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Halo 2


Conversations From The Universe Translation

by Shadow Ryushi

Halo 2: Limited Collector's Edition:
 Conversations From The Universe Translation
by: Shadow Ryushi


Section 0 [0.0] - Comments
Section 0.5 [0.5] - Version History
Section 1 [1.1] - Information
Section 2 [2.2] - Translation
Section 3 [3.3] - FAQ//FAWK
Section 4 [4.4] - Copyright//Legal Stuff

+++++++++[{Section 0 - Comments}]+++++++++[0.0]

This isn't my first guide by a long shot, but it is the
first one that I have submitted to GameFAQs. This is simply
a translation of that single page in the bonus booklet. 
No walkthrough, no secrets, nadda, just a translation.
Its here for you if you want a bit more back story about
the Prophets of the Covenant and their plans. So, even
though I know most everything about Halo 2's campaign, don't
email me about it asking for stuff in correspondance to
this guide, 

Also the Sangheili mentioned is the actual name for
the Elite Race, whereas the Jiralhanae are the Brutes.

If you wish to get alot more backstory:

1: Play the games!
2: Read the bonus booklet!
3: Read the novels!
4: Pay attention to all of the above!

+++++++++[{Section 0.5 - Version History}]+++++++++[0.5]

Version 1.1 - Created FAQ
Version 1.2 - Added XBox Live Information To The FAQ
Version 1.3 - Added Version History, Spellchecked It
Version 1.4 - Reduced It From 86 to 79 Characters A Line
Version 1.5 - Updates to FAQ

+++++++++[{Section 1 - Information}]+++++++++[1.1]

I'm sure that anyone who purchased Halo 2's Collector's
Edition and has taken the time to read the
Conversations From The Universe booklet, has been extremely
confused by one page in particular. Page 7, the one entitled
I took the time to translate this page for personal challenge
and for other people who have been confused by it. Simply
this "conversation" is from the Prophet of Truth to the 
Propeht of Mercy about the Prophet of Regret. I know this
to be the correct translation as everything works in it
and flows well. This took approximately 1 hour to do.

+++++++++[{Section 2 - Translation}]+++++++++[2.2]

>>> Letter From Truth To Mercy About Regret >>>

To thine own eyes, Prophet of Mercy

Dearest Brother,

I hope this finds you well. My sorrow and anger precede me
with regard to the atrocity and heresy at Halo. We shall
avenge this destruction with some of our own. Work proceeds
apace on our battle plan. The Sangheili will do what is
asked of them, and the Jiralhanae will show the humans what our 
strength looks like at close quarters.

But this message concerns neither the planning nor the
discovery of the human homeworld. Rather I question
Brother Regret's suitability for this great purpose.

I am aware of his tenacity and ambition, but I believe
his youth and reckless reaching may prove to be grave
risks to the perfection of this undertaking. You have noted
his rashness in the past, and yet neither of us has acted.

I suggest that we continue as planned, but we would both
do well to pay mind to Brother Regret, and provide wisdom
and guidance as needed. This matter is too important to be
left to inexperienced hands. Piety is no substitute for wisdom.

Perhaps I worry too much. You know that I embrace caution,
but we cannot have inexperience or arrogance at this
great juncture.

Be pure, be vigilant, and never rest.

By my own hand

Prophet of Truth

+++++++++[{Section 3 - FAQ//FAWK}]+++++++++[3.3]

Q: What do you mean by FAWK?
A: Its just a more fun pronunciation of FAQ.

Q: Do you play Halo 2 on Live?
A: Yes.

Q: What is your Gamer Tag?
A: Shadow Ryushi.

Q: Are you in a clan?
A: Yes, I founded ForeverAndADay.

Q: Can we be Friends?
A: Sure, just send the message.

Q: Can I join your clan?
A: Sure, once you are my Friend, I'll let you in. :D

Q: Do you know that it is feckless in the third paragraph?
A: I have been alerted to this many times already [so far 5]
however, I am going to leave it reckless. My explaination to
any and all who send this to me anymore is:

I've been alerted to this a number of times already. 
Yes, feckless does work, however I was unaware of the word 
when translating and took it as reckless. Moreover though, 
its not to say that reckless couldn't work, especially in
the sense that many of the other symbols have a dual meaning,
and I figured that this one did as well. 

Please do not email me with this concern anymore.

Q: Why'd you do this again?
A: Just to do it as a challenge.

Q: Did you recieve any help with this?
A: Effectively no, however on 2 words [apace and suitability]
mrdiegs slowed my focus down allowing me to get them translated.
I was simply trying too hard.

Q: Was it really necessary to do this?
A: I'd like to think so as its allowing other people who either
a) don't want to take the time to translate it, 
b) can't understand it at all, or c) havn't even seen it to 
be able to understand what it is saying.

*Spoilers In Answer*
Q: Who are these Prophets?
A: In Halo 2, the three mentioned Prophets [Truth, Mercy, Regret]
are the three lifeforms who allow the disgraced Elite to become
the Arbiter. Regret is the Prophet who you beat down in the level
named 'Regret'. He is also the hologram at the ceremony where the
fallen Elite becomes the Arbiter. Mercy is the Prophet who, in
the level 'High Charity', has the Flood Infection Form jump on
his face. Truth is the main of the three and is the one who is
deadset on activating the other Halos. You have no real contact
with him in the game. 
*End Spoilers*

*Spoilers In Answer*
Q: Though its not mentioned in this FAQ, who is the Gravemind?
A: I am simply addressing this mainly because so few people manage
to understand what this thing is. The Gravemind is what "saved"
the Master Chief after falling into the "ocean" after killing
Regret. It is the central conciousness of all the Flood, somewhat
akin to the Overmind to the Zerg in StarCraft. Its goal is simply
to consume all life forms in the universe with two key factors: the 
Flood and the knowledge it is going to get out of Cortana
[go watch the credits and wait til they end to see this little part.]
*End Spoilers*

*Spoilers In Answer*
Q: Though not addressed by this FAQ, whats this about Bonus Levels?
A: There are no, I repeat no, bonus levels in Halo 2. It is rumoured 
that once you beat it on Legendary you get bonus levels. This is a myth
and only a myth. However I have heard from multiple sources that once
you beat the final level on Legendary, in the credits is the release 
date for Halo 3. It is said to be in February 2005. I am still attempting
to substantiate this and will take a pic and put up a link to it if it is

Update: [email protected] has alerted me to a article saying:

It Ain't So, Joe.
For the record: word from Bungie is that the 'Coming
February 9th' rumor is exactly that - a rumor. A
baseless, false, totally untrue rumor. I won't pass
along the exact wording... but it was pretty clear in
its meaning. Someone's pulling your leg. And by
'your', I mean the internet - even Slashdot was
promoting this puppy.(Louis Wu 02:03:30 UTC)

^The words on top are the news article's title. It's
the first news article posted on the 16th November.
I would have given a direct link, but because of the
way has their news article's setup if
I tried to give a direct link it would just take you
to their search engine.  This link below is as close
to direct as I can get it.

Its near the bottom of the page and the title is "It
Ain't So, Joe." in bold.

So there you go, no bonus levels, Foundation does not 
count as a "bonus level" as its a multiplayer map and
is offered simply by logging onto XBox Live or beating
the single player campaign. Thanks again to ctw for letting
me know.
*End Spoilers*

Q: Can I have any personal information about you because I'm in love 
with you?
A; Well its...NOT FOR YOU SILLY PERSON. *Throws a Rabid Badger at You*

+++++++++[{Section 4 - Copyright//Legal Stuff}]+++++++++[4.4]

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any 
other website or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
and a violation of copyright. Copyright 2004 Mark Waggoner.

Halo 2 and all affiliated information is property of Microsoft and Bungie 
[or Bungle/Bingle <3 Red Vs Blue]. This is in no way affilliated officially
with either of these companies.

Gamefaqs and Neoseeker are the only current web sites with permission to use
my guide. If you wish to use this guide contact me at [email protected]