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Halo 2


Spoiler-free Walkthrough

by Subliminal Celsius


                      Table Of contents (CTRL + F if you need help finding)
                             I. Contact information
                            II. Disclaimer
                           III. Version history
                            IV. Game information
                                A. Information
                                B 1. Enemies (Covenant Infantry)
                                B 2. Enemies (Covenant Vehicles)
                                B 3. Enemies (The Flood)
                                B 4. Enemies (Forerunners)
                                C. Weapons 
                                D. Campaign - level listing
                                F. Campaign Walkthrough
                             V. Unlocked Content
                            VI. Affiliates
                           VII. Credits

                          I. Contact information
AIM - Sin Serenity; 
MSN: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

                             II. Disclaimer
This FAQ is for personal use only. You are not allowed to use it for profit.
(ie: selling this) Please DO NOT rip off any part of this guide, and you are 
not allowed to use it as a basis or making your own. You are allowed however,
to post this FAQ/Walkthrough on your non-commercial/non-profit website, 
provided that the entire content of this document remains as is. 
And last, if you wish to post this guide on your site please inform me. 
This document may be printed out for personal use.

Copyright  2004 (c) Paul Willis

AKA - "Subliminal Celsius"

If you would like to add any advice, another alternative, comment, 
or otherwise, feel free to contact me.

Remember, I WILL be watching - especially popular Xbox/Halo 2 forums. (-.-)

                            III. Version history
v.1.25: NOVEMBER 12, 2004 - I have started an incomplete version of this guide
designed to help those in the single-player portion of Halo 2. KNOW THIS - 
Easy, Normal, and Heroic are more similar to each other - 
Legendary will require totally different strategies, therefore rendering 
this guide likely USELESS to anyone playing on Legendary -
but those playing on Heroic and below may benefit. 
I am doing this guide based on NORMAL difficulty.

v.1.75: NOVEMBER 14, 2004 -
Fixed some mistakes, format remains rather unchanged. Campaign is
finished, and I've also added a new section - so far all I have for you
is how to unlock one of the maps. 

v.2.00: NOVEMBER 15, 2004 -
Wow, I suck at typing FAQ's. But I've again correct mistakes, and especially
the popular one about freeing the guys in the last level. So many people,
I'll try to credit as many people as I can, but you all helped. :) Thx.
Oh yeah, sites hosted on added also...  As to all
hosting this FAQ at their sites PLEASE use this update ASAP. There are some
embarassing errors in 1.75. Anymore you notice, e-mail me about ASAP.

v.2.50: DECEMBER 16, 2004 - 
I finally got Xbox Live! This is the only multiplayer XBL game I have, so for
the past week, I've been playing this a lot. I also got some time to check out
the rest of the skulls in the past month... it was a headache, and some of the
skulls just weren't worth it. My gamertag for XBL is: Sin Serenity

                             IV. Game information

Author's opinion/summary: HALO 2 is obviously one of the most anticipated
games of all timeand as of 11/9/04 hit records that the film industry can only
dream of! It is four long years of hardwork that has been paid by Bungie, yet
we must also give thanks to Microsoft, for publishing and having the Xbox to
play it on. 

A. Information
Platform: Xbox
Genre: First-Person-Shooter
Developer: Bungie
Publisher: Microsoft
ESRB: Mature - Blood & gore, violence, strong language
Players: 1-4 (splitscreen); 1-16 (system link, Xbox Live)
- In-game Dolby Digitial
- HDTV 480p
- Clans
- Content Download
- Online Multiplayer
- Scoreboards
- Friends
- Voice (requires headset)

B 1. Enemies (Covenant Infantry)
[Unggoy] Grunt:
Threat level: Low
===RANK ===(descending, top color being the highest)

Armament -
Fuel rod gun, needler, plasma grenades, plasma pistol, plasma turret, Ghost.

Summary: Your most numerous and common foe. Don't let your guard down, 
but don't be afraid to conserve ammo,
as they're often very weak against melee attacks, as well as projectiles. 
Their panic when stuck with a plasma grenade often get's their comrades
killed - use this to your advantage when they are in groups.

[Kig-yar] Jackal:
Threat level: Moderate to High
Sniper (no shield)
Orange (shield)
Blue (shield)

Armament - 
Particle beam rifle, plasma pistol

Summary: You can expect these to come in combination with any Covenant forces,
but higher ranks can be particularly troublesome. Jackals protect themselves
well with their shields, but not enough. When they fire, shoot at their arm,
which is ALWAYS exposed. Also they are slow to counter melee attacks. 
Never underestimate the sniper's accuracy, and oftenthere are more than one.
Jackals are easiest to fight indoors. 

[Lekgolo] Hunter:
Threat level: High

Armament - Plated shield, modified fuel rod gun 

Summary: Hunters always travel in pairs. They should not be taken lightly, 
and you should focus on them in most battles, as soon as you notice them.
Hunters are most lethal indoors. In Halo, practically any weapon could defeat 
them in one shot, IF you hit the orange flesh protruding from the armor - 
the most common places being the midsection and neck. Not quite the case, now.
Use your most powerful and/or accurate weapons on them only. 
Their melee attacks are devastating, and as they are fast with these,
in enclosed spaces, death can come swiftly. 
Beware also their fuel rod gun's, which do not lob.
Instead, shot like rockets, only they are beams of energy.

[Sanghelli] Elite:
Threat level: Moderate to Very High
Blue w/ jetpack

Armament - Covenant carbine, needler, plasma grenades, plasma rifle, sword

Summary: The backbone of the Covenant enemy. You will see these quite often. 
However, when killed around "lesser" Covenant, like Grunts and Jackals, 
their morale, if you will, will drop, causing sometimes confusion, fear,
and broken groups. Elites are of your smartest foes, and are often
smarter than your human allies. They are never to be taken lightly.
Treat them as you would a reflection of yourself as a Spartan. 
They have shields, like you - they can also be recharged. 
Also, those without swords will not hesitate to hit you when you're very close
- they're hits pack about as much as your's do and they can be very agressive,
but are vunerable to fire after missing a swing. These enemies also pilot many
vehicles, from Ghosts to Wraiths, and are highly compentent at this. Elites 
are some of the loudest Covenant - you can hear them before you see them, so
never rush into an area with them, especially at higher difficulties. It can
turn into a very quick game of cat and mouse! 

[Jiralhanae] Brute:
Threat level: High to Very High

Armament - Brute Shot, Brute Plasma Rifle, Covenant Carbine, Ghost, Wraith,
Banshee, plasma turret, plasma grenades.

Summary: Replacing the Elites and Hunters as the most lethal and intimidating
member of the Covenant ranks. Brute's are on par with the size of Hunter's,
twice as fast, and more intelligent. Although they lack shielding, the make
up for this in resilience and agility. They are also well-armored:
a single shot to the head just doesn't do it. To combat them, use your most
lethal weapons and be very cautious around them, especially in groups. If you
aren't using a sword or shotgun, you'll want to keep at mid-range with Brutes.
Sometimes they will throw down their weapons and charge at you...
When they do this, kill them quickly! They will be in your face faster than
you can run, and will assault you with melee attacks - already strong in this
area, needless to say, you will be very dead, very quickly if you mess up.

Threat level: Low to Moderate

Armament - Needler, plasma pistol

Summary: Marines call them "Buggers", and they'd be right. If anything, these
new guys are downright annoying. They're hard to miss, but ironically, hard to
hit. At a minimum, you'll be fighting 5-8 of them. They fly very quickly, 
either to avoid fire, to shoot, or to get to spot, like a wall, where they 
will stick and fire. They're about the size of a human, but very weak. 
Try to use weapons like the SMG against these enemies,
as they don't take much strategy to defeat. 

B 2. Enemies (Covenant Vehicles)
Occupants = 1

Armament - Twin plasma cannons; features boost speed, which incapacitates fire
,and handicaps control, at the price of quick speed.

Summary: Ghost's are highly manunverable vehicles, but among the easiest 
vehicles to destroy, in the hands of a novice pilot. As far as I know, Elites
ride these, but Brutes probably do, too. The new boost feature will also be
used against you. Beware this while on foot, or you'll be roadkill. 

Occupants = 1

Armaments: Twin plasma cannons, fuel rod cannon; also features a speed boost, 
similar to the Ghost's.

Summary: An atmospheric vehicle suited for taking to the skies. Although slow,
the Banshee is more manuverable, if not now, one of the most manuverable 
Covenant vehicles. Elites sometimes fly low and quite slow, so while you can
board one of these, their 'divebomb'-like attacks may catch you off guard. 
Also the fuel rod gun can act like a bomb or missle. It does not fire nearly
as fast as the plasma cannons, but does a LOT of damage. 

Occupants = 1

Armaments - Plasma mortar, twin auto-firing plasma cannons; features a brief
speed boost. 

Summary: Wraith's are hard to miss. They are slow moving, loud, but have a 
highly destructive main weapon. From long range, Wraith's are a serious threat
, but as you are closer, they are one of the easiest vehicles to steal. 
ONLY the A.I. can use the twin plasma cannons. The Wraith is considered a tank
although not nearly as durable as it's human counterpart. 

Occupants = 1 + 1 gunner (+2 riders)

Armaments - Single plasma cannon; features a speed boost, like Ghost/Banshee.

Summary: A small and terrain-adaptable vehicle, useful for transportation,
but low speed and fragility make it unidealistic to be used in combat. 
Possibly the least threatening Covenant vehicle. 

Occupants = 2+8

Armaments - Single plasma cannon. 

Summary: Ground transportation vehicle, the Shadow is quick and well-armored.
Taking out whomever is manning the turret reduces the vehicle
to just a moving target, however. You can only man the turret,
but cannot pilot the Shadow. The Shadow also carries Ghosts. 

Occupants = ?

Armaments - Three plasma cannons. 

Summary: The common Covenant dropship, quick and manuverable. These cannot
be destroyed, but with the help of a rocket launcher or the Scorpion's main
gun, you can destroy it's three plasma cannons. Troops and vehicles are 
deployed from it's belly - the blue aura you see. 


B 3. Enemies (The Flood)

Flood Spore:
Threat level: Low to High

Summary - These bulbous little enemies are the benefactors of the flood. 
They are numerous, more cunning than before, and have a single goal in mind...
to find a host. They will throw themselves upon enemies until they either pop
or overcome. They cause the infection. Anyone, friend or foe, without a shield
, is often quickly killed by them. They are very fast and capable of going 
places you cannot. They're also keen on suprising you, so watch out, 
especially in battles, when your shields are depleted, because you don't want
one of them coming behind you. Beware the Spores around corpses of 
Flood Warrior's - they can actually REVIVE them. 

Flood Warrior:
Threat level: Moderate to Very High

Armament - Plasma pistol, plasma rifle, needler, covenant carbine, 
plasma sword, fuel rod gun, pistol, battle rifle, SMG, rocket launcher,
shotgun, sniper rifle; various vehicles.

Summary - These are the backbone of the Flood's infectious army...  they
are what remain of their victims, human and alien alike. They are very strong
melee fighters, but also adaptable, and unfortunately, more intelligent this
time around. They will use all of their host's weapons, even sniper rifles,
although with limited accuracy. Even worse, their use of equipment
, such as shields, camo, and both Human and Covenant vehicle!

Flood Carrier:
Threat level: Moderate

Summary: Like their bulbous cousins, only they are the walking equivalent of a
grenade, containing spores. A few shots causes them to explode, or contact 
with someone other than Flood. These enemies are very silent until they 
explode, and move slowly, so they can catch you off guard. 
Not a good thing, as the explosion will kill your shields, and the spores
released will kill you quickly! Don't waste much ammo on these guys, but use
their explosive capabilities for your own advantage. Call it crowd control -
focus on the carrier in a group of Flood, and watch them fly.

B 4. Enemies (Forerunners)
Threat level: None

Summary: You'll only see these in one level. Workers repair damages,
they work in numbers but are very small, and very weak. 

Threat level: Moderate 


Armament - Sentinel Beam

Summary: The backbone of Halo security. They monitor installations tirelessly.
Armed with lasers, Sentinels hover, but are slow-moving. Likewise,
you should be moving always around them. They are more vunerable to plasma
weapons, the plasma rifle and covenant carbine, especially. 
Gold Sentinels have shields, but they are relatively weak. 
When destroyed,
beware their remains, as they explode. 

Sentinel Constructor:
Threat level: None

Summary: These are panels in the walls of Forerunner facilities. You will hear
a distinct noise and see a white light from them, when they spawn Sentinels.
When they are in this process, then, and only then, can you destroy them and
stop the Sentinels from coming. Annoying machines, but little else. 


Armament - Rapid-firing, red needle-like projectiles, claws, missle barrage,
and two large shields in front of it.

Summary: The Enforcer is an immense machine that is unmistakable in the sky.
Their diverse armament makes quick work of any opposition, be it Covenant,
Flood, or vehicles. However, to attack, they must be facing a direction. 
With it's attention diverted, or while it is idle, having lost track of you,
get under it and fire away until it turns to block your fire with it's shield.
The shields can be destroyed, however. When piloting vehicles, beware moving
underneath - it's claws will make sure you're not a pilot for long.

C. Weapons
           I. Human
-) M6C Pistol (Magnum):
Clip size of 12 for a maximum capacity of 48 rounds and capable dual wielding. 
The pistol is a vastly weakend version of Halo's pistol. Although accurate, 
and a few shots to the head will still kill, it fires much faster, but against
enemies' with shield's, I found this to be sort of a waste of ammo, unless I 
used two of them. Also note you cannot zoom and fire with this weapon!
-) BR55 Rifle (Battle Rifle):
Clip size of 36, for a maximum capacity of of 108 rounds. An accurate and 
powerful rifle with a scope enabling 2x the magnification.
It fires in three bursts and is useful for almost any situation. 
-) M7/Caseless Sub Machine Gun (SMG):
Clip size of 60 for a maximum capacity of 180 rounds and capable of
dual wielding.The SMG is practically your bullet hose. While inaccurate,
it's rapid-fire rate is invaluable. Although it should be no secret, 
controlling your shots is the key to eliminating the kickback from 
this weapon. DON'T HOLD THE TRIGGER! You'll eventually just be wasting ammo.
Of course, while dual wielding, you're bound to kill something. 
-) S2 AM Sniper Rifle (Sniper Rifle):
Clip size of 4 for a maximum capacity of 20 rounds. One of the best long range
weapons in the game. The sniper rifle is back. 
It is accurate and highly powerful, I believe it still goes
right through some enemies. and hits the next. This weapon ignores shields,
aside from overshields and the Hunter's own, and 1-2 shots put down most foes.
There are two levels of zoom, 5x and 10x. 
-) M19 SSM Rocket Launcher (Rocket Launcher):
Clip size of 2 rockets for a maximum capacity of 8 rockets. 
The rocket launcher is ideal against your toughest foes, vehicles, and groups. 
Also great at close quarter combat, as long as you don't blow up yourself.
Against enemies like Elite, always aim for the feet! It still has nice splash
damage, and that guarantees someone is going to feel the pain.  With a 2x zoom
, the rocket is also now able to track vehicles, which is done by holding the 
trigger while aiming a moving vehicle.
-) M90 Shotgun (Shotgun):
Clip size of 12 for a maximum capacity of 60 shells. 
The ultimate in-your-face weapon. The shotgun's traits are obvious, though in
Halo 2, the shotgun does do some damage at mid-ranges, and can still kill,
but takes more shots. This weapon is probably one of the best to use against
 the Flood Warriors. 
-) M9 HE-DP Fragmentation Grenade (Human Grenade):
You can carry a max of 4 of these at a time. They're quite bouncy, so while 
you can use this to your advantage, indoors you may end up eating your own
grenade if you're not careful. They explode pretty fast and have a large
explosion radius. 
-) M41 LAAG (vehicle mounted):
Unlimited ammo. Fired on the Warthog, it has a high rate of consistent speed,
often very quickly shredding stationary or slow moving targets. 
-) M68 Gauss Cannon (vehicle mounted):
On some Warthogs, his produces a single shell at high speeds that is great
against vehicles and powerful enemies, but not good for multiple enemies. 

           II. Covenant

-) Plasma Pistol:
Capable of dual wielding. 
You'll find this used by the weaker Covenant enemies. When it's energy core
is depleted, it is useless, and there is no way of reloading. Single shots are
relatively weak, but a charged shot will deplete shields, but leaves your 
weapon inoperable for a few seconds, as an affect of overheating. 
-) Plasma Rifle:
Capable of dual wielding. This weapon is widely used by Elites. Once you
deplete it's energy core, it is useless. It is a light weapon and fires
very quickly, but is prone to overheating. It is also suprisingly accurate.
You will want to control your shots. Also not ever shot you fire depletes the
core, I noticed. It is perfect for quickly bringing down shields. 
-) Brute Plasma Rifle:
Similar to the Plasma Rifle, except stronger, faster, and overheats quicker. 
It is also a different color.
-) Needler:
Clip size of 30 for a maximum capacity of 90 needles.The Needler fires barbs
that have limited homing capability on enemies. It is fairly automatic, and 
concentraded fire on an enemy will cause the needles in them to 
violently explode! The shots can reflect off walls, but this only serves to
impair your shots. 
-) Covenant Carbine:
Clip size of 36 rounds for a maximum capacity of 78 rounds. 
The Covenant equivalent to the battle rifle, complete with 2x optical zoom. 
While accurate and powerful, unlike the battle rifle, the Carbine features
single shots, which can be fired in semi-automatic succession. This weapon
is also highly effective against just about any enemy you encounter, and I
recommend you prioritize it at any opportunity. 
-) Particle Beam Rifle:
18 bursts per charge for a maximum capacity of 100 charges. 
The Particle Beam Rifle is the Covenant equivalent to the human sniper rifle.
It features two levels of magnification and fires a beam that is highly
destructive, and as such, a shot to the head with this accurate weapon 
guarantees death. The weapon can fire 2 to 3 shots quickly before overheating!
-) Brute Shot:
Clip size of 4 for a maximum capacity of 12 shots. The Brute Shot is the 
slowest firing and most apparently "primitive" weapon in the Covenant arsenal. 
It is by all means a grenade launcher. The grenades bounce off surfaces much 
like a human frag grenade, and you can use this to your advantage indoors. 
Grenades can be fired quickly. When up close, the blade at the end does 
some serious melee damage. 
-) Fuel Rod Gun:
Clip size of 5 for a maximum capacity of 25 shots. A weapon that lobs green 
blasts of energy, it is used by the Covenant, most commonly with Grunts. 
It is highly destructive and accurate, & features a zoom for better accuracy.
You can use it as a close-quarters weapon, or, used in conjuction with zoom,
use it as a mortar for mid to long range combat. 
-) Covenant Energy Sword:
A powerful and intimidating melee weapon. Few foes stand from one strike of
it's might. It is wielding by the top ranks of Elite. Aside from your basic
slashes, perform a deadly lunge attack by waiting until your crosshairs 
turn red and hitting the right trigger. This move is not only perfect for 
one-hit kills, but for closing the gap between you and an 
enemy out of your range. It is limited to an energy amount of 100, 
ONLY IN SINGLE-PLAYER, and it seems this varies from strike to strike, 
but yes, this sword does run out of energy. 
-) Sentinel Beam:
Useless after energy has been depleted. It features a concentrated beam that 
tears through what is in it's line of fire, although it is somewhat slow. 
-) Plasma Grenade:
The Covenant's answer to the human frag grenade. 
It sticks to vehicles and enemies, but does not adhere to surfaces.
It features a 3-second fuse before detonation. 
-) Plasma Turret: This small, stationary turret leaves the gunner without 
protection, but makes up for this with it's incredibly rapid-rate of fire.
Often used by Grunts in makeshift Covenant camps.
-) Plasma Cannon: A larger turret than the plasma turret, it is also shielded.
It's weapon is much like that of the Phantom's. In that regard, it is powerful
but slow. 

D. Campaign - level listing

The Heretic
Cairo Station
The Arbiter
Delta Halo
Sacred Icon
Quarantine Zone
High Charity
The Great Journey

F. Campaign Walkthrough
Note: This guide is solely for single-player. While I will try to keep 
spoilers to a minimum, know that somethings require a little foreshadowing.
The goal is to provide a quick solution to objectives.

I. The Heretic

No interaction... a cutscene, or rather, the intro to Halo 2.

II. Armory

Get acquainted with your new suit and see some old faces, and new as well.
This is right before the inevtiable battle with the invading Covenant. 

III. Cairo Station

After you've made your arrival to Cairo Station, you're stay will not be a
pleasant one for long. Grab a Battle Rifle and SMG off the wall as you follow
your fellow Marines down the staircase. 

Objective - Repel the Covenant boarders.
When the door opens, let em' have it! Nothing serious... group of Grunts and 
two Elites. They'll be quickly defeated, thanks to your support. Down the hall
you'll have a bit more resistance, but again, nothing to worry about. 
The station, for these first few parts, is pretty linear. 
You won't have much trouble getting around. 

In a large area, not far from you, you'll find two Marines trying their best.
There are a lot of Covenant in this area, coming from other rooms, 
so be cautious. Mainly of the numerous Elites and the small corridors.
Nothing to worry about, though, if you use the turret near the dead Marine.
Be aware of your surroundings, as one Elite usually makes it up the stairs 
to your right-rear, if you are on the turret. 
Go down to the Marines, and head to the left. Some Grunts and an Elite here,
but make your way around and up the staircase. Head through the door to enter
a hangar where there will be fighting. 

The Marines mostly have the work done here, but the Covenant do send several
waves through their boarding craft and into the hangar, so provide some 
support fire for the gunner and others. After the COM message, prepare for
small wave of Grunts and Elites. When you're done, go through the door 
they came through and follow the corridor. The next area is held by Covenant.
Use your BR to take out the Grunt on the plasma turret first. 
You'll get a few more waves from the Covenant boarding craft. 

Objective - Find the Covenant bomb.
Your search begins at one of two entrances leading to the lower level of
MAC STORAGE. You're greeted from one entrance by Covenant, but the elevation
advantage makes this quick. Use caution inside. These are close quarters, and
there are Elites, even better, Elites with optical stealth camo. Up the stairs
, you'll hear a Marine die. Be careful, there are three Elites in here, 
and again, in a very tight space - they can make short work of you. 
Ammunition can be found on one of the tables.

The area outside is held by Covenant, and Grunts and Elites will be coming out
of other entrances. You can take your own approach, either through the side
corridors, or right through the room, but do it at a cautious pace. 
Do watch out for the plasma turrets. More Grunts and a plasma turret before
you head up the staircase. Then again, more hostiles, and so on... You'll be
fighting significantly more Covenant as you move on. Dual wielding SMG's is a 
handy tactic. 

Up the stairs is a new experience. You'll be heading outside the station...
zero-gravity combat. Your enemies, unfortunately, have adapted. You'll run
into a new kind of Elite here, who just happen to be better suited for the
enviornment than you, giving them better mobility. Head north... look for a
label on the ground that says SHIPPING if you got a little lost. Portside and
you're back inside! A new encounter here...
use your SMG's and keep on your toes.

After that, you're to take the elevator down. Watch out, it's a full house, so
make some space. Outside again. You're faced with three Elites. Two will come 
at you or flank you, another will remain on the plasma turret. Kill the one on
the turret above all else, as Elites are more accurate on those things than 
Grunts. Try not to get crushed during you're fighting, as the structures will
be moving. After that, head foward, then to the doors on the left. 

You've found the bomb. It's heavily guarded, so use you're grenades, then rush
in during the confusion. There's a good bit of cover in here, 
so it's really up to you.

After a cool cutscene, it's down to Earth. 

IV. Outskirts
Start out by crushing all Covenant opposition in the area. 
You'll be doing some fighting here, so fortify your position.

Objective - Defend the Marines until help arrives.

A fairly simple objective, you'll be doing most of what you've been doing 
since the level started, only against wave, after wave, 
after wave of Covenant. Be mindful of the vehicles - when groups of Covenant
are around these, blow them up. Just don't stand around them or use them for
cover in firefights that often, or you'll be on the recieving end. 

Just before things were looking easy, a Covenant dropship comes in. 
Watch out for it's multiple turrets, and look to the blue aura at it's belly 
for a preview of things to come. The first drop is a couple of 
Elites and Grunts. You'll then have one last wave before your priorities have
changed - head to the new LZ by the directions given over your COM. 
Objective - Rendevous with the Pelican.
Once that gate breaks down, you'll be greeted with noneother than Hunters.
Put some distance between you and them before lighting them up, 
and your Marines will help from afar.  And on to the next area - Snipers! 
To your right, through the narrow passageway, see two brown crates? Jump on
them. To your right, will be corpses of Marines and Covenant. You will find a
sniper rifle here to take out the snipers easier.
Clear the LZ. 

Objective - Find the Marines from second downed Pelican.
More opposition in the next area, including snipers. 
Make use of the Particle Beam Rifle to take them out from afar. 
When you get to the Hotel, follow the Marine through. It'll be dark inside,
and you'll face a pair of Elite and Grunts. 
Outside, you're in a large area, and a Phantom is coming in. Clear out the 
forces if you want. Down on the beach is a Ghost. Take it, you'll need it.

Objective - Destroy the Covenant on the shoreline.
It's all out war from here on out. 
Head straight where you'll run into a Covenant camp of sorts. 
Heavy opposition here, including two Ghosts. You'll need yours,
so either board theirs and kill them or fight them in your Ghost.
It's up to you, but watch out for their support, especially the snipers
and the Grunt on the plasma turret. As you arrive at the next Covenant camp,
two Marines in a Warthog will show up. The Marines are capable of providing
you assistance on your own, but I recommend you take the ride! 
A Phantom will send in some troublesome reinforcements, and at the same time,
provide some annoying cover fire. The Phantom will play the same role in the 
next area, although this time, pods containing Elites will be launched,
and again, you'll face Ghosts. 

Objective - Take the highway tunnel to the bridge.

Now, head up the ramp and onto the highway. 
Follow it through until you get to the bridge. 
There will be a lot of fighting between here and then, 
and you'll meet the Covenant troop transports, the Shadow, along the way.

V. Metropolis

Objective - Crush Covenant resistance on the bridge.
Hop in your Scorpion and follow the bridge down. No foe can stand against you.
Near the end of the bridge, you will encounter 
two Wraith tanks, 3 Ghosts, and 4 Banshees. 
Probably a good time to nail the Banshee's with the rocket launcher,
which you can get from one of your Marines. 
Nothing you haven't seen on your way here, right? 

Objective - Make your way to the surface.
Nothing but fighting in the tunnels from here on out, 
but you'll have a little help from some Marines. 

Objective - Regroup with Marine forces in the city center.
From your viewpoint, you can see a position of Covenant in the position. 
This is a perfect position to snipe from. When you head down there, you'll 
have a few Ghosts to deal with. There's a Marine who could use your help as
gunner on the Warthog. If you let him do the driving, he'll take you where you
need to go. Ahead, you'll face a lot of Ghosts, snipers, and one Wraith.
Good luck. :)

In the streets ahead, you'll meet up with a Warthog and some Marines, then 
it's time to get back on track to the city center. 
Before your destination lies two Wraiths, and very agressive, might I add.
To complement this threat, a Phantom eventually delivers a few Ghosts to the
scene and provides some support fire as well. Eliminate them all, 
it goes without saying. I recommend boarding one of the Wraith's - 
the firepower is awesome and you'll have better protection. 
After that, head into the building... it's time to bring the big girl down. 

Objective - Board and destroy the Scarab.
She's a mean machine, but she's no Spartan. You'll have to board the Scarab 
via one of four bridges above it. On each bridge are weapons like the
sniper rifle and BR, so you can snipe away the enemies on the Scarab. 
There are LOTS of them - many Elites. When you do board it, and you have
four chances to, bring some heavy weapons to the table. 
After you've cleared out enemies both outside and inside the Scarab,
head near what looks like controls... 

Mission accomplished.

VI. The Arbiter

Objective - Locate the Heretic Leader.
Make your way inside the facility. To make inital conflict somewhat easier,
I recommend you follow up on your commander's suggestion, as short as it may 
be. Make your way through the facility, fighting the Grunts and Elites. 
You have little to fear, as your group will effectively support you, 
and you will be recieving reinforcements. 

In the hangar, you will face much opposition, with the addition of an 
old enemy... fortunately, your weapons kill them very quickly. 
After you have cleared the area, you will recieve reinforcements, but will 
then be attacked by another wave. Head deeper into the facility, and you will
of course run into more resistance. No sign of the Heretic Leader still...

Oh, he got away in a Banshee. But there's one left... you know what to do. 

Objective - Pursue the Heretic Leader.
It's an all-out arieal assault... but you've got good support. 
Watch your back, however - enemies are placed all around these structures.
If your Banshee takes too much damage, you can find another to use. 
You must survive until your support spots another way into the facility, then
head for that to begin your hunt once more. You must clear your LZ before you
get inside. Using your fuel rod cannon like a bomb, is one of the best ways to
go about it.

VII. The Oracle

Objective - Escape The Infested Labs.
I'm afraid you're in the middle of an accident gone horribly wrong. Yet still, 
your mission must be done... you will be accompanied in the labs with allies, 
although they may not last long. After your initial 'encounter', head through
the hallway. You'll quickly be attacked in the next area, and once you get on
the platform, you'll have to survive wave after wave until you get to the 
bottom. Once there, follow the hall and you will reach an area with glass 
windows, where you can hear fighting. You can either join in or wait until
someone wins. You will have to again hold your position against waves of 
enemies until the door opens, bringing more enemies. Throwing a grenade or two
just as it's opening, reduces the trouble. 

Objective - Find the Heretic Leader
Outside, you will recieve reinforcements before proceeding further. 
Proceed, and once inside, you will find what you
are looking for...

Objective - Cut the three cables holding up the station.
In what appears to be a heroic and suicide, final solution, you must reach 
the top of the station and slash each cable with your blade. You'll start your
trek in that very room and will face resistance even up to when you are 
cutting the cables. Just focus on cutting them and not your enemies. 
Each cable will take three slashes, but will not drain your blade's energy. 

Objective - Pursue the Heretic Leader back to the hangar.
Take the elevator backdown. Now the station is in freefall. 
Head deeper into the facility. You'll find that you have to chase after the 
Heretic Leader in a Banshee, once more. Just head towards the hangar, 
it's not far. You'll have to make it down each of the corridor's in here to 
actually get there... but at least you're out of the storm. 
Once you reach the hangar, you will have to do battle with the Heretic Leader.

    Heretic Leader
Treat his holograms as though they were real, as they can still kill you!  
After they are all dead, the Heretic Leader will charge you... just kill him. 

VIII. Delta Halo

Objective - Clear the landing zone for the Pelicans.
Like the man said, neutralize those turrets ASAP. 
The closer you are to the temple, the more resistance you will pick up. 
Before the Pelicans arrive, you'll meet with enemy reinforcements. 

Objective - Extend the bridge and cross the chasm.
Grab the Warthog and grab a man for shotgun and a gunner, and head out
to the hills. It's a pretty tight area for vehicle combat, but nevertheless,
you'll be facing three plasma turrets, two Ghosts, enemies inside the 
structure, and there's a Wraith across the bridge!  Fortunately, as soon as 
you extend the bridge, you'll have a Scorpion delivered. 

OPTIONAL: After crossing the bridge, follow the path, & when this message is 
seen, "You Break It, You buy it", you're in the right place. Take the road
to the right when entering the plaza and you'll see a plateau on the right.
There should be a tree to the left of this plateau, take your tank up there
and jump behind that tree. You'll find a missing drop pod, including the
soldiers, a rocket launcher, and grenades. 

- Thanks to Masamune (Per Carlsson) for this tip. 

Objective - Push through the Covenant-held Ruins.
The Covenant are swarming in these ruins, but the ruins are big enough for 
vehicles to traverse, so keep your Scorpion handy and give em' hell. 
You'll eventually have to progress through the Ruins on foot 

Objective - Reach the towers in the lake.
From your position, snipe as many enemies as possible before you're attacked
by drones. Because of the many weapons around you, ammo is apparently abundant
, you have lots of options... when you think you're done, head down the ramp 
and into the ruins, where more Covenant await. In here, you will run into the
strongest of the Covenant, the strongest of the Elite... be on your toes, and
don't get caught in a corner. 

IX. Regret

Objective - Make your way through the first set of towers.
And so the hunt begins.  While you get a little backup, you're attacked by a 
swarm of Drones. Keep going through the ruins, fighting along the way - it's 
very straightfoward. To get to each tower, you see, you will have to take a 
gondola across the ocean, from one to the next. Before you can get on your 
first one, a Phantom drops in to bring Hunters. After they're dead, the lift 
will come to you... with Covenant reinforcements. Hit the switch at the bottom
of the gondola to get going. 

Objective - Ride the gondola to the far towers.
On your way to the tower, you'll be stopped to deal with Covenant on another 
gondola. When you've killed them all, it will start up again, so don't bother
jumping over to theirs. At the first tower, there will be plasma turrets to 
greet you and snipers to support them. Take out whichever group you find the
biggest threat, first. You'll be entering the temple from the bottom.

Objective - Pass through the submerged structures.
Apparently a detour must be taken. As you begin fighting in this room, make
sure NOT to fall in the large elevator shaft in the middle of the room. 
Before you can hitch a ride on the elevator, you'll have to clear it out. 
Take er' down. Inside, at first, you'll run into weakling grunts... but in the
large room, it's quite dark, and there are snipers high up, and in the shadows
, and Elites. After they are dead, Hunters will enter the room and try to 
kill you. The enemies in the next area all have camo on, so flush them out. 
After that, an Elite will charge you with a sword, you'll want him dead ASAP.
Now take the next lift. Inside are few Ceremonial Elite, along with Grunts. 
You'll soon find yourself back outside, but there are lots of Covenant
on the cliff. Once they're dead, you'll recieve a message to expect another
incoming wave of supplies and reinforcements. 
The main temple is now within reach to you...

Objective - Reach the main temple.
Covenant troops along the ruins - 
wipe them out and you're treated to another wave, thanks to a Phantom. 
Now you'll need to hitch a ride on the gondola - you know the drill. 
The Prophet is in the main temple, so expect pretty tight security.
You might want to grab the rocket launcher out of one of the pads - 
you'll be attacked by Banshee's on your way there, and they won't let up until
one of you is dead. Upon reaching the temple, make sure you've got ammunition.

Objective - Kill the Prophet Of Regret, and escape. 
    Prophet Of Regret
In order to do real damage to the Prophet Of Regret, you've got to get close. 
He's got a pretty powerful beam weapon that launches from his hoverchair, and 
wave after wave of Covenant keep coming, and will keep coming until he's dead.
Wait until he fires, then get in close, and board his chair. Hammer away. 
Use your sword to make things easier and a lot more painful for him. 

X. Sacred Icon

Objective - Lower the Containment-Shield.
The facility is fairly peaceful, for now. Do not worry about the little robots
 - they are harmless, but you can harm them. 
Proceed cautiously through the facility. After you have activated the pistons
to get deeper into the facility, you will begin to encounter Sentinels. 
They will continue to come, until you destroy the panels on the walls. 
Remember, you can only destroy them when they open. When finished, 
activate the next piston, proceeding further. In this room, you'll have the 
support of a Golden Jackal and two Grunts. Take care of the Sentinels in the
same fashion as you did previously, then cross the bridge. 
Continue to activate piston after piston.

Objective - Power-up the four Absorbers to lower the Containment-Shield.
Before you, in the middle of this room, is a new enemy called an "Enforcer". 
It's shield is up, but it is only shielded in the front. Strafe it's fire and 
take cover, waiting until it lowers it's shield... then attack! Repeat until 
it has been destroyed. Once it has been finally defeated, proceed to complete
your objective. 

Objective - Make your way through the Flood-Infested Wall.
Well, so much for an easy escape! 
You've got an Enforcer and Sentinels thrown in your face, 
with an infestation to boot. When all enemies have been eliminated, 
head through the large hole in the wall - you can't miss it. 
You'll see more fighting in here, and you can fight or you can run. 
The piston you need to activate is at the end of the room, and you can get to 
it anytime, so I'd suggest you hustle, unless you need ammo off the enemies. 
There is what seems to be a never-ending wave after wave of enemies... 
just get to each piston as quick as you can. Once you're outside again, 
you'll be facing another Enforcer. The Enforcer will soon be occupied, so look
around for another piston - it's a little tricky to find. 

You are inside again, but you're goal remains the same - activate pistons to
get through the facility. Make haste, as this area has really tight spaces and
the enemies are both relentless and infinite. Keep going, and going... when 
you drop down a really long and dark chute, you'll know you're out!

Objective - Rendevous with your allies in the Covenant camp.
Eliminate all opposition with your allies, and once at the camp, hold your 
position against wave after wave until reinforcements arrive. 

XI. Quarantine Zone

Objective - Push through the Quarantine-Zone toward the Library.
Make the choice of your ride wisely - it may just mean the chances of 
your survival inside. I personally recommend you take the one that gives
you the most support from your allies. Before you can get off to a start,
an Enforcer attacks.  It should  be quickly overwhelmed by your firepower.
A few Sentinels for support, but this changes nothing. Head inside...

Prepare yourself! You'll have a battle on large-scale here, and from on out.
Two of your enemies are already fighting amongst themselves. Take a cautious
approach through the room, stopping only to fight. This way, you won't veer
off ahead and get caught by the REAL nasties. It's also a tight area for your
vehicles, but provides excellent cover. Should you need weapons to adapt to
a situation, they're all here, among the corpses.

To your left, in the distance, watch out for fire coming from the tank. 
Although ahead of you is a much larger threat, be thankful for the driver's
hesitation and inaccuracy. Recommend boarding it - it's the best firepower
you can ask for. If you destroy it, so what? You'll know when your job is done
here, so head down the tunnel... and I hope you've kept some allies alive,
you'll need them. OUtside, you'll immediatley be attacked from the rear. 
Nothing to worry about, but in the distance is an Enforcer, who's position
is more of a danger to you than usual. Should you reach the area right under
it, you'll be attacked from all sides. In your efforts to survive, do not fall
down the chasm... you can't miss it, but during heated combat, it's another

From this point on, I'll make something clear - there is a lot of fighting.
You don't have to win every battle, in fact, unless you need ammunition or
weapons, blow right by your enemies. Unless you feel you have to destroy all.
If you feel like me, I'll be giving details on what you'll be up against.

Checkpoint as you immediatley exit one of the two doorways. In the distance,
three tanks, in an almost delta formation. They're not shooting at you yet.
There are two enforcers they can't seem to hit... no, wait, one just came
up from behind you. Destroy the Enforcer closest to you first. But after this,
take care of each tank ASAP before fighting the Enforcers. Sometimes,
one of the tanks will be vacant - the one to your right, as you come down
the ramp. But maybe that's just a glitch in my game. So count on three. Take
the Enforcer first, then the tank. Don't take them both on, you'll need your
ride intact as much as possible.

You have no choice but to go through this debris-turned tunnel. Caution!
On the otherside, you will be attacked by Ghosts, and one of your foes will
be elevated, with a rocket launcher, and he knows how to use tracking! 

I recommend you drive in and then go back in the tunnel. Leave as soon as you
see the guys pop up on top of the structure in front of you. From there,
I hope you have some weapon to snipe with. If not, you can get one off of
the enemies that are probably chasing you right now. Take out rocket boy ASAP.
When he's done, across the bridge is another group of enemies, including
another one with the rocket launcher. From here, take the other two tanks.
I'd say destroy one, board the other. And don't forget the two Enforcers.

Go through the cave - it will be to your left, if you're coming off the
bridge. You'll be attacked by Ghosts and probably Sentinels. At it's exit,
there will be Sentinels, an Enforcer, and two tanks. Board the closest tank
to you. You know what to do. But I'm afraid your ride won't last long.
You have to get off and go on foot - you'll find your exit at the far end of
the crater. Through here, you'll come to a balcony where you can see some
fighting. You'll get a break before you head into the room, and the corpses
in the hallway have different weapons you can use. As you get down in the room
and you see that it's pretty crowded,  you're probably better off just running
through. Head through the tunnel at the end. In this area will be an Enforcer,
who soon has it's hands full. Your exit is a cave to along your right. As you
head in, you'll be charged by enemies. And if you didn't kill the ones that
attacked the Enforcer, they'll come after you. 

Objective - 
Link up with the Spec-Ops leader and break through the Flood barricade.

Keep your hat on, it's about to get really frantic. Sneak by in the next
area as best as you can. Once you get in the tunnel with the boxes, which
really wasn't too far away to begin with, prepare from attacks from the front
to back.  Your destination is past two Ghosts and a tank, but there's another
one better suited for the job to the west of your position. In the next
area will be a Warthog, Ghost, and Enforcer. You can probably knock one of 
these smallfrys over into the chasm and save yourself some time. 
In the distance, a Phantom brings in reinforcements. As you roll along the
path, you'll be attacked by a Wraith, a Warthog, and Ghosts. The Wraith
will be closest to you, and given the tight spot you're in, it doesn't have
a lot of chances to miss. Head on up, and you'll see a large building in view.

More tanks here, and two Enforcers. They're engaged before you arrive. Take
the opportunity to pick out your targets. 

More Ghosts as you come near the bulding. You'll need to enter it. Depending
on which side you drive by, enemies will pop out of the shutters and attack,
and also beware that the enemies inside the building will have several turrets
ready just for you. When you're done, you'll have to get off on foot.

Inside, head straight to the center. Your work is just beginning.

Objective - Retrieve the Sacred Icon before the Humans. 
Good, you have help. You'll need it, but they'll likely all perish.

Just wait, don't shoot at the enemies on the ledge. The rule here is to let
them come to you - usually. You'll be attacked from every direction. Your
only goal is to survive. They often come from the tunnel on the bottom of this
gondola sort of thing - throw a grenade in there just as they're coming out,
when you can, to make things a whole lot easier. 

Once your ride stops, exit to the right. Looks like the Library from Halo. :)

But no fighting for you, once you step in the main room, sit back and watch.

XII. Gravemind

Interesting developments... but shoot before you think. 

Objective - Locate the Prophet of Truth and the Index.
You've crashed the party, so finish it. You've got a needler. Pick up better
weapons off their corpses. Walk to the end of the room... you're then attacked
from the back of the room. Make use of your cover - these new enemies are 
not to be trifled-with. Above you, not far, will be one with a Carbine.

Do as the lady says, and head through the doors. Get ready, from here on out,
there will be lots of heavy fighting, up close and personal! Which is to be
expected when you strike at the heart of your foe.

Do watch out for the plasma turret, though. In the next area, you'll fight at
a longer range, but when all is said and done, you'll be introduced to a new
weapon. You'd do well to take it. 

Objective - Rescue the Marines being held in the detention block. 

Battle through the rooms below, again shifting back to close quarters combat.

You'll actually have two groups of Marines to rescue before resuming your 
primary objective. To get back on track, go back the way you came. You'll get
a welcome party, but nothing you can handle with a few grenades. 

Objective - Follow the Prophet Of Truth to the far tower.
Things are about to erupt in all-out war, so grab the sword next to you.
When the door opens, don't immediately charge. You might want to step away
and let them fight it out. More fighting down the hall. 
The Brute Shot and Sword are probably your best friends, aside from grenades.
There will be Hunters in a VERY small area ahead, so watch out. When you're
done here, you'll come to a canyon with lots of fighting. Kill the Jackal near
you and take his rifle, taking out the snipers first, then other enemies.
Make your way over to the door across the canyon. If you think you're having
trouble entering, check the sides of the building - it's easy to get confused.

Carry on, fighting your way to the tower. 

Objective - Stop the Prophet Of Truth from boarding his Phantom.

You reach another canyon eventually. Beware on your way to the exit, after
enemies have been cleared out - Elites bearing camo and swords will attack -
swiftly and quietly, as your back is turned - or facing, you, depending on
your direction. Before the moloseum, there is a long path with much fighting
between the two races.  You're safer just watching the fireworks.

Watch out for the Hunters on your way out! 

In the next room is quite possibly one of the coolest battles in the game.
I'll try not to spoil anything - just survive! (Kickass music, huh?)

A little encounter or two, or three, before the end.

XIII. Uprising

Objective - Defend yourself from the Brutes.
Head through the forest with caution. There is danger at every step, and
you're embarassingly outnumbered and overpowered. Every meter of earth will
be well earned with each battle. 

When you have reached the top of the cliff, near the door, meet up with your
fellow... brothers. Yes, it is time for payback.

Objective - Exact vengeance on the Brute traitors.
Head inside. You will fight along winding paths with Brutes and Jackals.
When Brutes go beserk, they are particularly dangerous here... 
Inside, you will come to a somewhat enclosed, descending room. You will first
meet Jackals, then another floor down, Brute. Here, you will NEED a sword, or
survival is not likely under such close combat. At the very bottom is a squad
of Brutes, and they're best broken apart with Brute Shot or grenades. Keep
going and you'll run into a room with a turret and more opposition. Turret
should be your first kill. When you get to the bottom, Brutes storm the room.

Again, the sword is your best friend, and will continue to be. After another
skirmish, you'll be outside. Board the Brute's Ghost, quickly, before he runs
you over. Then return the favor he couldn't do. In these next areas, vehicles
will play a bigger role, but occassionally you'll have to get off to take down
snipers who are concealed in places a Ghost can't reach. 

You'll eventually come to a structure held by Brutes, Jackals, and two tanks.

Objective - Raze the Brute encampment.

Take out the Brutes and Jackals with the rifle, then either board one of the
tanks, or destroy them from afar. As you near that door, beware the waves
of Brutes. Inside is an armory of sorts, everything you could want. I'd pick
a mix of close and mid-range weapons. 

When you come to a cave-like corridor, board that got PRONTO. It's your
best chance of surviving the group of Brutes in this tight space. Otherwise,
you'd get raped without something like a rocket launcher or sword. 

Through the doors, you are free.

XIV. High Charity

An old menace returns again.

Objective - Fight your way back inside the Mausoleum-tower.
Take out your foes as quick as you can, and at a distance. Grab whatever you
find useful - especially close-range weapons. Up the ramp, you'll be charged.
One has a sword, so hopefully you grabbed that shotgun. There will be two
Flood Carrier's right around the corner. As you head towards the door, a Flood
chases out some Grunts.

When you get inside, there will be Brutes. Wait, before you think about it -
try to head towards the exit of the room. Flood will storm in, and if you stay
out of their path, the Brutes will fight them instead. You'll have this
opportunity throughout the level - you don't need to win every battle. 

Up the gravity lift. As you exit the dark corridor, outside you will see
Drones. Wait... they fly north, step out a little - wait for the battle to
finish. There will be another wave of flood. Pick off the survivors. You can
find a Carbine inside the monitor station there. As you get closer, do also
mind the Brutes. You have to take the the gravity platforms to progress.

Objective - Stay ahead of the wave of Flood sweeping through High Charity.
Back into the dark corridors... you'll need your flashlight, and I hope,
a shotgun. A mix of Flood and Covenant in these next rooms. You can run right
on through - some interesting battles happen as you lead one group to the next
and next. You'll soon come to an area where Brutes and others are on a small
cliff above you. 

There will be a LOT of Flood coming in here. Eventually, the Covenant will be
overwhelmed, and you will be too, if you stay to fight. Just kill for what
you need. Some have rocket launchers, swords, or shotguns. Continue on and
you'll reach Drones fighting Flood. Kill any in your path. You'll go through
another corridor with a few dead Brutes. Make a left, take the elevator. 

At the top, the room will be held by a heavy concentration of Covenant forces.
Soon, the Flood enters and all hell breaks loose. I'm afraid you won't be able
to this one out - kill any in your path, swiftly. When all are dead, the door
can be accessed.

Objective - Find a way onto the Forerunner ship.
Enter the next room, and go right, then up the lift. You'll come to an area
with lots of Flood and Brutes fighting. You can run right through. When you
reach Cortana, that's the end of the level!


XV. The Great Journey

Objective - Crush any Brutes in your path.
So it has come to this. Get going, and travel in style - take the Wraith.
Destroy the Ghosts here mercilessly - it will be quick, thanks to support.
Up ahead, a Wraith and Ghosts. The Wraith should be your primary target.
Head underneath the Scarab. To your left will be Two Wraiths. Meanwhile,
a Phantom will start attacking from behind before delivering it's payload.
Once you clean up this mess, you'll have to go inside.

Objective - Commandeer the Scarab.
Ah, you've made new friends. Not far from here, you will reach a room full
of Brutes and a plasma cannon. Either take a chance from your lower elevation,
or head along the ramp to the right and get in their face. You will soon 
come to an area with connecting bridges. While your allies engage from that
side, sneak around and take out the Brute on the turret, then flank your foes,
making short work of one group, but there will then be reinforcements.
Snipers included. Kill them quickly if you want to keep your friends.

The next area, you will come to a bridge being held by a lot of Jackals.
On the side, a Phantom will provide aggrivating support fire for the Jackals.
As you reach the other side of the door, a swarm of Drones attack. 

Back inside, you come to an area with holding cells. There are two Hunters and
Elites in the other side of the room. QUickly and stealthily, free them by
shooting the bracers holding the shields. 

You'll have Jackals on the second floor, a LOT of Brutes on the bottom. 
Be prepared for more Brutes to come in. You have to be expecially careful of 
their Brute Shots as they bounce around so much. With your ally's help, this
will be a lot easier. 

Outside, you will find Brutes in front of the Scarab. 

Objective - Escort Johnson's Scarab to the Control Room.
He can handle himself, but there will be much vehicular mayhem. They're out
for your blood, but they won't get it without a fight, yes? As you take your
Banshee, take note of the Wraiths. Also, there are two Spectres in this
upcoming cannon, who's turret can shred your banshee like swiss cheese. 
Along the top of the canyon walls will be two pairs of plasma cannons. And as
you get closer to the control room, you'll face multiple Banshees. Sound fun?

The Banshee's secondary fire (B) is wonderful here.

When the Scarab has made a door for you, fly on in. 

Objective - Enter the Control Room, and deal with Tartarus.
In this small room, you have to deal with a ridiculous amount of Brutes.
Depending on what weapons you have, this can be very hard or simple. 
They are the only thing standing between you and the Control Room.

When you enter, you have one last obstacle...

First things first -Tartarus smites anything in one hit! He is also invincible
to all weapons, at least when his shield is up. Wait for your newfound ally
to destroy his shield with his weapon - it only takes a few hits. Then hit
Tartarus - hit him as hard and fast as you can. If it's with a sword, lunge,
then move away ASAP! With a weapon like the Brute shot, just keep firing until
you see the aura again. Repeat until Tartarus falls. 

There is a cheap way to kill Tartarus, provided you have the aim, patience,
and weaponry. First, don't jump off after him at the beginning... and let your
friends handle the Brutes. He'll sometimes freeze near the pillar of light,
and so wait for his shield to be removed, then shoot Tartarus in the head.
Just peek over the edge and do this, don't go down. If he comes after you, 
go down ASAP, to the lower level, and then take the gravity lift back up.


Congratulations - the end!

                          V. Unlocked Content/Secrets

Multiplayer maps:

Make sure all levels are available for select. Start a new profile, and with
this profile, do a co-op game, any difficulty, on the last level. When you
get the third objective - or rather, when you get Banshee's, the new profile
(second player or whatever) must take one, do a barrel roll left, then right,
and finally do a loop-de-loop (down + A). After this, beat the level.

ONLY in the new profile, with Foundation appear - you will find it of course 
in the multiplayer modes. It's pretty easy to do this yourself. 

It's a map that reminds me of a Halo map called "Wizard", that's just me.
Slayer is good on this map... CTF is okay, but can get very frustrating.
It has a very urban feel to it. 

FOUNDATION is available for everyone via a free XBL download. However, if you
do not have XBL, you already have this map anyways, right?

Game mode???: Blind
This is a weird game mode that removes your HUD and the appearance of your
weapons, save for the muzzle flash. It can be activated only on the Outskirts
level, and as far as I know, it cannot be reversed unless you turn off the
game, nor can you select it anywhere after unlocking it. 

Blind - In Outskirts, as soon as it starts, go in the corridor. Stop, then look
up. See the light? Jump on it. Then look for a slanted part in the roof. You
have to jump there... try to get as close as you can, then as you're jumping,
crouch at your peak to get higher. Look around, do you see a small dark alley?
At the end should be grenades and a skull. Hold X to pick up the skull.

Author's note on SKULLS:
Apparently skulls are key to secrets in Halo 2, and there are many throughout,
like the one above. I'll list what I've found so far, but only the ones who's
effect I know from personal experience. So expect more. If you don't see a 
skull here that you do see in another guide, remember, it's probably because
I don't know what it does yet and won't post it until I do.

Assassin's Skull
What it does: All enemies are permanently cloaked. Allies cannot see them!
Difficulty: Legendary
Level: Regret

After you get off the gondola, go in the structure. Look for a big block of
stone. Jump on it so you can get on a ledge leading out to the Covenant
turrets, and facing back towards the structure, hump up another level, around
the right side. Make your way around until you find the skull on the ledge.
Blackeye Skull (unofficial name):
What it does: It stops your shield from regenerating, at least, normally.
In order to get your shield back, you must melee your foes to death, getting
little by little back. As a fair bonus, you can keep going to get overshield.
Difficulty: Legendary
Level: The Great Journey

When the Scarab blows open the control room entrance, fly above the door and
onto a railing. Careful not to go too far. Jump out - you'll be on the railing
if you did this right. Go down the rail and head into the part of the building
that looks spherical, then to a pillar opposite of the previous. Walk up to it
to find the skull there. 
Blind Skull (unofficial name)
What it does: Enables a weird game mode that removes your HUD and the 
appearance of your weapons, save for the muzzle flash. 
Difficulty: Any
Level: Outskirts

In Outskirts, as soon as it starts, go in the corridor. Stop, then look
up. See the light? Jump on it. Then look for a slanted part in the roof. You
have to jump there... try to get as close as you can, then as you're jumping,
crouch at your peak to get higher. Look around, do you see a small dark alley?
At the end should be grenades and a skull. Hold X to pick up the skull.

In order to get the game back to normal: 
1.) Turn off your Xbox!
2.) Save & quit... go back to campaign, choose Cairo Station, save & quit,
Envy Skull
What it does: Cloaks instead of flashlight, for 5 secs, 10 sec. recharge.
Difficulty: Legendary
Level: Delta Halo

When you come out of the big building and see the turret and 5/6 shield on the
wall, look for the wall over the left handside with two grunt turrets on it.
Also look for the big block and door at the far end. In the room, the block is
blocking, there are two dead grunts and two swords. Jump on the rock, then
on the ledge that's located above the blocked doorway. Turn left and jump on
another ledge. Grenade jump (jump as a frag grenade explodes), and you'll 
find two red Elites. They become cloaked, surrounding a skull. Pick that up.
Famine Skull
What it does: The skull causes all human weapons that are picked up, initially
have half ammo. For example, the weapons dropped off in pods on Delta Halo. 
Difficulty: Legendary
Level: Oracle

After you get off the long elevator ride, you will come to a room where you
are on the second floor, and can both see and hear Flood and Heretics below
you, fighting. The skull is in this room, but for your own safety, clear it
out... like you would normally. Once done, stand on the lower part of the
pillars holding the glass on the second floor, shoot it, then crouc-jump
up, and you should be opposite to the side from where you first entered this
room... and up here, is the skull, with mutating Flood.
Grunt's Birthday Part Skull
What it does: Every enemy that you inflict a headshot on, will explode like 
they have been stuck with a plasma grenade. Same effect and everything! 
Difficulty: Legendary
Level: Arbiter

When you get your Banshee, fly straight down, until you see 3 thrusters at the
bottom of the station. Fly to the middle one and circle the upper part.
You're looking for grunts where the cylinder connects to the support beam.
They're sort of hidden under that support beam. So land near the grunts...
and pick up the skull!
Thunderstorm Skull
What it does: All Grunts & Elites will have white, or "spec-op" armor. They 
will also have the stats and skills of what any of the spec-op Covenant has.
Difficulty: Legendary
Level: Cairo Station

After the second wave of Covenant that tried to board the ship; take notice
of what the chatter is all about, and of the "Priority Shift" message.
After you get your new objective, go to the armory. Clear out that place, and
the area that looks out of place on this station - it has trees! 
The skull is behind you, on the highest ledge, above the doorway of where
one would enter this room. Go to the window with the [plasma] turret. Jump
left, onto the ledge, from the window. See the supports? You will have to time
your jumps and crouches, as you follow the rails, all the way to the end.
When you see a ledge on the left with a trashcan, knock it over to get it.

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