pistols.  They are much more aggressive as well.

No Shield(sniper): They carry a covenant beam rifle and plasma pistol.  They
have a long range of fire and will give no warning before they fire at you.
Don't stand still.  They'll abandon their beam rifle for a plasma pistol if
you get close enough.  These guys are hell on legendary.

>>> 5.3 Drone <<<

Able to fly and attach themselves to walls, these guys replace jackals as
my "pain in the ass" enemy.  These little guys can fly fast, have awesome
maneuverability and speed.  They also like to attach themselves to walls to
get a better angle at you.  They can fire weapons while they fly as well.

These guys are impossible to miss.  They make an insect-like buzz and
look like something off Starship Troopers.

They carry plasma pistols and needlers.  Not necessarily deadly, but very

Tactics to use:
As you might of guessed, with all their maneuverability and speed, they lack
armor.  These guys will die easily, even in Legendary.  Human weapons work
best.  If you can, take them out when they are on the ground because they 
are a lot harder to hit airborne.  Don't let them swamp you either.  Getting
shot by four different needlers at four different angles is very bad.

  Drones are petty rivals against any chain gun or SMG. But, watch your 
  your vehicles. For the most part, they can board you. They can't take your
  vehicle per se, but they use the melee attack that you would use to bring 
  down a tank. Hop out fast when they board, they surprisingly kill you
  -submitted Dan Bompadre

Only one.

>>> 5.4 Elite <<<
Elites, the 2nd coolest enemy.  Also the hardest due to two reasons; they
can take hits and they're smart.  Most weapons don't work well against
elites due to their shields can absorb a huge amount of damage.  Lets face
it, a blue elite in legendary can take more hits than you by 2 times. And
don't get me started on the honor guard...  They are also smart.  They cover
each other, flank you, take cover when their shields are low, and they don't
just stand still.  They also order around lesser covenant.  Plus they are
everywhere. Almost every battle you face, there is at least one elite.

Elites are easy to spot.  They are larger than most enemies and they usually
pack some powerful heat.  Ranging from plasma pistols to plasma swords and
carbines, elites have almost every covenant weapon.  They are usually 
shouting out commands to grunts or taunting you.

Tactics to use:
Like you, elites have shields.  The power of their shields depends on the
color of their armor and what difficulty you're on.  Honor Guards on
Legendary take several strikes with a plasma sword to down their shields
while blue elites on easy only take a couple of bursts from the battle

The best strategy is cover.  Cover, cover, cover.  Elites have powerful
weapons and will strip you of your shields in seconds so use cover.  They
will do the same.  Your best bet is dual plasma rifles and plasma grenades.
Stick a plasma grenade on an elite and he's toast.  Rifles will strip them
of their shields in no time.  You can also use a plasma pistol and another
weapon if you wish.  Use a charged plasma pistol to disable their shields
and then finish them off with the second weapon.  Heavy weapons work well
against elites but you'd be better off if you saved the heavy weapons for
vehicles or groups of enemies.  Another weapon to use is the shotgun.  A few
blasts will do the trick if your close enough.

Use the plasma pistol with the plasma rifle or human weapon to take down
elites quickly.  Plasma weapons are good against their shields and human
weapons are good against their armor.

Also, unless the elites are far away, don't use sniper rifles.  Its hard to
kill elites when their plasma fire keeps knocking you out of your zoom.
Only use it when they don't notice you or if your really good at firing
unscoped.  They can also dodge frag grenades easily, so avoid that.
Finally, don't melee them unless their back is turned.  Their melee is a
lot more powerful than yours and they can take more hits.

Elites come in many colors.  With each color, they have different battle

Types of Elites ranging from easiest:
Blue:  These are the easiest elites.  They usually carry weapons like
plasma rifles and needlers.  They don't like to advance and rather sit
from afar and shoot at you.  Their shields are pretty low compared to
other elites and they have little health underneath them.  But they are
still elites and are still dangerous. 

Rangers: Almost as easy as blue elites, these guys trade
shield power for maneuverability.  They still have shields but they are
pretty easy to take down.  They also dual wield plasma rifles so be wary of

Red:  More aggressive then the blue variant, the red elites like to advance
on you, especially when your shields are low and trying to reload your
weapon.  They also have more shields and health. They are also better shots.

Gold: Even better then the red, gold elites are tougher, smarter, and
have better weaponry.  They often dual wield and carry plasma swords.
Use shotguns or plasma grenades.  Seeing these guys is pretty rare.

Silver (Ultra): They are, well, the elite of the elites.  Fuel rod guns, plasma
swords, dual wielding, these guys can have any gun and are near perfect
shots with them.  They can also be camouflaged.  New to Halo 2, Silver
elites can have an energy shield activated while camouflaged although it
is weaker.

  Be VERY wary of Silver elites. Like Brutes, if they get pissed, they go 
  crazy. And out comes a Plasma Sword. This can be the second coming of
  Jesus, or your death wish. Usually, you should piss them off when they are
  alone, kill them with a shotgun or something and take the sword for
  yourself. It's pretty easy and helps a ton in harder difficulties like
  -submitted Dan Bompadre

Black: These are the Spec Ops Elites.  They carry any weapon and have
powerful shields.  They usually have some black Spec Ops grunts around.

Spec Ops Commander(White):  Well, I didn't spot these guys until
the last mission.  They have white armor and a weird(but cool) looking
helmet.  They are be improved versions of the black elite.

Heretic: These elites are a mix between blue and red in skill level.  They
only appear in one mission and are fairly easy.  Especially with the plasma
sword and camouflage.  Their armor is gold that looks radically different
than a regular elite.  They can carry sentinal beams too.

Honor Guard:  The sweetest looking elite by far.  Their armor color is red
and gold with yellow parts that glow.  They are impossible to miss. Wielding
either dual plasma rifles or plasma swords.  They can take a huge amount of
punishment as well.  Don't plan on having lots of times to bring your
shields back up either because they are really aggressive.
>>> 5.5 Hunter <<<

Yeah! The hunter!  My favorite enemy of all time.  They're just so cool.

Pretty much walking tanks that have bad attitudes, Hunters are much more
tough this time around.  They wear blue armor with two orange spots exposed,
their neck and the small of their back.  Carrying a huge shield in their
left and a huge fuel rod gun in their right, the hunter is a force to reckon


Hunters can't be taken down with a single shot, unless its a sniper rifle
or rocket launcher aimed at their exposed skin.  This means no single shot
from the pistol.  They also have more than one melee attack, including one
where they strike behind them, so you can't just shoot them in the back and
get to safety while the hunter turns around.

Hunters also work better together.  They'll get separated sometimes but they
tend to stick together.  Both their melee and ranged attacks are powerful so
avoid both.

The best way to defeat hunters is shoot them in their orange spots.  Don't
get too close to do this, or you'll get obliterated.  Instead, stay at a
good distance away.  Their fuel rod cannons are easy to avoid if you keep
your eye on both.  If you can get them with a sniper rifle, do so.

Hunter's fuel rod cannon don't have any splash damage.

  Just to let you know, throwing a plasma grenade on the front of a hunter
  will get his sense of direction confused, and will more then likely face
  his back to you, where you can shoot a sniper into his orange spot.
  -submitted by Peter

  Hunters are worse then Drones vs Chainguns. They can't even retaliate and
  fight back. Whenever you see a hunter, try to back track and find 2 SMGs, 
  then lay down the hurt. They don't attack, but watch the other one. He may 
  try to blast you.
  -submitted by Dan Bompadre

  When facing a hunter head-on, use the bouncing of the shot to your 
  advantage. If you aim just where the neck armor ends, the shot will reflect
  up into the Hunter's head and kill it in one shot.
  -Blaze Ninja

One, the blue armored type.

>>> 5.6 Brute <<<


The Brute doesn't appear until late in the game.  They are as big as elites
and very hairy.  They have been known to wield the Brute Shot, shotguns,
modified plasma rifles(red ones), or the covenant carbine.  

Tactics to use:

Brutes have two modes, one is normal mode, the other is berserk mode. In the
normal mode, they like to attack you from a distance.  You may think this is
good but really, its not.  The Brute Shot hurts and is near impossible to
dodge.  I would rather have them charge me, which is what the do when they
enter berserk mode.

A brute enters berserk mode when another brute dies or if they are getting
shot at a lot.  When they enter berserk mode, they just go ape.  They drop
their weapon and charge.  You can tell when a Brute is in berserk mode when
they run funnily and make weird noises.  When they are berserk, they will
punch you.  Their punches are fast and they hurt so try not to get that
close unless your about to use the energy sword on them.  The energy sword
cannot kill them in one hit.  Brutes in berserk mode are really stupid.
Jump on a ledge or pillar and they can't do much except run around and

Brutes can be easily taken out by plasma grenades, plasma swords, sniper
weapons, Brute Shot, or the fuel rod gun.  Needlers work well.

Brutes don't have shields so don't worry about them recovering any hits.

  Aim for their heads with the sniper or beam rifle.  Two shots to the head
  will kill them.  Other enemy Brutes will scatter but eventually regroup in
  the same area.  
  -Submitted by Mat Green

  The brutes no matter the type can be killed by two shots to the head, one
  to get rid of he helmet one to kill, by the pistol, battle rifle, sniper
  rifle, beam rifle, and carbine. The shot gun however is horrible against
  -Submitted by SamFisherVer2(gamertag)

  A buddy and I were playing a later mission on Normal, one with Brutes.
  If you find a brute shot, pick it up. It is the most effective melee
  weapon against them, bar none. Just run up and start hammering on
  them. They cannot do anything while you are attacking. Plus, no
  battery. Only takes about 3-4 hits. Have a friend distract them in
  co-op for an easier time
  --submitted by Eric B.


Regular: These Brutes are the easiest.  They don't have as much health
and don't have the Brute Shot(I don't think).

Chieftain: These Brutes have flags on their backs.  They can have the Brute
Shot and can lob plasma grenades at you.  They are tougher as well.

Honor Guard: These are the brutes that have been designated as the Honor
Guard for the prophets.  They wear the same armor the Honor Guard Elites
where so sometimes it can be easy to mistake them for elite.  These guys
seem just like the Chieftains but they are probably tougher.

>>> 5.7 Prophet <<<

Thereís only one prophet you have to fight and he's easy.  He has one attack
and its easy to dodge.  He blasts some energy from his chair that acts like
a Hunter's fuel rod gun.  He also has an energy shield so the best way to
kill him is to hijack his chair and melee him.  He'll teleport around but
just keep jumping on his chair and bashing him in the face.  Its pretty
funny actually.  The biggest thing you have to worry about is his guards.

>>> 5.8 Sentinel <<<


Floating robots that shoot lasers at you.  These guys are mostly annoying
until they team up on you.  Then your in trouble.

Tactics to use:

Sentinels are easy to destroy.  They have little health and if you have
their beam weapon, even their shields won't last long.  The thing is, lots
of times, you have to fight lots of them and their energy beams hurt a lot.
Sentinels are extremely aggressive and won't let you have cover.  This can
be bad, especially on Legendary.  So as soon as you see one, destroy it

Sentinels get created by little panels on the wall.  They are white and have
a blue light under them.  Shoot them to stop producing sentinels.  You know
there are these panels when you hear a distinctive whine.  These should be
taken out as soon as possible.

Regular: These sentinels fire a orange beam which deals lots of damage.
Contrary to believe, I've seen some with shields.
Gold:  These sentinels fire out a more powerful, blue beam.  Every gold
sentinel has shields.

>>> 5.9 Enforcers <<<

its hard to miss these things.  They are huge.  They float above then ground
with two energy shields in front of them.  Each shield covers half of it.
The Enforcer also has two arms that hang off the side.

Tactics to use:
These guys seem dangerous but they are not that bad.  They have two weapons.
When you are on foot, the Enforcer fires a few dozen red darts at you.  If
you stand still, most will miss you but they do hurt.  You can easily dodge
them so you don't need to worry about it much.  When you are in a vehicle,
the Enforcer will launch multiple missiles at you.  The missiles will fire
upwards and come down at you in an arc.  A easy way to dodge this is to
drive under something so the rockets miss.  You can also just dodge them
by driving fast.  One thing you should worry about is when your in a
vehicle and the enforcer is nearly over you.  Sometimes, the Enforcer will
fly over you and pick up your vehicle with its arms.  Then it'll crush you.
Never let an Enforcer to fly over you if your in a vehicle.

Enforcers can be taken down easily if your in a vehicle.  Their energy
shield doesn't last long against a tank or wraith and other vehicles can
take out the energy shield rather easily as well.  You can usually just
avoid these guys when your on foot.  If you have to fight it, get behind
cover until it forgets about you.  Then turn back and fire at it from
behind.  It takes a lot of hits to finally destroy it.

Enforcers should be treated as vehicles since you can lock on them with
the rocket launcher.
   Fastest way to take out an enforcer is to stand nearly under it and shoot
   at one of it's legs till it pops off then shoot at where it was a few
   times and it dies(alot faster then wasting entire clips on the backside
   of it)...
   -submitted by curlymon(gamertag)

><>< 5.10 Flood ><><

The flood are a race of parasite who go around, infecting everything in its
path.  The flood show signs of intelligence due to their ability to operate
weapons and vehicles.  It is not known weither they have some sort of leader
or hive mind but the flood show no signs of individualism.  They simply
infest everything they find.

  When battling the Flood I find it incredibly rewarding to stand still and
  wait for them to come to me. Normally they are fighting something when you
  happen upon them. Simply unload ammo into them without moving. They will
  make life very easy by running straight at you, making it easy to land
  multiple head shots, and rarely will they make it to you before dieing. If
  they do simply leap backwards and fire into their heads, or whip out a
  Plasma Sword and give them a good smack.
  -submitted by Mat Green

  In any level with the flood, try your HARDEST to find a Brute Shot. They 
  are THE best weapon against the flood, even better than the Energy Sword.
  Go near them with one, melee attack them and watch them turn to a cloud of
  some nasty green stuff. They have infinite melee unlike the sword so they
  work to your advantage better (not to mention a shorter but useful lunge).
  -submitted by Dan Bompadre

>>> 5.10.1 Infection Form <<<


The basic form of the flood.  They look like bulbs with small tentacles on
the bottom of it uses to infect the host.

Tactics to use:

This is the easiest form of flood.  They only do two things in every
difficulty.  They either attack you by jumping and trying to infect you or
two, reanimating dead flood.

These guys are harmless except when your shields are down or there are dead
combat forms lying around.  If your shields are down and they attach
themselves to you, its back to the checkpoint.  If the infection forms
attach themselves to dead flood, they enter the body and cause the body to
rise once again.  The reanimated flood seem to be weaker though.

Only one.

>>> 5.10.2 Combat Form <<<


Humans or Elites that get infected by infection forms get turned into this
type of flood.  The infected humans/elites mutate and grow claws on the arm
and gain enhanced strength that allows them to jump higher and do lots of
melee damage.  This type of flood can carry any weapon except for the fuel
rod cannon, the Brute Shot, the Brute Plasma Rifle, or dual wielding.  A new
addition to Halo 2 allows them to drive and operate vehicles so don't be
surprised when a warthog filled with flood run you over.

Tactics to use:

What can I say?  These guys have one basic strategy: kill you.  They
don't attempt to flank you, throw grenades, or wait for you to regain
your shields behind cover.  This can be a blessing or a curse.

The flood's lack of strategy makes them as predictable as rocks.  Basically,
they will melee you if your close enough or shoot you if your far enough.
They will charge you if you a good distance to them and will jump over to
you if your on higher ground.  If they are in a vehicle, they will try to
run you over.  If your in a vehicle, they'll ram you until one of you
explodes.  They will do anything in their power to kill you.  So don't be
surprised when you get sniped by a flood a mile away.  

If they see you take cover, they won't wait for you to recharge your
shields.  They'll charge over to finish the job.

The best way to kill the flood is with the shotgun or energy sword.  Both
can take down Flood in one hit although the shotgun won't do it always.
Using weapons like the carbine or battle rifle are a poor choice since they
don't deal damage fast enough.  Don't try sniper weapons because they just
go through the flood.  Needlers are a good choice.   So are frag grenades.
Plasma grenades is a poor choice since the flood you stick it with will
be charging you.

  Shootin flood combat forms in the chest causes more damage than the head
  since the infection form controlling the body is situated there and when
  you shoot the head it just blows off.
  --submitted by SamFisherVer2(gamertag)

  The way they work is that an infector form burrows into 
  the chest cavity of its target and takes it over from that point.  
  Essentially, aim for the heart (Rather, where the heart would be), as this 
  is where the infector form, and therefore the brain of the combat form is.  
  It's effectively a head shot on a Flood, and because of this, I've found 
  the Covenant Carbine to be a rather effective weapon if you're a decent 
  shot.  If not, shotgun/sword is still a brutally effective option.
  -submitted by Evan

Human - These guys are infected humans.  They'll usually carry human weapons
Elite - These guys are infected elites.  They tend to carry covenant weapons
including the energy sword.  Also, some will carry an active energy shield.

>>> 5.10.3 Carrier Form <<<

I have no idea if they are the next cycle after the combat form or if they
are formed from infection forms but they sure are ugly.  They are simply
walking blobs.  When they walk up to you, they explode.  When you shoot them
they explode.  And they leave a few infection forms behind.

  The flood carrier form is actually created from infested Grunts, 
  Jackals, or other smaller creatures not suited for combat forms.  I
  noticed that in Halo 2 (because of the improved graphics) their legs look
  almost exactly like the grunts...
  -submitted by Quartz


You don't want these guys exploding next to you because they hurt.  If you
see one, shoot its legs so it trips and explodes.  That's the best strategy.
If you can, make them explode when they are close to other flood.  They'll
leave behind a few infection forms but they are not that much of a problem.
If you get hit by their explosion, run because one of their infection forms
will make a grab at you.

<^> 6. Playing on Single Player <^>
>>> 6.1 Playing on Easy <<<

Easy is, well, really easy in my opinion.  If you are having trouble with
this difficulty, remember to always let your shields recharge.  And get
use to the controls.  If you spend lots of time looking at the controller
to see what buttons to hit, you should practice on where the buttons are.
When you can, rely on your allies, they are really helpful in this
difficulty.  Also, learn how to use vehicles properly since there are a lot
of vehicle dependant missions.

>>> 6.2 Playing on Normal <<<

Medium is much more difficult than easy but it shouldn't be too tough.
Allies are still useful so make use of them.  Give your marines/elites
sniper weapons since they can be a good shot.

Shields go down a lot faster on this difficulty.   Make sure you watch
your shields.

Elites and hunters are probably the toughest enemy on this difficulty.
Make sure you shoot at one elite at a time instead of firing on a group
of elites and then taking cover, only to have their shields recover.
Hunters have a lot more health and their melee attack is very powerful.

Sentinel beams, The Beam Rifle, shotguns, and other heavy weapons will
bring down your shields fast.

If you have trouble, get a friend to help.

Tartarus can be taken down really easily with needlers.

>>> 6.3 Playing on Heroic <<<

Shields drop even faster, so taking cover is critical.

Elites and Brutes can be a pain in this difficulty.  I always carry either
a shotgun, a energy sword, or a heavy weapon with me to take out brutes and

Don't rely on your allies much.  They are not as useful.  You can still pair
them with sniper rifles and rocket launchers though, they are a very good

Once again, if you need help, pair off with a friend.

>>> 6.4 Playing on Legendary <<<

This is hell.  That's all I can say.  I'll focus on this part of the guide
once I beat more missions on this difficulty.

Most missions will take you about an hour or more unless your really good.  

If you are having trouble with the first few missions, take heart for they
are most likely the hardest.  The first level, you don't get a lot of good
weapons and there are just a ton of elites.  The second has tons of snipers.

Elites are evil in this difficulty.  I highly suggest not using SMGs.  The
best thing to do is to use an overcharged plasma pistol and a human weapon
against them.  Plasma grenades work well.  White, Gold, and Honor won't die
from one plasma grenade.  Use the pistol.

Elites with two plasma rifles(white, rangers, Honor) can kill you in a
second(literally) if your not careful.  PLEASE USE COVER AND PLASMA PISTOL.

Your new worst enemy on this difficulty will be the jackal sniper.  One hit
kills, no matter what.  You will have to play an area over and over again
just so you know where the jackals are and how to take them out.

Allies get slaughtered in a few moments.  use them to draw fire, thatís it.
DO NOT TRY AND KEEP THEM ALIVE.  Its just unnecessary work to do so.  They
are a liability.  If you save them in one section, they'll just die in the

Shields drop after a few hits from a plasma rifle. A couple of direct hits
from a Brute Shot will kill you, sniper rifles will kill you in one hit,
sentinel beams will kill you after a few seconds.   Its just crazy.

Be careful in vehicles, especially the banshee.  Your shields drop so fast
that vehicle armor doesn't do much for you.

I'd suggest Co-op, but its even harder in co-op.  When one person dies, both
have to restart back at the check point.

One suggestion is to take it slow.  Incredibly slow.  Instead of rushing
ahead and dying a dozen times before you pass the section, killing a few
enemies from a range and going back to get another checkpoint can be
really useful.

Learn to use sniper weapons.  These babies will help you avoid several
long-drawn out firefights that may end getting you killed.  Be patient
with your shots too.  Make sure you have a head shot.

Here are some tips for the levels in Legendary.  Some include specific
areas while others will be general.

>-><-> 6.4.1 Cairo Sation <-<>-<

The first mission is the hardest IMO.  I must of spent hours on the
level before beating it.  The hardest part is at the hangers.  Its really,
really hard to kill two white elites, a yellow, several reds and blues, plus
dozens of grunts with only basic weaponery and grenades.

The first hanger has several allies that can draw fire for you.  As soon as
you enter it, go to the right and pick up the grenades.  There should be
about 3 frags and 8 plasma grenades.  Use frags for grunts and plasma for
elites.  There are three waves of reinforcements from the dropship.  The
first and second consist of red/orange grunts and blue/red elites but the
third has a white elite and two white grunts with needlers.  Kill the white
grunts first because of their needlers and they LOVE lobbing grenades.  The
white has two plasma rifles and an energy sword that he'll whip out if you
piss him off.  I HIGHLY suggest an overcharged plasma shot and then a
headshot from the battle rifle.

The second hanger is the hardest area.  When you first enter, kill the two
grunts manning the turrets.  Beyond the grunts is three elites (2 red, 1
blue) and lots of grunts.  I suggest a frag and then plasma pistol/battle
rifle.  Use plasma grenades and try and grab some when you can.  There
are either 3 or 4 reinforcements.  The second to last one has a white elite
and the last has a white and gold elite.  The gold has a sword. I suggest
that you get to the catwalks and fire from there when they appear.  use the
boxes for cover and watch your motion detector.  Also listen to dialouge. If
the elites start calling you coward or they talk to each other about
charging, get back before they charge you.

Afterwards, it is easier, but still hard.  When your outside the station,
take out those rangers as fast as you can.  They have dual plasma rifles. 

>-><-> 6.4.2 OutSkirts <-<>-<

There are huge amounts of snipers.  Watch out here.  Personally, I haven't
played this mission on Legendary yet.  But I'm pretty sure there will be tons
of snipers.  I suggest going with a ghost instead of a warthog through the
driving part.  The Marine AI is pretty good when it comes to driving or
manning the guns, but not good enough.

>-<>-< 6.4.3 Metropolis <-<>-<

At the part where the Gauss Rifle-mounted warthog is driving
around, DO NOT STAY AND TRY TO KILL ALL THE JACKALS.  After about an hour on
this section alone, in co-op, I figured out that jackals spawn here forever.
If you stay near the pipe you come from, they come from the opposite end,
and if you reach the platforms, they will come from the pipe you
came from.  I suggest eliminating as many jackals as you can see and running
towards the platforms.  Don't get on them though.  Stay under.  When you get
under, wait for a ghost to appear and draw it towards you.  Hopefully, you
can jack it and continue on the level.

Wait until the last second to jump on the Scarab.  Blast it with rockets
first and get as many enemies as you can.  Especially the snipers.

>-><-> 6.4.4 The Arbitor <-<>-<

Use your active camouflage.  Its really short on legendary so use
right before you get spotted.

Pick up fresh weapons as much as you can.

Destroy sentinals as fast as you can, they do lots of damage.

>-><-> 6.4.5 Oracle <-<>-< 

Pretty much the same as above.  When you get in the banshee, destory
other banshees as soon as you spot them.  Use your fuel rod cannon.
Also, watch out for grunts with the fuel rod.

The Heretic leader is pretty hard.  Get him with the sword or dual
plasma rifles.  Try to stick him with a plasma grenade.

>-><-> 6.4.6 Delta Halo <-<>-<

Allies die quickly, even if they are in cool armor.

lots of jackals, again.  Watch out for drones as well.

It might take you awhile in the area with the log and waterfall.  There are
lots of sniper jackals.

>-><-> 6.4.7 Regret <-<>-<

This has tons of sniper jackals again. Sigh...

Pick up the fuel rod cannon.  Its hiding at the top of the room with the
first elevator thing.

There are several hunters in this level. Shoot them with a sniper rifle.

The last area is really hard.  Pick up the 2nd fuel rod.  There are lots
of honor elites.  Much more than what you'll first see.  Plasma pistol,
dual needlers, and the fuel rod all work well.  Try and not to use the
energy sword.  I don't think it can kill them with one hit, even with
lunge.  They have a ton of shields.

Prophet is easy.  He can take more damage though, so you might have to
hijack his chair several times before he'll fall.

>-><-> 6.4.8 Sacred Icon <-<>-<

This level can get SOOOO annoying.  The Enforcers are not your main threat.
Keep an eye on them, but don't worry about them too much.

In the room where you fight the first enforcer, destory the machines that
make the sentinals first.  The enforcer can wait.

The 2nd large room(after you travel on the horizontal elevator) is harder.
The flood and the sentinals duke it out a lot so not all the fire is
directed at you, but its still tough.  The sentinal spawning things should
be destroyed first.  You might have to wait a bit, some won't open until a
little later.  The flood are not hard but the sentinals are a pain.  Grab
their beams, especially the blue ones.  Trade them often as well.  The beams
can kill the flood, the sentinals, and the spawners with ease.

Beware shielded sentinals.  They take about three times more firepower to
destroy.  Plasma pistols and sentinal beams are suggested.

The flood will eventually get hard when they appear with swords and such.

When you meet the other elites, don't protect them.  They'll end up trying
to melee a flood with a sword anyways.  Pick up a sword.  It's the best
weapon here.

The white elite in the turret can't die.  Stay close to him.

>-><-> 6.4.9 Quaritine Zone <-<>-<

Yay, another vehicle oriented mission.

Take a ghost.  The spector will end up getting picked up by an enforcer
or blown up by a flood anyways.

Enforcers are more of a threat. Their rockets and arms can do a lot of

Get a tank/wraith as soon as you can.  They give you the firepower you need
for the enfocers.

When you come to the area with two wraiths taking on a couple of enforcers,
beware of flood with rockets.  One will appear on top of a cliff after you
pass the first bridge.  The second will pop up out of a hole a little ways
after.  They can kill you in one hit.

Also, watch out for sniper flood.  They are a couple too.

When you reach the elevator part, its pretty easy.  Kill the sword/shotgun
flood first.  Give your elites shotguns(despite their whining)/swords.  They
can actually be useful if you give them good weapons.

>-><-> 6.4.10 Gravemind <-<>-<

This level is hard.  Not many sniper jackals, but plenty of Brutes.

In case you didn't know, its Brutes, Jackals, and Drones vs Elites, Hunters,
and Grunts.  Elites will usually kill a Brute one on one, unless the brute
is berserking.  Hunters will get owned by a beserked brute.  Dones don't last
long.  Neither do jackals or grunts.  If you see a battle going a bit uneven,
kill a memeber of the winning side.

The first part is tough.  the first thing you have to fight is two
Honor Brutes.  Beserked brutes will kill you REALLY FAST.  The final
wave of brutes is tough.  There is a chieftan, two other brutes, and
two more up on the sides with carbines.  Use cover.  There are plenty of
white grunts as well.  Watch out for grenades.

Skip as many areas as you can.  Lots of times, the elites and brutes will
be fighting each other but it won't stay that way forever.

>-><-> 6.4.11 Uprising <-<>-<

I've never seen so many apes in a single level...

There are huge amounts of brutes and jackals.  The elites don't last long,
so don't rely on them.  Plasma grenades, Brute Shots, needlers, and carbines
are suggested for this level.

There are about 10 or so sniper jackals in this level.  Watch out.  They have
more of a priority than the Brutes.

>-><-> 6.4.12 High Charity <-<>-<

This was pretty easy for me.  The flood and the Brutes are usually too busy
to fight you.

The brutes at the beginning are the toughest.  Try and get the flood to
attack them.

Shotguns and swords are highly suggested.

>-><-> 6.4.13 The Great Journey <-<>-<

The last level.  wooo!  At the beginning, its up to you to either drive the
spector or get in the gunner's seat.  I suggest the gunners.  You might want
to switch before you get to the wraith.  The driver is usually pretty good
at avoiding the mortor fire but you'll get hit eventually.

You want to keep the white elite in the wraith.  It's indestructable as long
as he is in it.  Let him take most of the enemy fire.

The Hunters will stay alive a long time as long as you keep snipers/beserked
brutes away from them.

Free the prisioners as soon as you see them.  They serve as a good

When you get in the banshee, fly forward.  Do not stick around with Johnson.
The scarab cannot get blown up, despite what he says.  Fly all the way to the
index place.  You'll get way ahead of the Scarab, therfor avoiding the
banshees.  Hid the banshee next to the building.  You'll have to wait a bit
but the Scarab will come and blow up the door.

The brutes can be tough in the next section.  As soon as you see the
brutes, lob grenades, then go under the floor and hid in the corner.  Shoot
the glass above you to provoke the brutes to come down and take them out one
at a time.

Tartarus is hard unless you get him stuck.  Bring needlers or a carbine.
I simply kept staying on the upper level, looking down at Tartarus while
he stared up at me.  Sometimes he'd jump on the lift.  When he does, just
avoid him, he'll eventually jump down.  Eventually, he got stuck in one
place and I easily took care of him with needlers.

Congrats, you beat the game on Legendary.

<^> 7. Playing on Multiplayer <^>
>>> 7.1 Intro <<<

This part of the guide focuses on tackling on other humans on Live.  These
strategies can still help you when your with friends though.  

>>> 7.2 Multiplayer Strategies <<<

This section will have strategies and stuff people use often on Live.
I'll post ones you guys give me or that I use on Live.

If I get enough suggestions, I'll add numbers and maybe even categories.

>>> 7.2.1 General <<<

--Stealth Kills--

One way of easily taking out opponents on levels with multiple stories is to
get on a ledge and wait for an enemy to pass from under you.  Then jump down
and melee him, preferably with the energy sword, for a easy kill.
-submitted by bobby blockhead (gamertag)

>>> 7.2.2 Vehicle <<<

--Getaway Car--
Used on maps such as Coagulation, this strategy is used when the flag runner
or bomb carrier cannot drive vehicles.  Even if you cannot drive them, you
can still be in the passenger's seat of a warthog or Spectre.  Get a driver
to drive you to the enemy base to plant the bomb or to capture the flag.
When you capture the flag, run back to your driver and get back in the
seat for a peaceful(well maybe not peaceful but fast) ride back.

--Vehicle Surfing--
In maps that use vehicles, its possible to ride on top of them without
entering.  This is best accomplished by jumping on and staying
in the middle of the vehicle.  The driver should avoid sharp turns as well.

This is really useful for capturing the flag.

--Ghost Jump--
Usually requires an ally or a stupid foe. I have repeatedly noticed that
having your legs slapped across the hood of a ghost not only doesn't kill
you, but it propells you far, far into the sky. By havign the pilot boost at
you, and jumping at the right moment (when the ghost is about four feet from
you) you can pull this off without dying. In level such as Headlong, you can
get to the base of a flag-bearing structure, pop up, freak the defenders out
(at which time the rest of your team should charge their base), and thin
their ranks with a pair of rockets or grenades or whatever the hell else
suits your fancy.
-submitted by Carey W. Free

--Energy Sword in Warthog--
Cool little trick in multiplayer.  I've yet to find a consistently
successful way to manipulate it, but have had a couple neat effects from it.
When riding in the passenger seat of the warthog, equip an energy sword.  If
you get sufficiently close to an enemy that your cursor turns red, swing and
nothing will happen.  However, as soon as you press X to get out of the
vehicle, you will begin flying directly at that opponent, even if they're a
long ways away from you.  There might be some cool tricks for this in CTF,
but the only truly cool things I've been able to do are take out the sniper
up on the rock in coagulation (the post you can normally only reach via
banshee) and steal an enemy banshee as it flew far overhead.  Hope you can
find some use for it.
 -submitted by David Schafer

>>> 7.2.3 Weapons <<<

--Shock and Awe--
Stand outside the door to an enemy filled room. Have your teammates lace
you with plasma grenades. Run like hell in circles around the room,
throwing grenades everywhich way. Blow up. Laugh at the stupified looks on
your friends' faces. For a bit of a twist, Get in a banshee. Fly low over
your mates. Have them lace you with plasmas as you go by. Fly into a group
of foes. Cackle. Blow up.
 -submitted by Carey W. Free

--Damage Energy Sword Users--
If your opposing player has an energy sword and is fixing to perform the
lunge attack quickly look at your feet, jump, and throw a grenade (plasma
perferable).  If done correctly, they will miss and you will kill them with
a plasma grenade or lower there shields with a frag grenade.  This'll take
some practice to get right because you have to be quick about it.
 -submitted by Madcat

--Shotgun vs Energy Sword--
On levels like Midship where there is a sword and a shotgun and a lot of
close-range encounters you definitely want the sword. But if you only have
a shotgun and are faced with an enemy who has the sword I wait until I know
the enemy is about to perform the lunge attack and as soon as I see him make
his move and lunge at me, I pull the trigger to fire the shotgun. The lunge
attack is so quick that by the time your shotgun goes off, the enemy doing
the lunge will be right in front of the barrel and the blast will kill the
enemy before his sword reaches you. It will take some practice to get the
timing right but I can kill a lunging opponent about 60% of the time using
this technique with the shotgun.
 -submitted by Dan

--Hopping ov vehicles with the plasma sword--
When carrying a plasma sword and you spot some vehicles, you can use a 
very cool tactic. Watch as you opponent tries to mow you down, jump (or move
sideways), try with the sword to get a lock, lunge, then when you get close 
enough, hold X. You have just boarded him from about 10 feet. Can save you 
sometimes in multiplayer.
 -submitted Dan Bompadre

>>> 7.2.4 Glitches <<<

--Throwing objects through stuff--
This strategy is useful when transporting the flag/bomb.  There are certain
areas where you can throw objects through if your right against it.  A very
useful location is the gate on Zanzibar.  You and a friend can capture the
flag easier if one grabs the flag, runs up to the gate, and throws it out so
the other person can grab it.  This is really useful when there are people
after you as soon as you grab the flag.
-Submitted by INT Remedy (gamertag)

--Wall climbing--
You can actually wall climb!  Now, I tried this only once and I need someone
to email me the rest of the details.  I did it on headlong.  Two people must
stand against a wall you wish to climb.  One person has to jump on the other
and the person on the bottom has to have an energy sword.  The one with the
sword has to look at the other player on top of him.  The top player needs
to start jumping while the other player hits B + X (or R + X) as fast as
they can.
Eventually, your suppose to start climbing up the wall.
 -thanks to tgrdf fsdg for clearing this up.

--Getting to someone really fast with the sword and the rocket launcher--
To do this, you need a rocket launcher and a sword.  Now, its preferable
that the rocket launcher is empty, just so you don't accidently launch a
rocket at the person.  Take out your rocket launcher and aim it at the
person.  Make sure your crosshair is red.  Next, switch to your sword and
IMMEDIATLY hit the R trigger.  If you do it at the right time, you'll fly
towards the person just like you were in a lunge.  I did it before.  It
takes practice though.

>>> 7.2.5 Map Specific <<<

--Getting the 'hog in Headlong on a high place--
Go to headlong, and get in a hog (i think it might only work with the gauss
one).  Drive it up the launch ramp, and make a sharp right turn at the top
so you land on the dangling highway section.  Now, turn the hog so that it's
facing the balance beam.  Back up until the two back tires are just hanging
over the end, and slam on the gas.  The motion forces the platform forward
into the beam.  When they collide, the hog will snap forward and, with luck,
it will skid across the beam and onto the agacent tower.  Now you can drive
the hog into any spot on either of the two buildings.
 -submitted by Nick Vovos

--Going REALLY high on Headlong--
Someone has to get into a wraith first.  Drive the wraith to the building
that's incomplete and position it against the building and facing the small
ledge.  A person has to be standing at base of the ledge.  Face the person
with your wraith and boost towards him.  When you ram him, he'll go flying.
Very funny to watch.  The person can get on roofs and such as well.  Best
to have an overshield before you get rammed.

--Ultimate Sniper Spot on Burial Grounds--
On the map "Burial Mounds", at the base with the two turrets, grab the 
sniper rifle and a freind. You and your freind head to the turret on the 
left side of the base that you have to jump up too. Now have your freind 
stand past the turret in the wall opening, up the slight incline at the edge
of the wall opening. Jump on his head, and then quickly crouch jump again up
onto the roof of the base. You now are at the ultimate sniper post!
-submitted by Yetti

--Coagulation Secret--
At the blue base(if you don't see the blue flags, it's the base with 
the sniper ledge), there is a secret behind the base. Get the 
banshee and fly behind the base. Go all the way up, then jump out. 
If you can run fast, dodge the banshee and climb up to the top. You 
should be able to see the whole level.
-submitted by Chris Heskett

<^> 8. FAQ <^>

Since I've released this FAQ close to release date, Iím sure Iím going to
get lots emails asking me questions.  So if I get a bunch of the same
question or if I see the question a ton on the board, I'll post it here. 
I know what happened to Aggrosk8tor and his San Andres FAQ... 1800 emails
in less than two weeks.

Q: What difficulty are you writing this for?
A: Legendary.

Q: Can I add you as a friend?  Can we play together?
A: Sure.  I accept any invites.  And I like joining in parties or custom
   games whenever I can.

Q: What are these skulls I keep hearing about?
A: They are special skulls found in single player missions on any
   difficulty.  One of the skulls is found near the beginning of the
   metropolis level.  After the first doorway, jump on a light attached to
   the wall.  Then jump on top of the roof.  Wander around and you will find
   a skull lying around.  Walk over it and hit X.  You will then pick up the
   skull and your HUD and weapon will disappear.  Even if you discard the
   skull, you will still be blind of your HUD and weapon.  You can do other
   single player levels with blind mode and the only way to restart is to
   restart your Xbox or restart Metro(I believe).  I'll probably add in a
   secrets section later, after I'm satisfied with the rest of my guide. 

Q: How do I see my stats for my gamertag?
A: You have to register online at bungie's website.  They'll guide you
   though it.

Q: I see this marine carrying this big ass weapon around but I cannot pick
   it up nor will he fire it.  What's up?
A: Its actually a folded up stationary machine gun.  The marine will set it
   up when the enemy comes so he(or you) can use it.  You cannot carry it.

Q: Is there an alternate ending for Legendary?
A: No, there is a minor difference.  In the credits the words "Feburary 9th"
   appear though.

<^> 9. Acknowledgments <^>

I would like to thank Bungie and Microsoft for their hard work and effort
they put into this game.  

I also want to send thanks to the people who emailed me and helped fix my
guide and add content.

I also want to thank the people who play with me online.  Too bad my mic
broke, so I have to keep text messaging people.

Thanks to LUE, they rock.  Also thanks to LlamaGuy for the place that
doesn't exist.(copiedBigRigsFAQ/10)

Thanks to the sites that host my guide.

Thanks to you, the reader, because...because...well...

<^> 10. Contact Info <^>

If you would like to contact me about my FAQ, go ahead.  Please mention my
guide in the subject so I know what its about.  Here is what you may email
me about:
*suggestions for my guide
*errors in my guide
*giving strategies or additional information for me to put in my guide that
will help people (you'll receive credit)
*saying thanks
*asking me to put my guide on a site
*pointing out typos/misspellings/grammar issues

Unluckily, there are some people that like to send stuff not relevant to
this guide.  I've learned this from reading other FAQs and seeing the
author complain about all the unnecessary emails they receive.  So don't
send me an email if it includes the following:
*anything irrelevant to this guide
*a question that's been answered in the FAQ(section 8)

My email is [email protected]

So thatís my FAQ.  Hope you liked it.

-End of document-